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Video Game / Cassette Beasts

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Adventure, Battle, Transform!
Cassette Beasts is a Retraux-style JRPG game developed by Bytten Studio and published by Raw Fury and is a forthcoming release for Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X sometime in 2022.

The game takes place in the open world of New Wirral, a remote island full of mysterious creatures, some good and some bad, and the people that transform into other creatures to fight them, all with the magical new-age 1980's power of—cassette tapes! Defeating a monster in battle turns it into audio data which can be recorded onto a cassette tape. Later on, the player can use the same tape and play it back to transform back into that monster. At a certain point in the game the player gets the ability to create mixtapes, creating monster fusions that combine the abilities of two monsters.


Cassette Beasts records the following tropes on tape: