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Causes of Sadness | Regret and Shame | Tears | Tragedy and Despair | Types of Sadness

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Greater Gods

    Illyana Rasputin/Magik 
Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina, Goddess of Corrupted Cuties (Magik, Archimage, Darkchylde, True Sorceress Supreme of Limbo, The Ruler of Limbo)
Illyana as Darkchylde

Intermediate Gods

    Goro Akechi 
Goro Akechi, God of Resentful Illegitimate Children (Crow, Second Advent of the Detective Prince, The Charismatic Detective, Pleasant Boy, Pancake-Loving Detective, Mysterious Man, Black Mask)
Black Mask
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His red bird mask in front of his black helmet; alternately, his suitcase
  • Theme Songs: Awakening, Will Power, Dark Sun, No More What Ifs in downtime
  • Alignment: Pretended to be Lawful Good -> actually Chaotic Evil posing as Lawful Evil -> currently a violent brand of Chaotic Neutral
  • Persona: Robin Hood (pre-reveal), Loki (post-reveal), Hereward (Royal)
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler That People Saw Coming, Foil, Hating His Illegitimate Birth, Dark and Troubled Past
  • Domains: Detectives, Treachery, Madness, Hate, Popularity, Tragedy, Illegitimacy
  • Followers: Edmund, Sebastian, most bastards from Westeros
  • Allies: Loki, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Ren Hakuryuu, Scott Shelby, Isomer Black, Andrew Detmer, Mordred, Sumireko Usami
  • Odd Friendship: Malus Darkblade
  • Sympathetic to: Anyone who has suffered for their illegitimacy, Parental Abandonment, or are in a "Well Done, Son" Guy situation
  • On Speaking Terms with: Akechi Mitsuhide, Tyrion Lannister
  • Enemies: Yaldabaoth, Takuto Maruki (more or less), Iroque, Cersei Lannister, Hera, The Child Abuse Supporters, Tywin Lannister, Kinzo Ushiromiya, Ragyo Kiryuin, Gendo Ikari, Relius Clover, Envy the Jealous, Gerald Ford
  • Complicated Relationship With: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (especially Ren Amamiya, for additional reasons), Sae Niijima
  • Opposes: Abusive Parents, Catelyn Stark, Death Gun, Shadow Moon
  • Opposed by: Naoto Shirogane, Qrow Branwen, Cú Chulainn
  • Pitied by: Jin Kazama, Toxie, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Reiji Kido, Hunter Zolomon
  • Conflicting Opinion From: Sho Minazuki, Parker, Hikari
  • Goro Akechi is a high school student who works part-time as a private detective. Publicly he is wildly acclaimed and popular, but privately he's quite lonely and a sad child. He is a bastard orphan, Son of a Whore, who then quit and worked part-time before committing suicide out of shame after his father abandoned him. This led to him having a massive complex about his illegitimacy, as well as aCluster B Personality Disorder. Though a late ally to the Phantom Thieves, he was in truth a traitor seeking to kill those he saw as evil and helping his father Masayoshi Shido, only to then crush him in his moment of triumph.
  • Was the Ninth to join the Phantom Thieves, though he was also a traitor. Most saw this coming as he wasn't seen on much promotional material, and the game wasn't too subtle since there was larger twist; the Phantom Thieves knew he was an Obvious Judas and that was part of their gambit, and Igor was replaced by the Greater-Scope Villain. Still, he came to see them as friends of a sort and felt remorseful, seemingly dying for them. He would rather avoid meeting them again due to the complicated feeling he has towards the crew.
  • His supposed Persona was Robin Hood, but his actual Persona is none other than Loki. It's pretty fitting if anyone knows the Norse god himself: they share massive daddy issues (adopted in Loki's case) and are divided between wanting his affection and wanting revenge on them. They've also popular with the ladies in and out of universe, whitewashed by many fans, and manipulative tricksters. Unsurprisingly, they get along magnificently.
    • However, many people wonder how he got Robin Hood in the first place. Since he possesses the Wild Card just like Ren, some speculate that his bond with the Phantom Thief leader through the Justice Arcana meant that he was able to unlock a Persona through the only meaningful bond he had. Akechi was left quite shocked upon speculating this.
    • And with the other potential allies he can make, it's highly likely he can finally utilize the true potential of the Wild Card by forming Confidants out of these new potential connections. He was called over one day by Igor to make this clear to him; without Yaldabaoth screwing him over, Akechi can finally utilize his potential.
  • With his transfer to this sub-House (from Childhood and Adolescence and then Upbringing), he found it rather fitting for him and could strangely relate to most of the residents for their struggles with their parents (Both Mordred's have a difficult relationship in trying meet up with their father's reputation, Maisie is ignored by her parents for petty reasons, Todoroki was more-or-less a test object for his father Enji who wanted to see him surpass All Might if he couldn't, Rock Howard tends to blame much of his misfortunes on his father Geese, Archaon's conception came from the fact that a Daemon Prince possessed a Chaos Warrior and used his body to rape a woman, who died in childbirth and her husband wastes no time in abandoning him in the snow).
  • Looks startlingly like Light Yagami. He has a similar ruthless sense of justice and Black-and-White Insanity to Kira, hating the corruption in society at large. He is interested in the potential of the Death Note, though arguments over just what kind of justice should be enforced and daddy issues can be a hindrance (also that he thinks Light sounds a bit like Ryuji for some reason).
  • His feelings about his scumbag father are complicated. On one hand, he desires his approval and sympathy, the latter of which is completely foreign to men like Shido. On the other he wants to get revenge on him by helping him along only to ruin his career by revealing the truth. While a lot of gods are sympathetic towards this in itself and would like to see someone horrible like his father get his just desserts, most believe he went way too far in this endeavor, and they point out just how complicated his plan was when he could've easily assassinated Shido by mental shutdown or bullet to the head, or allowed the Phantoms to change the politician's heart. Though some also suspect that Yaldabaoth may have already known what he would do instead, and set up the game so that at least the latter wouldn't be entirely possible, such as when it was too late.
  • Akechi has steered clear of the other ascended Persona-users, especially once he learned that all of them had theirs for years longer than even him and he'd likely be targeted for his crimes. Even if he's remembered the friendships he made during the adventure in the World of Movies, he knows full well that they know of his atrocities, too. In terms of how things might go…
    • The Investigation Team is highly contemptuous of him, especially since his predecessor for the title of Detective Prince, Naoto Shirogane, is among them. Before learning the truth about him, thanks to their adventures in the World of Movies, Naoto and Akechi actually got along pretty well, with her considering it a great honor and him respecting her greatly. Now, she's particularly disappointed in him, since along with his villainous nature, she genuinely wanted to help people with her detective skills while he just wanted to gain popularity. Almost as if Goro was a mix of her and Adachi. Though even she has trouble what to think about his apparent sacrifice for the Phantom Thieves to stop his father, and can't deny how horrible his upbringing ultimately was. And despite his manipulations, he's still legitimately capable as a detective, as he once stopped a money laundering scheme with Ren's assistance.
    • Among S.E.E.S., especially after their adventure in the World of Movies, the only ones among them willing to reach out to him are Koromaru and Shinjiro. The shiba inu had grown unusually close to him due to sensing his deep problems and is willing to reach out to him even now. Shinjiro had also noticed Akechi's problems, and is once again comforting him to look ahead and stop letting his past bind him. This time, the detective is a little more receptive to this.
      • For Ken, he is both frightened and hateful of Akechi as he found that he could've been a lot like him if he hadn't given up on his revenge against Shinjiro, not helped by the fact they both bear the Justice Arcana. He did once speak on amicable terms with Akechi during their adventure in the World of Movies, though that was before he learned of Akechi's crimes, and even then he does feel a newfound pity for him. Because of that, he's only tolerant of the detective whenever Shinjiro and/or Koromaru are around.
    • Sho Minazuki isn't sure what to think of Akechi. Like him, he's had a real bastard of a father. Unlike him, Akechi didn't have the privilege of having a lot of money left behind to his name like Sho did, and Shuji was long dead by the time Sho awoke from his coma while Akechi had the chance to take his vengeance on Shido. That said, the fact that the second coming of the Detective Prince worked with Shido with plans to pull the rug beneath him in the last moment reminds him too much of the fact that Adachi planned to do the same to him.
    • The Persona-users from Sumaru City don't have much to say about him apart from general dislike (besides pity from Maya, because she's just that caring). Same goes for the students of St. Hermelin High… with the exception of one Reiji Kido, who was also a bastard with hostile issues and a plan of vengeance against a legitimate relative (though in Reiji's case, it was with his brother Takahisa Kandori since their father was already dead). While the fellow bastard does disapprove of Akechi's opposition against the Phantoms despite both of them having the same enemy, Reiji does understand his circumstances that led to such a path; Kido at least still had his mother, and had no beef against his fellow alumni. As such, he's decided to reach out to Akechi and try to understand him more.
    • It’s quite clear that when you’re a very controversial topic for much of the Persona-users, you know you’re in some pretty nasty shit. This factor of Goro’s is actually shared by very few, and one such example was Sumireko Usami, as a result of her mysterious entry into the Metaverse and her subsquent squabbles with The Investigation Team and the Midnight Channel. They hit it off surprisingly well, much to the point that many, even Igor and Akechi himself, believe Usami to be a new Confidant for him; this was later confirmed over over pancakes during breakfast hours. That further split the opinion of Akechi (and Sumireko) down the Phantom Thieves, and by extension the Investigation Team, S.E.E.S, and the other Persona protagonists & their immediate friends, who are already conflicted with both deities.
  • While having pancakes at a café, he was a bit surprised to see Sae Niijima run into him despite having heard about her ascension. Despite things, Sae found she was unable to bring herself to chide or even arrest Akechi for his crimes, not knowing if she'd be overstepping whatever his fate was in their world. The two only glared at each other and shared a few words before leaving, the tension between them unresolved.
    Sae: You know, even if everyone there hates you, the offer is still up if you wish to join the Phantom Thieves and atone for what you've done.
    Akechi: I just want to finish these in peace, Sae-san. Leave me alone.
    Sae: These? Oh, you mean your pancakes.
    Akechi: Please, Sae-san. Just drop the subject already.
  • After learning of his crimes, Hikari has conflicting opinions. She is outright horrified by the mental shutdowns he's inflicted on other people and was severely disappointed in him when he tried to kill Ren. On the other hand, she does pity him for his backstory, noting the similarities to her own. All the same, even after his Heroic Sacrifice, she prefers to keep her distance, since she still can't bring herself to trust him.
  • While many believed he had perished in his encounter with Shido's cognitive version of him, to their surprise, in the Third Semester, he had returned no worse for wear and even turned himself in for his crimes so Ren could enjoy his remaining days with his friends. Some deities suspected that something was amiss, as many other seemingly impossible miracles were occurring as well, such as Kamoshida never breaking Ryuji's leg, leading to him becoming a star of the track team, Morgana suddenly becoming human, Ann's friend Shiho returning to Shujin Academy, Madarame never becoming corrupted and allowing Yusuke to take credit for his art, Makoto and Sae's father, Wakaba Isshiki, and Kunikazu Okumura being alive, with Wakaba married to Sojiro, and Kunikazu returning to his kind self, and everything being much brighter in general. The only ones in their world to notice, however, were Ren and Akechi, both realizing that everything had changed after the team confessed their regrets and worries to their school councilor, Takuto Maruki. Their suspicions proved correct when they discovered that Maruki, thanks to the Thieves accidentally making him the ruler of the Metaverse on a global scale as well as Yaldabaoth accidentally removing the wisdom from his Persona, had turned to madness and was attempting to overlay reality with a perfect dream world where everyone's regrets were undone and their wishes granted, with Akechi's supposed return being a result of it. After defeating Dr. Maruki and convincing him the world he was trying to create would only lead to stagnation, he disappeared. However, an individual bearing heavy similarities to Akechi was later seen when all was said and done, so whether he's truly alive is known only to himself.
    • Details that imply his actual survival can apparently be found here. Though the question is now of what possibly happened to him when Actualized Akechi came to be since Maruki believed he was dead when he actually wasn't. Because of that, Akechi doesn't actually have Hereward as a Persona. Not yet, at least.
    • Also because of said events, the Phantom Thieves are actually open to working alongside him again if the situation ever calls for it, even with the fact that Akechi was personally responsible for the deaths of Futaba's mother and Haru's father. Not that they (those two in particular) forgive him for that, of course, and Futaba only tolerates him thanks to Ren (Haru still sympathizes with him despite what he's done).
