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What the House of Emotion looks like is irrelevant, for within its walls is quite literally a raging storm of rampant, unpredictable energy not too different from a massive Swirly Energy Thingy. Fueled by the various emotions and feelings radiating from every sentient being in the cosmos, the deities of emotion rank among some of the most powerful and unpredictable in the entire Pantheon. Only one with a truly strong will and, perhaps, a signature emotion of their own are able to resist. Sensible visitors that want to keep their sanity intact are best advised to avoid this House at all costs.


It has however been reported that if visitors keep their trips in short, the catharsis of experiencing these various strong emotions in rapid succession is both exhausting and satisfying. Rumor has it that under the storm, this House has just as much drama as the House of Family.

Due to the large number of deities, this house has been divided into eight houses.

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The Maintainers of Emotion

    The Emotions 
Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger, the Personification of Emotions and Monitors of the House of Emotions
  • Intermediate in headquarters, Quasideities elsewhere
  • Symbols:
    • Joy- a star
    • Fear- a raw nerve
    • Anger- a brick
    • Sadness- a teardrop
    • Disgust- broccoli
  • Theme Song: Bundle of Joy
  • Alignment: Depends on the person. as Riley's emotions, Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Colored emotions, Ekmanian emotions, Ghost in the Machine, Cannot do each other's job
  • Domains: Emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust
  • High Priests: Ara Mitama, Nigi Mitama, Kusi Mitama, and Saki Mitama
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: All who are evil or amoral, those who would tamper with minds, YHVH, The Chaos Gods
  • Opposes:
  • Pities: House of Sadness, Eeyore, Yasha (Sadness)
  • On the day the Pantheon was born, they too were created. As the basic aspect of emotions, they would monitor the House of Emotions and to each others' respective sub-houses. Obviously, Joy is rather happy with what her sub-house would do, Sadness would feel sorry for some of its' denizens, Fear is afraid of his own sub-house, Anger is enjoying the company of being with people who are angry and raging, and Disgust is... well, disgusted that she doesn't have her dedicated sub-house, then again, she wouldn't enjoy it.
  • Everyone has them within their brains, observing how they should emote. This group of emotions, however, is part of the Pantheon themselves and can monitor others' brain to see their emotions. They also could see others that are in the brain at the moment, as they meet Osmosis Jones through Peter Venkman when he occasionally goes to the brain.
    • That said, they are horrified when delving into the minds of sociopaths, serial killers, monsters, and abominations, almost losing themselves from the mind.
      • Thankfully, they don't need to do this often, as each and every living being with a mind has their renditions of the five emotions. That said, certain individuals lack certain emotions altogether or some of them are corrupted or suppressed. For example, the Anti-Spiral's Joy and Sadness are absent and its remaining three twisted to form constant paranoia, Leeroy Jenkins's Fear is all but absent, Batman's Sadness leads while suppressing his Joy just as (Riley's) Joy herself once did with Sadness, and so on.
    • They hold low opinions with the Chaos Gods, especially Disgust in how Khorne is constantly making a mess and gore all around, Slaanesh and whatever it's into and Nurgle? Does she really need to ask? Anger even admits that Khorne is too much for him.
    • They also take pity in those who have had their memories tampered (Sora, for one) and bear contempt for those who do such tampering as that makes their work more difficult.
  • To others' surprise, they are missing another component of emotion: Surprise, an emotion of reacting to unexpected events. Though Fearnote  might take this role depending on the situation.
  • As Imaginary Friends are part of the life of many people and usually joyful, they clearly are companions of the imaginary friends in the Pantheon, especially since Joy remembers one of Riley's imaginary friend Bing Bong. Some say that he materialized in that world and is staying in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • It is said that they may have played in the role of creating the Lantern Corps, each founding their respective color of the emotional spectrums used to power the rings. Anger creating the Red Lantern Corps, Fear inspiring the Sinestro Corps, Joy giving hope to the Blue Lantern Corps, and Sadness shows empathy to the Indigo Tribe to give them compassion. It is unknown if Disgust have played a role in the Corps' creation, and the origins of the Green Lantern Corps, Agent Orange, and the Star Sapphires are still unknown to this day.
    • They oppose Nekron, leader of the Black Lantern Corps, who is the enemy to all life, and therefore emotions.
  • Since YHVH wants to create a World of Silence, absent of free will, he sees them as vermin that need to be eliminated. All Anger did is tell him to piss off.
  • Anger HATES Ear Worms. Hearing the song more than it should and refusing to stop getting headquarters would ignite him. Of course, not that it would ever stop. Everyone else find it inconvenient.
  • When he gets "REALLY" angry, he would pick something from the swear word button, which he couldn't show since he wasn't allow to use it during the Pantheon's younger years. He's no longer restricted to it, but he does sometimes get cut off by Fear "accidentally" pressing the siren button. However, when they watch a sports game or a match in Summoner's Rift and the Field of the Ancients, not even a siren could get past the swear word.
  • Routinely, they would take turns watching the dreams in the Pantheon, represented as movies and plays presented in the House of Theater. Fear usually commentates them like So Bad, It's Good movies, in which he likes to watch movies discovered by the MST3K Crew.
  • Despite being the monitor of the House of Fear, Fear ended up hating it, since everyone there is too scary. And there is Sinestro, who uses Fear to control, in which he is openly against. Because of it, he practically only monitors James, Satellizer, and Courage, since they are safe in his book.
  • Not many know this, but it's thanks to a research session by Sadness that the often-overlooked and underappreciated Mitamas managed to get positions as High Priests. That, and the Emotions' title is too unique.

