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Greater Gods

Delirium, Accursed Deity of Erratic Shapeshifting
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Itself while in its true form.
  • Theme Songs: Delirium, Terminal Lucidity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, The Anthropomorphic Personification of Isaac's Dying Dream, Constantly Shapeshifting into every foe fought before it, Bullet Hell, Damage-Sponge Boss, Never holding still due to Teleport Spam, Final-Exam Boss
  • Domains: True Final Bosses, Hallucinations, Mental Breakdowns, Shapeshifting
  • Allies: Ultra Greed, Pyramid Head, Freddy Krueger, Nightmare (Kirby)
  • Interests: Shang Tsung
  • Enemies: Isaac, Simon Henriksson, Homura Akemi, the rest of the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares
  • Not to be confused with: Delirium of the Endless
  • This melting skull-thing is the absolute True Final Boss of Isaac's journey into down below into the depths of the basement, or rather the depths of his mind. Encountered only in the Void, it is a physical representation of the boy's already deteriorating mental state as he slowly but surely suffocates himself in the toy chest out of self-hatred and penance for the trouble he thought he caused. It is, for all intents and purposes, Isaac's Delirium, and it shows through its complete inability to remain in a single form for long (even extending to the room or hell, the Void itself) and its Battle Theme Music being a heavy metal chaotic mess.
  • Delirium arrived after the truth of Isaac's journey had been revealed to the public of the Pantheon through a strange room in the House of Madness and Insanity. More entrances started appearing soon after with how common it is being determined by the mental state of the person in question. While initially avoided, after deities started accidentally wandered into it is what prompted more and more people to traverse them. The rooms turned out to portals leading to the Void, which somehow is even more misshapen and patchworked than it was when Isaac goes through it, each one mashed together with Isaac's floors and places familiar to the occupant in question.
  • Its status as one of the Final Bosses of Isaac's journey and shapeshifting abilities make it dangerous enough, but being in the Pantheon seemed to make the latter aspect especially worse. See, its shapeshifting abilities in the Dying Dream was dependent on the bosses Isaac fought and defeated. In the Pantheon this translates to any formidable foe beaten by Delirium's assailants. So if one kills god-like beings on the daily, there's a very good chance they'll show up as one of its "Delirious" forms especially as it Turns Red and keeps switching to more and more forms on top of the Bullet Hell and Weaponized Teleportation it brings.
    • As far as downsides go for Delirium's shapeshifting it doesn't seem to have any control over which form it goes to next and has a limited time in said form before the next. This means it can't utilize the forms complete arsenal nor can Delirium tailor itself as a counter to whoever fights it. Though it makes for it in the sheer hectic fight it brings.
  • Delirium's abilities have caught the attention of the wicked sorcerer Shang Tsung. He is someone who is also well versed in the art of shape shifting through stealing the souls of others, though Tsung has much more refined and controlled grip over his. Seeing the power behind Delirium he plans on somehow gaining its power though for now he sticks to manipulating Deilirium into fighting his enemies.
  • Thanks to its ascension it is no longer confined to the Void as Delirium at times wanders the Pantheon aimlessly through the many entrances, and can be a very nasty surprise to those unlucky enough who do encounter Delirium and its ability to teleport doesn't make things any easier either.
    • Besides the House of Shape, which is the House if currently resides in, Delirium has also been reported to have been in the House of Mentalism. It predominately lurks in the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares, alarming just about every deity residing there save for Nightmare (Kirby) and Freddy Krueger who think it's perfect for their plans for plaguing everyone with nightmares.
  • There are some it doesn't choose to attack on sight. As another Final Boss from Isaac's adventures, Delirium has this sort of kinship with Ultra Greed and had aided him on his off times from Greed Mode. The reason why Delirium doesn't do so there as well is because Ultra Greed reserves the job being Final Boss for himself and himself only. Delirium also gets along with Pyramid Head for the simple reason that they are hostile embodiments of something pertaining to the people they antagonize.
  • Simon heard of Delirium through Isaac himself and opposed the thing already. However, after going over the young boy's journey again along with his own it didn't take long for Simon connect the dots: Delirium is basically Isaac's version of Book Simon. For that, Simon has a lot more against Delirium than most.
  • For reasons relating to the lustful parts of the House of Love and Affection, there are depictions of Delirium being portrayed as a Slime Girl floating around. Some talk whether or not a certain artist in the House of Craft will get involved or not.

Destoroyah, Deity of Metamorphosis Monsters (Destroyah, Destroyer, Dez, Devilcrab)
Destoroyah's final form
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: A silhoulette of itself
  • Theme Music: Destoroyah's Theme from his debut movie; Its theme from Godzilla: Unleashed or Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Gender, Generic Doomsday Villain, Metamorphosis Monster, Micro-Oxygen Beam, Weak to Extreme Heat or Cold, Made up of Microscopic Organisms
  • Domains: Power, Forms, Monsters
  • Allies: King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Doomsday
  • Rivals: The Carapaceons
  • Enemies: MechaGodzilla III/Kiryu (Arch-Enemy), Godzilla, Mothra Leo, Rodan, Anguirus, Wishiwashi, the ascended Ultramen, any hero capable of fire and/or ice powers
  • Possibly Interested in: SCP-169
  • When the first Godzilla attacked Japan in 1954, a weapon known as the Oxygen Destroyer was used to defeat him. This ended up having unforeseen consequences years later when microscopic crustaceans evolved thanks to exposure to the weapon. Their prescence became known once they attacked an aquarium and proceeded to attack larger targets thereafter. These smaller creatures are capable of combining themselves to form a larger, more dangerous creature. It is known as Destoroyah, one of Godzilla's toughest opponents in general thanks to a combination of power and sadism.
  • A bunch of creatures running amok throughout the Pantheon one day would only be the prelude to a much larger disaster. Someone witnessed these creatures merging to create a monster that began to destroy everything in its path. It took the intervention of Godzilla and a couple of his allies to stop Destoroyah from destroying the Pantheon and even then, the fight caused a ton of damage. Unlike the last time that Godzilla fought Destoroyah, Godzilla didn't die, but was in critical condition. Worse yet, Destoroyah wasn't actually destroyed like the first time it fought the Big G, as someone extremely vile managed to get it a place in the Pantheon so that it can continue its rampage as it likes.
  • Comparisons have been made between it and Doomsday, another powerful villain who originally showed up to give a hero a very hard fight. While Doomsday succeeded in killing Superman momentarily, Destoroyah fought Godzilla when the latter was undergoing a nuclear meltdown (and thus close to death). That didn't prevent Destoroyah from making things more difficult than it already was for Godzilla at the time. It's a fairly regular occurance to see Destoroyah and Doomsday together causing destruction and it takes quite a bit of time for anyone sent to battle the two together for the damage to stop.
  • Deathwing took great interest in Destoroyah, citing it as resembling an abomination that The Old Gods could come up with. Wanting to test Destoroyah's strength, Deathwing challenged it to a fight, leading to plenty of destruction in their wake wherever their battle took place. Some time later, Deathwing surmised that Destoroyah still harbored a grudge towards Godzilla. Given that Deathwing has battled against Godzilla a few times before, he seems very interested in getting Destoroyah's help in defeating The Big G. From there, the two are free to cause as much chaos and misery as possible should Godzilla be defeated at their hands. Destoroyah is more than willing to take up Deathwing's offer.
  • It could be seen as a darker counterpart to Wishiwashi, being a fusion of several smaller creatures. Unlike Wishiwashi where the small fish is very weak by itself but becomes stronger when more of its kind are around, Destoroyah's smaller forms are a decent enough problem as they are and becomes even more threatening when Destoroyah's final form is at play. Despite apparently not having any sort of interest in eating Wishiwashi, Destoroyah is just eager to kill it whenever the two end up meeting, prompting the school of fish to fight back even if Destoroyah is stronger than Wishiwashi.
  • The major weakness that it has is extreme temperatures, be it heat or cold, and the Pantheon has more than its share of deities capable of using either element. The Miser Brothers are among those that could potentially be a threat to the kaiju, but they already have their hands full in preventing The Shadow Monster (already a bigger threat than Destoroyah as is) from wrecking the Pantheon and Destoroyah already doesn't like the two as they are.
    • Shouto Todoroki is arguably a bigger problem for Destoroyah as he is one of very few deities capable of using both extreme cold and extreme heat effectively. Shouto was surprised after hearing about the kaiju and thought it was comparable to the Nomu designed by the League of Villains at first given its strength as a monster. While it was apparent that it would be challenging for Shouto to go up against a giant monster as the Nomus are already challenging to fight as is, he's willing to help stop it from causing extensive damage.
    • Given Destoroyah's weakness to heat and cold, there are some deities who are considering trying to trick Destoroyah into going to either the subareas for Ice and Cold or Fire and Heat given that these two sections have areas that are extremely cold or extremely hot respectively. Such an idea is very risky given how easy it is for Destoroyah to attack anyone that it sees.
  • Some believe that Destoroyah was involved as a creation of aliens in order to fight Godzilla. While its appearance gives off the impression of it being very alien-like, the kaiju hasn't come into contact with other aliens in the Pantheon. Some evil extraterrestrials have expressed interest in trying to use Destoroyah to conquer the Pantheon.
  • While it's a big crustacean as it is (particularly its final form), there are some other giant crabs in the form of four kinds of Carapaceons that the kaiju has gotten into fights with. The Carapaceons are, for the most part, docile unless provoked, meaning the fights that happen are a result of Destoroyah coming near them. There have been some who think that Shen Gaoren is just as big, if not bigger, than Destoroyah.
  • Destoroyah is already a big crustacean-like being as is, but SCP-169 is far bigger than the kaiju can ever be. What's frightening for many is that Destoroyah could go after SCP-169 at some point and it could happen when Godzilla ends up in a potential fight against The Leviathan. The fact that SCP-169 is merely dormant for the time being is the only consolation for many as it's highly uncertain if SCP-169 will actually want anything to do with Destoroyah.

Gozer, Deity of Changing Forms to Suit Conformability (Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, Gozer the Traveler, Lord of the Sebouillia, Flattop)
The Destructor's "chosen form" in The '80s.
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (to Gozer’s chagrin)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Jerkass God, Eldritch Abomination, Otherworldly and Sexually Ambiguous, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Person of Mass Destruction, Evil Sounds Deep, Omnicidal Maniac, Voluntary Shapeshifting, Shapeshifter Mode Lock
  • Domains: Shapeshifting, Destruction, Cults
  • High Priests: The Contemelia
  • Heralds: Zuul and Vinz Clortho, Ivo Shandor, Cult of Gozer
  • Allies: Merged Zamasu, Yuuki Terumi, Nekron, Dark Danny, King Boo, Delirium, The Masked Mutant, Dagon, Ultraman Belial, The Shadow Monster
  • Rivals: Galactus, Envy, Mystique, Shang Tsung
  • Enemies: The Ghostbusters, Danny Phantom, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse), Tiamat (Nasuverse), the other Tiamat, Natsumi, Garfield Logan/Beast Boy, Kids of Hawkins, Nostalgia Critic, YHVH, all the Autobots and Decepticons, The Silver Surfer
  • You know why ghosts showed up in New York during The '80s for the very first time? It was because of Gozer. An ancient being from another dimension, Gozer coming to Earth was foretold by the Sumarians and once Gozer came, it would destroy the entire planet. It was up to the Ghostbusters to deal with Gozer by crossing the streams, blowing up Gozer into bits of marshmallow. In the Pantheon, Gozer’s ascension was met by the House of Ghosts going haywire, signaling Gozer’s return. Who are you gonna call?
  • Gozer does not think fondly of how the entire Pantheon works. Gozer believes that giving mortals the moniker of godhood is really undervaluing the title has only acknowledged those who are actual divine beings as fellow gods. Though it’s not like many gods like Gozer that much either.
  • Enraged to find out the Ghostbusters arrived to the Pantheon ages before Gozer has. Gozer has sworn to take down all of them down, seeing as the Ghostbusters roster had expanded to an abnormal degree than last time checked.
  • No, Gozer is not a ghost. The ghosts appearing were due to them heralding Gozer’s imminent arrival. This is why Gozer has been banned from going near the House of Ghosts, as it makes the entire place goes haywire.
  • Who is the only person who is willing to be friends with Gozer? It is one of the few times Zamasu shows friendliness to another person. Since they are both deities who want nothing more than to eliminate everybody who isn’t like them or shares their mindset, they get along swimmingly. Though Zamasu has is reserves over Gozer’s genocidal attitude while he believes his attitude has more refinement to it. People who have seen the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow and Zamasu together, they have a chemistry that is not unlike two college roommates going out for a drink
  • Nekron seems to appreciate how Gozer operates and has allowed Gozer to join the Grand United Allianceof Destruction. Note though that being friends with Zamasu might have helped Gozer reach the position that it managed to. Nekron would like to place Gozer is frontlines more but being a giant marshmallow, worries Nekron on the effectiveness on how Gozer works.
  • Dark Danny is also friends with Gozer, being an evil person who only wants to cause as much destruction as possible. Dark Danny wonders if Gozer could even take on the Ghost King though now that Gozer is a marshmallow, that’s unlikely. Gozer does not take the underestimations that well.
  • King Boo is a rather goofier ghost who is also interested in Gozer though King Boo takes great effort to not upset Gozer, as Gozer’s presence makes King Boo much more berserk and somehow slightly stronger than normal.
  • Rather revered by other shapeshifters like Delirium and the Masked Mutant though they are quite disappointed over Gozer’s inability to shape itself out of its form. Not that it matters as even a giant Marshmallow Man could be seen as intimidating at the right scenario.
  • Dagon is another Eldritch Abomination from another dimension, so it comes to no surprise that the two are on speaking terms. They have a bit of a Friendly Rivalry on who gets to either conquer or destroy a new dimension first.
  • Ultraman Belial seems to acknowledge Gozer as a fellow herald of darkness and has offered to help when destroying other dimensions. Gozer still hasn’t really answered the question on this, thinking that it doesn’t need help but appreciates the offer. Perhaps Belial is merely trying his best to accumulate more allies.
  • Is rather impressed by the Shadow Monster’s domain. Being a fellow invader during The '80s, Gozer and the Shadow Monster have mutual respect towards each other and are fortunate enough to be coworkers.
  • Managed to form a very heated rivalry with Galactus over who has the better shapeshifting abilities. While [[what people see in Galactus depends on what they could comprehend, Gozer takes delight in shifting into forms people recognize or even take comfort in before revealing its true destructive nature. They also debated against how their methods of destruction work, as Galactus believes his reasons for destruction is Above Good and Evil while Gozer loves causing it For the Evulz. This made Gozer an outright enemy of the Silver Surfer for this, seeing Gozer as an even more omnicidal version of Galactus.
  • Being a Sumarian deity, Gilgamesh does not have a particular liking towards Gozer, viewing the being as just another big named god for him to take down. When Gozer wished for Gilgamesh to test those words, Gil responded by using Ea and rendering Gozer into piles of mush. Gozer has since sworn to eliminate Gilgamesh though most likely would repeat the same fate once more.
  • Has a sister, Tiamat. Tiamat and Gozer are apparently equal in power though Tiamat in all likelihood is stronger due to not being a freaking snack. Gozer was angered by the idea there are two goddesses sharing its sister’s name and has sworn to fight them. Gozer held off against the lesser Tiamat well though the Beast of Humanity one proceeded to gobble Gozer’s body up like it was nothing. Gozer could be seen screaming and running as only a torso afterward.
  • Does not have a particular liking to towards Danny Phantom that much. As it is Danny’s job to defeat malevolent ghosts, it makes sense that Gozer seems to be pretty high up on the list of baddies for him to take down.
  • Nostalgia Critic seems to be rather obsessed with one of Gozer’s prophets, Zuul. Whenever Zuul shows up to aid Gozer, Nostalgia Critic is surely seen screaming, “ZUUL MOTHERFUCKER ZUUL.” For no particularly reason. At least somehow acknowledges one of its minions...
  • Has refused to join YHVH as He merely makes all others his servants, regardless of what gods they are. Well, Zamasu is not wrong about that one.
  • Has fought against both Decepticons and Autobots. We are not making this up in the slightest. Decepticons note that Gozer is such a strong entity, their scanners went off the charts. Autobots just had the poor chance on meeting Gozer as well eventually, which they were helped by the Ghostbusters on taking Gozer down.