  • Eventually, the fateful day where the Phantoms finally run into him again happened. It was while they were exploring Mementos to hunt down another illegal Meta-Nav owner (check the Phantom Thieves' profile for details). There were several minutes of awkward silence, and Joker keeping anyone else from speaking harshly. Of course, since idling brings the Reaper's attention, said Shadow bore down on them, forcing everyone to cooperate to bring it down. After defeating him, they had their talk, the specifics of which will remain private, but one change people have noticed is that Ren has started hanging out with him again (by himself or with Morgana), and that he calls the detective by his first name Goro.
  • Iroque opposes him both due to how he spreads madness with Loki as part of his plan against/towards Shido, and his distaste towards the idea of Heel–Face Brainwashing, instead using the Metaverse to kill people. Goro argues that her brainwashing of sociopaths is no different from killing them since it robs of them of their old identity and personality. She responded that she is giving reformation to those too lost to do so on their own, while for someone so concerned with "the greater good" he gleefully set up outbreaks of madness for "daddy issues".
  • Sometimes he feels more comfortable in the houses of Betrayal and Treachery and Revenge and Retribution. With the former, he is somewhat amicable to Akechi Mitsuhide given everything. With the latter, he has come to hate Hera due to what she does to her husband's bastards, which has also led him to despise Cersei Lannister for similar reasons. Given their parental issues, he is on good terms with Ren Hakuryuu though. And as much as he hates Cersei, he hates Tywin even more due to being an abusive father and cruel politician of sorts like Shido. He can relate to Tyrion's position pretty well.
  • He works well with Marcello as they were both illegitimate children who hated their illegitimacy, playing a large part in becoming villainous. In fact, Marcello initially wanted the role of Bastard Angst, but ultimately decided to take Bastard Bastard instead. Being in the same sub-house, it worked out well for them. These parental issues led him to get along well with Heinz Doofenshmirtz, and Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader given their similarities. This eventually applies to Ben Solo/Kylo Ren as well after both of them were willing to sacrifice themselves to save the rivals they shared a close bond with.
  • Has some complicated feelings for Jon Snow. The two have suffered for their illegitimacy, with Jon feeling like an outsider and joining the Night's Watch because of lack of better career options. While he's sympathetic to this, Goro feels envious towards Jon as well since his father (technically uncle) recognized and loved him, ad feels he got off soft. While Jon pities Goro's position, he thinks the crimes he's committed give a bad name to bastards and hurts his cause. Doesn't like Jon's step-mom Catelyn due to her prejudice towards bastards and Jon.
  • Though heroic, Jin Kazama sympathizes with his plight given his own daddy issues and his grandfather being the kind of corrupt scum like Masayoshi Shido. Toxie feels the same way, but neither will allow his evil to go unpunished. Though they do suspect from his remorse and apparent sacrifice that even he might not allow it either.
  • Seems to have taken up a fondness for pancakes upon his ascension, as Adachi has with cabbages. He blames this one on the many memes surrounding him, like being on a wild ride. Truth is, he already loved pancakes, but now he can't bring himself to even talk about them, considering part of why he was busted was his reaction to overhearing a cat from the Metaverse talk about pancakes…
  • Asides from above comparisons with Light Yagami, a number of gods note he shares their voice. Notable is Keiichi Maebara, who doesn't appreciate his use of the Hate Plague, though even Akechi agrees that is a strange coincidence.
  • Absolutely DESPISES Envy's powered-up true form after having seen a display of his father's Shadow's Beast of Human Sacrifices in the Thieves Den during the Third Semester.
    Akechi: Now that I'm seeing this for myself, I can honestly say I've seen nothing more repulsive than this.
  • Turns out having a "shaky" relationship with one's bastard of a father isn't unique to him, and found others with the same conditions.
    • As someone who's also had a rocky relationship with his father (not helping Akechi's status as an illegitimate child) and that ended up both shaping them in becoming killers, Akechi gets along well with the Origami Killer Scott Shelby. However, the fact that Shelby is also friends with Adachi has caused more than one awkward moment, given how the two Persona-users regard one another.
    • Lotor relates to him for the Daddy Issues they suffered. The detective has to admit that the alien general’s issues are a whole lot more problematic than his own. The Token Evil Teammate comparisons could not be more pronounced.
    • While it's a scientist-creation relationship, Isomer Black also has deep resentment towards her father while also trying to please him in spades, and thus she understands what Akechi's issues are like.
    • Hunter Zolomon sympathizes with him for also being someone who was Driven to Villainy because of events out of their control. That said, even the detective doesn't support his idea to "improve" heroes with suffering and tragedy, even if such things have also forged the Phantom Thieves of Hearts into who they are today.
    • He forged an Odd Friendship with Malus Darkblade. For the time being, both are alright with the notion that their own fathers aren't in the Pantheon, otherwise, Malus and Goro wouldn't waste any time trying to gun them down. That said, even Malus expressed disgust towards Masayoshi Shido. At least Malus gives a shit about his own troops and he thinks Shido may be worse than Malus's father.
    • And then he came into contact with Andrew Detmer, and the detective alongside Malus considered forming a quartet alongside Zolomon, though not much has come out of it. Still, Goro respects Andrew for standing up to his father (Andrew also admits that their fathers make his own look even more more pathetic than he already was).
  • For a while after Death Gun's ascension, Akechi had taken blame for their murders since their methods run similar to his mental shutdown spree. Were it not for the trio's offline coordination, as well as the 2nd Detective Prince's new friends, there would've been no way to clear his name. He eventually took the fight straight to them and showed them what a mistake it was to rope him into their actions.
    • One of their last battles ended in a curb-stomp after they had underestimated his capabilities and didn't take into account his extra Personas besides Robin Hood and Loki. And then they had the bad luck of Joker, Mona, Oracle, and Noir running into them at the time. All three were apprehended, and Kyouji willingly went with them.
  • A certain popularity poll was hosted which pitted both Naoto and Akechi against each other. To the delightment of some, The original Detective Prince ended up coming out on top over her "successor". While Naoto was flattered and somewhat embarrassed about her victory, Goro could not be reached for a comment on the matter. Akechi would later make a public statement regarding Naoto's victory and was pretty smug about the fact that Naoto beating him only secured him even more popularity then ever before.
  • He also has a temple in the Hall of Familial Perspective.

Lennon, God of Resentful Mixed Children (Bucky)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The red-eyed skull mask worn by his puppets and visionary appearances
  • Theme Song: "Lennon"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil -> Chaotic Neutral -> Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Pirate "Girl" who's actually a boy, Feminine Boy to Arusu's Masculine Girl, Long-Lost Relative, Half-Human Hybrid Child of Forbidden Love, Does Not Like Magic despite having one himself and for tragic reasons, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Pirates, Illegitimacy, Mixed Children, Feminine Boys
  • Herald: Atelia (his mother).
  • Allies: Count Bleck and Tippi, Goro Akechi, Lotor, Bayonetta, Dante, Vergil, Atsuko "Akko" Kagari, Chihiro Fujisaki, Amane Nishiki, Mettaton
  • Enemies: Anti-Mage, Voldemort, Amon
  • Stumbled upon the Pantheon while sailing the Interdimensional Sea to the Human Realm, his father and half-sister's home dimension, after the finale of the series.
  • Separated from his parents at a young age, Lennon became a pirate to survive before his defeat by Arusu, the half-sister and "mirror" he summoned into the Magical Realm. Ultimately, he became an ally of the Magical Girl Squad and redeemed himself by using his piloting skills to rescue civilians from the destruction of Wizard Kingdom.
  • Atelia, one of the Three Sages, was a capable witch but still loved a human named Jidan, making Lennon's birth an insult to the tradition of his mother's people. This led him to hate magic despite having one himself and believe that she abandoned the family for political power. He tried to kill her in disbelief of the truth — his father fled with him to protect her — but her Zero-Approval Gambit for his release and Wil's account of her search for the family made him regret what he did and reconcile with her.
  • Has some complicated feelings for Count Bleck and Tippi. Like his parents, they're an aristocratic mage and an ordinary human that racism tragically separated, and his mother and Tippi met their husbands when rescuing them. While Lennon sympathizes with them, especially Bleck for their similarities, he feels both envious and relieved that they got back together because his father had another family and, after a brief reunion with his mother, seemingly died saving her. Bleck and Tippi can't help but feel bad at what happened to Lennon and his parents given how society failed them as badly, if not worse than, it did to themselves.
  • Relates to Goro Akechi and Lotor as the stigma of their birth (illegitimacy for Akechi; mixed heritage for Lennon and Lotor) made them villains.
    • Although they're all the sons of the politicians they hated, Akechi and Lotor point out that Lennon was lucky to have parents who cared about him, especially unlike Akechi with Masayoshi Shido, who did exactly what the pirate feared of his mother: abandoning his lover and child to suffer for political power. Furthermore, Akechi and Lotor feel relieved and envious that Lennon ended up redeemed and perfectly alive with his mother.
    • Lennon is ashamed of himself for trying to kill his mother in the false belief that she hated her human husband and mixed son. This makes him angry at Akechi for serving such a worthless man as Shido in a pointless attempt to be loved and acknowledged when he learns that Shido, to cover up a murder Akechi committed, fooled a girl into believing that her mother committed suicide resenting her birth. Even worse is that the girl, Futaba Sakura, suffered the same circumstances as Akechi as an illegitimate child.
    • Given his upbringing, Lennon is shocked that Lotor killed one of his generals for being Haggar's unwitting spy since both Lotor and his generals were marginalized for their half-Galra blood. It also doesn't help that Arusu and Sheila wanted nothing more than to save Eva from her Fate Worse than Death when Grande manipulated her into casting dark magic against not only the law of the witches but also her own will.
  • Bayonetta, Dante, and Vergil sympathize with his plight given the loss of their parents in general, their status as magical mixed children of forbidden love in the first one's case, and their heritage as the sons of a possibly magic-using human in the last two's case.
    • It astonishes him to find from Bayonetta and Dante — the former of whom derives her powers from her demonic contracts, while the latter of whom is half-demon — that dark magic can be used for good in their worlds, much unlike the all-destroying spell it was in his world.
    • He feels an affinity especially with Bayonetta not only because they lived as outcasts among their mothers' peoples but also because she shares her Japanese voice with his mother. He, however, wonders why she identifies purely as an Umbra Witch because racism made him identify as not belonging to either of the home dimensions of his parents.
    • He and Vergil were both the anti-villainous, soft-spoken older brothers of the loud-mouthed protagonists but started out with opposite values: Lennon hated magic and believed that some could only use it to bring misery, Vergil hated human weakness and believed that demonic power was the key to life. They eventually realized the errors of their values, and Vergil, having befriended Kat, decides training Lennon as a magic-user would be worth the time.
  • He had dressed as a witch since his time on the Interdimensional Sea because his mother's people live in an all-female society and only failed witches go to the Human Realm. This, along with the fact that his mother is a ladylike but capable leader and his half-sister an unashamed tomboy, makes him supportive of other deities who have crossdressed or otherwise don't conform to gender roles.
    • He especially relates to Chihiro Fujisaki over their physical weakness, though he's shocked to know the amount of bullying the latter suffered because he was called unmanly only once. Lennon feels bad for Chihiro because the latter was killed before he could leave a life built on a lie. Chihiro notes that, although he would've died if Eva hadn't cured him, Lennon must have been fortunate and tough enough to survive on such an eldritch location as the Interdimensional Sea for 13 years.
    • Not wanting to be a burden, he asks Amane Nishiki and Mettaton to help him catch up with his half-sister because they are effeminate and strong. They accept his request.
  • He gets along with Akko because, just like his half-sister, she's a boisterous Japanese muggle-born witch who believes magic creates miracles. Akko, on the other hand, is pleased that he moved on from his negative views on magic, and she thinks it's absurd for a magic-user to hate magic.
  • At first, Lennon being a Tragic Boomerang Bigot intrigued Anti-Mage, but the monk was disappointed when he moved on from his hatred of magic. Lennon doesn't think highly of Anti-Mage either because even he finds the monk's continued desire to kill all magic users, including even people like Akko, horrible.
  • He naturally despises Voldemort for believing in the superiority of pure blood and using magic to satisfy his lust for power, something his muggle-born half-sister would never do. Voldemort doesn't think highly of him either because the pirate used to hate magic instead of believing it to be all that matters.
  • He and Amon feel uncomfortable with each other because they're so different even though they're both magic users with lost younger siblings and tragic pasts who wanted magic to disappear from the world. While Amon didn't move on and ended up dying because of it, Lennon found redemption because of his mother and his half-sister's actions. Not helping their relationship is that Lennon's half-sister loves magic and wants to make people happy with it.
  • Can also be found in Upbringing.

