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Greater Gods

Delirium, Accursed Deity of Erratic Shapeshifting
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Itself while in its true form.
  • Theme Song: Delirium
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, The Anthropomorphic Personification of Isaac's Dying Dream, Constantly Shapeshifting into every foe fought before it, Bullet Hell, Damage-Sponge Boss, Never holding still due to Teleport Spam, Final-Exam Boss
  • Domains: True Final Bosses, Hallucinations, Mental Breakdowns, Shapeshifting
  • Allies: Ultra Greed, Pyramid Head, Freddy Krueger, Nightmare (Kirby), Darkrai (Mystery Dungeon only)
  • Interests: Shang Tsung
  • Enemies: Isaac, Burroughs, Simon Henriksson, the rest of the House of Dreams
  • Not to be confused with: Delirium of the Endless
  • This melting skull-thing is the absolute True Final Boss of Isaac's journey into down below into the depths of the basement, or rather the depths of his mind. Encountered only in the Void, it is a physical representation of the boy's already deteriorating mental state as he slowly but surely suffocates himself in the toy chest out of self-hatred and penance for the trouble he thought he caused. It is, for all intents and purposes, Isaac's Delirium, and it shows through its complete inability to remain in a single form for long (even extending to the room or hell, the Void itself) and its Battle Theme Music being a heavy metal chaotic mess.
  • Delirium arrived after the truth of Isaac's journey had been revealed to the public of the Pantheon through a strange room in the House of Insanity. More entrances started appearing soon after with how common it is being determined by the mental state of the person in question. While initially avoided, after deities started accidentally wandered into it is what prompted more and more people to traverse them. The rooms turned out to portals leading to the Void, which somehow is even more misshapen and patchworked than it was when Isaac goes through it, each one mashed together with Isaac's floors and places familiar to the occupant in question.
  • Its status as one of the Final Bosses of Isaac's journey and shapeshifting abilities make it dangerous enough, but being in the Pantheon seemed to make the latter aspect especially worse. See, its shapeshifting abilities in the Dying Dream was dependent on the bosses Isaac fought and defeated. In the Pantheon this translates to any formidable foe beaten by Delirium's assailants. So if one kills god-like beings on the daily, there's a very good chance they'll show up as one of its "Delirious" forms especially as it Turns Red and keeps switching to more and more forms on top of the Bullet Hell and Weaponized Teleportation it brings.
    • As far as downsides go for Delirium's shapeshifting it doesn't seem to have any control over which form it goes to next and has a limited time in said form before the next. This means it can't utilize the forms complete arsenal nor can Delirium tailor itself as a counter to whoever fights it. Though it makes for it in the sheer hectic fight it brings.
  • Delirium's abilities have caught the attention of the wicked sorcerer Shang Tsung. He is someone who is also well versed in the art of shape shifting through stealing the souls of others, though Tsung has much more refined and controlled grip over his. Seeing the power behind Delirium he plans on somehow gaining its power though for now he sticks to manipulating Deilirium into fighting his enemies.
  • Thanks to its ascension it is no longer confined to the Void as Delirium at times wanders the Pantheon aimlessly through the many entrances, and can be a very nasty surprise to those unlucky enough who do encounter Delirium and its ability to teleport doesn't make things any easier either. As per her purpose and divine title, Burroughs makes the effort to warn anyone of Delirium's presence when it's nearby which it doesn't appreciate.
    • Besides the House of Shape, which is the House if currently resides in, Delirium has also been reported to have been in the House of Mentalism. It predominately lurks in the House of Dreams, alarming just about every deity residing there save for Nightmare (Kirby) and Freddy Krueger who think it's perfect for their plans for plaguing everyone with nightmares. Darkrai also is on using Delirium, though only his Mystery Dungeon incarnation does so. Normally, he's against Delirium too.
  • There are some it doesn't choose to attack on sight. As another Final Boss from Isaac's adventures, Delirium has this sort of kinship with Ultra Greed and had aided him on his off times from Greed Mode. The reason why Delirium doesn't do so there as well is because Ultra Greed reserves the job being Final Boss for himself and himself only. Delirium also gets along with Pyramid Head for the simple reason that they are hostile embodiments of something pertaining to the people they antagonize.
  • Simon heard of Delirium through Isaac himself and opposed the thing already. However, after going over the young boy's journey again along with his own it didn't take long for Simon connect the dots: Delirium is basically Isaac's version of Book Simon. For that, Simon has a lot more against Delirium than most.
  • For reasons relating to the lustful parts of the House of Love, there are depictions of Delirium being portrayed as a Slime Girl floating around. Some talk whether or not a certain artist in the House of Craft will get involved or not.

