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Greater Gods

Galan, The Cosmic Devourer of Planets (Galen, Galactus, The Destruction, The Devourer of Worlds, The Great Destroyer, The Monster of All Worlds, The Hunger That Does Not Cease, God of Oblivion, Eater of Worlds, Violet Devourer, Herald of Franklin Richards, Ashta, World-Eater/Planet-Killer, The Lifebringer, Seeder of Worlds, Star God, Bob's Big Boy, Buckethead, Hockey Stick Face, Marte, Galaxius, Alberto El Hambriento)
...each mind that views him struggles as best it can to perceive that unguessable force as an image it can comprehend.

    The Iris 


The Iris, Deity of Wandering Planets (The Hungry Eye, Planet Nine)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Itself, or Neptune beaming light where the Great Dark Spot once was
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Analog Horror, Rogue Planet That Is Alive And Some Sort Of "Eye", Eldritch Abomination And Location, Evil Is Visceral, Oculothorax, The Cause Of The Various Anomalies Has Some Unfathomable, Predatory Goal, The Spook, Theme Naming, Slightly Larger Than Saturn, Did...Something To Neptune, associated with Cyclops and proving Light Is Not Good, Bizarre Aliens, Cosmic Horror Story
  • Domains: Cosmic Horror, Alien Invasion, Corruption, Celestial Objects, Eyes
  • Heralds: Woodcrawlers, Skinwalkers, Nature's Mockery, Roots, Gardeners, The Gardens, Fake People
  • Interests: The Cybermen
  • Interested in: Shelob, Ungoliant, the Kraeken, Cyth V'sug, H.P Lovecraft
  • Allies: Babidi, Shub-Niggurath
  • "Kindred spirits": Planet Remina, Phazon, the Pod People
  • Rivals: Most entries under "kindred spirits", the Tyranids, Lavos, Mr Shadow, The Harvesters, the Shroobs and alien invaders in general, the Sleeper, the Alternates
  • Enemies: All natural Earth life, every Martian deity, the House of Plants, The Imperium of Mankind, Mogo, the SCP Foundation, Clark Kent/Superman, Santa Claus, Robot Santa Claus, Nicholas St North, Gaea, Captain Planet, Dr Pamely Isely, Swamp Thing, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Epic Battle Fantasy Team, Death Phantom
  • Fears: Galactus, Unicron
  • Wary of: most Dragonball fighters
  • Annoys: Cthulhu
  • The setting of Gemini Home Entertainment is a setting where various visceral anomalies causing trouble. They appear to be alien, outside of an invasion their goals are unknown and they have plant-like traits. These hostile organisms are linked to and most likely caused by the Iris, also known as the Hungry Eye or Planet Nine. It is a rogue planet wandering throughout space and when it entered the solar system, it started by mutating the planet Neptune into something indescribable. It also considers Saturn and its rings as a "gateway". It is akin to an alien eye just a bit smaller than Saturn, and showed up from who knows where to invade the Earth.
  • The Iris' arrival was first foreshadowed by the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares, who complained of a dream where it blocked out the Sun. However, no-one expected who'd make the first line of defense against the wandering planet/abomination; Robot Santa Claus. As his base of operations is the Neptunian North Pole, he considers the Iris to be a colossal threat, one bad enough that he teamed up with the other two Santas to mount their defense. Though mildly amused by Santa fighting it, the Hungry Eye was not too concerned. That was, until it got the attention of Mogo the Living Planet. Soon, the Iris found someone in its own weight class and the Green Lantern planet saw no reason to hold back against it. The eldritch planet decided to cut its losses and retreat to interstellar space, recalibrating that it was no longer in a Cosmic Horror Story and had instead entered the Trope Pantheon.
  • The Iris regards Mogo as its perhaps its greatest opponent as though significantly smaller than it Mogo is stronger than the Hungry Eye because of their access to the Green Lantern ring. So long as the Iris remains in interstellar space there is absolutely nothing restraining them from teaching the Iris a lesson that you do not mess with "smaller beings" just because you are an Eldritch Abomination. The Rogue Planet is glad, however, that they represent the Genius Loci trope over Ego the Living Planet, since while Mogo is "police" Ego is "competition". For those wondering why, MCU Ego's plan was a mass Assimilation Plot to turn all other world into himself, like a much more effective and vicious version of the Iris' apparent goal. The Guardians of the Galaxy do not want something like Ego to show up again and have sworn to set up explosives in the Iris' brain and send it to hell.
  • The motivation of the Iris has remained obscured, but it can be inferred that one of its goals is to spread strange, alien biomass on Earth. These lifeforms act as its heralds and have informed a variety of its interactions with the Trope Pantheon. The Iris itself contains a mouth, throat, spine, organs, some gardens, a "mind", and a respiratory system. Which of course begs the question "what does it eat?". Being a Rogue Planet, the reverse question could be asked "who could eat it?" The Iris is not comfortable with the answer to this question as Galactus, by far the most well-known Planet Eater is in the same Hall...and Unicron is not too far away.
    • The Woodcrawlers are arachnid-like predators who can puppeteer humans and make "fake people", along with stealing people's voice. These entities lead the Iris to be interested in Ungoliant and her spawn, noting that she is like it; something unfathomable to man. However that's more bemusement than anything and they otherwise keep to their mutual feeding habits.
