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Greater Gods

    STORAGE and Celebro 
STORAGEMembers  and Celebro, Divine Organization and Nemesis of Giant Robot/Kaiju Conflicts
The main members of STORAGE (from left to right: Shota Hebikura/Jugglus Juggler, Yoko Nakashima, Haruki Natsukawa, Yuka Ohta and Director Saburo Kuriyama)
Juggler's Majin Form
STORAGE's 3 Robots (from left to right: King Joe Custom, Sevengar and Windam)
  • Greater Deities (with Sevengar, Windam and King Joe and as a whole), Intermediate God (Jugglus Juggler), Demigods (Yoko, Yuka, Director Kuriyama, Celebro), borderline Overdeity (Celebro as Destrudos)
  • Symbols: Their organization's logo (STORAGE), an artistic drawing of himself (Celebro)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (overall) can occasionally go into Neutral or Chaotic Good if the situation calls for it; Neutral Good, formerly Chaotic Neutral (Jugglus Juggler); Chaotic Evil (Celebro)
  • Portfolio: Fight Kaiju with Giant Robots, Initially Unwitting Pawns to Celebro, Temporarily Disbanded by their Superiors, Refuse to use the Dangerous D4 Beam, True Companions, Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!
  • Domains: Mechs, Organizations, Development
  • Heralds: The unascended members of STORAGE (for STORAGE only)
  • Allies:
  • Respect: MEGAS and the Crew (STORAGE), Galen Marek/Starkiller
  • Pities: Shinji Ikari (STORAGE), Lotor (Juggler)
  • Interested in: Yapool (Celebro)
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • STORAGE was an organization of an alternate Earth that had built high-tech robots to combat the growing threat of Kaiju all over the world, eventually being assisted by Ultraman Z, the self-proclaimed disciple of Ultraman Zero. STORAGE found themselves entangled in the nefarious plots of the vile Celebro, a psychotic space parasite who wished to bring ruin to Earth by manipulating its inhabitants into destroying their own planet in an escalating arms race. STORAGE unwittingly helped by developing stronger and deadlier weapons of war. With the help of Z, STORAGE was able to stop the nefarious Celebro and save Earth, though their captain, Hebikura/Juggler ultimately left once the duty was done for parts unknown.
  • Both faction and alien ascended into the Pantheon following the last outing of Z where he temporarily went to the World of Ultraman Trigger to stop a rogue Alien Barossa that had stolen King Joe STORAGE Custom. Upon ascension Celebro took the chance to run away and restart his plans, now in the Pantheon, while STORAGE were sure to find a way to once again stop the alien parasite.
  • While they are mortal enemies, even they could occasionally join forces (extremely reluctantly that is) to stop a force of destruction that no side can stop on their own. But even then such cooperation is as temporary as it gets and Celebro does not like it. The one time this has happened was when the threat of Greeza was unleashed on their world, forcing Celebro to give up his Belial Medal after being strong-armed into it by Juggler which he took rather badly afterwards with several spiteful facts and developments.
  • Exclusive to STORAGE and its members:
    • STORAGE's usage of mechas to fight giant robots immediately called the attention of Team Voltron, known for their fight against evil with the help of their giant mecha Voltron. They were quite pleased to meet STORAGE in person as well as sharing their experiences of fighting evil aliens and other threats to the Universe, stand outs include their connections to a good-natured alien for both teams and that they had to confront an evil destructive energy during their most dire adventures (D4 for STORAGE and Quintessence for Voltron) which only helped them all further bond. Though Team Voltron was initially wary of Jugglus Juggler/Shota Hebikura due to his past as an evil/rogue alien who wished to be the strongest being of them all and some of his psychotic traits though have warmed up to him due to showcasing himself to truly be a better person nowadays.
    • On a similar note were Raleigh and Mako Mori, two humans who were entrusted into the business of kaiju-fighting when the creatures started appearing on their Earth and were sent by the Precursors, a race of evil aliens that sought to colonize Earth for their own ends. The similar hardships and developments STORAGE's had with their mechas and the repercussions of their use got them a lot to talk about with the two Jaeger pilots about. The duo were also wary of Jugglus Juggler due to his nature as an alien that once attacked Earth and his own agenda to use STORAGE's weapons for his purposes while in the group, though have recognized that he's gotten a lot better about his usual shtick.
    • They had some opinions to say about the MEGAS Crew, partly because of how Coop came to be in possession of the powerful robot: By accidentally destroying its head and replacing it with his car. At the least, they do like how he's taken it upon himself and his allies to defend Earth from various alien threats to it. Out of the crew, it was mostly Kiva whom they respected for her responsible behavior about the weapon she and her allies wielded. Meanwhile they took little respect towards Jamie for his obnoxious and womanizing attitude, moreso when he tried flirting with Yuka and Yoko, only for the first to reject him by ignoring him and the second to supplex him, letting him know exactly how uninterested they really were.
    • They actually got good relationships with Godzilla, King of the Monsters, in spite of having killed several Kaiju and even helped orphan an unborn Red King, Godzilla understands their reasoning but has given them warnings regarding their use of weapons as he came to learn of the destructive D4 and Ultroid Zero/Destrudos, which were created by their nemesis Celebro and almost used to destroy Earth. Godzilla's kaiju allies and servants were similarly quick to warn the organization about that scenario ever repeating, especially since a second outing of Destrudos could end badly with the Kaiju it could absorb in the Pantheon.
    • STORAGE also made allies in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers deities, who fight monsters with mechas and weapons on the ground. One of their biggest point of alliance was STORAGE's determination to protect Earth, refusal to give up and defiance of the odds even when faced with lawful roadblocks. Primarily, the original team served as the spokepeople for their commonalities. STORAGE grew interested in other teams such as the Gokaiger, aliens who initially only cared for treasure before they came to genuinely want to protect Earth; in a bit more anti-heroic fashion similar to the Ultras.
    • Team Dai Gurren has praised them for their ability to overcome limits and dire odds multiple times, as well as their constant fight against evils of their world. Simon particularly liked hearing how Haruki broke his own limits while merged with Ultraman Z to defeat Destrudos, as the beast had the power to destroy dimensions yet the young man never gave up even when running out of power as the Ultraman. As for the rest of the crew, they all met and got along well with each other, though a few of Team Dai Gurren were unnered by Yuka's excitement at dissecting aliens.
    • The team really pities how badly the EVA pilots had it in their tenure as defenders of their world, knowing the psychological and physical repercussions of the situations they lived through while fighting the angels and being abused by their superiors. Mostly Shinji, as the young boy went through severe mental breakdowns over the trauma what happened to him over his life and the horrors he experienced in his fights.
  • Exclusive to Juggler:
    • Juggler has taken to wandering around in the Pantheon, looking for new rivals to strengthen himself with so he can one day best his greatest one: Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb, who fortunately was also present in the Pantheon for him to fight. Juggler has shown that he's a truly changed man now and hopes that Gai can accept his challenge so he can finally settle the score for the last time, this time on better terms than he's tried to before, an offer Gai says he'll take after he is done with certain matters on their Multiverse.
    • Juggler has a bit of a rivalry with other swordsmen in the Pantheon, who he views as foes to overcome until he can eventually fight Gai again and best him. Juggler mainly took to fighting with the enigmatic Meta Knight, who despite his short height is a powerful and skilled swordsman with years of experience and powerful rivals and enemies felled by his blade. Meta Knight himself is interested in the ways that Juggler has developed as a person, especially since he was once a power-hungry villain but now has calmed down about that aspect and developed into an anti-heroic Wild Card mostly on the side of good.
    • Juggler actually impersonated the real Shota Hebikura when he became a STORAGE member, with the original having died in an accident. While he initially joined with selfish intentions, he grew to care for his team and their mission legitimately. As such he gained an ally in Galen Marek/Starkiller, a former Sith apprentice who had initially joined the Rebel Alliance in order to help the Empire from within the rebels, only to legitimately grow to care for the cause and turn good. Malek feels good to hear that Juggler has actually become a better person now while Juggler admires his bravery in defying someone like Vader and even Palpatine.
    • Juggler is no stranger to having turned good over growing to care for his teammates and abandoning his previous quests for power, as such he grew disappointed in Prince Lotor, who had allied with Team Voltron but could not just abandon his ambitions and manipulated them for his own ends which soured their possible friendship and led to his death. Lotor has mostly conceded his points, but thinks things are way too fractured between him and the team to correct so he told Juggler he's staying on his current path for good, to Juggler's bigger disappointment.
    • Juggler found a strangely similar character in Char Aznable, known for his Wild Card tendencies and fluctuations between the side of good and evil. And even like him, Char actually became the leader of a good-aligned organization all while secretly plotting his own schemes. That said, Juggler finds Char to be a little too treacherous for his tastes but does admires his determination and loyalty to his own beliefs and principles.
    • A different version of him was reborn as a human, he's interested in this, seeing as this version can change into his Majin Form and even a giant (which Juggler himself can't do anymore). Juggler has not shown up like this, as he is still very much alive and unchanged, but some believe he'll come out as this sooner or later. Whatever the case is, most have taken to call him Darkness Heels Juggler should that ever happen to differentiate him from the regular Juggler.
  • Exclusive to Celebro:
    • Celebro is a malevolent alien parasite from outer space that arrived on Earth to engineer a arms race that would lead to the planet's destruction through the spreading of fear, paranoia and mistrust among humans. Celebro had done this to multiple planets before as such he got praise from Eris, the goddess of discord who liked to see a mortal that took it upon himself to spread misery across the Universe. Celebro found Eris intriguing but otherwise has little words to say about her, being more concerned with his ambitions for world domination.
    • With his penchant for destroying planets he got an ally in King Ghidorah, a planet-destroying three-headed dragon that has done planetary genocide throughout the years and is proud of the destruction he causes everywhere he goes, Celebro was a subject of interest for the Kaiju, especially when Ghidorah learned of Celebro's Kaiju Medal work, as the Kaiju Medals could help King Ghidorah in becoming stronger than ever before. Celebro has shown interest in working with Ghidorah, as well as Ghidorah's usual right-hand monster, Gigan, who himself also desires some of the Ultra Medals' power for the possibility of augmenting himself further.
    • Celebro found some rivals in the Pantheon in the form of deities that destroyed planets and spread ruin among them for their amusement or for the sake of it. One of such deities was the infamous Majin Buu, who preferred to do the destruction with his hands as opposed to a distant manipulative approach to the carnage. Similarly, the warlock Lord Dominator went on a planet-killing spree across a galaxy, actually succeeding in wrecking almost every planet there until Lord Hater stopped her. While Celebro dreads them ever turning their sights on him for the time being, as he lacks the raw power to match them on his own, he does plot to create powerful enough weapons to fight them both with should that scenario ever happen. Though Majin Buu's been willing to team up with him, leading Celebro to gladly take up on the demon's offer for an alliance, even if temporary.
    • Good-aligned mecha deities detest Celebro for his vile actions and opposing a group of heroic mecha users. Chief among these deities was Team Voltron, who had to fight various alien invaders of the Galra Empire who threatened to destroy Earth multiple times and found Celebro's attempts to incite a civil war between Earth's inhabitants and furthering it by developing dimensional-threatening weapons to be completely deplorable, even next to the worst members of the Galra Empire they fought.
    • Celebro has also gotten chummy with the Seven Dark Spears of Jakanja, who also make it their MO to go around the Universe destroying planets for their amusement. Out of them it's Sargain who he's made something of a connection with, owing it to both being physically weak without a different bigger body to use (though Sargain can't possess living beings and instead pilots a karakuri android suit). This has worried many Sentai deities who believe Celebro has the means to make them even deadlier than before with the Kaiju Medals, which he claims are superior to the Shinobi Medals of the Hurricaneger that thwarted the Jakanja before.
    • Since he created a robot meant to destroy Earth and with an energy inherently pollutive and harmful to the planet, Celebro received major hatred from Gamera, especially for his sadistic destruction of Earth's life so he could entertain himself. Gamera's worried that Celebro could replicate the D4 thanks to Yapool's presence which could let Celebro access more of the entity's Minus Energy for his weapons. Celebro also got interested in the potential of the Gyaos in his plans, due to their nature as ravagers with no limits to their destruction.
    • Zilla Jr. had heard of how Celebro painfully modified several kaiju with bio-augmentation or cybernetic parts, as he remembered about the aliens who resurrected his parent and used it as a weapon to try and conquer Earth, as well as trying to manipulate him into following his parent's lead. He also feels bad for the many victims of his cruelty and ambitions, due to the fact that they could not be saved and had to be put down. Celebro takes little notice to this, but has taunted Jr. with the possibility of sending his converted parent to attack him for the hell of it, eventually.
    • Celebro has thought up of creating new and old Fusion Monsters with DNA from the various Kaiju in the Pantheon, such as Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah. One of the monsters he seeks to recreate is King Godzilla a massive fusion between Godzilla, Battra and Ghidorah. Since he already has got the means to obtain Ghidorah's DNA, many are watching out for him obtaining the others' DNA.

