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Cassette Beasts is an upcoming Mons Series game planned to be released for PC in 2023. A demo version of the game, showcasing the first few areas and first major boss, was made publicly available in a 2022 Steam Next Fest. The official website of the game is located here.

Tropes Present in the Demo Version:

  • Ability Required to Proceed: In the demo version of the game, the player is required at one point to scan and add a moth-type Beast to their tape deck in order to unlock a gliding ability that's required to cross a gap that leads to progress.
  • Character Customization: The demo version of the game begins with a menu to choose your character's name, as well as their pronouns, and then choose their hair, shirt, pants, and potential accessories from a variety of color options. All of these elements can later be altered in the first major town.
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  • Clipped-Wing Angel: A more literal version than most, as the boss of the demo version of the game is referred to as an Archangel and is at level 100, but is found in a broken state and with low enough health to be taken out by a level 8 Fusion Dance.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The archangels, if Morgante is any indication. Kayleigh even comments on how they're something else.
  • Fusion Dance: Upon reaching the boss of the demo, your partner Kayleigh refuses to give up even when things start looking bad, and suddenly fuses their Beast form with the protagonist's in order to gain a power boost. This form will look different depending on which Beast the player is using at the time.
  • Mons: Despite looking like such, the player and their companions are not "catching" the mons, they copy the data in their cassettes and gain their form and abilities.
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  • Old Save Bonus: Upon completing the demo version of the game, a notification states that all progress will be carried over into the full game when it is released.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: The demo ends with Eugene shouting away a pair of pale individuals with fangs. He calls them "blood-suckers" and tells them to "go back to the darkness from where they came." He also warns a town member not to invite them in, because that's what they want.
  • Theme Naming: Based on Arthurian Legend. As mentioned by the beginning quote, Wirral was the land that Gawain travelled in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and the Archangel's name is Morgante, and she talks about Mordread
  • Palette Swap: Rarely a Cassette Beast will have different coloration. They are called "Bootlegs" and have additional abilities.
  • Place Beyond Time: New Wirral has a population of humans from multiple time periods.