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GOLB, God of Greater-Scope Villains
Click here  for GOLB after merging with Betty.
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The green shapes floating around it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Mindless, though is often associated with Chaotic Evil beings (may just be Chaotic Neutral on his fusion with Betty)
  • Portfolio: Starting Most Of The Worlds' Problems, Primordial Chaos, Almighty Idiot, Utterly Undying God of Chaos and Satanic Archetype, Lacking Direction Outside Of Chaos And Discord, Not Conforming To Human Morality, The Voiceless, Vile Villain, Saccharine Show, Overly Long Tongue, Discord Incarnate, Creating Monsters With Its Breath, Eldritch Abomination, I Shall Return, Ends Up Merged With Betty
  • Domains: Chaos, Discord, Disharmony, Cosmic Power, Mutation, Destruction
  • Followers: The Five Elder Stars, Yuga Khan, The Black Guardian, The Scarlet King
  • Interests: Melkor, Krona, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, the power-hungry and foolish or overconfident, the Houses of Toxicity and Monsters
  • Kindred spirits: Azathoth, Void Termina, Dharkon, Shub-Niggurath, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Dark Gaia, Giygas
  • Scholars: The Lich, Davros, The Crimson King, SCP-682, Havik
  • On speaking terms with: Amara
  • Enemies: All other Adventure Time deities, especially Ice King, The Mane Six, forces of order like YHVH, Eliphas, Galeem, Yaldabaoth, Hotaru and Nabu/Doctor Fate, The SCP Foundation, Merged Zamasu, Ronald Deschain, Lord Vyce
  • Opposed by: Kirby, Eru Illuvatar, Cyrus, Any being of harmony
  • GOLB is a cosmic entity that embodies discord, believed to predate time itself. Though often dwelling in its own empty dimension, GOLB has a hand in many of the evils of Ooo. The Lich is its last scholar and likely creation, its stealing of Margles made Magic Man a jerk, and the power of GOLB is heavily implied to have been used in the Great Mushroom War. It might just be the most powerful entity in the Adventure Time multiverse, or at least one of them.
  • Though much of its power and creations is malevolent, GOLB cannot be considered truly evil. It is barely sentient after all, and diluted the mutations it can bring good things like what is hinted with the Mother Gum. Still, it's best to leave GOLB alone and avoid whenever it shows up. GOLB's temple is an empty universe where it can avoid causing trouble, but woe be to those that think they can exploit GOLB.
  • Seems to represent the Primordial Chaos before time and nothing, and is said to have spawned the various monsters of that era. Amatsu-Mikaboshi has confirmed that GOLB is a brother of sorts to it. Amara is a sister of sorts, however unlike GOLB she has the intellect to try and retain her destructive side. Upon his merging with Betty, GOLB is more amicable to Amara and vice versa.
  • Being borderline mindless, GOLB has no allies in the traditional sense, but rather entities that it feels an instinctual attraction to. It was most compared to Azathoth, as they are both idiot gods of primal chaos. That mindless destructive status also led it to relate to Giygas. Dark Gaia recognizes a being of chaos and destruction within GOLB.
  • It also felt connected to Shub-Niggurath as a major Monster Progenitor, and Void Termina for being not necessarily evil, but extremely destructive and primal forces of discord and chaos. This similarity to the latter is why Kirby keeps an eye on GOLB.
  • Some chaotic entities remain more lopsided in their relation to GOLB. GOLB itself doesn't get Dis' intentional malevolence and how he brings about disarray. Don Thousand merely regards GOLB as an instrument to spread his personal chaos, though relates to it to an extent due to being a fellow God of Chaos. And though Discord and Sheogoroth are champions of discord, chaos and madness, GOLB is extreme for them.
  • The SCP Foundation suspected that GOLB was the Scarlet King, or at least a close relative/follower of it. After all, GOLB is a destructive red Eldritch Abomination. It was not, but is the exact kind of entity that they worry about. They are working on containment procedures so GOLB cannot bring about another apocalypse, and preventing people for getting access to any of the power GOLB has.
  • Despite embodying discord, as the embodiment of chaos GOLB is a necessary evil to the multiverse and cannot be destroyed, simply redirected. Not that some gods don't try and think it should be destroyed. Zamasu is enraged that such a being exists and cannot fathom a necessary evil, railing on the destruction it brings despite being seriously destructive himself. Lord Vyce regards GOLB as bad as the Entity and is trying to permanently destroy it.
  • Being the embodiment of discord, GOLB is naturally weak to harmony and forces of order. It's more of something unpleasant and wounds GOLB, though, as nothing short of a multiversal power of order has even the chance of destroying GOLB(and even less with the Pantheon's stance on death). The Mane Six's direct use of the Elements of Harmony proved particularly unpleasant for GOLB, but wasn't nearly enough to get it to leave. YHVH naturally despises it for being the living embodiment of chaos and discord, and will blast GOLB whenever He sees it.
  • Eru Illuvatar understood the necessary purpose of GOLB, but as a being of good and harmony doesn't care for it and hurts GOLB when near. Melkor had a more positive view on GOLB since he is a fellow bringer of discord, and is trying to redirect the Cosmic Entity to serve his war against the Grand United Alliance of Good. Krona, the former holder of the Greater-Scope Villain title, wishes to understand GOLB so he can unlock the secrets of creation. Lucifer was quick to say he doesn't side with the type of chaos that it represents.
  • There are some who wish to exploit GOLB. Cyrus loathes the idea of something so chaotic, however he does think GOLB would be very useful in his endeavor to recreate the universe into one without spirit. Which almost certainly will backfire, though Hareta's influence has likely made him a straight up enemy. The GUAD believes GOLB to be an important asset, though one they need to move rather than get to naturally listen and command. Beyond a minor dislike for being chaotic, Nekron remains silent on what he feels about the entity.
  • The Lich has stated he is the last scholar of GOLB, who in some degree is the reason for his existence. Upon its ascension to the pantheon, GOLB has gained more scholars. SCP-682 recognizes GOLB as a means of bringing about the death of all life, the Crimson King believes GOLB to hold larger sway over the Prim, Havik considers him a chaos god to follow, and Davros wants to use its mutations along with seeking the end of everything. The Cosmic Entity is a figure of study by both the House of Monsters and Toxicity.
  • By wishing on the Ice Crown to keep Simon safe, Betty has merged with GOLB and gave it the direction to leave Ooo. It remains unclear to what extent Betty's consciousness exists and is in charge of GOLB, and how much its personality has been affected. So far, nothing is capable of separating the two, though Simon is determined to find a way. The Lich remains silent on how his affects him and his goals. Some, like Cosmos, hope this will lead to GOLB becoming a more positive force.

Greater Gods

Destoroyah, Deity of Villains with No Backstory (Destroyah, Destroyer, Dez)
Destoroyah's final form
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: A silhoulette of itself
  • Theme Music: Its theme from Godzilla: Unleashed or Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Generic Doomsday Villain, Metamorphosis Monster, Micro-Oxygen Beam, Weak to Extreme Heat or Cold, Made up of Microscopic Organisms
  • Domains: Power, Forms, Monsters
  • Allies: King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Doomsday
  • Rivals: The Carapaceons
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Mothra Leo, Rodan, Anguirus, Wishiwashi, the ascended Ultramen, any hero capable of fire and/or ice powers
  • Possibly Interested in: SCP-169
  • When the first Godzilla attacked Japan in 1954, a weapon known as the Oxygen Destroyer was used to defeat him. This ended up having unforeseen consequences years later when microscopic crustaceans evolved thanks to exposure to the weapon. Their prescence became known once they attacked an aquarium and proceeded to attack larger targets thereafter. These smaller creatures are capable of combining themselves to form a larger, more dangerous creature. It is known as Destoroyah, one of Godzilla's toughest opponents in general thanks to a combination of power and sadism.
  • A bunch of creatures running amok throughout the Pantheon one day would only be the prelude to a much larger disaster. Someone witnessed these creatures merging to create a monster that began to destroy everything in its path. It took the intervention of Godzilla and a couple of his allies to stop Destoroyah from destroying the Pantheon and even then, the fight caused a ton of damage. Unlike the last time that Godzilla fought Destoroyah, Godzilla didn't die, but was in critical condition. Worse yet, Destoroyah wasn't actually destroyed like the first time it fought the Big G, as someone extremely vile managed to get it a place in the Pantheon so that it can continue its rampage as it likes.
  • Comparisons have been made between it and Doomsday, another powerful villain who originally showed up to give a hero a very hard fight. While Doomsday succeeded in killing Superman momentarily, Destoroyah fought Godzilla when the latter was undergoing a nuclear meltdown (and thus close to death). That didn't prevent Destoroyah from making things more difficult than it already was for Godzilla at the time. It's a fairly regular occurance to see Destoroyah and Doomsday together causing destruction and it takes quite a bit of time for anyone sent to battle the two together for the damage to stop.
  • Deathwing took great interest in Destoroyah, citing it as resembling an abomination that The Old Gods could come up with. Wanting to test Destoroyah's strength, Deathwing challenged it to a fight, leading to plenty of destruction in their wake wherever their battle took place. Some time later, Deathwing surmised that Destoroyah still harbored a grudge towards Godzilla. Given that Deathwing has battled against Godzilla a few times before, he seems very interested in getting Destoroyah's help in defeating The Big G. From there, the two are free to cause as much chaos and misery as possible should Godzilla be defeated at their hands. Destoroyah is more than willing to take up Deathwing's offer.
  • It could be seen as a darker counterpart to Wishiwashi, being a fusion of several smaller creatures. Unlike Wishiwashi where the small fish is very weak by itself but becomes stronger when more of its kind are around, Destoroyah's smaller forms are a decent enough problem as they are and becomes even more threatening when Destoroyah's final form is at play. Despite apparently not having any sort of interest in eating Wishiwashi, Destoroyah is just eager to kill it whenever the two end up meeting, prompting the school of fish to fight back even if Destoroyah is stronger than Wishiwashi.
  • The major weakness that it has is extreme temperatures, be it heat or cold, and the Pantheon has more than its share of deities capable of using either element. The Miser Brothers are among those that could potentially be a threat to the kaiju, but they already have their hands full in preventing The Shadow Monster (already a bigger threat than Destoroyah as is) from wrecking the Pantheon and Destoroyah already doesn't like the two as they are.
    • Shouto Todoroki is arguably a bigger problem for Destoroyah as he is one of very few deities capable of using both extreme cold and extreme heat effectively. Shouto was surprised after hearing about the kaiju and thought it was comparable to the Nomu designed by the League of Villains at first given its strength as a monster. While it was apparent that it would be challenging for Shouto to go up against a giant monster as the Nomus are already challenging to fight as is, he's willing to help stop it from causing extensive damage.
    • Given Destoroyah's weakness to heat and cold, there are some deities who are considering trying to trick Destoroyah into going to either the subareas for Ice & Cold or Fire & Heat given that these two sections have areas that are extremely cold or extremely hot respectively. Such an idea is very risky given how easy it is for Destoroyah to attack anyone that it sees.
  • Some believe that Destoroyah was involved as a creation of aliens in order to fight Godzilla. While it's appearance gives off the impression of it being very alien-like, the kaiju hasn't come into contact with other aliens in the Pantheon. Some evil extraterrestrials have expressed interest in trying to use Destoroyah to conquer the Pantheon.
  • While it's a big crustacean as it is (particularly its final form), there are some other giant crabs in the form of four kinds of Carapaceons that the kaiju has gotten into fights with. The Carapaceons are, for the most part, docile unless provoked, meaning the fights that happen are a result of Destoroyah coming near them. There have been some who think that Shen Gaoren is just as big, if not bigger, than Destoroyah.
  • Destoroyah is already a big crustacean-like being as is, but SCP-169 is far bigger than the kaiju can ever be. What's frightening for many is that Destoroyah could go after SCP-169 at some point and it could happen when Godzilla ends up in a potential fight against The Leviathan. The fact that SCP-169 is merely dormant for the time being is the only consolation for many as it's highly uncertain if SCP-169 will actually want anything to do with Destoroyah.

