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Intermediate Gods

    Artorius Collbrande 
Artorius Collbrande, the Secretly Selfish God (Arthur, Shepherd, Armatized Artorius)

Wario, God of Greed (Evil Mario, Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold, Wario-Man)
WarioWare Biker Outfit 
As Wario-Man 
  • Intermediate God, but can beat up Greater Gods
  • Symbol: His distinctive mustache and big nose superimposed over the "W" on his cap
  • Theme Songs: Greenhorn Forest, Starring Wario (Greenhorn Forest's DDRMM remix), Out of the Woods, Black Jewel's Showdown Phase 2 or Stonecarving City
    • WarioWare, Inc, for whenever he's in his biker persona
    • Balloon Burst and Electric Ricochet for when he's competing in sporting events
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral formerly Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Greed, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Villain Protagonist turned Anti-Hero, Mini Games, Gameplay Roulette, Ground Pound, Jerkass, People with Cast-Iron Stomachs, Only in It for the Money, Stout Strength, Fartillery, Has Defeated Various Powerful Entities, Good Old Fisticuffs, Genius Bruiser, Nigh-Invulnerable, Brilliant, but Lazy, Immortality, Has Moments of Genuine Kindness, Hidden Heart of Gold.
  • Domains: Greed, Adventure, Strength, Money
  • Heralds: Hen, The inhabitants of the Music Box World, Princess Shokora, Mad Scienstein, The Spritelings, Queen Merelda
  • Allies: Mona, 9-volt and 18-volt, Ashley (his employees), Waluigi (his best friend and partner in crime), Toadette (secret friend), Dr. Drakken, Crow, Dick Dastardly, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, Ed, Edd and Eddy
  • Rivals: Mr. Burns, Seto Kaiba, Buy N' Large, King Dedede, Mr. Krabs.
  • Friendly Rivals: Scrooge McDuck, Larfleeze, Tulio and Miguel, Flintheart Glomgold
  • Friendly Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Toad, Diddy Kong.
  • Enemies: Bowser, Ganondorf, Galeem and Dharkon, Tabuu, Risky Boots, Ridley, Smaug, Pennywise the Clown, Airy, Kor, Robin Hood, Kasumi Goto, The Highwayman, Flowey.
  • Ignores: Ness, Lucas
  • Seeks Out: The Dream Stone, The Tunisian Diamond
  • Wario was born as one of the Seven Star Children alongside Mario (his eternal Friendly Rivalry), Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, Bowser and Yoshi. As he grew up, he initially became an evil sorcerous thief utilizing his strength and power to terrorize innocents and loot treasure. Following some Character Development, Wario instead has adopted a more Anti-Hero attitude, going as far as saving many worlds from bigger evils than him... As long as he can get some benefit and treasure out of it, sometimes even out of his own free will or simply to get whatever trouble that arose out of his way.
  • Upon ascending, Mona immediately raced to his office and began helping out with most of his projects because Wario was 'way cool'. However, she does get a bit miffed when she doesn't get her share of the paycheck when she works for him, though in the end never holds it forever against him, especially because she has a crush on him... Much to various deity's confusion. Some deities did eventually found out that Wario has taken her on some of his treasure hunting adventures, which some speculate has let her see Wario's Hidden Heart of Gold up-close, which might contribute to her view of him.
    • There's a rumor going around that he was the one that got 9-Volt and 18-Volt interested in the pantheon and also paid to have them ascended. When questioned about it, he just shrugs it off and says he just wants them closer so he could get his microgames quicker and easier. Not that he really believes it deep down.
  • In spite of his previous enmities with them, Wario and the heroic Super Mario Bros. Deities have remained on mostly friendly terms. Toad at times remember how he once had to fight off Wario's threat by himself when he tried enslaving Peaceful Woods, Toadette is secretly good friends with Wario, and doesn't holds any ill will against him for his past actions. They're often seen hanging out and having fun games with each other, other times they get involved in kart races
  • Many times Wario has shown his Hidden Heart of Gold, though they tend to happen more in dire situations, it does prove that Wario deep down cares about his friends and employees and, even if reluctantly, might appreciate them far more than he does treasure. That said, do not try to bring this possibility up in front of him, as Wario will give you a rotten day for doing so.
