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Greater Gods

Azir, God of Just Mage Rulers (the Emperor of the Sands, Seth, Shurima Guy, Birdie, Gold Bird, Darude Birdstorm)

Dormammu, God of Magical Overlords (The Dread Lord, The Dread One, The Black One, The Great Enigma, Eater of Souls, Lord of Darkness, Lord of the Dark Dimension)

    Joker (Smile Precure!/Glitter Force
Joker, God of Magical Harlequins (Rascal)
  • Greater God, formerly an Intermediate God before the events of the Sequel Novel.
  • Symbol: His smile, White Mask of Doom and a bunch of cards.
  • Theme Song: Joker no Chousen
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Magical Clown, Villainous Harlequin, Monster Clown, Hope Crusher, For the Evulz, Utterly Depraved, Laughing Mad, Die Laughing, Vile Villain, Saccharine Show, Cool Sword, Black Eyes of Evil, Malevolent Masked Men or Body Horror, Faux Affably Evil, Maniacal Laughter, Yes! Wonderful!, Manipulative Bastard, Red Eyes of Anger, Sadist, Slasher Smile, Break Them by Talking, Intentionally Dragging On His Fights To Take Pleasure From Driving His Foes To Despair, The Corrupter, The Heavy, Constantly Smiling While Beating On His Opponents, Succeeds In Summoning Emperor Pierrot
  • Domains: Magic, Depravity, Dimensions, Despair, Sadism, Manipulation, Creation, Evil, Power, Harlequins, Clowns, Monsters
  • Heralds: The Rest of Bad End
  • Followers: Horrabin, Jestro
  • Allies: Gohyan, Death Phantom, Yuuki Terumi, Dimentio, Kefka Palazzo, Relius Clover, Johan Liebert, Chaos, HIM, Pennywise, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Yapool, The Psycho Rangers, The Batman Who Laughs, Lord Dominator, Tsumugi Shirogane, Hades, Molag Bal, The Violator, Sweet Tooth, Marx, SCP-993
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Moebius
  • Rivals: The Joker, Lucifer, Yuri
  • Enemies: ALL PRECURES, Especially The Smile Pretty Cure (Special Mention goes to Miyuki and Reika), The GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi and ALL of the Puella Magi, The Heroes of the World of Balance, Batman and the other DC Superheroes, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Jeff Moreau, The EVA Pilots, Power Rangers Mystic Force, The Go-Busters, The Sailor Guardians, Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider Wizard, Kamen Rider Beast, SCP Foundation, Rainbow Brite
  • Opposed by: Makoto Naegi and Hope Bringers in general, Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Feared by: Billy
  • Respects: Champ of Wild Hunt
  • Joker is an agent of Bad End, an organization hell bent on destroying the world and served as The Dragon to Emperor Pierrot, or more accurately, Dragon-in-Chief, given Pierrot was out of commission and needed to be revived. Because of this, he is responsible for nearly all of Bad End’s plans. He is the superior to Bad End’s generals and is a creation of Emperor Pierrot.
  • One day, Yuuki Terumi came to realize that the amount of Hope Bringers in the Pantheon were immense, with some of them even being far ahead of him in power. He decided to ascend another Hope Crusher in order to counter this. He had come to learn beforehand that the Smile Pretty Cures thought him to be similar to a villain from their world known as Joker, and upon doing some research, noticed that he could be a great help in bringing despair to the Pantheon. Upon ascension, Yuuki Terumi, with aid from some of his allies, including Relius Clover, managed to rebuild his original body after he lost it when it was revealed that he survived Emperor Pierrot’s destruction during the events of a Ten Year Time Skip in the Sequel Novel. Now restored to his original form, Joker revived his Bad End Generals and set up shop in the Pantheon.
  • The Smile Pretty Cure were not pleased to learn that he had ascended, and the rest of the Precures weren’t happy about it either. His horrible acts of manipulation, Mind Rape and bringing despair make it easy to see why. The Smile Precures have sworn that they will get rid of him for good this time, something that Joker smiled at. This has only intensified their enmity with Terumi for bringing back their greatest foe, something that the insane god happily embraced.
  • Is one of the most malicious Hope Crushers in the Pantheon. He would much rather destroy a wish granting item than use it to cause despair because he enjoys tormenting people into it slowly. Not only that, but it gets worse, as he is skilled enough at mind games and manipulation to the point where his Break Them by Talking methods are almost always successful in some way. Most notable are what he did to the Pretty Cures after their first fight and that time when he once broke Reika Aoki.
  • One of his first allies, to the absolute horror of many, was none other than Kefka Palazzo, a fellow Monster Clown. Their shared love for destruction and evil, along with their immense depravity and desire to destroy hope, was too much for the two to ignore and they’ve struck up an alliance. The Heroes of the World of Balance were very disturbed by this, and they have been opposing the plans of Joker, and Kefka has warned the Spawn of Pierrot about how much of an issue they can be.
    • And if things couldn’t get any possibly worse regarding these events, Kefka happily decided to introduce Joker to none other than Dimentio, who bears many similarities to the both of them. Joker was quite intrigued by Dimentio’s Reality Warper abilities, especially one of his creations, a dimension of his own design that is called Dimension D. Joker will sometimes escape there for a quick exit if he gets overwhelmed by a foe and has no other way out.
  • There was once a very horrible incident where Joker decided to start going after the Puella Magi to turn them into Witches by driving them into despair. To this end, he decided to target Madoka Kaname first, knowing full well that she would be a thorn in his side even without her powers and, once he found her, mentally tormented her until Sayaka Miki and Spawn attacked him. This went on for a while, and unfortunately, Joker managed to escape.
    • And upon learning that Madoka got her Magical Girl abilities back, the Spawn of Pierrot decided that it was to time to try his hand at it once more. He eventually tracked her down once again and delivered a far more vicious verbal beatdown than before, to the point where she was being driven to tears by him. This time, Kyoko Sakura and Guts came to the rescue, and Joker still gave Madoka a few more words before retreating.
    Joker: “Hope, Madoka? Even after all I’ve done, all I’ve said, you’re clinging onto hope? How funny! You became Hope itself, and still, you fell into a pit of despair: Powerless! And now you seek to regain your former status, even after obtaining some of your power once more? Hahaha...hope and despair, two sides of the same coin. But despair...will overtake hope...and you’re among the biggest examples of why that is! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Kyoko Sakura:YOU ARE THE WORST!