HYDRA, Divine Grand Scale Evil Organization
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: A Skull with tentacles
  • Theme Song: Hydra
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Used to be Nazi Organization but now Equal-Opportunity Evil, We Have Reserves, The Evils of Free Will, The Syndicate, Take Over the World
  • Domain: War, Weapons, Leadership
  • Followers: Talon
  • Leader: Red Skull, Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Allies: Dr.Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, SHOCKER, Millennium, The Admiral, Roman Torchwick, The Shredder, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Edward Richtofen
  • Enemies: Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, Bruce Banner, Ant-Man, Wolverine, all ascended Kamen Riders (especially Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji), the Gorengers, All Ascended Heroic Gundam Pilots, All ascended Pretty Cure, Lucifer, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Zaheer, Captain Planet, Aang, Sora, Korra, Duke, 2nd Division Symphogears, ascended Strike Witches, Hellsing Organization, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Optimus Prime, Raiden, Archer, Tracer
  • Hail Hydra!
  • Once a sub division of the Nazi Party, or maybe not, it took a life of its own and separated itself from the Nazi regime. Now, they spent every resources in their disposal to try and take over the world.
    • There has been groups that were also part of HYDRA but splintered off as well. These include The Hand and AIM.
  • It should be noted that HYDRA is acting as a sort of supplier towards the GUAE with the Red Skull acting as their leader and representative. These include any weapons or soldiers that they want to assist them in any way.
  • At least some of the more paranoid members of the GUAG, like Batman, are convince that maybe GUAG itself might be part of HYDRA. This is because one version of the organization turned out to be S.H.I.E.L.D. itself.
  • Ironically enough, despite starting as a Nazi organization, its current self includes people of all race, gender and ethnicities. Even still, they have work with Millennium in the past.
  • Has employed some criminals in the pantheon like Jinx and Roman Torchwick. These jobs mostly deal with stealing advance supplies to use for weapons like Dust.
    • They have also inducted the ascended COBRA members into their ranks, making Baroness their Madame Hydra.
  • Because their current objective is to govern the world and eliminate free will, they been oppose by both Lucifer and Zaheer. Interesting enough, that would mean they would of been good canidates for YHVH's GUAL.
  • It seems many of their members like to hug each other while whispering "Hail Hydra". Some members of the pantheon have mock this like Yang, Rainbow Dash, and even Yoda. However, there are some who do believe they are HYDRA agents. But that's nonsense. Right?
  • There has been reports of non-ascended Marvel villains who have associated with HYDRA in the past to be seen in the pantheon. It seems they found a loop hole for them to be part of the pantheon. The most frequent member is Baron Zemo, a foe of Captain America.
  • Have been know to brainwash people for their causes. One of those people include Wolverine himself.
  • Many of the ascended Kamen Riders really despise HYDRA. This is because their organization reminds them of SHOCKER. Many believe that the two groups are one in the same.
  • Came into the possession of the Pym Particle. It's unknown what's their plan for it.
  • Remember, cut the head of a hydra, two more will take it's place. Cut those, another two. And those, another two.

    King Cold 
King Cold, God of Villainous Legacies (Cold the Great, Papa Frieza)

Malefor, God of Unseen Overarching Threats (The Dark Master, The Undead Dragon King)
As The Undead Dragon King 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A dark crystal with his face on it
  • Theme Music: Malefor Battle (All Three Phases)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Elemental Powers, Purple Is Powerful, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, Knight of Cerebus, Card-Carrying Villain, Evil Sounds Deep, Omnicidal Maniac, Dark Is Evil, Made of Evil, Names to Run Away from Really Fast, Fallen Hero
  • Domains: Dragons, Destruction
  • Allies: Many villainous dragons (especially Deathwing and King Ghidorah), Mephiles the Dark, Arthas Menethil
  • Rivals: Nicol Bolas, Sindragosa, Alduin
  • Enemies: All good and neutral dragon-related deities (especially Spyro and Ignitus), Sparx, The Spring Sprite
  • Opposed by: Many primate deities
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ripto
  • Interested in: The Firebird
  • Spyro has encountered many foes throughout his career, but arguably, his most dangerous adversary was Malefor. He is a purple dragon much like Spyro, but far larger and very much evil. Driven by a desire for power and exiled from his kin because of it, Malefor used an army of apes to wage war against his own kind and not only slaughtered a bunch of baby dragon eggs, but kidnapped one of them and corrupted the dragon in the process (though Cynder, the dragon in question, did later break out of her brainwashing thanks to Spyro). Although Spyro didn't directly meet The Dark Master until the the very end, Malefor proved to be Spyro's greatest threat due in no small part of a successful plan to break free from where he was held and coming dangerously close to achieving his goal of destroying the world.
  • The Pantheon had been used to many strange and unusual occurences and a dark crystal mysteriously showing up one day just happened to be another such occurrence. Spyro, Sparx, and Ignitus knew something wasn't right given that they were familiar with a crystal of that kind. Sure enough, Malefor was communicating through that crystal, telling Spyro that he had come back not only to finish what he had started, but to get revenge. After Malefor finished talking, Spyro knew that he couldn't let The Dark Master succeed in destroying the world (again) and made it a priority to stop Malefor for good.
  • When he was still imprisoned, Malefor used an army of apes to carry out his plan to free himself and once that was accomplished, he repaid them by turning them into undead beings. This made many a primate deity detest Malefor, but he is not interested in any business with monkeys (the ones that are evil anyways) since he has some more deadly allies he can use for his goals.
  • A key part in Malefor's plan for world destruction was through The Great Destroyer, a creature that would walk around the world and destroy it after going through it entirely. The Dark Master heard about The Firebird and how it is capable of creating firey destruction, albeit at a quicker rate. The dragon saw it as a potent idea in furthering his goals, but unfortunately he also heard about The Spring Sprite, a being that can undo destruction just as easily as The Firebird can cause such. Malefor saw her as a significant obstacle in his plans.
  • Mephiles the Dark took a liking to Malefor due to the fact that they almost succeeded at destroying the world and had manipulative tendencies. The dragon certainly became interested when he found out that Mephiles was able to kill Sonic the Hedgehog (even if said death was only temporary). Since no one can truly stay dead in the Pantheon, the most Malefor could think of in terms of handling Spyro is figuring out a way that would make Spyro incapacitated for a prolonged period of time, thus allowing Malefor to have an easier time getting close to his goals.
  • While he is primarily known as The Dark Master, he also has a different form which goes by The Undead Dragon King. As this monkier would suggest, this particular form is an undead dragon that wears some armor that not only keeps his appearance together, but stores magical energy to increase his strength. Whereas The Dark Master wanted to destroy the world, The Undead Dragon King's goal was to take over it. Within the Pantheon, Malefor treats his Undead Dragon King form and the world domination goal as his Plan B in case his primary objective of destroying the world as The Dark Master fails.
  • It didn't take him that long to learn about other dragons who had a similar destructive motivation. Malefor gets along great with Deathwing due to the latter's power, along with how they started off as benevolent beings before turning to a path of chaos and destruction. He also admires Ghidorah's insanity and destruction and is willing to use it whenever Ghidorah isn't busy with his own goals or just working for other malevolent deities.
  • Even if he managed to strike up an alliance with many evil dragons, there are some who don't exactly get along with him. Alduin sees Malefor as another competitor in terms of dragons who want to destroy everything. That said, Alduin doesn't put Malefor on the same level of respect compared to Deathwing, simply because Malefor relied on a supposedly dormant force to destroy the world rather than just decimate everything directly like what Deathing did. In fairness, Malefor does have number of elemental powers to use; it's just that Deathwing is much more powerful and Malefor prefers to plan things beforehand.
    • Malefor's rivalry with Nicol Bolas is just as potent, if not moreso, as that of Alduin's. Given how Malefor nearly destroyed the world and has a variety of magical powers to use, along with how Nicol Bolas is potentially stronger than Malefor and sees him destroying everything as a major obstacle towards Nicol's goal of conquest, a possible battle between the two is bound to get deadly.
  • He actually found a bit in common with Arthas Menethil. Both originally had the potential to become a great hero, but both were driven by a lust for power and became the villains that they are. Not only do the two have control over the undead in some capacity, but Malefor also has a Dracolich form, something that Arthas found a bit interesting. The two hang out with each other on occasion.
    • This did not go over well with Sindragosa, Arthas' pet as not only is Malefor very destructive, but Malefor has also associated himself with Deathwing, someone whom Sindra despises greatly. She has battled Malefor several times, not only to prevent him from meeting Arthas, but to also make sure Malefor doesn't go near Deathwing.
  • Because of how he can take a lot of damage and still be in good fighting condition, he considers dragonslayers to be more of a nuisance than a real threat. He has battled against a few of them whenever they cross paths, though he is prepared for whenever they have stronger weapons to use against him.
  • Much to his surprise, Malefor found out that Spyro had another arch-enemy, prompting The Dark Master to see who that adversary was like. His first meeting with Ripto went very poorly not just for Malefor, but for Ripto as well. The only thing that they had in common was being Spyro's enemies, but they differed in just about everything else. Ripto's undying prejudice towards dragons not only damaged a potential friendship with Malefor, but the latter being far more competent in general has left Ripto very jealous and Malefor believes that Ripto's issues are holding him back from being more effective at using his powers.

