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Greater Gods

    The Dovahkiin 
"You should have acted. They're already here.
The Elder Scrolls told of their return.
Their defeat was merely a delay till the time after Oblivion opened, when the sons of Skyrim would spill their own blood.
But no one wanted to believe... Believe they even existed. And when the truth finally dawns... It dawns in fire!
But... there is one they fear. In their tongue, he is "Dovahkiin": Dragonborn!"

The Dovahkiin, The Deified Dragonslayer (The [Last] Dragonborn, Thane, The Tongues, Dragon of the North, Hero of Skyrim, Snowback, Harbinger, Archmage, Master, Ysmir, Dragon of the North, Vanquisher, Qahnaarin, Hero of the Nords, Hjalti)
Fus Ro Dah!!!
  • Greater God (Overdeity should he release the full extent of his powers)
  • Symbol: A silver dragon emblem
  • Theme Music: Dragonborn
  • Alignment: Determinant, but usually either True Neutral or Chaotic Good with occasional moments of Chaotic Stupid
  • Portfolio: The Chosen of Akatosh, The Dragonslayer, Inspiring Fear in Dragons, Channeling Powers and Abilities Through Shouts, Barbarian Hero, An Innate Desire for Destruction, Always Finding Time to Help Others, The Series' Analogy to Jesus Christ, Incredibly Tenacious, Defeating Gods and Other Powerful and Divine Beings, Doom Magnet, Can Tame and Ride Dragons, Folk Hero, Pretty Good with Kids, Horny Vikings, A Prominent Kleptomaniac, Last of His Kind, Living Legend, Excels at Whatever he Puts his Mind Into, A Master in All of his Learned Skills and Professions, More Powered Protégé, Multiple-Choice Past, Having Many Unconventional Friends, One-Man Army, Practically a Demigod, Semi-Divine, Proud Warrior Race Guy, Can Bend and Alter Reality with the Thu'um, Superpower Lottery
  • Domains: Dragons, Prophecy, Destiny, Power, Heroes, Words, Phrases, Shouts
  • Heralds: Paarthurnax, Odahviing, The Heroes of Skyrim (Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, Hakon One-Eye, Felldir the Old, Tsun), The Greybeards, Serana, Lucia, Sofie, Alesan, Blaise
  • Followers: Dragonhunters of Tyria
  • Allies: Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, Legolas, Gimli, Talion, Link, Princess Zelda, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Karl Franz, Tyrion and Teclis, Davion the Dragon Knight, The Dragon Hunters (7th Dragon), The Monster Hunters, The Warden, The Inquisitor, The Pevensie Siblings, Dungeon Master's Adventurers, Marth, Alm, Celica, Lucina, Corrin, Byleth Eisner, Alexstrasza, Chronormu, Kalecgos, Nozdormu, Ysera, Kratos, Atreus, Conan the Barbarian, Beowulf, Red Sonja, Prince Adam/He-Man, Adora/She-Ra, Tiki, Spyro, Falkor, Jake Long, Ryu (Breath of Fire), Hiccup, Toothless, The Assassin Brotherhood, Akame, Night Raid, Gunvolt, Yoruka Kirihime, Hassan-I-Sabbah, Hasan of the Cursed Arm, Alucard, The Chosen Revenants, Arcueid Brunestud, Doctor Strange, Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Illyana Rasputin/Magik, Siegfried, Robin Hood, Cassim, Garrett, Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo
  • Arch-Enemies: Alduin, Miraak
  • Enemies:
  • Interests: The Dark Brotherhood, Hermaeus Mora, Meridia, Vaermina, Hircine, Uriel Septim VII and Mertin Septim, Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya, Baldr
  • Opposed By: The Nameless King
  • Worthy Opponents: Wulfrik the Wanderer, Vlad von Carstein, Abhorash, Luthor Harkon, Ornstein and Smough
  • Admired By: The New Kid, The Lost Vikings, Heavy Weapons Guy
  • Conflicting Opinion From: Most Dragons of Varying Alignment, Gwyn
  • In the grand continent of Tamriel, many creatures have paved great legends and myths, but few have done so in the same scope as dragons, powerful and destructive immortal beasts who crave battle and martial dominance. Yet this prideful nature caused most dragons to see themselves as superior to other races and attacked them with the intention of asserting a world ruled solely by them. Yet they were unprepared for a divine anomaly whose nature was the perfect counter to the dragons; a mortal with draconic blood and essence coursing through their body, this was the Dragonborn, a fabled being whose presence and reputation inspired great fear towards an otherwise infallible race. Known in the draconic tongue as Dovahkiin, they fought the dragons to stave them off from world conquest, even banishing their leader, Alduin, away to ensure their threat was neutralized. Yet after this, the list of people considered Dovah would dwindle until they were seemingly extinct… until thousands of years later when the World Eater would be released in the midst of a civil war in Skyrim, ready to continue his quest for conquest. However, this was part of a prophecy, for the Last Dragonborn would emerge, building up their powers and resources before finally confronting, defeating, and seemingly vanquishing Alduin in an epic battle. Also, the Dovahkiin would find themselves engaging in various quests, some of which involve resolving the Skyrim Civil War, stopping the machinations of a vampire lord, confronting the first Dragonborn, Miraak, discovering hidden mysteries and treasures scattered across Skyrim, and building their own home and starting a family.
  • As the Last Dragonborn achieved a reputation that can only be described as legendary, many have come to see him as a hero to the lands of Skyrim while others were terrified by the sheer power he possessed in lieu of being the chosen of the God, Akatosh. Yet the Dovahkiin's fame and story would not just be restricted to the realms of Tamriel nor the otherworldly confines of the Daedric Princes. One day whilst traveling around the snowy terrains of Skyrim, he would catch a glimpse of a very strange-looking dragon with bright red and peach colors, who also took notice of him and attacked the Dragonborn, seeing him as a potential fight. The fight seemed to be in the dragonslayer's favor until a second green dragon suddenly emerged and immediately took aid with the other in combating their challenger. After a tough scuffle, the dragon duo decided to fly off in search of a new territory, with the Dragonborn giving chase. Little did he know, things were about to get very different as he quickly found himself in a very unfamiliar land quite different from his new homeland. Prodding around in search of questions and answers, he would learn that he had stumbled into a strange divine land known as the Pantheon and that he was made an ascended representative. After a while, he decided to continue his travels here, hoping to see if he could find further purpose here, which he would when he discovered that there were way more dragons, familiar and new, that had taken residence in the Pantheon, and there was more to learn about them. Sure there are other matters in the divine realms that he'll attend to in the event he's needed, but if there's a dragon that's either terrorizing the Pantheon or is in need of support, the Dovahkiin will always do his best to mark his arrival and take care of the situation.
  • The Dragonborn is an enigmatic individual. While famed as a legendary hero by the denizens of Skyrim, just what kind of person he is has been a subject of debate for many, though from what it seems, he is willing to take up offers to help other people in need if possible, yet he'll also waltz and scamper around like a buffoon and act like a kleptomaniac if he finds something he really likes. He can be compassionate to some people, provided they earn his respect and friendship and display undying loyalty, yet be incredibly ruthless and frightening to his enemies, and he's not afraid to be lethal, given their upbringing. The Dragonborn is a male Nord and has the physical and mental demeanor of what you'd expect for a Viking, but the details of his past are rather muddy and the earliest information known about him was that he was arrested for trespassing in Skyrim and was set to be executed in Helgen until Alduin's invasion halted that, allowing the Dragonborn to escape and eventually realize his destiny. From the looks of it, his personality and motivations are rather… colorful, to say the least, but a consistent is a desire to battle and dominate, a trait he inherits from dragons, given he possesses draconic blood in his veins and he's more than eager to engage in battle if he can, but the Dragonborn has made a strong effort to temper this warlike mentality and find himself excelling in other skills and finding value on other fields besides fighting.
  • The Dragonborn is one of the most formidable and famed warriors in the entire Pantheon. For one, he was prophesized to be the one to stop Alduin, already a demonstration of his great power, but throughout this journey, plus a couple more, he's accumulated such a vast amount of skills, abilities, and knowledge that it seems that he is a multi-talented master despite his main occupation of being a warrior. To elaborate, the Dovahkiin has mastery of all sorts of weapons like swords, axes, spears, daggers, bows, and more, he is deeply attuned to the arcane and can conjure all sorts of magical spells and incantations for either offensive, defensive, or supportive purposes, has access to all sorts of armor and equipment, is an expert in stealth and can carry out covert operations like theft and assassinations with little trouble, can be very persuasive and sharp in his communication skills, be skilled in alchemy and smithing, and he is incredibly determined and tenacious. But what truly makes the Dragonborn stand out is his relation to dragons allowing him access to the Thu'um, the language and tongue of dragons that could grant him ancient and advanced sorts of magic that could defy reality and comprehension in various ways once shouted. With these shouts, the Dovahkiin could say, blow away anyone, alter the weather, soothe and terrify animals, convey and tame a dragon, control an elemental ability, and perform many more abilities, a testament to just how powerful and fearsome he is and just why dragons and many more fear him behind just his ability to absorb draconic souls to empower himself.
  • As a being chosen by prophecy, the Dragonborn was compelled to meet with other heroes (and villains) with similar destinies, rationalizing that this approach would allow him to forge more alliances and potentially create a band of warriors who could dedicate themselves to ensuring the Pantheon's protection whilst also fending off vile beings who intend on either ruling and destroying the divine realms. After all, there is the prospect of someone chosen by destiny to thwart and ruin another individual's prophecy if they're not related. This led the Dovahkiin to Link and Princess Zelda where the two would appreciate the former's desire and willingness to help others and he and Link would eventually work together to disrupt another one of Ganondorf's plans for domination. It helps that Link has killed and befriended dragons before, though Link would assert that dragon-hunting isn't what they're assigned to do. The Dragonborn also became friends with the Pevensie Siblings, rulers of Narnia under the decision of their patron deity, Aslan, as they're rather fair and benevolent rulers who would rather treat their guests with respect, and the Dovahkiin was open to take services under them. Not to mention these are teenagers and young adults and he is just as nice to them as he is protective, especially with Lucy as the Dovahkiin found her politeness endearing as well as learning most of Narnia and communicating with animals from her, much to Lucy's delight.
  • Despite being famed for being a hunter for their kind, the Dragonborn actually has a more complicated and nuanced relationship with dragons in general. Furthermore, two particular dragons from his world, Paarthurnax, and Odahviing, are his heralds as the former, being the leader of the Greybeards recognized the Dovahkiin's intent to protect Skyrim and supported his cause while the former, despite serving Alduin, conceded to the Dovahkiin after a brief battle, openly came to respect the warrior and would turn against Alduin after the God of Destruction proved to be a coward. So while the Dovahkiin is treated cautiously by the Hall of Draconic Beings, they're some draconic beings who are open to accepting him, so long as the Dovahkiin doesn't suddenly act like a genocidal maniac. Additionally, he discovered that it was the Fire Wyvern duo, Rathalos and Rathian, that attacked him and who led the Dovahkiin into the Pantheon, but the two don't fight all that much as the wyverns are not evil monsters and more territorial animals who prefer to attack others when either hungry or feel their territory was being intruded, and it seems the Dragonborn was someone a Rathalos thought might have been an easy meal.
