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Sometimes, looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to characters or objects wearing pink. For a color associated with femininity, innocence, playfulness, and love, they are often the ones that need to be watched out for. Female characters often at first appear to be quirky or crazy in a good way before exposing their... well.. true colors in the style of being a bitch or crazy in a bad way.

Intense shades of pink such as hot pink and magenta can be associated with this, as they can be off-putting and too much for the eyes, and as such, characters who wear these shades, like the Alpha Bitch in teen films, can be a red flag, or a hot pink flag in this case. Muted shades of pink like puce or old rose can give off a macabre and visceral feel, and can also convey a psychologically not-all-there character.

Can be part of Subverted Innocence, specifically subverting Pink Means Feminine (supertrope of Pink Girl, Blue Boy, Pink Is for Sissies/Real Men Wear Pink, Princesses Prefer Pink, and Rose-Haired Sweetie), Cute and Psycho, and Cheery Pink, juxtaposing what is often seen as a soft, gentle, welcoming color with a more aggressive, unsettling character type.

In Japanese Media, the Yandere girls can be seen usually with pink clothes and/or hair. With pink being associated with love and romance, and being in Love Makes You Crazy if it's not Mad Love outright for these characters, you get a lot of psychotic pink-themed characters.


Male versions are more often crazy out of the gate or initially played off as adorable. Pink, being associated with femininity, is a deceptive/deliberate color for a female villain or a male Sissy Villain. Considering that men used to wear pink prior to the 20th century, and some tints and hues of pink are reddish, there would be an overlap regarding the violent and passionate nature of pink and how some men find the color manly despite its softened appearance.

Can overlap with Pink Is Erotic when it deals with hypersexuality and sexual depravity. Killer Rabbit, Bright Is Not Good, Mysterious Purple, and White and Red and Eerie All Over also often overlap.