    • Those "fake people" are also products of Nature's Mockery. What's a fake person? They're a mass of red, sinewy Meat Moss that come to resemble people...though not up close. Only from afar and obscured by shadow. The Iris hopes to fix this bug, which has led it to study the Pop People. The Pop People consider Earth their property, of sorts, and believe the Iris is introducing competition. The Hungry Eye admits that, however it does seem to like what they're doing anyway. It considers them "kindred spirits", and they aren't the only ones.
    • Nature's Mockery are "plants" that are in fact organisms mutated by Deep Root Disease. This starts with a rash, progresses into nasty conditions like flesh decay and disfigures the body into something horrible without necessarily killing them. The House of Health and Diseases has advised that a) the House of Plants needs to work hard to purge any influence of the Roots and b) to Kill It with Fire, especially Nature's Mockery. The Iris has become curious of the representative for the Botanical Abomination, but only out of morbid intrigue than any aligning goals. After all, it is mum on its ultimate objectives.
    • Deep in the bowels of the Earth the Gardeners tend to their crops of flesh and guts, which become full-fledged gardens. And deep underwater the Gardeners make nests on oceanic trenches. The Iris wonders how the Kraeken would interact with them as it is curious where they came from. Another notable entity related to the Iris is the Skinwalker, who take living beings and incorporates them into itself.
  • The Iris was not, as it believed, the first threat from the world of Analog Horror. Instead, the trope was represented by the Alternates, led by the supposed Archangel Gabriel...actually Satan in disguise. "Gabriel" has stated that Earth is already "my kingdom"; he isn't fond of the competition, and has mentioned that a lot of other deities wouldn't be fond of it either. Said other deities mainly consist of more conventional hostile aliens like the Shroobs or the Harvesters; the latter are wondering if they could harvest the Iris itself. The Tyranids are another "rival", mainly by virtue of possibly wanting to eat away at the resources. As Iris appears wholly organic this would be akin to a bunch of flesh-eating maggots swarming on an eye.
  • While inscrutable, the fact that it isn't one to shirk opportunities to mock Earth and taunt humanity shows that the Iris is malevolent and not just Obliviously Evil or under Blue-and-Orange Morality. Of course, since all life associated with it proves imicable to natural Earth life means that the Rogue Planet is opposed by humanity. The Imperium of Mankind will absolutely try to kill the thing with weapons-grade Exterminatus. That said, outside of its clearly visceral traits the whole biology and nature of the Iris is unknown. The Hungry Eye is not merely interested in Earth too, but the whole solar system given the aforementioned corruption of Neptune and attempts at mutating Saturn. It has been on the attack for at least the past four centuries, as according to research the Great Red Spot of Jupiter is in fact a mutation caused by the Iris.
  • The SCP Foundation wanted to know what was going with the Great Red Spot as the Iris' actions seem to contradict how the storm was actually caused by a malfunctioning destroyer. They don't consider the Iris to be anything out of the ordinary by their standards, and have gone through their usual procedure of trying to secure, contain and protect both the Iris and the anomalies associated with it. Like many anomalies with an ego the Iris considers them frustrating and annoying. Amusingly, the Iris itself annoyed Cthulhu; it woke up earlier than he planned because the appearance of a living Rogue Planet messed with the "when the stars were right" prophecy.
  • The various plant-like anomalies brought by Planet Nine has caught the attention of Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing, who regard them all as abominations upsetting the natural balance. Captain Planet is also freaked out by the mutations and chaos that the Iris is causing, though the wandering planet doesn't consider him a threat. The Earth itself, Gaea, was enraged at the Hungry Eye's invasion and sees it as yet another hostile alien threatening her existence. Natives of Mars also consider the Iris a threat, due to the inevitable chaos the Iris brings to the Solar System as a whole. Whether it has a big plan for Mars like it does Earth remains to be seen, but the native Martians aren't taking any chances.
  • The Iris hardly has any real allies, even if it recognizes certain beings as kindred spirits; if it sees something similar to it, it considers them as potential rivals. However, it does see "a useful idiot" in Babidi, who after his failure at controlling Buu was looking for another Eldritch Abomination to control. The Iris chose to be said abomination for the wizard, but much like Majin Vegeta it sees the spell to power it up. Why would the Iris feel it needs even more power? Because it knows about the power creep of the Dragonball universe and that many of the Dragon team are capable of destroying entire planets at this point...that isn't something it's ever had to prepare for. It has also not expected Superman, given that he is sometimes written as strong enough to move planets as big as the Iris and durable enough to survive supernova. Memorably he moved a chain of planets from a dying galaxy.
  • Despite the apocalyptic results of the Iris it is no Omnicidal Maniac, at least as far as anyone can discern. This is why it considers Mr Shadow as a rival. They are both malevolent celestial bodies but if Mr Shadow gets to destroy the elements he will be able to destroy the universe, and the Iris likes living in the universe. In turn, the malevolent Antimatter being is concerned that by corrupting and mutating the solar system his target might be harder to get. However, any opposition is "just business". The Iris also considers Remina a rival but one that it understands a lot more, due to being a hellish, organic and massive Rogue Planet that showed up to nom on all the planets in the Solar System.
  • Because of the destruction that the Iris causes the GUAD is plotting a way to redirect the rogue planet's path in a way as to cause maximum destruction. Their resident manipulator Death Phantom/Wiseman mused somewhat fondly about the Hungry Eye as he is also a planetary Eldritch Abomination and wishes to manipulate the Iris to do the bidding of destruction. The Iris considers this outrageous, but is self-aware enough to know how people would see it. Still, while hostile to all Sol system-based life the Iris in not an enemy to all other life in the universenote  and will consider making some concessions to Mogo if it means protection from Death Phantom.
