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Greater Gods

    Malcador the Sigillite 
Malcador the Sigillite, God of Benevolent Chancellors (The Regent of Terra, Master of the Adminstratum, Grand Master of Assassins, Lord of the Council of Terra, Malcador the Hero)

Rassilon, God of Scientific Emperors (Lord-President of Gallifrey, The Narrator, Conquerer of Yssgaroth, Overpriest of Dronid, First Earl of Prydon, Patris of the Vortex, Ravager of the Void, Razz (Only Omega can call him that), Rassilon the Redeemer, Rassilon the Resurrected)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Great Seal of Rassilon
  • Theme Song: The Council of the Time Lords
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Artifacts of Rassilon, Co-founded Time Lord Society, He would sacrifice all of creation to stave off death, a medieval-style gauntlet on his left hand that can act as a remote control for other devices and can vaporize a Time Lord with a gesture, Enjoyment of eternal life, Endless Evil
  • Domains: Time, Regeneration, Immortality
  • Followers: Jung Zorndyke, Queen Atomia, Rotti Largo, Grandmaster Meio, Trevor Goodchild
  • Heralds: the loyal members of the High Council of Gallifrey
  • Interested in: the Time Eater
  • Allies: Omega, YHVH, Cersei I Lannister, Gwyn, Clu
  • Rivals: Nathaniel Richards/Kang the Conqueror, Jadis, Krona, the Celestials
  • Enemies: The Doctor, The Master, Davros, the Dalek Empire, Dalek Sec and Caan, Grandfather Paradox, the Doctor's TARDIS, Clara Oswald, River Song, Rose Tyler, Count Dracula, the Hall of Vampires, the Vamps, Gasper Vladi, Yog-Sothoth, Lucifer (SMT), the Shroobs, Maltruant, the Hounds of Tindalos, the Nestene Consciousness and its Autons, The Wolf/Death, Skurd, Brighid and Aegaeon, the Liberation Army, Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Marcus Aurelius, Uatu the Watcher, Eternity, Chuck Shurley, Chronos, Ace
  • Opposed by: Saint Jeanne d'Arc
  • Established himself as the founder and creator of all Time Lords, and the ability to regenerate, He was also the one to help many civilizations grow to the stature that they reached today, even Earth, He even gave himself the ability to live forever through unlimited regenerations.
  • The reason for the abundance of bipedal, humanoid aliens in the Whoniverse? Rassilon threw those that didn't fit the mold into a pocket universe and/or ensured they never existed in the first place, whichever was more expedient for him.
  • He comes to this House to establish The Time Lords into the Pantheon in order to escape The Last Great Time War and was furious to learn that The Doctor and The Master resided in it as well.
  • He is trying to learn more from Gallifrey's future from the House of Prophecy and is trying to destroy the House of Life and Death in hopes that he will never die.
    • Though when told that may one day happen he is quick to yell
    "I will NOT DIE! Do you hear me? A billion years of Time Lord history riding on our backs. I will not let this perish. I Will. Not"
  • He is also trying to destroy any and all vampires after an event in Gallifrey's past caused a great vampire to become Rassilon's enemy. This even includes deities who can temporarily become vampires, such as Sora.
    • Thanks to this program, Rassilon is not allowed to go within 500m of any ascended vampire deities and is banned from the House of Otherness.
  • Is attempting to kill Dalek Sec and Davros to finish the Last Great Time War here and now in The Pantheon.
  • He has many artifacts that are named after him, much to the annoyance of The Doctor,
    "So what have you got squirelled away? The Hairdryer of Rassilon? The Hoover of Rassilon? The Rassilon Patent Trouser Press? "These creases last forever!""
  • He has earned an enemy in The Master as it was revealed that he was the one to through a signal through the time vortex to be implanted in the mind of The Master effectively creating the sound of drums in his head.
  • Also the one to turn Humanity back to their original state after they were turn into "The Master Race" with the flick of his gauntlet.
  • He is also attempting The Ultimate Sanction. To be rid of all enemies of The Time Lords he is creating a paradox so powerful that it will tear the very fabric of time and space asunder and to escape the destruction by having the whole race shed their corporeal bodies and become creatures of consciousness alone; ones that would escape the effects of time and of cause and effect.
  • Tries to get others in the Pantheon to kneel to him when he enters a room by stating On your knees Pantheon Gods
  • Only wants one thing for Gallifrey.
    "Whether we die here today or return to the waking world and complete the ultimate sanction. For this is the hour when either Gallifrey falls. Or Gallifrey rises!"
  • Is attempting to get his friend Omega to work with him to fight in The Last Great Time War despite Omega's new found hatred of Time Lords, though Omega has gone back to calling Rassilon by his nickname every now and again.
    • It's pretty much an open secret amongst the Pantheon that Rassilon sabotaged Omega's experiment to create the Eye of Harmony, causing him to be lost in the Event Horizon, though his motivations for doing so are much more heavily debated. Rassilon on his part loudly and heavily denies this, calling it vicious slander coming from his enemies, with fingers pointed at the Doctor and the Master. Omega perhaps mercifully has remained oblivious to this, with no one in the mood to tell him considering what it might push him to do.
  • He decided to let The Great Will use Time Lord Technology as part of The Regime in order to allow a place for the other Time Lords to escape The Last Great Time War. Even if that were to fail then it would give Rassilon the resources needed to do The Ultimate Sanction.
  • Opposes Maltruant, but more on the principle that he is the supreme Time Lord and knows Maltruant is eyeing up his position. The Ultimate Sanction is something the Chronosapien is very intrigued by.
  • The Wolf despises Rassilon not just for developing regeneration but letting himself possess an endless supply, but that his desire to master time leading him to attempt to destroy time itself as way of escaping The Last Great Time War. The Time Lord basically told the Wolf to Bring It.
  • Chronos is not one known for his wrath. He is annoyed by accusations he is surprisingly fragile, as he can just rewind time to put himself back together. But Rassilon has earned his wrath. It was bad enough that he would try to ensure supremacy over time, which is hubristic but not that awful to someone Above Good and Evil like Chronos. No, he had led the Time Lords in betraying their own ethos in a hell-war with the Daleks, injuring time, with his final means of winning being to destroy time itself so he and his loyal acolytes could transcend cause and effect. Yeah; there's a reason why Rassilon is not "Time's Champion".

