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Blood from Every Orifice

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I think you're gonna need more than a couple of tissues for that.

We all know that when a character starts coughing up blood, it's a bad sign, and nosebleeds can be similarly ominous. Therefore, if you want to kick those tropes up a few notches and really hammer home how doomed a character is, just have them bleed from everywhere: mouth, nose, ears, eyes, and even some other places if you really want to gross out the audience.

Such an extreme case of bleeding is usually reserved for deaths that are out-of-the-ordinary; it might be caused by magical or psychic powers, advanced technology, aliens, or just a really nasty and probably contagious new disease.

See also Blood from the Mouth, Deadly Nosebleed, Psychic Nosebleed, and Tears of Blood.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Fist of the North Star, the ultimate death of Rei happens in this style, as Raoh struck a pressure point that forces all of a victim's blood out of their body. Violently. It's so graphic even by this series' standards that when he hid in a cottage to finally die, nobody bothered to follow him in, forced to listen to a great man dying in such a painful fashion.
  • A sign of possession by Satan in Blue Exorcist. In some cases during the anime blue flames also pour from the eyes and mouth.
  • Inuyasha: Blood from the Mouth is a fairly common occurrence. When Miroku, determined to finish off Naraku once and for all before the fight against him kills Sango's little brother, takes in so much miasma that he starts bleeding not just from the mouth but from the nose, ears, and eyes as well, there's no doubt how serious it is.
  • In Saint Seiya, this was the effect Shiryu suffered for overusing his Dangerous Forbidden Technique. Luckily his opponent had a Heel Realization and saved Shiryu before he died from blood loss.
  • In Canaan, this is how the unfortunate people infected with the UA Virus usually die. It's seen in an especially horrifying way when Liang Qi tries to give herself synesthesia in a mad bid for Alphard's attention and affection via willingly injecting herself with the virus, and soon is bleeding from everywhere while wearing skimpy lingerie due to not having the genes necessary for synesthesia to work for her like it does with Canaan.
  • Made in Abyss: Ascending from the Fourth Layer results in this, no matter how cute the curse's victims are.

    Comic Books 
  • Robin (1993): After getting hit with an electrical weapon Lock-Up had set up Tim is left with blood seeping from his ears, nose, mouth and nail beds. He's still able to kick Lock-Up over a railing from his spot on the floor when the villain arrives with a message he wants Robin to deliver to Batman.
  • In Supergirl storyline Death & the Family, when Lana Lana finally succumbs to her mysterious illness, blood flows from her mouth, nose and eyes, forming a red pool under Lana's collapsed body.

    Fan Works 


  • In "The Masque of the Red Death", the Red Death, whose symptoms include profuse bleeding all over the face and the body, kills within half an hour of infection.
  • In the Dirk Pitt novel Deep Six, a deadly chemical weapon called Nerve Agent S has the side effect of causing victims to do this before dying.
  • Let the Right One In: Eli when she enters a building without an invitation.
  • Journey to the West often uses the expression "he bled from all the seven orifices". Usually is a result of some unlucky soul getting smashed by Sun Wukong's cudgel, in one occasion or two it was from the monkey itself, due to an incredibly inhuman physical effort (namely trying to not get crushed flat by three mountains which were summoned on his back).
  • In the Tamora Pierce The Circle Opens quartet, reference is made to the "blood plague" that helped to bring down the Vestigial Empire predating the nations on the Pebbled Sea. People would bleed to death through the pores of their skin.
  • The medical novel The House of God has a former physician die of leukemia. This happens to him when there are no more platelets left to help him clot. "Oh God, this is awf..." he begins, but he can't finish for obvious reasons, and no orifice is spared.
  • In his Memoirs, General Marbot relates how he was stunned by a cannonball during the battle of Eylau; the ball had "only" struck his hat, but his whole head endured the impact because of the solid strap holding the hat in placenote . Blood started to pour from his eyes, ears, and nose, and he remained fully aware but paralyzed while a desperate fight was raging around him. And then it got worse...
  • Averted in "The Emigrants". During the crossing of the Atlantic, Karl Oskar is woken by his son to find Kristina bleeding out of every orifice due to scurvy. He believes she will most likely die and spends the night keeping watch over her, eventually succumbing to sleep. When he wakes in the morning Kristina has made it through but another woman in their group has died of the same illness during the night.
  • This is how Lu Meng dies in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He suffers a massive hemorrhage brought on by being possessed by the vengeful spirit of Guan Yu, with the book noting that he died of 'bleeding from the seven bodily orifices,' which is both a pretty visceral mental image and especially horrifying if you're aware that many ancient Chinese scholars technically did not count the eye sockets as bodily orifices.
  • In Malazan Book of the Fallen during Mother Dark and the Dying God's duel in Black Coral, Clip starts bleeding profusely. It isn't a fatal example, but it surely takes him out of the fight for good.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The virus that the Grounders use as a biological weapon in The 100 causes this.
  • On Being Human (US), drinking the blood of a werewolf makes vampires bleed from all their orifices. The blood of humans infected with a certain strain of the flu has a similar but more pronounced effect. Exposure to the former helps Aidan survive the latter.
  • In one episode of Criminal Minds, the unsub kills people with poisoned wine. At first, his targets were criminals, but then we see an innocent young couple start to bleed during dinner as the pre-teen daughter watches.
  • The Hands of Blue from Firefly kill people like this using a small pen-shaped ultrasonic weapon (see pic above). It's officially stated that it causes bleeding from every orifice in the body.
  • In Game of Thrones, when King Joffrey drinks the poisoned wine, he leaks blood from his nose and the whites of his eyes filled with blood. He also appears to hemorrhage beneath the skin.
  • The Virus from The Last Man on Earth is described as causing feces and brain fluid to burst out of every hole of the victim's body. Every hole.
  • A few episodes of the 90s FOX TV show Millennium (1996) featured a super-plague like this, where the symptoms went from headache to bloody puddle in less than 5 seconds.
  • From Monty Python's Flying Circus, Sam Peckinpah's version of "Tom Brown's Salad Days" eventually ends like this. Pretty strong meat there.
  • Murdoch Mysteries: A young woman's body was found ditched in a river and it appeared that her blood has been drained. The team found out that she was pregnant and tried to induce a miscarriage by eating insecticide, and combined with some strange oil and pills, it did induce the miscarriage, but it also caused severe bleeding from her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, nails, and down there... She died an agonizing death.
  • Symbaline blood burn does this to a Red Shirt on Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • Occurs often in Supernatural usually to show that victim of the week died from a supernatural cause.

    Video Games 
  • In Trauma Team, when people start bleeding from every orifice, it means they are seconds away from Rosalia-Virus-induced death.
  • As the predecessor of Canaan, 428: Shibuya Scramble also has this as the usual death for the people unfortunate enough to be infected with the UA virus.
  • This happens to Lisa Garland in Silent Hill after she realizes she's a Puppet Nurse monster. She shambles towards Harry while her eyes, nose, head, and mouth bleed out. Cybil suffers the same fate if you choose to kill her since she's manipulated by a Puppeteer Parasite.
  • A variation in Persona 5: victims of a mental shutdown start oozing a black, blood-like substance from their eyes, nose and mouth.


    Web Original 
  • In the DK Vine column "Bitching About Brawl", this happens to Bob O. Friend right before he dies.
    Bob: Oh geez... why am I bleeding from my mouth, nose, ears, ass, penis, nipples, and cuticles?
    Diddy Kong: Cameras have mouths, noses, ears, asses, penises, nipples, and cuticles?

    Real Life