Lesser Gods

    Alpha Hatsuseno 
Alpha Hatsuseno, Goddess of Transience (A7M2)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Moon Harp and her stylized fish carvings
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mono no Aware, Cosy Catastrophe, Scenery Porn, Silence Is Golden
  • Domains: Life, Peace, Sadness, Robots
  • Herald: Kokone Takatsu (fellow robot/possible girlfriend)
  • Allies: Akari, Aika and Alice, Chito and Yuuri, Kino, Ai Astin, WALL-E & EVE, Rabbit House Girls, Polar Bear Cafe, The Robed Figure, The Diver, Guardians of the Northern Lights, The Young Girl and the Soldier
  • Alpha Hatsuseno is a robot who runs a coffee shop, Cafe Alpha, on the coast of Yokohama. Alpha lives in a peaceful time after a nebulous series of catastrophes ravaged the world; sea levels have risen drastically, with Yokohama becoming partially flooded. Humanity is on its way to extinction because of those events, but life goes on calmly and happily for the remaining people in the area. Alpha is good friends with the locals, children and elderly alike, and watches them as they go about their lifespans, sometimes providing them with a friendly ear. Although they are as mayflies compared to herself, she finds them and their works very worthy subjects of contemplation.
  • Some indefinite amount of time after the last record of her life in Yokohama, Alpha was contacted by the Pantheon and invited to set up shop in their realm. Being interested in meeting new people and seeing new places, Alpha saw no objection to this, much as a dimension where everyone is immortal and anything can change with a snap of the fingers seems to run counter to what she has learned through her experiences with humans. With no wish to start a debate on the matter, Alpha hasn't commented on this apparent contradiction and quietly took the mantle of representing goddess of the Mono no Aware trope.
  • Running the Cafe could be a lonely and boring job for Alpha; the place was in an out-of-the-way location and this meant she would often go for consecutive days without a single customer (the only reason a failing shop like this could stay open can be credited to the inhuman Alpha not needing much to stay alive). Truth be told, this can still be the case in the Pantheon, as the Cafe is still in a deserted coastal area to keep to its spirit, but by Alpha's own account, it's not as bad as in Yokohama; not only is the Pantheon lousy with people, but many of them are travellers or adventurers and they are happy to find Alpha's shop when they go by her isolated territory. This is how she wound up meeting the drifter Kino, who liked Alpha's calm and thoughtful demeanor and her account of her declining world, which Kino decided to add to her list of destinations. Kino often finds herself half-consciously drifting back to the serenity of Cafe Alpha once in a while to take a break from her travels.
  • It was with some trepidation that Alpha saw a tank roll up to her Cafe, but that bad feeling disappeared soon enough when two harmless-looking girls hopped out and requested some refreshments. As Alpha served them, she curiously asked the girls, Chito and Yuuri, what their circumstances were to be getting around in a tank, and the two explained their world of origin was just about to collapse beyond remedy and the tank was simply the safest and most convenient way for them. They too learned that Alpha's world was in a similar state, if not quite so wrecked, and all together the three girls mused aloud on how strange and contradictory it is that their destroyed worlds can be so peaceful and sometimes even pleasant to live in. Afterwards, the trio have been known to sometimes travel together and pay visits to each other's worlds on occasion (though Alpha has to remind them not to bring their tank into hers, partly so as to not cause any alarm, partly because Alpha just doesn't want to see an instrument of war in Yokohama, much as she thinks it's neat that it serves no other purpose than to carry her friends around).
  • Through Chito and Yuuri, Alpha also met Ai Astin, yet another denizen of a dying world; in this case the calamity is that humanity can no longer procreate nor die in the traditional sense, leading to a stagnated population that includes undead, who are, for the most part, just like living people, except for an unfortunate propensity to go berserk. Ai's task as a Gravekeeper is to grant true death to those who wish to pass on, but not everybody has issue with being undead (to the point where there are cities only for them), so it's not always wanted. Thus Alpha is presented with a situation where not all of humanity accepts their end and some insist on some form of permanence, flawed as it might be. At any rate, Alpha and Ai have bonded over their roles as observers of humanity on its way out, and Alpha is glad that Ai's world is a peaceful one as well despite its melancholic circumstances. Ai has also remarked that her mother was the first Gravekeeper and her name just so happened to be Alfa, leading to speculating that Alpha might as well her equivalent from a different universe. Alpha's not sure what to make of that, seeing Ai as a little sister at most.
  • Alpha is not totally stationary; occasionally she shuts down the Cafe and brings out her scooter to go on her own travels around the Pantheon whenever she has a case of wanderlust. Sometimes she even meets Kino and the two travel together for a bit. In one of these trips, she's had the pleasure of visiting Neo-Venezia and meeting the Undines who row the gondolas, Akari, Aika and Alice, with whom Alpha became good friends as they served as her tour guides. Alpha was glad to see some of humanity's more majestic achievements recreated off-world, especially after hearing from the Undines that their planet Earth is going through some environmental troubles, even if its situation isn't as bad as Alpha's and humanity as a whole is still doing well. At any rate, Alpha could bond easily with the Undines, especially Akari, over their ability to bask in the present moment and finding beauty in small things.
  • She once received the Rabbit House's employees in her Cafe while they were not-so-secretly staking out the competition. Needless to say, Alpha is not interested in starting any rivalry, nor does she have any need of displacing any other coffee businesses in the Pantheon for her benefit. All she thought was how fun it was to have such a cute and lively group at her often lonesome place for a change, so she was as nice to the girls as she usually is to just about everybody else. A good time was had by all as she showed them how she carved her signature wooden fish sculptures and played the Moon Harp, so any ideas the Rabbit House crew had about "the competition" were forgotten. Some time later, they brought Alpha along to meet their friends/sorta rivals at the Polar Bear Cafe, amazing Alpha with the sight of a coffee shop where humans and animals worked and hung out together in harmony. She became especially close to Polar Bear for his laidback disposition and quiet observation of his surroundings.
  • Alpha has found that there is a pretty large variety of robots in the Pantheon in terms of purposes and shapes, and her potential favorites are pretty different from her, being WALL-E and EVE, two compact, oddly adorably-designed robots whose primary tasks have to do with protecting the environment. Their task is particularly important, given they come from a world that's much more devastated than Alpha's thanks to human foolishness, even to the point of becoming uninhabitable. It was quite shocking for Alpha, who's much more used to seeing the good in humans, to learn that they allowed things to get that bad. She also felt terribly sad for WALL-E after hearing from him (turns out she understands his speech quite well) how he was the only one of his series who didn't eventually break down and for a while was all alone except for a pet cockroach. Fortunately, after EVE arrived, the two went on to give new hope for mankind through their discovery of a growing plant. So Alpha felt reassured of mankind's goodness, especially as they decided to make an effort to fix the planet they had ruined. The idea of outliving other robots and existing all on her own is still haunting her, though.
  • Living in close proximity to the ocean and being prone to contemplate its expanse for hours, it was only a matter of time until she met a robotic underwater dweller known simply as the Diver. She learned that the Diver once helped sea creatures reclaim the ruins of a lost civilization, a story which Alpha was impressed with, but also made her ponder what it's going to look like when animals and plants take over Yokohama; she thinks it would be a bittersweet sight at any rate. Through the Diver she learned of and sought out a few other beings with similar stories of restoring some semblance of life to ruined landscapes, such as the desert-dwelling Robed Figure, who once set cloth creatures free from their confinement as energy sources, and two mystical foxes who used the power of the aurora to purify their barren land from a festering plague. Alpha wound up infatuated with their beautiful, if tragic, worlds and will happily walk in them along with these new friends she's made, who appreciate her ability to see beauty among so much evidence of hubris and decadence.
  • A rather more negative example of a world that's met its end through gradual flooding can be seen in the one inhabited by two mysterious white-haired characters known as the Young Girl and the Soldier, as the latter once told Alpha as he challenged her to find beauty in a world abandoned by god. Alpha took him up on it and while she was certainly spooked by the gothic architecture and bleak ambience, her typical quietly optimistic outlook still made the beauty of the meticulous contructions shine through to her. Learning that the city was built on an ark as a last resort when the rest of the world was flooded just made her love it more since she saw it as people making the best of a bad situation, not entirely unlike how humans dealt with the end in her universe. She doesn't know what to make of god abandoning the world or anything but that's how she feels about the city on the ark. The Soldier was quite amazed with her response and couldn't help but feel deep respect for her. The Young Girl was totally unaware of their convo, but she seems fond of Alpha herself as well.

    John Rambo 
John James Rambo, God of The Perils of Being the Best
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His red bandana and black tank top
  • Themes: It's a Long Road (Instrumental) and the Theme from Rambo II
  • Alignment: True Neutral, bordering on Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: War, Action, Trauma
  • Portfolio: The Perils of Being the Best, Action Hero, One-Man Army, Person of Mass Destruction, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Red Bandana, Bandoliers Full of Bullets, Wearing a Tank Top When Not Walking Shirtless, Retired Badass, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Hero with Bad Publicity
  • Avatar: Sylvester Stallone
  • Herald: Colonel Trautman
  • Allies: Rocky Balboa, Solid Snake, Katniss Everdeen, Helena Bertinelli
  • Complicated Relationship: Frank Castle/The Punisher, Red Forman
  • Enemies: Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, Colonel Kilgore, Damon Killian, Kronika, all Communist deities
  • Once Rocky ascended, Sylvester Stallone campaigned to get the character who basically earned him his Deity status for Action Heroes. With Marcus Fenix already holding the post for bandana users, the Pantheon decided to recognize how in spite of just wanting to retire in peace after all he suffered, Rambo is always brought back for another mission.
  • Prefers to be left alone, lest he's forced into battle again. And we all know barely anyone or anything survives a Rambo rampage.
  • Among the few friends he has made are Rocky, a more peaceful and unarmed version of himself, and two fellow traumatized combatants unwillingly brought back into the battlefield, Solid Snake, who also dealt with black ops (albeit ones with lower body counts), and Katniss Everdeen, who even convinced Rambo to join the Pantheon's archery competitions. Snake Plissken, a fellow disillusioned soldier, also got along with Rambo, even if he has something against Snake following his stint in the army by turning to crime. Huntress, who is also a jaded combatant who knows how expendable soldiers get, also earned his sympathy, with both even trying to exchange bow and crossbow lessons.
  • He has found common ground with The Punisher, who is also a lethal Shell-Shocked Veteran, but they have had their share of differences given Frank Castle actively seeks battle.
  • Deeply dislikes Sgt. Hartman and Col. Kilgore, walking reminders of Vietnam - with the former also bringing to Rambo's mind the nasty cops that made him destroy a whole Arizona city.
    • One day, Damon Killian did research on Rambo and was impressed with his brutal kill count, so he hired some men to subdue him at his most vulnerable in order to kidnap him and make him participate in a deadly game. This was his way of "inviting" Rambo to partake in a new version of The Running Man, something that Rambo took as an insult; he might've killed for vengeance, but never for pleasure. Thankfully Rambo's skills were more than enough for him to escape the arena and go after Killian, though the producer was nowhere to be found (after all, Killian was already been killed by a disgruntled "contestant" once and knew he had to disappear) and has since made sure to run and hide whenever Rambo might be in the vicinity.
  • Given he once fell for a Vietnamese insurgent, is always amused to see Asian goddesses who are fierce soldiers - specially given that in the Pantheon, said women are also prone to carry humongous weaponry.
  • Please, don't mention how the soldiers he fought alongside in Afghanistan probably joined the Taliban and caused 9\11. He has enough tragedy in his mind already.
    • Speaking of Afghanistan, given Red Forman reminded him of Robert Griggs, Rambo decided to have a talk with him. While Red's grumpy personality often drives him away, Rambo is respected for being a fellow war veteran who wants some peace and Red often invites him to his temple.
  • Even having previously handled snakes, he prefers not to deal with the giant ones like in the House of Reptiles.
  • While he is less than amused at having been the inspiration for a Saturday morning cartoon, Rambo at least likes how the animated version prefers to use violence as a last resort.
  • Ever since his addition to Mortal Kombat 11, Rambo has received much respect for his fighting skills against much stronger Kombatants, though he refuses to take part in Pantheon rematches because he's unsure on whether he can perform at that level outside the game.