Intermediate Gods

    The Four Lords 
The Four Lords of the Villagemembers, Divine Quartet of Evil Aristocrats (Alcina: Lady Dimitrescu, Lady Super-Sized Bitch, Lady D, Tall Vampire Mommy, Mommy Milkers | Donna: Angie, Ugly-Ass Psycho Doll | Moreau: Moronic Freak, Fish Boy, Fish Man | Heisenberg: Bloodborne Maximillian, Walter White)
Alcina Dimitrescu
Donna Beneviento (with Angie)
Salvatore Moreau
Karl Heisenberg
  • Intermediate Gods in general. (Moreau is Lesser God when not mutated, Donna physically is a Demigoddess, while Dimitrescu and Heisenberg are borderline Greater Gods in their mutated forms)
  • Symbol: The four crests of their respective families
  • Theme Song: Chase and Boss themes (Dimitrescu), Angie and Donna (Beneviento), Moreau Boss (Moreau) and Heisenberg Boss (Heisenberg)
  • Alignment: Mix of Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Big, Screwed-Up Family, Co-Dragons to Mother Miranda, Elite Four, Gothic Horror, Monster Mash, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, The Ageless
  • Domains: Leadership, Death, Command, Infection, Family
  • Heralds: Bela, Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu (Alcina's daughters), Angie (Donna's doll) and the Soldats (Heisenberg's personal army)
  • Superior: Mother Miranda
  • Allies: The Crimson Court
  • Rivals: Eveline (Miranda's cloned daughter), The Bakers
  • Enemies: Ethan and Mia Winters, Chris Redfield, any ascended hero from the Resident Evil, The Ancestor
  • Pitied by: Quasimodo (Moreau)
  • In a remote european village lied the origin of the Mold and several odd and supernatural occurrences are said to happen. There are rumors of a cult lead by a figure known as Mother Miranda, with four lieutenants serving under her, those being the head of the families that founded the village. Enter Alcina Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento, Salvatore Moreau and Karl Heisenberg; the highest authorities of their respective families and gifted with incredible powers from the mold that Miranda personally tested on them, highly considered to be her greatest subjects and are considered as her "children". Given their status as belonging to aristocratic families and their very apparent evil nature, the four were ascended under the same title, but not without disagreement by all four given how they aren't really that fond of one another.
    • Alcina Dimitrescu was easily the one the most displeased with the arrangement, as sharing a place with Heisenberg is something she considers insulting and Heisenberg agrees, he cannot stand her pompous and condescencing attitude. Donna and Moreau are far more accepting of their position although they aren't exactly fond of the others as well but compared to the former two, they at least willing to work things out.
  • Their temple is said to be a recreation of the village, although greatly scaled back for safety reasons and that certainly bothered some of the lords, especially Dimitrescu and Heisenberg whose castle and factory suffered the most in the ascension process. Not helped by the fact that their authority is constantly challenged by the other heroes in the Pantheon that often get involved to stop whatever evil plan they are up to.
  • Ascended on behalf of Mother Miranda, given that she already set herself in the Pantheon a while before her children could arrive and each of them reacted mostly positively except for Heisenberg, who still hates her guts for experimenting on him. This rift caused Heisenberg to just stay out of the whole family business altogether as he finally has enough of an excuse to strike on his own and voice his general distaste for this awful family and the other three lords were understandably pleased that he technically isn't their sibling anymore, although given the Pantheon regulations, Heisenberg still is part of Miranda's entourage.
  • Naturally, each of them have a bone to pick with Ethan Winters for defeating them in combat, although Donna in particular doesn't have any hard feelings against Ethan. But Dimitrescu and Heisenberg had done everything in their power to get back at Ethan whatever means necessary, to the point both are willing call a truce and that's saying something considering how much they despise one another. Moreau on his part while he himself also detests Ethan, he is more comfortable staying outside any potential altercation after what happened last time and only cares to serve Mother Miranda.
  • Their position was initially held by the Crimson Court but they worked out a deal with Mother Miranda to pave the way for the Lord's ascension. The only one they seem to welcome with open arms is Alcina as the others are merely tolerated even if they are technically part of an aristocratic family. Enemies of the Crimson Court were quick to notice this newfound alliance and have taken measures to ensure this didn't cause trouble, even teaming up with Chris Redfield in case things went south.
  • Eveline is certainly an interesting topic among them as she is technically another daughter of Miranda, based on her deceased biological daughter Eva but Miranda also considers Eveline a failure. And Eveline certainly isn't fond of the Lords given their ties to Miranda and how she seems to be unable to control their mutations unlike with his own brand of mold. That animosity extends towards the Bakers, who are Eveline's own family except they were infected by her and forced into being her family, in many ways mirroring their role as Miranda's children.
  • Exclusive to Dimitrescu:
    • Lady Alcina Dimitrescu is a gigantic woman and the one that resides in Castle Dimitrescu, easily one of the biggest and fanciest locations in the Village and she herself isn't from the Village. As one of Miranda's finest children, Alcina is proud to serve her mother but has grown weary after the incident with Ethan Winters and how that lead to the death of her daughters. Alcina still remains loyal to Miranda but her hatred for Ethan has only made her that much more prone to outbursts and that has seemingly affected her mutations slightly.
    • One of the pros of the Pantheon is that she was able to reunite with her daughters and with the added bonus that the pantheon isn't located in a cold place like the village so they are more likely to roam much more freely. Unfortunately, once the temple was settled as a recreation of the village, the cold returned just to keep the Dimitrescu daughters in check which enraged Dimitrescu but she can deal with it no problem.
    • Alcina is notorious for disliking males, insultingly calling them "man-things" and so do her daughters. Not helped by the fact that many male deities are attracted to her and she couldn't even give less of a damn about her popularity amongst them, only pretending to care just to lure a few unsuspecting deities to their doom so she and her daughters can feast on them.
    • While she invokes the look, Alcina is not actually a vampire but has to constantly drink blood in order to keep her mutation in check. Other vampires have tried to ally with Dimitrescu but most of them are beneath her, especially that scoundrel of Demitri Maximoff who only seems to try and seduce her. The only one Alcina seems to be amicable with is Carmilla, a fellow vampire just like her but the latter isn't really fond of her daughters.
    • Bela, Daniela and Cassandra aren't actually Alcina's biological children but bowflies that took the form of three deceased maidens and later imprinted unto Dimitrescu and she too grew attached to them, to the point that their deaths at the hands of Ethan Winters sent Alcina into a downward spiral. Given his connections of bowflies, Beelzebub is an entity that caught Lady Dimitrescu's attention and putting the safety of her daughters above all, she decided to struck a pact with the demon, even going against Miranda's wishes to do so.
  • Exclusive to Beneviento:
