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If a character has an element of duality to their nature, such as a Superpowered Evil Side, mixed-species ancestry, result of a Fusion Dance, a Split Personality, mastery of Yin-Yang Bomb, or even something as simple as a Tsundere's two distinct moods, this duality can be foreshadowed or visually reinforced by introducing a dual nature to their visual design. Whether it's two-tone clothes, mismatched eyes, or hair that changes color at the part, the two sides of their character come out in their appearance.

This aesthetic link can be a rule of the universe, such as all werewolves having a brown eye and a blue eye, or a fortuitous in-universe coincidence. Not every case of duality in appearance is part of a greater motif for the character—and would thus not be this trope—but if attention is drawn to both the outward and inward sides, particularly if by another character, then there's little doubt that the former is there to draw emphasis to the latter.

A Duality Motif is inherently limited to single characters, with many other tropes covering visual contrast between characters. The one exception is when two people form The Dividual—including Single-Minded Twins—the contrast between the two bodies can highlight contrast in the shared personality.

Commonplace for the Liminal Being and sometimes appear during Liminal Time.

This trope may be Older Than Print - depictions of Jesus from 565 AD show a distinctive asymmetry in his face that may have implied the theological concept of the Hypostatic Union.

See Hiding Behind Your Bangs and Two-Faced for visual designs that can be—but are not always—used for this effect.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ah! My Goddess: Urd's angel, World of Elegance, has a white wing and a black wing, reflecting Urd's dual nature as a half-goddess, half-demon. Her hair is also half-white and half-black on the same sides as the wings.
  • Nei in Avenger has heterochromia to indicate that she (or he, it ain't exactly clear, either) is both a Robot Girl and a real human. Well, actually, they are neither but have the potential to become one of the two.
  • Bleach: When fighting Yhwach, one of Ichigo's twinned blades turns white. When that happens, the left half of Ichigo's body transforms. He gains the markings, black eye sclera, and horn of his second Hollow form, giving him a split appearance that evokes the combined form of his Quincy powers and Inner Hollow.
  • In Digimon, both Lucemon Falldown Mode and Bagramon have this, with half of their bodies being angelic, and the other half being demonic.
  • Fairy Tail: After killing his fellow dragon slayer, Future Rogue got both the powers of the Shadow Dragon Slayer and the White Dragon Slayer. This is emphasized by his new appearance, which combines black and white colouring. Especially when he enters the White Shadow Dragon Mode, half of his face remains the same while the other one is concealed by a shadow.
  • In Fruits Basket, Haru has hair that's white with black roots, making it look white on top and black toward the bottom. Hence, his Split Personalities are known as White Haru and Black Haru.
  • The Count from Gankutsuou has a red eye and a green eye. This symbolizes not only his moral ambiguity and inner conflicts, but also the fact that he is part-human, part-monster, part-alive, part-undead and part-earthling, part-alien through his symbiosis with Gankutsuou. The duality symbolism is also present in some representations of his crest, a stylized heart divided into two clear compartments with different colours to represent his remaining human feelings and the fact that he is gradually turning into a cold-hearted monster.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion: Josuke has two-toned eyes, a tongue with a visible seam, four testicles, and a gap between his front teeth. This foreshadows that he is the result of a Fusion Dance.
  • Oskar von Reuenthal of Legend of the Galactic Heroes has a pair of mismatched eyes (one brown eye, the other blue), hinting at both his sordid parentage and the inner conflict between his loyalties and ambitions.
  • The Lyrical Nanoha series has two examples:
  • Allelujah Haptism from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has a gray eye and a gold one. His hair always obscures one of the two, cluing any viewers into whether it is he or his evil Split Personality Hallelujah that is currently in control. In the end, he ends up pulling his hair back to reveal both eyes, allowing both personalities to simultaneously control his body, giving him the reflexes of two people.
