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    Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan 
Jonathan "Jon" Osterman, Divine Winner of the Superpower Lottery
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The atom on his forehead
  • Theme: "Pruit Igoe" and "Prophecies"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Amazing Technicolor Population, The Anti-Nihilist, Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, Blessed with Suck, Blue and Orange Morality, Classical Anti-Hero, Complete Immortality, Full-Frontal Assault, Freak Lab Accident, Human Weapon, Non-Linear Character, Person of Mass Destruction, Prescience Is Predictable, Tin Man, Being the Responsible for the New 52
  • Domains: Air, Atoms, Knowledge, Luck, Void
  • Followers: Nate Grey, Black Alice, Billy Kaplan/Wiccan, Xanth
  • High Priest: Amazo
  • Allies: Guts, Mr. Freeze, Lambdadelta, Nozdormu, Shulk, Garnet, GUAG Superhero Division (formerly), The Living Tribunal
  • Enemies: Victor von Doom, Plutonian
  • Opposed by: The GUAD
  • Special Relationship: Rorschach, Ozymandias, The Comedian, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre
  • No one could have ever guessed that this being was once a meek scientist named Jon Osterman. It was only after a freak accident that people recognized him as one of the most powerful beings in the known multiverse. It wasn't long until Dr. Manhattan accepted a spot in the Pantheon for his incredible abilities. He became one of the most powerful assets in the GUAG Superhero Division, solving problems that would have taken the whole team to accomplish. And then he vanished without a trace. Most theorized that he grew detached from his duties, deciding to take some alone time. The culprit eventually revealed himself as Ozymandias, using the opportunity of his absence to bring peace to his world... at the cost of millions on New Yorkers.
    • It didn't take long for Dr. Manhattan to find out, returning to the Pantheon to obliterate him. It was the intervention of the Court of the Gods that stopped him from seeking vengeance, explaining that Ozymandias cannot be kicked out the Pantheon that way. After accepting the terms, Dr. Manhattan decided to re-enter under a new term. The fact that the lone superhuman in his world is more powerful than most other superheroes in the Pantheon was more than sufficient reason to give him the title.
    • He was intrigued to find out that Rorschach was not dead, but ascended as a god himself. Even Rorschach figured it would be pointless to beat on an omnipotent man, so he lets him off the hook. Unfortunately, his attempts to convince Manhattan to wipe out Ozymandias were fruitless.
    • Even more astounding for Manhattan was seeing The Comedian back in the Pantheon, particularly as his discovery of how Eddie raping Sally Jupiter generated his lover Laurie made him want to return to Earth after a brief disillusionment.
    • Manhattan is still favorable to Nite Owl, but Dan prefers to avoid Jon due to him being detached and having caused Rorschach's death.
    • Once his former beloved Laurie arrived, he has allowed her to come by whenever she wants, even if for romance she's preferring Dan, and how she refuses being teleported to his temple based on past sickness. Laurie also serves as a Morality Pet of sorts.
  • He has long since retired from heroism, preferring to observe the Pantheon in the House of Power. Many turn to him, asking about what would happen in the future. Manhattan promises not to reveal anything that would give any coalition a huge advantage over the other, supplanting his position as a neutral in the changing times.
  • Given the nature of his powers, his clergy is among the most powerful on all the Pantheon. His high priest, Amazo, wiped the floor with various gods in the DC Universe. This is one temple very few gods dare to attack.
  • Many deities claim that he reminds them of the mortal Nathaniel Christopher Adam, otherwise known as Captain Atom. It was said that Atom was meant to play Manhattan's role until his superior Alan Moore created his own world to set the story in.
  • As such he constantly finds himself in the House of Ambiguity, conversing with others who don't quite fit in any faction. He especially enjoys discussing philosophy with the three guards of that particular House.
  • Once known as The God Who resigned to his Fate, he handed over the title to Nozdormu when he didn't even have the willpower to stay in the Pantheon. Dr. Manhattan has long since overcome such thoughts such that he no longer qualifies for the title. He leaves the dragon at peace, in search for its fate.
  • The discovery of other beings who can see the future intrigues him. Dr. Manhattan sought out the likes of Garnet and Shulk to discuss their abilities and how it affected their lives. He was surprised to find out how well the two adjusted. He hopes to learn more on how to deal with this set of powers.
  • One of the main things the superheroes on the Pantheon told Dr. Manhattan upon his return is to stay far, far away from Doctor Doom. It is likely that he already has plans to strip Dr. Manhattan of his powers, and with his luck will probably succeed. No one can stress how bad things could get if that happens. Dr. Osterman has agreed to these terms, though he remains skeptical of Doom's chances of success. Though after finding out what Dr. Doom did with Molecule Man (someone with powers within the same ballpark of strength), he has become less skeptical.
  • While most factions have agreed not to deal with Dr. Manhattan due to his choice of staying neutral, the GUAD have been hard at work on thinking of a plan to destroy him. A being that could single-handedly create life is bound to be on their top priority to eliminate.
  • He has decided to work with The Living Tribunal, willing to assist him in keeping balance to the multiverse.
  • There is one deity in the House of Heroes he's willing to help; Kazuma Kenzaki, god of Blue Heroes, sometimes receives his aid. He may not be a hero anymore, but he's willing to make sure no one else makes the same mistake as him.
  • When asked whether either faction will ever have a permanent advantage over the other, Dr. Manhattan gives out a simple reply:
  • The cry of a thousand angry souls reverberated throughout the pantheon when one God discovered that Dr. Manhattan was behind the less than enjoyed New 52 DC reboot. Manhattan simply said that he was bored one day, and decided to twist the fates a bit to see what discoveries about fate and universe building could be found. Unfortunately, his decision was not met with much happiness, and now many of the DC gods see him as a new prime threat to their existence alongside the Anti-Monitor, Nekron and Krona.
    • He has now earned the further enmity of them with the reveal that he was behind the corruption of Jor-El into the bitter Mr. Oz by manipulating events to fully break the man and corrupt him, with Jor-El snapping out of it in the last second.
    • His threat has become even greater with the revelation that he removed the Justice Society of America from existence, sabotaged Superman's reputation and potentially killed nearly the entire Justice League and their allies team. This has worried the Pantheon to a massive degree, especially after he was able to master magic by analyzing it.
    • Fortunately, he did not kill the Justie League or the other superheroes. Merely keeping them occupied. However, his actions did result in the nonexistence of the JSA and the LSH. Additionally, his reasoning seems to boil down to mere curiosity on the nature of the Metaverse (as in the metafictional aspect of the DC Multiverse that explains its changes and retcons.) Everyone is counting down the days until he finally faces the embodiment of hope of the Multiverse and the one who affects it most of all... Superman.

Sutekh, God of Being Too Powerful to Live (Sutekh the Destroyer, The Typhonian Beast, Set, Sadok, Satan, Sssethissi)
  • Overdeity (Intermediate while imprisoned)
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Theme Song: Sutekh Descends
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Omnicidal Maniac, Physical God who's Too Powerful to Live, Being One Of The Most Terrifying Foes The Doctor Has Faced, Composed Bombasity, Helped Inspire Egyptian Religion, What Is Evil?, Nepharious Pharaoh, Imprisoned In A Pyramid, Not Even The Time Lords Can Stop Him, Pure, Unrelenting Evil, Eye of Horus Means Egypt
  • Domains: Destruction, Death, Power, Terror, Egypt
  • Followers: The Darkness of The Book Of Darkness, Yuga Khan, Kai, The Judge, Dark Matter
  • Allies: SCP-682, The Lich, Nekron... and that's about it (and even then, it's tenuous)
  • Headbutting Villains with: All other omnicidal maniacs, Lord English, Apophis, The Anti-Monitor, Majin Buu, Doomsday
  • Enemies: Everyone else (and we do mean everyone), especially The Doctor (really anyone from the Whoniverse), every other Egyptian god (especially Ra and Set), Cosmos, Melkor, Lucifer and YHVH, the SCP Foundation, every single Pharaoh, every single Martian (particularly J'onn J'onnz), Beerus, Shin, Merged Zamasu, The Anti-Spiral, Finn and Jake, Prismo, The Pantheonic Time Police
  • Banned from: The House of Time and Space
  • Sutekh the Destroyer was once the head of security for the Osirian Court. Extremely powerful, Sutekh came to fear that one day something might evolve to challenge him. Descending into a hatred of all life, he ended up slaughtering most of his own kind, destroyed his homeworld and embarked on a campaign of death and destruction across the universe, ending up being sealed away on Earth. And when the Doctor came he almost broke out.
  • Barring perhaps the Eternals, Guardians and literal gods, Sutekh is the most powerful being in the Whoniverse and someone who even the Time Lords couldn't stop at full power. The Doctor was only able to trap him in a time corridor. He's so dangerous that his temple is actually a similar prison system to what he had on Earth. And even then he has much more influence here than his homeworld. Its believed that the Grand United Alliance of Destruction were the only ones mad enough to bring him here.
  • In the Whoniverse, his battle with the surviving Osirians was what inspired the Egyptian pantheon. The actual Egyptian pantheon is absolutely horrified of him, as is every single pharaoh. Set is the most offended, angrily stating that he was never about destruction and wants to make his impostor suffer. His hate of Sutekh is so great that he's willing to work with OSIRIS just to stop the Destroyer.
  • As the Eye of Horus is what kept him imprisoned and was located on Mars, all Martian deities find ending him once and for all to be a high priority. The Martian Manhunter in particular because his psychic powers prove somewhat problematic for Sutekh, though he's no slouch in that either. Cosmos wants him dead, and YHVH and Lucifer can't have him destroy all mortals as it would deny them of humanity and/or worship. Melkor opposes him, though more because he wants to be the one to destroy all life and it would get in the way of corrupting the universe as he sees fit.
  • Seriously rivals the Anti-Monitor as the biggest Omnicidal Maniac in the pantheon. His victory would see every planet laid waste, down to the virus and bacteria. He can barely even get along with the other omnicidal maniacs, such as Apophis, the Anti-Monitor and Majin Buu. Even GUAD walks on eggshells near him. While he is likely to turn on Apophis one day, however, there is mutual respect due to being omnicidal Egyptian figures.
  • He was disappointed with the Anti-Spirals. While the desire to crush those who might pose even the slightest threat is a shared opinion, they "merely" stopped at keeping each planet's population under one million. The Anti-Spiral King has stated that he doesn't want to destroy all life, just prevent it from destroying the universe with the Spiral Nemesis. Sutekh has dismissed this, and they consider him too dangerous even by their standards.
  • Wasn't impressed by Beerus, believing that a Destroyer Deity should be far more thorough and that he should stop being so lazy. Beerus has made it clear to him that destruction is not about wiping everything out, and that he's completely mad. While Beerus would probably take Sutekh even if he was freed, the Osirian would rather take out Shin first.
  • By contrast Sutekh was very impressed by the reign of death and terror that the various incarnations of Zamasu brought about, and was willing to make an alliance of convenience, only to be rebuked as Zamasu's hypocrisy cannot permit such a blatant destroyer like Sutekh and (at least in his own mind) he's preserving nature while Sutekh wouldn't let even microbes survive.
  • The closest thing Sutekh has to a friend would be SCP-682, due to sharing the exact same mindset; a belief that every living thing is abominable. Their alliance was completely horrifying, as the SCP Foundation prayed that one might kill the other and now has to try and contain/terminate both. It is a similar belief that Sutekh shares with Doomsday, however, finds working with the beast challenging due to barely being sapient. It is believed that Sutekh hopes to transfer its consciousness and all its power into Doomsday, becoming even more dangerous than before.
  • Has accepted Nekron's offer to help him destroy all life, so long as he is the sole being exempt. Nekron has yet to tell him that others have that in mind, and will likely try to reap the Destroyer after all is said and done. The Lich is happy to help him bring about the extinction of all life. Sutekh has learned of Prismo's Time Room and the one wish to make. He is plotting to wish for the extinction of all life without letting something reverse it as the Lich did.
  • Some comparisons can be made between him and Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos as they are cosmically powerful monsters with a pharaoh theme, and the Beast for being in-universe inspirations for Devil figures, and having the same voice. The Beast would rather corrupt and spread his evil than destroy everything though, and while Nyarlathotep likes Sutekh's attitude he would rather toy with mortals than destroy least for now.
  • Permanently banned from the House of Time and Space. By his own, he's already mightier than the Time Lords. With time travel, the carnage he'd inflict would be incomprehensible and Sutekh will not stop until all creation is empty. The Pantheonic Time Police is making sure to intervene the moment he manages to get back to his full power.
  • Would rather not mention the documentary he made with the BBC. He will, however, debate on What Is Evil? for what it's worth.
Fourth Doctor: You use your powers for evil.
Sutekh: Evil? Your evil is my good. I am Sutekh the Destroyer. Where I tread, I leave nothing but dust and darkness. I find that good!