    • Donna Beneviento was orphaned at a very young age and as the sole remaining heir of the Beneviento family she became withdrawn and only talked to her doll Angie. Then Mother Miranda decided to adopt her and she started to open up to people, but that's when her cadou mutation started kicking in and many of her servants started to dissapear under mysterious circumstances. Donna usually prefers to hang around dolls and Angie is the one that usually speaks for her, being a playful doll with a psychotic side (as well as where part of her Cadou is located).
    • Donna is easily one of the more reclusive of the lords, preferring to stay at her own house and rarely going out. She has dozen of dolls as company and Angie, her main doll, is the one that more or less keeps everything together for Donna. She noticed that there are other dolls in the Pantheon and that has made her more likely to try seek out some new friends as compared to her fellow dolls, she is not as evil but can be as dangerous as them given her poor grasp on reality.
    • She met the ventriloquist one day, Arnold Wesker was a peculiar fellow but Donna liked little Scarface as in many ways, he acted like Angie and the four are good friends although Scarface has tried to sway both Donna and Angie to his mafia and away from Miranda in order to benefit of Donna's strange powers but she is unlikely to betray Miranda anytime soon.
    • Donna adores Chucky and Slappy and even tried to bring them to her temple but Pantheonic rules prevented her from keeping them there forever. They are still somewhat fond of her as she is only accompanied by similar dolls in a creepy house but her childish nature doesn't jive with them most of the time. Plus, they feel weird everytime they are brought to that house.
    • In many ways, Donna and Aya Drevis are very similar but their love for dolls differ greatly. Although dolls reminds the girls of their respective families, it has a whole different for Aya given how they were carved by Aya's father from real human beings. In a rare turn of events, Donna isn't fond of Alfred Drevis because of his attempted murder of Aya and also because many of his dolls have told her that he hurt them bad and Donna is not happy when innocent (well, "innocent" in this case) are harmed and has warned the doctor that she will come from him eventually. This certainly strained his relationship with Aya a little but both Donna and Angie try to be civil with Aya, unaware that in many ways, Aya is not that different from her dear father.
    • Donna's powers are hard to explain but it's been speculated that it has something to do with the various flowers she has in her home as her Cadou allows her to cause illusions and hallucinations to other people, often making them hallucinate their greatest fears (such as the infamous giant baby that is rumored to live in her house according to Ethan). The trade-off is that physically, she is no different from a regular human being as evidenced by Ethan being able to cut her down with just a pair of scissors.
  • Exclusive to Moreau:
    • Salvatore Moreau is the one in charge of the reservoir and easily one of the most hideous of the four. His mutation is the most severe, suffering a hunchback as well as being mentally handicapped and is incredibly loyal to Mother Miranda, to a very unhealthy degree. His mutation also transforms him into an even more grotesque giant fish monster that usually roams the reservoir where he lives, which had led to a folk legend in the village that there is an ancient monster lurking there.
    • Moreau isn't actually a hunchback but his cadou mutated into a hunchback-like form that has impacted his height. He is prone to vomiting and when he loses controls, he becomes a giant aquatic creature, which is why his zone is flooded. He lacks friends but surprisingly the Pantheon allowed him to meet the Hunter Gammas, a variant of the Hunter B.O.W. created by Umbrella Corp. that in many ways resemble him and considering they have to live in very specific areas with loads of water, he brought a few of them to his reservoir, making the place much more dangerous and worst of all, they have taken a liking to Moreau as some sort of pack leader.
    • He and The Gill Man surprisingly are very chummy with one another even if the latter tends to be repulsed by his mannerism. They both have tried to capture humans for their own gains although Moreau has only helped the Gill Man with his antics simply because he needs more humans for Mother Miranda to experiment on.
    • He is very attached to Mother Miranda and his pathetic reputation amongst the Pantheon and even his fellow lords has earned him some pity, and even then most cannot overlook his actions with the lycan experiments (Moreau is likely the one that created the Vârcolac). Quasimodo can relate to his plight as a cripple that lives in isolation but even he managed to overcome his insecurities with the help of his friends and wouldn't do such horrible things like Moreau has done.
  • Exclusive to Heisenberg:
    • Karl Heisenberg is one of the more peculiar lords of the village in the sense that he mostly works outside of the village itself and is confined to his factory where he dedicates to build mutants that are half-machine and half-undead. Unlike his fellow lords, he despises Miranda for experimenting on him at young age and has been plotting for years to overthrow Miranda and become the new top dog, initially planning on using Ethan's daughter Rose to do the deed but Ethan refused.
    • He is still pissed at the destruction of his factory and army and has sworn that Ethan and that bolder-punching asshole of Chris Redfield will pay dearly for that loss. He started from scratch in the Pantheon, managing to at least get some progress in augmenting his soldats in new ways although unfortunately he has been stuck with Sturm once again but the dumbass still has his uses anyway.
    • Miranda knows full well that Heisenberg detests her yet she still vouched for his ascension. Some believe this is Miranda's form of taunting him into serving her again and Heisenberg knows that he alone cannot hope to defeat her so he decided to play along until he finds someone strong to ally himself with and double cross Miranda. His attempt to ditch the family only made things worse and decided that for the time being, becoming the "dutiful son" might do.
    • He has the power of manipulate metal and compared to his fellow siblings, he might be the strongest of the lords. Heisenberg certainly hasn't wasted time punking anyone who has tried to stop his operations and many deities related to metal despise him, not only because they can do nothing against his powers but because Heisenberg goes out of his ways to mess with them and harvest their parts for new experiments on the Soldats. Wolverine is one of the deities that he likes to mess with the most given that his adamantium skeleton could be harvested to create a very strong soldat but he hasn't been quite successful in killing the mutant given his durability and Healing Factor.
    • Speaking of mutants, he and Magneto have a constant rivalry and considering the type of people he and Miranda are, it's safe to say that Erik doesn't think highly of them. Similar to his thoughts about Wesker, their mutations aren't at all similar to what he and the mutants from his universe had to go through and not helped is the how Magneto is perceived as a leader by many, with Heisenberg drawing many comparisons between him and Miranda and that certainly doesn't amuse Heisenberg at all.
    • Has had more than a few rowdy pub-crawls in the Pantheon's neutral-zone with fellow Large Ham and eccentric Nicolas Cage, graciously claiming he, a native German speaker, learnt his English from his many movies and is a fan of his. The amused deities, both evil and good, nearby nod silently in unsurprised agreement, as Heisenberg no doubt picked up his theatric mannerisms and even voice from said veteran thespian as well.