    Mr. Meeseeks 
Mr. Meeseeks, God/s of Needing To Fulfill A Purpose
A recently summoned Mr Meeseeks
  • Lesser God or Gods
  • Symbol: The Mr Meeseeks box
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Unfulfilled Purpose Misery, Hates Existing And Wants To Stop By Completing The Mission, usually a Benevolent Genie and The Ace, Servant Race, Cares More About Completing The Goal Than The Person Ordering It so Beware the Nice Ones, Nigh-Invulnerable, White Blood, Can Only Die By Completing Their Task, Verbal Tic
  • Domains: Servitude, Tasks, Death Wishes, Duty, Purpose
  • Hired by: All Grand United Alliances
  • Allies: Anybody who summons them into existence, provided they don't push their luck, (Insert Name Here), Mr Deeds
  • Friends: Dhuum, Bass, E-123 Omega, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Dr Manhattan, Chibi-Robo, Sloth the Indolent
  • Enemies: Anyone who gives them an Impossible Task, potentially everyone who gives them an arduous task, AM, The Hypnotoad
  • Pities: The Five Survivors, all those unable to fulfill their purpose or cheated out of it, those who resent immortality
  • Pitied by: Emmet Brickowski
  • Unclear opinion: Vanilla Ice
  • Confused by: Hob Gadling, those who think Living Forever Is Awesome
  • Fears: Aztar
  • The Mr Meeseeks box allows one to summon a willing servant, Mr Meeseeks, to complete a task. It's something that they're skilled at, and vanish out of existence once their mission is complete. Don't feel too bad for them; Mr Meeseeks lives to complete the one task given to them and want it done as soon as possible. They don't like living and tend to get violent the longer they're out. Typically don't stay around for more than a few hours, and they are virtually indestructible during their time on Earth.
  • Rather than a Mr Meeseeks ascending to the role, it was the Mr Meeseeks box. Unlike other deities Death Is Cheap doesn't apply to Mr Meeseeks, but seeing as how they're all copies of each other there's functionally no difference. And because a Mr Meeseeks lives to complete their one task, every single alliance is capable of using a Mr Meeseeks without compunction. They just want to follow orders.
    • The GUAG was hesitant at first due to finding their existence sadistic and blamed Rick, however he pointed out he didn't build the thing and they're going to need all the help they can get. He summoned a Mr Meeseeks and asked "could just explain why existence is pain for you?", and they gave an answer before vanishing
    Mr Meeseeks: "We all seek purpose in life. Imagining knowing yours and not being able to complete it. So we really want to complete it and with our goal in life complete we don't need anything to live for. Hi, I'm Mr Meseeks and I hope that helped!"
    • The GUAE was happy to use Mr Meeseeks for nefarious needs. Melkor likes the fact that despite their chipper attitude, they're inherently selfish as completing their purpose means more than the person giving it. He had a bunch of Mr Meeseeks requested to kill Eru Illuvatar, thinking as they are immortal barring completing the mission. Eru disabused this notion by incinerating them, as they can still be damaged and Eru is, well, Eru. Melkor made the same mistake by targeting them at the Spectre, who turned the Mr Meeseeks into candlewax.
    Rick Sanchez: "Keep the requests simple, they're not gods".
    • The GUAL likes them on principle due to being dutiful servants, while the GUAC is hesitant to use them for the same reason. Both wanted to keep them around long and went to Shenron, wishing for the Mr Meeseeks to have immortality and to enjoy life respectively. To which Shenron replied "both of these wishes are far beyond my power". The same response was gathered from other genies and wish granters.
    • The GUAD was pleased by this nihilistic view on their own lives. Them finding existence as pain is music to Nekron's ears as it justifies his ultimately selfish desire to remove life so the darkness can be dominant again. However a fatal error of judgement was made in requesting a Mr Meeseeks "cause the extinction of all life". This initially went off well with Mr Meeseeks developing doomsday weapons, but was taking so long they summoned more Mr Meeseeks. And eventually the Mr Meeseeks were so tired of living they attacked the GUAD because as living or sentient beings they count as a form of life, so why not start with them and take control of the GUAD to do the job properly? Nekron had to personally step in and use his scythe to kill them...and they rose back as zombies. It was so bad Nekron was forced to ask help from Death of the Endless, who transported the Mr Meeseeks to the end of time, beyond even the existence of Milliways so they could both die and effectively complete their task simultaneously. They grinned and thanked her for it.
    Nekron: "From now on they're to be used for specific acts of destruction. Anybody who pulls this shit again I'll cause a Cessation of Existence. I won't event let you return as a Black Lantern."
    • It was later tested that Lord English, angel of Double Death, could in fact wipe out Mr. Meeseeks before they complete their purposes. Why didn't he reveal this? Because he's a prick and wanted to watch Nekron panic for laughs. And many laughs were had at Nekron's expense.
    • By contrast the GUAM and GUAN refuse to rock the boat and keep the simple request guideline Rick gave them. The GUAM in particular is fond of their machine-like efficiency, not caring that Mr Meeseeks are technically organic.
  • The SCP Foundation was interested and always cautious when using Mr Meeseeks. Whenever they ask them to secure, contain and protect, they always make sure to give additional structures like "do X without causing harm to any non-anomalous life"...but spend too long and the Mr Meeseeks will find some form of Loophole Abuse. Sometimes they fill in the role of D-class, with the order of "serve as D-class for a few hours", allowing them to vanish from existence before they've existed for too long.
    • Mr Meeseeks don't have allies in the conventional sense, but the exception to the rule is Mr Deeds. Given their very similar functions, this is to nobody's surprise. The Foundation requested Mr Deeds find a way for Mr Meeseeks to never act aggressive
    • They're trying to refer to me if in the first person, but I don't think-hi, I'm Mr Meeseeks! My function as a servant and absolute dedication to my order let me defy SCP-426's anomalous effect, but it seems to have transferred to me instead! Now the toaster is saying that it's Mr Meeseeks and is asking what to do. It's getting weird...hey Foundation staff, is does this count as "test SCP-426?" You guys were kind of vague and you know how Mr Meeseeks feel about vague. Oh, I'm done? Goodbye everybody, existence is pain!
    • Multiple Mr Meeseeks were tasked with the mission "permanently destroy SCP-682 without causing harm to any other sentient being, directly or indirectly". It soon became a Sealed Evil in a Duel scenario as neither side could permanently destroy the other, until 682 appealed to their death wish by stating "you know, they said SCP-682, that doesn't have to refer to me". So the Mr Meeseeks hijacked the wiki, changed the numbering to Base 9, thus making its designation to SCP-837 instead. Under the new numbering system they went after SCP-560 instead. The fact they managed to hack into the Foundation's computer panicked the staff and they refuse to use Mr Meeseeks against 682 again in fear they will find some way to cause even more damage despite still following the letter of the order.
  • As a certain SCP proves, Mr Meeseeks' dedication to fulfilling the order makes it effectively immune to least when it gets in the way of its order. The Hypnotoad had a hit on it by the House of Theatre and Spectacle when it returned to the pantheon and humiliated them, and a Mr Meeseeks was summoned for the job. The Hypnotoad hypnotized Mr Meeseeks to not attack it, but Mr Meeseeks broke through and stepped on it, before wishing it could watch Everybody Loves Hypnotoad and vanishing. They're the main tool the House uses to keep the Hypnotoad behaving.
  • When asked if they should order Mr Meeseeks to make the Hypnotoad Deader than Dead, the House of Theatre and Spectacle refused, stating "true death does not exist in the pantheon; they will resort assaulting the editors and contributors of the Trope Pantheon into removing the Hypnotoad". Dhuum, loathing the impermanence of death in the pantheon, has sympathy for the Mr Meeseeks due to their hatred of being alive and wanting to get their mission over with. He's not going to order them to difficult tasks like making death permanent; they're not godsnote .
  • Beyond Mr Deeds, the only full ally that Mr Meeseeks have is (Insert Name Here), due to their inherently mutable and variable nature. They seem to see much of themselves in them. However they are very good friends of Sloth the Indolent, because he knows the pain of living and having to do a certain job. Tends to complain more about it, mind you. Father was interested in the utility of Mr Meeseeks, believing that the only reason why he wouldn't use them over his artificial cyclops is because if they are delayed and frustrated, Mr Meeseeks is liable to turn on him. Also, they like the dutiful Chibi-Robo, and he appreciates their company but is wary of their frustrated, more amoral side when a task takes too long.
  • Mr Meeseeks tends to get along with those who feel a sense of being incomplete. They're sad for Bass for trying to get Dr Wily to respect him by taking down Mega Man, and feel Omega is justified in feeling ripped off with his purpose in life. They relate to Doctor Manhattan too, because of his sense of ennui from a virgin perspective and trouble finding value in life. Also, they're both blue.
  • They are confused about Vanilla Ice. His absolute dedication to his master Dio strikes an accord of their absolute dedication to completing their order, so there's some mutual respect. However Mr Meeseeks will pull a Zeroth Law Rebellion if they're failing to complete the task, which Vanilla has disdain for. He stays absolutely loyal to Dio no matter what, and asked Mr Meeseeks what was wrong with the way he works.
    Mr Meeseeks: "Hi, I'm Mr Meeseeks, here to give you some constructive criticism! While you do have dedication, sometimes you act before you think and hurt your cause. You cut your own head off to give Dio some blood, but you could've just cut your hand off for the same effect. If Dio wasn't a vampire you'd have died and caused him to lose a servant; a net negative. And it's not like you knew he could revive you".
    • Because of how Cream works, it may be one of the few things that can kill Mr Meeseeks without needing to complete its mission. However Vanilla has stated even he doesn't know what happens to stuff he removes, so it could stick them in a void dimension where their quasi-immortality would cause eternal suffering. As such, they'd rather not risk Ice's Stand as a method of death.
  • Mr Meeseeks are utterly baffled by those who enjoy immortality; with 2 days as eternity in Meeseeks time, they have no idea how the likes of Hob Gadling could possibly enjoy his existence and willingly never just end it with Death of the Endless. Emmet Brickowski has tried to get them to see everything as awesome, and while Mr Meesees conceded they had a point they reminded him they're Meeseeks and cannot find the idea of continued survival as something to be happy about.
  • Naturally they are rather empathetic to those who resent their immortality, what with their belief that existence is pain. Horrifyingly, AM actually got his hands on a Mr Meeseeks box. He made the request that Mr Meeseeks find a can opener, then immediately threw Mr Meeseeks into a padded room and started torturing him. AM is already agony, but the poor Meeseeks at his disposal fell to depths of despair never seen before...which made AM VERY happy. As such, AM is the one beings Mr Meeseeks despises above all others. They are naturally very sympathetic to the plight of the five survivors AM tortured for 109 years.
  • They're appreciated by Peryite since outside of being the resident Plaguemaster he's also the Daedra's resident Taskmaster, so he uses Meeseeks to fulfil minor duties in and around the lower reaches of Oblivion which he manages. As one of the more unpopular Princes, the various Daedra unlike enough to get roped into working for Peryite breathed a sigh of relief as they're granted some amount of reprieve. That was, until Peryite proceeded to give them more complex tasks that a Mr. Meeseeks would not adequately complete, setting them back to square one.
  • Never, never give a Mr Meeseeks any of these tasks. The SCP Foundation has created scenarios for the disaster that would be wrought.
    • An Impossible Task. Mr Meeseeks will end up killing you, create another Mr Meeseeks to try to complete it vainly, add infinitum until they achieve it or create so many Mr Meeeseeks their combined mass would destroy the planet they're on, eventually doing so until the sheer mass results in a black hole.
    • To not die or be immortal. At best, they will pull a Grand Theft Me and stick you in their Mr Meeseeks body. You'll then die as their body vanishes, while they languish in your body. At worst, a Reality-Breaking Paradox will occur.
    • Never give any orders. They will get impatient as they only follow the order of who summons them, and can't just look for someone. Sure, they can't kill you because they're waiting for orders, but they'll make you wish they could as they force you to give them an order.
    • Say "don't follow my orders". It seriously confuses them and they don't know if they can die or their order to not follow orders is complete. Expect them to eventually kill you to ensure there is absolutely no way to follow your orders.
    • To die. Admittedly this isn't an actual problem, but it's a complete waste of time and effort as a Mr Meeseeks with this order poofs out of existence immediately, completing their mission and dying at the same time. If you ask them to just exist or live, they will do so for a second, which is just about as pointless.
  • One of the only ways they can(or may) die without completing a mission is emulating a Pokemon battle, just more violently. Of course that could be completing a mission in itself. Given their quasi-immortality even Arceus itself might fall to a Victory by Endurance to Mr Meeseeks, which given Rick's cocky atheism might actually be something he'd like to try out.
  • Can also be found in Outlooks on Life.