  • Many vampire deities, even Alucard, tend to stay far from Wario because of his love for garlic as well as for being able to weaponize it. Many such as Alucard himself are intrigued by the fact that Wario can harmlessly turn into a vampire and back to normal with either water, sunlight or garlic which is quite unusual as usually vampire-turned people would die to garlic or sunlight, yet Wario simply goes back to normal. The many versions of Dracula have found themselves to be the most frustrated parties in regard to this, as Wario's able to raid their temple without issue and No-Sell their usual abilities.
  • Pennywise once had a run-in with Wario when he threatened 9-Volt and 18-Volt, which prompted Wario to defend them so as to not lose employees. Pennywise initially tried to fill Wario with fear, but Wario's response to Pennywise was to beat the crap out of him until It gave up. Afterwards, It tries its best to avoid Wario, as his lack of fear means that Pennywise cannot really win against him. Wario himself was also widely displeased given how Pennywise was a treacherous evil clown who acted friendly, remembering how he was nearly deceived by Rudy the Clown.
  • As he was deceived in the past by Rudy the Clown, who lied to him about helping him escape from the Music World Box when he was trapped in; Wario hates all false and evil mentors who used those that treated them as teachers. Among these stand out Airy and Kor, as both put up a façade of being good guys who wanted to assist the heroes, only to eventually reveal just how evil they actually were. Others who were Evil All Along also gained scorn from Wario for this reason, such as Adria and Gunter Prozen, especially the former with how she used adventurers she fooled as sacrifices for Diablo to grow in power, not unlike how Rudy used him to regain his full power and very nearly conquer both the Music Box World and the Outer World where Wario lives.
    • A third deceitful "mentor" that earned Wario's hatred was Flowey as the evil flower tried to kill Frisk and guide them to a path of evil for his own sake and to become a god, not unlike Rudy. Unlike most other deities who started out hating Flowey Wario's opinion did not change even with Flowey changing his ways. But the formerly evil flower has tried to prove to him that he's truly changed, which does not seem to impress Wario for now, Frisk hopes to help Wario's opinion change eventually.
  • As a greedy CEO he found himself with a large slew of rivals. Especially those from the House of Commerce.
    • His most bitter rivals are the Three Managers of Commerce who serve as the main representatives of commerce in the Pantheon. All three do find Wario a bit of a rival that just won't be able to catch up to them, given how he tends to spend all his well-earned fortune in trivial things such as pizza, buffets and mountains of garlic. That said, Scrooge does respect that for the most part Wario earns his money fair and square and is disappointed whenever he hears that Wario tries to make money through scamming, given that Wario is perfectly capable of making money with adventures, treasure hunting and saving the day not unlike Scrooge after he got over his crueler phases. He also found a lot of common ground in regards to their status as Big Eaters, even if he never quite reaches the gluttony of Wario.
    • Flintheart Glomgold is another rich CEO who Wario views as a rival, unlike with the Managers of Commerce, Glomgold does view Wario as a worthy rival and has occasionally tried to offer him an alliance so both can team up their riches and take down Scrooge's position as the richest being in the Pantheon, but Wario refused as he believes that Glomgold might try to swipe his riches if they do team up.
    • Smaug detests Wario for raiding his temple successfully not long after ascending. Even more after he tried burning Wario to death, but instead of hurting him it only temporarily turned him to ash before the thief turned back to normal and dished out a big Curbstomp Battle, Wario thinks little of Smaug, viewing him as another fool of many that he stole from.
    • Mr. Krabs is another deity who Wario came to detest very quickly, both of them plan on obtaining more money than the other and aren't shy about using every underhanded method there is to get what they want much to the chagrin of their more morally grounded allies who occasionally leave them when they go too far in their rivalry so as to let them de-escalate the whole situation on their own.
    • Tamatoa is no stranger to hoarding treasure and has even refused to molt his shell due to it being covered in gold and other treasures. As such he's been keen on making sure his Temple is well-protected against Wario trying to raid it, as he once tried fighting back but Wario overpowered and defeated him, stealing a few of his treasures in the process.