    • Compared to Skyrim, there were more benevolent dragons than the Dovahkiin would have expected, though first impressions were understandably frosty due to his reputation as a hunter of dragons. Things did get easier for him thanks to Paarthurnax and Odahviing being willing to communicate with these dragons and convincing them that so long as you don't pose a threat and respect him, the Dragonborn isn't a bad person to converse with and get along with. Eventually, some dragons would come to appreciate and like him for varying reasons like him being surprisingly compassionate and helpful, with Tiki and Falkor being among the first dragons to befriend the Dovahkiin and offering him a couple of equipment and notes to help them get more acclimated in the Pantheon, a friendly gesture that the Dragonborn accepted graciously. Others like Jake Long, Ryu, and Spyro, with their younger age, are quite enthusiastic about befriending a badass warrior with the soul of a dragon and don't mind tagging along in his adventures, willingly or not. Since then, the Dovahkiin finds their presence to be endearing and is more than happy to allow them to participate in his quests, even if some of their antics can be just as annoying as his own.
    • Of course, there are dragons in the Pantheon who are like Alduin; arrogant, feared, destructive, and above all else, evil. When it came to the more benevolent dragons, this is the crux of their supporting relationship with the Dovahkiin; they have a divine warrior who is as capable as he is willing to put a stop to their devious machinations in trying to either conquer or destroy the world, though there are some dragons whose alliances have since blossomed more towards genuine friendship. Still, it didn't take long for the Dovahkiin to learn about such draconic monstrosities like King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Acnologia, Grima, and Fatalis, all of whom equated with Alduin in terms of the scope of their malice, yet they intended to destroy everything to satisfy their hubris. Naturally, the Dragonborn was more than ready to take them on and would challenge them eventually and though those dragons quickly realized how much of a threat this hunter of beasts possessed, the Dovahkiin was equally surprised to see just how powerful these dragons truly were necessitating him to consider more allies and friends and build up his power and knowledge before taking them on. Fortunately, with allies like Lucina, the Dragonflights and a couple of other people who have fought dragons, he's content to know that he isn't alone and he'll continue to fight, even if he's partially motivated to prove himself the better fighter.
    • With his ability to tame dragons, he would come into contact with Hiccup, a dragon rider who held a close friendship with a Night Fury named Toothless. Amusingly enough, both were Viking-inspired individuals and the Dovahkiin would eventually see Hiccup as an equal when it came to their command over their draconic friends, though because of what they would want to focus on, they don't meet often. Things were a bit complicated when it came to a being known only as the Nameless King, who despite his siding with the dragons of his world, did not see the Dragonborn as favorably as others due to the latter's nature of being a dragonslayer and felt that he would eventually be of great danger to him and dragonkind at some point, with the only thing they could mutually agree on is opposing the more malevolent dragons in the Pantheon, Alduin included. The Nameless King's father, Gwyn, was a dragonslayer much like the Dovahkiin and respected the latter for his accomplishments and tenacity, but his alliance with a number of other dragons means an alliance between the two isn't possible. Still, Gwyn intends on watching over the Dragonborn discreetly mainly out of curiosity, and see if he can find a way to coerce him into his side, even if this means the Dovahkiin would have to betray a good deal of his newfound alliances.
  • The Dragonborn is one of the most famous hunters in the Pantheon, though he would personally refer to himself as a warrior seeking a good challenge first and foremost, with the additional habit of helping others. Still, it didn't stop him from encountering a collection of Monster Hunters who make a living in studying, researching, fighting, capturing, and slaying monsters though they'd have to have a good reason for why they do so. They and the Dovahkiin got along after the latter told them about his experience fighting a Rathalos and Rathian as his introduction to the Pantheon and even fighting a Fatalis at some point, the latter of which impressed many of the hunters, considering the dreaded and notorious reputation of the Legend of Schrade. Oftentimes, the Dragonborn will take favors from the Monster Hunters in hunting down or capturing whatever monster they need to deal with, with the added bonus of materials, resources, and money that he could use anytime. Davion, another dragonslayer infused with the essence of a powerful dragon named Slyrak, was similarly interested in the Dragonborn, even fighting against him to test his worth and becoming well-acquainted after their duel left them respecting each other's strength and tenacity. Ornstein and Smough were more ambivalent as they cared more about defending their domain than anything, forcing the Dragonborn to confront them directly out of curiosity. Although a fight broke out, the Dovahkiin felt that Ornstein, the dragonslayer, was a commendable foe and one he wished would have been good allies with, though his friendship with Smough was a nice touch. They do have conflicting thoughts on how to deal with dragons, however, as Ornstein is not hesitant to hunt down any kind of dragon, even good ones, which the Dovahkiin feels would be rather counterproductive, given how there are deadlier and more devious dragons to take notice of.
  • The Pantheon was once a gigantic battlefield consisting of many gods battling one another to assert some kind of new era for the sake of either the benefit of others, one's own ambitions, or to simply wipe the slate clean. The Dovahkiin seems to have arrived too late, seeing as the Pantheon had since become more placid and many of the godly leaders have since retreated to tend to lesser matters and further the development and advancement of the divine lands beyond just fighting. Although his desire for battle and destruction is strong and he will gladly challenge a worthy opponent if the opportunity ever presents itself, the Dragonborn is cautious and tempered enough to understand the value and importance of other things like smithing, making friends, and settling matters through diplomacy and offering aid to the needy, and is even willing to arrive and provide something in the field of advancing civilization and offering humanitarian aid if possible. Furthermore, the epic battles in the Pantheon's old days might have been a bit too chaotic for him to properly deal with if he had just gotten in the divine realms without prior knowledge of what was going on. He knows that Alduin ascended first, but that's not too much of a concern, especially given that he must have been preoccupied with fighting other threats and being stalled in his desire for conquest. Even then, his desire for battle remains strong and if there's someone who wants to fight the Dragonborn, he won't mind.
  • Despite his godly heritage, the Dragonborn would rather not involve himself with godly matters, instead wanting to pursue a lifestyle and adventures of their own choosing, though this didn't stop many gods outside of the Daedra and their neighborhood deities from having their own opinions; Cosmos respects him and his decisions and mainly overseeing him in case he needs her divine intervention if necessary, Lucifer similarly respects him for his power and being assertive about his choices, even if the Dovahkiin would not be in league with his intentions for the Pantheon, Melkor, YHVH, and Nekron see him as potential threats and Darkseid, taking notes from Molag Bal and Hermaeus Mora, thinks the Dovahkiin has a lot of innate potentials and seeks to find whatever means to coerce him into his servitude. The Norse Pantheon also took notice of the Dragonborn, comparing him to a Viking due to his Nordic ethnicity and his love for battle, with Odin, Thor, Freya, and Baldr being very complimentary of his accomplishments and his various virtues that include diligence valor, a desire for knowledge, and even feeling, accepting, and expressing love and loyalty, though Loki feels that there's more to him than just a powerful warrior with a great destiny and seeks to explore that potential for himself whilst being careful about directly confronting him too much. Naturally, the Dragonborn respects Cosmos, Thor, Freya, and Baldr more and is open to accepting and fulfilling whatever favors they ask so long as his friends and family are kept safe and he gets some good rewards. He's understandably cautious of the more evil and manipulative gods but is more than willing to challenge and fight them if he must. He personally hates Melkor the most, given how he's the one responsible for creating dragons in his world and how his influence has ensured all of them turn out to be vicious and malevolent monsters, feeling that such information doesn't sit well with him.
  • Next to Alduin, Skyrim's biggest strife and conflict came in the form of a civil war between the Imperial Legion led by General Tullius and the Stormcloacks who had Ulfric as their biggest leader and morale. Whichever allegiance the Dragonborn took, the overall conflict was immense and it seems that an end is nowhere in sight. As for the Pantheon, the Dovahkiin quickly became aware of how there had been a collection of Pantheonic Civil Wars between a number of factions who usually wanted power and control to assert their influence. Fortunately, most of these civil wars are by villains who often find difficulty in communicating with one another, much less aid in battle, so the Dovahkiin doesn't need to be in any rush or interest in these sorts of manners as, unlike the one in Skyrim that was determined by what some and others felt was the right direction and beliefs, these villains are too straight-mInded, coming up with silly reasons for war. The House of Military and Warfare is rather encouraging of the idea of civil wars, though it's mainly because a number of residents and deities are Darwinists who only want to see the strong prosper and see civil wars as a way to weed out weak fighters and leaders. As far as the Dragonborn is concerned, this is just too childish and immature for him to deal with and unless there is something personal at stake, he has no desire for war, and making it clear that he would rather desire fights against a commendable and equal for, not a large-scale conflict that would involve innocents in the cross hairs.
  • The Dragonborn has since come to learn a great deal about the many kingdoms and lands that have also been submerged into the divine realms since his arrival there and though it took a while, he would see himself making good alliances with them. Among the most notable were Karl Franz and Sigmar Heldenhammer of an Empire where the Chaos Gods threatened their world and threatened their kind, Alm and Celica of Valentia who were prophesized to unite the nations of Rigel and Zofia, and Aragorn of Gondor who united the Free Men and their allies in a final stand to defeat Sauron in the climax of Middle-earth's Third Age. While Karl, Sigmar, and Aragorn would forge an alliance after the Dovahkiin helped to provide for their people as a favor as well as clearing out any noted threats, Alm and Celica were hesitant at first as they were unsure what he would have thought of their patron deities, Mila and Duma as they were divine dragons. Tensions would loosen up when he stated that while he hunts dragons, he knows how to discern a benevolent and placid one from a truly dangerous and malevolent one and that he personally has nothing against the ruling couple even if they paid their faith to a dragon. It worked out well when the Dragonborn aided Alm and Celica in a draconic raid Alduin unleashed on Valentia, which allowed the two to conclude that the Dovahkiin is indeed willing to help out, and eventually, keep in contact with one another with Alm and Celica being thankful for his aid and him being willing to do it again if need be. While Mila doesn't have strong thoughts on him beyond just caution, Duma is interested in the exploits and reputation of the Dragonborn and actually welcomes him as a worthy challenge. It doesn't matter if the Dragonborn kills Duma, it at least lines up with the latter's belief of how strength would determine one's worth, and Duma could see him as a potential protector of Valentia if he so wishes.