Greater Gods

    Fiamma of the Right 
Fiamma of the Right, God of Multi-Use Powers (The Likeness of God, La Persona Superiore A Dio)
  • Greater God, bordering on Overdeity, Full-blown Overdeity when he had attained La Persona Superiore A Dio
  • Symbol: The Holy Right manifested as a bird's talon
  • Alignment: True Neutral, formerly Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Having every ability related to the right hand, One Hit Kills, Being one of the strongest beings in his universe, attaining the position of ''La Persona Superiore A Dio'' but losing it quickly, Antagonist Abilities including Always Accurate Attack, instant teleportation, and Unblockable Attack, easily dominating everybody he faces, Person of Mass Destruction, Well-Intentioned Extremist, turning good when defeated
  • Domains: Faith, Power
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Master Hand
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Touma Kamijou
  • Enemies: Index Librorum Prohibitorum, Kaori Kanzaki, Accelerator, Lucifer, YHVH, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, Asia Argento, anyone from England
  • Odd Friendship: Superman
  • Originally the leader of God's Right Seat, after attempting to reach the position of La Persona Superiore A Dio, making the entire human race his enemy, and trying to kill them all to save the world, he ascended after failing and being defeated by Touma Kamijou.
  • With the power of the Holy Right, Fiamma easily ranks as one of the most powerful magic users in the Pantheon. The Holy Right is the ultimate representation of the right hand in Christianity. As such he is able to use and has every ability related to the right hand. As such, he can destroy an entire city in one swing of his hand, teleport anywhere as long as he has a horizontal plane, and create a Flaming BFS forty kilometers in length. Not only that, but the Holy Right is automatically set so it will always destroy its target and it reaches the target with no speed, thereby making it undodgeable.
    • In addition, The Holy Right also manifests itself as a "Third Arm" which protects Fiamma from any threats against him.
      • Although the Holy Right does have limitations. It cannot, for example, take care of Nyarlathotep, for As Long as There is Evil, he will exist. This also applies to Melkor and the Heartless, and beings similar to them. It also cannot alter destiny.
  • Is widely distrusted, mainly from attempting to kill all the humans in his world.
    • Fiamma, despite being a Catholic Christian, has met displeasure from YHVH himself, for even attempting to reach a position above him.
    • Lucifer has also been irritated that Fiamma tried to kill all the humans, calling it a "foolish move". That said, after the latter's Heel–Face Turn, Lucifer has offered him a position within the GUAC. Fiamma, as a Christian, had politely turned the offer down.
    • He has also garnered the ire of every god from England, for starting a civil war within their home country, as well as other gods who believe in Christianity.
    • There are some exceptions, though as Superman has attempted to make bygones be bygones. Then again, it's Superman
      • When they first met, Fiamma expressed bewilderment as "Superman" was a moniker of his former ally, Acqua of the Back. When Superman explained about who he was, Fiamma could definitely see some semblance between them.
  • He has made friends with Master Asia as they both tried to save the world with no care for the people in it and that they sort of learned their lesson after being defeated. It all began when Fiamma was walking through the Pantheon when Master Asia came by and stopped him. The Undefeated of the East had told him he was trespassing in his House and therefore must suffer the consequences. Fiamma, not wanting to hurt the deity, teleported around, until Master Asia was exhausted. Master Asia thereby called a draw and afterwards bonded on their similarities.
  • He has also developed a friendly rivalry with the Master Hand due to both having powerful right hands (Well Master Hand is a right hand). Though given Fiamma's powers, the rivalry is one-sided more than anything.
  • Touma Kamijou is wary of Fiamma's actions since he has caused World War III. That said, this wariness lessened when Fiamma saved him from One-Eyed Othinus along with Ollerus. He's still wary, but it has lessened.
  • It has been revealed that Aleister Crowley had ambushed him and weakened, thereby making the Holy Right unstable.
    • Regardless, Fiamma is still very powerful. As such he is currently being recruited by Alliances, though with his Heel–Face Turn, he may possibly end up in the GUAG.
  • Was pleasantly surprised to meet Manwë Sulimo, the closest thing the Pantheon had to Archangel Michael, the patron of Fiamma. Though Manwë was disappointed about Fiamma's actions revolving humanity, the two have been close friends and mutual allies. Fiamma for his part had decided to help him whenever he can.
    • Now that Michael himself has ascended, they still keep in touch.

    Hayate Yagami 
Hayate Yagami, Goddess of Huge Strengths Combined with Huge Weaknesses (Mistress of the Night Sky, Living Lost Logia)

    Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat 
Katherine Anne Pryde, Goddess of Phasing (Kitty, Cat, Kätzchen, Katya, Kitten, Professor K, Lady Shadra, Pun'kin, Half-Pint, Shadowcat, Sprite, Ariel)