    • Larfleeze has a Friendly Rivalry with Wario, often hanging out when not defending his lantern or when they're both not at each other's throats over treasure. Wario respects the lengths which Larfleeze goes through to protect his priced belongings. Larfleeze is at times surprised by Wario's apparent immortality stemming from "not feeling like dying".
  • As his bitter rival and nemesis in his world is a female pirate, Captain Syrup, with as much morals as he has, he became quick enemies with Risky Boots, as she's more evil on average than Syrup herself is, and thus has tried to outright assault Wario and steal his riches. Not that Wario let her as she found out the hard way why Syrup had to rely on deception to finally get one over Wario.
    • Another evil pirate who earned his scorn was Ridley, as the sadistic dragon tried raiding his temple once and proved himself to be way too cruel for Wario's tastes, that said Wario proved firmly that he is not to be triffled with. Ridley has thought of having some payback on the greedy scoundrel ever since, so as to mend his wounded pride.
  • Any would-be thieves of his treasure will find themselves on Wario's shit-list. Among these thieves stood out Robin Hood, who in his classic deal stole a lot of gold from Wario's temple and gave it to less fortunate deities and other poor people, which angered Wario enough to buy security systems to keep Hood away, unfortunately for him, various other thieves have begun helping Hood steal more and more to his frustration, he's been thinking of getting advice from Larfleeze to have a way to better protect his temple or outright buy a mechanical security system as he's at times too lazy to do so himself. Worse is that the openings have let other foes such as Risky Boots and Jack Sparrow still even more of his prices.
  • Still hasn't forgotten nor forgiven Ganondorf, Bowser and Tabuu for their role in deceiving him into working for the Subspace Army that nearly destroyed every world. In this adventure he antagonized Ness and Lucas even laughing at capturing Ness. Wario himself does not feel proud about this part of his past actions, as while he's greedy and a jerk, he's not a sadist, he prefers to ignore both Lucas and Ness as he is somewhat aware that he's got no real good reputation with them.
  • After the events of the battle between Donkey Kong and Knuckles the Echidna, he decided to try his luck stealing the Master Emerald, getting into a one-minute long scuffle with the red echidna. He wasn't himself that day and found himself on the wrong end of a giant boulder for his troubles, while Dr. Eggman stole the gem while they were fighting. Recently, Wario has clarified that the reason he was beaten so easily is simply because he didn't feel like trying to put up a fight that day, and that after his "death" he came back unscathed.
    • And then Wario engaged in a DEATH BATTLE! himself, against King Dedede, who robbed him of his bike wheels a week before (in Dedede's defense, Wario also wronged him by stealing his hot dog and farting on him). The fight ended with the King lodging a Gordo up Wario's butt, just when he was about to fire off a charged-up WAFT, blowing him up and the planet they were fighting on. After he resurrected, Wario has mostly avoided Dedede but will undoubtedly stand his ground if Dedede tries looting his temple.
  • Has ocasionally thought of raiding the whole Pantheon Treasury, though has mostly dialed down to simply seeking artifacts that bring him gold or riches by the hundreds. Among these artifacts was the Dream Stone, as he had hear from Mario's allies about how it was turned into a shower of golden coins back in his home Universe. He also thinks of adding the Tunisian Diamond to his Temple as another shiny artifact for him to collect and keep.
  • He actually gets well-along with the less evil and more ineffectual villains of the Pantheon, as they're not too evil for his tastes and tend to have similar personalities to Wario in his worst moments, Wario will hang out with them and often looks for another deity who likes garlic.
  • Has a superhero persona called "Wario-Man", who is much stronger and faster than regular Wario. That said, he knows it's pretty stupid to ride his motorcycle in that form as it accelerates far beyond what Wario can control, more often than not chaos will ensue whenever Wario uses this form and rides his bike, with many Houses outright forbidding Wario from using bikes while he's there, not that Wario minds.
  • Many deities have tried to find out if Wario's alledged inability to die when he does not feel like it is the truth or just boasting on his part derived from being Nigh-Invulnerable. Wario has so far kept saying that it's all his innate and unique skill and has planned on doing a Pantheon-wide treasure hunt to prove his strength is no Informed Attribute.
