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This is, hands down, the nastiest House of the Pantheon. The opposite of the Houses of Love and Affection AND Friendship and Camaraderie, they consider these things to be either worthless delusions, adversaries to destroy, or matters to be played around with as tools for their own nefarious purposes. Many gods here are absolutely depraved, but some are sympathetic, and there were some depraved beings that found their way into another house instead. However, don't expect any deity of good to visit this house. The Gods of the House of Villainy do find good kinship in this House, though, as hatred makes for a very good source of strength, seeing how it gives a person reason to act so that others may suffer.

The house itself is... a bit hard to describe. If the House of Emotion is a Swirly Energy Thingy of pure psychic feelings, the House of Hate is what happens when too much negativity accumulates in it and it vomits it right back out (literally - a constant item on the agenda of these gods is to get the Emotion House sick like that and puke out more building materials - both for territory and because, as befitting Gods of Hatred, most can't stand each other and want as much space between each other as possible). While it's definitely more physical than the House of Emotion, the sheer concentrated bitterness causes it to warp constantly into new, horrific forms. Everything in it, from acidic seas of liquified resentment to cold metal made of solid loathing, serves to remind everyone inside it of darker times, of betrayal, distrust, and jealousy, and every echo contains a mocking whisper. It's even been suggested that the House contains a soul-wrenching intelligence made of all the hate that comprises it; a perhaps-literal ball of implacable, unrelenting, merciless retribution that constantly seethes in its heart, hating. Unsurprisingly, "being moved to the House of Hatred Touristry Panel" is divine slang for being fired.

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The Trio of Endless Hatred

    The Anti-Spiral 
The Anti-Spiral, God of Absolute Xenophobes (The Anti-Spiral King)
  • Overdeity (rank can change depending on who he fights)
  • Symbol: His eyes and mouth, or a Mugann Unit.
  • Theme Song: How is it!? My Trumpet is Awesome, Right!
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (claims to be and was originally Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Determined to Destroy Anything that is Constantly Evolving, Malevolent Aliens, The Central Threat to Team Dai-Gurren, Blank White Eyes, Has Killed Several Spiral Warriors, Advanced Alien, Good Intentions but Lost Track of It, Royal "We" Under the Virtue of being an Anthropomorphic Hive Mind, Knight Templar, Is Adamant in Destroying Hope, Believes Free Will Feeds Entropy, Will Fight Fairly against his Opponents, Non-Standard Character Design
  • Domains: Space, Oppression, Genocide, Destruction, Despair
  • Followers: Lady Bone Demon
  • Allies: Darkseid, Big Brother, Sauron, Apocalypse
  • Friendly Rival: YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Gihren Zabi and by extension, The GUAE Mecha Cohort, Ultraman Belial, Oryx
  • Rivals: The Anti-Monitor, Unicron, Melkor, Frieza, Kyubey and the Incubators, Malebolgia, The Vex
  • Enemy Mine: Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Enemies: Team Dai Gurren and Lordgenome, Clark Kent/Superman, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Son Goku, The EVA Pilots, Makoto Naegi, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Raiden, Liu Kang, Shirou Emiya, Luke Skywalker, Amuro Ray, Graham Aker, Setsuna F. Seiei, Ryoma Nagare, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Sun Wukong, Space Power Rangers, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol, Bro'dee Walker, Atrocitus, The Network, The Guardians, Emperor Calus, Zamasu, The Ascended Ultramen, Asura
  • Opposes: Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Hope Bringers
  • Opposed By: The Grand United Alliance of Good, Lord Kroak, Kroq-Gar
  • The Anti-Spiral is a mysterious and enigmatic figure of the cosmos with very little being known about them. What can be said is that they are a being that exists due to the presence and energy of Spiral Power and they had a nemesis to content against under the Spiral-Nemesis who, if left unchecked, would go on to destroy the universe and beyond. The Anti-Spiral realized that the Spiral-Nemesis would only surface if enough species with enough potential Spiral Power continued to exist, thrive and evolve beyond. To secure their metaphysical presence and dominion, they deemed evolution as risky and chose to subjugate any planet and race they came across, going as far as to destroy them and it's inhabitants if control was ever lost. Unfortunately, despite their goal of trying to keep the Spiral Nemesis away, the Anti-Spiral ended up making things a lot worse for the races and planets they looked after as they ended up in poverty and left to fend for themselves out of fear as a highly evolved Beastmen army emerged to try to stall the population short enough to catch the Anti-Spiral's wrath. Two notable figures became strong associates; Nia Teppelin, who served as a "Messenger" and an unknowing sleeper agent should a planet reach a population of a million and Lordgenome, a Spiral Warrior whom the Anti-Spiral took an interest in and decided to impart the knowledge of the Spiral Nemesis onto him, breaking Lordgenome's spirit and forcing him to work under the Anti-Spiral.
    • The Anti-Spiral would eventually meet their match in the form of a group of humans who possessed strong Spiral Power known as Team Dai-Gurren, who were able to bring along Nia into their group and defeated Lordgenome. They would soon clash after the birth of the millionth human, with the Anti-Spiral suddenly taking control of Nia and commanding it to destroy Earth, starting the Second Spiral War. Despite their efforts, Team Dai-Gurren were able to defeat and destroy the Anti-Spiral. Facing their demise, the Anti-Spiral entrusted the protection of the universe to them before exploding. Unfortunately, their own deaths also caused Nia to fade away from existence.