    Snow White (Fables
Snow White, Goddess of Proper Ladies (Snow [by Bigby], Ms. White)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Sword, Ice, Impailing an Apple
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Grew Into An Action Mom, Came From A Badass Family (Mom Was a Powerful Witch And Her Aunt Was A Witch Queen) And Married Into One, The Seven Dwarfs Are Her Berserk Button, The Responsible Sibling To Rose Red's Foolish, Mama Bear Happily Married To Bigby Wolf, Served As Deputy Mayor and Director Of Operations Of Fabletown, Outliving One's Offspring, Raped By The Dwarfs, Murdered Them All In Revenge, Her Surprise Pregnancy Resulted In Her Giving Birth To Seven Kids, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin
  • Domains: Royalty, Fairy Tales, Magic, Mothers
  • Heralds: Rose Red (her sister), Frau Totenkinder
  • Signature Weapon: Her Sword, Ice (No, not that Ice)
  • Additional Relationships: Bigby Wolf (her husband)
  • Not To Be Confused With: the other Snow White (the Disney one), or the other other Snow White
  • Allies: Cosmos, Aragorn, Liu Bei, The Courier, Weiss Schnee, Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg, Ciri Fiona Elen Riannon, Doctor Strange, Merlin, Jon Talbain and Felicia, Twilight Sparkle, Mithra Lana, Rinoa Heartilly, Jaina Proudmoore, Zatanna Zatara, Rydia
  • Opposed By: The Evil Queen (the Disney version), Sheev Palpatine
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with some of the good dwarves, such as Muradin Bronzebeard and Durkon Thundershield
  • Bigby Wolf was behind Snow White's ascension to the Pantheon. Snow arrived with her and Bigby's children in tow, genuinely touched by her husband's gesture in reuniting them once again.
  • Bigby also had a surprise for Snow and the kids: with him was Darien Wolf, whom Bigby himself had resurrected after sacrificing himself in order to save his sister, Therese. Many, many Tender Tears were shed as Snow was reunited with her child.
  • Cosmos has heard of Snow's talents for management, not to mention leading Fabletown to victory against The Adversary while pregnant and has offered her a position within GUAG management...with added babysitters for her and Bigby's children as one of the benefits. Snow accepted the offer.
  • Her first husband, Prince Charming, had paid for her fencing lessons, and she has kept in practice over the centuries. When she's not tending to her cubs or spending time with Bigby, she's at the House of Bladed Weapons, practicing her skills. As her ex-husband was considered to be the best swordsman among the Fables, Snow is considered to be his equal.
  • Aside from marrying a guy whose father was the North Wind himself, Snow herself comes from a line of witches, whose origins come from an old and highly magical bloodline. Mom was a powerful witch and her aunt was the infamous Evil Queen who tried to kill her with a poisoned apple. This also explains Shang Tsung and Quan Chi's interest in her. Of course, this also means that somewhere down the line, both her and Rose Red (her twin sister) will have to fight to the death in order for the winner to fully unlock their magical abilities. Wiz and Boomstick are looking to make that match a reality...until Snow brought that line of thought to a halt after her and Rose made peace with each other.
  • It's also through her bloodline that she is on good terms with the deified witches and sorceresses in the Pantheon. Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg even offered Snow a place in the Lodge of Sorceresses. Snow is considering the offer.
  • Snow became friends with the Courier, due to the both of them surviving being shot in the head. While The Courier survived by sheer willpower (or dumb luck, take your pick), Snow's survival stems on her story being the most popular out of all the Fables.
  • Sometimes at night, Snow and her family can be seen in the Pantheon's forests, Bigby and the cubs (save for Ghost) in wolf form, and Snow riding bareback on her husband's back. Well, Bigby's wolf form is about the size of an elephant, putting even the direwolves of House Stark to shame, and giving Koku-Oh a run for his money. Plus, he adds that Snow has a pleasant scent around her, which is what drew him to her in the first place, thus setting the stage for his eventual redemption.
  • There are two ways you can piss Snow off: mention her time with the Seven Dwarfs and don't threaten her children. Especially if Snow is within distance of her sword. You'll regret that life choice. B.B. Hood found that out the hard way when she mistaken her cubs for Darkstalkers.
    Snow: Monsters of the woods couldn't kill me. The armies of kings, sorcerers, and empires couldn't. I'm Snow goddamn White. I look after myself. I look after my own. And I never lose.
  • Snow knows that not all dwarves are bad, given her past experiences with them, but she tends to keep her distance from them. She is on good terms with some of the good deified dwarves in the Pantheon.
  • Upon finding out about the support group in operates by Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs regards to those deities who had went evil by brainwashing, Snow convinces Bigby to attend.
  • Snow became friends with Jon Talbain and Felicia, the former due to having the utmost respect and admiration towards her husband, while the latter due to the fact that her kids like her.
  • Speaking of her and Bigby's children, they've endeared themselves to the various deities in the Pantheon in various ways, which will help them in regards to the summer prophecy detailing their destinies. As Darien already fulfilled his prophecy by killing himself to save Therese, leading to her eventual redemption, (The third will do an evil thing. The fourth will die to stop her), their destinies are now what they make of it.
    • The eldest, Winter Wolf would become the new North Wind, thus succeeding her grandfather (The first child will be a king). Winter was seen in the presence of Ororo Munroe, who (while unable to help Winter with her tumultuous love life), began to give her pointers on how to properly wield the winds.
    • Blossom Wolf will make her home in the woods, not caring or wanting any material wealth (The second child a pauper). As her destiny involves her becoming a huntress. Artemis is thrilled to be training the daughter of Snow and Bigby.
    • Conner Wolf will become a hero/adventurer (The fifth will be a hero bold). Guess that explains why he's pulling double duty being mentored by Nathan Drake and Indiana Jones.
    • Ambrose Wolf's passion lies in knowledge (The sixth will judge the rest). The Librarian sees the potential in the boy and has taken him on as his pupil.
    • Ghost Wolf, the zephyr born to Snow and Bigby, will be the most famous of the children (The seventh lives to ages old, and is by heaven blessed). Cosmos will mentor Ghost. Jiraiya has offered to mentor the zephyr, but both Snow and Bigby threatened to castrate the super-perv.

