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White and Red and Eerie All Over

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Black ain't the only color that goes well with red.

Whereas red and black is commonly used as a shorthand for evil or '90s Anti-Hero edginess, white and red has a tendency to seem rather... off.

White is a sterile color generally agreed upon by many to be a "pure" one, and when introduced with a touch of vibrant red, it creates a very jarring contrast. But while this combination of colors can be elegant, in some circumstances, there can also be something unnervingly haunting about a white-and-red coloration. White is the color of bone and bloodless skin, and red the color of blood and bared flesh. Put them together and you get an unholy matrimony between Light Is Not Good and Red Is Violent; an appearance that is sickly, sterile, and ethereal, yet vibrant and visceral at the same time, like a pale corpse cut open to reveal its insides.

The sight of a "pure" color such as white being tainted with bloody red may be a key component in the eerie horror behind pale vampires who don't bother to wipe their mouths, white suits and wedding dresses stained with blood, blood in the white snow, sinister white-haired folks with red eyes (see Albinos Are Freaks), the makeup of a Monster Clown, the striped tent of its Circus of Fear, the sterile walls of a hospital or laboratory where the zombies or test subjects leave a path of mangled corpses in their wake, that red spot on the sheet you just woke up on, etc. In addition, white is associated with death in China and other Asian countries, so a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl clad in blood-soaked robes can add to their inherent scariness.

See also Light Is Not Good and Red Is Violent. Contrast Light Is Good, White Is Pure, Red Is Heroic, and Red-and-White Comedy Poster the latter of which is meant to be funny, not scary. Also contrast Green Means Natural for a color association used to indicate something being natural. Might turn up in Medical Horror as well, and is one of the reasons behind the assumption that Albinos Are Freaks—though in most albinistic humans in Real Life, the famous red eyes only show up under direct bright light (with blue being the most common color the rest of the time).

Compare Red and Black and Evil All Over, for a common interpretation of another particular color combination, and Grayscale of Evil for villains who eschew color altogether. For a healthy dose of Irony, contrast Cheery Pink; white and red being one of, if not the harshest color combination you can have means it's quite funny that combining them gets you the color most associated with softness. See also Psycho Pink if the eeriness of white and red is mixed to make a subversion of the seemingly innocuous color.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • This is the main aesthetic of the few color illustrations in Aposimz. Most things on the eponymous derelict, frozen space station that aren't snow white or grey are bloody red and made of dangerous or just plain weird biomechanical technology.
  • Many of the spider demons in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba are extremely pale with white hair, eyes, and clothes, and are adorned with red markings. Further accentuated with Rui, who has red sclerae and his strongest technique with his Demon Blood Art causes him to bleed, turning his hands and webs bright red.
  • Devil May Cry: The Animated Series: The Villain of the Week in "Rolling Thunder" is a demon who disguises himself as a priest before revealing himself to the heroes. His demonic visage has white, glowing skin, red eyes, a blue toga and feathery wings. For bonus points, his human disguise is a priest.
  • Digimon:
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: This color scheme is one of many visual features that make the "Mannequin Soldiers" so unsettling: in addition to being featureless Cyclops that attack in freaky waves like zombies, they are also chalky white with red stripes down their bodies.
  • The logo for the Akatsuki in Naruto are red with a white outline.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • The Angel Lilith is a featureless white figure in a red room.
    • The monstrous Mass Production Evas are mostly white with red-lined mouths.
    • The giant Rei in The End of Evangelion is white with red eyes.
    • A poster for The End of Evangelion depicts people floating in a sea of red liquid. Their skin and the lighter parts of their clothing appear white, the only other color present.
    • The giant Rei head in Rebuild of Evangelion is white with bloody streaks down its face, and it's surrounded by red figures.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kyubey, the magical girls' Mentor Mascot, has pure white fur and red eyes with a red, oval-shaped marking on his back. He's also an amoral Eldritch Abomination whose goal is to trick the girls into becoming magical girls for the purpose of having them eventually fall to despair and transform into witches, as part of his plan to prevent the heat death of the universe.
  • So I'm a Spider, So What?: Kumoko — at least in the manga and anime — is predominantly white with reddish pink markings. And while she may look cute and cuddly during the segments from her perspective, she's actually a horrifying spider-monster.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Among the setting's array of Lovecraftian Superpowers and Living Weapons, Hinami Fueguchi and Kureo Mado possess one of each respectively that employ this trope. Both can summon bone white, petal-like appendages with visible red veins and organs, as well as segmented Combat Tentacles of the same color with red muscle connecting each segment.

    Comic Books 
  • Batman:
    • Harley Quinn combines this with Red and Black and Evil All Over. The typical black and red jester outfit she wears in most of her incarnations clashes with the white and red makeup she wears, which makes her look rather creepy.
    • The Joker himself is usually depicted with a bleached white face and ruby-red lips, though this is most often combined with Secondary Color Nemesis.
    • Batwoman is often depicted with blood-red hair and very pale skin, especially in the surreal, stylized art of J.H. Williams III.
  • Extreme Carnage: After the Scream symbiote is accidentally killed by Andi Benton, Dr. Steven attempts to resurrect it by splicing its remains with Anti-Venom serum. This creates a white-and-red symbiote that calls itself "Silence" — as in "the absence of Scream" — and seems to enjoy eerily shushing people.
  • Omni-Man from Invincible. Imagine a Superman Substitute, who wears white and red, and after he reveals his agenda, kills all the most powerful superheroes on Earth in the succeeding chapters (and on the first episode in the animated adaptation.)
  • The Hate-Monger from a storyline of The Punisher is a Neo-Nazi bigot running a terrorist militia, and his uniform is a mockery of Captain America's, being completely white except for red gloves and boots and a black star with a white swastika on the chest.
  • Through the Woods: The part of the cover framed by the forest is white and red for a stark effect — the white sky and snowy ground, the red moon and wolf face, and the title in white letters on top of the red.

    Fan Works 
  • Batman: Restless Dreams: Implied. Dr. Blanc has white hair and wears a white-and-red coat. Her behavior seems shifty, and it's noted that Batman doesn't trust her, but there is no concrete evidence that she's sinister yet. The narration notes how weird it is that she has white hair despite not looking or sounding too elderly, but it's hard to tell because most of her face is covered by a medical mask.
  • Triptych Continuum: Sizzler's bone white + blood red coloration freaks other ponies out, as they don't like meat. He's appropriately colored for a butcher.
  • The Vasto of White might be worshipped and held in great awe by his subordinates as their God-Emperor, but he's very much The Dreaded to the Soul Society as he rampaged through the Seireitei, murdering Shinigamis in droves and turning their own Zanpakutos against them. His skin is pasty white from cinders clinging to his whole body, and his hair and loincloth are red.

    Films — Animated 
  • Animal Crackers (2017): Played with. Horatio P. Huntington, the Big Bad, wears a white-and-red, Elvis Presley-inspired outfit throughout the movie. He starts out as simply an egotistical prima donna, but slowly gets more evil and unsettling as the movie goes on. After his official Face–Heel Turn, he starts out trying to steal the magical animal crackers to take over the circus. He later tries to manipulate his nephew, Owen, into making a deal with him that will give Horatio the animal crackers and control of the circus. Eventually, in the climax, he goes One-Winged Angel, becoming a white and gray chimera with red eyes. He announces that he intends to Take Over the World, and then tries to outright kill his own family and the circus performers.
  • The Bad Guys (2022): The villainous characters in the main cast usually wear clothes of a red and white color scheme, while the heroic ones often dress in black and blue.
  • Big Hero 6: Yokai, a silent No-Nonsense Nemesis with control over a massive swarm of microbots, wears a white-and-red kabuki mask along with his black trenchcoat.
  • Kung Fu Panda 2: The film's main villain, Lord Shen, is an albino peacock with red eyespots on his train. He is almost always associated with red and fiery imagery, yet his white feathers and robe bring him into Light Is Not Good territory. This color contrast is also explored in the flashback Po has of when Shen attacked the pandas, where the snowy ground is juxtaposed with the sky reddened by the fire of the destroyed village. Combined with Red and Black and Evil All Over in that the scenes featuring Shen also tend to strongly rely on black tones.
  • Megamind: Hal Stewart is a normal human who was given powers by the alien Megamind to be a superhero who would fight him under the alias of Titan, but due to his past issues, Hal instead goes through a Big Bad Slippage and becomes The Sociopath who uses his superpowers in an attempt to get what he previously wanted. As Titan, he wears a white superhero suit with a red and orange flame pattern and a red cape, which matches his natural red hair. This is in contrast to the film's other two main supers: Megamind (a supervillain who later turns good), who's dressed in black and has blue skin, and Metro Man (the typical idealistic superhero who eventually gets bored of helping people), whose outfit is white and silver. Hal's white and red contrast was intended in-universe to look heroic and visually appealing, but out-of-universe, it represents his fiery, destructive personality.
  • WALL•E: AUTO and GO-4, the two over-controlling robots commanding the Axiom spaceship are covered in white metal sheets and have a single bright red robotic eye.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Turbo is a vaguely humanoid character in a white and red racing suit, and with pale grayish-white skin. Exposition reveals that Turbo was formerly the hero of his own arcade game, but turned bad out of jealousy when a similar game became more popular than his own. In the film proper, he's gotten even worse, disguising himself as a character in another game to take it over. This leads to a horrifying scene when his true form is exposed, causing him to flicker with white, red, and orange pixels as he switches back and forth between his forms as King Candy and Turbo and pulls a few Nightmare Faces as well.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Crimson Peak emphasizes red and white in its color palette, particularly in the final act, as the snowfall becomes stained with the red clay beneath Allerdale Hall.
  • False Positive: Lucy is wearing a white shirt when she goes off to confront Dr. Hindle, who impregnated her with his own sperm instead of her husband's and has been Gaslighting her. She returns all covered in blood.
  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II: The returned Julia, flayed and crimson, dons a luxurious white suit that she then proceeds to bleed all over. The end result is a disturbing mix of hellishly visceral and angelically pristine.
  • In Hellboy (2019), the demons that appear during the movie's climax have bone-white skin and blood-red markings. And then they start getting soaked in the blood of their victims.
  • It (2017): Unlike his previous designs, Pennywise's appearance and outfit are mostly colored white and light grey, save for his orange hair and red decorations. Best invoked in one of the posters for It: Chapter Two, where Pennywise's face blends in with the rest of the poster's white background, with the contrasting details being his red makeup and the movie logo.
  • In Kill Bill, Daryl Hannah sneaks into a hospital carrying a red umbrella and wearing a white coat and Eyepatch of Power. She then changes into a white Naughty Nurse Outfit, swaps the eyepatch out for one that's mostly white except for a red cross, and attempts to assassinate a comatose Uma Thurman with a syringe full of cherry-red poison. Hannah's Sinister Whistling makes the scene all the more chilling.
  • The Last Jedi: In keeping with the film's Darker and Edgier themes, Red Is Violent contrasts with white in the film and the marketing.
  • Sy's nightmare sequence in One Hour Photo consists of him dressed all in white and standing in a white aisle as blood gushes out of his eyes.
  • Pan's Labyrinth: The Pale Man, as his name indicates, is a fairytale monster whose bleached skin is offset only by several flesh-colored highlights around its extremities and orifices.
  • Red Riding Hood: The marketing puts the fairytale's iconic red cape against Valerie's white dress and a foggy or snowy forest, highlighting that this is a darker take on the fairytale.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), Dr. Robotnik's various drones and tech all share the same white paint jobs and ovoid shapes, with red Glowing Mechanical Eyes and Tron Lines. Said drones are portrayed as much deadlier than the Badniks of the main franchise.
  • In Tale of Tales the Queen of Longtrellis messily devours a water dragon's heart while sitting in a white room that only highlights the eeriness of the Queen's blood-soaked meal.

  • Christine: The titular car, which one of the characters, before being killed, compares to "ivory and dried blood".
  • In Fengshen Yanyi, the Taoist hermit Chijingzi owns the Fabao (magic instrument) called "Yin and Yang Mirror", which he later passes to his trainee Prince Yin Hong. The mirror has a red side, representing Yang, and a white side representing Yin: the former can give life and heal all those who reflect into it, but the other side can instantly kill instead.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • The weirwoods are strange trees considered sacred by followers of the old gods, whose coloration is compared to that of blood and bone: white bark, red leaves, and sap that greatly resembles blood. Several characters find them unsettling or frightening to look at for this reason, especially when it comes to weirwoods with faces carved onto them, the latter which often appear to weep blood due to sap leaking from their grooves.
    • A character strongly associated with weirwoods is Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers, a sorcerer with one red eye and a red raven birthmark on his face. He was eerie enough during his natural lifespan, but by the time Bran meets him he's a skeletal figure merged with the roots of a weirwood.
    • Jon's direwolf Ghost is albino with blood-red eyes.note  He infamous for his complete silence and his ability to appear seemingly out of thin air. Tyrion notes that he's "very unsettling", while the wildlings instantly peg Jon as a warg after seeing Ghost's obvious intelligence and synchroneity with him.

    Live-Action TV 

  • The earliest LP sleeve designs for Blue Öyster Cult are monochrome with splashes of red: that minimal touch of blood-red adds to the sinister, other-worldly quality of the LP designs.

    Myths & Religion 
  • The Bible, especially in the New Testament, has a recurring theme where purity, redemption, and spiritual rebirth in Christ are portrayed as pure clean white, whereas sin and unrepented evil are contrasted in vivid blood-red.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering:
    • Elesh Norn (pictured above) is the leader of a theocratic faction whose goal is to bring about the union of flesh and machinery all across the universe. Her design reflects said goal quite well; a body and face cased in ivory-colored porcelain skin, contrasted by a few exposed areas of bare muscle tissue, a motif repeated by all her minions and followers.
    • The combination of red and white mana usually leads to heroic archetypes, but evil examples exist. Nahiri is a Fallen Hero who has caused genocide and attempted genocide, and after her release from Phyrexia in March of Machines: The Aftermath, also has part of her stark white kor skin broken up with glowing orange-red lines. The Nobilis of War drives the people of Shadowmoor to eternal warfare. New Capenna's Cabaretti are mafioso hedonists far from being above extortion and retaliatory crimes. Palladia-Mors was a social Darwinist and the most openly violent of the elder dragons. Even the Boros Legion of Ravnica is no stranger to Police Brutality, and some of the historians of Strixhaven's Lorehold campus study the magic of the cheerfully named "Blood Age".

  • BIONICLE Legends
    • Pridak, leader of the Barraki, is a vicious, shark-like warlord with a pale body and Creepy Blue Eyes, as well as red tints on the tips of his fins and the area around his mouth.
    • Krika is the most horribly mutated member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, being a mantis-like being who possesses bone-white armor resembling vertebrae, and his pincers featuring a red center. Despite his creepiness, he's also the more decent member of the bunch.
  • G.I. Joe: Storm-Shadow is the primary Ninja operative for Cobra, the main villainous faction of the franchise. His signature outfit is a white ninja garb with a red sash or red Cobra symbol. He is usually depicted as the arch-rival of the heroes' own ninja Snake Eyes.

    Video Games 
  • The Binding of Isaac:
  • Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening: This is the exact color scheme for the Abyss Demons, basically more powerful versions of the standard Hell Demons. They show up in the last levels of the game.
  • Devil May Cry 4: Sanctus is the Big Bad of the game and wears a white alb and red stole. He at first appears to be a kind and wise religious leader but is ultimately revealed to have designs on attaining the power of Sparda for himself. When he becomes Sanctus Diabolica, he gains glowing red eyes.
  • The visuals of the Realm of the Dead level in Donald in Maui Mallard are based on ash grey and bright red. Dominating the background image is a huge creepy eyeball with red veins and iris contrasting its whites.
  • Doom:
    • Doom (2016): More than a few of the demon's designs appear to resemble this trope, boasting bony exteriors with fleshy muscle underneath.
    • Doom Eternal: The Maykrs and their signature aesthetic are usually a combination of white and red, typically with a little gold mixed in. The Khan Maykr is an even better example: she wears beautiful white armor that covers her entire body, but as she gets damaged you can see more and more of her real body, which is both blood-red in color and better befits an Eldritch Abomination (complete with tentacles) than the Angelic Beauty she seems to be.
  • Fatal Frame II: Sae Kurosawa, the Big Bad of the game, is a murderous, Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl-like spirit whose white kimono has a red sash tied to her left side and is stained with blood.
  • Fate/Grand Order: Downplayed with Altera. She wears a white outfit with red highlights and is not quite human who is very robotic in her interactions. However, certain interactions show that she is rather cute beyond her mid-battle Emotionless Girl state.
  • Final Nights 4: Fates Entwined: In Night 5, you will be frequently attacked by ghostly versions of the Fredbear and Bonnie prototypes known as the Insane animatronics, with pale white suits stained with bloody red.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: While the Gaerleans mostly have a red and black aesthetic, Livia sas Junius wears all-white platemail with a red patch in the middle.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses:
    • While dressed in black and red robes, the mysterious, menacing Flame Emperor's mask is white with splashes of red that almost look like bloodstains. This motif carries over into her real identity as Edelgard, who upon ascending the Adrestian throne and becoming a ruthless tyrant wears a snazzy crimson Battle Ballgown with hints of white that compliment her head of similarly white hair.
    • Garreg Mach faculty member Jertiza wears an outfit that's primarily colored red and white, and thanks to his bloodlust and callous attitude, he's got eeriness down to a T. Especially since he's the murderous, teen-kidnapping Death Knight, though when he rides into battle he swaps this motif with a Red and Black and Evil All Over ensemble.
  • God of War: Protagonist Kratos is easily distinguishable by his ashen white skin (don't ask how he got it) and red tattoo running down the left side of his face and body. Fittingly enough, he's known by many as the "Ghost of Sparta", and he can be easily scary by virtue of being a god-punching, nigh-unstoppable berserker. This is explored in the song "Blood Upon The Snow" in God of War Ragnarök, in which the red and white in Kratos' skin is associated with snow stained by blood, representing the character's past struggles with violence.
  • Half-Life 2: The Combine Elite are the cream of the crop among transhuman soldiers under the Combine empire, distinguishable by their white armour, red right shoulder pad, and a single, piercing red eye. They are the only characters in the game that can use the disintegrating dark energy sphere Secondary Fire of the Pulse Rifle other than Freeman himself. Curiously, they're not as dangerous as the regular soldiers and their grenades.
  • Kirby:
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: The Mini-Boss monster Dead Hand from the Bottom Of The Well and the Shadow Temple is white with a reddish tint all over its body and has quite a bit of Nightmare Fuel going for its ghoulish appearance and behaviour.
  • Kazuma Kiryu from Like a Dragon is a more grounded version. He wears a light gray suit, white shoes, and a red shirt, and while he's The Hero of the story and a definite good guy, he's also The Dreaded to many in the Japanese underworld.
  • Lobotomy Corporation has WhiteNight, an Angelic Abomination with a white, winged body and red eyes that converts agents into its Apostles that equally count for this trope.
  • Metroid Dread has Cyber Cyclops E.M.M.I. in many colors, but the one given most attention in the promotion is the white one, certainly to invoke this trope.
  • Monster Hunter:
    • Monster Hunter (2004): Khezu's body is completely pale white all over, save for its thick red lips. It is also one of the more alien-looking and disturbing monsters in the series.
    • Monster Hunter 2 (dos): White Fatalis is one of the most powerful Elder Dragons in the series, and is both beautiful and eerie in equal measure. Its ghostly white scales and fur combined with its blood-red eyes make for an imposing appearance, and when it fights it forgoes its Black and Crimson cousins flames in favor of scarlet lightning that further drives home its status as a living calamity in dragon form.