  • Despite their death, the Anti-Spiral found themselves in the cosmos again. Perplexed, they travelled around, eventually stumbling across a war between Cosmos and Melkor with their respective forces of Good and Evil. Realising that they were in the Pantheon, the Anti-Spiral took to re-evaluating their cause, though it chose not to support the God of Evil, thinking that his goals of sundering and destruction didn't sit well with their perception of subjugation.
    • Taking a backseat for much of the Pantheon's history, the Anti-Monitor would witness the events of the Pantheonic Rebellion that would see the depowering of Madoka Kaname and the insurrection of two new major factions, dedicated to Law and Chaos, alongside the emergence of the New God, Darkseid. The Anti-Spiral took to meeting with the Lord of Tyranny and YHVH, where the three bonded and shared an unusual sense of camaraderie.
  • Despite their overwhelming power, the Anti-Spiral usually steps back from most conflicts, instead preferring to observe and analyze all sorts of events. Not because they're cowards by any stretch of the meaning, but the Anti-Spiral is dead-set on wishing to learn and adapt to whatever situation is thrown onto them. Despite much of the cosmos reaching billions in population, they are tempted to lash out, but the Anti-Spiral is tempering themselves, knowing that doing so would bring too much attention and that the massive multitude of heroes and any potential beings who would oppose their mindset would not be in the Anti-Spiral's favour.
  • The Anti-Spiral is not a singular being, but rather a collective series of different aliens sharing a single mind that manifests itself as a non-descript, nearly featureless black humanoid figure. The appearance itself is rather creepy, but they are capable of developing a Mugann unit should they please too.
  • What is most distressing about the Anti-Spiral is their tendency to subject their victims into torment and break their spirits as a means to assert their dominance and control over them. This meant that the Anti-Spiral was countered to those who sought to instil hope and prosperity to others and the Anti-Spiral themselves feels as if they are justified as they feel that the Spiral Nemesis would certainly arrive in the Pantheon and cause its destruction. Even then, the general perception towards the Anti-Spiral is pretty poor.
  • Team Dai-Gurren were beyond furious to discover the Anti-Spiral's presence and that they had gotten back to plotting forced subjugation and control. The Anti-Spiral conceded that this was to become the case and murmured that Team-Dai-Gurren isn't doing all that a great of a job when it comes to protecting the universe, no thanks to the Forever War going on between different factions for what they believe would be ideal for themselves. Simon has made it perfectly clear that he's not stopping until he's taken them down and the rest of his friends backed him up. Not that the Anti-Spiral was bothered all too much by the response, if anything, they took to becoming cautious, knowing that Simon would be making new friends and bonds along the way.
  • Madoka Kaname would be someone that the Anti-Spiral could potentially pay some respect to, but the Pantheonic Rebellion and Upheaval dashed all those chances off and they see the former Hope Goddess in a very negative light for being too much of a victim in regards to circumstances and trying to help others. While Madoka doesn't hate the Anti-Spiral (then again, there's far worse beings in the Pantheon, Lucifer and YHVH notwithstanding), Madoka sees them in a disappointing fashion and wants nothing to do with the Anti-Spiral. They assert that Madoka remains powerless as trying to regain her divinity would result in them becoming bold enemies against her.
  • Outside of Team-Dai-Gurren, the Lantern Corps have compared the Anti-Spiral to the Manhunters in a sense that they are reminiscent of the Guardians of the Universe and their Manhunters. None hate the Anti-Spiral more so than Atrocitus himself, who finds their way of inflicting genocide towards evolving civilizations disgusting and arguably worse than the Manhunters. It also doesn't help that what the Anti-Spiral caused reminds the Red Lantern leader of the destruction of his homeworld, Ryut and his family, which is what fueled his rage and led to the creation of the Red Lantern Corps. The Anti-Spiral sees the Lantern Corps the same way they do towards Team Dai-Gurren; supposed protectors of the universe that are doing a below-average job at it (in their mindset at least) and feels determined to punish them for accelerating the Spiral Nemesis's arrival. The fact that the Anti-Spiral are allied with Darkseid makes things even worse for the Lantern Corps's judgement.
  • The Anti-Spiral doesn't possess a planet-destroying armada of battleships, they are a planet-destroying armada of battleships and all of them move and act freely depending on what the Anti-Spiral commands. This made many vehicular combatants and pilots, namely the EVA pilots, Gundam piloters and the Autobots and Decepticons incredibly wary about them. The Anti-Spiral did rack up a massive body-count, consisting of several Spiral Warriors and assessed that the Anti-Spiral is a threat that needs to be dealt with in extreme caution.
    • Eventually, they made contact with Unicron. The Anti-Spiral were initially intrigued by Unicron's almighty prowess, but soon came to be wary of the destruction-yearning behemoth and felt that it wanting to destroy everything just to rest in a lifeless void didn't work so well with the Anti-Spiral's desire for control. They have considered working with Unicron as they believe destroying some planets can potentially reduce the likelihood of being challenged and the emergence of the Spiral Nemesis, but this seems temporary at best and the Anti-Spiral seeks to play their cards carefully.
  • Their belief of controlling and hampering evolution and growth really doesn't sit well with many deities, most prominently those in the House of Science as they believe evolution is inevitable and potentially a way to develop understanding and one's own skills. This also extends to the Ultramen who strive for others and themselves to evolve further for harmony and benefit. As this seems like anathema to the Anti-Spiral, they are not hesitant to attack if the opportunity presents itself.
  • The fact that the Anti-Spiral chose to ally itself with Darkseid gave them a reception that was worse than it's time in their home universe, though the Anti-Spiral chooses to not care about this and instead continue on, still convinced that it is justified in staving off the Spiral Nemesis from coming to the Pantheon.
Foolish creatures, drunk on Spiral Power! We defended the universe by killing our fellow spirals and halting our own evolution! Do you possess the sheer fortitude that is on par with that?! DO YOU?!

    Velvet Crowe 
Velvet Crowe, Goddess of Empowerment Through Hatred (The Lord Of Calamity, The Daemoneater)
  • Intermediate Goddess, bordering on Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her bandaged arm
  • Theme Song: Velvet's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, close to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Getting Her Payback, She Uses What She Eats, Byronic Hero, Lost Innocence, Doesn't Like Comments About Her Breasts, Daemon Eater, Her Nasty Right Hook, She Wants To Be The Villain
  • Domains: Hate, Revenge, Family
  • Allies: Eizen, Eleanor Hume, Ragna, Guts, Homura Akemi, Akame, Zero (Drakengard 3), Killua Zoldyck, Raven Branwen
  • Rivals: Artorias, Eren Yeager
  • Enemies: Artorius Collbrande,YHVH, Malthael, The Vex, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Ardyn Izunia, Merascylla
  • Uneasy Allies: Caim, Zero, Shantae, Noel Vermillion, Presea Combatir
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Ganondorf
  • Fears: Khorne, Stella Vermillion and the House of Hatred and Rancor in general.
  • Velvet ascended to the Pantheon after sealing herself away with Innominat in her world. It seems like the Velvet in the Pantheon is more of a manifestation of her than her actual self which is too busy being asleep.
  • The first thing Velvet did upon ascending was, after hearing of Artorias, going to go and seek him out to try and kill him, having mistaken him for Artorius, the target of her vengeance. She realized her mistake soon after they met, but they still battled considering Artorias' state and his corruption flaring up. The fight was broken up soon enough, but Velvet was able to consume the Abyss' power from his sword, at least temporarily. The connections between the Abyss and Malevolence are a bit... Vague, however, though both being created by humans has sparked some theories.
    • While more lucid, however, Artorias tends to oppose Velvet, purely for the reason that her being the Lord of Calamity brings forth Malevolence than the average human would, and the similarities between it and the Abyss does not endear him to her any further.
  • The second thing she did, however, was notice how much of a mess the House of Hatred was and she set herself the task of trying to make the place spotless so she'd enjoy her stay a bit more. Considering the nature of the House, the task DID eventually prove fruitless, though that never stopped her from trying. She at least cleaned some of the rooms to a semi-permanent degree, earning her the ire of some of her fellow inhabitants as they weren't fond of their things being cleaned.
    • With Kefka Palazzo stepping down from his position and moving to the House of Madness and Insanity, Velvet Crowe has stepped up to the position of a member of the Trio of Everlasting Hatred. She isn't too happy with this change though, as she effectively is now the Token Good Teammate to the trio, and now has to be the mediator for Yuuki Terumi and Zamasu.
  • Interestingly, several gods who don't know Velvet too well seem to wind up assuming the Lord of Calamity is a monstrous being, being described by them as an amalgamation of those she associates with. Whenever Velvet properly introduces herself as the Lord of Calamity, however, those assumptions are dropped, on the threat of being eaten.
  • While not the most powerful deity out there, her ability to devour has made many wary of her, especially considering her apparent ability to disable a Fusion Dance by literally eating the bond between those fused, as she demonstrated during her fight against Artorius when he had Armatized with Innominat.
  • Don't get on her case about her outfit. She doesn't feel the cold, anyway, and you'll likely be threatened with being eaten if you push the subject.
  • Apparently, one of her closest allies is Ragna the Bloodedge, due to sharing so many similarities from life story, personality, dark power, and even Ragna noted a good deal of similarity within her voice and his Morality Pet friend. The two became good friends and Velvet also made a deal to help him if Terumi would wreak havoc again, it's probably a good side activity with the lack of Artorius in the Pantheon. She's also allied with Guts, for the same reasons.
    • One time, needing to calm down, Ragna gave Velvet a hug. The two of them deny it, but several gods have proof.
    • Due to their similarities, several Gods ship Velvet with one of the two. The three of them usually just brush it off, but if someone assumes it's all three of them together, be warned. At best, you get a triple death glare that can scare the crap out of most gods. At worst, you get a triple ass-kicking from The Lord of Calamity, The Grim Reaper and The Black Swordsman.
  • Homura, Noel, and Shantae were surprised to hear Velvet's voice sounded quite similar to each of them, but Noel and Shantae were concerned about how Velvet used her powers to deal with her target of revenge. Homura could tell that Velvet was special not just for failing to save someone, but also deciding to become a daemon of evil.
  • She didn't know how to feel about the Demon Thief King of the Pantheon. While she admired the Gerudo's desire for conquest, she knew that in the end, she didn't want to become a mindless beast of destruction like Calamity Ganon became in one reality.
  • Despite the fact both herself and that "harmless" chancellor have several things in common, she knew that Ardyn was beyond someone who simply wished to get simple revenge considering he tried creating an endless night where daemons roamed free across Eos.
  • Akame didn't know what to think about this Velvet except for the fact that like herself, the Night Raid assassin was also keeping her emotions in check while seeking out targets. They quickly came to an understanding of each other's goals for revenge against the powers that be who wronged them in the past.
  • While enjoying to dish out punishment every now and then, she knows the likes of Khorne and others in a particular house were deities that she didn't want to confront in the Pantheon.
  • The former holder of the Hateful Empowerment spot wasn't exactly thrilled about Velvet taking his old position wanting to see for himself if she was worthy of such a label.
  • Never. Ever. Tell her to act like a dove.

My form is justice. And my form is the world. Worship me. Give praise unto me. Me, the beautiful, the sublime...Me, the invincible, the almighty and divine: All hail Zamasu!

Fused Zamasu, God of "Salvation" Through Genocide (Merged Zamasu, Combined Zamasu, Supreme God, Justice, The World, The Beautiful, The Sublime, The Invincible, The Almighty and Divine, Bringer of Eternal Order (Fused Zamasu), Zamasu's Will, Infinite Zamasu, Goku Black, Black, formerly Present Zamasu, Suburban Wine Mom (mortal component), Future Zamasu (immortal component), Zamas, former North Kai of Universe 10 (in general), Goku Black Who's Actually Black)
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  • Overdeity (fused form), borderline Overdeity (Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rosé Form), Greater Gods (Future Zamasu and Goku Black components)
  • Symbol: A black rose and golden fruit with "10" on it
  • Themes: Light of Justice, The Birth of Merged Zamasu, Fistfight Battle, Last Judgment, Zamasu is the Power of the Universe, Dawn of an Ideal World during battle; The Wrath of God on Man, Mark of Almighty Power as split components
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (believes himself to be Lawful Good), Goku Black component was Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio (Zamasu in general): Walking Spoiler, Former Apprentice Kai, Tautological Templar, Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist, Cold-Blooded With Twisted Morality, Hypocrite Who's Not Entirely Wrong, Satanic Archetype, Villain Has a Point, Utterly Hated And A Great Villain For That, A God Am I, Final Solution, Hates Mortals Because Of Their Immorality, Yet Becomes Worse Than Any Of Them, Sanity Slippage, Smug Super, Condemning His Fellow Gods Over Their Inaction, Black-and-White Insanity, Visionary Villain, Absolute Immorality
  • Domains: Genocide, The Gods, Self-Righteousness, Arrogance, Timelines, Mystery, Hypocrisy
  • High Priestess: Lady Bone Demon
  • Allies: Baby, Robot Santa Claus, Sargeras, SCP-682, Galeem, Lucifer (Supernatural), John Doe, and, surprisingly enough, Yuuki Terumi. Other than that, he sees any god as too much of a rival or threat to himself to be a true ally.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Anti-Spiral, Malthael, Shinobu Sensui, The Dark Judges, Broly, Seryu Ubiquitous, The White, Unicron, Mina Loveberry
  • Headbutting Villains: Quinella
  • Former Allegiance: Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Every time traveller, The Living Tribunal, Nyarlathotep and Philemon
  • Opposed by: Aside from any mortal or rival god (in other words, everyone not mentioned), anyone who believes Rousseau Was Right is contemptuous towards him.
  • Fears: Present and Future Zeno, Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • Conflicting Opinion to: Fuminori Sakisaka and Saya
  • Zamasu was the former North Kai of Universe 10, and the apprentice Supreme Kai of that universe. Though a prodigy, he distrusted mortals because of their propensity for evil. An encounter with Goku, who proved stronger than him, exacerbated the issue and began his turn to evil. Out of his inability to discern moral gray areas and believes that the gods are perfect, he plans to slaughter all mortals to create a better world for the gods. Even if he has to kill the other gods to do it.
  • The ascended Zamasu is a fusion of two versions of himself, equal partners in crime. One half of him is Goku Black, the main timeline Zamasu before Beerus killed him possessing Goku's body. The other is the Zamasu of Trunks' timeline, who was partnered with his counterpart after the former had put his plans into motion. He's gone on saying this is proof of the sin of time travel, as if Trunks never travelled back in time his Start of Darkness would never happen... ignoring that the Future Zamasu was planning on killing Gowasu anyway and Trunks only went back in time to save his world (not to mention that Cell would've probably screwed Universe 7 over if he never went back in time so the Androids would be killed). He possesses a lot of contempt for Cell due to abusing time travel, and Dr. Gero for being the impetus for it. As such, when Dr. Gero approached him to help him kill the humans, Zamasu immediately dismissed the Doctor as being just another lowly destructive mortal, not even making any pretense to want Gero's support.
