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Video Game / Microvolts

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"Microvolts", known in Korean as H.A.V.E. Online and in Japanese as Toy Wars, is a 2010 online third person shooter that has you playing as one of 4 robotic toys that have become sentient, and fights using seven different weapons at once: a melee weapon, a rifle, a shotgun, a sniper weapon, a gatling gun, a bazooka, and a grenade launcher. It was initially compared to Team Fortress 2, but ultimately proved to be a little different. since gains a small dedicated fanbase, and even became accessable on STEAM in July 2012. It has since been renamed Microvolts Surge, and has expanded it's roster of playable characters. Currently, there are 9 playable characters: Noami, Knox, C.H.I.P., Pandora, Kai, Amelia, Simon, $harkill Khan, and Sophitia. Full backstory on the world and characters can be found on the main website and in the character selection stage.

Tropes associated with Microvolts are: