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Fist of the forest wind, Green Tornado
Blade of the tropical storm, Green Sword

When Elemental Powers are color-coded (for your convenience), air and wind, being invisible and colorless, present a conundrum. Blue, yellow, and red are respectively taken by water, lightning or earth, and fire. In occult western symbolism, wind is supposed to be yellow, which as said is already taken by lightning or earth, and the next most likely color, white, may be taken by reserved for some form of White Magic, be it holy, light or healing.

So in many settings, since it's the only one missing from Chromatic Arrangement, wind gets associated with green. This may be in the color-coding system, in the motifs of the characters using it, by making the actual spell effects green, or any combination of those.

In Hinduism, green is the color of the heart chakra, which is also associated with air. The association bleeds over into Buddhism, though not consistently. Additionally, Taoist philosophy considers wind a product of the element wood; after all, the most obvious sign of wind is when it blows through grass and trees. Therefore, you'll see this trope mostly in Asian works, particularly Japanese Video Games, even though yellow and white are also cited as being associated with air by Chinese and Japanese symbolism. Could also be Truth in Television, as green skies will sometimes precede heavy storms (see the Real Life section).

Today, this trope is often propagated by the association of wind with earth-friendly, "green" wind-generated power.

A Sub-Trope of Color-Coded Wizardry and Color-Coded Elements. Also a Sub-Trope of Technicolor Wind for other colors associating with wind.

Compare Water Is Blue, Fire Is Red, and Gold Is Yellow. Also compare Yellow Lightning, Blue Lightning and Yellow Earth, Green Earth. Also see Gravity Is Purple, for another colorless "element" which is often associated with a specific color. For another trope based on the same Hindu and Buddhist wind association, see Pacifist Wind.

(And no, this has nothing to do with that kind of wind.) Except when it does.


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  • Green mint flavored products such as breathmints and toothpaste, will often be advertized with a cooling breeze to show the one using the product, and the potential buyer, that they have a minty fresh breath.

