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Intermediate Gods

    Grim Matchstick 
Grim Matchstick, God of Platform Battles
Grim with Three Heads 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Castle in the Background
  • Theme Song: Fiery Frolic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Though sometimes tries to be Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Advancing Boss of Doom, Apologetic Attacker, Battle in the Rain, Breath Weapon, Eye Beam, Victory Fake Out, Laughing Mad, Growing two extra heads, Playing with Fire, Speech Impediment and Stuttering, Tail Slap, That One Boss
  • Domains: Dragons, Fire, Clouds, Flying, Platforms
  • High Priest (and inspiration, in meta): Mecha Dragon
  • Allies: Spyro, Alexstrasza, Ysera, Ventuswill, Porky Pig
  • Enemies: The Devil, King Dice, Dr. Wily, Ornstein and Smough, Ripto, King Ghidorah, Evil Dragons (Especially Grima)
  • On Good Terms with: Cuphead and Mugman, Megaman, Mario, Yoshi, Cappy
  • During the incident on Inkwell Isle, Cuphead and Mugman came face to face with many runaway debtors, every one of them fierce and powerful. One of said debtors was a gigantic green dragon that resided in a castle, with a powerful Breath Weapon and a quirky speech impediment. That dragon's name is Grim Matchstick, and he's regarded as one of the toughest foes the little cups have faced. Of course, the cups eventually trounced him, as they did with everyone else who stepped up, but since his contract was burned, the dragon felt grateful and celebrated alongside other inhabitants of the Inkwell Isles about the triumph of the cup brothers.
  • Grim was found napping in a tower of the House of Royalty, which certainly startled the resident royals of the house. At first, some thought he was another of Daenerys' pets, but that was quickly disproven...after all, Westerosi dragons look nothing like him. Once he awoke, and after a bit of questioning, he revealed that the reason he was found there is that said tower resembled his actual home back in the Inkwell Isles, and he figured he'd pop in and take a quick nap, to take a break from trying to navigate the Pantheon. He was later given directions to the Combat House, where he continue to do the same thing he did before, but causes a lot less trouble.
  • Nowadays, he's on good terms with the Cup Bros. He even considers them friends, in a way, unless they decide to pull a prank on him. On the other hand, Grim is not too happy about the presence of the Devil and King Dice, preferring to avoid them whenever the chance.
  • Being a dragon has its advantages, but also its issues. For once, he managed to meet other dragons and ended up befriending a couple of them. He met Spyro and was bewildered by his smaller size, but impressed by his strength and determination. He also ran into the Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, who initially confused him for one of her sister's brethen, though she soon realized Grim was unrelated, even if he does enjoy having Ysera's company. And then he got to meet Ventuswill, also a green dragon, whose beauty he tried to compliment, but his awkward stuttering made it so Ventus was both confused and flattered.
    • On the other hand, there were quite a lot of decidedly less-friendly dragons that he had the misfortune of meeting. There was one instance of confusion since his name is a letter away from Grima, whose infamy in the Pantheon is well-recognised for good reason. Grim likes neither the comparison nor the dragon himself.
  • Then there were those who despised dragons, like Ornstein and Ripto who have tried to strike down Matchstick but they weren't prepared for his unusual fighting style...though Ornstein has sworn to train and try again. Then there were dragonslayers, like The Dohvakhin and Miraak, who could potentially snatch his soul if they were to slay him. He's on good terms with the former, since he has shown that he lacks the inherrent wickedness of Tamrielian dragons, but Grim didn't have such luck with Miraak, who has the power to control any dragon with a powerful spell. Unfortunately for Miraak, Grim's cartoony and zany nature, coupled with his notorious difficulty, have managed to prevent Miraak from getting to him. Grim is, thus, famed for being the first dragon that has managed to escape Miraak's mind control...but for very unexpected reasons.
  • Has a stutter in his voice, which quite a few folks wouldn't expect from an imposing dragon. That stutter, coupled with his silly gestures, might make one consider he isn't a threat. DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT! For that reason he formed an unlikely friendship with Porky Pig, who went on record saying that Grim isn't that bad of a fellow.
  • He can grow two extra heads pretty much whenever he wants to, which makes him all that more dangerous. Some deities have compared him to King Ghidorah, both for the green colour and the three heads, though Grim isn't fond of the three headed beast for fairly obvious reasons, to the point that both had a nasty fight once that ended up destroying the house they were in.
  • His appearance and fighting style can evoke the Mecha Dragon, which worried Mega Man when he learned about it. Turns out that Grim wasn't that dangerous and, as such, Rock left him alone.
    • Dr. Wily also noticed the resemblance, and, as is usual for him, saw potential. His first order of business was to try to take Grim captive. That plan failed, as the dragon proved to be too troublesome to capture. He's since settled for observing the rare battles Grim gets involved with for ideas to upgrade the aforementioned Mech Dragon.
  • On one ocassion, he run into Mario, who was accompanied by Yoshi and Cappy at the time. Surprisingly enough, the three were very friendly to Grim and didn't at all consider him dangerous, like others have claimed. He's remained good friends with them, but is somewhat wary of Cappy's ability to Capture people.
