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Time, Temporality, Age, Recorded History, Past, Present, and Future

What exactly is Time is something that has several answers and suggestions, but one conclusive statement shared by most is that it is one of the most important, impactful, and occurring presences and concepts in everyday life, for those who recognize that will be able to determine their choices and expectations more clearly. For those more adept or interested in the concept, they would be also willing to learn more about time itself, which would lead to ideas of potentially manipulating, controlling, or altering it in some way, hence the rising prominences of those who can manipulate time to their liking as well as the prospect of traveling through time to appear in earlier or later points of time, the past and future respectively.

This concept and presence are properly represented in the Pantheon as the House of Time and Temporality, one of two halves of the former House of Time and Space after a degree was made that they are to be split to better represent themselves whilst still maintaining a strong connection with one another. Being a metaphysical law of reality, this House has a very unorthodox appearance as there isn't really a defined appearance; the overall environment is what can be described as an endless blue and grey void with glimpses of numerous past and present events and visual constructs of time-based instrumentals. The one constant is pieces of landmass that house a series of settlements and buildings, most of which are watchtowers that look over the constant apparations of events. The most prominent of these is a skyscraper that looks to be a mix of a clocktower and a watchtower. In addition to providing a clear bridge between the other Houses as this one is set in a different realm, it also serves as the main headquarters of the Pantheonic Time Police. Speaking of, access to the House is noted to be rather difficult as portals to other dimensions (and Houses) tend to appear sporadically and there's little regarding their consistency and timing.

The Time Police are said to be the main representing party in the House of Time and Temporality. However, since its split, a second group, consisting of a trio of villains who have threatened the timestream has established their presence, taking up the title of The Diabolical Time Breakers. Predictably, the trio, plus any like-minded villains with a desire to distort timelines have faced heavy opposition, though the villains themselves have been working on any possible loophole they can exploit to keep their battle ongoing. Despite their extreme notoriety, this hasn't really given the House a bad rep nor has it even become a battleground as the place overall is a tether in maintaining balance to time itself, and destroying that would prove disastrous to everybody, even the Time Breakers.

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The Elite Time Police Enforcers

Blinx, God of Colour Coded Timestops
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Time Sweeper
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Time Police, Weapons That Suck, Abandoned Mascot for Xbox
  • Domains: Cats, Time
  • Allies: Luigi, E. Gadd, Future Trunks and the Pantheon Time Police, Bubsy the Bobcat, Doc Brown, STARSET, Aldo
  • Enemies: Napoleon, The Vex, Katz, Army of the 12 Monkeys, Eobard Thawne, Solaris
  • Avoids: The Dahaka
  • Time Sweepers work for the Time Factory and ensure that time across all dimensions is under control and fix any anomalies related to time that crop up. The Tom-Tom Gang are a group of evil pigs and their actions end up causing chaos in World B1Q64, prompting Blinx, one such Time Sweeper to step in and set things right after receiving a distress call from the princess in that world. Blinx and the other Time Sweepers use a specialized vacuum cleaner for their job which is able to suck up Time Crystals and has five unique functions: stopping time, slowing down time, speeding up time, reversing time, and recording a moment in time. If such anomalies aren’t fixed, then Time Monsters are created and result in being a big enough threat that not only would a Time Sweepers’ job be more difficult, but time would have to potentially stop being supplied to the endangered world in question.
  • One day, the Time Factory had noticed erratic activity going on in one dimension; more specifically, there would be anomalies present at one moment and some time later, those time-based anomalies would be gone without the Time Sweepers getting involved. Blinx, suspecting something unusual happening in that dimension, volunteered to explore that world in order to better understand what is going on there for the sake of the rest of the worlds under the Time Factory’s watch. He then found himself in a large room that seemed to resemble the interior of a very large clock, with visuals of worlds Blinx was unfamiliar with playing around him. He then made his way outside of the room and discovered a very elaborate world in front of him where people can access all sorts of dimensions easily and its denizens referring to it as a “Pantheon” of sorts. Blinx reported his findings to the Time Factory and opted to keep an eye on this Pantheon and the ramifications it could bring to the rest of the Time Factory and the worlds it looks after.
  • It didn’t take long for Blinx to get involved with Pantheonic denizens that are dedicated to keeping time stable throughout the setting. While fighting against a Time Monster that was giving him more trouble than normal, Blinx was saved by Future Trunks, who defeated the monster and after introducing themselves to each other, took Blinx to meet up with other enforcers of time that Future Trunks is working with. The Pantheonic Time Police was that group of time enforcers Future Trunks worked with and although a cat with a vacuum cleaner was a rather strange description for someone who is familiar with the concept of time, Blinx has proven to be a very useful member for the team given how he is able to control time (even if it isn’t to the same extent as the more powerful members of the Time Police) to solve problems and fight enemies. The Pantheonic Time Police also visited the Time Factory where they learned more about how Blinx and the rest of the Time Sweepers do things and that place quickly became a base of operations for the Time Police to look over any sort of time anomalies that occur in far-off places.
  • As Blinx would later learn via working with the Pantheonic Time Police, the erratic activity of any time anomalies in the Pantheon are the result of many time travelers going through time across not just the Pantheon, but other worlds connected to it. Not only did these time travelers include some of the members of the Time Police that Blinx is working with, but it included a few others not involved with the organization, whether they are time-traveling for fun or for altruistic reasons. Messing with the flow of time can lead to Time Monsters and other time-related threats showing up and while some of these time-travelers that the Time Police are keeping watch of don’t mean harm, there is a good chance their actions could lead to danger later on. Doc Brown, who has great knowledge of time-travel, was notably intrigued with Blinx’s Sweeper, the control over time that it has, and the other capabilities and has offered to examine it for the benefit of the Pantheonic Time Police and other time-travelers that Doc Brown has befriended. In turn, Blinx has gotten a better understanding of time-travel and its benefits and dangers thanks to both the Pantheonic Time Police, Doc Brown, and his time-traveling friends.
  • While there were some who use time-travel for benevolent purposes, there were plenty of others that Blinx learned used that power for their own nefarious means that could pose a much bigger threat than the enemies he was used to fighting against. While this included adversaries such as Eobard Thawne who simply wants to mess with time to torment others (Barry Allen mainly) and had the strength to push Blinx to his limit, there were others with far more deadly goals or had far greater control over time who the Time Sweeper would have much more trouble dealing with by himself. The Army of the 12 Monkeys sought to destroy time itself as a means to make themselves immortal as a result of its members not being aged by time, something that Blinx was alarmed with as it could mean they would use anyone that supports their goals to destroy the Time Factory as a means to get what they want and has done everything he can with the help of the Pantheonic Time Police to thwart their plans. The Vex was separate group that wanted to usurp time so that they reshape the world in their own image and them having far stronger abilities related to time than that of Blinx has given the Time Sweeper a hard time fighting them, not helped by the fact that whatever time anomalies they leave behind result in Time Monsters far stronger than others that Blinx had fought against.
  • There were a handful of entities that are considered actual gods of time that Blinx was curious about, though unfortunately some of these gods and godlike entities have performed actions that are detrimental to the flow of time and others involved with them. Solaris is a god of time that became destructive as a result of being experimented on and its components, the duplicitous Mephiles the Dark and the monstrous Iblis have caused destruction in different ways, with Mephiles being a major problem on his own due to his intellect and desire to become Solaris again with Iblis. Blinx has become another entity in the Pantheon that has done all he can to prevent Solaris from becoming whole again, with Mephiles holding the Time Sweeper in high contempt due to Blinx’s good grasp of time manipulation. One other powerful entity related to the concept of time was The Dahaka, who has gone through homicidal lengths to ensure the stability of time and has no tolerance for anyone who defies such a thing. While Blinx is someone whose job it is to keep time stable, him being able to manipulate time to get the job done (which included undoing mistakes he’s made) has gotten the Dahaka angry with him the same way it is angry with Future Trunks. Despite the Dahaka’s role to protect time, Blinx would prefer not to get involved with it and personally thinks that it shouldn’t target anyone who isn’t harming innocents through time manipulation.
