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Space, Cosmos, Planets, Galaxies, and Observable and Dimensional Universes

Space; a seemingly endless sight filled with bright twinkles, the occasional asteroid, and planets floating around in their native solar systems. To some, it is a fantastical and gorgeous site that many can only dream of witnessing, let alone exploring, while to others, it is a terrifying thought to even venture into the vastness of space as even with centuries of studies and thoughts, it's unknowability still remains massive and elusive, not to mention the unexpected can always occur when it comes to something like this. And yet, even so, space, consisting of galaxies and universes, is not only filled with an enormous swath of life and events but also sees its fair share of accomplishments and threats either rising or occurring. And as much of the Pantheon is composed of a grand universe of its own, there's a designated House of Space and Cosmos to represent the overall matter.

The House is... well, the entirety of the Pantheon's ever-expanding universe and its seemingly endless number of galaxies, stars, and planets. Theoretically, it could be considered the largest House on a physical plane of existence, but some believe the comparison is unfair, especially when most other Houses have a defined appearance, outlook, and values to uphold, all of which are skewed and sporadic when the House of Space and Cosmos is filled with literally any kind of extraterrestrial you could think of, which is to say all sorts of different ethics, lifestyles, and alignments. Of course, not everyone is a participant as most would rather stick to their own turf, though some might be interested in colonization, politics, and establishing galactic relations, though those can vary depending on their interests. On an additional note, there's a strong tether with the House of Extraterrestrials, which benefitted in the fact that understanding and studying alien cultures as well as traveling between Houses is made easier.

The defining architecture that represents the House is an observatory that takes the shape of an orbiting celestial body, which is where The Grand Spacial Onlookers have established their presence and authority. They normally discuss events in the Pantheon as well as any news on space, astrology, extraterrestrials, and stars as well as seeing if there can be invites to allow them to observe the stars and generally have a great time as they're aware that star-sighting and generally exploring the universe is one thing lots of people desire, even if it is dangerous. Despite this, numerous battles have happened in space, so technically speaking, they occurred in this House, but given the vast size and scope, nothing notable tends to be shown regarding casualties and collateral damage so long as said fights are contained and don't involve destroying other planets, which most try to avert as they're aware that planetary destruction can hold disastrous effects for many. Unfortunately, there exists a second group of representatives, The Cosmic Trio of Disaster who represent those who pose a grave threat to the universe and beyond, though it seems as if Nicol Bolas is the only one who has any intentional ambitions of opposing the forces of good as well as endangering the cosmos for his own ends. This doesn't stop Lavos and Greeza from having to be checked up and stopped though.

No, Poland cannot into this House.

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The Grand Spacial Onlookers

    The Living Tribunal 
The Living Tribunal, God of Guarding the Multiverse (Living Trinity, currently the Adam Warlock of Earth-19141)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The purple shroud surrounding his faces
  • Theme: Living Tribunal Double D
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Guarding Reality, ordering around The Powers Cosmic, Multiple Head Case, Absolute Power that's rarely used
  • Domain: Law, Balance, Time and Space, Justice
  • Second in Command to: The One Above All
  • Underlings: Eternity, Galactus, The Celestials
  • Allies: Eiki Shiki, The Spectre, The Endless, Primus, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum
  • Enemies: The Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, YHVH, Lord English, Fused Zamasu, Barbatos, Galeem and Dharkon, Hajun, Unicron, Lord Fuse, Sigma, any being who poses a serious threat to multiversal balance and order really
  • Opposes: Every other Hadou God, Nekron, The Daedric Princes
  • The Multiverse is a large place, and as such someone has to make sure it's safe. There are a number of multiversal guardians, but the Marvel Multiverse's official guardian is the Living Tribunal. Second only to The One Above All, the Living Tribunal keeps the balance of the various powers in creation and prevents any reality from becoming too powerful or any being from truly upsetting the balance. It's rare that something gets his attention, with even universe-level cataclysms often being below his notice, but his judgement is absolute and only scant few have ever avoided it.
  • Technically the second Living Tribunal. The original was slain by the Beyonders, so The One Above All chose an alternate Adam Warlock. It is unknown if the original was ever a mortal being or the successor to another. His three faces effectively serve as judge, jury and executioner. Known to few is the ever-covered fourth face, which reflect those who see it as a sort of cosmic mirror.