  • He can summon an army of living fireballs that often march of his tongue, but they can do other things if they want to. Sometimes he goes to the House of Fire & Heat and let's them hang around in a suitable enviroment to avoid causing unnecessary damage.
  • Theories suggest that the reason he might have made a deal with the Devil is because he felt lonely and wanted to have friends. He hasn't confirmed those theories but he seems happy that he has managed to make more friends here.
  • "Don't m-m-m-misunderstand my flames — I just meant fun and games."

    Ichiro Inuyashiki & Hiro Shishigami 
Ichiro Inuyashiki & Hiro Shishigami, Gods of Conflicts Between Old Heroes and Young Villains
Inuyashiki and Shishigami in battle
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective roboticized faces
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Rebuilt as Cyborgs
  • Domains: Cyborgs, Conflict
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Colour Out of Space, The Sleeper
  • Other Relations: The Masked Man, Wander
  • Source of Interest for: Dr. Gero
  • An elderly man and a teenager end up at a park one day and end up struck by something of extraterrestrial origin. The result of that encounter is their bodies have been rebuilt to that of cyborgs and both gain powers that they never thought they could have. Whereas Inuyashiki, the old man, vowed to used his powers for good, the teenaged Shishigami decided to use his abilities to cause chaos and murder anyone he didn’t care about. Both would eventually cross paths with each other once more, both in battle against each other and later, a final meeting atop a meteor that’s on a collision course to Earth where Shishigami tells Inuyashiki of a self-destruct function in their bodies. Both of them end up sacrificing themselves to destroy the meteor, with Shishigami doing it for the safety of his friends and Inuyashiki doing it for the safety of his family and the rest of Earth.
  • During a scavenging session, a group of people managed to find what appeared to be parts of a human cyborg and got to work reassembling it. The group was surprised when they discovered that they managed to rebuild an old man who happened to be a cyborg and not long after they completed that task, they learned that another group managed to reassemble a different cyborg, except it was that of a high school student. As it turned out, both Inuyashiki and Shishigami ended up in the Pantheon and word about what they had done back then managed to spread after the rebuilding process was completed. While Inuyashiki continued his goodwill in the Pantheon, Shishigami has laid low for the time being, though the possibility that he will step back into action isn’t out of the question.
  • A handful of other deities who were turned into cyborgs by various circumstances found something interesting in the fact that Inuyashiki and Shishigami used their newfound powers for different means. The Masked Man, who was turned into a cyborg and had nearly all his humanity eliminated in the process until gaining it back at the very end, was disturbed upon learning that Shishigami was willing to commit a large amount of atrocities with his powers and wasn’t fully convinced on the fact that Shishigami did try to act like a good person a few times. As for Inuyashiki, The Masked Man found it admirable that someone was willing to try and affirm their humanity in spite of gaining inhuman upgrades
  • Genos was one cyborg who found plenty of intrigue with the duo and discovered he had a bit in common with the two of them in some way. Like the two, Genos was originally rebuilt as a cyborg with a wide assortment of powers after being critically wounded. Genos also had to stop a meteor, though even with his powerful abilities, it wasn’t enough to destroy it. Genos was also a bit like Shishigami in that revenge against others for killing the ones he cared about served as a strong motivator for his rampage, but Genos eventually calmed down and served as a fighter for justice, similar to what Inuyashiki does. In general, Genos is very sympathetic towards Inuyashiki given how the latter was shunned by his own family and had to work his way to being well-liked by him in addition to his sense of justice. Genos is also more than willing to go after Shishigami if the latter ends up causing problems for the Pantheon.
  • As far as the source of their powers are concerned, both Inuyashiki and Shishigami ended up getting their cyborg powers as a result of getting hit by an alien spacecraft and having their bodies rebuilt by whoever was in control of that spacecraft. In a way, their powers are extraterrestrial in nature and there were others who are aware of power sources from such that were curious about what could happen if the two ended up getting their powers from different aliens. The XCOM has had their experiences with an alien power source known as Meld, which they used to their advantage thanks to XCOM’s chief engineer. Dr. Raymond Shen looked into the source of Inuyashiki and Shishigami’s powers and noticed just how advanced and potent the technology that those aliens had. While he and other benevolent scientists have looked into the exact source of where those aliens came from, a handful of malevolent aliens (and other villainous entities in general) have taken an interest in those powers to try and use it for themselves.
    • Dr. Gero was one scientist who had a keen interest in what both Inuyashiki and Shishigami were capable of. It quickly became clear that Inuyashiki and Shishigami both had the same powers as each other and Dr. Gero didn’t care much if Inuyashiki was destroyed somehow. Being a cyborg himself, Dr. Gero was more interested in seeing if he could use Shishigami as a means of carrying out his revenge. Although Shishigami has mostly kept to himself in the Pantheon, the fact that he’ll react violently if he and those he cares about are threatened and that he has shown enjoyment in causing carnage has given Dr. Gero plenty of reasons to try and get him on his side.