  • Befitting of his race being northerners who dwell in windy cold weather and rocky terrains, comparisons with vikings were inevitable, though the Dragonborn takes this in stride as it means there are other races like the Nords whom he could relate and potentially get along with. The trio of Lost Vikings were among those who quickly came to admire the Dovahkiin for being an epic badass warrior and an epitome of strength and though their reputation of constantly getting lost has been irritating for him to deal with, the Dovahkiin has no issues with them admiring him and would try to help them out anytime they stumble across one another. A more serious and confrontational encounter came with Wulfrik the Wanderer, whose nature as a Norscan was not too different from the Nords, only that they worshipped the Chaos Gods and were not afraid of committing mass bloodshed in favor of their preferred god, Khorne. Despite his malice, Wulfrik personally liked the Dragonborn for his tenacity and power and challenged him a couple of times with Wulfrik even almost winning in some of them mainly due to the Dragonborn either making a retreat or a second party coming to his aid, but regardless of their scuffles, the Wanderer's respect for a fellow warrior remained intact and eagerly awaits another challenge, hoping that the next time is a proper deathmatch.. On the other hand, while Kratos was originally from Ancient Greece, his adventures in Midgard have made him very familiar with Norse archetypes and while he would be a very appropriate warrior for the Dovahkiin to clash his blades against, the two instead get along, with the Ghost of Sparta noting how the two have a knack of accepting favors and helping people, even if they aren't expected much. Similarly, Kratos's son, Atreus, is eager to learn about the Nords and the Dragonborn and has gotten into a few adventures with him in his spare time, with Atreus often offering bow and arrow support for the Dragonborn, plus giving him insight on what to expect for the Pantheon. Still, while they are on good terms, Kratos does wonder if the Dragonborn's need for battle would one day override his better senses, but is content in knowing that he at least tries to temper them for the sake of the Pantheon and for his sense of self.
  • Of course, vampires have taken an interest in the Dovahkiin, thanks to his involvement in a conflict between the Volkihar Clan, a coven of vampires led by Lord Harkon, and the Dawnguard, a collective of vampire hunters who aim to stop Harkon from realizing his goals of blotting out the sun for eternity, though regardless of who the Dragonborn sided with, he defeated Harkon and put an end to his dark ambitions. Even so, he's aware that there are good vampires, even if they were tainted by Molag Bal's malevolence and there are many in the Pantheon who are decent people in spite of their cursed biology. To note, the Dovahkiin is on good terms with vampires like Alucard, The Chosen Revenants, and Arcueid Brunestud, and is open to the idea of aiding them in repelling other evil vampires and threats. On the malevolent side, the Dragonborn has clashed his blades against Count Orlok, Strahd von Zarovich, two versions of Count Dracula, and the von Carstein monarchs, though it depends on the latter with Konrad and Mannfred seeing him as a threat to their ambitions while Vlad sees him as a noteworthy foe and would rather prefer either allying or voicing his support over him over his two sons. Abhorash, the founder of the Blood Dragons, has fought the Dovahkiin for the sole purpose of testing his martial prowess and challenging himself against a fellow dragonslayer, which the latter was welcome to oblige on. Despite this, Abhorash has a good measure of respect for his adversary and generally praises the Dragonborn for their strength and for giving him a good fight, to the point where they would even set aside their rivalry and fight together against a mutual enemy if necessary, even if this isn't going to deter their fights in any way.
  • He has experience with stealth and thievery, even being associated with the famed Thieves' Guild, who make it a point to steal valuables from deserving targets like the corrupt, slimy, and unpleasant, even if their actions and the thieves themselves can be unscrupulous. That said, they don't like to partake in murder unless they've been really slighted and the organization does become more softer once their leader is exposed as a fraud who didn't believe in the Guild's core beliefs. Even so. the Dragonborn has a pretty complicated relationship with them, though he does respect a fellow good-hearted thief, as proven when he met the famous Robin Hood, who makes a point of stealing from the corrupt rich to give to the poor and they quickly came to respect each other for their care and empathy towards the poor, even if the Dovahkiin can be pretty aggressive about other matters. He's also reached out to Cassim, Garrett, and the Cooper Gang, all of whom were impressed by how effective of a spy and thief the Dragonborn can be, despite his occupation as a warrior. Unfortunately, he's too caught up in a lot of other tasks to be directly helping his thieving friends, occasional idiotic moments aside, but if necessary, the Dragonborn will help them out as well as see if he could learn new tricks and techniques from them.
  • Alongside thievery, the Dovahkiin has all the tools and skills required to be a skilled assassin. And like the Thieves' Guild, he has a relationship with the infamous Dark Brotherhood, a coven of assassins who only seek to recruit the very best and the most unscrupulous killers they can get their hands on and prefer to keep themselves hidden from the public eye as much as possible to ensure they remain a shadowy myth that could strike fear into the mind of others, even if the Dark Brotherhood themselves have a presence in the Pantheon. Even so, the Dragonborn choosing to focus on heroics and helping others has caused friction in his relationship with the Dark Brotherhood, even if the latter would much rather have him under their services. More ironically, the Dovahkiin ended up befriending other, more "nicer assassins like Night Raid and the fabled Hassan of the Hashashin, who were able to forge an alliance to look out for any villainous forces to quickly neutralize if they got the opportunity. There is also the Assassin's Order, who have been able to learn more about Skyrim and Tamriel and even set up a hidden base in the former thanks to a partnership with the Dragonborn and using this newfound knowledge and alliance to look out for potential threats and to keep their worlds safe. There are some assassins that the Dovahkiin are wary of, such as the aforementioned Dark Brotherhood and the League of Assassins led by Ra's Al Ghul, both of whom are interested in the Dragonborn for their own ends, with Ra's seeking to recruit the legendary warrior to mold him into a servant of great power and as a tool to further his twisted ambitions, not caring that he would oppose the assassin leader as his prowess and reputation is enough to earn Ra's' one-sided respect.
  • To top his list of talents off, the Dragonborn is an archmage, capable of all sorts of magical spells, incantations, and a level of control over bending reality to his whims. He was given an invitation to be taught in a prestigious institution that specialized in magic, although their funds and resources were beginning to deplete due to various external and internal problems, this didn't stop the Dovahkiin from learning and mastering whatever magic he found interesting, coupled with his ability with the Thu'um to make him even more of a devastating spellcaster. Doctor Strange, who has some experience as a mage teacher, took notice of this and initially intended to keep a close eye on the Dragonborn, yet this would end up with them becoming good allies once the two were forced to fight together against Miraak at some point. The Dragonborn also learned about and tried to establish some sort of relationship with institutions like Hogwarts, the Colleges of Magic, and Luna Nova Academy, where he proved his worth by trying his hand at mentoring and teaching a couple of students about foreign magic and giving them notes on how to use defensive magic, eventually gaining him a couple of friends like Dumbledore, Teclis, and Ursula Callistis who could trust the Dragonborn in doing them a few favors regarding looking after certain students if he ever has time. On the other hand, he is disgusted to learn about the Seven Convents of Sorceresses, a witch academy established by the Dark Elves where their darwinistic beliefs are played to full effect; students are expected to be raised to kill, enslave, and assert control with force, with murder being an acceptable form of expelling students. This gave him further incentive to oppose Morathi, whom he saw as being much darker and depraved than most of the Thalmor, though the Hag Sorceress is only amused to see him be in opposition against her kind because of what they see as justified and acceptable.
  • Given his reputation as the hero of Skyrim and for finally ending the civil war that plagued the lands for years, it seemed natural that the Dovahkiin would find himself being associated with a couple of figures who have also similarly defended the lands from all sorts of threats. Strangely, his first encounters with Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja were fights, with the former being more of a means to test each others' strength and although the Dragonborn enjoyed their fight, he and Conan would become well-acquainted and help each other out. The same thing applied with Sonja, though because the Dovahkiin defeated him, she offered him a chance to... hit it off together, though what he responded with remained a mystery. Among other friends, there was the Inquisitor, who made an effort to quell an escalating conflict between Elves and Templars even if both sides had legitimate grievances and issues with one another. He even got to encounter a sextet of kids led by someone only known as "Dungeon Master" and given how he feels about children, he was open to helping them out and giving them a place of comfort where they could rest and feel safe for once. He could relate to Bobby thanks to their shared passion for battle and is considering mentoring the boy so he can keep his aggression and rage in check. That, and considering his mastery of all sorts of talents, he doesn't mind teaching the kids in their specific class, hoping that with his knowledge, the six of them would be able to better handle themselves and be more adept in dealing with dangerous situations in their quest to return to their original home on Earth.
  • Given the nature of the Pantheon as well as his being involved in adventures and favors most of the time, the Dovahkiin ended up making a number of enemies that he would be content with, though that was an expected consequence of making specific friends. For specifics, his visit to Hogwarts and respect for Dumbledore ended up catching the attention of Voldemort, who boasted that he was superior to the Dovahkiin, a claim that was quickly challenged when the Nordic warrior did challenge and almost defeated him, forcing the dark lord to make a hasty retreat and drive him mad afterward. Others like Sauron and Malekith took him more seriously, if mainly because the former is determined to ensure he can deal with threats as preemptively as possible while the latter expresses interest in the Nordic warrior's draconic nature and would relish a fight against him to prove his might. It seems that with whatever he wants to do, the Dragonborn is not any further from going through perils and making new enemies, but his sheer power and his success rate have ensured that he's able to persevere and protect those he comes to like and care about. Of course, he's battled Ganondorf and Jedis the White Witch mainly because of his friendship with Link, Zelda, and the Pevensies and they were quick to realize that the Dovahkiin would be a big wrench in their plans for domination.
  • In addition to Skyrim, the Dragonborn's fame stretches much farther, well into other worlds. There, he is celebrated as a patron for player characters and even his various abilities with the Thu'um have been the subject of a humor phenomenon known as memes, something that he's understandably unfamiliar with. To boot, there are a lot of people who will proclaim the Unrelenting Force mainly to make themselves out as a badass and as their way to pay homage to the Dovahkiin and Skyrim. Not that he minds it all that much and Paarthurnax is rather amused at how the language of dragons has become a sort of kiddish play for some, though some of the Greybeards admit to being a bit embarrassed by the whole ordeal, especially after hearing how many were suddenly eager to use the Thu'um for the sake of it, which the Greybeards understandably declined on. Even more bizarrely, there was a "new kid" who claimed to use the Thu'um... through farts and would very often try to tag along with the Dragonborn whom he saw as one of his biggest idols. The two even fought against each other because the "new kid" wanted to prove his worth, though they ended up getting along. The Top Heavy Guy himself was a professed Dovahkiin fan, to the point where he cosplayed the Nordic warrior in a joke project and was really ecstatic to hear he was in the Pantheon, often trying to meet with him and wanting to get his Dragonborn Helmet signed (or marked) by the real deal. For the Dovahkiin, it was interesting to hear about all the praise and support he got from people beyond his world, though he's unsure of whether he'd be able to please everyone, considering the burdens of his own adventures and decisions.
  • He also had a place in the Hall of Hunters and Slayers.