  • Todoroki from My Hero Academia, who has fire and ice powers inherited from his father and mother, respectively. Both his hair and eyes are two different colors split down the middle (each matching his parents,) with either half of his powers only able to be used from that half (ice for his right side and fire for his left side.) He also has a burn scar covering the left side of his face. In this case, it all represents Todoroki's family issues, with his abusive father putting him through Training from Hell to groom him into a worthy successor and eventually driving his mother insane until she gave him his burn scar and got put in an asylum. With a deep hatred for his father, Todoroki considers his left side a curse and refuses to use his fire powers for a good chunk of the series. His initial hero costume (when he relied entirely on his ice powers) also tries to subvert this by covering up the entirely of his left half in an ice motif.
  • Naruto
    • Like One Piece's Inazuma, Zetsu also has a white half and a black one. The white is loud, brash and a humorist while the black is serious and composed. They can even split in half.
    • Karin is a lesser example: The left half of her hair is straight, while the right one is spiky and unkempt. It's to emphasize her Mood-Swinger nature.
  • The eponymous Hellhound of Nora; when in human guise, his right eye is red and his left is yellow.
  • In One Piece, Inazuma has a white half and black (orange in anime) half motif that goes to his hair and long cloak. Downplayed, though, in that it represents his dual gender nature (which is indirect, courtesy of his boss Emporio Ivankov).
  • Jio Freed from O-Parts Hunter has one blue and one red eye, as well as half-and-half hair. This is mainly to symbolize the fact that he is a host to Demon 1i, Satan.
  • The Count D from Pet Shop of Horrors has heterochromia, one eye being purple and the other, whom he hides under his hair, is golden. In the manga, it's explained that this is meant to be representative not only for his non-human nature, but also for his inheritance: his father and grandfather have golden and purple eyes, respectively. Since each one has a very different personality, and D has personality traits from both, his heterochromia symbolizes this dual nature.
  • Big Bad God of War Homura from Saiyuki has one golden eye, and one blue one, as a result of his father being a human.
  • Mika Ayanokoji from Shattered Angels, whose right iris is purple and the left, orange (though, the latter may be an implant). Her dual nature seems to be that she is simultaneously manipulative and scheming and dangerously passionate for Kaon.
  • In Sukisho, whenever Yoru takes over Sora's body, one of his eyes turns gold while the other remains blue.
  • Lord Darcia of Wolf's Rain has multiple duality motifs that show up in the anime.
    • For starters, he has one normal blue eye and one golden wolf's eye hidden under his Eyepatch of Power, to show that he's found a way to turn himself into a wolf so that he can enter the Paradise forbidden to humans. Fortunately his plan is thwarted by Kiba and Cheza, but his evil wolf eye lives on...
    • When he returns in episode 25 after having been absent since episode 12, he is wearing a masquerade mask which appears to be both smiling and weeping at the same time.
    • He's in love with the good twin from a set of twins who definitely have Sibling Yin-Yang going on, and it was the Evil Twin who murdered Darcia's lover and subsequently tries to seduce him as well.
    • At the end of episode 26 insists that both he and Kiba are "Chosen", which cements him embracing what he perceives as his destined role: to be Kiba's Evil Counterpart.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Yubel has one orange eye and one green eye. In Season 4, after Judai merges with Yubel, his normally brown eyes change to these when using his newly acquired powers.
  • Yui Kamio Lets Loose: Teiyo Private Academy's uniform has black and white checkerboard motif. Fitting for a new student with clothing-altering split personally.

    Asian Animation 
  • Happy Heroes: Appearance-wise, Nine is primarily colored gray on her left side and black on her right, the gray side representing her brother Long.

    Comic Books 
  • As well as being the Trope Codifier for Two-Faced, Batman villain Two-Face also wears suits which are the sort of sober outfits you'd expect of a DA on the "clean" side, and loud checks and stripes on the scarred side. In some stories his Supervillain Lair is spotlessly clean on one side and a mess on the other. Everything about him has to reflect his duality if at all possible.
  • The original Legion of Super-Heroes continuity's Duo Damsel (formerly Triplicate Girl) has a two-toned costume which splits into orange and purple costumes. In the rebooted continuity, as Triad, she has one amber eye and one lilac eye, and wears a costume with orange and purple panels. When she splits in three, Triad-Neutral retains the two-toned clothing and eyes, while Triad-Purple and Triad-Orange are just in their colour.
  • Wonder Woman (1942): Clarice Mystik has a downplayed duality motif displayed by her heterochromia and slightly asymmetric clothing which reflects that she's a sweet girl who is nonetheless a minion of the evil Zara.

    Fan Works 
  • In Abraxas (Hrodvitnon), Monster X has this in their final form, specifically the heterochromic eye form. Their right eye is hazel-green and their left eye is red, reinforcing their Two Beings, One Body duality as a fusion of Vivienne Graham (green eye) and San (red eye, the former left head of Ghidorah) and also the deeper Sibling Yin-Yang themes in the duo's relationship and dynamic with each other.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In District 9, the iris of Wikus's left eye turns gold (and huge) at around the seventy-second hour of his transformation into a Prawn, while the right one remains its original human coloring, even after he has fully transformed. It's one of the ways the audience can identify him at the end of the movie.
  • In Don't Look Back, the characters' appearances slowly change over the course of the movie. Characters who are midway through their transformations often have mismatched eyes.
  • Futureworld 2018: Ash has blue and green eyes. This appears to signify that, although she looks completely human, she's really an android.
  • Lucie has them in Livid. Her heterochromia is described by another character as a sign of her having two souls.
  • The Shining uses a lot of this, with mirror reflections and symmetrical items such as double-doors, to reinforce the dual-nature of the hotel (which is practically a character itself) as well as Jack Torrance with his inner demons.
  • In The Unborn, the 2009 film, one of Casey's eyes starts changing color to match that of her unborn twin brother around the time his soul — which is attached to hers — starts killing people.

  • Creature Court: Nonbinary actor Sunshine wears a costume which is a suit on one side and a dramatically sequined cocktail gown on the other for a stage performance in the Cabaret of Monsters novella. Evie notes that the symbolism is really not that subtle.
  • In Doctrine of Labyrinths, Felix has one blue eye and one gold, and throughout the series he displays a highly dualistic nature — one side of him loves deeply and genuinely wants to help others, the other side of him is angry, cruel, and destructive. According to the author, he also suffers from bipolar disorder (though he lives in a society that doesn't recognise it) so his moods tend to be erratic and rather extreme.
  • Iron Widow: Chrysalis eyes glow with their controller's qi, so mismatched eyes are a sign of a "Balanced Match" where the two pilots are sharing control through their Psychic Link.
  • Rosalind of Magruder's Curiosity Cabinet is gender-fluid, and performs in a sideshow as a "double-sexed" curiosity. He makes his own costumes, which are split down the middle between a man's suit and a woman's neatly-tailored walking gown, including split makeup and half a wig and false moustache. Off the stage, he still prefers to dress in a mixture of men's and women's clothing.
  • In Jostein Gaarder's philosophical novel Maya, the character Laura has one brown eye and one green eye. The narrator thinks of this as somehow connected to her dual nature — one side of her seems to care for all living things and the planet as a whole, while the other side seems to care about everything in the world except human beings.
  • Hnick from Dmitri Yemets's book series Methodius Buslaev has one blue eye and one black eye according to Book 3. His body is stitched from at last two different corpses.
  • In The Shattered Kingdoms, Meiran/Lahlil has this going on as a result of having been mistakenly bestowed with the "blessings" of both (mutually hostile) Nomas deities. One of the Nomas describes the two deities (a sun god and a moon goddess) as warring over her body. The most obvious sign is her mismatched eyes, but it is also present more subtly in her behaviours — for example, she's said to favour different hands depending on whether it's day (sun god) or night (moon goddess).
  • In Stardust, the protagonist Tristran's mismatched ears (one ordinary, one pointed) indicate his mixed human and magical parentage and resulting dual nature, which the reader knows about but Tristran does not.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe: Villainess Ysanne Isard, main antagonist of the X-Wing books has mismatched eyes. The right is blue, and the left is red. They're often symbolically attached to the cold efficiency (her nickname is Iceheart) and fiery anger she's known for.
  • In The Stormlight Archive, those with light eyes are the nobility and those with dark eyes are peasants. However, the child of a lighteyes and a darkeyes has a chance to be born with one light and one dark eye, which will put him in an odd middle space where nobody's really sure what rank to assign him.
  • In the Roger Zelazny book This Immortal, protagonist narrator Conrad Nomikos has heterochromia, among other odd features. But then he is probably a mutant and is definitely hundreds of years old. His unique appearance is an important plot point.
    I glare at people through the cold blue one on the right side when I want to intimidate them; the brown one is for Glances Sincere and Honest.
  • In The Faerie Queene, every pair in Ate's body is mismatched to highlight her duplicity. One foot is long, the other short; one ear is giant, the other is tiny; and one hand can only push, the other can only pull. This duality even extends to single organs like her tongue, which she inexplicably has two of to Double Speak with.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In an episode of Get Smart Max visits a circus that has a half-man/half-woman, who dresses half in a tuxedo and half in a Pimped-Out Dress. He/She moves his/her head to profile whichever of his/her two halves are speaking at a given time, and occasionally argues with him/herself.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kamen Rider Double has this as a result of being born from a Fusion Dance transformation. The right half is controlled by the brainy Philip, resulting in its governing Double's Elemental Powers and changes between green, red, and gold; the left half, controlled by the more emotional Shotaro, governs Double's fighting style and changes between black, silver, and blue. The dichotomy was further emphasized by the S.I.C. action figure line's re-imagining of Double, which gave Philip's halves more curves and metallic hues while Shotaro's halves tend towards hard, straight lines and flat colors.
    • Kamen Rider Build has a similar half-and-half design to Double, only erratically zigzagging across his suit instead of Double's clean split. In Build's case, he mixes abilities of organic and inorganic components (usually animals and machines, respectively). He most often balances the agility of a rabbit with the firepower of a tank, which symbolizes his basic character conflict: a man devoted to "love and peace" (symbolized by the rabbit) who nonetheless finds himself creating weapons of war (the tank).
  • Kikaider: The Kikaider series of androids had sports of blue (which signifies their altruistic impulses) and red (which signifies their capacity to do evil and harm that lies underneath) on their body designs. Notably, the "red" side is also the side that has part of Kikaider's robot brain exposed.
  • Lieutenant Aiden Ford of Stargate Atlantis has one eye turn completely black due to an accident during a Wraith attack on the city. This same accident also got him hopped up on and addicted to Wraith enzyme, causing him to go AWOL and hunt down the Wraith on his own.
  • In the WKRP in Cincinnati episode "Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide" Johnny Fever gets a job as a TV DJ spinning disco records. He doesn't want to do disco so he invents an alternate persona named "Rip Tide" for the TV gig. He dyes his blond hair dark for the part, but only the part of his hair not covered by his beret. This duality of hair color reflects the duality of "Johnny" and "Rip," who starts to take him over a la Jekyll & Hyde.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Melinoe, a little-known figure from Classical Mythology and the daughter of either Zeus and Persephone or Hades and Persephone, is often interpreted as having half of her body chalk white and the other half pitch black. This is meant to denote her as a Child of Two Worlds (white representing Olympus, black representing the Underworld).
  • Modern interpretations view Baphomet as a dualistic embodiment of binary opposites. The Trope Maker for this interpretation likely harkens back to Eliphas Levi's iconic portrayal of Baphomet with male and female characteristics.

  • In Survival of the Fittest, Dominica Shapiro, who was dual in nature (displaying both a thoroughly villainous and surprisingly heroic side), has heterochromia. Similarly, v1's Hawley Faust has heterochromia, possibly to emphasize both his status as a reformed villain and his being a Foil of Adam Dodd.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Pathfinder, Changelings are the Half-Human Hybrid daughters of the evil Hag Mage Species by humanoid fathers and always have mismatched eyes. Each must eventually choose whether to remain a Changeling or seek out her inhuman roots and undergo a Metamorphosis into a full Hag herself.