  • Wander took a notable interest in the two after hearing about the stories (and being impressed with their cyborg powers), especially considering Inuyashiki’s willingness to do good for others and how Shishigami had a few people that he cared about even if he caused a lot of harm towards others. Naturally, it didn’t take that long for Wander to befriend Inuyashiki and he has talked to the cyborg grandpa on a regular basis. As for Shishigami, Wander has had some difficulty in trying to approach him and was dismissed as a “weirdo” by Shishigami a few times. Given that Shishigami did try to use his powers for good even if it ended in failure and that he did play a role in destroying a meteor that could have annihilated Earth, Wander does seem convinced that Shishigami could fully stop being a villain, though his sidekick Sylvia is more skeptical about it.
  • The final and shared threat that the two had to take care of was an oncoming meteor that was going to destroy Earth. While asteroids heading towards the planet where the Pantheon is in is nothing unusual by the standards set for the place, there were a couple of more distinct meteors that were much more dangerous than the rather basic meteor that the two destroyed prior. The Colour from Outer Space was a meteor that was capable of corrupting its surroundings and driving people to madness and The Sleeper has a similar, but still very dangerous, ability in turning the surrounding area into crystal. Self-destruction (which is seen as a last resort anyways) is more than likely not going to accomplish much in trying to destroy these supernatural meteors and many fear what could happen if Inuyashiki and Shishigami (moreso regarding the latter) end up affected by either meteor.
  • Ichiro Inuyashiki was an old man with an uncaring family and a life that was headed nowhere before gaining his cyborg powers. With him being a cyborg allowing him to be revitalized and relieved of whatever health ailments he had in the past, Inuyashiki vowed to use his powers to help innocents after saving a man from being beaten to death. With the help of Naoyuki Ando (a former friend of Shishigami), Inuyashiki was able to get a better understanding of his abilities and how to make the most out of them.
    • When he was initially trying to get the hang of his powers, Inuyashiki sang the theme song from Astro Boy while flying around before becoming accustomed to his cyborg abilities. It didn’t take that long for Inuyashiki to encounter Astro Boy directly in the Pantheon, especially after Astro managed to hear an old man sing that song. Both have a strong commitment to protecting the innocent from various threats, though how both came to be differ in a way. Whereas Inuyashiki was simply rebuilt as a cyborg after getting hit by an extraterrestrial object, Astro Boy was created by Dr. Temna to be a robot duplicate of a kid named Toby after the latter died. Regardless, both Inuyashiki and Astro get along with each other very well and Astro has come to see Inuyashiki as an older father figure.
    • Inuyashiki shares a handful of traits from Superman, specifically having access to powerful abilities and using them to keep the populace safe. The two maintain a strong friendship with each other, though Inuyashiki has a stronger connection with The Iron Giant in terms of how their adventure played out. Both had extraterrestrial entities involved in their origin, are powerful in their own way, compare themselves to a fictional hero (Inuyashiki to Astro Boy and The Iron Giant to Superman), and even had to sacrifice themselves to stop a meteor from destroying everything. Inuyashiki certainly saw quite a bit of himself in The Iron Giant and the two have become good friends who are willing to aid each other whenever possible.
    • One of Inuyashiki’s earlier actions after he became a cyborg was learning about a shady yakuza enterprise and subsequently crippling all of them, including their depraved leader, for life. The Pantheon was home to a multitude of villainous organizations and individuals that were similar to that yakuza group in terms of actions and Inuyashiki has found himself in conflict with a number of them every now and then. As for actual people involved with the yakuza, Inuyashiki was surprised after meeting Kazuma Kiryu, especially since not only was Kiryu far more benevolent compared to Saejima (the yakuza boss that Inuyashiki fought against), but that Kiryu had a code of honor almost comparable to that of Inuyashiki. Seeing a cyborg grandpa was a bit weird for Kiryu given that he’s witnessed his share of odd events, but the two maintain a good friendship with each other.
  • Hiro Shishigami was a high school student who didn’t find much of a purpose in life until the day he and Inuyashiki gained their powers. While Shishigami did have some close friends that he cared about, him using his powers to cause harm to others caused those friends to be alienated by his actions. Despite a couple of attempts to try and use his powers for good, him being pursued by law enforcement over earlier killings thwarted his attempts to go straight.
    • In spite of being a murderous sociopath, Shishigami does have some friends he cares about, even if they are clearly not supportive of his more violent actions. A number of deities who served as moral support for their more morally questionable deities did show a bit of disappointment that Shishigami went down a very violent path despite having some friends that could keep him in check, even if his final actions involved attempting to stop a meteor from destroying Earth. That said, there are a very small number of deities (in addition to the aforementioned Wander) that seem convinced that Shishigami can fully embrace his good side. Many do believe that Frisk, given how the latter had brought out the best in others on a regular basis, is capable of such a thing, but the fact that the Pantheon is a dangerous place in general meant that even if Frisk’s efforts do work out, Shishigami isn’t going to stay on the side of good for that long.