  • Blinx’s primary weapon is his specialized vacuum cleaner which, in addition to being able to fight off enemies, can suck in Time Crystals and use different powers related to time. Such an unorthodox vacuum cleaner got the attention of Luigi and E. Gadd, both of whom have had experience with using strange vacuum cleaners of their own. Sucking up ghosts was one thing, but a vacuum cleaner that can control time was something that E. Gadd was very interested in observing, especially if a ghostly monster that can manipulate the timestream could end up being a major threat for the Pantheon in the future. The Poltergust series of vacuums that E. Gadd designed for Luigi to use was something that Blinx liked and while it may take time to create a Poltergust vacuum that can control time to the same extent that a Sweeper can, Blinx is willing to lend a hand with Luigi’s ghost hunting endeavors, especially if Luigi is having more trouble than normal in those regards.
  • The Tom-Tom Gang serve as recurring enemies for Blinx and the rest of the Time Sweepers to fight against, especially if the actions of said Gang end up endangering the timestream. Napoleon ended up being an antagonistic pig that Blinx took issue with, but it had less to do with being a potential threat to the timestream and more to do with being a self-serving tyrant. The fact that someone who manages the timestream was opposing Napoleon ended up causing the pig to learn about how time works and can be manipulated. While such concepts are a bit on the larger side for him, he is aware of the fact that someone can use time-travel to undo all his efforts and for the time being, Napoleon is keeping tabs on the Time Sweeper. One of Napoleon’s later plans would involve having one of his supporters steal one of those vacuum cleaners that the Time Factory has (if not putting the place under his rule outright) so that he can make it harder for others to oppose the pig’s regime.
  • All the other Time Sweepers that work with Blinx happen to be cats and while a fair amount of cats in the Pantheon aren’t malicious (though some have a tendency to be mischievous at times), a few can be considered to be a danger to others. While Katz was trying to set up a fake business to use to kill others, a time anomaly was a few miles away, prompting him to hide as a Time Monster was formed and Blinx to fight it. Katz took note of the vacuum cleaner Blinx had and figured that if he could find another of those machines and modify it, he would finally find a way to defeat Courage the Cowardly Dog for good. Some time later, Blinx got word that there was an intruder in the Time Factory and after returning there, found Katz, who was attempting to steal a Sweeper to use for himself. A fight between Blinx and Katz ensued, with Blinx getting the upper hand and Katz banished from the Time Factory and forbidden from going there again (alongside anyone else that threatened to steal a Sweeper for themselves). Using something as potent as time manipulation would have to wait for Katz, but it hasn’t stopped him from attempting more extreme methods for his later schemes.
  • It’s not something that’s brought up often, but Blinx was intended to be a mascot for the Xbox brand the same way that Mario is Nintendo’s main mascot and Sonic represented Sega. Such an endeavor didn’t last long and while Blinx isn’t bothered that much by it, Bubsy the Bobcat, knowing what it’s like to endure failure and be an unsuccessful platforming character on a regular basis, has tried looking to Blinx for inspiration on how to have inventive ideas for a future platforming adventure. Given how Blinx can manipulate time, Bubsy has wondered why Blinx didn’t just travel through time in order to be more successful, to which Blinx replied that some things are better the way they are whether one likes it or not (which could be attributed to his extended adventures with other deities related to time). Regardless, Blinx is one of the few genuine friends the bobcat has in the Pantheon even if the Time Sweeper has to get Bubsy out of trouble during their meetings.
  • Heard rumors that there was a being who called himself "The Cat Beyond Space and Time", and decided to investigate the Sub-House of Beginnings for this mysterious cat. It turned out this "Cat" was the warrior Aldo, who looks human due to the Geo-Prisma from his sister Feinne imprinting the image of her biological brother Eden onto Aldo (who was a cat named Sorik). Blinx was curious at Aldo's capabilities and adventures across time and space, so much that he suggested that Aldo becomes part of the Time Police Enforcers. Aldo agreed with a hearty handshake.

    The Doctor 
The Doctor, God of Time Travel Stories and Time Shift Actors (Theta Sigma, Lord-President of Gallifrey, The Traveller from Beyond Time, The Sandman, The Last of The Time Lords, The Oncoming Storm, Ka-Faraq-Gatri; Destroyer of Worlds, Bane of Nightmares, John Smith, The Lonely God, Christo, The Sainted Physician, The Raggedy Doctor, The Man Who Gives Monsters Nightmares, The Madman with a Box, Predator of the Daleks, Doctor Who?, The War Doctor, The Valeyard, "Get Off This Planet", Basil, The Timeless Child, Dr. Hooves, Time Turner, The Stranger, and whole bunch more we don’t wanna mention)
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    Future Trunks 
Trunks, God of Badasses From the Future (Future Trunks, Trunks Brief, Mirai Trunks, Alternate Timeline Trunks, Time Patrol Trunks, Xeno Trunks, Commander Trunks, Princess Trunks, Broly's Wife, Big Me [by his past counterpart])
Trunks: Xeno 
His appearance in Dragon Ball Super 
All that Super Saiyan Rage… 
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity when using Super Saiyan Rage, especially when fueled with the power of his allies)
  • Symbol: His Sword next to the Capsule Corp logo.
  • Themes: Battle Point Unlimited, Mysterious Youth, Mind Power... Ki, Hikari no Willpower (Fauxchestral Battle Mix), The Lone Warrior, Heroic Battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Badass Child of a Bad Future, Did He Just Slice and Destroy Freeza?, Last of His Kind, Mr. Fanservice, Heroic Bastard, Adaptational Badass, Getting Shit Done as Quick and Sensible as Possible, Half-Human Hybrid, Breakout Character, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Would Hit a Girl, Troubled, but Cute, Getting Stronger in the Past, Genius Bruiser, Nice Guy, The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People and Builds Their Character, Time Police, Destroying Any Threats Towards Time
  • Domains: Peace, Time, Conflict, Good, Knowledge, Strength
  • Followers: Chris Halliwell
  • Herald: Future Mai (his girlfriend). He intended for Future Gohan and Future Bulma to be heralds as well, but was warned of the potential temporal anomalies that could happen as a result.
  • Superior: Chronoa
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Angelo (only because they look very similar)
  • Enemies:
  • Alternate Timeline Counterpart: To Present Trunks
  • Pitied by: Present and Future Zeno
  • In the originally destined future timeline of the Dragon Ball multiverse, Dr. Gero activated Androids 17 and 18 directly instead of making use of 19 or turning himself into an Android. It didn't make any difference to his lifespan, as they turned on him and killed him. What it did affect, however, is the nature of the twins. Programmed to hate humanity rather than focus on killing Goku, who had fallen prey to a mysterious heart virus, 17 and 18 exhibited far more sadistic personalities, terrorizing the humans of Earth and the Dragon Team on a series of sporadic killing sprees for nearly 20 years. Of the Dragon Team, only three survivors existed — Bulma, Gohan, and Bulma's son with Vegeta; Trunks.
    • Gohan taught Trunks how to fight, while Bulma created a time machine capsule hoping to travel back to the past and hopefully get help from Goku. When his mentor was finally killed by the Androids, the furious pain of loss allowed Trunks to subconsciously trigger his Super Saiyan power for the first time. After getting some training with it and failing to beat the Twins, the time machine was completed. He traveled back three years prior to the Android assault and gave Goku both a heads-up as to the terrible coming threat and a medicine for the heart virus. Presumably because of this visit (as well as that of Cell, which he later learned about on his second trip), everything changed, from the Dragon Team's readiness to the Androids' strength and even their own mentality. Thus, the one now known to us as Future Trunks is arguably responsible for the current main timeline.
  • Has a special relationship with his biological father which developed through his second visit across time. At first Vegeta didn't care about him at all and Trunks in turn found the man's arrogance nigh-intolerable. After training with him in the Hyperbolic Chamber of Spirit and Time, he found that there was true honor in Vegeta's pride — but also found the strength to openly defy and attack him when their goals were briefly at odds. The Teeth-Clenched Teamwork resumed from then on through the Cell Games until Trunks was impaled with a Finger Beam from Super Perfect Cell, which shocked Vegeta into finally outwardly caring for his son as he lashed out in a futile furious ki assault against Cell, then returned to the fight and provided the necessary distraction for young Gohan to win their beam struggle and destroy the "Perfect" being. After being revived and told all about Vegeta's flurry, Trunks returned to his time with a new respect for his father.