X, God of Unlimited Potential (Mega Man X, The Father of Reploids, The Azure Bomber, The Blue Bomber of the 22nd Century, X Light, Commander X, Commander of the 17th 'Elite' Unit, Light's Robotic Memento, The First Truly Living Robot, Original X, Model X)
  • Greater God (Lesser God as a Cyber Elf, Overdeity with the Infinity Buster)
  • Symbol: His helmet
  • Theme Song: Central Highway (MvCI Remix), Sky Lagoon (X), or Fight! X
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Replacing the old Mega Man, Technical Pacifism, The Ability to Grow Stronger After Battle, The Greatest Thing Dr. Light Ever Created, Virtual Ghost, Created the Four Guardians by Splitting Himself, Use of Armors, Arm Cannon, Being the Best Friend of his Destined Killer, Holding the Rank of Commander
  • Domains: Peace, Potential, War, Good
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Prometheus and Pandora, Elpizo
  • Enemies:
  • Former Enemy: Epsilon
  • Additional Relationship with: Repliforce, Grey
  • Uneases: George
  • Mega Man X, normally simply called X, is the robotic memento and Magnum Opus of Dr. Thomas Light, and also the first successor to the original Mega Man. Like the original Rock, he is a blue-colored robot with a Variable Weapons System centered around a buster arm cannon. The similarities dissipate from there, however, as X was the first android in that universe built with an autonomous system akin to a conscience instead of specific directives, allowing him to think for himself like a human being, and he was tested in virtual scenarios while sealed in a stasis capsule for about 30 years in order to more or less ensure his goodness. While he passed all of his tests, it took a century before he was discovered and activated by an archeologist named Dr. Cain after Light's death.
  • Cain used his blueprints to create an entire race of free-willed "Replicant Androids", or Reploids for short, who appearances varied from human-like with synthetic skin and armor to resembling metal animals. However, due to various flaws with the methodology of building these Reploids, and failing to account for the virus that accompanied a certain other advanced robot, many of them became dangerous criminals, referred to as Mavericks. Despite being the original base from which Reploids were built, X's limitless potential for growth meant that he would quickly and consistently rank among the best of them, making him one of the top members of the Maverick Hunters organization. Ultimately, he would see through at least ten wars and crises…
  • X really hates to fight, and he fears losing himself and becoming worse than his enemies, but he knows taking them down is necessary. He sides with Optimus and Kenshin because of this. At two separate points he decided that he didn't care about fighting enemies anymore, having gone through so many wars without seeing much benefit to the people.
    • The first time saw him become angsty and cynical while advising the Hunters from the sidelines, and has forever tainted the idea of who X is in the eyes of many, despite his resolve to fight returning upon realizing the situation.
    • The second time was the one that actually stuck, though, in large part because he later became a Cyber Elf, and is regarded much more fondly as a result. That said, Zero still teases him as a "coward".
  • By the way, he was happy to see Zero in the Pantheon. Many Gods have exaggerated this. They didn't exaggerate it when other Maverick Hunters like Axl, Green Biker Dude, and Alia made it into the Pantheon, though he was happy to see them too.
  • He's surprised how often people call him the full Mega Man X here, and he doesn't like it very much. He'd also like people not to bring up the time he sounded like a girl, or tease him about that angsty 10-Minute Retirement.
  • Hates the Borg Queen, as her usage of The Virus reminds him of the Mavericks he faces. He hates The Flood as well, thanks to its ability to corrupt any synthetic life to its cause.
  • When he found out that Wily was the one who caused all the problems in his time, he went ballistic on him. Wily tried to call Zero to help, but he just stood on the sidelines, saying it was a bad idea to mess with X.
    • However, he was surprisingly calm when Elpizo ascended and apologized for destroying his physical body back on the mortal plans, likely due to the fact he knew Elps wasn't exactly mentally stable when he did it. Still, there's some tension.
    • There's also Epsilon, the former head of the Gigantis Rebellion Army who was mysteriously rebuilt within the Pantheon. Given that he learned shortly after dispatching Epsilon that Redips was a copy-generation Reploid like Lumine and had manipulated the entire incident in Giga City, X felt it was only reasonable to explain this to him and give him a second chance to coexist, accompanied by Axl and a very cautious Zero.
    • That said, when he learned of the arrival of Model W within the Treasury, it took most every Mega Man god to keep him from going down there to destroy it himself.
  • X is greatly feared among the evil robots in the Pantheon, due to his history of facing similar threats.
  • Now comes to Mega Man's aid when the latter uses a Smash Ball.
    • People then have pointed out he sounds JUST LIKE Cloud Strife, who recently made his debut in the same world where Mega Man got his aid from.
  • X is one of the few Mega Man gods that George doesn't like, for two reasons: screwing him over as his Spirit Guide, and taking over the world and turning it into his own cyberspace. George is at least happy he isn't some antisocial freak.
  • When he learned that Mega Man's Variable Weapons System makes the original Blue Bomber a little more violent and ruthless with each weapon he gets, X is more grateful that he voluntarily gives up his weapons anyway after each crisis (although he does still become more powerful as time goes on). He doesn't know whether Dr. Light has managed to fix that issue on him or not, but given his philosophy, it doesn't really matter.
  • Has met quite a few good robots who take on the fight against evil such as Vector Industries' KOS-MOS, the Anti-Shadow weapons Labrys and Aigis, the metagame robot character ICEY, and the aforementioned Optimus. Aigis actually once helped him and Zero out against Vile and a few berserk mechaniloids; given that Zero tends to be a Glass Cannon in general at times, X knows what to look for, so he noticed how Aigis needed help with her armor whenever Vile hit her with a counterattack.
  • That version of him in Bob and George's timeline aside, the biggest justification to his worries is Copy X. Created by Ciel to lead Neo Arcadia in his absence, the clone completely lost the plot over time. Instead of facilitating X's original dream of having Reploids and humans live in peace, Copy X had all but the most subservient Reploids designated as Mavericks to be terminated, ostensibly to protect humans during an energy crisis. Then after X led Ciel to awaken Zero and his friend was able to stop his copy, things got worse. Copy X was resurrected and influenced by Dr. Weil, who used him as a tool against both humans and Reploids, and even when X reached out from cyberspace to try to tell him this he didn't listen. Only now in the Pantheon does Copy X understand Weil used him, and even then the copy still sees himself as perfect and cannot accept reason.
  • It's a much different story with Copy X's cohorts in Neo Arcadia, the Four Guardians created from the split power of his DNA. Despite following Copy X's orders at first, they retained their sensibility towards humans and stood opposed to both Elpizo's extremism and Weil's emergent regime, as they remained true "children of X". When Harpuia formed the Liberion Arcadia alliance with Epsilon, Ciel, and GBD, Phantom received X's blessing for the other Guardians to join. That most everyone else they brought in was on good terms with him, Zero, and Aigis was only a plus.
  • While he missed the opportunities to deal with intergalactic threats to the Marvel and Capcom multiverses like Onslaught, Abyss and Galactus, he once helped other gods along with Zero to stop a merging of worlds involving Capcom, Namco, and Sega universes. Sigma teamed with fellow robotic traitor to humans Ultron to steal the Infinity Stones and lead another merging of worlds; in response, X was finally able to join in on one of the Marvel-Capcom fights, even freeing Zero from a case of Mind Control in the process. They also had another scheme within the Pantheon, which X and the other Hunters trusted Axl to help put down while he spread the wares of Ciel and Epsilon's group before its public reveal.
  • If he EVER sees fit and has the opportunity to charge his arm cannon for a number of hours…

Intermediate Gods

Ahri, Goddess of Charming (The Nine-Tailed Fox)

    Anna Marie/Rogue 
Anna Marie, Power Parasitic Goddess (Rogue, Anna Marie Raven, Marie Darkholme, Dr. Kellogg, Carol Danvers, Ace, Scarlett O'Hara, Anna Marie LeBeau. )

    "Josuke Higashikata" 
"Josuke Higashikata", God of Ailment Transference (The Eighth JoJo Although technically he might be Eight and a Half, or Ninth, Jo2uke, Gappy, Yoshikage Kira, Josefumi Kujo, JoJo the Sailor Man)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand "Soft & Wet"
  • Theme Song: Then Can You Tell Me... Who Am I?. Alternatively, there's also his Eyes of Heaven version.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Accidental Pervert, Amnesiac Hero, amazing peripheral vision, very smart but lacking common sense, trying to discover who he actually is
  • Domains: Bubbles, Combat, Combination, Memory
  • Allies: Jotaro Kujo, Luna Lovegood
  • Enemies: Dio Brando, Yoshikage Kira
  • His Stand Soft & Wet allows him to create soap bubbles that, when popped, can steal anything from whatever they were on. So far he was able to steal water from a woman's body, causing her to become thirsty, and steal the sound in a room, making it soundproof. When the bubbles pop, they release whatever they stole onto whatever popped them.
  • He was ascended by Jotaro on the promise that he would be able to discover who he truly is. Until then, he's open to helping anyone that needs help or can find out more about him.
  • Is currently trying to get to know Yoshikage Kira not only because he shares the name with someone in his home universe, but also for another reason that he cannot explain, though he himself does not know others have found out that "Josuke" is actually half Yoshikage Kira and someone else.
    • He has, however found the identity of his other half, someone by the name of Josefumi Kujo. After hearing of this, he found the other Josuke, easily identifying him by his "stupid hair". Nobody knows what happened next.
  • Other members of the Pantheon are often caught off guard by his personality, e.g. his attempts to sleep between the mattress and the bedspring for "increased compression". The members of the Houses of Lust, on the other hand, seek him out constantly for having four testicles.
  • Does well with other like minded individuals, often trying make jokes or play nice despite it seeming strange to anyone who is not a Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
  • Does not like the fact that he sounds like Tohru Adachi after learning about what he has done.

