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    Chaos (Sailor Moon
Chaos, Unholy Representative of Eternal Villains (Sailor Chaos, The Ultimate Evil Force In the Universe, The Ultimate Evil)
Chaos while merged with The Galaxy Cauldron 
Sailor Chaos 
"I am Chaos. I am the one who never got to become a star. The one who instead became the ruler of the cauldron, the dark birthplace of the stars."

GOLB, God of Greater-Scope Villains
GOLB after merging with Betty 

Greater Gods

    The Dark Matter Horde 
The Dark Matter Hordenote , Unholy Army of Disproportionately Evil Villains in Light-Hearted Media (General: Dark Rimuru, Dark Rimuro, Dark Rimura | Zero: 0 | 02: Zero-Two, Zero-Squared, Oh-Two, Oh-Squared, Oxygen | Dark Nebula: Ruler of the Underworld, Dark Zero, Lord of the Dark)
Top to bottom: 02, Miracle Matter, Zero, Dark Matter Blade/Real Dark Matter. Art by Doctor-G
Dark Nebula
  • Greater Deities as a whole. By themselves, Zero and 02 are Greater Deities and Dark Matter, Miracle Matter and Dark Nebula are Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Dark Star with multiple Dark Matters peering out
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Frightening Villains in Idyllic Settings, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Darkness, Demonic Possession, Oculothorax
  • Domains: Evil, Corruption, Darkness, Eyes
  • Heralds: Most unascended Kirby villains.
  • Followers: The Spirit of the Book, many unascended Pretty Cure villains
  • "Allies"note : Void Termina (possible progenitor), Melkor, Chernabog, Master Xehanort, Barbatos
  • Rivals: The Heartless, the Dark Star, the Taken, the Shadow Queen, The Shroobs (all), Starro (Dark Nebula)
  • Enemies: Pretty much everyone not in "Allies", but notable ones include: All good and neutral aligned Kirby deities, but especially Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Rick, Kine and Coo, Gooey, Waddle Dee, Whispy Woods, Samus Aran, ROB, The Entity, The House of Light and Brightness, the good Kingdom Hearts Deities, Deities affiliated with the sun (Includes The Unconquered Sun, Ra, Helios, Aurora, Apollo, Sekhmet, Amaterasu, Princess Celestia), Meridia, Mirai Kuriyama, Esidisi, Jedah Dohma, Zero (Mega Man X), Sage, Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero (Drakengard 3), Zero Two, Ultraman, Ultraman Zero, Gai Kurenai, Isaac, Riku Asakura, the Mage of the Beginning, the Twins, Monoculus, Ramiel, Polygon Man, victims of Demonic Possession, Team Dai-Gurren
  • The planet of Pop Star is an idyllic one; colorful lush landscapes filled with (mostly) cute, friendly, easygoing inhabitants, and a general sense of peace. And yet, it seems that it keeps getting endangered by powerful, frightening, oft otherworldly threats that Kirby has to defeat to save the day. Perhaps the most infamous threat Kirby ever faced was the Dark Matter Horde, an eldritch force of unknown origin and motivations who exist to cover the universe in darkness.
    • It started when a single member arrived at the Rainbow Islands, shattering the Rainbow Bridges connecting the islands and possessing King Dedede as a first step to take over Dream Land. Kirby, with the help of his animal friends, collected the Rainbow Drops that form into the Rainbow Sword to exorcise Dedede and defeat the Dark Matter.
    • Later on, an entire swarm of Dark Matter began enveloping Pop Star, possessing more yet again. Kirby, with the help of Gooey and his new animal friends, defeated the Dark Matter instances while collecting Heart Stars, which resulted in Kirby armed with the Love Love Stick facing off against their leader Zero within the Hyper Zone.
    • It seems that third times the charm, as the Horde would eventually corrupt another planet named Ripple Star, which made the Ripple Queen send out a fairy named Ribbon out with their Crystal to escape the threat. However, Ripple was attacked by a group of Dark Matters, shattering the Crystal and making her crash onto Pop Star, where she met Kirby, who decided to help her find the missing shards. Teaming up with a Waddle Dee, Adeleine and King Dedede, the group would travel across planets to find the missing shards until they reached the considerably corrupted Ripple Star, where they defeated a member of the Horde named Miracle Matter. When it seemed all was well, the fully formed Crystal exorcised a large chunk of Dark Matter from the Queen, prompting the group to head to Dark Star, where Kirby and Ribbon with the Crystal fought against their leader 02, finally ending the Dark Matter threat for good.
  • For a long time, only Zero held the position of Disproportionately Evil Villains in Light-Hearted Shows, and it seemed it would stay that way until one peculiar day, in which a unusually high amount of darkness were found in Houses such as Villainy, Nature, Emotion, Narrative and Food. Multiple deities, including Kirby and his friends were sent to investigate the sudden darkness where they found a large portion of the Houses coated in a suffocating darkness, with a few unfortunate deities possessed by some unknown force. It was then Kirby and friends realized that this darkness came from Dark Matter, a force they have fought multiple times before. The intervening deities exorcised the Dark Matters from the possessed deities and fought the origins of the darkness, of which there now seem to be five commanders; Dark Matter Blade/Real Dark Matter, Zero, Miracle Matter, 02, and Dark Nebula. After their defeats, the commanders and remaining Dark Matters coagulated at the House of Villainous Roles, Narrative Tone and Darkness and Shadow and just remained there. The Court of the Gods decided to grant them a shared title under Zero's title as they felt it would be better to keep them there and to monitor their activity rather than try to remove them from the realm.
  • Needless to say, Kirby and his friends were not happy to see the Dark Matter Horde ascend in greater numbers, remembering how much trouble they were back in their world. Kirby hates the Horde the most, as he had to deal with them every time they invaded. The Animal Friends and Gooey also heavily oppose them, being involved in stopping two invasions, with Gooey's existence as a rogue Dark Matter making things even more notable. King Dedede also dislikes them as he happened to be possessed everytime they invaded, with his Waddle Dee army hating them too because of that plus one of the helping Kirby collect the Crystal Shards. While Meta Knight was absent during the main three invasions, he has dealt with Dark Nebula by trying to keep its treasure chest out of reach, and is willing to point his sword at them should the need arise. Samus Aran and ROB happened to be at Pop Star during the invasion and supplied Kirby with Heart Stars, so they're also willing to fight them.
  • The Dark Matter Horde are mainly located in three spots in the Pantheon; one in Villainous Roles, another in Narrative Tone and the other in Darkness And Shadow. Sometimes a few instances are seen out of those three spots, requiring some deities to purge them before it gets worse. Being a malevolent force of darkness, it was inevitable that the other forces of darkness and villains using darkness would take an interest in the Horde and want to use them for their own purposes. The problem is that the Horde is rather chaotic and self-serving, being indiscriminant when it comes to targeting victims for corruption and possession. The House of Villains know this all to well, as they were one of the Houses who fell to their initial onslaught and even some deities residing there fell victim to their Demonic Possession. Nevertheless, villains like Melkor and Chernabog are willing to use the Dark Matter Horde for their own ends, believing that letting them do their work and not interfering would make them safe from any potential attacks from them, plus some like Master Xehanort are quite interested in studying them. Of special note is Barbatos, the God of the Dark Multiverse and Dark Matter itself. Barbatos finds the Horde quite interesting and perhaps valuable to his plans of dragging worlds down in darkness, but has to make a few precautions to control the Horde in the event they might attack him. The Dark Matter Horde tend to clash a lot with other forces of darkness like the Heartless and the Dark Star over breaches of territory. Another dark force they clash with a lot is the Taken, Oryx's army consisting of empty shells corrupted by darkness.
  • Since the Dark Matter Horde are a malevolent force of darkness, it was inevitable that the light-based deities and those who wield the light would oppose them. The House of Light and Brightness are some of their fiercest opposers, as they find the existence of Dark Matter anathema to theirs. The Entity, embodiment of White Light, also greatly hates the Horde for their destructive behaviour. The benevolent Keyblade Wielders, no stranger to malevolent darkness, have sworn to fend off against the Horde and to purge it from those possessed. Deities associated with or have domains over the sun also hate the Horde for blotting out the daylight with their vile darkness, and will show them who's boss when provoked. Meridia, Knight Templar extraordinaire and light user, wants nothing but to see the entire Horde snuffed out of existence. While the Ultramen aren't really affiliated with light, they do have experience in fighting the forces of darkness, so they're willing to fight them too. Ultraman Zero in particular dislikes their possession shtick, given that he was once possessed by Ultraman Belial's spirit.
  • One of the most notable powers of the Dark Matter Horde is to possess people and take over their bodies. While possessed, the victim's appearance changes to become more frightening, and in some cases gain powers like the Dark Matter's eye bulging out of the stomach to fire projectiles. Obviously, many deities who ended up as victims of Demonic Possession really hate the Horde, and fear being possessed by them. There also happens to be others capable of Demonic Possession like the Mage of the Beginning, Pazuzu, and the Beast. The Mage, despite her darkness powers, dislikes the Horde believing them to cause nothing but suffering, Pazuzu finds them annoying to deal with, while the Beast is merely amused by them.
  • The most striking feature of the Horde is that their bodies feature a single large eye and not much else, the rest of the body being simplistic and circular. This lead to comparisons with other mono-eyed Deities like the Twins and Monoculus. Encounters with them usually end up in a big brawl between the parties. Bill Cipher, another one-eyed Eldritch Abomination, is interested in the Dark Matters and thinks it would be fun to torment the Pines by unleashing them on the twins.
  • No one is certain about the motivations of the Dark Matter Horde, or even if they have any at all; they seemingly exist to drown the universe in darkness. However, some speculate that the Horde may be lacking emotions and that they, or at least the Dark Matter Blade attacked Pop Star out of jealousy for its inhabitants camaraderie, lacking any friends to call their own. Of course, many Deities are hesitant on actually befriending any of the Dark Matters, fearing that they may be attack or possessed. For those lacking emotions like Xemnas and Flowey, they are respectively interested and disinterested in the Horde, but both of them agree that they should be cautious with them given their chaotic nature.
  • No one knows for certain on the origins of Dark Matter, but some speculate that Void Termina may be their progenitor and perhaps the first of its kind. Given the equally ambiguous ties the Dark Lord of Destruction has to Kirby himself, this theory seemingly raises more questions than answers. While these theories have yet to be proven, it has been noted that the Dark Lord of Destruction is one of the few deities the Horde has no problem with, which disturbs many deities.
  • The first instance of Dark Matter happened to be the one who tried to corrupt the Rainbow Islands by shattering the Rainbow Bridges and possessing King Dedede, with plans to corrupt all of Dream Land. It later appeared during the second invasion of Pop Star residing in the Hyper Zone. This particular Dark Matter has the ability to change between two forms; One being its "flower" form capable of shooting out dark lightning and firing out its "petals", and its "blade" form, where it attacks using its sword which can fire sword beams.
    • As it turns out, the Haltmann Works Company has somehow managed to create a clone of Dark Matter, which Star Dream summoned when testing Meta Knight's combat credentials. It's question on exactly how the Company managed to get their hands on some Dark Matter, but what's notable is that the clone pushed Star Dream to its limits and even then it could only copy the Blade form in an incomplete state, which says something about the Horde's eldritch, incomprehensible nature.
  • Zero is the leader of the Dark Matter Horde during their second attempt at taking over Pop Star. Taking residence in the Hyper Zone, the area with the highest concentration of Dark Matter, Kirby can only fight it by collecting all the Heart Stars which combine into the Love Love Stick and then flying into the Hyper Zone, upon which it appeared after the Dark Matter's defeat. It's notable for looking quite unlike its brethren, being a stark white with a blood red eye in contrast to the mostly pitch-black Dark Matters.
    • Zero's most notable trait happens to be that it attacks by shedding its own blood and shooting it at targets. It's also capable of having its eye burst out of the white body in a bloody explosion, an act which many blood-squeamish gods thought was incredibly disgusting. Its not the only Deity to use their own blood to attack, as Jedah Dohma, Esidisi, and Mirai Kuriyama can attest to. Those three gods all dislike Zero, knowing that the Horde is likely to attack and corrupt them without hesitation.
    • This Zero should not be confused with the other Zero's of the Pantheon, which include the reploid, the Intoner, and the codename of Lelouch Lamperouge. All three detest the Eldritch Abomination for its corruptive nature, the Intoner especially as it shares multiple traits with her like color scheme and an association with blood, plus it reminds her of the Flower a bit.
  • Miracle Matter is a peculiar kind of Dark Matter stationed in the center of the darkness during the invasion of Ripple Star. Its design is peculiar even by Dark Matter standards, sharing Zero's color scheme with the design of a icosahedron. It has the unique ability to change its form into ones based on Kirby's copy abilities and can only be harmed by the same ability while in one of those forms.
    • Its design as a living icosahedron has lead to some comparisons to other menacing geometric Deities like Ramiel and Polygon Man. As with other members of the Dark Matter Horde, encounters with these Deities usually end in fights, which end up surprisingly tedious due to Miracle Matter's elemental change abilities making it invulnerable to anything that doesn't match its current form.
  • 02 is the leader of the Dark Matter Horde during the invasion of Ripple Star. Residing in the humongous mass of Dark Matter referred to as Dark Star, it can only be fought when Kirby collects all the crystal shards, in which it then exorcises the Dark Star from the Ripple Queen, which makes Kirby and his allies fly to Dark Star to confront the monster. Kirby, wielding the Crystal Gun while being carried by Ribbon, fought and defeated 02, ending the Dark Matter threat once and for all.
    • Given their similar names and appearances, many speculate that 02 is a reincarnation of Zero. Plus, the bandage below its halo may hide the wound it got when it ripped its own eye from its body. This theory hasn't been completely confirmed yet, although nobody has seen both Zero and 02 at the same time in the Pantheon.
    • 02 should not be confused with, and is in no way related to the half-Klaxosaur hybrid with a similar name. Zero Two would rather not associate herself with an Eldritch Abomination, and insinuating otherwise will earn you a beating from either parties.
  • Dark Nebula is a bit of an odd duck, as he wasn't involved in any of those three events but rather a completely unrelated one. In this story, Kirby was chasing Daroach and his gang because he believed they were holding his cake captive in a treasure chest while believing it to be precious treasure. Things didn't improve when Meta Knight arrived and took the chest for himself, not explaining why to Kirby or Daroach. After much fighting, Daroach finally opened the chest, only to find neither cake nor treasure, but rather Dark Nebula, who possessed him and took off to Gamble Galaxy, prompting Kirby to chase him, and with Daroach's Triple Star Cane, defeated the monster after exorcising the being out of Daroach's body.
    • Dark Nebula spend much of its time locked inside a treasure chest until Daroach inadvertently freed it from its confines. Even in the Pantheon, it's usually stuck inside its treasure prison, waiting for some unsuspecting deity to open it up and release it. Of course, some overly curious Deity usually ends up releasing it from its prison, forcing Kirby and a few others to combat it. Because of this, it gets lumped with other sealed threats like Nightmare, Dagon, and Typhon, so it's often on watch.
    • Dark Nebula has been noted to have some resemblances with Starro, in that they're both star-shaped, cyclopean entities capable of possessing/attaching themselves to others to control them. The two tend to clash often whenever they're near eachother, so chances of them teaming up are slim.
    • Certain Deities find it quite amusing that Kirby and Daroach both expected cake and treasure respectively, only to find Dark Nebula inside, rendering their efforts for naught in a sense. GLaDOS in particular finds it kinda funny that after all that chasing and running around, the cake really was a lie in Kirby's case even if he got his cake in the end.
  • By the way, there might be more members of the Dark Matter Horde like Dark Mind and Dark Crafter, but no one is certain if they really are a part of the Horde or it's just a coincidence.
  • Can also be found in Narrative Tone.

