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The House of Sports is basically an Olympic Park, but unlike those built by mortals, the House's Park is many times bigger and more majestic. It hosts facilities, training centers, and stores equipment of all kinds of sports imaginable, either real or "fictional". Because of that, this place is massive, and the House of Travel needed to set up some travel services to take athletes around the complex.

Every four years, the Gods' Olympic Competition is held here. Of course, given the nature of the House, many victories come from the House members and not from outside.

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The Chosen Athletes

    Little Mac 
Little Mac, God of Boxing Battlers (Bruiser from the Bronx)

    Michael Jordan 
Michael Jeffrey Jordan, THE God of Basketball (His Airness, Air Jordan, #23, Roster Player, The Greatest Player to Ever Play the Game)

    Tsubasa Ozora 
Tsubasa Ozora, Patron Deity of The Beautiful Game (Oliv(i)er "Holly" Hutton/Atton/Atom, Heaven-Sent Child of Soccer, Soccer Genius, Field Samurai)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A football with a peregrin falcon resting on top of it
  • Theme Song: "Moete Hero" (bonus version sung by Tsubasa and several of his teammates)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Chaste Hero, Married to the Job, Lovable Jock, Drive Shoot, Improbable Sports Skills, represented by the peregrin falcon
  • Domains: Football/Soccer, Sports
  • Heralds:
    • The Japanese national team: Taro Misaki, Ryo Ishizaki, Genzo Wakabayashi, Kojiro Hyuga, Ken Wakashimazu, Jun Misugi, Hikaru Matsuyama, etc.
    • Friends and family: Roberto Hongo, Sanae Ozora
  • High Priest: Tsukushi Tsukamoto and his team
  • Allies: Tai Yagami, Sora Takenouchi, Daisuke Motomiya, Takuya Kanbara, Yuujin Oozora, Lúcio Correia dos Santos, Mario, Mega Man, The Monstars, Ippo Makunouchi
  • Enemies: Bowser, Dr. Wily
  • Tsubasa Ozora is the kind of person who lives and breathes his sport of election: soccer. As a toddler, it was a ball that saved his life as he was about to be hit by a car. Ever since then, he adopted the philosophy that "the ball is his friend" and dribbled one wherever he went. As a middle schooler, he moved to Shizuoka, where he met an incredibly skilled but arrogant goalkeeper, Genzo Wakabayashi, who played at Shutetsu, reputed for its strong team. Tsubasa challenged Genzo to a duel and managed to score a goal, starting a fierce rivalry between them. Tsubasa then enrolled at Nankatsu, whose soccer team was considered a joke, to face Genzo in a proper game. He also got the attention of retired Brazilian player Roberto Hongo, who offered to coach the team. The two teams ultimately tied in their big game, marking Tsubasa's first step into going professional.
    • Tsubasa and Genzo were then teamed up to represent Nankatsu at the national junior tournament, and Tsubasa met many extraordinary players who became his rivals and would become his teammates later in life when they all became professional. Among the most notable are aggressive, tiger-like Kojiro Hyuga, goalkeeper Ken Wakashimazu who incorporates karate moves into his playstyle, the sickly but brilliant Jun Misugi, and reliable Hikaru Matsuyama. Among Tsubasa's own team, Taro Misaki is the one who best understands him and they make a formidable combo, while Ryo Ishizaki, though lacking in talent, isn't lacking in determination or ability to lighten the mood. All of these players would go on to play alongside Tsubasa all the way to the World Cup that Tsubasa dreams of winning for Japan.
  • Tsubasa's tale ressonated the world over and inspired many well-known players to take up the sport in the first place. Because of this, he was ascended to represent the sport he adores so much. All things considered, Tsubasa took it well, despite coming from a more mundane world. He reasons that any kind of being that shows interest in soccer can't be all bad. He only wants to make sure it doesn't interfere with his career "downstairs". Other than that, he is happy to be able to spread the love for soccer among as many people as he can. His teammates' reactions were varied; some like Genzo and Kojiro felt their rivalry with Tsubasa flare up and are ambitious to claim a divine title for themselves; others like Taro and Ryo supported Tsubasa wholeheartedly.
  • Some of the Digidestined were enthusiastic at Tsubasa's ascension. Tai and Daisuke used to play soccer when they were in school and while their lives have taken on different directions from that (with Tai becoming a diplomat and Daisuke a ramen chef), they're still able to appreciate Tsubasa's uncanny talent. Takuya on the other hand did go on to play soccer professionally and seems to consider Tsubasa an ideal to achieve. Yuujin is likewise good at the sport, even if he never had an opportunity to figure out just how far he could go before his life was derailed and then terminated by Leviathan. Tsubasa reckons the matter with Leviathan is way over his head, but he still feels compassion for Yuujin's situation and encourages him to put his all into soccer, even playing some rounds with him when he can spare the time. Tsubasa is hoping to found a Pantheon team that he can coach, with Yuujin as a centerpiece player.
    • Sora Takenouchi also used to be very into the sport in her tomboy phase, but later switched to tennis after becoming more feminine. Tsubasa respects that decision, even if he finds it a pity. Interestingly, Sora has had a similar progression to Tsubasa's wife Sanae, as Sanae also started out rather tomboyish, with a propension to snap at any players not called Tsubasa. She calmed down significantly by high school, becoming a Yamato Nadeshiko, but never lost her love for soccer (though she never played, only did cheerleading). When all is said and done, Sora feels an affinity for Sanae and would like it if Tsubasa paid a little more attention to Sanae, given he often seems to put soccer before her.
  • Soccer is huge in Brazil and Tsubasa's fortunes are closely tied to that country, with his mentor being a Brazilian ex-player and having spent many of his formative years playing there for São Paulo. Brazilian deities went wild upon hearing about Tsubasa's ascension, finding him a worthy choice to represent the king of sports even if he is Japanese. Lúcio Correia dos Santos introduced him to his own variety of soccer, Lúcioball, which got Tsubasa excited and wanting to challenge Lúcio. Lúcio was skeptical that Tsubasa could handle it, but Tsubasa demanded that he hold nothing back, so Lúcio humored him. Tsubasa predictably lost the first few matches, but he was paying attention to how it worked and came up with ways to counter Lúcio, impressing the DJ/freedom fighter and reinforcing that Tsubasa was really the right choice for deification. Tsubasa now plays Lúcioball often, even bringing his teammates to play a proper 3 v 3 match, which Lúcio finds more fun than playing against himself all the time.
  • Tsubasa thinks that Lúcioball is pretty great training, but he found out there's more when he suddenly fell into a soccer field where deities such as Mario and Luigi were in full uniform and asked for his help in facing Bowser and his minions who had Princess Peach captive, again. Tsubasa, of course, agreed to help, but even with those stakes he did not expect the game to go the way it did, with things like fireballs and spiky shells being flung around and players actively shoving each other and getting electrocuted. Even though this flew in the face of all the soccer rules Tsubasa was familiar with, he felt more fired-up than ever and thought this would make for great reflex training. In the end, Tsubasa's skills assured a victory for Mario's side, which earned him a kiss from Peach, making Mario jealous, though he's still thankful for the help. Tsubasa would prefer that in the future, they ask him to participate in these games a bit more in advance, because he'd like his teammates to join in as well. It seems like Bowser wants revenge on him, as well.
  • Tsubasa heard of an incident where the evil robot master Dr. Wily disrupted a televised soccer match by replacing all the players with his robot minions. Fortunately, Mega Man went to the rescue and defeated all the robots in various soccer matches. Tsubasa is disgusted at Dr. Wily for interupting the players who were giving it their all and using soccer for his evil designs and thankful to Mega Man for setting things right. Though, he thinks he wouldn't mind playing alongside Mega Man and facing Wily's robots just to see for himself what they're capable of.
  • The story behind the Monstars was an odd one for Tsubasa to hear, what with the idea of little alien creatures being able to steal the ability of great players, playing against Bugs Bunny and many other cartoon characters and in the end it served to restore a certain legendary player's love for his sport of choice, basketball. Despite how bizarre it all sounded, Tsubasa felt compelled to go up to the Monstars and tell them it would be interesting if they could copy (NOT steal, Tsubasa emphasized) other skilled players' abilities and use that to play against any sports team in the Pantheon. If they copied some soccer player's abilities, Tsubasa would like to play against them. This surprised the Monstars, who have never been told anything like that.
  • Tsubasa has overall good relationships with the many different sports deities, as he should, as he's overall a Nice Guy even if he has a tendency to get overly absorbed in soccer. He managed to strike up an unlikely friendship with the boxer Ippo Makunouchi, though mostly because Kojiro showed interest in him first; like Kojiro, Ippo comes from an impoverished background and had no father figure, and so worked hard to provide for his family (In Ippo's case, his mother; in Kojiro's case, mother and a bunch of younger siblings). They both found solace and a good way to earn money in their chosen sports, which they are very passionate about. On the other hand, Ippo is much more timid than Kojiro, which sometimes gets on his nerves.