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  • Downplayed in Suzy Puppy; the majority of the ad is bright pink to contrast the dark reality of puppy mills.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Bleach: Szayelaporro Granz is a Sissy Villain with pink hair. He is also an Ax-Crazy Evil Genius.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Frieza is a sadistic, heartless Evil Overlord with a Sissy Villain color scheme centered around pink and purple. The pink includes much of his skin in his first three forms, as well as many of his energy blasts (one barrage lights up the whole landscape pink for a minute).
    • Frieza's elite henchman Dodoria has pink skin and is (if on a lesser scale) just as evil as his boss, revelling in the slaughter of weaker opponents, children, and old people.
    • Majin Buu is an Omnicidal Maniac who, in addition to being completely pink, looks pretty silly, at least as Fat Buu.
    • Goku Black is a deicidal, omnicidal, body-snatching narcissist, and only gets worse once he unlocks his pink-haired Super Saiyan Rosé form.
  • Dr. STONE: Homura Momiji, the resident Dark Action Girl, wears an all-pink outfit and has pink hair. Her Establishing Character Moment is her burning down Ishigami Village while Hyoga and his goons distract the heroes.
  • DARLING in the FRANXX: Zero two has pink hair, and is also pretty dangerous (even gaining a reputation of killing her partners who pilot with her) and aggressive.
  • Durarara!!: Haruna Niekawa is easily one of the less sane characters in the show, which is saying something given the Cast Full of Crazy. She's an Axe-Crazy Saika Child who slashes hundreds of people across Ikebukuro to express Saika's love and is worryingly obsessed and infatuated with her former teacher, Mr. Nasujima, despite him being a pedophile who only wanted her money. After Anri cuts her, she returns wearing a bright pink dress and a rose-themed purse, and is every bit as violent and unstable as ever.
  • Elfen Lied: In the anime, all diclonius have pink hair. In the manga, only Nyu has pink hair. Diclonius are a spinoff species of humans that, even as young children, have terrifying psychic abilities where they brutally murder all humans in sight. They can be neutral or even nice (as is the case with Nana and Nyu/Kaede) but most are considered a danger and killed at birth or early in life. It's left vague if they are born aggressive or if it's due to their highly abusive upbringings, though the series implies diclonius all have a destructive anti-human side waiting to be brought out.
  • Eureka Seven has the pink-themed Anemone, who's completely Cute and Psycho (as opposed to blue-themed heroine Eureka).
  • FLCL: The Ax-Crazy Haruko Haruhara. Her Establishing Character Moment features her running over The Protagonist with a freaking MOPED. She also wields an electric guitar with a chainsaw-pull-string mechanism which she uses as, among other things, a Hover Board and an Improvised Weapon.
  • Future Diary: Gasai Yuno. Originally appearing to be a Rose-Haired Sweetie, Yuno quickly exposes her wild side by killing anything and everything that could pose even a semblance of a threat to her relationship with Yuki in a truly impressive feat of Yandere obsession.
  • Satou, the Villain Protagonist of Happy Sugar Life, has pink hair and seems to be a charming, upbeat and popular girl on the surface, but is secretly an Ax-Crazy Yandere who has murdered multiple people, including her own "best friend", Shoko, in order to protect the "happy sugar life" she has with Shio, a girl whom she has essentially kidnapped.
  • Hunter × Hunter: Hisoka's nen is often colored pink or purplish-pink when he uses it. This is to both play up its gum-like quality and to emphasize that this Ax-Crazy, Blue-and-Orange Morality having Blood Knight is indeed a complete psychopath.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
  • Kill la Kill:
  • Lucky☆Star plays this for laughs with Akira Kogami; she's a pink-haired Idol Singer who shows her true colors whenever something angers or annoys her, revealing that she's really a Nice Character, Mean Actor who's very cynical about show business.
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Ilulu has pink hair, pink eyes, pink magic, and even her true form appears to be a dragon composed of pink flames. She is also an Ax-Crazy Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, though she mellows out significantly as the series progresses.
  • Monster Rancher: Big Bad Master Mu has two forms, one of a giant, armor-clad warrior and his true form as a massive dragon that's a virtual engine of destruction. Both forms also feature copious amounts of fluffy pink hair.
  • One Piece:
    • Donquixote Doflamingo always wears a feathery pink overcoat. He's also the manga's equivalent of The Joker: perpetual Slasher Smile, cruel beyond measure, outright stated that he wants to watch the world burn...heck, Joker is his alias in the black market.
    • Bellamy the Hyena is introduced as an extremely arrogant pirate who delights in mocking others, and he wears a pink shirt. Shortly thereafter, we find out that he idolized the aforementioned Doflamingo.
    • "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin has pink hair, is usually seen wearing similarly coloured outfits. She is also a ruthless tyrant of a pirate lord whose views on right and wrong never developed past childhood, making her particularly dangerous to cross, along with her terrifyingly strong natural strength and devil fruit power.
  • Puella Magi Suzune Magica: Arisa sports pink hair, pink eyes, and a pink outfit, but became a bully after making her contract, wields a scythe, and has a bit of a temper in general.
  • Queen's Blade has Melona, a pink-haired and garbed Psychopathic Womanchild Slime Girl who delights in tormenting others for her amusement. Of the three servants of the Swamp Witch she's the cruelest and most openly bloodthirsty.
  • Rebuild of Evangelion: Mari Illustrious Makinami wears a pink plugsuit and pilots a pink EVA Unit. She's also the most bloodthirsty and violent of the EVA Pilots.
  • Sonic X: Amy Rose is already no slouch when it comes to fighting, but this incarnation is more temperamental and much fiercer as a fighter. Her feelings for Sonic can also come off more of an obsession and she often acts overprotective of him.
  • Zatch Bell!:
    • Kolulu's true self is a gentle, pacifistic girl. As such, to take part in the battle, she has a bloodthirsty Superpowered Evil Side with razor-sharp claws. Oddly enough its color changes to incorporate purple.

    Asian Animation 
  • Noonbory and the Super 7 downplays this with both Jetybory and Rosygury. Jetybory, who is magenta, is the most aggressive and hotheaded of the Super Sensors. Rosygury is not physically pink, but it is her favorite color, and she is a rude, selfish villain.

    Comic Books 
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics):
    • During the King Scourge arc, Sonic and Amy come across Amy's alternate universe counterpart, Rosy. In this universe, the wish she made on a ring to get older ended up making her lose her mind and all she wishes to do now is smash anyone she sees with her spiked hammer.
    • From the same arc, Scourge's super form has bits of pink on him and causes his ego to swell even further while likewise making him more dangerous.
  • The Batman villain Flamingo wears all pink and is a vicious psychopath.
  • Green Lantern: The Star Sapphires wear pink/purple outfits. Originally, Carol Ferris's Star Sapphire persona was evil and was even responsible for the murder of Katma Tui, John Stewart's wife. The Star Sapphire emotional entity is even a pink alien monstrosity with too many teeth and limbs called the Predator and has been known to drive Star Sapphires mad with love.
  • In Runaways, Molly Hayes' parents were a pair of sadistic supervillains whose eyes glowed pink whenever they used their powers. Incidentally, whenever Molly's eyes and hair acquire a pink glow, it's usually best to run far away...
  • In The Transformers (IDW) and its sequel series, The Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Arcee has pink coloration and is a cruel, violent berserker who brutally maims her victims and has an extreme vendetta against Jhiaxus, who painfully changed her chassis into the feminine one (though while she wanted to become female, Jhiaxus' ways were extremely painful). Also, it was noted that pink is the same color as energon, which flows in the Cybertronian veins akin to blood, so from Cybertronians' point of view, her coloration is equivalent to a human painting themselves blood-red.