"If they shoot down one plane, hundreds more shall rain fire upon them! If they cut off one head... Two more shall take its place! Hail HYDRA!"

HYDRA, Divine Grand-Scale Evil Organization
  • Greater Deities as a whole (ranges from Demideities to Intermediate Deities individually)
  • Symbol: A Skull with tentacles
  • Theme Song: Hydra
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: An organization founded by Nazis, who have several Nazi members and who like to emulate Nazis, We Have Reserves, The Evils of Free Will, The Syndicate, Take Over the World, All that’s left of the third reich
  • Domain: War, Weapons, Leadership, Nazism.
  • Followers: Talon
  • Leader: Red Skull, Hydra Supreme Captain America
  • High Council Members: Madame Hydra, Hive, Gorgon, Arnim Zola, Doctor Faustus, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker
  • Allies: Doctor Octopus, Shocker, The Black Organization, Millennium, The Admiral, Roman Torchwick, The Shredder, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Edward Richtofen
  • Enemies: Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, the Hulk, Ant-Man, Wolverine, all ascended Kamen Riders (especially Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji), the Gorengers, All Ascended Heroic Gundam Pilots, All ascended Pretty Cure, Lucifer, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Zaheer, Captain Planet, Aang, Sora, Korra, Duke, 2nd Division Symphogears, ascended Strike Witches, Hellsing Organization, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Optimus Prime, Raiden, Archer, Tracer, The Combine, Gandalf
  • Originally born as a Nazi sub-group, it took a life of its own and somewhat differentiated itself from the Nazi regime. Now, they spent every resource in their disposal to try and take over the world. Make no mistake, however. Not all Nazis are Hydra, but all of Hydra are Nazis. Hydra was founded by Nazis (some of whom are still alive to this day and who are still part of Hydra), loves to emulate Nazis (both in method and symbolism), practices the same fascistic and xenophobic beliefs as the Third Reich, has the same color palette as the Nazis (well, when they aren’t using their classic green and yellow colors, that is), they love engaging in mad science shenanigans and their leader is the Red Skull. Some members of Hydra will even proudly proclaim both their status and Hydra’s status as Nazis.
    • There have been groups that were also part of HYDRA but splintered off as well. These include The Hand and AIM (though it’s been hinted that The Hand is actually much older than Hydra or the Third Reich Hydra was born from).
  • It should be noted that HYDRA is acting as a sort of supplier towards the GUAE with the Red Skull acting as their leader and representative. These include any weapons or soldiers that they want to assist them in any way.
  • At least some of the more paranoid members of the GUAG, like Batman, are convinced that maybe the GUAG itself might be part of HYDRA. This is because one version of the organization turned out to be S.H.I.E.L.D. itself.
  • Ironically enough, despite technically counting as a Nazi organization, its current self includes people of all races, gender and ethnicities. Even still, they have worked with Millennium in the past and as stated above, Hydra was founded by Nazis, is being lead by The Red Skull and shares the same beliefs as The Third Reich, because at the end of the day, they are the Third Reich...or at least all that’s left of it.
  • Has employed some criminals in the pantheon like Jinx and Roman Torchwick. These jobs mostly deal with stealing advance supplies to use for weapons like Dust.
    • They have also inducted the ascended COBRA members into their ranks, making Baroness their Madame Hydra.
  • Because their current objective is to govern the world and eliminate free will, they been oppose by both Lucifer and Zaheer. Interesting enough, that would mean they would have been good candidates for YHVH's GUAL.
  • It seems many of their members like to hug each other while whispering "Hail Hydra". Some members of the pantheon have mock this like Yang, Rainbow Dash, and even Yoda. However, there are some who do believe they are HYDRA agents. But that's nonsense. Right?
  • There has been reports of non-ascended Marvel villains who have associated with HYDRA in the past to be seen in the pantheon. It seems they found a loop hole for them to be part of the pantheon. The most frequent member is Baron Zemo, a foe of Captain America.
  • Have been known to brainwash people for their causes. One of those people includes Wolverine himself.
  • Many of the ascended Kamen Riders really despise HYDRA. This is because their organization reminds them of Shocker. Many believe that the two groups are one in the same.
  • Came into the possession of the Pym Particle. It's unknown what's their plan for it.
  • Remember, cut the head of a hydra, two more will take its place. Cut those, another two. And those, another two.

    King Cold 
King Cold, God of Villainous Legacies (Cold the Great, Papa Frieza, Lord King Cold, Admiral Cold)
Cold in the Cold Force era 

Malefor, God of Unseen Overarching Threats (The Dark Master, The Undead Dragon King)
As The Undead Dragon King 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A dark crystal with his face on it
  • Theme Music: Malefor Battle (All Three Phases)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Elemental Powers, Purple Is Powerful, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, Knight of Cerebus, Card-Carrying Villain, Evil Sounds Deep, Omnicidal Maniac, Dark Is Evil, Made of Evil, Names to Run Away from Really Fast, Fallen Hero, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Dragons, Destruction
  • Followers: SCP-579, The Blair Witch, The Fist Evil
  • Allies: Evil-aligned Dragons, especially Deathwing and King Ghidorah, Mephiles the Dark, Arthas Menethil
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ripto
  • Rivals: Nicol Bolas, Sindragosa, Alduin
  • Enemies: Spyro, Ignitus, Sparx, all Good and Neutral-aligned Dragons, The Spring Sprite
  • Opposed by: Many Primate deities
  • Interested in: The Firebird
  • Spyro has encountered many foes throughout his career, but arguably, his most dangerous adversary was Malefor. He is a purple dragon much like Spyro, but far larger and very much evil. Driven by a desire for power and exiled from his kin because of it, Malefor used an army of apes to wage war against his own kind and not only slaughtered a bunch of baby dragon eggs, but kidnapped one of them and corrupted the dragon in the process (though Cynder, the dragon in question, did later break out of her brainwashing thanks to Spyro). Although Spyro didn't directly meet The Dark Master until the very end, Malefor proved to be Spyro's greatest threat due in no small part of a successful plan to break free from where he was held and coming dangerously close to achieving his goal of destroying the world.
  • The Pantheon had been used to many strange and unusual occurrences and a dark crystal mysteriously showing up one day just happened to be another such occurrence. Spyro, Sparx, and Ignitus knew something wasn't right given that they were familiar with a crystal of that kind. Sure enough, Malefor was communicating through that crystal, telling Spyro that he had come back not only to finish what he had started, but to get revenge. After Malefor finished talking, Spyro knew that he couldn't let The Dark Master succeed in destroying the world (again) and made it a priority to stop Malefor for good.
  • When he was still imprisoned, Malefor used an army of apes to carry out his plan to free himself and once that was accomplished, he repaid them by turning them into undead beings. This made many a primate deity detest Malefor, but he is not interested in any business with monkeys (the ones that are evil anyway) since he has some more deadly allies he can use for his goals.
  • A key part in Malefor's plan for world destruction was through The Great Destroyer, a creature that would walk around the world and destroy it after going through it entirely. The Dark Master heard about The Firebird and how it is capable of creating firey destruction, albeit at a quicker rate. The dragon saw it as a potent idea in furthering his goals, but unfortunately, he also heard about The Spring Sprite, a being that can undo destruction just as easily as The Firebird can cause such. Malefor saw her as a significant obstacle in his plans.
  • Mephiles the Dark took a liking to Malefor due to the fact that they almost succeeded at destroying the world and had manipulative tendencies. The dragon certainly became interested when he found out that Mephiles was able to kill Sonic the Hedgehog (even if said death was only temporary). Since no one can truly stay dead in the Pantheon, the most Malefor could think of in terms of handling Spyro is figuring out a way that would make Spyro incapacitated for a prolonged period of time, thus allowing Malefor to have an easier time getting close to his goals.
  • While he is primarily known as The Dark Master, he also has a different form which goes by The Undead Dragon King. As this moniker would suggest, this particular form is an undead dragon that wears some armor that not only keeps his appearance together, but stores magical energy to increase his strength. Whereas The Dark Master wanted to destroy the world, The Undead Dragon King's goal was to take over it. Within the Pantheon, Malefor treats his Undead Dragon King form and the world domination goal as his Plan B in case his primary objective of destroying the world as The Dark Master fails.
  • It didn't take him that long to learn about other dragons who had a similar destructive motivation. Malefor gets along great with Deathwing due to the latter's power, along with how they started off as benevolent beings before turning to a path of chaos and destruction. He also admires Ghidorah's insanity and destruction and is willing to use it whenever Ghidorah isn't busy with his own goals or just working for other malevolent deities.
  • Even if he managed to strike up an alliance with many evil dragons, there are some who don't exactly get along with him. Alduin sees Malefor as another competitor in terms of dragons who want to destroy everything. That said, Alduin doesn't put Malefor on the same level of respect compared to Deathwing, simply because Malefor relied on a supposedly dormant force to destroy the world rather than just decimate everything directly like what Deathwing did. In fairness, Malefor does have number of elemental powers to use; it's just that Deathwing is much more powerful and Malefor prefers to plan things beforehand.
    • Malefor's rivalry with Nicol Bolas is just as potent, if not more so, as that of Alduin's. Given how Malefor nearly destroyed the world and has a variety of magical powers to use, along with how Nicol Bolas is potentially stronger than Malefor and sees him destroying everything as a major obstacle towards Nicol's goal of conquest, a possible battle between the two is bound to get deadly.
  • He actually found a bit in common with Arthas Menethil. Both originally had the potential to become a great hero, but both were driven by a lust for power and became the villains that they are. Not only do the two have control over the undead in some capacity, but Malefor also has a Dracolich form, something that Arthas found a bit interesting. The two hang out with each other on occasion.
    • This did not go over well with Sindragosa, Arthas' pet as not only is Malefor very destructive, but Malefor has also associated himself with Deathwing, someone whom Sindra despises greatly. She has battled Malefor several times, not only to prevent him from meeting Arthas, but to also make sure Malefor doesn't go near Deathwing.
  • Because of how he can take a lot of damage and still be in good fighting condition, he considers dragonslayers to be more of a nuisance than a real threat. He has battled against a few of them whenever they cross paths, though he is prepared for whenever they have stronger weapons to use against him.
  • Much to his surprise, Malefor found out that Spyro had another arch-enemy, prompting The Dark Master to see who that adversary was like. His first meeting with Ripto went very poorly not just for Malefor, but for Ripto as well. The only thing that they had in common was being Spyro's enemies, but they differed in just about everything else. Ripto's undying prejudice towards dragons not only damaged a potential friendship with Malefor, but the latter being far more competent in general has left Ripto very jealous and Malefor believes that Ripto's issues are holding him back from being more effective at using his powers.