    • While both Inuyashiki and Shishigami both share the same abilities with each other (including flight and long-range weapons), Shishigami has been able to kill others from afar via simply connecting to a screen his victims are using as well as hijack any vehicles in his vicinity. This ended up being a cause for alarm for many benevolent tech-savvy deities, especially since the Pantheon will give Shishigami a lot more tools at his disposal if he decides to go on another mass murder spree. While those in the know-how about technology have already figured out ways to mitigate Shishigami’s potential attacks, the fact of the matter is that if Inuyashiki somehow isn’t available to stop a potential rampage carried out by Shishigami, then someone very powerful would have to step in and stop the cyborg teen.

    Sea King 
Sea King, God of Battles In The Rain (Deep Sea King)
His True Form 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when wet/under the rain)
  • Symbol: His crown
  • Theme Song: Deep Sea King
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Alien Blood, The Strongest Seafolk and the leader of such race, Cool Crown, Healing Factor, Lightning Bruiser, Overly Long Tongue, Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, Slasher Smile, To Serve Man, The first threatening villain to appear
  • Domains: Sea, Seafolk, Strenght, Royalty, Invasions
  • Heralds: The Seafolk (His People)
  • Allies: Davy Jones, The Kraken, Tidehunter, Bruce the Shark, Kyogre, Murky
  • Rivals: Chaac, Undyne
  • Enemies: Saitama, Genos, "Speed 'o Sound" Sonic, Tatsumaki, Aquaman, Ariel, Naga Siren, Rikuo, Jack Sparrow, Ecco, Morgl the Oracle
  • Opposes: Groudon and Rayquaza
  • Interested in: Yoshino, Juvia Lockser
  • Worthy Opponent: Jotaro Kujo, Kenshiro
  • The Deep Sea King is the ruler of the Seafolk, creatures that inhabit the depths of the ocean and that one day decided to invade the surface. While most of the forces felt down in the initial attack that was contained by A-Rank hero Stinger, Sea King proved to be a difficult and very strong opponent to take down, being able to make short work of said hero, as well as the top C-Rank hero and even two S-Rank Heroes. However, he was eventually taken down by Saitama, with only one punch. This event made the Sea King eventually reach godhood and get a place in the pantheon, though he still very bitter about how he died.
  • The reason he got this title was because rain has a special effect, making him far more stronger when wet, even to the point that S-Rank hero Genos was quickly dispatched by him. If anyone is interested in fighting him, keep that fact in mind.
    • However, Chaac is one of the few who can actually fight him under the rain, being the god of rain and all. Sea King considers him a worthy adversary, although Chaac can't take his campy attitude very seriously.
  • Not really fond of Aquaman, a Half-breed who calls himself "King of the Seas". The worst part if that Aquaman can easily take control of Sea King whenever he pleases, usually foiling the plans he has of taking over the pantheon.
  • While he is the kind of the Seafolk in his world, other royal merfolk don't think too highly of him. Ariel, being a mermaid princess, prefers to not talk about him at all.
  • Since Raining is not very frequent outside of the House of Nature, Sea King often tries to cause raining by more unorthodox means. When he heard about how Yoshino or Juvia used to cause raining for a lack of control over their powers, he has tried to upset them. He hasn't been very succesful so far (Although he is trying to tell the latter that she will never have Gray.
  • Completely despises both Groudon and Rayquaza for their ability to stop raining, which greatly undermines his strength. He still strong mind you but he likes to show off and these Pokemon don't let them.
    • Although he is pretty chummy with Kyogre, whose ability allows both of them to gain strength thanks to the rain.
  • Admires both the determination and strength of the fish woman known as Undyne, who has decided to challenge Sea King to a fight a handful of times. Although unfortunately for her, Sea King is able to No-Sell her water spears and even take advantage over them. She has been forced to use her "Undying" form just to keep up with him
  • He preferred fighting style is to dish out as much punchs as possible, which has often make him confront both Jotaro and Kenshiro. He especially loves to fight the latter, who is able to keep up with him even when he is at full power.
  • Surprisingly fast for someone of his size, given that he is able to keep up with someone like Sonic, who is considered one of the fastest beings of his world. The latter hasn't forgotten that they had a fight to finish and has stated that he plans to take down Sea King for good. Of course, King is just patiently waiting for him to fulfill his promise.
  • He has been gathering a wide array of different Sea Monsters to form an organization that would take over the pantheon. How? By flooding it of course!
    • So far, he was able to recruit Davy Jones, The Kraken, Bruce the Shark, Tidehunter and Murky. They haven't decided on who is going to lead them, given that both Sea King and Davy Jones can't seem to agree on who is the better leader.
  • Also present in the House of Nature.