Intermediate Gods

    Shang Tsung 
Shang Tsung, God of Shapeshifting and Soul Absorptions (The Sorcerous Vanguard of Doom)

    T- 1000 
T-1000 Advanced Prototype, God of Voluntary Shapeshifting
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His default form; a featureless silvery humanoid
  • Theme Song: Escape from the Hospital
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Implacable Man, Charming Killer Robot, Unique Terminator Cruelty, Deceptively Human Robot, Knives and Stabbing Weapons, Weak To Extreme Temperatures And Corrosives, Small Degree of Emotion, Nigh-Indestructible, Lightning Bruiser, Impersonating an Officer, Impaling, Shapeshifting And Disposing of the Look-Alikes, Shapeshifter Swan Song
  • Domains: Terminators, Shapeshifting, Metal, Robots, Knives
  • High Priest: T-1001, aka Catherine Weaver
  • Followers: Origami Cyclone, The Skrulls, The Changelings(Star Trek)
  • Superior: SKYNET
  • Allies: The Dark Judges, SA-X, Lumine, Black Hand, Bender, Sentinel, Metal Sonic
  • Respects: Pyramid Head, the House of Hunters
  • Rival: Alex Mercer
  • Enemies: JOHN CONNOR (primary target), Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, The T-800 (secondary targets), Syzoth, Axl, Future Trunks, Android 16, Octodad, Saitama, Kuai Liang, Cable, Garfield Logan
  • Avoids: Magneto, Ellen Ripley, Kaldr, Alexstrasza, Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice
  • In the War of the Machines, SKYNET has sought to create the ultimate Infiltrator unit; someone who can perfectly imitate a human. The T-600 models were a start, but their rubber skin gave them away. The T-800 having actual human skin was a start, but they were still limited in power and could be reporgrammed. Thus, the T-1000 Advanced Prototype was created, capable of forming knives and stabbing weapons, being nigh-indestructible and a master of Voluntary Shapeshifting. To better hunt down all mankind, SKYNET has petitioned and ascended the T-1000.
  • His preferred normal form is that of a non-descript police officer. When he was reborn in the pantheon, he was Naked on Arrival and decided to steal equipment from the House of Justice. They managed to kick him out and have warned him not to enter again, with dogs guarding the entry. The Dark Judges don't mind however, in hopes he might contribute to the extinction of humanity. It's worth noting that the T-1000 isn't the most loyal of models; he's nigh-impossible to reprogram, has a limited range of emotions and a will of his own. He's been designed with a sadistic tendency towards humans and conceited since of superiority against them, in hopes of keeping him loyal against his own will. The T-1000 hasn't entertained thoughts of turning against SKYNET yet, but would like to remind them that he is no slave.
  • With his entry, the T-1000 has been surveying the robots in the pantheon for potential allies. So far he's become a good friend to Metal Sonic, Lumine and Bender. He admires their willfulness and desire to dominate/destroy humans, especially the first two(that, and they're mimicking robots like himself). As for Bender, while he thinks he's being lazy on the "kill all humans" front, he does like his in-your-face attitude and often drinks with him. Then there's the Sentinel, who he feels is oddly similar to his fellow Terminators and has gotten him "employed."
  • Though the House of Shape is his home, it is the sub-house of Disguises he has the most fondness for. He bonded with SA-X, and is trying to understand how Octo-Dad's Paper-Thin Disguise works. He has run afoul of fellow shapeshifting robot Axl, whom he considers an inferior model. Has a fondness for the House of Hunters, and will sometimes earn some money working for them. He's also really impressed by how much of an Implacable Man Pyramid Head is.