Typhon, God of Sealed Villains (Typhoeus, Typhaeon, Typhos, The Father of All Monsters, Titan of Wind, The Storm Giant, Echidna's Husband, The Last Of The Titans)

Intermediate Gods

    Black Mage Evilwizardington 
Black Mage Evilwizardington, God of Villain Protagonists (Black Mage, BM)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A knife for stabbity fun.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Black Magic Butt Monkeys, Ax-Crazy, Chew Toys, World Destruction made fun, Unpretentiously evil protagonists and loved for it, Tacking over Hell by sheer ego, Out-eviling the anthropomorphic personification of his own evilness
  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Wrath, Madness, Hell
  • Allies: The Keeper, Belkar
  • Opposes: Fighter McWarrior
  • Frenemies: Thief, Red Mage
  • Opposed by: Everyone else, including Kefka and especially Chaos and Sarda, Vivi Ornitier
  • Complicated Relationship: White Mage
  • Knows every black magic spell in the book, and has recently written a thousand-page book with names of all of the enemies he plans to horribly punish. So far, he's only on page three, but has still made incredible progress. Black Mage writes in Microdot, and to the untrained eye, the pages all look like they've been dyed black.
  • Axel attained Reverse Nirvana, making him an evil Buddhist god with mind bullets, the ability to nuke cities at will, and make your head explode. However, Black Mage attained this state first.
  • One of Black Mage's few allies within the Pantheon is The Keeper, primarily because of their status as Villain Protagonists. Several members of the Pantheon are making bets on when Black Mage will attempt to backstab The Keeper, the question is just when.
  • Has some of the most treacherous followers of any god, with all of them trying to usurp his throne. He took a sigh of relief when of them, Belkar, ascended to a different calling.
  • Vivi was disgusted to hear that Black Mage had given him and other Black Mages a bad name. Black Mage personally doesn't care, but he's miffed that he didn't get the Black Mage title for himself.
  • He's one of the only Evil-aligned deities to acquire a Persona. Plenty of villains are particularly jealous of this feat.
  • Black Mage was horrified when Fighter ascended, and tried to make himself invisible, but Fighter didn't know he was invisible and went and hugged him anyway. Black Mage has a habit of stabbing Fighter, but usually Fighter doesn't notice.
    • Thief and Red Mage, on the other hand, Black Mage is a bit more tolerant, even if he considers the former a deceptive schemer and the latter an arrogant\delusional moron.
    • Once White Mage ascended, Black Mage faced himself with two dilemmas: whether to hit on her, even if it meant a hammer to the face; and given herself and other White Mages defeated Chaos, and made sure the Light Warriors received no credit for it, so BM has reasons to either strike her for screwing his life even further, or ignore her at all costs.

    Enter (Go-Busters
Enter, God of the Dragon Ascendants (Enter Unite, Dark Buster)
Enter Unite 
Dark Buster 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Vaglass Emblem with the word bubbled "Tres Bien!"
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Avatars, Hard Light, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Paper-Thin Disguise, The Chess Master, Cool Shades, Combat Tentacles, Dragon Ascendant, Crazy-Prepared, Villains who Doesn't Care for his Comrades Whatsoever, The Perfectionist, Causing Human Suffering for the Sake of Evil, Troll, Empowered by Hatred, Purely Evil Characters With Unexpected Popularity
  • Domains: Villainy, Avatars, Depravity, Despair, Perfection
  • Allies: SHOCKER, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia), Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Sark, Albedo Paziolla, Perfectio, Ex, Trakeena
  • Rivals: Agent Smith, Ultron, Cell
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially the Super Sentai and Power Rangers, particularly the Go-Busters), Neo, the GUAG White Hats (especially Tron, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, and all good-aligned Digimon deities), Makoto Naegi, Madoka Kaname, Satellizer el Bridget, Barry Allen/The Flash, Ruby Rose, Fresh Pretty Cures (especially Miki Aono/Cure Berry)
  • Disappointed Towards: Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King, Monaca Towa
  • Enter has managed to ascend in the pantheon the moment he finally took over the Vaglass organization after "his Majesty" Messiah was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Go-Busters. His position in the pantheon also proves that he is far more dangerous foe and a competent fighter than the Vaglass's leader due to his cunning tactics that could work to succeed in his missions. The first word that he said upon his arrival in the pantheon was "Ca va, Trope Pantheons".
  • Enter has quickly joins the evil organization SHOCKER the moment he became aware of their presence as he also started to provide all of the Vaglass equipment, the Buglars henchmen, and its Metaloids to the organization for their World Domination. While the Great Leader is impressed with his action, he was also under the watchful eye of the Great Leader as well due to his own agendas.
  • He has successfully joined the Evulz Sentai Trollkaiger as the team's new Sixth Ranger due his close ties with the group especially with his fellow Sentai villain Basco. There, his designation will be "Troll Buster", giving the spy theme of his enemies.
  • He also became allies with Sark after he was impressed with his cunning presence before Sark gives him an offer to join the Malware Program as a means to strengthen their cause.
    • His opinion on Nobuyuki Sugou seems to be shared with Sark after he was disappointed with his idiocy that leads to his downfall.
  • Has made a lucrative alliance with Albedo after he was impressed with Enter's ambition towards Godhood, he also do the same thing with Perfectio, Monokuma, Junko Enoshima, and Ex, since they were also impressed with his ambitions of bringing despair towards the human race in his conquest.
    • This reason has made him enemies with numerous Hope Bringers like Madoka and Naegi as well, this intrigues him even more after he found that they're forming a group of Hope Bringers and he joined with other despair-loving deities in a plan to dismantle the group.
    • He became disappointed with Monaca Towa after she backed out from the hope/despair conflict. Her joining with the Itazura Griefers has just made him enraged even more as he swears to her that he will crush her by any means.
  • He has made rivals with Agent Smith because of their shared traits of being AIs created by another AI before they became a bigger threat towards their respective enemies. The two of them clashes often as they prove that they can go toe-to-toe due to their equal strength.
    • He also gained rivalries with both Cell and Ultron after the two of them were intrigued with his desire for perfection, Enter clashes with them often since he also perceives them as a bigger threat while he also became intrigued with their powers which he might apply this traits to him so that he can empower himself even further.
    • On the other hand, he also drew an ire on the Fresh Pretty Cures since his traits reminded them too much of their enemy Moebius, Miki Aono also declares him as one of her enemies since she was furious of his twisted desire for perfection.
  • While he normally battles the Go-Busters, he also fights every single Toku heroes especially with the likes of Super Sentai and Power Rangers. He also cannot forget his encounters with the Gokaigers as well since his plans of helping the remnants of the Zangyack were foiled by the combined efforts of the Go-Busters and the Gokaigers.
  • He also became enemies with the likes of Satellizer el Bridget, Ruby Rose, The Flash, and Shinnosuke Tomari, while he made a remark of them being no different to his mortal enemy Hiromu due to their coloring aesthetics and Super Speed powers.
  • It also seems that Neo and members of the White Hats such as Tron, Kirito and Asuna, and all good-aligned Digimon deities declared war against him as well, giving the fact that his nature as an malevolent A.I. bent on World Domination made him a formidable foe towards every good-aligned virtual deities.