    • It has been revealed that Potara Earrings are only permanent for Supreme Kais, though other methods like wishing for a split are possible. It is advised not to wish Fused Zamasu to split back into Goku Black and Future Zamasu. While a lot less powerful, Goku Black is far less likely to screw around. Fused Zamasu acts much more like Future Zamasu since his fusees were the same person and Black was so different because he inhabited Goku's body.
      • In another timeline, Fused Zamasu did split up once their time was up since they were not official Supreme Kais due to not being properly appointed as one. Unfortunately, whether it was due to their immortality or the fact that they are the same person, they instead split into two halves of Future Zamasu and Goku Black and they actually mutated even further so they split into thousands of immortal Fused Zamasu clones, each being as strong as the original, making them even more dangerous than before.
    • As for his contempt for Dr. Gero, this only grew with the revelations surrounding both the link system and the creation of Android 21. Once again, the Red Ribbon scientist has provided yet another shining example of humanity's inherent predilection to destructive folly, all out of paranoid love and twisted grief. As a result, 21's ascension disgusted Zamasu to the point he had to let her know exactly what she represented in his eyes. The psychological torment that his explanation put her through resulted in her heart giving way to her hunger, thus proving Zamasu's point; the monster then tried to overpower him in order to consume him, but managed to destroy the grounds of the Mentalism and Hatred houses FAR more than actually damage Zamasu.
      • Eventually she fell suddenly unconscious, which Zamasu later learned was due to Android 16 activating the Red Ribbon Army's power-sealing waves on her, and then was suddenly rescued by The Flash before he could finish her off. The houses were repaired by Sailor Moon, and when 21 came to, her heart was in control again. All the aforementioned hate his guts and contend that he is at fault for the entire incident. Not that he cares for the disgusting opinions of Ningen.
  • Finds the very concept of the Pantheon to be repulsive. Of its members, the majority were not gods in their home universe, and he considers the very idea of a mortal reaching the position of god to be the height of blasphemy. He particularly incensed by mortals who deified themselves in their own series or achieved god-like levels of power, like Madoka Kaname for becoming hope or Team Dai-Gurren for their god-like antics. Thanos and Victor Von Doom are also near the top of his hit list for successfully usurping godly power on a number of occasions. On the flip side, just about everyone who was a god pre-ascension to the Pantheon hates him because he committed genocide on the other gods due to his delusions. This attitude makes him one, if not THE most hated and antagonistic gods in the Pantheon, even more than Melkor and arguably more than the Anti-Monitor since the latter's at least impersonal about it.
  • Despite being a villain, Zamasu doesn't feel like he has anything in common with the other Dragon Ball villains. Unlike them, who either don't care about their evil or take pride in it, he believes he's doing the multiverse a service. Most would argue he's just as, if not worse than the likes of Frieza or Majin Buu, which he refuses to believe. However, if need be, he will work with Broly due to sharing hatred towards Goku and one of his bases fusing with him into Karoly Black. The GUAG is in fear of if the Fusion Zamasu ever seeks to combine with him.
  • He claims that he is the true form of justice, and should be made the leader of the House of Justice. Said house laughed at his proposal, which Zamasu responded by claiming they are "ignorant of what justice really is". A chance encounter with Barbatos finally made him drop all pretenses of justice and admit that he doesn't care about justice and order, but about creating a Multiverse where only he is its sole inhabitant... because he will be the Multiverse.
  • Vehemently denies that, at the end of the day, he's more interested in being THE Top God of creation than bettering the multiverse. No matter how much of a Satanic Archetype he is, do not claim that he is one. He goes into bouts of Unstoppable Rage if compared to Melkor. The Dark Lord finds his self-denial of just how utterly irredeemable he is hilarious. As for Zamasu's view on the Dark Lord, he views him as an abomination. Given that he is the living embodiment of evil, he abhors him for influencing mortal evil rather than trying to abolish it. As such one of his top goals is to permanently kill Melkor believing that it will purge the multiverse of all evil. But of course, his very actions propagate evil itself and therefore help Melkor's cause.
  • Words cannot begin to describe how much Goku, Vegeta and especially Future Trunks hate him. As Goku Black, he stole Goku's body and murdered both him and his family in cold blood, killed Future Bulma and laid waste to Future Trunks' world. There's also the fact that, when he lost his physical body, he rendered his entire timeline lifeless. They were horrified to learn that Zamasu had returned, considering he not only died, but was completely erased by Future Zeno. It was eventually revealed that the Grand United Alliance of Destruction was behind his return, seeing as how his hypocritical ambitions would help lay waste to everything. At first, he considered them to be disgusting for trying to kill everything, despite his own plans not being much different. However, he has begrudgingly accepted they are the best hope to successfully pull off his Project Zero Mortals and has an alliance of convenience with them.