Intermediate Gods

    Grim Matchstick 
Grim Matchstick, God of Platform Battles
Grim with Three Heads 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Castle in the Background
  • Theme Song: Fiery Frolic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Though sometimes tries to be Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Advancing Boss of Doom, Apologetic Attacker, Battle in the Rain, Breath Weapon, Eye Beam, Victory Fake Out, Laughing Mad, Growing two extra heads, Playing with Fire, Speech Impediment and Stuttering, Tail Slap, That One Boss
  • Domains: Dragons, Fire, Clouds, Flying, Platforms
  • High Priest (and inspiration, in meta): Mecha Dragon
  • Allies: Spyro, Alexstrasza, Ysera, Ventuswill, Porky Pig
  • Enemies: The Devil, King Dice, Dr. Wily, Ornstein and Smough, Ripto, King Ghidorah, Evil Dragons (Especially Grima)
  • On Good Terms with: Cuphead and Mugman, Megaman, Mario, Yoshi, Cappy
  • During the incident on Inkwell Isle, Cuphead and Mugman came face to face with many runaway debtors, every one of them fierce and powerful. One of said debtors was a gigantic green dragon that resided in a castle, with a powerful Breath Weapon and a quirky speech impediment. That dragon's name is Grim Matchstick, and he's regarded as one of the toughest foes the little cups have faced. Of course, the cups eventually trounced him, as they did with everyone else who stepped up, but since his contract was burned, the dragon felt grateful and celebrated alongside other inhabitants of the Inkwell Isles about the triumph of the cup brothers.
  • Grim was found napping in a tower of the House of Royalty, which certainly startled the resident royals of the house. At first, some thought he was another of Daenerys' pets, but that was quickly disproven...after all, Westerosi dragons look nothing like him. Once he awoke, and after a bit of questioning, he revealed that the reason he was found there is that said tower resembled his actual home back in the Inkwell Isles, and he figured he'd pop in and take a quick nap, to take a break from trying to navigate the Pantheon. He was later given directions to the Combat House, where he continue to do the same thing he did before, but causes a lot less trouble.
  • Nowadays, he's on good terms with the Cup Bros. He even considers them friends, in a way, unless they decide to pull a prank on him. On the other hand, Grim is not too happy about the presence of the Devil and King Dice, preferring to avoid them whenever the chance.
  • Being a dragon has its advantages, but also its issues. For once, he managed to meet other dragons and ended up befriending a couple of them. He met Spyro and was bewildered by his smaller size, but impressed by his strength and determination. He also ran into the Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, who initially confused him for one of her sister's brethen, though she soon realized Grim was unrelated, even if he does enjoy having Ysera's company. And then he got to meet Ventuswill, also a green dragon, whose beauty he tried to compliment, but his awkward stuttering made it so Ventus was both confused and flattered.
    • On the other hand, there were quite a lot of decidedly less-friendly dragons that he had the misfortune of meeting. There was one instance of confusion since his name is a letter away from Grima, whose infamy in the Pantheon is well-recognised for good reason. Grim likes neither the comparison nor the dragon himself.
  • Then there were those who despised dragons, like Ornstein and Ripto who have tried to strike down Matchstick but they weren't prepared for his unusual fighting style...though Ornstein has sworn to train and try again. Then there were dragonslayers, like The Dohvakhin and Miraak, who could potentially snatch his soul if they were to slay him. He's on good terms with the former, since he has shown that he lacks the inherrent wickedness of Tamrielian dragons, but Grim didn't have such luck with Miraak, who has the power to control any dragon with a powerful spell. Unfortunately for Miraak, Grim's cartoony and zany nature, coupled with his notorious difficulty, have managed to prevent Miraak from getting to him. Grim is, thus, famed for being the first dragon that has managed to escape Miraak's mind control...but for very unexpected reasons.
  • Has a stutter in his voice, which quite a few folks wouldn't expect from an imposing dragon. That stutter, coupled with his silly gestures, might make one consider he isn't a threat. DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT! For that reason he formed an unlikely friendship with Porky Pig, who went on record saying that Grim isn't that bad of a fellow.
  • He can grow two extra heads pretty much whenever he wants to, which makes him all that more dangerous. Some deities have compared him to King Ghidorah, both for the green colour and the three heads, though Grim isn't fond of the three headed beast for fairly obvious reasons, to the point that both had a nasty fight once that ended up destroying the house they were in.
  • His appearance and fighting style can evoke the Mecha Dragon, which worried Mega Man when he learned about it. Turns out that Grim wasn't that dangerous and, as such, Rock left him alone.
    • Dr. Wily also noticed the resemblance, and, as is usual for him, saw potential. His first order of business was to try to take Grim captive. That plan failed, as the dragon proved to be too troublesome to capture. He's since settled for observing the rare battles Grim gets involved with for ideas to upgrade the aforementioned Mech Dragon.
  • On one ocassion, he run into Mario, who was accompanied by Yoshi and Cappy at the time. Surprisingly enough, the three were very friendly to Grim and didn't at all consider him dangerous, like others have claimed. He's remained good friends with them, but is somewhat wary of Cappy's ability to Capture people.
  • He can summon an army of living fireballs that often march of his tongue, but they can do other things if they want to. Sometimes he goes to the House of Fire and Heat and let's them hang around in a suitable enviroment to avoid causing unnecessary damage.
  • Theories suggest that the reason he might have made a deal with the Devil is because he felt lonely and wanted to have friends. He hasn't confirmed those theories but he seems happy that he has managed to make more friends here.
  • "Don't m-m-m-misunderstand my flames — I just meant fun and games."