    • This development only continued when he returned in response to a new threat, to a point in which Vegeta had fundamentally changed into a better man. Vegeta encouraged him not to give up when things looked bleak, treated him to a Dare to Be Badass so he could become stronger and not lose to anyone, and even helped him look after Future Mai and the rest of the Resistance in addition to fighting alongside him and Son Goku against Goku Black.
  • Trunks had initially contacted Emmett L. Brown to design and create a time machine for him. However, upon seeing how it would function Trunks believed the machine was too risky to use… and he also isn’t a fan of either cars from the 1980s or smartphones and tablet computers from 21st century New York. Though the good Doc, though, Trunks also met Marty McFly, whom he is currently teaching martial arts and swordsmanship to so that if Marty were to travel back in time again and is challenged to fight, he'll be prepared.
  • Although Homura and Trunks occasionally butt heads when it comes to how many times one should travel back in time, they both agree that if they can get the right ending in at least one of the timelines they enter, it’s worth it. Vegeta, having heard of her and exactly what she did to get her "right ending", is not exactly keen on accepting this commonality. Similarly, having admiration for the great lengths that Kessler goes to save the world, he decided not to reveal to him the fact that alternate timelines exist, so he wouldn’t become obsessed with the other timelines that exist and create havoc in the space-time continuum.
  • After Trunks' sword was broken by Android 17 & 18, he made a quick trip to Kyle Reese’s timeline to see if he could repair it. Kyle was unsuccessful due to not being able to find the right materials. However, the two were able to bond over their past adventures, and Trunks paid Kyle a small tribute as thanks for the time before taking his leave. He then went to Future John Conner’s timeline; the results were more productive due to John's greater knowledge of engineering. As a way of showing gratitude, Trunks helped him destroy all the Terminators and saved John’s timeline. They became best friends ever since then and visit each other every now and then.
  • When he returned to his timeline and effortlessly killed Android 17 & 18 and Cell, during the process of rebuilding cities all over the world he made sure that stores that sell bacon were not rebuilt. Although, he was forced to leave a few of them rebuilt when Goku found out about it. To say that he was angry and hungry was... a bit of an understatement. Later on, he thought of creating a time patrolling squad that would right the wrongs in history but was saddened to discover that the idea had already been done. However, the opening still existed in his universe...
  • Was initially extremely opposed to main timeline 17 and 18's ascension into the Pantheon, and had to be convinced that they were different from the ones that destroyed his world, being far more virtuous and even settling down with families and helping to save the world. He tolerated it but refused to support it, and added the condition Hell Fighter 17 from the Dragon Ball GT timeline would not ascend with them so that Super 17 couldn't be created. They agreed to this. Super 17 would be created anyway thanks to Aghanim's Scepter, but since an evil clone wasn't involved and it was still all Lapis, the only being 17 would terrorize was Cell. This and another incident in which 17 and 18 decided not to kill or torture Hansel and Gretel for fruitlessly attacking them helped him see that they were different even before he had his epiphany (see below).
  • Trunks has already aided the Z Fighters in the past through time travel and defeated Future Cell by this point, however, even if it was for the protection of Earth's peace, the act of using the Time Machine is ultimately a violation of the laws of the universe (this has also accidentally confirmed that the Dragon Ball universe runs on Multiverse Theory, as his future remained bad). When used, a time paradox occurs and multiple divisions are produced, causing the formation of different histories. The Lord of Time gave Trunks a stern warning for his actions. In order to atone for his mistakes, Trunks took up the job of Time Patrol. Upon taking this job Trunks became much less reckless and hot headed, as he was in the main timeline, and more honorable and compassionate. He's also worked together with Clockwork on occasion since continuing his Time Patrol duties within the Pantheon, and offered to give Chronormu a hand forming a team for her duties as the Keeper of Time.
  • It turns out that Trunks' future itself diverged into at least two different versions following the eradication of the Android threat. In one version, which would be tied to his joining of the Time Patrol, he became a Super Saiyan 3 after seeing Majin Buu killing innocent humans by turning them into candy and eating them. Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks effortlessly sent Majin Buu to the sky with just a few slashes from his sword, right before using his Super Buster Cannon to defeat Buu.
  • The other version of his future, saw him recruited by Shin that recruited him to train with the Z Sword in preparation for the arrival of Babidi, which turned into a surprisingly heated two-on-two battle with Shin and Trunks taking on Babidi and the Demon King Dābura. Anger at Babidi's torment of Shin caused Trunks to unlock Super Saiyan 2, allowing him to ultimately defeat Dabura without allowing for the release of Majin Buu in the first place, though Shin ultimately succumbed to his injuries. Tragically, this future would be brought to ruin a second time, by a threat that emerged in his timeline to be multitudes worse than anything the Androids ever did. The course of events that ensued/were revealed through his struggle against this sudden enemy came with a litany of ironies.
    1. The threat looked like and called itself Son Goku, effectively being an evil knockoff of the hero he called a friend. Furthermore, this turned out to be the result of a rogue Supreme Kai apprentice, the Kais being gods of creation in the Dragon Ball multiverse, stealing Goku's body in an alternate version of the main timeline — then joining forces with his own counterpart in Trunks' timeline, who became immortal with a wish.
    2. It was during his return to the past to get help from this threat that he learned to finally completely disassociate the main-time Androids from his original enemies, seeing 18 happy together with Krillin and realizing that the Twins were part of the changed world which his intervention had created. He's on better terms with them after that, but still keeps a close eye on them in the Pantheon to make sure they don't get replaced by their evil time counterparts. Another side-effect of this trip was that Trunks and his younger time counterpart, who he'd previously first met as a baby and then encountered periodically in the Pantheon in a tense relationship of mutual annoyance, wound up understanding each other and forming a true bond over the course of the struggle. That they were each attracted to counterparts of the same girl and vice versa was another matter altogether, which caused much more comedic hassle for the younger Trunks and Mai than the older ones. When older Trunks finally paid attention to this he straightened it out in little time.
    3. Despite going to Goku and Vegeta for help, it was Trunks who became powerful enough to surpass the evil fallen god. Through his anger at all the destruction and judgment being doled out by this evil god both before and after the counterparts merged into one, with an assist from the power and will of his loved ones and allies, his sword became a physical Spirit Bomb capable of skewering the evil god's fused body. Unfortunately, this would not be the last he saw of his enemy, since one of the evil god's components had obtained immortality, enabling him to merge himself with the entire Dragon Ball multiverse after being vivisected. The evil god completely engulfed Trunks' timeline and even threatened other timelines, forcing Goku to call in Grand Zeno to completely delete his timeline, and a divergent alternate of said timeline had to be created for him and his companion Mai where Beerus was pre-warned about everything and destroyed the Fallen Kai in advance.
    • And even all that wasn't enough, because thanks to the Grand United Alliance of Destruction's efforts, MOTHERFUCKING ZAMASU IS BACK. IN HIS MERGED FORM. Following these events, he once commiserated with Tatsuya Suou, who has endured a similar experience with his timeline being destroyed, and on a lighter note was able to start addressing the rather glaring misconception that Brief, his grandfather's given name, is his family's surname. Later, he was equally horrified and infuriated to discover that Zamasu has, of all things, been making similar-minded allies, both amongst fellow otherworldly misanthropic deities and amongst the likes of the Tuffle parasite Baby, who already naturally hates Trunks for being a Saiyan.
      Trunks: DAMN IT! Are we ever gonna be done with this bastard!?
  • While the version of Future Trunks who was guided by Shin had his world destroyed by Zamasu and erased by Grand Zeno, a parallel version was made wherein Beerus was warned of the battles to come well in advance, leading to him destroying Zamasu while his plan was still in its formative stages. This may have been where the Future Trunks who was recruited by Chronoa and became known as Xeno Trunks actually came from, though no confirmation has been offered on that front. Thanks to the magic of the original House of Time and Space, the Pantheon's Future Trunks has the memories, combat experience, and access to the powers and abilities of both. This has made him particularly valuable to the good-aligned deities of time as well as dangerous to the evil/chaos-aligned deities.