  • Having ascended, he expected John Connor to be in the pantheon. Though he hasn't ascended prior to the T-1000, his parents did. With the T-800 also in the pantheon, he hopes to get back at them for foiling the second attempt to terminate John Connor. Tried to invade the House of Time and Space, only to run afoul of Future Trunks. The T-1000 is wondering whether he and Android 16 are related to Kyle Reese and the T-800.
  • As he seeks to destroy all humanity, he's gotten an alliance of convenience with Black Hand. The T-1000 isn't a living being, so Nekron's herald sees no issue with him.
  • Has been updated on the existence of more advanced Infiltrator units. He's impressed by the T-1001 for both being a better shapeshifter and ability to assume non-humanoid forms, while applauding her more independent nature. He's not as impressed as the T-X however; sure, she's got advanced technological weapons at her disposal, but the T-1000 believes his more simple versatility is the best for their job.
  • Was intrigued with Beast Boy's ability to transform into animals, and is currently seeking to kidnap and experiment on him in hopes of being the basis for a new model of Infiltrator Unit.
  • Despite his versatility, the T-1000 has some major weaknesses. As living metal, he has no way to defend himself against strong acids (as another T-1000 learned fatally) or immense heat; the former of which killed a fellow model, the latter of which ended his own existence in panicked shapeshifting. Though most in the Houses of Fire & Heat and Toxicity aren't strong enough, Syzoth, Alexstrasza and Ragnaros are. He's currently trying to terminate Syzoth, but isn't willing to antagonize Alextrasza or Ragnros. He can't self-terminate, after all.
  • Though extreme cold can't kill him, it will put him out of commission until he can be heated up. Even then, it causes his disguise to glitch out and make his job a lot harder. He considers putting Kuai Liang on his termination list because of this, though knows its foolhardy to go against Kaldr. Avoids Magneto like the plague; he's seen what the Master of Magnetism did to Wolverine, and if anything he'd be dominated far worse. He also realizes it's a poor idea to fight Ellen Ripley unless absolutely necessary, as she'll put everything in her power to annihilate him.
  • Should be worth noting that he's only able to disguise himself in humanoid form, since he can't change his mass. Not that he really cares, since most of the gods in the pantheon have that shape anyway.
  • Considers Alex Mercer a rival in the field of Kill and Replace shape-shifting, envying his ability to ignore the conservation of mass.
  • As humanoid liquid metal, the T-1000 is almost impossible to take out with physical attacks. Key word, "almost"; he believed this trait would make him immune to Saitama's punches, only to be proven horribly mistaken. He has sworn revenge of Saitama for this humiliation.
  • The T-1000 has a crush on fellow slime assassin Melona, though it's probably not going to go anywhere. Melona wonders why he doesn't shapeshift more often into a total hunk, but the T-1000 has stated "I prefer my disguises with more subtlety."
  • Sounds like Sokka's sword master, who once said that your sword is part of yourself.
  • For some reason, Mulder and Scully seem to recognize the T-1000 and at times will even ask for help during their investigation. The android usually politely dismisses the requests.