Typhon, God of Sealed Villains (Typhoeus, Typhaeon, Typhos, The Father of All Monsters, Titan of Wind, The Storm Giant, Echidna's Husband, The Last Of The Titans, Omega Omega Omega)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Mt. Etna
  • Theme Song: Typhon Mountain
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Dreaded, Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever, Monstrous Spawn of Gaia and Tartarus Set to Avenge the Titans, Hero Killer, The Juggernaut, Imprisoned Under a Mountain that Later Became Mt. Etna, Multiple Head Case, Our Monsters Are Weird, Father of All Monsters, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Evil Uncle and Also Evil Grand-Uncle, In a Happy Marriage with Echidna
  • Domains: Monsters, Venom, Terror, Storms, Earth and Hell
  • Followers: Jenova, Pariah Dark
  • Allies: Gaea and Tartarus (his parents), Eris, Cerberus and most monsters from Classical Mythology (his children), Shub-Niggurath, Medusa, Ragnaros the Firelord, Cthulhu, Demise, Ghatanothoa
  • On Good Terms with: The House Otherness
  • On Speaking Terms with: Heatran, Al'Akir the Windlord
  • Rivals: Godzilla, Apophis
  • Enemies: Every single Olympian god, ESPECIALLY ZEUS, Hercules, Thor, Wonder Woman, Kratos, Ra, Hoss Delgado, the Hunter and all monster hunters, Tikal, Mogo, Dante Aligheri
  • Opposes: The House of Earth and Rock
  • Opposed by: Captain Planet, Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, any god from Sicily
  • Distrusts: Shepherds and flutists
  • When the Olympians had defeated the Titans, they did not count on the wrath of their grandmother, the Earth herself. Angry at her children's fall from grace, she bred with Tartarus himself to produce the ultimate opponent-Tartarus, father of all monsters and a beast so great his head reached the heavens. The Olympians ran, and even Zeus lost his first battle. Only by slamming a mountain on top of him were they able to seal the monster away.
  • The reason Mt Etna is volcanic? That's Typhon imprisoned underneath, raging and breathing fire as he tries to escape. Some stories say he was imprisoned in Tartarus, but that could also be him being punted deep into the world or simply being so large it's both. He seems oddly fond of Heatran for being a beast born of lava, mistakenly thinking he is "a spawn of my rage". Ragnaros the Firelord sees a lot of potential in the monster.
  • Appearance-wise he's difficult to describe. The current picture is Marvel's estimation of how he's usually envisioned-the upper body of a man with serpentine coils or snakes for a lower body like his mate Echidna, arms of up to a hundred snake heads, wings and fire in his eyes. His eyes are known to seep venom, which the House of Toxicity is trying to collect.
  • As strange as it seems he is Happily Married to Echidna, and the feeling is mutual. Together the two produced almost every monster in Greek Mythology, all they seem to care for. It's one of the few functional relationships the Greek gods have. There's certainly the weird factor of Echidna being his sister or neice, but that's par for the course for Greek gods. Saddened Echidna hadn't ascended, he was able to take consolation in being friends with a similar entity, Shub-Niggurath.
  • As the father of all monsters, he cares deeply for the House of Otherness even if some don't like him. Despite his vendetta against the Olympians, he'll be peacable when in that sub-house. Though if the monsters want to help him fight them, they can go right ahead. Because Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas, he refuses to combat Captain Planet or the planeteers despite being a blight in many ways as they're Gaea's champions.
  • How was Typhon even able to be in the pantheon when he was stuck under Mt Etna? Hera, that's why. She was using him as her dragon, and as strange as it seems her lover. He was being brainwashed/under her control at the time, and was utterly enraged that Hera had effectively raped and used him. Hercules managed to be the one to put an end to him, but unfortunately Gaea and Tartarus have used the Trope Pantheon to restore their son.
  • One of a few who enjoys dwelling in Tartarus, though only if voluntary and not a case of Sealed Evil in a Can. Not that surprising, given Tartarus is his father. Other Hells are comfortable for him. He was initially distrustful of Dante Aligheri due to trekking through Hell, due to it being a similar realm to Tartarus. Doesn't think a mortal should be able to do that. This distrust turned to outright hatred when he killed Cerberus, and Typhon has sworn to avenge his son.
  • Was incredibly pissed at learning that Kratos had killed his mother, and as one of the few gods to survive his wrath swears to be the one to put him down for good. He has also swore to take down Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Given his imprisonment under a mountain he has issues of the House of Earth and Rock, along with shepherds and flutists because of Pan's integral role in his defeat. He opposes Mogo due to its gravity able to imprison people within itself, like how it combated the Black Lanterns.
  • Being the father of all monsters, Typhon is an enemy that all who fight and hunt monsters for a living. Hoss Delgado was incensed to learn of his ascension, as was the Hunter from Bloodborne. It has also earned him a rivalry with Godzilla. The father of all monsters was fascinated by the concept of a Kaiju, having been unaware of Japan's existence. And Godzilla was their greatest member, so he felt him a Worthy Opponent to oppose. The two fought, and after a tiring battle Godzilla got the upper hand by pushing him back under Mt Etna.
  • He sees Apophis as a rival as well, because of their similar role in mythology; the cataclysmic and terrifying monster to end all monsters, who's the greatest enemy the Top God ever faced. However unlike Apophis, Typhon is usually not an Omnicidal Maniac, though sometimes his desire for revenge can lead to this. He would consider allying with the monstrous serpent to help take down the Greek pantheon, but as he was literally created to do so doesn't want his help.
  • Has an understanding with Cthulhu as like him, he's imprisoned in a way. Same with Demise. He gets along with Demise more as like him he "cursed" the land by spawning countless monsters. He has allied with Medusa because he understands her anger against the Greek gods. Tikal, despite being sealed for millennia, considers him the kind of monster that needs to be sealed.
  • Apparently he's a god of storms as well, though this is less well-known. He has a respect for Al'Akir as a fellow god of the wind.

Intermediate Gods

    The Brotherhood of Evil 
The Brotherhood of Evil, Divine Organization of Villainous Groups
L - R: Warp, The Brain, Phobia and Monsieur Mallah
Their Teen Titans selvesnote 
  • Intermediate God-level organization with Overdeity-level firepower.
  • Symbol: The Brain himself
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Brotherhood of Evil, Played Seriously Despite Some Silly Concepts, Legion of Doom, Card-Carrying Villain, Obviously Evil
  • Domains: Villains, Organizations
  • Heralds: Most Teen Titans Villains, especially Professor Chang
  • Allies: Shocker, HYDRA, Queen Beryl, The Death Busters, The Dead Moon Circus, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Martians (Mars Attacks!), Dr. Gero, Giovanni, Ghetsis Harmonia, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Bowser, Dimentio, Ganondorf, Xemnas, Dr. Nefarious, Yuuki Terumi, HIM, Mojo Jojo, Joker, The Incubators, Tabuu, Andross, Aku, Melkor, The Shredder, Queen Chrysalis, Moro, the Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Friendly Rival: Lord Voldemort, The Beast (General Immortus)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Princess Morbucks
  • Enemies: All Heroic DC Comics Deities, especially Garfield Logan and the ascended Teen Titans, Gorilla Grodd, Eobard Thawne, The Grand United Alliance of Good, All Heroic Marvel Comics Deities, most of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, especially Nekron and Death Phantom, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, The Daleks, Adora and Catra
  • On speaking terms with: The House of Love and Affection (The Brain and Monsieur Mallah)
  • The Brotherhood of Evil was founded by the Brain after he had his body destroyed by an explosion arranged by Niles Caulder, though he was rescued by Monsieur Mallah. It is an organization with two purposes. Take Over the World and destroy Caulder and the Doom Patrol as well as anyone else that would dare oppose them.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon when the Brain, who happened to be one of Dr. Gero’s followers, decided that he was no longer content with his position and launched a carefully planned attack with Monsieur Mallah, other members of the Brotherhood of Evil and some Mecha-Mooks. It was eventually stopped, but they were all ascended under Brotherhood of Evil afterwards by Melkor, much to the displeasure of many...which also happened to be exactly what they were counting on.
  • As Madame Rouge’s main incarnation turned against the Brotherhood of Evil, it has been decided that the version of her from the Teen Titans universe would be included instead. The rest of the Brotherhood of Evil have been watching her carefully to make sure that she doesn’t get replaced by her comic incarnation. On the other hand, there are many villains from the Teen Titans universe that are serving as their heralds, though the one most commonly seen working with the Brotherhood of Evil on some of their plans is Professor Chang.
  • They absolutely d e t e s t those who would manipulate others into betraying their allies due to what Captain Zahl did to Madame Rouge. None have earned their scorn more than the Death Phantom, who immediately went to work trying to manipulate them into turning against each other and helping him kill everyone, his Mind Manipulation abilities allowing these attempts to sometimes temporarily succeed. It has gotten to the point where he and the rest of the Brotherhood are willing to pull an Enemy Mine with the Sailor Senshi against him, especially after learning of his goals.
  • Davros was amused to learn that the Brain's casing was somewhat designed off of that of the Daleks in one universe. The Daleks, while interested in potentially exploiting him for his intelligence, have made it clear that they want to kill him too...which isn't surprising, really. The Doctor has been keeping an eye on the Brain because of this.
  • Became allies with Shocker and HYDRA due to the three all being evil organizations with world conquest in mind. The Brain sees this as a great opportunity to destroy heroes to a greater extent than ever before, while the Great Leader and Red Skull don’t mind the company, if only because he is great at planning. As it started off as a regular crime syndicate before becoming a full-blown villainous organization, they are also associating themselves with Giovanni. The Brain finds Ghetsis’ plans of manipulating the Unova Region to ensure nobody could challenge his plans to conquer brilliant and believes him to be much more intelligent than the other villains from his world.
  • The Brain and Monsieur Mallah, surprisingly enough, have a relationship with each other and because of this they are sometimes seen in the House of Love and Affection. One day, they met one of Queen Beryl’s heralds, Jadeite, who announced to the two that she wished to meet them. They agreed to meet with her and Jadeite smirked, knowing that his queen would be pleased. The Brain and Monsieur Mallah, upon learning that Queen Beryl desires a relationship with Mamoru Chiba, have decided to help her.
  • The Brain has remained on good terms with Dr. Gero even after the ascension of the Brotherhood of Evil and is currently getting help from him on making potential countermeasures against Son Goku, who he sees a very great threat to his plans. He would’ve been allies with Frieza, but his Fantastic Racism lead him to attack Mallah, something that the Brain didn’t like at all.
  • The Brain eventually declared that the Brotherhood of Evil would be allying themselves with Melkor and the GUAE. Madame Rouge has become a headache for the other alliances to deal with as her ability to shapeshift into others and mimic their voices makes it hard to tell if its her or not. Unlike other shapeshifters like Queen Chrysalis, she is actually more than capable of pretending to be the person she transforms into. Given Chrysalis was already quite good at imitating Cadance...
  • Are utterly repulsed by Eobard Thawne as he proves to be an utterly shitty boss and leader and ultimately doesn’t give two shits about his minions, even going as far as to plant bombs on them. They have started speaking with Captain Cold about this and despite him disapproving of some of the Brotherhood’s plans, he is glad to have people outside of his Rogues to speak to about this issue.
  • The Brain and Monsieur Mallah are pretty pissed at Gorilla Grodd due to that one time he killed them. The Brain has been mobilizing his forces to capture him and possibly make hypnosis devices using Grodd’s powers as a potential template.
  • Despite Voldemort’s beliefs that he is the only one who should be immortal, he and General Immortus are on rather good terms though they aren’t allies. However, they do have connections to each other through the GUAE and Immortus likes making small talk with him. He’s also rather friendly with The Beast of The Unknown, but they ended up becoming rivals rather than allies.
  • Madame Rouge ended up becoming foes with Adora and Catra as the two girls had once encountered a shapeshifting spy called Double Trouble who tormented them on multiple occasions. However, Rouge is extremely skilled in defeating heroes and they know to go all out from the beginning whenever they fight against her. She is also greatly disliked by Monkey D. Luffy, who is rather unhappy that she uses her Rubber Woman powers for evil.
  • Monsieur Mallah dislikes Koba as he finds his acts of evil to be completely abominable by his standards and is opposed to his dislike of humans as that is exactly what the Brain was before his body was destroyed. Monsieur Mallah is greatly disliked by Silica as her mother was killed by an ape-like beast, though he is nothing but friendly towards her.

    The Cloverfield Monster 
The Cloverfield Monster, Deity of Threats that Come out of Nowhere (Cloverfield, Clover, Clovie, Darwin, LSA, Large-Scale Aggressor)
The monster in its infant stage
  • Intermediate Deity. Its mother (And by extension its hypothetical adult stage) is a Greater Goddess.
  • Symbol: The Cloverfield Film Series Logo. Alternatively, the sight of the beheaded Statue of Liberty
  • Theme Song: Roar
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Chaotic Neutral when provoked or frightened.
  • Portfolio: An unexplained and terrifying threat, All information about the monster is found in supplementary materials, Kaiju, Ambiguous Gender, Got its name from its clover leaf-shaped footprints, Non-Malicious Monster, Tragic Monster, Mysterious Past, Killed Off for Real, Was killed by a tactical nuke strike
  • Domains: Kaiju, Threats, Unexplained, Ambiguity
  • Herald: The Parasites (Not by choice, they just came along with the monster)
  • High Priest: Apocalymon
  • Followers: The Loc-Nar
  • Allies: Godzilla, Anguirus, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Fluttershy, The Monsters (Monsters vs Aliens) The Grand United Alliance of Nature (Most of the time)
  • Enemies: Evil-aligned Kaiju (Especially King Ghidorah, Hedorah and Destoroyah), Hircine, Scarface, The Monster Hunters, Pokemon Hunter J, Fatalis, Yapool, Hoss Delgado, Nergigante, All Military Deities in the Pantheon (Especially HECU, and The Black Ops), The G-Man.
  • Neutral towards: Raleigh and Mako, Battra, King Kong, Rodan
  • Sympathy from: The House of Mothers
  • The Cloverfield monster was a creature with a most mysterious past. Nothing about it is known, other than the fact that it was rampaging across New York in the year of 2008. The creature left a path of destruction and death everywhere it went, and seemed unstoppable, at least until the Hammer Down Protocol was executed, leading to the creature getting killed with tactical nukes, ending its rampage.
  • Not much is known about the ascension of the creature, like everything else about it, only that its Temple appeared one day in the Pantheon without much warning from the Pantheon Handlers, who themselves don't know much about it, either. For the most part, the best advice given to deal with the presence of said temple is to leave it alone and not disturb the monster inside, who is content with simply sheltering itself in its temple and never coming out.
  • It has a neutral view towards most kaiju, and even those that are technically allied with it can become enemies should the monster be too frightened or provoked into fighting by an outside influence.
  • It's nature as a wild animal driven by instinct means that it's relatively easy to keep him calm inside his temple, thus many of the Beast Handlers make sure to keep the Creature indoors and ensure it remains undisturbed by any possible intruders or enemies.
    • Steve Irwin is one of Clover's handlers and has tried to ensure Clover remains at calm and satisfied within his temple, in spite of the limited knowledge of anything regarding his species, other than Clover's personality and reasons for his rampage. At least Clover's proven to be a much easier kaiju to keep calm than most.
  • Due to Godzilla's status, Clover respects the King of Monsters for the most part and is willing to follow his commands, assuming it isn't provoked into a rage by someone else, Godzilla tries to be an authoritative figure to the young creature, usually hoping to tame down its more destructive tendencies.
    • In the same boat, Mothra and Mothra Leo have tried to make sure Clover remains at peace in its temple, far from human contact or anything that could offset it into attacking.
  • Has become enemies with monster hunters of all kinds in the Pantheon, mainly due to his destructiveness and dangerous nature when provoked as well as the possibility of his body parts' being used in a concoction, weapon or something else stemming from the lack of knowledge on Clover's nature and everything beyond basics. Among the most notable stand out:
    • The Monster Hunters who view Cloverfield as a big target to hunt and make weapons out of due to its possible armor and weapons being hypothetically among the most powerful artifacts they could craft.
    • Likewise, Hunter J has set her sights on capturing the monster, one way or the other. Though she's known to be careful on how she goes about it, knowing that while her target is an infant, it's still a very destructive one that can and will kill her if she's careless or messes up.
    • Hoss Delgado cares little about Clover's sympathetic motivations and is more than willing to take it down should it go out of control, though at least gives it leeway when not attacking, and isn't going out of his way to attack Clover either, mainly due to mellowing out on monsters a bit.
    • Hircine has also set his sights on hunting Clover, viewing its power as making it a worthy prey of a hunt. Clover has had to fight off apparitions of Hircine sent by the God to hunt him, successfully taking each one out, and thus far remains on a bitter enmity with the Hunting God.
  • Receives a lot of sympathy from the House of Mothers due to one of Clover's motivations for his rampage, being its attempt at finding its mother and reuniting with her. That Clover never reunited with her also gave him some sympathy from Deities who've lost their mothers or were separated from them and never reunited with.
  • Has nothing but contempt for all the military deities in the Pantheon, regardless of where they're aligned, given its own death at the hands of the Hammerdown Protocol, where it was bombarded with tactical nukes, as well as the military's own attacks further provoking it into aggression. The military deities are neutral towards Clover itself, but some are less than lenient about it. Standing out are two:
    • The HECU view Clover as an alien threat, uncaring about where it came from, and thus view it a a high-priority target for extermination and have tried to carry out various assaults against the monster, usually by causing commotions out of its temple to force it out in the open.
    • The Black Ops are all too willing to nuke Clover to death if it means furthering their goals, thus putting them high on Clover's enemy list, the Ops are currently looking for a plan to have Clover exterminated, uncaring if recreating the Hammer Down Protocol will devastate the Pantheon Houses in the process.
  • Has an Odd Friendship of sorts with fellow American Kaiju, Zilla, as both creatures have similar core motivations and aren't really malicious, so much as scared and provoked by military forces into their rampages, that they both trashed New York City (Although Clover did so more directly than Zilla) is merely a coincidence as neither creature knows much about locations on Earth.
    • Similarly, it shows respect to the Great Ape, King Kong, who also was a scared creature acting out of fear against his aggressors. That said, their more territorial natures have led to it being a rather neutral relationship on both ends
  • Has also become a target/possible prey of Nergigante, who views it as no different from the Elder Dragons it hunts, though getting to Clover's temple is no easy feat as the creature is good at keeping itself out of trouble and sight, as well as the creature itself being no pushover in a fight despite its age. Nergigante remains determined to one day fight and defeat Clover, regardless.
  • The various Deities in the House of Science have tried to start research projects to look more into the biology of the monster, given that several sources have contradicting claims of its origins, some stating it's a creature from the ocean, others that it came from outer space, and other ones claiming it comes from a completely different dimension. Currently, Philantropists of Benelovent Science are doing their best to keep the Evilutionists of Mad Science from getting their hands on samples of Clover's blood or taking one of its parasites for their own research, given how highly dangerous the possibility of either thing falling into their control is.
  • Is enemies with all evil aligned kaiju, especially the likes of King Ghidorah, who's goals of destroying Earth or terraforming it Clover does not like. Nor does it like the fact that Ghidorah and Gigan will pick on him when he can, taking advantage of Clover's young age to torment it relentlessly or bully it into aiding their destructive rampages. For this reason, his alliance with the good Kaiju and Toku deities has strenghtened, as means of keeping himself safe from would-be bullies or aggressors.
  • Is currently under heavy watch by Raleigh and Mako, who while not appreciative of rampaging kaiju in any context, can at least give Cloverfield a wide berth due to its less aggressive nature when not provoked and the fact that Clover would rather stay in its temple without bothering anyone else, though they aren't going to doubt about taking it down should it go out of control again.
  • It hates the G-Man and the Combine for reasons unknown, though some suspect they must have aggravated Clover in the past and provoked it into fighting them. Others suspect that the enmity was born from the two Deities' alignment coinciding with the Black Ops and HECU, as those two military corps have aggravated Clover in the past. The organizations are also interested in Clover's origins and biological properties, as their potential in scientific experiments has not been explored and could yield interesting results in the future.
  • An ally it actually found without issue was Ultraman Cosmos, as the pacifist Ultra calmed it down a day where Clover was aggravated into a rampage and even protected it from harm before safely carrying Clover back to its temple for it to be undisturbed. Clover will at times leave its temple to seek out Cosmos, Clover's appreciation also increased after hearing of Planet Juran, where it could make itself home at and finally live in peace and harmony without fear of being harmed or attacked.

