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Webcomic / Fiyora Nya

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Hosted on ComicFury, Fiyora Nya (recently remade with a new site, the original version can be read here) is a silly little webcomic about 14-year-old deity Ayako Rizumi, her best friend and supposed vampire Berri Kunichi, and the much more vampire-like vampire Riyukoan Riuca. The world of Fiyora is a modern fantasy world full of youkai, monsters, nonhumans, magical creatures or what have you. Out in the forests a short bit away from the city lies the small little town of Mooncrest, where mostly various kinds of the aforementioned magical creatures, etc. live. All is normal in Mooncrest, at least until Ayako and Berri find a vicious mutated animal in the forest.


This comic contains examples of:

  • Bifauxnen: Due to wearing what seems to be a mix of the female and male school uniforms and having a tomboyish hairstyle and personality (as well as a particularly flat chest in the older comics), Berri may be mistaken for a boy.
  • Cat Girl: Ayako and her family are mostly cat people.