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The GUAG Toku Division previously existed as the Toku Base, itself an offshoot branch of the GUAG Combat Division that was separated with the increasing number of ascensions of Tokusatsu heroes. Even before then Tokusatsu heroes were among the best known combatants of the Grand United Alliance of Good, with their over-the-top cliches such as flashy attacks, Humongous Mecha and special effects being well-known and sometimes parodied by other members.

The heroes here have had to earn the respect of many cynical deities in the GUAG as a result, with their recognition ranging from 'annoyance' to 'utter disgrace' despite many people here being professional fighters and soldiers (like Oren Pierre Alfonso, a ex-French commando). Zordon was the one who spearheaded the creation of both in the hopes of getting his 'teenagers with attitude' more respect from the Pantheon populace, with other veterans of the time including Takeshi Hongo, Tsuyoshi Kaijo and others lending support for his move. As of the Toku Base's dissolution (due to it being easier to manage if the groups were segregated), the GUAG Toku Division has officially taken over its predecessor body's functions. Many of the Base's members still reside in the Pantheon as is, just not officially listed as the new Division's members.

Their headquarters is a gigantic defence complex in the the GUAG headquarters area. At its centre lies the Tokusatsu Command Centre, which takes the shape of an expanded Ranger Command Centre. This is Zordon's headquarters and where he relays orders to the Division's members against their main foes, particularly the evil organization Shocker which controls many of their enemies in a massive coalition force.

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The Pentagon of Tokusatsu

The given leaders of the entire division. These five possess the charisma and respect that binds all the members to work together. Not all of their duties are equal and serve more as figureheads for the most part but they were given places here for a reason.

    Ultraman King 
Ultraman King, God of Unnaturally Powerful Entities (Old Man King, Pico, Uncle Ultraman, Allah)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Ultraman King symbol on his belt
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Reason for Joining: In spite of not being proactive, Ultraman King admires the GUAG’s goals and places himself as the representative for the Ultras in the Pantheon.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Very High. Would help her and her alliance out in fixing the place once this terrible war has ended.
  • Threat Level: EXTREME! Being a Reality Warper, Ultraman King is the reason why that eliminating all the Ultras at once is a lot harder than it should be. He would only take action if all Ultras cannot find a solution to the siutation at hand, being the Godzilla Threshold if such an event were to occur.

    Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1 and Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2 
Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji, Dual High Prophets of Rider Kicks (Both: Kamen Rider, The Double Riders; Hongo: Kamen Rider 1, The Skill of 1; Ichimonji: Kamen Rider 2, The Power of 2)
Hongo (right) and Ichimonji (left) in their prime
Hongo today 
Their transformed selves (Old) 
Their transformed selves (New) 
Kamen Rider 1 (Power Up Form) 
  • Intermediate Divine Beings
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider/Tachibana Racing Club Logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (both)
  • Reason for Joining: Even after their original foes were vanquished, Takeshi and Hayato have returned time and time again to defend the Earth from villains wanting to enslave humanity to their will or destroy them completely. They wandered the Pantheon aimlessly, watchful for signs of chaos or destruction of the innocent that they have to handle. Now that their worst nemesis Shocker is back in the Pantheon, it's their job to stop them.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Very High. Cosmos always believes in the potential of humanity and has no intention of letting innocent people, ascended or non-ascended, get captured by Shocker and brainwashed into becoming unwilling soldiers. If everyone else were to leave her side, they would remain. Even if there is no God or Buddha, there is Kamen Rider!
  • Threat Level: High. They're older and a bit rusty compared to their successors, which is understandable since most of said successors possess incredible powers like reality-warping, element control and summoning monsters while they're just enhanced cyborgs with the abilities of a grasshopper. The trick here is their near 50 years of experience in the field, which is more than can be said for the Gorengers and Kikaider. Plus, Hongo at least has improbably high intelligence and an IQ of 600

AkaRed, God of Milestone Celebrations
  • Symbol: A golden V
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Reason for Joining: Wants to guide all Sentai teams towards victory in the battle against evil. Cosmos allowed him to represent every Super Sentai member out there as a member of the Pentagon.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High
  • Threat to Melkor: High. Considering that he can turn into ever main Red Sentai Ranger in existence at will, its no wonder he was picked to represent the all the teams as a whole.