  • The SCP Foundation hopes that no serious conflict happens between the Iris and other eldritch planet monsters as they do not know what the resulting "cross-contamination" would be. One could only imagine the havoc a Woodcrawler made of Phazon or Fake People formed from material on Remina's surface would bring, assuming they are even compatible. And there's also the possibility of Lavos Spawn "setting up shop" on the Iris. The Iris considers such being to be rivals, but with planet Phaaze at least it muses on being something like itself. Another celestial body it has labelled as a rival is the Sleeper, who wants to corrupt other bodies into husks of rock and crystal. It's best not to think of what would happen if the Sleeper manages to compromise the Iris.
  • The Mondasian variant of the Cybermen have noted that the Iris reminds them somewhat of their own home world. While not alive, it was also a Rogue Planet and they were forced to become what they are today as a means of evolving. That said, this is merely an observation given nostalgia is an emotion and that's not their thing. They are considering researching the "fauna" associated/of the Iris to be utilized for their own purposes, however. Others have noted that in spite of having a growing influence on the whole solar system, the Iris doesn't care about Pluto since unlike Neptune it wasn't corrupted. Given the Iris is also known as Planet Nine, maybe it doesn't consider it a planet.
  • H.P Lovecraft likes to talk about the Iris and has also had dreams about it. Being a consummate force of a Cosmic Horror Story, the Iris finds him interesting. It has been communicating with Shub-Niggurath recently as the Hungry Eye sees something "familiar" with the Black Goat; a visceral Eldritch Abomination associated with lesser eldritch life-forms. What they "talk" about is one of those mysteries, and most think the Iris only allied with the Outer God out of pragmatism. The Iris also learned about the nemesis of the Epic Battle Fantasy Team, the Devourer; a monstrous (in multiple ways) gargantuan cyclops. They dread the idea that the Iris may consider the Devourer a kindred spirit, much less the distant possibility they're related.

In brightest day, in blackest night,

no evil shall escape my sight!

Let those who worship evil's might,

Beware my power—Green Lantern's light!

Mogo, Divine Sentient Planet (The Living Planet, Sector 2261, Living Detox Center)
  • Greater God (potentially an Overdeity in the proximity of a Blue Lantern)
  • Symbol: A giant Green Lantern Corp symbol composed in foliage
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Beautiful Scenery, Living Planet, Having the Souls of a Man and Woman, Not Very Sociable, Mogo-Shattering Kaboom, Pleasure Planet
  • Domains: Power, Plants, Mountains, Rivers, Willpower
  • Herald: His current partner in guarding Sector 2261, Mother Mercy
  • High Priest: Ego, the Living Planet
  • Followers: Solaris, Gaia, Torkulon
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Krona, Parallax, Unicron, Galactus, Nekron, Black Hand, and the Black Lanterns, Sinestro, The Grox, Hexxus, The Harvesters, Chairman Drek, Evolto, Tyranids, Mongul, Hank Henshaw
  • Of Interest to: The House of Love and Affection
  • Interested in: All Good-aligned Determinators (notably Naruto Uzumaki, Pegasus Seiya, Undyne the Undying, Goku, Link)
  • Opposes: The Incubators, High Councilor Kal-El,
  • Wary of: Dragon Ball Villains, Tuska
  • Conflicting Opinion: Samus Aran
  • Pities: Anyone addicted to harmful substances
  • Mogo the Living Planet is the Green Lantern of Sector 2261, and the most powerful Green Lantern in the entire corp. In one of the few cases in which a Deity is its own domain, Mogo is a planet, and so does not have a proper place in the actual Pantheon. If he did, his gravitational pull would destroy the Pantheon, which is why Mogo doesn't socialize much.
    • When he has to, Mogo can use much smaller holograms to interact with beings in other parts of the Pantheon under assumed names. Those Deities who have met these holograms rarely realize who it actually is they're talking to. Although he does make appearances in "person" in very special and dire circumstances.
    • He, like all Green Lanterns, has a lot of animosity towards Krona, Parallax, and Nekron, especially after the former two corrupted and took control of him to take over the rest of the corp.
  • When a Green Lantern dies, Mogo is the one responsible for choosing their ring's successor and guides the ring to them. Without him, the rings are directionless. As such, he considers all the Green Lanterns in the Pantheon to be worthy allies, as he's the one that picked them to be Green Lanterns in the first place. This has put him at odds with the Incubators, who also choose to give powers to people who have certain qualities in order to get them to join a group that's purpose is to fight evil. However, unlike the Incubators, Mogo doesn't make deals or withhold information from those he picks (at least, not intentionally) to trick them into joining the Green Lanterns.
    • As the one who chooses new Green Lanterns, Mogo has observed a number of deities in the Pantheon who show remarkable ability to overcome great fear and as such could make worthy Green Lanterns should a ring become available. Apart from Luke Skywalker, whose impression on Mogo is detailed below, such notable candidates include Naruto Uzumaki, Pegasus Seiya, Undyne, Goku and Link.
    • In the 31st Century, Mogo will have died, and lacking another way to distribute rings to new owners to recruit new members, the Green Lantern Corps will eventually die with him. When Rosalina heard about this from her Lumas, she enlisted the House of Time and Space to try to avert this fate, but only time will tell if they are successful.
  • Sometimes likes to assist Team Lightyear and the Guardians of the Galaxy on a consultant basis, likening Star Command and the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Green Lanterns, as they're both groups of Space Cops and people focused on protecting their galaxy, respectively.