Have a rotten day!

Lesser Gods

    Anise Tatlin 
Anise Tatlin, Goddess of Love Based on Wealth
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Anise's doll, Tokunaga
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Gold Digger, Token Mini-Moe, Girlish Pigtails, Ambiguously Brown, Child Mage, Light 'em Up, Casting a Shadow, Genki Girl, Stepford Smiler, The Mole
  • Domains: Magic, Money, Love
  • High Priestess: Charlotte
  • Allies: Luke fon Fabre, Tear Grants, Jade Curtiss, Guy Cecil, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear, Sophie, Rom and Ram, Wendy Marvell, Neptune, Plutia, Yukiho Hagiwara
  • Cantor Anise Tatlin is the guardian to Fon Master Ion, and member of the Malkuth military.
  • Despite being only 13 and constaantly claiming that she is a "beautiful maiden", Anise is perfectly capable of holding her own in battle as she can not only use magic but also control her doll, Tokunaga to beat her enemies to death.
  • Due to her parents being gullible beyond belief, they frequently lost a lot of money to scams so Anise frequently falls for anyone who has a lot of money.
    • She hasn't had any luck with this clearly. However, what Anise really wants is to become the first Fon Master so she can reform it the way Ion wanted it, a religion that saves people rather than control them. It's a hard road to walk as there's a lot who wouldn't let her live down that she caused Ion to die when she could have prevented that, thus cursing at her name and hoping she will fail, but not only she will persevere, the rest of her friends are more than willing to stand up for her.
  • Anise has become good friends with Neptune due to the both of them being very cheerful most of the time and also due to the both of them sharing vocal similarities.
  • It's not uncommon to see Anise with Rom, Ram or Wendy Marvell due to all of them being children who show exceptional skill at magic.
  • One time when Anise went to the house of Otherness, she spotted Sophie there and Anise was very surprised to see Sophie wearing her uniform. After Anise asked Sophie where she got one of her uniforms from, Sophie said she had received it as a gift from someone a long time ago. Since then the two of them have been good friends.
  • Sometimes when she goes into battle, Tokunaga will be wearing a different hat or hairstyle usually ranging from something like a viking helmet to Presea or Heihachi's hairstyle.
  • She's not very pleased with her underdeveloped body because supposedly she's Older Than She Looks. She has stated that one day, she'll get as big as one of the Poly Racks. Any god that feels sarcastic enough usually replies with something along the lines of, "No way you could get melons like those!"
    • For that reason, she also likes to execute what she calls 'Operation Sexy Anise', in which she fights in nothing but her swimsuit. She doesn't seem to care that instead of everyone getting 'mesmerized', everyone instead starts ganging up on her, or at least reacts with mere confusion. However they react, it's never the effect that Anise was hoping for.

    Chairman Drek 
Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Alonzo Drek, God of Extremists Without Good Intentions

    Faye Valentine 
Faye Valentine, Goddess of Con Artists (Faye-Faye (by Radical Ed))
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Herself in cryosleep
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (True Neutral initially)
  • Portfolios: Hot Chick, Action Girl, Con Woman, Smoker, Loves to Eat, Hidden Heart of Gold, Fish out of Temporal Water, Being Way Older Than She Looks, can't return to her home
  • Domains: Crime, Con Men. Cryogenics
  • Allies: Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Radical Ed, Mugen, Jin, and Fuu, Space Dandy, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Yoruichi Shihouin
  • Rival: Aqua
  • Enemies: Billy Kane
  • Conflicting Opinions: Philip J. Fry
  • Opposed by: The Evil Queen
  • Odd Friendship: Hit
  • Faye was one of only two members of the Bebop (the other being Jet) to remain following Spike's revenge against Vicious and his (presumed) subsequent death. For some time, the two just resumed with their Bounty Hunting until they got back in contact with Radical Ed, who told them about the pantheon and the adventures she had as a member of the Hacking Quintet. Wasting no time, Faye and Jet raced off towards the Pantheon and eventually gained godhood... or at least she did.