    Anime and Manga 
  • In Bakugan, Ventus note  Bakugan are various shades of green, and brawlers who use them tend to wear green too. In the reboot, Ventus Bakugan are still green, but now have the earth element as well as the air element.
  • Wind is represented as green in Black Clover. The Wind Spirit Sylph appears as a fairy with a green color scheme. Her partner, Yuno, is a powerful wind mage and his grimoire and mana are green, with some of his spells having a significant green tint to them.
  • In Cardcaptor Sakura, Windy is a light greenish hue, though she sometimes looks more on the yellowish side.
  • In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, although not real elemental wind powers per Gotouge's own words, Sanemi Shinazugawa's Wind Breathing techniques are depicted as green colored in the Digital Color Edition, and his demon slayer mark is of a dark green color there too. Sanemi is also green-themed in general as the Wind Hashira.
  • Zigzagged in Fairy Tail, at least in the anime: Wind and air spells usually employ a green insta-rune circle when invoked, but the wind generated by those spells tend to be gray or colorless.
  • In GaoGaiGar, FuuRyuu, whose name means "wind dragon", is colored green.
  • Shamal in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's series is firmly associated with the air element (her Device is named "Clear Wind" in German, she has wind-themed spells, and one of ther Red Baron-esque titles is "Hand of the Healing Wind"... the other being "Lady of the Lake", go figure) and her magic color is light green/celadon. Her barrier jacket and most of her casual clothing are also mainly green.
  • Vox Aura, the mech associated with wind in Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne, has a green color scheme.
  • In Magic Knight Rayearth Fuu, who has wind-related powers, is color-coded to green. (Also: Hikaru, with fire-related powers, is color-coded to red, and Umi, with water-related powers, is color-coded to blue.)
  • Mazinger Z Breath Weapon was Rust Hurricane. Mazinger-Z blew a powerful gale of wind from its mouth grill that corroded the enemy into nothingness. At the first chapters that wind was green (although later it got changed to gray). It can be justified, since the wind was charged with corrosive particles could give him that color.
  • In Naruto, Gaara, now Kazekage ("Wind Shadow") and head of the ninja village for the Land of Wind, has a green headpiece in the cover of manga volume 49. Previously, the piece had been shown as blue.
  • In the One Piece anime, the wind attack Dragon conveniently appeared alongside was green.
  • It's easy to forget that Sailor Jupiter of Sailor Moon seems to share wind powers with Sailor Uranus, since only Word of God has said that she can create cyclones and hurricanes. Her flower hurricane attack in the manga demonstrates this, and naturally her image color is green. On the other hand, Uranus's wind powers are represented by golden energy in the first anime.
  • Smile PreCure!: Cure March, the second green-clad Cure of the entire Pretty Cure franchise, has wind-based powers. The first green Cure, Cure Mint, controlled earth.
  • Sword Art Online:
    • In ALO, the Sylph are wind-based fairies who are strongly associated with green, either from their choice of clothes, their hair color, or the magic they generate.
    • In Alicization, Wind Sacred Arts tend to appear as green energy.
  • Inverted in Tokyo Mew Mew, where Mew Mint, who has wind-based attacks is Color Coded blue, while water-elemental Mew Lettuce is color-coded green instead of the usual blue.
  • In the Toriko anime, Grinpatch's breath is green.
  • The Wind-attribute symbol in Yu-Gi-Oh! is green (both in the anime and in the card game).
  • Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! has the bespectacled Epinard for the good guys and the Beleaguered Assistant Argent for the bad guys. According to the fanbook, both have the attribute of "wind" and while Epinard plays it straight, Argent sometimes zigzags it by using silver instead of olive green.
  • Tsurune uses a lot of wind imagery as the series deals with archery and movement is symbolized through green leaves.
  • Wakana from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live is color-coded green and her special "quirk" is being able to feel the "wind" of music. Her Image Song is also titled "Blowin' in My Mind."
  • Windy the Wind Ignis from Yugioh VRAINS is green. In addition to his attribute, he also creates and travels around in Data Storms, which usually take the form of tornados.

    Card Games 
  • Force of Will uses a green symbol for its wind-attribute cards.
  • Magic: The Gathering is a mixed case. On the one hand, creatures of air and wind tend to be Blue, as the element itself is technically within Blue's domain, but spells dealing with summoning powerful winds tend to be Green, tying into Green's focus on denying air power to players and creatures. Black and Red wind spells also exist, as well as at least one White wind spell and several White wind related creatures.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, this is the case for the symbol of the Wind type (no type symbol is white, but the Japanese characters for all of them are), and some Wind archetypes and cards, such as the Gusto archetype and the card "Wynn the Wind Charmer".

    Comic Books 
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW): Issues #39-40 have Sonic, Amy and Tails fighting a trio of red, blue and green Eggman robots called Egg Vipers. The red Viper is armed with flame throwers, the blue one is armed with water cannons and the green one uses wind turbines.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animated 


    Live-Action TV 
  • Kamen Rider:
    • The first three Riders are powered by wind and have green feature prominently on their suits.
    • Kamen Rider Kuuga's Pegasus Form is ostensibly wind-elemental (though much more emphasis is placed on its being a highly accurate sniper), and of course it's green.
    • Kamen Rider Double's Cyclone Memory is colored green, and it naturally extends to all forms with said Memory (including the Cyclone Dopant). As the Cyclone Memory is part of Double's default form, this also extends to any time another Rider (such as Zi-O) assumes the power of Double.
    • Kamen Rider Wizard's Hurricane Style is green as well as its upgraded form, Hurricane Dragon.
    • Kamen Rider Drive has the Shift Car Funky Spike, which is green and lets him generate tornadoes.
    • Kamen Rider Saber's resident wind-elemental Rider is Kenzan, a green-clad ninja.
  • Seijuu Sentai Gingaman's Green Ranger had wind at his command. (Western adaptation Power Rangers Lost Galaxy included no such elemental powers.) But other than this, Super Sentai and Power Rangers avert it; with Red or Pink Rangers most commonly wielding wind. Elementally-based teams that have Green Rangers (not all of them do) tend to give them Green Thumb powers instead.