    Ichiro Inuyashiki & Hiro Shishigami 
Ichiro Inuyashiki & Hiro Shishigami, Gods of Conflicts Between Old Heroes and Young Villains
Inuyashiki and Shishigami in battle
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective roboticized faces
  • Theme Song: "My Hero" by Man With a Mission
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Rebuilt as Cyborgs
  • Domains: Cyborgs, Conflict
  • Heralds:
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Each Other (when it comes to protecting the Earth from Total Annihilation)
  • Enemies: The Colour Out of Space, The Sleeper, Sephiroth
  • Fan of:
  • Other Relations: The Masked Man, Wander
  • Source of Interest for: Dr. Gero
  • Feared by:
  • An elderly man and a teenager end up at a park one day and end up struck by something of extraterrestrial origin. The result of that encounter is their bodies have been rebuilt to that of cyborgs and both gain powers that they never thought they could have. Whereas Inuyashiki, the old man, vowed to used his powers for good, the teenaged Shishigami decided to use his abilities to cause chaos and murder anyone he didn’t care about. Both would eventually cross paths with each other once more, both in battle against each other and later, a final meeting atop a meteor that’s on a collision course to Earth where Shishigami tells Inuyashiki of a self-destruct function in their bodies. Both of them end up sacrificing themselves to destroy the meteor, with Shishigami doing it for the safety of his friends and Inuyashiki doing it for the safety of his family and the rest of Earth.
  • During a scavenging session, a group of people managed to find what appeared to be parts of a human cyborg and got to work reassembling it. The group was surprised when they discovered that they managed to rebuild an old man who happened to be a cyborg and not long after they completed that task, they learned that another group managed to reassemble a different cyborg, except it was that of a high school student. As it turned out, both Inuyashiki and Shishigami ended up in the Pantheon and word about what they had done back then managed to spread after the rebuilding process was completed. While Inuyashiki continued his goodwill in the Pantheon, Shishigami has laid low for the time being, though the possibility that he will step back into action isn’t out of the question.
  • A handful of other deities who were turned into cyborgs by various circumstances found something interesting in the fact that Inuyashiki and Shishigami used their newfound powers for different means. The Masked Man, who was turned into a cyborg and had nearly all his humanity eliminated in the process until gaining it back at the very end, was disturbed upon learning that Shishigami was willing to commit a large amount of atrocities with his powers and wasn’t fully convinced on the fact that Shishigami did try to act like a good person a few times. As for Inuyashiki, The Masked Man found it admirable that someone was willing to try and affirm their humanity in spite of gaining inhuman upgrades
  • Genos was one cyborg who found plenty of intrigue with the duo and discovered he had a bit in common with the two of them in some way. Like the two, Genos was originally rebuilt as a cyborg with a wide assortment of powers after being critically wounded. Genos also had to stop a meteor, though even with his powerful abilities, it wasn’t enough to destroy it. Genos was also a bit like Shishigami in that revenge against others for killing the ones he cared about served as a strong motivator for his rampage, but Genos eventually calmed down and served as a fighter for justice, similar to what Inuyashiki does. In general, Genos is very sympathetic towards Inuyashiki given how the latter was shunned by his own family and had to work his way to being well-liked by him in addition to his sense of justice. Genos is also more than willing to go after Shishigami if the latter ends up causing problems for the Pantheon.
  • As far as the source of their powers are concerned, both Inuyashiki and Shishigami ended up getting their cyborg powers as a result of getting hit by an alien spacecraft and having their bodies rebuilt by whoever was in control of that spacecraft. In a way, their powers are extraterrestrial in nature and there were others who are aware of power sources from such that were curious about what could happen if the two ended up getting their powers from different aliens. The XCOM has had their experiences with an alien power source known as Meld, which they used to their advantage thanks to XCOM’s chief engineer. Dr. Raymond Shen looked into the source of Inuyashiki and Shishigami’s powers and noticed just how advanced and potent the technology that those aliens had. While he and other benevolent scientists have looked into the exact source of where those aliens came from, a handful of malevolent aliens (and other villainous entities in general) have taken an interest in those powers to try and use it for themselves.
    • Dr. Gero was one scientist who had a keen interest in what both Inuyashiki and Shishigami were capable of. It quickly became clear that Inuyashiki and Shishigami both had the same powers as each other and Dr. Gero didn’t care much if Inuyashiki was destroyed somehow. Being a cyborg himself, Dr. Gero was more interested in seeing if he could use Shishigami as a means of carrying out his revenge. Although Shishigami has mostly kept to himself in the Pantheon, the fact that he’ll react violently if he and those he cares about are threatened and that he has shown enjoyment in causing carnage has given Dr. Gero plenty of reasons to try and get him on his side.
  • Wander took a notable interest in the two after hearing about the stories (and being impressed with their cyborg powers), especially considering Inuyashiki’s willingness to do good for others and how Shishigami had a few people that he cared about even if he caused a lot of harm towards others. Naturally, it didn’t take that long for Wander to befriend Inuyashiki and he has talked to the cyborg grandpa on a regular basis. As for Shishigami, Wander has had some difficulty in trying to approach him and was dismissed as a “weirdo” by Shishigami a few times. Given that Shishigami did try to use his powers for good even if it ended in failure and that he did play a role in destroying a meteor that could have annihilated Earth, Wander does seem convinced that Shishigami could fully stop being a villain, though his sidekick Sylvia is more skeptical about it.
  • The final and shared threat that the two had to take care of was an oncoming meteor that was going to destroy Earth. While asteroids heading towards the planet where the Pantheon is in is nothing unusual by the standards set for the place, there were a couple of more distinct meteors that were much more dangerous than the rather basic meteor that the two destroyed prior. The Colour from Outer Space was a meteor that was capable of corrupting its surroundings and driving people to madness and The Sleeper has a similar, but still very dangerous, ability in turning the surrounding area into crystal. Self-destruction (which is seen as a last resort anyways) is more than likely not going to accomplish much in trying to destroy these supernatural meteors and many fear what could happen if Inuyashiki and Shishigami (moreso regarding the latter) end up affected by either meteor.
  • Ichiro Inuyashiki was an old man with an uncaring family and a life that was headed nowhere before gaining his cyborg powers. With him being a cyborg allowing him to be revitalized and relieved of whatever health ailments he had in the past, Inuyashiki vowed to use his powers to help innocents after saving a man from being beaten to death. With the help of Naoyuki Ando (a former friend of Shishigami), Inuyashiki was able to get a better understanding of his abilities and how to make the most out of them.
    • When he was initially trying to get the hang of his powers, Inuyashiki sang the theme song from Astro Boy while flying around before becoming accustomed to his cyborg abilities. It didn’t take that long for Inuyashiki to encounter Astro Boy directly in the Pantheon, especially after Astro managed to hear an old man sing that song. Both have a strong commitment to protecting the innocent from various threats, though how both came to be differ in a way. Whereas Inuyashiki was simply rebuilt as a cyborg after getting hit by an extraterrestrial object, Astro Boy was created by Dr. Temna to be a robot duplicate of a kid named Toby after the latter died. Regardless, both Inuyashiki and Astro get along with each other very well and Astro has come to see Inuyashiki as an older father figure.
    • Inuyashiki shares a handful of traits from Superman, specifically having access to powerful abilities and using them to keep the populace safe. The two maintain a strong friendship with each other, though Inuyashiki has a stronger connection with The Iron Giant in terms of how their adventure played out. Both had extraterrestrial entities involved in their origin, are powerful in their own way, compare themselves to a fictional hero (Inuyashiki to Astro Boy and The Iron Giant to Superman), and even had to sacrifice themselves to stop a meteor from destroying everything. Inuyashiki certainly saw quite a bit of himself in The Iron Giant and the two have become good friends who are willing to aid each other whenever possible.
    • One of Inuyashiki’s earlier actions after he became a cyborg was learning about a shady yakuza enterprise and subsequently crippling all of them, including their depraved leader, for life. The Pantheon was home to a multitude of villainous organizations and individuals that were similar to that yakuza group in terms of actions and Inuyashiki has found himself in conflict with a number of them every now and then. As for actual people involved with the yakuza, Inuyashiki was surprised after meeting Kazuma Kiryu, especially since not only was Kiryu far more benevolent compared to Saejima (the yakuza boss that Inuyashiki fought against), but that Kiryu had a code of honor almost comparable to that of Inuyashiki. Seeing a cyborg grandpa was a bit weird for Kiryu given that he’s witnessed his share of odd events, but the two maintain a good friendship with each other.
  • Hiro Shishigami was a high school student who didn’t find much of a purpose in life until the day he and Inuyashiki gained their powers. While Shishigami did have some close friends that he cared about, him using his powers to cause harm to others caused those friends to be alienated by his actions. Despite a couple of attempts to try and use his powers for good, him being pursued by law enforcement over earlier killings thwarted his attempts to go straight.
    • In spite of being a murderous sociopath, Shishigami does have some friends he cares about, even if they are clearly not supportive of his more violent actions. A number of deities who served as moral support for their more morally questionable deities did show a bit of disappointment that Shishigami went down a very violent path despite having some friends that could keep him in check, even if his final actions involved attempting to stop a meteor from destroying Earth. That said, there are a very small number of deities (in addition to the aforementioned Wander) that seem convinced that Shishigami can fully embrace his good side. Many do believe that Frisk, given how the latter had brought out the best in others on a regular basis, is capable of such a thing, but the fact that the Pantheon is a dangerous place in general meant that even if Frisk’s efforts do work out, Shishigami isn’t going to stay on the side of good for that long.
    • While both Inuyashiki and Shishigami both share the same abilities with each other (including flight and long-range weapons), Shishigami has been able to kill others from afar via simply connecting to a screen his victims are using as well as hijack any vehicles in his vicinity. This ended up being a cause for alarm for many benevolent tech-savvy deities, especially since the Pantheon will give Shishigami a lot more tools at his disposal if he decides to go on another mass murder spree. While those in the know-how about technology have already figured out ways to mitigate Shishigami’s potential attacks, the fact of the matter is that if Inuyashiki somehow isn’t available to stop a potential rampage carried out by Shishigami, then someone very powerful would have to step in and stop the cyborg teen.