Lesser Gods

    Jesse McCree 
Jesse McCree, God of Duels at High Noon (McCree, BAMF, GAMF, The Gunslinger, Old McDonald)

    The Prince of Sable 
The Prince of Sable, God of Dust Cloud Scuffles
Frog and Snake Transformations 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sword
  • Theme Music: The Prince’s Adventure
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: No Name Given, Idiot Hero, Adorably Precocious Child, Voluntary Shapeshifting
  • Domains: Royalty, Transformation
  • Allies: Tiana & Naveen, Frog, Greninja, Tsuyu Asui, Beast Boy, Oliver, Pit, Master Viper, Ico & Yorda
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Jafar, Orochi, Apophis, Lesale Deathbringer, Prince Charmles, Hans Westergard, Ultra Greed, Balrog
  • Unsure of: Wander
  • There is a land far away home to a handful of kingdoms and this story follows one of the kingdom’s rulers, the Prince of Sable. A hapless young kid who is in a fencing rivalry with Prince Richard of the Custard Kingdom, things take a turn for the strange when Princess Tiramisu of the Mille-Feuille Kingdom is kidnapped by Lord Delarin and his Croakian army. It befalls the Prince of Sable and Prince Richard to rescue Tiramisu and figure out what’s going on in the midst of it all. Along the way, the Prince of Sable is able to transform into a frog (something that also happened with Richard and his army along the way) and a snake to progress and even if he does find money during his journey, it’s not going to be something that will stick around with him.
  • A frog wearing some sort of cape wandered in the Pantheon one day, though given how many weird events happen in the place, much of the witnesses brushed it off as relatively normal compared to some of the more extreme events that befall the place. A little while later, a snake showed up and a few witnesses noticed that the cape the snake was wearing matched what the frog from earlier had. When the same frog showed up again, a couple of people followed and when they caught up to it, they witnessed the frog transform into a young boy who, after being questioned about what he was doing, admitted that he was the frog and snake running around. Ultimately, the witnesses were willing to let the Prince of Sable be part of the Pantheon, though the entry fee for him was all the money he had with him at that time. No one present was that bothered by it, partially since the Prince of Sable will likely just find more money to replace what he lost.
  • Some of the deities that the Prince of Sable gets along greatly with are those who were transformed into frogs because of certain events. The Prince holds plenty of admiration towards the appropriately named Frog for maintaining his bravery and making the most out of being turned into such a creature and in turn, Frog has helped The Prince of Sable out whenever the latter is in trouble. Tiana and Naveen were two deities that The Prince took a liking two, seeing as how the couple are figures of royalty who got turned into frogs and went on an adventure together during that time. The two could tell that The Prince of Sable means well, though he’s prone to not thinking clearly at times, prompting Tiana and Naveen to give The Prince some advice on how to keep up his strengths while keeping his weaknesses (especially where money is concerned) in check.
  • Generally speaking, frogs and frog-like entities are those who The Prince of Sable can get along easily with. He has taken an immediate liking towards Greninja over its combat skill and how the Pokemon can easily fend for itself, and the ninja frog has a recurring ally during the Prince’s numerous adventures in turn. Learning about Tsuyu Asui was a shocking experience for The Prince of Sable seeing as how she is a human with superpowered frog abilities and traits of said animal. Witnessing what was basically a human-frog hybrid in action was something else for The Prince, but it didn’t stop him from getting along with Tsuyu, helped by the fact that she has a friendly, if very straightforward, disposition overall.
  • Much of his troubles were the result of sinister snake Lord Delarin and his army invading The Prince’s realms. That the Pantheon was home to a multitude of dangerous snakes that are out to cause trouble for others was a cause for alarm for The Prince of Sable. That these snakes ranged from adept enough to pose a challenge to him such as Lesale Deathbringer to downright destructive monsters that he pretty much can’t defeat even with his best tools such as Orochi and Apophis unnerved The Prince greatly. Jafar was someone who The Prince despises greatly as not only is the former capable of turning into a snake, but is very treacherous and wants nothing more than to gain power for himself. On his end, Jafar doesn’t believe The Prince to be much of a threat, even finding his snake transformation to be pathetic in his view.
    • It came as a surprise for The Prince to learn that there was at least one friendly snake in the Pantheon. Said snake happened to be Master Viper of The Furious Five, being very skilled at martial arts in spite of her limitations. Of course, The Prince’s snake transformation is much more limited in what he can do (and she spent plenty of time honing her skills), though Master Viper was encouraging towards The Prince, telling him to make the most of what he has in order to succeed even in unconventional battles.
  • Beast Boy was eager to meet up with another deity who was capable of transforming into different animals to solve whatever problem was ahead of them. When the meeting did happen, The Prince of Sable couldn’t help but be in awe of how many transformations Beast Boy can do. In contrast, The Prince was only able to transform into two different animals (frog and snake) and his applications of these animals are noticeably more limited. While The Prince isn’t sure on whether or not gaining access to more animal transformations beyond what he already had will work out, he still maintains a good friendship with Beast Boy.
