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"Euphemism: a word you use in place of one you can't spell."
Reggie Mantle, Archie Comics

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A character tries to use a big, impressive word or two. Unfortunately, they are having trouble, saying it, whether due to unfamiliarity with the word, or a speech imp-p-p-p... trouble talking. After a couple tries, they'll give up and substitute an easier word, or just clam up completely.

The Trope Nam-Nam-Name--Titler is, obviously, Porky Pig of Looney Tunes fame. Interestingly, Porky Pig manages to subvert it as, for comical purposes, he always finds himself struggling to pronounce a very easy word and eventually substitutes a much more complicated word which he says without a single mistake.

Compare Parrot Expo-WHAT?, which is when a character struggles to say a word that's new to them. Contrast Sesq-q-q-q-quipedalian Loquaci-louca-louqa-smart talk, and Spock Speak, this trope's exact opposite. Compare Buffy Speak, which similarly involves a character's conversational reach exceeding their verbal grasp. Also compare Delusions of Eloquence, where the character muddles the big words but ploughs onward anyway. If this doesn't happen ever, it's because Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic.

Not related to Cannot Spit It Out.


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    C-c-c-com-com...Funny Papers 
  • An old EC Tales from the Crypt comic featured a version of "Sleeping Beauty", with a running gag of characters talking about the impenet- impentr- inpenet- thick wall of thorns surrounding the cursed castle.
  • Subverted in the Cataclysm storyline of the Batman comics. Robin examines the broadcasts from "Quakemaster" who claims to have caused the earthquake. When he realizes that the villain is avoiding words that contain the letter B, he deduces that the Quakemaster is actually a known bad guy who has a lisp: Scarface and the Ventriloquist.
  • In issue 109 of volume one of Doom Patrol, Beast Boy taunts Mandred and settles for saying "bird study" after trying to say "ornithology".
  • Richie Rich once told Cadbury of his distinctive difficulty pronouncing the word "ventriloquist". It later proves critical for Cadbury to realize that the Richie with him is an impostor when he says the word correctly.
  • The title for Superman Man Of Steel #75: "The Death of Mxyzt... Mxzyp... Myxzp... Aw, You Know... That Guy!"
  • U.S. Acres: Orson does this while impersonating the Trope Namer doing That's All, Folks! at the last strip.
  • The final issue of Blood Syndicate has Oro fight some enemies that are difficult to defeat and struggle to call them "invulnerable" before deciding to instead say they can't be hurt.

