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Greater Gods

    Marshall D. Teach 
Marshall D. Teach, God of Bearded Pirates (Blackbeard, Kurohige, Cherry Pie Man, Rat, Teech, Black Beard, Masuru D. Chocheh, Everything D. Teach)
  • Greater God, formerly Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Blackbeard Pirates jolly roger
  • Theme Song: NOW MY HANDS GET!!!!
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domains: Piracy, Beards, Darkness, Ambition, Treachery
  • Portfolio: Beard of Evil, Manipulative Bastard, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, The Fatalist, From Nobody to Nightmare, Perpetual Smiler, Darkness Powers, Hippo Motifs, Stereotypical Pirate Dressing, Fat Bastard, Cultured Badass, Tanking Damage, Dirty Coward, Born Lucky, Faux Affably Evil, Gonk, Gun Nut, The Heavy, It's All About Me, Not-So-Harmless Villain, The Sleepless
  • Heralds: The Ten Titanic Captains (Jesus Burgess, Shiryu, Van Auger, Avalo Pizarro, Lafitte, Catarina Devon, San Juan Wolf, Vasco Shot, Doc Q, and a currently-unknown tenth...)
  • High Priest: Firebeard
  • Followers: Captain Ironbeard, Talon Redbeard, Captain Weirdbeard, She-Beard, Burger-Beard the Pirate, Yellowbeard, Redbeard Rum, Captain Greenbeard, Eynzahr Slafyrsyn, Deadbeard, Captain Rainbowbeard, Silverbeard II, Plaidbeard, Infra-Redbeard, Captain Spitbeard, Fleabeard, Captain Webbeard
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Shanks, Charlotte Linlin, Kaido
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Megatron
  • Blackbeard is perhaps one of the most infamous titles ever given across history. Just the two words of black and beard together convey dread and fear to anyone (alongside the image of a person with a black beard). One such taker of the epithet is Marshall D. Teach, a former member of the legendary Whitebeard's crew and now Commodore of the Blackbeard Pirates. Not even having a bounty before becoming a very brief Warlord of the Sea, Teach's ambitions have been high since he was young. Presenting himself as a loyal pirate to his former captain, Teach was secretly plotting to have Whitebeard be only a stepping stone for his career once the Whitebeard Pirates found a Devil Fruit whose powers grant the users darkness and nab the Devil Fruit powers of others. He eventually ate the Devil Fruit from himself after killing his allies, to which Blackbeard then began amassing his new pirate crew with the most deadly criminals across the sea. By setting up the war that would take Whitebeard's life, Teach would take his former captain's Devil Fruit that causes tremors for himself, and was also given a handful of criminals who would serve as his Ten Titanic Captains. Taking over the territories Whitebeard held and becoming an Emperor of the Sea as a result, the name of Blackbeard went from nothing to one of the most fearful pirates ever. For this, Teach became eligible to enter the Pantheon under his namesake’s title.
  • Thanks to his epithet, Blackbeard gives himself the pseudonym of Edward Thatch to make sure people do not know it is him. He wants to take advantage of the Pantheon as best he could, to one day rise even above his already lofty position but there are too many eyes upon him now. One of Blackbeard’s greatest strengths is the unassuming nature he held for the longest time, now blowing itself out of the water due to his rise to power. This went to prove helpful against Whitebeard as Blackbeard said he is Edward Thatch, not the Blackbeard he knows of. Ace who went to die because of Blackbeard's machinations did not like the idea of his capturer who made him a stool to reach higher heights of power may be going free. Blackbeard is being VERY careful not to have Ace find out who he is, otherwise, Whitebeard may come to him ready to tremor-tremor punch Teach's face apart. Blackbeard may have Whitebeard's current powers but Teach cannot defend himself against the Haki his old captain has at all.