  • Because of his serene and kind nature, many Deities have visited Mogo to train or find a moment of peace. One of his most well-known attributes is his ability to conjure up the images of anybody's deceased loved ones so that they may be able to move on. He has also been known to help anybody with problems they may have, acting as a sort of therapist. Even Rosalina allows him to babysit her Lumas on occasion.
    • It's even been reported that certain Gods and Goddesses, such as John Carter, have gone to him as a sort of "romantic getaway". Since Mogo is actually composed of the consciousnesses of a mated male and female, he's surprisingly good at romance. His unique romantic situation has made him a welcome subject of interest of the House of Love. Which is ironic, since he doesn't socialize.
    • Wander and Sylvia were taken aback when they landed on Mogo and discovered he could talk to them. Sylvia was slightly unnerved of him due to having met another living planet named Janet who... was a little crazy for Wander, but after Wander gave him a chance, she ended up warming up to him after he clarified that he wasn't in any way looking for romance, nor did he know any "Janet"... not all living celestial bodies know each other, after all.
  • Doesn't like Mongul very much. Not only did his son, Mongul II, kill his previous partner, the insect-sized Bzzd, but the original is well-known for his corrupt use of the Black Mercy, which was created by his current partner Mother Mercy, against Superman.
  • Mogo is happy to harbor other alien species on him, changing his biosphere to accomodate their needs and developing symbiotic relationships with them if possible. In the unfortunate circumstance that the actual Houses of Extraterrestrials or Beasts and Fauna should become unserviceable for whatever reason, many have suggested that Mogo could take their place. Because of this, Mogo has had to fight off numerous attempts by the Grox to hunt him down and eliminate him and the species that take refuge upon him.
    • One of the more notable of these relationships he has is with some space dolphins that live on his planet, as they eat yellow space debris that Mogo is unable to deal with effectively due to their color. What makes this relationship interesting is where Mogo got the dolphins from. After purchasing them from the intergalactic broker Manga Khan, Lobo attempted to retrieve them as it turned out they had actually belonged to him (Lobo cares a surprising amount for his space dolphins...). However, after seeing how happy they were living on Mogo and how good Mogo was to them, he reluctantly let them stay. Fortunately, Mogo allows him to visit them whenever he wants, so all parties are pretty happy with the deal.
    • When Hal Jordan was having a difficult time figuring out how he should deal with some Xenomorphs and didn't want to just kill them due to seeing them as just animals, he brought them to Mogo to live on. Although Kyle ended up destroying them years later, Mogo has allowed the Xenomorphs and Facehuggers in the Pantheon to live on him again, as he's best suited for keeping them from hurting others.
    • The Blorg Commonality loves living on Mogo, as not only is Mogo extremely friendly to them, but it gives them the opportunity to meet and befriend all the other alien species that inhabit Mogo as well.
    • In addition, he enjoys having small animals like Chip and Dale visit his surface, and even leaves his Green Lantern ring hanging on a tree branch for them to play with.
  • Many beings have attempted to destroy Mogo before. Some have succeeded, while others have failed. No matter the outcome, Mogo never takes such attempts kindly. Even though Mogo can pull himself back together, it's a very long process. For this reason, he tries to avoid villains from Dragon Ball, as they have a habit of destroying planets, although he will fight them if necessary.
    • Mogo was the first to discover the Harvesters when they attacked him after entering the Pantheon, and even with the help of the Green Lantern Corps, Mogo would have likely been killed in the assault had it not been for the timely arrival of Luke Skywalker, who managed to fly into the heart of the Mothership and destroy it. Mogo is considering returning the favor by making Luke a new Green Lantern, but as of yet no rings have been made available.
    • Chairman Drek once had a Deplanetizer built on Mogo's surface, but found that progress for it was advancing slowly for it for seemingly no understandable reason... until Drek realized the planet was actually alive and subtly messing with the machine. When he opted to team up with the Emperor to build it in space instead, Mogo simply blew it up with a beam of green energy. Since then, Drek and Mogo have been at war with each other, with Drek repeatedly trying to destroy him, while Mogo has taken it upon himself to enforce Drek's ban from the House of Nature.
    • Once they learned of the Living Planet's existence, both Unicron and Galactus raced to consume him first. Unfortunately, the two underestimated Mogo's power (not to mention the fact that they were fighting each other for it at the same time) and were injured in their battle. What none of them had realized was that Evolto, curious to know what would happen if a sentient planet connected to the Green Lantern energy were destroyed, had been the one to inform the two planet eaters of Mogo in the first place in a bid to weaken Mogo so he could finish him off. Their subsequent fight still lasted for hours before Superman, Wonder Woman, and Primus arrived to assist Mogo.
    • On a separate occasion, the Tyranids tried to raze him to the ground. Mogo once again managed to repel them, this time with the help of Optimus Prime and the Avatars Aang and Korra.
    • Although Tuska was of a lesser Rank then the Living Planet, she possessed a quality that gave her an edge against Mogo that none of the previous would-be destroyers could boast: a barrier made up of a special substance known as Anima Mundi, which shielded her from the energy-based attacks of the Green Lanterns. With this decisive advantage, Tuska managed to be the first in the Pantheon to succeed in destroying and devouring Mogo. Although with some help Mogo (and, more importantly to him, the souls that live on him) was able to be rescued, the experience has left him with an almost crippling fear of the entity. Although, as a Green Lantern, he will never fail to fight her if necessary, he does a lot to try to avoid it being necessary...