  • For a god to not interfere or get involved is a sin to him, and as such he looks down upon any All-Powerful Bystander. He considers the Living Tribunal to be corrupt for only getting involved in the direst of situations rather than regularly judging mortals, while the Tribunal himself simply considers Zamasu out of his mind. Absolutely despises Chronoa for using mortals, especially a certain Trunks, as her proxies in correcting the timeline, not to mention still allowing Trunks' changes to stand. Philemon's tendency for this in spite of supposedly being the embodiment of all that is good about humanity re-affirmed his belief on the evils of mortals, as did learning of Nyarlathotep.
  • Hates Darkseid with every fiber of his being; dumbfounded that an inherently evil god can even exist. Zamasu flat out refuses to call the Lord of Apokolips a god due to him indulging in and even boasting about committing the same kind of evil deeds as mortals. Darkseid, on the other hand, couldn't care less about what he has to say about him. Even pointing out that he's not so different from the mortals he so utterly despises.
  • Were they not human, he'd consider Shinobu Sensui and Seryu Ubiquitous near-perfect allies as he shares absolute hatred of humanity with Shinobu and absolute merciless justice with Seryu. He also applauds the Dark Judges for realizing how criminal the lives of mortals are but would prefer them to exterminate sentient life specifically instead of life itself. He considers Light Yagami "an honorable member of a despicable species" as they are very similar, wanting to kill all those they see as evil to purify the world so a beautiful new one can emerge and have a god complex. That being said, Light thinks of him as too extreme even for his tastes.
    • He's trying to work with Maltheal to make mortals behave, Zamasu, however, thinks The Evils of Free Will isn't enough to deal with mortals as he considers them that corrupt. He does consider it a good stepping stone, however.
  • When his physical form was destroyed by Trunks, his spirit tried to become justice itself by assimilating the timeline he was in. The downside was losing what little sanity he had left, similar to Giygas-a comparison Zamasu isn't comfortable. The House of Justice considers him an abomination, and Madoka Kaname was quick to point out his One-Winged Angel form is a complete failure at Abstract Apotheosis.
  • Usually keeps his cool, however when it comes to Funny Valentine he is absolutely terrified of him. As a composite of two alternate versions of the same being, Valentine's Stand is his major weakness. That being said, there's some ambiguity as to how it might affect him considering he's physically half-Goku and possesses corrupted Complete Immortality. Considering what he became after he lost his physical body, Valentine is afraid of what might happen and only plans on using Dirty Deeds Done Cheap on Zamasu if absolutely necessary. He's afraid of what Enrico Pucci might do to him as well. Mainly Made in Heaven, as the Time Acceleration could screw with the fusion and possibly even erase him from the new reality. However, Pucci is not entirely sure if Made in Heaven would actually work, considering the Time Ring prevented Goku Black from being erased in a similar manner.
  • He has under his possession a Time Ring, stolen from his former master Gowasu, who he personally killed. If this isn't enough, he also stole a Time Machine from the Future Supreme Kai of Universe 12, all with the intention to eradicate humankind in every possible timeline. As such, he is an enemy of every time god, who find him detestable. And as powerful as he is, he is aware he is no match for Zeno. As such, he wanted to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet to gain absolute omnipotence in order to eliminate them and take his place as the absolute lord of creation, in a universe where his justice couldn't ever be sullied. Thanos didn't allow any of that.
  • Asura despises Zamasu, as he sees him as what would have happened if Deus had gotten his way. Likewise, Zamasu despises Asura as a mortal who would dare reach the gods, even killing the Top God of his realm.
  • Lucina has a burning hatred for the evil Kai, relating to her own experiences with Grima when comparing her life to Future Trunks' and Zamasu's similarities to the Fell Dragon as both stole the body of someone their family cared about before wreaking havoc on the world and forcing a time travel to try and stop them, though Trunks' timeline wound up fully destroyed in the end while Lucina freed hers albeit she did not return to it. Zamasu views Lucina as a wannabe defier of Gods, mocking her inability to even stop someone like Grima who he views himself as a wannabe God since he's an artificial creation.
  • Despite all he's done, his misanthropy is not without reason. The inaction of Universe 7's gods allowed the likes of Babidi and especially Frieza to lead to countless suffering. By contrast, Universe 11's gods have shown to be quite active in enforcing justice with the Pride Troopers, and that universe is 5th in rank. Beerus was quick to remind him that he shouldn't get cocky, as one of the things Zeno values is average mortal level. Zamasu was quite pleased to know that in a timeline, the Supreme Kais from Universe 7 weren't lazy and destroyed any mortal that was considered a menace to the universe, including an infant Frieza and Cooler, Majin Buu and Broly when he was a baby. He, however, was disgusted that they later went to a Tournament between alternate timelines to participate instead of finishing the job.
  • Is revealed that his Complete Immortality allows him to survive the "Hakai" technique from Beerus and other Gods of Destruction, meaning his boasts about being a flawless god do have some merit. However, he is still no match for Zeno, running away from him in a timeline. He was utterly horrified to learn that two Zeno have become part of the Trope Pantheon, completely losing his composure and refuses to ever visit his house. Which is pretty justified, as he's personally experienced Future Zeno's full wrath.