    • Faye found herself in the Pantheon alone, looking for Jet only to discover that he was unable to gain access to the crossroad of dimensions due to a registration error. Before she could roam off alone for too long, though, Ed and Fujiko Mine found her and informed her that she was assigned to stay with Fujiko as her High Priestess. Becoming good friends with Fujiko while staying in her temple, Faye eventually learned that she could take the Con Man title (or Con Woman in her case), and ascend as a goddess herself. The Court of the Gods were confused about letting a female have that trope, but ultimately allowed her to use it. Faye still remains close allies with Fujiko.
  • When Faye saw Spike in the pantheon, at first, she was willing to hug him because she missed him that much. She instead whacked him in the knee, since his supposed death had her and Jet very worried.
    Faye: Gah! Don't you ever do that again!
  • Despite her appearance looking no older than 27, Faye has spent over fifty years in cryosleep. She once approached Philip J. Fry, hoping to find someone who had gone through a similar predicament. To her dismay, not only did Fry turn out to be an idiot, but, unlike her, he managed to adapt very quickly to his futuristic world, since he never fit in his original time period in the first place. He also compared her to Bender. She didn't like it.
  • Faye can often be found in the Light section of the House of Nature, mainly sunbathing. No one seems to mind that, but Sora has made a request for a cigarette receptacle and some ash trays because of Faye's habit of smoking.
  • Speaking of which, Faye holds no respect towards Billy Kane because of his anti-smoking views.
  • Faye has a minor rivalry with Aqua, in that they both hunt down crooks with all their skills, and both get suspended in time for a long period. However, their personalities contrast, with Aqua being Lawful Good and allying herself with law enforcements, while Faye is a bounty hunter specializing in con artistry.
  • Spent a lot of time working to find a way to get Jet's registration fixed, but it seemed to be held up no matter what she and Ed did. Someone seemed intent on keeping him out and separating the crew, and she wasn't sure if Spike's new friend Hit was connected to this or not. Hearing news that an assassination of sorts had taken place in cyberspace, she finally questioned Hit, who explained that, with help from Shiroe, he discovered that Jet's image on the registration files had been stolen by Love Machine, and was able to enter the malevolent AI's realm in order to defeat it. Two weeks came and went following this with no sign of the Black Dog, causing all of them to give up hope. Maybe it was too late to bring him in after all...
    • Two months later, some noise came from Jet's room, and he finally walked out in front of his crew. Faye was the first to react to this.
    Faye: Damnit Jet! What the hell took you so long!?

    Felix (Red vs Blue
Felix, the God of Fake Friendship (Sunkist McScouty, Pumpkin Patrol, Isaac Gates)

    Horace Slughorn 
Horace Slughorn, God of Enlightened Self-Interest

    Lord Djibril 
Lord Djibril, God of Dirty Cowards
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The LOGOS Logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil/Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Hate Sink, Bad Boss, Lack of Empathy, General Failure, Hair-Trigger Temper, War for Fun and Profit, The Sociopath, Dirty Coward, Evil Is Hammy, Diabolical Mastermind, Psychotic Smirk, Would Hurt a Child
  • Domains: Cowardice, Hatred, War
  • Heralds: LOGOS (the successor organization to Blue Cosmos)
  • High Priests: Jarek, Shura
  • Allies: Nobuyuki Sugou, Ali Al-Saachez (for now), Muruta Azrael, Sundowner, HYDRA, Millennium, SHOCKER
  • Headbutting Villains with: Ryoma Sengoku
  • Enemies: All heroic Gundam deities (especially Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne, Setsuna F. Seiei, and Aila Jyrkiäinen), All Ascended Toku Heroes, Axel Almer & Lamia Loveless, Ryu Hayabusa, Yuuki Konno, The Punisher, Batman, Kiritsugu Emiya, Dexter Morgan, Kaito Kumon, Bowser, Raul Menendez, Jason Todd, Daffy Duck
  • Evil Counterpart to: Valvatorez
  • Opposes: Piglet
  • Opposed by: Shinn Asuka, Makoto Itou, Kotonoha Katsura, Sekai Saionji
  • Hate is a word that can easily be used to describe this man. Djibril shares as much, if not more, hatred towards the Coordinators as his predecessor, Muruta Azrael. Many others hate Djibril not for how remorseless he is in what he does, but also for not being as competent as Muruta. There's also the fact that Djibril retreats without regard of his soldiers whenever things turn south for him (and he tends to come back later with more apparently dangerous plans).