The Emotional Spectrum

    Anger: Asura 
Asura, God of Unstoppable Rage (Asura the Destructor, Primarch of the Angry Marines)
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity in his Mantra form, Overdeity in his Destructor form
  • Symbol: His Mantra Halo from when he was a member of The Eight Guardian Generals
  • Theme Songs: In Your Belief, Asura Unleashed when REALLY Angry, One Who Destroys the Ring when transforming into his Destructor form
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Vengeance, Rage beyond all comprehension, Rescuing his daughter, using multiple arms, having Higher transformations than just his multi-armed form, Ungodly Strength, Energy Projection, Destroying Planet sized objects with his bare fists, planet-sized final form, Punching out a Creator God
  • Domains: Wrath, Fatherhood, Combat, Nay-theism
  • Herald: Ahria (his very first disciple)
  • Follower: Bakumi Moriyama (a devotee of indomitable fury)
  • Allies: Mithra (his daughter), Yasha, Augus, Son Goku, Dante Sparda, Other Combat deities, Naruto Uzumaki, Shizuo Heiwajima, Jin Kazama, Pit, Fred Rogers, Joel, Lucifer, Luka, Twilight Sparkle, Ryu Hayabusa, Travis Touchdown, Issei Hyodo and assorted companions, Yu Narukami (Investigation Team), Eren Yeager, people that are sensible enough not to make him angry in general
  • On speaking terms with: Hayate Ayasaki, Caius Ballad
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nagi Sanzen'in and Hinagiku Katsura (both one-sided on their part), Kratos
  • Worthy Opponent: Akuma
  • Rival: Ryu (Street Fighter)
  • Enemies: Chakravartin, Deus, Relius Clover, Kazuya Mishima, Ghetsis Harmonia, Sasuke Uchiha, Needless Kane, Lu Bu, Cell, Gendo Ikari, Raynare, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Kage, Yhwach, Embryo, basically anyone who manages to piss him off and isn't repentant about it
  • Good Counterpart to: Raul Menendez
  • Keeping an eye on: Guts, Bloody Marie
  • So let's get this straight. A demigod who serves as one of the Eight Guardian Generals to a great kingdom leads the way in slaying a terrible monster, so the other seven decide to kill his wife, kidnap his daughter, murder the emperor they're supposed to serve, frame him for this, and then kill him, all as part of some convoluted gambit to get rid of the monster's kind. Sounds like a terrible plan in and of itself. Then factor in his daughter, now isolated by this scheme, having the power to manipulate power itself (it's called mantra in their world). Okay, so they have a Living Battery to make this work. Here's the problem. The one they got rid of, whose daughter they are using for this, is their strongest and angriest general, and they have rechristened themselves the Seven Deities. If he EVER gets out of the near-literal Hell they put him in... Welcome to the justified carnage of Asura's Wrath.
    • Naturally, he did, after several millennia, find his way back to the living world, taking down the Seven Deities and their armies in painstakingly epic battles, including his brother-in-law and his former teacher. And the whole thing actually led past the Deities/Generals themselves... to the very golden spider that created his universe. Yes, he even took down his world's Top God, earning the title of Destructor; such was his great power, his fury at being manipulated and betrayed, and his desire to protect his daughter. Following the end of his adventures he was ascended after everything he went through was shown to the other members of the Pantheon, in which almost everyone nearly SHAT themselves at his raw power.
  • Has a major fatherly instinct, and really wants his daughter Mithra to ascend to the Pantheon to be with her. Is also pissed off at abusive parents, and has at one point almost destroyed the House of Family with the aid of Devil Jin, intent on destroying Relius Clover after witnessing the latter attempting to "experiment" on his son Carl. Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima weren't spared from Asura's tremendous anger, either.
  • Is often compared to Akuma. The two had a fight so massive that it took 500 years to conclude. Who won the fight is still up in the air.
  • Recently took Sweeney Todd's place as the God of Vengeance and Rage. To this day, no one dares to speak about it, as it was not pretty. Even most of the other violent deities in the house hid in terror after it happened.
  • Despite similarities between the two, Asura despises Kratos with a passion for his carelessness towards humanity in how he often killed all who opposed him with no remorse, even innocent villagers. It brings to mind the other Demi-Gods that he had fought before ascending to this Pantheon.
    • In more recent times, Kratos has learned to greatly temper his rage, and most of his violent actions are now almost entirely for the protection and wellbeing of his son. Asura has not forgiven Kratos for causing his own apocalypse (Kratos has neither apologized nor shown any significant remorse for his actions), but there is some grudging respect between the two for now, as the problems Asura would have with him are apparently already being addressed (Kratos is clearly trying to teach his own son not to follow his own folly with a stern yet understanding hand).
    • With his permission, he allows Atreus to be around Mithra after the boy found his father and Asura to be alike. Asura, knowing that Atreus isn't the type to "seduce" Mithra, allowed him to be around her, on the condition he does not make her cry, knowing that he once lashed out at Sindri in anger. Atreus, flinching at the memory, nodded.
  • Since Asura has had less than ideal encounters with gods in his life, he rarely visits the Pantheon or even his own temples. Although he does go to the House of Combat every now and again to keep his skills sharp, and he has another temple there he uses to rest up.
    • On multiple occasions Asura has been seen with another fighter, his brother-in-law Yasha, when visiting the Combat Pantheon. Although he hasn't ascended (at least not yet) and he looks more calm then the raging Asura, the gods tend to give him space since he seems to be the only one on par with Asura. This thought has given Melkor much to worry about.
      • Unfortunately for Melkor, Deus's ascension ultimately led to Yasha becoming part of the Pantheon as well.
  • Asura gives his blessing to anyone who has been betrayed and seeks revenge. But this blessing comes with a warning, as he tells those who follow him that they should always be careful managing their rage, lest it consumes them. This doesn't mean that he accepts followers, due to his stance against gods.
    • He keeps a watchful eye on Guts, who almost lost himself to his own rage and vendetta against Griffith, for this very reason. This is also why he utterly dislikes Sasuke Uchiha, because he thinks he's not worth carrying the torch of "revenge" since his mind is too weak to handle it.
    Asura: A whelp who doesn't know his place does not deserve to fight for rage and revenge!
    • His opinion of Sasuke has softened over time, however, since he now has a wife and daughter which he protects fiercely much like Asura. He wishes the young man luck and gives him his blessings for being a protective father... even one that wasn't around for a long time. Sasuke in return promised to protect Mithra whenever he can. Asura is also giving his support in getting Sakura and Sarada ascended, so the Uchiha family can be together again.
  • It is common knowledge in the Pantheon that Asura, in the rare instance that he visits, should be given a very wide berth, since an angry Asura is very bad news.
  • He's formed a strange friendship with Pit of all people. Probably because both of them actually like humans and have fought the entirety of their lives to protect them, plus having to fight some really Jerkass Gods in that effort. Some have also compared Asura's father instinct with Pit's desire to protect his goddess.
  • Making Asura mad has been voted "The most idiotic thing anyone can ever do" by the House of Mentalism, Asura has shown no objection since he knows that meant having more time to himself and his daughter. Even Hazama refuses to troll him, after a "mere attempt" caused Asura to use Hazama as target practice for his Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs for three whole days. Hazama was forced to apologize to prevent a bigger beatdown, and the two have agreed to never speak of it again.
    • There is also an incident regarding Lu Bu mocking him for his theme. The end result: Asura delivering the biggest No-Holds-Barred Beatdown the Pantheon has ever seen. And thus the universal agreement that pissing off Asura is a really bad idea.
  • Cell once attempted to absorb Asura in order to obtain his powers for himself. The result was a massive No-Holds-Barred Beatdown in which Asura completely floored Cell. Cell even used his Solar Kamehameha in an effort to kill him, and it looked for a moment it would work, but even that failed against Asura's Mantra form.
    • Cell apparently did receive a MASSIVE power boost afterwards, when he recovered from near death. Whenever Asura appears, however, he immediately leaves for the safety of his temple.
  • Is actually pretty chill in regards to Lucifer, especially because they both share the same ideas about giving any asshole from above a good ass-kicking for trying to mess with them or those under their protection, and since one of Lucifer's similarly named generals fell trying to oppose YHVH, Asura offered his help if Lucifer decides to take on heaven again (presuming Naoki Kashima isn't around to lead Lucifer's armies) and put his knuckles across the Great Will's face.
    • Which he will soon be doing as YVHV provoked Asura's wrath by targeting Madoka. He was amongst the first to sign up for the Pantheonic Rebellion.
    • Also has high levels of respect towards Luka, Lucifer's son, for both his desire to protect the innocent and his efforts to make coexistence possible between different races, something he is keenly aware of the problems of ever since the Seven Deities and humans. He doesn't even mind his official position since Mithra's not the type of girl he attracts. When he learned about how the boy fought and killed Ilias, a Goddess not unlike Chakravartin, his respect only grew further, to the point he doesn't mind letting him hang around his daughter... provided he always keeps his hands to himself. He's also close to Luka's wife Alice because he reminds her of her own mother, and he feels sympathy for Alice having to watch her die in front of her. Given her nature, though, he keeps a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't "corrupt" Mithra though.
    • Despite Asura and Lucifer being on good enough terms, the Upheaval had caused more strain on their partnership, namely the actions of Homura, and the fact that Lucifer instigated those action directly. Following those events Asura had a private meeting with Lucifer, simply to have Lucifer swear on his life that Mithra will never be part of any of his plans, directly or otherwise, or Asura will cut all ties with the GUAC. Not wanting to lose one of his strongest allies, Lucifer complied.
  • Several Evil deities, thinking they can defeat him while he's armless, have sent entire armies' worth of mooks. They taunt him, saying they'll take Mithra away from him again. Armed with only a shard of his master's sword, he eventually got so pissed off that this happened, resulting in a giant arm that wiped out hundreds of millions of minions like rice paper. Even armless, it shows Asura shouldn't be fucked with.
  • Has learned to suppress his Berserker/Wrath form by meditating with Cosmos. That being said, he has a MUCH easier time in accessing his Mantra form, terrifying almost everybody in the Pantheon.
  • Upon learning of the ascension of Gohma Vlitra, Asura has decided to form a task force in order to end it once and for all. Aside from Yasha (who helped him slay the beast), Travis Touchdown, Ryu Hayabusa, Kratos (albeit reluctant), Goku and Augus (just to be able to fight Asura after all is done) have joined him. Though Deus had incidentally started amassing the other Seven Deities for the same purpose, it was Asura's company that would launch an offensive against the monster and succeed in slaying it permanently. While parting ways as an organization, the ex-members are on solid terms; they held a disbandment feast, of all things, that concluded with Asura, Yasha, Goku, and Augus all enjoying a good free-for-all smackdown afterwards as the other three watched on alongside Mithra.
  • Despite acknowledging they're all very good guys, Asura originally refused to be on friendly terms with the Chick Magnet Quartet, thinking that they could "corrupt" his daughter. He has even made the Quartet's leader, Issei Hyodo, promise him to never pursue Mithra, and beaten up Hayate Ayasaki when he stumbled onto Mithra after mistaking her for her Ojou-sama, Nagi Sanzen'in. The latter event, however, landed Asura on Nagi's shit list when she ascended to the Pantheon, and also earned him the mistrust of Hinagiku Katsura. Since then, Asura has decided to befriend the Chick Magnet Quartet and apologized to Hayate for his beatdown. Surprisingly enough, Asura has also given his blessing to Issei, for how he gets enraged whenever his harem is hurt.
    • After learning what Issei's ex-girlfriend Raynare did to him to give him self-loathing issues, Asura was imminently reminded of what his own former comrades did to him and is ready to support Issei in any way possible.
  • His absolutely gigantic Destructor form has piqued the interest of the Mecha piloting gods to try to take on said form. He has yet to respond to the challenges, but notes it as being interesting.
  • His reputation as the most Badass member of the Pantheon was cemented with his battle and victory against The Golden Spider (aka Chakravartin).
  • Asura, despite his overwhelming power, has no real political power in the Pantheon, like Flandre Scarlet. Unlike Flandre, however, this is mostly out of choice. We use the word mostly because whenever he is asked for a solution to any given problem, he always answers...
    Asura: Punch it.
    • Now granted this solution worked for most of his problems, but the Pantheons' problems are a little more complicated.
  • It was noted by the Pantheon that when he and Evil Ryu did a Shun Goku Satsu against each other, The Kanji for "anger/hatred" popped up during the fight, which translates out to "Ikari". Some have wondered what would happen if an angry Asura and an angry Shinji Ikari fought (although Shinji's name is written with a completely different kanji)...
  • When asked about his opinion on Shinji Ikari's actions he stated that although sacrificing the rest of the world along with himself was not the "right" thing to do he then admitted that if he and Mithra were in the same positions that Shinji and Rei were in he would have done the same. He then said that hoped that if Shinji decided to use his newfound power to protect those dear to him at all costs then he would have Asura's full backing.
  • Occasionally lends his strength to the likes of Yu Narukami as the leader of Sun Arcana. Asura said he's going to need it, especially in his upcoming battle against Nyarlathotep.
  • Has been seen speaking with Caius Ballad a few times. Asura has shown a level of respect to Caius for his concern over Yeul, though whether or not he's aware of the lengths Caius took for her is unknown.
  • Gets along well with Eren Yeager, considering the two have a few similarities in losing a loved member of a family, being easily angered which is hardly a good option for an offender and being able to increase in size and power.
  • Asura absolutely loathes Sweet Tooth, both for the fact that he's a gleefully unrepentant serial killer, and that he happily killed his own family.
  • Both he and Kenshiro have expressed great respect for each other due to their similar family relations, morals and fighting styles. Although neither has vocalized it out loud, and since Ryu and Akuma have fought Asura to standstills, every member of the Pantheon (including some knowledgeable mortal combatants) secretly wish for and dread the day both Asura and Kenshiro will cross fists.
  • Regarding the Street Fighters, he's encountered both of his famed opponents again in the Pantheon. He and Akuma have both learned to respect the other quite a lot, and while he doesn't think highly of Akuma delving with dark powers, Asura is looking forward to a rematch in the future, as is the Master of the Fist. He can say similar with Ryu, though in his case he's even more curious as the Eternal Challenger has since managed to overcome the darkness that fueled the second half of their battle and tap into a light that is equally powerful. As for that darkness, it manifested in a separate body now addressed as Kage, who actually did draw Asura into another fight only to be restrained by Pantheon authorities. Kage later tried to taunt him into another battle by taking on his costume, which almost worked—only for Mithra to talk him down from wasting more energy on the hollow being.
  • Just as many wish to see an epic duel between Asura and Kenshiro, equal interest is for Simon the Digger and Asura to challenge each other, what with their ability to become ever more powerful, attain planet-sized forms, and destroy creator-gods of their respective universes. Some whisper of a prophecy that the resulting explosion from their fists making first contact will create several new universes made of awesome and GAR (but result in an unsatisfactory draw).
  • Was impressed by the power that Twilight Sparkle showed in her battle standing up to Lord Tirek, especially the "Rainbow Power" she and her friends used to stomp Tirek. That said, he does become somewhat melancholy in the pony's presence, which some would attribute to her sharing a vocal base with his late wife Durga.
  • He is one of the few people outside of the God Emperor of Mankind who has earned the loyalty of Space Marines. In fact, one specific group even sees him as their Primarch. They are known as The Angry Marines.
    • This has begun to worry Asura to some degree. Not only because those marines are a group of completely uncontrollable berserkers, but that it also creates the possibility that he might be one of the sons of the God Emperor.
  • Is somewhat wary of Bloody Marie. While he completely understands the lengths she would go to get revenge for herself and her best friend, he is worried about the item she used to achieve those goals, especially with the risk it presents to Mithra. However, Marie promised him she would do everything in her power to keep Mithra from becoming a Skullgirl, to which he was grateful for.
  • He has gained respect for Might Guy after the latter went so far as to activate the Eighth Gate to protect his student Lee. He was doubly impressed by his god-tier physical abilities as well as his appearance. As such, he helped defend Guy's position after Guy was left a cripple, which had caused some members to question his belonging in the House of Power.
  • Befriended Niko Bellic after hearing his past as a soldier in the Yugoslav Wars. He immediately identified with him after hearing how he was betrayed by a comrade similar to Asura. He occasionally joins Niko and his cousin Roman to go play some Bowling.
  • After an encounter with Yhwach, the Vandenreich Emperor earned the demigod's contempt for his treatment of his subordinates, and sees him as no different from the Seven Deities for absorbing the souls of others upon death to empower him.
  • Has learned that there exists an opposite of himself within someone named Raul Menendez, who like Asura lost everything he loved. However, while Asura sympathies with everything that has happened to him, he cannot except the fact that Raul has decided to take out his anger on everyone else. Asura swears that he will put a stop to Raul's madness.
  • Many fear the day that three of the angriest deities (Guts, Kratos and Asura) might fuse together to create not only the strongest deity in existence but also the angriest being in existence. In fact, some deities have stated that if that ever happened, the entire world would be obliterated by the being's sheer rage.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Combat.