    • Monster Hunter Frontier: The Elder Dragon Disufiroa is a black dragon, which are a classification of extremely dangerous Elder Dragons that fellow white-and-red dragon White Fatalis belongs to. Its jagged white scales and red underbelly and jaw give it the appearance of a creature made of raw flesh and bone, and it can control fire and ice to deadly extremes. Thanks to its elemental powers being so unstable, its mere presence can wipe out entire ecosystems, and it's the only living thing in the World's End, the wasteland it rules over.
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: Ryu's main opponent throughout the game is the Regent of the Mask, a playfully sadistic man who wears a white mask and a red robe.
  • Ōkami: The pantheon of the Japanese setting the game takes place in are a more benevolent example; nevertheless, they take the form of various animals whose appearances are entirely white with red tattoos all over their bodies, serving to indicate their divinity and set them apart from mortal animals.
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus: With its white fur and blood-red accents, the Hisuian variant of Zorua and its evolved form Zoroark is a sickly contrast to the line's original Unovan variant, as they are the lingering souls of the latter after succumbing to Hisui's harsh environment. To top off the eerieness, they are a Ghost-type filled with hatred towards the living, and are said to fight to the brink of damaging themselves.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart: In contrast with Dr. Nefarious' striking purples and greens, Emperor Nefarious is mostly white and red (with some black parts as well), characterizing him as more malevolent and serious than his counterpart, though the color leans more towards orange than red, though it still has a bit of the effect.
  • SCP – Containment Breach's own interpretation of SCP-096's appearance is that of a lanky, deathly pale humanoid, whose complexion is contrasted by the fresh blood covering its hands and mouth. While initially docile, said blood provides a very important clue as to why you shouldn't make the mistake of looking at its face.
  • Sonic Forces:
    • The iconic Egg Pawns are redesigned to be much more menacing this time around, featuring simple white bodies with glowing red eyes or visors. While their previous incarnations were more akin to Adorable Evil Minions, here they are portrayed as unfeeling, militaristic automatons with no comedic traits whatsoever.
    • While Infinite himself does not count for this trope (he has some white fur, but his color scheme is predominantly black, red, and gray), the second boss battle against him qualifies. It takes place in a pristine white steel area, which contrasts with his red energy attacks.
    • The Death Egg Robot's final form is white with red claws and joints. It's very unnerving partially because it's a Starfish Robot with robotic tentacles, and also because Eggman uses the mystical Phantom Ruby to its full extent while piloting the robot, creating an eerie, dark battlefield for the robot to stand out against.
  • Sonic Frontiers: In contrast to the other Titans, SUPREME adopts this color scheme, and he is the final Titan that stands in Sonic's way. It also contains the true Big Bad of the game, THE END.
  • Subnautica has the Reaper leviathans, 55-foot-long eel-sharks with Monstrous Mandibles capable of grasping and crushing a submersible, and the delightful tendency to constantly roar as they patrol their territory (a form of echolocation - if you can hear a Reaper, it can "see" you). Their flesh is mostly pale white with red highlights, and they stand out from all the other lifeforms in the game for averting Bioluminescence Is Cool, which makes Reapers unnervingly sneaky in dark or murky water.
  • Superhot: Levels are modelled in plain white, with enemies in red and weapons in black. Any red being visible on an otherwise white backdrop is bad news.
  • TinkerQuarry:
    • Stella is a white bat in a pink dress, with a red fur boa made from the body of Lori, who is in an And I Must Scream state. Although she didn't attack Lori herself, Stella is still willing to attack others to get the fabric and other materials she wants.
    • The Rat King is the terrifying, monstrous king of the rats plaguing the Dollhouse. It's bright white, with white Cool Crowns and red eyes. Like the other rats, it's implied to be an Animalistic Abomination.
  • World of Warcraft: The Old God G'huun and its forces, associated with all kinds of rot and decay, make heavy use of this colour scheme; G'huun itself is a sickly maggot-white with a blood-red underbelly and growths on its back. The overall look seems to be inspired by the bleeding tooth fungus.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • In a variation that's also an example of Psycho Pink, Phoenix's first main opponent in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a man literally named Redd White, a master blackmailer.
    • The final culprit of Justice for All, Matt Engarde, is a conniving, murderous schemer with a creepily friendly demeanor and a red-and-white color scheme.
    • Dahlia Hawthorne from Trials and Tribulations has red hair and a white gown, with a bright pink umbrella and stole thrown in. She's a vicious Serial Killer and the Big Bad of the game. For bonus points, her spirit is shown as a featureless white figure with her signature red hair.
  • DRAMAtical Murder has the appearance of the 'other' Aoba in Koujaku's bad ending. Said character lacks pigmentation, leaving their hair, scalera, and skin a disturbingly shade of white, and they dress in white robes that are adorned with red shashes, cords, and red gloves and boots.
  • A regular theme in Echo. Echo's dreary vistas are illuminated by the red setting sun (or nightmare skies) and bleak white stars. Leo's pelt is red and white and he goes crazy. Last but not least, the demonic things walking around are either white or red.