    Crush and Gulp 
Crush and Gulp, Divine Duo of Co-Dragons
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A Club (Crush) and Mounted Energy Guns (Gulp)
  • Theme Songs: Crush's Dungeon (Reignited Remix) and Gulp's Overlook (Reignited Remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Co-Dragons, The Brute, Dumb Muscle, Undying Loyalty to Ripto
  • Domains: Underlings, Evil, Intelligence, Boss Fights, Dinosaurs
  • Allies: Ripto (Their boss), Gnasty Gnorc, The Sorceress, Dr. Neo Cortex, Ornstein and Smough, Sharptooth
  • Enemies: Spyro, Sparx, Hunter and Bianca, Moneybags, Crash Bandicoot, Dragons in general.
  • Crush and Gulp are the minions of Ripto and follow their master bidding without question. While the two are a bit on the less intelligent side they nonetheless make up with their enormous size and Ripto, while frequently complaining about their incompetence, wanted the two to have a temple in order to plan the destruction of Spyro. After messing with a few portals, both Crush and Gulp entered the Pantheon but were caught by the authorities and then reviewed for a position, where Ripto managed to convince the Court of Gods to keep his underlings in a separate house and they agreed to give them the position of Co-Dragons given their relation to Ripto.
  • They aren't exactly known for their brightness but both Crush and Gulp are known to be fairly effective at what they do, even if Spyro made them look like complete buffoons. Crush acts as the enforcer and bodyguard of Ripto, being the first one his boss would send in case someone threatens Ripto's plans while Gulp acts as Ripto's steed and a potential second bodyguard should Crush fall.
  • Needless to say, they have tried to eliminate Spyro under the orders of their master but once again, the tiny dragon managed to best them. Most of the time, Crush and Gulp work as the main enforces for the trio of Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc and the Sorceress since unlike the latter two, at least Ripto tried to give his underlings a temple in order to gain more influence.
  • While not as noticeable as Ripto, the duo also despise dragons though mostly thanks to Spyro besting them and had numerous times invaded the House of Dragons in order to kick them out and steal the temple for themselves. Of course this attempts have been mostly unsuccesful given that the dragons that live there are much more imposing than Spyro.
  • Crush and Gulp also had an encounter with Crash Bandicoot after their boss teamed up with Dr. Cortex in order to eliminate their respective Arch-Enemy though as usual, they all failed and were foiled by Crash and Spyro working together. Though seeing as Cortex is still around the Pantheon and pretty much trying to get rid of those pesky bandicoots, both Crush and Gulp were happy to lend their hand in helping Cortex succeed but so far, Crash and Spyro have managed to prevail.
  • Given their association with Ripto, Crush and Gulp met another duo that also despises Dragons, though their reasoning was much more related towards an event that wiped out all dragons and drove them to extinction but nevetherless both Ornstein and Smough were at first not impressed at the minions Ripto employed but gave the two some pointers on how to work together just like the armor-clad warriors do.
  • They come from a race of dinosaur looking people though it seems Crush and Gulp are much more primal than Ripto in comparison and no one is sure why (some believe Gulp is an animal and not part of their race). Their imposing frame reminds a lot of people of the Sharptooth and they even share the viciousness with the creature, who for the most part tolerates them. This alliance also reached the attention of the Gang of Seven, who were terrified of the potential danger that Crush and Gulp posed.
  • Crush has a habit of using a giant chicken leg as his weapon of choice, which made so many deities wonder where exactly did he get it in the first place. Some have said that he is even willing to do that to whatever dragon pisses him off or at least anyone who Rito sics Crush after.
  • The duo initially tried to abandon Ripto after the latter seemingly perished in his fight against Spyro, Crush by trying to get a higher education while Gulp becoming part of a petting zoo of mistreated animals though once Ripto returned, they went back to their original role.
  • One of the few things that Crush and Gulp are actually allowed to do is to torment Moneybags, mostly given the latter's tendency to charge for the silliest things and since Ripto also likes to mess with the bear, it's a win for everyone....except Moneybags of course.
  • Can also be found in Second-in-Commands.

    Enter (Go-Busters
Enter, God of the Dragon Ascendants (Enter Unite, Dark Buster)
Enter Unite 
Dark Buster 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Vaglass Emblem with the word bubbled "Tres Bien!"
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Avatars, Hard Light, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Paper-Thin Disguise, The Chessmaster, Cool Shades, Combat Tentacles, Dragon Ascendant, Crazy-Prepared, Villains who Don't Care for their Comrades Whatsoever, The Perfectionist, Causing Human Suffering for the Sake of Evil, Troll, Empowered by Hatred, Purely Evil Characters With Unexpected Popularity
  • Followers: The Cigarette Smoking Man/Carl Geuhard Busch, Arkillo, Ramirez
  • Domains: Villainy, Avatars, Depravity, Despair, Perfection
  • Herald: Escape
  • Allies: Shocker, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Sark, Albedo Paziolla, Ex-, Trakeena
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Venjix Virus/Evox
  • Rivals: Agent Smith, Ultron, Cell
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially the Super Sentai and Power Rangers, particularly the Go-Busters), Neo, the GUAG White Hats (especially Tron, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, and all good-aligned Digimon deities), Makoto Naegi, Madoka Kaname, Satellizer el Bridget, Barry Allen/The Flash, Ruby Rose, Fresh Pretty Cures (especially Miki Aono/Cure Berry)
  • Disappointed Towards: Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King, Monaca Towa
  • Enter has managed to ascend in the pantheon the moment he finally took over the Vaglass organization after "his Majesty" Messiah was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Go-Busters. His position in the pantheon also proves that he is far more dangerous foe and a competent fighter than the Vaglass's leader due to his cunning tactics that could work to succeed in his missions. The first word that he said upon his arrival in the pantheon was "Ca va, Trope Pantheons".
  • Enter has quickly joins the evil organization Shocker the moment he became aware of their presence as he also started to provide all of the Vaglass equipment, the Buglars henchmen, and its Metaloids to the organization for their world domination. While the Great Leader is impressed with his action, he was also under the watchful eye of the Great Leader as well due to his own agendas.
  • He has successfully joined the Evulz Sentai Trollkaiger as the team's new Sixth Ranger due his close ties with the group. There, his designation will be "Troll Buster", giving the spy theme of his enemies.
  • He also became allies with Sark after he was impressed with his cunning presence before Sark gives him an offer to join the Malware Program as a means to strengthen their cause.
    • His opinion on Nobuyuki Sugou seems to be shared with Sark after he was disappointed with his idiocy that leads to his downfall.
  • Has made a lucrative alliance with Albedo after he was impressed with Enter's ambition towards Godhood, he also do the same thing with Perfectio, Monokuma, Junko Enoshima, and Ex, since they were also impressed with his ambitions of bringing despair towards the human race in his conquest.
    • This reason has made him enemies with numerous Hope Bringers like Madoka and Naegi as well, this intrigues him even more after he found that they're forming a group of Hope Bringers and he joined with other despair-loving deities in a plan to dismantle the group.
    • He became disappointed with Monaca Towa after she backed out from the hope/despair conflict. Her joining with the Itazura Griefers has just made him enraged even more as he swears to her that he will crush her by any means.
  • He has made rivals with Agent Smith because of their shared traits of being AIs created by another AI before they became a bigger threat towards their respective enemies. The two of them clashes often as they prove that they can go toe-to-toe due to their equal strength.
    • He also gained rivalries with both Cell and Ultron after the two of them were intrigued with his desire for perfection, Enter clashes with them often since he also perceives them as a bigger threat while he also became intrigued with their powers which he might apply this traits to him so that he can empower himself even further.
    • On the other hand, he also drew an ire on the Fresh Pretty Cures since his traits reminded them too much of their enemy Moebius, Miki Aono also declares him as one of her enemies since she was furious of his twisted desire for perfection.
  • While he normally battles the Go-Busters, he also fights every single Toku heroes especially with the likes of Super Sentai and Power Rangers. He also cannot forget his encounters with the Gokaigers as well since his plans of helping the remnants of the Zangyack were foiled by the combined efforts of the Go-Busters and the Gokaigers.
  • He also became enemies with the likes of Satellizer el Bridget, Ruby Rose, The Flash, and Shinnosuke Tomari, while he made a remark of them being no different to his mortal enemy Hiromu due to their coloring aesthetics and Super Speed powers.
  • It also seems that Neo and members of the White Hats such as Tron, Kirito and Asuna, and all good-aligned Digimon deities declared war against him as well, giving the fact that his nature as a malevolent A.I. bent on world domination made him a formidable foe towards every good-aligned virtual deities.