Intermediate Gods

    Arokh and Rynn 
Arokh and Rynn, Co-Gods of the Bond
Arokh (the dragon) and Rynn (the human)

    Caim and Angelus 
Caim and Angelus, God and Goddess of Dragon Riders
Older Caim and Angelus 

    Shino Aburame 
Shino Aburame, God of Insect Controllers (Shino-Sensei)
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  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Aburame Clan symbol
  • Theme Song: His theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Controls insects, Beetle Maniac, Friend to Bugs, Heroic Host, Creepy Good, Combat Pragmatist, The Comically Serious, Cool Shades, The Quiet One, The Stoic, The Strategist
  • Domain(s): Insects, Ninjutsu, Strategy, Teaching
  • Heralds: The Aburame Clan
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Terraformars, Oogie Boogie, Zouken Matou, Marguerite Baker
  • Avoids: Bacchus
  • A member of the Aburame Clan, Shino was offered to several special breeds of insects as a nest shortly after birth. These insects then lived in symbiosis with him as their host from that point on, feeding on his chakra and, in return, serving him in combat and allowing him to perform his clan's insect-based techniques. After graduating from the Academy, Shino was assigned to Team 8, becoming teammates with Hinata Hyūga and Kiba Inuzuka. Following the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Shino became a teacher at the Academy.
  • Shino and his clan originally ascended into the Pantheon as followers of Rick Taylor/The Terror Mask and Agitha. Impressed by his abilities, both deities sought to grant him a title. Eventually, they settled on Pest Controller, successfully ascending him as a god, much to the pride of his clan.
  • Shino spends most of his free time in the Hall of Insects, seeking to find and breed new insects. He's often accompanied by Agitha and Sig, who are both quite fascinated by his symbiotic relationship with his insects.
  • Due to his insect expertise, he's frequently called upon whenever any evil insect deities start causing trouble. He's particularly shown a special interest in trying to render the Terraformars less dangerous. However, their instinctual hatred of all Humans has made his efforts to approach and reason with them incredibly difficult and, so far, unsuccessful.
  • Shino's ability to control insects has caused Oogie Boogie and Zouken Matou, whose bodies are composed of insects, to generally avoid him. While Shino doesn't regard Oogie Boogie as much of a threat, he's interested in acquiring a couple of Zouken's crest worms in order to tame and even use them against him.
  • Shino strongly sympathises with Taylor Hebert, as she's a fellow insect controller. Shino wishes to get her away from a villainous lifestyle altogether to give her a better life.
  • Shino is enemies with Marguerite Baker, whose infection has made her bond with mold-infested insects, mostly wasps and centipedes. At one point, he fought against her while she was in her mutated form, which looks like an utterly grotesque walking insect hive. Although he opposes her on principle, he also began to pity her after learning that she is not crazy by choice but because she was infected and turned into that.
  • Being a teacher, Shino frequently visits the House of School. He's on good terms with Suzune, respecting the fact that she really cares for her students despite her occasionally harsh training. He also envies Onizuka, as he's respected and loved by his students while Shino himself receives almost no respect from his own students and isn't considered a particularly good teacher by his peers.
  • He generally avoids the Hall of Alcohol due to his alcohol abstinence. On one occasion, Bacchus, out of curiosity, tricked Shino into consuming alcohol. This resulted in Shino's insects becoming drunk as well and wreaking havoc across the pantheon until they were finally subdued. Shino has generally tried to avoid being anywhere near Bacchus ever since.
  • At one point, Shino and Naruto went on a mission during which Shino ate poison that forced him to laugh uncontrollably, which he normally never does. As Naruto is the only other person within the pantheon to have witnessed it, Shino has sworn him to silence on the matter.
  • Although normally quite stoic, Shino has a soft spot for cute fluffy animal dolls, which he denies whenever asked. He has also asked Boruto, who had once seen him doting on such a doll, to not tell people about it.
  • He strongly respects Spock, as they both serve as the logical members within their respective groups. Spock was quite fascinated by Shino's symbiotic relationship with his bugs and the two can occasionally be seen together playing either shogi or three-dimensional chess.
  • Surprisingly, Shino managed to become friends with Lea, as the two bonded over their shared desire to be remembered by others.

    Steve Irwin 
Steve Irwin, Keeper of Beasts (The Crocodile Hunter)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Saltwater Crocodile
  • Theme Songs: The Crocodile Hunter theme, Croc Files theme, Crocodile Rock (film version by the Baha Men)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Catch Phrases, Australia
  • Domains: All Biomes of the Earth, Courage, Animals
  • Heralds: Suey (his dog), Bindi and Graham (his two favorite crocodiles)
  • Follower: Brady Barr
  • Allies: David Attenborough, the Tailed Beasts, Baloo and Bagheera, King Louie, Anthony Belrose, Adam Whitely and Bernadette Bassenger, Bear Grylls, Eliza Thornberry, May Chang and Xiao-Mei, Iwashiro Tesshou, King Kong, Zilla Jr., Max Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa, the Raptor Pack, Rexy, the Brontosaurus, the Gang of Seven, Dino & Hoppy, Kiko, Fluttershy, most Ascended Pokémon species, Chad Lee of Lightspeed Rescue, Abe (Oddworld), Tick Tock, Lisa Simpson, Leslie Knope, Fresh Pretty Cures, Androids 17, SCP-040, Lagiacrus, Kaban and Serval, David the Gnome, Monterey Jack, John Hammond, Abel, Sir Hammerlock, Pi and Richard Parker, Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh), Batty Koda, Cassie (The Animorphs), Mumble, Scootaloo, Gon Freecss, Joe Young, Iori Hida of the 2002 Digidestined, Ultraman Cosmos and Musashi Haruno
  • Enemies: Pokémon Hunter J, the Enormous Crocodile, Ramon, Dingodile, Mola Ram, Nergigante, Experiment 627, King K. Rool, B.B. Hood
  • Odd Friendship with: Rampage Wrecking Crew
  • On Good Terms with: The entire House of Beasts and Fauna, Philip J Fry, Steven Spielberg, Poseidon, Demeter and Persephone
  • Respects: Platypet
  • Respected by: Kisame Hoshigaki, Mufasa, SCP-076- 2
  • Opposes: Faceless threats of pollution, habitat destruction, and Saxton Hale, Zig-Zag, Shere Khan, Captain Boomerang
  • Tolerated by: Ungoliant, Cretaceous and Maelstrom, Anjanath, Orm the Ocean Master, The Dinosaur Planet Cast, the Pack-Hunting Monsters, Raptor Red, The Master (Padak), the Graboids, Big Al, Monoblos, Diablos and Varsablos
  • Observes: Yogi Bear, Gorgo and Ogra
  • He died after a tragic sting by a stingray, and in sorrow, all crocodiles on Earth shed sincere tears. Upon death, he entered the Pantheon, and all who had put "ironic crocodile fatality" in the betting pool lost dearly. He spends his spare time poking angels with sticks (avoiding the ones who are shrouded in holy fire and have multiple heads).
    • Xanatos suggested that the Council of Shadows bet that he would die in any way other than this, thus allowing him to fund phase three of his masterstroke.
  • He maintains a good relationship with Unohana Retsu, despite the latter's apology about her Shikai's form. He doesn't really hold a grudge against stingrays in general, thus he condemns those who slaughtered stingrays in the wake of his ascension.
  • One day, Steve was out wrangling crocodiles in the Pantheon's billabongs when he spotted a strange red-tinted fin emerge from the water. Being the man that he is, he dove in and wrestled with the beast...only to realize the croc was standing up on its hind legs. And was not happy. It quickly tossed Irwin aside and was ready to bite a chunk out of him, but Steve was much quicker, subduing the massive reptile and bringing it back to his temple. Two of the Nature Preservers, Nakoruru and San, were waiting for Irwin when he returned and straightened things out, explaining the "croc" he snagged was a Feraligatr, and his actions weren't exactly "humane." As "punishment", they assigned Steve as Feraligatr's partner, assuming he'd give up and release it back into the wild. They were wrong. Steve and Feraligatr get along swimmingly, with the bipedal archosaur performing with Steve in front of live audiences and acting as his main companion with catching real-world crocs. It may be smaller than the Saltwater crocodiles Steve is used to, but Feraligatr is just the croc he needed.
  • While humans in the Pantheon are generally a lot laxer and more accepting towards the Tailed Beasts than they were in the real world, there was one such figure who stood out from them, mainly because he was eager to actually meet them up close. This was where Steve became involved with the beasts; while initially hesitant due to their cynic nature towards humankind, Steve became confident once he learned that they were making an effort to be more open and optimistic thanks to Naruto and that's when he made his move towards them. Steve's first meeting was, of course, done with a filming crew who wanted to make sure of Steve's safety. While eccentric, he made quite a good impression on the beasts, who were taken aback by Steve's generous and respectful nature towards them. The famous Crocodile Hunter took to making a few light-hearted jokes and complimenting their looks and attitude to ease the beast's perspective on him. Not since Hagoromo and Naruto did they expect to find a man in the Pantheon who actually wanted to empathize with them. Steve became their first human friend, which was symbolized by some of them giving him a fist bump of approval and camaraderie, and while Steve is aware of their cynical lives and even a few heinous actions, particularly from Kurama, his main focus is to simply help them out in opening up more towards society, something which has helped in a way as the Tailed Beasts now has another human whom they could trust due to his demeanor of wanting to help them out some way or another.
  • Since he's good with reptiles, Steve earned a friendship with Zilla Junior pretty easily, he was happy to see how tame the Kaiju was and gave him some nose pats to prove that he meant no harm to Junior and even invited him over at his temple if he ever had a need for a place to rest.
  • Gets along very well with fellow adventurer, Bear Grylls, which made sense as both of them have a strong passion for exploring the wilderness and entertaining others with their shows. Still, Irwin sometimes winces at some of Bear's bizarre antics, though he doesn't really mind it. He thinks that Irwin is going to have to get used to it somehow, which the Australian adventurer had to accept. The two of them are eager to tag along and encounter a group of animals, both real and fantastical. It also helps both of them mentally, with Bear steadily learning some survival tips and tricks from Steve and Steve himself getting to benefit from bantering with Bear every now and then, though he'll shy away at any mention of drinking piss.
  • Surprisingly enough, Kisame Hoshigaki respects Steve Irwin for being daring when it comes to getting close and up-front with animals. Kisame would be most pleased to see Steve try to do risky gestures towards sharks and is genuinely happy about the fact that the Meg also sees Steve as respectable. So much so that Steve is one of the few non-combatants that Kisame has openly admitted to liking. Steve himself, while not fully comprehending of his questionable actions, will appreciate Kisame's affable praises every now and then.
  • Was up to the task of tracking the two bears, Yogi Bear and his herald Boo Boo. But instead of capturing them, the Australian had decided instead to keep watch over the two. Sure he would try to get them to turn in any picnic baskets if he sees them in the act, but he figured it would be better if he teaches them how to eat a bear's natural diet. Steve has his work cut out for him on that, as Yogi has frequently voiced his disgust in such edibles.
  • When Mumble first met with Steve, the penguin had a brief moment of deja-vu. Turns out while searching for the aliens, Mumble met an Albatross who shared the Crocodile Hunter's distinctive voice and warned him about going across the Antarctic Convergence in his quest. The pair are on good terms, and Irwin introduced the penguin to Sir David Attenborough, another vocal advocate for wildlife conservation and admirer of penguins.
  • The main tour guide of the Bestiary, who can keep visitors safe from any creature no matter how dangerous.
    • Even hippos, the one kind of animal he would not get near as a mortal, he can now pacify with just a word. It is a godly ability that makes his job much easier. Of course, before he discovered this ability, he was made uneasy when he first ran into Murray, a hippo. Now, however, the two of them are fine with each other. Not to the point of alliance, but Steve isn't afraid of Murray.
  • Very good friends with Fry, having been impressed with his care of animals, most impressively the bone vampire. His head in a jar has taken Fry as a potential pupil.