  • Regardless of the fact that Princess Tiramisu pretended to be a witch and that she ran off to have fun at The Prince’s expense, it doesn’t change the fact that The Prince’s quest involved trying to make sure a girl is safe from harm. There were plenty of deities who went on journeys similar to The Prince’s own, though plenty of them were darker in nature. He is conflicted about Wander’s quest to save a girl he loves, mainly because of the desire for revenge taking a toll on Wander who otherwise isn’t much of a problem whenever Colossi aren’t involved (that and Wander doesn’t have anything against The Prince of Sable). The story of what Ico and Yorda went through led to The Prince being reminded of when Tiramisu as a witch helped him throughout his journey, akin to how Ico helped Yorda escape a castle together, even if The Prince’s turn of events left him shocked at the truth. He does get along with the duo, even if Ico and Yorda chuckled a little at how the princess The Prince of Sable was meant to rescue disguised herself as a witch to help The Prince.
  • As a result of being the ruler of a very well-off kingdom, The Prince of Sable doesn’t have the best sense of using money properly. It’s a problem that persists in the Pantheon, with whatever money The Prince finds being spent just as quickly. Some of these instances range from paying Moneybags to open up parts of the Pantheon most wouldn’t try to visit to engaging in a few fights against Ultra Greed that typically end with The Prince having even less money than he had prior to fighting it on top of losing a majority of these battles. Of course, it didn’t endear The Prince (who has stated that he’s found whatever money he finds through largely benign means) to learn of other frivolous spenders such as Balrog, mainly since the latter is known for not playing fairly and that what he’s done to earn his money is very likely shady (which probably would include stealing The Prince’s money when the latter is least expecting it).
    • Okuyasu Nijimura, who is not really a smart person and is prone to being targeted by others in battle, found it surprising that someone who is the leader of a successful kingdom has a poor understanding of money. Setting aside the fact that Okuyasu has to deal with the supernatural a lot, he goes to school and is frugal with his money, despite getting caught up in a money-making scheme or two by his friend Josuke Higashikata. The Prince of Sable ended up getting involved with some of these schemes and it ended with him not gaining any money in the process for one reason or another. Okuyasu didn’t hold anything against The Prince seeing as how the latter wasn't actively trying to cause trouble, though he does think that going up against what he, Josuke, and their friends normally go up against, might be dangerous for him as a person.
  • By all accounts, he is very much a young ruler of the Sable Kingdom and means well, if not very bright at times. The Prince of Sable would end up meeting a young mage known as Oliver when the latter visited the Sable Kingdom. Oliver, who had a prince as one of his companions during his quest and helped out with the prince’s kingdom at some point, was a little surprised to see The Prince of Sable be relatively close to the same age he is and maintain the Sable Kingdom’s well-being. During Oliver’s visit, a handful of invaders threatened to take over the Sable Kingdom, prompting Oliver to provide some aid to The Prince of Sable in driving them out. The two were able to ward off the invaders, with Oliver finding plenty of good in The Prince of Sable during that time. Oliver and The Prince have gone off on a number of adventures with each other since then.
  • Pit was someone who The Prince of Sable could relate to very well. Both are capable in their own right when it comes to getting someone out of trouble, but are very prone to being a target of mockery by others despite their skills. Pit also ended up getting transformed into something else at a point or two in his adventures, but whereas The Prince was able to use his transformations to his advantage (though that’s because the transformations are animals), Pit can’t really do anything as a walking eggplant or tempura. On a darker note, The Prince couldn’t help but feel sorry for what happened to Pit when his soul got transferred to a ring and his body ended up causing destruction for a period of time before setting things right. Something similar to what Pit went through at that point is something The Prince doesn’t want to happen as far as transformations to his body are concerned and Pit has proven to be very effective at helping out The Prince on his quests.
  • Despite Prince Richard taking every chance he can get to mock The Prince of Sable in front of others, the two maintain a healthy rivalry, especially when it comes to fencing. It dismayed The Prince to learn that the Pantheon housed plenty of princes who were callous in character and only wanted the power for themselves. While he preferred not to get involved with anything related to the selfish and idiotic Prince Charmles (especially after the latter tried and failed to get into the Sable kingdom), it was Hans Westergard who The Prince of Sable was disgusted at. Hans attempting to be in the good graces of a princess, only to abandon her and trying to take the kingdom she was ruling for himself, was something that The Prince of Sable couldn’t accept. If someone attempts to pull off something similar to what Hans did in the Sable Kingdom, then The Prince of Sable will do everything he can in his power to stop it from happening.
  • He is among several individuals who serve as Assist Trophies in the Smash tournaments that fighters can summon to change the outcome of a battle. In his case, he doesn’t do much in his human form, but he’ll transform into a frog or a snake and attack the summoner’s opponents for a bit if he comes into contact with them. As is the case with other Assist Trophies, he and his aforementioned transformations fell victim to Galeem’s attack and was caught in the crossfire between it and Dharkon. Two world-destroying abominations are a lot for the Prince of Sable to handle and he, like nearly everyone else involved at that time, is mortified with what Galeem and Dharkon can do. Not helping things is the fact that his friendly rival Prince Richard was also among those caught by Galeem’s attack.