    • In High Councilor Kal-El's alternate universe, the alternate version of Mogo was involved in an attempt by the alternate Green Lanterns to stop Kal-El's take-over of Earth, but was demolished after the High Councilor-to-be became a Yellow Lantern for a time. When the regular Mogo heard about this little piece of history, he was understandably displeased with the High Councilor, though they have yet to meet officially. Y'know, since he doesn't socialize.
    • Despite the fact that he hasn't met her in "person" (he's met her as a hologram, but she never realized it) either, Samus Aran is forbidden from ever setting foot on Mogo because of her well-known tendency to blow up planets.
  • Was targeted by Hexxus, who attacked his core and caused the entire ecosystem of the planet to become polluted. Reminded of a time when another species had polluted his environment while he was unconscious, Mogo was enraged and countered this with the help of Captain Planet, driving Hexxus out of his core. He then trapped Hexxus in a tree... again. While Hexxus eventually escaped, he's learned he's going to have to come up with a better plan if he intends to try something like that again.
  • After the demise of the Guardians of the Universe and Oa, Mogo became the new home base of the Green Lantern Corp. However, after Hank Henshaw corrupted him by hacking the Green Lantern main Power Battery, Mogo was left weakened, so the corp is working on restoring Oa to return to it to allow Mogo to recover.
  • Mogo is also a member of the Nature Preservers in the House of Nature. Many animal and plant species at risk of being endangered, both in the Pantheon and out of it, have been transported to him to keep them safe. As a result, some animals and plants that once originated on other planets can now only be found on Mogo. This, of course, just adds to the reasons for why some Deities like to visit him.
  • Did we mention that Mogo doesn't socialize much?

Intermediate Gods

    David Zappa 
David Zappa, God of Ominous Colored Moons (The Moon King, The Man That Stole The Moon, The Man Chosen By The Moon)
  • Theme Song: Lotus Power (Regularly), Never Mind (Stronger Form), Chosen By The Moon (Final Form)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Purple/Red Moon
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Appalling Fashion Sense, Badass Longcoat, Dual Wielding, Former Executioner, Acts causal out of arrogance, On par with, if not exceeding Mondo's, Able to easily block machinegun fire, Pretty much everything about him is over the top, Wields two gold encrusted Scimitars
  • Domains: The Moon, Dark Matter, Arrogance, Gold, Chess
  • Allies: Nightmare Moon, Kun Lan, Yami, Azel, Mr. Scratch, Randall Flagg, Xehanort, Dr. Angus Bumby, The Grand Duke of Owls, Roy Bromwell, Shadow Moon, Eneru, Ansem, Queen Umbra
  • Enemies: Mondo Zappa (His Brother), Travis Touchdown, Princess Luna, Amaterasu, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino, Gwyn, Sokka, Billy Hatcher, Galaxy Man, Caligula, Bayonetta, Gru, Serena of the Dimensional Counterparts, Aurora
  • Opposed by: Kim Lip of LOONA
  • His influence on Dark Matter has affected The Moon that he rules, going from being outlined in purple, being purple with black energy around it and eventually Red in his final battle with Mondo.
  • He is a former Executioner of monstrous beings corrupted by Dark Matter know as "Wires", though now the very corruption that he fought has now turned him into a megalomaniac wanting to spread Dark Matter through out the world.
  • He is also The King of The Dark side of The Moon as he needs it for its true purpose even though he constantly claims that The Earth is actually his and the Moon actually belongs to Mondo.
  • Unknown to many even some other Members from The Moon does not realize that the moon is actually a Large Container for all the Evil Energies of every evil being in the Pantheon called Dark Matter, David wishes to crack into that power and let it flood the earth turning everyone into Wires.
  • He is often hanging around his palace on the moon and he often greets his enemies in a very casual manner, more often then not he will try to strike up conversation and tries to see if there is an alternative to fighting, though many already feel that it is about how arrogant he is.
  • He also seems unfased by their attempts at stopping him as he claims that he knew it would happen as he claims that his eyes can see everything. "Past, Present, and Future".
  • He is often fond of wearing an outfit that many claim to be "Eye gouging Bad", thus he is often forced to wear a suit that is similar to Mondo's except that it is White and Gold.
  • He takes getting hurt surprisingly well like the time getting his throat slashed by Mondo he simply staggers a tad and sarcastically chastises his would be assassin for the act.
  • He is often working with Kun Lan trying to make Dark Matter infested Heaven Smile, a combination that worries other members of the house.
  • Some are claiming that he is the reason Nightmare Moon is in the house, He merely scoffs at how boring that sounds.
  • He often seemingly bored and flat out dismissive of other members that are not Mondo as he only wants Mondo to be the one to inherit the moon from him.
  • He also claims that if The Earth or Moon are not enough then they can take The Sun, they would have to kill Mika for that though
  • What gets a good chuckle out of him is whenever he has to battle Gaara or Kain Highwind due to the fact that they sound similar
  • From time to time, Sokka has been seen alone gazing fondly at the Pantheon's moons. The reason for it is a tragic one. While travelling to the Northern Water Tribe, Sokka befriended the northern Princess Yue, and soon enough a romance bloomed. But it wasn't meant to be. During the Seige of the North, the Moon Spirit, Tui, was killed by the Fire Nation. Yue, who was blessed by the Moon, sacrificed her life to save and become the new Moon Spirit. Sokka initially blamed himself for Yue's death and although he has come to terms with her passing, he doesn't like it when other gods badmouth the moon (or rather the Moon Spirit). David Zappa was one such individual. The Moon King was quick to mock Sokka's failure and proclaimed Yue was his to conquer. This set Sokka off and immediately he challenged Zappa to a fight. At first, Zappa had the upper hand... until he was confronted by another other celestial deity; Tyrande Whisperwind. She joined Sokka and repelled the Moon King, driving him away from the moon. From that moment onwards, Sokka considers Whisperwind a friend and ally and whenever he hears someone else mocking the moon spirit he will respond with:
    "The Moon Spirit is a gentle, loving lady. She rules the sky with compassion and... lunar goodness!