Lesser Gods

Agitha, Goddess of Bug-Fanatics (Insect...Princess?)

    Eliza Thornberry 
Elizabeth "Eliza" Thornberry, the Goddess Who Speaks Fluent Animal

    Hazel Levesque 
Hazel Levesque, Goddess of Female Horse Enthusiasts (Favorite of Hecate, Centurion Levesque, Hedy Lamarr)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A bar of gold being clenched by a skeletal hand
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Girls who Love Horses, Natives of New Orleans, Heroic Sacrifices and Eventual Resurrections, Time Displacements, Pensieve Flashbacks, Geokinesis, Capable of Summoning Cursed Gemstones and Precious Metals, Unwanted Powers, Liminal Beings, Manipulators of the Mist
  • Domains: Death, Resurrection, Jewelry, Magic, Horses
  • Herald: Arion
  • Allies: Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, Leo Valdez, Nico di Angelo, Annabeth Chase, Hecate, Tiana, Black Beauty, Maximus, Spirit, The Mane Six, The Crystal Gems
  • Enemies: Gaea, Kratos, Hades (Kid Icarus), Gregor Clegane
  • Opposes: Any death-related deities that want to reap her soul, such as Thanatos, Rin Tohsaka, Ghauri
  • Opposed by: House of Commerce, Sam and Dean Winchester
  • Special Relationship with: Hades (her father), Persephone (her stepmother)
  • Interests: Madame Xanadu
  • Annoyed by: Biscuit Krueger
  • Daughter of a Louisianian fortune teller from the 1920s and Pluto, the Roman God of the Dead, Hazel was born with a very strange power; namely, she is able to control gems and other precious metals such as gold. Her mother, who was able to contact Pluto through magic, wished that he would give her all the riches of the earth itself so that she can escape poverty. However, this wish came with a terrible price, as all the jewels Hazel was able to conjure up turned to out be cursed to anyone who touched said jewels, leaving them just as poor as they were before. Soon after, Hazel's mother, under the possession of Gaea, whisked Hazel away to Alaska and forced her to use her cursed gems to construct the body of the giant known as Alcyoneus. However, before the process could be complete, Hazel called forth all the riches she could muster to sink the island that housed Alcyoneus' body, killing Hazel and her mother as well as delaying Alcyoneus' rise by several decades. Fortunately for Hazel, her sacrifice would not be the end of her story, as Nico di Angelo would revive her decades later, giving her a second chance to defeat Gaea once and for all.
  • Speaking of Nico di Angelo, he, along with Frank Zhang, Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, and Annabeth Chase, were amongst the first deities to welcome Hazel into the pantheon, and celebrated her ascension with shrimp gumbo that Tiana had cooked up for the occasion. Hazel wouldn't stop crying Tears of Joy throughout the celebration.
    • Given that she was now in the same realm as her father, Hazel has made sure to stay away from Hades whenever she isn't in her temple. While some may find this cruel, Hades perfectly understands why she is keeping her distance, as although he knows that Hazel is still alive and well, he'll be forced to drag her back to the underworld should he encounter her again.
      • However, Hades did encounter Hazel once when she met his eviler counterpart. While Hazel made preparations for avoiding her father, she was completely unprepared to come face-to-face with the second Hades of the Pantheon, especially since this Hades had no familial love for Hazel like the original Hades did. Eager to stick it to his original counterpart, the second Hades swiftly destroyed Hazel's body so he could harvest her soul. Just as Hazel's soul was about to be erased from existence, a royally pissed off Hades punched the second Hades right in the jaw before proceeding to beat the everloving shit out of him as the ascended members of the Seven ran off with Hazel's soul to get her revived. After revival, the shaken Hazel has taken precautions to ensure that she would never encounter the second Hades again.
    • When she was informed of Hazel's arrival within the Pantheon, Persephone, who hates any children that Hades has had with mortal women, said that she held no ill will whatsoever towards Hazel right before she subconsciously crushed a wine glass she was drinking out of. Rather than have Hazel and Persephone talk their issues out, Nico has opted to keep Hazel as far away from Persephone as humanly possible, as he knows that Hazel's encounter with Persephone will simply end with her being turned into a dandelion.
    • Like Frank, Hazel dislikes the fact that Thanatos is here in the Pantheon with her, especially since unlike Frank, she has to go out of her way to avoid him since he'll take her back to the underworld should he find her. Her irritation has increased when she heard about Frank having to outrun a soul-hungry, hooded version of Thanatos.
    • Hecate was quite pleased to hear that her favorite had managed to ascend to the Pantheon, especially since she helped Hecate fight off her giant counterpart, Clytius. Unfortunately for Hazel, Hecate's approval of her has inadvertently attracted the attention of Sam and Dean Winchester, both of whom have decided to monitor Hazel for the time-being in case she turns out to be as dangerous as Hecate.
    • Upon hearing about her upcoming ascension, an infuriated Gaea stormed into the Court of the Gods to petition for her son Alcyoneus to ascend instead of Hazel. To the surprise of no one, her demands fell on deaf ears as Hazel was able to ascend unimpeded. Unperturbed by this chain of events, Gaea has resolved to do the next best thing: ensure that Hazel stays dead this time around.
  • In addition to Thanatos, Hazel has made sure to avoid the House of Death and Postmortem out of fear that at least one of the numerous death entities that roam its halls would try to reap her soul. Given that Death (Final Destination) has made public its plans to have Hazel trampled by a stampede of horses, this fear is not unfounded.
  • Given her powers, it was inevitable for her to cross paths with the House of Commerce. Initially, the House was elated to have encountered a girl who could summon the earth's riches to her location and quickly gathered as many of said riches they could find in spite of Hazel's objections. Soon after, however, the cursed riches began to take their toll on the House when its inhabitants started gruesomely dying all over the place. The most noteworthy deaths were that of the House's three managers, which consisted of Scrooge McDuck breaking all of his bones trying to swim through his gold, Mr. Burns being reduced to a skeleton after another meltdown at his nuclear plant, and Seto Kaiba somehow getting his soul sucked out during a children's card game. The only one who managed to avoid an untimely end was Mr. Krabs, who, after acquiring the largest amount of cursed riches within the house, stated that there was no curse to begin with before he was transported to an unknown location:
    [Cut to a steamed Mr. Krabs lying down on a plate in a pitch-black room]
    Mr. Krabs: Ugggh where am I?
    [A plastic cup full of melted butter is placed next to Mr. Krabs]
    Mr. Krabs: What's going on here?
    [A gigantic man sits down in front of Mr. Krabs and puts on a bib that says "THE END"]
    Mr. Krabs: Uh oh. I do believe in curses! I do believe in curses! I do believe in curses! Ooooh Nooooooooo!!!
    • Unsurprisingly, the House quickly fell out of love with Hazel and now views her as one of the biggest threats to the House's continued existence. It has gotten to the point where several members within the House have hired thousands of picketers to protest Hazel's deification outside the Court of the Gods, much to the court's annoyance.
  • Even though she tries to downplay her curse as much as possible, a few deities have taken interest in her specifically because of her curse:
    • Initially, she had earned the enmity of the Crystal Gems, as they believed that power to summon cursed jewels was some sort of euphemism for summoning corrupted gem monsters. Thankfully, hostilities were cleared up when Steven managed to have a talk with Hazel, where he learned about her powers and the origins of her curse. Empathizing with her situation, Steven offered to have the Crystal Gems help her out by collecting whatever cursed gems pop up in her midst, since Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl can reform should their physical bodies be damaged; an offer which Hazel accepted for the time-being. While Hazel was and still is hesitant about her alliance with the Crystal Gems, she is still appreciative of the fact that she doesn't have to carry the burden of the curse alone.
    • Unlike others in the Pantheon, Rin Tohsaka actually likes Hazel's curse, as she sees Hazel as her chance to gain an infinite supply of gems for her Jewel magic. Because of this, Hazel has made it a point to make sure that her gems do not end up in Rin's hands. After all, she already has to deal with gemstones that cause misfortune to fall upon anyone that takes them. She doesn't want to start dealing with gemstones that explode.
      • Speaking of those who wish to weaponize her gemstones, Ghauri, an adept who was capable of manipulating and creating crystalline objects, once arrived outside her temple with an offer to join Zonda and the Seven. Hazel declined however, as although she thought Ghauri was friendly, he was still working with Super Supremacists that hated humanity with a passion. That, and Ghauri's rhymes were too horrible for Hazel to tolerate.
    • Having heard about her ability to summon precious gemstones, the jewelry-obsessed Biscuit Krueger started camping outside Hazel's temple until Hazel caved in and summoned forth some gemstones in spite of Hazel's objections. Unfortunately for Hazel, gemstones would still pop outside of temple for Biscuit to snatch up. As a result, this kickstarted a cycle where Biscuit would suffer some form of Cruel and Unusual Death (Ranging from being run over repeatedly by Dom Toretto, drowning in the Hall of Pantheon/WaterAndMoisture, getting accidentally stomped on by Eren Yeager's titan form, or simply dropping dead just a few feet outside Hazel's temple), only to come back later to camp outside Hazel's temple for more Jewels, much to Hazel's dismay.
  • In her world, Hazel had a natural affinity for horses as they were only living creatures that didn't mind her presence whereas everyone else feared and hated her due to her lineage. Not to mention that when she was riding horses, she would go so fast that there was no chance for cursed gemstones to pop up in her wake, making it seem as if she momentarily free from her curse. So when she found out about the Hall of Ungulates, she was positively giddy and explored the hall for the better part of the day. By the end, she successfully managed to befriend Black Beauty, who sympathizes with Hazel's plight, and Maximus, who ended up making Hazel laugh with his dog-like behavior.
    • Hazel also took a shine to Spirit due to his resemblance to her horse in her original world, Arion. Although the horse is hostile to anyone who tries to ride him, Spirit, in turn, respects the young lady not only for her love of horses, but also for her role in freeing Arion from the Amazons in her world, which endeared her to Spirit even further. Hazel's friend Percy was actually glad that Hazel was bonding with Spirit, as unlike Arion, Spirit doesn't swear like a sailor.
    • Hearing about how the temple of Female Horse Enthusiasts has finally been filled, Pinkie Pie, along with the rest of the Mane Six, almost instantaneously threw one of Pinkie Pie's infamous parties to commemorate the occasion, much to Hazel's delight. Her delight promptly gave way to horror when she found out that Rarity had made Hazel a gem-encrusted dress with some of the gemstones that laid outside Hazel's temple. Just as Rarity was about to ask if that was a bad thing to do, Hazel's temple was enveloped in one gigantic explosion, destroying the temple and everyone in it. Still, in spite of the explosive ending, Hazel admits that the party and the dress were still some of the nicest things that anyone has ever gave her.
    • After learning about how he beheaded his horse for failing him in a joust, Hazel immediately confronted Gregor Clegane to have him explain why he committed such a heinous deed. Defiant, Gregor stared at her in the eyes and listed all the crimes he committed during his time in Westeros. As Gregor went through his list, Hazel simply stared wordlessly at him. After Gregor was done, Hazel grabbed a few of the gemstones that laid scattered around feet and handed them to Gregor before running back to her temple. Initially, Gregor laughed, thinking that the girl was some coward who ran away at the first sign of trouble. Before he could do anything with the gems, however, the scattered remains of the Black Cat Mantaray came crashing down onto his head, killing Gregor. Watching the whole thing from afar, Hazel smiled and went to gather more gemstones so she could send them Gregor's temple later.
  • Having heard about her proficiency for sorcery in addition how her mother was a fortune-telling sorceress as well, Madame Xanadu has taken an interest in Hazel, and plans on keeping an eye on her to track her progress through the Pantheon.
  • Shares her fellow demigods' disdain for the likes of Kratos, especially since he ended up killing Hades even though her father had legitimate grievances against Kratos. Unlike Nico, she also took umbrage with Kratos' killing of Persephone, even if Persephone absolutely deserved her death at Kratos' hands. When Nico asked about this, Hazel simply stated although she's well aware of how horrible Persephone is, she still condemns Kratos for killing since she believes that Persephone's death caused her father to be more susceptible to the sin of Rage.

