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Wasting your time, but not very much.note 
5SF Motto

5 Second Films (or 5SF) is a website run by a group of actors and writers that regularly produce short films. These short films last exactly five seconds (8 seconds, if you count the title card and 'The End'. But don't pay attention to that). The subject of said films are almost completely random, with only a few subjects and characters referenced more than once.

Their website can be found here. In addition, they have a YouTube channel; useful, since it has some of their earlier videos that are no longer accessible on their main site.

The troupe began pre-production for a 5400-second feature-length adaptation of Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 with the opening of a Kickstarter campaign. Production started in September 2013 and is planned for completion around Summer 2014. First Teaser Second Teaser


Not to be confused with Five Second Movies.

Compare Vine, a social media website which runs on a similar concept using six-second video clips.

These films provide examples of:

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