  • The Air element is always represented as green in the BIONICLE series, probably because the original Air-associated characters lived in the jungle. Downplayed in its successor Hero Factory, where a character named Breez is green, but has only wind motifs with no elemental powers.
  • Nerf Vortex blasters are done in a fancy green shade.

    Video Games 
  • The Arcana Heart series features Tempestas, the Arcana of Wind. It takes the shape of a small, green, bird-like creature, and the attacks it allows its user to perform are all green in colour.
  • Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg color-codes elements for eggs and some power-ups. Wind is green.
  • Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! features Ashtarth, one of the members of the Astral Knights, who has the power to control winds and holds the title as The Lord of the Winds. His knight outfit and elemental stone are both green-colored.
  • While the spells themselves also involve a fair bit of gray, wind attacks in Breath of Fire are denoted with a green whirlwind icon.
  • Castlevania
  • Inverted in Chrono Cross. Wind, along with nature, is a manifestation of the Green element.
  • Culdcept Saga uses Green to represent Earth and plantlife, whereas wind is represented by yellow, symbolizing the wind rippling through wheat and drybrush. In fact, the elemental land for Air is represented by a wheatfield with a windmill.
  • Appears in the video game Dark Cloud 2, as well as the original Dark Cloud.
  • Wind skills in the Disgaea series.
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy splits the difference, having some wind spells be green, while others are white. It depends on the game that the caster came from and the color of the wind spells in it.
  • In Dragalia Lost, the wind element is color coded green. Quite a few characters attuned with the wind element also have green attire to match.
  • In Dofus, the Dofus of Aeralfal, the Dragon of Wind, is the Emerald Dofus. The colors yellow and white were already taken by the Ochre Dofus (belonging to Terrakourial, the Earth Dragon) and the Ivory Dofus (belonging to Dardondakal, the Dragon of Light).
  • Dragon Quest:
    • In Dragon Quest VII, just about everything that has to do with wind is green. The Green Fragments collected by the party in order to visit islands that were sealed away were originally known as WindShards in the original PS1 version. The Wind Spirit herself has green hair, wears green clothes, and her aura is green. The Air Amulet she bestows upon the party has a green jewel, as well.
    • Although wind magic in earlier games has been portrayed as blue, white, and even yellow, modern games such as Dragon Quest XI and spinoffs use the color green to represent the element of wind in general.
  • Koei's Dynasty Warriors franchise features the Wind element in some games, represented by green energy. Pang Tong used to have a unique wind-element orb attack (most distinct in Dynasty Warriors 5) which is colored an intense green. Several attacks which cause 'air bursts' show them with a white-green burst of energy, and some Launcher Moves in 5 are depicted by a green-white whirlwind, complete with leaves.
  • El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron has an unusual example. Out of the three weapons Enoch can use, the ranged one is a halo that commands clouds of knives. The light indicating it is still purified is green, and its power attacks while purified resemble green comic book wind lines. The weapon's name? Gale.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy XI play it straight, others not so.
    • In Final Fantasy XII, the party's Aero and Aeroga spells and the enemy-exclusive Aerora are green. Air elementals and sylphi entites are green as well. The wind Esper Chaos zigzags it, though. While Chaos himself is partly Aeroja and Tornado are mostly grey. Even then, though, Aeroja has a bright green core and Tornado's animation is set against a backdrop of glowing green crystal shards.
    • In Final Fantasy XIV, while most player character wind-based abilities are colorless or whiteish, wind crystals, solidified manifestations of elemental wind, are green. The most prominent wind-based Primal, Garuda, also has a green theme to her.
    • In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Aero takes the form of a green whirlwind. It's pretty much the only wind-elemental attack to be green, though. The only other wind-elemental ability that falls into this is Wind Slash in Tactics A2.
  • Fire Emblem: Wind spells in the series are usually colored green, and are cast using green tomes. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the name of the post-timeskip route in which you side with the Golden Deer is called "Verdant Wind," and it's the only route name that doesn't match the house colorsnote .
  • Air type Vivosaurs in the Fossil Fighters series are have green fossils and user interface. In addition, many of them incorporate green into their appearance.
  • Wind spells and Wind-elemented weapon skills are green in Frontier Gate.
  • Downplayed in Genshin Impact, where the Anemo element is associated with a light turquoise (blueish green), and the element that a proper vibrant green is associated with is Dendro.