  • Do not confuse him with the Clown Prince of Crime at all. Joker actually did once try to extend an invitation for an alliance, but it was promptly rejected due to reminding him too much of The Batman Who Laughs. When Joker got wind of this person, he immediately decided to organize a meeting with him, coming to realize that as good as he is at Breaking People, Laughs happens to be better. Joker is well aware that such an alliance could end horribly for him, but he doesn’t really care, as he knows that their shared desire to destroy hope and cause destruction will keep it from collapsing, and Laughs agreed with him. To make things worse, Joker has been learning from Laughs in order to get better at his Breaking Speeches, which are already highly effective, much to the horror of their respective enemies.
  • Believe it or not, he actually finds the very fact that Homura Akemi stole Madoka Kaname’s powers to be completely and utterly hilarious, but he believes the girl herself to be boring and predictable due to constantly coming to the defense of the latter. Much like he did with the Smile Precures, Joker is watching Homura fight from the shadows so he can see what he is up against, and he ultimately plans to create a Bad End version of her. He’s already begun contacting Yapool, Chaos and the Psycho Rangers for aid in doing this. Yapool for his skills in making monsters, the Psycho Rangers for a template to go off of and Chaos for its extreme power. Joker wants Chaos to lend some of its spawn’s abilities to the Evil Knockoff to make it powerful enough to hold its own against even Overdeities.
  • Absolutely loves Junko Enoshima and Tsumugi Shirogane. The slow and sadistic ways that they drove others into despair via Deadly Games was, in his mind, too entertaining to ignore, and upon learning about an unbreakable boy named Makoto Naegi, decided that he could be a potential threat to the annihilation of Hope everywhere. Joker wonders how he can maintain hope despite the fact that many people around him ended up dying at the hands of Junko’s games, and has taken up breaking him as a challenge, something that Enoshima knows is far, far easier said than done.
  • Tends to hang out with HIM from time to time. The two like causing problems for the Precure and the Powerpuff Girls. Sometimes with HIM fighting the Precure and Joker fighting the PPG. Sometimes they will even work together, requiring the Precure and the Powerpuff Girls to team up to take them down. He is aware that there is another team of Powerpuff Girls in the Pantheon known as the Powerpuff Girls Z, and they have been opposing him. Joker eventually plans on ascending their version of HIM out of spite and retaliation.
  • Doesn’t hold anything against Omnicidal Maniacs. Joker would rather squash the hope out of every last person before committing an act of that scale, simply because it’s possible. This helps him get along with Chaos, who ultimately seeks to destroy the universe. Still, it loves to cause despair and hopelessness to those living if it benefits its plans while Joker actually approves of its desire to destroy. The Sailor Guardians, on the other hand, see him as a dire enemy that needs to be stopped. Joker has made contact with the Death Phantom to counter their opposition.
  • Joker can create Monsters of the Week called Akanbes by fusing a clown nose containing a cure decor with an object, meaning that anything can be turned into a Monster Clown. However, this doesn’t just apply to objects. Trees can be transformed into them as well. They appear when he shouts “Come out, Akanbe!” They can only say Akanbe, Aka or Beh, as well as Super and Hyper if they are the correct type. Sometimes they can speak in a more complex manner if it is appropriate to the situation. This has gotten him on the radar of the SCP Foundation, who want to contain him to stop the creation of these beings, though this is proving to be harder than they originally expected.
  • Used to have a massive amount of respect for Yuri. That is until he learned of his Heel–Face Turn. Now, Joker sees him with nothing but seething hatred and disgust, thinking of Yuri as wasted potential. He plans on making him regress back to his evil ways just for the hell of it. Of course, Yuri and his allies have been opposing him due to this as well as just how awful he is, something that Joker pays no mind as he actually expected this.
  • Gives Pennywise, The Violator and Sweet Tooth his approval, as they are all completely vile and utterly despicable individuals. He loves the mass despair the three are able to cause through their malevolent actions of killing. Joker also greatly respects Wild Hunt’s Monster Clown member, Champ, for the amount of hatred and despair he inflicts when he commits his depraved acts. Champ doesn’t care much about Joker, but the spawn of Pierrot doesn’t care if he does or not. He also likes SCP 993 for the desire to corrupt children, seeing it as an excellent way to cause despair to their friends and family, maybe even more than just those close to them. SCP 993, in turn, loves working with Joker due to his cruel and immoral methods of causing corruption. The most terrifying of them all, however, is the fact that Molag Bal, the King of Corruption, is very fond of Joker due to what he did to the Bad End Generals. Joker, in turn, has been working with the King of Corruption to find ways to break all Hope Bringers in order to bring the worst ending upon the Pantheon.
  • When the Splash Star Pretty Cures ascended and he found himself being opposed by them, Joker decided that enough was enough and brought in Gohyan and his Dark Fall organization into the Pantheon, knowing full well that they have the same goals of bringing ruin upon the world. Sneaking them into the Pantheon unnoticed with the aid of Wiseman. Gohyan launched an attack to let them know Dark Fall had returned, and Joker simply smiled, knowing that everything had gone All According to Plan.
  • He and Johan Liebert genuinely respect each other for their skills in breaking people through sheer words alone and the two will sometimes trade stories on what they’ve done to other deities in the Pantheon. Both parties know that they are using each other for their own ends, but they don’t care at the moment. Both of them are preparing for the moment the alliance goes south but as of now, they get along like a house on fire, which is VERY worrying.
  • "It's not just enough to destroy the world. I want to destroy all hopes, all dreams, and all miracles in the world. That is when true despair will come."