    F-f-fa-fan...Non-canon Fiction 
  • In One Act of Kindness Pansy Parkinson tells Harry that she didn't share his secrets with the Slytherins.
    Harry: I know. Griphook has kept me informed. He said something about Snape using Leg...Leginote ...crap...he read your mind and told Draco.
  • In Xtreme Freak McGonagall and a few other teachers spot what looks like a pile of trash by the Hogwarts front gates.
    McGonagall: I would banish it now, but I fear maybe I am drunk too much to do it right, and I am possi, possoti, pissitan; I am sure I was taught not to spell cast when I am drunk.
  • My Own Demise:
    Draco: Yeah, we should probably get some sleep, too. I dunno about you, but shopping ex-exhau-tired me out today.
  • Harry Potter and the Ultimate Force:
    Harry: I'm good at levitation and summoning objects. Right now Auntie Bell is teaching me how to move objects around from one place to another, as well as basic transfi- trastf- tranisf- um, changing things.
  • In The Power a drunk Sirius demonstrates a T-shirt with Notice-Me-Not runes Harry made for him.
    Sirius: There, I am now invisibob...imvinisbl...Muggles can't see me!
  • In Polyjuice Cocktail this happens in a drunk Mrs. Granger's thoughts.
    Helen: Stupid Richard. The least he could do is hire a male assistant for me to screw while he's working over Peggy. He's not even doing his hubsandly...husandbly...he's not even fucking me any more.
  • Harry Potter and the History of Magic:
    Faberge: We-ell, I was reading this morning and I heard that any powder divided finely enough will explode if it's put under pressure. So I asked Zetsy to help me make a cake, and I may have misap- misopr- ah, taken some flour in a bottle. To the tree house.
  • Only off by a Little:
    Hermione: Someone left Harry at your door, how could they? Who in the world would be so irra... irrisp... careless as to do that?
  • Gene-Spliced Harry:
    Fleur: The 'ead goblins, they will be 'aving a meeting to decide whether or not to 'ire me. To be completely 'onest, they 'ave good reason not to, despite my qu...qualifick...grades.
  • In Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin a drunk Regulus introduces his father-in-law to his drinking companions.
    Regulus: Buck's the bestest, most wonderfulest bloke to ever wander in off the Australian outback. And also the best damned Auror that any of you reboprates ... reprobobs ... that you sorry lot have ever met!
  • Ends and Means:
    Harry: How da hell do ya still m-m-manage to uuuse biiiiig words even though you're pisssssed?
    Draco: C-cause I'm a M-m-malfoy and M-malfoy's are aaaalways a-a-rtic…gooood at s-saying schtuff!
  • Metamorphosis:
    Ron: We need more practical experience. How are we even supposed to write this report in the first place?
    Hermione: He brewed it in front of us.
    Harry: Once! Once three weeks ago. This is going to be unspece- inspecifi- not quite right, at best.
  • Luna's Hubby:
    Luna: When you first saw me, you said you weren't expecting any visitors. You don't have to pretend that your gift foresaw me coming. I know it doesn't work all the time. It's alright to just be Aunt Sibyll when we're alone.
    Trelawney: Like all gifts, if you don't use it it will attro. . . uh, attra . . . it will go away.
  • The Potioneer's Assistant Rebrewed:
    Dean: Professor McGonagall had pointed out that if I didn't get a magical education then I would be a danger to everyone around me if I were to lose control because of emotional stress or something. Well, my mum and dad talked it over before sitting me down and explaining that the Youth Program was a good idea but learning to control this ability of mine took pres...presi, um...priority over football.
  • In His Holeyness a drunk Harry shows up at Draco's house.
    Harry: I'm sorry.
    Draco: Pardon?
    Harry: I said I am sorry. Sorry for being a fucking dickhead to you, when you were trying to apoalo...apollllo, to say sorry to me.
  • In All Our Yesterdays Harry and Hermione get drunk together.
    Hermione: It isn't as though he even cares either way whether werewolves are classed as Beasts or Beings! He just can't bear for me to get a win!
    Harry: You think he'd shabo- shadow- sab-oh-tage a much-needed piece of lettuce- legs- new law just to piss you off?
  • Harry Potter and Defeating Dark Lords, Inc:
    Teddy: I heard that [Voldemort] kidnapped your lady, and you ended him. I'll be sure and send letters to my 'friends' about life in Australia or something or other than wherever I go. In fact, I'll write those tonight before I leave. But thank you. If he had come back all the way, he would have killed us all, I think.
    Harry: That was his plan. Now, it's just the blood purists and the miso, um myso-, oh, the women haters left. Oh, and don't forget their less than kind feelings about Scotland.
  • Neville's Law of Transmutation After Transfiguration:
    Dobby: Mr. Harry and Mr. Justin's Mum and Dad are strict, and they tell Dobby he must be strict about seclur... secure... safety all times with both young masters!
  • Birdshot:
    Ron: Harry, you did a great job decapitalization...uh...decapping...uh cutting off Snape's head.