Intermediate Gods

Bulkhead, God of Visible Alternate Mode Parts (Ironhide)
Animated Bulkhead
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  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Autobot insignia
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Big Guy, Turning his kibble into a chair, Alien Arts Are Appreciated, Clumsy But Smart, Unintentional Destruction whilst Saving, Fun big guys that you don't want to mess with, Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Technology, Good, Sizes
  • Herald: Miko Nakadai
  • Followers: Hot Shot, Hightower, Superion
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • While some people remember him as an old but experienced coot not unlike Ironhide, Bulkhead is usually a big hulking Autobot with an even bigger heart. Bulkhead started out his life in the Cybertronian outskirts at an Energon farm, passing the time by reading up on space bridge technology. When the time came to join boot camp, he had difficulty making friends there until he was placed under Optimus Prime for his expertise in said space bridge tech. When the war broke out, he and the other Autobots escaped to Earth but the Decepticons followed suit as well, prompting the Autobots to bring the fight to them. Throughout his journey, Bulkhead learnt to appreciate Earth's culture through his friendship with Sari Sumdac and her showing him the planet's art while coping with his propensity to destroy things unintentionally.
  • The big lug can transform into either a six-wheeled armoured patrol vehicle or an SUV, and is more than able to use the extra bits (or kibble) left over from his transformation. As per the wise words of Bumblebee, "Bulkhead can turn his kibble into a chair, and that's awesome enough to earn him a spot in the Pantheon!" The Judges weren't convinced, so Optimus elaborated that not a lot of Cybertronians utilise their kibble as something useful and Bulkhead actually bothers to. Eventually, the Judges were convinced and had him ascended.
    • He was supposed to ascend at the same time as Wheeljack, a fellow Wrecker, but he conveniently forgot.
  • Optimus and Bumblebee were the first ones to greet him. He is surprised that they have other forms from their multiverse they can take and took a while to get used to their default G1 forms, but Bulkhead is a little puzzled on why Bumblebee has forms that muted his speech and spoke through the radio as a compensation even when Bee said it hasn't fazed him ever. As for the other Autobots, he's a little bummed that they don't assume their forms of his world but he later get used to it; he started to like Jazz better when he's having more fun dancing to music, was surprised Hot Rod is not that different last time he saw him and the same goes for Grimlock, only somewhat more stubborn. Then there's the Maximal Dinobot, who enjoys Shakespeare sonnets and while he's not for sophisticated culture, Bulkhead does tries to understand why Dinobot would enjoy them and Dinobot likewise aside from reducing his poetic talk, also watches Bulkhead's behaviour in battle in order to help minimize damage.
    • And of course, Bulkhead is obviously not pleased with seeing the Decepticons again, most of them old and a few being new with familiar forms. Either way, he'll not be playing nice to them ever and likewise, they don't like seeing him either. Another face Bulkhead doesn't like seeing is Lockdown, ever since he threaten his fellow Autobots the last time and Lockdown himself is determined to scrap Bulkhead and hang some part of him in his base. Bulkhead will also join in the fight against Unicron, who Bulkhead will admit is one scary dude to face and Unicron himself sees him as nothing more than another insect to stomp.
  • Like the others when he ascended, Bulkhead can access alternate forms from other universes on top of memories from them; he's somewhat weirded out that he started off as an Old Soldier in a previous world though he stopped questioning it later on. He also has a G1 incarnation, though he usually doesn't use that form a lot.
  • Bulkhead then meet up with fellow big guys of other teams like Toa Onua and Chewbacca, with Onua hoping to give Bulkhead pointers on minimizing collateral damage and Chewbacca joining in Bulkhead's fights. Gentle Giants like the Big Friendly Giant, Ferdinand and Clifford also appreciates Bulkhead's presence and understand his fears and concerns of accidentally destroying while going around, with Bulkhead enjoying playing with Ferdinand and Clifford (while hoping not to squish them) and the BFG helping him quell said fears and concerns. And finally, those who are robust yet strong like Edmond Honda and Big the Cat gets his appreciation and the two likewise can see he's not a bad guy, with Honda currently finding a way to accomodate Bulkhead into his hot springs even though Bulkhead politely turns a day in it down (cause he's a robot and all) and Big invites him over for fishing, an activity he can get behind.
  • Bulkhead is interested in Earth's art and culture ever since Sari has shown him a lot of stuff. Astral approaches him one day, hoping that another alien who had spent more time experiencing Earthly culture can show him even more stuff to enjoy; Bulkhead is more than happy to show him, and even more so when they both are smarties in some fields of knowledge.
  • The Junkers, Junkrat & Roadhog picked a fight with Bulkhead one day at his temple, hoping to both destroy him for parts and getting a good fight. Unfortunately for them, Bulkhead became pissed beyond belief and beaten them until they're totally incapacitated and their surroundings was more demolished than normal. Since then, both parties have a bone to pick with each other and Bulkhead voluntarily help the Master Builders Four fix the damages to make it up, with a lukewarm reception.
  • Later on, Bulkhead approached Gaige once the dust settled, and was surprised that he ascended at the same time as she did. They hanged out for a while discussing technology when Peni inserts herself into their conversation which then lasts for another hour, cementing Gaige and Peni's relationship with Bulkhead. It helps that they remind him of Sari and Niko, the latter of whom is currently serving as his Herald and is also in touch with the two. Gaige and Bulkhead even bonded over making collateral damage by accident and being geniuses at a second glance.
  • "Team Prime knows when to use force, and how much to use."

Kameo, Goddess of Elemental Shapeshifters
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Elemental Sprites (miniaturized versions of the Elemental Warriors)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Elemental Powers, Lady of War, Voluntary Shapeshifting, Our Elves Are Different
  • Domains: Elements, Elves, Transformations
  • Allies: Aang, Korra, Simba, Banjo & Kazooie
  • Enemies: Shang Tsung, Malekith, Scar, Ozai, Grimgor Ironhide
  • Kameo is a 16-year-old elf who is about to inherit the crown that allows her to rule the land she resides in and the Elemental Powers that come with it when her sister Kalus frees the troll King Thorn from imprisonment in an attempt to gain these powers for herself. Following an unsuccessful attempt that results in her losing her elemental abilities, it’s up to Kameo to regain her powers, free her kidnapped family, and defeat Kalus and Thorn to bring safety back to her land. As far as the Elemental Warriors who grant Kameo her powers are concerned, there are 10 of them and they have their own abilities related to fire, water, rock, ice, and plant, with 2 Warriors per individual element. Kameo is able to transform into any of these Elemental Warriors and use their powers to navigate the world around her and fight any threats that stand in her way.
  • Some time had passed since fighting King Thorn and Kalus, but Kameo would end up finding out about multiple other worlds distant from her own that would result in her taking part in many more adventures. From what was said about these distant worlds, they seemed to not only be distinct from what Kameo had previously traversed, but there were also lands dedicated entirely to a particular element that Kameo normally uses. While there was plenty of this so-called Pantheon that intrigued Kameo, she had to be on high alert for others looking to use elemental powers for evil, overthrow her position of power, or even some villains looking to accomplish both. Regardless of what was in store for her, Kameo was willing to make the most of her time in this vast Pantheonic world and fend off any threats made against her or any friends she makes there.
  • When it comes to shapeshifting, Banjo and Kazooie relied on a witch doctor named Mumbo Jumbo (and later Humba Wumba), to perform magic on them in order to transform into different things to proceed on their adventure. Bear and bird ended up traveling to a distant land while on a mission for someone and it was there that they encountered Kameo and learned about what kind of shapeshifting magic she was capable of. While Kazooie could turn into a dragon with the right kind of magic, Kameo wasn’t capable of transforming others, instead relying on her gift to turn into different elemental creatures to fight against any enemies that approach her. Banjo and Kazooie were strange creatures to Kameo, but their platforming skills complimented her varied magic transformations when it came to finding ways past obstacles and while the duo can’t rely on transformations comparable to what she can do, Kazooie is quite curious on how a meeting would go between the two shamans and Kameo, even if they’re all on the side of heroism.
  • The role of the Avatar is, in addition to utilizing the elements of fire, water, air, and earth, to keep the peace between all of the nations specializing in the aforementioned elements, a role that Kameo was curious about. It would lead to a meeting between two deities that took up the role of the Avatar, Aang and Korra, both of who had to live up to their role as Avatar while fighting different enemies. The Avatar was a role passed onto many, with Wan being the first Avatar while Aang and Korra picked up the mantle later on and, barring the shapeshifting aspect of the Elemental Warriors, Kameo saw her role in being a figure of royalty who uses various elements as not that different from the Avatar. Aang and Korra took a liking to how Kameo used elemental transformations to her advantage and the three have worked together in keeping the elemental aspects of the Pantheon in check, fighting against many enemies that threaten them.
  • One sinister shape-shifting sorcerer who Kameo took great animosity towards was Shang Tsung, who was notorious for consuming the souls of others in addition to being untrustworthy towards many he works with. For someone like Kameo who relies on shapeshifting to make the most of the powers of the Elemental Warriors, an entity that can consume souls such as Shang Tsung is a frightening prospect as it could mean that her source of powers could be drained, putting her in a perilous situation without much in the way of escape if she loses such a fight. For Shang Tsung, it’s simply more souls to add to his prospective collection of souls in the Pantheon and the fact that there are figures like Kameo who have spirits in them to enable such shapeshifting makes it an endeavor worth taking. Shang Tsung is a dangerous adversary in the Pantheon and fighting him will be a challenge, but Kameo knows that power-hungry shapeshifters like him don’t deserve to have their ambitions fulfilled.
  • Regardless of royal standing, Kameo discovered that there were plenty of elves different from her world and while some of them were friendly, a handful of them posed a danger to the Pantheon. Malekith was one elf (or more accurately, a Dark Elf) that Kameo saw as rather dangerous and the fact that he attempted to gain the throne for himself from his family before becoming the ruler of a separate kingdom, even if he has ambitions of claiming what he believes is rightfully his. Kameo saw Malekith as a much darker version of Kalus when it came to seizing the royal throne, and the fact that Malekith wasn’t originally a villain prior to wanting to become king didn’t help her opinion of him. With how powerful Malekith is and the fact that her kingdom could be a target of his conquests, Malekith becoming stronger than he already is was something she and others had to stop from happening, even if she knows that there are entities worse than he is.
  • Having dealt with a treacherous sibling looking to take the royal position for themselves, Kameo found kinship with Simba, a lion from the Pride Lands who was next in line for the role of king following his father Mufasa, only for his uncle Scar to murder Mufasa, exile Simba, and take the throne. It took a longer period of time for Simba to fight back compared to Kameo, but the general idea behind their ordeals was the same and Kameo’s experience in confronting much more fantastical elements was helpful for dealing against threats that were more dangerous for Simba and his allies to handle. Kameo’s contempt towards Scar also extended towards other treacherous figures looking to gain royalty for themselves, especially if those figures are part of the same family. Kameo has her own elemental gifts to keep safe, but she won’t hesitate to use her abilities to ensure the stability of benevolent royal figures in the Pantheon.
  • In addition to fighting against her sister Kalus, Kameo had to fight troll King Thorn, who was originally sealed away before Kalus freed him and there were a variety of troll enemies that Kameo had to go up against in her journey. The Pantheon contained some fantastical trolls of its own, alongside violent orcs and other beasts, and regardless of what these creatures fall under, there were potential adversaries that were just as dangerous as King Thorn, if not a greater threat than he was. One very aggressive orc was Grimgor Ironhide, who is part of the Greenskins and much like others with that designation, he is very destructive and seeks to battle others that dare oppose him. Regardless of what resources these Greenskins have at their disposal, Kameo knew that she would be a target of their rampage at some point and that she’s going to have to fight them and prevent them from becoming more of a problem than before.
  • Kameo is quite versatile with the Elemental Powers she’s been given, but the Pantheon housed plenty of individuals who are potentially more skilled with one specific element than Kameo is with her numerous transformations. These included characters such as Ozai, who Kameo learned about from Aang and given that Ozai is a power-hungry tyrant who wants to impose his power over others, she wasted no time fighting against him and his forces, even if her transformations gave Ozai some additional ideas on how he could gain more power for himself and his army. Other villainous elemental users, many of who had different applications of their powers, were additional adversaries of Kameo and the fact that they’re taking an interest in her shapeshifting powers has made her a frequent target of such foes. Thanks to her alliance with Aang and Korra, Kameo was able to find other heroic elemental users to help her out against these battles, befriend said heroes, and learn more about how varied the usage of these elements can be. There was also an assortment of powerful creatures whose elemental prowess surpasses that of what Kameo, her friends, and her foes are capable of in terms of power and while these creatures becoming a version of Elemental Warriors so that Kameo can harness their power hasn’t been realized yet, she’s more than aware that if they fall into the wrong hands, it can spell trouble and has done whatever she can to ensure such calamity doesn’t happen.
  • Earth, ice, water, fire, and plant are the elements that Kameo has access to and while adventuring throughout the Pantheon, she learned that there were various individuals who were able to use elements that she normally doesn’t have access to and in some cases, very different from what she was used to. Deslin Rowe was someone who Kameo learned about that was able to use these elemental abilities to his advantage, with smoke and light being part of his powerset. While Kameo had to deal with a familial power struggle in regards to inheriting such abilities, Deslin is able to absorb different powers and is able to determine whether to use those powers for himself or for others on top of having to fight against corrupt institutions. While Deslin has generally leaned towards the side of good in the Pantheon, it brought more of an awareness to Kameo the fact that there are people who are willing to impose superpowered superiority towards others and that there are individuals who want superpowers gone, regardless of if the elements are involved or not.

    Lucius the Eternal 
Lucius The Eternal, God of Clones through Conversion (Champion of Slaanesh, Luscious Lucius, Captain of the Emperor's Children 13th Company, Soulthief, Fulgrim's Champion, Blades of Aeon, Scion of Chemos, The Sickest Fuck in the Galaxy)
  • Symbol: His eternally screaming armor and The Lash of Torment
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Master Swordsman, Delighting In The Elegance Of Combat, Covered in Scars, Used To Look MUCH Better, Psychopathic Manchild, Returning After He's Killed And Turning His Killer Into Clone Of Himself, The Screaming Faces On His Armor Are Those Who Killed Him, Loves Causing And Receiving Pain, Slasher Smile, Put the "Laughter" in "Slaughter", Creepy Long Tongue, Not A Hair On His Head, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Sadomasochism, Chaos, Immortality, Insanity, Conversion
  • Heralds: The vast majority of The Emperor's Children
  • Allies: Slaanesh (His superior), Abaddon The Despoiler, AM, Slan, Sergei, Molag Bal
  • Rivals: Agent Smith, Mongul
  • Enemies: The Imperium of Mankind, The Houses of Love and Affection and Fighting and Combat, Fused Zamasu, Kenshiro, Vegeta, Akeno Himejima, Issei Hyodo, Judge Claude Frollo, Gabriel Belmont, Zero
  • One day, Slaanesh was becoming rather jealous of how Khorne and Nurgle had managed to ascend their respective mortal Champions to godhood in order to further the influence of Chaos within the Pantheon. That was when The God of Excess decided to bring for his/her/its favorite Space Marine into the fold, knowing what torment now awaited the forces of good. But Slaanesh decided to make this ascension...peculiar.
  • Making Lucius The Eternal appear in the Pantheon, Slaanesh directed him towards the House of Love to start a night of debauchery, leading to the deaths of many visitors. A lone god managed to defeat Lucius in single combat and even slay him, but that was when things started to take a turn for the worst. In the coming days, this god started to turn bald, scars appeared all over his body, his tongue reached unnatural lengths and his body started to contort into a familiar shape. Before anything could be done, the god had become Lucius The Eternal, granting the champion of Slaanesh proper Godhood.
  • Ever since the fate of the last person who became Lucius, the Pantheon had discovered how this resurrection process works. Whenever someone feels even a sliver of pride for having defeated him, they will become him, even if the corpse of the previous Lucius is still around. It is why it has been decided that if Lucius ever has to be killed in a more permanent matter, the act should be done by either an Overdeity who could do it without a second thought or by a god who is incapable of emotion. So far, none have been willing to take the risk.
  • Because of the condition of his resurrection, nobody in the House of Combat wants Lucius anywhere near them. This upsets the Champion of Slaanesh greatly, since he lives for a Worthy Opponent to fight. It's been speculated that Kenshiro, who's overall disgusted by the depravity the forces of Chaos, might be able to off Lucius without any pride or joy, simply desiring someone as awful as Lucius to be dead. However the Chaos Space Marine countered by arguing he would feel a sense of pride in the form of the Catharsis Factor. Just to be safe, Kenshiro's trying to train himself to better fight as The Stoic and avoid such a calamity.
  • Those screaming faces on his mask? People who killed him and are now stuck in an embrace of anguish and ecstasy. It's the primary reason why he's The Dreaded among the House of Combat. It's also why AM is so invested in Lucius. Lucius sees him more of Khorne's machine, given his absolute hatred for everything, but has enough of Slaanesh's traits(namely overwhelming sadism) to tolerate.
  • The House of Love, for the most part, has a negative view on anything Slaanesh considers to be "love", though Lucius is more interested in being a Combat Aestheticist over sex. Not that he doesn't appreciate mixing a bit of both. Sergei was interested in working with Lucius given their similar views on the matter of lust and combat. He thought Hisoka might be interested, but he wasn't because he disagrees with his views. At best, he sees people as prey worth sparing for so he could kill them when they reach their highest potential and will ally with them for his benefits. At worst, he will kill you because they’re either boring, weak, and now their highest potential that he wants to kill them.
  • He has a creepy interest in Akeno Himejima due to her view of Sex Is Violence and Issei Hyodo for for his powers of perversion, due to what they could do for Slaanesh. Unsurprisingly they want nothing to do with him. Frollo, in denial of his lust, thought Lucius was a demon from hell sent to tempt him.
  • It is not known what would happen if Lucius was killed in pride by someone with Complete Immortality, but it's assumed that if they can't overpower his spirit they'll become another face on his armor. Zamasu was disgusted to see such a sinful being representing Chaos having a form of immortality, all while ignoring his own evil. No-one wants him to try and kill him because if Lucius succeeds at taking him over, all hell might break loose if Infinite Zamasu is something he inherits.
  • Due to the similar yet opposite methods of revival Lucius and the Mage of the Beginning have, they avoid each other like the plague. Because of the nature of his revival, he's avoided by the House of Pride, particularly Vegeta of whom Lucius considers a Worthy Opponent. Vegeta is simply too disgusted to reciprocate that feeling. Agent Smith was somewhat of an exception, being that he has his own method of Clone by Conversion and was interested in Lucius'. However the Scion of Chemo was quick to remind Smith that his assimilation only works in the Matrix.
  • Lucius' resurrection still requires his soul, so soul-killing methods are the only certain way to make sure he doesn't possess you. Gabriel Belmont's Vampire Killer, as it can kill souls, makes him rather vulnerable to him. He is also vulnerable to Zero since there's nothing suggesting he can take over robots and Zero is skilled at close quarter battles.
  • In his spare time, he tends to make Youtube videos in the Warp, pranking anything that comes along. Of course, being who he is, his " Bomb-ass pranks" involves sexual harassment, stalking, force-feedings and a whole bunch of other messed up activities that gets him off. At least the pranks are real, though.
  • As a champion of Slaanesh, most think he's a serious Memetic Molester and Lucius will make jokes about penetrating the "rear armor" of anything and anyone with his Rod of Torment....while shouting OH YEAH like the Kool Aid Man. As an ally of Slaanesh, Molag Bal was fond of him and his depravity, seeking him as a champion. The Prince was at one point accused of granting The Eternal some of his servants to help him. The Daedric Prince himself did not bother to deny said rumors but instead went ahead to say something along the lines of "Why should I stop there?"
  • To this day, he keeps claiming that there is nothing that can make you more beautiful and perfect than giving yourself to Slaanesh. But considering how his fall to Chaos led from him to going from this to this, many question his definition of "Beautiful and Perfect."

Shantae, Goddess of Shift-Locking Secondary Forms (Half-Genie Hero, Guardian Genie of Scuttle Town)
As Nega Shantae 
  • Intermediate Goddess normally, Lesser Goddess as a human, Borderline Greater Goddess powered up by Light Magic, with other Half-Genie magic via Fusion Stones or as Nega Shantae
  • Symbol: Her lamp
  • Theme Songs: Dance Through the Danger, Rise and Shine Shantae, all variants of Burning Town and the Dance Room / Scuttle Town theme; The Last Battle in her Nega Form
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil in her Nega Form)
  • Portfolio: Mascot of Way Forward, Half-human, half-genie hybrid, hair used as a whip, good genie, uses belly dancing for transforming into animals, teleporting, and dancing for others, can use pike balls, fire balls, and thunderclouds, Happily Adopted, cute half-monster girl, Ms. Fanservice, self-doubting hero, is constantly fired and rehired by the town's incompetent mayor, has a dark and dangerous nega form, goes to the beach for a nice tan, practiced ninjitsu, borrowed Patty's officer uniform to play cops and robbers, arranged a sleepover with her friends and archenemy
  • Domain: Dances, Transformation, Hair, Magic
  • Followers: Rouge
  • Heralds: Harmony and the other Half-Genies
  • Allies: Rottytops, Shovel Knight, Genie, Ariel, Aladdin (Both of them), Jasmine, The Monster Girls, Millia Rage, Yuna, Sun Wukong, Toejam and Earl, Filia, Velvet Crowe, Bayonetta (sort of)
  • Enemies: Risky Boots, King K. Rool, Jafar, Galeem and Dharkon, The Lich (Adventure Time)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Carmelita Fox (one-sided on Carmelita's end), Wario
  • Odd Friendship: Morgiana
  • When she ascended into the Pantheon, she was 'ret-2-go' after foiling Risky Boots' plan, defeating her evil self after losing her genie powers and even defeating the Pirate Master after reacquiring her genie powers which took the strength of all genies to seal him away. After a reboot, she stopped Risky from perverting the Genie World with dark magic by destroying the Dynamo.
    • However, there are two separate occasions that brought out the evil side of her. Dubbed Nega Shantae, this evil version of the Half-Genie has all the powers she normally has, but instead of using them for good, she uses them to go out and try to kill Shantae and her friends. The first time had Risky using the Genie Lamp to suck out Shantae's magical half, bending it and forming it into a corrupted version of the weakened Human Shantae. The second involved Risky's Dynamo zapping Shantae, polarizing her light magic into dark magic, transforming her into the evil Half-Genie. With that in mind, she keeps away from any being whose capable of manipulating her magic, especially if they're evil.
    • After Shantae's most recent adventure, she returned with a couple of new friends and knowledge of new instant transformations. The Half-Genies petitioned to be Shantae's heralds, reasoning first and foremost that they should be together to make the world better when the Genies of their world eventually return. With a Fusion Stone, Shantae's native abilities augment with their component Half-Genies, revealing invisible objects and entities with Plink's Seer abilities, healing with Vera's Refresh magic, electrifying the area with Zapple's Shock, and trembling the earth with Harmony's Quake.
  • During most of the day, she spends a lot of time in the House of Personal Appearance, trying out different kinds of shampoo and hair cream as well as new clothes.
    • On occasion, she'll be out on the Pantheon grounds wearing three different outfits. With the Bikini costume, she'll be running around, trying to find a beach to tan while collecting sunscreen, attacking with her hair, beach balls, and occasionally floating within a self-made bubble. With the Ninja costume, she's able to teleport instantly and utilizes a wakizashi as her weapon of choice, while also being able to jump and stick to walls. Finally, Patrica Wagon's Police Uniform allows her the usage of Patrica's pistol and the Switch Helmet, which can push and pull blocks in and out of spaces. While she attempts to be Lawful Good wearing this, she can be pretty incompetent, collecting her friends as inmates and arresting baddies for relatively trivial matter.
    • She can very rarely during the day (or if she's sleepwalking during the night) be wearing her Jammies. With this, she tries to gather her friends for a sleepover party, utilizing an army of sheep and a pillow to attack, as well as going to sleep to float around at will for an extended period of time.
  • When she heard that Rottytops ascended into the Pantheon, she wandered around, looking for the mischievous zombie girl. After a crash to the ground courtesy of Rotty practically glomping her, they relished their reunion, especially seeing that she brought Sky and Bolo as her heralds. Their reunion had placed pressure on Risky Boots, since it was those three in particular that had brought Shantae back from the brink of Nega Shantae.
  • She became friends with Jasmine and the two like to talk about their choice of clothing in which Shantae is intrigued that she isn't a belly dancer and would like teach her how to dance.
    • However, she didn't understand Jasmine's friend's, Ariel, choice of clothing, because she tried wearing various amounts of sea creature when she lost her clothes while swimming and it wasn't a good experience.
  • Despite often rescuing Scuttle Town from Risky's plots, the Half-Genie herself is a modest girl, though she occasionally bashes herself for her attitude or her outlandish outfit.
  • Her magical dances allows her to transform into animals, can heal herself, and even destroying her enemies with Obliterate. So far, she can transform into a monkey, elephant, harpy, spider, mermaid, Tinkerbats, and expects a lot more to come.
    • Her signature Transformation Dances comes with one major caveat: She can only shift between one of her chosen forms and her normal Half-Genie form. The same applies with the Fusion Coin transformations, though the Fusion Transformations allow for an instant transformation between the two forms.
  • When she is either bored or out of gems, she would perform a dance routine in front of the audience who went to see her, most often at the House of Dance. Sometimes, if she is feeling it, the audience could see her wearing this Scuttle Town Dancer Outfit or this Tree Town Dancer Outfit.note 
  • As a technical monster girl, she met some Monster Girls with mixed results.
    • Although she got over it, she was very scared of meeting Miia and Rachnera since she encountered not very friendly Naga and spiders.
    • While she enjoys her company with Papi, she does not like having her hair being pulled and has to remind her of it. Fortunately, she could transform into a harpy, so she could fly with Papi without any problems.
    • Other than that, she is rather friendly to Suu, Cerea, and Meron without any sort of problems.
  • When she heard that there was the Genie in the Pantheon, she was ecstatic to meet him, in which she wants to learn more about other kind of genies and to hear his witty humor.
    • As a result, she became fast friends with Aladdin (both of them).
  • Surprisingly, she was able to get along with Morgiana, for one reason or another.
    • She tried to perform for Riven, but much to her dismay, it failed to raise her spirit.
    • Her animosity towards King K. Rool extends primarily due to his get-up as Kaptain K. Rool, though the Kremling King hates her for her signature transformation of a purple monkey. It also doesn't help that Risky formed an alliance with him when they first met as a Captive Fighter and a Spirit guarding him, respectively.
  • Upon finding other gods that have the power to control their hair, she immediately befriended Millia Rage and Filia.
    • Speaking of Filia, they first met at some ancient ruins, with the half-genie offering to help her look for the Skull Heart after she and Filia introduced themselves, but Samson wasn't as eager and tried to force her to leave. Naturally, it resulted in a showdown, which Shantae came out on top of in just a single minute. Of course, part of the ruins began to crumble as a result of their bout and Samson apologized for his behavior after they were rescued, but Shantae casually blew it off.
  • As a result of the Refresh magic's abilities against undead entities, The Lich took it to mark her up in particular in terms of threats to eliminate.
  • She is currently pondering over whether to donate her lamp into the Treasures of the Gods or not, though unfortunately for her, the Goose loves to steal it due to its shiny exterior.
  • Carmelita Fox has little respect towards Shantae due to the time where Bentley forced her to belly dance during a heist in Ancient Arabia, though working with a wanted criminal (Risky Boots) didn't help matters to begin with.
    • Their relationship is only slightly better if Shantae's wearing Patrica Wagon's police uniform. Even then, Carmelita would simply go do her own thing and not bother with her.
  • She tried to audition for the Smash Bros. Tournament through the Ballot. She had some support and backing from her followers, including her creators and even a couple high profile fans. However, much to her disappointment, the winner was Bayonetta. Despite this, Shantae gets along well with the Umbra Witch for their shared use of their dancing and hair for defeating enemies and/or transforming, even if she admittedly does feel a bit jealous over her admission in the Tournament.
    • Shantae was able to get into Smash after all! ...As a spirit, that is. She was one of countless victims to Galeem's light beams, being forced into a Zero Suit Samus clone body in an attempt to delay the Fighter's approach to Rathalos' cove. After recovering her body in the House of Life and Death, she took it to oppose both the Lord of Light and Embodiment of Chaos and Darkness. Dharkon himself is not a big fan of the Half-Genie Hero, due to her inherent light magic, making her a slightly higher priority target to the chaotic abomination, though not without pondering how a Nega Shantae could be useful for his purposes.
  • As of late, Shantae's been nervous to approach Samus due to a certain event where Galeem created a Zero Suit Samus body for the captive spirit of the half-genie to possess in an attempt to stop the fighters. For the most part, Samus doesn't mind the Half-Genie, since she was one of countless victims of a universe-ending attack by the Lord of Light that reduced almost everyone into spirits, though she could do without all the art and jokes born from this incident.