  • With Eobard Thawne forcing his way into the Pantheon and it being confirmed that the Time Patrol's main enemies, the Time Breakers, helped him do so, Trunks was finally convinced that it was time to bring the Supreme Kai of Time into the Pantheon. He took Barry Allen with him to see Chronoa at her Time Nest, and the three of them agreed to go petition the Court of the Gods to give her a seat presiding over the correction of history. They ended up being joined by another ally, Sailor Pluto, who was looking to bring her temple guarding the Door of Space-Time back into the Pantheon after sensing the disturbances caused by Thawne's entry and battles with Barry. Her request to return as a representative of Time Police duties was added to their petition; both terms were agreed to, since the Court found it necessary to send a message to Thawne and his "followers" that they would be kept in line.
    • Since then the Time Patrol has kept a close partnership with the likes of Pluto, her closest fellow Sailor guardians Saturn and Chibi Moon (the latter of whom he was already friendly with even though she took one of his titles), The Doctor, and even Android 16, who Trunks had reactivated in a separate vision of his timeline. Chronoa has also taken a shine to Trunks' Pokémon partner Dialga and officially inducted the Temporal Pokémon into the Time Patrol. He has also joined forces with Silver the Hedgehog and Lucina, when they all realized how similar their histories were. The three of them have formed a bond and promise to aid each other. He and Silver have been among the allies helping Lucina stave off the assault of the neutral time-guardian entity The Dahaka.
    • These acts incidentally wound up creating Chronormu's team, as Chromie and her boss Nozdormu very much approved of both Pluto and Chronoa, not to mention the multitude of allies outside the House of Time and Space that were now backing them. She was finally able to get Trunks, Chronoa, and Pluto moved out of their subhouses, creating a new primary section in the House as the Pantheonic Time Police. Each of these core members (besides Chromie herself) would boast their own units of associates as well, with Silver, Lucina, The Flash, and eventually 16 being considered Trunks' unit. When the House of Time and Space was split into two, the new house of Time and Temporality elected to give the primary temples to an independent core of Elite Time Police Enforcers rather than the preestablished team, though Trunks himself remains a key part of both.
  • Is NOT a fan of the evil Broly's personality change. It all came about when Vegeta offhandedly tells Broly to mate with him in order to propagate the Saiyan race without his consent. When untransformed, Broly shows an awkward crush. But as the Legendary Super Saiyan… let's just say Trunks doesn't want to find out whether Broly is intentionally playing on Vegeta's callous joke to psychologically torment Trunks or truly intends to have his way with him after beating him half to death.
  • Despite having accepted the reformation of the Android twins, Trunks couldn't help but be shocked at 17 becoming the self-sacrificial MVP that saved the multiverse in the Tournament of Power. He's also been making sure to remind Chronoa that Bardock is married ever since the low-class Saiyan became an ally of the Time Patrol, especially after Chronoa made him her herald and created headway towards his ascension.
  • Invited by Piccolo and Gohan to join them for afternoon at a warm and cozy log cabin besides a picturesque lake in New Aincrad, and immediately hit it off with Kirito and Asuna, for all being heroic young swordsmen who crossed and protected multiple worlds. He gets along wonderfully with Kirito in particular for also being a pretty-boy teenage swordsman who likes to carry his blade upon his back, and both boys shared stories of how they both sliced and diced a tyrnat of their respective universes (Sugou for Kirito, Frieza for Trunks) into little pieces to coffee, laughter and chocolate biscuits as Yui cheered in delight at each gruesome detail. Asuna and Trunks' Herald/Fiance Mai can only sigh sipping Earl Gray Tea at the childishness of their respective husbands.

The Diabolical Time Breakers

    Dark Danny 
Dark Danny, God of Evil Future Selves (The Ultimate Enemy, Dan Phantom, Evil Danny, Dark Phantom, Dan Plasmius)
  • Greater God
  • Symbols: A white Stylized "D" on a black background with a "P" in the center.
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Completely Off His Rocker, Having Utter Disregard for Others, Being an evil Future Self Who Despises His Past Self, Once a Hero but No Longer, Being a Fusion of Two Ghost Halves, Unwittingly Causing His Own Start of Darkness through His Loved Ones' Deaths, Being Hated by EVERYONE, Having Countless Powers, Wearing an Awesome Wicked Cape, Villainous Facial Hair, Never Raises His Voice Except When Gloating and Admitting His Evil, Fiery Hair, Evil Red Eyes, Ghostly Wail
  • Domains: Evil, Bad Futures, Destruction, Chaos, Villains, Death, Depravity
  • Followers: Maestro, Quint
  • Allies: Spooky, Yuuki Terumi, Vanitas, Ex-, The Magus
  • Conflicting Opinion: High Councillor Kal-El, Kessler
  • Worthy Opponent (one-sided): Akuma
  • Enemies: Danny Phantom, Clockwork, Vlad Plasmius, Hisako, Yuyuko, Youmu, The Ghostbusters, Sans, Undyne, Nozdormu, all Kingdom Hearts deities, but especially Sora and Aqua, Knight Gundam, Fat Buu, Raiden, Sakura Matou, Hoopa, Rika Furude, Ichigo Kurosaki, Link, Artoria Pendragon, Dust, Erma Williams
  • Opposed by: STARSET
  • Feared by: Emmet Brickowski
  • Rivals: The Master (The Bruce Master in particular)
  • Although captured in the Fenton Thermos by his past self and given to Clockwork, it was inevitable that Dark Danny would one day escape. Of course, Clockwork knew this would happen, and so he had made arrangements for the evil ghost's ascension into the Pantheon where he could be kept in check by the myriad powerful deities present there.
  • Luckily, he has made enough enemies in the Pantheon to keep him distracted from seeking revenge on himself for defeating him and putting him in the Fenton Thermos. However, he has attempted multiple times to confront Danny even if they are intercepted.
  • He is not well-liked by many ghostly deities. In fact, the only ones who don't seem to hate him are indifferent to him in general. Most of the Sub-house of Ghosts abhor him for what he did to Casper soon after his ascension. Needless to say, it took quite a while for Casper to recover from the traumatic encounter.
    • Of course, the Ghostbusters have made him one of their highest priority targets. They have attempted multiple times to capture him, only for him to slip away with ease. Nobody is quite sure why he didn't try to kill them, but he's not going to give any reasons any time soon.
    • The only ghost in the entire pantheon who actually LIKES him is Spooky. But only because Spooky believes that he is everything a ghost should be: terrifying, ruthless, and completely devoid of compassion. He's willing to tolerate her if only because he needs someplace to recoup after his failed attempts to find and destroy his past self (though beyond that, he does find her a bit of a brat).
  • Grandfather Paradox took an odd interest in him. This may have to do with the fact that Dark Danny is actually Danny's evil future self, or that he now exists outside of time. Either way, it makes most of the Pantheon very nervous. Dan doesn't seem to really care.
    • High-Councilor Kal-El (Regime Superman) is also a point of contention for Dark Danny. On the one hand, this alternate Man of Steel is yet another nasty version of a superhero (Kal-El/Superman) but on the other hand, he stands for tyrannical law and justice, both of which Dan could care less about. The Phantom does have a begrudging respect for the sheer amount of damage that Regime Supes can dish out, though.
    • Kessler shares the distinction of being the villainous future self of the (mostly) heroic Cole MacGrath and though he also caused quite a lot of death and destruction for the sake of his future, he wanted to make sure his past self was ready and able to defeat The Beast when it awakened. For this, he is at odds with Phantom.
    Dark Danny: "You lost everything you ever loved, and you ran away from it. I get that. But then you went back in time so you could change your past and alter your future!"
  • Terumi really, really, REALLY likes Dark Danny. From the fact that he loves destroying and killing everything around him, to the fact that he is a being immersed in such despair that it only made him worse through the years. Terumi can dig that kind of thing, and so has formed an alliance with Phantom. Dan doesn't really dislike Terumi so much as he just doesn't care what he does, so that helps.
    • Speaking of despair, Ex has taken a liking to Phantom due to just how much despair he has caused and experienced. Dan doesn't really care much for Ex's ways, though the Pantheon has been shitting themselves pantsless over the idea of what these three could accomplish if they ever decided to truly cooperate.
  • Nozdormu was originally the one that Clockwork requested to keep an eye on Dark Danny but has sided fully with Danny against him due to being reminded of his own evil side, Murozond.