    Calmness: Rachel Roth/Raven 
Rachel Roth, Goddess of Sugar and Ice Personalities (Raven, Lady Legasus)
  • Intermediate Goddess(Greater Goddess when she loses control of herself or as White Raven)
  • Symbol: Her cloak covered in darkness(Her cloak in white covered in light as White Raven)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil if her evil side takes over)
  • Portfolio: Empathy, Good Darkness, Cold, Dismissive In The Outside, Caring In The Inside, Deadpan Snarkers, Stoicness, Apocalypse Maidens, Defrosted Ice Queens, Telekinesis, Hating Satanic Fathers
  • Domains: Emotion, Darkness, Heroism, Empathy
  • Followers: Elisabeth Branctorche, Eucliwood "Eu" Hellscythe, Lapis Lazuli
  • Allies: Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Tim Drake/Red Robin, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Garfield Logan/Beast Boy (though they might be something more...), Koriand'r/Starfire, Jin Kazama, Carl Clover, N, Miranda Lawson, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Hayate Ayasaki, Bruce Banner/the Hulk, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Chun-Li, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Silencer, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Twilight Sparkle, Garnet, Ben Tennyson, K.O., Riku Asakura
  • Enemies: Trigon the Terrible, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Nyarlathotep, Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, Yuuki Terumi, Ghestis Harmonia, Sophia Lamb
  • Mostly meditates in her own House, reciting "Azarath Methrion Zinthos" time to time. NO ONE is allowed in her personal room.
  • The first and only daughter of the greater overdemon Trigon the Terrible, Raven was taken by her mother Angela to Azarath, an interdimensional land where Trigon could not reach them. There, Angela took a new name, Arella, and gave Raven her birth name, Rachel. The monks of Azarath, most notably the land's founder and leader, Azar, trained her to keep her emotions—and, by extension, the demonic powers passed down to her—under control, but she was eventually forced to flee back to Earth alone when Trigon discovered where she was hiding, and ended up becoming a member of the Teen Titans.
    • The reason why she's so subdued is because she continues to hold her father back so long as she doesn't let her emotions explode. Considering the Pantheon has been occupied with dealing with gigantic threats like Melkor, Nyarlathotep and the Chaos Gods, Chakravatin, etc, getting Trigon in would just add up further headache. Raven is a very serious Goddess at doing her job for that.
  • She has seen and learned what would happen if Superman would go mad, became tyrannical and removed many of her friends... giving in and doing what she's trying not to do: Bringing in Trigon. On learning that, Raven was extremely shocked... but she resolved to strengthen her will to never let that happen, and not ruin her respect to Superman, while keeping the usual deadpan scowl on her face.
    • To her shock, said version of 'Raven' takes a new form within the universe known as 'New 52', and becoming a more willing servant of Trigon and secretly plotting to backstab that universe's Titans. Raven... is not pleased. At all. In her own words, "She is not me. End of question."
  • She was approached at first with both Jin Kazama and Miranda Lawson, and on one telepathic link, Raven found out one thing they share in common: jackass fathers (and grandpa, in Jin's case). The three struck an alliance afterwards and their wrath would be unspent to any abusive fathers out there.
  • Although when no one is looking and she felt sufficiently safe, she either makes a vision to look/spy at Twilight Sparkle and friends or watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus in private, switching back to her moody self in instant when she detects someone else nearby... even Twilight. She think it'll help her much to not be overly negative.
  • Has taken notice that she's got quite a leg... and with the help of Chun-li, Raven now knows how to use them. Whenever she's revealing her legs, she'll kick REALLY HARD as she's also known as 'Lady Legasus'
    • Speaking of legs, she feels kind of down because whenever she decides to use them, a particular green shape-shifter wasn't ogling at her nice, curvy legs while making wolf-whistles. She's been known (only by her friends, though) to be frequently touring the houses of Beasts, Nature and Shapes looking for him to no avail. The others tell her to cheer up… but know better than mentioning the "L-word" in front of her, since they don't want to be zapped to another dimension where it would take years just to figure a way out.
  • When Beast Boy finally ascended, she went to his Temple personally to greet him, and, in a rare moment of emotion, gave him a hug. He definitely wasn't expecting that, though she quickly told him not to get used to it. She still refuses to laugh at his jokes. That said, the next time he saw Lady Legasus again and resumed ogling her legs while making wolf-whistles, she just gave him a small smile.
    • There have been rumors of them once being a couple, but ever since the DC universe rebooted itself, neither have fully commented on it of late.
  • Unfortunately for her, Trigon ended up unleashed into the Pantheon in any way, making Raven feel very guilty on not keeping him in place. Thankfully, a lot of good Gods here rallied and made sure she's not possessed by her father, and assured her that she did her best. And so, Raven now stand to block off whatever evil her father will bring, with the power of the Pantheons, she think they may have more chances than re-sealing him.
  • Once upon a time, Wiz and Boomstick pit her against Twilight Sparkle in a Death Battle to see who would win...and Raven ended up winning. Despite that, Raven and Twilight are both still on good terms.
  • Has heard that some deities ship her with Damian Wayne. She is somewhat Squicked by this due to their age difference, though the two are on good terms. Plus, she understands that in that universe, Raven and Damian are around the same age, so it’s not too bad in her opinion, even if she’s still wary of it. However, when it comes to being shipped with Dick Grayson, she doesn’t seem to mind it as much and even smiled a bit at the idea.
  • Has congratulated her newest friend, Riku Asakura, on being able to truly overcome the sinister fate his father, Ultraman Belial, has set for him. She hope that she's able to do the same one day, with Riku very much voicing his support on this wish, promising that he'll be there on day to help her to the best of his abilities.