  • From The Wizard of Oz: "There are people who do nothing all day but good deeds! They are called philip— phila— philum— good deed doers!"
  • Hot Shots! Part Deux has this one: "On October 15, the President of the United States ordered a covert mission in the Persian Gulf for the purpose of rescuing soldiers taken hostage during Desert Storm. Only a handful of our highest government officials were aware of the operation, as it included an attempt to assasssan... assisss... kill a guy. "
    • Bonus points because it was supposed to be an intro word crawl, in which it is completely stupid to have a mispronunciation.
  • Doc from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs spoke like this occasionally. This speech pattern was based off the actor who played him.
  • The second An American Tail movie has an inversion where Tiger ends up with a more complicated word than the original: "A spy- a spee- a spididid- an arachnid!"
  • In Sherlock Holmes (2009), Inspector Lestrade has trouble saying that a witness is cata... cata... ("Catatonic, sir.").
  • Roscoe, in Tod Browning's Freaks.
  • A few characters in O Brother, Where Art Thou? have a hard time pronouncing the word "accompaniment," resulting in this trope.
    Everett: Well, we are negroes, sir. All except for our ac-c-c- our ac-c-c- uh, the man who plays the guitar.
  • King George VI in The King's Speech, true to his real life counterpart.
  • In The Boondock Saints, when Doc is trying to give them Agent Schmecker's card.
    Doc: An FBI agent came by the bar and he left me his c-c-ca-, he left me his c-c-c-c-, oh he f***ing gave me this!
  • Jack talks like this in "Once Upon A Girl".
  • From the 1963 version of The Pink Panther.
    Princess Dala: I was six when I went on my first...safrari...frazari...wild animal hunt.
  • In Inspector Gadget 2, Dr. Claw's henchman Brick reaffirms a news report that Riverton's Federal Reserve branch is "impen—impreg—really hard to get into."
  • Disney's Alice in Wonderland, when the Caterpillar asks Alice "exacatically" what her problem is.
    Alice: Well it's exactiticly...exacita...well, it's precisely this: I should like to be a little larger, sir.
  • Johnny English Reborn: Johnny can't pronounce "Timoxylene Barbebutanol".
    Johnny: He's here to give you some Timoxy Bubby...Timoxy Babibi...Timoxi Babbubibi...To give you a drug that will make you obey his every command!
  • The dove from "War of the Birds" speaks with a stutter from trauma after years of being abused by Fagin the buzzard.

  • Dave Barry In Cyberspace compares reading typewritten documents to "listening to Porky Pig try to complete a sentence" because of all the mistakes that have to be crossed out.
  • In the third Artemis Fowl book, one of the Dumb Muscle bodyguards has one of these. "inca-incapci—incap—broken."
  • In the Discworld book Equal Rites, there's a young wizard master named Simon, who has great difficulty with saying words that begin with certain letters, to the point where other characters often attempt to fill in the words for him so he won't have to go to the struggle of saying them.
  • In The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Machiavelli has this whenever he tries to say "Quetzalcoatl."
  • Joseph Olivera from TimeRiders has so much trouble with the letter s he often has to s-s-sub-s-s... "replace" s words with different words in conversation.

    Live Action Tee-Tee-Tee...Television 
  • As the host of an edition of World's Greatest Magic, John Ritter deliberately played with this by being "unable" to pronounce "prestidigitation": Presti-presti-MAGIC! The audience loved it, by the way.
  • This happens in an episode of Horrible Histories.
Tudor Woman: William Shakespeare was fenome-fenomena-fenom- *sigh* he was good.
  • A patient did this in an episode of M*A*S*H, leading to Charles' sympathy and defense of the boy to bullies. At the end of the episode it is revealed that his sister stutters.
  • Open All Hours: Arkwright always had a stutter, but a common gag was for him to try repeatedly to say a complex word and then give up and replace it with a much more down-to-earth synonym. "That's f-f-f-f-f-f-f ... that's just right" or something along those lines can often be heard.
    • At some point, the show itself decided to start playing with this, so instead of just replacement words you also have scenes like "Granville, come and sp-sp-sp-sp-spray this p-p-p-p-p-p ... oh, never mind, I've done it myself now."
    • "Well, what's not in the per-pe-per-pe-pastry, is in the per-pe-per-pe-pie, and what's not in the per-pe-per-pe-pie, is in the per-pe-per-pe- well, you can work it out for yourself...
    • "Granville! how do you spell per-per-per-pe-pepper? is it six 'P's or seven?"
    Arkwright: It all started when we had ber-be-be-be, be-be-be-be-"
    Granville: It's no good, you know I can't understand morse code!"
  • Invoked in the TV adaptation of P.G. Wodehouse's short story "The Truth about George."
    George: I'm talking about my st-st-st-st-...impediment."
  • Foster Brooks, who specialized in a comedic drunk act on various '70s variety shows, often employed this.
  • In the My Family episode "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told", Ben tries to "anaesthetise" himself with copious amounts of alcohol before pulling out his own tooth, and does this when Abi accuses him of being drunk. "I'm not drunk. I'm anasthe... anesthe... anisthe... I'm not drunk."
  • A meta-example happened in Blackadder Goes Forth. In the episode "Private Plane", Blackadder was originally supposed to respond to Flashheart's constant "WOOF!"-ing by saying "It's like Battersea Dogs Home in here". However, Rowan Atkinson has a stutter and has particular trouble with words beginning with B, which gave him a lot of trouble with the line, so they eventually changed it to having him say "It's like Crufts in here" instead.
  • From Eight is Enough, this exchange between a newspaper reporter writing an article, and her father:
    How do you spell "industrious"?
    I'd spell it "hardworking."
  • Lamb Chop's Play-Along had a twist on this — Lamb Chop kept fudging the phrase "the San Diego Zoo", and finally said "You know, the zoo in San Diego."
  • In one episode of the Israeli sitcom HaPijamot, resident Ditz and Manchild Oded struggles to pronounce the pentasyllabic loanword alternativitHebrew  (‘alternative’) and uses the trisyllabic native word khalufitHebrew  instead.