  • Golden Sun uses purple to represent the Jupiter elemental spells (wind and lightning). However, Karis, the Jupiter adept in the third game, has green hair (the other two were blond).
    • Jupiter being purple is due to the influence of another trope — Jupiter is the element associated with extrasensory abilities. However, green is almost as favored a color: Feizhi, Sheba (Inconsistent Coloring), and Sveta all have green eyes, and Karis's father Ivan has a penchant for green clothes.
    • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn also has zol, Unobtainium that naturally has Tron Lines, can be made to fly with Jupiter-aligned energy, and can be forged into Jupiter-aligned weapons, armor, and accessories. Three guesses what color it is. A similar item is the Hover Jade from The Lost Age.
  • In Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, all the harvest sprites wear outfits based on the element they have. (Red is fire, blue is water, etc.) The harvest sprite of wind, Darren, wears a green outfit and the green bell brings the wind back to the land.
  • In Honkai Impact 3rd, the Herrscher of Wind, Wendy, uses wind-based attacks. Both she and her attacks have green as their colour motif.
  • In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, wind based spells and attacks are light green, unlike the rest of the series where it's various shades of grey. This is likely because Ventus, who specializes in wind magic, is represented by green in the menus. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories has the Xaldin enemy card which is used to activate Aero Guard. Aero Guard is a bright green wind-based shield that deals Collision Damage to enemies, with hits dealt by it being represented by flashes of green light.
  • Klonoa's ring, which fires a Wind Bullet, has a green gem.
  • In The Legend of Dragoon, the wind element is coloured green, and all main characters representing wind (Lavitz, Greham, Albert) wear green armour/clothes.
  • The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning has an earth breath that more or less should be called "nature breath" one of its various forms of attacks creates a green tornado.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • LostMagic - the wind runes are all green. The wind magic that comes out are green.
  • Averted in Magical Starsign in which Wind magic is coded yellow, with the green color assigned to Wood magic instead.
  • Maplestory has a class called the Wind Archer. It is one of the variations of the archer class, and it fights by channeling the power of wind into their attacks. Most of the attack animations and effects are green-colored.
  • Has shown up at least twice in the Mega Man (Classic) series. 5's Gyro Man and 9's Tornado Man have green color schemes that extend to their weapons: the Gyro Attack fires green helicopter blades and the Tornado Blow summons a storm of green tornadoes. Additionally, the Tornado Hold (Mega Man 8) turns Mega Man a teal color. Otherwise, he generally turned some shade of grey or blue and white. However, most of the other wind-based bosses, such as Air Man, Wind Man, and Tengu Man avert this. Wind Man has some green on him, though his color scheme is mostly white and orange. Air Man and Tengu Man are mostly blue. Jupiter is green and can fly, but his weapon is electric.
  • Mega Man X4 gives us the Double Cyclone weapon that fires small whirlwinds or deadly tornadoes with the same minty fresh color. Generally speaking, Wind is purple in the X series, with the Storm Tornado (Mega Man X) Wind Cutter (Mega Man X7) and Wing Spiral (Mega Man X5) being depicted in purple and white shades.
  • Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX kinda had four elements. There was Fire, Ice, Electric, and Non-elemental. Fire was red, Ice was blue, and Non-elemental was purple, but Electric sometimes also represented Wind. It was typically yellow when it did represent Electric-based bosses but green when it represented Wind-based bosses, though not always: Hivolt from ZX was green and focused more on the electric side of Model H's powers (but he could also fly), while Hurricaune was mostly orange and yellow and focused more on Model H's air powers (but she could also shoot sparks from her tail).
  • Mega Man Battle Network plays it straighter; wind attacks tend to correspond to the Wood element in the Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors system, which in addition to corresponding to the above-mentioned Taoist tendency to ascribe wind to the element of wood, also made it color-coded green.
  • Fujin, the god of wind from the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games has a green theme, with green pants, grey hair with a green tint, green energy attacks and even green bolts shot from his crossbow in his debuting game.
  • In the Neptunia series, Wind skills tend to be colored green, both during gameplay and in menues. Also, of the main characters, the one who uses Wind skills the most tends to be Vert/Green Heart, who, as the Anthropomorphic Personification of Microsoft's Xbox consoles, is heavily associated with the color green (as if her name wasn't clue enough).
  • Averted in Nazi Zombies, where the Wind Staff in Origins uses Yellow instead.
  • In Octopath Traveler, Wind icons, spell effects, and elemental enemies are all green.