    Lord Brevon 
Lord Arktivus Brevon, God of Cause-and-Effect Villains
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God
  • Symbol: His face, hidden in the shadows with glowing eyes and grinning menacingly
  • Theme Songs: Brev In Yo Hizzle, It's Brevon Time, and his battle themes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, though he views himself as Above Good and Evil
  • Portfolio: Being the Reason Why Heroes Exist, Alien Warlord, Bastard Alien, Faux Affably Evil, Killed or Corrupted Countless Heroes Who Have Tried to Stand Against Him, Coldhearted Tyrant in a Fairly Lighthearted World, Sees Himself as Above the Rules of Nature, Blaming Heroes for His Actions Despite Having No Real Reason to do What He Does, Uses Brainwashing as One of His Main Tactics, Taking Absolutely No Chance With His Enemies, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Evil, Conquest, Villainy.
  • Heralds: Syntax, General Serpentine
  • Allies: Melkor, Johan Liebert, Arfoire, Raul Menendez, Lord Fredrik, Darkseid, Thanos (he plans to backstab them soon)
  • Competition: Doctor Doom, M. Bison, Arthas Menethil, Master Xehanort, Oda Nobunaga, Shinnok, High Councillor Kal-El, Shao Kahn, Sheev Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, Agent Smith, Boros, the Grand United Alliances of Law, Chaos, and Destruction.
  • Enemies: Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Commander Torque, the Vivid Team, Neptune, Rachet, Clank, Issei Hyodo, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Hope Summers, Xion, Weiss Schnee and the rest of Team RWBY, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, the entire Grand United Alliance of Good, especially the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, Homura Akemi, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, every villain with standards, Gandalf
  • Targeting: Issei Hyodo (Boosted Gear), Kitty Pryde (Black Vortex), Hope Summers (Phoenix Force) The Meta (His A.I.s), Shadow the Hedgehog (Chaos Energy), Pikachu (unbelievable electrical power), Utsuho Reiuji (Nuclear Power), Mithra (Mantra) (but not until he can do so without alerting Asura), Simon the Digger (Spiral Power and Core Drill), Iji Kataiser (Nanofield), the entire Treasury, a Yellow Lantern Power Battery from Sinestro
  • Annoyed by: Barbatos Goetia
  • Only once in a lifetime does there exist a villain whose heart is as cold as space and black as night. And when that once-in-a-lifetime moment takes a head, it forces heroes from all over to face such a threat. Armed to the teeth with high-tech weapons of war and his equally powerful fighting skills, Lord Brevon is a warlord who will do anything to get what he wants.
  • There are many conquerors who seek to claim everything they wish, but none have ever attempted to go after the Pantheon's Main House, a house so secure not even Carmen Sandiego can break in. Brevon succeeded in doing just that, using the underground homes of the Fortress Dwarves to get his ship though, and having his troops shortly swarm the house. Cosmos was quick to express outrage and disbelief, stating that the Main House was impenetrable. Brevon's response?
    "Your floor isn't."
    • Of course, the Main House was no Shuigang Palace, and was filled with deities each just as if not more powerful than Brevon himself. Just as quickly as he lay siege to the Main House, it ended just as fast thanks to all of the Gods in them. While he managed to hold Madoka Kaname at knifepoint as a Human Shield, he was quickly thwarted by Homura Akemi but was somehow spirited away before she could kill him. Evicting Brevon from the Pantheon altogether was not to be, as Melkor was wholeheartedly impressed with the warlord's ruthless efficiency and his extremely bold entrance that he offered Brevon godhood in exchange for his services in the Grand United Alliance of Evil. The warlord immediately accepted the offer, and plans to start his take-over of the entire Pantheon, starting with the GUAE.
  • The reason for attacking the Main House? To let Sash Lilac know of his arrival. Ever since she defeated him, his empire has been ridiculed and his conquered planets have started rebelling against his force, all because he was defeated by a teenage (dragon) girl. To him, she ruined his reputation so much that she deserved death by his blade.
  • He has means of mutating certain beings into great monsters that serve him, regardless of any previous allegiance. One would think he'd use this liberally, but the fact is this process only works for a select few, the criteria of which he's still figuring out. So far, the only potential ones have been Serpentine and Milla. Right now, he's hoping to find more potential test subjects.
  • HATES Neptune because he reminds her a lot of Lilac
  • Brevon once attempted to forge an alliance with Dr. Eggman, offering to help him with Sonic and company in exchange for help in defeating Lilac and her precious friends. Having done this sort of alliance before (even though he managed to patch up things with Dr. Wily), and hearing of Brevon's actions, Eggman shot the idea down. He also hates Brevon's guts for being a hypocrite and for crossing lines that even he considers going too far. Dr. Wily has vowed to support Eggman in case Brevon decides to attack them as well.
  • Regard's Dr. Weil as too short-sighted in his plots for conquest.
  • Some gods see Brevon as similar to Steven Armstrong in that they are far more dangerous out of their mechs than they are in them.
  • As powerful as Brevon already is on his own, he never relies on just his fighting skills. He uses whatever he can to achieve victory. If he discovers that his enemies have weaknesses, he will exploit them. The GUAG has warned its forces who fight with honor of this.
  • Brevon seeks to gain great power in order to achieve his goals, even after finding out the Yamato Reactor provides the entire Pantheon with as much as they could ever need; Brevon's never satisfied with "enough". As such, he has turned his sights on Issei Hyodo's Boosted Gear, Kitty Pride's Black Vortex, and Hope Summers' Phoenix Force to increase his power. This, in turn, has caused him to butt heads with the likes of Shinnok and Regime Superman, who are also targeting them for their powers. He's also taken interest in the Meta, Shadow the Hedgehog, Pikachu, Utsuho Reiuji, and other deities with great power inside of them.
    • He's also desiring a Lantern, probably a Yellow one, but Sinestro hasn't given his reply yet.
    • That said, there are certain sources of power he's not going for, or at least they're low on his priority list at the moment: Kingdom Hearts (he deems it too complicated a task, as Xehanort's machinations can attest to), the Triforce (because a stupid thing called destiny would force him to tangle with all three of its bearers and their allies, both good and evil), and Frisk's Determination. (Sans proved to be enough of a deterrent from dedicating too much effort on it)
  • Was once asked to "gather" deities to be tasked in eliminating Mithra, led by Olga of the Seven Deities. He refused, seeing that there would be nothing gained by eliminating a girl who, in his mind, is very harmless. Besides, it was Olga and the Seven Deities' fault for making Asura kill them all in the first place, doing it in such a sloppy way that they simply didn't expect the God of Unstoppable Rage to retaliate. He dismissed them all as such amateurs. However, he did notice that Mithra holds a great power, which he expectedly seeks to control, but in such a way that her father Asura would never find out; even Brevon knows that would be suicidal.
  • In one mission for the GUAE, Brevon was also tasked in neutralizing key forces in the GUAG. Among these is the Elements of Harmony. Because he's unable to break into the Great Treasury (after his forces and Syntax had a run-in with the deities in the House of Defense, particularly GLaDOS) to seize them or any of its other contents, he had to settle with neutralizing its bearers. A joint attack was pulled off, but all but one was successfully thwarted. Bad news for the GUAG, the successful kidnapping was of Fluttershy. He then followed this up with testing his mutation process on her. Good news, it was a success and now he knows more on its criteria. Bad news, his Dreadnought was stormed by a livid Discord, who undid the entire mutation with a snap, and turned Brevon into a non-reproducing parasprite for a week before leaving with his friend. Brevon's since learned to prioritize on the draconequus first next time.
  • Several villains who don't particularly like him often tease him that one day, Homura will take him out and that, with her powers, there would be absolutely nothing he can do to stop her, save for Lucifer giving her other things to think about. Brevon doesn't let these taunts get to him, though his plots on countering her have begun to take greater priority than even his revenge on Lilac.
  • Has taken liberal advantage of ADVENT willing to work with aliens like him and can really see the advantages they got. This merely puts them on the bottom of his "eventual betrayal" list once only the GUAE remains, since Earth is all they want.
  • Once thought he found a good ally in Barbatos Goetia after hearing of his exploits. Sadly, the very day Brevron met Baratos was when he was he was doing maintenance on his mech. Barbatos charged at Brevron while screaming "NO ITEMS EVEEEERRRR!!!!" Brevron quickly showed Barbatos why he doesn't give a damn for his way of thinking by shooting at him with a face full of photon.
  • As of late, after so many battles with the Pantheon's heroes, other villains, and everything in between, Brevon has started to wonder if he was making too big a step in trying to take over the Pantheon. He decided it might be time to cut his losses and prepare to simply return to his own empire. He'll have to find a replacement deity first, though, and the rules of the place mean that anything he's learned and acquired here will be forgotten and removed. Given that at least two Reality Warpers have personal vendettas against him, he's beginning to see this as an acceptable loss.
  • "Before you decided to throw your life away and interfere with our mission, you should have asked yourself one very important question... What makes you so special?"

    Mother Miranda 
Mother Miranda, Shadow Priestess of Predecessor Villains (Ruler of The Village, Professor Miranda, Mother, The Hag, Prophet of the Black God, Mama - by Salvatore Moreau)
Miranda disguised as Mia Winters 
Miranda disguised as The Hag 
Miranda's four transformations 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Golden Mask and a Cadou parasite sitting on top of the Village of Shadows book. Alternatively, the Fungal Root (megamycete).
  • Leitmotifs: Village of Shadows, The Hag
  • Boss Leitmotif: Eradicating Evil
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Grieving Mothers, Religion, History
  • Powers Include: Manifestation of Megamycete, Immortality, Flight, Shapeshifting, Self-Cellular Manipulation, Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Durability
  • Underlings: The Four Lords (Alcina Dimitrescu, Salvatore Moreau, Karl Heisenberg and Donna Beneviento)
  • On Friendly Terms With: Ozwell E. Spencer (former student), Gordon Ramsay
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Osmund Saddler of Los Illuminados, M. Bison
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: All sniper-related deities in the Pantheon (and for good reason)
  • Opposed By: All good-aligned parents in the Pantheon (and some of the evil ones too), with Bryan Mills Sophitia Alexandra, and Jun Kazama at the top of the list, the deified Avengers and the deified Justice League, Mewtwo, John Hammond
  • Followers: The People Of The Village
  • Potential Test Subjects Include: Jake Mueller, Sherry Birkin, Nick Ramos, Superman, The Seven (primarily Homelander), Aloy, Deadpool, Aya Brea, Alex Mercer, James Heller, The Venom Symbiote, Wolverine, Rogue
  • Odd Friendship: Regime Superman
  • Interested In: The House of Science, The House of Food
  • To any decent parent, seeing their children die before them is considered to be the ultimate fear. There are some in the Pantheon who experienced this trauma first-hand. But unlike most deities, this goddess' actions in her attempt to bring her daughter back from the dead helped inspired Ozwell Spencer to form the Umbrella Corporation, setting in events stemming from Raccoon City to the Dulvey Incident. Mother Miranda has come to the Pantheon.
  • Miranda's temple consists of the unknown mountain village and the surrounding region, in which she holds absolute power as the Priestess of the Black God. Her rule is enforced by the Four Lords - the vampiric Alcina Dimitrescu, the demure dollmaker Donna Beneviento (who usually speaks through her doll, Angie), the mad engineer Karl Heisenberg, and the grotesque Salvatore Moreau. While it's clear that neither of them get along with the others, they all answer to Miranda.
    • Before she shaped the events in the Resident Evil universe, Miranda was an Eastern European woman living in the early 20th century with her only child, Eva. However, the Spanish Flu of 1919 claimed the life of her daughter. Driven to despair, Miranda chose to kill herself in order to be reunited with her daughter. Then, she found the Fungal Root, also known as the megamycete underneath the village.
    • The megamycete is known informally as The Mold. Information is scarce, but what is known is that the Mold consumes the bodies of those buried near its location, absorbing and storing the consciousness and memories into itself...including Eva. The megamycete sits safely within the grounds of Miranda's temple, away from renegade BSAA agents and high-yield explosives.
    • And there is the Cadou - nematodes exposed to the Mold. It is through experimentation with the Cadou on human subjects that Miranda was able to create the Four Lords under her command. Further experimentation also created Alcina's three daughters - Bela, Cassandra and Daniela - and most of the local critters in the village, such as the Lycans, the Vârcolac.
  • Tzeentch has been monitoring Miranda's progress and he likes her style. While he doesn't make her a disciple, he does extend to Miranda an invite to join the Grand United Alliance of Evil, as the megamycete, the Cadou, and her superior scientific knowledge could be useful to the organization. Miranda accepted the offer.
    • As a master of long-term planning, Tzeentch admires Miranda's scheme, but criticized the execution of the plan. Miranda did point out that she did kill Ethan, but didn't realize that Jack Baker had already beaten her to it, and that he was an undead Molded.
    • As a skilled scientist and virologist, Miranda's intellect is nearly unrivaled, thus making her a valuable asset within the GUAE, thanks in part to the Mold. There are some gods whose intelligence she desires to be absorbed into the megamycete's records, among them being Batman, Iron Man, T'Challa and his sister, Lex Luthor, and Cyborg being among those she wants absorbed.
  • While no saint due to what some people are calling "the custody battle from Hell," even Miranda is appalled by what Shou Tucker had done. Sure, she wants her daughter back, even going as far as to disguise herself as Mia Winters in order to kidnap Rosemary and perform horrific experiments using the Mold and the Cadou, but not even Miranda would transform her daughter into a hideous-looking chimera. One thing is for certain, if Miranda ripped out Shou's heart like she had done to Ethan, she would be certain that the man would stay dead.
  • Upon hearing about Miranda's ascension from Chris, Ethan and Mia were not happy at this newest development, as this means that Miranda might make another play at kidnapping Rosemary again. Ozwell Spencer, on the other hand, found himself hosting a tea party with Miranda when she visited him at his temple. Spencer and Miranda both have history, as she saved his life in the past and she took him on as her pupil. So big an influence she was to him, that Spencer even modeled the logo of the Umbrella Corporation after the crest of the Four Houses. Despite having split on bad terms, Spencer still regards Miranda as "a dear friend," whom he still speaks to on occasion.
    • However, due to Chris' meddling in her plans to bring Eva back, she has decided that not only is the rogue B.S.A.A. god is fair game, but also those he hold dear to his heart, including his sister and partner. This puts Jill and Claire on guard, as Miranda does not make empty threats. Given that she could shapeshift into anyone of her choosing, combined with her power over the Mold, that makes Miranda a credible threat.
    • Albert Wesker thought that due to her hatred of anything relating to Chris and Jill, that she could be a powerful ally. But there was the matter of Wesker ramming his hand through her former student's chest, something that Miranda disapproves of. After all, had it not been for her mentoring Spencer, then he or Alex would not have existed.
    • Eveline discovered that Miranda was in the Pantheon. A clone of her deceased daughter, Eva, Eveline had expected to be welcomed with open arms inside Miranda's temple. However, she was rebuked by Miranda, claiming Eveline to be an imperfect copy of her daughter. It's said that Eveline got a small measure of revenge on Miranda by using her powers to reject Miranda's attempt at bringing Eva back, thus allowing Ethan to retrieve Rose and put down Miranda's monstrous form.
  • Lemeza and Lumisa Kosugi are not huge fans of Mother Miranda. As it turned out, the entity known as Mother share similar characteristics, such as raising her creations, albeit for the purpose of allowing her to finally leave the planet.
    • Ghaleon is also in the same boat; disliking Miranda on the grounds that she tricked the villagers into worshiping her as a goddess. "The difference between Miranda and Althena is that Althena is an actual goddess, not the doppelganger that assumed her identity," Ghaleon had said regarding his thoughts about Miranda.
  • Aside from working with the GUAE and keeping her lieutenants in line, Miranda is also quite the cook. During her off time, she spends it cooking up various Romanian dishes, the Ciorbă de legume - a traditional Romanian soup - being her favorite and serving it to her cohorts in the GUAE during the monthly meetings and the occasional social gathering. Hence, her visiting the House of Food in her spare time...provided that she behaved and not try and infect anyone with her Mold or Cadou.
    • Surprisingly enough, Miranda is friendly with Gordon Ramsay. He tried Miranda's Ciorbă de legume and gave Miranda the seal of approval. Miranda wasn't smug about the praise; she simply likes cooking.
  • Miranda also struck up a friendship with Superman's Injustice counterpart, High Councilor Kal-El, bonding over the loss of their loved ones - for Miranda, losing her daughter to the Spanish Flu, and for Regime Supes, the loss of his wife and unborn child to The Joker. The deified members of the Justice League - especially Superman - are watching this development closely. As for Miranda, she has issued a kill-on-sight order on the Joker to the Four Lords. Even the Clown Prince of Crime is insane even by Miranda's standards.
  • As she reigned over an unknown Eastern European village for over a century, she knows a thing or two about leading a cult. This has garnered the attention of those deities who have connections to cults in any shape and form.
    • Osmund Saddler was surprised to hear that there was one from his universe who was around longer than Los Illuminados. While still a rival, Saddler does not see her as a threat, due to their shared hatred of the good-aligned deities surrounding Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy.
    • Mithra could be considered Miranda's good counterpart, on a much larger scale. As much as she wants to sic the other Lords or the Lycans on her, that would bring about the ire of her father. So, for the moment, Miranda decides to leave her be.
    • Heather Mason steers clear of her like the plague. Too many bad memories, both from her past life as Alessa and her current life, mainly in regards to The Order. Being burned alive and having your adopted father killed in order to trigger a demonic baby tends to do that to a person.
    • Aloy finds herself on Miranda's hit list, given that she is a clone of Elizabet Sobeck, and thus has her original template's high levels of intelligence. Aloy is no fan of Miranda or her cult, as it had been a cult that had nearly destroyed her tribe.
    • The GUAE has warned Miranda about the deified members of the Normandy. However, it is Miranda Lawson that has her interest. A perfect human woman, created through science, one who is completely flawless. Had it not been for the fact that Miranda was designed to be sterile, then Mother Miranda would've saw her as the perfect vessel for Eva. She will, however try and incorporate Lawson's biotic powers with her own.
  • Miranda also has a hatred of snipers. This stems from her past encounters with Chris Redfield, and his habit of going for the head. Granted, that the man has been dealing with bioweapons in which the head was the weak spot, it's a given. Thanks to her immortality, she was able to tank six shots to the head. While immortal, it still hurt like bloody blazes.
  • Mewtwo is not Miranda's favorite person. Coming from someone who was created by an amoral scientist looking to not only create a superweapon (i.e., him), but to also revive his daughter through unnatural means, that speaks volumes.
    • John Hammond is also not a fan of Miranda, as her schemes remind him of that of his former partner, John Lockwood, who used Ingen's cloning technology to illegally create a clone of his deceased daughter. To Hammond, Miranda is no different from Lockwood.
  • "Don't you see? The glorious Megamycete has long been rooted in this village, taking in countless lives. It is a god!"
  • Also has a spot in Predecessors and Mentors.