  • With the ascensions of Baby and SCP-682, Zamasu seems to have finally found some genuine allies. Baby is a creation of vengeance, like Goku Black was thought to be, whose parasitic methods had the potential to unite mortals under a divine rule that could've brought them to heel and order if it wasn't for Son Goku ruining things again, and while his interests lie purely in the eradication of mortals, complete subjugation could be either an interesting test or a step in his ultimate direction... which he shares completely with the reptilian SCP creature.
    • The most unlikely alliance Zamasu actually managed to make was with Sargeras. While their appearances and methods might differ a lot, it is in their backstories where they are truly not so different. Sargeras was formerly a Champion of the Titans, similar to Zamasu's status as his Universe's North Kai, and after fighting the demons for so long and seeing how corrupted creation has become Sargeras decided that complete annihilation of all creation was the best solution. Both believe that all corruption must end, even though Zamasu doesn't quite think that corrupting worlds with Fel and later destroying them is a better alternative but he agrees with the Titans ideas.
  • The alliance with Baby started once a version of Goku Black decided to do something his counterpart never did: kill Trunks. He travelled to a timeline and killed a version of Trunks. This was part of his plan, as in that timeline, Future Gohan managed to survive the attack of the Androids, and even reach a form his main counterpart never did: Super Saiyan 3. When the time was right, Black fought with Gohan to unlock his Super Saiyan Rosé form and killed the Saiyan. After that, Black went to another timeline and convinced Baby to kill Goku before it was too late. After that, however, both Baby and Black had to fight Broly, who due to the high Zenkai boost during his fight against Gohan and Goten, managed to achieve a Super Saiyan 4 transformation. Baby and Black decided to fuse into a distorted version of Vegito and killed Broly once and for all. This also awakened the Beerus from that timeline, but time will tell what happened after that day...
  • He is utterly despised by the extremes of all alignments, and even The Divine Powers has a lot of issues with him. And it's pretty obvious to see why. Cosmos despises how he can be so completely evil yet still believe he's the hero, Melkor can't possibly work with someone who wants to destroy all evil in his eyes despite being irredeemably evil themselves, YHVH needs human followers and Lucifer can't stand his utter contempt towards mortals considering how he thinks Humans Are Special. And he's done too much damage for the Grand United Alliance of Machines to consider accepting him. Hell, even his own team, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, can barely stand him because of his oxymoronic desire to destroy all sentient life besides the gods (or more accurately himself) for the sake of a vibrant multiverse.
  • If his own ego wasn't big enough, Zamasu felt further validated upon learning about the various universes where As Long as There Is Evil, Gods Need Prayer Badly and Clap Your Hands If You Believe. The fact that Warhammer 40,000 has Chaos shaped by the thoughts and feelings of sentient beings, and is one of the biggest Crapsack World galaxies because of it, was absolute proof in his demented worldview that mortal beings are as evil in his eyes as Zamasu himself is in reality the latter of which the Emperor of Mankind wants to remind him of violently. The Idea of Evil was further "proof" for him that people are beyond salvation.
  • He feels the same about the Shin Megami Tensei multiverse and the Forever War with Law and Chaos, given how sentient beings' belief shapes it. It was pointed out to him that the various divine or demonic beings can also shape things with belief such as the Fake YHVH, but he brushes this off since they're no gods in his eyes. He also remains blind to the underlying message that Humans Are Special, and has decided the SMT multiverse itself is better scrapped. Frighteningly, he sided with the White as he promises to help them eradicate their own multiverse once and for all, and all the realities where human belief is a real power that affects reality... though only then because he'd rather the other realities "merely" have humanity exterminated. And as is typical of Zamasu, he made a long-winded speech about it most either ignored or tried to refute:
    Zamasu: When worlds are shaped by the belief of mortals, by their emotions and thoughts, and they turn out twisted, it is absolute proof of how truly rotten and irredeemable mortals truly are! The likes of YHVH and Yaldabaoth call themselves gods, but gods are meant to be above mortals! I only made a mortal into my flesh because that very mortal perfectly represents the failure of the gods, and shall serve an eternal reminder so it never happens again! To claim that these creatures born from mortals' collective sin are gods is among the worst sort of blasphemy, and for anything beyond mortals to think Humans Are Special is among the worst kind of ignorance. Only the gods have the right to shape existence. The Chaos Gods, the Idea of Evil, are symptomatic of realities so poisoned and cancerous they must be utterly destroyed so as to salvage the rest of existence! And I shall be the one to do so, for the sake of justice!
  • Found a kindred spirit in fellow Trio of Endless Hatred member, Yuuki Terumi. Though the Kai originally despised Terumi and his obnoxious attitude, seeing him as the embodiment of mortal arrogance, that all changed once Terumi sought him out to help retrieve a certain original body of his and explained his true nature and plans. Finding out that Terumi was a legitimate god like himself, who yearned only to destroy and enslave mortals in terror all to spite Amaterasu, intrigued Zamasu to worrying levels. He himself had taken a mortal's body as a vessel, rebelled against superior deities, and enjoyed eradicating mortals, after all... Now, Zamasu can almost applaud his fellow god's attitude, since he is right to be smug and cruel to ugly mortals. One shudders to think about what the two's alliance bodes for the Pantheon.