    The Ginyu Force 
The Ginyu Force, Gods of Hammy Villainousness (RECOOME!!, BURTER!!(The Blue Hurricane), JEICE!!(The Red Magma), GULDO!!, GINYU!!(Captain Ginyu), Ginyu Special Forces, Ginyu Tokusentai)
  • Intermediate Gods (Greater Gods with Tagoma-Ginyu)
  • Symbol: The Ginyu Force Insignia
  • Theme Song: Take the Stage!! Ginyu Special Squad!!, Ginyu Force Theme, The Ginyu Force, Captain of Captains in battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: ASS KICKING POSE, Evil Is Hammy, Large Ham, Laughably Evil, Affably Evil, Aliens Speaking English, "Super Sentai" Stance, Deadpan Snarkers, Dance Battlers, Beware the Silly Ones, Hidden Depths, Human Aliens, Made of Iron, Man Children, Punch Clock Villains, Super Powered Mooks, Punny Names
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Loyalty, Strength, Tyranny
  • Followers: The Sound Four, The Genei Ryodan, The Rubberobo Gang, Team Toguro
  • Superior: Frieza
  • Allies: Zarbon, Team Rocket, The Monstars, Trakeena
  • Enemies: Son Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Sailor Senshi, Lelouch vi Britannia, Jotaro Kujo, Dio Brando, every team of Super Sentai and Power Rangers in existence
  • Respects: Son Gohan
  • Annoyed by: Son Goten and Trunks
  • The Ginyu Force originally had eight members in their squad, however, three of them were cut due to not being powerful enough and having bad choreography when it came to practicing the Ginyu Forces signature pose. The three members that were cut would later form their own mercenary platoon under Freiza’s brother, Cooler.
    • The Ginyu Force is still unimpressed with the three of them in terms of their choreography and timing. They also think their pose is amateurish and unrefined.
  • 2013 has left Jeice in a very bitter mood as his beloved Space Broncos failed to qualify for the finals of Space NRL season finals for the first time since 2010 and Space Australia were beaten by Space British and Irish Lions in the 2013 Space British and Irish Lions Tour to Space Australia.
  • In other timelines where Vegeta was able to get stronger than Ginyu at 100% on Namek, Vegeta will at least entertain the notion of taking over the Ginyu Force or replacing them with his own unit.
    • In one version Vegeta would claim that the Ginyu Force was now disbanded and invite Captain Ginyu to the Vegeta Special Forces instead. Ginyu considered it, but rejected the invitation, thinking that Vegeta will have a better pose than him. Vegeta was pissed with Ginyu's response and told Ginyu that he was a pathetic fool for that decision.
    • Another take saw Ginyu overwork the whole crew and then attempt to fire them, only for Vegeta to step in, call him a terrible captain, and beat him down to take the seat from him. As soon as he was in charge, it became the Vegeta Force. Vegeta's initial impression of the Ginyu Force would be less than satisfactory, as he thought the fighting poses were pathetic and the Ginyu Force remnants were losers for having them. Recoome had requested that Vegeta gives comment on how they can improve their pose to please Vegeta…Vegeta declined to comment.
  • When the Ginyu Force were re-united in Hell, Captain Ginyu made an order to his men to find and torture any dead being who resembled a frog, the rest of the Ginyu Force were confused as to why they were given the order and have asked Ginyu as to why they were given such a specific task… he refuses to answer the question to this day.
  • On April Fools Day, Burter pranked Guldo by giving him a box of dog biscuits for lunch, un-amused and angry, Guldo used his special ability to summon a steamroller to crush Burter, but even after stopping time, Burter was quick enough to dodge the steamroller.
    • Though, the consequence of this was that he ended up pissing off Jotaro and Dio. Jotaro, because he really doesn't want to deal with a "Dio knock-off", as he so eloquently put it, and Dio, for for simply ripping off his attack.
  • Having seen Recoome's performance against Vegeta, Vince McMahon has entered talks with Recoome into signing a ten year deal with WWE. However, negotiations have hit a road block in light of Recoome’s supposedly outrageous wage demands. The deal is still pending.
  • Ginyu Force rules! Ginyu Force rules!! TOUKUSENTAI!!!
  • Whenever Captain Ginyu has been questioned by Recoome if the body he has is his original one, Ginyu's response has always been the same: if Recoome can beat him Rock-Paper-Scissors he'll tell him the truth, if Recoome loses, he has to buy space sodas for the whole force. The Ginyu Force have enjoyed free space soda on behalf of Recoome for many years now.
  • The Ginyu Force get along well with the Monstars, who have challenged the Ginyu Force to a friendly game of basketball. The Ginyu Force are the favourites to win because Guldo's psychic powers and Burter's super speed lend themselves well to basketball.
  • They (or, at the very least, Ginyu himself) respect Son Gohan for his own knowledge of the "Super Sentai" Stance. While he is their enemy, Ginyu recognizes him as a Worthy Opponent, and would consider him a fine addition to the force otherwise.
    • Gotenks, on the other hand, is too stiff in his own poses for their taste, yet he keeps insisting they're the lame ones.

    Jack Krauser 
Jack Krauser, God of Rivals That Turned Evil
Mutated Form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His combat knife and red beret
  • Theme Song: Krauser Battle and Mercenaries Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Blade Below the Shoulder, Blood Knight, Got injured in an arm during Operation Javier and prompting him to join Wesker, Foil and Evil Counterpart to Leon, Empowered Badass Normal, Face–Heel Turn, Covered in Scars, Jealous of Leon, Made of Iron, Mirror Boss, Sociopathic Soldier, Psycho Supporter, Warrior Poet
  • Domains: Soldiers, Mutations, Infiltration, Betrayal, Fighting
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Kano, Gray Fox, Archers
  • Enemies:
  • Jack Krauser used to be an experienced soldier of the U.S. Army, having lead many successful operations in the past. That all changed when he got assigned for Operation Javier alongside Leon S. Kennedy, where both were tasked with investigating Javier Hidalgo and his connections with Umbrella Corporation. During the mission, Leon and Krauser came across a mysterious young girl that turned out to be Javier's daughter, Manuela Hidalgo, and with her help they were able to put down a mutated Javier, not before Krauser got heavily injured in one of his arms, prompting the U.S. Army to honorably discharge him. Being unable to fit in normal society, having acquired a curiosity over biological weaponry and having grown increasinly jealous of his then-partner Leon, Krauser willingly joined Albert Wesker, who cured his arm and then Krauser was tasked to infiltrate the Los Iluminados cult in order to acquire a sample of Las Plagas, having kidnapped the President's daughter Ashley Graham to earn the trust of Osmund Saddler. After having reunited with Leon, Krauser challenged to one last fight where he ultimately lost but he wasn't done yet, having come back one last time to fight Ada Wong. Ultimately, Ada was able to best Krauser and he finally met his demise at the hands of her.
  • Ascended under the role of Evil Rivals given his history with Leon S. Kennedy. The one behind his ascension was Wesker, as the latter has been struggling for a while given the sheer number of enemies he has made over the years and valuable minions like Krauser would be helpful. Krauser still in the possession of the Master Las Plagas he got injected back during his tenure as a member of Los Iluminados and can mutate his arm at will.
  • The first he did was ambush Leon to, in his words, catch up with an old partner and she how he's been doing since their last encounter. Both engaged in a knife fight while discussing about their pasts and the fight was left unfinished when Krauser decided to wander off, telling his old rival that this isn't the last time they will clash. Leon is still dissapointed that Krauser turned out this way and willingly joined Wesker.
    • Concerning Ada Wong, he still hasn't forgotten that she is the reason he died in the first place, not to mention her attachment to Leon. To this day, he still calls her "The bitch in the red dress" which amuses Ada and she has retorted that she will take Krauser down no problem if he dares confronting her.
  • His hatred for Leon also extends towards those he has worked with in the past, meaning has also after the ascended B.S.S.A. agents and others like Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller. He also has an interesting rivalry with Chris Redfield considering that he is also a knife enthusiast and he was the one that managed to defeat Wesker for good so he at least wants to battle him.
  • Most the good-aligned members of the House of War consider him a disgrace for choosing the path of Bio-terrorism. Krauser has just brushed of his opposers, since they would never understand what he did for the U.S. Army and got promptly discharged because of a minor injury. Other more warmongering members, particularly Apollyon, praise him for continuing to fight and she has offered to join her Blackstone Legion. He considered the offer but decided to remain with Wesker, even then he is on speaking terms with her at least.
  • Even with all his skill and mutant powers, he hardly can put a dent on the likes of the Doomslayer and Brock Samson, who promtly kicked his ass even when he used his most powerful attacks. He does respect how they tear down the opposition with sheer brutality thought.
  • He also engages in mercenary work outside of his duties with Wesker, specializing on capture, infiltration and assassination. There he met other two notable Psycho for Hire, Barracuda and Gauron, and he did get along with both of them. Cuda because both are ex-soldiers turned criminals who are very ruthless and with Gauron after having gone in a mission with him, plus Wesker has been in talks with both in the past. He is aware that they aren't the most trustworthy of fellows so he constantly watches his back when he is with them.
    • His partnership with Barracuda has made him another target from the Punisher, another person with a similar background as him. Krauser tried to pull the Not So Different card on Castle considering that he too enjoys conflict and cannot adapt to a normal society but it did little to deter Frank's desire to end Krauser.
  • He is very fond of knives, being his preferred Weapon of Choice when it comes to melee combat. This also made him rivals with both Kano and Cody Travers, two notorious knife users but unfortunately to the former, Krauser has found Cody to be the more capable fighter and has engaged the mayor a few times in combat. He does still work with Kano from time to time.
    • Speaking of Cody, one of his long-time rivals, who would seem like he would take a liking to Krauser, actually stated that wants nothing to with him. He even said that Krauser uses his claw as a crutch instead of being naturally skilled, something that made Krauser angry and promptly tried to kill Rolento, but failed after authorities caught wind of this.
  • Also an accomplished archer, he does partake on archery competitions in the pantheon where he became fierce rivals with the likes of Green Arrow, Hawkeye Artemis, Hanzo Shimada, Aloy and Atreus.
  • The prime reason he became a bio-terrorist is because he cannot adapt to a normal society and only feels useless outside of combat. This made him sympathize with Gray Fox, even if the latter doesn't return the sentiment and the two have engaged in combat numerous times, enjoying every single time of it.
  • Relates a lot with Senator Armstrong, another darwinist figure like his boss Wesker but Armstrong aims for a society where the strong thrives without anyone holding them back, which caught Krauser's attention. The Senator sensed a lot of potential in Krauser and recruited him into his ranks, also keeping contact with Krauser's superior to propose an alliance. The mercenary also gets along with the Winds of Destruction given he shares the love of conflict and is quite philosophical and poetic for a warrior
  • Seeing potential in his brand of bio-terrorism, the Corpus decided to establish an alliance with Krauser's boss, Albert Wesker after he created a Technocyte B.O.W. and they hired Krauser for a few jobs. They took an intrerest in the mercenary's plagas infested mutation and wonder how they could weaponize it, helped by the fact that Krauser's love for conflict could easily bring a lot of profit for them.