    Courage and Cowardice: Courage The Cowardly Dog 
Courage the Cowardly Dog, God of Justified Cowardice (Stupid Dog!)
  • Quasideity, with moments of Lesser
  • Theme Song
  • Symbol: His fur pattern.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cowardly Canines, Running Scared, Surreal Horror, The So-Called Coward, screaming to the point of super power, The things he does for love.
  • Domains: Darkness, Courage, Fear
  • Allies: Muriel Bagge, Guy Shishioh, Edward Chris von Muir, Mike Schmidt, Wilson, Erma, Quasimodo, Piglet, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo
  • Enemies: Katz, The Great Fusilli, all evil deities in the House of Felines
  • Opposed by: Eustace Bagge, The Janitor, As Nodt, Freddy Krueger, the Perfert Trumpet Thingy
  • Opposes: Freaky Fred
  • Left behind as a young pup, Courage is a cowardly pink dog who lives with an old couple in the middle of Nowhere consisting of Muriel Bagge, a sweet old lady, and Eustace Bagge, her grumpy dog kicking husband. Many creepy and odd occurrences happen where they live (and where they go for that matter) so it usually falls down to him to save the day, screaming at the top of his lungs all the while.
  • Ascended after this moment. None had ever imagined that constant fear could ever be put to good use for the person being afraid, but Courage found a way.
  • Notwithstanding his status in this part of the Pantheon, Guy Shishioh is nonetheless impressed with how this dog is able to remove aliens from threatening his home, thus earning him his respect.
  • Before Muriel ascended into the Pantheon, Courage managed to form a friendship with Prince Edward, and had taken on a pet-and-caretaker relationship for a time.
  • He was not pleased to find Eustace in the Pantheon, but without Muriel around, the two luckily have no reason to be near each other.
    • While Courage was happy to finally see Muriel in the Pantheon, he also feared this would mean having to live with Eustace again. Fortunately, due to the nature of the Pantheon, the three were forced to live apart from each other, but she could still visit Courage whenever she wants (much to Courage's delight).
  • Courage is a huge admirer of Mike Schmidt, as he sees the two's methods of dealing with monstrous threats as being extremely similar. Mike in turn is a huge fan of Courage's, and has called him "by far the bravest coward I've ever met".
  • Erma has taken a liking to Courage, and is trying to help him understand some of the strange fellows that his world has to offer, first starting with "Freaky Fred". While we may be waiting a while for the results of this therapy session, Courage does appreciate Erma's willingness to help.
  • Quasimodo took a liking to Courage due to him being immediately accepting of his appearance. This was, of course, due to Quasimodo reminding Courage of his old friend, the Hunchback of Nowhere.
  • Courage was happy to have found good company in fellow cowards Piglet, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo. He's formed an especially close kinship with Scooby-Doo, as another dog who's experienced his fair share of strangeness.
  • "The things I do for love"

    Fear: Diablo 
Diablo, God of Primal Terror (Al'Diabalos, The Dark Lord, Lord of Terror, The Prime Evil, Dialon, Spirit of Determination (Triune persona), Metus, Survivor of the Dark Exile, Leader of the Three, Destroyer of Souls, The Terror Lord, Mirakodus (false persona), Big D, Prime Evil, Red, The Lord of Ganking, PREMIER GANK WARRIOR)
As the Prime Evil 
  • Greater God (Overdeity when asThe Prime Evil)
  • Symbol: His insignia right here
  • Theme Song: The Original Hell's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Things Men Fear, Big Red Devil, Control Over Hellfire, Horned Devils, Satanic Archetype, Spikes of Villainy, Big Bad, The Title Of His Source Of Origin
  • Domains: Evil, Terror, Demons, Hell
  • Allies: Baal (his brother), Mephisto (His other brother), Adria (his servant), The Beast, Melkor, Arthas Menethil, M. Bison, Nyarlathotep Sinestro, Lucifer the Doom, Deathwing, Ostarion, Arcturus Mengsk, Leoric, Nefarian, Gul'dan, Terrorblade (If a vitriolic alliance), Shadow Fiend, Ten Commandments.
  • Enemies: The Nephalem, Kerrigan, Thrall, Tyrael, Zeratul, Jim Raynor, Tassadar
  • Diablo, the terror that destroyed the sacred city of Tristram and nearly everything around it, was well known as the Lord of Terror. He is capable of instilling terror or Paranoia Fuel, such was the fate of his early host, Prince Aidan, who was thought to be his defeater, but turns out that it was all his plan to corrupt him.
  • Among his plans were to launch a rebellion to his equivalent of Heaven, the Sanctuary. Diablo was vanquished for good, seemingly, by a group of people calling themselves the Nephalem, acting under Archangel Tyrael's guidance. However... in the ensuing battle, Archangel Malthael was corrupted into evil and the Nephalem had to put him down... at cost of enabling the overseeing Melkor to revive Diablo and brought him to the Pantheon. Turns out that Melkor has contacted Diablo before and planned the whole thing all along.
  • In the Pantheon, Diablo keeps to himself, formulating a plan to take vengeance on the Nephalem, by... maybe corrupting them into evil.
  • Before Diablo rose, there were two Gods that somehow handled his domain in his absence: M. Bison and Thaal Sinestro. After seeing that Bison actually has another trope that fits him better, Diablo contacted Sinestro to help him destroy that house, forcing Bison to relocate. Diablo then warned Sinestro that if he fails to keep his job in-line, he'd do something worse.
  • He's also a fast friend to Nyarlathotep. As Diablo isn't human-based God at all, Nyarlathotep is unable to take advantage of his 'dark side' (since everything of him reeks of evil). However, Diablo is impressed with the immense evil Nyarlathotep exudes, the terror he brought to mankind and apparently... the feeling is mutual.
    • Eventually, he joined a team made up by him, Nyarlathotep, Griffith and Chernabog called "The Satanic Spirits of Pure Evil". He was made The Brute of the team... though underestimating him as a dumbass will be seriously fatal, as he's capable of long-term planning even more than his brothers, making him a Genius Bruiser.
  • As a prominent villain, Diablo used to respect Kerrigan when she was the Queen Bitch of the Universe. Lately, however, he became so disappointed that she started her swings into being an Anti-Hero and redemption that he declared her his enemy. He didn't have high opinion on the Dark Templar Zeratul as well.
    • As such, when he heard that there will be a certain event where he would fight against various 'heroes' from the realm of Blizzard, including the Nephalem, Diablo has readied himself for battle against his enemies, helped with one of the few villains he still have respect for, the Lich King Arthas.
    • However, to the surprise of many, even Diablo seems to have a bit of humor sense, as he's shown to be capable of riding a Rainbow Unicorn. Anyone who laughs at him, however, will be burnt to crisp with his hellfire.
    • He earned the mockery of Jim Raynor when he threaten to eat his "terror". He is not amused by this, especially when it comes from a human. And he's also not amused that he kept calling him 'Red' from that point on. To counter that, he then proceeds to arrange the ascension of Raynor's Arch-Enemy, Arcturus Mengsk, while acknowledging that regardless of his low power level, Mengsk was up there amongst one of the more influential villains of the Starcraft-verse after Kerrigan, and on top of after Kerrigan has disappointed him.
  • He always believes that "There is no cow level". He's actually surprised when he found out that there's one somewhere near a certain Rogue Encampment.
  • Thanks to his participation in the nexus, Diablo learned new methods to spread fear. One of his favourites ones is "Ganking", which consist of giving a surprise attack to any bystander that happens to stumble upon him. There is a reason people are calling him "The Lord of Ganking".
  • With his relocation to the House of Fear, Diablo stood as the undisputed leader God of the house, even as Gigyas arrived, he's considered less lucid to actually lead as opposed to the more composed Diablo. This pleases him greatly. Even moreso when he's elected to the main Emotion house to represent fear.
  • Though only little heard it, Diablo had a hand in influencing a Sengoku-like realm named Yamato. The story goes that a worshipper of his managed to make Shogun Tsunayoshi sell his soul to him, becoming the Dark Warlord Zanshin and ravaged the land. Zanshin himself would be vanquished by seven brave Samurai under their Daimyo... but... through the worshipper, Diablo himself has corrupted the Daimyo to eventually betray his Samurais, succeed Tsunayoshi as the next Dark Warlord and turn his brave samurai into his mindless servants. Diablo considered it an accomplishment, because the tale ended grimly there, the world Yamato was doomed, and the effect was instantaneous instead of a slow process like what he did to Aidan. This is a tale that Diablo is most proud of, and expresses with ominous Evil Laugh.
  • "Not even Death can save you from me!"