  • The stuttering in David Bowie's "Changes" could imply that there is a hesitation when it comes to confronting changes, and that he is struggling to come to terms with it.
    Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (Turn and face the strange)
  • Happens from time to time on Les Luthiers routines.
  • Ode to Intoxication "Lily The Pink" by the Scaffold (later covered by the Irish Rovers) tells of stutterer Johnny Hammer:
    Johnny Hammer had a terrible s-s-s-s-stammer
    He could hardly s-s-s-s-say a word
    So they gave him medicinal compound
    And now he's s-s-s-seen but never heard.
  • Morris Minor and the Majors: "Stutter Rap", parodying DJ scratching by having a group that actually sings like that:
    Well, my life was so well planned,
    Survivin' and a-jivin' in a f-f-funk band.
    'Cos rappin', it's my bread and butter,
    But it's hard to rap when you're born with a st-st-st-st-st-st-stutter.

  • Commander Weatherby from The Navy Lark.
    "I'd like a return ticket-t-t-t-t-t-ticket-t-t-t-t-t to the Digital-Digital-Digital I-mbrI-mbrI-mbrI-tidley-I-tidley-I, the Digital-mbrDigital-mbr-Digital-mbrI-tidley-tidley-mbro-mbro-mbro to hell with the Digital Islands, I'll go to Jersey".
  • Mel Blanc himself got some extra mileage from this on his own radio sitcom The Mel Blanc Show (1946-47), in which he starred As Himself as the owner of a repair shop, and also played his assistant, a Porky soundalike named Zookie.

    Ta-Ta-Ta-Tableto-to... Non-Electronic Games 
  • In the Toon pastiche of Vampire: The Masquerade, in which "hampires" are all cartoon pigs, the Porkavians all have terrible stutters, parodying Malkavians and their nonsensical speech. The Vampire slogan "Beasts we are, lest beasts we become" is turned into "Pigs we are, lest pigs we be-be-a be-be-a . . . turn into", attributed to a Porkavian named "P.P."

  • Krupp in The Time of Your Life, to McCarthy:
    "You sure can philos— philosoph— Boy, you can talk."
  • In the song Something Isn't Right Here from Bring It On, Campbell falls victim to this trope when trying to say that she's been redistricted.
    "Then I'm suddenly redist— reddis— sent to another school."