Olga, Goddess of Enforcers Who Outlive Their Leader (Olga of the Seven Deities/Eight Guardian Generals, Goddess of Lust, Secretary)
  • Intermediate Goddess (potentially capable of becoming a Greater Goddess)
  • Symbol: Her ship, the Septentrion Alioth
  • Theme Song: I Don't Need a God Who Only Takes Away
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Outlived Deus, and tried to avenge him, An Ice Person, Dark Action Girl, Dark Chick, Evil Brit, Warmongering general, prefers aggressive tactics, More Deadly Than the Male, Ignored Enamored Underling, Undying Loyalty, The Unfought
  • Domains: War, Lust
  • Followers: Irma Bunt, Quattro, Talbot
  • Allies: Deus, Wyzen, Augus, Kalrow, Sergei, Colonel Mael Radec, Esdeath, Selvaria Bles
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yasha
  • Enemies: Asura, Mithra, Chakravartin, Twilight Sparkle, The Smurfs, Asterix and his allies, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Olga was originally one of the Eight Guardian Generals in service to the Emperor of Shinkoku to protect the Realm of Shinkoku and Gaea from those who wished to destroy it. Although her mantra affinity is Lust, she only has eyes for Deus. However, Olga and six of the other generals participated in General Deus' coup d'état, which culminated in the assassination of the Emperor and the banishment and death of General Asura, who was blamed as the cause. Afterwards, the Eight Guardian Generals were disbanded and transformed into the Seven Deities. 12,500 years later, Olga launched an attack against a village that Asura had happened to come acros. However, the subsequent bombardment of the village only resulted in angering Asura, who proceeded to singlehandedly destroy Olga's fleet. After the death of Deus, Olga tried to kill Mithra out of revenge, but she was killed instead by the Golden Spider, which turned out to be Chakravartin, the true God of the Mantra. Olga was later reincarnated in the modern world as Deus' secretary, who was telling him of a meeting they were going to be late to attend, as he insisted on helping an old man cross the road. She was then chastised for insisting otherwise.
  • Olga originally ascended into the pantheon as part of Deus' plan to reunite the Seven Deities, she was made The Goddess Who Never Retreats. However, once further scrutiny had been given for each and every one of them, Olga was removed along with Wyzen, Kalrow and Sergei. Unperturbed by this setback, Deus attempted to ascend the remaining Seven Deities once again. After the successful ascensions of Wyzen, Kalrow and Sergei, Deus managed to once again ascend Olga into the pantheon, this time as the Goddess of Enforcers Who Outlive Their Leader.
  • As soon as she was re-ascended, Olga made straight for the House of Faith with the intent of killing Mithra as revenge against Asura and Yasha for killing Deus. Fortunately for Mithra, she was with Twilight Sparkle at the time, and the pony was able to hold her off long enough for Asura and Yasha to arrive. Needless to say, Twilight has gone on Olga's hit list. Olga was eventually banned from the House of Faith due to her constant attempts on Mithra's life. For the next few months, Olga could generally be found in her temple, seething at this apparent "injustice".
  • Olga's love for Deus has confused many gods in the Pantheon due to her Mantra affinity being Lust. Olga doesn't particularly care about the opinions of the House of Love and is particularly disdainful of the House of Lustful Behavior, as she considers her love for Deus to be much more than simple lust.
  • Out of the Seven Deities, she hates Chakravartin the most, as he is not only responsible for releasing Asura from Naraka both times, but was also the one who ultimately killed her and prevented her from exacting her revenge against Asura and Yasha. Her hatred is so strong that she's willing to cooperate with Yasha whenver the Seven Deities end up fighting against Chakravartin.
  • Olga has struck up something of a friendship with Colonel Mael Radec, as the two are both highly devoted to their respective leaders. However, Radec tends to be critical of the fact that Olga didn't fight against Asura and Yasha directly.
  • Olga has also formed an alliance with Esdeath and Selvaria Bles, who are similarly Dark Action Girls who serve as The Dragons to their respective forces and are also infatuated with someone in particular. She particularly gets along with Selvaria, whose dedication to serving under Prince Maximillian, to the point she was even willing to use her power that causes her suffering if it meant pleasing him and bringing victory, strongly mirrors that of Olga towards Deus. However, Olga feels a lot more uneasy around Esdeath. Not only because of her insane and sadistic personality, but also because the object of her infatuation is Tatsumi, who is a member of a group of assassins who actively oppose the Empire which Esdeath serves.
  • Her habit of bombing the hell out of villages populated by innocent humans has put her at odds with those who live in/protect villages such as The Smurfs and the Asterix deities. Although she doesn't regard them as serious threats, she's nonetheless annoyed by their opposition to her as it reminds her of how her failed attempts at killing Asura and utilizing the Brahmastra had rendered Deus' plan all but doomed to fail.

Toffee of Septarsis, God of Known Usurping Villains (The Immortal Monster, The Lizard Prince of the Dark Monster Nations)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Scientific Calculator, the Time Vault
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil Chessmaster with a Mask of Sanity, initially a Hyper-Competent Sidekick to Ludo, Badass in a Nice Suit, Older Than They Look, Creepy Monotone, The Corrupter, Hero Killer, Boring, but Practical, Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness, Genius Bruiser, Lack of Empathy, Hidden Agenda Villain, Retired Badass, was gifted a rather lame name
  • Domain: Evil, Darkness, Healing
  • Followers: Aldrich Killian, Zalasta, Kemp
  • Allies: Littlefinger, Revolver Ocelot, Orochi, Phazon, Zero (Kirby), Starscream (not that either of them trust each other)
  • Enemies: Star Butterfly, The Magical Girl Sisterhood, pretty much the House of Magic and Sorcery, most of the House of Otherness
  • Opposed by: Lord Hater and Commander Peepers
  • Uneasy Relationship: Felix (Red vs Blue)
  • It was supposed to be a big moment for Ludo. Rumor had it that Melkor wanted to ascend someone from his world in response to Star's ascension. Ludo saw himself as the prime candidate, given that he has had the most experience taking her on. Sure he has failed to steal the wand multiple times, but he figured that if many of the villains in the Pantheon failed, they could at least understand his plight. Once he made his seat in the Court of the Guards, his smile disappeared when he he came face to face with the man he employed early on. It turned out that Melkor revived Toffee to hand him a spot in the Pantheon. The only reason Ludo was invited was whether he would accept the position of his herald. Ludo refused such a humiliating position and was subsequently kicked out of the Pantheon. Despite not showing any emotion during the confrontation, everyone figured it was a satisfying experience for him.
    • While his healing factor isn't what it was back in his heyday, he remains an extremely dangerous foe, especially magic users as he can simply drain all of their magic. He also proved to be a master manipulator, fooling practically everyone to get his body back. It was only the unexpected intervention of Star that he was defeated.
  • His inclusion adds a dangerous strategist into Melkor's fold. Toffee has ample experience manipulating events to his favor and is willing to do the same for the GUAE. He stated he has no plans to take over the role for himself. To him, the war between good and evil is more of an inconvenience than anything. He is satisfied with his current position as long as he gets his revenge on Star and her mom. With that said, Melkor keeps an eye on him in case the reptile is interested in draining his own magic.
    • Is in good company with the likes of Littlefinger and Revolver Ocelot. He was a bit perturbed that those two also ended up defeated by the unlikely exposure by their enemies. Toffee is willing to help each other to form more foolproof plans.
  • Starscream was impressed with Toffee's takeover of the Forces of Evil and offered to work together to earn a place in the GUAE Mastermind division. It didn't last long, as they both accused the other of betraying each other to get a position for themselves. Melkor swiftly denied both of their entrances in order to break up the alliance.
  • The Magical Girl Sisterhood was well informed of his exploits from Star and was put on high alert upon his ascension. Toffee has a lot of experience in battling and defeating Magical Girls such as Star's mom.
  • Had a great deal of success in corrupting Star's wand to her benefit, nearly destroying it in the process. While the wand managed to restore itself, he has not shelved such plans yet. After all, there are other more successful ways to do so. Many were worried when he was spotted meeting Dark Samus. If he intended to use Phazon to corrupt magic in general, many wizards would be in danger.
  • Orochi may not completely align with Toffee's mannerings, but he is proud to have another Repugnant Reptile deity in the Pantheon. Toffee pays lip service to the serpent God as to appease him.
  • Even among his own piers, he is seen as the most frightening villain in his own world. Kirby foe Zero was suspected of aiding Toffee in restoring the reptile to his former glory. As such Toffee returns the favor in helping him plan ways to get its revenge on Kirby and friends.
  • No one can truly trust Felix when it comes to being a reliable friend, but that is one trait Toffee has in common with Felix. Felix claimed Toffee was a follower of his, an accusation Toffee has denied. Whether it is true or not, there is no denying that Toffee got come help from the space marine.
  • One of the most unusual oppositions to his ascension came from Lord Hater... or more specifically Commander Peepers who stated that his ascension would further reduce trust among villains in the Pantheon. The ascension happened anyways and Toffee stated he has no qualms over it. But as with many things, his wrath is more subtle. Shortly afterwards, the villainous duo found many of their minions beaten up a pulp. The two quickly claimed Toffee was responsible. The two factions have been at each others' throats ever since.
  • Toffee laughed in some sort of vindication that saw magic become destroyed over in his home realm... though even he was surprised to see all the realms mixing.
    • Despite his perspectives on the dangers of magic, a lot of folk are not going to acknowledge him since not only were his means vile and often self-sabotaging, a look into his past reveals that he was always an aggressive thug. As such, some have disregarded his perspectives as him being afraid of magic, as it's the one (known) thing that can hurt the otherwise invulnerable Septarians. To where some quote what Glossaryck said about him. "Some jerks never learn."
  • The past revelations have earned him not just the enmity of the House of Magic, but also most of the House of Monsters, given how he is seen as too dangerous, cutthroat and untrustworthy.
  • He's got a tendency to put on a creepy smile with wide eyes when surprising someone, even saying surprise.
  • For some unknown reason, calling him "boring" actually bothers him. With the revelation that he was once a thug leader as a teenager, one wonders if that could be related to it.