Lesser Gods

    Cecilia Alcott 
Cecilia Alcott, Goddess of Dimwitted Aristocrats

    The Crimson Court 
The Ancestor: "In those younger years my home was a hive of unbridled hedonism, a roiling apiary where instinct and impulse were indulged with wild abandon."

The Crimson Court, Profaned Gods of Decadent Courts
  • Lesser Deities. The more prominent members of the echelons come closer to Intermediate with only the Countess being able to be labelled as such.
  • Symbol: The Crimson Curse Symbol
  • Theme Song: Bloodletting of the Crimson Court
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: I'm a Humanitarian, The Thirst transforms them, Feigned class and humanity, Weak to bleeding, Vampires based around parasites, Body Horror, Roaming Enemies, Acquired Poison Immunity, Drips of their blood "enlightens" others
  • Monster Types: Gatekeepers, Supplicants, Sycophants, Manservants, Esquires, Courtesans, Chevaliers
  • Domains: Debauchery, Vampirism, Nobility, Blood
  • Allies: Dracula, Carmilla, Mira Fallegeros, Vanilla Ice, Dio Brando, Lionel Starkweather, Leatherface, Pudge, the Butcher, the Bakers, the Flesh Eaters, Molag Bal
  • Enemies: The Ancestor, the Hunter, Maya Fallegeros, Buffy Summers, the Dragonborn, The Joestars and the Zeppelis, Blade, the Belmonts, Alexander Anderson, virtuous vampires, the rest of the House of Food, Vampire Hunters in general, Carmine, Eliza, Skarlet, Jedah Dohma, Batman, Jak and Daxter, good-aligned House of Royalty members, the Nature Preservers, Emperor Calus, Geralt of Rivia, Ms. Fortune, Dorothea, Night Raid, Akame
  • Avoid: Holy sites like those in the House of Religion and Faith, Esidisi and Pillar Men in general
  • Opposed by: Most of the other members within the House of Slaughter
  • Before the Darkest Dungeon, before the utterly careless acts, the Ancestor was another hedonist among the high self-indulgent society. In those days, he was not above murdering his fellow noblemen for sport but it says something when he was disturbed and disgusted by their collective depravity. The feelings weren't enough to call them out on such actions, such a thing would be hypocritical given his unsaintly nature and he wasn't willing to stop his own indulgence either. One night, a woman caught his attention amidst the other guests. Under the moon, he would kill her for sport but she would attempt to kill him first revealing her hideous form. The Ancestor survived, and in that moment he decided to serve her blood to the guests of the party, a literal Bloody Mary if you will. When the parasites masked by nobility downed it their description took a more literal turn and devoured eachother in newfound bloodlust. The Ancestor meanwhile, only took a sip but it was all it took to enlighten him of something hidden under his Estate. Abandoning the Courtyard, things soon spiraled down from there...
  • It would be a lie to say that their ascension was their first time in the Pantheon itself. Having been a side-effect of the Ancestor's ascension, many bloodsuckers slipped under his and other adventurers noses to the House of Slaughter. Seeing all the blood and flesh, it was a dream made manifest, and they swarmed the place in just a short amount of time. Such an experience can only be described as an extravagant rapture. In time, they were cast out but they came back to the Pantheon in the House of Villainy and Royalty when old gates marked by a couple of blood drained bodies appeared one day. Both serve as extensions to the Courtyard in the Ancestor's Estate, greatly enlarging the place as a result of their godhood. Entering it still requires one to have an invitation of your own from a willing Gatekeeper.
    • The Courtyard became a mire after the noblemen were afflicted, the skies wreathed in a red Bloodlight that drowns out all other light. Other sources do work, but their sanctuary is fleeting in the oppressive atmosphere. The whole garden is infested and corrupted by the Crimson Curse exemplified by the architecture now decaying into the murky Earth, red boils clustering, and the place is in perpetual fog. If one is not being stung, cut, or bitch slapped by vampiric aristocrats you could easily as well be mauled by the Crocodilian or be smitten under the hateful watch of the Garden Guardian. The residents seem to be keen on spreading such a curse to other places, something the Nature Preservers are vehemently against.
    The Ancestor: "Soaked and sinking, these stone terraces and sprawling gardens are the site of long forgotten revelry...and well remembered regret."
  • In their echelons, there are three bloodsuckers that stand out. Defeating them is one way of ridding oneself of the Crimson Curse, although not an immunity.
    • First is the Baron, a sadistic torturer who serves as an entertainer to the Court in both lives. For that reason he always fights in front of his fellow noblemen and hides in various eggs that nullify and sort of healing. Despite not being as large as the Viscount, he can surprisingly take a lot more damage in addition to utilizing his whip-like appendages. Though at the end of the day, he's not that much of a fighter as he relies on his durability and trickery to face his potential victims. He among other Bloodsuckers, thanks to the help of Lionel Starkweather, broke into the House of Theatre and Spectacle were he broadcasted his special festivities to those he captured beforehand and those who are trying to stop them. Lucas Baker took notice and decided it would be best to partner up.
    The Ancestor: "It would seem his tasteful frivolity remains unabated, even now."
    • Then there's the Viscount. Defined by his gluttony, he'll eat just about anything. And we do mean anything, even his fellow noblemen. In fact, eating serves as a way for him to heal up if he's not setting up counters. Even before his tastes took a turn for the worse, he would devour any and all food even if they spoiled long since then. Probably why he's one of the few deities able to stomach Margarite Baker's cooking. His taste in food also garnered allies with Leatherface, Pudge, the Butcher, and the Flesh Eaters. They're planning on making one grand feast for the Pantheon, the planned site being in the House of Royalty. The House is trying to prevent the plan from taking place.