    Sea King (One-Punch Man
Deep Sea King, God of Rain Conflicts (Sea King, King of the Seas)
Pissed Mode 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when doused with water)
  • Symbol: His crown
  • Theme Music: Wet My Scales
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Alien Blood, The Strongest Seafolk and the leader of such race, Cool Crown, Healing Factor, Lightning Bruiser, Overly-Long Tongue, Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, Slasher Smile, To Serve Man, The first threatening villain to appear
  • Domains: Water, Seafolk, Royalty, Invasions
  • Heralds: The Seafolk
  • Allies: Poseidon, Davy Jones, The Kraken, Orca, Bruce the Shark, Kyogre, Orm Marius, Murky, Dagon
  • Rivals: Chaac
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Groudon and Rayquaza
  • Interested in: Yoshino, Juvia Lockser, Hina Amano
  • VERY interested in: Ruto
  • Worthy Opponent: Jotaro Kujo, Kenshiro, Undyne
  • The Deep Sea King is the ruler of the Seafolk, creatures that inhabit the depths of the ocean and that one day decided to invade the surface. His rampage was one down in the history books as he easily dispatched several S-class heroes and nearly killed them all. This power is a result of Sea King having increased his strength tremendously when doused with water (aptly called Pissed Mode). Before he could start slaughtering humans from left to right, those what he would call pesky heroes did their best to stop him with one particular Mumen Rider giving it his all to fight them despite having no powers of his own and all hits he would do are annoyances at best. That was until Saitama arrived and solved the problem in one hit... again. Though that punch completely killed Sea King, his story does not end in the Pantheon where he ascended still at that same post given before he died. He was explained where he was and what happened and Sea King was in disbelief he was beaten so easily when nothing harmed him prior. It infuriated him that he could not request to go back and finish his conquest but the Court of the Gods invited Saitama to more or less prove that Sea King never had a chance even when given a rain cloud atop of himself to be at maximum power. Deep Sea King was about to deliver a punch to Saitama... only to have his fist completely broken upon impact. Saitama then showcased HIS power and needless to say, Sea King came back to find himself splattered across the floor. He had to clean that up under orders by the Court and more or less learned that doing another invasion would just get him Saitama again.
    Saitama: He was that giant walking sushi in the rain? Damn, now I'm hungry for it. Gotta find a coupon or a discount online...
  • Sea King was incredibly pissed that so many humans were in the Pantheon when he sees the Seafolk ought to be the ones who fill the place out. Most self-deprecating humans in the Pantheon would agree that a bunch of ugly fish is a perfect place for the gods. Aquaman who rules life across the oceans tried making Sea King stop spouting a bunch of anti-human sentiments that nobody cares for. Sea King though was even more pissed over Atlanteans appearing mostly human too and started spouting anti-Atlantean propaganda too. Hating all humans is acceptable within society though singling out culture is not. Aquaman proceeded to take on Sea King who was expected to win due to Sea King being physically stronger than the royal when water comes into the picture—a constant boon for Sea King if he was fighting on his turf or Aquaman's. However, little did Sea King know of Aquaman's telepathic abilities that ruptured his mind as Aquaman proceeded to decimate Sea King at combat. Sea King was seen being stomped on by Arthur who stated that whatever telekinesis would be way worst if Sea King were to be racist again. It was a lie and though Aquaman could not do something like melt a marine animal's mind, Sea King took it seriously. It was then that a bummed Sea King was approached by Orm who is the brother of his humiliator. Orm stated that he and the crew he assembled that consists of Davy Jones, the Kraken, and Murky to flood the Pantheon to take it from the humans who dwelled there. Sea King initially refused the offer as he does not want to be under a being who especially looks too human for his good, but then Orm offered to at least be the second in command of the forces due to how influential Sea King was. Plus when they won, they could worry about territory after they wiped off all the humans. Giving it some good thought, Sea King gave in. He is sure Orm would betray him sooner or later once the dust settles and is hoping to do that too. Deep Sea King will soon become what he would crown himself as Abyss Sea God if that title has no been taken.
  • Chaac generally does not like Sea King for using the rainwater he provides to the Pantheon to give himself a boost. Water is a tool that can be used to restore life or end it but Sea King absorbing it all for himself proved to be a peeve for him. Sea King uses rain's life-giving properties selfishly on himself to bring more death was such a contradiction to the god that he went to Sea King to have it explained how he could do such things. Sea King then proceeded to punch Chaac with everything he had and Chaac was generally surprised that he was harmed by a fish man with pasties despite his divinity. Chaac and Sea King proceeded to fight and surprisingly, both laid on the ground exhausted with no winner. Since both deities are at their full strength whenever they fight, a building can be expected to drop.
  • Though he is the ruler of the Seafolk, he does get around well enough with those who look like fish but as shown with the Atlanteans, any intelligent fish person who looks much like a human is "not true Seafolk" in his eyes. This especially goes with mermaids and while are attractive with all of their elegant swimming and whatnot, the top half of them usually disgust him. This is ironic considering that Sea King himself seemingly has the most human body appearance of the Sea Folk when he is not wet. Ariel is disgusted by Sea King's biases and since she was the one who built the bridge between her kingdom and the humans. She is NOT going to have Sea King tear all of those relationships down.
  • Nami does not like Sea King since him trying to establish supremacy over humans reminds her of the Arlong pirates trying to take over her island as a way to showcase that they are superior to humans. Sea King has particularly been even more alarming to Jinbei who held similar beliefs until Fisher Tiger's final words caused him to reassess his Fishmen superiority complex. Sea King remains friendly to those who held the anti-human views that Fishmen had and deemed everyone open for human-Fishmen relationships traitors needless to say. Now Jinbei and Nami want Sea King's ambitions to fall on its face since the last time a person on Fishman Island went on that crusade, it nearly killed everybody there.
  • Has considered the prospect of kidnapping those who have the power to make it rain spontaneously no matter where they are. Such power on his side would surely make whatever endeavor he sets out to do a piece of cake when he is at maximum strength constantly. He first sought out Juvia who was most infamous for making it rain whenever she was in a bad mood. Granted, she has much better control over this thanks to finding the Power of Friendship though that might be a boon for Sea King. When cornering her and announcing his intentions to keep her, Juvia just told the Seafolk she was already taken and something along the lines of "You're Not My Type". After shaking the confusion away from himself, Sea King tried kidnapping her but Juvia was virtually untouchable to him thanks to being made of water. Frustrated over this, Sea King went to his plan B on kidnapping Yoshino who also had those same powers albeit somewhat less controlled over. Just before he was about to snatch her, Sea King was pounded into the ground by every police force in the Pantheon due to a giant naked man preying onto a young girl who did not look good no matter the reason. It took a while for Sea King to get out of jail without the pretenses that he was a sexual predator. He hopes trying to get Hina Amano next for his plan though the police are still watching him.
  • Completely despises both Groudon and Rayquaza for their ability to stop raining and replace it with whatever weather they chose which once undermined a fight Sea King had, causing his defeat. Although he is pretty chummy with Kyogre, whose presence allows Sea King to fight at maximum strength. Sea King now wants to aid Kyogre in defeating both Groudon and Rayquaza who he thinks is getting in his way when it comes to combat potential. He also wishes Kyogre to enact that apocalyptic event where it proceeds to the landmass and pull everything into the oceans. That will surely bring a new era for the Seafolk that they will all be great for.
  • Admires both the determination and strength of the fish woman known as Undyne, who has decided to challenge Sea King to a fight a handful of times thanks to hearing of his strength and his desire to destroy humans. Unfortunately for her, Sea King can No-Sell her water spears and even take advantage of them. Undyne was forced to use her Undying form to take him on which Sea King was impressed by due to how resilient she was when under it. That said, he managed to outmaneuver her thanks to his vaster speed every time though was surprised how much more reactionary she was at every succeeding match they had. Sea King is now sure that if he were not doused with water then he may fall to her attacks.
  • Crocodile is perhaps one of the few people that Sea King fears. It was a perfect raining time to revel in and then it all stopped, replaced by arid air and a gusty sandstorm. Sea King knew somebody was messing with the weather and went to the storm's epicenter. There was Crocodile who was having various weapons smuggled throughout the Pantheon though even he did not expect a Fishman in his eyes going towards him angrily. Sea King then jumped on Crocodile, clawing him with everything he has within him with the hope that the sandstorm with subsides. However, Crocodile was unaffected due to being a Logia Devil Fruit user so he was quite literally made of sand with only water can harming him. And it seemed like Sea King ran out of water. Crocodile proceeded to essentially torture Sea King with his powers and kicking him around until all the stuff was safely smuggled. When that was done, he mocked Sea King over not being able to do anything against him and said that he will let go of the sandstorm within a week or two.
    Crocodile: I suggest you get a nicely paid beach vacation, Fishman. If you can't fight without sipping on water, then your race is even weaker than I thought!
  • Sea King prefers to punch as rapidly as possible when fighting especially when in Pissed Mode. His speed and strength alone make him a master at this but there are few he saw rivaled him in that department. Upon hearing that Sea King was causing trouble throughout the Pantheon, Jotaro went to him and used Star Platinum to pummel the lights out of him like everybody else. Sea King was caught off guard since he could not see the Stand but was able to catch on and was able to match the blows himself despite it being invisible to him. Due to his Stand's weakened constitution, Jotaro had his knuckles start bleeding against Sea King's tougher fists though he pressed on. What resulted was Jotaro all bloodied with Sea King also equally bloodied since Star Platinum was quicker and landing hits. It was then both decided to call it a day but Jotaro asked if Sea King knew of dolphins and their eating habits. It took a while for Sea King to explain and Jotaro was satisfied with the answer. Another person that Sea King decided to match his fists against was Kenshiro who did not like hearing a bipedal sea creature was threatening innocents. Sea King thought he had the upper hand against Kenshiro after seeing how pathetic his punches are and like all foes Kenshiro faces, he soon regretted it once Kenshiro told him that he was already dead. Another bloody floor that Sea King had to mop and another foe that he acknowledged.
  • Clearly is attracted to the Zora Princess herself, as unlike mermaids she does not have a "human" element to her appearance yet has a similar humanoid physique he can appreciate. He desires Ruto to be his queen when ruling the seas though Ruto by all accounts is not interested. She cites that she does not want a world where marine life dominates everything and that Sea King ought to find another partner for himself. Though this would depress Sea King, he does not give up on trying to woo Ruto and have her mind change on him. Sea King even went as far as to clean up his appearance when seeing her. That means just repainting the heart pasties he wears and having them dry up nicely.
  • Thought that the Deep Ones were another part of Seafolk and wanted to lord over them, but cue Sea King's surprise when they were worshipping another entity instead of him. That was Dagon who was not impressed by Sea King trying to subjugate its people. sea King admired the power that Dagon gave off and revised his strategy by appealing the divine creature. He said he wanted to open up the land to the Deep Ones now that his mistake was corrected, only if Dagon chooses. Dagon still is wondering if the Deep Ones are capable on interacting with other intelligent marine life though Sea King is just relieved nothing messy came out of that confrontation.
  • Generally is friends with Poseidon even though he knows of Sea King's mania regarding eliminating humanity. Being a god, he does not care over such things and remained indifferent if he succeeds or not. It might piss the rest of the Olympians off but Poseidon would not be mad if everyone drowned. However, Percy Jackson who is Poseidon's son is not okay with this and vowed to make sure Sea King does not enact any plan like that. With that said, he knows that using water against Sea King will just make him stronger so he opted to manipulate water to go away from Sea King instead. Poseidon has amused such a foe drove his son to take such an opposite approach to combat.
  • He once bathed himself in a rather suspicious looking water to lax himself though found himself being possessed by the Flood who were more than happy taking over someone who inducted so much of themselves into him. While being under what could be called Demonic Possession, Sea King gave the greatest spread of the Flood in recorded Pantheon history and thousands marched to find new hosts. A Reset Button was fortunately placed against them and surprisingly, Sea King was not charged with anything despite causing a deadly epidemic. Sea King learned that perhaps soaking himself in some water is not for the best.
  • Sea King thought Octogeddon would be a good ally to him as Octogeddon is a Kaiju octopus. How can it not help the Seafolk in conquering the surface? The freaking octopus did anything but help. It proceeded to wreck havoc across the Seafolk inhabitants, killing hundreds if not thousands. Sea King did not expect that a Person of Mass Destruction would turn against its own people and decisively used all of his strength to launch the beast out of the ocean. Embarrassed more than ever, Sea King wondered if Octogeddon was influenced by an outside force then blamed humans for it since everything not going his way means that something nefarious must have gone under him. He refuses to believe that Octogeddon Hates Everyone Equally and is just acting like a big baby who defects responsibility.
  • Deep Sea King has positions in the Halls of Weather and Duels. He goes to the former when he just wants to screw around without worries and goes to the latter for training.
  • "I am the Deep Sea King, King of the Seas. All life on Earth comes from the sea as if she were our mother. So as ruler of that sea, I am the pinnacle of a pyramid that includes every living organism on this earth."