    Video Games 
  • In The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, Letecia has heterochromia, one reddish-purple eye and one greenish-blue one. This is explainable by the fact that she is a merger of two Vile Gods.
  • The 22nd entry in the beatmania IIDX series, PENDUAL, has two different phases, Present Phase and Future Phase, with the phase switching every day. Each phase has a different interface, different song list, and some song unlocks are only obtainable in one phase or the other.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge of BlazBlue has these to indicate that he is half-vampire. However, this only applies in one particular instance of the Stable Time Loop: in all others, including the one covered by the story, his changed eye, the red one, is linked to the function of his arm, the fake Azure Grimoire. When it stops working, so does his arm.
  • The vampire sisters in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin have heterochromia to indicate they aren't full vampires yet. Each of them has one eye of the other's normal colour, creating a creepy impression that they've switched eyes.
  • Cassette Beasts: Kuneko has one red eye and one blue eye, one leathery wing and one feathery wing, and her hair is split down the middle between black and white. These all fit with her backstory of being an angel/demon hybrid.
  • Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth introduces Mastemon, a DNA Digivolution of Angewomon and LadyDevimon who has a half angelic/half fiendish look.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II: Malady is an elf-demon hybrid who wears a mask over one side of her face. In one candid conversation, she says that she sees balance in her face — between good and evil, order and chaos — and that she's fighting to preserve that balance in the world.
  • The Drawn to Life games has Heather, a little girl whose face is half covered in shadows. She is Mike's sister in the real world.
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: In the expansion The Shivering Isles, Sheogorath wears an asymmetrical suit reflecting both the dual nature of madness and the literal "split" in his realm. Since both sides mostly use the same color pallet, the differences are subtle; his "Manic" side looks like an eccentric set of finery which, nonetheless, doesn't look terribly out of place for the setting, while his "Demented" side appears more sinister, with spiked lapels and frills and a serpent's mouth for a sleeve cuff. More recent versions of the Mad God also have duality-themed clothes, with the "Manic" and "Demented" sides coloured purple and red, respectively.
  • Vivec, one of the three Tribunal gods, from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: The right half of his physical body is that of a golden-skinned Chimer, while the left side is dark-skinned and red-eyed, like a Dunmer's. This represents the essential duality of the modern Dunmer race, who had once been the Chimer but were cursed by the Daedric Prince Azura for the Tribunal's betrayal of Nerevar, resulting in their contemporary appearance.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Yuna from Final Fantasy X has heterochromia to indicate that she's half Al-Bhed. She has a green eye and a blue one.
    • Mira, the protagonist of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord. Her default outfit consists of two different outfits stitched together, and you can eventually get her into a full version of either dress, among other outfits. Her duality comes in the form of her being a mix of two different Crystal Chronicles races, and she's a bit sensitive about this fact.
  • Minogame from Hellsinker possesses differently colored eyes to symbolize him being a Hermaphrodite as well as possessing control over both Sol and Luna.
  • Tat from Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil is a cat-like creature who's white on one side and dark purple on the other. She's a Tsundere towards Klonoa, and when she splits into two separate beings, her white half is nicer than her purple half.
  • MapleStory's Luminous has one red eye due to the corruption of the Black Mage which gives him Yin-Yang Bomb powers.
  • Levi Tolar, on-again off-again Dragon, originally from Super Robot Wars Alpha, has one red and one golden eye, to match her mecha Judecca. Her eye color changes fairly regularly though, depending on game and whether her Levi personality or her Mai Kobayashi personality is dominant.
  • In Tales of Graces, anyone possessed by Lambda develops heterochromia, with one eye turning red. In Asbel's case, his left eye turns purple rather than red.
  • Equinox from Warframe has duality as her main gimmick, with a Day and Night form, switched between with her first ability, with Day taking roughly the form of an armored warrior featuring offensive skills, and Night form wearing a dress and featuring defensive and supportive skills.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney DS, Angel Starr has differently colored eyes, but it's hard to tell because the eyes are tiny and we only see one eye at a time. (When the hair covers the right side of her face, she looks nice, but when she's angry it covers the left, so we never see them both at once.) According to the creators, it's because she wears colored contacts, and is thus invoked.
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All: Matt Engarde's bangs represent two different sides of his personality. When his bangs cover the right side of his face, he acts like a happy-go-lucky Surfer Dude who can be pretty slow at times. But when he slicks his hair back, he reveals his true self; a Manipulative Bastard who believes people are only there to be used and thrown away.
  • Trapped with Jester: Jester's clothes and features are majorly red and blue, split asymmetrically down the middle. His niceness is genuine and he likes cute things, but he's also a demon who feeds on anguish.