Zordon, God of Huge Holographic Heads (Zoltar, Zordonicus)
Prior to his sealing 
  • Demigod (with sealed Greater God powers)
  • Symbol: His floating head in a tube
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Reason for Joining: Once a follower of Cosmos, he joined because she commissioned him to form the Toku Division to enrich the power of Good. Not everyone are teenagers with attitude, but Zordon is greatly pleased. He is now even more pleased that he is leading a cadre of ascended Toku deities.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Very High. He is impressed by her strong will to eliminate evil just as he does.
  • Threat to Melkor: Very High. Melkor worries that should he be killed the same way he was in Power Rangers in Space, his entire Alliance will be forcibly turned good by the resulting energy wave or turned to ashes. Regrettably, this means he can't be killed any ordinary way.

Other Members

Jiro, God of Duality Motifs (Kikaider)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Kikaider Symbol (his buckle) and his Conscience Circuit
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Reason for Joining: To make sure Melkor's forces and influence don't reach to his place of origin.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Medium. Has complete loyalty to Professor Komiyoji, but still respects and follows Cosmos' orders.
  • Threat to Melkor: Medium. While highly skilled, he isn't too focused on dealing with Melkor's forces directly unless they come to him.
    Moonlight Mask 
Moonlight Mask, Divine Progenitor of Tokusatsu (Gekko Kamen, Moonbeam Man, Inspector Iwai)
Anime version 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A golden crescent moon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with some really Chaotic Good undertones
  • Reason for Joining: Seeing as he is the Trope Codifier for Toku, Moonlight Mask thought it would be fitting if he joined.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Moderate. He still doesn’t trust her enough to disclose his identity.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Being a Badass Normal is quite impressive but lackluster compared to how powerful everybody else is. Still, he is ruthless when it comes to combat and catches most by surprise.
  • Surprisingly not a member of the Pentagon. Moonlight Mask refuses since his operations would be harder to operate if he was put in such a spotlight.

    Viewtiful Joe 
Joe Black, the Henshin A Go-Go God (Viewtiful Joe)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His helmet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Reason for Joining: Might not come from a show but Viewtiful Joe already drowns in Tokusatsu cliches, so he asked to be transferred here since the division fitted him the best. Not that anybody’s complaining.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High since she made the Toku Division in the first place, something he’ll thank her forever for.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: High. His incredible fast combat makes Joe a rather annoying person to deal with.

    The Space Sheriffs 

Retsu Ichijouji/Geki Jumonji, Den Iga/Kai Hyuga and Dai Sawamura/Shu Karasuma, Gods of Intergalactic Law Enforcers (Retsu: Space Sheriff Gavan, Space Cop Gabin, Sky Ranger Gabin, X-OR | Den: Space Sheriff Sharivan I, Space Guardian Shariban | Dai: Space Sheriff Shaider I, Capitaine Sheider, Alexis Del Mundo | Geki: Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G | Kai: Space Sheriff Sharivan II | Shu: Space Sheriff Shaider II)
The Original Space Sheriffs. From left to right: Sharivan I, Gavan and Shaider I.
The Next Generation Space Sheriffs. From left to right: Sharivan II, Gavan Type-G and Shaider II.
Ichijouji (Gavan I) untransformed 
Iga (Sharivan I) untransformed 
Sawamura (Shaider I) untransformed 
Geki (Gavan Type-G) untransformed 
Kai (Sharivan II) untransformed 
Shu (Shaider II) untransformed 
  • Intermediate Gods when transformed. Greater Gods when boarding their spaceships. Lesser Gods when untransformed.
  • Symbol: The Galactic Union Patrol Symbol (As a whole)
    • Dol Giran (For Gavan I and Type-G)
    • Grand Birth (For Sharivan I and II)
    • Super Dimensional Mothership Vavilos (For Shaider I and II)
  • Alignment: Collectively between Lawful Good and Neutral Good. Geki can go into Chaotic Good from time to time.
  • Reason for Joining: To preserve peace and order, as well as to prevent the rise of Shocker and their allies in power.
  • Threat Level: Very High. all of the Sheriffs are experts at combatting crime and have enough weapons in their arsenal to deal with threats of all kind and their job makes it a priority for them to eliminate Melkor's forces with major impunity. It goes up to extreme levels if they get all of the Galactic Union Patrol involved, as the organization of law enforcers has access to planet-killing weapons and thus can destroy almost any evil that crosses their path.