Lesser Gods

    Cole Cassidy 
Cole Cassidy, God of Duels at High Noon (Jesse McCree, BAMF, GAMF, The Gunslinger, Old McDonald)

    König and Zaytsev 
"Autumn, 1942. Europe lies crushed between the Nazi jackboot. The German Third Reich is at the height of its power. Hitler's armies are charging through the heart of the Soviet Union towards the oil fields of Asia. One last obstacle remains. A city on the Volga where the fate of the world is being decided. Stalingrad."

Vasily Zaytsev and Major Erwin König, Dual Deities of the Sniper Duel
Vasily Zaytsev in October 1942
Major Konig in November 1942
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbols: A Mosin-Nagant M91/30 with a PU scope for Vasily, and a Karabiner 98 kurz with a Zeiss ZF-42 scope for Konig
  • Themes:
  • Alignments: Neutral Good (Zaytsev); Lawful Evil (Konig)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Sniping, Duels, Rivalry
  • Allies and Enemies: Due to being on opposing sides, they are sworn enemies with each other
  • Receive special attention from: Lt. Karl Fairburne, Mr. Mundy, The Spy, Pvt. Jackson (Charlie Company), Widowmaker, Ana, Lockon Stratos
  • During the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, two snipers from the USSR and Nazi Germany would duel one another to the death in the ruins in and around the titular city for an entire month, all the while the rest of the Red Army and Wehrmacht were engaging in brutal Urban Warfare over control of the city. They were Vasily Zaytsev and Major Erwin Konig, two very different men from two very different social castes and places. The former hailed from the Ural Mountains, and before the war served as a shepherd, who learned his shooting skills through hunting wolves with his grandfather. The latter, meanwhile, was an aristocrat and the head of the German Army's sniper school, where he mentored hundreds of soldiers in the art of sniping, including a number of Soviet soldiers just before the German Invasion of the Soviet Union.
  • Vasily first arrived in the city of Stalingrad in September 1942 as a conscript. Thrust immediately into battle without a weapon, he managed to survive both the Germans and execution by his own commissars by taking shelter in a ruined fountain. It was here he encountered Commissar Danilov, who was able to finally provide him with a Mosin-Nagant rifle to use. He then went to work, killing 5 Germans near their position, saving his and Danilov's lives. Out of gratitude, Danilov helped him to get promoted and reassigned to a Soviet sniper unit while also becoming a Propaganda Hero whose exploits were published in Soviet newspapers. Through this reassignment, he began to rack up an impressive number of kills, mainly German Army officers.
  • Increasingly concerned of the new threat, General Friedrich Paulus, commander of the German 6th Army assaulting Stalingrad, decides to call their best sniper into Stalingrad: Major Erwin Konig. Konig immediately gets to work, making arrangements so that it would be Zaytsev would find him. What followed was a series of encounters between the two, with Konig having the upper hand on Zaytsev, killing several of his squadmates in quick order. Among these included experienced Soviet sniper Koulikov, who ironically had trained under the Major before the outbreak of war, and thus knew all of the Major's tricks. It later turned out that Konig accepted this mission to Stalingrad due to the death of his son early in the battle, and was only killing Zaytsev out of revenge for the Soviets in retaliation for this.
  • Over time, however, Vasily managed to gain the upper hand on the more experienced Major. First, by managing to wound the Major by shooting his right hand during an encounter at the Stalingrad Tractor Factory. Ultimately, Vasily ended up luring the major into Vasily's own, improvised, trap, thanks to the death of his close ally Sacha Filipov, the Heroic Sacrifice of his friend Commissar Danilov, and the apparent death of his own love interest Tanya. Vasily would eventually reunite with Tanya a few months later, finally earning his happy ending with her, at least for the time being.
  • At least, that's the "official" story given by Soviet propaganda. Some historians dispute that Konig was never real, and that the sniper duel between him and Zaytsev was a complete fabrication. However, this is ambiguous, as a few books about the Battle of Stalingrad, including the Real Life Zaytsev's own autobiography, state that the Major was indeed a real person and that the duel did indeed take place, albeit known as "Konings", the Dutch translation of the Major's last name. The story of Zaytsev and Konig explains this by having the Major remove his dog tags, preventing the Soviets from identifying his body when the Major is later killed in action by Zaytsev. One book meanwhile claims that Konig was actually an SS Colonel named "Heinz Thorvald".
  • Following the conclusion of the Battle of Stalingrad, both Zaytsev and Konig would end up ascending at the same time as Dual Deities of the Sniper Duel. Though unlike most other deities sharing a title, they did not end up ascending together as a group due to their status as arch-enemies. Instead, they ascended separately of one another. Vasily ended up in the Pantheon via a worn out river boat not unlike the one that had first brought him into Stalingrad. Konig on the other hand arrived via a luxurious train carriage, complete with his own oak desk, comfy chair, and a king sized bed.
  • Konig, unsurprisingly, ended up in Nazi German-controlled territory in the Pantheon, serving directly under the likes of Johann Schmidt and his numerous associates. He ends up doing two jobs for the other Nazis, the first being training other German snipers, specifically the Waffen Senior Troopers and the Valkyrie Snipers. The second, more prominent job is being the Nazis' personal assassin against high-valued Allied targets. Such intended targets include the notorious "Shadow", Lt. Karl Fairburne, responsible for the destruction of several wonder weapons as well as months worth of fuel, ammunition, and dozens of vehicles, and high-value scientists such as Dr. Abraham Erskine, who helped develop a Super-Soldier serum and was responsible for the creation of Captain America. Notably, despite repeated offers by other Nazis such as "Deathshead" Strasse to upgrade his Karabiner 98 kurz Sniper Rifle for a more advanced weapon, Konig ends up turning down their offers and instead continues to soldier on with his older, but still very efficient, bolt-action sniper rifle.
  • Zaytsev, on the other hand, ends up under the command of the Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov, who is himself a veteran of the Eastern Front, and by extension, Stalingrad. Under the Soviet General, Zaytsev once again serves as a Propaganda Hero, serving as a way for the already famous Zhukov to garner even more support from both other Russians as well from other countries. He also ends up working and serving alongside a squad of other Stalingrad veterans, namely Capt. Viktor Reznov, Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko, and Pvt. Vasili Ivanovich Koslov. Notably, all four of them, Zaytsev included, were all trained and skilled snipers, particularly with the Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 Sniper Rifle.
    • Interestingly, it should be noted that Petrenko and Koslov share several notable traits with Vasily Zaytsev, particularly elements of their backstories and service records. Petrenko in particular, like Zaytsev, survived a Curb-Stomp Battle and subsequent massacre by German soldiers, ended up becoming an impromptu sniper, and engaged in a Sniper Duel with a skilled German sniper.
    • One other thing that Zaytsev shares with Reznov's group is their mutual distrust of ruthless communist types. It's for this reason for that Zaytsev refuses to work under Nikita Dragovich or Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin, given their reputations for being hardcore Stalinists and terrible commanding officers, not to mention working with individuals who are just as untrustworthy.
  • Inevitably, both snipers would inevitably meet one another in the Pantheon once more, not helped by the fact that many of the German and Soviet deities in the Pantheon wish to continue fighting against their ideological enemies. Instead of in the ruins of Stalingrad, however, Zaytsev and Konig would end up dueling one another in different locations throughout the Pantheon, though mostly in areas controlled by either the Nazis or the Soviets. Their activity attracts the attention of the aformentioned Karl Fairburne, who has himself fought against both the Nazis and the Soviets in 1945. Unsurprisingly, Fairburne intially distrusts both men, having seen what both factions have been capable of firsthand during the Battle of Berlin. This soon changed when Zaytsev saved the OSS agent from being killed by the Major during one such duel between the two, with Fairburne having been baited by Major Konig through elaborate use of an Outfit Decoy complete with a dummy Sniper Rifle...not unlike Zaytsev's own first encounter with the Major. This incident, and Sgt. Jack Barnes vouching for the Soviet sniper causes Fairburne to change his opinion of the Russian sniper.
  • Inevitably, other snipers in the Pantheon become interested in both Konig and Zaytsev. Some simply wish to witness the sniping skills of both firsthand, while others wish to recruit either's help for one reason or another.
    • Notable examples include Pvt. Jackson of Charlie Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion, who wants to duel against Konig, having heard about the Major through Lt. Fairburne. The American Ranger ends up befriending the Soviet sniper in the process, exchanging their combat experience and valuable sniping skills to one another.
    • Others, such as Widowmaker, wish to have Konig help them fight against their respective enemies. It probably helps that Konig is taking orders from Johann Schmidt, one of the many leaders of HYDRA, who are in fact one of her and her associates' allies in the field. The Major ultimately agrees, but refuses help from her in taking down Zaytsev due to his determination in wanting to personally kill his old foe.
  • While Konig and Zaytsev do have mutual enemies in the Pantheon, both men don't trust one another enough to perform an Enemy Mine, no thanks to Konig himself having committed a few war crimes during the Battle of Stalingrad. Rather than fight against these mutual enemies together, what usually ends up happening is a Mêlée à Trois between the two snipers and their mutual enemies, with the two snipers almost always getting away unscathed to fight another day.
  • One notable enemy of Zaytsev's that isn't shared by Konig is none other than Muruta Azrael. While neither a communist nor a Nazi, Zaytsev absolutely loathes him and his successor Lord Djibril thanks to their treatment of their subordinates, which Zaytsev himself has experienced firsthand from several Soviet commissars. But, the atrocities committed by his own countrymen pale in comparison to the devastation arranged by these two, and for Zaytsev, This Is Unforgivable!, to the point he has gone on an Assassination Attempt on the two Blue Cosmos leaders alone.
  • Many unaligned or unfamiliar deities assume that the Major is an Officer and a Gentleman, when in fact he is a Faux Affably Evil Cold Sniper who is absolutely ruthless both in and out of combat, having even committed a few war crimes in an attempt to take down his Soviet rival. While he is reluctant to kill children, when push comes to shove, he won't hesitate to do so, as shown with the fate of Sasha Filipov.