    James McCullen XXIV/Destro 
James McCullen XXIV, God of Dragons-In-Chief (Destro)

    Pontiff Sulyvahn 
Pontiff Sulyvahn, God of Plot-Driving Villains (The Pontiff of the Darkmoon, Sulyvahn the Tyrant, Darth Sulyvahn)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Dual Wielding Greatswords, the Profaned Greatsword and Greatsword of Judgement
  • Leitmotif: Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Corrupter, Arc Villain, Evil Pope, The Dragon to Aldrich, Dual Wielding BFSs, Very quick and damaging foe, Has a "stand" as a duplicate, Really 700 Years Old, Disc-One Final Boss, Larger than a regular human, Usurped Irithyll from Gwyndolin and fed said god to Aldrich
  • Domains: Religion, Tyranny, Power, Evil-doings
  • Heralds: The Deacons of the Deep
  • Followers: Luke, Kai Leng
  • Allies: Zouken Matou, Enrico Pucci, Kirei Kotomine, Enter, Ghirahim, False King Allant, Zant, Griffith, the evil and hostile members of the House of FAITH, especially Double.
  • Enemies: Lord Gwyn, Ornstein and Smough, The Hunter, The Chosen Undead, the Joestar Family and their allies (especially Jotaro Kujo and Jean-Pierre Polnareff), the good-aligned members of the House of Faith primarily Alexander Anderson, Alex Mason, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Anakin Skywalker, and Guts.
  • Target of interest for: Emperor Palpatine, Sauron
  • Opposed by: Many brainwashed victims like Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker, The Fellowship of the Ring (Gandalf, Frodo Baggins, Aragorn, Samwise Gamgee)
  • Once a great follower to Enrico Pucci, Pontiff Sulyvahn grew tired of hearing the "rumors" of the Pantheon and decided to enter by force. Once he gained entrance, he fought his way to a position in the Pantheon. Among those that noticed was Gwyn, who not only banished him out of the Court of the Gods, but petitioned for a ban against him. Unfortunately, with strings from many followers at the GUAE, Sulyvahn gathered arms and also found his way into the Pantheon. Gwyn is not pleased, at all.
    • Following his ascension, Sulyvahn ordered his Cathedral rebuilt in the Pantheon for his rituals. He also attempted to bring the Deacons of the Deep as his heralds, while he searched for people from the Pantheon he can ally with.
  • The main reason why Sulyvahn was chosen as the representive for his title was because of his grand scheme. First, he allied with multiple evil sects for his plan of usurption. Second, he controlled the Profaned Flame and took over Anor Londo. Third, he ruled Irithyll and controlled powers from The Flame and The Abyss. Add to the fact that he had multiple ties with many Lords of Cinder/Ages of Fire and his control over a Devourer of Gods, he is the first of his series to ever accomplish and get away with his crimes, well except his death.
    • Because of this success, this has given an interest to many heavies in Pantheon proper, Enter being the most common one. On the other hand, Anakin Skywalker got antagonized after being sought by the Pope, since he recognized him as another heavy. He has since evaded his Darth Vader personality, leaving the Pope with disgust. Meanwhile, Palpetine initially thought of him as a Sith Lord, or more conspicuously, Darth Maul. Nonetheless, he still brought him in his great assets.
    • During one time when he was searching for viable worshippers, he was greeted by another duo, Ghirahim and Zant. The two allies of Ganondorf, who reviewed his success, decided to give him a deal regarding more power, in trade of some his powers. He reluctantly agreed, giving the False King of Twilight and the Demon some remnant powers of the Abyss and at the same time gaining powers of Twilight.
  • During his first day in Pantheon grounds, he first attempted to spread his religion, The Cathedral of the Deep in the House of Faith. Needless to say, he had a huge amount of resistance after the house heard of who the religion was appeasing.
    • After the said ordeal, he had an eventful meeting with his former follower, Enrico Pucci and another evil priest, Kirei Kotomine. All the three have been talking ever since the meeting and have planned on merging all their religions to form a true worship.
      • For Kirei however, he's only using Sulyvahn as a gateway for him to acquire Aldrich and use him to consume his enemies. His primary target being, Rin.
      • However, his meeting with Pucci lead into the Joestar's hate for him, particularly Jotaro Kujo, who sees him as sinister as Pucci, maybe even worse than him. Jean-Pierre Polnareff even has sought against Sulyvahn due to being brainwashed twice, and one of those times was Dio's fault.
    • After being kicked out by the House of Faith, one particular nun, who revealed herself to be Double, grew interest to the Pontiff. Sulyvahn, seeing another abomination looking like Aldrich, decided to ally with her for some "research".
      • Ironically, the two are actually using each other for their own gains, Double is using Sulyvahn for the Skull Heart, whilst the latter is using her as live food for Aldrich.
  • Anyone who has been a victim of brainwashing are told NOT to enter Sulyvahn's sights, as his interest to individuals stems into not just forced subordination, but also forcing said people to turn into mindless beasts with a certain ring. Due to this, Alex Mason fears him like the plague.
    Widowmaker: As much as I know how brainwashing works, that is not even how I describe as humane.
    • The Fellowship of the Ring however opposes Sulyvahn greatly for his rings being reminscent to the One Ring. Doesn't help that Sauron has taken great interest with him and his sudden control of both the Profaned Flame and the Abyss.
    • Sulyvahn almost mistook Ryuko Matoi as one of the knights he sent, the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, and so attempted to convince her to join the Outriders. The result wasn't pretty for him, as Senketsu knew this ploy and warned her about it. Guess what happened next.
  • Ever since his ascension went awry, Alexander Anderson, who was one of those who Sulyvahn tried to persuade, has kept his eyes on him, seeing him as a disgrace to faith. To quote him:
    Anderson: Oh Lord, let this heretic be cleansed of his pagan ministry. Let this failure be burned by your holy fires, along with his idol. AAAAMEN.
  • Gwyn's huge hatred for Sulyvahn not only stems to the fact that he took over Anor Londo, but the fact that he fed his lastborn son, Gwyndolin to Aldrich. This action has led the two clash swords heavily.
    • And it's not only Gwyn who's joining the fight. Ornstein and Smough have also decided to join in the fray, with Smough wanting him dead. Due to the Executioner's death during a valiant stand in Anor Londo's defense, this has given Smough to kill the Pontiff.
    • And to even further add more salt to the wound, he was absolutely pissed upon having contact with the Hunter AND the Chosen Undead, moreso on the latter as their presence will permanently haunt him of his demise at the hands of the Ashen One, a follower of the latter.
  • With recent help, he finally called an allied treaty with Boletaria's ruler, King Allant. With both the Deep's power and Soul Arts focused together, they now plan to take down Gwyn and his subordinates with full force.