    Happiness: Pollyanna Whittier 
Pollyanna Whittier, Goddess of Optimistic Outlooks (The Glad Girl, Girl of Love)
Pollyanna as seen in The Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A pair of crutches in a missionary barrel; alternatively, a prism
  • Theme Song: Pollyanna’s Song; alternatively, Happy Carnival for her anime incarnation
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Pollyanna (Trope Namer), Blithe Spirit, Break the Cutie, Cheerful Child, For Happiness, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold (Disney version only), Happily Adopted, Heartwarming Orphan, Literal-Minded, Plucky Girl, Think Happy Thoughts
  • Domains: Optimism, Orphans, Children
  • Allies: Fred Rogers, Pinkie Pie, Princess Uni-Kitty, Yotsuba Koiwai, Sara Crewe, Pippi Longstocking, Charlie Brown, Butters Stotch, Dipper and Mabel Pines, James Henry Trotter, Madeline, Amélie Poulain, [[{{Protagonists]] Timmy Turner]], Wander, Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Enemies: The House of Hatred, Flowey
  • Opposes: Most South Park kids (especially Cartman), Mandy, any god who wants to spread despair.
  • Opposed by: Grumpy Bear
  • Pities: Eeyore
  • Whenever the term "Pollyanna" is brought up, one might think of such words as "happiness" or "optimism". Just ask Pollyanna Whittier, a young orphan who goes by a little philosophy from her father called the "Glad Game", in which she finds something to be glad about in a horrible situation.
    "There is something about everything that you can be glad about, if you keep hunting long enough to find it."
  • When she arrived in the Pantheon, one of the first gods to greet her was Pinkie Pie, who threw her a party in celebration of her ascension. Most gods who reside in the House of Happiness also attended the party. Because of this, Pollyanna was quick to befriend the pink pony.
  • It should be noted that despite certain “knowledge” that she is a silly naïve optimist, she wasn’t without her Stepford Smiler moments as she did crack once or twice when she lost her father and when she was crippled after an accident.
  • Her task in the Pantheon is to find happiness in every god in the Pantheon by means of her Glad Game.
  • As her story was adapted several times, her appearance tends to vary. Sometimes, she appears in a form of a blond girl in a turn-of-the-century dress (similar to the Disney version). Other times, she appears in the form of a chestnut-haired girl sporting a pink shirt and maroon overalls (similar to the anime version).
  • Pollyanna is glad to encounter and befriend several child deities in the Pantheon. Among such deities she likes to hang out the most, they include Pippi Longstocking, Sara Crewe, and Yotsuba Koiwai (whom she once gave an ice cream cone to).
    • She is good friends with Charlie Brown and Timmy Turner due to the former’s determination despite constant failures and the latter’s role as a Loser Protagonist despite having fairy godparents. She believed they are both capable of happiness despite such flaws.
    • She is also glad to find another Heartwarming Orphan in James Henry Trotter after she learned how he was raised by two evil aunts. She believed that not even her Aunt Polly would act like them.
    • However, she is reluctant to hang out with the South Park deities due to their rude behavior (especially Cartman, who frequently mocks her happy-go-lucky personality). Though she does have a soft spot for Butters.
    • As for Mandy, she is told that the Glad Game would not work on her as her smile would result in another universe being wiped out of existence. The Glad Girl has to be careful whenever the two cross paths.
  • Pollyanna looks up to Fred Rogers as a respectful father figure since as she appreciates his kindness. It helps considering that she was raised by a pastor before he died and she was taken by her Aunt Polly, not to mention Mister Rogers himself working as an ordained Presbyterian minister before his success with his show.
  • Although she gets along with Amélie Poulain due to their similar motivations, the only thing holding her back is that she doesn’t know any French. Luckily, Madeline also accompanies her as her interpreter.
  • She pities Eeyore for his apparent life of gloom, hoping to find something that he can be glad about. However, she is somewhat disappointed that the donkey does not have any real tragedy to overcome, though relieved that he can smile when he wants to.
  • Not all gods approve her cheery personality. The House of Hatred despised her on account of her unyielding optimism.
    • At least a few cynical gods like Grumpy Bear were also annoyed by her presence just as she was trying to cheer them up.
    • She once had an encounter with Flowey, who claimed to be her new best friend. Turns out that he was only pretending to do so long enough to trick her into letting him kill her. To this day, the girl regretted paying such a visit. Likewise, Flowey was utterly disgusted by her positive attitude that he would constantly try to break that optimistic streak the next time they meet. At least that's what he tells everybody. He doesn't try too hard when he does, given his true allegiance.
  • She does her best to stay away from any god who wants to spread despair (especially Kyubey and Monaca) as she felt that she would give in to them if she goes near them.
  • Is great friends with Wander, and can be seen traveling with her around the Pantheon whenever he isn't with Sylvia. She is also impressed with how positive Wander is, traversing the galaxies and transforming villains who others would have given up on. She has given him the title of "The Glad Game Master".

    Jealousy And Envy: Flintheart Glomgold 
Flintheart Glomgold, God of Envy-Driven Goals (Flinty, The World's Second-Richest Duck, Duke Baloney)
' 87 Flintheart 
"Duke Baloney" 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Counterpart and Always Second Best to Scrooge, Corrupt Corporate Executive, The Unfettered, Jerkass
  • Domains: Jealousy, Greed
  • Herald: Zan Owlson
  • Allies: Rafe Adler
  • Rivals: Mr. Burns, Wario, Smaug
  • Enemies: Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, Phoney Bone, Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Varrick, Hazel Leveseque, Carmen Sandiego, Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Unwitting Pawn to: Envy
  • Scrooge Mcduck has encountered several adversaries throughout his adventures, some more than once, with Flintheart Glomgold being one of Mcduck's most frequent foes. Glomgold is the Second-Richest Duck in the World, a title he's not happy about to say the least. His main motivation in going after Mcduck is to take the title of Richest Duck in the World from him and will resort to anything, including using any sort of underhanded trick in the book, to surpass Mcduck in riches. Those attempts are never successful, but it hasn't stopped Flintheart from trying again no matter how futile the attempts may be.
  • Glomgold had heard rumors of a place far beyond Duckburg where riches beyond anyone's wildest dreams exist. Flintheart saw it as his biggest chance to finally surpass Scrooge Mcduck as the Richest Duck in the World and decided to set out for that place. What Flintheart didn't expect was that his journey would lead him to the Pantheon, a place that the rumors were apparently referring to and where so many characters beyond what Flintheart was used to reside. He was more than willing to use this place as a chance to surpass Mcduck, but rage quickly set in upon meeting Mcduck in the Pantheon. It became clear that no matter how hard Flintheart tries and where he goes, Mcduck will be there and Flintheart will always be in Mcduck's shadow when it comes to money. Despite all this, Flintheart decided to get a spot and to use the Pantheon as a means to further his attempts at surpassing Mcduck.
    • If Mcduck being in the Pantheon wasn't enough for Flintheart to get angry, then him finding out about a wide variety of equally rich beings did no favors to his temper at all. While learning about folks who could be potentially richer than Mcduck should be something that would please Flintheart in theory, he saw them as obstacles comparable to Mcduck when it comes to being rich. Flintheart is more than willing to use any sort of trick to surpass these rich beings and surpass not only Mcduck, but those who could be richer than that.
  • There's been a bit of discussion regarding his nationality amongst certain deities. To start with, he originated from an African country, though some have seen him as Scottish much like Mcduck. This isn't going into a separate set of deities who claim that he is from an African region, but acts very Scottish as part of his attempts to one-up Scrooge (in addition to being much fatter than normal and not even having Flintheart Glomgold as his birthname). For the most part, it's not really a topic that's generally been focused on in the long run.
  • One of his attempts at trying to beat Mcduck in monetary value was eavesdropping on a conversation between Mcduck and a few others about going to Smaug's temple and attempting to steal some riches that the dragon has. It proved to be a dangerous journey for those involved, but Flintheart somehow figured out a way to bypass many of the traps and reach Smaug's lair before Mcduck could. What Flintheart encountered was a massive dragon far more dangerous than many other threats that both Mcduck and Flintheart had encountered in their adventures and conflicts against each other. Not only that, but what Smaug has could surpass the value of both Flintheart and Mcduck. Although Flintheart boasted about his riches to Smaug and how the dragon's treasure hoard will make his richer than Mcduck, Smaug retorted that it didn't matter what Flintheart will try to do and that even if Flintheart did become richer than Mcduck, then there's no way to surpass those even richer than Mcduck. It ended up being a very dangerous task for Glomgold to get ahold of some of Smaug's treasures, but by the time he was boasting to the press about his findings, Mcduck appeared and showed off an even more valuable jewel that was hidden in Smaug's lair, overshadowing Glomgold's findings. All it did was add to Flintheart's resentment of Mcduck even further and Smaug was enraged at both Flintheart and Mcduck overall.
  • Phoney Bone saw Glomgold as yet another greedy man determined to become incredibly rich and saw him as a rival at first. Then Phoney learned about the measures that Glomgold is willing to resort to just to gain money and surpass his rival. Phoney begrudgingly conceded that while he's very full of himself and desiring of fame (that would include trying to get to Mcduck's level in terms of money), he wouldn't stoop to Glomgold's level of earning money and is honestly thankful that he has Fone Bone as a friend whereas Flintheart cared only about himself in the long run. All Flintheart saw in Phoney was a major annoyance and the two have gotten into trouble with each other in their various meetings with each other. A very similar case also applies with Flintheart's encounters with Daffy Duck, another duck with a multitude of schemes to become rich and/or famous.
  • Mr. Burns once made an attempt to work an alliance with Flintheart on the grounds that the two could share some money together and do so to surpass Mcduck's wealth. As enticing as Flintheart found the idea, the partnership didn't last long thanks to Flintheart getting too greedy and taking some of Burns' money for himself when Montgomery wasn't looking one day. During a meeting together after that incident, Flintheart boasted that he'll surpass Mcduck and that it wouldn't matter who gets in his way. Mr. Burns broke off the partnership and proceeded to "release the hounds" on Flintheart, chasing the duck out and starting a bitter rivalry between the two crooked businessmen.
    • By extension, the methods that he's willing to use in order to surpass Mcduck has led to some friction between Flintheart and the amoral rich folks. While some of these specific deities did try to get on his good side to ensure a partnership that wouldn't end as badly as with what happened with Mr. Burns, Flintheart is willing to double-cross them if possible. Adding to these problems is that some of these partnerships ended with Glomgold getting betrayed by his former "partner", further adding to his rivalry with many other rich deities.
    • What might be the biggest factor in Flintheart having significant difficulty in securing any consistent businesspeople to work with him is that despite being very rich, he's known to be very reckless with spending his money not just just to defeat Mcduck, but to surpass other rivals as well. While he does have Zan Owlson to keep him in check (as much as its possible considering how determined and selfish Flintheart is), there hasn't been a lot of luck within the Pantheon in trying to find someone who understands money that can curb Flintheart's more unscrupulous and petty behavior.
  • Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley were both repulsed by Glomgold's greed and willingness to beat Mcduck by any means necessary. Ebenezer sees Glomgold as what he could have become had he not been visited by the Christmas Ghosts and Marley sees Glomgold as someone who is unable to let go of his desire to become rich no matter what and possibly a worse version of what Marley was like before he became a ghost.
  • Varrick had an encounter with Flintheart during one of the former's travels. Varrick initially thought that Flintheart had a connection with Mcduck, but Flintheart made it very clear that he's only interested in surpassing Mcduck's wealth, a task that Varrick felt was extremely difficult. Flintheart ended up tricking Varrick into tagging along with some money-making plans. As Varrick saw Flintheart in action, it became clear that what Varrick saw was an even worse version of himself and one who would end up being fully absorbed in obtaining money no matter what. Varrick more than understood why he became a better person to begin with and betrayed Flintheart when the latter was busy. Both have made it clear that they don't want to get involved with each other since that incident.
  • Glomgold read about a fatal accident that Mcduck suffered from as a result of cursed gems and had a laugh at Mcduck's expense. Some time later, he learned about a girl named Hazel Leveseque who had with her a wide variety of jewels, but Glomgold wasn't aware of their true nature at first. Glomgold saw the girl and demanded that she hand over some of her jewels to him. Although she felt a bit threatened, she willingly handed over some of her jewels to Glomgold, who was too happy with his newfound "riches" to even know what was wrong with the jewels. A few days later, Glomgold attempted to dive into his money bin and fell on his face, requiring an operation to put him back together. Once that was finished, he learned that Hazel owned these cursed jewels and that Mcduck ended up being a victim previously, which resulted in him not wanting anything to do with her again. Even if Glomgold became aware of the cursed jewels, he simply felt mocked by what had happened and is trying to figure out a way for some payback against her.
  • One day, Flintheart discovered that some of his riches was stolen when he was asleep and demanded to know who took it. After going around the Pantheon trying to find the thief and getting himself into plenty of trouble along the way, he managed to find someone named Wario, having his hands on what Flintheart recognized as his money. Not only did the duck learn that Wario was willing to travel anywhere just to get richer, but that he owned a company. Flintheart also found Wario to be a disgusting person and obstacle during their battle. It ended with Flintheart being unable to get his money back from Wario, so he simply decided to go out adventuring and try and recoup that loss.
    • Wario's break-in wouldn't be the only instance of someone trying to break into Flintheart's place and stealing his valuables. With how much money he has combined with his selfish and unscrupulous demeanor, he's become a target for a multitude of various thieves throughout the Pantheon. Carmen Sandiego is more than willing to break into Glomgold Industries and not just steal all the money inside, but the value of all of Flintheart's riches. The Phantom Thieves have also declared him as a target, not just for his money, but to try and change his personality if possible. Haru Okumura has a particular hatred for Flintheart for being a possibly worse version of her dad when it comes to greed and plans.
  • True to its name, Envy saw Flintheart as a potential target to go after. After overhearing how he wanted more gems than Mcduck could ever get his hands on, Envy approached Mcduck with a task that would involve finding gems that could help him surpass Mcduck in terms of riches. Flintheart was all too eager to take up on the task, but he had no idea that this was meant to help Envy further its goals amongst its homunculi and that Envy never said anything about Flintheart keeping those gems if he manages to find them.