    Lord Kroak 
Lord Kroak, God of Arch Mages
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A mummified toad head.
  • Alignment: A very heavy-handed Lawful Neutral. Borderline Blue-and-Orange Morality grade.
  • Portfolio: ArchMages, Pay Evil unto Evil, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Religion is Magic, The Magocracy.
  • Domains: Law, Protection, Magic, Repose, Fate
  • Allies: Kroq-Gar and Grymloq, The Puella Magi, The Emperor of Mankind (covertly), Reptile, Kiritsugu Emiya, The Basterds, Kiritsugu Emiya, Eldrad Ulthran, August Dragneel, Syzoth/Reptile
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrion and Teclis, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Alice (Monster Girl Quest)
  • Enemies: The Four Chaos Gods (especially Tzeentch), Quan Chi, Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi, Joker, the Incubators, Nicol Bolas, Deathmaster Snikch, Khazrak & Gorthor, Luthor Harkon, Malekith
  • Respects: Merlin, Khadgar
  • Feared by: Illya von Einzbern/Prillya
  • Opposed: The Anti-Spiral
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Barring Tzeentch, Kroak is quite possibly the strongest mage in the Pantheon. This claim is backed up by him being a member of an entire race of archmages who's definition of "minor tweaks" include permanent weather changes and messing with tectonic plates.
  • The Golden Tablets of Lustria foretell of a prophecy in which 5 human children would bring hope and dispel entropy and chaos. Lord Kroak believes the Puella Magi are those children, thus he frequently aids them from behind the shadows, especially in matters against Tzeentch. Homura's pragmatism rings closest to him.
    • There have been reports of small bipedal chameleon-like things skittering about in their realms as of late. Those are in fact Lord Kroak's scouts/spies, secretly sending information on the locations of back up copies to the old MG system.
      • After the "Fear Toxin" incident, an event that very nearly destroyed the Pantheon once its full scope had unfolded, he has become much more open in his aid of them and the Sisterhood in general. As part of this, he has ordered the security around the Sisterhood beefed up in the form of some rather... scary... bodyguards, with the deadliest and most powerful of the lot directly assigned to Madoka. However, the results of both the Great Upheaval and Pantheonic Rebellion, especially Homura's betrayal and Madoka's depowering, have left even him in disbelief. It's unclear whether he feels Homura's actions are justified, but it is clear that he's willing to raise his hand against her if it comes to it.
      • The irony of the Sisterhood's helper being not so different from one of their worst enemies is duly noted.
  • His other portfolio is Nightmare Fuel amongst the GUAG; both for the horrific acts he and his people are capable of and for the fact that their brains are completely incapable of processing malice despite those acts.
  • Through him, Reptile finally managed to get a home with other Lizard folk. The two get along pretty well, with Kroak employing him as an assassin. This, alongside his extreme methods, put him at odds with Litchi, the one who stored and took care of Reptile before he arrived.
    • Kroak's thoughts about this: A confused Face Palm. He thinks it to be "Warmblood" overreaction since Kroak believes that as a healer, she should know better about the mental/emotional health of someone is just as important as their physical health. It's not like he's trying to permanently take Reptile away from her. Besides, he wouldn't hesitate to aid against Terumi since "he is a blight upon the pantheon and creation that needs to be erased.''.
  • Used to be on good terms with Kyubey, that is until its involvement in the "Great Upheaval" in which it tried to recreate witches, thus undermine certain golden tablets. He decided to punish it with a "Deliverance of Itza" (basically a magic equivalent of a nuclear explosion). Homura got to Kyubey first, with her own idea of recompense.
    • Not being one to waste magical energy, he put that charged up spell to good use by deciding to follow through with Kyoko and Sayaka's request regarding a certain Teppei Houjou. The resulting mushroom cloud could be seen across the pantheon for hours. He now frequently teams up with The Basterds in beating down the holder of the portfolio that Pay Evil unto Evil target.
  • Kroak was once a Greater God of Magic but was killed by his enemies which sapped his power and brought him down to the level of Intermediate God.
  • Has a sign outside his domain on how not to draw the attention of his Lizardmen followers.
    • 1. Don't be evil, lest we be ruthless in destroying you.
    • 2. If not under #1, don't provoke us.
    • 3. When visiting me, don't do anything that can be interpreted as being even slightly suspicious. My Temple Guards' brains are hard-wired to perceive even the slightest suspicious behaviour as a threat against me regardless of your intentions.
  • Seems to be pretty chill with Kiritsugu Emiya for his beliefs on war, which earned Kroak his respect. Kiritsugu, on the other hand, returns the respect with a smile on his face.
  • When news heard that Khadgar was one of the main driving force between the Second and Third Invasion Wars, Lord Kroak applauded him, even so much as to inviting him into the Slann as a worthy member of his mage race. While he did appreciate the offer, his caution towards him rose when news of what Kroak has done towards other races reached into the GUAG, not to mention the numerous sacrifices he and his race has done.

Intermediate Gods

Copernica, Goddess of Robots With Magic (Coco)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her book
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Robot Wizard, Black Mage, Elemental Powers of Fire, Frost, And Storm, Conjuring Barriers, Can Smack Foes With A Book To Reduce Their Magic Power, The Blue To Armilly's Red, Aesthetic Glasses, Squishy Wizard
  • Domain(s): Steambots, Magic, Knowledge
  • Heralds: Her friends Armilly and Galleo, plus Orik, Tarah and Thayne
  • High Priestess: Penny Polendina
  • Followers: Dragon, Warforged wizards and psions, The Defect, The Wizard
  • Allies: Palom and Porom, Cutie Honey, Aerith Gainsborough, Atsuko Kagari, Jaina Proudmoore, the Magic Knights, Teana Lanster, Vivi Ornitier, Wendy Marvell, Ruby Rose, most victims of Evil Mentors
  • Enemies: Cinder Fall, Mysterio, Frost, the Seven (except Starlight), Madame Gasket and Phineas T. Ratchet, all Evil Mentors
  • Conflicting Opinion: Ghaleon
  • Opposes: both Gilgameshes
  • When it comes to technology, it has a varying relation with magic. While they're usually at each other's throats, they sometimes meld too. And when it comes to robots, them possibly using magic can be a murky subject that involves debates on whether they have souls.
  • Copernica is a steambot who used to study in the University of Magic, but dropped out because she disapproved of their selectivity on who can learn magic and because she wanted to practice her art outside their stuffy labs and libraries. She wanted to "deploy knowledge practically, for the good of the many".
  • Her story (shared with her best friend, who's actually the main protagonist) begins when she and Armilly went foraging in the woods for a Peppermint Puffer mushroom to clean up the well in their village of Goosebucket. When they returned, they found Goosebucket being set ablaze by the Void Army, and the local Heroes Guild abducted. Being the only ones available to fight them, the two (plus their friend Galleo) took matters in their own hands to rescue the Guild.
    • But when the Guild proved to be nothing but Dirty Cowards, it became clear that the Fellowship (now with the addition of the veteran Orik (former sidekick of the legendary and fallen hero Gilgamech), with the sibling thieves Tarah and Thayne joining up later) was the Realm's only hope of stopping the Void Army from unleashing the Necronomicog to reshape the world by awakening the Behemoth.
    • Long story short, while they stopped the Void Army and confronted Gilgamech, they couldn't stop him from awakening Behemoth, but they were able to vanquish it once and for all. As for what happened to Copernica after, she became the new principal of the University of Magic given the previous one, her mentor Hyapathia, had been in cahoots with the Void Army (forcing the Fellowship to take her down) and opened it for everyone willing to learn.
  • That said, it turns out there was another candidate to this claim; Atlas android Penny Pollendina, due to inheritance of the Winter Maiden powers as well as generating an Aura when only those with a soul can (even if it's thanks to her "father" Pietro providing his for it). However, the title ultimately went to Copernica because the steambot has a much wider repertoire of spells (compared to Penny's wind and frost magic), not to mention still being a robot by the end of the adventure, unlike Penny, whose virus-infected robot body was transferred out of her soul by the Staff of Creation, causing a new one (which is most probably without any robot-ness) to be made from her own soul. She was also present in the Pantheon already as Nu-13's High Priestess. Still, no hard feelings were had with either, and given that she's left her mortal coil (passing her Maiden powers to Winter Schnee), Penny was resurrected in her robot body, and implanted a firewall to ensure that she cannot be hacked so easily again.
  • During the ascension ceremony, she got into conversation with many of her neighbors, who were intrigued with her very nature as a machine able to cast magic. After learning that she was teaching magic in her world after the Behemoth was vanquished, Palom invited her to join him in teaching (applications of) "black magic" at Elysium Academy (since how she learned magic might be different from his). Porom sees no issues here and finds Copernica to be an okay person, even if the idea of a Robot Wizard is still something to get used to.
  • Was attacked at her (one of two) temple(s) one day by Cinder Fall, who coveted the powers of the Winter Maiden (yet only now noticed her existence) and wondered if the resurrected Penny still had them now that she's Back from the Dead, or if they were gone for good and inherited by Winter Schnee. Due to a lack of need for extreme mobility back in her realm (usually leaving that to Orik, who was at the other temple with the rest of the heralds), Copernica was a sitting duck for most of the fight, requiring Penny to intercede multiple times whenever the Fall Maiden went for the steambot. Eventually, the commotion drew her neighbors in, and Ruby Rose herself was already en route, wanting to see Penny again (not knowing of Cinder's attack yet). Once The Cavalry arrived, Cinder contended with all the meddlers, but as soon as Ruby entered the scene, after exchanging several blows with her, she saw that her odds of success have become too low and beat a hasty retreat.
    • After thanking her neighbors for pitching in, Copernica was also approached by Ruby and thanked for helping protect Penny, even if the steambot confesses to having needed protection by Penny numerous times.
  • Given the fact that the Houses of Science and Magic are usually at odds with one another, Copernica's mere existence is seen as a novelty, curiosity, or even an affront. What's more, she's a steam-powered robot, rather than electricity-powered like most robots in the Pantheon, which also make her not easily hack-able, just like Agatha Heterodyne's clanks.
  • In regards to her array of spells, she has all manner of Fire, Frost, and Storm spells, and can even put an opponent to sleep (though only once per engagement), increase or decrease resistances to/increase power in casting those elements, etc. Notably, her Meteor does Frost damage rather than Fire.
    • She expends Steam Pressure (SP) to cast her more powerful spells, and builds up SP with basic attacks (Book Bash that also reduces a target's magic power) or "cantrip"-level spells (like a Mana Barrier, a fire whip, a blast of electricity), raise her own magic, conjure a reflective barrier against Fire, Frost, and Storm-element magic, or even make herself a Glass Cannon by buffing her magic attacks the cost of much of her resistances. She can also "weaponize" her Doubt by making it absorb elemental attacks at the cost of her momentarily malfunctioning.
    • As for how her magic works in the Pantheon since she's the only ascended steambot so far, she's not limited to eight "punch cards" per battle anymore, and can use all of her abilities, so long as she has the SP to cast the more powerful ones. As for how SP works for her, it builds up as normal, and when allies perform certain abilities, though only half as effectively as a steambot could.
  • Dislikes "heroes" who engineer their own incidents or just desire glory above all else, given Gilgamech fit neatly in both categories and caused Armilly, who worshipped his achievements, to briefly suffer a Heroic BSoD. In one world, Mysterio counted for both, and so do Frost, and the Seven (though she holds some exception for Starlight given her circumstances).
    • As for the people named Gilgamesh, she likes neither of them, the Lancer for his massive ego, and the multi-armed sword hunter for his obsession. At least she has nothing he wants.
  • Given they're also robots with supernatural non-scientific abilities, Aigis and Labrys (plus Mitsuru) visited as well, curious as to how Copernica and her magic worked as well as wanting to make another friend. That said, given the nature of the story of Steamworld Quest, which is a fictional work inside a fictional work (Steamworld Dig, Dig 2, and Heist), and the possibility that it's a standard fantasy tale whose characters were "re-translated" into steambots, there likely isn't any explanation; it's just inexplicably possible.
  • Holds contempt for mentors who turn out to be working for evil as her own, Hyapathia, had been, such as Kreia, Ali Al-Saachez, Orochimaru, Tobi, Madara Uchiha, Gozaburo Kaiba, Deathstroke, Palpatine, The Illusive Man, Master Xehanort, Vlad Masters, and Unalaq.
    • Megamind is a strange case of this though, given his state after seemingly defeating Metro Man, "raising" Titan so he can have a hero to fight, and then rising up to become a hero himself when Titan goes rogue.
  • And then there's the deal with Stealth Mentors, such as Ghaleon, whose idea of teaching the heroes is to pose as their adversary, though it helps that he technically didn't have a choice in working for the villain. However, it doesn't help that he was a legitimate enemy (though well-meaning) in the distant past. She's still conflicted in regards to how she should treat him.
  • Conversely, this also means she holds sympathy for those who had been under such mentors, such as the Exile, Setsuna F. Seiei, Domon Kasshu, Aki Izayoi, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Riku, Terra, Gouken (who purged the murderous aspects of what he learned from his master to teach, then taught his own to Ryu and Ken), Yusuke Kitagawa, Katara, and Bolin.
    • Chirin is a strange case, though, given it was him who initiated this relationship with Wor, became a ferocious beast, but ultimately slew his mentor, only to be forever branded an outcast by the sheep.
    • Satoru Tojo/Kamen Rider Tiger is another special case, given he misinterpreted his mentor's "kill one, save a thousand" motto as actually needing to kill people to save plenty more. At least he's making up for it now.
    • That said, she does not hold sympathy for those who take dark paths themselves, such as Akuma and Risky Boots.
  • Greatly opposes those who use robots as resources for stuff, just like Archdruid Bob with his Moonjuice, and Madame Gasket and Phineas Ratchet count for that in spades. The pair for their part are baffled at how an "outmode" is capable of doing so much more than most shiny upgraded robots with her magic, which by itself is another baffling concept they thought was exclusive to organic lifeforms.

    Cutey Honey 
Honey Flash!