T-1000 Advanced Prototype, God of Voluntary Shapeshifting
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His default form; a featureless silvery humanoid
  • Theme Song: Escape from the Hospital
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Implacable Man, Charming Killer Robot, Unique Terminator Cruelty, Deceptively Human Robot, Weak To Extreme Temperatures And Corrosives, Small Degree of Emotion, Nigh-Indestructible, Lightning Bruiser, Impersonating an Officer, Impaling, Shapeshifting And Disposing of the Look-Alikes, Shapeshifter Swan Song
  • Domains: Terminators, Shapeshifting, Metal, Robots, Knives
  • High Priest: T-1001, aka Catherine Weaver
  • Followers: Origami Cyclone, The Skrulls, The Changelings(Star Trek)
  • Superior: SKYNET
  • Allies: The T-800, T-X, The Dark Judges, SA-X, Lumine, Black Hand, Bender, Sentinel, Metal Sonic
  • Respects: Pyramid Head, the Hall of Hunters and Slayers
  • Rival: Alex Mercer
  • Enemies: JOHN CONNOR (primary target), Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, The T-800/Uncle Bob (secondary targets), Syzoth, Axl, Future Trunks, Android 16, Octodad, Saitama, Kuai Liang, Cable, Garfield Logan
  • Avoids: Magneto, Ellen Ripley, Alexstrasza, Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Opposed by: The House of Law and Justice
  • In the War of the Machines, SKYNET has sought to create the ultimate Infiltrator unit; someone who can perfectly imitate a human. The T-600 models were a start, but their rubber skin gave them away. The T-800 having actual human skin was a start, but they were still limited in power and could be reporgrammed. Thus, the T-1000 Advanced Prototype was created, capable of forming knives and stabbing weapons, being nigh-indestructible and a master of Voluntary Shapeshifting. To better hunt down all mankind, SKYNET has petitioned and ascended the T-1000.
  • His preferred normal form is that of a non-descript police officer. When he was reborn in the pantheon, he was Naked on Arrival and decided to steal equipment from the House of Justice. They managed to kick him out and have warned him not to enter again, with dogs guarding the entry. The Dark Judges don't mind however, in hopes he might contribute to the extinction of humanity. It's worth noting that the T-1000 isn't the most loyal of models; he's nigh-impossible to reprogram, has a limited range of emotions and a will of his own. He's been designed with a sadistic tendency towards humans and conceited since of superiority against them, in hopes of keeping him loyal against his own will. The T-1000 hasn't entertained thoughts of turning against SKYNET yet, but would like to remind them that he is no slave.
  • With his entry, the T-1000 has been surveying the robots in the pantheon for potential allies. So far he's become a good friend to Metal Sonic, Lumine and Bender. He admires their willfulness and desire to dominate/destroy humans, especially the first two(that, and they're mimicking robots like himself). As for Bender, while he thinks he's being lazy on the "kill all humans" front, he does like his in-your-face attitude and often drinks with him. Then there's the Sentinel, who he feels is oddly similar to his fellow Terminators and has gotten him "employed."
  • Though the House of Shape is his home, it is the sub-house of Disguises he has the most fondness for. He bonded with SA-X, and is trying to understand how Octo-Dad's Paper-Thin Disguise works. He has run afoul of fellow shapeshifting robot Axl, whom he considers an inferior model. Has a fondness for the House of Hunters, and will sometimes earn some money working for them. He's also really impressed by how much of an Implacable Man Pyramid Head is.
  • Having ascended, he expected John Connor to be in the pantheon. Though he hasn't ascended prior to the T-1000, his parents did. With the T-800 also in the pantheon, he hopes to get back at them for foiling the second attempt to terminate John Connor. Tried to invade the House of Time and Space, only to run afoul of Future Trunks. The T-1000 is wondering whether he and Android 16 are related to Kyle Reese and the T-800.
  • As he seeks to destroy all humanity, he's gotten an alliance of convenience with Black Hand. The T-1000 isn't a living being, so Nekron's herald sees no issue with him.
  • Has been updated on the existence of more advanced Infiltrator units. He's impressed by the T-1001 for both being a better shapeshifter and ability to assume non-humanoid forms, while applauding her more independent nature. He's not as impressed as the T-X however; sure, she's got advanced technological weapons at her disposal, but the T-1000 believes his more simple versatility is the best for their job.
  • Was intrigued with Beast Boy's ability to transform into animals, and is currently seeking to kidnap and experiment on him in hopes of being the basis for a new model of Infiltrator Unit.
  • Despite his versatility, the T-1000 has some major weaknesses. As living metal, he has no way to defend himself against strong acids (as another T-1000 learned fatally) or immense heat; the former of which killed a fellow model, the latter of which ended his own existence in panicked shapeshifting. Though most in the Houses of Fire & Heat and Toxicity aren't strong enough, Syzoth, Alexstrasza and Ragnaros are. He's currently trying to terminate Syzoth, but isn't willing to antagonize Alextrasza or Ragnros. He can't self-terminate, after all.
  • Though extreme cold can't kill him, it will put him out of commission until he can be heated up. Even then, it causes his disguise to glitch out and make his job a lot harder. He considers putting Kuai Liang on his termination list because of this, though knows its foolhardy to go against Kaldr. Avoids Magneto like the plague; he's seen what the Master of Magnetism did to Wolverine, and if anything he'd be dominated far worse. He also realizes it's a poor idea to fight Ellen Ripley unless absolutely necessary, as she'll put everything in her power to annihilate him.
  • Should be worth noting that he's only able to disguise himself in humanoid form, since he can't change his mass. Not that he really cares, since most of the gods in the pantheon have that shape anyway.
  • Considers Alex Mercer a rival in the field of Kill and Replace shape-shifting, envying his ability to ignore the conservation of mass.
  • As humanoid liquid metal, the T-1000 is almost impossible to take out with physical attacks. Key word, "almost"; he believed this trait would make him immune to Saitama's punches, only to be proven horribly mistaken. He has sworn revenge of Saitama for this humiliation.
  • The T-1000 has a crush on fellow slime assassin Melona, though it's probably not going to go anywhere. Melona wonders why he doesn't shapeshift more often into a total hunk, but the T-1000 has stated "I prefer my disguises with more subtlety."
  • Sounds like Sokka's sword master, who once said that your sword is part of yourself.
  • For some reason, Mulder and Scully seem to recognize the T-1000 and at times will even ask for help during their investigation. The android usually politely dismisses the requests.