    • This goes for any other deity who has/had an evil side or evil version of themselves. Those deities dislike the very idea of his existence and are more than willing to help Danny keep him at bay when necessary.
  • He has found a rather shockingly kindred spirit in Vanitas, as both are the darkest/worst parts of their respective selves (though Dan is from the future).
    Dark Danny: "You. There's not an ounce of light in you, is there? I chose to be what I am now, but you didn't have that option at all."
    • His association with Vanitas made him an enemy of all the KH deities, but ESPECIALLY Sora and Aqua.
  • When Dust learned of his existence there was yet another occurrence not unlike with Casper. Dust learned all too soon that Dan was too consumed by the wretchedness of his Plasmius half to be reasoned with. There's either too little or none of Danny's original heroism to ever result in a friendship between the two merged beings.
    Dust: "I thought I could get through to him because we're similar, but he's too far gone. All that hatred and sorrow, it warped his very being..."
  • Akuma has become a rather fierce and unwanted opponent for Dark Danny ever since the day the two faced off. The bout was devastating to their surroundings, and Akuma attempted the Shun Goku Satsu... but it failed to do anything for some reason. In Dark Danny's own words:
    Dark Danny: "That technique attacks the soul, but being a ghost doesn't mean that I have one."
  • Alma Wade once struck a deal with him that if he ascended some deities from her own universe she'll aide him in his destruction. While he was very excited to get her help, his dedication to destroying the already ascended Danny and his allies has led to him not caring much for this and assuming she'll just be violent always. He counted his chickens before they hatched, to put it in terms of a metaphor, as Erma, another powerful ghost deity, not only found her way into the Pantheon but also into Alma's good graces as well. He was just about to pressure her into causing destruction by fighting only to see to his surprise that Alma was already behind her, ready to back her up. He promptly surrendered and was given one last chance earn his alliance with Alma, less he takes a trip to the Almaverse. Needless to say, it's been pretty effective, and Dark Danny has been hitting the books that have information on Alma's requested deities. Some deities who overheard this conversation see it as a race to ascend them before Dark Danny, thus denying him of his reward.
  • "But me, my future? I'm inevitable."

    Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash 
Professor Eobard Thawne, God of Making History Go Horribly Wrong (Professor Zoom, Reverse-Flash, The Black Flash, Adrian Zoom, Tyrant Thawne, The Flash of the 25th Century, The Man in the Yellow Suit, Harrison Wells, The Man in the Ball of Lightning, Dark Flash)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Reverse-Flash emblem
  • Theme Song: The Man in the Yellow Suit
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Always Screwing with Barry Allen's Life and History, Petty Murderous Spite, Super-Speed, The Arch-Enemy and True Complete Opposite of The Flash, Mad Scientist, Jackhammer Fists That Break the Sound Barrier, Absolute Ego and Selfishness, Thought He Was Barry When His Mind First Broke, Will Do Evil Just for Kicks and Gloat About It, Killed and Erased His Own Brother, Is Envious of Barry, Destroys Women Who Reject Him, Is Trying to Destroy the Source of His Own Powers, Has ZERO Empathy, Completely deprived of any moral standards
  • Domain(s): Speed, Time Travel, Villainy
  • High Priests: The Time Breakers
  • Followers: Kin and Gin, Doris
  • Allies: M. Bison, Master Xehanort, Dio Brando, Porky Minch, Tenjuro Banno, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, Dābura
  • Rival: Hunter Zolomon/Zoom
  • Headbutting Villains with: Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
  • Enemies
  • Respected by: Bernkastel
  • Annoyed by: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Opposed by: STARSET
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Syndrome
  • Fears: Jon Osterman/Doctor Manhattan
  • Before he was Barry Allen's enemy in the 20th/21st century, Eobard Thawne was an obsessive fan of the Flash in the 25th century, to the point he replicated the conditions which connected Barry to the Speed Force on himself and used plastic surgery to look like Barry. Then he travelled back in time to run next to his hero and instead landed a few years after Barry's death and discovered that Barry's archenemy... was Eobard Thawne. His mind, already tortured by his own Flash obsession and the side effects of time travel, went mad, causing him to think he was Barry for a while until Barry's successor, Wally West, defeated him and sent him back to his own time.
  • Though the memory of the incident left him, he was still left with an instinctive hatred for the Flash. So when a time capsule with a Flash suit came into his time, he wasted no time in experimenting to make it go faster — incidentally changing it into the reverse-colored form he would wear to this day — and then using it to go on a massive crime spree. To no one's surprise, Barry came back to retrieve the time capsule and ended up fighting and defeating him for the first time. And from that point forward, he accepted his destiny as the Flash's greatest villain.
  • Out of sheer hatred for Barry Allen, when Thawne discovered the existence of the Pantheon and the fact that Barry had ascended into it, he resumed his Tachyon experiments on his suit and even re-stole the 25th-century version of the Cosmic Treadmill to restore its ability to jump dimensions. After a few months, and a dimension-hopping visit from Towa, the sultry scientific villainess in charge of the Time Breakers, he was able to figure it out and treadmill his way into the Pantheon. Though she declined to go with him at that moment, Thawne plans on helping Towa and her creation/"husband" Mira ascend at some point as well, which is exactly what she was counting on. For now, the Time Breakers are counted as his high priests.
  • Thawne is one of the pettiest people to ever exist. Everything he does is simply to screw over someone or another, usually Barry, out of spite, and he has even completely erased people from existence for getting in his way — including his own brother.note  The Winchester Brothers dislike him because they would never do that to each other of their own free will, plus his eyes remind them of a certain Yellow-Eyed Demon who frequently targeted their family. More disturbingly, through this M.O. of travelling back to cause people to die early or even be erased altogether, he managed to twistedly work his way up to become the professor of the Flash Museum in his time. This is where he gets the Professor Zoom nickname from.
  • Will occasionally align with Captain Cold when it comes to taking down Barry or any of his Justice League friends who happen to get in the way, and he has some respect for Cold's strategic brilliance, but considering Cold's pragmatic codes of honor, they don't like each other very much.
  • Being that they're all powerful, smart, skilled, 100% proud unadulterated evil, and don't have any clashing ambitions to stop getting along over, Thawne gets along famously with M. Bison and Xehanort. They even call him by his preferred nickname of Professor Zoom instead of Reverse-Flash like the heroes do. While he's declined full membership in either man's organization, Thawne has helped drive a three-man alliance wherein they can each assist on some of each other's schemes and projects. Chun-Li, Guile, and Nash instantly proclaimed Thawne and Xehanort wanted criminals the moment they learned of this alliance. Sora, Riku, and Kairi are training even harder now that Thawne and Bison are factors in their struggle. As for the Justice League…
  • Pretty much of all of the Flash's Justice League friends have encountered Reverse-Flash at least once and know exactly how dangerous he is. Not to mention he's the one who went back to when Barry was a child, killed Barry's mother, and framed his father for it, just to try to ruin his future out of petty revenge. Aside from being the mark of a truly evil bastard, the temptation to undo this event constantly hangs over Barry's head — leaving the DC timeline under near-permanent threat of a ruinous Flashpoint Paradox specifically because of Eobard Thawne. And yeah, they're also closely watching his allies now.
  • Speaking of Flashpoint, he wants payback on Thomas Wayne for killing him in that timeline as its darker alternate Batman, whether by gun or by sword. Seeing Thomas and Martha happy and healthy in the Pantheon, he has an opportunity to do just that — by holding their lives over the actual Batman's head to keep Bruce from stopping him. Time will tell when he needs to do this.
  • Thawne is unpopular with many other time-travelling deities who frequent his domain. Future Trunks thinks, with good reason, that the Time Breakers may have gotten their "screw everything up" modus operandi straight from him. Fittingly, when the House of Time and Space split up and the subsequent House of Time and Temporality placed their temples up front, Trunks, along with Dialga, the mythical Pokémon of Time, met the classing of Thawne as one of "The Diabolical Time Breakers" with eagle-eyed suspicion. The Dahaka is even more watchful, seeing Thawne as a perfect example of why it goes after those who would change history. Thawne is also cautious of the Dakaha considering how in a certain continuity, he is eventually hunted down and erased by a similar entity in the Black Flash. His alteration of time to do evil is also seen as a serious enough threat that Clockwork and Nozdormu's occasional disagreements are immediately put on hold whenever he's active, especially with Nozdormu's apprentice Chromie on the scene.