  • The commonality between those who held the D initial is still unknown but one undeniable truth is they are directly or indirectly responsible for great events at some point. Teach holding the Will of D is alarming as that means that he will not only one day oppose the Celestial Dragons but it means he will likely cause more ripples across the world in the future. Most recently, Blackbeard did cause a major incident by having his crew sack the Revolutionary Army's base without a doubt would start a conflict between his pirates and those rebels as well. Alarmingly, people notice that Teach is similar to Monkey D. Luffy in several respects. An initial nobody who went out of his humble island to become a great pirate, gathering a group of True Companions who loyally follow their captain. They both eventually become so infamous, they gather a fleet behind them and are seen as Emperors of the Sea. Whether they like it or not, Luffy and Teach will clash one day and the Pantheon is VERY nervous about the resulting battle.
  • Having eaten the Dark-Dark Fruit (or the Yami Yami no Mi as the hardcore otakus call it) and becoming a Darkness Human, Blackbeard's Devil Fruit powers operate differently than others of its kind. The darkness has qualities such as gravity behind it and by touching a Devil Fruit user nulls their powers as if they never have them. This extreme power makes Blackbeard's Devil Fruit rank as one of the greatest Devil Fruits if not potentially THE greatest but there is a drawback. Unlike other Logia Devil Fruit users, Blackbeard cannot become the element of darkness itself and forces himself to tank whatever it throws at itself. Blackbeard is lucky that he is very durable for a person, as a normal person would probably die from such blows. Practically the most valuable thing that people believe his Devil Fruit holds regardless of weakness is to take others' Devil Fruits as said previously. However, it is unknown if this ability is even part of this particular Devil Fruit's arsenal as Blackbeard is already seen as a pretty abnormal human being even beforehand, though there is an obvious connection. Blackbeard has seemingly no limit to the amount of Devil Fruit powers he could take, and he can even grant it to others.
    • Blackbeard went to question if he can take anybody's supernatural powers generally, so when he got to that weird tournament-style place that made him float up in the air awkwardly did Blackbeard find a candidate. Izuku Midoriya went to close in on Blackbeard, thinking his "Quirk" works the same way as a certain classmate's but found himself stuck in Blackbeard's darkness. It is then Midoriya's Quirk began screeching out to reject the assimilation Blackbeard is doing to it, causing both persons to be in surprise. All Might came in to save his student, though finds incredible disturbance in what Midoriya went through. Blackbeard holds interest in trying to absorb both of their abilities but after feeling that punch to the face, he feels he needs a better plan than the more direct method of showing up in a straight fight.
  • All of the Emperors of the Sea do not like Blackbeard but none more than Shanks. Shanks may be generally rather lax to everything he faces, even the force of the other Emperors but Blackbeard is an entirely different story. There is something about Blackbeard that makes Shanks tense, and it is not just due to the scars Blackbeard gave him across the eye. Even the heads of the World Government pertain a keen interest of the man, going even past his Emperor of the Sea status. Shanks warns people never to take Blackbeard lightly when his appearances speak otherwise too many. He is hot on Blackbeard's trail across the Pantheon, hoping that would lead him to the man and to stop whatever plans he has ready. For the record, Buggy always knew that Blackbeard is someone to watch out for the moment the name came to his ear. A guy who never sleeps is truly frightening.
  • Risky Boots has a resume that Blackbeard found impressive, so he went out of his way to invite the woman to have her crew as part of his fleet. However, Risky Boots went to refuse such a lucrative endeavor because if someone is going to rule the oceans, it will be herself and nobody else. Also, after being under the Pirate Master, it makes sense that Risky is not looking for new employment unless some really good short-term benefit can be found. Blackbeard whose ideals are similar to Risky's with conquering the world for themselves through manipulation and force makes him respect her. Blackbeard and Risky went to drink to celebrate some sort of weird ceasefire between their crews. The Blackbeard Pirates will not bother where she dwells until she can completely call it her territory. Only then will the ceasefire dissolve and the Blackbeard Pirates can engage with her like many other places they went to take over. Blackbeard still has the offer for Risky Boots to join his crew, though she is still confident that she will not sell herself out to him ever.
