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Pantheon / Warcraft

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In the Trope Pantheons, the following were chosen:

The Alliance

The Horde

The Scourge

Illidan & his followers

The Burning Legion

The Old Gods

The Titans

  • The Titan Pantheonnote , Holy Avatars of Prominent Background Paragons (Aman'Thul: The Highfather, Highfather of the Pantheon | Eonar: The Life-Binder | Aggramar: The Avenger, Lieutenant of the Great Sargeras, Champion of the Pantheon | Norgannon: The Dreamweaver, Keeper of Celestial Magics and Lore | Khaz'Goroth: The Shaper, Shaper and Forger of Worlds | Golganneth: The Thunderer, Lord of the Skies and the Roaring Oceans | Argus: The Unmaker, The Emerald Star | Azeroth: The Final Titan) as Overdeities in the Halls of Character Roles (House of Characterization)


The Dragonflights

Artifact Weapons

Unafilliated Characters

From Heroes of the Storm


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