Cutey Honey, High Prophet of Magical Girl Warriors and Transformation Sequences (Honey Kisaragi, Hitomi Kisaragi, Warrior of Love)
Honey Kisaragi
Cutie Honey 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A stylized heart
  • Theme Music: Cutie Honey (1973; New; Flash; Re)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic Good moments
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Ms. Fanservice, Beware the Nice Ones, Hot-Blooded, Master of Disguise
  • Domains: Androids, Beauty, Transformation
  • Herald: Seiji Hayami
  • Allies: Sailor Moon, Ryuko Matoi & Senketsu, Mako Mankanshoku, Androids 16, 17, & 18, Heart Aino, Lois Lane, Jade, Frank West
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Dr. Gero, Akio Ohtori, Embryo, Senator Armstrong
  • At first glance, Honey Kisaragi looks like a regular schoolgirl with a well-meaning, but mischievous disposition. In actuality, she is an android created by her father and after he’s murdered by the vicious organization known as Panther Claw, Honey learns the truth about herself and prepares to fight back against the group that killed her dad. With the help of a transformation device on her neck, Honey is able to transform into the sword-wielding Warrior of Love known as Cutie Honey. Not only that, she has access to a number of other transformations such as a biker, a singer, a stewardess, a camerawoman, a model, or whatever the situation calls for.
  • One day, a girl wearing a white skin-tight outfit riding a motorcycle was sighted in the Pantheon, with her stating that she went there looking for anyone that might be causing trouble. While nothing major happened for a few hours, when night came, some monsters broke into a jewelry store and attacked the humans that were tasked with protecting the place. As they were prepared to make their escape, the girl from earlier caught up to them and after introducing herself and who she is, transformed into Cutie Honey and defeated the monsters. Some time after the incident, Honey learned what the Pantheon is and how crime and other problems are a regular part of the place. From there, Honey vowed to continue her crime-fighting duties there and ensure that evildoers get put in their place.
  • With her gimmick of being a normal girl able to transform into a superheroine and giving out a speech or two to the criminals she’s about to fight, she can be considered a Magical Girl even if she leans more towards a sci-fi angle than the fantasy slant of many others. It hasn’t stopped her from befriending many of the other magical girls present in the Pantheon. Usagi Tsukino is one of Honey’s closest friends and Honey is impressed with what Usagi and her friends have accomplished. Both have helped each other in fighting the various villains that threaten the Pantheon, with other members of the Sailor Senshi helping them out against the more dangerous threats.
    • It was through Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Warriors that Honey learned of the Magical Girl Sisterhood, a group of other magical girls dedicated to fighting evil wherever it may lurk. When Honey decided to visit the group at the Sailor Senshi’s request, she was surprised to learn just how many other magical girls are there and the members there saw Honey as a sort of motherly figure given how long she’s been fighting compared to them. Honey has offered to help the group out and has provided plenty of support for them.
  • Honey has a few things in common with Ryuko Matoi in terms of motivation and superhuman capabilities. Both set out on their journey to avenge their murdered father at the hands of a criminal group and Ryuko has Life Fibers inside of her that make her superhuman much like how Honey is an android that can transform into various things. That said, Honey learning about her superhuman traits played a role in getting her adventure going while Ryuko didn’t find out about her being made of Life Fibers until much later in her quest. Both Honey and Ryuko hang out with each other and team up on a regular basis, with Honey enjoying the company of Ryuko’s best friend Mako Mankanshoku in their downtime.
  • She managed to find a couple other friendly cyborgs in Androids 17 and 18, despite their names suggesting them to be androids. Initially, she was surprised to learn that the cyborgs’ relationship with their creator was very different from how Honey viewed Dr. Kisaragi. Honey was willing to listen to the duo’s story about their animosity towards their creator and learned just how dangerous Dr. Gero was. She also learned that they didn’t start off as purely heroic and that there was another (actual) android designed by Gero, Android 16, who didn’t last as long as 16 and 17. 16 was also modeled after Gero’s dead son and Honey was willing to sympathize with 16, given how she was based on Dr. Kisaragi’s dead daughter.
  • Honey’s main enemy is Panther Claw, a criminal organization that wants valuable riches and has an assortment of themed enemies for her to fight against. While Honey initially wasn’t able to find Panther Claw itself in the Pantheon, she did learn of a similar organization that was far more dangerous named SHOCKER. While SHOCKER has mainly fought against Kamen Riders, the group greatly expanded its influence in the Pantheon and has a multitude of other villains lending their services to them. Regardless of whether or not SHOCKER in the Pantheon is aware of Panther Claw, Honey still sees SHOCKER as a vile criminal group that needs to be taken down no matter what and is aware that she’ll need plenty of help to bring about the organization’s downfall. The fact that they’re interested in her choker that allows her to transform has her concerned about what they could do if they had their hands on it.
  • Before it got destroyed in an attack by Panther Claw, Honey attended a school, though she doesn’t really partake in the lessons there and sneaks out whenever possible. Much of the same is applied to the various schools in the Pantheon, including the House of School, though she is willing to fight back against anyone that threatens to destroy that place or other schools to avoid a repeat of what happened to her previous school. As for her time in the Pantheonic schools, she seems to enjoy making a fool out of the more mean-spirited teachers there.
  • One of her more frequent disguises is to be a camerawoman so that she can spy on what her enemies are planning to do next. It helps that her most consistent ally, Seiji Hayami is a reporter, even if he is someone that Honey has to rescue more often than not. She then learned that the Pantheon not only has a number of reporters, but that they’re active in finding any sort of problem that can affect those they care about. As Flash Honey, she got herself acquainted with these reporters and found herself working alongside them in order to find any potential threats that can happen at a moment’s notice. Some of her frequent partners include Lois Lane, Jade, and Frank West (though Cutie Honey had to tell Frank that using his “Perfect Erotica” pics on her isn’t going to be much help).
  • Senator Armstrong learned of another deity who was able to use nanomachines to their advantage and given how he was bested by a cyborg, was willing to use what he can to defeat Honey should he fight against her. Given his belief in strength above all else, Honey doesn’t think that highly of him and his motivations and is aware that fighting against him will be a challenge for her, especially since he’s more than willing to fight her if given the chance to do so.
  • Despite referring to herself as the Warrior of Love, Honey doesn’t really have anything related to The Power of Love. That said, Honey is a friendly girl and she will sometimes attempt to reason out with her enemies provided they haven’t done anything severe to warrant them being killed by her. Heart Aino thought that someone with a Warrior of Love title would be helpful in her overall motivation, but Honey stated that she’s only fighting against those who threaten the peace. Aino still admired Honey for who she is and Honey is friendly towards Aino, despite the fact that the kinds of villains Honey fights against are ones that Aino won’t be able to reach out to.
  • Plenty of people are interested in Honey given her reputation for being an attractive girl. While she’s had some benevolent admirers, others such as arch-enemy Sister Jill have had a sexually unhealthy obsession towards her and there’s a couple of deities in the Pantheon that are after Honey for their own benefit. Akio Ohtori has attempted to win over Honey, but it became clear she wasn’t interested in him, especially after the two engaged in a swordfight and Akio lost due to Honey’s tactics. Embryo proved to be a bigger problem for Honey as he was someone that could overpower her easily if they met, not to mention his overall behavior and goals being something that revolted Honey once she learned more about him.