  • He has taken a liking to an aggressive Dark Matter being known as Miracle Matter. Though they have yet to conversed with one another yet David Zappa has increasing based his plans around Miracle Matter's movements and the creature does not seem to mind this.
  • Loves to use the fact that he sounds like Satan, Ragna, and Joseph Joestar. He believes he could use this to his advantage to draw in friends and foes alike to infect them with Dark Matter.

    Tyrande Whisperwind 
Tyrande Whisperwind, Goddess of Lunar Powers ( High Priestess of Elune, Co-ruler of the Night Elves, Leader of the Kaldorei, Night Elven Princess, Chosen of the Moon, Priestess of the Moon, the Night Warrior, Elune's Wrath)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Sentinel Owl.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Night Elves, Drawing Power From The Moon, Nature Protectors, Happily Married, Being Drawn To Good Morality Than Bad Boys, Summoning All-Knowing Owls, Badass Priestess, Nightsaber Mount
  • Domain: Moon, Nature, Elves, War
  • Followers: Luna (Moonfang) the Moon Rider
  • High Priest(s): Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley
  • Allies: Malfurion Stormrage (Her Husband), Alexstrasza, Ysera, Nozdormu, Brightwing, Varian Wrynn, Harth Stonebrew, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Jaina Proudmoore, Mirana, Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight, Tassadar, Jonathan Joestar, Princess Luna, Amaterasu, The Nephalems, Artemis, Sapphire Rhodonite, Ventari
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Illidan Stormrage, Thrall, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Jim Raynor, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Saitama
  • Enemies: Deathwing, Grommash Hellscream, Gul'dan, Garrosh Hellscream, Diablo, Arthas Menethil, Sylvanas Windrunner, Dio Brando, Majora, Mr. Burns, Shadow Moon, Terrorblade.
  • Respected by: Fenrich
  • Tyrande is Malfurion's ever-faithful wife and took care of the Night Elf Sentinels at Azeroth in his absence, be it the Emerald Dream, or getting ascended to the Pantheon. That is, until a certain star fell right onto her head and the next thing she realized, she already ascended to the Pantheon. Turns out, the lost Moon powers of Amaterasu recognized Tyrande as its new mistress due to her massive dedication to the Moon and caused her to ascend. She's not very sure if she's allowed to lead in the stead of Elune, but she promised to do her best.
  • Everything that is about the moon, Tyrande can handle it well. Keep you safe under its light veil? Yes she can. Send out creatures of the night to illuminate your path? That's what her owls do. Make the moon summon stars that fall on you? If you need some punishment, she'll do that all right...
  • The first thing she does is to relocate her husband Malfurion and then a most joyful reunion commenced. Though she does her best to avoid the subject of his brother Illidan. It's complicated.
  • While she's aligned with the Alliance and has respects on Varian Wrynn, it's best that you avoid mentioning 'A Little Patience' within her earshot, if you don't want Tyrande to rain down moon blasts or arrows at you. She noticed that with her husband's absence, she became a bit too hotheaded and not using her brain, something that she really really regrets. This is why when she enters the Nexus Battlefield with her husband, she makes sure she keeps her wits and calm with her and never going too tempestuous. She did that during Mt. Hyjal, she can do that again.
    • That being said, her wary of the Horde stays, because regardless of how you look at it, they still violate the forests. This is why she kept her eyes at Thrall, and still continued the antagonism between her and some Horde orcs like the Hellscreams. While she would also consider the good of some people in the Korprulu Sector such as Jim Raynor, Tyrande is also rather wary about how they might not have respects on nature, though her allies dismissed it as just having a culture shock.
  • Apparently before her ascension, someone brought a TV to her quarters and after watching a certain 'Sailor Moon', Tyrande quickly became a fan and tends to emulate her during lighthearted times.
  • She used to have a fellow Priestess named Mirana who would end up becoming her own Princess after years of service with Elune. Tyrande still kept contact with her, and for the moment, did her best to keep her rival Luna in line as her follower.
  • She also didn't take fellow moon worshipper Diana, considering her too 'savage' in her crusades. Tyrande herself chose not to get involved with the whole 'Sun vs Moon' rivalry, though she did give her a warning: Regardless of how severe one's persecution is, one must always have a line they shouldn't cross, or they'll be no better than what they fought against, as it happened to a certain Warden she was familiar with.
  • Tyrande was once considered for the chosen Priest Hero by the Inkeeper, but at the time she wasn't able to attend and was replaced by Anduin Wrynn. However, she later joined the crew as the second Priestess and reunited with her husband who also frequented the Tavern. Other cringe on how sometimes both Malfurion and Tyrande behave like Sickeningly Sweethearts, even when they are battling each other.
  • Many people had poked fun of her "stylish" choice for hair. When she asked why her hair was so funny, she was told she had leaves all over it which promped a hilarious reaction from her:
    "What the…? How long have these leaves been in my hair? Why does no one tell me these things?"
  • She developed a good friendship with fellow archer and Goddess of the Hunt Artemis for her care and protection for the wild. Their bond got stronger when she learned that she also had connections with the moon.