    The Ancestor: "The glutton's taste for morbidity is made more pronounced by his mutation."
    • Lastly is the Countess. It was her blood that produced the rest of the Court and her actions that caused the Ancestor to ruin, well, everything. Undoubtedly, her affliction has reached a later stage as she's much larger and more dangerous than when the Ancestor retaliated against her. The Countess is gargantuan, and the horror from her more grotesque form is enough to snap minds like twigs. Though, the Countess is vulnerable when trying to transform it, giving others the opportunity to wail on her. At some point, her blood was found in a couple dishes in the House of Food. Who laced it is unknown, but it caused a lot of havoc before the victims were soon restrained and cured.
    The Ancestor: "A bewitching predator slipped in amidst the swarm of tittering sycophants. Though outwardly urbane, I could sense in her a mocking thirst."
  • They quickly found out they aren't the only vampires around here and their fold quickly went to the House of Vampires. They all greatly revere Dracula, and are eager to assist him in his schemes and are quick to ally with Dio, Vanilla Ice, Mira, and Carmilla as well. They're welcome to indulge in their festivities any time. They were surprised that Carmilla did try to interact with them prior to their ascension but couldn't because of all the difficulties of trying to get to them, namely the adventurers and the non-discriminant horrors that also lurk in the Estate. Some deities theorize she may have something to do with their ascension, although no evidence backs up that claim.
  • Because they are quite capable of spreading their contagion, the Ancestor wasted no time in notifying his clients and others of their threat. The Hunter and Stroheim wasted no time in combating them, slaughtering them or turning them into swiss cheese respectively. The Joestars and Zeppelis were also quick to oppose the Court given their own experiences with the Stone Masks. While it's true they are different from the vampires of their world such as (probably) not being weak to sunlight, that hasn't really stopped them from facing the nobles. Buffy, Blade, Geralt, the Dragonborn, Maya, Alexander Anderson, and the Belmonts caught wind of their existence during their visits in the Vampires house and are also willing to bring down the vile blue bloods.
    • Of course, those who've had experiences with the dark sides of the upper class have a bone to pick with them as well. Batman is a persistent threat, having fought against the Court of Owls before, and his plans are valuable in stopping one of their more restless activity. The Court are annoyed at first, but soon laugh it off as they are interested in turning him into one of them after hearing of that time he became a vampire himself. Jak and Daxter are also thorns in their side due to their experiences with Baron Praxis, Count Veger and Duke Skyheed. Unlike the Caped Crusader, the Court only views them as but common riff raff though Jak's royal blood did improve their opinion if only a tiny bit.
    • Emperor Calus was swift in that he was quick to showing his utter distaste of their existence after their ascension. Not only arr they can utter corruption of his philosophy and lifestyle, but the fact they disgusted the Ancestor even back then is another ballpark in of itself. He made sure his Loyalists would make short work of any Bloodsucker that so much as be nearby.
    The Ancestor: "These nightmarish creatures CAN be felled. They CAN be beaten!"
  • The House of Health and Diseases have attempted to create an immunity for the Crimson Curse, although the Ancestor bluntly stated that the curse cannot be prevented by normal medicines, only cured. There are two ways in trying to cure it: Either you go ahead and slay the more monstrous entities among the Court's ranks or you procure a mysterious cure from killing the Fanatic. You don't go around finding the mad Vampire Hunter, though. If you're afflicted or are with those who are he'll come finding you. Speaking of, ever since the Crimson Court's ascension, encounters with him have drastically increased.
    The Ancestor: "A world view buttressed by dogmatic desperation invariably leads to single-minded fanaticism, and a need to do terrible things in the name of righteousness."
  • Users of blood in their combat are quick to dislike them as well, the Court only seeing glorified blood fountains. They are known to assault them whenever they can such as Carmine, Eliza, Skarlet, and Jedah Dohma. Granted, none of them are in the spectrum of good so the Court gets a pass here save for Carmine who's more of a Wild Card than anything. And speaking of blood fountains, their attention caught wind of Nadia Fortune after hearing of Eliza's plans to turn her into one too.
  • Though hallowed items like holy water could do some damage, the best results come from things that really make the parasites bleed. They hold a special enmity to those who are capable of either. Likely why they stay away from the more holier parts of the House of Religion and Faith and outright any contact with Akujiki. Or why they outright despise Dorothea of the Wild Hunt. She shares the same sentiments after the Countess herself was gracious enough to give the alchemist a "Love Letter".
    • Taking advantage of their Blood Lust is also something to take note of. If they have no problems lacing food or sources of water with their own blood, it would be wise to return the favor. Such as when Esidisi was attacked by the Coourt but he easily goaded them into accepting his blood, of which he ignited and promptly burned them all from the inside out. The rest of their kind avoid the Pillar Men whenever they can while they in turn find the aristocrats too wild to be any of use to them.
    • Inversely, their resistance to poisons and venom is strong and you're better off using that on other horrors you encounter in the Courtyard. They don't mind the conditions in the House of Toxicity. One exception to this rule is with Akame's Murasame after she along with the rest of Night Raid decided to incapacitate the Baron. Though they still die from its curse, they somehow manage to live slightly longer than others.