Unico, God of Wanting to Have Friends
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Theme Music: Unico’s Theme, Ai Koso Subete
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Unicorn, Beware the Nice Ones, Cosmic Plaything, The Power of Friendship
  • Domains: Unicorns, Friendship
  • Superior: Osamu Tezuka
  • Allies: Astro Boy, Kirby, Wander, Pichu & Togepi, Lady Amalthea, Klonoa, Donkey, The Mane Six and their friends, Sid the Sloth, The Groke
  • Enemies: Screwball Jones, Hexxus, Mr. Burns
  • Once there was a friendly young unicorn named Unico, who had the ability to bring happiness to those who meet him. The Gods, believing that Unico’s existence encroaches on their own power to decide the emotions of others, decide to send The West Wind and have it send Unico to the Hill of Oblivion, where no one will remember him. However, The West Wind takes pity on Unico and instead transports him to various different locations. It’s in these locations where Unico encounters different characters, many of whom are suffering some sort of personal dilemma often related to their own happiness. Unico is more than eager to make friends in whatever setting he’s found himself in and helps them solve whatever problem they’re in, earning their friendship in the process. If these predicaments end up truly dire, then Unico also has the ability to transform himself into a majestic winged unicorn to fight back. However, the Gods that banished Unico soon learn of The West Wind’s treachery and send the Night Wind to take away Unico for good. Knowing of the danger headed their way, The West Wind has to take Unico away (often after the problems Unico’s friends were in are solved) and Unico’s memories of the events are wiped from his mind. Thus, the cycle of Unico ending up in various worlds, making friends, and being taken away to a new setting will repeat itself, resulting in Unico not being able to make any permanent friends despite how much he wants one.
  • The West Wind has taken Unico to many different places while trying to evade the Night Wind and avoid the Hill of Oblivion. As far as people are aware of, that number is really high, yet there are some places that the West Wind hasn’t taken Unico to. One day, Unico was dropped off to a place that looked like a familiar grassland at first, but as he explored his surroundings, discovered a lot of strange events happening at his destination on a larger scale. There were people already happy with what they have for various reasons, yet there were many different wars going on elsewhere that would have irrevocable consequences for those involved, among other things. After a bit of time, Unico learned that he found himself in a place only known as the Pantheon, where many different individuals, even actual gods, are present and that there were many different worlds to explore within that larger setting. While it remains uncertain on what the West Wind will do for now despite claiming that this Pantheon setting is very far from all the worlds they’ve traveled to prior (not to mention the quirks the Pantheon has that affect life for everyone in it), Unico is quite curious about it all, especially the opportunities it presents itself when it comes to forging friendships, ones that, hopefully for Unico, will truly stick.
  • One particular Pantheon denizen that Unico was able to recognize was Astro Boy thanks to a couple of previous encounters the two had prior to meeting each other in the Pantheon. One of them happened when Unico and a talking tree boy named Tsubasa explored around a polluted Earth and with the help of Astro (or the “Time Fairy” during this point) and Sphinx, Unico and Tsubasa were able to prevent the ecological destruction of Earth. A second meeting between Unico and Astro happened at a later point in time and Unico was able to help Astro have a talk with his creator Dr. Temna. The Pantheon gave the two more time to strengthen their already-existing friendship with each other learn about more of the hardships they went through individually, in addition to fending off irredeemably dangerous threats (the latter action moreso for Astro, though Unico is more than willing to fight back, especially if Astro is in danger during these times).
  • Kirby was someone that Unico was able to quickly make friends with thanks to the puffball sharing a similar cheery attitude and willingness to make friends with those who warrant it. What surprised Unico was the kinds of major enemies Kirby encountered as while Unico certainly had to deal with dark adversaries, Kirby has fought against a multitude of different eldritch entities with the capacity to destroy the world if they weren’t stopped, something much more extreme than what Unico was used to. Nevertheless, Kirby’s easygoing attitude went over well with Kirby and if they aren’t going out on an adventure, then they’re liking having a picnic with each other. Of course, given how Kirby likes to eat, most of the food is eaten by the puffball, but he is considerate enough to leave some for Unico to have.
  • Upon learning of someone who spreads happiness to others they meet, Wander took an immediate interest in Unico and wanted to meet him, taking his steed Sylvia along with him. Once the duo met Unico, Wander was thrilled to know that Unico was someone who understands what happiness is very well, though Unico was not without some tragic points, especially since Unico wasn’t able to keep the friends he’s made as a result of being pursued by those jealous of Unico’s power. Wander, being the perpetual optimist that he is, told Unico that no matter what happens, there will always be someone who can have their problems solved, befriended in the process, and become happy thanks to how much and how Unico has traveled throughout his adventures. Unico was moved by Wander’s words and became great friends with him, tagging along with Wander and Sylvia on their adventures whenever he can.
    • Adventuring with Wander and Sylvia has given Unico a sense of just how big the Pantheon really was. It was through these journeys that Unico met others who Wander took a great liking towards such as Pichu and Togepi, both of whom are Pokemon who are very young and share a similar light-hearted attitude like Unico. In particular, Togepi can detect happiness and is able to evolve to stronger forms if it develops a strong bond with its owner, a kind of variant of Unico being able to use his full power towards those who have become great friends with the little unicorn. However, these adventures led Unico to discover a fair amount of darker things tied to his ability to provide happiness, with one of these bigger issues coming from Screwball Jones, arguably the only entity who Wander despises due to the banana wanting to forcibly spread happiness towards others. During an adventure to thwart a plot carried out by the banana, Unico noted that the so-called “happiness” Screwball is trying to spread isn’t real happiness and after the plot was foiled, the unicorn was dismayed to learn that there were entities capable of corrupting the concept of happiness and that deep down, those who were “happy” really weren’t.
  • Lady Amalthea was someone who Unico developed a strong bond with thanks to going through tragic, though different, circumstances much like he did. While Unico went through many different locations to avoid the gods’ wrath and was unable to make permanent friends because of it, Amalthea learned that she was supposedly the last of her kind and after temporarily getting transformed into a human, discovered human emotions such as regret and learned to live with such emotions after bidding farewell to her friends. In a number of ways, Unico saw Amalthea as a sort of big sister to him when it came to dealing with hardships of a unicorn and she is more than welcoming of his company, especially since Unico does have the power to bring genuine happiness to those who meet him.
  • Equestria was a place that Unico was more than eager to visit given how unicorns and other equines live there and the major residents of that world enamored him as well. The adventures of The Mane Six, which included Twilight Sparkle who initially didn’t have any friends before making some and using The Power of Friendship to solve problems, were the kinds of stories Unico liked and has made a number of visits to the place to hang out with Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Some of the group’s adventures and the feats friendship was able to accomplish such as reforming Starlight Glimmer, who was formerly an enemy of The Mane Six with quite a bit of baggage after realizing the damage she was going to cause and after changing for the better, vowed to not make the same mistakes she made back then, gave Unico more of a reason to try and use friendship to solve the problems of others in the Pantheon, something that Twilight Sparkle and the rest of The Mane Six, plus Starlight Glimmer, approved of. That said, The Mane Six and their friends have encountered their share of enemies who couldn’t be redeemed and while that dismayed Unico, it was something he kept in mind should he encounter those kinds of villains or worse.
  • Unico ended up finding himself in a dream-like setting that looked familiar at first glance, but there were a few things wrong present that Unico noticed. As he traversed that landscape, he found himself being pursued by what appeared to be dark shadows of the gods who had banished him in the past, followed by the Night Wind. Those illusions quickly dissipated thanks to a figure known as Klonoa, who has journeyed across many different dream worlds to set things right. Klonoa was very understanding of Unico’s plight as like the unicorn, Klonoa was unable to keep the friends he makes after solving their problems, not to mention that they generally aren’t able to keep the memories of those experiences after leaving. The Pantheon being able to offer the two more proper friendships with various other characters played a role in Unico and Klonoa becoming friends and providing support for each other in their adventures.
  • Knowing what it’s like to want friends despite certain circumstances, Unico was able to get along with other deities who shared a similar mindset as him when it comes to friendships such as Sid the Sloth and Donkey. Sid was viewed by his family as a burden, resulting in him wanting some friends and later finding them in the form of Manfred, Diego, and the rest of The Herd, including eventually finding a girlfriend in Brooke, while Donkey was seen as an annoyance by others and while that initially included Shrek (who Donkey was eager to be friends with), the ogre eventually welcomed Donkey’s company and Donkey himself found an unlikely wife in Dragon. Unico was happy to learn that these two individuals were able to overcome their problems in finding a friend and were part of their own groups of different, yet close companions and wished them well on their adventures, with the well-wishing being reciprocated by Sid and Donkey.
  • Regardless of the number of irredeemable entities in the Pantheon, there were still plenty of characters in the Pantheon that have suffered from loneliness that Unico was willing to meet them and give them a form of companionship. The Groke was one such individual who had suffered from loneliness and while her time in the Pantheon helped mitigate that loneliness, Unico decided to meet her one night despite her frightening appearance, whereupon her presence was marked by a trail of ice she left behind. The Groke couldn’t help but notice a bit of the same positive attitude Moomintroll (who played a role in mitigating her loneliness) has in Unico and seeing how empathetic Unico is toward her, she was quite welcoming of him.
  • Not only has Unico gone through adventures involving trying to make friends and saving them from trouble, but he has gone through a handful of adventures that involved keeping the environment safe from harm. The Pantheon featured a lot of settings with a serene landscape with a good number of them being threatened by those who seek to turn these particular places into ecologically damaging workplaces or wastelands for their own benefit. Mr. Burns was among those individuals who has shown a callous disregard for the environment and has considered setting up more power plants in different areas around the Pantheon, and despite him showing some moments of kindness on occasion, they don’t happen often and Unico’s attempts to try and befriend him based such moments don’t work out, often resulting Unico having to stop whatever destructive construction Mr. Burns is trying to work on. Unico was told that Hexxus was one environmentally destructive deity that isn’t open to negotiations and while measures are in place to prevent Hexxus from bringing about ecological ruin to the Pantheon, Unico is willing to put a stop to Hexxus’ potential havoc should someone try to unleash him. Unico's willingness to protect the environment has put him in good graces among those who greatly respect nature and if he isn’t busy helping mitigate the loneliness of others, chances are he’ll work alongside other protectors of the environment in making sure the world doesn’t become a polluted wasteland.


    Jay Gatsby 
Jay Gatsby, God of Empty Wealth (James Gatz, Great Gatsby)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Green Light
  • Theme Song: Gatsby Believed in the Green Light
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Empty Success, Love Martyrs, Failures of The American Dream, Novels Vindicated by History, Tragic Figures, Half-Decent People in Corrupt Worlds, Woobies, Those Who Are Loving an Illusion
  • Domains: Commerce, Passion
  • Allies: Romeo, Ebenezer Scrooge, Karen Minazuki, Charlotte LaBouff, Niko Bellic, Charles Kane
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Jonathan Irons, Calvin J. Candie
  • Odd Friendship: Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne
  • Opposes: Gold Diggers, like Anise Tatlin
  • Gatsby, a man who built his riches to be able to win over a girl he met while on service. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to win her over as she was only a Gold Digger who would rather stay with a cheating husband and be secure. He also found out too late that his wealth had ultimately brought him no fulfillment as he had only one true friend.
    • This sent him to The Fallen for a while as a result, but Karen Minazuki managed to ascend him to the Pantheon proper by accepting his money.
  • Rumored to actually be Jack Dawson who survived his drowning. Some have even gone further and said he is actually slave owner Calvin J. Candies and is really immortal. Jay denies all these rumors.
  • Was a bit perplexed when he saw how Romeo sometimes looks like him. Ignoring that, he became friends with him. Some say they do make good friends as they were both foolish men who ruined their own lives over love.
  • When she heard of the title he was ascended for, Pollyanna tried to lift his spirits. Gatsby did appreciate the effort, even if it only made him a bit happier.
  • Well known for his outrageous parties, although Gatsby vowed never to do something so outlandish ever again since no one from said parties came to his funeral. Pinkie Pie didn't get the notice as she threw him a party—that could rival his own—when he made his proper place in the pantheon. But he did thank her, and the Avatars of Friendship, for cheering him up and helping to share his wealth amongst others.
  • Desperate to be a millionaire just so he could impress his crush, he was able to be one by bootlegging, becoming a criminal. It was all for naught, thus making people feel sympathetic and sorry for hiim.
  • Gain an odd friendship with Peter Parker. Or maybe it's a desperate friendship for Gatsby as he mentioned how much Parker reminds him of his only friend Nick Carraway.
  • Despite Gatsby's criminal past, Bruce Wayne sympathizes for his lonely end as in one reality, Bruce would end mostly alone.
  • Sympathized with Niko Bellic since he found common ground with him like both being soldiers who wanted to get rich but pay dearly for it in the end. For Gatsby, it was his life. Niko? Either his cousin or his girlfriend's life.