    • Some even share commonality or sympathy with his victims. Take the examples of Homura Akemi and Nox, both of whose time havoc was entirely predicated on undoing mistakes and protecting loved ones, as well as Oyashiro and Rika Furude, who made great efforts to try to avert a "Groundhog Day" Loop. All of them find the existence of a man who would travel back and intentionally screw things up in the first place, even over some insignificant issue, to be especially heinous. Thawne in return found Nox so particularly laughable he retroactively preempted his ascension in the first place. Hiro Nakamura as well sympathizes with the Flash's temptation to go back and save his mom from Thawne despite the ill-effects this could have. Thawne once warned that if Hiro tries to help Barry or any of the other Flashes, he has plans in store for the Japanese salaryman.
    • This is not to say that the enemy of The Flash is without his allies or admirers in the Pantheon. Bernkastel, for one, loves seeing Thawne go back to try and make people suffer, not to mention the absolute irony in all of it. She's considering inducting him into Trollkaiger but has yet to approach him with the offer. Similarly, Porky Minch is a fan of Thawne's approach toward realizing the apocalyptic chain reaction set off by Flashpoint: totally worth it to make Barry suffer. They are now comrades in evil-for-fun time shenanigans. He and Dio Brando also plan on working with each other as soon as the appropriate mutual benefits arise, seeing that one man who can speed through time and another man who can stop time could make for some deadly tag team partners.
  • Discovered that the Flash managed to make enemies with a kindred spirit of his: Tenjuro Banno, AKA Kamen Rider Gold Drive — the gold-colored Evil Knockoff to the scarlet Kamen Rider Drive just as Thawne himself is to Barry. Thawne proceeded to seek out Tenjuro and quickly join forces against Barry and Shinnosuke Tomari. The fact that Tomari is a cop just like Barry also pisses him off.
  • Speaking of Kamen Riders, when he heard that Kyochiro Kuroi once altered time by killing Riders 1 and 2, allowing SHOCKER to rule the world, he was impressed and saw Kuroi as a proper potential ally. But then he heard that Kuroi regretted and ultimately reversed these actions to become a "true" Kamen Rider and his view quickly turned to disgust at the sentimental idiot.
  • Was greeted by Deadpool at one point and found his questions and comments utterly annoying. However, the Merc With a Mouth made an offhand joke about him being "The Reverse-Sonic", which pointed him on to Sonic the Hedgehog (since Sonic's fur color blue is the opposite of yellow). Sonic is now on his radar for destruction as well, not just for being another intrepid heroic speedster with a quality life, but also because he's so cheesy and happy-go-lucky it nauseates the petty and vile Professor Zoom.
  • Wants to capture Supergirl as part of a plan to piss off Superman, Flash, and the Martian Manhunter and lure them into a trap, but he's still trying to figure out the details. Lex Luthor and Darkseid, who he's allied with in the past, have offered to help, primarily because they want to take out Superman as well. Vandal Savage also, though mainly because he senses a potential opportunity to steer Thawne away from his alliance with Shadaloo and towards the Illuminati, by proving their superior ability to help him torment Barry. Recent events in the Street Fighter universe give merit to Savage's cause on this one.
  • Twilight Sparkle and Spike have seen what happens when a villain decides to go back in time and alter it out of spiteful vengeance. In their case, Starlight Glimmer stopped a pivotal event from occurring which had led to them meeting their friends, creating several evil alternate timelines wherein each of their world's previous archenemies would take power. Having had to personally stop her, they know the kind of danger Thawne presents and they have no intention of letting him get away with any further damage here in the Pantheon. Starlight herself isn't kind to Thawne upon her ascension either, given how she turned over to the side of good by the time it was all over.
  • As a fellow Loony Fan-turned-Arch-Enemy to a famous hero, Eobard sees a lot of himself in Syndrome. He's also impressed at Syndrome's skills with robotics and devious traps and complete lacking of scruples. However, his backstory of having been rejected as his idol's sidekick makes Thawne think this is how Barry would've treated him had his first run on the Cosmic Treadmill been successful, which irritates him because it means he himself "was once that naive." He also doesn't fully trust that Syndrome wouldn't turn on him and kill him to gain fame or power.
  • His response to Barry and Future Trunks bringing the Supreme Kai of Time and returning Sailor Pluto into the Pantheon in reaction to his arrival?
    "Of course they had to bring more friends. They know that I'm superior to every one of them. Just ask the Flash. How many friends has he had to align with over the years? The League, the Society, the Legends. Not one of them who's fought me doesn't fear or dread me. Not even Superman."
    • Towa's brother Dābura would ascend to the Pantheon, giving him a little more help from the Time Breakers. He got more enemies to contend with around the same time, as Chronoa's Time Patrol wound up recruiting the Saiyan Bardock as well.
  • For Eobard's part, he callously claims to be vastly superior to all those who object to his methods, classing them all as weak, cowardly, and sentimental, "Just like Barry."
  • He has become one of the few DC characters who retains his Post-Crisis memories after Flashpoint, though only after DC Rebirth. He figured something must have changed the timeline, and finding the Comedian's button let him try and go after the source of it. He believed that being a living paradox would let him confront the cause of it all. Said cause being Doctor Manhattan, who disabused him of that notion. Violently. Though Joker Immunity proved to be in effect, that doesn't change the fact that Manhattan made him beg for his life and that Thawne remains terrified of him.
  • Developed a good degree of animosity towards Ray Palmer, seeing as he was defeated by Oliver, Barry and Ronnie once thanks to "Nanites, courtesy of Ray Palmer". He did return the favour by forcibly extracting Ray's heart out of his chest and showing it to him before the latter died. Thanks to that, Ray hates Thawne too. It also doesn't help in that he killed Rex Tyler, causing Ray and his friends to be stranded in time for months.
  • Was surprised to hear of the ascension of his successor (Or predecessor?) Hunter Zolomon. Thawne commends him for actually managing to damage the Speed Force into disabling the ability to time travel. Zolomon, however, is more interested in making heroes better to Thawne's dismay. The two would often work together, but its strained at best.
  • "Oh, I'm not like the Flash at all. Some would say I'm the reverse"
    Lord English 

Lord English, God of Stable Time Loops and the Villainy of Pool (Caliborn, Lord Of Time, undyingUmbrage, MAN GAKA EXTRAORDINAIRE, The Speaker of the Vast Honk, The Angel of Double Death, Mirthful Messiah, Jack Noir, Lord Jack, Union Jack, Jack English, Li’l Cal, Elmo, Gamzee, Arquiuspritenote )
Click here to see Lord English using the B2 Jack Noir as a vessel. 
Click here to see Caliborn, his past self. 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His rapidly flashing eyes and Cairo Overcoat
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Many would argue he is Chaotic Evil, though that only applies to his goals and instability)
  • Theme Songs: English, Break Shot, Cairo Overcoat, Union Jack, Negastrife, Eternity Served Cold
  • Portfolio: Stable Time Loop, Bad Guys Play Pool, Pure Evil, Wants To Destroy ALL OF EXISTENCE, Pure Determination, Superpower Lottery, Killed His Sister who was also his Split Personality and wants to destroy her ghost as well, For the Evulz, Ax-Crazy, Killed Hussie’s Author Avatar, Retroactive Preparation, Person of Mass Destruction, Responsible For Everything Bad That Happens In The Story, Slaughtering Ghosts, Dark Gods and Eldritch Horrors, Time Master, You Can't Fight Fate, Completely Unconditional and Retroactive Resurrective Immortality, Psychopathic Manchild, HE IS ALREADY HERE, Hero Killer, The Juggernaut, Bending B2 Jack Noir To His Will Via Using Him As A Vessel, Cracking and Damaging Reality And The Void
  • Domains: Time, Fate, Depravity, Death, Destruction, Evil, Omnicide
  • Heralds: The Unascended Members Of The Felt (Most Notably The Condesce)
  • Underlings and Hosts: Doc Scratch, Li’l Cal
  • Allies: Porky Minch, Khorne, Majin Buu, Sutekh The Destroyer, SCP-682, The Evil Entity, Bill Cipher
  • Rivals: Frieza, Cell, The Anti-Monitor
  • Enemies: Existence itself. At the top of the list are THE HOMESTUCK KIDS, Zamasu, ALPHEUS THE WORLD FORGER, The Hall of Metafiction, Lord Beerus, Son Goku, Zeno, The Superman Family, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Lucrezia Mongfish, Most RWBY deities, SCP-1440, Barbara Gordon, Wonder Woman, Lucy, Lucy/Nyu
  • Feared By: Most Author Avatars, Ghosts and Eldritch Abominations, The OMORI Friend Group, Raven Branwen
  • Respected By: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Caliborn is a Cherub born on a post-apocalyptic Earth far, FAR into the future. Cherubs are creatures that have two personalities in them, one good, and one evil. Caliborn was the evil one and Calliope was the good one. A Cherub's two sides are destined to eventually fight until one half consumes the other. Caliborn was able to take a shortcut using Sburb and its connection to Dream Selves to get someone else to do it for him. However since Sburb was designed to be played with a minimum of two people, it tried to punish him by making different game that was virtually impossible to defeat. A monster would meet him and give him a choice; either die right there in order to stop evil in the future, or try to beat the nigh-impossible game. If he would succeed, (and he would) he would be granted Completely Unconditional Resurrective Immortality, and be imbued with a limitless supply of power. Enough to destroy whatever he wanted for however long he wanted.