    Estellise Sidos Heurassein 
Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Goddess of Sheltered Aristocrats (Estelle, Child of the Full Moon, Insipid Poison of this World, Sheltered Little Princess, Colette, Uguu, Bunny, MERLIN, Frederica, Envy, Minmay, Irulan, Maddy, Grushenka, Ai, Anita, Nell, Tappman, Terry, Wyoh, Hokuto, Trevor, Marcus, Ryan)

    Rudolf Ulbricht von Sturmgeist 
Hauptsturmführer Baron Rudolf Ulbricht von Sturmgeist, God of Aristocratic Nazis
In full dress uniform
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Algemeine-SS uniform, and a StG44 assault rifle
  • Themes: Sturmgeist's Armored Train and Escaping Gotha
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Domains: Nazis, Aristocrats, Secret Weapons Projects
  • Portfolio: A German Baron, and a Hauptsturmfuhrer in the Waffen-SS, who uses his wealth to fund advanced weapons projects, A member of the German aristocracy, and very much an unrepentant Nazi, A Nazi fanatic, and not an inch of hair on his head, Uses the Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle as his primary weapon, Wears a Waffen-SS officer's cap initially, before losing it when Patterson attacks his train, Spends most of his time fleeing from Patterson, only to finally prove himself to be a tough adversary upon being cornered by him, Dies guns blazing to Patterson, Noticeably old-looking, and is a Nazi, Being the final threat to Patterson before he can accomplish his mission, Fights alongside several dozen Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS personnel, His name translating to "Storm Ghost", Responsible for funding wonderweapons projects like the Ho.IX, Has "Von" in his name, and is a pretty dark example
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • A Baron of the German nobility, and a Hauptsturmfuhrer (equivalent to the rank of Captain) in the Waffen-SS, Rudolf Ulbricht von Sturmgeist was responsible for personally funding and supervising the development of various Secret Weapon projects in the German Armed Forces. He was also notably part of Heinrich Himmler's inner circle, which, in addition to his vast amount of wealth, made him a very important figure within both the Waffen-SS and the Nazi High Command. In addition, he was also tasked with conducting inspection tours of various weapons production facilities both in Germany and within the Occupied Territories, which included projects intended for the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe.
    • The most recent and most prominent of these projects was the German Luftwaffe's latest fighter-bomber design: the Horten Ho.IX. This brand-new fighter-bomber design, part of Hermann Goring's so-called "3X1000" Project, used a then-revolutionary concept known as Flying Wing technology, and mended it with their latest jet engines. The end result was a fighter that came remarkably close to the Program's high standards, able to fly at close to 1000 km/h, with a range greater than 1000 km, and able to carry a 1000kg payload of bombs.
  • Lt. Jimmy Patterson's first encounter with the Hauptsturmfuhrer would take place in August 1944, when the latter was inspecting the Lorient shipyard and U-boat pens. However, he wouldn't attract the attention of the OSS until September of that same year. Following the successful rescue of a Dutch Resistance operative named Gerritt, who had managed to snatch top secret German intelligence detailing the Ho.IX's existence and technical specifications, the threat that this aircraft posed was realized. The Horten could easily outperform even the latest and fastest Allied fighters, and could easily intercept bomber formations and shoot them down. Patterson was thus ordered to stop the project for good, which included him going after and killing von Sturmgeist.
  • After helping American and British Airborne forces accomplish their objectives at Nijmegen and Arnhem, Patterson, with the help of Dutch Resistance and OSS contacts, was smuggled into Emmerich, Germany. There, he would attempt to assassinate Sturmgeist while also attempting to board his personal armored train, and arrive at the Gotha facility where the Ho.IX prototype was being kept and tested. Despite getting his cover blown, Emmerich itself being subject to an ongoing Allied bombing raid, and German troops hampering his advance to the platform where Sturmgeist's train was, Patterson was able to jump onto one of the flatbed cars at the rear of the train.
  • Sturmgeist, having successfully arrived at Gotha, was ordered by German High Command to defend the facility, and especially the Ho.IX, at any cost, until they could either stop Patterson or get the prototype to a safer location. It would be here that he would make his Last Villain Stand. Despite the Hauptsturmfuhrer alerting the entire facility of an upcoming attack, Patterson was able to successfully infiltrate Gotha. From there, the Lieutenant would acquire American weapons thanks to a scientist sympathetic to the Allies, fight his way through the facility's defenders, steal the Ho.IX's plans, and call in Allied bombers to pound the facility into oblivion.
  • Despite his death, failure to kill Jimmy Patterson, letting the Ho.IX prototype get stolen, and getting the Gotha facility destroyed, this would not be the last time that Rudolf Ulbricht von Sturmgeist would be seen nor encountered by the Allies. In his quest to conquer the Pantheon under the Nazi banner, Johann Schmidt, head of the Nazi Science Division HYDRA, and one of Hitler's most dangerous minions, has been searching alternate worlds for fellow Nazi Germans or their equivalents. Specifically, he was looking for those who were sympathetic to his ideals, and would also prove useful to him by helping reinforce the Nazi presence in the Pantheon. Sturmgeist, just so happened to perfectly fit the bill. He was already a dedicated Nazi to begin with, had a massive pool of funds thanks to his aristocratic heritage, and personally oversaw wonderweapons production when Germany was backed into a corner. With a track record like this, and support from other high-ranking Nazis like Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, it was decided to resurrect and ascend Rudolf Ulbricht von Sturmgeist as one of their subordinates.
  • During one clear evening, at a railway station in War-Torn Berlin, a Panzerzug belonging to Hauptsturmfuhrer Baron Rudolf Ulbricht von Sturmgeist arrived on schedule. Unsurprisingly, the German Baron himself emerged from the train, having received orders to immediately report to his new superiors, Johann Schmidt, and Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse. Upon making it to the Reich Chancellery building, Sturmgeist was greeted by Schmidt and Strasse, who promptly appointed him as the God of Aristocratic Nazis. Immediately, Sturmgeist was given personal command of his own detachment of Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites.
    • Much like he had done in his own universe beforehand, the Hauptsturmfuhrer was also ordered to help fund and personally oversee a number of ongoing wonderweapons projects being manufactured in different parts of the Pantheon. Sure enough, the Baron's immense wealth once again proves incredibly useful, as this fresh supply of new funds allows several of the Nazis' wonderweapons projects to finally bear fruit. Either they were finally in the mass production stage, the factories that had been attacked by the Allies had been restored to full capacity, the bases that had previously been destroyed were now restored to being fully functional, or had finally reached prototype and pre-production testing. In addition, Sturmgeist's funding allowed existing German units already in the Pantheon to be re-equipped with more advanced conventional weapons and vehicles such as assault rifles, semi-automatic sniper and service rifles, and newer German tank designs. As such, the Baron would, much like in his own universe, would conduct regular inspection tours of both the aforementioned production facilities and the combat units. Notable examples of projects and units that Sturmgeist would end up financially contributing to include: General Franz Vahlen's Project Seuche, General Heinz Böhm's Flying Wing Bomber design and the Anti-Ship missiles, Obbergruppenfuhrer Abelard Moller's Operation Kraken, and the Nemesis Squadron's deployment of new jet fighters, the Ju 390 strategic bomber, and its production and deployment of both the V-1 Flying Bomb and V-2 Rocket.
    • One of these very weapons projects that Sturmgeist end up up funding would be Project "Weisshexe", a top-secret project personally approved by both Schmidt and Strasse, and supervised by former Germanian Empire officer Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman. While the Hauptsturmfuhrer was initially unaware of the Project's true nature, believing to be another jet or missile project for the German Luftwaffe, he would soon get a glimpse of what exactly "Weisshexe" was. At a former V2 rocket assembly plant in Berlin converted into a secret laboratory, Sturmgeist would be among several high-ranking Nazi officers attending Berkman's unveiling of the new weapon. Rather than a rocket, a jet fighter, or even a new generation of small arms, "Weisshexe" turned out to be the cloning, and ascension, of the White Witch Sophie, someone capable of obliterating entire Allied cities, and, more importantly, sympathizing with Schmidt's and Strasse's bloodlust and desire to conquer and destroy. Sturmgeist himself was rather impressed by the project, given that not only did they successfully revive a centuries-old witch, but that they also improved the cloning technology used, and even enhanced her further via the use of a Super Serum concocted by HYDRA scientist Dr. Arnim Zola. While the unveiling was interrupted by OSS agent Lt. Mike Powell detonating bombs on a few of the machines used to clone Sophie, on top of stealing several documents on the Project, the Nazis had otherwise successfully ascended, through artificial means, their own deity capable of matching even the likes of enhanced individuals like Steve Rogers, William J. Blazkowicz, and even the Witches of the 501st JFW.