Zaytsev: "I am a stone. I do not move..."

Konig: "He isn't dead. You know why? Because I haven't killed him yet."

    The Prince of Sablé 
The Prince of Sablé, God of Dust Cloud Scuffles (Prince of Sable)
Frog and Snake Transformations 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sword
  • Theme Music: The Prince’s Adventure
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: No Name Given, Idiot Hero, Adorably Precocious Child, Voluntary Shapeshifting
  • Domains: Royalty, Transformation
  • Allies: Tiana & Naveen, Frog, Greninja, Tsuyu Asui, Beast Boy, Oliver, Pit, Master Viper, Ico & Yorda
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Jafar, Orochi, Apophis, Lesale Deathbringer, Prince Charmles, Hans Westergard, Ultra Greed, Balrog
  • Unsure of: Wander
  • There is a land far away home to a handful of kingdoms and this story follows one of the kingdom’s rulers, the Prince of Sablé. A hapless young kid who is in a fencing rivalry with Prince Richard of the Custard Kingdom, things take a turn for the strange when Princess Tiramisu of the Mille-Feuille Kingdom is kidnapped by Lord Delarin and his Croakian army. It befalls the Prince of Sablé and Prince Richard to rescue Tiramisu and figure out what’s going on in the midst of it all. Along the way, the Prince of Sablé is able to transform into a frog (something that also happened with Richard and his army along the way) and a snake to progress and even if he does find money during his journey, it’s not going to be something that will stick around with him.
  • A frog wearing some sort of cape wandered in the Pantheon one day, though given how many weird events happen in the place, much of the witnesses brushed it off as relatively normal compared to some of the more extreme events that befall the place. A little while later, a snake showed up and a few witnesses noticed that the cape the snake was wearing matched what the frog from earlier had. When the same frog showed up again, a couple of people followed and when they caught up to it, they witnessed the frog transform into a young boy who, after being questioned about what he was doing, admitted that he was the frog and snake running around. Ultimately, the witnesses were willing to let the Prince be part of the Pantheon, though the entry fee for him was all the money he had with him at that time. No one present was that bothered by it, partially since the Prince will likely just find more money to replace what he lost.
  • Some of the deities that the Prince of Sablé gets along well with are those who were transformed into frogs because of certain events. The Prince holds plenty of admiration towards the appropriately named Frog for maintaining his bravery and making the most out of being turned into such a creature and in turn, Frog has helped the Prince out whenever the latter is in trouble. Tiana and Naveen were two deities that The Prince took a liking two, seeing as how the couple are figures of royalty who got turned into frogs and went on an adventure together during that time. The two could tell that the Prince means well, though he’s prone to not thinking clearly at times, prompting Tiana and Naveen to give The Prince some advice on how to keep up his strengths while keeping his weaknesses (especially where money is concerned) in check.
  • Generally speaking, frogs and frog-like entities are those who the Prince of Sablé can get along easily with. He has taken an immediate liking towards Greninja over its combat skill and how the Pokemon can easily fend for itself, and the ninja frog has a recurring ally during the Prince’s numerous adventures in turn. Learning about Tsuyu Asui was a shocking experience for the Prince, seeing how she is a human with superpowered frog abilities and traits of said animal. Witnessing what was basically a human-frog hybrid in action was something else for The Prince, but it didn’t stop him from getting along with Tsuyu, helped by the fact that she has a friendly, if very straightforward, disposition overall.
  • Much of his troubles were the result of sinister snake Lord Delarin and his army invading The Prince’s realms. That the Pantheon was home to a multitude of dangerous snakes that are out to cause trouble for others was a cause for alarm for the Prince. That these snakes ranged from adept enough to pose a challenge to him such as Lesale Deathbringer to downright destructive monsters that he pretty much can’t defeat even with his best tools such as Orochi and Apophis unnerved The Prince greatly. Jafar was someone who The Prince despises greatly as not only is the former capable of turning into a snake, but is very treacherous and wants nothing more than to gain power for himself. On his end, Jafar doesn’t believe The Prince to be much of a threat, even finding his snake transformation to be pathetic in his view.
    • It came as a surprise for The Prince to learn that there was at least one friendly snake in the Pantheon. Said snake happened to be Master Viper of The Furious Five, being very skilled at martial arts in spite of her limitations. Of course, The Prince’s snake transformation is much more limited in what he can do (and she spent plenty of time honing her skills), though Master Viper was encouraging towards The Prince, telling him to make the most of what he has in order to succeed even in unconventional battles.
  • Beast Boy was eager to meet up with another deity who was capable of transforming into different animals to solve whatever problem was ahead of them. When the meeting did happen, the Prince couldn’t help but be in awe of how many transformations Beast Boy can do. In contrast, The Prince was only able to transform into two different animals (frog and snake) and his applications of these animals are noticeably more limited. While The Prince isn’t sure on whether or not gaining access to more animal transformations beyond what he already had will work out, he still maintains a good friendship with Beast Boy.
  • Regardless of the fact that Princess Tiramisu pretended to be a witch and that she ran off to have fun at The Prince’s expense, it doesn’t change the fact that The Prince’s quest involved trying to make sure a girl is safe from harm. There were plenty of deities who went on journeys similar to The Prince’s own, though plenty of them were darker in nature. He is conflicted about Wander’s quest to save a girl he loves, mainly because of the desire for revenge taking a toll on Wander who otherwise isn’t much of a problem whenever Colossi aren’t involved (that and Wander doesn’t have anything against The Prince of Sablé). The story of what Ico and Yorda went through led to The Prince being reminded of when Tiramisu as a witch helped him throughout his journey, akin to how Ico helped Yorda escape a castle together, even if The Prince’s turn of events left him shocked at the truth. He does get along with the duo, even if Ico and Yorda chuckled a little at how the princess whom the Prince was meant to rescue disguised herself as a witch to help him.
  • As a result of being the ruler of a very well-off kingdom, the Prince of Sablé doesn’t have the best sense of using money properly. It’s a problem that persists in the Pantheon, with whatever money The Prince finds being spent just as quickly. Some of these instances range from paying Moneybags to open up parts of the Pantheon most wouldn’t try to visit to engaging in a few fights against Ultra Greed that typically end with The Prince having even less money than he had prior to fighting it on top of losing a majority of these battles. Of course, it didn’t endear The Prince (who has stated that he’s found whatever money he finds through largely benign means) to learn of other frivolous spenders such as Balrog, mainly since the latter is known for not playing fairly and that what he’s done to earn his money is very likely shady (which probably would include stealing The Prince’s money when the latter is least expecting it).
    • Okuyasu Nijimura, who is not really a smart person and is prone to being targeted by others in battle, found it surprising that someone who is the leader of a successful kingdom has a poor understanding of money. Setting aside the fact that Okuyasu has to deal with the supernatural a lot, he goes to school and is frugal with his money, despite getting caught up in a money-making scheme or two by his friend Josuke Higashikata. The Prince ended up getting involved with some of these schemes and it ended with him not gaining any money in the process for one reason or another. Okuyasu didn’t hold anything against The Prince seeing as how the latter wasn't actively trying to cause trouble, though he does think that going up against what he, Josuke, and their friends normally go up against, might be dangerous for him as a person.
  • By all accounts, he is very much a young ruler of the Sablé Kingdom and means well, even if he isn't terribly bright at times. The Prince would end up meeting a young mage known as Oliver when the latter visited the Sablé Kingdom. Oliver, who had a prince as one of his companions during his quest and helped out with the prince’s kingdom at some point, was a little surprised to see the Prince of Sablé be relatively close to the same age he is and maintain Sablé's well-being. During Oliver’s visit, a handful of invaders threatened to take over Sablé, prompting Oliver to provide some aid to the Prince in driving them out. The two were able to ward off the invaders, with Oliver finding plenty of good in the Prince during that time. Oliver and the Prince have gone off on a number of adventures with each other since then.
  • Pit was someone who the Prince of Sablé could relate to very well. Both are capable in their own right when it comes to getting someone out of trouble, but are very prone to being a target of mockery by others despite their skills. Pit also ended up getting transformed into something else at a point or two in his adventures, but whereas The Prince was able to use his transformations to his advantage (though that’s because the transformations are animals), Pit can’t really do anything as a walking eggplant or tempura. On a darker note, The Prince couldn’t help but feel sorry for what happened to Pit when his soul got transferred to a ring and his body ended up causing destruction for a period of time before setting things right. Something similar to what Pit went through at that point is something The Prince doesn’t want to happen as far as transformations to his body are concerned and Pit has proven to be very effective at helping out The Prince on his quests.
  • Despite Prince Richard taking every chance he can get to mock the Prince of Sablé in front of others, the two maintain a healthy rivalry, especially when it comes to fencing. It dismayed The Prince to learn that the Pantheon housed plenty of princes who were callous in character and only wanted the power for themselves. While he preferred not to get involved with anything related to the selfish and idiotic Prince Charmles (especially after the latter tried and failed to get into the Sablé kingdom), it was Hans Westergard who the Prince of Sablé was disgusted by. Hans attempting to be in the good graces of a princess, only to abandon her and trying to take the kingdom she was ruling for himself, was something that the Prince of Sablé couldn’t accept. If someone were to attempt something in Sablé similar to what Hans did, the Prince would do everything he could in his power to stop it from happening.
  • He is among several individuals who serve as Assist Trophies in the Smash tournaments that fighters can summon to change the outcome of a battle. In his case, he doesn’t do much in his human form, but he’ll transform into a frog or a snake and attack the summoner’s opponents for a bit if he comes into contact with them. As is the case with other Assist Trophies, he and his aforementioned transformations fell victim to Galeem’s attack and was caught in the crossfire between it and Dharkon. Two world-destroying abominations are a lot for the Prince of Sablé to handle and he, like nearly everyone else involved at that time, is mortified with what Galeem and Dharkon can do. Not helping things is the fact that his friendly rival Prince Richard was also among those caught by Galeem’s attack.