Toffee of Septarsis, God of Known Usurping Villains (The Immortal Monster, The Lizard Prince of the Dark Monster Nations)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Scientific Calculator, the Time Vault
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil Chessmaster with a Mask of Sanity, initially a Hyper-Competent Sidekick to Ludo, Badass in a Nice Suit, Older Than He Looks, Creepy Monotone, The Corrupter, Hero Killer, Boring, but Practical, Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness, Genius Bruiser, Lack of Empathy, Hidden Agenda Villain, Retired Badass, was gifted a rather lame name
  • Domain: Evil, Darkness, Healing
  • Followers: Wiseman, Aldrich Killian, Zalasta, Kemp,
  • Allies: Littlefinger, Revolver Ocelot, Orochi, Phazon, Zero (Kirby), Starscream (not that either of them trust each other)
  • Enemies: Star Butterfly, The Magical Girl Sisterhood, pretty much the House of Magic, most of the House of Monsters
  • Opposed by: Lord Hater and Commander Peepers
  • Uneasy Relationship: Felix (Red vs Blue)
  • It was supposed to be a big moment for Ludo. Rumor had it that Melkor wanted to ascend someone from his world in response to Star's ascension. Ludo saw himself as the prime candidate, given that he has had the most experience taking her on. Sure he has failed to steal the wand multiple times, but he figured that if many of the villains in the Pantheon failed, they could at least understand his plight. Once he made his seat in the Court of the Guards, his smile disappeared when he he came face to face with the man he employed early on. It turned out that Melkor revived Toffee to hand him a spot in the Pantheon. The only reason Ludo was invited was whether he would accept the position of his herald. Ludo refused such a humiliating position and was subsequently kicked out of the Pantheon. Despite not showing any emotion during the confrontation, everyone figured it was a satisfying experience for him.
    • While he healing factor isn't up to snuff in his heyday, he remains an extremely dangerous foe for people, especially magical users as he can simply drain all of their magic. He also proved to be a master manipulator, fooling practically everyone to get his body back. It was only the unexpected intervention of Star that he was defeated.
  • His inclusion adds a dangerous strategist into Melkor's fold. Toffee has ample experience manipulating events to his favor and is willing to do the same for the GUAE. He stated he has no plans to take over the role for himself. To him, the war between good and evil is more of an inconvenience than anything. He is satisfied with his current position as long as he gets his revenge on Star and her mom. With that said, Melkor keeps an eye on him in case the reptile is interested in draining his own magic.
    • Is in good company with the likes of Littlefinger and Revolver Ocelot. He was a bit perturbed that those two also ended up defeated by the unlikely exposure by their enemies. Toffee is willing to help each other to form more foolproof plans.
  • Starscream was impressed with Toffee's takeover of the Forces of Evil and offered to work together to earn a place in the GUAE Mastermind division. It didn't last long, as they both accused the other of betraying each other to get a position for themselves. Melkor swiftly denied both of their entrances in order to break up the alliance.
  • The Magical Girl Sisterhood was well informed of his exploits from Star and was put on high alert upon his ascension. Toffee has a lot of experience in battling and defeating Magical Girls such as Star's mom.
  • Had a great deal of success in corrupting Star's wand to her benefit, nearly destroying it in the process. While the wand managed to restore itself, he has not shelved such plans yet. After all, there are other more successful ways to do so. Many were worried when he was spotted meeting Dark Samus. If he intended to use Phazon to corrupt magic in general, many wizards would be in danger.
  • Orochi may not completely align with Toffee's manneringss, but he is proud to have another Repugnant Reptile deity in the Pantheon. Toffee pays lip service to the serpent God as to appease him.
  • Even among his own piers, he is seen as the most frightening villain in his own world. Kirby foe Zero was suspected of aiding Toffee in restoring the reptile to his former glory. As such Toffee returns the favor in helping him plan ways to get its revenge on Kirby and friends.
  • No one can truly trust Felix when it comes to being a reliable friend, but that is one trait Toffee has in common with Felix. Felix claimed Toffee was a follower of his, an accusation Toffee has denied. Whether it is true or not, there is no denying that Toffee got come help from the space marine.
  • One of the most unusual oppositions to his ascension came from Lord Hater... or more specifically Commander Peepers who stated that his ascension would further reduce trust among villains in the Pantheon. The ascension happened anyways and Toffee stated he has no qualms over it. But as with many things, his wrath is more subtle. Shortly afterwards, the villainous duo found many of their minions beaten up a pulp. The two quickly claimed Toffee was responsible. The two factions have been at each others' throats ever since.
  • Toffee laughed in some sort of vindication that saw magic become destroyed over in his home realm... though even he was surprised to see all the realms mixing.
    • Despite his perspectives on the dangers of magic, alot of folk are not going to acknowledge since not only were his means vile and often self-sanotaging, a look into his past reveals that he was always an aggressive thug. As such, some have disregarded his perspectives as him being afraid of magic it's the one (known) thing that can hurt the otherwise invulnerable Septarians. To where some quote what Glossaryck said about him. "Some jerks never learn."
  • The past revelations have earned him not just the enmity of the House of Magic, but also most of the House of Monsters, given how he is seen as too dangerous, cutthroat and untrustworthy.
  • He's got a tendency to put on a creepy smile with wide eyes when surprising someone, even saying surprise.
  • For some unknown reason, calling him "boring" actually bothers him. With the revelation that he was once a thug leader as a teenager, one wonders if that could be related to it.

Vaati, God of Villains Between The Main Villain (The Wind Mage, Immortal Demon)
Wind Mage form 

Lesser Gods

    Chris Walker 
Chris Walker, God of Unstoppable and Determined Pursuers (Big Fucking Guy, The Soldier, Strongfat)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Heads of His Victims
  • Theme Song: Chris Walker chase themes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a twisted shade of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Pig Motifs, Anti-Villain, The Brute, Chain Pain, The Dreaded amongst the Variants, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Stout Strength, Tragic Monster
  • Domains: Inmates, Insanity, Strength, Determination, Head-ripping
  • "Allies": Piggsy, Roadhog, Spooky, Needless Kane
  • Rivals: Nemesis
  • Enemies: Lois Lane, Jade, Dr. Angus Bumby, Jill Valentine
  • Pitied: Anyone who suffered from PTSD
  • Opposses: Martin Walker
  • Chris Walker was once a soldier serving in Afghanistan but after returning and heavily suffering from PTSD, he wanted to get treated. Unfortunately that landed him into Mount Massive Asylum, a place where he was used as a Human Resource for the Morphogenic Engine, which did wonders for him. During the incident where the Walrider broke out, Walker made his duty to stop the creature from escaping the facility, which prompted him to chase the reporter Miles Upshur every went he went to ensure he didn't make contact with the creature. In the end after cornering Miles, the Walrider swiftly took care of Walker and caused the big guy's death.
  • Even though the threat of the Walrider is nowhere near the pantheon halls, Walker insists in eliminating anyone who might prove to be an effective host of it, so it's not uncommon for him to start chasing some poor sap that stumbled upon him endlessly until he is either stopped or he catches them. He is so persistant in capturing his victim that he follows them anywhere, regarding of house.
    • If you happen to be caught by Walker, he will either throw you around or or Rip your head off. And he tends to keep the latter as trophies in his temple.
  • He tends to refer to his victims as "Little Pig" and his look invokes an overall Pig Motif. This might be why he is not hostile towards Piggsy, a similarly deranged killer with a Pig Mask to boot.
  • The reason of his looks, besides the Morphogenic Engine driving him mad, he started mutilating himself after feeling that his skin was holdin him back.
  • Many pity poor Chris given that he suffered for a severe case of PTSD, which many can agree that is not pretty. Many veterans were devastated to learn of how Walker wanted to treat his condition, only to land in Mount Massive asylum.
  • Because of his experience chasing Miles around all the asylum, Walker has grown a distaste towards Reporters, especially the intrepid ones. According him, those little piggies are very slippery.
  • One time wandering around in the pantheon, he stumbled upon Roadhog and immediately tried to attack him but he got quickly taken care of because Roadhog was armed (And he is bigger than walker). They have remained in amicable terms since Roadhog also tends to refer to his victims as "little piggies" and may or may not be physically altered as well.
  • Spooky saw potential in Walker and decided to offer him a spot in her mansion as another specimen. Walker didn't take her offer at first but he wandered in the mansion anyway as a constant pursuer of anyone who enters. Apparently he was told that a being worse than the Walrider was located in there and Walker would not let that happen again.
  • Has a very low opinion on Mad Scientists and Psychiatrists, considering he wasn't treated correctly but instead experimented on, which causes what he is today. He has a special distaste for Dr. Angus Bumby considering how he handled his patients and has ocassionally ripped his head off more than one time. Not that anyone minds.
  • He used to have a little stuffed pig that kept him company when he was being treated during his time in the asylum. It's adviced to not make fun of it unless you want your head gone.

    Colonel Mael Radec 
Colonel Mael Radec, God of Big Bad Enforcers (The Vicious Leader of The Helghast Forces, The Hound of Visari)