    The Dead Moon Circus 
The Dead Moon CircusMembers , Divine Magical Circus (Dead Moon Circus: Dark Moon Circus | Queen Nehelenia: Queen Nephrenia, Queen Nehellenia, Queen Neherenia, Queen Nephelina | The Amazoness Quartet: The Amazon Quartet, The Sailor Quartet | Cere Cere: Cele Cele, Sailor Ceres | Palla Palla: Para Para, Sailor Pallas | Jun Jun: Sailor Juno | Ves Ves: Besu Besu, Sailor Vesta | Lemures: Remless)
The Dead Moon Circus Tent
The Amazon Trio note
The Amazoness Quartet note 
The Sailor Quartet
Xenotime & Zeolite
Queen Nehelenia
Ugly Queen Nehelenia 

Len, Goddess of Magic Cats (Ren)

    Muhammad Avdol 
Muhammad Avdol, God of Ethnic Magicians (Mohammed Abdul)

    Palom and Porom 
Palom and Porom, Godly Twins of Black Mage and White Mage Duos
Left: Porom, Right: Palom
Palom and Porom in The After Years 

Zarok, God of Evil Sorcerers (The Sorcerer, The Necromancer, The Mad Magician)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Trident and Spell Book
  • Theme Song: Zarok Final Battle
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad, Ambiguously Human, Card-Carrying Villain, Evil Gloating, Evil Sounds Raspy, Horned Humanoid, Necromancer, Really 700 Years Old, The Sociopath, Sophisticated as Hell, Squashed Flat
  • Domains: Magic, Evil, Necromancy, Invasion, Death, War
  • Herald: Lord Kardok
  • Allies: Jafar, Maleficent, The Horned King, Kel'thuzad, Arthas Menethil, Gul'dan, Quan Chi, Noob Saibot, Melkor, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon, The Sphinx, Ganondorf, Kefka Palazzo, Mad King Thorn, Nagash
  • Enemies: Sir Daniel Fortesque, The GUAG Sacred Knights, Skull Knight, Papyrus and Sans, Anakaris, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, The Ashen One, Squigly
  • Opposes: The Good Aligned Deities in the House of Royalty
  • Zarok was once the Court Magician and Jester of King Peregrin who later fell out of favour due to his preference to "experiment" on the dead and was banished. Enraged, Zarok launched an invasion to the land of Gallowmere but Sir Daniel Fortesque led the armies of Gallowmere and defeated Zarok....or that's what everyone thought. A hundred years later, Zarok resurfaced and as part of his revenge, he launched a spelt called the "Evernight" which would launch the world into darkness, brainwash the living into mindless monsters and also raise the dead. Unfortunately that also brought back Dan from the grave who proceed to foil his plans and put an end to Zarok for good.
  • Ascended for the position of Evil Sorcerer, a title that Zarok likes to endlessly gloat about. But his other intention was to get his revenge against Fortesque. Too many times this man ended up foiling the Sorcerer's plans and the fact that the Pantheon is ripe with magical creatures that could aid him in his quest to raise the undead and plunge the world into darkness just makes Zarok feel confident he will succeed this time. Of course, Sir Dan was one of the first to find out that his Arch-Enemy ascended and reacted appropriately.
  • Zarok spends most of his time in his temple, trying to find new spells in order to throw the Pantheon into complete chaos but the presence of even more powerful forces has made it incredibly difficult. That's why he pledged loyalty to the Grand United Alliance of Evil since Melkor could allow him to go uncontested if he so desired. The problem, as always, is Fortesque who still continues to put a dent in his plans.
  • Zarok has described as being the unholy child of Jafar and Maleficent, even bringing his humanity into question. He seems to work pretty well with the two, as they two want revenge on the heroes that defeated them and joining forces could make that a reality.
  • While Zarok is knowledgeable about several devastating spells, a certain group of deities was very interested in learning to cast "Evernight", the spell he used to curse Gallowmere. Noob Saibot and his master Quan Chi were one of the first to approach the sorcerer, proposing him to work for the Netherrealm and join them, a proposal that left Zarok curious. Then there was shadowy entities like Chernabog and Nightmare Moon, who would greatly benefit from it. Chernabog also reminds Zarok of the shadow demons and wonders if they would happen to be related.
    • Zarok later went to seek out other strong and evil sorcerers. The first one was Gul'dan, who saw potential in Zarok's spellbook and wants it for himself even if he isn't a Warlock like him. Zarok has also been scouted by Kefka Palazzo and Ganondorf, who too served as their respective kindgom's court magicians.
  • Having his own personal army of the dead, he was interested to learn other forms of necromancy present in the Pantheon. The first one was the Lich King, who has his the entire Undead Scourge at his command and Zarok was jealous that a measly human was left in charge of such a powerful army. But even then, they are still allied and he also gets along with Kel'thuzad, who he shares several quirks with.
  • Before his final battle with Sir Dan, Zarok decided to turn himself into a strange Mix-and-Match Critter that cuckles like a chicken and looks like a very cartoony Sphinx. Still, it was dangerous to pose a challenge for Fortesque and while he can still transform himself into that, he doesn't really have a need to (and probably doesn't want to). He seems to have tried to convince the Sphinx to work for him and learn how to replicate its form in order to have a more effective transformation and while the Sphinx is willing to stand guard in his temple provided it is benefited in some way, she isn't too keen on the sorcerer copying her form.
  • His time as King Peregrin's Jester and Court Mage was not one he remembers fondly and if he were up to him, he would slay all the kings in the pantheon. He did attempt to invade the House of Royalty but was stopped by the GUAG Sacred Knights led by Fortesque, squarely landing Zarok as a prime target for the GUAG division.
  • He's been trying to be more carefully when resurrecting the undead in order to avoid another Fortesque situation. He learned the hard way that Sir Dan had already gotten a few of his skeleton friends against Zarok, most notably his sparring partner Skull Knight and his apprentice Papyrus (and by extension Sans). Then he found out that there are undead that are actually heroic in nature and like Fortesque before, seek to stop the Sorcerer at any cost. Most notably, Squigly, Anakaris and the Dark Souls protagonists have tried their best to aid Sir Dan in defeating Zarok.
  • Apparently, he has a spell that is able to mutate pumpkins into monsters, most notably the giant Pumpking Serpent. King Thorn wanted to know how Zarok learned that power and offered him to get rid of Fortesque if he so desired in order to acquire said spell. Zarok ended up accepting since he really wants to get rid of that annoying skeleton once and for all.