    Fan Works 
  • The popularity of Pinkie Pie's example of this trope (see the "Western Animation" folder below) has made it a very common focus in Dark Fics out of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
  • Total Undead Drama: A good chunk of the girls change to pink gowns after they're turned into vampires by Storm. But this is the most prominent in Sadie and Katie who were the first two turned by him. While still retaining their air-headed valley girl qualities, they likewise don't hesitate to attack their former friends and ignore the pleas of whom they capture to present to their master.
  • In the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal, an Assassin from a renowned Family is looking to make her name. Aware that the genetic lottery has denied her the striking red hair of her two aunts - both Assassins who have earned the title of The Red Death by their country's mortal foe next door, she looks at her strawberry-blonde hair and decides that very faint hint of red isn't going to cut it. She applies creative thought to this problem and decides to do something radical. She has her hair dyed with streaks of brilliant neon-pink. Just to make herself distinctive. And the Pink Death is born. Even if, this being the Discworld, a more literal-mindedness applies at first and titles like The Raspberry Ripple Death or the Merkle And Stingbat Pro-Keratine Salon-Quality Ultra-Bright Shocking Pink with Pro-V Death were bandied about.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Bob's Burgers Movie: Grover Fischoeder is eventually revealed to be the one who murdered Cotton Candy Dan as part of an elaborate plan to frame his cousins and build a mall on the wharf. Grover is known to wear a pink suit and wears a pink tracksuit in the 3rd act.
  • Child star Darla Dimple from Cats Don't Dance dresses exclusively in pink. On-camera and in public, she bubbles with girlish charm and cutesy-poo goodness. When the general public isn't watching, however, she's scary and a vicious Prima Donna. And if her tantrums aren't enough to scare you, she has a Mighty Glacier manservant named Max who is loyal to her every command. That's why everyone at Mammoth Studios walks on eggshells around her.
  • Rio 2: Gabi is a pink frog who will kill anyone just to win Nigel's love. Subverted when it's revealed that her species isn't poisonous.
  • The Aracuan Bird, who first appears in The Three Caballeros, is bright pink with a red crest on his head, and is, per the Narrator, "one of the most eccentric birds you've ever seen." His antics are usually pretty harmless, but sometimes they can cause big problems, such as drawing separate train tracks branching off from the main one, causing Donald and José's train to Baía to quite literally split apart, before reforming later on.
  • The Willoughbys, the titular family are very magenta and very psycho. The Willoughby parents are incredibly abusive and are so obsessed with each other that they routinely neglect to feed their children. They are also willing to leave their children to freeze to death at the top of Mount Everest. The kids themselves are a more justified example in that their parents abuse is why they created a vacation to the deadliest places on Earth, just so that they would be free of their terrible parents and so that they could have new better parents.
  • Toy Story 3 gives us Lotso, a pink teddy bear who smells like strawberries. At first, he's amiable and welcoming to Woody and the gang when they first show up to Sunnyside Daycare. However, when they try to escape, he reveals his true nature as that of a tyrannical dictator who rules the daycare with an iron fist and imprisons them. Additionally, he's a toy equivalent to a nihilist in that he sees toys as just trash to eventually be thrown away.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Carrie (1976) / Carrie (2013): Carrie's prom dress (which gets drenched with blood and which she wears throughout her school massacre) is a very gentle, feminine pink. This marks a deliberate departure from the book, where Carrie's prom dress is red.
  • Color Out of Space (2020): Chose to depict the titular anomalous, reality-corrupting threat as a vivid, unnerving magenta, as it would be otherwise impossible to visually depict the fictional, spectrum-breaking color it was made of in the original Lovecraft short story. There actually is a fun scientific basis for why magenta in particular was chosen: pink technically doesn't exist in the color spectrum — it's a strictly mental interpretation of the human eye observing specific combinations of red and blue together, and thus can symbolically act as shorthand for an entity that neither characters nor audiences should be able to properly comprehend.
  • Ghostbusters II: Pink mood slime increases negative emotions, though it can also be positively charged.
  • Glorious: Ghatanothoa's powers manifest as a radiant magenta, similar to Color Out of Space (2020). While he is Affably Evil, he is still a force of pure destruction who messily devours a man who interrupts his ritual.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Even more explicitly than the book, Dolores Umbridge's nearly all-pink wardrobe belies her sadistic nature and insatiable desire for power and control.
  • The Loved Ones: Pink is Lola's favorite color. Her bedroom, makeup, jewelry, nails, shoes, posters, and underwear are pink, and she changes out of more subtle pink T-shirt in favor of a bright pink prom dress and a pink party hat for her "private party" with the (kidnapped) Bret as she tortures him. Her father also matches her by wearing a light pink tie to help him resemble her date.
  • Mean Girls: The Plastics have a dress code where they wear pink on Wednesdays, but the manipulative Alpha Bitch Regina George takes the cherry on top, at least how the equally manipulative Janis sees her. By the time Cady dethrones Regina, she stops wearing pink as those clothes won't fit her and gets kicked out by the Plastics, while Cady accumulates pink skimpy clothes on her wardrobe as she becomes bitchier. And after Regina reforms, she gets pink accents on her neutral-colored clothes.
  • Reservoir Dogs: Mr. Pink is one of the members of the bank heist and he's a violent, cowardly racist.