    The Lake Guardians 
Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, Triumvirate Deities of Captured Super Entities (The Lake Guardians, The Lake Trio, The Beings of Wisdom, Emotion and Knowledge | Uzie: Yuxie, The Knowledge Pokémon | Mesprit: Emrit, The Emotion Pokémon | Azelf: Agnome, The Willpower Pokémon)
Left to right-Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: The gem on their forehead
  • Theme Song: Battle! (Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless (Uxie and Azelf identify as male, Mesprit identifies as female)
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Moveset:
    • Uxie: Memento, Extrasensory, Amnesia, Yawn
    • Mesprit: Healing Wish, Charm, Extrasensory, Swift
    • Azelf: Explosion, Nasty Plot, Uproar, Extrasensory
    • Z-Move: Shattered Psyche
  • Portfolio: Olympus Mons, Freudian Trio, Small In Stature, Mighty In Power, Can All Learn Sacrificial Moves, Captured Super-Entity, The Fair Folk (Though Pure Fairy), Embodying Spirit, Chromatic Arrangement
  • Domains: Spirit, Soul, Psychic Power, Lakes (all three), Knowledge, Memories (Uxie), Emotion, Freedom (Mesprit), Willpower, Inner Strength (Azelf)
  • Allies: Arceus (their creator), The Creation Trio, Ash Ketchum (primarily Azelf), Brock (primarily Uxie), Cynthia, Auriel, J'onn J'onnz, Chronoa, Rosalina, Samurai Jack
  • On good terms with: The House of Emotion, with a few exceptions (Mesprit), courageous gods (Azelf)
  • Enemies: Cyrus, HUNTER J, YHVH (especially Azelf), Hikawa (especially Mesprit) Ghetsis Harmonia, The C'Tan
  • Interested in and/or interests: The Admins (Uxie), Iroque, and the other Lantern Corps (Mesprit)
  • Fears: The Chaos Gods and their forces
  • Pities: Medusa (Uxie)
  • At the beginning of the universe, the Original One created an egg. Out of it emerged three beings, known as the lake guardians or lake trio. Known as Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, they embodied knowledge, emotion and willpower respectively and represented spirit. These legendary Pokemon brought it into the universe, and have the power to counter-act one of the creation trio that guards dimensions. As such, they were a target of Cyrus, who captured them to create the Red Chain and bend Dialga and/or Palkia to his will.
  • Applies to all of them:
    • These triplet Pokemon represent spirit, and thus the soul. Because of this, they are well in tune with the more esoteric and soul-based side of the pantheon. They seem to be fond of J'onn J'onnz due to how he uses his psychic powers to help people, and Auriel for being a bastion of hope. They also work with Chronoa and Rosalina to help keep balance in space-time so Cyrus can never succeed.
    • There are a group of gods related to the soul that they seem completely horrified to, and for good reason-the Chaos Gods. Spawned from sentient thoughts and feelings, their complete insanity and what they've done to the galaxy is utterly terrifying to them. Arguably even worse for them are the C'Tan, who eat souls and wish to eternally harvest them in hopes of getting to devour the souls of every being in the Pokemon universe.
    • Naturally they loathe anyone who wants to stamp out the human soul. YHVH's rampant desire to destroy free will and smooth over people's souls for His worship has led Him to want to capture the Lake Trio so as to purge rebellious thoughts and feelings from the populace. Hikawa, like Cyrus, wishes to remove spirit as well. They are not happy about this. By contrast, the Lake Trio are perfectly happy to help people find spiritual refinement, such as Samurai Jack who underwent this to regain his sword. He can be found near their lakes meditating.
  • Applies to Uxie
    • The Wisdom Pokemon, Uxie is the Being of Knowledge who was said to have given humanity intelligence to improve their lives. In this regard, he is like Prometheus and Ganesha in giving wisdom to mankind. Naturally, they get along. He feels real bad for Prometheus for how he suffered centuries of torture for giving fire to man. and has chosen him as a partner as they both gave the gift of wisdom to man. Zamasu, like Prometheus and Ganesha, has a bone to pick with the Pokemon for giving man knowledge and enabling them to use it for evil in his deranged worldview.
    • Being the Pokemon of wisdom, Uxie is interested in the records the Admins have, fully admitting they have far more knowledge than even he does. He's shown a fondness to Matilda Wormwood for her smarts-based psychic powers as well. However Uxie doesn't like Vril Dox for trying to hijack him as part of his plan to hoard knowledge for himself, and especially the Brainspawn turning people stupid and destroying worlds because they can't stand the thoughts of others.
    • Doesn't open his eyes, as anyone who does will have their memory wiped. It's not like Uxie needs to see, given it can "see" using foreknowledge and telepathy. It would probably be a really bad idea for Uxie to look into a mirror, for that matter. He seems to pity Medusa somewhat, since she turns whoever looks at her or who she looks at to stone.
  • Applies to Mesprit
    • The Emotion Pokemon, Mesprit is the Being of Emotion who taught humans the joy and sadness of living. She represents all emotions, both positive and negative and believes they are both necessary for human development. However, those who only wish to inflict negative emotions are considered abhorrent in her eyes. For this reason, she opposes the Dementors.
    • As the legendary Pokemon of emotion, Mesprit feels the most comfortable in the House of Emotion. Her spirit can leave her body to fly on the surface of Lake Verity, allowing her to travel across the house so as to make sure emotions are in check. She found a kinship with the Emotions, and has become their partner in hopes of protecting the house. She is trying to help Raven with her empath powers as well.
    • Seems to be interested in the other Lantern Corps, as they are able to use different emotions to create constructs and wield one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Especially the Indigo Corps, as they're able to make people compassionate and get the power of another lantern corps/emotion. She's not that comfortable with their Heel–Face Brainwashing aspect, though.
    • Those who touch Mesprit will have their emotions removed, according to the legend. It's unclear why this didn't remove Cyrus' emotions, though it's probably something Mesprit needs to intend to do. The Cybermen were deeply intrigued by this and are trying to kidnap Mesprit so as to further perfect their emotional inhibitors and remove feeling from the rest of the universe.
  • Applies to Azelf
    • The Willpower Pokemon, Azelf is the Being of Willpower who gave humanity the determination to do things. He respects the courageous gods in the pantheon, and especially the Green Lantern Corps as they represent willpower itself. One can only wonder what a legendary Pokemon of willpower could accomplish with a Green Lantern ring. He decided to choose Link as his partner, given his Triforce of courage correlates to Azelf's willpower.
    • Anyone who hurts Azelf will have their willpower stricken from them, leaving them in an And I Must Scream state. Naturally Azelf doesn't like anyone who wishes to stamp out free will, particularly the aforementioned YHVH or Maltheal.

    Leroy (Lilo & Stitch
Leroy, God of Great and "Meh" Powers (the unofficial Experiment 629,note  not Experiment 628)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His suit, with an "L" on it
  • Anti-Theme Song: "Aloha ʻOe"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Stitch's Evil Counterpart and Twin Brother, has all of Stitch's abilities plus a couple more of his own, Cloned En Masse, Being a Red, Evil Stitch, can look like Stitch, but not act like him, Powers Down When He Hears "Aloha ʻOe", One-Shot Character
  • Domains: Evil, Genetics, Mischief, Space
  • Interests: Babidi, Wat Tambor
  • Allies: Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel, Experiment 627, Giovanni
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Hunter J
  • Rivals: Metal Sonic, Meta Cooler
  • Enemies: Lilo and Stitch, all other experiments, Elvis Presley (though he likes his music), Ash Ketchum, Mew, The Men in Black, The SCP Foundation, The Dazzlings, Silvally
  • Opposed by: Most Pokémon, especially the legendaries
  • Leroy is Jumba's latest (though unnumbered) genetic experiment. Jumba was forced by Dr. Hämsterviel (with Gantu's assistance) to make a new experiment for him to take over the galaxy just shortly after Jumba got access to his lab back. The new experiment was quickly made based on Stitch's template, but colored red on Hämsterviel's demands. Upon his creation, the experiment was named "Leroy" by the evil hamster. Stitch arrived to try to send Hämsterviel back to Galactic Prison, but got into a closely-matched fight with the new experiment which he lost only because he was distracted by Pleakley. Afterwards, Leroy was cloned and sent to Hawaii, where he retrieved all the reformed experiments on Earth and brought them to Aloha Stadium to be destroyed by Hämsterviel's Death Ray. However, Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, the then-newly named Reuben, and Gantu (who Hämsterviel fired after Leroy collected the experiments) stopped the alien hamster and his Leroy army, first by rallying all the experiments to fight them, then (once Jumba remembered what he added to Leroy as a fail-safe) performed an impromptu "Aloha ʻOe" concert to shut all the Leroys down. Hämsterviel and the Leroys were arrested and sent to a supermax section of Galactic Prison for their troubles.
  • Has all of Stitch's fantastic powers, plus the ability to turn blue. He uses it to disguise himself as Stitch, though isn't that good at it and the Grand United Alliance of Good can tell when he tries to imitate Stitch's grin. Leroy rarely uses that ability.
  • The Leroy that ascended to the Pantheon is the original one. He managed to escape prison on his own accord, steal a police cruiser, and used its hyperdrive to reach the Pantheon. When he got there, he found his way to the House of Family where he had an unpleasant reunion with his brother. After Leroy and Stitch's fight ended when Lilo played Elvis's recording of "Aloha ʻOe" to shut him down, the human-alien Gods of True Companions tried to send Leroy out of the Pantheon. However, someone in the House of Villains noticed the fight. Impressed with Leroy's power, they made him a god. This meant that Lilo and Stitch could not send him back to prison and were forced to give him to them. Taking refuge in the House of Villains, Leroy is now waiting for an opportunity to take out his twin, while Lilo and Stitch (along with the other experiments) try to figure how to reform him.
  • Doesn't have an official number, but isn't Experiment 628 because Jumba already made that. It's just nobody's seen it. Experiment 629 will suffice, unless Jumba has made other experiments between their creation. Sometimes he prefers to go by 629 since many in the House of Naming think Leroy is a dumb name and mock him for it. Not a good idea, and if there's anything he likes about Lilo it's that she likes the name. Besides, it's hard for Jumba to come up with an original name after 625 (at that point) of the 628 existing experiments have already been named.
  • Exists as more of Dr. Hämsterviel's loyal muscle than a character of his own, but manages to be popular among fans. He has a definitive contempt for Elvis Presley since he sung his Kryptonite Factor. Leroy doesn't like the Dazzlings or any sirens, due to the effect their songs have on people as it reminds him of his own weakness. Not that he hates all music or anything, as the Leroy clones rocked out to "Jailhouse Rock" in jail.
  • Has a rivalry with Metal Sonic as they were both created to be the villain's own version of the blue hero. Leroy boasts that along with being as strong as him, his ability to turn blue lets him be a better impersonator. Metal Sonic decries Leroy as not being defined by anything outside of being an evil Stitch, only for Leroy to call him out for being a complete hypocrite due to Metal's obsession with being the real Sonic. Metal admitted he had a point, but still states he's the superior Evil Knockoff.
  • Having proven skilled at capturing the various experiments, Leroy considered going after some of the Pokémon, as part of Dr. Hämsterviel's own interest in using them rather than the experiments. Mainly the legendaries. Leroy ended up wondering if Babyfier/Experiment 151 and Mew were somehow related and antagonized the New Species Pokémon. He also antagonized Silvally as Hämsterviel was interested in its chimera-like genetic makeup and how that could be extrapolated to make more experiments for him and him alone.
  • Successfully managed to capture the first 624 experiments in a few hours, making him a viable employee for villainous poachers and monster wranglers. Babidi and Wat Tambor are interested in controlling the Leroy clones. Giovanni wants him to capture Pokémon so he can use them for profit, as does Hunter J. Leroy's a bit hesitant on Hunter J, since as a valuable monster himself he's an attractive target for her to sell on the black market.
  • The Leroy clones number at 50,000. One Evil Twin Stitch was bad enough, the Pantheon doesn't want the other 49,999 to be released. Leroy hoped he could get the Clone Army trope if they escaped, but Cooler already has that. Leroy believes he has a better army than the Meta-Coolers, Cooler doesn't care much but he does find a legion of the furballs amusing and toys with the idea of a Meta-Leroy of his own.
  • The Men in Black were not happy to learn that even one Leroy was free from his prison, unlike the other experiments. The SCP Foundation considers Leroy a security risk, as given he was able to capture the experiments he could end up breaking out and capturing a number of the SCPs they are holding.

    Levy McGarden 
Levy McGarden, Goddess of Semantic-Based Powers

    Mega Man 
Mega Man, God of Power Replication (Rock Light, The Blue Bomber, The Super Fighting Robot, Rockman, Blue Metal Hero)

    Miles Morales/Spider-Man II 
Miles Morales, God of Learning New Powers (Miles Morales, Amazing Spider-Man, BadMachine1999, Captain Universe, Miles Davis, Shadow-Spider, Sir Miles, Spider, Spider-Boy, Spider-Man Two, Spidey, Ultimate, Web-Head, Web-Head Junior. )

    Power Rangers Dino Thunder 
Power Rangers Dino Thunder Members , Divine Deities of Stock Superpowers (Conner: Red Tyranno Ranger, Triassic Ranger, Triassic Battlizer Ethan: Blue Ticera Ranger Kira: Yellow Ptera Ranger Trent: White Drago Ranger, Trent Fernandez, Trent Mercer)
From left to right: Dr. Tommy Oliver, Ethan James, Conner McKnight, Kira Ford, and Trent Fernandez-Mercer
Click here  to see their transformed state
Click here  to see their Super Modes
Click here  to see Conner's Triassic Ranger Mode
Click here  to see Conner's Triassic Battlizer Mode
  • Rank: Intermediate Deities as a team, Lesser Deities individually
  • Symbol: Their Dino Gems
  • Theme Song: Their main theme. Just A Little (for Kira)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Trent was Chaotic Evil when transformed before it's evil side was erased)
  • Portfolio: Stock Superpowers, Everything's Better with Dinosaurs, Five-Token Band, Three Plus Two Team, Super Modes
  • Domains: Superpowers, Dinosaurs, Extinction, Superheroes, Science, School
  • Herald(s): Hayley Ziktor, Anton Mercer
  • Allies: The entire Toku Base (especially Tommy Oliver and the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers), The Gang of Seven, The Autobots, The Parr family, the Toa Inika/Mahri
  • Enemies: Mesogog, Trakeena, Guitardo, the Psycho Rangers, The Sharptooth, SHOCKER, Maleficent, Master Xehanort, Gwangi, Riptor, Indominus Rex, the Decepticons, Beast Wars Megatron, Roodaka, Makuta Teridax, Vantas, Roman Torchwick, Neapolitan, Clockwerk and Neyla, Penelope Mouse
  • Opposes: The Monstars
  • Opposed by: The Draconians
  • Worthy Opponent: Biscuit Krueger, Mewtwo
  • After he started teaching his class in Elysium Academy, Dr. Tommy Oliver heard reports of four new students who would be joining his class. Students that had been tutored by him before. He instantly knew who these students were, and was told they would be joining for a specific reason. The next day, he finally met with the four newcomers and when he saw them a smile came upon his face. They were a peculiar bunch; a soccer player, a technical wizard, an aspiring musician, and a comic book artist... but one look at their wrists told Tommy everything. Four morphers, each bearing the faces of a distinct dinosaur/pterosaur on them. Red, Blue, Yellow, and White. "Welcome to the Pantheon, rangers." Tommy said to the group. In response, they looked up and smiled back, with the red youth replying with, "Thanks, Dr. O. Good to see you again."
  • Most Power Rangers draw upon super-human abilities when morphed. Not so much with the Dino Thunder team. Thanks to exposure to the Dino Gems, each member now possesses a unique "Civilian Power" that can be used outside of ranger form. Conner gained lightning-fast super speed, while Ethan received durable scales and super strength, Kira enhanced shrieks and Trent Chameleon like camouflage. Each power, while distinct for each ranger, were almost commonplace in the Multiverse, and it was based on this that the Court of the Gods permitted the four into the Pantheon, giving them a temple and restoring their powers to help in the fight against evil.
  • Applies to the team:
    • Their temple resembles their base in Reefside, which can be accessed from either Tommy's temple or through an abandoned garage. It is filled with chambers lined with fossil-filled brick, dinosaur fossils, advanced machinery, and a computer that serves as a way of communications, operated by one of their heralds, Hayley Ziktor. She was happy to see the Dino Thunder team again, and has even opened her Cyberspace Cafe to any gods wanting to come down, relax and have a good time.
    • Hearing that they draw their powers from actual Mesozoic animals, the rangers were visited by the deities from the Sub-House of Prehistoric Beasts. all of them managed to get along with the Gang of Seven as they were curious about their dinosauric connection . Thing got even more interesting when the Tyrannosaurs Rexie and Tyranturm approached Conner and, instead of having him for lunch, showed signs of affection and began to nuzzle him. The same happened when Rodan and Aerodactyl met Kira, which could be attributed to their aforementioned connection. That said, there are indeed some dinosaurs the rangers have become enemies with because of their evil, rather bloodthirsty nature, with Gwangi, Riptor, Indominus Rex, and The Sharptooth being high on the list.
    • They became allies with Autobots due to sharing similar goals of peace and justice, and have been seen helping to update the Dino Thunder Zords with alternate modes. Conner ended up becoming close allies with Dinobot leader Grimlock, due to him being a robotic t-rex. This lead to Ethan, Kira and Trent befriending the other Dinobots as well. Their friendship though lead to the Decepticons targeting the rangers for extermination. On the other hand, the Megatron of the Beast Wars wants to kill the rangers and steal their dino gems to further his goals. Luckily, they haven't had to deal with either Megatrons in one and one combat but Optimus has warned them to be careful regardless.
    • Out of all the Power Rangers they have met, they get along the best with Tommy's original teammates, not just because they were his classmates, but also because they have the powers also drawn from actual dinosaurs and other extinct animals. Also helps that both teams have similar suit aesthetics and dinosaur-themed Megazords. Conner connected with Jason and Kira with Kimberly as the latter two have the Tyrannosaurus and Pteranodon as Zords on their teams. Zordon was also impressed that one of his proteges became a mentor to them.
    • Of course, they are not happy to see Mesogog, especially Trent, since the father was the evil side of his father before the two split into two different people. It only got worse when they learned the organization SHOCKER formed an alliance with Mesogog. The rangers were, understandably, absolutely livid about the news. This was one of the major reasons they joined the Toku Base and are much more willing to help their Super Sentai counterparts and the Kamen Rider heroes.
    • There was one time when they watch an episode from a tv show that exists in their universe, based on them. Upon hearing that there were other versions that look like they are Power Rangers, but yet aren't, they were in shock, but they're still willing to work with the Super Sentai teams to pro.
    • Hearing that their powers came from gems, Biscuit Krueger became very intrigued and attempted to steal them for her own gain. Although the rangers don't want her to steal them, she appreciates how they are willing to keep their Dino Gems use them for good, making them more like Worthy Opponents.
    • The Dino Thunder Rangers became enemies with the likes of Makuta Teridax, Maleficent, and Master Xehanort, due to their mastery over shadow and darkness and their share desire to conquer the Multiverse. They often send Heartless, Rahkshi and other monsters at the team to try and wear them down and steal their Dino gems. They haven't truly succeeded due to their skills and previous experience, but they have been beaten by other, more dangerous foes. Vanitas has defeated the team by himself and the Psycho Rangers have set their sights on them, with Trent being forced to fight Psycho Pink. Some have giggled at... only for them to quickly shut up when the Dracozord came flying in.
    • As with the Mighty Morphin' team, Tommy Oliver spends most of his time away from the group in his temple. He will come in to help the group in dire situation, and to give them more guidelines on being a ranger.
  • For Conner McKnight:
    • As he briefly served as high priest to Lightning McQueen, the sentient race-car congratulated the former for his ascencion and was proud he was able to do it in a short amount of time.
    • As he is a soccer player, he occasionally went to the House of Sports to play there. He is currently finding for someone to represent soccer.
      • Because they both have passion for soccer and similar personality traits, he developed a rivalry with Daisuke Motomiya.
    • A lot of deities are intrigued that he has a twin brother who attended Ninja Storm Academy, the school of the Ninja Storm Rangers, although he quit.
  • For Ethan James:
    • As he is a skilled hacker, he was invited to join the White Hats. He may not be as skilled as the original blue ranger, Billy Cranston, but he is a reliable one.
      • Out of all of the members of the White Hats, he hangs out with Bentley Turtle the most, as thry both have technological expertise. Hearing about his adventures, he started hating on Penelope due to betraying her friends and wanting to conquer the universe.
    • Because he is a video gamer, he visits the House of Gaming very often. He became allies with a lot of them thanks to his Genre Savvy knowledge.
    • Seeing that he is a prankster, he gets along with the Wealey Twins and Bart Simpson. They occassionally met with either of them to plan pranks together.
    • It is revealed that in the year 2025, he developed the technology that the SPD Rangers are currently using.
  • For Kira Ford:
    • As she is a girl who hides her feminity and insecurity with an Ice Queen persona, a lot of people are suprised to see her expressing her true emotions while singing and playing the guitar.
    • Because she was an unique Ice Queen who mellowed out when she showed her passion of music, she got along with Mitsuru because of this, who understood what it was like to keep a facade to hide their insecurities.
    • When she isn't doing Ranger duty, she occasionally is found singing and playing guitar, and at times, she playes her songs with her band. She considers about representing Pop Punk, as it's the type of music genre she's playing, but decided that someone would represent that position better.
    • Her superpower made her get along with Black Canary as they both have supersonic screams, although Black Canary doesn't like it she didn't use it much more often.
    • Though she doesn't have the same abilities as them. But thanks to her friendship with Kimberly, she managed to forged a friendship with archers such as Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Katniss Everdeen.
    • Kira once teamed up four other veteran rangers lead by Adam Park to stop Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's son. She has fond memories of reuniting with Tori and Bridge. The same can't be said for the Overdrive rangers she joined forces with.
    • In an alternate timeline, she was the only surviving member of the team during the Shattered Grid saga... which involved her fighting an evil alternate version of Dr. O alongside several other ranger teams.
  • For Trent Fernandez-Mercer:
    • Even though he is a bit lonely due to his rich kid status by being adopted, he was however happy to have Anton Mercer as his father. This is why he found some common ground with Yui and managed to get along with Kirito - who was also adopted - and Asuna, who were both similar in that their parents forced them to follow their footsteps.
    • Since his dream was to become an artist, he managed to get along with artists, like Yusuke Kitagawa.
    • Due to being a Lonely Rich Kid, he managed to get along with Karen Minazuki and Adrien Agreste. Although Trent's problem got solved before them, he still wanted to help them to counter it, which they appreciated.
    • To the surprise of many, Trent ended up fighting alongside nine other veteran rangers - Tommy included - to save the Multiverse from destruction. He's been pretty humble about the experience, as Kira has been too, but every now and then he let's slip that after fighting an evil clone followed by an army of robotic replicas... he deserves a vacation.

    Soma Cruz 
Soma Cruz, God of Powers Through Victory (Dracula)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A magic circle with a red, blue, yellow and silver orb on it
  • Theme Music: Castle Corridor
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Neutral Evil if his dark side awakens)
  • Portfolio: Powers Through Victory, Soul Absorption, Still Being a Good Guy, Ordinary High-School Student, Badass Unintentional, Pimpin' Coat, Anti Anti Christ, Blessed with Suck/Cursed with Awesome
  • Domains: Powers, Souls, Costumes, Reincarnation
  • Allies: Genya Arikado (Alucard), Simon Belmont, Jonathan Morris, Charlotte Aulin, Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Grand DaNasty, Shanoa, Mega Man, The Maiden in Black]], RoahmMythril, ProtonJon, Adell, Artix Von Krieger, Ryoji Mochizuki, Rin Okumura, Raspberyl
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Illidan Stormrage
  • Enemies: Shang Tsung, Dio Brando, Shadow Fiend
  • Opposed by: Remilia Scarlet
  • Special Relation With: Dracula (his former self)
  • In the year 1999, Dracula was defeated by a Belmont named Julius and to make sure that he wouldn't revive himself, a ritual was made to seal away his powers and his castle inside a eclipse what would prevent him from reviving. However, that did not prevent reincarnation, as he was reborn as a boy later called Soma Cruz. While Soma came to realize his true powers, he refused to succumb into darkness and instead fighting against it once dragged in.
  • While Soma might not outright possess most of Dracula's powers, he gained the most important power: the Power of Dominance, the power to steal the souls of those killed and bend them to the user's will. With it, Soma can absorb the souls of any demon he slays which allows him to gain their powers. This mere factor makes Soma really powerful, as he could possess unimaginable number of powers based on what he kills.
  • Believe or not, Soma did encounter Dracula once. And gained his soul. All it allowed him to do was shoot Fireballs. Rather anti-climatic.
    • Speaking of which, his relation with Dracula is... interesting. Soma's life harbours back to Dracula's past when he was still a human with a love. A love who might also have been resurrected as the miko Mina Hakuba. While Dracula would strike Soma where he stands if he needs to, he doesn't quite have the heart to do so. Similarly, Soma does feel sorry for his past self after learning about his past, but not enough to fully sympathize with him.
  • As ProtonJon can proof, he considers his awesome longcoat to be casual wear. He also claims that Soma likes to throw cats at his foes.
  • Has a dislike forwards Dio Brando due the fact that he reminds him of Zephyr. Dio himself hates Soma as not only is he immune to the effects of The World, but he can also cancel it. He also has sworn he has seen him with a Stand (actually, it was the Cagnazzo Soul).
  • Many gods are waiting for the day when he and Shang Tsung will fight against each other. That is because if one beats the other, the winner would get a huge surge of souls to use.
  • Is known to sometimes to wield Excalibur while it is stuck in the stone and use it as a hammer. Hey, no one said that he cannot wield the Excalibur.
  • He seems to get along with Adell, as both of them like to wear white, both of them can use their fists to fight (though Soma has plenty of other options for combat), both of them sound similar) and both of them have some kind of demonic heritage.
    • He seems to also get some respect from Firion due of his wide range of weapons.
  • Some find it rather possible that he might join The Anti-Anti Christs one of these days.
  • Even though Soma is nothing like his previous reincarnation, Remilia still cannot bring herself on liking him.
  • As a fellow demon, Illidan abhors nothing but hate towards Soma. The reason why he hasn't made a strike against him is because he has no intentions of going evil (unless his transformation starts), and he has powers that equal his. Other than that, he's going to work with him, though on a very complicated act of "heroism".

    Tensou Sentai Goseiger 
Tensou Sentai GoseigerMembers , Battle Deities of Phlebotinum Powered Cards (Alata: Gosei Red, Eri: Gosei Pink, Agri: Gosei Black, Moune: Gosei Yellow, Hyde: Gosei Blue, Groundion: Gosei Knight)
The Goseigers in their civilian forms. From Left to Right: Moune, Eri, Alata, Hyde, and Agri.
Groundion Headder
Clickhere  to see their transformed state.

Lesser Gods

    Buddy Baker/Animal Man 
Buddy Baker, Divine Bearer of Animalistic Powers (Animal Man)

    Freudia Neuwahl 
Freudia Neuwahl, Goddess of Emulating Others' Powers to One's Style (Freu, RKS-002, Zwei)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: An ice lance (Freudenstachel) with her familiar Strudel sitting on it
  • Theme Song: Her battle theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magus of Ice, Warm-Hearted Ice Queens, Woman in White, Taking Others' Powers By Modifying Her Ice Spells, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Saving Friends In The Nick Of Time, Not-Very-Nice Good People, Rapid-Fire Ice Lances, Putting People In Ice Blocks Without Damaging Them
  • Domains: Power, Ice, Magic
  • Allies: Spiritia Rosenberg, Mega Man, X, Zero, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero, Cygnus Hyoga, Queen Elsa, Mei-Ling Zhou, Rachel Roth/Raven, Crystal Maiden, Rubick, Weiss Schnee
  • 'Slightly On-And-Off' ally: Jin Kisaragi
  • Enemies: The Yellow Devil, Airy, Dr. Wily, Dr. Weil, Kel'Thuzad, Adria
  • As Spiritia's best friend, Freudia was known for taking tips of other friends that she fought and then emulating their styles to suit her own mastery over ice. And with those powers she gained and adapted, she managed to not only defeat a Godly being like Iris Zeppelin but also put her in an ice coffin forever. All those, plus the recommendation of Spiritia, allowed her to ascend in this position, prior to which she had been around as Spiritia's herald.
  • Her mastery over ice makes her a rather popular visitor of the House of Water and Ice (though she keeps her cool composure). Sub-Zero shows interest in training her to further develop her powers. If the combination of ice magic and ice kombat is possible, Freudia is all for it.
    • Unlike other ice users, Freudia has mixed feelings towards Jin Kisaragi. On one hand, she respects the way his life turned out and is open to any chances of them teaming up. But after that one time Jin attempted to freeze her familiar Strudel for getting on his nerves, Freudia has been extra careful with him, trying not to get too close.
  • Despite her name, people asking if she has some sort of freudian/joyful symbolism usually gets a scornful face from her.
  • She was a bit late during the incident involving Spiritia and Airy as Zero already did the deed to save the former. Since it's someone like Zero, Freudia feels fine and grateful he did it; in fact, his mannerisms are one of the things that makes her tolerate him. But on the other hand, she already made plans to hunt down Airy and just like Iris, put her in an eternal sleep in an ice coffin eternally.
    • Also despite having ice powers as well, Freudia is disgusted at the Arch Lich Kel'Thuzad not just for misusing ice powers for evil, but also because the art of raising the dead that he often uses disturbs the hell out of her.
  • Despite her closeness with Spiritia, let it be known that she doesn't run around saying "Tia! Tia!" all day.
  • Having survived a 'Witch/Magus Hunt' caused her to feel sympathy to those who survived it. However, all sympathy from her goes away if said person were to cast off their humanity in process. Freudia heard about the witch Adria this way and only had this as a cold remark after hearing her betrayal of her own daughter and servitude to Diablo:
    If I meet her, I'm laying her to a cool bed of ice. Forever.
  • While her dislike towards Dr. Wily was on a more normal level, Wily is downright terrified at her. He might be able to survive if he begged for mercy from Mega Man, but begging like that will not work against a pissed off Freudia; she'd just freeze her target in what would be like eternity.

    Griffin (The Invisible Man
Dr. Griffin, God of Invisibility and Bandaged Faces (The Stranger, The Voice, The Invisible Man, Jack, Hawley)

Gwendolyne "Gwen" Poole, Goddess of Fighting Through the Fourth Wall ([The Unbelievable] Gwenpool, Ghostface No-Pants Killer, Pink Ghost, Venpool)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, sometimes Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fan of Comic Books Transported to the Marvelverse, Meta Gal, Exploiting the Fourth Wall For Battle Purposes, Medium Awareness, Cute and Psycho, Badass Adorable, Idiot Hero, Pink Heroine, Bathing Suit-esque Leotard of Power Without Pants
  • Domains: Comedy, Combat, Meta, Chaos
  • Herald: Jeff the land shark
  • Fan of: Spider-Gwen and most Marvel Comics heroes
  • Allies: Hawkeye, the Grand Theft Auto deities, Dr. McNinja
  • Complicated relationship: Deadpool, Dr. Doom
  • Opposes: Harley Quinn, HYDRA
  • Once her comic book was cancelled, Gwen retreated to the Gutter Space, and once she got out it was in the Pantheon instead of the Marvelverse. Impressed with her fourth wall powers (which among its applications, enable her to time travel to previous pages, and make things silent by taking away the Written Sound Effects), the main house decided to keep her around.
  • Given how Gwen prefers not to disclose on her painful memories prior to becoming a hero, the House of Time and Space is trying to figure out her true origins - specially if she's from Earth-1218 (i.e. the real world) or a really similar place - and how she wound up in the comics world. They're also interested in the fact that the last issue of Unbelievable Gwenpool featured Gwen interacting with a Future Badass self.
  • Gwen is re-encountering some Marvel deities she already met in the comics world:
    • Among those annoyed by her presence were Rocket and Groot, unamused to see again the idiot who called them "squirrel and tree", and Kamala Khan, given how bad Gwen's attempt at joining the Champions went.
    • She was happy to see Doctor Strange, the "hunka hunka wizard" who leaves her speechless and that Gwen is eternally grateful for both making her an actual Marvelverse person and bringing her deceased friend Cecil back as a ghost.
    • Other deities already warned Gwen that The Sentinel won't be defeated if she treats it like the one from the arcade again.
    • Despite the Commonality Connection with Deadpool, Gwen is not all that favorable: in her universe, she didn't read his comic for being too "lol memes". Not helping was the fact that once in the Marvelverse, Gwen had to fight the Merc with a Mouth, who did a long speech on how she was a C-lister. Wade also dislikes that Gwen took over his bonus missions in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.
    • Gwen once decided to fight Dr. Doom hoping to get invited to the Avengers - even if he was reformed. Gwen hopes the fact she released his older self was forgiven.
  • Gwen is absolutely delighted at Spider-Gwen, who in a way inspired her, and and is constantly fangirling over her - along with envying how her uniform actually has pants. She also likes Gwen Stacy (even if pitying how her defining characteristic is having been killed), and hopes that her case opens doors for Emma Stone starring in a Gwenpool movie.
  • Has become good friends with Dr. McNinja, given both were created by the same writer and thus share many similarities, including idolizing superheroes, and Gwen wishes he can give her some fighting lessons.
  • Harley Quinn dislikes her, deeming Gwen a copycat. Gwen, who in turn finds Harley too weird even by her standards, avoids her given she does not know yet how to fight people armed with hammers and baseball bats.
  • Before going to the Marvelverse, Gwen was an avid fan of the Car Crimes video games, so seeing the Grand Theft Auto deities was also a dream come true. Given she's insane and good with explosives, the gangsters are hiring her for some odd jobs, albeit only the ones Gwen doesn't find morally reprehensible.
  • While Gwen found interesting the fact that in another universe she bonded with the Venom symbiote (specially for the opportunity of meeting "sexy, scruffy lawyer" Daredevil), she'd rather not attempt it in the Pantheon.
  • Given that in an alternate universe Gwen becomes a Reality Warper supervillain, the Pantheon is making sure to keep Gwen's evil side in check.
  • Has recently been drafted into the West Coast Avengers, which she hopes is not a disaster waiting to happen. Even if so far her powers appear to have vanished, Gwen is enjoying the ordeal, and has gotten closer to teammate Hawkeye. She is campaigning to ascend the others... except Kid Omega. Maybe. The Pantheon still decided to bring her new pet Jeff in any case.