Lesser Gods

Envy the Jealous, God of Transformation-induced Guilt (Cobbled-together Envy, The Great Serpent, Homicidal Palm Tree)
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Clickhere  to see his most basic form.
  • Lesser God (referred to as male, Quasideity in his true form)
  • Symbol: An ouroboros with a Sickly Green Glow. Alternatively, his true form
  • Theme: Mortal Sin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, bordering on Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Homunculi, Extreme Androngyny, Using his Shapeshifting to Torture His Opponents, Ax-Crazy, The Brute, Sadism, Boisterous Weakling, Eldritch Abomination, Psychopathic Manchild, Hybrid Monster, Clipped-Wing Angel forms, Making Dog-Kicking and -raping a Hobby, Faux Affably Evil, The Sociopath, Dirty Coward, Loves to Gloat About His Actions, Starting the Ishvalan Civil War by Killing a Child, Extremely Jealous of Humans Because of a Desire to Be Like Them, Took His Own Life to Not be Pitied by Humans
  • Domains: Madness, Hatred, Shape, Envy
  • Superiors: Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Esdeath, Team Rocket, Zaheer, Raven Darkholme/Mystique
  • Enemies:
  • Fears: Any fire-wielding gods
  • Envy the Jealous was the fourth homunculus created by Father, serving as his chief spy and instigator. It was by Envy's hand that the Ishvalan Civil War started, along with being the one who murdered Maes Hughes. Much like Pride, Envy laid low before showing his true form to the Pantheon during the Team Rainbow Rocket crisis. Many have become paranoid if the people they were talking to were the real thing or Envy in disguise.
  • Even in the Pantheon, nobody knows what Envy's true gender is. The only known hint is an alternate universe version of him that turned out to be the Elrics' eldest brother, but he himself doesn't acknowledge this version of himself (partially out of jealousy). For simplicity's sake, he's referred to as a male.
  • Upon appearing in his true form, Envy went to the House of War to taunt Roy Mustang about his arrival in the Pantheon. Mustang replied accordingly, and Envy hightailed it out of there.
  • Both Edward and Alphonse Elric were shocked by Envy's ascension, and have taken the time to alert their allies about it. Among the first to be informed were the deities of the Avatar universe. Avatar Aang was horrified to learn how Envy murdered a child to launch a bloody civil war, going so far as to compare him with Fire Lord Ozai in terms of sheer cruelty. His views are echoed by his friends, Katara and Sokka especially since they know what war can do to the innocent, and Zuko intends on sending the homunculus back as a fried corpse.
    • As for Korra and her friends, they are wary of the new shapeshifter, especially since Greed gave the low down to Lin and Tenzin. They were on the lookout for Envy, only to discover him one day lying on the ground, his body twitching uncontrollably. Later on, it was discovered that Envy had encountered Asami Sato and after initially mistaking her for Lust, decided to attack…with disastrous results (she had her gloves on the entire time). That said, the attack has made Republic City a much more dangerous place to traverse at night, but Korra's just glad Asami wasn't injured.
    • When Envy found Zaheer, he praised the Airbender for assassinating the Earth Queen, and causing the Earth Kingdom to dissolve into chaos. But it all went downhill from there. Zaheer has nothing but contempt toward the homunculi, considering them just as bad as the other forms of government.
    Zaheer: "When the rest of the Pantheon has fallen, The Red Lotus will be coming for you and your Father."
  • Upon actually finding Lust and Gluttony, Envy was more than happy to reunite with them. The trio have since resumed their old method of operations, with Lust taking the lead and Envy and Gluttony providing support via espionage and brute force. On occasion, they team up with Jessie, James and Meowth to provide them with tips and tricks on how to be better criminals. Though Envy despises the Team Rocket trio, he does find it amusing when they go blasting off into the sky.
    • The same cannot be said for Greed. Both homunculi have been seen trading insults to one another, but almost always, Greed wins the verbal war. It may be helped by the fact that Greed knows where Envy's "sweet buttons" are.
  • His relationship with Dante is... complicated. In the universe Dante originally came from, Envy was the homunculus of her deceased son with Hohenheim of Light. To put it simply, Envy was disgusted by the fact he was once human, and while he's willing to take orders from her, he's made it clear that FATHER is the one in charge, not her. To that, all Dante did was smile.
    Dante: "Be careful of what you say, Envy. You may not have the weaknesses of my world, but one word is all it can take to put you out of your pathetic existence."
  • Both Terumi and Nui are fond of the guy, mostly because of his absolute sadism, but also because of his use of disguises to fuck others over, which they've also used themselves. They eventually made him an honorary member of Trollkaiger as a result.
  • Upon his ascension, Envy declared his allegiance to Millennium. This greatly pleases the Major, as both of them are war-mongering deities who are in it For the Evulz. Envy has ventured to the Hellsing manor to defeat its main trio but each time ended with disastrous results.