    Pride: Gilgamesh (Nasuverse
Gilgamesh, God of Self-Aggrandization (Gil, King of Heroes, Goldy, Goldilocks, Archer, Caster, The Wise King of Uruk, Young Gil, Little King of Heroes, Dr. Gil, The Rules, AUO, KNO)
Young Gil 
As a Caster 
  • Greater God (Overdeity when in his Origin form and taking full advantage of his treasury)
  • Symbol: A huge array of weapons emerging from the Gate of Babylon
  • Theme Song: Cosmic Air, The Gilgamesh, Dark Glow, Enuma Elish
  • Alignment: His Archer selves are officially Chaotic Good, but differ personality-wise: the Fuyuki Grail War version is closer to Neutral Evil, while the Moon Cell Grail War Gilgamesh is Chaotic Neutral with Good leanings, and his child self is true Chaotic Good. The Caster Gilgamesh is Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Douchebaggery, Thinking that the world belongs to him, Sociopathic Purity, Evil Laugh, Believer of 'The Strong rules over the Weak', Reverse Shrapnel, Having a Regal appearance but being a massive douche, Created for ruling humanity and keeping them under the Gods' thumbs, Being the one who ends their reign instead, Having the power to gaze into the future
  • Domain: Mentalism, Heroes, Weaponry
  • Followers: Prussia
  • Allies: Kirei Kotomine, Charles zi Britannia, Apocalypse.
  • Rivals: Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm
  • Worthy Opponent: Alexander the Great, Karna, the other Gilgamesh,
  • Enemies: Arturia Pendragon, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Kiritsugu Emiya, The Emperor of Mankind, Kanji Tatsumi, Jin Kisaragi, Hakumen, Stahn Aileron, Trazyn the Infinite, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Mordred, Exdeath, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade, Larfleeze, Superman, EQG!Rainbow Dash
  • Opposes: Lock Dealer Sid/Kamen Rider Sigurd (That Mongrel!)
  • Opposed by: Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto
  • Feared by: Tiamat ( Shin Megami Tensei).
  • He's the King of Heroes, thus he was supposed to be put in the House of Heroes and Villains (before the said house was split.) However, he demanded that he be put in the Main House. Haruhi, in response gave him a proper place for someone of his level of ego: this very house. Needless to say, he really didn't like the decision.
  • Has fought another being with the same name who's known to collect weapons and have fought like men, women and women who dresses like men. Surprisingly, the being put up a good fight that Gilgamesh grudgingly had to admit him as a Worthy Opponent and a resident inside his Gate of Babylon, and dislikes Exdeath for his mistreatment to the being.
  • Possesses Ea, the Sword of Rupture, or The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth. The offensive power of Ea easily exceeds everything else in Gilgamesh's arsenal combined, and is justly labeled as an anti-world Noble Phantasm. It is capable of drawing even more power from the various Noble Phantasms within the Gate of Babylon.
  • Gilgamesh's most valued and trusted possession is Enkidu: The Chains of Heaven. These chains are named after Gilgamesh's one and only friend, and possess the quality of binding those with divinity. The higher ones divinity, the more powerful the chains become. This is obviously incredibly problematic to those who reside in the Pantheon, and is a great obstacle to those who wish to challenge Gilgamesh.
  • Aside of a select few (such as Alexander the Great), everyone else in the Pantheon is referred by Gil as "Mongrels".
    • One of those mongrels by the name of Black☆Star has claimed he will defeat Gil as part of his quest to surpass the gods themselves. Gil originally didn't pay him any mind, claiming that he should "kill a god or two and come back" but after seeing some of Black☆Star's feats, he admits he wouldn't mind fighting him.
  • His appearance is mistaken for another mongrel by the name of Kanji Tatsumi. Gilgamesh is surprised they have the same voice actors.
  • He once, to the surprise of most of Pantheon, especially Siegfried, Sophitia and Taki, was able to use Soul Edge without losing his sanity or reason to it. He claimed to not feel a thing.
    • Of course, those that know him know that Gil's ego and pure self-centeredness is so great that he could resist having all the world's evil poured onto him without any ill effects. An evil, soul devouring sword? He could shake that off EASILY.
    • This has earned him the interest of Algol, The Great Hero King who has issued a challenge (along with many others) to battle him in The Tower of Lost Souls to see if he is worthy of being called King.
  • One of his hobbies is motorcycle racing, which he learned to do without formal instruction by reading motorcycle magazines, playing Xbox racing games, and building motorcycle models.
  • Has actually heard that Terumi Yuuki is vying to take over his house. Gil's response? A majestic Evil Laugh followed with, "Know your place, MONGREL OF MONGRELS!!"
  • In one world he became the servant of the individuals known as Hakuno Kishinami and aids them. He eventually comes to view them as his master and more than just a mongrel, saying that any who seek to harm them will taste the full might of Ea. Whenever he is not around Gil is rumored to be traveling with them across the universe.
    • To the shock of many, particularly those who knew him from another of his incarnations, in this world, while he still held his pride and ego, he was much less of an asshole. It has since come to be known that the time-period and that time-periods humanity greatly influence his personality if he is in, so as he was summoned into a virtual world that he quite enjoyed, he was much closer in personality to his mortal life than any other known incarnation.
      • As a result of this, his fanbase has grown even greater, and amazingly, the amount of respect afforded to him by those that know him has increased, if only slightly. He is quite pleased with this. The residents of the Pantheon are not so sure what kind of attitude Gilgamesh has taken on in this form.
  • Mordred despises him for both his arrogance and his actions towards her 'father'. Gilgamesh personally could care less, only noting that she would stand as much a chance of defeating him as Arturia would, and he cares not what a fake like her thinks of him.
  • Heard rumors about how Rainbow Dash might have the potential to challenge him for his title of Godhood. When he demanded to know why and how, he was shown this song. He begrudging admitted the song was rather impressive and that there might be some truth to the statement, but he claimed, whether or not the pony remembered singing that song or not, she would have a long way to go to come even close to his level.
    • He eventually found that Rainbow Dash in the House of School and spoke his mind, and let's just say things didn't go well for either.
  • Gilgamesh condemns the entirety of the Pantheon and the Gods, believing they should be removed so that mortals can take their rightful place as the ones in control, just as he intended. He will even mention being the one who deal the fatal blow that destroyed the Gods control over humanity during the Age of Gods in the worlds he comes from. When its brought up that he is a member he laughs and says that he is the exception. To this end, he has joined the Grand United Alliance of Chaos.
  • The only one who can ever make Gilgamesh submit to well, anything is Saber Alter. Many gods wonder if he's secretly a masochist.
  • While his pride is insufferable, it is mostly justified, seeing as how he is the oldest and the strongest Heroic Spirit to exist. His arsenal of Noble Phantasms is said to be truly infinite, having suitable counters for most literally anything, and possessing artifacts that would allow him to perform feats mostly unheard of. However, his pride is so great that he would rarely bother to utilize those counters, preferring to merely hurl random weapons at his enemies.
    • It is for this reason that Gilgamesh's child form, which he can take on by drinking a potion of youth from his treasury, is actually much more terrifying to face than his adult self, even though the physical parameters of his adult form are far beyond that of the child. As a child, Gilgamesh is mostly devoid of his characteristic pride, but as a result, he would be able to utilize his Gate of Babylon to its fullest potential, picking and choosing optimal weapons and relics to combat his enemies, making him an almost unbeatable foe. Luckily, he rarely inhabits this form, and even when he does, his child self is much more pacifistic, preferring to have fun and enjoy his life.
  • Lately, he have been seen drinking together with Reimu Hakurei in her shrine, seeing that even though she a servant of gods, she also an overseer maintaining the balance in her worlds (and also a good drinker that know to appreciate a fine wine). Though any "interactions" more than that earned him a kick in the crotch and Fantasy Seal in the face.
  • Has been shown to be quite uncomfortable in the presence of the Emperor of Mankind yet has refused to explain why everytime they meet he starts to profusely sweat. When asked, the Big E responded, "I don't believe anyone deserves the title King of Heros, and if someone does, then it certainly is not him".
    • As of late, he seems to have returned to his same Arrogant self. However, some have reported seeing the supposed Unbeatable Hero practicing his swordsmanship, despite once saying that was beneath him. He responded to these allegations by saying, "After years of ruling my garden, I have grown lazy. Without a great challenge, since the Age of Myths had ended, my skills dulled. Even the King of Conquerors was no match for me. But now... now the world is worthy of my brilliance once again".
  • Has been seen fighting with Napoléon Bonaparte. He was sufficiently impressed by the young Servant that he let him live.
  • Supposedly is a master of heart surgery.