  • The Wind Brush Techniques in Ōkami shows up as swirly green lights, still drawn in the traditional Japanese painting style.
  • Onimusha: the elemental power of Wind and its related weapons are always associated with the color green, as seen with Shippu and Senpumaru, weapons covered in green aura with a green color motif. The slight exeption is Kuga, which has a different magic, wields the element of "Sky/Air" and is teal rather than fully green.
  • The Pokémon games mostly avert this, as the closest thing the games have to a wind element, the Flying type, is represented instead with a sort of bluish gray. However, Tornadus, one of the Olympus Mons of Pokémon Black and White, and the first pure Flying-type, is primarily colored green. As is Rayquaza from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, supposedly the very embodiment of the skies.
  • In Quest 64 the player character controls the four elements and wind is associated with the colour green.
  • SaGa Frontier: Gale attack and gale slash have you firing green colored "gales" of wind at the enemies.
  • Green Wind-element attacks also appear in Samurai Warriors, also by Koei. Enemies hit by Wind attacks are shown getting struck by green energy bursts shaped vaguely like a small air vortex, and are thrown high into the air or sent flying to evoke wind power.
  • Literally every Shin Megami Tensei with sufficiently advanced graphics portrays wind - Garu in the Persona, Zan (Force) in Persona and everything else - as being green.
    • A few games take this a step further by associating the wind users themselves with the colour green. This includes the "Aquarius Mask" enemies from Persona 2 (Aquarius is a wind sign) and Gale from Digital Devil Saga with his green hair, eyes, Tron Lines etc.
  • In Puyo Puyo, Lidelle uses wind-based attacks in her moveset and has green as her colour motif.
  • In the Compile shooter Spriggan and its Spiritual Successor Sylphia, weapon powerups are colored orbs corresponding to the four classical elements. The green orb represents wind.
  • In the Suikoden series, most wind based spells are green. Wind runes have been both green and a purplish hue. Meanwhile, lightning runes were electric green for several games while their spells were tinted purple. Suikoden V switches the colors to green-wind and purple-lightning to match the spells they emit.
  • The Final Fantasy-themed Optional Boss Culex of Vanda in Super Mario RPG brings the Four Crystals into battle with him. No points for guessing which color the Wind Crystal is. Luigi can also sometimes make tornadoes (nevermind how), and the wind is nearly as green as his hat.
  • Most wind spells in the Tales Series are green, the exceptions usually being white or teal in color. Accordingly, the wind spirit, Sylph is often dressed in green or outright glows it.
  • In Tales of Symphonia, spells and techniques using the element of Wind are colored green, such as Cyclone and Wind Blade.
  • The wind type in Temtem is coded as cyan. Some, but still relatively few temtem have this color incorporated into their design as well, most notably Tuwai and its evolutions.
  • One of Touhou Project's resident Shrine Maiden, Sanae, is associated with the wind since she is herself a wind priestess and has green hair.
  • In the World of Mana series, wind attacks were colored yellow in earlier entries but were colored green as well in later entries. The wind elemental in the series shares a similar fate: his coloring was originally blue with yellow accents but has changed into green with yellow accents.
  • In World of Warcraft, wind spells are classified as Nature damage (along with lightning, poison and earth), which is represented as green on the character pane. Shamans avert this with the wind being either white or a dusty brown, but played straight with the monk's Spinning Crane Kick and its upgrade Rushing Jade Wind (removing the kick and making it Razor Wind), which invokes the jade green coloration of Pandaren's matron of wisdom and healing, Yu'lon.
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles 1, the wind element ether crystals and Nebula enemies are green. However, when it's actually used in attacks, it's a grayish color.
  • Averted in the Shadow Hearts series, where Wind is associated with the color orange while the Earth element gets the color green.
  • In Toukiden, wind elemental attacks are usually green in colour, though white/clear tornadoes are pretty common. Most weapons that do wind damage are also green.
  • In the Puyo Puyo series, Lidelle (originally known in English as Rider/Rita/Ridel) is color-coded like the other Primp students to represent a puyo color, in this case green. The magic spells she uses during puyo matches are themed around the wind.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog has green eyes and is able to manipulate wind with his powers, in addition to being strongly associated with the wind element — he's often described as being "free as the wind", and in Sonic and the Black Knight he's dubbed the "Knight of the Wind".
    • There's also Jet the Hawk, who's a hoverboarder that uses a Combat Hand Fan. Guess what color he is.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY: Dust is an energy source that produces Elemental Powers depending on what type it is. Wind Dust is sometimes depicted as green (and sometimes as a greyish-white).

  • Slightly Damned: Wind magic is given the color green and all wind and lightning spells we've seen cast have been green in color (except by Sakido for unexplained reasons).

    Western Animation 
  • Averted with the Buddhist-inspired Air Nomads in Avatar: The Last Airbender, where the airbenders wear shades of yellow and orange and have blue arrow tattoos.
  • In MeteoHeroes Ventum, the super hero with wind controlling powers has a green color scheme.
  • In Wakfu in part three of the OVA we get to see the Six Primordial Dragons, each color-coded after his own element. Aeralfal, the four-winged, eagle-like Dragon of Wind, is mostly green and was born from the Emerald Dofus.
  • Ninjago plays with this. The Green Ninja is a prophecied wielder of a hard to define element that's a combination of Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Earth. Season 5 reveals that Master Wu had a previous student, Morro, who was the elemental Master of Wind, and who he suspected of being the Green Ninja. It didn't turn out to be true, but Morro kept the association with the color green.
  • Storm Hawks: Windstone Crystals are green and grant the user control over wind.
  • W.I.T.C.H.: Hay Lin is the Guardian of Air. She wears a green top in Guradian form and her transformation sequence features the color green.

    Real Life 
  • This probably has some basis in reality, since heavy storms will sometimes turn the sky an ominous greenish color. Folklore suggests that green skies mean tornadoes, but not all green storms produce tornadoes, and not all tornadic storms are green. However, if you see a green storm you should seek shelter anyways, as it will probably have hail and strong winds... Or at least a torrential downpour with some strong gusts. The reason for the green color is still a bit unclear note  but it is thought to be because of light interacting with hailnote  in the storm cloud. Typically if a storm is green, it will indeed be either a supercell thunderstorm with an exceptionally strong mesocyclonenote  The good news is weather radar can see these storms (quite often depicting them, or at least their leading edge, in green) and allows advanced warning...except when these warning systems don't work, or an intense squall line.
  • Plants (most of which have green leaves) are associated with oxygen and carbon dioxide because of photosynthesis.
  • The planet Uranus, which consists mostly of atmosphere (and has no solid parts except for its core), has strong winds, and is named after the Greco-Roman god of the sky, is a turquoise-green color.