  • Cherry Pie is a favorite food of Blackbeard which to further contrast Luffy, the latter hates it. His passion for the food is so high, he goes out of hiding to eat the unique variations of the meal. One time upon seeing a cherry pie special at a café, Blackbeard went inside without hesitation (after some difficulty pushing the door). Upon hearing a girl by the name of Hoto Cocoa say to her friends the special should have been strawberry pie, Blackbeard went to punish her preferences by ordering ALL THE CHERRY PIES in the place. Needless to say, Cocoa became regretful on her statement upon seeing piles and piles of empty plates before her. Sharo Kirima who is a waitress in the café went to work herself to the bone trying to give the pirate his cherry pies until the shop ran out of them. Blackbeard left happily while leaving Cocoa a newfound fear for cherries (not enough to deter her away from eating them) and traumatizing Sharo enough to tempt her to leave the service industry. The service industry is now so apparent to her being humiliating and dehumanizing, she went that close to doing it even if it means she may become homeless. All of this terror because of a fat ugly bastard slurping down on all the cherry pies.
    Blackbeard: ZEHAHAHAHAHAHA! Give me another round and some wine too while yer at it!
    Sharo: I swear I will stuff cyanide into the pie if I have some on me...
  • King K. Rool and Blackbeard get along just swell due to their persistence in getting what they want. Of course, Blackbeard is the more ambitious and threatening between them while King K. Rool is pettier despite having some incredible firepower behind himself that could do much more damage. King K. Rool after finding no use in trying to steal a pile of bananas went ahead to make a giant laser cannon that is capable to blow up islands just to spite the Kongs. Needless to say, Blackbeard found the capabilities of such a weapon would reach maximum potential under his hands. Blackbeard went to ask King K. Rool to join his fleet but K. Rool would rather try getting back at the Kongs by stealing a Crystal Coconut or something along those lines. Blackbeard sent his men to find whatever K. Rool wants but all of them came back, saying that they were getting held back by a pair of apes. Blackbeard would surmise that maybe he went too quick with underestimating the Kongs who K. Rool faces.
  • Rafe Adler has ties to the Blackbeard Pirates, with him providing information on "interesting" places for Blackbeard to seize while in return, getting members of his crew to help him search for treasure. Blackbeard found it a fair trade, though he gave Adler the most middling crew members to serve as guards for him. Adler finds it a bit miffing that he did not get at least one Devil Fruit user on his team but found a new resolve on his circumstances instead. He now gets two new goals for himself: getting one up on Blackbeard by stealing a Devil Fruit for himself which would thus also prove his worthiness as a treasure hunter. He does not intend to upset the Blackbeard Pirates, only to essential prove how cool he is (when he is not a Drake would like to say). Meanwhile, Blackbeard pays more attention to the much more intimidating Zoran Lazarević where he provides him warmongering weapons.
  • Kirby can be the equivocal to Blackbeard as well when one points it out. This rotund creature with a big appetite having the power to give absorb the powers of others applies to both of them. You can also make a stretch of a connection with both Kirby and Blackbeard making many friends along their journeys—friends with a questionably high kill count to add. Blackbeard saw the pink puffball eating some cherry pie and went to ask if he could take a bit or better yet just have the pie entirely. Without hesitation, Kirby went to shove it in his mouth. The outrage over such disrespect made Blackbeard pull out his Devil Fruit powers but to his horror, Kirby began swallowing his darkness and almost pulling him in as well. Blackbeard knew he should not find a pink puffball scary but... there are some things that he saw in Kirby that scare him to death. Blackbeard went to the Dark Matter Horde to aid them in defeating Kirby because not only for the pie but actual concern that Kirby can cause significant damage to him eventually.