Lesser Gods

    The Animorphs 
The Animorphsmembers , Deities of Transformation Fiction and Regenerative Shapeshifting ("Andalite bandits", Earth Liberation Army | Jake: nicknames  | Rachel: nicknames  | Tobias: nicknames  | Cassie: nicknames  | Marco: nicknames  | Ax: nicknames )
Left to right: Tobias, Marco, Rachel, Jake, Cassie, Ax
Their battle morphs 
Ax's human form 
  • Lesser Deities (or higher depending on their morph), Demideities in their default forms except for Ax
  • Symbol: The Escafil device a.k.a. the morphing cube
  • Theme Song: The TV Adaptation's Opening Theme
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good overall, sinking to Neutral levels as things get more dire
  • Portfolio: Recruited By Elfangor, Break the Cutie, Child Soldiers (with Ax already in service), La Résistance, Animorphism, Voluntary Shapeshifting, Collector of Forms, Chosen By The Ellimist (Though Rachel Was Happenstance), Shapeshifting Heals Wounds, Pragmatic Hero, Properly Paranoid, Avoiding Human Kills But Not Bothered With Killing Other Aliens (Though They Do Try To Spare Hork-Bajir Later On), Wise Beyond Their Years, Telepathy While In Morph, Literal Transformative Experience, Six Token Bandnote , Losing the Team Spirit, Only The Leads Don't Get A Happy Ending
  • Domain(s): Shpaeshifting, Animals, Guerilla Warfare, Trauma
    • Jake: Leadership, Manipulation
    • Rachel: Beauty, Battle-Lust, Death
    • Tobias: Flight, Loneliness, Hawks
    • Cassie: Animal Care, Empathy, Hypocrisy, Moralist, Ship Sinking
    • Marco: Comic Relief, Intellect, Ruthlessness
    • Ax: Extraterrestrials, Warriors, Bladed Tails, Taste Addiction
  • Heralds: The other crew members of The Rachel: Sgt. Santorelli, Menderash-Postill-Fastill, Jeanette Gerard
  • High Priests: Jack Chalker (Transformation Fiction)
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Ben Tennyson and his allies, Garfield Logan/Beast Boy, Fluttershy (esp. Tobias and Cassie), Robin and The Tactician (though less so around Jake), Jim Raynor the New Alliance of Free Stars, Natsuru Senou, Arthur Penhaligon
  • Special relationship: Tom Berenson (Jake's brother, Rachel's cousin)
  • Enemies: All evil aliens, employers of brainwashing, mind control, or puppeteering techniques, enslavers, oppressors, tyrants, Planet Looters, and cannibals (and willing supporters thereof), Arcturus Mengsk, Dr. Wallace Breen, Mori Motonari, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, Chrysalis, cannibals like Hannibal Lecter, the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sarah Kerrigan, Lelouch vi Britannia, XCOM, the Allied Nations COs of Wars World, all ascended US Military soldiers and CIA Agents
  • Distrust: Q
  • Oppose: most water deities and natural competitors to hawks (golden eagles, crows, jays, seagulls, pigeons) (Tobias only), G-Man (all)
  • Opposed by: Most dinosaur deities (Tobias)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Iroque
  • Their story begins when five 13-year-old kids (an average boy named Jake, his best friend Marco, Jake's cousin Rachel, her best friend Cassie, and bully magnet Tobias, who gravitated towards Jake after he had scared off some bullies from him) took a shortcut through an abandoned construction site, where they happened upon an alien ship, as well as its Andalite occupant, a dying Prince Elfangor. He warned them of the secret Yeerk invasion already in progress, and gave them the power to morph into any living being they touch, before meeting his end in the hands of the invasion's leader Visser Three. They would soon be joined by Elfangor's younger brother Aximili, Ax for short, after Tobias and Cassie received his thought-speak distress signal while his vessel was stuck deep in the ocean. The Animorphs—named such by Marco—went to investigate thanks to having acquired dolphins to make the trip safely and include him in the team. At first, he counted himself apart from the Animorphs, but over time his status as their Sixth Ranger became official.
    • And so they fought a guerilla warfare against Visser Three and his Controllers that lasted three years, not necessarily to win, but to hold out for backup from the Andalite fleet. And the Animorphs would not come out unscathed. In fact, not all of them make it through alive at the end of the war on Earth. Eventually, after rescuing Marco's mother Eva—Visser One's host—just as Visser One herself was about to be executed for political reasons, Visser Three was promoted into the new Visser One, and the war eventually became more open as the Yeerks finally start analyzing blood samples upon finally suspecting that some of the "Andalite bandits" may actually be humans, requiring the team to evacuate their parents and reveal the truth to them (exc. Ax, whose parents are still in his homeworld, and Marco, who already had his father extracted and their deaths faked in a previous mission). While Cassie's and Rachel's were safely extracted (though the latter's father was a whole state away), Jake's were already seized by the Yeerk Controlling his brother Tom (and he recklessly revealed his morphing to them in response), and Tobias took a very risky mission to get his long-lost mother Loren safely too.
    • By the end of it all, "auxiliary" Animorphs were recruited (and eventually sacrificed in battle), there was an alliance with the Taxxons, the Chee were blackmailed and eventually ties severed with them, Rachel was sent on a suicide mission and died, Visser One surrendered and was removed from Alloran, negotiations were made with the Andalite fleet (and it being broadcast to their civilian network, who would not be happy with the glassing of Earth), Ax was promoted to Prince and ambassador for Earth, Tobias took off and never returned except to retrieve the urn holding Rachel's cremated remains and only one last time at the confrontation with the One, Marco drank in the fame the Animorphs got, Earth became a tourist spot for upper-class Andalites so they can enjoy the sense of taste and they're even pining for a Krispy Kreme franchise in their home world, Jake became clinically depressed but still functional, etc.. But after receiving word of Ax's situation, Jake rounded everyone up except Cassie since she's now busy with social committments and supporting the free Hork-Bajir, and the last of the group were last seen about to ram a Blade Ship against an assimilating being called The One.
  • In the old days of the Pantheon, it had just been Tobias who was ascended under the trope Shapeshifter Mode Lock. Sometime later, Ax would join him with the trope Two of Your Earth Minutes. As for why the Animorphs as a whole fit the tropes they now represent, it's because their entire story is (besides fending off an alien invasion and all the horror war entails) all about teenagers being granted with the ability to shapeshift into any animal they touch, and eventually other aliens, and even other humans, though it's not a line they cross casually out of necessity and circumstance on Earth. Second, their morphing not only resets any injuries incurred, it's extremely crucial for their continual survival as they recover from horrific wounds up to and including limb loss once per book.
  • Applies to all or some of them:
    • Through arcane and timey-wimey methods, Tobias and Ax were given instructions to move to a new temple, and in there they reunited with Jake and Marco (who were surprised to somehow made it out alive, as well as seeing Ax alive), followed by Cassie (surprised to even be here, but is awkward around Jake). And for the sake of dramatic flair, the Court representatives then showed Rachel, prompting Tobias to immediately morph human and embrace her, reaching her about the same time as Cassie. During this moment, Jake and Marco ask Ax about his situation with or as part of the One, but the Andalite refuses to elaborate, and the Court representatives recognize this as trauma and tells the boys not to ask him before he's ready, if he ever will be.
    • And then, because it was important, since she was told it specifically because she was dying, Rachel decided to tell everyone about the Ellimist's backstory, or at least what he told her (HEAVY spoilers ahead) . Once that was done with, Rachel then commented that coming back like this wasn't what she thought Crayak had in mind when she ended up "taking that deal". When asked by Jake and the others, she realized what she just said and confessed to the deal the Drode had offered her: "Remember this: Your cousin's life is your passport to salvation in the arms of Crayak." Obviously, it was implied through Crayak's despisal of Jake ever since he rendered his Howlers useless that he was the target, but she technically fulfilled the deal when she killed Tom under Jake's orders. Unbeknownst to the group, technically speaking, they're all just imitations of their mortal selves "copied" before the end of their story, so it doesn't really matter.
    • In terms of their shared temples in the Halls of Shapeshifters and Narrative Genres, they took the form of two of Marco's swanky homes post-war, but at ground-floor level, with accommodations for the other Animorphs, portals connecting their two temples, and outdoor areas for Ax to graze in and to set up his scoop, which has a World Almanac during the Nineties and other research-type books, a photo of his Trademark Favorite Food the cinnamon bun (and other foods he likes), a few human clothes for his human morph, some computer equipment, and a television for watching "these messages", a.k.a. commercials). There was also discussion on who the "heralds" should be, and if it would be okay/right to bring up the Auxiliary Animorphs for that. There was certainty that Jake would refuse since he knowingly sent them all to their deaths, that they would certainly not forgive for it, and that Jake would not want to be forgiven, and they were ultimately correct. The ascended heralds instead were the other three crew members of the Rachel during the Suicide Mission at the very end of the series who went with Jake, Tobias, and Marco to try and rescue Ax.
    • Because of the aftermath of the series, the group actually isn't as united anymore. This is due to several factors, including Cassie's reckless gambit in letting Tom take away the morphing cube to spare Jake from having to kill his brother (and cause dissent in the Yeerk Empire with its power and what it means for Yeerks and Taxxons), Jake's war crime of flushing 17,372 host-less Yeerks out into space, him sending Rachel on a Suicide Mission (which she was complicit in), etc. As a result, Cassie keeps some distance from Jake when he's around, only staying in touch through the others, particularly her best friend Rachel. Tobias also resents Jake for sending Rachel on that suicide mission to kill Tom and letting her die, though Rachel herself has told him that she knew this had to be done, that she made the choice to commit to it, and will not stand for either him or Cassie taking that choice from her. And it's certainly a big change for everyone to handle, the fact that the Pantheon was not a place of normalcy, that the war was essentially over (reduced to personal skirmishes), and that their exploits were essentially public knowledge (though only for those who are interested in looking them up).
    • In terms of what might happen to any new acquired morphs should any of them die in the Pantheon, Tobias and Ax had discovered (and later relayed it to Jake et al.) that because Z-Space is heavily involved in the morphing process, it seems that all acquired morphs will remain even between death and revival. Because of that, there's no need to re-acquire morphs each time they die. However, they've been informed of another restriction: after acquiring someone, the Animorph in question must go to sleep until morning for it to be "saved" permanently in their roster. If they die before then, then that acquired creature is lost. This is meant to disincentivise reckless acquiring and actively exploiting the Pantheon's revival system for this purpose (as it is certain Rachel or Jake would try that).
    • As heavily traumatized people, they were directed to Dr. Frasier Crane for therapy, and he's seen enough strange things in the Pantheon by now to not be too confused with what they've been through. Of course, he had to work to earn their trust since the war and the nature of their enemy had made them unable to trust anyone easily. Jake and Rachel are his most frequent visitors among the Animorphs, and the latter almost desperately wanting these sessions, even if she still has a lot of issues that end up almost threatening Frasier's life a few times. But ever since becoming a Pantheon resident, he's learned to deal with these "shenanigans".
    • Despite having almost entirely grown out of doing juvenile vigilante acts like swiping guns from hunters, destroying reputations of animal-abusive establishments, or pretending to be janitors while in the form of animals, the Animorphs (exc. possibly Jake) have not grown out of enjoying the thermals while in bird morphs (usually birds of prey, but other options besides seagulls are being looked into since a peregrine falcon, bald eagle, two ospreys, a red-tailed hawk, and a harrier don't exactly form a flock). They usually do this when they need to get somewhere fast, but don't need to carry a lot. As a side-effect, rollercoasters and the like have become blase for them unless using them for a pre-takeoff speed boost. That said, after Marco saw the benefits of ducks, they've started acquiring other fliers that travel in flocks naturally.
    • Being essentially Child Soldiers in a guerilla war with a bunch of Puppeteer Parasites who hide inside their hosts and can pass off as them perfectly meant a lot of secret keeping and distrust of authority figures, and they had ZERO mentors to guide them (with Elfangor dying after just one conversation). To treat any of them as Just a Kid means an instant loss of trust from them. Thankfully, there are a lot more understanding adults who don't dismiss kids out of hand, but their concern is more on their too-swift maturity and all the trauma they've suffered over the course of the war. And because of the Ellimist's manipulations, when the Animorphs were approached by Cosmos, she had to commit to an extremely days-long negotiation with them to earn their trust. As a testament to her ability to unite so many from various backgrounds together, she managed to successfully convince the Animorphs—even Jake and Marco—of her sincerity.
      • As someone else who was drafted as a child to fight a war against aliens, they Animorphs were recommended to meet Ender Wiggin. While he's never actually been in the front lines, being more of a battlefield tactician (albeit a few degrees removed via pretenses of a simulation), he's plenty brutal when pushed to a corner, has actually committed two murders (that the government covered up because they still needed him), and has the near-xenocide of the Formics on his hands when they had already decided to stop fighting humans after realizing each one of them is sapient compared to only their Queens, and he had to live with the trauma. It was like seeing every aspect of the human Animorphs all rolled into one into one ultimate tactical human weapon; Jake's leadership, Cassie's empathy, Marco's pragmatism, Rachel's extent of violence, the former two's manipulativeness, and the latter two's ruthlessness. There was a degree of respect between the group and the young commander, and Ender could understand what the trauma of war can bring, whether or not it was hidden behind the pretense of a "game".
      • One day while milling around GUAG's command, the Animorphs heard a call for Jake and Rachel. The two cousins were about to answer, only for it to turn out that it was the similarly-named Orange Star COs who were being addressed. This eventually led to them getting to know the COs of Wars World, and the inevitable clash of morals occured. What happened there was something nobody wanted to talk about, though the Animorphs managed to remain tentative allies with the Allied Nations.
    • Thanks to her having seen them in their "morphing outfits" one time they demorphed in her line of sight, the Animorphs got themselves new threads for that job after Rarity all but forced them to visit her boutique (plus offering a few cute outfits for Ax's Andalite body). Thanks to Edna Mode happening to visit, the two fashion designers also brainstormed tougher suits as well as skintight footwear that weren't a thing in The '90s. True, the Animorphs (sans Ax and Tobias, usually) turn into alternate forms anyway when battling, but extra defense as humans wouldn't hurt. And when it comes to communications with those fluent in "animal language" such as Tarzan, N Harmonia, Ma-Ti, both iterations of Fluttershy, Eliza Thornberry, and Princess Sofia, there's potential for things to get weird if they try to talk verbally, but the Animorphs default to thought-speak anyway (apart from that one time they morphed parrots) when talking to people, so that's not going to be an issue.
    • With a much wider selection of creatures available in the Pantheon, especially all the Pokémon (Ax recalling Rachel's sisters calling him a "pokey man" once while about to evacuate her family from impending Yeerks), the Animorphs knew they had to go on another "acquiring trip" just like they had before in the Gardens Cassie's parents worked in. That said, moral quandaries have surfaced when it turned out that some of the ascended creatures were sapient and most were sentient, so that meant asking for permission (or not if they're malicious and hostile). During this tour, they happened upon Ben Tennyson, who was also about to start a similar trip, as well as, his cousin Gwen, their grandpa Max, and Kevin. And with who they are rendered public knowledge, they also shared similarities and differences between the Escafil Device's morphing power and the Omnitrix. Ben invited them to travel together, since they were doing the same thing as he, though with different parameters. Upon seeing their method of acquiring, Ben then pointed out why don't they all acquire the creature just in case, to which they all admit to never having considered that.
      • Due to how often the Monster Hunters go after the fauna from their own world, all of said fauna is usually passed over from acquiring so as not to get entangled with the Hunters, and so that it won't be a waste of time for both parties. And during test runs on particularly insane morphs like the Xenomorph Drone and the Indominus Rex, Jake always has Tobias ready to kill him if he ever loses control and can't rein it in (even if Ax or Rachel volunteer). It's clear that he's aware that the hawk resents him for Rachel's Suicide Mission and wants to be punished for it. Tobias for his part doesn't say whether he enjoys when he has to do it or not.
      • Another interesting quandary occured when it came to acquiring other shapeshifters. It happened after a particularly nasty encounter with Chrysalis that ended with the deposed Changeling queen getting dogpiled after being outed and beaten nearly to death. That's when both Rachel and Marco had this crazy idea that they should all acquire her. Namely, the quandary came when the thought process that comes with morphing ended up getting mixed with how Changelings shapeshift, and the prospect of potentially getting stuck as a Changeling when under the assumption that they've morphed back and getting stuck, not to mention the mistrust from being Chrysalis in general. At least she can't pretend to be any of the Animorphs in morph since she can't also mimic their thought-speak. Well, she can shapeshift into Ax or his human form, but seeing him show casual restraint at the sight of food—or even some non-food—would out her quick, since he often cannot resist getting something in his mouth whenever he can (except for items he's been told not to eat). In fact, that was what outed her to them in the first place, and it had ended up in a messy brawl that the Animorphs just barely prevailed in after the real Ax came back (with cinnamon buns in hand).
    • With characters they've recognized in fiction also being Pantheon residents, the Animorphs eventually got to meet them, starting with Batman and Spider-Man. Apart from also hearing that there's a show that tried to objectively answer who would win between them (read: Spider-Man winning, though that answer could've changed since then), Rachel also once asked Peter how his outfit doesn't bag at the knees or elbows. Of course, it would also be inevitable that there would be an encounter with Xena, whom Marco has often compared Rachel to. And when they met one another in the midst of combat with some other enemy, and there was no doubt this Warrior Princess was the real deal, Rachel could not hold in her (non-battle lust) excitement, Marco did not hold back on the teasing, and Jake had to get their attention back to the battle they were all in. Xena for her part, after one sparring session where she insisted on no-holds-barred with the morphing, could see why Marco has often compared Rachel to her, and the both of them even died at the end of their sagas.
    • The Greek Pantheon gave a cursory look on the Animorphs' struggles, and a number of them have given their blessings, when they're not being utter assholes at the time. Tobias earned the respect of Artemis for his ability to turn loneliness into strength, and to be provide for himself with little support. Marco won over Hermes for his ability to get away with seemingly anything with his quick wits, and Apollo for seeing the beauty of simple clean rules of logic that is the real meaning of ruthlessness. In spite of their differences, Rachel earned the favor of both Ares and Aphrodite, for her lust for battle and her ability to draw out beauty and maintain it. Cassie drew Persephone's notice with her balancing of empathy for life and acknowledging its mercilessness, and Hestia for her care for animals and when she accepted Jake's plea to not join him in his final Suicide Mission. Gaia wasn't sure what drew her attention to Ax, but she would claim it was his curiosity for Earth in a way its own people don't have, as well as his taste for vengeance (his loss of his brother Elfangor to Visser Three) and not losing sight of one's heritage even as he's struggled between his conflicting loyalties. Hades approves of Ax's resistance to compromising his morals, not flinching from death while recognizing how terrible it is to waste life, and never letting himself be consumed by grief. Athena sees in Jake her own swiftness in demonstrating a military spirit very early on, and respects his aspects of strategizing and when he chooses to enact bold plans, although what he became in the end of that war, and the depths he was willing to stoop to, gives her pause. But that's where Poseidon recognizes himself in Jake, and his brutal self-assurance that comes with hard-won maturity, and the Greek God of the Seas approved of how Jake ruined the Howlers and supported his decision to flush the Yeerks into space.
    • Having fought them for almost three years, as well as seeing all the horrors of the Yeerk Pool's prisoners, not to mention plans to drain/kill off everything from the Yeerk Empire's conquered planets that isn't of use to them, they're enemies to all forms of slavery, oppression, tyranny, Mind Control, and brainwashing, as well as Planet Looters like the Harvesters, Puppeteer Parasites, and cults like the Sharing was. Jake in particular has the most reason to oppose the second to last, having been infested by a Yeerk once beforenote , not to mention having to live with his infested brother for so long and failing to save him in the end.
    • As for Iroque, who fell under such methods and turned good for it, they're having a difficult time coping with that fact. Though strangely they seem to have some sort of myopia in regards to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts given they're also essentially doing the same thing. And due to their experiences with fighting Controllers, they tend to skip the whole "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight sequence and get straight to taking brainwashed people down, and never blame the victims. Yeerk possession is more absolute compared to anything supernatural because the Yeerk is physically there in the host's brain, compared to external forces that can be exorcised, disrupted, or distracted. Speaking of slavery, they occasionally partake in raids against the Slavers whenever folks invite them to join. Rachel takes immense pleasure in killing scum, while Cassie is more focused on liberating prisoners though won't hesitate to take a life when the chips are down.
    • Being part of a rebellion has gotten them on good terms with the likes of Lelouch (though it's incredibly uneasy given that he has Mind Control powers) and Jim Raynor, which by extension made them allies with the other good-aligned Starcraft deities, though their opinions on the Zerg are low (and won't acquire any of them lest they get lost in the Hive Mind, and those who are higher up are sapient anyway). This also got them on the bad side of many evil alien conquerors, Arcturus Mengsk (for relating with Raynor et al.), and Wallace Breen (who betrayed his planet to the Combine, and thus no better than voluntary Controllers, even if it was to protect Earth from extinction). Speaking of the Combine, they're sort-of thankful(?) that it's the Headcrabs and not the Yeerks that made it as the Divine Race of Control Parasites since while they're certainly more horrific, the Yeerk Empire easily one-ups them with the bonus of being discreet and knowing everything their host knowsnote .
    • The war has taught them that no single race can all fall under a single alignment, having seen dissident Yeerks and turncoat Andalites over the course of it all. As such, they don't tolerate anyone who holds such beliefs (unless there's incontrovertible proof that it's true), and thus they opposeed the Goblin Slayer's viewpoints on Goblins until he showed them just what exactly they are in his world. As war veterans and PTSD victims, Halloween is not appreciated by any of the human (and hawk) Animorphs (anymore, if they ever did). Ax on the other hand is a bit more conflicted given he could see it as an excuse to get lots of free candy.
    • They get along with others like Natsuru Senou, who have been used as proxies in a war between far-off entities, given the conflict between the Ellimist and Crayak, though those two did have a good reason to use proxies: the last time they went head-to-head themselves, part of the universe ended up destroyed. They oppose G-Man for his manipulativeness like the Ellimist, and distrust Q for similar reasons. They also depsise cannibals, having met one by the name of Joe Bob Fenestre's host Esplin 9466 Lesser, younger brother of whom they knew as Visser Three, who abducted Controllers and took the Yeerks within for consumption as sustenance for his time in hiding when it became clear that his older twin wouldn't tolerate him. Cassie is the most vocal of them regarding this topic. It eventually culminated in at least one or two Animorphs burning his mansion down, with her, Jake, and Rachel as the prime suspects. Hannibal Lecter also reminds them of Fenestre the most.
    • Dislike those who would destroy an entire race just to deny them from the enemy, as had happened with the Hork-Bajir, and what almost happened to humanity both by the Andalite military before the Animorphs finally cornered Visser Three and turned him in. Master Chief and Cortana feel the same after 343 Guilty Spark tried that in order to stop the Flood. Because of what Jake had become as a result of the war he and his fellow Animorphs fought, they all (Jake included) despise those who send troops to their death to achieve a goal, and Mori Motonari is one such example. As such, they gets along well with Robin and the Tactician (whether or not they're one and the same), though the two are wary around the Animorphs leader.
    • Some people are confused as to how/why Ax and Tobias are uncle and nephew despite their differences as species. The answer: Elfangor, Ax's older brother, after an incident involving Time Travel and lost faith, morphed into a human, voluntarily suffered Shapeshifter Mode Lock, fell in love with Tobias's future mother Loren, married, and bore Tobias before he was brought back by the Ellimist to the war and returned to normal, leaving his wife behind and her memories of him wiped.
    • Because of the lines the Animorphs ultimately crossed to defend Earth from full infestation or complete annihilation, all ascended US Military soldiers have trouble cooperating with the team, and not just because they're too young. The CIA have problems too, particularly with Ax and Marco when they went searching for secure firewalls and breached CIA's on the way while looking for databases holding DNA samples. That said, their dedication to protecting the planet could not be denied.
    • One day, someone fed them the idea about Kevin McAlister being a potential valuable friend, being no stranger to danger, and being very cautious of adults. After hearing of everything he's been through, Marco comments that he would really want to not be against this kid. Cassie dislikes Kevin, even if she has no room to talk given what she had to do. And Rachel feels like they'd get along juuust fine, and Jake is concerned with what that might entail.
    • There are those in the House of Love want Jake and Cassie to reconcile, but despite their efforts, they only reach Amicable Exes-esque levels at best. Efforts with Rachel and Tobias are much better, and he's even staying very close to her whenever he can, as if afraid of losing her ever again, yet there are those who think this is a bad idea for some reason. Oh, and the Animorphs were given an quick lowdown of the Furry Fandom for... potential shenanigan reasons, but none of them took the bait, citing no interest.
    • Because of their experiences with dangerous technicalities certain pacifists could pull off as demonstrated by Erek of the Chee by the end of the war (as well as hearing of the end of their creators the Pemalites), most of the Animorphs have low opinions on those who meet tragic fates just because they refuse to kill by any means necessary such as Ood Sigma's race, and are wary of those who can get very technical about that principle, and have approached and evaluated various known pacifists on this matter. Kenshin has shown exemplary skill even after swearing off bloodshed. Most comic book heroes seems to hold back because if they ever jump the slope, no one will be able to stop them, though some have learned when killing is necessary. Frisk knows the limits of their ability to make peace and won't get in the way of the Animorphs. Aang was raised by a pacifist people, and even if he's willing to beat up those threatening him, his friends, or the world, he still can't bring himself to consciously snuff out a life (it took being possessed by a raging spirit, and grief from a lost animal companion, in separate instances, to achieve that). Wander knows he cannot help in any violent capacity not only because he never believes it's the answer, he's just terrible in going on the offensive. Pacifist!Iji's limit on killing is only on a personal level; she's not above arranging scenarios where the enemy gets themselves killed, won't begrudge in making headway for someone else to do the killing, and used to not count herself reflecting enemy fire as her kill before an intervention from Frisk and Sans taught her the error of that line of thinking. The Doctor has proved his ability time and time again, and he's technically empowered his Companions, who are more likely to do harm.