  • Like Muruta, Djibril has found work at SHOCKER, having a role similar to that as Muruta's. However, Djibril is even more difficult to work with given his tendencies and there have been instances where his (arguably idiotic) actions have cost SHOCKER some battles against various heroes. Ryoma Sengoku has cited this as the reason why he can't tolerate working with Djibril.
    • Regardless, Djibril was able to get Nobuyuki Sugou to work alongside him (provided that Ryoma is not in the same room as them). Djibril has even mentioned that something about Sugou reminded him of Neo Roanoke, whom he relied on for his plans.
  • For the most part, he tends to be in a room that contains multiple TV monitors, presumably to hear about other going-ons throughout the Pantheon. It is in that room that Djibril carries out his plans and whenever he isn't at SHOCKER's headquarters, he usually communicates with his allies from that room.
  • Unsurprisingly, his actions made him an enemy of Gundam heroes (of particular note is Aila Jyrkiäinen, who hates him over the whole brainwashing thing). What is a little more surprising is the fact that a number of other Gundam deities who aren't that heroic also hate him. In particular, Treize Khushrenada finds Djibril to be despicable on multiple levels.
  • One notable rumor about Djibril is that he often gets involved in wars just to make a profit. Regardless of whether that's true or not, he's found a pretty good business partner in Sundowner, who has occasionally helped Djibril with getting enough funds to make more superweapons.
    • Djibril's presumed attitude about war also earned him the animosity of those who hate war such as Kiritsugu Emiya. They've even gone as far as to cite Djibril's actions as to why war is a horrible thing.
  • The Toku heroes, primarily the Kamen Riders, quickly decided that he is a threat to be eliminated after learning of how he worked for LOGOS, a terrorist organization not that different from SHOCKER in terms of cruelty.
  • Many war commanders, especially the good-aligned ones, detest him for not only his poor treatment for his mooks, but also for not being that smart. Even Mori Motonari, who is notorious for his disregard towards his subordinates, doesn't like Djibril at all for lacking any sort of style whatsover.
    • This animosity against him is also shared by those who are mooks working for someone and it can be argued that their hatred of Djibril is even greater than that of their hatred towards Muruta.
  • As someone who is responsible for making a program that takes children by force and turns them into dangerous soldiers, Djibril earned many enemies from those who are protective of children. In particular, people such as The Punisher, Jason Todd, and Dexter Morgan are more than willing to take down Djibril if given the opportunity to do so.
  • The fact that Djibril often leaves whenever he's about to lose earned him a lot of enemies. One notable enemy in that regard is Yuuki Konno, who hates him for being so underhanded in his tactics and the fact that he's associated himself with Sugou, who she already despises.
    • Despite being a self-admitted coward himself, even Daffy Duck is unamused with Djibril entirely. While Daffy does have a few friends to at least turn to, Djibril would simply leave his associates in a bad position whenever such a thing arises.
  • Djibril once met up with Raul Menendez and the former tried to get the latter to work with him. Menendez was against the offer as not only was Djibril lacking in certain aspects, but the fact that Djibril was basically in charge of a program that turned children into ruthless soldiers greatly offended Menendez to the point that the two have become highly antagonistic towards each other. That, and Menendez had a reason to do what he is planning to do whilst Djibril mostly did his actions out of racism against a certain kind.
  • He is rather amused at the fact that Ali Al-Saachez was involved with creating a separate army of child soldiers just for chaos. In turn, Ali found Djibril's tendencies to be entertaining and has considered working for him. Needless to say, this possible alliance immediately made Djibril a target for Setsuna F. Seiei.
  • Ryu Hayabusa is incredibly disturbed at this man over his actions and willingness to do whatever it takes to eliminate the opposition. There's another reason why the ninja hates Djibril.