    Rei (Ultra Series
Rei, God of Kaiju Duels (Reimon, Reionics, Reimon Burst Mode, Reionics from Earth)
Reimon Burst Mode
His three Kaiju (from left to right: Gomora, Litra and Eleking)
Gomora EX 
Gomora Burst Mode 
  • Lesser God; Intermediate God (as Reimon, Reimon Burst Mode, with Litra or Eleking); Greater God (with Gomora), Borderline Overdeity (with Gomora EX/Burst Mode)
  • Symbol: His Battle Nizer
  • Theme Songs: Eternal Traveler, Chikai
  • Alignment: Neutral Good; Chaotic Neutral as Reimon Burst Mode
  • Portfolio: Can Command Monsters to Fight Other Monsters, Amnesiac Hero, Blue Is Heroic, Nice Guy, Superpowered Evil Side, Mon, The Berserker and Red Is Violent as Burst Mode, Henshin Hero, Mysterious Past, Super Mode, Rookie Red Ranger, Human Aliens, Screw Destiny, Found Out His Rival, Kate, Was His Sister
  • Domains: Monsters, Kaiju, Battle, Henshin, Mons
  • Heralds: The ZAP Spacy Crew (Captain Hiroshi Hyuga, Jun Haruna, Koichi Oki, Masahiko Kumano), Kate (his biological older sister), Dail, Grande
  • High Priests: The Kaijujin
  • Allies: The Ascended Toku Heroes (Especially Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Zero and Shinji Kido), All Good-Aligned Pokémon Deities (Especially Ash Ketchum), All Good-Aligned Kaiju (Especially Mothra, Mothra Leo, and Anguirus), The Good-Aligned Beast Handlers, The Good-Aligned Danganronpa Deities, The Sailor Guardians, Madoka Kaname, The Crystal Gems and their allies, Katniss Everdeen, Team Voltron, Link, Team Lightyear, Chewbacca, Tikal, Yuri Lowell, Raleigh and Mako, Frisk/The Child, Kirby, The House of Friendship, Emilia, Gordon Freeman, N, Trish Una, Megan Williams, Judai Yuki, The Barian Emperors, The Dimensional Counterparts, Guillermo del Toro
  • Respected by: Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Ascended Toku Villains (Especially Ultraman Belial and Takeshi Asakura), Deathwing, King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, Esdeath, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Ghetsis, Zarkon and Lotor, The Incubators, The GUAE Trollkaiger, Don Thousand, Galeem and Dharkon, Sauron, Sigma, Thanos, Darth Sidious, Ganondorf, Hades, The Gyaos, The Fatalis Line, Khorne, Hircine, Miles Quaritch, Hunter J, HECU, Black Ops, The Seven, Mina Loveberry, The Vex, Dark Gaia, Gatanothoa
  • Uneasy towards: Shiro Kanzaki, Homura Akemi
  • Decades after the defeat of the malevolent Alien Empera and all evil kaiju of Earth humanity advanced to the stars and began colonizing other worlds, with ZAP Spacy being designated as being in charge of the colonization... But in Planet Bolis, kaiju of all kind ruled supreme, in here various aliens of different species, all known collectively as the Reionics, battled for dominance with kaiju they captured and controlled with their special battle devices known as Battlenizers. One of them was Rei, a seemingly human-born Reionics who had no memories of his past after being summoned to the planet by the reality-warping Kaiju Bulton, he soon found himself with allies in the form of the ZAP Spacy Crew members, who took him in despite initial concerns due to his mysterious past. Rei's main monster was his Gomora, who had been his partner for as long as he had lived and remembered. The group battled against all the hostile Reionics and sound found themselves not only searching for Rei's mysterious past but eventually uncovering something far bigger that they expected: They found out that the Reionics fight was plot of a long deceased evil alien entity, Alien Reiblood, who planned to have the winner of the fight become his successor and conquer the Universe with an army of monsters. Thanks to Rei's efforts, and with help from Ultraman and Ultraseven, Reiblood's plot was thwarted and Rei was able to stop the Reionics fight.
  • He was ascended when the Pantheon Handlers checked his long story of giant monster fights, mainly due to Rei's ability to control and command monsters quite literally making him a walking example of the trope, once ascended his Eleking was resurrected, which prompted a heartwarming reunion between Rei and his long-deceased friend. He then quickly joined up the GUAG Toku Division as one of the members of the GUAG Ultramen. Despite not being an Ultra himself, he's been declared an honorable member of them thanks to his past deeds of assisting the Land of Light in their distress, such as when Ultraman Belial attacked. He's also made a good amount of allies in there, especially some like Shinji Kido, who himself was subjected to a Deadly Game.
  • When he ascended his Eleking was resurrected per requests from the Ultras, as a way of thanking Rei for his help during their hardships. Rei himself was driven to tears upon reuniting with his deceased friend, and has been very grateful to everyone involved in the revival of his friend ever since.
    • He was glad to meet back up with Ultraman and Ultraman Zero, the two Ultras having been great friends and help in Rei's adventures. He's been introduced to the rest of the Ultramen; though he had a bit of a hard time with meeting Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed due to being Belial's son, he didn't take long to become friends with the son of Ultraman Belial, both bonding over the pain that Belial (And by extension, Alien Reiblood) brought to them. Some deities have even pointed out that the fact that Riku by extension of being the son/clone of a Reionics is technically blood related to Rei.
    • Mebius would ascend later on, much to Rei's joy, Mebius updated Rei on some of his adventures after their last meeting in the crisis of the 100 Monster Army, Mebius was also surprised to hear that Mebius had confronted an alternate universe self of himself during one of his later adventures with Ultraman Zero. Likewise, the Devil's Splinter and Kingdom crisis were other things that Mebius informed Rei of, warning him to watch out for either fallout from them reaching the Pantheon; Rei himself has vowed to help combat both threats any way he can, especially the Devil's Splinters as they can corrupt other living beings like Belial did to him.
    • Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji greatly respect Rei for using evil powers for the good for the Universe, as well as defying his destiny of having to become evil due to his genes and instead ending the fight arranged by Reiblood. That Rei himself is similar to Shinji Kido/Ryuki only helps.
  • Most Toku villains earned his hatred, but two stand out above the others:
    • Ultraman Belial, who once tried to coerce Rei into joining him due to their shared nature as Reibloods, then brainwashed him to kill the Ultras. That Belial only got worse after his initial defeat and went as far as trying to destroy the Universe only made Rei's hatred for the fallen Ultra increase. Belial himself loathes Rei for having contributed to his defeat the first time, as he had the upper hand as Beryudora until Rei destabilized the chimera monster with his own Battle Nizer and refusing to join him, although Belial plans on brainwashing Rei once more, and hoping to make it permanent this time around.
    • Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, a sadistic player who participated in a Deadly Game for his amusement and enjoyed murdering and torturing his opponents. While Rei's hands aren't clean of blood from the Reionics Battle, unlike Shinji's owns, he still doesn't likes how far Ouja took his killings in the "game", him deriving pleasure from his horrible actions and his backstory of murdering his own family, as such Ouja has become one of Rei's most hated enemies. Ouja himself is amused by Rei's refusal to give in to his nature as a Reiblood, "lamenting" that he is "wasting" his potential
  • He's enemies with all deities who have forced others into death games for their amusement or for their own selfish goals, among the most notables are Junko Enoshima, who disgusts Rei with her sadism and end goals of spreading despair on humanity, as well as her systematic killing of innocents in her "games".
  • He became friends with Steven Universe, as both of them had to discover awful truths and facts of their past and family, their bond with a creature that serves as a guardian of sorts, their passiveness compared to most of their kind, as well as the fact that both have had to deal with Superpowered Evil Side born out of their negative emotions. It helps that the last time that happened for both, their friends and loved ones had to give them a Cool-Down Hug to snap them out of their rage. Likewise, he's made friends with Steven's own allies for those similarities.
  • His kaiju have earned some enemies and rivals of their own:
    • Gomora almost instantly became rivals with Godzilla and Anguirus, the first due to seeing Gomora as a Worthy Opponent and the second due to both Anguirus and Gomora's fighting styles being mostly melee-based, that said it's a rather amicable one and usually their fights are more of the sparring type, with their fights creating as little destruction as possible. He also has had some bouts with King Kong, though like Godzilla and Anguirus, Gomora respects Kong.
    • Litra's own rivalries are less friendly than Gomora's, as she's made rivals with Rodan and the Raths, who are not quite as friendly or reasonable as Godzilla. Though at least Litra can control her power enough not to cause much chaos when fighting her rivals. Another rivalry, and one much friendlier, is one with Moltres due to their shared nature as avian creatures with control over fire powers.
    • Eleking's own rivalry with Lagiacrus is very much not friendly, with Eleking's more aggressive nature towards opponents making him deliver rather brutal beatdowns towards the Leviathan. That said, Rei has made sure Eleking doesn't kills the monster and tends to recall him when he goes too far. Eleking also has a somewhat fierce rivalry with electric type Pokemon, mostly Zapdos, as well as other beings like the Ruined Dragon.
  • As a man who controls monsters, Rei has gotten allies in the Pantheonic Beast Handlers, who have taken a liking to his usually more benevolent kaiju that he controls. Rei likewise greatly appreciates their help when dealing with his monsters' own oddities and sometimes aggressive behavior.
    • That said he feels uneasy around the Dovahkiin who has tried to attack him and his monsters, mainly on account of mistaking Litra and Gomora for dragons in the same vein as he did with Godzilla. Although Dovakhiin has mostly left Rei alone after clearing the misunderstanding and being told Rei isn't evil.
    • He also vehemently opposes Rusty, who's idiocy and tendency to kill his companion Pokemon enrages Rei, as while he will send his monsters on fights to the death, it's entirely on self-defense, as opposed to killing them out of neglect. That Rusty himself is an unpleasant idiot does not help matters at all.
  • Any evil kaiju have gained his enmity, especially psychotic ones such as Gigan, King Ghidorah and Spacegodzilla are among the most hated of his foes, mainly due to his experiences with fighting against evil or aggressive kaiju in his home universe. Like Belial, the evil kaiju have gained interest in turning Rei to their side, viewing his Reionic abilities as a desirable tool for their own goals.
  • Has become enemies with the Incubators, due to their own system not being too different to Reiblood's Reinoics games, that they also drive others to despair to harvest their energy does not sit well with him, given how Belial did the same to him during their first encounter to try and turn Rei to his side. The Incubators themselves view Rei as a curious being, due to his similar defiance of the being who gave him his powers.
    • On the flip side, he became allies with Madoka thanks to her being able to stop their system... If only for a while. He does hope Madoka one day regain her powers and restores her Law into her Universe, offering to help her in any way that he can. He does not feel too easy around Homura, knowing how she stole Madoka's powers for her rather selfish love, though can't quite hate her either. At most he avoids her presence but never goes further than that.
  • Is friends with the good-aligned Pokemon deities for their shared Mon trope and Rei's kindness towards his Kaiju and refusal to engage in the blood games of the Reionics unless forced to. Though he's refused to have a Pokemon partner, clarifying that his Kaiju are all he needs for partners.
  • Has become friends with those who have discovered less than plesant truths about their family members, such as Raven, Rey, the previously mentioned Riku, Nigel Uno from the KND, Luke Skywalker, K.O and many others. It does help that due to similarly shared issues they were able to open up about said issues and talk them out among each other, as well as promising to support one another in their times of hardship.
  • Having befriended 2 heroes who were sealed away by the villains and rescuing them, he quickly became friends with those had a similar situation happen to them, such as Tikal. She was glad to hear about Rei's help towards Ultraman and Ultraseven in rescuing them both from Reiblood's clutches. He also made quick friends with her own allies as well.
  • His usage of monsters and nature as an alien has made him a target of various monster and alien-hating deities, with three standing out above the others in that regard:
    • The HECU, who won't stop until him and his monsters are all eliminated, constantly trying to attack him in various occasions, all unsuccessful on their parts thanks to Rei's determination. As they don't have any standards of what measures they'll take against him, they're high on Rei's enemy list.
    • Mina Loveberry, an insane monster hater who views them all as Always Chaotic Evil. She has made various attempts to kill Rei's monsters, and even went after Rei himself when she was informed by some sources that Rei and his monsters' life-force is binded, and that she could kill them all if she got Rei and destroyed his Battle Nizer. However the one time she went after him, Rei proved to be more powerful than expected and forced her to flee when he sent out Gomora.
    • Colonel Quaritch also deems Rei a threat to be taken down without mercy, viewing his very existence as an aberration and a threat to mankind. While Rei may also belong to a colonizing group, the colonization they perform is nowhere near as violent as Quaritch's own, with his crew mostly seeking peaceful and uninhabited planets for humanity to live in, rather than displacing peaceful aliens from their home.
    • Finally, there's the Black Ops who will eliminate all aliens, regardless of alignment. With his control of monsters, they consider Rei a "threat" too big to ignore. Rei himself is frustrated by their lack of mercy or consideration about alien lives. They also view his Reionics abilities and connection to an ancient evil entity as further proof that Rei must be eliminated.
  • Having been an Unwitting Pawn of an ancient evil deity, he quickly gained allies in the form of the Barian Emperors, who were similarly used by Don Thousand in the latter's plans. They also respect Rei for having the will to defy his manipulator and eventually thwart his plans altogether.
    • Other allies include the Dimension Counterparts, mainly because Rei has also met alternate versions of himself that he started off being enemies with before befriending. Helps that the Yu-boys were also victims of an ancient evil's influence, mainly Yuya, who like Rei had a Superpowered Evil Side that made him lose control of himself.