    Video G-G-G-Ga-Ga...Apps 
  • During the end credits of Star Control 2, while the game shows funny fake outtakes of conversations with the aliens, the Khor-Ah tries to give an intimidating speech but ends up failing to spell the word "Annihilate". It then gets REALLY upset and demands to speak to whomever wrote his script.
  • In The Longest Journey, George parodies the Star Trek Captain's Log but messes up "animal" so badly that he switches to "weird thing." Yeah, Drugs Are Bad.
  • An early quest in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has the player helping out a former thief turned aspiring alchemist. He had looted a potion that enhanced his intelligence and alchemical aptitude, but it is beginning to wear off by the time the player finds him. As he is explaining his situation, he frequently delves into this pattern of speech.
  • The Haunted House of Hideous Horror:
    Desther: This is what I want. I want to be able to have a bath without a ghost trying to pull the plug. I want to be able to eat my breakfast without a dead body floating around my head. Such things are so distracting. I want my house back. I want the horrors that have manis- manfes- moved in booted out. Do you understand?
  • Delicious 9: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise:
    Jimmy: Your cleaning and finding skills are unek...uneq...pretty great!
  • In Lily's Garden a frazzled Lily hoes the old Victory Garden in preparation for planting vegetables, with assistance from Luke's dog.
    Lily: Good job, Roxy. Soil's ready for Vige... vege... Vict— it's ready for me to plant things.
  • Hype: The Time Quest:
    • A child Rajoth encountered during the Taskan I era struggles to say that he will become the world's greatest "alchemist", before giving up and swapping the word for "magician".
    • Similary, the dungeon keeper can't pronounce "imminently" to save his life, and ends up saying "soon" after several attempts.
  • Spring Valley's Tulip Festival event:
    Daniela: I studied ornithology a little and con... consta... I state that the herons' nests look bad!
  • Sophie's Adventure:
    Randle: Are you the one who was propheic- proff- pro, er, the chosen one?
  • In an early version of Genshin Impact, Paimon would answer a question with "It was a very strange occurrence.", except in the English dub she would instead say "It was a very strange phemon... phenomin... uh, something strange happened!". The voice line was changed to match the subtitle in a later update.

    Web C-C-C-Com-Com...Speech Bubbles 
  • Drowtales: Kiel argues to Naal that "All I did was make you incon...inconspis...WHATEVER, make you less visible!"
  • Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth. Apparently dirigible is difficult enough to say even without a Dwarven/Scottish accent.
  • Least I Could Do: Rayne, saving a friend while drunk off his ass.
    "Here comes the calvary... The clavary... I'm a horsie!"

    Web Or-Or-Or-Origi-Origi...Brand New 
  • The Nostalgia Critic does this at the start of his 100th episode:
    "It's hard to believe that such a handsome man could become even handsomener— han— hand— han— ner, prettier."
  • The Nostalgia Chick finds herself unable to get out the word "nice" in her Top Five Least Worst Disney Sequels, so settles for "less mean".
  • From a parody of Metal Gear Solid 2, we have a character introduce himself as "Shashalashka! I mean Shalashishka. Lashashaska. Shiska - OCELOT."
  • An outtake from The Guild shows Tinkerballa having trouble with the word "women". After about five takes she finally replaces it with "girls".
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged, when Vegeta must do something that's anathema to his character:
    Vegeta: Every fiber of my being wants to puke at once when I say this... but I need your hehh… I need your heehhHhH…
    Gohan: You need our help?
    Vegeta: That. Yes.
  • Familiar Faces: During his review of Pirates: At Ocean's Edge, CR tries to correctly pronounce Raninoidea and Lechim Namod, but settles instead on calling them the giant crab and the giant squid, respectively.
  • Third Rate Gamer:
    • In the Cool Spot review, he complains about the number of enemies and tries to say that he thought he was playing Cool Spot, not Super Smash Bros. Melee. After three failed attempts to say "Melee", he gives up and uses Brawl instead. This is a Take That! to IG's Brawl review in which he mispronounces "Melee" - he says "mee-lay", while it should be "may-lay" - the American pronunciation and the one used by the announcer in the game.
    • In the Legend of Zelda review, he tries to say "Lucario". It doesn't go well:
    ''L... Luo... Lu-sa-sari-ka-kar... Luh-cheerio.
  • From Part One of the The Angry Video Game Nerd's SNES Vs. Sega Genesis video, when discussing Sega's "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" commercial;
    James Rolfe: I'm sure that commercial alone sold many Genesiseses... Genesi... Mega Drives.
  • Played with in Steven He's video "Why Ghosts Don't Haunt Asians 2", when he's berating a ghost that's making a nuisance of itself in his house by knocking over cans and moving chairs around. He doesn't manage to find a synonym for "telekinesis", only a word that starts similarly.
    Steven He: What the hell? Is that you? You have telekinet—telekines—telemarketing power?!