Lesser Gods

    Aerith Gainsborough 
Aerith Gainsborough, Goddess of White Mages (Aeris, The Flower Girl)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hair ribbon
  • Theme Songs: Aerith's Theme, Smash 'Em, Rip 'Em in battle (shared with Tifa)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: White Magician Girls, Magically-Inclined Mysterious Women, Martyrdom, Dying, Staves and Pole Weapons, ultimately a victim of one of the most well known deaths in video games
  • Domain: Spoilers, White Magic, Healing, Protection, Light
  • High Priestesses: Minwu, Eiko Carol
  • Followers: Abe no Seimei, Rab, Mirania, Calista, Malik, The Beneficari and many healers
  • Herald: Zack Fair.
  • Allies: Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Red XIII, most good-aligned Final Fantasy deities, especially Rosa, Yuna, Hope Estheim, and Cosmos, White Mage, Tear Grants, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear, Ness, Lucas, Durkon Thundershield, Sakura, Elise, Konoka Konoe, Pyrrha Nikos, Mami Tomoe, Angela Ziegler/Mercy, Devola and Popola, The Medic, Yukiko Amagi, the subhouse of Healers
  • Rival: Vivi Ornitier (friendly)
  • Enemies: Sephiroth, and to a lesser extent, most of the other Warriors of Chaos, Black Mage
  • Evil Counterpart: Prince Hans Westergard
  • Anyone who has ever played a video game knows this story; a woman skilled in White Magic came across a mercenary called Cloud Strife in a flower bed. She agreed to join the swordsman and his crew to learn more about her heritage. The two became close after some adventuring. Yet when a certain ex-SOLDIER used deceptive tactics to evade their pusuit, things turned deadly. The One-Winged Angel tried to compel Cloud to kill the healer while she was praying, but he resisted. Therefore Sephiroth did the job for him, impaling her with extreme prejudice. Her resulting death was a traumatizing experience for many a gamer, so much so that her death was known by basically everyone. Eventually, sympathetic souls in the Pantheon decided to bring her back to taker her rightful place in the Pantheon.
    • After her ascension, someone hung a flashing neon sign reading "SHE DIES" over her resting quarters in the Pantheon. It's become a sort of running gag among the more mischievous gods to come up with some sort of humiliating punishment should they come across someone surprised by said sign. Thus far, no victims have been reported.
    • It was a humiliating affair for her, one Sephiroth enjoyed gloating to her about it. Cloud had enough, and the two agreed to find a new home for her. Luckily, her good friend Rosa had an empty temple waiting for her. There was a great need for someone of White Magic to take over. They just needed a new god to take her place. That man was Charles Kane, who was willing to take over for her. Thus, Aeris managed to find a new, respectable home for herself.
    • Cloud was ecstatic with her new role as White Mage of the Pantheon. Things got complicated when the fanbase argued other whether he should go with Aeris or Tifa. The healer doesn't really mind, hoping that he will be happy with whoever he chooses to be with. With that said, she will never let Cloud forget about that one time when he had to dress as a woman.
  • What most people seems to forget is that she's defined with more than just her spiritual waif-ish power to the point of incorruptibleness. She's in fact... a rather feisty and Plucky Girl that wouldn't mind throwing threats like 'cutting someone's balls off'. Needless to say, when Sora saw her saying exactly that to someone who's been harassing her, he was quite shocked, to say the least. He went for a round two and looked as if the innocence in his face shattering when he later heard Aerith literally saying "Shit!" (she just yelped in danger when she tried to climb on old stairs and it collapsed, forcing her to hang on the upper ledge, but he just learned the context a bit too late).
  • Houses one of the most crucial temples in the Pantheon. Many a cleric utilize White Magic to heal their party members. his extends to anyone who uses magic to heal others. While she isn't the boss of every healing cleric, they all have some bit of gratitude towards her.
    • Was glad to see cleric Durkon Thundershield back in the Pantheon after his shocking demotion. The dwarf comes from a long line of surprisingly hardy clerics who are just as capable of beating up evil as well as healing party members
  • Many deities from video game RPGs around The Multiverse depend on her magic to heal their teammates. As her franchise invented the term 'White Mage', that is pretty much expected.
    • The most prominent healer in her series, Yuna can be seen hanging out with Aeris plenty of times. Sometimes, she goes there to teach how to dance.
    • It's especially rare to see healers as protagonists in a video game series, but Ness and Lucas have done just that in their respective series. Of course, many are surprised at that fact if they are more familiar with their other appearances.
    • Fire Emblems's healers aren't as useful given it's more of a strategy game. Nevertheless, a number of deities have managed to ascend due to their utility. Aeris hopes to find a way to make the class more viable in future games.
    • Yukiko is an interesting case. She does not have any powers in her own world, but when she ventures into the "TV World" she gains fire powers as well as the ability to heal her teammates. The Goddess of Inns pondered if she got said abilities from Aeris.
    • Konoka may not be from a video game, but she made sure to pay homage to Aeris in the way she helps out her friends.
  • Mercy and Ana may not rely on magic to heal their allies, but they understood how important healing is to keep their teammates alive. The three have been close friends ever since the Overwatch heroes' ascensions.
  • Funnily enough, she's also friends with the Medic, in spite of both his rivalry with Mercy and his Mad Scientist tendencies and experiments which remind her of Professor Hojo. This is mainly because he is genuinely out to help and heal people, and neither he nor Mercy could ever bear to put her in the crossfire of their feud. Chalk it up to Aerith for knowing how to navigate through that landmine.
  • Ralph refuses to believe that she ever actually died.
  • She felt like there was a faint bond between her and Rapunzel. It's diminishing slightly, but it's still there.
  • Serves as the opposite side of magic to Vivi. She restores health while he decimates them with his Black Magic. However, both strive to use their magic for good and expect their clergy to do the same.
  • The same cannot be said for Black Mage. She had previously heard that the original Black Mage has made it to the Pantheon, so she went over to greet him. That almost got her killed by an incoming fireball spell. Later on, White Mage ascended and helped clarify that the Black Mage she met was from a different world.
  • Downright despises Hans for what he did to Anna, especially for personal reasons. She was seen as suspicious when she hired Cloud as her bodyguard, but proved her work in the party while Hans was thought to be the perfect prince, only to reveal he was dating Anna for nefarious reasons.
  • When the final battle of good and evil arrives, Aerith has been appointed by Cosmos to pray for Holy should the battle turn against the forces of good. A chamber has been constructed for her to go to in preparation for this, and after what happened last time, it's location is secret.
  • Sephiroth is known to sometimes visit her chambers and taunt her with how he killed her. Aerith usually retorts she still foiled his plans from beyond the grave, twice. Sephiroth has no comeback that has yet been witnessed. And now that she's free from reliving that memory, Sephiroth is even more frustrated towards her state. Of course, the progress he's made in his latest plan has him hoping he'll still have a chance to do it again, even if it's no longer guaranteed.
  • Has been in a rather good mood lately. When asked about it, her only statement was "The promise has been fulfilled."
  • Aerith has repeatedly clarified that contrary to popular belief, she's not still hung up on Zack. Nor is she manipulating Cloud into functioning as some sort of substitute. Despite said clarifications, the claims of her being a manipulative seductress have persisted, making Aerith get significantly angrier and angrier.
  • She occasionally prays alone in her temple though sometimes people that head to check on her claim they saw someone standing outside her temple much to her confusion.