  • Is one of the most powerful members of the Pantheon. He is second only to his God (hinted to be Jack Kirby) in the Marvel multiverse, and is almost as powerful as the Four Alignment Overdeities. However, he rarely showcases this because of a fatal weakness: his heads need to be in agreement with one another to act. And whenever he's involved personally, the Living Tribunal has a harder time for some reason. Maybe it's down to having little combat skill, since he almost never needs it.
  • The Living Tribunal quickly became a co-worker with Eiki Shiki, who saw his massive power as a boon to the cause of justice. With their combined powers, almost no-one will dare try and rebel against the Court of the Gods. YHVH has tried to get him to work for him, however, he has declined. The reason? YHVH as a flagrant abuser of power, and upsets the balance of creation by tying it to. He and Eiki Shiki are working for a way of eliminating Him for power abuse, or at the very least make Him more manageable.
  • The Living Tribunals' antipathy towards YHVH has only grown with the GUAL no longer embracing his ways in favor of the Alliance's current leaders. While not looking favorably on him, he doesn't actively oppose Nekron, due to being a natural cosmic force who exist to defend/embody the natural darkness and void, he has warned the Lord of the Unliving not to push his luck. His opinion on Lucifer, however, remains undecided.
  • On good terms with the Endless, being cosmic entities who are fundamental constants like Death, Destiny etc. It's just he's far more introverted than them and only very rarely shows up in person. He generally acts indirectly, willing to destroy whole worlds to preserve trillions of lives (though as Doctor Strange has shown, he will listen to reasons against such extremes). He looks favorably on Primus, for being a force of benevolent while also knowing not to interfere all that much.
  • He is in contact with the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, who's work fits his own vision of cosmic balance and stability by hunting down irregularities like Mary Sues that'd throw it out of whack.
  • As per his role of Multiversal Guardian, The Anti-Monitor has placed him high on his list of opponents. The Living Tribunal is preparing to slay him once and for all. Others have proven serious threats to the safety and stability of the multiverse, such as Lord English and many within the House of Legendary Foes. Predictably, Zamasu is the most vocal about his critique of the Living Tribunal, calling him out by how rarely he intervenes. The Living Tribunal simply replied "your extremism shows why beings like me can't interfere too often".
  • Since the Throne overwrites and creates new laws of the entire multiverse, the Living Tribunal opposes those who sit on the Throne. He is not completely averse to change as he argued in favor of Galactus being the Lifebringer as opposed to Master Order and Lord Chaos demand that he remain the Devourer. However, they proceeded to kill him using the newly formed order to hit him when he's weak and justify their actions through it. Hajun is the one being the Living Tribunal is absolutely opposed to sitting on the Throne, as his Law would destroy all that is and ever shall be so Hajun can forever be left alone. Which is actually similar to The One Below All in motivation, actually.
  • Because Order and Chaos killed him while the cosmic order wasn't set in stone, the Living Tribunal has grown a distaste towards Galeem and Dhakron. They're very overbearing and destructive, and have proven to disrupt the balance of order and chaos on a multiversal level. He is interested in Ugo since he maintains divine ranks, though has yet to form a concrete opinion on him.
  • Though he is not contemptuous towards them as he is to Hajun, the Living Tribunal doesn't like most of the Hadou Gods as their Law hurts the mystic, moral and cosmic balances he exists to maintain. Mithra started the whole thing, and her Law is highly chaotic in practice. Nerose Satanel may have noble goals, but purges free will. Mercurius causes eternal stagnation in his eyes. Ren Fuji's Law is the only one he can tolerate.
  • The Living Tribunal dislikes the Daedric Princes on principle, though he does not consider them a serious and direct enough threat to creation compared to the likes of Zamasu and Barbatos that he has to intervene. His reasoning is that they are generally chaotic beings who had no hand in creation; this is in contrast to the orderly Aedra who sacrificed their power to take part in Mundus' form.
  • Despite his frustration towards the Throne, the Living Tribunal tolerates someone gaining ultimate power over their single universe. Just as long as they do not affect multiversal balance. He tolerated Thanos taking the Infinity Gauntlet because its range is limited to a single universe, and because he worked for it. For example, he does not have anything against Asura taking down Chakravartin, for example.
  • Unlike most other Gods of Pantheon, The Living Tribunal was actually glad to see the Celestials ascend. His reason is namely that Scathan the Approver, his own personal Number Two, now resides.

    Rosalina and the Lumas 
Rosalina and the Lumas, Overseers of The Stars (The Cosmic Travellers | Rosalina: Rosetta, Mama [to the Lumas], Princess Rosalina [honorary] | Luma: Chiko, Twinkle, Star Child)
Rosalina with a Luma
  • Greater Goddess (Rosalina); Lesser Deities individually, but can perform feats of greater status depending on how many come together (Lumas)
  • Symbol: A Power Star surrounded by a multitude of Lumas; alternatively the Comet Observatory
  • Theme Music: Rosalina in the Observatory 1 (2, 3), Luma (The Luma and the Hat), Cosmic Galaxy
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Space, Stars
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Enemies: Bowser & Bowser Jr.
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Unicron, The C’Tan, Planet Remina, The Sleeper, Thanos, Oryx, King Ghidorah, Majora, Lord Hater & Commander Peepers, Lord Dominator, Brainiac, Dark Matter Horde
  • Uncertain Relations: Omni-Man
  • Once there was a little girl who encountered a strange star-shaped creature and the two went off on an intergalactic journey to search for the star’s mother. As the two traveled across the cosmos, the girl started to feel lonely without her mother, who might have been long dead by the time the star-shaped creature had appeared and thus, to fill the void left behind, the girl adopted these stars and they have since viewed her as their “mama”. This was how Rosalina and the Lumas originally met and since then, the two have traveled across the cosmos to keep them safe. When Bowser attempted to take over the galaxy, Mario would find The Comet Observatory, the home of Rosalina and the Lumas and with their help, was able to thwart Bowser’s cosmic scheme. Since then, Rosalina and the Lumas have gotten to meet up with Mario quite often even during recreational activities the plumber holds with his friends and frenemies.
  • The Comet Observatory managed to find its way to the Pantheon one day, resting near the main planet where many of the Pantheonic denizens resided at. At around that same time, Mario was going through different planets at his own leisure when he saw the Comet Observatory and decided to visit the place once more. He then met Rosalina and the Lumas, with Rosalina telling Mario that she learned of an interesting place in the stars that was stated to have many different galaxies connected to it, prompting her and the Lumas to see what it was. Not only was the Mushroom Kingdom connected to the Pantheon, but so were many other worlds that Rosalina had never heard of. As someone dedicated to watching over the cosmos and exploring them, Rosalina and the Lumas decided to watch over the galaxies of the Pantheon and ensure those places are safe from harm, though she has enough time to hang out with Mario and his friends during the Pantheon’s calmer days.
  • Lumas are star-shaped creatures who see Rosalina as their “mama” and have helped Mario on his journey through transforming into not just planets for him to explore, but different types of stars to give him more mobility. Some of the more notable Lumas include Polari, an elderly retainer for Rosalina, and Lubba, a large purple Luma who built Starship Mario for its namesake to use in his intergalactic travels. While the Pantheon had plenty of planetary bodies, there were a few notable ones that Rosalina and Luma took a strong liking towards. Mogo was one such unique planet given its sentient nature and it actively being a force for good in addition to having a serene landscape has given Rosalina and her Lumas plenty of reasons to keep it safe and prevent it from getting destroyed by potential adversaries. The Little Prince was someone who had a close association with a planet akin to Rosalina, prompting her and the Lumas to befriend him, especially since the Lumas are fascinating creatures to him.
    • Despite Rosalina and the Lumas maintaining good terms with many of the planets across the Pantheonic cosmos, there were a few planetary bodies that posed a great danger to others. Some dangerous entities present in the cosmos included Remina, a malevolent planet that eats others of its kind across the solar system, and The Sleeper, a comet capable of corrupting the world around itself, including those that get too close to it, something that Rosalina and the Lumas found to be far more deadly than any Prankster Comet that they have previously detected. One particularly troubling adversary for them was Unicron, a massive robot that can disguise itself as a planetoid and devastate galaxies by eating the planets that reside there. As such planets in the Pantheon include those that were originally Lumas, Rosalina knew that something like Unicron cannot exist and has done what she can with her allies' support to fend off his attacks. Such animosity extends to those such as Majora who are willing to drop different kinds of planetary bodies onto Earth so that they can destroy Earth for their own benefit.
  • As someone who is dedicated to watching over galaxies, Rosalina and the Lumas quickly took an interest towards others in the Pantheon who had a similar role as them such as the King of the Cosmos. Among those include Palkia, a Pokémon who embodies the concept of Space and is part of The Creation Trio that keeps Time and Space stable, with Rosalina frequently working alongside the Pokémon when it comes to the cosmos. Aurelion Sol was another godlike entity who watches over the stars and values them greatly, with Rosalina and Luma being among the cosmic characters that The Star Forger has respect towards. Rosalina and the Lumas’ friendship with those associated with the cosmos extended to those that aren’t explicitly cosmic in nature, but have a cosmic theme such as Lemres, who is known as the Comet Warlock and is fascinated with the sweet Star Bits and how they can make Lumas turn into planetoids.
  • There have been plenty of space travelers who have come across the Comet Observatory at one point or another. Wander and his sidekick Sylvia saw the place while looking for others in need of help and took a brief visit there, with Rosalina admiring the two for their dedication to helping others in various planets that are in trouble. She would also meet up with a team of space heroes known as the Guardians of the Galaxy at one point and would learn of the time where Star-Lord would learn of his father, who turned out to be a planet that wanted to take over the galaxy and the team had to destroy it. In spite of this rather strange story related to planets, she’s still willing to help them out whenever they cross paths with her. The Star Twinkle Precure was another team of space heroes that Rosalina has helped out a number of times, with Hikaru Hoshina being greatly enamored by the Lumas and the little stars enjoying her company as well.
  • Given that Bowser attempted to take control of the cosmos and that Rosalina and the Lumas helped Mario out in thwarting the Koopa King’s plan, she has plenty of reasons to keep an eye out on others in the Pantheon who had a goal similar to that of Bowser’s. While Bowser has since moved on to other ambitions and even had the time to participate in recreational activities that Mario and his friends (Rosalina included) are involved in, many of these galactic villains have conquest as their main objective and are very likely to surpass the power Bowser has, even taking his alternate forms into account, and it’s clear that Rosalina is going to be much tougher on them than she was towards Bowser. In addition to those that conquer parts of the galaxy such as Thanos, Lord Hater, and The Dark Matter Horde, there were plenty of figures who destroyed planets and wreaked havoc on the cosmos such as King Ghidorah and The C’Tan. One particular enemy that was a cause of alarm for Rosalina and the Lumas was Brainiac, who preserves knowledge for himself by destroying planets after shrinking them for “research”. The fact that Lumas can turn into planets after consuming enough Star Bits intrigued Brainiac and he’s set his sights on the planets closely associated with Rosalina to see if there’s anything of use for his greater ambitions, especially if there’s some mechanical aspect to it. Brainiac is someone who’s never taken lightly in the Pantheon and Rosalina has gotten help from powerful entities related to the cosmos to fend off Brainiac’s plans.
  • When Mario thwarted Bowser’s initial attempt at galactic conquest, a supermassive black hole was formed that required the Lumas to step in and sacrifice themselves to destroy it, resulting in a new universe being created. As Rosalina would later learn, there was a godlike entity that had to stop a similar black hole from consuming their universe, prompting her and the Lumas to find that character. They would eventually meet up with Ultraman King, who was the strongest member of a group of super-powered individuals known as Ultras and had to merge himself with his whole universe to stop Ultraman Belial’s Super Eradicator Bomb from destroying everything, forcing Ultraman King to put himself in a dormant state until everything was restored. While Rosalina’s role in watching over the cosmos was daunting as is, she’s aware that there’s others like Ultraman King who have a much larger commitment to keeping the world around them safe. Even so, the two have gotten along with each other fairly well considering what they had to go through and the similar actions taken to prevent their respective universes from being annihilated.
  • It isn’t clear if Rosalina’s mother was dead before or after she met the Lumas, but regardless, she had to accept that her mother was long gone before moving on with watching the cosmos alongside the Lumas. There were others in the Pantheon who had to cope with a deceased mother that Rosalina and the Lumas were able to sympathize with. Among such characters include Lucas, who had to endure an arduous journey following his mother’s death and had to contend with an enigmatic entity that was later revealed to be his brainwashed brother, and Ponette, who learned to accept that her mother was dead for a while after being in denial about it for a while. They, among others who have gone through the tragic loss of their mother, have listened to Rosalina’s story in the Comet Observatory at one point and can relate to her past very well.