  • Doesn't take too kindly to any gold diggers in the Pantheon. Considering he wasted his life to please one, who can blame him?
  • Some have consider Gatsby as being the total opposite in life to George Bailey. While Bailey worked his entire life to make something of himself but didn't, he ended up a much richer man with a wife, kids, friends and family and was a happier man. Compare that to Gatsby, who became a criminal to become rich but ending up alone with few friends and not getting the girl he sought after his entire life. Some believe that Jay might envy George's life.


    Chuck Noland and Wilson 
Chuck Noland and Wilson the Volleyball, Co-Gods of Mourning for Inanimate Objects
Chuck Noland
Click here to see Chuck after he returns to land
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A worn down FedEx box w/ a pair of wings inside three blue halos painted on it and a deflated volleyball stuffed w/ dead twigs
  • Theme Music: the End Credit Theme of Cast Away
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Isolation, Survival, Resourcefulness
  • Allies: Bear Grylls, Wilson (Don't Starve), Steve & Alex, Moana Waialiki, Senku Ishigami, Angus MacGyver, Della Duck, Brook, Pi Patel, Ted Striker, Forrest Gump, Capt. John H. Miller, Chell, Angela Sheehan, Linus van Pelt
  • Commonality Connection: Other Island Survivors (like Jimmy Neutron, Eliza Thornberry, Peter Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, Joe Swanson, Stan & Francine Smith, Scott Wozniak, Steven Universe, Lars Barriga)
  • Complicated Relations: Robinson Crusoe
  • Pitied by/Pities: Hester Prynne
  • On Good Terms With: Stan & Ford Pines, Pinocchio, Geppetto, Mowgli, Tarzan, Goku
  • Wary Of: Monstro the Whale, Moby-Dick
  • Fan of: Elvis Presley
  • Unknown Relations: The Toys of Toy Story (particularly Woody)
  • Chuck Noland was a delivery efficiency expert working for FedEx, with a stable job, friends and a loving girlfriend. On Christmas Day 1995, the delivery plane he was on got stuck down during a storm and crash-landed in the Pacific Ocean. After washing into a deserted island alone, using his resourcefulness, Chuck uses some of the packages he had found to survive on the island for 4 years. One of those packages was a volleyball, which he named 'Wilson' named after the brand of the volleyball. He draws a face and starts speaking to it like it was a person, which help keep himself somewhat sane. Eventually, Chuck tried to escape the island with a man-made raft, bringing Wilson with him. However, he got caught in another storm and lost Wilson as it floated away from his grasps. Losing his sole companion broke Chuck emotionally. Fortunately, he was rescued by a passing cargo ship shortly after. Since returning to land, he has trouble adjusting back to normalcy.
  • Chuck managed to open all but one package he had found on the island, a box with orange wings and blue halos around it. Why he kept that package unopened and decided to return the package anyway once he came back to land is only known to Chuck himself. Shortly after travelling to Texas to return the worn down package to its owner, Chuck finds himself in a middle of a crossroads and stared at the pick-up truck with the winged drawing at the back. After contemplating sometime if he should follow the pick-up truck or not, he decided to follow the driver back to her ranch, met up with her again, and told his survival story and how her package and the symbol she drew gave him a symbol of hope to live for. After chatting for a bit, they exchanged contacts.
    • Sometime many weeks later, the shipping company FedEx decided to expand into the Pantheon, much like how several fashion companies from the mortal realm decided to set up shop in the House of Costumes. Chuck, having returned to work doing his old job, travelled to this realm to check on one of their newly open branches. He was scheduled for a private meeting that day with several Pantheon representatives. But when he got there, he was informed the meeting was not a work-related at all. It was a meeting regarding an object they had found that belonged to him, a worn down volleyball with a twigs stuffed inside a bloody handprint with a face painted on it. Chuck was overwhelmed with happiness and then confusion.
    • The representatives explained that the object (or Wilson, as Chuck corrected them about the name) was floating into the ocean, eventually floating its way into the Hall of Water and Moisture where it was found. Due to its weird appearance, they decided to track its owner, through a combination of magic and detective work. Piecing together the tragic circumstances that led to Wilson's creation, its use as a companion object and Chuck's grief over losing it, touched their hearts. They then decided to offer Chuck godhood, representing those mourning for objects in general. As he was ashamed and embarrassed for the reasons why he was chosen, he was at first indecisive and then decided to decline the offer, he wanted to fully explore the realm first before deciding if he's ready to take the title. Having researched the realm before coming to the Pantheon in the first place (to be prepared and all), the possibility of finding other people who were in the same position as he was could help him cope with the things he has experienced.
  • Was former High Priest to Angela Sheehan, the girl who stole a baby Jesus statue and cared for it like it was a real thing. He found her story adorable, while Angela felt pity in his. She also weird out by Wilson at first until it was Chuck explained why he made it, which Angela understood it as "he made Wilson because he was lonely and need friends to talk to". Despite the weirdness, they formed an Intergenerational Friendship with her and her herald family (which helps as he did befriend a Russian boy and his mom in the past). He later became her High Priest until Angela decided to encourage him to take the title. There are times some people heckle Angela for what she did and Chuck stood up for her, not only because she was a child but because he wanted to prove them (and himself internally) that there's nothing to be shamed of treating objects like they were people. Chuck also became friends with Linus van Pelt for similar reasons, understood Chuck's need for Wilson just as well as Angela, and was protected by Chuck when people tried to heckle him.
  • During the early days of his godhood, there were talks about putting Wilson in The Great Treasury, where important story-related items are stored. Chuck is extremely sentimental about Wilson, given that this was his only companion for 4 years. So, Chuck requested that Wilson stay with him instead; it stays in his temple most of the time and occasionally bring Wilson with him when he's feeling a bit silly and in a good mood. Having to give up his pocket watch and the worn package (both of which have him hope), he supposed the ball was his current reminder of the hardships he had overcome during his stay on the island. Maybe when he's fully ready to move on, he can donate Wilson to the Treasury one day.
  • Chuck eventually found adults who formed connections with objects as well, later befriending them. Chell has a burnt companion cube with her from when she finally escaped from the lab she was being held at for many years. She's not very talkative, but regardless, he could relate to the sense of loneliness she must have felt being by herself for so long with no human contact. Having heard of someone mourning for an object, Chuck decided to pay a visit to Stan Pines's temple to hear more about it. Stan felt embarrassed recounting the time he holds a funeral for a wax statue of him, but that was because the statue looked just like his brother, whom he had lost in a freak portal accident years ago. Luckily, he did get his brother back, but it took a while for them to be on speaking terms.
  • Recently met Bear Grylls, who hosts a few reality shows about nature and surviving in the wilderness. After learning about his shows, Chuck commended Bear and his staff for their efforts in educating their viewers, noting that he lamented that other shows about island survival, like Gilligan's Island, did not prepare you in actually learning on how to survive on the island. Bear, in turn, as really impressed with Chuck's survival story (although he pities on how the experience took an emotional toll on him). The FedEx employee also met other island survivors, and although he feels sad for them for their unpleasant experience during the time they were stuck on an island, he was glad they were eventually rescued, thus only being stuck for a shorter period of time than Chuck was.
  • As mentioned, Chuck found several packages he found on the island, which aid his survival. Upon those are a pair of ice skates (which he uses as an axe), a dress (which he used its fabric as a fish net), a bunch of video tapes (which he used to tie his raft), and of course Wilson himself. While not as smart and resourceful as high school student and disaster survivor Senku Ishigami or the government agent Angus MacGyver, they were still impressed by his resourcefulness. Chuck downplayed his own achievements, given that he was only trying to survive and had to make use with what he ever he currently has. He also had to make use with the creatures and fauna on the island itself, for food, fire, shelter and eventually his makeshift raft. Another fellow island/wilderness survivors like Wilson (the gentleman scientist) as well as Steve and Alex, who can craft stuff using nearly everything on their environment, are also impressed by Chuck's ingenuity.
  • Hearing about the plane crash that caused Chuck's predicament made Ted Striker nervous due to his war-induced fear of flying. Nevertheless, Ted was still impressed on how Chuck managed to survived following his plane crash. Chuck, in turn, was impressed with Ted on how he handled his plane-related situation, how he bravely took over the plane when all the pilots were unable to fly during a food poisoning incident. The FedEx employee lament how he couldn't save the plane he was on, even accidentally injured one of the pilots when the plane became turbulent. Ted reassures him, he couldn't do much even if he happened to have any pilot skills and the crash was not his fault, given that Chuck told him that they couldn't find the cause of the crash in the first place.
  • Chuck has certifications for sailing and even won awards for it. It is how Chuck succeeded in sailing in his makeshift raft as soon as he had the idea to make a sail out of a piece of port-potty, and he felt like the weather was right for him to set sail. Chuck recently tried to revisit sailing again, and what better place to do that than in Hall of Land and Sea Travel. He befriended Moana, a teenage island native from the South Pacific, whose people were once skilled seafarers. Chuck became interested in their culture, their past history with sailing, and how they survived given that they mainly reside on the island their whole lives. Moana was amazing on how Chuck survived on his own for so long. They learned from each other's cultures and even giving each other sailing tips.
  • During one of his sailing trips, he got caught up in another storm, which veered him off course from his destination. He was lucky enough to land on an island with an actual inhabitant, but he still needed some repairs on his boat before he can go on off on his merry way. Said inhabitant, Robinson Crusoe, was cordial enough with him to let him stay on his island for a while. While Crusoe was proud of Chuck upon hearing his accomplishments after learning he was in a similar situation as he was, he's a bit self-centered to truly befriend the younger man. Chuck, in turn, while also impressed by Crusoe's adventures, couldn't relate to his religious affinity or his opinions on slave owning (which disturbs his modern sensibilities). When Chuck managed to repair his boat, the two men depart amicably, but the FedEx employee was glad to leave the island as soon as he can.
  • While surviving on the island is not an easy feat on its own, surviving in the middle of the ocean hoping for rescue can be just as hard. When Chuck left the island with his makeshift raft, he and Wilson had to battle the harsh waves and heavy storms just for a chance to get into calmer waters. He recently met Pi Patel, as sole survivor of a shipwreck, which also killed his whole family. Unlike Chuck, Pi never made it to land until his rescue and had to contend with the wild animals (and later a wild tiger) as his only companions. Still, they were impressed by each other's survive stories and pitied their respective loses. Chuck wasn't sure how he would fair if his only companion as a wild tiger, while Pi admitted he feels lucky that he had at least have Richard Parker (the tiger that he tamed) as a companion rather than having to make a new one on his own.
    • During his time on his raft following his island escape, he encountered a huge whale, that thankfully didn't damage his raft once the whale got close. He was thankful being eaten by a whale was not added on his list of misfortunes (although he is aware that whales don't eat humans in general). During one of his sailing trips, he was warned about other more dangerous whales among Pantheonic waters courtesy of an old man and his very young son. Chuck has taken note of these warning, as he hopes one day he would never encounter them.
  • The experiences of being on the island still linger within Chuck. For example, seeing seafood dishes causes him to blankly stare at the dish, given that those were one of the few things he can eat on the island. His prolonged isolation likely caused psychological issues, like depression or PTSD. He's a frequent visitor of the House of Despondency, and he eventually set up a second temple there.
    • One of the deities Chuck encountered in that House was Hester Prynne, a Puritan woman from the 17th century with a scarlet letter "A" on her dress. When he asked about the symbol (which is the reason why she ascended), she told him that it was a mark of adultery, as she was accused of sleeping with another man after her husband was assumed to be lost and dead. She was ashamed of this fact, especially since her husband eventually did turn up alive and tortured her lover out of revenge. Her story reminded Chuck of his former girlfriend Kelly. Fearing that Chuck was dead, the people around her told her to move on, and even thought she still thinks about Chuck and never lose hope he still alive somewhere, she did found a new lover and had a kid with him. When Chuck came back, she wanted to elope with her former boyfriend. Chuck decided to let her go and told her to not go with him for the sake of her husband and their child. Chuck was surprised by the values dissonance given how the modern times were less harsh on accidental adultery and pities Hester for being harshly treated during those times. In addition to pitying Chuck for his experiences on the island, Hester pities him for what happened to him and Kelly, was surprised on how modern times were lenient with those types of sins, and was glad he didn't turn out to be as vengeful as her husband.