    Dr. XXX 
Dr. XXX, God of Evil Geniuses (The Mad Doctor, Doc)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face against a red background
  • Theme Song: his monologue/"song", most of his songs from Epic Mickey 2
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: really fond of laughing and singing, the evil genius with the master plan and the skills to pull it off, a madman and he knows it, a mastery in manipulation that allows him to get behind everybody repeatedly, somehow a doctor (with an Eastern-European accent to boot), an expert in machines who transformed himself into a robot but hopes to become a Toon again, originally just a dream but his infamy allowed him to come back, unfortunate name
  • Domains: Madness, Craft, Robots, Evil Plans, Manipulation
  • High Priest: Kalrow (former holder)
  • Followers: Dr. Sivana, The Evil Geniuses, Dr. No
  • Allies: Pete, Maleficent, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Crow, The Professor, Dr. Octopus, Doctor Doom, Dr. Frankenstein, The Medic, Dr. Viktor, Judge Doom, Cruella De Vil
  • Enemies: Sora, Mario, Sonic, E-123 Omega, Mega Man, Dr. Weil, Superman, Spider-Man, Optimus Prime, Cuphead and Mugman, Ember McLain, The Spy, most of the House of Beast
  • Opposed by: most heroic Disney deities, Balthier
  • Opposes: Mickey, Oswald, Bugs Bunny
  • Conflicting Opinion: with Heinz Doofenshmirtz, the Grand United Alliance of Machines (specially Dr. Nefarious)
  • Dr. XXX first appeared in a 1933 Mickey Mouse short where he kidnapped Pluto to use him as part of a rather unorthodox experiment, until it all turned out to be just Mickey's nightmare. Unfortunately, the short itself turned out to be so dark and chilling that it was widely shunned and even banned by many, so it wasn't long until the doctor became forgotten and expelled to Wasteland.
  • Since this Mad Doctor never underwent the change of heart he could have performed otherwise, he still holds a strong grudge against both Mickey and Oswald for foiling his plans twice. While the half-brothers believe he can be still reformed just like his 'Good Ending' counterpart, the doctor hasn't expressed any desire to do so. However, the alarmingly high amount of heroic Disney deities residing in the Pantheon means that the Mad Doctor has no chance of getting revenge on Mickey and Oswald anytime soon, which has forced him to ignore them for now. Sora in particular has the Mad Doctor in his sights, and he's ready to act the moment the doctor tries anything funny.
    • On a similar note, the Mad Doctor's past interactions with Wasteland's counterpart of Pete and their shared distaste of Mickey means they have formed a rather convenient alliance. Maleficent has also approached the Mad Doctor, recognizing him as a rather competent Disney Villain and hoping to maybe employ his help in the future.
    • He has been approached multiple times by fellow (ex-)evil scientist Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who is reminded of himself by the doctor and agrees with Mickey and Oswald in believing he can be redeemed, as he argues that being good isn't actually that bad. Dr. XXX just laughs off Doofenshmirtz's arguments, claiming he has no need for redemption, but he's in relatively good terms with Heinz otherwise.
  • Nowadays he resides in his temple, designed after his original castle from the 1933 short. It's highly advised to all deities to never set foot inside the castle, as it is known to be filled with all sorts of death traps, living skeletons and unorthodox passages, just like Mickey remembers. The doctor himself spends his days designing and building more Beetleworx, as well as performing horrific experiments on whatever poor sap happened to wander into his domain.
    • Interestingly, he can frequently be seen visiting The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World, since it reminds him of the Lonesome Manor he used to reside in while living in Wasteland. What was most surprising was the authorities running the park noticed this and approached the Mad Doctor to tell him he could be allowed to reside in the Mansion if he managed to make the attraction even scarier. The doctor delivered, and now he calls the Haunted Mansion a 'second home'.
  • Although his original name is Dr. XXX, he's rarely called that anymore, due to certain connotations. This actually caused some small ruckus when he first ascended since nobody was sure how to call him, until it was decided by the Court of the Gods that everybody should just refer to him as 'The Mad Doctor' and that's it. He prefers to be called The Mad Doctor anyway, just don't call him Doc.
    • Of course, this hasn't stopped Bugs Bunny from messing with him by calling him Doc at every chance. Bugs being on good terms with Mickey while also being a rabbit just like Oswald has only increased the doctor's animosity towards him.
  • Has a tendency to sing almost everything he says, which many deities tend to find either confusing and/or annoying. Nobody is quite sure why he does so, but it's clear the doctor is is having fun while doing it. He even keeps a prerecorded diary where he sings his thoughts. The Mad Doctor himself even said one time that he should take the mantle of the God of Villain Songs as well, a suggestion that Ember McLain didn't take too kindly. The doctor hasn't gone through with the idea yet, but it's pretty clear he would need to deal with her first if he ever attempts to do so.
  • As the god of Evil Geniuses, he's in good terms with fellow evil masterminds and mad scientists such as Dr. Octopus, Doctor Doom, Dr. Frankenstein and The Professor. He also holds a rather friendly relation with The Medic, due to their love for medically-dubious experiments and cutting up, and the two of them can usually be found together interchanging tales about past "surgeries". However, he's also at odds with Balthier, who opposes all Mad Scientists on principle, and Dr. Weil, who's too despicable even for the Mad Doctor.
    • With his alliances also came enemies, as he has attracted the attention of heroic deities such as Superman, Spider-Man, Optimus Prime and Mario, all of who have dealt with evil geniuses before and are now keeping an eye on the doctor. The Mad Doctor has preferred to avoid them for now, but he plans to deal with them one day.
    • He's also a rather talented Robot Master, which led to him becoming allies with Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily and even Crow. He frequently hangs out with at least one of them in hopes of finding ways to improve his Beetleworx. On the other hand, these alliances resulted in Sonic and Mega Man putting the doctor in their watch list, while E-123 Omega is all too ready to jump to action the moment the Mad Doctor and Eggman team up.
    • It's worth noting that Cuphead and Mugman are also quite wary of the doctor, as not only have they dealt with Mad Scientists and robots before but the doctor himself can't help but be reminded of Mickey and Oswald when looking at them.
  • Despite his many allies, most of them tend to keep a close eye on the Mad Doctor due to his propensity to betray anyone whenever necessary. While the doctor claims he's gotten over his backstabbing tendencies, most people aren't really buying it. In fact, his tendency for betraying his allies is so infamous that it caught the attention of fellow compulsive backstabber The Spy, who decided to pay the doctor a visit out of curiosity. Nobody is sure what happened between the two, but the Mad Doctor has been hostile to The Spy since then.
    • On a similar note, the doctor has heard of fellow mad scientist Dr. Viktor having a notable amount of similarities to him, including a case of conflicting loyalty and backstabbing. While the two remain allies for now out of shared interests, they both tend to keep an eye on each other just in case.
  • Due to his past treatment of Pluto and his love for experimenting with animals, the doctor has gained the animosity of the House of Beast, specially the Canines sub-house. While the Mad Doctor would love to get his hands on some of these curious creatures, he's banned from entering the house altogether. He still plots to get in the house one day, but he hasn't achieved much for the moment.
    • He was eventually approached by Cruella De Vil with the intent of striking an alliance against the House of Beasts, seeing as how they're both banned from entering. In the end they made a deal saying that he would give her the fur of any animal he managed to capture in exchange for her help. The doctor is not exactly sure how Cruella could assist him, but he'll take any allies (and possible backstab victims) he can get.
  • Most deities were surprised to find out the Mad Doctor is actually a robot, as he had previously transformed himself into one with the intent of usurping The Blob. Despite this, the doctor yearns to become a Toon again because of his body's tendency to fall apart, but attempts to pull this off with the help of other deities (such as Ursula's dark magic used to transform Ariel into a human) have been fruitless so far.
    • This has resulted in him having a rather shaky relationship with The Grand United Alliance of Machines. While his mastery in building robots, his friendly relation with Dr. Wily and the fact he's an animatronic himself lead to the alliance offering him entry at first, they turned him back after learning of his desire to stop being a robot and his tendency to betray his allies constantly. The doctor still expresses interest in joining, but only time will tell if that will go anywhere.
    • He similarly has a rather conflicting opinion with Dr. Nefarious. Despite their similarities, Nefarious was forcibly transformed into a robot but ended up embracing it while the Mad Doctor transformed himself into an animatronic but hopes to become a Toon again one day. In the end, they're not on very good terms with each other.
  • His past experiences with Thinner and The Blob, alongside the fact he's technically not a Toon, has lead to him being approached by Judge Doom, who hopes to use the doctor's knowledge about Thinner in order to improve his Dip to bypass the Pantheon's Death Is Cheap situation as well as dealing with those pesky CGI deities his Dip can't touch. The doctor has agreed to help, much to the Pantheon's dismay, but thankfully nothing has come out of it. And even then, most deities expect the Mad Doctor to eventually attempt to betray Doom anyway.
  • He's also the host of his own TV show called "The Mad Doctor's Wonderful World of Evil", where he relates his past actions as well as his dastardly evil plans to the audience. Originally aired from Wasteland in an effort to make himself remembered once again, the doctor has managed to get it aired across the Pantheon with the help of some members of the House of Technology. His show is particularly popular in the House of Villains and among members of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, but it has gathered a considerable following in the Houses of Science and Technology as well. His audience has grown so much the doctor has expanded the show to include special guests, usually fellow villains willing to share their evil past deeds with the audience.
  • Has a seat on Scientists & Geniuses as well.
  • "Who's the maddest Mad Doctor of all? Wonderfully evil me!"

Excel, Goddess of Perky Female Minions (real name unknown; sometimes called Excel Excel)

    The Koopalings 
The Koopalings, The Deified Squad of Minor Villains (Cheatsy (Larry), Big Mouth (Morton), Kootie Pie (Wendy), Hip (Lemmy), Hop (Iggy), Bully (Roy), Kooky (Ludwig), The Youngest/Leader Of The Seven Minions (Larry), The Cool One/Fear The Shades (Roy), The Bold Beauty/Bold, Bossy, and Big-Headed (Wendy), The Laughing Pranker (Iggy), The Enforcer/He'll Make You See Stars (Morton), Wacky War Machine/Let's Get Wacky (Lemmy), Pompous Prodigy (Ludwig), Super Trooper of Bowser's Army/Authority of Acceleration (Larry), Runaway Heavyweight Koopa/Bespectacled Brute (Roy), Trickster with the Sweet Specs/Wild Child (Iggy), Mr. Agility Supreme/Ace of Speed (Lemmy), Invincible Tough Guy/Mass of Muscle (Morton), Princess of Destruction/Speed Queen (Wendy), Showy Anti-Villain/Conductor of Chaos (Ludwig))
From left to right: Lemmy Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Larry Koppa, Iggy Koopa, Ludwig von Koopa, and Roy Koopa.