  • The relationship between Rosalina and the Lumas can be seen as a surrogate family and the Pantheon had its share of characters who have taken to being surrogate familial figures to those they know quite well. The 00-Cyborgs was a surrogate family who Rosalina and the Lumas were supportive of given the team’s backstory of having tragic pasts of their own before fighting back against an evil group that wanted to use them for world domination and moving on to different adventures related to varying threats. Some of their adventures have taken the cyborgs to outer space and one such endeavor in the Pantheon led them to the Comet Observatory where Rosalina and the Lumas offered the team help in finding a galactic villain that wanted to conquer the many planets surrounding the Pantheonic world. As the cyborgs made their way to the villain’s lair, they took note of how the Lumas reacted to Rosalina and were aware of the surrogate dynamic she has with them. Once the villain was defeated, Rosalina promised to support them and that she’ll offer them aid should another challenging adventure in the cosmos await the cyborgs.
  • Omni-Man was one otherworldly entity who Rosalina is very unsure of in terms of what he’s gone through. Having served a dangerous extraterrestrial race of beings known as Viltrumites, Omni-Man was tasked with going to Earth so that the Viltrumite Empire can conquer it with his help as they have done with other worlds. While getting accustomed to Earth, Omni-Man developed a moral conscience thanks to his interactions with his wife and son, culminating with him turning against the Empire he used to work with. As Omni-Man is still working on trying to build trust among heroes in the Pantheon following his past actions, Rosalina found something to like about how a morally complex man was able to better himself thanks to family. That said, Omni-Man having enough power to destroy planets if he goes all-out was something that Rosalina was wary of and while she is hoping that Omni-Man can become a true hero, there is still concern on if planets will be destroyed and if Omni-Man will end up being as morally dark as he was in the past.
  • In addition to participating in various sporting-related events with Mario and the others, Rosalina was one of many different individuals who participated in the Smash tournaments not just with Mario and his closest associates, but with various other characters as well. The Lumas show up alongside Rosalina to provide a boost to her attacks, though they’re vulnerable to being attacked and can be rid of for a period of time until a replacement shows up. Being involved in these fights also meant that Rosalina had to team up with the other participants to stop Galeem and Dharkon from laying waste to the worlds around them. The number of victims caught in Galeem’s attack and the wide range of power it and Dharkon possess led Rosalina to see the two as extreme dangers to the cosmos and given how her abilities on her own weren’t enough to thwart Galeem’s initial attack, she is willing to take whatever help is needed, even from Bowser and Bowser Jr. who also fought against the two abominations, to prevent the Pantheon from falling into either Galeem or Dharkon’s grasp.

    USS Enterprise-A/B Senior Crew 
USS Enterprise -A/B Senior CrewMembers, Patron Saints of Intergalactic Treks (Kirk: Captain Kirk, Jim, Jimmy-boy, Ike Clanton, Baroner, Kirok, Emperor Tiberius, James R. Kirk, Jane Tiberia Kirk; Spock: Ambassador Spock, Spock Prime, The Great Spock, Frank McLowery, Pollux the Wizard; McCoy: Dr. McCoy, Bones, Plum, Tom McLowery, McLaury, Lea McCoy; Sulu: Walter, Itaka, Tiny, George, Hikari Sulu; Uhura: Samara, Penda, Queen Neve, Nnamdi Uhuro; Scott: Captain Scotty, Mt'gm'ry, Billy Clanton, Marjorie Scott; Chekov: William “Billy” Claiborne, Aleksei Mikhailovich Chekov, MisterCleanUp, Pavlovna Chekov)
Prime Timeline (top), Kelvin Timeline (bottom)
Older Prime Timeline

The Cosmic Trio of Disaster

Greeza, Deified Negative Space Wedgie (Void Monster)
Greeza's first form
Greeza's third form (empowered by Spark Dolls)
  • Overdeity. Greater Deity in its first form or when forced into a physical body.
  • Symbol: Its first form.
  • Theme Song: Greeza's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (in nature). Chaotic Evil (in actions).
  • Portfolio: A Sentient Void Abomination, Big Bad of Ultraman X, Remains Powerful Even when Weakened by Being Forced Into a Physical Form, Eldritch Abomination, Enemy to All Living Things, Grows In Power the More Matter It Absorbs, Giggling Villain, Immortality until forced into a physical body, Immune to Any And All Harm Except For the "Needle" Inside It, Power of the Void, Reality Warper, Omnicidal Maniac.
  • Domains: Space, Distortions, Omnicide.
  • Kindred Spirits: King Ghidorah, Nekron, Chaos, GOLB, The Lich, Bill Cipher, Dark Gaia, SCP-682, Ghatanothoa, The Wither, Unicron, Majin Buu, The Nothing, Deathwing, Firebird, Crimson King, Void Termina, Vaatu, Amatsu-Mikaboshi.