  • Xehanort found great similarity with Blackbeard, with using the power of DARKNESS and sheer cunning. As much as Blackbeard would like to brag about his accomplishments, he would admit that a good lot of his genius plans do not have a good backup if they fail. Blackbeard becoming an Emperor of the Sea is due to good luck on his side with Ace finding him instead of the original plan of arresting a certain Straw Hat, which thus went to get Whitebeard's attention. The amount of time Blackbeard's original plan to become an Emperor of the Sea would have gone on for a MUCH longer time otherwise. Xehanort admires the tenacity and ambition behind Teach, remarking that he sees that the pirate has the capabilities on achieving his dream. Xehanort's dream may not have come true but it does not mean it is not Blackbeard's era to shine.
  • Starscream who is an infamous traitor regards Blackbeard highly even though Blackbeard publicly interacts more with Megatron. Megatron found Teach held the aggressive values of the Decepticons despite being a human, which he found respectable. The Blackbeard Pirates and the Decepticons went to have a truce that allows the Decepticons to retreat and travel across the Blackbeard Pirates' territories as long as they do not interfere. Megatron does not intend to uphold that mutual agreement, intending to enslave the Blackbeard Pirates and everyone under their watch. Starscream sees that moment when the Decepticons would betray the Blackbeard Pirates as the perfect opportunity to defeat Megatron and usurp his place. Blackbeard knows that he will rely on Starscream to cut down a conflict that he does not want to have and will back Starscream if that day comes.
  • Diavolo found his drug business is much more difficult to manage as that Giorno who went to usurp him took his mob, he also logically took away those drug routes Diavolo uses so much. As a new way to transport drugs, Diavolo went to the Blackbeard Pirates with the hopes to split profits with them on the drug trade. Diavolo would provide the manufacturing of drugs while the Blackbeard Pirates will use their influence to distribute it. They would split the profits with each other and Diavolo would get a marginally lower pay than what he got beforehand, but it is better than no pay at all. The closest to Blackbeard went to recommend to just take the drug business outright from Diavolo's hands but Teach knows better than to do that. If anyone found his drug trade out, then he can pin it all on Diavolo. They have a Fall Guy for a marginally decent fee, a worthy investment to Teach.
  • Yuu Otosaka became a target for Teach as Yuu holds many special abilities under his belt that would be invaluable for Teach not only to have himself but to give to his subordinates as well. Plus, Yuu already has an ability similar to Whitebeard's Devil Fruit so adding that on top of his own would bring devastation across the seas. The Five Elders went ahead to prevent this by having Cipher Pol agents follow Yuu around. Not to have him Kidnapped from Behind because that would be conspicuous but to ensure that the young man remains not in the hand of a deadly enemy. While the World Government superiors believe that these orders are by the Five Elders' own will, in truth it comes from an even higher power who has an unsettling in Teach along with many others in the Grand Line.
  • Zorc wishes to plunge the world to darkness and finds that if he were to possess Blackbeard's Devil Fruit powers, he could do just that easily more so than he is already capable of. That is possible though Zorc first needs to kill Whitebeard, then search across the seas for the Devil Fruit in question. Needless to say, that is a bit impractical considering that Zorc is a Kaiju-size monstrosity and there will be countless adversaries on his back. Instead, Zorc when to align himself with Teach with the hopes to convince the pirate to lend his strength. Teach is not an Omnicidal Maniac by any regards though he considers Zorc's tenacity on outright asking if he could help bring about the apocalypse to be admirable. Blackbeard repeats a proverb he stole that your enemies should be close while your friends should be closer.

Intermediate Gods

    Albus Dumbledore 
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, God of Wizard Beards (Dumbly-dorr, Your Headship, Professorhead)

    Emperor Ganishka 
Emperor Ganishka, God of Villainous Facial Hair
The Emperor dressed for battle.
Click here  to see his apostle form.
Click here  to see his Shiva form.