    "Knowing him, in fact, proves it could hardly be considered a choice at all."
    • After winning the Game and gaining his Immortality, John Egbert, Dirk Strider and six other heroes appeared to stop him, only for Caliborn to seal John and three others away for a while. Dirk and the rest were able seal his soul into Lil Cal, along with half of Gamzee and Arquiusprite. and banish it into the void. Unfortunately, Caliborn's soul was too tenacious and determined to remain gone forever, and would appear through Universe after Universe through his Stable Time Loops and completing his rise as Lord English. Lord English would go on one hell of a rampage, destroying countless universes before being put down by John and the rest of his friends, including an alternate version of Calliope, Lord English’s sister, with John’s retcon abilities and Dave’s sword, which has aspects of Lord English’s biggest weakness, the Magic Cue Ball, playing instrumental roles in overriding English’s narrative abilities and depowering him respectively, letting Alternate Calliope kill him after he was forced into an absolutely gigantic black hole.
  • Lord English was summoned into the Pantheon in the far future using Doc Scratch as a Host at the end of the universe. He then time travelled to the present to wreak havoc upon reality. The first thing he did was create Li’l Cal, the puppet that was responsible for Doc Scratch's existence, thus guaranteeing his summoning through a Stable Time Loops. And given the nature of his summoning, it happening is completely and utterly absolute and unchangable. However, as of late, Lord English was killed, but thanks to some impressive planning on the part of Doc Scratch, this didn’t extend to the Pantheon. A Lord English from before the Final Battle appeared in the Pantheon because of Doc Scratch circumventing a ban from the House of Time and Temporality via heavy manipulation of many around him and planning regarding them. Lord English, upon finding out about his future, was not happy and wants John, his friends and ESPECIALLY Alt. Calliope wiped from existence. He is continuing his search for his sister’s ghost in the Pantheon, and is waiting for John and his friends to return to the Pantheon and for Alt. Calliope to arrive so that he can take his revenge.
  • As Lord Of Time, he has MANY time-based abilities: Be it Time Travel, Stable Time Loops, Being Detached From Time, etc. And while vulnerable to Time Stop, don’t expect it to last: He’ll break out near-instantly and his tenacity ensures you probably didn’t get anything meaningful done while time was stopped. He also cannot be Ret Goned out of existence, which was further cemented when he claimed the power of Yaldabaoth’s treasure. Other abilities he has including being able to kill immortals, no matter how immortal they may be, and ghosts for one, having such immense power that he hilariously dwarfs Jack Noir who destroyed two universes, one with the Red Miles. English has also killed countless universes, ghosts and Eldritch Abominations, as well as damaged reality and the void itself. However, his power over the narrative, which mostly came from Paradox Space, is mostly absent from the Pantheon ever since the guy died, with the exception of One: A poison from his gold tooth. Simply put, it erases the narrative and concept of whoever is poisoned by it until they die, and even those immune to that sort of thing fall victim to it. He managed to take an alternate timeline version of John Egbert with him using it.
    • There was once an incident where he temporarily regained all of the powers that he had over the narrative via Doc Scratch somehow linking him to the Hall of Metafiction. This included him creating multiple doomed timelines, which ended up coming into existence because those who reside in the Hall and some from outside who came to help stop him didn’t follow his designs of what he wanted, and given exactly what happens to said timelines, this was a really bad thing. It lasted until Alpheus used his Retconjuration to remove Lord English’s link to the Hall of Metafiction. This returned English back to his power after he returned to the Pantheon post-death. The incident was so bad that English and Scratch are permanently banned from the Hall. The Lord Of Time sees The Forger Of Worlds as a massive threat to him and wants him eradicated, seeing him as one of his most hated enemies.
  • Quite possibly the only entity in the Pantheon to have slaughtered the story’s Author Avatar, or at least, the one most infamous for it. He pays the reputation no mind aside from embracing the fact that it is enhancing his infamy as The Dreaded, and something he has discovered in the Pantheon is that he enjoys slaughtering them to prove his superiority to them, just as he likes hunting down Eldritch Horrors like Horrorterrors, for fun. Worse for even the Complete Immortality ones, Lord English’s abilities don’t give any shits about that, and can and will bypass it: There’s a reason he’s one of the only beings Chaos and Shuma-Gorath fear. He is also immune to Mind Control and having his soul messed with, among numerous other things. It often takes multiple, if not many deities working in tandem to defeat this guy.
  • He once had an alliance going with Bob, but Bob eventually learned more about Lord English than what he or Doc Scratch let on to him. When he learned just how horrible Lord English was to his sister Calliope, Bob was not very supportive at all. He and George may have been enemies, but they're still family. He also learned that Andrew Hussie’s Author Avatar actually helped Caliborn on his quest and that Lord English's reason for killing him basically boiled down to Hussie being a snarker. Bob ended their partnership with a blast of gunfire and shouting, even if it didn’t do much of anything to Lord English at all:
  • While he is able to destroy any kind of immortal, he also has the ability to curse people with immortality. This has earned the scorn of SCP 1440 and many of the inhabitants of Remnant. Prior to learning this, SCP 1440 tried to get English to kill him, only for English to not only refuse out a Sadism, but he reinforced the curse the death entities placed upon him when he met someone who could remove it, and even admitted that he did it to the man’s face, and revealed that he had done it before to the Handmaid, which directly caused Doc Scratch’s torture of her to become worse as she was unable to die. As for most of the inhabitants of Remnant, English’ ability to do this reminds them of what the Gods did to Salem, causing an overly long nightmare between her and Ozma to occur, and Raven Branwen sees opposing him as completely hopeless, quite possibly moreso than fighting Salem in her opinion.
  • He is very skilled in manipulating Stable Time Loops, and has destroyed many universes using said loops. Said loop involves being summoned at the end of the Universe then travelling back in time to start his plan, which starts with spawning Lil Cal into someone's nightmares and using Sburb to bring that nightmare into reality, then use said puppet to create Doc Scratch, who would help him with all with his plan to end said universe as well as be his vessel for the summoning. And the plans DO work. He already was summoned at the end of the universe after all. Heck, Even his NAME is a Stable Time Loop. He stole it out of respect from Jake English when he was battered around by his hope powers. But Jake was named after Lord English as an act of defiance against one Lord English's underlings on an alternate Earth who fears him greatly. His ability to use Stable Time Loops to bend fate to his will comes from him being the Lord of Time which gives him time powers and instinctive intuition on how they work. Or, as he said when he was figuring them out:
  • He has three major weaknesses. One is that the pendulum of his destroyed God Tier Clock seems to be the origin of the Magic Cue Ball◊. Therefore any weapon that originates from said cue ball is able to judge his death to be Heroic or Just, killing him for good. Unfortunately, Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, so that probably will not even be enough. His second weakness is that it's possible to glitch him out of reality. This is why he avoids Missingno and Vinny and wants them killed even more than most other people that he despises. He accidentally gained this weakness when he took on the name Lord English. This is because naming himself after a language gave him something in common with the Trope Namer of the Lord British Postulate. His final weakness is Retconjuration, as he learned in his Final Battle when John Egbert used it against him. So he loathes deities like Alpheus The World Forger and John Egbert, who would later arrive to the Pantheon, with every fiber of his being.