Vaati, God of Villains Between the Main Villain (The Wind Mage, Immortal Demon)
Wind Mage form 

    The Vamps 
The VampsMembers , Unholy Villains Taken Down One by One
L - R: The Moon, The Fool, The Hierophant, The Vampire King and The Empress
The Vampire King's Vampire Essence Released
The Vampire King before he was turned into a vampire

Lesser Gods

    Colonel Mael Radec 
Colonel Mael Radec, God of Right-Hand Enforcers (The Vicious Leader of The Helghast Forces, The Hound of Visari)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Helghast Triad (Alternatively, his helmet with the eyes glowing a bright orange.)
  • Theme Song: Helghan Forever, but when he gets serious, Autarch's Sanctum Battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Being a Terrible Boss and still being A Father to His Men, Loving Battle, Colonel Badass, Hero Killer, Genius Bruiser, Committing Suicide to Keep Honor.
  • Domains: Death, War, Combat, Evil, Tyranny, Power.
  • Followers: Tartarus, Bataar Jr., Goldar
  • Superior: Scolar Visari
  • Allies: The Helghast Empire, The higher members of the GUAE but special mention goes to Melkor, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Lord Brevon, Lex Luthor, M. Bison, Raul Menendez, Selvaria Bles, William "Deathshead" Strasse, Megatron, Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, Senator Armstrong, Kane, Darth Vader, Soundwave, Scanty and Kneesocks, Wild Dog
  • Rivals: Sir Daniel Fortesque, Colonel Roy Mustang, Commander Shepard, Mr. "Jane" Doe/The Soldier, Uther the Lightbringer, Saber, Isaac Clarke, The Grineer
  • Enemies: The Killzone Squad, Polygon Man, The GUAG Combat Division, Martin Walker, Alex Mason, Captain America, Cole McGrath, Sackboy, Nathan Drake, Kratos, Starscream, Parasoul, Harpuia
  • Fears: Gordon Freeman
  • Colonel Mael Radec is a fearsome Helghast Commander known for being ruthless, a brilliant Tactician and for being one of the main obstacles that prevented ISA from advancing into Pyrrhus. He was, for a reason, the personal bodyguard of Autarch Scolar Visari and because of that he was awarded an ascension after he shot himself to prevent the ISA from capturing him and thus given the position of the Divine Enforcer.
  • Radec for a while was the sole Helghast presence in the pantheon and was relegated to working as a mercenary until the Helghast Army joined as a whole, and so did the nation of Helghan and its glorious leader, Scolar Visari. Radec never admitted it but he was overjoyed to see his men and superior become deities in their own right.
  • Radec received an offer to join GUAE once he ascended, Melkor met the Colonel and told what happened to Helghan following his and Visari's death. Enraged, he was convinced by Melkor to work for GUAE in the meantime while the latter managed to get the trust of the Helghast so once they saw Radec on his side, they would undoubtably join his side.
    • However, while having appreciated the ascension of the Helghan troops, Radec wasn't entirely sold on the GUAE given that he had a hard time following anyone that wasn't Autarch Visari. So, Melkor, having witnessed Visari's charisma, decided to arrange his ascension and sway him to his side. He succeeded, and the moment Visari showed as one of GUAE's heads, Radec and the Helghast followed suit. They will serve him without question.
  • While he is ok with working for the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Radec has one rule he made upon ascension in the Pantheon: Never, even under circumstances, will he ever team up with Starscream ever. According to him, Starscream is one of the examples of "a failed supervillain" and he is disgusted at what the Decepticon has done to his own comrades. He loathes him to even the point that he considers him a personal enemy of his.
  • His loyalty lies first to the Helghast Empire and it's unlikely he will ever turn on his comrades. This was proven when Nyarlathotep and Chakravatin attempted to test Radec by sending him into combat against unknown foes, who were later revealed to be members of Radec's personal guard. This infuriated the Hound of Visari to no end, and as a counter measure prepared the 501st and the Helghast Army in battling the ones that almost tricked him and their respective armies. Darth Vader has agreed to loan resources to Radec's endeavour, especially after both armies became close allies and Vader also noticed similarities between him and Radec with the added irony that both Visari and Palpatine were also allies.
  • Concerning other generals and commanders, he is close to Selvaria Bles given that she share the same devotion towards his men and leader, even to a point Radec would never get attached to. He also praised her combat prowess and tactical knowledge, and while Selvaria returns the sentiment in a way, the manner in which sometimes Radec executes his own men for the smallest of infractions rubs her the wrong way. She also works occassionally with the Helghast as well.
  • Naturally, Radec was not happy that the ISA finally got some representative in the form the Killzone Squad but he was also glad that one of the ascendants was Jan Templar, who he personally killed back when the ISA was invading Helghan. However, Rico Velasques was one of the several ISA soldiers that he wanted to personally kill after learning that they were responsible for murdering Visari shortly after Radec was wounded and killed himself. And Visari himself gave the order to execute the ISA members, an order that Radec would gladly oblige if it gave him the chance to avenge his and his superior's death.
  • Radec is an oddity among commanders considering that he exhibits tendencies of a Bad Boss and also being A Father to His Men. Many of the best Helghast soldiers were trained by him, people he would gladly praise and fight alognside with but also has executed his own soldiers for uniform violations, not to mention cowardice and treachery.
  • Participated in Polygon Man's tournament where he met people from several other worlds and he has a grudge towards a few that wronged him such as Nathan Drake and Sackboy. He also had several run-ins with Sir Daniel Fortesque, the skeleton's antics didn't amuse the Helghast Colonel and learning that he was actually a failure of a commander made him more mad at Sir Dan. However, he underestimated Fortesque's prowess and has lost most of his fights but next time he will take care of him and even the score.
    • Speaking of the Polygon Man, Radec has been interested in harnessing his power in order to use it for the benefit of Helghan and destroy the enemies of the Helghast once and for all. In one timeline he was successful but that hasn't come to fruition in the pantheon...yet.
  • Sage Harpuia is not fond of Radec's ruthlessness and likewise the Hound of Visari finds him to be unworthy of his title as "Sage. He is also disappointed on Parasoul given their similar motifs and her soldiers being somewhat similar to the Helghast, except Parasoul is more peaceful in her approach. He expressed a desire to face her in combat and induct her army into the Helghast if she were to be defeated but Parasoul is not amused by said proposals.
  • Several good aligned soldiers tend to go after Radec given his ties to GUAE and also resembling many of the foes they tend to face. Radec hardly considers them a challenge except for one, Gordon Freeman. He caused considerable damage to the Combine and he fears he could do the same on the Helghast and given the option, Radec would rather prevent that. Not helped by the fact that Freeman tends to be overseen by the mysterious G-Man.
  • Despite appearances, Radec believes in a fair battle and wishes that he and his opponents face each other as soldiers on the battlefield. He also cannot tolerate cheaters, period.
    • His characteristic has gotten him a lot of Worthy Opponents, from Paladins such as Uther and Saber, to military deities like Commander Shepard and The Soldier. Even Isaac Clarke appreciates Radec's fair play and even if he is a man with twisted morals, many have come to respect him as a tactician (Executing his own men not withstanding). He sees Colonel Roy Mustang as the best opponent he has fought in years and when the time comes, he would want to face him in duel to the death.
  • He was once approached by Wild Dog, who once upon a time challenged the Helghast for his title as The Dragon given that Wild Dog has served several terrorist over the years. Radec bested him and then Wild Dog had to find a different position but there was no hard feelings between the two and Wild Dog even ended up offering his services towards the Helghan Empire.
  • One would think that him and the Helghast would be the perfect allies for the Grineer but as it turns out, they never liked them in the first place. The Twin Queens once wanted to hire him after hearing of his achievements commanding the Helghast but Radec simply never even bother to humour them with a response. Since then, the two Queen held a grudge against the Helghast Colonel and have wanted for the longest time to get back at him one way or another.
  • "The essence of combat: kill or be killed."

    Dr. XXX 
Dr. XXX, God of Evil Geniuses (The Mad Doctor, Doc)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face against a red background
  • Theme Song: his monologue/"song", most of his songs from Epic Mickey 2
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: really fond of laughing and singing, the evil genius with the master plan and the skills to pull it off, a madman and he knows it, a mastery in manipulation that allows him to get behind everybody repeatedly, somehow a doctor (with an Eastern-European accent to boot), an expert in machines who transformed himself into a robot but hopes to become a Toon again, originally just a dream but his infamy allowed him to come back, unfortunate name
  • Domains: Madness, Craft, Robots, Evil Plans, Manipulation
  • Followers: Dr. Sivana, The Evil Geniuses, Dr. No
  • Allies: Pete, Maleficent, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Crow, The Professor, Dr. Octopus, Doctor Doom, Dr. Frankenstein, The Medic, Dr. Viktor, Judge Doom, Cruella De Vil
  • Enemies: Sora, Mario, Sonic, E-123 Omega, Mega Man, Dr. Weil, Superman, Spider-Man, Optimus Prime, Cuphead and Mugman, Ember McLain, The Spy, most of the House of Beast
  • Opposed by: most heroic Disney deities, Balthier
  • Opposes: Mickey, Oswald, Bugs Bunny
  • Conflicting Opinion: with Heinz Doofenshmirtz, the Grand United Alliance of Machines (specially Dr. Nefarious)
  • Dr. XXX first appeared in a 1933 Mickey Mouse short where he kidnapped Pluto to use him as part of a rather unorthodox experiment, until it all turned out to be just Mickey's nightmare. Unfortunately, the short itself turned out to be so dark and chilling that it was widely shunned and even banned by many, so it wasn't long until the doctor became forgotten and expelled to Wasteland.
  • Since this Mad Doctor never underwent the change of heart he could have performed otherwise, he still holds a strong grudge against both Mickey and Oswald for foiling his plans twice. While the half-brothers believe he can be still reformed just like his 'Good Ending' counterpart, the doctor hasn't expressed any desire to do so. However, the alarmingly high amount of heroic Disney deities residing in the Pantheon means that the Mad Doctor has no chance of getting revenge on Mickey and Oswald anytime soon, which has forced him to ignore them for now. Sora in particular has the Mad Doctor in his sights, and he's ready to act the moment the doctor tries anything funny.
    • On a similar note, the Mad Doctor's past interactions with Wasteland's counterpart of Pete and their shared distaste of Mickey means they have formed a rather convenient alliance. Maleficent has also approached the Mad Doctor, recognizing him as a rather competent Disney Villain and hoping to maybe employ his help in the future.
    • He has been approached multiple times by fellow (ex-)evil scientist Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who is reminded of himself by the doctor and agrees with Mickey and Oswald in believing he can be redeemed, as he argues that being good isn't actually that bad. Dr. XXX just laughs off Doofenshmirtz's arguments, claiming he has no need for redemption, but he's in relatively good terms with Heinz otherwise.
  • Nowadays he resides in his temple, designed after his original castle from the 1933 short. It's highly advised to all deities to never set foot inside the castle, as it is known to be filled with all sorts of death traps, living skeletons and unorthodox passages, just like Mickey remembers. The doctor himself spends his days designing and building more Beetleworx, as well as performing horrific experiments on whatever poor sap happened to wander into his domain.
    • Interestingly, he can frequently be seen visiting The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World, since it reminds him of the Lonesome Manor he used to reside in while living in Wasteland. What was most surprising was the authorities running the park noticed this and approached the Mad Doctor to tell him he could be allowed to reside in the Mansion if he managed to make the attraction even scarier. The doctor delivered, and now he calls the Haunted Mansion a 'second home'.
  • Although his original name is Dr. XXX, he's rarely called that anymore, due to certain connotations. This actually caused some small ruckus when he first ascended since nobody was sure how to call him, until it was decided by the Court of the Gods that everybody should just refer to him as 'The Mad Doctor' and that's it. He prefers to be called The Mad Doctor anyway, just don't call him Doc.
    • Of course, this hasn't stopped Bugs Bunny from messing with him by calling him Doc at every chance. Bugs being on good terms with Mickey while also being a rabbit just like Oswald has only increased the doctor's animosity towards him.
  • Has a tendency to sing almost everything he says, which many deities tend to find either confusing and/or annoying. Nobody is quite sure why he does so, but it's clear the doctor is is having fun while doing it. He even keeps a prerecorded diary where he sings his thoughts. The Mad Doctor himself even said one time that he should take the mantle of the God of Villain Songs as well, a suggestion that Ember McLain didn't take too kindly. The doctor hasn't gone through with the idea yet, but it's pretty clear he would need to deal with her first if he ever attempts to do so.
  • As the god of Evil Geniuses, he's in good terms with fellow evil masterminds and mad scientists such as Dr. Octopus, Doctor Doom, Dr. Frankenstein and The Professor. He also holds a rather friendly relation with The Medic, due to their love for medically-dubious experiments and cutting up, and the two of them can usually be found together interchanging tales about past "surgeries". However, he's also at odds with Balthier, who opposes all Mad Scientists on principle, and Dr. Weil, who's too despicable even for the Mad Doctor.
    • With his alliances also came enemies, as he has attracted the attention of heroic deities such as Superman, Spider-Man, Optimus Prime and Mario, all of who have dealt with evil geniuses before and are now keeping an eye on the doctor. The Mad Doctor has preferred to avoid them for now, but he plans to deal with them one day.
    • He's also a rather talented Robot Master, which led to him becoming allies with Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily and even Crow. He frequently hangs out with at least one of them in hopes of finding ways to improve his Beetleworx. On the other hand, these alliances resulted in Sonic and Mega Man putting the doctor in their watch list, while E-123 Omega is all too ready to jump to action the moment the Mad Doctor and Eggman team up.
    • It's worth noting that Cuphead and Mugman are also quite wary of the doctor, as not only have they dealt with Mad Scientists and robots before but the doctor himself can't help but be reminded of Mickey and Oswald when looking at them.
  • Despite his many allies, most of them tend to keep a close eye on the Mad Doctor due to his propensity to betray anyone whenever necessary. While the doctor claims he's gotten over his backstabbing tendencies, most people aren't really buying it. In fact, his tendency for betraying his allies is so infamous that it caught the attention of fellow compulsive backstabber The Spy, who decided to pay the doctor a visit out of curiosity. Nobody is sure what happened between the two, but the Mad Doctor has been hostile to The Spy since then.
    • On a similar note, the doctor has heard of fellow mad scientist Dr. Viktor having a notable amount of similarities to him, including a case of conflicting loyalty and backstabbing. While the two remain allies for now out of shared interests, they both tend to keep an eye on each other just in case.
  • Due to his past treatment of Pluto and his love for experimenting with animals, the doctor has gained the animosity of the House of Beast, specially the Canines sub-house. While the Mad Doctor would love to get his hands on some of these curious creatures, he's banned from entering the house altogether. He still plots to get in the house one day, but he hasn't achieved much for the moment.
    • He was eventually approached by Cruella De Vil with the intent of striking an alliance against the House of Beasts, seeing as how they're both banned from entering. In the end they made a deal saying that he would give her the fur of any animal he managed to capture in exchange for her help. The doctor is not exactly sure how Cruella could assist him, but he'll take any allies (and possible backstab victims) he can get.
  • Most deities were surprised to find out the Mad Doctor is actually a robot, as he had previously transformed himself into one with the intent of usurping The Blob. Despite this, the doctor yearns to become a Toon again because of his body's tendency to fall apart, but attempts to pull this off with the help of other deities (such as Ursula's dark magic used to transform Ariel into a human) have been fruitless so far.
    • This has resulted in him having a rather shaky relationship with the Grand United Alliance of Machines. While his mastery in building robots, his friendly relation with Dr. Wily and the fact he's an animatronic himself lead to the alliance offering him entry at first, they turned him back after learning of his desire to stop being a robot and his tendency to betray his allies constantly. The doctor still expresses interest in joining, but only time will tell if that will go anywhere.
    • He similarly has a rather conflicting opinion with Dr. Nefarious. Despite their similarities, Nefarious was forcibly transformed into a robot but ended up embracing it while the Mad Doctor transformed himself into an animatronic but hopes to become a Toon again one day. In the end, they're not on very good terms with each other.
  • His past experiences with Thinner and The Blob, alongside the fact he's technically not a Toon, has lead to him being approached by Judge Doom, who hopes to use the doctor's knowledge about Thinner in order to improve his Dip to bypass the Pantheon's Death Is Cheap situation as well as dealing with those pesky CGI deities his Dip can't touch. The doctor has agreed to help, much to the Pantheon's dismay, but thankfully nothing has come out of it. And even then, most deities expect the Mad Doctor to eventually attempt to betray Doom anyway.
  • He's also the host of his own TV show called "The Mad Doctor's Wonderful World of Evil", where he relates his past actions as well as his dastardly evil plans to the audience. Originally aired from Wasteland in an effort to make himself remembered once again, the doctor has managed to get it aired across the Pantheon with the help of some members of the House of Technology. His show is particularly popular in the House of Villainy and among members of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, but it has gathered a considerable following in the Houses of Science and Technology as well. His audience has grown so much the doctor has expanded the show to include special guests, usually fellow villains willing to share their evil past deeds with the audience.
  • Has a seat on Scientists and Geniuses as well.
  • "Who's the maddest Mad Doctor of all? Wonderfully evil me!"