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Shiva)
  • Symbol: His intimidating throne
  • Theme Song: Dread Emperor
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Totally Despicable And Verbose Villains, Evil Versus Evil, Fat Bastard, Having A Beard, Adipose Rex, The Emperor, Conquest Via Dark Magic, Submits To None, Even The Godhand, Royally Screwed Up, Self-Made Orphan, Vicious And Cruel Emperors, Mist And Fog Apostle Form, Becomes God-Like At The Cost Of His Remaining Sanity, You Can't Fight Fate, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Conquest, Demons, War Crimes, Pride, Mist, Empires
  • Interested in: The Facehuggers and Xenomorph Drone
  • Allies: Wyald (fellow "renegade Apostle"), Aerys II Targaryen, J Geil, Gregor Clegane, Sheev Palpatine, SCP-953, Piggsy, Babidi, Gul'dan
  • Enemies: Every other Berserk deity, though special mention goes to Griffith, the Godhand and Guts. Also enemies with Sobek, Ganesha, Babar, YHVH, Merged Zamasu, Iroque, Night Raid, Ellen Ripley, Kratos, Rosemary Woodhouse, Edward Elric, Lord Tirek
  • Opposes: The House of Family, other members of the House of Royalty, the House of Wind and Air, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Ganishka is the emperor of the Kushan Empire, a militaristic empire with exotic war elephants, supernatural creatures and human sorcerers. He is also an apostle, disposing of his humanity and engages in numerous evil acts. Unlike most apostles Gainshka opposes the Godhand, refusing to bow to anyone. No matter how horrible the means, he s to conquer the world and bring an end to the Godhand's reign, particularly Griffith/Femto.
  • Became an Apostle upon sacrificing his son, who he rightfully feared would overthrow him. Ganishka has been consumed by paranoia due to his family being Royally Screwed Up, starting with his mother trying to poison him so his brother survived. This paranoia leads him to have disdain for both family and royalty...except for Aerys Targaryen. They share a lot in common, being mad, paranoid rulers who's paranoia involves their own family. And they are both interested in each other's "craft".
  • In a world like Berserk, it is almost impressive he stands out as exceptionally depraved, and for good reason-his war campaign involves mass executions, ethnic cleansing, using conquered populations as human shields or cannon fodder, feeding women to crocodiles and other gruesome human experimentation. Unsurprisingly it has led to him being very unpopular to most gods in the House of War, including some evil ones. However there is a god as depraved as him who likes what he's doing-Gregor Clegane. Ganishka admires his overtly violent nature when it comes to war time, and has offered him an honorary position in his army.
  • Fond of using his military dark magic to transform animals into even more fearsome beasts, and as mentioned likes to execute people with crocodiles. He desired to capture Sobek, in part to fill this depraved curiosity and in part to feel secure about making a god submit to him for he as emperor refuses to submit to anybody. Didn't work at all, surviving only because of his mist-based Apostle form. His plan to experiment with Babar and Ganesha for his war elephants brought even less fruit.
  • One of his most horrific acts is the creation of the Daka. Captive pregnant women are lowered into a sort of artificial Behelit, corrupting the fetuses and bursting out of their mothers. It's as horrific as it sounds, and the Daka produced are ferocious, demonic if not particularly bright fighters. He is interested in the Facehugger and Xenomorph, believing that he can hybridize the process with the artificial Behelit to create an ultimate Apostle-Xenomorph hybrid that can serve him. Given the nature of the Xenomorph, it'll almost certainly backfire on him.
  • Openly defiant of all true deities, having stated that as with the Godhand he is the emperor, and does not bow to the will of any god. His rebellion only served Griffith's purpose, given their vast powers over causality. He takes personal offense at YHVH and Merged Zamasu for their desire to enforce the will of God, albeit "God" usually refers to themselves in that case. Zamasu takes particular umbridge towards Ganishka for representing the depravity he perceives in all mortals, which was only exacerbated upon further research into the nature of Apostles. Much like Guts' attitude towards Ganishka and Griffith, no-one who's not a total misanthrope or as big a monster as both wants to help either oppose the other.