    May Chang and Xiao-Mei 
May Chang and Xiao-Mei, Duumvirate Deities of Owners and Pets Who Mimic Each Other (May: Mei Chan, Princess Chang | Xiao-Mei: Shao May)

    Rubeus Hagrid 
Rubeus Hagrid, God of Naive Animal Lovers (Hagrid, Professor Hagrid, Hagger)

    Sabrina Spellman 
Sabrina Spellman, Goddess of Witches With Feline Companions (Sabrina Sawyer, Kirby)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her silhouette with white hair
  • Theme Songs: This, or "Here Comes Sabrina" for Japanese deities
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but can slips into Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Naïve Everygirl, Plucky Girl, being half-human in a Mage Species, Badass Adorable, Cute Witch, has a Missing Mom, Inept Mage because she is Brilliant, but Lazy and has to fix her problem
  • Domain: Magic, Family, Love, Personality, Profession
  • Heralds: Harvey Kinkle (her boyfriend), Hilda and Zelda Spellman (her aunts)
  • Followers: Morwen
  • Allies: Her cat Salem Saberhagen, Frank West, April O'Neil, Lois Lane, Jade, Sonic, Kiki, Coraline Jones, Chihiro Ogino
  • Enemies: LIBBY CHESSLER, CTHULHU, any evil deities in the House of Magic and Sorcery, H.P. Lovecraft, Cheryl Blossom, Arthas Menethil
  • Conflicting Opinion: Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper (mostly from their side)
  • Opposed by: Lee Everett and Clementine (mostly from their side)
  • Pitited by: Tallahassee, Jaina Proudmore
  • People wonder how her position works, as they point out that Salem also has a temple of his own while he is by default required to be on her side most of the time. She solves this problem by taking Salem's lesser known comicbook version to her temple while let the live-action version to manage his own temple.
  • Asked for help from the House of Health and Diseases to figure out what mitosis is.
  • Tries to stay away from Libby Chessler as far as possible after their ascension. However, this proves to be futile as Libby actively seeks out Sabrina to torment her. Although Libby is confused about Sabrina position, she still taunting Sabrina anyway because of the effect from the Status Quo (and just because).
  • Strikes up a friendship with Inuyasha due to their experience of being discriminate because of being a Half-Human Hybrid. She wished him the best and hopes for Kagome's effort to rescue him.
  • Became friends with fellow journalists in the Pantheon like Lois Lane, Jade, April O'Neil and Frank West over their love for journalism. However, they expressed that they think it might effect journalistic integrity given the fact that Sabrina is a witch. She responds by saying that she will only reports news from the magic world and let them handle the rest.
  • Her life has been... interesting after the discovery of an alternative universe in which she unwittingly triggered a Zombie Apocalypse and was sent to Purgatory by her own aunts due to her recklessness.
    • Sabrina's initial action after this discovery is to plunges into a deep depression and hides alone in her temple for days because of how much tragedy her action cost. It took a pep talk from Salem and a visit from her aunts for her show her face out of the outside world.
      • During her crisis, she was visited by Arthas Menethil who tried to convince Sabrina to embrace her dark side like he did in order to develop this power further while also suggests that his faction always welcomes a good necromancy-related magic user with open arms and maybe a new Lich King / Queen... only for her to throws his words back to his face by saying that she would never work for the forces of darkness and points out that at her worst, this version of her only turned to necromancy out of a well-meaning action to resurrect her friend Jughead's dog. Arthas's action drew Sabrina and Jaina closer together as the latter cannot believe that he would stoop so low to exploit a teenager at her weakest moment.
    • Her action from this timeline caused her former friends Archie, Betty and Veronica to become wary of her after her ascension while Cheryl Blossom outright declares her to be an enemy. While Cheryl's official reason if that she is upset because she was forced to flee Riverdale because of Sabrina and, unlike the rest of her friends, she doesn't really know enough about Sabrina as a person to sympathize with her, most deities think it is because she is rightfully Squicked out because of her "relationship" with her twin brother Jason in this timeline, as well as his death (whatever the heck that caused it).
    • Her action also earned the ire of Lee Everett and Clementine as they had first hand knowledge of how harsh such apocalypse can affect a person. The only zombie-related person that support her is Tallahassee, and that mostly because she reminds him of Witchita and Little Rock from his world and feels pity for her because of the Heroic BSoD she went through.
    • After this discovery, she has been seeking help from the House of Magic to stop things like this from happen ever again.
    • Was horrified when she discovered that her action also cost the awakening of Cthulhu and she was forced to his bride. This caused her to be wary of ever come close to the vicinity of the House of Otherness. She also became wary of Lovecraft after encountering a doctor with the same last name at him in Purgatory.
    • Her action of awakening Cthuhlu attracts the attention of Nyarlathotep who saw what kind of Chaos Sabrina is capable of and seeks to corrupt her into working for him. This caused her to enter an uneasy alliance with Philemon in order to keep Nyarly at bay.
  • Was NOT pleased when she heard a predator has ascended into the Pantheon. While somewhat relief that it is different from the one that killed her, Sabrina still doesn't take any chance.