    The Koopalings 
The Koopalings, The Deified Squad of Minor Villains (Larry: Cheatsy, The Youngest, Leader of the Seven Minions, Super Trooper of Bowser's Army, Authority of Acceleration | Morton: Big Mouth, The Enforcer, Invincible Tough Guy, Mass of Muscle | Wendy: Kootie Pie, The Bold Beauty, Bold, Bossy, and Beautiful, Princess of Destruction, Speed Queen | Lemmy: Hip, Wacky War Machine, Mr. Agility Supreme, Ace of Speed | Iggy: Hop, The Laughing Pranker, Trickster with the Sweet Specs, Wild Child, Charlie | Roy: Bully, The Cool One, The Shades, Runaway Heavyweight Koopa, Bespectacled Brute | Ludwig: Kooky, Pompous Prodigy, Showy Anti-Villain, Conductor of Chaos)
L - R: Lemmy Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Larry Koppa, Iggy Koopa, Ludwig von Koopa, and Roy Koopa.

    Miyo Takano 
Miyo Takano, Goddess of Hidden Villains (Droopy-tan)

    Needles Kane 
Needles Kane, God of Mascot Villains (Sweet Tooth, Marcus Kane, Psychopathic Clown)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His burning mask.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Insane
  • Portfolio: Serial Killer, Has an Ice Cream Truck, Flaming Hair, Has a paper bag as a friend, Omnicidal Maniac, Really evil red eyes, The Sociopath, Villain Protagonist
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Death, Suffering
  • Followers: The Sanderson sisters, Hooded Claw
  • Allies: Johan Liebert, Kefka Palazzo, Khorne (more like approved)
  • Rivals: The Joker, Kratos, Hannibal Lecter, Junkrat
  • Enemies: CALYPSO (he hates the guy so much, more than anyone else surprisingly), Nathan Drake, Optimus Prime, Garrus Vakarian, Batman and every single sane person.
  • Feared by: The House of Family, Billy, Bloo, Eduardo, Wilt and Coco
  • Opposed by: Polygon Man, Dexter Morgan
  • After winning the Twisted Metal tournament, Sweet Tooth finally had a chance for just one wish, until his car rose up in the sky. Angered, he stormed into the main gates of the Pantheon, killing every single Mook (rumored to be the 501st Legion), until he saw it in The Great Treasury section. There, he was given a deal for a position in the Pantheon for Monster Clown, thanks to his freakish personality.
    • Unfortunately, he realized that his ascension was Calypso's ploy, allowing the twisted wishmaker to recreate the Twisted Metal Tournament once more. With that said however, Kane has a lot of dealing to do with him.
  • Sweet Tooth's personality is a heavily feared one, as his mind is filled with the delusional sense of murder and death. The House of Mentalism tried to calm his mind many times, but has so far failed. Rumors say that the flaming mask of his is blocking all mental aid inside.
    • Junkrat often comments about Sweet Tooth's flaming mask being "fake". This did not bring happy news to the clown and is willing to give a brutal beatdown to the mad bomber as a reply to his face.
    • Speaking of his mask, there are reports that his mind is a complete Mental World, something that bothers many deities inside out. Not to mention, one of his other personalities, Marcus Kane said so about this world of his.
  • Thanks to his deranged mind and body, he is completely unstable, thinking about killing on one second, and another killing spree on the next. Due to his status as a Monster Clown, almost anyone who fears on clowns are forced to run as soon as possible from Needles. Sad to say, Billy learned this the hard way, and almost got chopped off.
    • In fact, it should be noted that no sane person should go close to Needles, as his twisted insanity will cause untold havoc to the person himself, and the surroundings around him. Oh, and he doesn't care on what you say while he's killing you, as this will instead make the process more grim. Just ask the last person who got killed by him.
    Needles: Shut up and bleed, you mother-
    • Nathan Drake doesn't like the guy one bit, even so since they fought during the merging of worlds.
      • Speaking of the event, this is why he hates Polygon Man, since he teleported him in this world of his, and ruined his ice cream in the process. This has gotten him with heated arguments with the Mastermind.
    • Optimus Prime on the other hand, doesn't like what Needles did to his truck, specifically speaking, he tuned his truck to becoming a Transforming Mecha, loaded with armed ice cream missiles. And since the driver is a serial killer, this has made Optimus even more suspicious of the clown's activities.
  • Often hangs out in the House of Mentalismmeaning . Once in a while, he'll stop and bring out a paper bag in what it looks like his Imaginary Friend. Even moreso since he named this paper bag, Crazy Harold the Wacky Lunch Bag.
    • He's also eager when it comes to other serial killers, Hannibal Lecter comes to mind, and challenges them to killing sprees to see who's the true serial killer. Though he sometimes cringe when he notices his persona almost similar to his true rival, the Joker.
      • This is why he often comes to Kratos. He wants the God of War to "come out and play with him" or in his meaning: see who's the best killer. However, things started becoming bitter when Needles realized that Kratos replaced his position for a place in another realm. Due to this, he's pissed. And we mean literally.
    • The Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends are not fond of him, not to mention, he creeps everyone out. They aren't impressed with his imaginary friend either, as its just a normal paper bag. Hearing this, Kane rampaged through the House, rammed his Sweet Tooth truck into their temple and attempted to chop Bloo to pieces. This led to of course, a restraint order on Kane's part.
  • On the other hand, the House of Family detests him, and sees his actions as cruel and inhumane, even worse when they found out that he slaughtered his family to pieces, and thats not to mention that the person he kept on hunting was his daughter.
  • His presence is preyed mostly for vigilantes of any kind. The most notable ones being Garrus and Batman, the former wanting his end of chaos gone and the latter for reminding him of the Joker, even though they aren't allies.
  • Often loved by Johan Liebert and Kefka Palazzo, seeing his antics being interestingly fun to watch, mostly on the latter's part. Kefka has also invited Needles on several occasions on his temple for a few plans. Needless to say, BE VERY AFRAID.
    • And yet, Khorne has gotten a huge interest with him, seeing him as a worthy Khornate Berzerker, for a mere mortal that is.
  • Once fought with his former inspiration, The Joker, in a heated battle of the clowns. Needless to say, Needles was "tricked" by the Clown Prince of Crime in a trap, and took over with a victory. Kane's response with the event?
    Needles: Oh that rip-off is dead, fucking dead to me.
  • However, the only thing that he and most heroes would agree on is this: Calypso is the only thing worse than Needles himself. Not to mention, this is due to the fact that Calypso's final act to Sweet Tooth was a burial, with his daughter's corpse inside with him.
    Needles: You can't kill me! You can't kill me! You can't ever kill me! I'll find you Calypso. I'll fucking find you and fucking kill you! You will fear Sweet Tooth! I'll cut your fucking insides out! You will fear me motherfucker! You! Will! Fear! ME!
  • Boys 'n' girls

"I am Silico."

Silico, God of the Villainous Underdog


    Oogie Boogie 
Oogie Boogie, God of Plot-Irrelevant Villains (Boogie Man, King of All Bugs, Seven Days Holiday King, Oogie's Manor, Dicey Heavy Hitter)


    Gozaburo Kaiba 
Gozaburo Kaiba, God of Filler Villains
  • Quasideity (Intermediate in the Virtual World)
  • Symbol: The old Kaiba Corp logo
  • Theme Song: Kaiba Gozaburo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Filler Villain Who Had Died In the Manga via Brain Uploading, Killed Himself to Prove the Price of Failure, Jerkass, Abusive Parents (Knight Templar Parent at best), Archnemesis Dad, Teaching Seto to be a Corporate Jerk, Big Penalties For Failing Lessons, Cannot Stand to Lose, Surprisingly an Honest Corporate Executive
  • Domains: Business, Weapons Dealing, Ruthlessness, Pride, Filler, Digitization
  • Followers: Ali and En, Neo BloodClan, Brother Blood, Captain Ceyderom, The Fanatic
  • Allies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Charles Zi Britannia, Chiaki Hayasaki, Carol/Mom, Sundowner, Morris, Marcus Kincaid, Obadiah Stane
  • Respects: Vergil, Senator Armstrong
  • Enemies: The heroic Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, Seto, Mokuba and Noah Kaiba (his adoptive sons and biological son), The Heroic Protectors of Family, Ochako Uraraka, Charlotte LaBouff, Charlie Bucket, Dr Heinz Doofenschmirtz, Shouto Todoroki, Lelouch, Nunnally Lamperouge, Kevin Flynn, Ludvig Maxis, Neo, Agent Smith, Tony Stark, Serena van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey
  • Annoyed by: Princess Morbucks, the Reagan twins
  • Gozaburo Kaiba was the adoptive father of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba, and the biological father of Noah Kaiba. When he was in charge, KaibaCorp was an arms manufacturer. He was a ruthless and cruel parent, in order to install a darwinist mindset when it came to business. However the brothers' love for one another proved to be his undoing, and they took the company from him.
  • Gozaburo is in the unique position where he is both a Filler Villain and a canonical character. His suicide was permanent in the manga, his active villainy in the Virtual World was anime-exclusive due to being Spared by the Adaptation. At least, until the virtual world came crashing down with him and Noah in it. Noah, the initial Filler Villain of the Virtual Arc(and unlike Gozaburo a Canon Foreigner), intends to restrain his father from causing much havoc in the pantheon.
  • Planned to fire missiles at the world from the digital plane, or in the dub digitize everyone so he rule the world. Gozaburo wasn't as audacious in the physical world, and having a physical avatar in the pantheon has made him more focused on business. Of course, he keeps his eyes out on digitized heroes and minds so they don't stop any plans of digital conquest he might have. Also Agent Smith, as he is a threat to the very structure of the digital world and everything really.
  • The Heroic Protectors of Family have nothing good to say about his abusive nature, or how he abandoned his son Noah and focused on Seto instead. Shouto Todoroki sees him as the same ruthless father that wants their son to be what they want as his own father Endeavour treated him. Dr Doofenschmirtz is also reminded of his father's abuse. Gozaburo simply replied that they were "soft".
  • Seems to agree with the parenting styles of Ghetsis Harmonia and Charles Zi Britannia. Particularly the latter, given in their own twisted, social darwinist way they believe they were helping their children in life. However Gozaburo doesn't just abuse for the sake of it. He considers Ragyo Kiryuin molesting and disposing of her children "tasteless" as they could be better raised as ruthless as she is. However, he admits she has good business acumen.
  • Has a "might makes right" view on business. While he doesn't apply it outside of business and thinks changing the world through it is a bit audacious, he does respect it. Because of this, he has an appreciation for both Vergil and Senator Armstrong, but it's one-sided. Armstrong's goal of "using the business of war to end war as a business" would go against the elder Kaiba's corporate plans, and Vergil doesn't respect him for being an abusive father.
  • While a corporate jerk, Gozaburo is surprisingly not a Corrupt Corporate Executive. He was honest, albeit unpleasant and part of the morally dubious field of arms dealing. The "double dealings" were actually Dartz in disguise. He dismisses the actions of Mr Burns as nothing but Cartoonish Supervillainy. Not that this makes him any more likeable, but it's something.
  • Has no respect for Princess Morbucks or the Reagan twins. Sure, he's a rich jerk, but he's a rich jerk who makes his way through hard work. He doesn't like spoiled brats, which is why he gave up on Noah as that made him unfit for the company. He even went so far as to jump out a window when Seto bought out the company, all as a means of proving the price of failure.
  • On the other hand, various hardworking economic figures dislike him because of how ruthless he is and his un-empathetic means of staying on top. However, there is one rich girl he does seem to like-Chiaki Hayasaki. This is because of her Reason being set towards social darwinism and might makes right, even if she is a Hypocrite. Of course, Gozaburo sees this as merely a sign that her training isn't complete and will help her with it.
  • Is business partners with Marcus Kincaid and Sundowner. While he could call the latter out for relying on flashy techniques, but given in his duel with Seto he only used Exodia Necross he's not in a position to chastise him. He has also been making deals with Carol/Mom, and gets along with Morris since they're totally ruthless businessmen, but convinced they're doing the best for the company.
  • Hopes to gain Serena van der Woodsen's wealth, believing that it's wasted in someone like her. Her husband sure as hell isn't letting that happen. He's rallied everyone in the Gossip Girl community against Gozaburo, and in response he's using his resources to discover Gossip Girl's identity. Fortunately, Dan is good at covering his tracks.
  • Used to be the world's greatest chess player until Seto beat him. He's pretty confident that he can still beat the other chess players in the pantheon, and will accept gambles and wages through it. Lelouch's skill at the game and the fact he ended up beating him much like Seto did is one of the factors on why Gozaburo hates him.