  • In his rebellion against the gods, he seeks those who also seek to rebel against the gods thinking they may understand him. He tried to get Kratos' help, due to slaughtering much of the Greek pantheon. Like Guts he told him to shove it due to how much of a monster he is. Ganishka turned his attention to Iroque instead. Not because he thinks for a nanosecond he can recruit her, but because he wants to weaponize the Indigo light to "poison" the Godhand by the light re-awakening their hearts and guilt corrupting them. He sent his men after it, but the presence of the light caused them to be plagued with guilt. Progress of trying to weaponize it for his cause is at a standstill, and he dare not get any closer.
  • Interestingly despite being as depraved as him, he is not fond of Ragyo Kiryuin. Part of it is due to him thinking she is subservient to the original Life Fiber, when a true ruler should be subservient to no-one. Part of it is personal issues with his own mother, given Ragyo is a textbook abusive mother.
  • Using magic to rule over the Kushans, thanks in part to his right-hand man and sorceror Daiba. He is always welcome to the aid of evil sorcerers like Babidi and Gul'dan that might help his war effort. He is also open to the sadistic SCP-953 due to how useful her trickery is, and she's very happy to have her sadism indulged. He opposes Lord Tirek due to how he drains magic. Because of his horrific experiments, Rosemary Woodhouse and Edward Elric despise him.
  • One of the most powerful Apostles, his apostle form can act as a proxy. In this form he is a mass of fog and mist, making him intangible. He is still vulnerable to dissipating in strong winds, however. J. Geil recognized this as something similar to his mother's Stand, Justice, and Ganishka recognized his Stand was pretty useful for his war effort. As with SCP-953, he has joined to better indulge his sadism. The artificial Behelit allowed him to take a god-like form known as Shiva, but at the cost of his sanity. Upon his death it became the base for the World-Spiral Tree and the fusion of the Astral and Physical planes.

    Mustache Girl 

Lesser Gods

    Piston Hondo 
Piston Hondo, God of Big Eyebrows (Piston Honda, Nippon Ichi (Japan's Best), Ichiban (The Best))

    Rick Grimes 
Rick Grimes, God of Sorrow-Grown Beards (Rick, Sheriff, Officer Friendly)
Comic Book Rick Grimes
Television Rick Grimes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The badge of his police officer uniform.
  • Leitmotif: Lead Me Home
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Anti-Hero, I Did What I Had to Do, He Who Fights Monsters, Papa Wolf, Be Ware The Nice Ones, Pay Evilunto Evil, The Gunslinger.
  • Domains: Love, Protection, Survival
  • Heralds: Carl Grimes (his son), Daryl Dixon (his "brother").
  • Allies: Lee Everett and Clementine, Edward Newgate/Whitebeard, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, The Survivor Crew, Jill Valentine, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, Bryan Mills, Saeko Busujima, The Green Flu survivors, Joel and Ellie, Ikoma and Mumei
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Negan.
  • Enemies: Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker, William Birkin, Alexia Ashford, Quan Chi, Walter White, Richtofen.
  • Being a survivor became first nature to Rick Grimes. So when he had been ascended into the pantheon he quickly drew out his Colt Python prepared to kill the first walker he saw. He didn't trust anyone he didn't know so during his first days in the pantheon. It turned out he was the only person from his group to ascend in the pantheon. The reason being was through Lee and Clementine who felt he was long overdue being free out of the hell Rick had been through.
  • Many deities notice his certain visits to the other houses. When people ask about his actions he simply gives this reply. "I'm doin' stuff and thiiiiinnnnnnnngs."
  • It took Edward Newgate from the Pantheon of Fathers to calm Rick down, and explain there was no danger from walkers in this place. Unlike Lee however he didn't have Carl around which made him very agitated. Edward knew his fatherly love outweighed his role as a god. He promised Rick he would be reunited with his son one day in the pantheon. In a way the former cop saw a bit of Hersel in the veteran pirate.
  • He was able to come across Lee and Clementine the both of them knowing some of the horrors Rick had gone through. Since they had been through the dangers of walkers they got along very well with each other. Like Rick Lee is very protective of the young and Clementine hoped he would get to meet Rick's son.