    • She also gets along really well with Sapphire Rhodonite, another woman who chose her husband for his nice personality. She also occassionally delves into archery too and has taken classes from tyrande a few times. Once in particularly, she used Sapphire as a test dummy.
    "Here, hold this apple for a moment...All right, now put it on your head. Perfect... It’s been quite a while since I used this bow."
  • When it comes to tastes about men, Tyrande made it clear that the kindness of heart and virtuous values are big plus points, moreso than raw strength, this is why she chose Malfurion over Illidan. This is also why she's quite fond on Jonathan Joestar for exemplifying such qualities in men and says that anyone who becomes his wife is absolutely blessed and lucky to find such man. And that's another reason she stands opposed to Dio Brando, not just on his poor treatment to women, but also on how she abhors how he thinks that he can get away with doing everything as long as he has power. Something 'similar Illidan, but without any of the sympathetic things that made him a tortured soul.'
  • Even though she is one of the most faithful women in the entire pantheon, she has stated that she misses having a millennia or two of girl time, which raised a few eyebrows in the House of Love and Affection.
  • As you would have imagined, she holds the moon in High reward since that is the source of her powers and is also Elune's creation. As such any evil people that has tried to use them in evil ways has earned her ire, such as Majora, Mr. Burns and Shadow Moon (just for using the moon as a namesake)
    • She also isn't very fond of Master Roshi and Piccolo because they destroyed they homeworld's moon on separate occasions, which she considers an insult to Elune. Altough she later was told that they had to destroy it or else a Giant Monkey would've gone on a rampage, which later relieved her. She still hasn't forgived them entirely.
    • She also learned that the hero known as Saitama left a terrible mess on his moon, which almost left her really angry. Thankfully, she has slowly started to forgive him after hearing why he was there in the first place.
    • She has also earned the respect of Fenrich, especially because the moon is a really important thing for him and he is glad there is someone capable of taking care of it.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Power.

Lesser Gods

    John Carter 
John Carter, God of Planetary Romances (John Carter of Mars, Prince of Helium, Warlord of Mars, Captain Jack Carter of Virginia, Dotar Sojat, Jeddak of Jeddaks)

    The Little Prince 
The Little Prince, God of Baby Planets
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Him standing on his home planet; a lone star in the desert sky
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Baby Planet, travels the universe, Children Are Innocent
  • Domains: Philosophy, Planets, Children
  • Heralds: Fox, Rose
  • High Priests: King Kai, Voyager
  • Allies: Sora, Shaun the Sheep, Chirin, Peter Pan, Rosalina, Mario, Son Goku, Wander, Sylvia, Musashi Haruno and Ultraman Cosmos, Viper (Furious Five), The Master of Chaldea
  • Enemies: Xehanort's Incarnations, Apophis, Loki's Brood, Unicron, Galactus, Dark Matter Horde, The VUX
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kaa
  • Somewhere out in the universe lives a little prince, the sole inhabitant of a very small planet. He takes good care of it by daily ripping out any plants that could easily overrun the tiny planet and destroy it, such as baobabs, and owns three little volcanos, two of which he uses for heating and cooking, and the other is used as a seat since it's extinct, but you never know, so all three are regularly cleaned out. There is also a rose, who led the Prince to believe she was unique in all the universe and thus demanded a lot of attention and care from him. The Prince grew tired of her and left to travel the universe, ending up on Earth. He landed in an African desert where he met an aviator who had crashed there. They had many a philosophical conversation on subjects such as love, happiness and the value one attributes to things. In the end, the Prince realized the rose was precious to him and left Earth. This saddened the aviator, but he always remembered his young friend who taught him much about life.
  • After returning home, the Prince set off on a journey across the universe, saving planets from an evil, giant snake. So it happened that he was riding on his plane with his best friend Fox for company, when they saw a colorful, blocky space ship heading their way. The Prince decided to follow it and both eventually landed on a particular planet, wherein the Prince met the occupants of the ship: Sora, Donald and Goofy. The two groups hit it off well as fellow space travelers and then teamed up to stop the Snake from corrupting the planet. After that, Sora decided to invite the Prince and his friends to the Pantheon, which the Prince accepted as hearing about the place made him very excited to see it. At length he was officially inducted as a deity because of the classic status of his tale.
  • Much like Sora, the Prince cares for the safety of the various worlds and cannot tolerate those who would destroy them or corrupt them for their evil ends, like the Snake does. Given his friendship with Sora, this means he quickly got wise to the threat that Xehanort's incarnations pose, having already made many worlds suffer in a wide-spanning and very complicated plan to create the X-Blade (the Prince didn't fully understand but it made him shake his head at "the follies of grown-ups"). Fearing for his universe's safety and that Xehanort may ally with the Snake, the Prince is determined to help Sora and co. out in stopping Xehanort (and co.) in having his way. For similar reasons, the Prince has also made enemies out of planet-eaters Unicron and Galactus, as well as the corrupting Dark Matter Horde.
  • His powers consist of a Henshin Hero-like transformation where he wears a coat and wields a sword, and the ability to summon various animals, most notably sheep, the animal he pestered the aviator to draw for him so he could introduce it into his planet to eliminate harmful plants. He seems to have become fairly good friends with Shaun the Sheep after Shaun somehow crashed in his planet in an ill-begotten attempt to visit his alien friend Lu-la. The Prince decided to help Shaun reunite with his friend, especially as he would like to see a new planet himself, plus Shaun makes for unusually entertaining company for a sheep, even if he annoyed Fox considerably. Filled with gratitude for helping him see his friend again, Shaun has allowed himself to be summoned by the Prince, should he ever need his or his flock's help.