    Web Animation 
  • ENA: ENA by default is half-blue and half-yellow, and she is a Mood-Swinger with a distinctive "Happy ENA" and "Sad ENA" side. By the end of "Temptation Stairway," the blue half slowly fades until she becomes entirely yellow, hinting that she lost her "Sad Side."
  • The character design of hololive's IRyS has different-colored wings, gloves, and eyes to reflect her half-angel, half-demon background, with her right side in lighter colors and left side in darker ones.
  • Mystery Skulls Animated: Duet's two-tone hair, asymmetrical clothes, and the fact that they are described as delivering all of their dialog deadpan while being an enthusiastic conversationalist all lend the character a duality. There's also their Meaningful Name.

  • Most of the Val'Sullisin'rune family in Drowtales have mismatched eyes, a fact that is commonly known in the setting and referred to as "devil eyes" in the case of the Ill'haress Ash'waren. It is not clear that they have any sort of "dual nature" aside from the case Ash's daughter Faen: the dual personality Blue = Innocent / Purple = Mysterious or badass fits.
  • Kade from Eerie Cuties has a yellow/gold left eye and a blue right eye. Of course, he is a Werecat...
  • The chimera boy Archie from Ellen's second life dreams in El Goonish Shive, although he hasn't been drawn in colour yet, appears to have heterochromia, given that one of his eyes is filled, and the other has a pupil and a gap between the pupil and the outline of the iris.
  • Berri in Fiyora Nya has one red eye and one green eye. Though they apparently change colors due to her other souls.
  • The conjoined boar oracles Iosef and Grigori in Ghost of the Gulag have a shared body split evenly down the middle between hairless and brown-furred, being a weird two-headed hybrid of a Babirusa and a European wild boar, and while they share a body, they don't share opinions regarding their father's beliefs and the role of the Shadow Walker in the fate of the Taiga.
  • Homestuck: Sollux has one eye that's completely red and one that's completely blue, thus making him have both heterochromia and Monochromatic Eyes. However, this wasn't immediately obvious because he wears a pair of red-and-blue 3D glasses almost all the time. This duality is symbolic of his bipolar disorder. It continues after he "half-dies" (he's got two dreamselves): he gets one white eye (from his dead self in the dream bubbles) and one black eye for his blinded realself. The "half-alive" Sollux with Aradia has the same eyes but reversed.
  • Sudoku (Jigsaw's sister) in Last Res0rt also has heterochromia, with no special explanation attached other than her father (Cypher) having green eyes and her mother (Meridian) having blue. She's the only one in the family with this trait, though.
  • Tsukiko from The Order of the Stick has one dark blue eye and one light blue eye. This represents her status as a Mystic Theurge who can cast both divine and arcane spells. The magic that emanates from each of her hands is the same color as the eye on the opposite side, and when she casts Dominate Person, the victim gains her heterochromia as well. She's also from a country built on East Asian stereotypes, so it's possible that the trope's presence in anime was a factor in character design (and her otherwise East Asian coloring makes the mismatched blue eyes particularly striking). Her slippers also match her eye color. Apparently she's just decided to go with it.
    • A more trivial example: Pompey the half-elf has one pointed ear.
  • In Our Little Adventure, Angelo Souballo is one half of the Big Bad Duumvirate and has an outfit that's heavy on the Fashionable Asymmetry. He's also a master of both sorcery and divine magic, a Fallen Hero who receives guidance from a Lawful Neutral entity sanctioned by both Heaven and Hell, and trying to contain a case of Demonic Possession that pushes him towards more extreme acts of evil.
  • Sleepless Domain: Flash Cut wears a dress with a prominent light and dark orange stripe, and a distinctive headband with two orange ribbons. These design elements play into her primary ability — to split herself in two. When she does, one of her clones is light orange while the other is dark orange, and each one has the opposite side of her hair ribbon larger than the other.
  • Charlie of The Zombie Hunters, a Half-Human Hybrid Zombie. has one normal, pale blue right eye, while the left eye has a black sclera and a glowing white iris, like those of most other Zombies. He easily conceals it with a special contact lens.