  • Harry Potter: Dolores Umbridge not only wears pink but has her office's walls colored pink and lined with cute kitten-themed decorations upon becoming Hogwarts' Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Order of the Phoenix. She's also a thoroughly corrupt Sadist Teacher who delights in inflicting cruel punishments upon students and generally abusing her power.
  • It: Henry Bowers is the bully who torments The Losers Club who uses a switchblade as one of his weapons. In the novel, Henry is said to wear a pink motorcycle jacket and he once beat up a kid for laughing at him for wearing it.
  • Johnny the Walrus: The Mad Doctor intending to "grant" Johnny's wish by mutilating him into an actual walrus has neon pink hair.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, the official colors of House Bolton are red and pink. They're best known for flaying people alive and betraying their king and allies to gain control of the North.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Batman (1966): The show's incarnation of The Joker wears a magenta suit instead of his trademark medium-purple one. While portrayed in a lighter and goofier way than usual, he is nonetheless a crazed clown who constantly torments Gotham City with his outlandish schemes.
  • Doctor Who: The sadistic Helen A in "The Happiness Patrol" has hot pink highlights in her hair.
  • Killing Eve: Villanelle's first Iconic Outfit is a puffy pink ballgown made by Molly Goddard that she wears to a psychiatrist's appointment while she's convincing the Twelve that she's still psychotic enough to kill anyone they want. It gets a Call-Back in Season 2 when she wears a pink tutu and a pig mask to string up and kill an adulterous husband in Amsterdam.
  • Power Rangers in Space / Denji Sentai Megaranger: Psycho Pink/Nezi Pink are The Psycho Ranger counterparts to their good counterpart, and they are determined to get rid of them no matter what. In fact, Psycho Pink was indirectly responsible for killing a Pink Ranger in the following season when she was trying to take out Cassie.
  • Squid Game: The guards of the Deadly Game all wear hot pink hazmat suits, which doesn't make them any less intimidating when they heartlessly gun down eliminated players and dispose them into coffins, alive or not, for incineration. Also, the coffins they used are wrapped with a pink ribbon as some sick joke.
  • Ziwe has a cutesy, all-pink aesthetic spanning from the show's logo to its set to most of the titular host's outfits, but is a decidedly non-cutesy show in which said host inflicts emotional distress on her guests by (jokingly) attempting to frame them as bigots.

  • Ironically inverted with the singer P!nk. In her earlier music videos, when her hair was usually pink, she was depicted as a hard-partying but fun girl. After she went blonde, she's shown as a more violent character (especially in the videos for "Trouble" and "Try").

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The Hart family, famed for their Training from Hell and also being extremely good technical wrestlers, have black and pink as their signature colours. A Hart family member will usually have the Sharpshooter as a finisher — a submission that allows them to put an opponent's back under such strain.
  • A.J. Lee after her Face–Heel Turn to become a deranged, manipulative "crazy chick" would often have a mixture of pink and black on her gear. Given her Not Like Other Girls persona, the use of pink in her entrance graphics evoked this rather than femininity.
  • Alexa Bliss similarly was a cutesy face coded with purple and blue. When she first turned heel to become a more ruthless character, eventually dubbing herself "Five Feet of Fury", her costume of choice was a pink two-piece with claw marks on it.
  • Liv Morgan was called up to TV in 2017 to switch from her Plucky Girl Joisey face character to a maniacal heel who relied on sneak attacks and appeared to be quite deranged. Her hair was eventually dyed pink, and lots of her gear would have pink on it.
  • Sasha Banks's initial heel turn just saw her becoming a Beta Bitch first to Summer Rae and then Charlotte Flair, when her hair was brown. Upon striking out on her own to become a far more ruthless, psychotic character, her hair was changed to pink. The pink became more pronounced the further she climbed up the ladder, being at its brightest when she won the NXT Women's Championship. Although she had a Heel–Face Turn shortly after, she was Good Is Not Nice, and kept the pink hair.