    Storm Eagle 
Storm Eagle, God of High Altitude Battles (Storm Eagleed, Prince Of The Skies)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Death Rogumer
  • Theme Song: This song
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Bird People, Noble Heart Overtaken By Loyalty (Fake Defector in the manga), Begrudging Villainy, Blow You Away, Tornado Move, The Death Rogumer Airship, Aerial Combat, Feather Flechettes, Winged Humanoid, Mechanical Egg Attacks, Avian Mavericks, Airborne Mook
  • Domains: Aerial Combat, Airships, Rebellion, Loyalty, Reploids
  • Allies: Harpuia Tychus Findaly, Ash Crimson, Wamuu, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Sigma (his superior), Sting Chameleon, Steven Armstrong
  • Enemies: Dr Weil, Omega, Lumine, Copy X, SomecallmeJohnny, SKYNET, those who despise robots, Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS
  • Storm Eagle was the leader of the Maverick Hunter's 7th Air Cavalry Unit, a well-respected Reploid and friend to fellow Air Cavalry hunter Overdrive Ostrich. When Sigma rebelled and waged war against humanity, he was forced to join him in the rebellion despite his noble personality. He and X fought high in the air, as he commanded his airship of the Death Rogumer.
  • Though a Maverick, he's still honorable. He was made to submit to Sigma through force and respect, despite not agreeing with his ideals. With this in mind, he has no hard feelings for X being the one to put him down, though as Sigma has already ascended he's forced to once again submit to him. Still, he understands some of the rebellious spirit and desires of the Grand United Alliance of Machines, even if he doesn't wish total robot supremacy over organics.
  • Fights in a manner similar to Air Man a century ago. He uses the Storm Tornado, which is an effective weapon against fire Mavericks like Flame Mammoth. He also can spit out eggs that hatch into robo-birds, and swoops towards X to push him off-stage to his death. You can find him testing his abilities in the Houses of Birds and Wind & Air.
  • There's a mutual respect towards him and Wammu. Both utilize the power of wind, and both are villains out of their superior's orders rather than their own volition, while retaining their own sense of honor. While Wammu's Worthy Opponent is Joseph Joestar, he does enjoy sparring matches with Storm Eagle. Kars is fine with it, partly because he's curious about Reploids and how they might factor into his own plans.
  • There's understanding between him and Harpuia as well, due to both being fundamentally noble yet forced to serve a villain, and being associated with air and the wind. He shares his distaste towards Copy X due to his persecution of Reploids, while Copy X despises him due to his connection to Sigma.
  • While on the same side, he butts heads with Sting Chameleon. This is due in part to Sting Chameleon being a more genuine defector and Fallen Hero, and because Storm Eagle's weakness is the Chameleon Sting. He's somewhat allied with Steven Armstrong due to his similarities to Sigma, but like with Sigma it's very begrudging.
  • Outright refuses to work with Lumine or SKYNET in spite of their alliance to Sigma. For Lumine this is because he wants to dispose of prior models like himself, and with SKYNET it wants to enslave robots to do its bidding. He refuses to have anything to do with the psychotic Reploid Omega either, and like almost everyone opposes Dr Weil.
  • If the manga is any indication, he's an inside man who refused to break his cover even if it means his death. It's possible that in the pantheon he still serves this role due to how gods are usually composite characters of their different iterations, but no-one can tell. His interest in Ash Crimson suggests it's the case.
  • In the second crossing of Mega Man and Sonic's world, he was revived by Sigma to help with his desired conquest of the multiverse. He was sent with Storm Owl to the world of NiGHTS, but was defeated.



    Louise Leroi and Maria Sarrazin 
Louise Leroi and Maria Sarrazin, Dual Goddesses of Salacious Combat Between Women (Louise: Frenchie King, Dr. Miller | Maria: Marie, The Man in White, La Sarrazin, Ms. Maria, Little Peasant)
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: The ranch's deed (Louise) and its map (Maria)
  • Theme Songs: The final version of their film's main theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sexy fighting between women, cowgirls, contrasting personalities, being more similar than they'd like to admit, French people in the Old West, feuding heads of families, eight siblings between them, being feared by everyone, homoerotic undertones, protagonists who aren't good, Lovely Angels
  • Domains: Combat, Fanservice, Westerns, Thievery, Pride, Greed, Rivalry, Friendship
  • Heralds: Louise's sisters Virginie, Caroline, Little Rain and Elisabeth and manservant Marquis; Maria's brothers Luc, Jean, Marc and Matthieu and manservant Spitting Bull
  • High Priestesses: Sara Sandoval and Maria Alvarez
  • Allies: Jill McBain, The Man With No Name, Asuka, Yu Narukami, Byakuya Kuchiki, Ui Hirasawa, Romeo and Juliet
  • Enemies: John Wayne, Artoria Pendragon, Gilgamesh, Inspector Clouseau
  • Opposed by: The Houses of Commerce and Defense
  • Pet the Dog towards: Fievel Mousekewitz
  • Envied by: Goro Akechi (Louise only)
  • Respect: Jeanne d'Arc
  • Annoyed by: Captain Planet
  • Louise is an ace thief known as Frenchie King (a title taken from her father). She and her four half-sisters spent much of their lives as a crack team of outlaws specialized in train robberies. Maria lived in a ranch with her four brothers, who she led, and they all were the terror of their small village. The two women's destinies became intertwined when Louise stole a deed that granted ownership over a ranch and Maria obtained a map that revealed the locations where oil could be dug out in said ranch. With Maria determined to kick Louise out and Louise wanting to know Maria's secret, they didn't get along very famously. The tension between them culminated in a cat fight, during which they lost any chance at an oil fortune, but found respect and friendship for each other.