  • Despite Saeko Busujima coming from a different culture Rick respected her abilities with her sword the Murata-tou. She also reminds him of Michonne another swordsman whom he misses along with Carl. Saeko would love to meet her and see her blade in action.
  • While Rick was trying to relax and come to grips with his new life here some of the best men in fighting bioterrorism came to visit Rick. Chris, Leon, and Claire met Rick first and wanted him to know they were sympathetic to his pain and suffering. They also suggested he speak with others like them who wanted to put an end to virus that would created the zombies or as Rick knew them The Walkers.
    • Taking their advice he visited the house of health and diseases where he met Jake and Sherry. They both also were happy to find someone who could survival the undead. Sherry in particular was very happy to learn about how much he cared for his son. She was grateful he would be there for him unlike her father who seemed to care more about his work than her.
    • It's through speaking with the various survivor of Umbrella's schemes he's come to despise the kind of people who knowingly make viruses to infect the world. He's made it his personal mission to kill any of these people he comes across for their actions. This includes necromancers who take advantage of the dead for their own gain.
  • Many consider Walter White and Rick Grimes to have a few similar traits to them. They both also came from shows made on a similar network. Rick is quick to point out he needed to survive in a different world. Walter chose to act through criminal means, and if he was still a cop he would want him arrested by his own hands if he got the chance. The two have at least engaged in a rap battle.
  • He gets along with most of The Survival Crew except for Edward who he's come to hate.
  • After the Savior War, the mere sight of the grinning man known as Negan was enough to make Rick point his trademark gun in his face. They were still at odds with each other despite all that's happened before their ascension.
  • One day Rick came across a note left on the ground. He didn't know who it was from, but the note said the following message. The Pantheon is gonna need Rick Grimes.



    The Pirate Captain 
The Pirate Captain, God of Bearded Seafarers
The Pirate Captain sailing the high seas with his band of misfits
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A skull with two hams filling in for crossbones
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: His Name Really is "The Pirate Captain", Idiotic Anti-Hero, Leading a Misfit Team
  • Domains: Pirates, Plundering
  • Heralds: Polly the Dodo, His crew members (notably The Pirate with a Scarf, Albino Pirate, and Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate)
  • Rivals: Monkey D. Luffy (friendly), Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard, Wario
  • Enemies: Evil-aligned Royalty, Sakazuki, Black Manta
  • Sail across the high seas and there's a chance that one may find a peculiar set of pirates that are in it for the glory of being Pirate of the Year. That is the primary goal of The Pirate Captain and his nameless band of misfits. With a good-looking bushy beard, solid companionship, and not a lot of common sense, he and his crew went on a wild adventure to get their fame and fortune. Along the way, they encountered Charles Darwin, disguised themselves as scientists (and girl scouts beforehand), and infiltrated the QV1 ship owned by a psychopathic pirate-hating Queen Victoria to get back The Pirate Captain's dodo bird.
  • During one of their pirating exploits, the crew followed a map that was believed to lead them to something grand. Once they reached the "X" that the map was referring to, they found a treasure chest, opened it, and found another map, but one where the destination was just referred to as "??????". Surprised at first, The Pirate Captain ordered his crew to head towards the unknown destination, hoping that their prize would be at that place. It took a couple of days to get to that destination and they had to put up with sea monsters, heavy fog, and even competing pirates along the way. When they did arrive, what the crew found was a massive place filled with different locales. The Pirate Captain then decided to place his ship near a dock, inadvertently squashing some poor schmuck on a tiny boat doing so. After setting foot on land, The Pirate Captain ended up being escorted and after being told about the place, he filled out some paperwork to verify his Pantheon spot and continue his plundering.
  • The Pirate Captain became very interested in the House of Popularity seeing as that place is bound to hold a competition related to Pirates every now and then. He has signed up for many pirate-related popularity contests over there, but generally hasn't ranked well in any of them thus far. It didn't really deter him that much as he's more than willing to prove to others that he and his crew are worthy pirates no matter what happens.