Sig, God of Bug Catchers
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A ladybug above his red left arm
  • Theme Music: In the Middle of a Stroll; Rapid Carefree Advice
  • Alignment: True Neutral with mild Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Friend to Bugs, Half-Human and Half-Demon, Very Unemotive (But Not Always), Hair Antennae, Weird-Looking Left Arm
  • Domains: Bugs, Appearance
  • Fascinated by: All ascended bugs (notably Bug-Type Pokemon)
  • Allies: Arle Nadja, Agitha, Villager
  • Opposes: Barroth
  • Annoyed at: Ragnaros
  • Odd Relations: Guzma, Schezo Wegey
  • Half-human, half-demon, and not very expressive, Sig is someone who would rather keep to himself most of the time in addition to not being too hung up on the fact that he's half-demon. Other than his friends, bugs are the one thing that consistently interest him, evidence being that not only is he kind towards them, he also collects him. That red arm he has as an indicator of him being half-demon has been used to house a family of bugs. There's also a ladybug that follows him around quite a bit.
  • While he didn't have much of a reaction to being told he got a spot in the Pantheon, Sig did take an interest in the fact that it housed plenty of bugs that he had never heard of before. Among the bugs that he's been looking at are the various Bug-type Pokémon, many of which are stronger than normal insects. Sig has considered having a Bug-type Pokémon follow him around, but he's pretty content with that ladybug of his for now.
    • There were also a variety of insects that he found could be considered malicious, such as Queen Sectonia. It doesn't really mean much to Sig, given his stoic demeanor and his interest in insects, and while he does run the risk of potentially getting attacked by antagonistic bugs, Sig does have magical abilities.
  • Sig became fast friends with fellow bug fanatic Agitha and the two are often seen together looking for bugs. Agitha does find it strange (even taking into account her own eccentric attitude) how Sig's red arm is a place to store bugs that he collects.
  • Whenever the Villager goes bug-hunting, there's a good chance that Sig will tag along with them and sometimes engage in a friendly competition: catching the most insects in a short period of time. Sig even tried showing off some of the bugs he has to the Villager once, though they politely declined that request.
  • A bug-searching outing of his resulted in him chasing around a scorpion and a tarantula for a bit. Eventually, the scorpion and the tarantula retaliated against him, causing a skirmish between them, though Sig came out of the fight with only a few injuries. He was later told by someone that the scorpion and tarantula weren't insects, much to his indifference.
  • Hoping to find another deity who shared an interest in bugs, Sig ended up witnessing a quick Pokémon battle between Guzma and Red. Sig noticed that Guzma relied on Bug-type Pokémon and after the fight was over, Sig asked Guzma if he liked bugs as well. Guzma simply said it was his choice to have a team of mainly bug-type Pokémon, but Sig told him that he's interested in bug-type Pokémon. Guzma took it as a sign that Sig wanted to be a Pokémon trainer, to which Sig replied something along the lines of "I would if I could have bug-type Pokémon follow me around". Guzma told him that it may take a bit of time for Sig to be skilled with Pokémon, but could oversee his progress should Sig take up being a part-time trainer. No one's sure how all this could turn out, but since Guzma has been mostly behaving himself, plenty are confident that this won't turn out bad (or at least, Sig won't pick up on his more unsavory habits).
    • This ended up getting the attention of Ash Ketchum, who had a feeling that Guzma was going to do something bad to Sig. Even if he's used plenty of other Pokémon in addition to Bug-types, Ash insisted that if there's someone who wants to teach Sig about Pokémon and Bug-types, it would be him and has reached out to him a number of times, with some of these instances causing him to come into conflict with Guzma.
  • Ragnaros and his tendency to call beings inferior to him "insect" is something that Sig isn't amused by to say the least (even if by "insects", Sig means bugs, not anything else). The fact that Ragnaros seems to enjoy setting things on fire (which in turn would lead to burnt bugs) just adds to Sig's dislike of the Firelord.
  • Despite being part-demon, Sig doesn't spend much of his time with other demons (or other part-demon deities for that matter). Even if his demonic heritage isn't a major issue for him, some evil demons have considered targeting him, but he's a low priority for them for the time being. While Sig has some decent magic abilities, they definitely aren't on the same level compared to a lot of other demons or half-demons.
  • He had a rather bad run-in with Barroth when Sig was watching some bugs one time. Barroth decided to eat some bugs that Sig was watching and ended up making him just a bit annoyed enough to cause a brief skirmish between Sig and Barroth. That spat wasn't anything significant as it ended with the Barroth getting some scratches and Sig having plenty of mud covered on him.
  • One time, Schezo Wegey went after Sig's red arm, believing it to house some sort of potential power. By the time Schezo caught up to Sig, Schezo found out that the red arm was used to house a family of bugs and since Sig was defeated in Puyo-Tetris battle (the whole thing happened when the worlds of Puyo Puyo and Tetris merged, though Sig knowing about how to play Tetris to some degree is another discussion), Schezo would be responsible for the well-being of the bugs. Needless to say, Schezo changed his mind about the arm after that. This could be considered some weird analogy about marriage and the realization of having to tend to a family, but it's possible that that would be reading too much into it...


    Captain Chantel DuBois 
Capitaine Chantel Shannon DuBois, Goddess of Malevolent Animal Control Officers (Captain Chantel DuBois, Psychopath, Crazy Lady, That Horrid Woman)

Nana, Divine Patron Of Black Comedy Animal Cruelty (Bluehair)