    Regret: Raiden (Mortal Kombat
Raiden, God of Guilt Complexes (Rayden, God of Thunder, Earthrealm's Protector, Haokah (by Nightwolf), Dark Raiden, Defender of Earthrealm, Broden, formerly God of Blunder)
Dark Raiden 
  • Intermediate God, bordering towards Greater God (Overdeity with all his godly authority unsealed) (Demigod as a mortal)
  • Symbol: His Nice Hat, covered with thunder, atop the White Lotus Society logo
  • Theme Song: Raiden's Theme by 9th Wonder, Thunder God; Techno Syndrome and Eternal Life were heard when he returned to the Pantheon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good normally, Lawful Neutral with Evil leanings as Dark Raiden
  • Portfolio: Thunder, Gibberish Battle Cries (YOUR MOTHER IS IN LAAAA), Big Goods (and an arguable Deconstruction-Reconstruction of it), The Ace with a Broken Streak, Benevolent Physical Gods, Nice Guys, Hurting Heroes, Failure Knights, Trademark Hats, Mentor Figures, Guilt Complexes, Becomes More Cynical with Liu Kang's Death and Corruption, Suffering the Consequences for His Actions, Tries to Fix What He Caused (And Succeeds At the Cost of his Powers), The Woobie, Having Three Variations (Thunder God, Displacer, Master of Storms)
  • Domains: Thunder, Kombat, Guidance, Protection
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Zeus
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship With: Connor MacLeod, Joseph Joestar
  • On Good Terms: Baraka, Kotal Kahn
  • Raiden is the God of Thunder and the longtime Protector of Earthrealm, being a guiding figure to all the warriors from the realm and an active figure in saving it. Although his run has been far from perfect, starting with his attempt at preventing Armaggeddon getting many of his allies killed, Liu Kang even being a victim by his own hand, and later condemming them to a life as revenants. Things escalated when Raiden absorded the corrupted Jinsei, making him into a ruthless Knight Templar that, for a while, left the pantheon to attend to Earthrealm matters. However, that all changed and Raiden resurfaced once again as the benevolent God of Thunder, seeking a second chance in the pantheon to right his wrongs.
  • The original reason he got the title of Guilt Complex was the regret he held after losing most of his warrior's in the Outworld invasion, the death of Liu Kang and Kung Lao being the one that haunted him the most. However, after his dark self beheaded Shinnok and then Kronika showed up, said version got Ret-Gone from existance and so his past version stepped up. Having received the memories of the old Raiden that once recided here, he only saw fit to keep his title as a memory to what he has done and he needs to patch up some relationships that he broke in the process. At least after fusing with Liu Kang and becoming a mortal, the bad blood that he and the revenant Liu Kang had is gone completely.
  • Ever since his return, he took back his place as the Big Good of the MK-verse, a place that was held by Rachel Alucard after Dark Raiden took hold of his pantheon position. While at odds at first, Raiden and Rachel are willing to work together and the Thunder God expressed gratitude for her taking care of the Earthrealm warriors while he succumbed to darkness and corruption. Now they both work together at GUAG to keep the pantheon evil forces in check and given that Terumi, one of Rachel's enemies, has time and time again mocked Raiden for his past failures and even considering a tentative alliance with Shinnok just to spite the Thunder God, he too decided to aid Rachel in defeating Terumi once and for all.
    • And to return the favour to Rachel, he too decided to check one of Alucard's allies, Ragna the Bloodedge, having figured that him was special to her (Yes, he is even aware of her feeling for Ragna much to her chagrin). Being reminded a lot about Hanzo Hasashi both his rashness and quick to anger attitude back as the time he was Scorpion to other uncanny similarities, Raiden decided to try and aid Ragna in whatever way he could. While he refused training, Ragna does value the wisdom that Raiden has and even sympathizes with what he had to go through in the new timeline. Raiden has also tried to get Ragna more closely acquainted to Scorpion, but to extremely mixed results: the Grim Reaper is fine with Hanzo Hasashi and his human form, but refuses to touch his Scorpion self with a ten-foot pole due to his crippling fear of ghosts.
  • Another consequence of his descent into Dark Raiden was that, for a time, several of the revenants took hold of the pantheon temples, most notably Liu Kang and Kitana becoming the Netherrealm emperors thanks to the machinations of the Lich King, Arthas Menethil. Once the good Raiden returned, he made sure that Arthas and his followers would no longer corrupt the minds of his warriors and so arranged everyone of the past timeline to take over their temples from their revenants. Once that was taken care of, Raiden and the Earthrrealm Warriors took the fight to the Scourge in an effort to overthrow Arthas and give his seat to the other Lich King, Bolvar Fordragon.
  • Well versed in DC Universe, first when he alongside his fellow Kombatants, teamed up with the DC Superheroes in the very moment their worlds collide to defeat both Shao Kahn and Darkseid, after both merged into the entity known as Dark Kahn. Later Raiden, having heard stories about the darker alternate timeline where Regime Superman hails from, personally went there to help stop evil from succeeded. He wasn't the only stranger from other realms, even Sub-Zero was suck into the conflict and he joined Raiden in stopping Brainiac from taking over Earth.
    • Not amused that people keep comparing him to the Joker. He refuses to be put at the same level as an unrepentant murderer like him only because that one time he decided to imititate his voice. It became worse when the clown decided to approach Kano just for the kicks and striked out a deal with him.
  • While he is an immortal, that's only because he is a god. For some reason, people keep confusing him for Connor MacLeod and think he is another immortal just like him, only that said Raiden was a lot more of a Trickster Mentor. In any case, him and Connor have become unlikely allies for that reason, even aiding him in defeating Connor's Arch-nemesis the Kurgan, which some point out also has certain similarities with the Thunder God.
  • While he has always respected the position of the Elder Gods, their inaction and sometimes, in the case of Shinnok and Cetrion, evil nature is what made him lose faith in them. That's why Cosmos has been a breath of fresh air for him, because as the leader of GUAG, she is trying her best to ensure the Pantheon denizens can be and as a divine being with a higher position, Raiden respects that, which is one of the many reasons he decided to join GUAG once more. Meeting Mata Nui also restored his faith in higher beings after he displayed some good qualities about leadership and heroism.
    • That said, he once met Kent Nelson during his trip to the Injustice Universe and his actions reminded Raiden of himself. Having heard of the presence in the pantheon of Doctor Fate, he was disappointed that the entity in control was Nabu, someone who would enforce the rules that people like Shinnok and Kronika see as right. This instantly made Raiden decide to take him down.
  • As the Thunder God, he is able to manipulate lightning and electricity however he sees fit. For a while he and Thor had an ongoing rivalry to see who was the most worthy thunder god, culminating in a virtual fight to the death where Thor was victorious. There is no bad blood between the two as Raiden has learned to forgive those that are clearly more capable. That said, he and Zeus had also had a rather vitriolic relation, and unlike Thor, he has displayed very reprehensible actions but so far Raiden can do nothing about it.
    • Speaking of thunder, he ended up taking Raikou under his wing, mostly after the creature grew an affinity for Raiden. Similar namesakes asides, he is impressed about the nature of the Legendary Beasts and wonders if the Elder Gods from another universe are behind their creation.
  • It's no secret that Shao Kahn and Shinnok utterly despise Raiden given that he's been a huge thorn in their side for centuries. A tentative alliance was considered between the two but given their egos, they hardly can work together. Shinnok instead tried to enact a plan to steal the Boosted Gear from Issei Hyodo but that was foiled by Rachel Alucard and Issei's friends, earning him a place in their shit list. Curious, Raiden decided to meet the Occult Research Club and thanks to Rachel he was able to do so. While a bit lecherous for his taste, Raiden respects Issei's dedication to his close ones and so he had no issue becoming a friend of him, the O.R.C. and the Chick Magnet Quartet by proxy. That and he reminds him a lot of Johnny Cage.
  • After deciding to come to Sub-Zero to discuss the emergence of Frost he came across some members of the Tenno training under the Grandmaster. Like him, Raiden initially mistook them as apart of the Tekunin but the confusion was quickly cleared up and he soon came to acknowledge the warrior’s roles of protectors over the Origin System against its many different threats. Whether they’re against a brutish and militaristic clone race out to conquer and enslave the stars to a mercantile megacorporation who’s avarice and greed drives them to line their own pockets by any means necessary, the Tenno is working to protect the innocent no matter what. For that, they have a mutual respect for one another and the Tenno have offered to direct their efforts towards Earthrealm’s foes as well.
  • The role of Earthrealm's Protector has never been an easy one for him, even going as far as making huge mistakes along the way. In certain timelines, the success did allow him to become an Elder God but he quickly abandoned the position because it prevented from interfering and do what is right. That made him respect Tyrael a lot, shedding his wings and becoming a mortal to stop the Burning Hell from taking over was something he too would have done. Ironically, both have regained their godly powers in the pantheon but that didn't stop their dedication to protect life and do what's right.
  • His actions regarding the new timeline landed him squarely in the Pantheonic Time Police's sight. They understand that he did it because otherwise Shao Kahn would have won but they believe he could have gone about it better and have since kept an eye on him. Finding out about Kronika only improved their relationship with Raiden slightly but that doesn't mean that he is not responsible for what he did.
    • The Dahaka on the hand has been relentless in trying to bring justice towards Raiden for his actions against the timeline. At first it was thought because it was what the Dahaka does but it turns out that Revenant Kitana influenced the creature to target Raiden more frequently. Even after the latter was replaced by the real Kitana, the Dahaka has not deterred and is dead set on ending Raiden once and for all, caring little about any notion of mercy in light of Kronika's actions (even if he too plans to go after Kronika after having dealt with the Thunder God).
    • Said actions caught the attention of Zamasu. Initially thinking that Raiden would share his views, he was utterly dissapointed to find otherwise. Even Dark Raiden thinks Zamasu is too far gone and that the complete annihilation of mortals will not fix everything. The ensuing attempt to finish the Thunder God for good saw the Time Police intercept the encounter and aid Raiden in fending off Zamasu, which resulted in them improving their relationship with Raiden.
  • Contrary to popular belief, no, he is not that indecisive. He doesn't have to consult the Elder Gods all the time.
  • "Tremble before Earthrealm's Protector!"