  • Following the ascension of the Principality of Eylstadt, an Alternate Timeline equivalent of Austria, and from the universe where Berkman and Sophie were originally from, the Nazis would invade and subsequently occupy the Alpine nation. This was part of their deal with the latter in exacting revenge on the nation for betraying her past self. Sturmgeist, as the commander of the Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites, would serve as part of the occupation force based in Landsbruck, the Eylstadt capital. In this position, the Hauptsturmfuhrer would also serve as Schmidt's personal representative, helping the Nazis and HYDRA pillage thousands of priceless artworks and treasures from the country. He and his men, alongside HYDRA scientists Dr. Arnim Zola and Werner Reinhardt, also stole and gathered any information, artifacts, etc. related to witches like Sophie (of which several were found in the Landsbruck Palace and the surrounding countryside). Thanks to past experience with his timeline's equivalent of the SS, who served as Kaiser Otto's personal bodyguards and enforcers, Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman refused to work directly alongside the Hauptsturmfuhrer and his Allgemeine-SS unit, as he feared that Sturmgeist and his men would turn on him much like the Kaiser's SS did.
    • When the Nazis, through Sophie and Berkman, found out about the Allied Forces successfully ascending Izetta, Eylstadt's own Propaganda Hero and White Witch, into the Pantheon, Sturmgeist would play another major role. Following the still-crippled White Witch's ascension, a team of Schutzvollstrecker soldiers supported by both Berkman and Sophie manage to apprehend their old enemy, forcing the Allied team who ascended her to fall back. Upon being notified of Izetta's capture, both Schmidt and Strasse ordered that the witch be brought back to War-Torn Berlin to be studied and interrogated. For this, Sturmgeist, alongside several of his men, were ordered to transport the witch on Schmidt's personal train, the Schnellzug EB912. Berkman and Sophie, despite some initial reluctance, ultimately follow their new superiors' orders, and hand Izetta over to Sturmgeist and his men.
    • Unfortunately for the Baron, the Allies would soon send another team of soldiers, including his old Arch-Enemy Lt. Jimmy Patterson, after him and his precious cargo. A squad of operatives, including Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Lt. Mike Powell, raided the train, engaging the Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites onboard. Sturmgeist himself would confront the Allied soldiers, proving to be a match for even a Super-Soldier thanks to his combat experience and expertise in wielding an assault rifle. However, the aforementioned Lt. Patterson would, quite literally, derail the Hauptsturmfuhrer's plans just as he and his Waffen-SS goons were getting the upper hand. Having set up several Satchel Charges at the base of a rail bridge leading into Germany, Patterson promptly sent said bridge into the nearby river. Sturmgeist, upon realizing the danger, decided to give up on Izetta, and promptly separated the forward part of the train from the section where she was held. Escaping from the train just as it plunged into the river, the Hauptsturmfuhrer managed to catch a glimpse of his old nemesis, and promptly swore revenge, as he and his men swam away. Despite this setback, however, the German officer would not be punished for his failures, being far too important for their war effort, and giving both Sophie and Berkman further motivation to help their new Nazi allies in the ongoing Forever War.
  • Because of his vast array of wealth and potential to help spread the Nazis' and HYDRA's conflict further into the Pantheon, Sturmgeist was considered as an important ally by the Milleneum Organization, a mysterious group of supernatural Nazis who are themselves allied with Schmidt. While Sturmgeist himself found them rather disturbing, particularly The Major's desire to spread war just because, the Hauptsturmfuhrer nonetheless did help them, namely by serving as a middleman between The Major and Johann Schmidt, whose methods and end goals conflicted with one another's. In addition, with both Schmidt's and Milleneum's blessing, Sturmgeist also helped oversee several expeditions to send Nazi and HYDRA agents into other worlds, in the hopes of finding other Nazis or their equivalents worth ascending into the Pantheon.
  • Upon finding out about the Ho.IX prototype making it into the Pantheon following Lt. Jimmy Patterson's ascension, Sturmgeist would play yet another major role. While he and his men couldn't outright steal the prototype due to it being in The Great Treasury, a neutral zone where conflict is strictly prohibited, he could, at the very least, restart the program from scratch. With help from expert spies like Berkman, Sophie, HYDRA agent Heinz Kruger, and even Dr. Rene Belloq, who were able to take hundreds of photographs of both the Horten itself as well as a copy of the aircraft's plans on display, the Hauptsturmfuhrer was able to successfully fund the building, testing, and pre-production of the Horten Ho 229 for use by the German Luftwaffe. The first few dozen planes, based directly on the V3 prototype and upgraded with technology from similar flying wing designs already in the pantheon, would be used by the Nemesis Squadron, with its commander Oberst Krieger being one of the pilots assigned to the new plane. These Horten Flying Wings would also be requested by Sophie to be her personal escorts when on combat missions, due to the Ho.IX being one of the few aircraft in the German arsenal capable of consistently keeping up with her.
  • Because of their status as high-ranking members of the Italian Fascist Government, as well as the fact that they were assisted and guarded by members of the SS in their timeline, the Four Libertines are amongst those that Baron von Sturmgeist and his men are often tasked with protecting. That said, despite being a fanatical Nazi himself and having a few war crimes committed in his name (namely the imprisonment and torture of at least one suspected Dutch Resistance member), even he's rather repulsed by their infamous reputation and actions against innocent civilians.
  • Being a high-ranking Nazi, on top of being a German aristocrat, it's unsurprising that Rudolf Ulbricht von Sturmgeist would be a target of both Western Allied and Soviet soldiers and assassins. What these attempted assassins, save for Jimmy Patterson, don't expect is that von Sturmgeist is very much capable of defending himself, and that the men guarding him are some of the best that the Waffen-SS have to offer. One such group of attempted assassins, the Basterds, learned this the hard way. When they attempted to use their usual loud tactics that they had used dozens of times against other Nazis on Sturmgeist and his men, the OSS unit had been caught completely off guard when Sturmgeist and his men returned fire, outgunning the Americans thanks to possessing both assault rifles and light machine guns. Unsurprisingly, Lt. Aldo Raine, leader of the unit, ordered his men to retreat, having severely underestimated their foes this time around. During the routine inspection of a frontline unit, the Hauptsturmfuhrer and his armored train were attacked by US Paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division as well as the crew of the M4A3E8 "Fury", with them expecting an easy kill. However, much like their OSS counterparts, they severely underestimated how much firepower the Baron carries with him, with the Panzerzug having the firepower equivalent of a platoon of Sherman tanks. As a result, this Assassination Attempt also ends up failing, with the "Fury" herself getting badly damaged, having its engine burned out and losing its left track from sustained 75mm and 88mm fire.
  • While most deities would steer clear from high-ranking Nazis like Baron von Sturmgeist, this would not be the case with the Tediz, who emulate the Nazis in a lot of ways. In fact, it's because of their shared fanaticism and penchant for brutal methods that they look up to and become allies with the likes of both Sturmgeist and his fellow Allgemeine-SS thugs, and by extension to other high-ranking Nazis in the Pantheon like Schmidt and Strasse. Having come to respect his new allies, von Sturmgeist provides the Tediz with the latest in Nazi German small arms, particularly the Sturmgewehr 44, an assault rifle highly coveted by both the Germans as well as any Allied units lucky enough to get their hands on one.
"I admire a man who doesn't give up! Today you die, American!"


Caeda, Goddess of Modest Nobility (Shiida, Sheeda, Sheyda, Sheda, Talys' Heart, Marth's Fiancee (now Wife))

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, The Royally Screwed Up God (Caligula, Little Boots, Little General, Germanicus, Berserker)
Click here for his Servant Form

    Joffrey Baratheon 
Joffrey Baratheon, The First of His Name, God of Royal Brats (Joffrey the Illborn, the Young Usurper, Aerys the Third, Joffrey Hill, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Lord of Storm's End, King Justin Bieber)

    Luca Blight 
Luca Blight, God of Batshit Insane Villains With Royal Backgrounds (The Mad Prince)