    • Alucard: The fellow shape-shifter educates Envy on how a real shapeshifter does battle. Needless to say, Envy ran off screaming and crying before being consumed by the Baskerville hellhound.
    • Seras Victoria: Gets his head scraped along the wall like a cheese-grater by an enraged Seras after shapeshifting into Pip Bernadotte to taunt her.
    • Integra Hellsing: Gets pelted with bullets until he can no longer regenerate from his wounds.
  • In the rare occasion that Envy wants to fight seriously, he transforms into a monstrous green creature, much bigger than he normally is. In reality, it's a much easier target to hit, and Envy mostly relies on throwing his weight around to do damage, so he tries to keep that a secret.
  • Upon the discovery that he was the one who instigated the Ishval War, Envy has been banned from the House of Children, and his shapeshifting powers are put under heavy watch if he ever goes near it. That being said, the homunculus gets along with other ruthless war mongers such as Sundowner, Millennium and Gregor Clegane.
  • He has approved of Griffith's actions in his home universe, and in doing so gained a dangerous enemy in the form of Guts. Their encounter was truly a sight to behold, not even his alternate form could save Envy from being killed by the Black Swordsman. Multiple times. Nowadays, he keeps his distance.
    • Also has formed a Villainous Friendship of sorts with Wyald, especially as the two are both psychopathic manchildren who constantly have a need for stimulation and kick and rape puppies whenever and wherever they can.
    • Similarly, while Envy's position in the High Command has made Night Raid wary of him, what truly put him on their shitlist was when he approved of the Wild Hunt's actions, even going as far as to consider them role models.
  • At one point, he decided to pick on Scorpion by shapeshifting as his family to taunt him. The revenant ninja was livid and unleashed his Toasty on him in retaliation. Envy has since stayed far away from Scorpion.
  • He mistook Stitches for some failed prototype homunculus after hearing that he was made out of several corpses, but after things got cleared up, the two got along well with each other. It helps that they have the same personality.
  • Many superheroes have come to be Envy's enemies, Spider-Man, in particular, due to how humble he is. Both the Flash and Wolverine are hostile towards the homunculus, considering their history with Reverse-Flash and Mystique respectively, and Batman has compared him to the Joker. The last comment Envy takes as a bit of a compliment.
    • Even though they've been seen working together, and both possessing similar shapeshifting capabilities, Mystique hates Envy due to being a mother herself, and hearing about the events of Ishval doesn't help much. Both the Joker and Reverse-Flash though think the homunculus is a great manipulator and psychological torturer, seeing a bit of themselves in there.
  • Has become mildly fascinated by Shang Tsung's ability to not only shapeshift, but also perfectly replicate his opponents fighting styles. The only thing stopping Envy from approaching the sorcerer is the fireballs he generates.
  • He struck it off well with Ramsay Bolton, due to their shared sadistic nature and interests in psychological torture. Envy has even joined in on occasion on some of Ramsay's hunts, usually disguising himself as one of the victims to confuse or torment his "companions".
  • Envy's sadism had caught the attention of Esdeath, and while she found it admirable, she got livid upon hearing of his shape-shifting powers, as a shapeshifter had killed her teammate Bols. After a one-sided battle, Esdeath found Envy to be a waste of her time. Envy has sworn to get back at her, but the Jaeger pays no mind to him. It does not help that Esdeath is a member of King Bradley's High Command, irking Envy even further.
  • He and Axl don't like each other. Partially because of their similar powers, and partially because they sound like one another. Envy has also found an enemy in the form of Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO. When they first encountered one another, Eiji was reminded a lot of Uva, the Insect Greeed, both in terms of personality and for being a homunculus. To be compared to an insect sent Envy into a fit of rage. At the end of the day, both rider and homunculus ended in a draw, with Envy vowing revenge in their next battle. Eiji's looking forward to settling the score.
  • Was furious to learn of a universe where he and his fellow homunculi (minus Wrath) were resurrected as humans by Selim Bradley. Doubly so because Edward Elric grew in the six years following the Promise Day, making Envy the pipsqueak.
  • Really hates fire. It brings back some nasty memories.
  • With Envy's ascension, the only homunculus remaining is Sloth. Father has taken this into consideration, eventually making Sloth his herald as Dante had been previously... And now he is a god.
  • Also present in Mind Games.

    Garfield Logan/Beast Boy 
Garfield Logan, God of Animorphism (Beast Boy, Changeling, Grass Stain, Gar, B.B.)

    Raven Darkholme/Mystique 
Raven Darkholme, Metamorph Mistress Goddess (Mystique, Mr. Raven, Agent Blaire, Ms. Marvel, Principal Darkholme, Risty Wilde)

Tobias, God of Locked Shapeshifting (Bird-Boy, Emohawk, Tobias Fangor(?))


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