    Western Ani-Ani-Ani-ma-ma...Cartoons 
  • Named for the famous Looney Tunes character Porky Pig, for whom this was a huge part of his schtick:
    "Hello, Mr. Schles— Mr. Schles— Hello Leon!"
    "What ridiculous histrioni-ni-ni— h-h-histrioni-ni— what ridiculous acting!"
    "Keep away from that masked d-d-d-desperad-d-d-d-... that masked stinker!"
    "I'm r-r-rea-rea-r-r-rea— I'm all set, your heroship, sir."
    • In the early years, his impediment was so bad that his stutter even interfered with his writing!
      • Porky's first voice actor, Joe Dougherty, had an actual stutter. Trouble was that he used up yards of soundtrack before getting back on the same page. When Warners discovered Mel Blanc in 1936, they found he could produce a controlled stutter for Porky. The rest is history.
    • With the occasional reversal:
      "Look out, he's got a g-g-g-g—revolver!"
    • And this, which was apparently a gag reel never intended for public release:
    • Daffy Duck did this in one short where he had the hiccups:
    "A doc-(hic), a doc-(hic), a doc-(hic)...a physician!"
    • The semi-recurring character of the drunken stork also did this.
    "Crocodi-(hic), crocodi-(hic)...alligators!"
    • Played for laughs in the TV special Bugs Bunny in King Arthur's Court, where it was Bugs Bunny who couldn't say the word right, and Porky who could.
    • Come Looney Tunes: Back in Action, the stutter has gotten so bad (in-universe) that he can't even get his trademark phrase out. He keeps trying to say "That's all, folks!" but can't even force out the phrase until finally all the lights shut off around him.
    Porky: "Uh, g-g-uhh, go home, folks."
  • From the Tiny Toon Adventures episode, "Gang Busters", when Rocky and Mugsy order Buster and Plucky to dig them out of prison:
    Rocky: Keep diggin', rabbit.
    Mugsy: Yeah, keep rabbit, diggin', I mean, keep dabbit riggin', I mean, just... keep going.
  • In the first episode of Animaniacs, Porky Pig's speech impediment is used for a gag:
    (At the gate of the Warner Bros. studio)
    Ralph the Guard: Good morning, Porky.
    Porky: G-go-go-g-go-go-g-good m-m-mo-mo-mo...
    (Person behind Porky honks the horn of his car)
    Porky: (to driver behind him) All right, all right! (to Ralph) Hello. (drives into studio)
  • Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series does this sometimes with Tanya, the resident Gadgeteer Genius, who has a tendency to think faster than she can speak.
  • The Giant in the Disney short Mickey and the Beanstalk can't pronounce "pistachio" right. He eventually settles for "green gravy". That gag would be repeated in Mickey's Christmas Carol, where he settles on "yogurt".
  • Ms. Li, from Daria, during loooong negotiations: "Don't think you can intimiate... intermolate... don't think you can scare me with your threat to picket naked!"
  • South Park: In the episode "Crippled Summer", the handicapped kids were modeled after Looney Tunes characters; one spoke like Porky Pig.
  • The Simpsons
    • Parodied in an episode when Homer blames Marge for the car accident; while intoxicated, she says, "Oh my god, I'm going to be incarc-(hic), incarc-(hic), incarc-(hic)...I'm going to jail!"
    • Also, in another episode, Kent Brockman notes there has been a major accident in Kualall- Kulolummo- Kulallulla- ... then crosses out his script and replaces it with France.
  • Boris Badinov once used this:
    Boris (disguised in a lab coat):: I'm a physis—physi—phy—I'm a druggist.
  • An inversion in Back at the Barnyard:
    Freddy: "A gh-g-g-gh-g-gh-gh-apparition!"
  • Coiffio does this in the first episode of Perfect Hair Forever.
  • Done by Woody Woodpecker in The Cracked Nut.
    Woody: Maybe I should see a psychi—psychai—psychai—(hic) go see a doctor.
  • From the Sonic Boom episode, "Can An Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch For a Few Days?", during the battle against Dr. Eggman's Obliterator Bot:
    Sticks: I knew you were coming, but you will never obliterate Sticks, because Sticks is unoblite— unoble— unobitababl... You can't kill me.
    • From a later episode:
    Sonic: Use this to build a bigger back-baggit-bot-build a begger- er, big-bugger-back-baggit-box-begger-buzzer...(shakes head) th-the answer is simple, but saying it, not so much.
  • Muppet Babies (1984):
    • From the beginning of "Dental Hyjinks":
    Baby Rowlf: Good afternoon, race fans. This is Rowlf the Dog coming to you live from the Indiabanolopolis— uh, the Indiamarabopolis— uh, this is Rowlf the Dog coming to you live from that big race with the 500 after it.
    • From "Fozzie's Family Tree", when Piggy waters her chrysanthemums:
    Piggy (to Nanny): How do you like my chrysanathynums? Uh, chrystistanythy, um, chrystanynum... how do you like my flowers, Nanny?
  • From the Arthur episode, "D.W. Tale Spins":
    D.W.: The weird plants they ate gave them am... amne... am... it made them forget everything.
  • Fred and Barney Meet the Thing had an example in the Thing segment episode "The Thing Blanks Out", where the Thing struggles to pronounce the word "ingenuity" before settling on saying "smarts".
  • The Goof Troop episode "Sherlock Goof" has Goofy attempt to say "simultaneously" before settling with instead saying "all at once".
  • From the VeggieTales episode, "Rack, Shack, and Benny":
    Mr. Nezzer: What are your names, boys?
    Bob (As Shadrach): I'm Shadrach.
    Junior (As Meschach): I'm Meschach.
    Larry (As Abenego): I'm a bumblebee... a bennyboo... I'm Benny.
  • At the end of the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode, "The Trouble With Scribbles", people decide to adopt the titular Scribbles after finding out they can help them out with their chores. This exchange occurs from people who adopted the Scribbles:
    Maid: My Scribble scrubs screens!
    Little Boy: My Scribble scrubs scooters!
    Father: My Scrubble scribs... I mean, my Scrib scrubbles... I mean... mine does stuff, too.
  • In the Dennis the Menace episode, "3D and Me", Dennis is onboard a naval submarine that's under attack by a giant squid. When he comes across a button in the control panel, he gives us this line:
    Dennis: Hey! I remember this! It's the electromag... the electro... it's the shock button!
  • Reg the Robot from Rubbadubbers often struggles to say a long word. He usually stutters and ends up saying an easier one instead. One such example is in "Finbar's Important Part", when Finbar is looking for a part in Tubb's band but all the available instruments are taken.
    Reg: Can you play any other instru... instru... instru... can you play anything else?
  • In the Count Duckula episode, "Dead Eye Duck", Duckula travels to the Colorado desert to escape the cold and drafty Transylvanian weather, having mistaken it for a beach. Igor tries to tell him that they've arrived there and that they should turn back, but Duckula ignores him and instead gives this line:
    Duckula: Igor, you're such a pessimen... a pemmessimen... a pessisstinen... an old grouch!
  • The Rolling with the Ronks! episode "Turn Up The Heat" has Flash stutter while trying to say "freezing" before he settles on instead saying "chilly".
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: In "Sisterhooves Social", when Granny Smith announces the titular event.
    Granny Smith: Now, the event y'all've been waitin' fer! The Sister Socie... the Socialhoof... oh dagnabbit. Y'know, the big race!