    Corrine and Gwynn Tan 
Corrine Mei-Ling and Gwynn Guang Tan, Co-Goddesses of Getting Pets as Presents (Corrine: Cori | Gwynn: Tan Gwang, Gwynnie)
Corrine (center) and Gwynn (right), with Flurry (left, unascended)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A ski board and a pair of ice skates.
  • Theme Song: Living our Dreams
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Blended Family Drama, Own a Dog named Flurry who is Trained for Search-and-Rescue Tasks, Received Flurry as a Present for their Dedication to the Dog, Kid Protagonists, Nice Girls, Outdoorsy Gals, Excel in Skiing and Skating Respectively, Have their Ages Lifted in their Film Adaptation, Are Several Years Older than their Half-Brother
  • Domains: Family, Sisterhood, Ice, Training, Culture, Sports
  • Heralds: Judy Karlsson (their mother), David Tan (their father), Arne Karlsson (their stepfather), Blix Young Karlsson (their younger half-brother), Cassidy, Pippa, Zach, Flurry (their pet dog)
  • Allies: Evelyn Wang, The Sullivan Family, Balto, Old Yeller, Travis Coates, Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, Princess Sofia, Hitori Gotoh, Homare Kagayaki/Cure Etoile, Pipp, Zipp, Jon Snow, Rubeus Hagrid, Matilda Wormwood
  • Sympathizes With: Marco, John Wick
  • Corrine and Gwynn Tan are sisters from a family of Chinese immigrants who live in the snowy terrains of Aspen, Colorado, the two had developed a strong bond with one another as well as having become attached to their home. The two would face personal troubles, however, as they would have to deal with xenophobia during the days of COVID-19 Pandemic, which also isolated Corrine and Gwynn from participating in their outdoor hobbies. Although things would ease up for the sisters after the pandemic, Corrine and Gwynn would get involved in personal struggles, one of which was befriending an up-and-coming search-and-rescue dog named Flurry, whom they took a liking to and the former took up the task of wanting to train Flurry into passing the certification board in becoming an official search-and-rescue dog. Furthermore, their mother would find a new husband and would have to prepare to welcome a baby brother named Blix into the family, which became a point of contention for the sisters regarding their personal space and whether their mother and stepfather would love them all the same. Regardless of their struggles, Corrine and Gwynn are eager to overcome their challenges, accomplish their personal goals, and make it clear that they’re loved by their family.
  • The sisters were overall happy and content with their experience in Aspen, even if many hurdles proved difficult for the girls. Still, Corrine and Gwynn were welcome to anticipate a new chapter and further challenges in their lives, they simply didn't expect their tale to spin to a wholly fantastical note. Corrine and Gwynn learned about the Pantheon most surprisingly when they glanced at what appeared to be a giant winged animal flying overhead their town before disappearing in seconds. They were excited about the idea of having seen what they thought was a dragon, followed by a letterbox they received about the two girls and their family being invited to a special “dog club” as guests of honor. They figured that it was something to do with Flurry and it took some convincing from their parents to finally visit the “dog club”, which turned out to be the Hall of Canines. Corrine and Gwynn initially took this as a sign that they were going to be a part of the Hall, but when they were told that they would be offered a different Hall, they were still happy that they had close access to the Canines Hall either, though they admitted to being overwhelmed by the idea of being seen as deities. That aside, the sisters are excited to see what opportunities the Pantheon would provide them with.
  • Corrine and Gwynn are best described as exuberant, playful, and often optimistic girls who share a very close bond to the point where Gwynn would gladly state that they have a "connected sister-link", something that Corrine would begrudgingly go along with. With the Pantheon proving supernatural and fantastical phenomena to be real, said "sister-link" now feels more normal, which Gwynn feels lessens the phase's impact, but the sisters are happy that their lives can be much more exciting. Aside from each other, they have a close relationship with their parents and are accepting of their stepfather and baby stepbrother as well as Corrine's best friend, Cassidy, proving that although a blended family can be tough to welcome at first, they'll eventually pull through. Corrine and Gwynn are also very fond of outdoor activities, especially skiing for the former and skating for the latter, and the fact that the Pantheon offered generous exhibitions to participate in them gave the sisters an outlet to visit and hope to play a professional part there someday. Finally, Corrine's experience with Flurry shows that she and her family are avid dog lovers and generally respect those who are willing to lend a hand in rescue tasks.
  • Given their close relationship, Corrine and Gwynn were warmly welcomed by the Hall of Siblings and they quickly came to enjoy the place’s company just as much as the residents appreciated their excitable nature and drive to excel in their hobbies. Given their “sister-link”, they hoped to meet Anna and Elsa one day as both girls enjoyed their tale and were in squee when the Tan Sisters came to meet the heirs of Arendelle one day. Anna and Elsa instantly liked Corrine and Gwynn and gave them an invite to visit their domain anytime they could, which further excited the younger sisters to a point where they felt like they were living in a dream for a brief amount of time. The fact that the Tan Sisters were accustomed to snowy environments and were especially fond of activities like skiing and skating helped, especially for Elsa as she was willing to use her powers to form a performance set Corrine and Gwynn to play and practice in. Of course, Olaf’s presence was also appreciated and he admitted that the Tan Sisters reminded him of the Arendelle sisters regarding their love and affection for each other.
  • Both girls have gone through immigration, which served as a factor in them finding trouble in adapting to Aspen as they were quite rooted to their native Chinese culture thanks to their parents. Corrine and Gwynn were initially hesitant that they may have to do it again for the Pantheon, so they were relieved about not having to do so as they still maintained their place in Aspen, hence they had little issues making new friends in the divine realms over the idea of moving to live in a new place. A fellow Chinese family with similar circumstances were the Wang Family, who ended up in multiverse hijinks that revolved on the decisions of the mother Evelyn and daughter Joy. With an ethnic common ground that allowed the two to connect, Evelyn is happy to be in the Tan Family's company and converse with one another, though given the events she went through, she is hesitant about meeting them too much lest Corrine and Gwynn end up getting involved in some kind of multiversal madness. The Sullivan Family from Ireland were also immigrants to America, albeit for far more tragic circumstances, but that didn't deter Christy and Ariel from getting along and desiring to play alongside Corrine and Gwynn, with both pairs having a few similarities that they would bond over.
  • While the idea of a blended family can be difficult to go through, Corrine and Gwynn are happy that things turned out fine for them as their stepfather Arne has a soft spot for his stepdaughters and that their father David is accepting of him. The theme of blended families led to an unexpected friendship for the Tan Sisters in the form of Pipp and Zipp, pegasus sisters who were princesses of Zephyr Heights whose mother ended up in a relationship with the father of their friend Misty. While their families aren't married yet, Pipp, Zipp, and Misty are happy to accept that and conversely seeing Corrine and Gwynn’s familial relations give them hope for such. It also helps that all parties greatly respect and like each other, with the Tan Sisters being excited over the idea of meeting ponies and pegasi and getting involved with their company. That said, not everyone is comfortable with blended families as attested by one of the Animorphs, Marco, who does not like his father remarrying someone after his mother was presumed dead, leading to his cynical outlook on things. While Corrine and Gwynn are sympathetic to him and he respects them for at least having a stable family group, Marco is unsure of getting along with the Tan Sisters mainly because of his desire to have an adventure in the Pantheon as he feels defined by such as well as feeling that trying to be friends with Corrine and Gwynn would get them involved in a dangerous life like he is involved in, which Marco would rather avert for their safety.
  • While having divorced parents led to some social and self-esteem problems, the sisters are happy to see that at least Sandra and David intend to keep in contact and look after their girls, not to mention David being approving of Arne and his son with Sandra. Even then, Corrine and Gwynn are aware of how sensitive the topic of divorce is and prefer not to talk too much about it, especially for Corrine who found it difficult to adjust to her parents being split. Regardless, this didn't deter them from visiting the Hall of Parental Figures a few times as Sandra, David, and Arne admit to enjoying the company there, and the former two being held up as good examples of Amicable Exes and the Tan Sisters are respected in the House of Family and Relatives for their close relationship with each other and for representing such regarding siblings. That said, the family is aware that there are divorced pairs where neither partner gets along with the other, and while Corrine would want to help a child of any divorced pair, she does express worry about whether it would be enough and that their harsh circumstances would make Corrine invasive and not welcomed.
  • Despite their tale being one of hope and aspirations, Corrine and Gwynn had the misfortune of dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic during their time in Aspen. Furthermore, they and their family were mocked and ridiculed for their ethnicity, mainly to highlight how the virus originated in their native country, much to their dismay. While the Pantheon seems to be a relatively safe place, there is the risk of a new potential outbreak and pandemic happening, be it a freak accident or a supernatural phenomenon caused by someone, though most attempts tend to be repelled, much to the sisters’ relief. Their experience of dealing with racism isn't too relatable with a lot of deities in the Pantheon and while there are those like Niko Bellic and Lincoln Clay who’ve been through such, their troubles with crime and the law means they’re not in contact with Corrine and Gwynn, even if they do feel slightly bad for what they've been through. As for plagues, the reputation of the Red Death is best treated as a scary folklore tale for the Tan Sisters, though they've strangely found a decent company in the form of the de Rune Siblings, Amica and Hugo, who were runaways during the Black Plague. Though friendly, Hugo has to be reminded not to use his powers of calling and controlling rats after a one-off incident that involved Corrine and Gwynn being terrified of a rodent scampering around them sometime after their first meeting, something Hugo has apologized and tried to make up for, even if their friendship isn't really in risk.
  • Corrine and Gwynn are fond of animals, especially dogs, which is attested by their owning Flurry, and, by extension, they’re very appreciative of any animals that are trained to help others during times of crisis. To their joy, there were a couple of canines in the Pantheon who have proven themselves to be quite heroic and loyal, such as Balto and Old Yeller, with the former proving his worth by delivering medicine for a group of sick kids during a harsh blizzard while the latter established a great friendship with a boy named Travis Coates. The sisters were happy to see that Flurry was eager to get along with the two dogs as well as Travis befriending Corrine and Gwynn for their similar love for dogs, not to mention Travis being excited by the idea of dogs being trained to help others in need, hoping that he could get Old Yeller trained to be a rescue dog like Flurry someday. The sisters also got along with John Wick, of all people, for that very reason and John is willing to let his pit bull play with the girls as a sign of good gesture in the Canines Hall. Being frequent visitors to the Hall gave Corrine and Gwynn a likable reputation there, with many dog lovers and workers being appreciative of the sisters’ enthusiasm and desire to simply get along with others.
  • Despite her outgoing and spirited nature as well as being determined to accomplish her personal goals, Corrine has struggled with self-esteem and anxiety, causing her to put too much effort in her interests to the detriment of her mental health as well as her relationship with her family. While she has persevered through her struggles, Corrine does worry that they could resurface as she closes in further into her teenage years and is currently a bit worried about needing external help and support on that matter for now. And as troublesome as her self-esteem issues were, Hitori Gotoh has it worse; she’d faint at the slightest effort of trying to talk to someone, let alone work on her craft and desires, which she admittedly does a little better on. Corrine and Gwynn were surprised and were a little afraid of confronting Hitori due to her crippling social anxiety, but fortunately, the latter would improve her confidence and ability to speak with others to a point where Hitori could manage an average conversation with Corrine and bond over their shared issues of self-esteem. Helping matters is how Corrine found Hitori’s dedication to her craft as a lead guitarist admirable, though she’s aware of needing help in terms of managing her interests. Gwynn is a little upset that Hitori couldn't talk to her, but Corrine has assured her that progress is being made on improvements, no matter how small.
  • The sisters have a strong passion for ice-themed sports and activities, namely skiing for Corrine and ice skating for Gwynn and they’re happy to learn that such activities are popular in certain places in the Pantheon, namely the Halls of Ice and Cold and Physical Sports, though to their annoyance, they couldn't find a fellow deity with a shared interest in that regard. There's the Norse Goddess Skaði who took skiing as a job, and Homare Kagayaki, a Magical girl who aligned with Corrine’s interests, but Gwynn was despondent to not find anyone sharing her favorite hobby. There was a D&D player named Sally who was good at ice skating, but she was too occupied in her profession to meet up with Gwynn. Corrine has since promised that they’ll take their time until a deity with a passion for ice skating and enough spare time will come over to the divine realms and can understand the feeling of being lonely without anyone to share their thoughts on. However, Skaði and Homare were courteous enough to take up an ice skating role to cheer up the younger sister and Gwynn was happy to be accommodated by the two thanks to their kindness and empathizing with her as well as the added cool factor of being friends with a literal goddess and a Magical Girl.

    Iwashiro Tesshou 
Iwashiro Tesshou, God of Kindly Veterinarians
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His goggles; the R.E.D.symbol
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Kindly Vet who is a Friend to All Children and Living Things; Has a Perfect Pitch; A Skilled Surgeon who is Awesome by Analysis and Passionate Determination despite being an Idiot Hero; Named his pet nurse-dog, Dog
  • Domains: Vets, Keen Sense of Hearing, Passionate Idiot Heroes
  • Heralds: Dog (his nurse-dog), his friends and allies from R.E.D. and Meiou University, as well as the people and animals that he had helped (though he is still scared witless of Tsukasa Ryoutou)
  • Followers: any vet who wishes to save lives, even the smallest of animals
  • Allies: Many of the good-aligned Gods, especially in the Houses of Beasts and Fauna, Nature, Friendship and Camaraderie, Family and Relatives and even Knowledge
  • Opposes: Anyone who takes advantage of the misfortune of others, be it human or animal
  • The Gods in the House of Knowledge noted that they lacked a suitable representative of veterinary knowledge despite having a God of Medicine (a.k.a. Dr. Gregory House), and Tony Tony Chopper who can speak to animals. While they were discussing about electing a God of Veterinarians with the Houses of Nature and Beasts, which was a given as the two houses would need a good vet for the animals that live in there, Steve Irwin remembered that he had met a vet from the R.E.D. before his own ascension and thus decided to contact them to recommend a vet for ascension. Seeing no harm in it, the other gods agreed to it.
  • When the vet failed to appear at the scheduled time, the gods got frustrated and assumed that no one would come for the ascension. They got a pleasant surprise when they realised that the representative vet from R.E.D., Iwashiro Tesshou, had actually arrived earlier than expected but had ended up spending most of his time in the House of Beasts to treat the sick animals there alongside with Fluttershy who quickly accepted him as a friend. After witnessing his dedication and skills first hand, despite his Book Dumb nature, the gods quickly decided to make him the official vet-deity of the pantheon.
  • Although Tesshou was originally supposed to be placed in the House of Knowledge, it was decided that he would be placed in the House of Beasts instead. The reason is twofold:
    • Firstly, Tesshou's major characteristic is his determination to help sick and injured animals, not his "encyclopaedic" knowledge of veterinary work. Nevertheless, he is known to do a lot of studying so that he can better help his patients, thereby granting him an honorary place in the House of Knowledge.
    • In addition, being placed in the House of Beasts would allow Tesshou to respond more quickly to give treatment to his patients, something which Tesshou is happy to accept.
  • Given his position as a vet, Tesshou is given a considerable amount of respect, or at least tolerance, by even some of the more aggressive animals in the House of Beasts (few would want to harm one's own well-meaning doctor/vet after all). He also visits the House of Machinery and Technology on occasion given his skills in modifying motorcycles.
  • As Tesshou has a bad habit of overworking himself, Tony Tony Chopper and Fluttershy volunteered to give him a helping hand so that he can get some rest. Sakaki, who aspires to become a vet, was more than happy to accept him as her veterinary teacher.

Rusty, God of Chronic Pet Killing