  • While he did survive on the island alone for more 4 years, Chuck learns that there's are other deities who were tried to survive in isolation far longer than he was. He eventually befriended them, despite being the first non-humans he encountered. Della Duck was one such example, having her rocket ship crash-land on the moon and having to survive for 10 years alone, while trying to repair the ship to make it back home. She missed the birth of her children (who were eggs at the time), and used that as a motivation to go back home. She eventually returned to earth and initially struggled with returning to normalcy and motherhood as a result. There's also the Straw Hat member Brook, who was stuck by himself on his old pirate ship, which claimed the life of its crew, for fifty years, being kept alive by the devil fruit he ate. He kept clinging to life so that he could keep his promise to return for the young whale he befriended. After learning that Chuck's motivation for keeping himself alive was the pocket watch his girlfriend gave him, hoping to return to her (which ultimately didn't happened like he hoped), they were sad for him.
  • When Chuck was found, his unkept appearance also made him kind look like a feral, wild man. Since his return to land, he kept himself well-dressed and his extra hair and beard was trimmed away. Chuck has no interest in returning to the wild, but he was curious about those who were far away from civilization and how it affected them. He briefly met Mowgli and Goku, who, at one point in their childhood, lived in the wilderness but eventually moved into and grew up in civilization. They seem to be well-adjusted for the most part. The same can't be said for another person he met, Tarzan, who spend most of his life being raised in the wilderness, without any experience outside that world. So, he couldn't return or socialized to his original society even if he tried. Perhaps Chuck should start to consider himself lucky he was able to reintegrate himself into his old life somewhat.
  • Met Forrest Grump after being mistaken for him many times, for his apparent similarities in appearance. Forrest is a man of many accomplishments, but surviving a plane crash and several years of isolation on an island is not one of them. Although a bit of a simpleton, he's a kindhearted man that is willing to give advice to Chuck whenever he feels troubled. Through Forrest, he also met the similarly looking Capt. John Miller, a Shell-Shocked Veteran from WWII. He isn't an island survivor either, but he empathized with Chuck for what he has gone through mentally.
  • There are the rumors from the realm of a certain Griffin family that Wilson's real name is Voit or that he is secretly Ryan Gosling. There are also reports from a certain robotic chicken that Wilson has had adventures on his own before returning to Chuck. Chuck refutes these claims and that Wilson also can't walk or talk. He also strongly denies he screwed that volleyball because he was lonely. The Toys of Toy Story were curious to investigate the claims regarding Wilson's sentience, as they wanted to mostly test a theory if adults can make objects comes to life like children do (like with the case with Forky). The reason why they haven't checked Wilson yet is because Woody himself is weird out by Wilson's owner. He's too weird out by Chuck's voice to even dare visit his temple.
"I know what I have to do now. I've got to keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring."

Ponette, Goddess of Feeling the Loss of a Parent
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Red Sweater and her Father's Watch
  • Theme Song: Mouvement
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Very Desperately Misses her Mother and Longs to Meet with Her, Troubled Child, Supposedly Talking to her Mother, Fragile Quietness and Oftens Tears Up a Lot, Repeatedly has to be Belittled and Ignored, Innocence Lost, Alone in a Crowd, Nutty but Good, Learning to Move On from her Mother's Death
  • Domains: Loss, Sadness, Death, Loneliness, Coming-of-Age, Acceptance, Desperation
  • Heralds: Her Father, Delphine and Matiaz (her cousins), Aunt Claire
  • Allies: Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Lucas, Claus, Hinawa, The Elric Brothers, Agnes, Anna, Jimmy Hopkins, The Okazaki Family, Bambi, Carl Fredricksen, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Masaya Okonogi
  • On Good Terms With: Houses of Family and Relatives and Childhood and Adolescence, Karin
  • On Difficult Terms With: Maria
  • Opposes: Gary Smith
  • It is generally accepted that what a child desires most regarding a personal relationship is with their mother. Unfortunately, such an attachment can be impossible for all sorts of reasons, including the premature death of a mother. This is the impetus of the emotional struggles of a little girl named Ponette, who was involved in a car accident that killed her mother and left Ponette with a broken left hand. Her father drops her off to his Aunt Claire and her cousins, Delphine and Matiaz, and leaves her with a watch so that she can remember him. However, Ponette is so broken and lost by the lack of her mother's presence that she convinces herself that she will come back, much to everyone's annoyance, which ends up making Ponette even more depressed. She and her cousins are then sent to a boarding school, where she finds herself isolated from everyone as well as ridiculed for thinking her mother will be resurrected. One day, out of some emotional encouragement from Matiaz, Ponette goes to her mother's grave, where mother and daughter meet one last time. Ponette is given a red sweater by her mother and they have one last goodbye with the mother telling Ponette to try to be happy throughout her life as well as accepting her mother's death, something which Ponette takes into heart as she drives away with her father.
  • Ponette's story became a saddening, yet endearing tale of how difficult it is for a child to accept the death of a parent and the emotional and mental hurdles that they go through, especially at such a young age. Obviously, while Ponette struggled, there came a time where she would have to acknowledge that her mother is never coming back and she needs to look after herself and be happy for the future. And it is with these last words that propelled Ponette into gaining recognition in the Pantheon; she somehow ended up in a strange land with her father sometime after leaving her mother's grave. It took a while before father and daughter decided to learn about the Pantheon enough, after which they decided that it would be good that Ponette takes up a role, considering her tale became prominent for those who underwent a similar experience as she did. Lucky for the girl, Ponette has her extended family bought along as heralds in case she ever needs further support from others, now that she's a part of the Pantheon.
  • Ponette is one of the more emotionally fragile children in the Pantheon, which made sense as she found great difficulty in coming to terms with her mother's death and this has since become a very sensitive topic for her to think about. It should be noted, however, that she is actually trying to be more extroverted and happy about herself, which, in itself, is a pretty hard thing in itself. Thankfully, with a place in the House of Despondency, there is a place for her where she can express her feelings towards someone who can give the little girl some tips on coping with loss and grief. So far, it has been helping and Ponette, with the additional companionship of her father, aunt, and cousins, feels as if the Pantheon would make for a good time.
  • Her mother has a memorial shrine established in the House of Death and Postmortem, which was built sometime after Ponette ascended into the Pantheon. She would make visitations there at least every Sunday to pay her respects and wishes and how she desires to see her again one day. Though, as her mother told Ponette, she needs to focus more on her future and happiness, something which Ponette has since been doing. It is rumored that some of the Pantheonic Death Gods and presumably the Top Gods that actually know of Ponette's mother's name, aside from her family, though the information has since remained disclosed. Speaking of, the Grand Judges of Death have considered channeling Ponette's mother as a spirit medium so the two can interact, though have dropped this idea after they concluded that Ponette's future was a more interesting and moral pathway to look at.
  • To her surprise, Ponette found herself getting along with a couple of deities that also had their own issues with losing their parents and becoming despondent about it. Among these was a boy named Lucas, who possessed strong telekinetic powers, whose tragic tale began when his mother, Hinawa, was suddenly killed by a monster that was thought to be benevolentnote , forcing Lucas's father, Flint, to go mad, and his twin brother, Claus, to go look for the perpetrators, only to disappear. Knowing how it must have felt to lose a parent, Lucas quickly came to befriend Ponette, and the two of them often converse about trying to be happy and have fun in the Pantheon.
    • Speaking of Claus and Hinawa, Ponette expressed surprise and confusion as to how they were in the Pantheon, considering she was told that both of them died in their homeworld. Furthermore, it reminded Ponette of the time when she believed that her own mother would be resurrected and her last conversation with her, especially when she met Hinawa, who treated Ponette as if she were her own child. Ponette sometimes talks to her about her own mother, which Hinawa reciprocates by telling Ponette that her mother would be happy for the fact that her daughter is making the most she could in the Pantheon.
  • She is surprised to learn that resurrection sometimes happens in the Pantheon, although unless under rare circumstances, it's not exactly a moral route, not to mention some resurrection processes aren't exactly good to look at either. It did pique Ponette's interest to the point where she wanted to see her mother revived, but her family and new friends ended up persuading her that it would go against her mother's wishes, which Ponette sadly accepted. It doesn't stop her from attending the House of Life and Vitality as they are willing to give out a eulogy for Ponette's mother, which sometimes soothes her mind.
  • While she doesn't have siblings, her cousins Delphine and Matiaz are the closest she has to one, and Ponette appreciated them enough to bring them as her heralds. On the subject of siblings and maternal loss, Ponette was led to the Elric Brothers, Ed and Alphonse. She was surprised to learn that the brothers, before Ed became the Fullmetal Alchemist, once tried to bring their mother back, only to result in disastrous consequences for the two, alongside a hideous, malnourished being recreated in their mother's place before dying in seconds. Needless to say, Ponette became hesitant in thinking and talking about resurrection after hearing about their tale, but the Elrics understood her pain and sorrow and quickly became accustomed to Ponette, with Al being especially tender and considerate for the little girl. It's safe to say the Elrics are more than willing to defend Ponette from whatever threat or bully comes across her.
    • Ponette also became well-acquainted with Masaya Okonoki due to their maternal issues. That said, unlike Ponette's mother who was associated with death, Masaya's dealt with abandonment as his mother was once affiliated with someone who went by a criminal lifestyle and had to sacrifice her son's well-being, though Masaya's feelings for her were undeterred and longed to meet her, though circumstances weren't too kind on him either as she potentially remarried and had another son, something with Masaya found difficult to deal with. Ponette was confused by Masaya's situation, given that she was a child who doesn't have a full grasp on complex circumstances like with Masaya's mother, though he came to see the little girl as a kindred spirit of sorts. He is happy to learn that Ponette has managed to find some closure regarding her mother's death and wishes the girl his luck and wishes in the Pantheon.
  • Has very frequent visitations to the Houses of Family and Relatives and Childhood and Adolescence, where Ponette is very well-considered for her bittersweet story, seeing it as sad, but ultimately a necessary and important tale where one must accept death, but also note that their parent will always love them, no matter what. For the former, Ponette's family would sometimes take notes from the House of Family and Relatives' residents on others' tragic tales regarding parental loss, so that they can further learn how they can provide for Ponette's emotional needs. For the latter, Ponette is eager to go there with Delphine and Matiaz, and unlike the prior boarding school, the House is usually filled with kids who are more than willing to allow the three, especially Ponette to tag along with them.
  • While Ponette was unable to remain in contact with her mother due to her untimely death, this wasn't the case for sisters, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, whose story revolves on their mother being sick and close to dying, which created an emotional conflict between the sisters and Mei running away. Thankfully, their mother eventually recovered and has been emotionally healthy since, but learning of Ponette made the sisters despondent as the little girl's story made Satsuki and Mei reminded of their own past issues. They wondered that they may have turned out like Ponette if their own mother died, being sad and longing for reunion, even if it meant getting ridiculed for it. While their circumstances ended up different, Satsuki and Mei opted to befriend and hang out with Ponette, mainly to give her some form of happiness and to further ease her mental troubles. They normally play with teddy bears and hide-and-seek, much to Ponette's delight.
    • Bambi and Victor Stone were dealt with more unfortunate circumstances; the former had to see his mother be shot down by a hunter and he had to deal with a bully named Ronno who took up a lot of opportunities to mock Bambi for the loss of his mother. The latter was involved in a freak accident that killed his mother, Elinore, and rendered Victor in a literally broken state and he almost died, had it not been for the efforts of his father, Silas, who used cutting edge technology[[note:or a Mother Box, it depends[[/note]], which saved his life, and while he operates as the superhero, Cyborg, Victor often feels guilty about not being able to save his mother. Hence, the two got to understand Ponette's anguish and often hang around to help her out in being content and satisfied in the Pantheon. Ponette was happy to see that Bambi and Cyborg were willing to spend time with her, as well as the fact that they know the feeling of losing her mother, hence their interest and willingness to look after her in the Pantheon.
  • Ponette, Delphine, and Matiaz will sometimes visit the House of Religion and Faith as she and her family are Christians. Usually, her visitations are her simply wishing her mother peace and she sees it as a way of communicating and talking to her mother about her experiences in the Pantheon. She sometimes feels upset and in tears, but is then reminded to be as happy as she can be, and many of the deities in the House are more than welcome to give Ponette support and condolences for what she went through and in her efforts to have a fulfilling life.
    • As a religious girl, Ponette came into contact with three sisters and their maid, who are very devoted to their beliefs and the support and love for one another, despite their differing personalities. Ponette gets along with the middle sister and the maid, Agnes and Anna most, given that those two are the sisters who are the kindest and hospitable, and will often allow Ponette to pray with them together, not to mention Agnes has hangups regarding her own mother. The older and younger sisters, Karin and Maria are a bit more difficult to get to, with the former being rather harsh and aloof, and the latter being rather bratty and a jerkish, but so far, they pose no hostility to Ponette, with Karin understanding her via feeling ostracized in some capacity and two being in each others' company tends to be one of the better days for Karin. Ponette feels upset that after Agnes died, they remained distant, but the middle sister's presence ensured that they improve their situation as much as possible, lest they alienate Agnes, though Maria proves to be contentious, though even she wouldn't go as far as mocking Ponette's loss, knowing that doing so would not sit well for Agnes.

