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It may not be easy being green, but you sure get the cool toys.

"I'm just a mean green mother from outer space and I'm bad.
I'm just a mean green mother, a real disgrace,
And you've got me fightin' mad!
I'm just a mean green mother from outer space,
Gonna trash your ass,
Gonna rock this place,
'Cause I'm mean and green, and I am BAD!"
Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors

In many works, villains wear green or have green skin. This may be because green seems like an alien color since it doesn't appear naturally in humans. It is also the color of many reptiles and amphibians. Green is often associated with poison and envy. Green skin is often a feature of the Wicked Witch.

Heroes who oppose such villains often choose red as their signature color, resulting in a Red/Green Contrast.

A subtrope of Good Colors, Evil Colors and Secondary Color Nemesis and supertrope to Sickly Green Glow.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Pluto from Astro Boy the massive horned robot who was colored black and grey respectively in the original manga and cartoon, is turned military green for 2003 series. Very fitting since he operates like a tank, but subverted since he turns good.
  • Berserk actually it's fairly rare for villains to be green colored in Berserk, red and black are more common for Apostles; but there a few examples:
    • The unnamed female Apostle that kills Corkus and has sex with Guts before getting killed is colored green in the manga, though she is black in the anime and movie.
    • Slan of The God Hand has green tentacle-like hair and a green hue to her skin, she's probably the most depraved and openly sadistic member of the God Hand next to Griffith/Femto that is.
    • Rosine only has one appearance outside the manga, where she's colored green and emits a glow.
    • Irvine, the reborn Griffith's archer in his Apostle form subverted slightly since he's a Nice Guy but nevertheless since he works for Griffith he's still effectively an antagonist.
  • Ulquiorra from Bleach, while his body is white his eyes are green and his Battle Aura in his Segunda Etapa form gives off a Sickly Green Glow. As for the "mean" part he beats the absolute shit of Ichigo when they fight and the latter only wins when he gets his hollow form.
  • Many villains from Dragon Ball are green colored, though purple is usual the standard (purple is often associated with death in Japan) but the green villains are more unique.
    • The Crane School's color is green which serves as contrast to their rival the orange-colored Turtle School and represents their different (more deadly) nature. Subverted in retrospect with Tien and Chiaotzu who turned good and even stop wearing green themselves, though in Dragon Ball Super the students in Tien's school wear green.
    • Demon King Piccolo the first truly dangerous Big Bad of Dragon Ball is very green and very mean, technically the strongest person on Earth before Goku shows up; Piccolo was even based on King Nero of Rome according to Toriyama's editor at the time. Of course subverted as King Piccolo's reincarnation becomes good and good friend to Goku and his son.
    • Played straight in the non-canon times where Piccolo becomes evil again, like in Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest where he's Brainwashed and Crazy and tries to kill Gohan, and there's also Majin Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2; some of Fan Dumb are still hoping for the Demon King Piccolo to make a comeback someday.
      • Subverted with Kami, Piccolo's good half and most of rest of their race the Namekians who are green and good.
    • Zarbon DBZ's standout when it comes to The Fighting Narcissist trope, has green hair and turquoise skin and is very evil killing innocents Namekians with gusto. Zarbon also has a monstrous transformation where he loses all his bishonen beauty
    • The little green Guldo of the Ginyu Force counts though apart from having Telekinesis and a time stop ability but he's pretty pathetic in terms of villainy.
    • The grasshopper looking Cell plays it's completely straight even when he more lime-colored, Cell is a great villain rivaling Frieza in terms of antagonist popularity; he was created using the cells of Z-Fighters and successfully killed Trunks twice and forced Goku to perform a Heroic Sacrifice. While his forms may vary along with his attitude which goes from conniving, brutish to relaxed one thing stays the constant about Cell... he is very evil and very green.
    • The titular antagonist from Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, actually when we first see him the only thing about that's green is his face until he rips off his helmet and gloves and we see that he's a Namekian, and an evil ancient one to boot. Slug brutalized Goku with his giant form and only lost thanks to a combination of Gohan whistling and Piccolo giving Goku his energy.
    • Broly belongs on this list despite not technically being colored green but since his hair and Ki aura is a Sickly Green Glow which is rare for villains; and especially Super Saiyans who are normally gold colored. The suggestion is that Broly is unnatural even for Saiyans standards and the green hue is part of the unhinged "Legendary" transformation. In his first canon apperance in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, his outfit has now several green-colored sections.
    • Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super is green skinned and extremely sadistic, narcissist and pessimistic in mortals. Zamasu single-handedly makes Trunks' Bad Future even worse and nearly destroys everything until the timeline was erased.
  • Fairy Tail
    • Master Zero of the Oracion Seis wears a dark-green military-like outfit and wields Darkness Magic colored with a Sickly Green Glow, and he's one of the most unrepentantly evil beings in the series who just wants to destroy everything and everyone.
    • Azuma of Grimoire Heart, who fittingly of his green attire has nature powers, but add combustion powers to that and the heroes are in for rough time, especially Erza, who takes a brutal beating the villain.
    • Gajeel's magic power is depicted as being green in the anime, and he debuted as The Dragon to Jose Porla and an Evil Counterpart to Natsu who brutalized several Fairy Tail members badly. Even after he makes a Heel–Face Turn and joins Fairy Tail to lighten up, he's still the definition of Good Is Not Soft.
  • Meruem the Big Bad Chimera Ant King from Hunter × Hunter makes Cell from DBZ looks reasonable, despite a newborn he can smash heads off with one swipe of his tail and brutalized Netero with Super Speed even ripping the old man's limbs clean off. Meruem is also the Last of His Kind which is now extinct, something we can be grateful for.
  • Reina the green haired Femme Fatale of Rave Master
  • Mazinger Z: Dr. Hell, Big Bad of the series, always wears a tight green uniform.
  • Naruto has a couple examples, Haku has teal clothing and is one of the first antagonists in the series, Kabuto already evil is even more evil and green in his Snake Sage form; then there's White Zetsu and Black Zetsu though the latter obviously is more evil but both have green hair.
  • In One Piece green-colored villains are actually pretty rare in but Mr 9, Mr 4, Crocodile, Fukurou, Boa Sandersonia, Hannyabal, Caribou, Vander Decker, Monet, Chinjao, Vinsmoke Yonji and Admiral Ryokugyu are the clear standouts.