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • April May and Redd White from the Ace Attorney series, the former being Bitch in Sheep's Clothing par excellence, the latter being a ruthless blackmailer who killed Phoenix's mentor. He later tried to pin the blame on Maya Fey, the mentor's younger sister. Both are clad in pink head-to-toe.
  • In the Ape Escape series, the only female of the Freaky Monkey Five is Pink Monkey, a pop singer. While she's normally annoyingly sweet and perky, making her angry (and it's easy to anger her) unleashes Pink's Superpowered Evil Side, who's a terrifying Tsundere. She's probably the scariest and most dangerous of the group, and that's saying something.
  • Professor Kokonoe from BlazBlue is a pink-haired Cat Girl and Mad Scientist. It's downplayed however since Kokonoe is ultimately a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and unambiguously heroic.
  • Bug Fables: Monsieur Scarlet is a pink ant that wears women's clothes, and he is a ruthless criminal who lures the exploration teams into his hideout with false help requests before revealing himself to drain their lifeforce to the husk.
  • Danganronpa and its anime adaptation show the blood from the murders in a very bright pink color. And then you have Junko Enoshima, the overall Big Bad of the series, who possesses strawberry blonde hair that almost has a pink look to it.
  • Dead Rising 2: Randall "Randy" Tugman is an optional psychopath who wields a giant pink chainsaw as he takes women hostage so he can force them to marry him.
  • Dead Rising 3: Dylan Fuentes is the psychopath who represents lust from the seven deadly sins, he wears a pink cowboy hat, pink underwear, and pink cowboy boots as he wields a phalic shaped flamethrower.
  • Deltarune: Susie, the Barbaric Bully of Kris’s class, is pink.
  • Doom
    • Demons (AKA Pinkies), big muscular monstrosities that run fast at Doomguy to bite him with their gaping maws, and as their (ascended) Fan Nickname implies, they're very pink. In the original game, they're not easy or quick to put down with basic gear thanks to their 150 Hit Points, groups can quickly soak up the player's ammo, and their running speed can easily trick Doomguy into eating the Splash Damage of his own rockets. In later games they gain a battering ram attack where they charge in a straight line, and god help whatever's in front of them.
    • Barons of Hell, satyr-like humanoids with bright pink upper torsos, are the toughest non-boss demon in the classic games, at 1000 Hit Points, and behave like roided Imps with higher stats and faster projectiles. They show up as mini-bosses at the end of Doom's first episode, and occasionally in later levels and the sequels as durable shocktroopers.
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Android 21 is an Artificial Human created partially with genetic information from Majin Buu. As such, she has the same pink skin that Buu does, and the two even comment on their similar appearance. However, due to a flaw in her design, she is also afflicted with a Horror Hunger that makes her see everyone else as food. Trying to fight this hunger drove her temporarily insane until she split her "evil" and "good" sides apart, but she reveals at the end of the game that the hunger hasn't vanished and it'll only be a matter of time before it drives her insane again. Thus, she kills herself to prevent that from happening.
  • Fable II: Features Valiant Avenger Pink Dye for clothing and hair, described as, "A dark, imposing pink. Although not as threatening as brighter pinks, it’s still deeply disturbing to those who know the colour’s brutal history." Fable II also features Insatiable Butcher Pink Dye and Apocalyptic Pink Dye.
  • Fate/Grand Order: Medb looks like a petite Rose-Haired Sweetie dressed all in white, with a cute smile, angelic face, and bubbly attitude... Until you notice that the thing she's holding is a glowing pink whip with a dildo attached to it. Medb is the main antagonist of the America Singularity. She took the heroic Cú Chulainn and fused him with a monster to make a dragon-like Fallen Hero that could fulfill her thirst for conquest and libido, is proud to call herself a bitch, and orders the Celtic warriors to conquer America for the sake of her glory. Out of the Singularity, she's an Abhorrent Admirer towards said version of Cú Chulainn regardless of him stating repeatedly that he's disinterested. To top it all off, she says that she qualifies for the Rider Class by her ability to ride men, and her Noble Phantasm is literally closed curtains and way too many hearts, and does special damage against male enemies. All in a pink background.