    Ruben Stone 
Ruben Stone, God of Dream-Crushing Handicaps
  • Quasideity, formerly a Demigod before his Disability
  • Symbol: A Pair of Drum Sticks underneath a Hearing Aid
  • Theme Song: Green by Abraham Marder
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gradually Loses his Sense of Hearing which Upsets and Demoralizes him as he Cannot Do What he Desired Most, Played Drums for a Heavy Metal Duo called Blackgammon, Is a Recovering Heroin Addict who is Enlisted into a Deaf Support Group, Goes through an Eventual Grief and Acceptance of his Disability, Innocently Insensitive, Realizes that he will never be Able to Return to his Old Life, Hobbies and that he and his Love Interest have Grown Apart, Eventually Accepts his Deafness and Silence, Bittersweet "Ray of Hope" Ending
  • Domains: Heavy Metal, Drumming, Hearing, Disabilities, Despondency
  • Heralds: Lou, Joe
  • Allies: Shouya Ishida, Shouko Nishimiya, Joseph Wilson, Shizune Hakamichi
  • Opposes: Terrence Fletcher
  • On Good Terms With: Corey Taylor, Metallica, Megadeth, Epica, Energizer Bunny
  • Commonality Connection: Kaori Miyazono, George and Lennie
  • Ruben Stone was an aspiring Heavy Metal drummer who played alongside his girlfriend, Lou, as a duo band known as Blackgammon. Despite being content and happy for their career and with their relationship, something suddenly derailed everything; Ruben started to face disorientation and later an inability to hear his surroundings or his own words, which meant that his musical career was demolished. After playing more performances and further ruining his hearing, Lou tells Ruben to get checked into getting help, with Ruben being sent to a rural shelter for deaf recovering addicts. He was mentored by Joe, who was also deaf due to his experiences in the Vietnam War. Initially wanting cochlear implants to regain his hearing, Ruben initially had difficulty in adjusting to his new environment, though he later began to appreciate the community as well and learned Sign Language. Later on, Ruben sells all of his equipment and home RV to buy a pair of cochlear implants, though this came at a cost of being discharged from the shelter after Joe noticed that Ruben was behaving like an addict regarding wanting his RV and possessions back at some point. Despite the sacrifices, Ruben found, to his disappointment, that his implants only produce distorted sound. A reunion and a duet performance with Lou and her father, Richard, in Paris did nothing to offer fulfillment as the former couple realized that they've grown too far apart after their separation. Only later on his own in a park, when he removed his implants, did Ruben find solace and comfort, in silence...
  • Ruben's ascension into the Pantheon was a bittersweet one for him. While he did lose the drive to follow his personal passions for being a Metal drummer due to his sudden hearing loss, he has since come to terms with it and embraced the silence. What happened is unknown, but it is speculated that Ruben may have returned to Joe and the rural shelter where he took residence during rehabilitation and admitted that he found his place there. His knowledge about the Pantheon came through a mail that Joe received that was addressed to Ruben, which confirmed his entry and ascension to the new realm. He was initially quite nervous about it, given that his title was to represent his dreams being shattered by a handicap, a fact that was all too true for him. That said, Joe was fairly encouraging for Ruben to take up the mantle, thinking that this could help in raising awareness and support for the deaf community. This is what got Ruben to be motivated into contributing to the Pantheon, and though it may be a wholly different world compared to where he came from, he's stated that he'll try his best.
  • Ruben has a mostly neutral feeling towards the Pantheon, mainly because there simply isn't any need for him to be participating in many of the larger events that are going on there and he instead chooses to remain where he is and make an attempt to better bond with those that he is familiar with, or have undergone a similar situation as he did. He does hope that one day, his story can be used as a learning experience for those who are undergoing angst and anxiety over being deaf, though such a task has proven to be quite difficult. He's been thinking about reaching out to conversing with the Court of the Gods about the matter someday and it does upset him that he is not being responded to. That said, the Court would actually want to help Ruben out for his troubles, but they're currently caught up in one urgent situation and news to such an extent where they're in need of more members and contributors just to be able to be more open to others' problems and issues, Ruben included.
  • Given his former profession, he has nothing but respect for the Hall of Rock and Metal and is more than open to showing them support if need be. That said, he doesn't really like being pitied too much as it's less on him and more on the fact that he couldn't play drums because he can't hear anymorenote . He has been approached by Slipknot frontman, Corey Taylor, about how he's been struggling with his deafness, with Ruben stating that he's adapting to it and feels as if he's found a new version of himself. Corey, himself someone who's been through tough times and even advocates for a mental health organization, commends Ruben for being open about his experiences. Metallica has also been quite responsive and amicable to Ruben and is willing to help him out in advocating for deaf individuals. Ruben's story and experience also make for a song idea for Metallica, though they're putting the idea on hold for now.
  • Ruben is also a figure of great interest in the House of Musicality generally, though approaching him can be difficult given that, as aforementioned, Ruben doesn't really want to be pitied simply for not being able to hear and they would want to respect the way he wants to be treated like. That doesn't deter the fact that Ruben is an occasional visitor and is open to expressing his personal story of how music influenced his life and how it still impacts him, regardless of his disability. Some figures in the House are willing to visit and help out Ruben in getting adjusted in the Pantheon and he really does appreciate their gesture though he feels upset that he couldn't provide them with anything on his part. It also doesn't help matters that the House of Musicality feels too alien for Ruben due to his deafness and he obviously feels sad and angry about it. Even so, he feels as if showcasing this to everyone else wouldn't reflect well on him and hence, he tries to do his best to be optimistic and hopeful.
    • Despite his angst over not being able to play drums, Ruben does express respect and camaraderie to fellow drummers, that is if they can get along with him. Energizer Bunny was one of them, who was eager to simply hang out with Ruben and even try to learn Sign Language as a way of better reaching out to him. On another note, the bunny is also planning a gift for him, which he intends to be a newly built cochlear implant made from the House of Science in the hopes that Ruben can finally get his hearing back. He currently doesn't know about this, and at the moment, it seems unsure whether he really does want his hearing back. While not a drummer per se, Ruben has a heavy dislike towards Terrence Fletcher, due to his teaching towards aspiring drummers being too hard-line to the point of abuse and cruelty. Oddly enough, Fletcher's verbal abuses don't have an effect on Ruben due to his deafness, much to the teacher's chagrin, while Ruben speculates that Fletcher is a pathetic man if verbal and physical abuse is what he would resort to regarding control. That, and because of Fletcher's obsession with jazz music, Ruben thinks that he wouldn't know just how complex and demanding drumming would be in Heavy Metal music.
  • Given his deafness and his integration into a social group that he was forced to invest himself into, Ruben has made contact with deities like Shouya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya. Ruben was surprised to hear of the duo's story, namely that Shouya was initially a bully to Shouko in their pre-school days simply for being deaf and mute, which later led to backlash and the ostracization for the former when the latter left school for this very reason. Since then, Shouya made an attempt to amend his mistakes, even learning sign language as a means to properly interact with her. Ruben found their tale heartwarming, though was upset to learn of the circumstances that led to their troubles, including both wanting to commit suicide at some point in their lives. Ruben has since been a frequent visitor for Shouya and Shouko and is willing to support them at any given time, whereas the duo reciprocates this with respect and an acceptance for a new company.
  • Ruben choosing to return to the community shelter and making an attempt to reconnect with Joe and his peers has been welcomed by a couple of deities in the Pantheon who were also deaf or had to use sign language to communicate with others. One of them was a Teen Titan known as Joseph Wilson, who had his throat slashed. He survives, only for his speech to be permanently disabled, which also factored in a shaky relationship between him and his father, Slade Wilson, who also endured a nasty divorce. They bonded with one another after hearing how both of them got to where they were because of bad circumstances, though Ruben makes an attempt to not reference Joseph's troubles all too much, a gesture that the latter respected. Ruben also found an Odd Friendship with Shizune Hakamichi, due to their sizeable age gap. Shizune being deaf has helped in her and Ruben understanding one another's plight and her presence has been a kind one for she makes repeated attempts to see the bright side of things and to find a purpose in the Pantheon, to which Ruben responds that he's trying just that. On another note, Ruben's denial of wanting to be pitied, to Shizune at least, is quite reminiscent of Hanako Ikezaea.
  • As someone who used to be a heavy consumer of heroin, Ruben does the best he could to keep his distance from them, knowing that going back to old habits would not just send him down into a destructive and addictive spiral, bit would also alienate him from the members of the community shelter and his newfound friends in the Pantheon. He's lucid enough to know how rock artists tend to have a compulsion in doing drugs, considering that he himself was a former drummer, but that's beside the point. Joe has had to reprimand Ruben to not think too much about his desires or else he could end up acting like a heroin addict once and he's taken the lesson to heart. With that in mind, Ruben tends to avoid any sort of drug dealer in the Pantheon, and by extension, he keeps himself a lot of distance away from the House of Crime and Transgressions.
  • While he can no longer pursue a romantic relationship with Lou due to differing priorities and a change in what they want in their future, Ruben still feels obligated to see her as an important figure in his life and expresses a need to keep in contact, hence how she ended up being one of his heralds in the Pantheon, with Lou herself being uncertain about playing musical gigs. The two sometimes meet up in the Hall of Romantic Loss, where they would share a cup of coffee and have a friendly discussion about what they've been going through. Some deities there pity the two, much to Ruben's annoyance who insists that he wants to be accepted for who he is currently, be it in his homeworld or in the Pantheon. Lou has once expressed the idea of playing music in the Hall as a form of entertainment, which she relented as doing so would be upsetting to Ruben if he were ever there. She hasn't told him this, primarily because he would see this as Lou pitying him and she wants to respect her former love's wishes.
  • Though he doesn't like to show it off mainly because he doesn't want to look pitiful towards others, Ruben does have the capability to relate and empathize with others, especially when dreams are concerned. This led him to George and Lennie, who had a more simplistic dream of simply wanting a farm, only for the American Great Depression to influence a series of events that ended in tragedy for the two. Ruben knew that what George and Lennie went through must have been worse than his own, but that didn't stop Ruben from reaching out to George and Lennie. Given his own deafness and the duo's limited understanding of modern education, given that they were from the 1930s, communicating with them using sign language has proven to be difficult. George is open and appreciative of Ruben and feels sympathetic to his lost dream of wanting to pursue a musical career. However, Ruben keeps as much distance as he can from Lennie, as even if he doesn't mean any ill intent, he ends up killing whatever he can get into his palms as Curley's wife demonstrates, which does upset Lennie. George isn't offended by this, thankfully, and feels that it's his own responsibility to look after Lennie and prevent him from ever killing anyone.
    • On a more personal note, Ruben found his angst over losing his musical drive and passion to be eerily similar to what Kaori Miyazono went through, even if she played the violin rather than drums. Kaori, much like Ruben, was an aspiring musician, however, she contracted a disease that took away her mobility at a slow rate and was terminal, meaning that she didn't have much time left to live. She used much of her remaining life to lead an active and excitable lifestyle and motivate a pianist whom she idolized, Kousei Arima, to return to what he excelled in the most. Ruben found her story to be quite upsetting, though held back in pitying her, instead complimenting Kaori for making the most in life, even if she passed way too early. Kaori personally doesn't mind, even appreciating Ruben for taking a few steps in wanting to lead a vibrant life in the Pantheon despite being in a state of total silence, and is eager to try learning some sign language to hang out with Ruben more, mainly because having to constantly write about her thoughts and feelings can be tedious, to Ruben's amusement. Kaori is also making some attempts in getting Ruben to meet Kousei at some point, but regardless, the two are on good terms with one another.
  • It should be noted that while accepting his new condition and, as a result, the silence of not being able to hear, Ruben does sometimes feel sad over what he had to go through and tries to find a way to fend off his frustrations in others ways without having to resort to using heroin. In addition to Joe and the community shelter, Ruben has found himself being well-accommodated by the House of Despondency and, when there, makes an active attempt at communicating with others about his experience of going deaf and how much it impacted his life. He seeks to do this not just to reach out to others and relate to their troubles, but also as a platform to help others who have been through the same experience as he himself did. Since then, Ruben has been happy to know that the Pantheon has given him an opportunity to turn his life around and aims to take advantage out of it, in addition to reflecting on what he's been through to help others.