  • Source of Interest for: Ultraman Belial, Yapool.
  • Enemies: All Living Beings in General (except those who seek the death of everything). Notable stand-outs are: The Heroic Ultra Series Deities (especially Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed, Musashi Haruno and Ultraman Cosmos, STORAGE and Celebro), Sonic the Hedgehog, Gaea, Battra, Mogo, Fluttershy, Godzilla, Rick and Morty, The Doctor, The Creation Trio, Nebby, The TARDIS, the King-Ohgers
  • Opposed by: The House of Nature, Beerus.
  • Foil to: Giygas.
  • Greeza was a most mysterious entity, with unknown origins it was first sighted travelling through various Universes while chased by an Ultra Warrior known as Ultraman X, who battled and pushed the abomination into the Sun, seemingly destroying it... However, Greeza didn't die and instead it merely scattered its essence throughout the Universe to corrupt living beings and cause destruction everywhere before reforming years later to continue its original purpose of destroying all life. It was only stopped when Ultraman X used a powerful weapon known as the Xlugger to turn Greeza into a corporeal being, allowing him to finally destroy it for good.
    • A second Greeza appeared after the destruction of a Bullton that "held" the anomaly in place. Like the previous one it tried to cause destruction and chaos and even came close to absorbing Ultraman Geed when the latter tried to fight it almost assimilating the Ultra into itself, but was stopped by the combined efforts of Ultraman Z, Ultraman Geed and Jugglus Juggler thanks to the Beliarok; a sword made out of a "needle" inside of it that could "sew" Greeza due to its nature as a living void that was ultimately pulled out by Z who used it to fight and defeat Greeza while saving Geed; ending the entity's reign of terror once again.
  • Greeza was of much concern when it was ascended, deities made sure to contain it in its temple to prevent it from breaking out and gathering too much power. Eventually the Ultras helped by using the Beliarok (which the unascended Ultraman Z provided to Zero) so as to repel Greeza and seal most of its power away. While Greeza so far remains inside its temple, other deities have nonetheless sought it out.
  • Greeza's current greatest foe in the Pantheon is Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed who clashed with the entity when it appeared in the World of Ultraman Z and began wrecking havock, Riku was temporarily absorbed and nearly assimilated into the Void Monster before Z employed the power of Beliarok to save Riku and then end Greeza's threat. Riku has been one of the more useful agents in informing the many Houses of the threat of Greeza and how to counter it. For now the young Ultra has remained on guard for the possibility of Greeza setting out to cause destruction again, while also wary of knowing that his father, Ultraman Belial, has taken a worrying interest in Greeza himself.
    • Eventually STORAGE and Celebro ascended and their enmity with the Void Monster resumed, both groups were especially wary of the possibility of Greeza going out of control again and becoming even stronger if supported by the right entities in the Pantheon, as such they've taken measures to fight it once more.
  • Like the aforementioned Belial, Yapool has also taken a big interest in employing Greeza for his own purposes, Yapool mostly seeks to combine the destructive properties of both his and Greeza's energy so as to create a power strong enough to end all Ultras once and for all and then follow suit with any and all allies they might have. That said, he's taken to studying for now how to contain it without sealing or destroying it by forcing it into a physical form.
  • Deities that harbor a hatred or desire to exterminate all life became the first kindred spirits of the Void Monster, among these was Nekron, the infamous destroyer of all life who found Greeza's abilities to be a much desirable tool for his plans, especially regarding its capacity to grow in power the more matter it absorbed and its inherent drive towards all lifeforms which compelled the abomination to destroy them all. Nekron has plotted to eventually break out the powerful being and employ it in his forces to ensure his victory even further.
  • Another being who found himself with equal desirable alliances was King Ghidorah. The space dragon is infamous for causing destruction everywhere it goes and won't stop until it has laid waste to everything else. Ghidorah's interest was further moved by Greeza's anti-existence properties that resemble those of his Planet Eater form, especially given that Greeza doesn't needs a ritual to employ its most destructive abilities. Like Nekron, Ghidorah has plans for the abomination, though it plans to merge with it so they can completely exterminate all other pieces of existence and leave nothing behind but pure emptiness.