  • I Was a Teenage Exocolonist takes place on Vertumna, an alien planet where the predominant colours are pink and purple. Possibly because it's the garden planet of an alien race, who are very hostile to humanity. Native fauna include the manticore, a predator which stands as tall as a horse and consists almost entirely of pink spikes. Plasrifle blasts barely leave a mark on it.
  • Just Shapes & Beats has it where the color pink effectively acts as The Corruption, being some sort of Made of Evil essence that turns anything originally made of non-pink colors violently hostile towards un-corrupted life. Best exemplified by The Boss, the Big Bad that is the source the corruption, since it's naturally pink and is a major Generic Doomsday Villain with no notable motive besides corrupting everything it can and killing what it can't.
  • Kirby:
  • The Legendary Starfy: Puchi Ogura #5. She hates love, has a Hair-Trigger Temper, a sadistic personality, and tries to have her partner, Numan, eat Starfy alive in their boss battle.
  • Lollipop Chainsaw:
    • When Juliet uses her special ability, the background turns a sparkly pink as she decapitates zombies with a chainsaw.
    • Josey James is one of the Dark Purveyors and he's accompanied by the color pink. While Josey was content to avoid the action by partying at the Fulci Fun Center, he fights in a neon pink environment with a UFO that glows neon pink.
  • Mortal Kombat: Mileena is Kitana's evil clone created by Shao Kahn for the purpose of replacing Kitana should she learn the truth that Kahn is not her true father. Mileena often wears purple or pink as opposed to Kitana who wears blue.
  • Clover from Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. Another lovely girl in pink, Clover quickly goes very literally ax-crazy in the game's infamous Ax Ending. Everybody dies.
  • Ninja Gaiden (Xbox): One of the Five Greater Fiends of the Holy Vigoorian Empire is Alma, a woman who was transformed into a demon by Doku. Alma has pink skin in demon form and turns purple when she achieves her One-Winged Angel form.
  • No More Heroes: "Bad Girl" is a psychotic killer in a frilly pink outfit who just casually kills clones and people just for the heck of it. And she's proud of it too.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Pink Wisps grant Sonic the Pink Spikes power, which turns him into a burning hot spikeball that can barrel through enemies. Although the Pink Wisps themselves are not evil, they do have an angry look, and the instruction manual for Sonic Colors describes them as "somewhat harsh, but they are in fact very kind by nature."
  • Starcraft II: Matt Horner's pink-haired mercenary ex-wife Mira Han is introduced as willing to betray her current employer Colonel Orlan to Matt if he matches Orlan's price, and keeps Orlan prisoner for him and Raynor. She returns in the second game as an antagonist, since they need Orlan to find out where the kidnapped Raynor is being kept, but she refuses to give him up without Raynor's say-so...
  • Juri Han, the psycho Taekwondo girl from Street Fighter and one of the new antagonists of the later games has pink as one of her main colors, along with purple and black.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Two of the Koopaling siblings, Wendy O. Koopa and Roy Koopa, have primarily pink colour schemes. Apart from serving Bowser and antagonising the Mario Bros., the two are quite ill-tempered and often getting into fights with each other. Wendy in particular is often depicted as greedy and irritatable, while Roy is a muscle-bound bully.
    • When Wario was first introduced in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, the artwork at the time portrayed him with pinkish overalls, and he was a greedy villain who took over Mario's castle and hypnotized the inhabitants of Mario Land. The Wario Land games would change the overalls' color to violet to coincide with his change into an Anti-Hero.
  • Terraria: Plantera is a monstrous floral guardian of the jungle that awakens after the destruction of all three mechanical bosses and comes to destroy anyone who breaks its bulb. In the first phase, it takes the form of a massive pink flower bud.
  • Played with for Pom in Them's Fightin' Herds. She's a character in a fighting game, but she's a Shrinking Violet Sweet Sheep being forced into battles, with her puppies doing most of the fighting while she mostly tries to just keep the others away. Double Subverted in her Level 3 Super, if the opponent attacks one of her pups, she temporarily loses her meek personality and attacks in a violent and blind rage.
  • The Wonderful 101: Wonder-Pink is a downplayed example. She does have a big heart, likes kids, and is one of the good guys, but she also has a serious Hair-Trigger Temper and often threatens violence when she gets displeased with her teammates.