  • Exclusive to Jake:
    • Is probably so terrible at basketball at middle school that not even a pity spot was available for him. Or the Ellimist was involved. Or maybe his school had an unbelievably exceptional team. Either way, Jake's not interested in the sport anymore, so it's a futile endeavor. So are any comments about him looking just like Bobby Drake/Iceman.
    • Was pointed out his biggest mistake as the leader of the Animorphs: evacuating the families one at a time when the Yeerks start realizing the Andalite bandits aren't (all) Andalites after all. If he hadn't put all of his own needs last, he could've split the party in teams of two to get all their families out. And even if the "one family at a time" plan was to be enacted, they should've secured Tom first, not last, since he would've alerted the Yeerks if he heard about the other families disappearing. In hindsight, Jake realizes that should've been the plan, but his own iron control over his emotions ruled his decision, and that's why things went the way they did.
    • There are those who think TV!Daenerys' turn to insanity was completely unprecedented (one theorist aside). The Animorphs on the other hand, especially Jake (who became broken himself), think it was inevitable. As they know, war changes people for the worse, no matter how old, young, or virtuous you are. As for their opinions on Dany herself, they keep their distance, and no plans on acquiring any of her dragons are in the works; implicating her for anything by fighting as Drogon, Rhaegal, or Viserion would put them in her bad graces, even if using the Frolis Maneuver as Ax did with the other human Animorphs to make his human disguise is an option to make the dragon morph not look like any of the three.

  • Exclusive to Rachel:
    • Because she's mostly forgotten all about her civilian life pre-war, it was up to Cassie to remind Rachel of what she used to be, even if that meant going out shopping for trendy clothes (as inept as she is at fashion, though grew to be neutral about it at war's end), though the fact it's certainly been decades since the time period of the war they fought in didn't help. Tobias is often with her on dates, and there's no need to keep their powers a secret anymore. She's also wondering if she can take gymnastics again, even though she's pretty tall, and she doesn't really like performing in front of a crowd.
    • Despite her gung-ho attitude towards battle, Rachel is smart enough to substitute as leader whenever Jake is unavailable. It's just that most of her plans involve causing mayhem to the enemy, even if it means sneaking in first before doing that. One of these plans also involved sneaking into a military base once to steal an experimental jet, which caused further friction with the ascended US soldiers of the Pantheon. She's also Jake's go-to girl for when a particularly drastic action needs to be done, drastic enough that he can't afford to have any debates with the entire team (particularly the moralistic Cassie and the overly cautious Marco).
    • Avoids all crocodilians since she's apparently "allergic" to it if it's in her morph roster. That mess is something she doesn't want happening again. It's not known what other creatures the others might be "allergic" to, or if there's more than one creature she might have an "allergic reaction" to. In an emergency, thanks to having seen Cassie at work, she can set a splint for a bird as she has done with Tobias once, though she would still prefer to let any experts do better if they're available.
    • One would think she's extremely fearless, but if there's one thing that utterly terrifies her, it's threats that cannot be fought period. Topping this mini-list are mind control/being a puppet, being buried alive, and drowning. Hopeless odds don't actually count, since she could still fight even if it would end in oblivion. It also means she's willing to Mercy Kill if it comes down to it, since she believes no one should have to live to be helpless.

  • Exclusive to Tobias:
    • Among the Animorphs, Tobias was the first to revel in the power granted from the Escafil Device. However, this power did come with a few caveats; for one, if one stays in a morph for over two hours, they get stuck in that form forever. And unfortunately, Tobias was a victim of that rule after he had to hide as a red-tailed hawk during their first mission, and wasn't able to find any opportunity to demorph before his time was up. "Fortunately" for him, his guardians weren't the best of parental figured and were convinced that Tobias was staying with the other. For a time, he truly was stuck, until a literal Deus ex Machina from the Ellimist gave his morphing power back (as a negotiated "reward" for helping free Hork-Bajir escapees to safety, and secluded shelter), only his default form was the red-tailed hawk now (and his human form is an acquired morph like the hawk used to be).
    • For some time before the rest of the Animorphs joined, Tobias hasn't been seen in his old temple, because of what happened in the end of his story, particularly Rachel's death; Tobias had withdrawn from society altogether as a result, spending most of his time as a hawk in the House of Nature or the Bestiary. Much therapy from concerned deities, particularly Fluttershy, managed to save him from the brink, and he was eventually convinced to return to his temple. It helped that Ax eventually ascended as well. Further help with his therapy came in the form of the saner Captain Martin Walker, who knows just what war can do to someone, especially for someone who started so young.
    • Due to his uncle having been arrested a couple of times and the man being passionate about complaining all about them, Tobias has a sixth sense when it comes to identifying police officers. An anonymous party once gifted a few game controllers customized specifically for Tobias so that he can play games as a hawk, even though he can morph into human again and they've long since grown out of playing video games. When Tobias messaged this mysterious benefactor why they sent this, the reply was "Because I can."
    • Due to his hawk instincts, he respects and fears most birds of prey, but dislikes pigeons, seagulls, crows, and golden eagles most of all. Also due to his time as hawk, Tobias has mostly forgotten how to make facial expressions, and thus has a very good poker face. Hawk expressions might still "bleed through", though. He's also pretty much a "rules lawyer" kind of guy. Naturally, as a hawk, he's feared by those his species regard as prey, such as rodents, rabbits, and the like. And as a bird, he hates getting drenched since it hampers his ability to fly. He would also prefer to not be anyone's guide dog, after having morphed the one owned by his mother in order to rescue her from Yeerks hunting her down.
    • Once, he and the rest of the Animorphs went back in time to the Cretaceous Era, where they discovered that there was an alien race that could've destroyed the meteor that would've killed the dinosaurs. In order to preserve their own timeline, Tobias sabotaged it to ensure that the meteor hits. Naturally, many dinosaur deities weren't happy with this. And Tobias is a bit peeved that King Ghidorah approves.
    • Is conflicted with the fact that he's interpreted as a transgender allegory, transforming from their old body into an other one, in which he feels infinitely more free. It was less about being uncomfortable in his old body and more from having lived a crappy home life. Still, he can't exactly speak out against those in the LGBT community who have improved their lives thanks to using him as a banner.

  • Exclusive to Cassie:
    • As someone who was raised by veterinarians and studies to be one even after the war, Cassie eventually made visits with the ascended vets and aspirants to be such in the Pantheon such as Sakaki, Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine, Iwashiro Tesshou, and Liz Wilson. Despite being able to talk cordially about animal care, only the second of them is also familiar with the traumas of battle, and even the Cure had it lighter than the Animorph did. Of course, she eventually met the pegasus pony Fluttershy, who had helped Tobias during his mourning period in the Pantheon. And while even she still got off lighter than Cassie, maybe that's not a fair comparison since the kinds of dangers she and her friends sometimes get into can get ridiculously big, and playing Misery Poker doesn't help anybody, and so they decided to get along as friends.
      • Still, there ended up being some trouble when there came an animal-related crisis that needed Fluttershy to stop, but she had been rendered unconscious during the confusion. With no time to ask permission, and no one else available to help, Cassie had to acquire her in order to resolve the crisis. Things got bad when Discord popped over and was NOT happy to see someone impersonating his beloved friend and swiftly reversed the morph (and turns out to have somehow removed Fluttershy from Cassie's roster entirely). Fluttershy was soon aroused, told of what happened by the draconequus and the Animorph, and she asked Cassie not to do it again, since it would worry her friends, and they've already had experiences with the Changelings, who can turn into anyone. Thankfully, they've all abandoned their queen Chrysalis, who desired open conquest rather than sticking with quiet infiltration, just like Visser Three.
    • Cassie used to see herself as the Gabrielle to Rachel's Xena. With said ladies in the Pantheon, the sai-wielding former bard finds this to be rather accurate, especially given their struggles to treat life as precious (Gabrielle eventually throwing her pacifism away altogether, and Cassie continuing to struggle with it even as she took her share of non-human kills, not to mention her having come up with the plan to… dispose of David). They even have unlucky love lives (though whether or not Cassie was going to be happy with Ronnie after breaking up with Jake at the end of the war isn't known).
    • Cassie is an anomaly when it comes to certain alternate timelines. If any changes to it occur, she's made aware of it, even if not as proficiently as other time travelers. And her actions are able to revert changes to these timelines. Of course, as the incident with Visser Four proved, not all timelines can be reverted by Cassie's presence. Theories abound as to the scope of her "power", such as if a timeline is "artificially constructed" or not, or if there's a threshold amount of change that prevents anomalies like her from causing reality crashes.
    • Having seen the Yeerk Empire's attempts at this in order to try and get to the Pemalite ship after being thwarted the first time, Cassie heavily opposes mad science mutations, especially botched ones, and holds pity for those who are victims of such experiments. There was someone who once compared Cassie against Susan Pevensie. Both are female heroes who enter an adventure story, wrap up the adventure, and take on adult identities. Both get one last call to action (Tirian using Susan’s horn, Jake telling Cassie that Ax went missing) and both refused that finalmost call, in the process refusing an early and glorious death in battle. But while Susan's was framed in a negative light that Peter complained about back then (both are disappointed with that now), Cassie's was shown more positively as she was tasked by Jake to live and maintain the legacy that so many have lost their lives for.