  • While walking around the Pantheon, the Prince was frightened to see an animal that seemed to be a sheep and yet also a wolf. The sheep-wolf paid no attention to him as it walked into the woods. The Prince went around asking various passersby if they had ever seen such an animal and he soon heard the sad tale of Chirin, a sheep who trained to be as strong as a wolf, only to turn into something that was neither animal and thus died all alone. Hearing that, the Prince chased Chirin down to talk to him despite some lingering fear of the foreboding animal. Chirin thought he was being hunted and almost attacked the Prince, but he summoned his sheep to calm Chirin. It did the trick, though Chirin was more uncomfortable than anything at the sheep frolicking around him. At any rate, the Prince and Chirin managed to talk civilly and even became something resembling friends. The Prince said that Chirin's strength could be a huge asset in fighting evils such as the Snake and that if he found something to protect, perhaps he could be happier. With that in mind, Chirin accepted being made summonable by the Prince, whose innocence and heroism has him intrigued, and see if such an arrangement can work out.
  • Despite his greatest enemy being a giant snake, the Prince actually has a variable opinion on snakes. Back when he was on Earth, he became friendly with a poisonous one living in the desert, and its bite helped him go back home. To outsiders this just looks like the snake plain killed him (which perhaps is true on Earth specifically), but the Prince insists that snake was a good one. So, while the Prince may be at odds with serpents that are similar to his enemy, such as the savage, world-destroying Apophis and Jormungandr (plus Fenrir and Hel; they're destroyers too despite not being snakes), he has little problem with seeking out good snakes as pleasant company. He is therefore good friends with Viper of the Furious Five. Kaa is, in the Prince's view, the most similar to the snake who helped him and he is very respectful of his wisdom. That's only for the good version of Kaa, of course; the Prince avoids the evil Kaa, not wanting to be eaten, though he finds him less revolting and more pitiful due to all the times he embarrassingly fails in his endeavors.
  • The Prince embodies childhood innocence and consistently rejects and looks down on adults and their ways of thinking, being of the opinion that they have meaningless worries and don't know what is really important. This gives him commonality with Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn't grow up. The Prince chanced to meet him when he accidentally landed on Neverland on his adventures and he stayed there with Peter for a while, enjoying a world that was completely ruled by children without any adults to ruin things with their concerns (well, except for pirates, which the Prince discovered are fun to battle). The two can be fairly selfish (Peter more so than the Prince, who's aware that the Rose and the Fox depend on him), which in turn can lead to quarrels between the two, but these never last too long, which is pretty characteristic of children as well.
  • He also met the space nomad Wander and his steed Sylvia on yet more of his travels, and as Wander is one to befriend everyone he meets, that easily applies to someone like the Prince as well. They talked for a long time about their adventures and the people they met, with the Prince growing very fond of Wander as he basically lives to spread happiness everywhere he goes and overall has a joyous and friendly demeanor most of the time.
  • His planet is more specifically called Asteroid B-612. It's not a name the Prince cares much for, but he condescends to using it among adults and other people who cannot conceive of a planet without such a designation. The Prince lives there happily with his Heralds, the Fox and the Rose, and is welcoming to visitors who are interested in knowing about his little planet. Thus he met Rosalina, a woman who lives on a small planet not unlike the Prince's and takes care of the Lumas, sentient star creatures who the Prince finds fascinating. As an aside, the Rose seems to feel a little jealous whenever Rosalina drops by or the Prince leaves specifically to visit her; on such occasions the Prince sometimes gets Chirin to stay with her, since she seems to get happy whenever he's around for some reason.
    • Thanks to Rosalina, an alliance with Mario logically followed, as he himself has gone on an adventure across several tiny planets in a bid to stop Bowser from conquering the universe. The Prince also got a visit from Son Goku after he confused his planet for King Kai's which is similarly tiny. The Prince turned down Goku's invitation for a friendly fight as he heavily suspects he wouldn't stand a chance from what he's heard about Goku, but they seem to be friendly enough that the Prince got King Kai to be his High Priest as a gesture of good will.
  • Musashi Haruno and Ultraman Cosmos wound up becoming allies with the Prince in his battle against the Snake, as they already have plenty of experience from fighting Chaos Header, itself a planet corrupter, although they ended up befriending Chaos Header after purifying it and turning it into the guardian of the sanctuary planet for Kaiju and humans, Juran. This makes the Prince wonder whether he could possibly befriend the Snake and have it turn over a new leaf, using its powers for the good of the universe. It's an image that pleases the Prince greatly, so he seriously wonders whether it is possible to achieve it.
  • The Prince soon learned that his fame was far-reaching as he learned of such things as: being summoned as Voyager, a Servant modeled after him, by the Master of Chaldea, who is intrigued to meet the real item; an Abnormality at the Lobotomy Corporation named after him that looks like a giant mushroom and spreads spores that turn other living creatures into mushrooms (this creeped out the Prince, but he was upset to know the name seems to come from an incident where a lonely man spent too much time around the fungus and was contaminated, reminding him of the aviator); and a riddle involving a constellation resembling "the snake-like creature who has swallowed the elephantine beast", based on the aviator's prized childhood drawing, which was created by Admiral ZEX of the VUX. The Admiral seems to hold some perverse obsession in regards to the Prince; his "affection" is doomed to be one-sided especially since it manifests in ZEX very badly wanting to add the Prince to his collection.