    Web Animation 
  • Glitchtale:
    • The main antagonist of the second season is Bête Noire: a young girl dressed entirely in pink with hair and eyes to match. In reality, she is a Humanoid Abomination with an impressive kill count, and the pink colour symbolizes her soul trait, which is Fear.
    • There's also Kumuzilla, another Eldritch Abomination that is an amalgamation of many tiny blobs of Fear to make up a larger, cloud-like body to swallow everything. And it's entirely pink.
  • Dingo Doodles: Queen Bouclaire of Kylandria is a 10-year-old girl who wears a pinky glittery ballgown, powdered French wig, and unicorn crown. She also took over the kingdom from the rightful rulers by lying, manipulating, and poisoning her way up, executing any who disobeyed her.
  • Meta Runner: Evelyn Claythorne sports a prominent pink hairdo and skirt, and her TASCorp quarters are absolutely slathered in pink. And she’s a massive Psychopathic Womanchild of a Meta Runner, who’s willing to screw over Tari just so that she can have all the glory. And she seems to have no qualms in joining up with the Mad Scientist that just murdered her boss if it means gaining an edge over Tari.
  • In Mystery Skulls Animated, two of the three main antagonists have pink color motifs.
    • Lewis, the first antagonist, is a bright pink ghost who violently seeks retribution on the man who killed him, and would stop at nothing to get his way. His flames are also very powerful, nearly blowing up a house and physically potent enough to conjure realistic and dangerous illusions.
    • The other antagonist, Shiromori, wears pink clothes and lipstick, and she's an Ax-Crazy yokai who plans on killing Mystery for his magic blood. This is best showcased in "Hellbent" and "The Future", where she psychotically breaks open the Mystery Skulls truck just for a chance at a drop of Mystery's blood and becomes violently jealous when she realizes that he's moved on from her for his new owner Vivi.
  • PONY.MOV: Fluttershy has a pink mane, and she turns out to be murderous when she kills Rainbow Dash with a chainsaw for entering her shed.
  • RWBY: Neopolitan "Neo" is a cute, petite girl with pink hair with an eponymous ice cream motif in her color palette. She's also a ruthless fighter who enjoys toying her opponents and is introduced as the right-hand of Roman Torchwick.
  • Smile: This whole video is about Pinkie Pie murdering all her friends in gruesome ways, including (but not limited to) kicking Twilight so hard that her head flies off and disemboweling Rainbow Dash. Eventually, she blows up the world.