    Real Li-Li-Li...Non-Fiction 
  • Sarah Palin's infamous Katie Couric interview: the Alaskan Governor tried to say "caricatured" but failed, and Couric suggested "Mocked"…you know, reporters?
  • In Real Life, this can be a useful skill for people with speech impediments. Supposedly Jonathan Miller, who had a stammer, couldn't say the name of the street where he lived, so he'd get a bus ticket to the nearest one that he could say and walk back. And David Sedaris has an essay about how as a kid he developed a wide vocabulary of words with no S's or soft C's to avoid acknowledging to his speech therapist that he had a lisp.
  • A lot of people who try to say "methamphetamine" end up saying "crystal meth" instead.
  • George H. W. Bush referred to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band as the "Nitty Ditty Nitty Gritty Great Bird" in a 1992 campaign speech.
  • Certain brain conditions, such as aphasia, often see its sufferers unwittingly swap one word for another "stored" in a nearby mental "file". Likewise, stroke victims can often have trouble with certain words or phrases, owing to the neural passageways being blocked or damaged by their condition, necessitating a Last Minute Word Swap or Verbal Backspace...but can swear a blue streak perfectly unencumbered, because that comes from a different, untouched portion of the brain. Basically, whenever Porky becomes vexed and starts to struggle on a word, all he'd have to do is switch gears and launch into a profanity-laced tirade at, say, Daffy or Charlie Dog, and the words would flow smooth as water.

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