    Web Videos 
  • On the Dream SMP, Ranboo is half-enderman/half-something-else, has a distinctive black-and-white design, and has heterochromatic eye colours (green and red, respectively). To a lesser extent, this also applies to his beliefs, in that his people-over-factions philosophy often leads to him helping more than one side in a given conflict.
  • WitchCraft SMP:

    Western Animation 
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko's scar covers almost the entire left side of his face, incidentally making one eye look smaller than the other. Additionally, he's one of the few characters in the series to have two fighting styles: firebending, and using Dao Swords — aka Dual Wielding. His internal struggle is heavily emphasized.
  • In Batman: The Animated Series, as in many of the other works in which he appears, half of Two-Face's face has been scarred by acid, his hair changes color at the mid-line of his head, and his eye on the scarred side has been stained yellow. In this particular incarnation of the character, he wears two-tone black and white suits that further have each clothing element switch color along the mid-line of his body (i.e., black jacket, white shirt, black tie switches to white jacket, black shirt, white tie.) He is torn between the noble personality of Harvey Dent and the violent 'Big Bad Harv', settles choices with a coin flip, and is obsessed with duality, taking the trope to its logical extreme.
  • In Legion of Super Heroes (2006), Triplicate Girl has Triad's look from the comics, but as well as a two-toned outfit orange and purple outfit, she also has orange and purple hair-streaks, which likewise result in her Orange and Purple duplicates having their hair in those colours. (Unlike the original, where the Neutral duplicate retains the colour scheme, this version's outfit and hair become pure white.)
  • The Owl House:
    • After Lilith performs a sharing spell on Eda, saving the latter from being completely consumed by her Owl Beast curse but also infecting Lilith with it and draining both witches' innate magic; one eye in either sister (Eda's left eye and Lilith's right eye) is now permanently grayed out (looking similar to the Owl Beast's monochrome palette), whilst the other eye retains their normal color.
    • The Collector's appearance when trapping the Owl Beast shows them wearing a cloak with stars that is grey on one side and dark grey on the other. And going by their appearance in the present day, their face, at least, is also half-and-half, with one side being blue and the other orange.
  • Catra in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has one blue and one yellow eye, seemingly symbolising her emotional division between her obvious affection for Adora (who has blue eyes) and her anger and jealousy at the same. When Catra goes off the deep end and tries to destroy the world just to get back at Adora in the third season, she picks up some temporary void corruption that obscures the blue eye just as the rift between them widens.
  • A variant on Steven Universe; Garnet actually has three eyes, one red, one blue and one violet, because she's a Fusion of Ruby, who has two eyes, and Sapphire, who is a cyclops. The violet eye is them finding balance.
  • Young Justice (2010): After Razer finally regains his hope to find Aya, the Blue Lantern ring comes back to him, although it does not get rid of his Red Lantern ring, since he's come to terms with both his rage and hope. As a result, his Lantern uniform becomes half-red, half-blue, and he's able to wield both of them equally.