  • Those who have a leadership role towards their subordinates quickly detested Djibril for completely disregarding that aspect of leadership in favor of just trying to win for personal gain. This included deities like Bowser who, despite not having the best temper around (compared to Djibril who could snap rather easily), is rather reasonable to his mooks.
  • Valvatorez absolutely despises Djibril for not only treating subordinates like trash, but for exploiting wars for personal gain, something that Val can't stand. In fact, many are convinced that these two are complete opposites in terms of mook treatment and outlook of war.


    Princess Morbucks 
Princess Morbucks, Goddess of Spoiled Brats


    Monaca Towa 
Monaca Towa, Goddess of Horrible Personality Revelations (Monaka, Lil' Ultimate Homeroom, Super Elementary School-Level Homeroom, The Mage of the Warriors of Hope, Pickle Satan, The Successor of Junko Enoshima (not anymore), Miaya Gekkogahara (Robot), Usami/Monomi (Fake), Ultimate NEET, Space NEET)
Monaca, as seen in Danganronpa 3.
  • Quasideity, formerly Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her personal emblem and the Mage Robot: Black Suspirian
  • Theme Song: It's a Kids World
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (formerly Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Perpetual Smiler, Creepy Child, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, Jerkass, Hate Sink, Obfuscating Disability, The Fake Cutie, Break Them by Talking, Third-Person Person, The Sociopath, Child Prodigy, Walking Spoiler, Disc-One Final Boss, Hazy-Feel Turn, Dirty Coward, Retired Monster, NEET, Screw This, I'm Outta Here, Blast off into Space!
  • Domains: Cuteness (faked), Disability (pretend), Depravity (formerly, maybe?), Despair (surrendered), Technology, Laziness.
  • Heralds: Her own set of Monokuma Units, Kurokuma, and Shirokuma
  • Allies: Dr. Evil, Itazura Griefers (especially Vector), Flowey, Miu Matsuoka, Nico Yazawa, Momo Karuizawa, Sora Shuin'in, Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm
  • Odd Friendship With: Yuno Gasai (For real)
  • Commonality Connection With: Kars
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima and Monokuma (her former mentor and idol), Nagito Komaeda, any Abusive Parents in the pantheon (particularly Tenjuro Banno and Ragyo Kiryuin), Lock Dealer Sid/Kamen Rider Sigurd, Misa Amane, Homura Akemi, Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Complicated Relations With: All Danganronpa Deities (especially Makoto and Komaru Naegi, Toko Fukawa, Byakuya Togami, Hajime Hinata, and Monomi/Usami), All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim), Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucy Heartfilia, Konata Izumi, Nanoha Takamichi, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars, Noel Vermillion, Sakura Matou, Alisa Bosconovitch, Kotori Minami
  • Opposed By: All Ascended Toku Villains (especially Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Enter, and SHOCKER), GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Yuuki Terumi), Ex, Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Even though she isn't the leader of the Warriors of Hope, there is something to be said about her being very cruel beneath that cute facade and false condition of hers. And then, there's the fact that she doesn't even treat the other members of that group well and is really using them for her own goals. Needless to say, this girl is just as bad, if not worse, than Junko Enoshima... or at least she was until being subjected to Remnant!Nagito's constant insane ramblings about hope and despair, which made her give up on both concepts entirely just so she could avoid becoming as crazy as him. She instead ends up blasting herself off into space to become a NEET. Yes, really.
  • Due to her abandonment on her motivations, she now hates her former idol Junko Enoshima as she would blame her for making despair seemed more fun than it was, probably due to Nagito's advice, while she claimed that she wasted her life of following her footsteps as she believes that fighting is useless as hope will win in the end anyway. She doesn't like Nagito's guts too considering how his attitude creeps her out too much.
    • Her abandonment on her villainy has made Enoshima disappointed to her as well because she thought she could finally throw Makoto Naegi to her knees and bring Ultimate Despair back to it's former prominence by bringing the Remnants of Despair back into their cause, but instead she backed out and flew away.