Kurapika, God of Conditional Powers (Kurapica, Curarpikt, The Chain Guy, The Chain Bastard, The Rat)
Click to see Kurapika in battle mode 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate with Emperor Time)
  • Symbol: A pair of scarlet eyes, with Judgement Chain hovering in the middle.
  • Theme Song: Hi Ni Moeru Hitomi. note 
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Pretty to the point of causing confusion (and taking advantage of it), being the last survivor of the Kurta Clan massacre, long-planned revenge, eyes that turn red with strong emotions (power-boost included), Berserk Button, The Power of Hate, Honor Before Reason, Nen chains of variable length, heavily-conditioned Superpower Lottery, Four Is Death symbolism, very high intelligence and competence, going from unknown hunter to mafia boss, Guile Hero, The Only One Allowed to Defeat You, He Who Fights Monsters, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, former Team Mom
  • Allies: Gon Freecs, Killua Zoldyck, Son Goku, Eren Yeager
  • Enemies: Chrollo and the Phantom Troupe (aka the Genei Ryodan or "The Spiders"), Arachne, Light Yagami
  • Enemy Mine: Hisoka (only when it comes to Chrollo)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Rogue
  • Avoids: Spiderman, The Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders, spiders in general and anything associated to them.
  • Opposed by: Sora Shiun'in
  • Opposes: M. Bison and any deity with But for Me, It Was Tuesday in their portfolio, Ren Gyokuen
  • Conflicting Opinions: Mello, Eren Yeager (though the latter is in friendlier terms)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ren Hakuryuu
  • At first, he flat-out refused to join the Pantheon, which he considered a waste of time for his personal quest. When he heard that Chrollo was in talks of being ascended... he refused again, arguing that Chrollo (who was still depowered anyway) wasn't his top priority at the moment. It took a threat to reverse the depowering to get him to join. He's not happy about this.
    • He's not happy about his title, either. He got it because of his Nen abilities, on which he set particularly high requirements in order to make them strongernote . The last thing he wants the general public to know is the nature of his powers, since it can leave him vulnerable against any foes he might get. He's especially uncomfortable here in the House of Power, where some of the most powerful villains lurk (Cell and Frieza especially, as they resemble the descriptions he's read about the Chimera Ant King from his world).
    • There is a good aspect to all of this, however. He was promised all the help he can get in his search for the Scarlet Eyes. The possibility of continuing his quest while keeping an eye on the aforementioned leader of the Phantom Troupe has gotten him slightly more at ease.
    • And then Chrollo ascended and got re-powered anyway. Kurapika is very much not happy. He's already regretting not killing him when he had the chance, as well as joining the Pantheon in the first place. Unluckily for him, both for now having to watch Chrollo closely (and watch his back) and for to being a potential valuable asset for several factions in the Pantheon, he's stuck.
  • He's been quite the loner from the start, staying in his temple pretty much 24/7. Not just for the way he ascended, mind you, but he prefers to focus on searching for the Scarlet Eyes left to collect, which he tries to keep a secret from other gods. And he's a pretty cold and distant kind of guy. It's been reported that he spends his time doing research or sitting in a dark room staring at an altar with the eyes he's collected. Which is a pretty healthy habit.
    • Under a request by Leorio Paladiknight from the mortal realm, the young man has begrudgingly agreed to go out more often in exchange for the aforementioned help in his quest. He's very annoyed about the deal, but complies nonetheless. Now he stays in his temple 23/7.
    • Son Goku (who welcomed him to the House and the Pantheon) does visit from time to time, though. He's one of the few people the blond hermit won't kick out immediately. Kurapika won't say it out loud, but the Saiyan reminds him a bit of a friend he hasn't seen in quite some time. note 
  • Despite his title, he's far from weak; his abilities have been proven useful even when not applied to the Phantom Troupe, especially when it comes to interrogation. Abilities such as his lie-detecting chain, along with his high intelligence, knowledge, and talent for strategy (despite those times he screwed up his own plans when he was really, really angry), have caused several factions of the Pantheon to want him as a member. Shame he wants nothing to do with that.
  • Said lie-detecting abilities have gained him a few enemies upon ascendance. Sora Shiun'in in particular fears that his Deliberately Cute Child act might become useless with Kurapika’s presence alone. The fact that he bears some similarities to his non-ascended Arch-Enemy Shun Kurosaki only serves to fuel Shiun'in's hate for him even more.
  • While normally level-headed and distant, can fall quickly into Unstoppable Rage if provoked. The Phantom Troupe (the group that killed his entire clan) is a massive Berserk Button. It's very much not advised to pretend to be a member of the Troupe, even is he sees through the act (and he will).
  • Wasn't really all that impressed by the various beings and creatures he's seen so far in the Pantheon, relatively speaking (as he was still stunned by quite a bit of them). His world is already filled to the brim with surreal creatures of all kinds, of which he has studied quite a bit (even more so now that he's preparing to travel to the Dark Continent).
  • There is one kind of creature he absolutely cannot stand, however: spiders. Due to their relation to the Phantom Troupe (also known as "The Spiders"), Kurapika can completely lose his shit if he so much as sees one. Can't really blame him, of course. For this reason, he prefers to stay the hell away from any deities associated to them, and they are advised to do the same in return. And yes, this includes benign deities such as Spiderman (who felt really bad about it, but understood).
    • The Kurta was involved in a small incident with the Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders, however. Nobody got hurt (permanently), but Kurapika has been banned indefinitely from the Insect division of the House of Beasts. He did try to apologize, at least.
      • The GIFTS were very understanding about the whole issue. Arachne, from the same division (and being the God-Mother of all spiders), was not. After Kurapika was greeted by a basket ball-sized tarantula on his desk, their status as enemies was cemented.
  • Goku has told him of another blond Badass Bookworm he sees in his frequent visits to the House of Food. Eventually, Kurapika got to meet the guy in one of his forced tours to the outside. Despite both being hot-headed teen geniuses with rather feminine appearances who managed to enter leadership ranks in the mafia with the purpose of Revenge (against villains with similar voices, even), Kurapika didn't particularly like Mello or his methods note , and dismissed Goku's claims of similarity between the two as nonsense.
  • Was approached by Eren Yeager under the belief that Kurapika was Yeager's childhood friend and fellow soldier Armin Arlert, after the soldier heard about a young blond strategist entering the Pantheon. Eren felt disappointed by the mistake, and Kurapika's aloofness did not help matters, but the Kurta did sympathize with the former's plight (both having a vendetta against the murderers of loved ones and not having seen their friends in a long time)… though Kurapika doesn't really share Eren's pleasure for killing, despite being driven by The Power of Hate. In the end, while not especially close, they're on good terms.
    • Light Yagami also tried to approach him, given their shared hatred for criminals, and tried to offer wiping out the Phantom Troupe with the Death Note (mainly just to find ways to get him on his side). Unfortunately (and unbeknownst to him), Kurapika had already learned of his reputation, and sounding a lot like the leader of said troupe didn't do him any favors. Light barely managed to say a word before Kurapika stopped him and calmly advised him to 1. mind his own business, because capturing/killing the Troupe is his quest and his alone note , and 2. not to speak to him again. Ever. Light, of course, took it personally as an attack against his ideals. Needless to say, they're not best buddies.
  • While he acts mostly indifferent to the rest of the Pantheon (or anything really, since he's pretty much 100% focused on his stuff), there are some deities whose mere presence in the Pantheon piss. Him. Off. A special kind of hatred goes to any god with any trope related to genocide, killing loved ones, and/or But for Me, It Was Tuesday (especially the latter). For this reason, he loathes M. Bison. Judai Yuki has been advised not to approach him, as it's not known what his reaction would be to the duelist's past actions as the Supreme King.
  • Is deeply disturbed by Ren Gyokuen, and is horrified and disappointed that someone like her is the one ruling over the one distinguishing trope of his clan. If he ever gets to finish his quest of revenge, he’s willing to add one Abusive Mom's name to his hit list, along with M. Bison's.
  • With Hisoka joining the Pantheon, Kurapika has grown restless, as now he has two deities to watch his back from, along with Chrollo; he can only hope that a new situation arises in which he can form an Enemy Mine with Hisoka again (or at least that Hisoka doesn't consider him to have reached his full potential, as otherwise he's toast, even now). The young man is feeling less and less secure in the Pantheon now. He needs to devise a plan quickly, or else...
  • "I do not fear death. I fear only that my rage will fade over time."

