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Sucker bet. Gets me every time.

"My aura has never been pinker!"
Ty Lee letting her Ax-Crazy boss know how she's doing, Avatar: The Last Airbender

A good way of applying the humor of The Comically Serious to villains is by pairing them with the Perky Female Minion. This character is something like the Distaff Counterpart/Foil to the Enigmatic Minion; she can range in psyche from Punch-Clock Villain to fairly psychotic, but have an upbeat, Genki Girl personality, in sharp contrast to the (usually male) Big Bad she serves, who will be gloomy, Ax-Crazy, etc. If the female minion has a crush on her boss, which she often does, it will generally be of the Mad Love variety, although this affection isn't a requirement, nor is its reciprocation.

However, despite her cheerfulness and energy, she is usually still good at what she does. When this is the case, her employer usually views her as a Bunny-Ears Lawyer.

Compare Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl for a similar dynamic. Contrasts The Baroness for the exact opposite, a chilly/chilling and sadistic villainess. Can be a subtrope of Vile Villain, Laughable Lackey.



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    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Harley Quinn was originally a psychiatrist assigned to The Joker, but wound up falling in love with him and helping him in his crimes. She's an unrepentant murderer, but so cheerful and so absolutely devoted to "Mistah J" that one can't help but pity her when he slaps her around and/or threatens to kill her. Of course, The Joker is by no means gloomy or deadpan.
  • Minordomo, assistant to Majordomo (who is Mojo's assistant himself) in X-Men. She's so genki she suffers repeated heart attacks getting worked up over imagined disasters. Since she is also an android, this typically just requires someone to hit her reset button, rather than having any lasting effect. This makes the two of them a Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl duo.
  • Mariah is the Colonel's perky assassin in Sin City that is both fashionable and a Deadpan Snarker.
  • Doctor Aphra to Darth freaking Vader in Star Wars: Darth Vader.
  • Wolverine villain Sabretooth had the very short-lived Birdy, who played this role for him. In the comics it is just a front as she had been unwillingly Reforged into a Minion by him, but in her adaptational appearances in the Capcom vs. games it is played completely straight.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Juliet Butler of Artemis Fowl, sister to Artemis's Battle Butler. She eventually decides that body-guarding isn't her thing and leaves to try out for a wrestling team.
    Artemis: I can only hope that she fails the audition. Though I doubt it. She is a Butler, after all.
  • In Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain, this is basically Claire's official job description. Her villainous costume is a full-body teddy bear costume, which helps enhance her power to cloud minds with cuteness.
  • Cindy Wakowski aka Red Riding Hood fills this role for Villain Protagonist Merciless in The Supervillainy Saga as she serves as a constant source of sass and Fanservice for the villain. Eventually, they get a Relationship Upgrade.
  • Khita from The Iron Teeth web serial. She's a young woman who is part of Herad's group of bandits. She has a perky personality and her actions are usually used as comic relief. No one really takes her all that seriously, but she's also far from useless in a fight. She really likes her knives.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Elle from Heroes is sort of both sides: half perky and half psycho.
  • Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego has Carmen's minion Jacqueline Hyde, whose name is a Jekyll and Hyde pun, and who shifts from this trope to a nasty devil in that style.
  • Harmony in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is initially this to Spike. Later she takes the same role for Angel, who, while not evil (most of the time), is gloomy enough to retain the contrast.
  • Mele from Juken Sentai Gekiranger. While she could get deep-voiced, if the subject is about her Rio-sama, she starts getting perky and lovey-dopey. Also, during the mecha fights, while the commentator would seem to support the Gekirangers' mecha, Mele would cheer on the RinJyuKen monsters if they're gaining ground. She later develops into a full-fledged Love Martyr and plays a huge part in redeeming her and Rio.
  • Jilly Kitzenger from Torchwood: Miracle Day is an incredibly perky but almost conscienceless corporate shill for the pharmaceutical company that caused the Miracle as part of a plan to seize power.
    Vera Juarez: This is disgusting.
    Jilly Kitzinger: [huge grin on her face] I KNOW!!
  • Most of the villains in the campy '60s Batman (1966) series had at least one, maybe a couple. Exactly big a role they played in the villain's gang and how loyal they were varied. (Not to mention how loyal the villain was to her; the Joker betrayed one Perky Female Minion, who made a Heel–Face Turn as a result.)

  • Paula with Professor Nebulous in Nebulous — although Nebulous isn't evil, he's a humourless jerk of a Mad Scientist with a God-complex who once blew up the Isle of Wight because he wanted to move it to the right a bit. Despite this, Paula has an incredibly poorly-disguised infatuation with Nebulous, to the point that at one point, when Nebulous breaks his arm, Paula tries to kiss it better, prompting Nebulous to reply "Paula... that's my midriff".
    • This is lampshaded with her surname — Breeze.