  • Because their Cat Fight is plot-important (a rarity for that trope) and advances their relationship, the Main House decided they were the best representatives for that trope.
  • They're best friends now and have each other's back, but they still fight a lot, both for fun and because of petty or major slights. However, they don't do requests. Any request (usually they come from the more perverted deities) for them to "put on a show" will be met with much glaring from Maria and condescending laughter from Louise.
  • Their temple resembles the Little P. ranch (the ranch that Louise acquired the deed for).
  • Because of their occupation as thieves and their high rate of success back in the mortal realm, they've been signaled as potential threats to the Vault by the House of Defense. The House of Commerce is wary of them for similar reasons.
  • The Man With No Name had them meet Jill McBain when he realized that Maria looked just like her, with the attention of having them befriend Jill and getting more firepower on her side. It's not unusual for these two bandits and the widow to spend entire afternoons conversing. Sometimes Louise taunts Maria that Jill is much more of a Properlady than her (Maria's response is the usual).
  • Artoria dislikes the two of them because they hide their genders to better commit crime. Artoria especially dislikes Louise because she thinks that she brings shame to all women who style themselves kings by being nothing more than a petty thief. Louise's pointing out that the title is merely metaphorical has been unsuccessful. Also, she is NOT a petty thief, but the greatest outlaw the West has ever known.
  • For once Artoria and Gilgamesh are in agreement about something, as Gil takes a lot of issue with someone calling herself a King of Thieves, saying thieves are the lowest of the mongrels and one who dares call herself a king is asking to be killed by him.
  • John Wayne disapproves of them since they're bandits, and women at that. He has said that if he ever catches the two of them committing a robbery, he's going to take them over his knee and straighten them out. All Louise and Maria have to say about this is "Good luck." Occasionally he also tells Maria that she should follow Jill's example.
  • Lucky Luke has similar concerns to John Wayne about their banditry, but goes easy on them because they're relatively harmless (they avoid hurting people) and are protective of Jill. He also finds them to be pretty worthy rivals because of their considerable shooting skills, so they have friendly competitions once in a while.
  • Fievel is one of the few deities they show unmitigated kindness to, since he's an immigrant like they are, and he's just a little boy yet suffered so much when he first came to America.
  • Asuka strongly approves of them because they came to understand each other through their fists (that's how she sees it anyway).
  • They have the support of the protective older siblings in the Pantheon, since they are the dutiful eldest sisters of their respective families. Technically Maria has more affinity for Yu, while Louise, who's more hands-off, has a bigger affinity for Byakuya. They both have about the same affinity for Ui, since they both parent their siblings somewhat.
  • Inspector Clouseau was quite miffed at finding Princess Dahla (actually Maria) in the Pantheon, considering she framed him for the theft of the Pink Panther. Maria insists she has never even heard of this Dahla he speaks of, but to little effect. Clouseau now chases her and Louise as they steal things around the Pantheon, hoping to get a little revenge and doing justice in the meanwhile. They tend to be too astute for the bumbling inspector, though.
  • Well-liked by Romeo and Juliet for doing what the Montagues and the Capulets should have done by turning their feud into friendship and accepting the marriages between their younger siblings.
  • One thing about Louise that doesn't come up very often is that she is a bastard child. Goro Akechi, Prince Detective, was rather eager to conjecture that Louise is like him and resents her father, which is why she became a thief. But that's not the case at all as Louise actually has fond memories of her father as a loving family man and she has no particular feelings over being born out of wedlock. And the reason she became a thief is because her father was the first Frenchie King and she's keeping his legend alive. Goro was not at all pleased to hear this, but secretly wishes he had her careless attitude.
  • As proud French women, they always show reverence for patron saint of France Jeanne d'Arc whenever they cross paths in the Pantheon. Louise isn't very enthusiastic about it because she looks like that high-and-mighty Artoria, but Maria has brow-beaten her into it, so she has no choice but to take her hat off.
  • After hearing about how they tried to make their fortune in oil, Captain Planet showed up at their temple and started lecturing them about how oil is bad for the environment. They just thought he was annoyingly preachy and shot at him until he went away. They don't actively seek out oil anyway.

    Qwenser Barbotage and Hevia Winchel 
Qwenser Barbotage and Hevia Winchel, Gods of Taking Down Much Larger Enemies (Dragon Killers | Qwenser: War Criminal, Quenser, Qwenthur | Hevia: War Criminal #2)
Qwenser on the left, right is Hevia


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