    Matt Murdock/Daredevil 
Matt Murdock, God of Disability Superpowers (Daredevil, The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, The Man Without Fear)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Two Red Ds
  • Allignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Disability Superpowers, Empowered Badass Normals, Being Blessed with Suck, Those With Doomed Love Interests, Blind Upholder of the Law
  • Domains: Law, Protection, Heroism, Good
  • Followers: Terezi Pyrope
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin, Bullseye, Killgrave, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Kevin, Albert Wesker, Voldo, Manfred von Karma, The Houses of Villains and Crime especially Vito Corleone and Lex Luther
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat.
  • Respects: Atticus Finch
  • Few superheroes in the Pantheon associate their civilian life with their superhero life. As Matt Murdock, he is a lawyer who does his best to both defend clients and bring corrupt defendants behind bars. And if that doesn't work... he switches over to his other persona. The Man Without Fear ironically puts fear in the eyes of those who cross paths with him.
  • Daredevil doesn't "see" per say; he instead uses radar sense to map out the shape of his environment. He may not be able to make out color or words, but it helps give him a 360 degree view of his world.
  • It may not be well known how, but he hid his abilities from the superhero community for a long time. For example, when Hawkeye tried to blind him with a flashing light arrow, he had to pretend that the trick worked. Needless to say, it caused a lot of awkward moments before he told them the truth.
  • Was happy to meet up with Elektra in the Pantheon, though he is understandably cautious. The two share a tumultuous history together. Through it all, they have managed to stick with being allies, if not lovers on occasion.
  • Shares a similar relationship with the Black Widow. People see her as an unstable ally, but he gives her more of a benefit of a doubt than with most of his friends. With that said, he hopes that she doesn't stick around his life for too long. It has a way of bringing misery to many.
  • Can also be found in the House of Justice working together with Phoenix Wright and She-Hulk in his civilian identity. As a lawyer, Matt has a fair amount of dignity and restraint, but he can still get carried away during an exciting case.
  • Is well versed on dealing with The Mafia. As one of their members killed his father for not throwing a match, he takes things personally with the Corleones. He can only hope that they don't decide to bring the Kingpin into the fold...
  • Lex also has a beef with him, which is expected from the God of Supervillains.
  • It's safe to say that Murdock HATES Bullseye with the passion of a raging firestorm. The assassin was responsible for killing two of his girlfriends (one of which is in the Pantheon), ruining his life multiple times and even pretended to be Daredevil for a short period of time. Expect any encounter between the two to be a brutal, nasty affair. He can only hope that Kingpin does not arrive too, but that did indeed happen leaving the Pantheon as another battlefield between the devil and the king of crime.
  • All of this points to a startling conclusion; Matt may well be one of the most unlucky superheros in the Pantheon. He was one of the first to have his identity found out by his archnemesis who used this to completely break him. It may be why he prefers to have a tight circle of friends, seldomly using his Avengers membership card. He has learned to use his friends more effectively.
  • Was the first superhero Netflix adapted to become a tv series. It was thought to be one of the greatest superhero shows of all time... until the second season reduced the quality a lot. He hopes to have better luck in the third season.
  • Due to fairly similar last names, he and Jeff Murdoch have been confused. Being a sensible man, Matt tries to take care of it by explaining, but Jeff's flailing and red face tend to balance that out.
  • Shockingly not the only lawyer in the Pantheon. He shares that role with the timid Jennifer Walters, who transforms into the voracious She-Hulk when fighting crime. They usually work together in their cases though neither is above competing for clients or even being on opposite sides of a court case.
  • Is seen as the quintessential street level superhero of the Marvel Universe. He stares that title with Spider-Man who is a good friend of his. The duo have shared various adventures with him (as well as tussled at times, with Matt managing to win one exchange).
    • Was also introduced to Black Cat, who eventually liked his company. It even cumulated with a kiss. Spider-Man didn't take the news well. Daredevil hopes that Black Cat will become more of an anti-hero again in the future instead of bring a criminal boss like Fisk.
    • Among the other heroes from the streets are best buds Iron Fist and Luke Cage. The three along with Jessica Jones plan to meet up to become the latest incarnation of The Defenders. They all proceeded to make fun of Danny's subpar avatar.
  • Toph once shared the title with him, but she didn't want to be known as a co-deities. She eventually managed to get a temple of her own to rule. Several times various gods have tried to reintroduce him to Toph Bei Fong, but they keep missing each other somehow. Though at this point most believe this is intentional as they both have ways to track each other.
  • Daredevil would rather not hear this song. It just brings out bad memories. Also don't talk about the playground scene. Some things are just better off buried. Even Batman, who has one particular reason among many to bond with Matt, avoids the subject.
  • Was very disappointed to hear about Gwen Stacy's version of himself that was currently the Kingpin of Earth-65 along with allying himself with The Hand. He hopes that she can take down his alternate self someday.
  • Wesker never got over being put on trial during the merging of his world and Matt's homeworld, so he felt like getting even with the attorney in the Pantheon someday.
  • While not a state attorney, he holds a lot of respect for Finch. Someone who does that kind of work in that time period has to have a lot of guts.

    The Pure Elements 
The Pure ElementsMembers , Goddesses of Power Crystals (Experimental Bodies | Akari: Princess Inferno, Fire Body | Nami: Princess Deluge, Water Body | Chiko: Princess Quake, Earth Body | Mei: Princess Tempest, Wind Body)
In clockwise order: Princess Tempest, Princess Inferno, Princess Quake, Princess Deluge

    Richard Rider/Nova 
Richard Rider, God of Empowered Flyers (Nova, The Human Rocket, Dick Rider)


    Kazari Uiharu 
Kazari Uiharu, The Goddess with Unimpressive Powers (Goalkeeper)
  • Demigod, close to Lesser
  • Symbol: Her's flower band
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A-Cup Angst, Ascended Extra, Badass Bookworm, Cloudcuckoolander, Team's Cute, Flower in Her Hair, Fluffy Tamer, Little Miss Snarker (toward Kuroko of all people), Mission Control, Nice Girl, Non-Action Guy, Playful Hacker, Adorkable, Plucky Girl, Shipper on Misfortune Deck, The Smart Girl, Sweet Tooth, Utility Magic, What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?.
  • Allies: Misaka Mikoto, Kuroko Shirai, Touma Kamijou, Index Librorium Prohibitorium, Yui Hirasawa, Lucy Heartfilia, Shana, Sailor Venus, Asuna Yuuki, Ma-Ti, GUAG White Hats, Himawari Shinomiya
  • Enemies: Evil-alignment gods
  • While she was visiting the GUAG on her trip around Pantheon invited by her friend Misaka Mikoto, another hacking attempt was happening to the GUAG's computer system and her friend have to help due to lack of staff. Thing were a bit dire though, as this time the GUAL, GUAC and GUAE all simultaniously attack the system. In the end they have succeeded... in gaining access to dummy servers, instantly made by Kazaki as she suddenly join in. Then, noticing them all access at the same time, she then, with the help of Railgun, rerouted so that all of them are hacking at each other, allowing for GUAG to successfully hacked back and gaining important information (by locating the hacker). For such feast, she was offering a title and a part-time job at the GUAG, which she happily accepted.
    • Since there's no title available for her at the times, that matter have been pending. Until recently when a spot have been left open by Ma-Ti as he received the better part of it, and they just kinda go with it. She have a complicated feeling when she receive it though, so Ma-Ti have offered helping her to make better use of her power. She politely decline, as she's find her power useful enough, and that she can help her friend better in information's warfare.
  • True to her title, her power is to keep an object's temperature stable, basically act like a human themos. Though she just think it's only useful in keeping the cookies warm and knowing it probably isn't gonna get any better, some gods in here think she could become a very powerful force if she could enhanced and expand it with the help of Pantheon's technology and magic.
  • Ever since her admission to the GUAG, the hacking rate have increased 10-fold as most hacker, including their own allies, wanted to test their mettle against the Goalkeeper. Thankfully, thing have died down as of late after the last hacking attempt that force her to salt the entire database with encryption method far better than the best ones she used in her world (dubbing God's Secret) , earning her another scold of her friend (and amazement of Misaka). There're still many that tried to crack that though, so the GUAG have decided to put her in standby, only to call her as the last defense.
    • It's still doesn't solve her problem though, as she have to deal with them everytime she open her computer in the Pantheon. So she decided to not use her computer until thing have died down.
    • In one of the hacking attempt, she have successfully manage to hacked back on a portable game console to reveal the hacker's location. Only to find out Himawari Shinomiya, who was just right beside her, trying to do the same thing. Finding out that she, having read about her's achievement, would like to become friend with her, the way a hacker can do, she's accepted.
  • Since she was Locked Out of the Loop of her friend's problem most of the times, she's showing determination so that she could help them more on it.
  • As an avid shipper on MisakaXTouma ship, she felt trouble (like any other shipper) as he pretty much got the biggest and most formidable harem of one-sided love around (enough to be called a faction), and want to support her love as much as possible, more so after the latest event. This have caught the attention and (unwanted) cooperation of Momo.
  • Obsessed with the Ojou lifestyle, she's absolutly overjoyed learning that there's an entire House full of princesses and noble ladies residing in their own mansion and castle. She's planned to visit every place like a tourist to learn more about them.
  • Currently being scouted by the House of Food for her power. Though she denied, saying her power isn't really that useful (an isulation bag would do the trick just fine, she added), sometimes she accepted delivering food to others place as a request.
  • Like many other, she have found similarity and companionship with Yui Hirasawa, Lucy Heartfilia, Shana, Sailor Venus, Plutia/Iris Heart and Asuna Yuuki. She's kinda feel at awe and lonely that all other friend of her have amazing abilities on their's own (even though she's the same).
    • Also like many others, she finds Plutia really scary when she's on her "sadist queen" mode. She's also find her doll cute though.

Ma-Ti, God of Heart


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