  • Although she gave up on her ambitions, she still show signs of being a jerk to her former enemies, with Komaru, Byakuya, and Toko, seems still not to like her, although Komaru has a soft spot on Monaca as she believed that she's just misguided like the rest of the Warriors of Hope, while Makoto and Hajime didn't know what to say about her since they never interacted with her yet. On the other hand, most hope bringers and Toku heroes, like the aforementioned Kouta Kazuraba, and Usami, had no reason to hate her as of now, although Usami didn't like her for using her as a voice box without her permission.
  • She was once an employed member of SHOCKER who helps Junko into providing Monokuma units to the organization after Ryoma Sengoku was impressed with her crimes of controlling innocent children with a detonation bomb installed into the victims' helmets. However after she backed out of the conflict between hope and despair, she is now considered a traitor by SHOCKER, Junko, Enter, and Sengoku, after she severed her ties with them and she tries to avoid them as possible since she is now hunted by her former allies for their disappointment towards her actions.
    • The Trollkaigers, especially Yuuki Terumi, and Ex's opinions on her became negative after they learned she abandoned her motivations in the name of despair with her deciding to becoming a NEET has put a nail in the coffin in their relationships on her former allies since then.
  • She later joins with the Itazura Griefers since she also learns that those individuals were also disgusted with a lot of heinous villains in the pantheon. This occurs after she met Vector and made an alliance with him after she learns from him that he also happens to be a bad guy who later became a bit of a good guy who still retains his troll attitude, although she pointed out that Vector's human alias "Rei Shingetsu" would remind her a bit of her old friend (and pawn) Nagisa Shingetsu. From there on, she was given the designation code name "Itazura Green", although Miyo Takano was against it at first since she already use this name, Monaca pointed out that she fits the Green code name better due to her green eyes and hair, prompting Takano to change her code name to "Itazura White" much to her chagrin. Of course, as such time would pass, so would the need for identifiers, so the group dropped the usage of the Itazura colors.
  • She also gained a sympathy of sorts with Flowey as they both shared their traits of losing their interest in their motives after they got bored with it.
  • She became friends with fellow former villain Dr. Evil as the two were often seen sharing their stories from their pasts careers as villains. While Monaca seems to just laugh at his pasts adventures, Evil was kinda creep out upon hearing of her atrocities in the name of her former idol, although it's not a big deal for him since it's a thing in the past.
    • She also became friends both former villains like Momo Karuizawa and Sora Shiun'in as well due to their shared traits. Although she may be a troll, she also warns them of both Junko and Monokuma since they became a frequent target for their mutual killings due to their association with their respective schools.
  • She seems to get along with Miu Matsuoka and Nico Yazawa due to their shared traits of using their cuteness to get what they want. Although Miu seems to be fine hanging around with Monaca, Nico seems to be wary on her considering of actions that she has done in the past.
  • For some reasons, her relations with Haruhi, Konata, and Lucy, seems to to mellow down into complicated matters, same thing with the likes of Noel, Rei, Nanoha, Alisa, Noel, Sakura and Kotori, since she is not considered a threat after she decides to stay out of the hope/despair conflict. However, she sees Misa Amane as an enemy not only that they sounded alike but she's disgusted with her actions regarding of her usage on Death Note for her own gain. On the other hand, Homura Akemi still considers her an enemy as her previous actions is the only thing that she cannot forgive even thought Monaca is now a Retired Monster.
  • She had a connection of sorts with Kars, due to the fact that they have their similar conclusions of them blasting off to space. However, what sets them apart is her just willingly to decide to "stop thinking" so she can stay in space forever, while Kars wanted to return to Earth before he was petrified in space for eternity.
  • She seems to have an odd friendship with Yuno Gasai due to the fact that she was also a victim of a parental abuse which is the reason why she became a depraved person in the first place. However, unlike her previous perception on her, she seems to genuinely liked her as of now although she still possessed those old traits of hers.
  • She stems her hate towards any Abusive Parents in the pantheon since she was treated very badly by her family in the past which serves as one of the catalyst for her villainy in the first place. This reason has made her enemies with Tenjuro Banno and Ragyo Kiryuin because she was disgusted with their actions towards their respective children which is why she cannot tolerate to work with them during her days as an employed member of SHOCKER. She also hates Lock Dealer Sid as well because of his tendency to hate those who were younger than him.