    Tabletop Games 


    Video Games 
  • Uzuki from The World Ends with You is a good example when paired with the composer, especially when she giggles.
  • Lash in Advance Wars. She plays it to the hilt when paired with The Stoic Enigmatic Minion Hawke in Dual Strike.
  • Grandia has three of these; Nana, Saki, and Mio are ALL in love with the Colonel, and only fight with any effectiveness as a team. They are comically annoying even to their own side, but ultimately seem to be well-intentioned... Or at least intentioned alongside their boss. Who doesn't especially care for them.
  • Project Justice has this in Momo, who serves Big Bad Kurow until he betrays her because of his failures. She's not all fun and rainbows, though, as she does show quite an evil streak.
  • Tira from SoulCalibur is this to the grim and brutal Nightmare. Granted, she's pretty creepy and insane as well. Bonus points since he feeds her soul to Soul Edge in his story.
  • An inversion is Nastasia from Super Paper Mario. Her boss, Count Bleck, is cheerful in embracing his over-the-top villainy and magician-like looks and personality, while Nastasia, the minion, is gloomy, precise, and organizes most of the actual plans.
    • Count Bleck has three other minions, one of them being Mimi, a perky female one to contrast the more enigmatic Dimentio. The third, a stereotypically Scottish big dumb guy called O'Chunks, is the comic relief of the trio.
    • The first two games had Kammy Koopa, who is much, much older than most examples of this character type.
  • Touhou has an all-female cast and most characters are introduced in an antagonistic role, so this shows up on occasion. The best example is probably Futo— Cheerful, dumb, likes fire, devoted to a supervillain...
  • As of Mortal Kombat 9, Mileena counts. Her pre-match quote and some other lines display a childlike enthusiasm for violence, and she seems genuinely excited on fighting for her "father", the Obviously Evil Shao Kahn. One of the challenge tower missions involves her attempts to force Scorpion to accept a teddy bear that she made for him. She's still psychopathically Ax-Crazy though.
  • Cipher Admins Venus and Lovrina from Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness respectively. Venus styles herself as a pop diva and practically rules an entire town through broadcasted propaganda, while Lovrina has the appearance and mannerisms of a cute, ditzy Valley Girl type, but is in fact a psychotic Evil Genius. Both tend to favor conventionally 'cute' or 'pretty' Pokémon.
  • While Miss Pauling from Team Fortress 2 has yet to appear in-game, the official comics reveal her to be the Cloudcuckoolander's Minder to the mercenaries and the Morality Pet for The Administrator.
  • Both played straight and (knowing the game, deliberately) inverted with Undyne and King Asgore of Undertale, Undyne being the severe and aggressive warrior to Asgore's calm, genuinely sweet and caring role as the king. Also counts as a straight example, as Undyne is way more unhinged and zany compared to her boss, whose past deeds makes him feel like he should never be able to act lightheaded again, even if he wasn't actually the one to carry out the deed (which Undyne, apparently unflinchingly, carried out.)
  • Despite being the hero, Phoenix Wright of the Ace Attorney series and his cohorts seem to attract these like moths to a light. Notables include Maya Fey, Ema Skye, Trucy Wright, Kay Faraday, and Athena Cykes.
  • Another heroic example, loosely, is post-Heel–Face Turn Harley Quinn in Injustice 2. The Joker's final demise did wonders for Harley's morality (though not sanity by any conventional definition), but she serves Big Good Batman with the same bonkers cheer and deranged (though no longer murderous) energy she gave the Joker while he was alive. While Batman remains Batman.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic has Vette, who is the Sith Warrior's slave and a smart-mouthed Twi'lek who usually has a quip on hand. Depending on how you play your character, you can either develop an actual friendship (or if you're male, a possible romance) or you activate her shock collar whenever she gets too mouthy.
  • Atlas Reactor has Kara St. James, aka NEV:3, who is the perky lab assistant of her boss dr. Finn. In a departure, Kara is just as perky as most examples of this trope but her boss is a Fun Personified Pungeon Master himself: The two get along swimmingly because they're so similar.
  • Danganronpa has an inversion with Izuru Kamukura, a dark, gloomy, and emotionless (but very powerful) henchman to his perky female boss, Junko Enoshima.
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 2: Copen tends to hover between antihero and Villain Protagonist, and generally never lightens up. The AI for his attack drones, Lola, is playful, energetic, and expressive.
  • Flea of the Mystical Knights in Chrono Trigger is a Villainous Crossdresser who fits the part.
  • Sexy Jester, Harle from Chrono Cross is this to Lynx.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • Snarky, rude supervillainess Vamp, to her boss The Necromancer in the Whateley Universe. You know no one named The Necromancer is going to be a comedian.
  • In RWBY Chibi, Neapolitan becomes this to Roman, being cheerier than her main series character and gaining the use of placards to "voice" her opinion.

    Western Animation 
  • Again, Harley Quinn toward The Joker in the DC Animated Universe.
  • Mochi Mochiato from Sushi Pack, although this only showed up in the episode "Deep Freeze". Unlike the other members of the Legion of Low Tide, she is quite perky, a girly-girl through and through.
  • Major Doctor Ghastly in Evil Con Carne.
  • The bubbly Ty Lee of Avatar: The Last Airbender, created specifically to serve as comedic foil to both Mai and Azula. Unlike most examples, she doesn't follow Azula out of respect, but out of fear of her childhood friend.
  • Thunderblast from Transformers Cybertron.
  • One episode of Aladdin: The Series had a group of Valkyries led by a no-nonsense warrior woman and her cheerful bumbling Brawn Hilda sidekick as a Fat and Skinny duo.
  • Demencia from Villainous. Her boss Black Hat absolutely despises her tendency to flirt with him, but reluctantly views it as a necessary trade-off considering she's also his most powerful and loyal operative as a result.
  • Ezor from Voltron: Legendary Defender to the other more serious generals working with Lotor. The fans don't refer to her as "Space Ty Lee" for nothing!
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot has an example in the form of Tammy. The Space Bikers attack Jenny's favorite place to hang out and introduce themselves in a very intimidating manner, but Tammy just gleefully says her name in a cheerful manner that causes everyone to pause. The leader sheepishly says "She's new..."
  • Once she joins the Legion of Doom in season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, young pegasus Cozy Glow is quite perky and upbeat in comparison to her co-conspirators, especially the brooding Tirek (whom she most often hang around) and the overly serious Big Bad Grogar.


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