  • Exclusive to Marco:
    • Out of all the Animorphs, Marco used to be the most reluctant in joining the fight, mainly because of his father Peter, who was depressed ever since his mother vanished; he could not afford to die and leave him behind. But that changed upon discovering that his mother Eva was alive after all… as the host body of Visser One, instigator of the Yeerk invasion and political rival to Visser Three. And despite wanting to save her, he's also ruthless enough to know that if it comes to it, he's willing to kill her to kill Visser One, no matter the trauma it would deal to him. Thankfully, circumstances in the way led to him being able to rescue her and kill the Yeerk that had been controlling her, and the Animorphs came away with it with critical intel that Eva remembered thanks to her time as a host.
    • When it comes to people who are the comic relief, the strategist, and the most serious about fighting in a war, one would think that such a person could not have all those characteristics all at once. Well, that's exactly what Marco is, and the same applies to Sokka as well. After a particular hairy situation where the two fought back-to-back, they cracked jokes and shared war stories over drinks. The Animorph had to find another way to keep in touch however, since the non-bender isn't familiar with cellphones given the time period he comes from.
    • Marco's always been a bad driver, not just because he's too young, but because he inherited that trait from his mother Eva, who drives on mountain roads at speeds that would have been high on a freeway. He's also been thinking of restarting his showbiz career in the Pantheon, even be a stuntman. However, he doesn't want the pressure of carrying an entire show, though, and would settle for being a main supporting player at the highest. Without the need to keep the whole thing a secret anymore, he's been seen bragging about his accomplishments for a while before it's clear that despite everything, his and the team's feats are still small potatoes to greater accomplishments achieved by more powerful/resourceful deities in the Pantheon.
    • In one cancelled timeline, Marco may or may not have stolen George Washington's extra pair of boots during the crossing of the Delaware that ended with the enemy somehow knowing of it and where he died, ending the existence of America as the Animorphs knew it. The first President of the United States fortunately has far more important things to worry about than something as trivial as that.

  • Exclusive to Ax:
    • He's super good with using Earth technology, though he still comments that the internet is a bit slow, albeit not as slow as it was in the 1990s where Marco's "high end" internet speed was around 56 kbps. He even sometimes spends his spare time repairing and refurbishing laptops, then selling them to computer stores for money. Avoids the House of Musicality since he thinks all music is awful. It's not a matter of Andalites in general being unfamiliar with it, but Ax's own preference, given his brother Elfangor actually likes rock music.
    • Has once discussed the Prime Directive with Kirk and Picard as he described his kind's law of Seerow's Kindness to them, named after Prince Seerow, whose providing technology and teaching them of the stars was what ultimately allowed the Yeerks to become a galactic menace after stealing a number of ships from the Andalites, and made off with hundreds of thousands of Yeerks to spread and infest all manner of races. That said, he came to realize that it's by Elfangor breaking this law that the Animorphs even stood a chance to fend off the Yeerks (whose invasion attempt of Earth was actually their last chance to win against the Andalites by way of sheer numbers), and it's likely that the Andalites only used this Law to maintain technological advantage at the cost of so many other races.
    • Sometimes, when reminding other deities of how much time is remaining for any given task, he will always say "We have (insert number here) of your minutes left", even though the entire Pantheon shares the same time measurements, prompting a response along those lines. Given Marco has often pointed this out every time, it's speculated that Ax is doing this on purpose, just like how he has often addressed Jake as his Prince, no matter how many times Jake tells him not to. That said, there is one occasion where he didn't, and that was when Jake ordered him to torture an enemy once. It's something he would rather not do ever again, and the same goes for using ransom tactics.
    • Once caused an incident in the House of Food after going nuts (again) with his human form's sense of taste, trying out all kinds of stuff (including the inedible ones, and plenty of Tabasco sauce), finally ending when he got himself a spoonful of Mystery Food X. Despite everything, especially since his human morph seemed to have an absurd tolerance for spice (although he does mention getting "flushed" and "tingling" at times), some gods found the whole thing funny, particularly Amethyst, who came by later, and extended the hand of friendship. Since then, Ax often settles for "grazing" in grassy areas like the House of Nature, absorbing nutrients, water, and sometimes other tiny animals like worms and snails, through his hooves, though he still visits the House of Food every so often. Some people wonder if he'll make it big in eating contests, but witnesses of his spree have debated that while he would clean up at a spicy-food or gross-food eating contest, he wouldn't stand a chance in traditional "eat as much as you can" contests since he prioritizes tasting over swallowing.
    • While his race isn't entirely composed of proud warriors (just the military), he managed to get on good terms with Worf and Urdnot Wrex, which in turn brought him to Commander Shepard's attention. Ax harbors discomfort around the Renegade side (as his former "Prince" got close to this side and pretty much went off the deep end), and approves greatly of the Paragon side. He also ended up in a fierce duel with Undyne, who greeted him with a challenge as per usual of her, and gave her a very good fight with tail-blade and spear (which she gives him upon turning his SOUL green). He also used to be prejudiced against vecol (Andalites that have lost their tail blades, and are basically disabled people), but has since grown out of this by the end of the war thanks to the other Animorphs calling him out on it.
    • One day, Ax found himself infected with yamphut once again, and had to be taken to the emergency room. Cassie came with, since she had information on how it was treated, having been the impromptu surgeon for that task. After the operation was done by Derek Stiles, Ax commented that at least he didn't end up infested by a Yeerk like last time, confusing the surgeon before Cassie explained. Even now, Ax still holds the infestation against her.
    • Unlike most quadrupeds, Ax is able to jump backwards almost as far as he can forwards. His stalk eyes can see further into the ultraviolet and infrared spectra than human eyes. His tail blade isn't metallic, so slicing electric wires won't do more than induce a slight flutter through his body as long as he's grounded by his hooves. The only blind spot for an Andalite is between the eye stalks, though getting there is another matter in and of itself.
    • Some guy once rubbed their old "movie card" against Ax's fur to see if that would "demagnetize it and encrypt it to match any human security code". The Andalite was thoroughly confused by this act, and so was Marco since he was nearby during this exchange. That guy then told Marco that he did the same thing before, to which the Animorph argues he didn't, and would've milked that feature for all it's worth if he had. In any case, the "movie card" idea didn't pan out.

    Cassette Beasts Party Members 
Cassette Beasts Party Membersnote , Divine Form-Collecting Shapeshifters (Player character: Cass | Felix: Creator)
Left to right: Kayleigh, Eugene, Meredith, Felix, and Viola

  • Lesser gods
  • Alignment: All Neutral Good by the end
  • Symbol: An audiocassette
  • Theme song: Arrow of Time
  • Portfolio: Collectors of Forms, Henshin Heroes, Reconstruction of the Mons genre, Trapped in Another World, each partner has a Signature Mon and is a Required Party Member for their sub-plot, you can only have one partner active at a time (except during the final boss battle), can fuse while in their monster forms when their Relationship Values are high enough, their Transformation Trinkets are cassette tapes (but it turns out these are just conduits, and their ability to transform comes from within), Level-Up at Intimacy 5, each partner has unique story dialogue, Everyone Is Bi (except Barkley)
  • Domains: Shape-shifting, being stranded, retro aesthetics
  • Allies: The Animorphs, Tom Berenson, Ben Tennyson
  • Commonality Connection: Naofumi Itawani, the Three Heroes
  • Enemies: Vilgax, Soundwave, Nicol Bolas, Kang the Conqueror, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Interested in: All Mons (the Pokémon, the Digimon, Platypet, the Spectral Familiars, etc.)
  • Of interest to: Azmuth
  • Superior: William Shakespeare (Viola only)
  • Underling: Kuneko (Felix only)
  • New Wirral is a Place Beyond Time where people and things from various universes keep ending up. Unfortunately, it's also inhabited by extremely dangerous monsters and even more dangerous Angelic Abominations. A few decades ago, an entire mall appeared in New Wirral, bringing with it a treasure trove of cassette tapes and walkmans. Some humans figured out that they could record the monsters' essences on the cassettes, play them back, and transform into them.
    • The player character is the latest arrival to New Wirral. Their default name is Cass, and they have no canonical appearance or gender. Kayleigh finds them on the beach outside Harbourtown, and teaches them how to transform. Shortly afterwards, the two of them encounter the wounded Archangel Morgante, who possesses the player and gives them advice on how to escape the island. They may or may not be an avatar of (Insert Name Here).
    • Kayleigh is an enthusiastic guitarist with a dark past. She used to be the second-in-command of a cult that worshipped the Archangel Mourningstar, but left because she realised how horrible it was, and never looked back until the player arrived. In her home world, she played the guitar as a hobby, and the player encouraged her to write a love song. Her Sirenade transformation is an Air-type humanoid with speakers for wings that sings into the microphone on its tail.
    • Eugene is from a post-capitalist future, and dedicates his life to fighting the vampire-like Landkeepers who want to introduce money to New Wirral. He thinks he didn't do good enough back home, and the Archangel Mammon asks him if it's the only way he can cope with being stranded. His Clocksley transformation is a Plastic-type clockwork toy that specialises in ranged attacks.
    • Felix is a zoetrope artist who became disillusioned with his job. He was teleported into New Wirral with his entire apartment — and Kuneko, a character he created as a teenager, came to life. Being a winged, half-angel, half-demon Cat Girl with the powers of the four classical elements, Felix is embarrassed by her existence at first, but eventually reconciles that everyone has to start somewhere. His Brushroom transformation is a Plant-type Mushroom Man who wields a paintbrush as a weapon.
    • Meredith is a huge fan of 80s pop culture, such as its music and fantasy novels. She accompanies the player through Falldown Mall just to find a record containing a song she likes... only to discover that it's from an alternate universe, so it's different to the version she remembers. She's disappointed, but later becomes fascinated by how media could vary between universes. Her Kittelly transformation is a Lightning-type, anthropomorphic cat with a television for a head.
    • Viola is a woman from centuries in the past, before electricity and cinnamon rolls were invented. She's looking for her brother Sebastian... and is shocked when the Archangel Robin Goodfellow reveals she's a character from Twelfth Night, and won't find him until the author says so. She resolves that while her life may be a story in other worlds, it's still real to her. Her Spirouette transformation is a Water-type ballerina mollusc.
    • Barkley is a Pomeranian who's looking for his owner on Mt. Wirral. It turns out his owner was killed by Averevoir, a giant bird monster, so he decides to stay with the player and even follows them back to their homeworld at the end. He may seem like an ordinary dog, but he can transform using the cassette tapes as well. His Pombomb transformation is also a Pomeranian; usually it's a Fire-type, but he comes with a rare Ice-type variant, known as a bootleg.
  • A while after they saved the multiverse, the party suddenly found themselves reunited in the same place — specifically, the Court of the Gods. Like New Wirral, it's a nexus point between various universes, but unlike New Wirral, people can come and go as they please. After the party had a group hug, the gods explained that they were chosen to represent the Collector of Forms trope, and will share the position because it felt unfair to ascend just one. Since the partners hang out at the Gramophone Cafe when not adventuring, a replica of it serves as their temple in the Pantheon.
  • When the party ascended, the only tapes they had on them were their respective Signature Mons except the player, who has all the tapes that gave them an Ability Required to Proceed — a Dominoth for gliding, a Bulletino for dashing, a Boltam for electromagnetism, a Diveal for swimming, and a Jumpkin for transforming into a wall-scaling vine ball. Annoyingly, their tapes were all reverted to their lowest stages. They're all interested in seeing if they can record the Pantheon's various other Mons.
  • Naturally, they get along with the Pantheon's other form-collectors. Viola finds common ground with two of the Animorphs: she shares Ax's fascination with late 20th/early 21st century human inventions, especially cinnamon rolls; and like Jake, her attempt to rescue her brother ended in tragedy. She was happy to learn that Jake finally got to reunite with his brother in the Pantheon, who's also a shape-shifter. All of the Animorphs (and Tom) like to pet Barkley, especially Jake and Tom, who owned a dog; and Cassie, who's good with animals. They're also interested in learning about the monsters of New Wirral, but can't acquire the recordings because they're DNA-less imitations of the real deals.
  • For the same reason, Ben Tennyson's Omnitrix can't scan the recorded monsters, but he still thinks the Cassette Beasts party are awesome. Its creator, Azmuth, invented it so that sapient beings could learn to understand each other, so he's interested in how humans figured out how to transform using mundane objects. They told him that Ianthe (the leader of the Rangers who protect New Wirral) has a theory that just like how cassette tapes record music, which is usually intangible, they can also store fantastical concepts. However, they also find Azmuth's cynicism and aloofness insufferable. Unfortunately, other beings thought the Omnitrix could be used for war... such as Vilgax. He's interested in the cassette tapes and willing to take them by force, so the party have enlisted Ben to help fight him if he ever invades their temple.
  • They also find common ground with Naofumi Iwatani and the Three Heroes. Each of them originally came from different universes, but were summoned to the same world — only instead of being stranded, they were chosen to save it. However, they're uncomfortable with the fact that Naofumi owns slaves, even if he is a Sympathetic Slave Owner, and they don't like what they've heard about the other three's recklessness.
  • Meredith was confused to see a cassette tape lying around in their temple. It didn't look like any of the ones her friends used, and wasn't labelled with any stickers. Wondering if it contained music or a monster, she picked it up and was about to put it in her cassette player... when it suddenly transformed into a human-sized robot. Without a moment of hesitation, she transformed into Kittelly and fought it off. The group later learned that it was one of Soundwave's spies; they don't like the sound of a Humongous Mecha who's undyingly loyal to his war-mongering master, so they decided to train against each other while fused to prepare for fighting bigger foes.
  • The party's greatest enemy during their adventure was Aleph, an Archangel who enjoys tormenting entire universes just for fun. At the end of their journey, he offered to let them return to their own worlds on the condition that he got to conquer others, but they refused. As a result, they hate any gods who have tried to conquer or destroy the multiverse, such as Nicol Bolas, Kang the Conqueror, and Galeem and Dharkon.
  • Specific to individual members:
    • Since she plays the acoustic guitar as a hobby, Kayleigh gets along with the Pantheon's other guitarists, such as Miguel Rivera, Héctor, Jack Malik, Yui Hirasawa, and Hitori Gotoh. They like to meet up every once in a while at their temples and compare their latest competitions. However, she dislikes Ernesto de la Cruz because of his dishonesty, and unlike Jack, he never repented for it. Plus, he's a murderer.
    • While Eugene has learned there's more to life than vigilantism, he still has a "shoot first, ask questions later" attitude towards anything that reminds him of the Landkeepers. This earns him the ire of the Pantheon's various vampires, but also means he gets along with vampire hunters such as the Hunter and Buffy Summers. He's especially fascinating with the latter, who was chosen to rid the world of vampires, and secretly wishes he was a chosen one too.
    • When not hanging out with his friends, Felix can be found in the House of Craft, where he likes to show off his zoetropes. He finds common ground with Rudy Tabootie, whose childhood drawing also came to life in a parallel universe. Unlike Kuneko, Snap White didn't start out obsessed with his creator, so Felix hopes to introduce them to each other one day so Snap can be a role model.
    • Meredith is a fan of all things 80s, no matter how cheesy, so she thinks Kung Fury is the coolest action hero she's ever met. She was also stunned to meet various 80s musicians such as Metallica, Freddie Mercury, and David Bowie in-person. Their songs were all slightly different in her universe, so she likes to compare them.
    • It was awkward, to say the least, when Viola discovered that William Shakespeare was in the Pantheon. She went to his temple to ask if she could see Sebastian, but he said no, because it would ruin the story. She sympathises with Rosencrantz and Gildenstern, who went through a similar existential crisis.
    • Barkley gets along with Missile because they're both Pomeranians with extraordinary powers. Barkley wants to teach Missile how to transform using cassette tapes, while Missile wants to teach Barkley how to use Swap Teleportation. The former went a lot better than the latter.