  • Zola from Girl Genius wears all pink, and while she originally seems harmless, she reveals herself to be unstable over time. Indeed, everybody underestimated her until it was too late.

    Web Video 
  • Pink Guy of Filthy Frank is a man in a pink bodysuit who is very unhinged with some moments of lucidity and Hidden Depths and can only scream in gibberish if not uttering edgy phrases in a Kermit-like voice.
  • Markiplier has a recurring character in his videos called Wilford Warfstache, a reporter with a pink handlebar mustache, who wears a pink bow tie, sometimes has pink hair, and often wears pink suspenders or a pink shirt. Wilford is known to kill nearly everyone he interviews, due to him not seeming to understand that when you kill people, they usually stay dead.

    Western Animation 
  • Bob's Burgers: Louise, the youngest of the Belcher children, always wears a pink bunny hat and is often called cute by unwary adults, but is really a manipulative sociopath.
  • Danger Mouse: The Princess, a spoiled pre-teen who became a supervillain after being exposed to a mind-amplifying gel, wears a pink princess outfit.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
    • Berry from the approptiately named episode "Berry Scary" is a pink imaginary friend with an unhealthy crush on Bloo and a great dislike for Mac due to being the best friend of his crush. While the worst thing she did in her debut episode was manipulating Bloo into ending his friendship with Mac, she commits more vile crimes in her second appearance: keeping a rich family hostage in their own mansion while stealing their property and impersonating a guy named Barry, all of this just to steal Bloo from Mac (whom she attempts to murder this time).
    • Nemesister from the episode Challenge of the Super Friends is a more toned-down example but still very much has this trope as her aesthetic (though mixed with a fair amount of black as well). She is mean, evil, and sadistic but also pink-loving and obsessed with all things cute and girly. She can be utterly ruthless but also has a tendency to whine and pout.
  • Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths: Model Citizen is an evil version of the DC hero Looker from the Crime Syndicate's Earth. She wears a pink costume and has mind control powers which she tries to use on the Flash. Fortunately for him, Wonder Woman knocks her out.
  • The Loud House: Lola sports a pink pageant dress, as she competes in junior beauty pageants a good chunk of the time. She's also one of the more aggressive Loud sisters, who isn't afraid to take advantage of her siblings to get what she wants. The others try not to make her purposely mad as she can be very scary when angered. Ironically this is in direct contrast to her twin, Lana, who's a messy kid but much nicer.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Pinkie Pie. The cute, bubbly horse who always loves a party, she quickly gets nasty when somepony ditches her planned parties, or when somepony breaks a Pinkie Promise. Don't break the promise. A Pinkie Promise is very, very serious business.
    • Twilight Sparkle. A lavender unicorn with a pink streak in her mane and emits a pink magical aura, has some temper and obsessive compulsion issues when things are not in order by her standards.
    • Fluttershy. Despite her docile demeanor and as a Rose-Haired Sweetie to all living creatures, she will put her foot down if her friends are threatened and will give anyone "The Stare" and a pep talk until they cry to submission. And when the time the animals at Princess Celestia's zoo during the Grand Galloping Gala were frightened by her, she angrily demands them to love her.
    • Subverted with Princess Cadence, who's a pink Winged Unicorn introduced seemingly as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing out to drain the energy of Twilight's brother...but she's actually an impostor. The real Cadence has been imprisoned and replaced by a Changeling queen — who in her true form is coded with green.
  • PAW Patrol:
    • One member of the Kitten Catastrophe Crew is a cat version of Skye, who wears a pink uniform just like her and is as mischievous and destructive as the rest of the KCC.
    • Sweetie wears a magenta collar and a magenta crown and is an Evil Brit who seeks to usurp the throne from the Princess of Barkingburg.
  • South Park: Wendy wears a pink hat, and she shows her Yandere side in "Tom's Rhinoplasty" when she gets Ms. Ellen sent to the sun just because Stan had a crush on her.
    Wendy: I told her; [gains white irises] Don't. Fuck. With. Wendy. Testaburger!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Patrick can sometime slip into this on his worst days, especially when he gets angry.
    • The episode "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm" has SpongeBob describing the dreaded Alaskan Bull Worm as BIG, SCARY, and PINK!!! (though it's actually white; only its tongue is pink.)
    Sandy: So is Patrick's belly button, but I ain't afraid of that neither.
  • Steven Universe:
    • In the main series, Pink Diamond was initially portrayed this way, being the one who colonized Earth and is supposedly exploiting its resources for Homeworld. The story goes is that a Gem named Rose Quartz and a sizeable number of fellow Gems rebelled against her reign, and slew Pink Diamond, ending the colony. Or so it seemed. The truth is that Pink Diamond, seeing the impending doom of such a planet brimming with life, disguised herself as Rose Quartz, caused a rebellion against her Diamond sisters, faked her death, and her actions triggered her sisters to nuke the Earth of Gems and turn them into monsters.
    • Spinel from Steven Universe: The Movie is a psychotic pink Gem who has elastic powers and wields a scythe. She has a big beef against Pink Diamond, who abandoned her for Earth, and is set to destroy it.
    • In Steven Universe: Future, Steven, realizing that everything from Gemkind has been resolved and taken care of, gets into so much angst, stress, and trauma built up throughout the series, that he becomes a giant pink monster rampaging Beach City.
  • Total Drama: Sugar from the Pahkitew Island season wears a pink top as part of her clothes. She's also utterly unpleasant and repulsive, serving as one of the villainous competitive contestants of the season. Being more then willing to throw her teammates under the bus. Not only to win, but likewise out of pettiness for someone she hates like Ella.
  • Totally Spies!: In one episode, the world's wealthiest people are being mysteriously abducted, and Sam, Alex, and Clover are assigned as protection detail to the next likeliest victim. Their client — a barely-veiled Paris Hilton Expy — not only has pink on the brain, but is later revealed as the one behind the abductions (eliminating the competition so she can become the richest person in the world).
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Sweetie Bird in certain episodes, whether she's trying to hunt Bookworm as a snack, or attempting to torture Furrball who is, more often than not, minding his own business.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: The Alpha Mom and Dad that take in and adopt Wolf when she was five wear preppy, pink clothing. It's soon revealed after a year of living along side them and their children that the wolf parents only took in Wolf to train her to be "prey with it's own strength" and a hunting challenge for their kids.

    Real Life 
  • A pink slip might sound innocent, but this document serves as notice that a person has been terminated from their job.
  • "Baker-Miller Pink" was a color that was thought to reduce aggression and was widely utilized in prisons and insane asylums for this purpose. It was later found to have the exact opposite effect.
  • While lovely to look at, some pink lakes, such as Lake Hillier in Australia, whose colors are produced by high contents of salt and skin-dissolving bacteria, are not safe to swim in.
  • Old paintings will usually have white lead on them, which is toxic. In some paintings, pinks painted for skin are sometimes mixed using the aforementioned white lead and cinnabar red, which is also toxic. Given the pilgrims and devotees in the Middle Ages would kiss the statues and paintings, they would have ended up with lead and/or mercury poisoning in the process.


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