    Storm Eagle 
Storm Eagle, God of High Altitude Battles (Storm Eagleed, Prince of the Skies, Nobleman of the Skies)


    Louise Leroi and Maria Sarrazin 
Louise Leroi and Maria Sarrazin, Dual Goddesses of Salacious Combat Between Women (Louise: Frenchie King, Dr. Miller | Maria: Marie, The Man in White, La Sarrazin, Ms. Maria, Little Peasant)
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: The ranch's deed (Louise) and its map (Maria)
  • Theme Songs: The final version of their film's main theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sexy fighting between women, cowgirls, contrasting personalities, French people in the Old West, feuding heads of families, eight siblings between them, being feared by everyone, homoerotic undertones, protagonists who aren't good, Lovely Angels
  • Domains: Combat, Fanservice, Westerns, Thievery, Pride, Greed, Rivalry, Friendship
  • Heralds: Louise's sisters Virginie, Caroline, Little Rain and Elisabeth and manservant Marquis; Maria's brothers Luc, Jean, Marc and Matthieu and manservant Spitting Bull
  • High Priestesses: Sara Sandoval and Maria Alvarez
  • Allies: Jill McBain, The Man With No Name, Asuka, Yu Narukami, Byakuya Kuchiki, Ui Hirasawa, Romeo and Juliet
  • Enemies: John Wayne, Artoria Pendragon, Gilgamesh, Inspector Clouseau
  • Opposed by: The Houses of Commerce and Defense
  • Pet the Dog towards: Fievel Mousekewitz
  • Envied by: Goro Akechi (Louise only)
  • Respect: Jeanne d'Arc
  • Annoyed by: Captain Planet
  • Louise is an ace thief known as Frenchie King (a title taken from her father). She and her four half-sisters spent much of their lives as a crack team of outlaws specialized in train robberies. Maria lived in a ranch with her four brothers, who she led, and they all were the terror of their small village. The two women's destinies became intertwined when Louise stole a deed that granted ownership over a ranch and Maria obtained a map that revealed the locations where oil could be dug out in said ranch. With Maria determined to kick Louise out and Louise wanting to know Maria's secret, they didn't get along very famously. The tension between them culminated in a cat fight, during which they lost any chance at an oil fortune, but found respect and friendship for each other.
  • Because their Cat Fight is plot-important (a rarity for that trope) and advances their relationship, the Main House decided they were the best representatives for that trope.
  • They're best friends now and have each other's back, but they still fight a lot, both for fun and because of petty or major slights. However, they don't do requests. Any request (usually they come from the more perverted deities) for them to "put on a show" will be met with much glaring from Maria and condescending laughter from Louise.
  • Their temple resembles the Little P. ranch (the ranch that Louise acquired the deed for).
  • Because of their occupation as thieves and their high rate of success back in the mortal realm, they've been signaled as potential threats to the Vault by the House of Defense. The House of Commerce is wary of them for similar reasons.
  • The Man With No Name had them meet Jill McBain when he realized that Maria looked just like her, with the attention of having them befriend Jill and getting more firepower on her side. It's not unusual for these two bandits and the widow to spend entire afternoons conversing. Sometimes Louise taunts Maria that Jill is much more of a Properlady than her (Maria's response is the usual).
  • Artoria dislikes the two of them because they hide their genders to better commit crime. Artoria especially dislikes Louise because she thinks that she brings shame to all women who style themselves kings by being nothing more than a petty thief. Louise's pointing out that the title is merely metaphorical has been unsuccessful. Also, she is NOT a petty thief, but the greatest outlaw the West has ever known.
  • For once Artoria and Gilgamesh are in agreement about something, as Gil takes a lot of issue with someone calling herself a King of Thieves, saying thieves are the lowest of the mongrels and one who dares call herself a king is asking to be killed by him.
  • John Wayne disapproves of them since they're bandits, and women at that. He has said that if he ever catches the two of them committing a robbery, he's going to take them over his knee and straighten them out. All Louise and Maria have to say about this is "Good luck." Occasionally he also tells Maria that she should follow Jill's example.
  • Lucky Luke has similar concerns to John Wayne about their banditry, but goes easy on them because they're relatively harmless (they avoid hurting people) and are protective of Jill. He also finds them to be pretty worthy rivals because of their considerable shooting skills, so they have friendly competitions once in a while.
  • Fievel is one of the few deities they show unmitigated kindness to, since he's an immigrant like they are, and he's just a little boy yet suffered so much when he first came to America.
  • Asuka strongly approves of them because they came to understand each other through their fists (that's how she sees it anyway).
  • They have the support of the protective older siblings in the Pantheon, since they are the dutiful eldest sisters of their respective families. Technically Maria has more affinity for Yu, while Louise, who's more hands-off, has a bigger affinity for Byakuya. They both have about the same affinity for Ui, since they both parent their siblings somewhat.
  • Inspector Clouseau was quite miffed at finding Princess Dahla (actually Maria) in the Pantheon, considering she framed him for the theft of the Pink Panther. Maria insists she has never even heard of this Dahla he speaks of, but to little effect. Clouseau now chases her and Louise as they steal things around the Pantheon, hoping to get a little revenge and doing justice in the meanwhile. They tend to be too astute for the bumbling inspector, though.
  • Well-liked by Romeo and Juliet for doing what the Montagues and the Capulets should have done by turning their feud into friendship and accepting the marriages between their younger siblings.
  • One thing about Louise that doesn't come up very often is that she is a bastard child. Goro Akechi, Prince Detective, was rather eager to conjecture that Louise is like him and resents her father, which is why she became a thief. But that's not the case at all as Louise actually has fond memories of her father as a loving family man and she has no particular feelings over being born out of wedlock. And the reason she became a thief is because her father was the first Frenchie King and she's keeping his legend alive. Goro was not at all pleased to hear this, but secretly wishes he had her careless attitude.
  • As proud French women, they always show reverence for patron saint of France Jeanne d'Arc whenever they cross paths in the Pantheon. Louise isn't very enthusiastic about it because she looks like that high-and-mighty Artoria, but Maria has brow-beaten her into it, so she has no choice but to take her hat off.
  • After hearing about how they tried to make their fortune in oil, Captain Planet showed up at their temple and started lecturing them about how oil is bad for the environment. They just thought he was annoyingly preachy and shot at him until he went away. They don't actively seek out oil anyway.

    Qwenser Barbotage and Hevia Winchel 
Qwenser Barbotage and Hevia Winchel, Gods of Taking Down Much Larger Enemies (Dragon Killers | Qwenser: War Criminal, Quenser, Qwenthur | Hevia: War Criminal #2)
Qwenser on the left, right is Hevia