    Sadness: Kenshiro 
Kenshiro, God of Delayed Deaths and Manly Tears (Ken, Savior of Century's End, Man With Seven Scars, Fist of the North Star, 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Seven Stars of The Big Dipper
  • Theme Song: Ai wo Torimodose/YOU WA SHOCK / Sentou!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (with more shades of Chaotic Good than he'd like to admit...)
  • Portfolio: Love For All That Is Good, Hunting And Punishing The Wicked, Mercilessly Destroying Complete Monsters, Invincibility, Righteous Passion, Sentimental Masculinity, Honor Before Reason, Combat Accupuncture, Protector of Women and Children, The Ultimate Martial Arts of Hokuto Shinken, Masculine Kindness, The Embodiment of Manliness, Righteous Fury
  • Domains: Justice, War, Martial Arts, Kindness, Vengeance
  • Allies: Bruce Lee, Ragna the Bloodedge, Rei the Star of Justice, Chuck Norris, Son Goku, Sanger Zonvolt, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Jack Bauer, Kazuma Kiryu, Bryan Mills, Beatrix Kiddo, Gene
    • Partner:
  • Enemies: Most of the House of Hatred (especially Yuuki Terumi), Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, M. Bison, Cell, Frieza, Cooler, every Complete Monster in the Pantheon.
  • Opposes: Scott Steiner
  • Respected by: John Cena
  • Worthy Opponent: Hit
  • Ruthless avenger of innocents terrorized by the wicked. Murder children and let him know about it? You Are Already Dead.
  • Kenshiro is without a doubt the bane of many a Complete Monster in the Pantheon (as well as the House of Hatred, except for the likes of Eren Yeager and Emilia Justine). He is unaffected by the usual Breaking Speech, always ready to counter with a righteous Shut Up, Hannibal!, and if he could spare some time snarking, he'd deliver a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech before delivering the most righteous ass-kicking and Ludicrous Gibs to these scums. And even if they come back, with his Godhood, they can be assured that Kenshiro will always be there to be noted of their atrocities and would always come back and kick their ass. And he never gets tired of it. Thus let this be a warning for the wicked. When you think only of your own fortune, making innocents suffer in the way, and especially if it's for nothing but lulz... Kenshiro will find you.note 
    • If they do have a semblance of honor or tragic story, then lucky them, Kenshiro may shed some Manly Tears on their "demise". But if they don't... there's just no mercy.
    • Of late, his most constant target would be Yuuki Terumi, to the point that Kenshiro has adapted the stance of "no matter what he's doing, he must be planning something nefarious. Therefore, strike on sight". However, there were rumors that Kenshiro "held back" and usually let Terumi not completely destroyed, for he's always ready to strike him whenever he returns... and the fact that he recognizes Ragna the Bloodedge as the one deserving to deal him the ultimate finishing blow. While at first misled with how it was Hakumen who delivered the killing blow with Time Killer, Kenshiro's hunch was proven true when Ragna once again rose up and delivered the final blow. And his daily activity of putting him on watch continues... He doesn't give a damn about Terumi's identity as "Susanoo" either. Let's rephrase it again. Even in the face of "Super Deities", Hokuto Shinken is invincible.
  • At one point attempted to take on Lucifer for the Chaos Lord's stance on Survival of the Fittest, the ideology hitting too close to home in regards to the world Kenshiro originally came from. Lucifer simply smiled, telling him "If you don't want a world like that, you need only continue the actions you have done thus far. A world where the innocent do not have to fear being trampled by the ruthless... I have no doubt you can make your dream a reality. You're certainly strong enough". To the astonishment of everyone present, Kenshiro turned and left, deep in thought.
  • He, along with Sanger Zonvolt, are known to be the two Gods of the Pantheon that absolutely do not tolerate evil and are capable of dishing out massive punishment for evil without going to Knight Templar tendencies or running the risk of He Who Fights Monsters. Many would call them the "Evil-Slaying Duo", and though they don't confirm it, there is a silent respect between them. There's one rule that both adhere to, though: They're not doing it for concepts like "justice", but merely because "Life is a privilege to all. True Villains don't deserve any of it".
  • Is in deep training to discover the Pressure Point that he could hit in order to dispel the love and feeding of despair and negative emotions. Against hope-crushing scum like Terumi, M. Bison, Monokuma and his mastermind, who one way or another get off on despair, Kenshiro wants to make sure that they don't get ecstatic in the despair of death. He expects something he hears on a daily basis against those mohawked thugs he kills for being extremely evil:
    "I don't want to die! Someone help me!"
    • Someone finally asked Kenshiro why he didn't just have Toki teach him how to use Humanist Face-Breaking Fist. Kenshiro responded that... he didn't know. Never crossed his mind, to be honest. Seemed kind of obvious now that he thought about it.
  • Kenshiro's enmity toward those who actively seek to crush hope is also why he has enlisted in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" protecting Madoka from YHVH's latest atrocity. In preparation for the coming war, he has begun training his already-prodigious raw strength still further to make up for the fact that, as they are not human, the angels are for the most part immune to Hokuto Shinken's pressure point techniques. The angels foolish enough to try to capitalize on this usually find their heads punched clean off, or Kenshiro's fist shoved through their ribcages and out their backs.
  • He, Bryan Mills, and Kazuma Kiryu are the most ruthless defenders of children in the pantheon, and will handily team up to destroy any child abusers.
  • There were rumors that Kenshiro was some sort of godly being even before Ascension, as one of the head deities of the Ivgorod, to the point that one of their Monks, Kharazim, modeled some of his skills after some of Ken's signature ones, particularly Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken and Hokuto Zankai Ken. Kenshiro didn't mind those, as he's more impressed about Kharazim and his friends' staunch belief in the protection of mankind. To him, if other so-called "divine beings" threaten them, then they deserve to be kicked in the butt... and probably be already dead.
    • This is actually in line with his perspective to the law; while it's good in and of itself, if there is a law that causes harm to the innocent, he will not hesitate to destroy it.
    • Similarly, rumor exists that he is the one who defeated Angra with arms blessed by God, or perhaps even the "God" in question who blessed the arms. Kenshiro has yet to comment on this. That said, he does acknowledge Gene as a strong fighter.
  • Is aware that he is John Cena's favorite deity from any drawn/animated universe. Given John's Smug Super tendencies and at times questionable sense of righteousness, he's not so quick to form an alliance, but otherwise doesn't see any problems there. Scott Steiner, on the other hand, is a far bigger problem to him. He considers Big Poppa Pump an embarrassment to the Big Dipper.
  • Was at one point encountered by the legendary assassin Hit, who ascended with the title as the Assailant of Pressure Points. The two ended up trading attacks but both had to get increasingly more serious in order for the other to feel the blows. Before they could spar, a small horde of Meta-Coolers invaded the House; Ken and Hit proceeded to demonstrate their killing techniques to one another by using all of them as target dummies.
    • While the real Metal Cooler slipped through the crack of battle to reach his true target, upon which Vegeta told them both to stay out of it, Ken and Hit walked out with respect for one another. Hit announced that if anyone were to hire him to kill Kenshiro he would not allow them to interfere in any way or impose a time limit, and in return Kenshiro declared he would have Manly Tears prepared for Hit on that day.
  • He also has a spot in the House of Life and Death dealing with how he destroys all that harm the innocents.
  • Moments of their alliance are rare, but if/when Kenshiro and Jotaro Kujo team up, be prepared to get punched like you've never been punched before.


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