    • Speaking of John, when he and his friends did return to the Pantheon, Lord English single-handedly went to “greet” them, and created a trail of dead bodies in a massacre on the way, as he was also enraged and wanted them dead. What followed was a rather brutal battle between them which ended with many in the area dead, Lord English temporarily depowered yet managing to survive, and most of the surviving people, deities or not, very injured…but Lord English decided to spite them. Cue a fight with Her Imperial Condesce, who English unleashed from his temple. She started brainwashing a bunch of people in the surrounding area and John and any of his friends that didn’t die to Lord English barely managing to defeat them all before fighing the Condesce herself. While they won, it wasn’t easy, and Lord English is plotting a very nasty revenge.
  • Lord English has a rather strong connection with the game of Pool despite probably never even learning of the game. The Dead Session he beat was basically a cosmic game of pool, conquering planets in that looked EXACTLY like pool balls, digging up bombs and using said bombs to propel planets into a black hole in numerical order (but saving the 8th planet for last) like one punts pool balls into the respective holes. His eyes are alternating pool balls, his mob, The Felt, are all green and named after the fabric used on pool tables, and Member 8, Snowman, will destroy the universe if she dies, much like sinking the 8-ball will end a game of pool (she isn't welcome in the pantheon for obvious reasons), his peg leg and his cane resemble a billiard cue stick, his right-hand man, Doc Scratch, has a cue ball for a head, his weakness is a Cue Ball, a ball used to sink other balls, and to top it all off, both his and Scratch's name are pool terms.
  • Is considered to be one of the greatest enemies to the hall of Siblings part of the House of Family and Relatives due to just how far he went to torment his sister. Even when she was still his Split Personality, Caliborn was known to leave leaving insulting messages in her inventory and constantly threatening to kill her. When he finally got the means to do so, he did it without hesitation. When he gained his destructive powers, he decided that killing her once wasn't enough, so he decided to search through the Void Between the Worlds where the afterlife exists so he could blow up piece after piece of the afterlife, completely erasing them from existence in an attempt to find his sister and remove her from reality completely. Which makes it extremely ironic and karmic that his death came at the hands of Alt. Calliope, an alternate version of his sister that he killed.
    • And this was just ONE of the ways he tried to torment her. As Doc Scratch is merely an extension of his will, everything Doc Scratch did was also something he wanted to do. When Doc Scratch was inserted into the Troll's universe and turned what would normally be a relatively peaceful race into a bunch of war hungry galactic conquerors and doom them all to extinction, the main reason Lord English wanted this done wasn't to create the Green Sun, his power source, it was because his sister was fond of the race. Seeing that he was willing to go so far JUST to hurt his sister disgusted everyone in the Siblings hall to their core. And In addition to being horrible to his sister, Lord English is known for being pretty terrible to females in general. He was already quite a sexist dick when was young and only got worse when he grew up. All three known female who ever worked for him were generally nothing more than slaves and were only able to quit their jobs by dying, as he would curse them with a form of immortality that only he could remove.
    • As such, he has the begrudging respect of Lambdadelta, due to his willpower as well as the opposition of Sans and the Human Child due to having disturbing similarities to the Genocide Run variant of Char. Lord English also considers The Doctor to be one of his greatest enemies. Not only is The Doctor, much like Lord English, an exceptionally good at being a Time Master, but Lord English thinks that The Doctor is ripping off his title as the Lord of Time since he is far older than The Doctor. The Doctor has countered that since Lord English was born in the future, he was technically first, but Lord English is too stubborn to change his mind. Another one of Lord English's enemies is Professor Paradox. His knowledge of the space-time continuum gained through 100,000 years in the event horizon are managing to somewhat rival Lord English's instincts.
    • With the Supreme Kai of Time's ascension and the fact that she is over 75 million years old, yet another virtuous "Lord of Time" has appeared to stop his wares. The three of them meet very often. As far as he's concerned, too often. Mainly because it's always 2 against 1. In fact, Chronoa's actively trying to find a way to seal him up in the Crack of Time. Also, Clockwork hates him. Hates his incredible cruelty, hates his unfathomable abuse of stable time loops ensuring that "Parade of time" goes only the way he wants it to go, and how he uses it to cause so much destruction and HATES the fact that he really can't do anything to stop him, seeing as he is destined to appear in Alternia after his rampage in the Pantheon as well as the ludicrous ease he displays in killing ghosts. Needless to say, he is VERY glad that Lord English's fate after his appearance in Alternia ended with his death, but was dismayed that he survived in the Pantheon anyway.
  • There are some allies that Lord English has obtained in the Pantheon. One Deity that Lord English gets along with due to their shared bloodlust is Khorne, who LOVES what he's managed to do to the Alternian race in making them into a war-hungry race and causing untold amounts of universal damage to reality. He WAS concerned about Lord English attacking the Warp, in his quest to find his sister's ghost, but Lord English but those worries to rest; He thinks all the suffering the souls in the Warp go through is awesome, and if his sister IS in there, he won't mind her staying in there.
    • Naturally, he is despised by the Hall of Opposing Fate and the House of Prophecy and Fate in general not only due to how You Can't Fight Fate no matter what when it comes to his summoning at the end of the universe, but because of how much of a repugnant, malevolent jackass he is. Nearly everyone from the House of Time and Temporality hates him. Everyone. There are three exceptions to this: Eobard Thawne, Randall Ross and Dark Danny. He can sympathize with the latter’s desire to ensure his own existence, thinks what Thawne did to Barry is completely awesome, and has a shared goal for complete Omnicide with Ross. He’s a member of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, but he and Nekron hate each other, and Lord English’s hatred extends to the Lich and Nagash. To this end, he plans on working with SCP-682 and Sutekh to usurp control of the alliance, with this plans going up to and including getting 682 into a stronger form and releasing Sutekh from his weakened state. Doc Scratch is helping him with this.
    • Other than 682 and Sutekh, There are some allies that Lord English has obtained in the Pantheon. He has found some common ground with Porky Minch, for example, relating to his being an Ax-Crazy Time Traveler who hasn't matured a bit despite his absurd Time Abyss. Lord English has also barely matured since his youth due to him taking a shortcut in killing his sister, causing him to skip an important part of maturation for himself. He will be stuck a stunted miserable tool forever. This also means he can't grow the wings his species usually gets when they mature.
  • If there is any virtue Lord English could possibly claim to have, its that he is INCREDIBLY determined. The Dead Session he was in was designed to be practically impossible, to the point that starting the quests requred doing numerous tedious tasks, he still completed it. He did the extremely boring tasks, to start the quest out practically out of spite, he did the extremely difficult and time constrained task of conquering several planets and shoving them into a black hole despite having a learning disability, he grinded the levels required to become strong enough fight the ludicrously hard end-boss, and despite having many allies in the form of The Felt and Gamzee helping him along the way, he most definitely did NOT learn the value of friendship. He did all this out of determination to gain the power to become the monster he is today.
  • Zamasu sees him as everything that can possibly go wrong regarding a mortal gaining access to time travel and unfathomable divine power and went to confront him. He got killed by Lord English for his troubles despite his immortality. While Gowasu actually agrees, he is always quick to remind Zamasu that he isn’t much better. Zamasu retorted that “even if I am as bad as you say I am, at least I would leave everything else intact” to Gowasu. Other gods, like the currently mostly depowered Madoka Kaname (who has her Magical Girl abilities back) dislike him, and Homura Akemi wants him dead, which she has found is way easier said than done.







Ambiguous Rank

    Grandfather Paradox 
Grandfather Paradox, Living Embodiment of the Grandfather Paradox (The Voodoo Priest of the House of Lungbarrow, The Ghost of Christmas Cancelled, Everything You Swore You'd Never Let Yourself Become)
Illustrated by Martin Geraghty

Chronos, God of Clock Punk, is greatly associated with this House, especially those who are in relation with time, and takes great offence to those who would abuse those powers.