  • Fused Zamasu was both horrified and jubilant at learning about the Dark Multiverse. A realm created by the living hopes, fears and failures of people, it's the perfect reflection of all he sees wrong with mortals and gods. It is horrifying for embodying that, and the best proof he has for his view that Humans Are Bastards and his cause is validated. It is also proof of what the inattentiveness of the gods will get you since the Dragon Barbatos abandoned his job of disposing of these inherently broken realms, which tainted the main multiverse. While his argument has legs to stand on, Zamasu's inherent hypocrisy prevents him from realizing he's not so different: when reduced to Infinite Zamasu, Zamasu utterly corrupted the Future Trunks timeline into something so malignant it threatened the other timelines and had to be completely erased. In other words, he became a Dark Multiverse in his own rights, one even worse than the actual Dark Multiverse.
    Zamasu: Do you see it now?! THIS is what happens when mortals have their way and when gods forsake their duties of quelling mortal sin! All these realities, all of them the reflections of the fears, failures and evils of mortals! And pray tell, what did the dragon who was supposed to destroy these worlds do? NOTHING! He allowed them to fester, to rot! He betrayed his master and became a conqueror so he can take over Multiverse! Do you need any more proof that mortals are inherently evil no matter what and that gods are failures who cannot admit their own mistakes?! That's why if none of the gods will do nothing about their mistakes, I WILL!!!!
    • When Barbatos himself heard this, he just laughed and pointed out his hypocrisy and flaws, wearing down Zamasu until he reached a breaking point when he said, "Face it, Zamasu, for all your talk of justice and order, you're just as much a sinner as the mortals you hate. In other words, in a metaphorical sense, you are a mortal, too." Driven insane by rage and denial, Zamasu tried to attack the dark god, only to have the Time Ring snatched off his finger. Without the Time Ring, the Goku Black component keeping the fusion together was erased, leaving only Future Zamasu. However, the already unstable fusion affected his immortality on a cellular level, causing his body to turn back into Fused Zamasu, but as his half corrupted form. His mind completely gone, Zamasu threatened to turn into his Infinite form, only to have Barbatos drain him to a withered husk barely clinging to life, stopping him from achieving the transformation. While he recovered in his temple, Zamasu's sanity partially returned as well, and his hate for the gods and mortals grew as he shouted,
    Zamasu: The Creation Trio, the Main House, the Overdeities, and this so-called Pantheon, they are all unnecessary! Every single intelligent life that isn't myself shall be terminated!
  • Absolutely loathes Luka and Alice with a passion due to the two of them being responsible for the death of their universe's top goddess, Ilias. To him, Ilias was in the right, all mortals and monsters should have been exterminated by her and her angels, and the world should have been replaced with something better... or in Ilias' case, better for her. Luka and Alice hate Zamasu, seeing him as an even more insane version of Ilias. A chance encounter with the duo led to him being attacked by Alice's Monster Lord Cruelty and then sealed into a weaker form by Luka's Angel Halo, much to his anger and humiliation.
    Zamasu: A righteous god defeated by a half-blood mortal and a devil spawn? It's sacrilege! It cannot be!
  • One of the few deities of human descent that Zamasu considers even worthy of his attention, he and Quinella consider each other scum, yet always come across each other. They both hate mortals for deriding them and not worshipping them. Zamasu, knowing she was created by humans despite being a goddess, scorns her for being unable to bow to a higher power due to being just as bad as 'those lowly mortals', with her even boldly questioning the existence of God to Kirito. She merely sneers at him for using this as a Freudian Excuse for his Project Zero Mortals plan, showing how much she had learnt as she effortlessly injured him with a ki energy wave, briefly separating him back into Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Even with the caveat the Zamasu was caught off guard when she attacked, only an unprecedented level of power bordering on Overdeity levels could have produced this effect, showing that Quinella is no longer all bark and no bite. Goku Black briefly engaged her in combat and has acknowledged her skills, though a re-merged Zamasu quickly insisted she would never repeat the feat again.
  • Zamasu has taken up a worryingly obscene fascination with the two subjects of the Lovecraftian horror tale known as the Song of Saya. For one thing, the way Fuminori literally sees humans as a result of his brain condition is almost an exact match for how Zamasu thinks of them: as hideous, disgusting creatures who leave defilement and destruction on everything they touch. For another, Saya's ultimate mission of colonizing the planet she was incidentally "summoned" to by essentially terraforming Earth along with every living thing on it to fit her species seems at first glance like it could be a natural approach to the Zero Mortal Plan. However, due to the fact that Fuminori is a mortal who let his mind wander into the worst of human nature by virtue of his own personal cowardice, and Saya, her species, and the way she would change the world are all objectively revoltingly ugly to cosmic proportions, he stops well short of giving the two any true substantial approval.
  • During his final fight with Zamasu in the mortal realm, Future Trunks once summed up Zamasu perfectly:
    Trunks: It's not about gods and mortals! You don't believe in anyone but yourself and we won't let you win! I don't give a damn about you, or your so-called justice!

"For the Zero Mortal Plan!"