    Miyo Takano 
Miyo Takano Goddess of Hidden Villains (Droopy-tan)

    Prometheus and Pandora 
Prometheus and Pandora, Co-God and Goddess of Co-Dragons and Those Whose Days are Numbered (The Reploid Siblings, The Voices of Model W | Prometheus: The Reaper, Death, DAN-001 | Pandora: The Witch, DAN-002)
  • Lesser God and Goddess
  • Symbol: Miniature Model W with a scar through it
  • Theme Song: Trap Phantasm
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, with traces of Chaotic Evil (when in a bad mood) and Chaotic Neutral (when in a good mood)
  • Portfolio: Both Aloof Older Siblings, Co-Dragons, Darkand Troubled Past, Evil Duo, Fan favorites, Fire, Ice, Lightning, People Jars, Sibling Yin-Yang, Scythe and Sorcerer, The Starscream, Woobie Destroyerof Worlds, Requiring constant maintenance to avoid Critical Existence Failure
  • Domains: Evil, Chaos, Hatred, Insanity, Destruction, Suffering
  • Allies: Omega, Vile, Metal Sonic, Tails, Crona, Mordred
  • Rivals: Scanty and Kneesocks
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Grey (their little "brother"), Mega Man, Zero, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Pit, Shiro Emiya.
  • Enemies: DR. WEIL, Sosuke Aizen, Xehanort, Harpuia
  • Respect: Homura Akemi
  • Ascended after their supposed deaths in their former Master's underwater base. Even they don't know if they died down there.
  • Despite their alignment, they are not actually members of the GUAE, even if some of their allies are. The reason for this is because of Dr. Weil, who was responsible ultimately for their at least a century's worth of suffering.
  • They don't like Aizen or Xehanort due to reminding them far too much of Master Albert.
  • Cosmos apparently promised them new bodies in exchange for their alliance with the GUAG. They intend to hold her to that.
  • The only person they allow to perform maintenance on them when required is Tails, mostly because they trust he won't try to mess with their programming.
  • Prometheus has an interesting relationship with Mega Man and Shiro Emiya. Despite the fact that they both represent ideals that he calls worthless, he respects them for at least being able to back them up.
    • He finds Pit a little too upbeat, but is willing to work with him. Some believe it's because he reminds Prometheus of his younger sibling, Grey.
  • He often fights with other members of the Pantheon, but he especially likes training against Omega and Metal Sonic, considering them his equals.
    • Apparently, Grima has taken a special interest in him exactly for this reason.
    • He especially loves brawling with Mordred, both for giving good fights and for a similar dislike of their 'fathers'. He especially gets a good laugh whenever she talks about the Battle of Camlann.
  • Pandora is good friends with Crona, often finding time to speak with hir about different subjects. She has about as much idea as everyone else on what Crona's gender is, though.
    • She is also on better terms with their true allies and so-and-so allies than her brother, but that's because she doesn't yell as much.
  • Pandora also looks at Shion Sonozaki with confusion, unable to get over how similar they are.
  • No matter how many times people hear his nickname, Prometheus is NOT the God of Death.
  • They have a somewhat-strained with Harpuia. Despite the fact they share a common enemy in the form of Dr. Weil, he still cannot forgive Prometheus or Pandora for killing countless innocent people and being true Mavericks.
    • Zero also doesn't exactly trust them with their alliance with Omega.
  • They are among the few who actually respect Homura Akemi's actions during the Great Upheaval: They respect her dedication to Madoka's safety, as it reminds them quite a bit of the lengths they would go for each other. As one can imagine, this has not endeared them to the Sisterhood at all, but the last time any of them attempted to ambush them, they were treated to the full brunt of their Fire, Ice, Lightning abilities.
  • Have something of a rivalry going on with Scanty and Kneesocks, due to both pairs having a large following, being Co-Dragons to their leaders, though with an obvious split in loyalties, as well as similar fighting styles (Prometheus and Kneesock's close-range attacks with scythes, Pandora and Scanty's long-range with projectile-based attacks). Ironically, what started the rivalry was Prometheus yelling at the Daemon Sisters to keep the sound of their private sisterly sex down, but after the resulting fight, it grew into a bit of a mutual respect thing. It helps that they too hate Weil.
  • Had mixed feelings when Grey ascended. On one hand, they were pissed off that he was still alive and kicking. On the other hand, he successfully killed Master Albert and destroyed Model W, so these days they treat their little brother with indifference and some small amount of respect.
    • When they learned Model W itself had ascended into the Treasury, they attempted to go down there and destroy it themselves. They were only just barely held back by the worry of getting their hatred ripped out of them again to let it grow stronger.
  • Were offered a place among the ranks of GUAC by Lucifer, but declined. While they were certainly tempted by the offer, they decided it wouldn't do them good to go back on their deal with Cosmos just yet.

"I am Silico."




Silico, God Of The Villainous Underdog


    Oogie Boogie 
Oogie Boogie, God of Plot-Irrelevant Villains


    Gozaburo Kaiba 
Gozaburo Kaiba, God of Filler Villains
  • Quasideity (Intermediate in the Virtual World)
  • Symbol: The old Kaiba Corp logo
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Filler Villain Who Had Died In The Manga via Brain Uploading, Killed Himself To Prove The Price Of Failure, Jerkass, Abusive Parents (Knight Templar Parent at best), Archnemesis Dad, Teaching Seto To Be A Corporate Jerk, Big Penalties For Failing Lessons, Cannot Stand To Lose, surprisingly an Honest Corporate Executive
  • Domains: Business, Weapons Dealing, Ruthlessness, Pride, Filler, Digitization
  • Followers: Garlic Jr, Neo BloodClan, Brother Blood
  • Allies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Charles Zi Britannia, Chiaki Hayasaki, Carol/Mom, Sundowner, Morris, Marcus Kincaid, Obadiah Stane
  • Respects: Vergil, Senator Armstrong
  • Enemies: The heroic Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, Seto, Mokuba and Noah Kaiba (his adoptive sons and biological son), The Heroic Protectors of Family, Ochako Uraraka, Charlotte LaBouff, Charlie Bucket, Dr Heinz Doofenschmirtz, Shouto Todoroki, Lelouch and Nunnally Lamperouge, Kevin Flynn, Neo, Ludvig Maxis, Agent Smith, Tony Stark, Serena van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey
  • Annoyed by: Princess Morbucks, the Reagan twins
  • Gozaburo Kaiba was the adoptive father of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba, and the biological father of Noah Kaiba. When he was in charge, KaibaCorp was an arms manufacturer. He was a ruthless and cruel parent, in order to install a darwinist mindset when it came to business. However the brothers' love for one another proved to be his undoing, and they took the company from him.
  • Gozaburo is in the unique position where he is both a Filler Villain and a canonical character. His suicide was permanent in the manga, his active villainy in the Virtual World was anime-exclusive due to being Spared by the Adaptation. At least, until the virtual world came crashing down with him and Noah in it. Noah, the initial Filler Villain of the Virtual Arc(and unlike Gozaburo a Canon Foreigner), intends to restrain his father from causing much havoc in the pantheon.
  • Planned to fire missiles at the world from the digital plane, or in the dub digitize everyone so he rule the world. Gozaburo wasn't as audacious in the physical world, and having a physical avatar in the pantheon has made him more focused on business. Of course, he keeps his eyes out on digitized heroes and minds so they don't stop any plans of digital conquest he might have. Also Agent Smith, as he is a threat to the very structure of the digital world and everything really.
  • The Heroic Protectors of Family have nothing good to say about his abusive nature, or how he abandoned his son Noah and focused on Seto instead. Shouto Todoroki sees him as the same ruthless father that wants their son to be what they want as his own father Endeavour treated him. Dr Doofenschmirtz is also reminded of his father's abuse. Gozaburo simply replied that they were "soft".
  • Seems to agree with the parenting styles of Ghetsis Harmonia and Charles Zi Britannia. Particularly the latter, given in their own twisted, social darwinist way they believe they were helping their children in life. However Gozaburo doesn't just abuse for the sake of it. He considers Ragyo Kiryuin molesting and disposing of her children "tasteless" as they could be better raised as ruthless as she is. However, he admits she has good business acumen.
  • Has a "might makes right" view on business. While he doesn't apply it outside of business and thinks changing the world through it is a bit audacious, he does respect it. Because of this, he has an appreciation for both Vergil and Senator Armstrong, but it's one-sided. Armstrong's goal of "using the business of war to end war as a business" would go against the elder Kaiba's corporate plans, and Vergil doesn't respect him for being an abusive father.
  • While a corporate jerk, Gozaburo is surprisingly not a Corrupt Corporate Executive. He was honest, albeit unpleasant and part of the morally dubious field of arms dealing. The "double dealings" were actually Dartz in disguise. He dismisses the actions of Mr Burns as nothing but Cartoonish Supervillainy. Not that this makes him any more likeable, but it's something.
  • Has no respect for Princess Morbucks or the Reagan twins. Sure, he's a rich jerk, but he's a rich jerk who makes his way through hard work. He doesn't like spoiled brats, which is why he gave up on Noah as that made him unfit for the company. He even went so far as to jump out a window when Seto bought out the company, all as a means of proving the price of failure.
  • On the other hand, various hardworking economic figures dislike him because of how ruthless he is and his un-empathetic means of staying on top. However, there is one rich girl he does seem to like-Chiaki Hayasaki. This is because of her Reason being set towards social darwinism and might makes right, even if she is a Hypocrite. Of course, Gozaburo sees this as merely a sign that her training isn't complete and will help her with it.
  • Is business partners with Marcus Kincaid and Sundowner. While he could call the latter out for relying on flashy techniques, but given in his duel with Seto he only used Exodia Necross he's not in a position to chastise him. He has also been making deals with Carol/Mom, and gets along with Morris since they're totally ruthless businessmen, but convinced they're doing the best for the company.
  • Hopes to gain Serena van der Woodsen's wealth, believing that it's wasted in someone like her. Her husband sure as hell isn't letting that happen. He's rallied everyone in the Gossip Girl community against Gozaburo, and in response he's using his resources to discover Gossip Girl's identity. Fortunately, Dan is good at covering his tracks.
  • Used to be the world's greatest chess player until Seto beat him. He's pretty confident that he can still beat the other chess players in the pantheon, and will accept gambles and wages through it. Lelouch's skill at the game and the fact he ended up beating him much like Seto did is one of the factors on why Gozaburo hates him.


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