    • This in turn caused Greeza to become a high danger priority for Godzilla, as the King of the Monsters knows how terrifying things like Greeza can be from his experience dealing with Planet Eater Ghidorah and as such has made sure to get closer to achieving his most powerful form, Super Godzilla, so as to have the means of combatting Greeza on equal grounds should the need ever arise. Godzilla's allies followed suit, though they have preferred to help from afar to prevent themselves from being absorbed and assimilated into Greeza and unintentionally help the abomination gain more power.
  • Since both of them are inclined towards chaos and absolute destruction, The Lich and Bill Cipher were equally interested in the capacities of Greeza, Bill has even thought about recruiting the Void Monster into his Henchmaniacs or just take control of it so he can unleash it on Gravity Falls first to get his revenge and then follow suit with the entire Multiverse. As for the Lich, he likes that Greeza feels a drive to end all life as much as he does, and has planned to also employ its abilities in any way he can hoping that the abomination can be the one true key to the realization of his goals; for similar reasons GOLB has taken equal interest in Greeza as well.
  • Greeza's residual essence, that its sole presence can spread, known as the Dark Thunder Energy can corrupt living beings and turn them evil or aggressive, thus making Greeza quite infamous among deities who are guardians of life and living beings, one of these was Gaea who has remained alert to the possibility of Greeza's Dark Thunder Energy spreading throughout the Pantheon and causing countless tragedies and chaos without end. Other nature spirits such as Battra and Viridi were equally wary of the powerful entity and its averse effects on living beings. This dark energy also ensured the entity powerful enemies in the form of Musashi Haruno and Ultraman Cosmos, who protect all life in existence and have ultimately come to the conclusion that an aberration such as Greeza has ultimately no place in the natural world and instead must be dealt with for good.
  • Greeza is driven to consume all life and end it by erasing those it absorbs from existence, as such it has made "allies" (not really such, but the closest a walking void can have) in the likes of the Nothing, the Firebird and Unicron, all abominations driven by a desire to "devour" everything in existence to varying degrees and who gladly carry out that task. While they only see Greeza as a temporary help that they'll need to dispose of later to prevent it from becoming too powerful, they nonetheless are all too ready to assist it and align with the Void Monster when they feel that it's an approppiate time for it.
  • With its threat that could spread out to the entire Multiverse, it has been seen as a serious threat by various deities in charge of multiple dimensions, those that travel and those who protect them. One of these deities was the Doctor, famous for many multiversal exploits and his TARDIS; the duo have taken measures to have some form of containing Greeza without the need for a space needle or a reality warping wish to turn it physical but so far it hasn't been disclosed to prevent any evil deities from knowing too much. Also in this category was Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade who views Greeza's threat as perhaps one of the few Toku villains that he absolutely takes seriously under any circumstance and is currently thinking of developing the means to "create" a space needle that could help take out Greeza at any circumstance when needed to. Dimensional travelers Rick and Morty were equally wary of Greeza, with Rick in particular being somewhat frustrated to know such a thing existed (or better said, didn't), while Rick so far thinks that it shouldn't be much of an issue for him to create a counter, he has yet to do so as he's gotten sidetracked with thousands of personal stuff to care much though Morty is worried that his grandfather might not have such means ready the day that Greeza wrecks havok.
  • The Creation Trio have labeled Greeza as a very serious threat to existence which they have began taking measures to fight against. Giratina in particular was worried that shall Greeza absorb any one of them, it could assimilate their powers and become unstoppable and unopposed in its quest to end existence. Arceus himself has so far decided to let the trio handle the issue, but has made sure to keep tabs in case the worst-case scenario happens. For similar reasons, Nebby the Solgaleo/Lunala is equally alert of Greeza and also cooperating with its fellow cosmic Pokemon in having the means to stop it.
  • Interestingly, an equal to Greeza might be the infamous Giygas, though its considered to be the antithesis to Greeza. While Giygas represent an ascended existence, Greeza is instead an absolute nonexistence. While neither has encountered each other, some deities think that it might be possible to lock both deities in an eternal stalemate by somehow getting them to fight one another, with neither capable of overcoming the other. Though other fears, one might consume the other and instead become even more unstoppable. So far most have generally agreed to keep tabs and try and study both more to see if the matchup option would be good or bad.