    Comic Books 
  • Marvel Universe, really love this trope.
  • Doctor Doom has a green cloak, tunic and hood, though long time readers will recognize that Doom isn't quite as evil as his attire and name would suggest. But since most of Doom schemes are Take Over the World and destroying those who appose his plans this trope still very much applies to Doom.
    • In recent years Doom traded the Green attire for a white one.
  • The Skrulls from the Fantastic Four, try to imagine a race of reptilian super beings who can shapeshift and have Power Copying... that's the Skrulls. These mean green bastards have invaded Earth frequently and often without the Heroes noticing, the give away is whenever they revert back to their green skin.
  • Three of Doctor Strange arch enemies are green.
    • Baron Mordo, Strange's most prominent Evil Counterpart dresses in green and was taught by the Ancient One the same as Strange but grew jealous when discovered Strange would be the Sorcerer Supreme and not him and frequently tried to kill Strange before and after the death of The Ancient One. Though he is given a Race Lift in the movie he still wears green.
      • Nightmare is also an opposite of Strange and what he stands for, being omniscient entity of horror who draws power from the subconscious mind; and sticking point is you can't destroy him as doing so would drive humanity insane.
    • Shuma Gorath needs little explanation a disgusting green one-eyed multi dimensional tentacle monster whose the ruler of chaos, not only is Gorath a colossal pain to Strange but also everybody else when he shows up.
  • Rohan the Accuser the enemy of the Fantastic Four and more commonly Guardians of the Galaxy wears green in the comics.
  • The terrorist organization Hydra in Captain America are dressed in green.
  • In Iron Man The Mandarin's traditional Chinese wear is usually green.
  • Annihilus like the Skrulls and Green Goblin has the green and purple coloring but far exceeds most Marvel villains in terms of power. Not only did Annihilus beat the shit out of Thanos, but he even put Galactus on the ropes.
  • The Incredible Hulk can be pretty destructive at times. His archenemies, the Leader and the Abomination, also fit here.
  • Superman:
    • Lex Luthor typically wears suits with green and purple accents. His iconic power armour is also green and purple.
    • Brainiac has green skin.
    • Metallo often wears green armour and has a Green Kryptonite heart.
    • In Krypton No More the soldiers of an invading alien civilization known as the J'ai wear dark green Powered Armor.
    • Mongul's vessel seen in War World is dark-green.
  • Supergirl:
  • Batman has villains clad in green, such as The Riddler, and Mad Hatter, as well as villains who are physically green, such as Poison Ivy, Killer Croc. The Joker also has green hair and often a green vest or shirt.
  • Teen Titans and Secret Six villain Cheshire has unnervingly bright green eyes and wears green clothing. She's a very bad person.
  • Tim Drake faced recurring green clad foes Tapeworm and Jager as Robin and Sac, Whip and the green armored member of the Covenant of Ka as Red Robin.

    Fan Works 



    Live-Action TV 
  • Once Upon a Time specifically mentions that the Wicked Witch of the West's green skin comes from her envy. When she abandons her chance at becoming good, the white jewel in her power centre turns green. Likewise at one point, she also draws a parallel between red and green apples - green are far more bitter.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Peyton Royce calls herself the Venus Flytrap of NXT, and is The Bully to many of the other NXT girls. Her wardrobe is full of green outfits to go with the plant theme.


    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000: the orcs/orks are also known as greenskins due to this trope, since their genetic makeup is part fungus (they reproduce via spores).
  • Paranoia: Internal Security likes to promote Dumb Muscle straight to Green clearance. The goons love the authority, plus they act as a Hate Sink to distract attention from their superiors. "You're thinking, 'They sound like orcs'. Nope— these are orcs you're not allowed to kill."
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Goblins and especially orcs. Dark skinned orcs, like orogs and gray orcs exist, but most fall under various shades of green. They worship Gods Of Evil and live and die by Rape, Pillage, and Burn. Non evil orcs are rare.

  • Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, is a victim of this trope. Everyone assumes she must be bad, because she is green. Eventually she decides Then Let Me Be Evil, but even then she's not actually malicious.

    Video Games 

    Web Original 


    Western Animation 


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