  • He sees many other pirates in the Pantheon as potential competitors when it comes to being the most popular of their kind. Monkey D. Luffy caught his attention seeing as how Luffy's goal of being The Pirate King isn't that much different to The Pirate Captain's goal of earning the title of Pirate of the Year. Both also regard their crewmates as valued companions no matter what happens. The Pirate Captain's rivalry with Luffy is a bit more amicable compared to that of other pirates as a result.
    • Some of the various other pirates he has some sort of jealousy towards. The Pirate Captain sees Jack Sparrow as his greatest competitor seeing as what The Pirate Captain can claim to do, others have said that Jack Sparrow can do it a lot better.
    • The more antagonistic pirates such as Black Manta are something The Pirate Captain is more wary of to some extent. It's true that The Pirate Captain is going around terrorizing others, but he's really only in it for fame and fortune, not out of pure malice. It doesn't help in the very least that most of those villainous scourges of the sea are much more competent than what The Pirate Captain can ever hope to be.
  • Word of Sakazuki's hatred towards pirates managed to reach The Pirate Captain fairly quickly. At first, The Pirate Captain recalled of Queen Victoria's hatred of pirates and their meeting, but was later told that Sakazuki not only didn't have a powered suit of armor, but had powers that The Pirate Captain could have a lot of trouble with. The Pirate Captain thought that Sakazuki wouldn't be that much trouble, but a disastrous chance encounter ended with The Pirate Captain's ship on fire and a really hasty retreat not long after. Since then, Sakazuki just saw him as another pirate to eliminate regardless of competency while The Pirate Captain conceded that evading Sakazuki is likely the only option until further notice.
  • Being pardoned by Queen Victoria nearly costed him his career once that was found out. There are a few devious deities willing to "pardon" The Pirate Captain (actually trick him in giving up his dodo bird) in exchange for large amounts of gold and treasures, but thanks to experience, The Pirate Captain isn't willing to fall for such a trick like that again. While he is indeed interested in treasure and fame, he considers his crewmates to be equally important to him.
  • The House of Food isn't really a place where The Pirate Captain stays for long. On one hand, he sometimes visits with his crew there to feast on some ham. On the other hand, he's aware that some of the more deranged chefs might go after his dodo bird and try to make a meal out of it. Chaos tends to occur (alongside a fatality or two) if one of those crazed cooks gets their hands on Polly.
  • He and Wario are in a fairly heated competition for gold, especially considering Wario's troubles with a different pirate while treasure-hunting back then. Whereas The Pirate Captain and his crewmates are at least trying to get more attention, Wario is really only interested in money and nothing more. The Pirate Captain making attempts to raid Wario's hideout for potential gold and jewels just made the rivalry even worse than it already is.
  • Sometimes, The Pirate Captain and his crew attempt to disguise themselves under a different sort of profession in order to avoid suspicion from others. Given that he referred to himself as "The Science Captain" while pretending to be a scientist (on top of a girl-scout disguise) and he is explicitly called The Pirate Captain, a few deities aren't really going to be fooled for that long by "The [insert occupation here] Captain" gig he has.
  • In spite of him and his crew supposedly doing morally questionable actions, The Pirate Captain is actually a very affable fellow. Regardless, some rumors have spread around that he is actually more cunning and his crew ruthless than they actually are. Then again, it's entirely possible that The Pirate Captain is just writing a bunch of weird stories to try and build up his "reputation". Among these stories include allegedly meeting Captain Ahab while trying to hunt down Moby Dick despite the real Ahab claiming that such an encounter never happened.
    • All of this ended up getting Blackbeard's attention and in turn, The Pirate Captain quickly noticed and became jealous of Blackbeard's notierity. Blackbeard's feats of villainy being exaggerated isn't too much different from The Pirate Captain writing ridiculous stories of his own adventures. While The Pirate Captain claimed that he'll become a very popular pirate someday, Blackbeard simply didn't take him seriously, if at all.