    Web Original 
  • Serina: The multi-species civilisation of the Sea Stewards, which hitherto lasted for millions of years, is unwittingly brought low by Whitecrown, an albino bluetailed chatteraven now leading a massive flock harnessing the power of fire. One day, while hunting, he unknowingly drops a light near a massive, exposed coal-seam, setting it ablaze and causing the entire planet's ecosystem to collapse from the continent-wide coal fires that ensue. In an illustration depicting the fateful moment, he is depicted in a surreal bright white rimmed with red from the coal fires which he accidentally lit.
  • The plot of a Creepypasta ghost story titled White with Red concerns a room in a hotel where a man once murdered his wife a long time ago. Anyone who stays in that room turns pale all over save for their eyes, which turn a sharp red.
  • xkcd: Invoked and Played for Laughs in this strip, which claims that Christmas presents are parasitic plants to Christmas trees. One piece of evidence listed is that the "bright white and red colors indicate a lack of chlorophyll".

    Western Animation 
  • Ben 10: Alien Force: The Highbreed, a race of alien banana Nazis, all share the same pale white colouring with eight red eyes (four on their heads and four on their torsos), befitting their obsession with racial supremacy and genetic purity. However, there are hints of black and purple in their overall appearance. This uniformity could get attributed to their inbreeding.
  • Danny Phantom: In his ghostly alias as Plasmius, Vlad Masters wears a white outfit that includes a white cape with red inner lining. He also has glowing red eyes.
  • Hazbin Hotel gives the Morningstar family a red and white palette, and while Charlie is The Hero of the story and one of the nicest characters in Hell (but don't mistake that for weakness), her father is Lucifer, who keeps Hell under his thumb via fear.note 
  • Emperor Belos from The Owl House wears white, fitting his status as a theocratical leader. However, his magic is bloody red, showing his real self shining through his religious mask.
  • Star Wars Rebels: While the Grand Inquisitor's outfit mostly invokes a dark motif, his face is deathly pale with red markings below his eyes and on his forehead.


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