    Garfield Logan/Beast Boy 
Garfield Logan, God of Animorphism (Beast Boy, Changeling, Grass Stain, Gar, B.B.)

    The Masked Mutant 
The Masked Mutant, God of Getting Done In by His Shape-Shifting (Libby Zacks, Captain Bob)
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Symbol: An issue of his comic book
  • Portfolio: Stepped out of a comic to threaten reality, Voluntary Shapeshifting, A Manipulative Bastard with a talent for deception, Blood Knight, Card-Carrying Villain because it's essentially his purpose to be, Views a 12 year old as his nemesis, Will distintegrate henchmen at the drop of a hat, Evil is Petty and Hammy, Trouble shifting liquids because he can only form solids, Goaded into becoming acid due to his own impulsiveness, Evil Redhead (in his Libby form)
  • Heralds: Chinchilla, Root-Rot, Pinkie Flamingo
  • Allies: Judge Doom, Turbo, Slappy The Dummy, Envy The Jealous, Pride The Arrogant
  • Enemies: Deadpool, Buddy Baker, Adam West, Po the Panda, The Crimson Chin
  • Rivals: Zim
  • Within his own universe, this evil being was the star of a comic book popular among kids like young Skipper Matthews. One day, Skipper stumbled across the Mutant's lair and was soon strung along by a girl named "Libby" actually the villain in the form of a fellow comic fan. Just when it seemed he had his so called "greatest foe" cornered, the boy tricked the maniac into assuming a form he couldn't shift back from-Sulfuric Acid. Having finally reassembled himself, the Masked Mutant is eager for more worthy foes to challenge.
  • Although initially envious of fellow Goosebumps deity Slappy given how much more attention he gets from their creator, the Mutant does have to credit the dummy for his more diabolical feats, especially in spite of his size. Together, the evil duo enjoy spreading chaos and fear with the Mutant's shape-changing and Slappy's knack for framing people.
  • He's excited to have some worthy heroes to challenge, especially compared to the bumbling cowardly buffoons of his home dimension. To Buddy Baker's dismay, he's attracted the Mutant's attention for his similar fourth-wall exploits and mimicry powers.
  • Do not bring up his humiliating defeat by a 12 year old comic fan. Deadpool enjoys riffing him for this, as well as being a dated 90s parody, and much to the Mutant's chagrin, keeps coming back no matter how he kills him.
  • Very few are willing to work with him given his lack of regard for his minions. However, he does get along with Judge Doom, a fellow shape-shifting madman who stepped out of sequential art. The Mutant especially admires his "Dip" which he'd love to use on Skipper/Elastic Boy should they cross paths again...
  • The Homunculi Pride and Envy have complimented the way he uses his shape-shifting to screw with humans, and in turn the Mutant is intriqued by the humanoids. He's also interested in how he can screw over Edward Elric and Colonel Mustang by impersonating their loved ones.
  • Zim was once challenged by the crazed Mutant, who recognized his voice and thought he was Elastic Boy in disguise. The ensuing fight ended in a draw, as both combatants were far too impulsive and caught up in their villain gloating to ensure a clear victory. Despite the situation being cleared up, the Mutant now sees the alien as competition in world domination. Fortunately, both are far too arrogant to really advance their plans efficiently.
  • The Crimson Chin, having few adventures of himself out of the comic book every once in a while has every reason to be enemies with the Masked Mutant such as assaulting real and innocent people and being no better than Nega-Chin. The Mutant himself for once thought he finally have an equal in comic book characters coming to life, and while disappointed it's not a fellow villain he still get to fight a hero for once.
  • Slappy introduced him to Po, who the Mutant took an immediate disliking to. It probably doesn't help that the panda reminds him of Skipper in certain ways.
  • Despite being an obvious X-Men homage and possibly a mutant himself, Magneto has no interest in working with or recruiting him. For all his grandiosity, the Masked Mutant is a petty Psychopathic Manchild who wastes all his resources trying to kill a twelve year old, and thus would give his Brotherhood a bad name.
  • For a comic character come to life, the Masked Mutant ironically has no known origin. Given he's aware of his true nature, it doesn't seem to bother him that much, and he speculates one was probably never written for him anyway.

    Natsumi Kyouno 
Natsumi Kyouno, Goddess of Empathic Shapeshifting (Witch)
Click here to see her true form 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess with Haniel)
  • Theme Song: "Bipolar Emotion"
  • Portfolio: Flying Broomstick, Uses an Idealized Female Form, Attractive Adult, Cute Child, Can Turn People Into Children, Master of Disguise, Still Beautiful in Her True Form
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Good tendencies
  • Domain: Shapeshifting, Love, Playfulness, Sarcasm, Self-loathing
  • Allies: Shido Itsuka, Tohka Yatogami, Origami Tobiichi, Kotori Itsuka, Yoshino Himekawa, Miku Izayoi, Mana Takamiya, Dark Magician Girl, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, Zatanna, Nine the Phantom, Betty Suarez, Billy Batson/Shazam, Kiki, Kagura, Merlin, Marisa Kirisame, Schierke
  • Enemies: Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, Lord Voldemort, Sauron, the Evil Queen, Mother Gothel, Mystique, Envy, Alessi, Shang Tsung
  • Natsumi was just a young girl who wanted to be accepted and praised by others, but she was always ignored and rejected. Upon becoming a Spirit, she finally got the chance to fulfill her dream and used her powers to attain a become a beautiful woman. When she met Shido Itsuka, she thought she had discovered her true form and attempted to ruin her life. Fortunately, Shido saved Natsumi when she was in danger and she allowed him to seal her powers, wanting to be accepted by people as her real self.
  • Natsumi's adult form is actually a response to how she perceives the world after several visits on Earth in the past. Shido persuades her to grow out of it and stay true to herself, although she's not above using it to tease others or when she is forced into a battle.
  • Shido and the other Spirits welcomed Natsumi into the Pantheon with open arms. Natsumi deeply appreciates the Spirits' friendship, as they were the ones who accepted her as her real self and taught her that True Beauty Is on the Inside. Natsumi feels really attached to Kotori Itsuka and Yoshino Himekawa for sharing the same age as her.
  • Natsumi's magic allows her to transform objects into whatever she desires. She can turn dangerous explosives into comical items and transform a person's body in order to remove injuries, although she admits this is just temporary and the person would still need medical aid. Both Hermione Granger and Minerva McGonagall find this power fascinating and think it must be an exotic form of Transfiguration.
  • Intimidated by the beauty of the Dark Magician Girl, to the point she mostly uses her adult form to talk to her. Fortunately, the Dark Magician Girl has been nothing but supportive for Natsumi in her attempts to become accepted in her true form. Natsumi also became friends with Betty Suarez, who had to endure countless insults in her work at a fashion magazine. She even offered to use her powers to enhance Betty's attractiveness, but Betty declined, because she never felt any need to change any part of herself. She loved herself, exactly as she was.
  • Supports Nine the Phantom on her path to redemption. At least Nine did what she did because she wanted to protect her sister, Natsumi attempted to ruin Shido's life just to secure her own loneliness. Nine, on her part, understands where Natsumi is coming from and urges her not to do the same mistakes she did.
  • Enemies with Isaac Westcott, as it was under his orders that Ellen Mira Mathers tried to kill her. Not too fond of Voldemort, either, as he says Natsumi's powers as a key to regaining his beautiful looks. He may hate looking like his Muggle father, but he does admit that obtaining Natsumi's powers could be useful in gathering more followers. Sauron also set his sights on Natsumi, for he too was interested in taking her shapeshifting powers for himself. She also tries to put as much distance from the Evil Queen as she is able, seeing the Evil Queen as the person she would have become had Shido not saved her. She also hates Mother Gothel for stealing Rapunzel from her parents and keeping her Locked inside a tower, bringing her bad memories of the time she kidnapped Shido's friends.
  • Despite ostensibly being an ally of hers, Natsumi generally tries to avoid interacting with fellow spirit Miku, because Miku loves to sexually harass her in either form she takes which frustrates and slightly terrifies the poor witch.
  • Became friends with Shazam, since he too had the ability to turn into an adult. He also warned her against using her adult form to buy beer. He did it once and it tasted terrible. Envy also hates Natsumi for having the same powers as him, but without any of the drawbacks. She has drawn unwanted attention from Mystique, who thought she could turn Natsumi to the dark side by preying on her insecurities and self-loathing. Fortunately, Natsumi was not fooled and rejected the evil mutant.
    Natsumi: "Raven, your problem is simple. You're a selfish psychopath who enjoys hurting others for her own amusement.
    Raven: "Right, and that's society's fault because...?"
    Natsumi: "It's your fault!"
    • Shang Tsung has also become one of Natsumi's most formidable opponents, as he thinks that absorbing Natsumi's soul would increase his power exponentially.
    • Thanks to Shazam, Natsumi also came to know another magical superhero in the form of Zatanna. Natsumi was intrigued to learn Zatanna used the cover of a stage magician to perform magic, while Zatanna was impressed by Natsumi's skills in non-verbal magic. Thanks to Zatanna, Natsumi also came to know Schierke, a fellow witch with green hair. While they both respect each other for their powers and skills, Schierke always comes off as the wiser and more serious of the two and thinks Natsumi needs to learn to take things more seriously; while Natsumi thinks Schierke needs to relax and have fun.
  • Befriended fellow broomstick-riding witches Kiki and Marisa Kirisame. They enjoy having races all over the Pantheon to see who has the fastest broomstick. She was also fascinated by Kagura's ability to switch between child and adult forms depending on how her power level. Kagura admits that the older she becomes, the less stable her power will become, so Natsumi has decided to help her remedy that. Natsumi also became friends with Merlin after discovering that much like her, she was actually a child and used magic to look like an adult. She also defeated Alessi when he attempted to use his Stand to de-age her. Not only did Natsumi proved to be as capable as a child as she was as an adult, but she was quickly able to instantly reverse Sethan's effects. Since then, Alessi has done his best to avoid her.

    Nue Houjuu 
Nue Houjuu, Goddess of Looking Different to Each Onlookers (The Unidentified Fantastic Flying Girl, U.F.O-wen)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Multi-coloured UFO
  • Theme Song: "Heian Alien"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hiding True Nature of Objects, Flying Saucer, Urban Legend, The Prankster, Recurring Boss, Fashionably Asymmetric Wings, Zettai Ryouiki, Voluntary Shapeshifting, Species Given Name, Monochromatic Eyes, Sabotage for fun (She regret it though), Being seal before, Doppelgänger Attack
  • Domains: Mentality, Wings, Illusions
  • Allies: Byakuren Hijiri
  • Worked with: Yukari Yakumo
  • Complicated Relationship: Kurama
  • Feared by: Ragna the Bloodedge, Mako Reizei
  • Fears: Anybody with sealing technique
  • Opposed by: Death the Kid (her wings aren't symmetrical)
  • One day, mysterious objects kept appearing everywhere. A rock floating in midair, a flying snake, a UFO that can absorb small items, etc... While most people were off trying to figure what out what it was all about, Reimu Hakurei just sighed, broke open one such object, followed the thing inside it to the source and immediately found Nue, a follower of Byakuren Hijiri, in her temple. After a good old fashioned beatdown and questioning, she revealed to have been invited here by Yukari Yakumo, and had herself ascended properly.
  • There have been debates about having her replace Giygas as some felt her powers fit the trope to a T, while others object because he's, after all, the Trope Namer. When asked about this, she said she doesn't really care what her title is, as long as she's free to do what she does best.
  • She said she came here in exchange for a certain favour. She won't tell what it was though.
  • After finding out how her powers work, some people have come to asked for Seeds of Non-identification. She said she'd give some away if they could beat her. So far, not many have been able to claim one. Even those few eventually realize Nue only gives away fakes. Marisa Kirisame has one of the very few real ones, and she responds to anyone begging for it with a Master Spark. How anyone dare think those things are easy to get.
  • As a Nue, she have come to many place in the Pantheon to scare people left and right. Apparently, it's a very successful job.
    • One of her most successful attempts was when she disguised herself as a ghost and come to Ragna the Bloodedge and Mako Reizei, together. Before she even managed to let out a "boo", both of them screamed like little girls, hugging each other. Mako immediately fainted while Ragna managed to fight off his scare, grab her in a Bridal Carry and run like hell. Since then, some gods have been looking at them with warm eyes, though some others find it disturbing.
      • Because of that, the Anglerfish's team are attempt to rally the whole group together to combat hers if such incident repeats.
  • Allies with Byakuren Hijiri as she regrets having sabotaged her followers' effort to release her. So aside from her own temple, she often hangs out at the Myouren Temple.
  • Called her old friend Mamizou Futatsuiwa in a failed attempt to block Toyosatomimi no Miko's resurrection. Even if they didn't manage to do so, they commiserated with a grand bar crawl.
  • Recently, she entered the Men In Black's custody, accused of "illegal extraterrestrial immigration". Thank to her friend's connections, she managed to prove herself a genuine Youkai, even if her Leitmotif said otherwise, and was set free. She's still in their watch, though
  • Like her title implied, it's a wonder how she could fly with her strange, misshapen wings, just like Flandre Scarlet. Then again, everyone from Gensokyo can fly, so scientists have been observing both of them hoping to find how those wings work with no success. Nue and Flandre just either troll or blast the hell out of them.
  • Her relationship with Kurama is complicated. On one hands, she sympathizes with him as she also a monster being seal by humans for being who they are (though for a slightly different reason). On the other hand, Mamizou doesn't like the fox very much.
  • Tends to avoid any deity with sealing abilities, since she doesn't want to be confined again.

    Raven Darkholme/Mystique 
Raven Darkholme, Metamorph Mistress Goddess (Mystique, Mr. Raven, Agent Blaire, Ms. Marvel, Principal Darkholme, Risty Wilde)