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Wasting your time, but not very much.note 
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5 Second Films (or 5SF) is a website run by a group of actors and writers that regularly produce short films. These short films last exactly five seconds (8 seconds, if you count the title card and 'The End'. But don't pay attention to that). The subject of said films are almost completely random, with only a few subjects and characters referenced more than once.

Their website can be found here. In addition, they have a YouTube channel; useful, since it has some of their earlier videos that are no longer accessible on their main site.

The troupe began pre-production for a 5400-second feature-length adaptation of Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 with the opening of a Kickstarter campaign. Production started in September 2013 and is planned for completion around Summer 2014. First Teaser Second Teaser

Not to be confused with Five Second Movies.

Compare Vine, a social media website which ran on a similar concept using six-second video clips.

These films provide examples of:

  • All There in the Manual: The descriptions for most of the videos usually give backstories or epilogues to the films. The Halloween ones are particularly detailed, with each reading like a short horror story.
  • April Fools' Day: As an April Fool's prank in 2009, the team took out most of their preceding content and replaced it with an... interesting web animation called "Telekats".
  • As Himself: The actors usually play themselves; notable recurring roles include Jon Worley as a sleazy/demonic spokesman of the same name, and Paul Prado as Pauly P, a Cloudcuckoolander fitness instructor.
  • Animation Age Ghetto: Parodied in-universe in Truman Capote's Children's Hour.
  • Artifact Title: Sometimes, they fit a bit more content into the episodes by continuing the audio into the ending frame.
  • The Baby Trap: Parodied in "The One". A guy and girl are about to do the deed, and she asks him if he's sure that she's the one for him. He reassures her, and is then shown poking holes in his condom while whispering that he's gonna make her "the one". Still quite creepy.
  • Banana Peel: Subverted in "Paul Vs. Banana". Paul doesn't slip on the banana peel lying on the street, but instead gets hit by a car driven by a giant banana.
  • Bedmate Reveal: Spoofed in Wolfman's Hangover. After a night out on the town as his wolf self, he wakes up next to an actual bitch.
  • Crashing Dreams: In the video "And The Winner Is...", Michael Rousselet dreams that he wins the Academy Award, only to be dumbfounded when he's handed a golden steering wheel. Then it's shown that he fell asleep behind the wheel before crashing his car.
  • Dead Artists Are Better: Parodied and invoked in "Art Lover". A client asks a painter if his art has any value, and the replies replies "no". The client then kills the artist so the paintings' prizes will sky-rocket.
  • Domestic Abuse: Little White Lie, where a man is outraged by his son-in-law giving his daughter a hickey, but is unperturbed when she explains it as a bruise because he beats his own wife.
  • Double Standard Rape: Female on Male: A guy thinks it's awesome in Police Line because the suspect had large breasts.
  • Downer Ending: The premises behind all the videos in the Bummer Week.
  • Earth All Along: Inverted; Earth is actually the Moon.
  • Energy Weapon: Laser Test where the researchers gathered to view the effects of a new laser instead get into an argument about what noise it should make, much to the deep disappointment of the only scientist dedicated to sciencing.
    The Board of Highly Scientific Review & Science, as you can no doubt imagine, went on to publish several papers based on Dr. Firenzi’s findings, the most prominent of which were titled “Zhoo! Zhoo! Zhoo! And the Neurotechnological Capabilities Therein” by Dr. Sandoval, and “Pew, Pew: A Rebuffing of Dr. Sandoval’s Hasty Assertions,” by Dr. Gunn. Dr. Firenzi himself disappeared from the eye of the medical world and has yet to resurface, after several long years.

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