  • As a destroyer it found itself opposed by the Gods of Destruction, Beerus. While it might seem like a useful ally in his role of keeping balance by causing wide destruction for him, Greeza's nature and lack of restraint or ability to stop on its own once it gets going ensured that instead the destroyer deity see Greeza as a threat to not only his job but also even himself over time, seeing that Greeza's status as non-existing renders his destruction abilities mostly useless at trying to deal with the abomination lest someone else turns it into a corporeal entity to let him destroy it. Due to this, Beerus has mostly decided to do a silent opposition but won't lift a finger to help due to seeing it as a pointless act.

Lavos, Unholy Planetary Parasite (Big Fire, The Time Devourer)
Lavos' Second Form
The Lavos Core
The Dream Devourer
The Time Devourer

    Nicol Bolas 
Nicol Bolas, Dragon God of Multiversal Conquerors
  • Greater God (formerly Overdeity)
  • Symbol: A Gemstone floating between two horns
  • Alignment: Above Good and Evil (so he claims)
  • Portfolio: Agony Beam, Mind Rape, The Most Powerful Planeswalker, The Dreaded, Evil Overlord, Dragon Sorcerer, Xanatos Gambit, Oldest Planeswalker, Sorcerous Overlord, Mind Manipulation, Black Magic, Dimensional Traveler, Complete Monster
  • Domain: Magic; Dimensional Travel; Blue, Black, and Red Mana
  • Allies: Arael
  • Rivals: Dormammu, Alduin, Homura Akemi, Darquesse, Ganondorf
  • Enemies: Ajani Goldmane, Sorin Markov, Madoka Kaname, Doctor Strange, Merlin, Lord Kroak, Azir, Io, Bahamut
  • Nicol Bolas arrived inside the Pantheon when he Planeswalked into the dimension, having sensed the immense concentration of power that resided in the Pantheon. His arrival was immediately noticed by Sorin Markov, who alerted fellow deities in the Magic Pantheon to his presence.
    • Since then, Nicol Bolas has taken to studying the nature of the Pantheon and the various users of Magic within it.
  • Nicol Bolas is an immensely old and immensely powerful Planeswalker, one of the few still living from the days when Planeswalkers were powerful enough to be considered Gods, even able to create their own days. But with The Mending, Nicol Bolas lost that power and immortality he once possessed, and he set various machinations in place to reclaim that power. He hopes his plans in the Pantheon will lead to that conclusion.
  • Nicol Bolas once dared to confront Arael, desiring to know what kind of powers the Angel possessed. Unfortunately, Nicol Bolas was able to strike up an alliance with Arael (Bolas would never indulge in 'friendship'), because Nicol Bolas shared a propensity for shattering minds with but a touch with Arael.
  • Very few in the Pantheon are able to match Nicol Bolas in terms of magical power, even though his powers are not what they once were. Before the Mending, he was essentially a God within the Multiverse, able to create entire planes which he ruled, immortal, and able to use magic with effects on a Multiversal level. Now, he has lost that power with the nature of the Planeswalker spark changing, but he seeks to regain that power by any means necessary.
  • He has his eyes set on Homura Akemi, as he believes that he could steal her power to restore himself back to his past glory. As such, many of the Good-aligned deities in the Pantheon stand against him and his ambitions, particularly Madoka Kaname.
    • If not, then he can always try to take the Hogyoku from Aizen, and use it to give him immortality and restore his power. After all, such an item is more suited for his hands than a mere Soul Reaper who plays at being a God.
  • He also has rivalries against many of the powerful Evil-aligned magic users in the Pantheon, particularly Darquesse, whom he sees as a dangerous hinderance to his plans.
  • He begrudgingly acknowledges Io as being the progenitor of his own race of dragons, but that only drives Nicol Bolas' ambition to reclaim his powers not only so that he can regain his own strength, but surpass and usurp Io as well. He will have none who are above him, Dragon or otherwise.
  • He has shown an interested in in other deities who can summon creatures and spells to do their bidding through cards, as it reminds him of certain Outer Beings who play as Planeswalkers in another plane of existence.
  • He is aware of the how the Pantheon came to be, as he once hijacked a page on the Magic The Gathering site to explain the rules of the game based on his multiverse.note 
  • Can also be found in the Hall of Conquest and Conquerors

  • This house is a centerpiece for multiple occupations that take place in space, with Galactic Superpowers and Alien Royals having various discussions and taking part in events that surround intergalactic politics, relations, economy, and trade exports among several other factors that make up a functional society. In addition, Space Corps in general would frequent the House to scout out any potential threats and making sure planets and galaxies are ensured safe at all costs, though this isn't going to stop upcoming threats anytime soon.