    Atsuko "Akko" Kagari 
Atsuko Kagari, Goddess of Struggling Magic Users (Akko)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Shiny Rod or her Shiny Chariot card
  • Theme Songs: Shiny Ray, Mind Conductor
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Going by Akko, Getting Injured in Funny Ways, Never Giving Up, Selfish but Well Meaning, Ascended Fangirl, Butt-Monkey, Genki Girl, Chosen by the Shiny Rod, Idiot Hero, Good at Shapeshifting Magic
  • Domain: Dreams, Inspiration, School
  • High Priestess: Luz Noceda
  • Heralds: Lotte Jansson and Sucy Manbavaran (her friends and roommates).
  • Allies: Hogwarts' Trio, Jaune Arc, Ruby Rose, Zatanna Zatara, Rock Lee, Twilight Sparkle, Izuku Midoriya, Toshinori Yagi, Kamala Khan, Go Princesses Pretty Cure, Sabrina Spellman, Haruto Soma, Kiki, Bayonetta, Trixie
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Diana Cavendish
  • Enemies: Voldemort, Tirek, Ursula, Wicked Witch of the West, Maleficent, Malboro, Saira and Kaira
  • Opposed By: Anti-Mage
  • Special relationship with: Professor Ursula Callistis/"Shiny" Chariot du Nord (her mentor)
  • Atsuko "Akko" Kagari, a girl who loves magic and dreams of becoming a witch. She was inspired to become one after watching a performance by her idol Shiny Chariot. Problem is that she struggles in performing magic since she isn't a natural born witch. But that won't stop her dream in becoming the greatest witch ever just like her idol.
    • While at first it was thought that the reason Akko had trouble doing magic was because she wasn't born to it. Turns out, there was a much darker reason as her magical potential was taken when she was a kid which stunted her magical growth. What's worst, it was Shiny Chariot who unknowingly took it.
  • While Akko does struggle with magic, she has a knack for transformation magic. In particular transforming into animals. Interesting enough, this is the one skill that her idol was very good at as well. She is also able to speak fluent fish.
  • Takes great pride in being a witch. So much that talking bad about witches or saying that magic is unneeded will get her riled up and determined to prove how great they are. She also doesn't like the evil witches in the Pantheon since they give all the good witches a bad name. She sees magic as something to bring joy to people. So she has taken a stand against those who would use magic for evil purposes.
  • Since her favorite witch is Shiny Chariot who used her magic to entertain people, she has shown similar admiration to Zatanna Zatara. She really enjoys her magic performances which are just as aspiring as Chariot. She also enjoys the performances of the Great and Powerful Trixie even if most of her acts were tricks despite having magic.
  • Found out about Izuku "Deku" Midoriya's life and how it sort of mirrors her own. The two bonded over the fact they were fans of witches/superheroes, how they wanted to become one but faced harsh obstacles, looking up to and actually being mentored by their idols. The more cynical would point out the one major difference: while Deku gained his Quirks thanks to his idol, Akko's magic potential was accidentally stolen by her idol.
  • Since she was used as a test subject for Sucy's concoctions, Akko has developed a resistance to poison. However, she isn't totally immune to their effects as was the case when she had a bad run in with the Malboro.
  • Was very hesitant to get near any of the Puella Magi girls when she learned they kill witches. Though, she found out that the witches they face were more Eldritch in appearance. Still, she's very cautious around actual witch hunters that may be residing in the pantheon.
  • Has made sure she stays as far away from Tirek as possible. This is because she is afraid of his magic draining ability. She also is scared that her magic will be lost forever since she already experienced her magic being stolen before.
  • Made friends with the Princess Pretty Cures since they admire Akko's determination to become a witch despite her struggle. She especially related to Haruka since she too was mocked for wanting to be a princess which reminded Akko of others criticizing her over wanting to be a witch.
  • Became very good friends with Ruby Rose with their very excitable personalities blending very well. It was through Ruby that she got to know Jaune Arc and connected with him on wanting to be a Hunter despite struggling at it. She also got a chance to meet Weiss Schnee. She felt a bout of deja vu when speaking to her since Weiss reminded Akko of Diana. She even swore she sounded just like Diana.
  • After overhearing a conversation the Magic Knights had with a friend of theirs, a man they called Amuro, Akko's begun to ponder if she should arrange for Grand Charion, a mech she herself piloted once, to be brought to the Pantheon, feeling it may be more effective here.
  • Is very conflicted about Anti-Mage and his hatred about magic. While Akko is wholeheartedly opposed to him wanting to destroy magic, she sympathizes with him about his community being destroyed because of it. She truly wants to show how beautiful magic is and that it isn't inherently evil. She just doesn't know how.
  • Was very excited to see so many different kinds of witches in the Pantheon and how differently their magic works compared to hers. Many were happy to help Akko with perfecting her magic. Especially Kiki who became Akko's flying broom teacher.
  • Was actually surprised to see males being able to use magic since it's so rare to see them in her world. One wizard called Haruto Soma took an instant liking to Akko since her love of magic reminded him of a friend of his.

    Baba Yaga 
Baba Yaga, Goddess of Solitary Sorceresses (The Hunchback Fairy, Red Riding Hood, Witch of the Woods)
Baba Yaga's traditional appearance.
Click here  to see Baba Yaga as depicted in the Battlefield of the Gods.
  • Lesser Goddess with some moments of Intermediate
  • Symbol: Her mortar and pestle as well as her hut on chicken leg
  • Themes: The Hut on Fowl's Legs and The Realms of Baba Yaga by Edguy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, although some versions are varying degree of Good
  • Portfolio: Has a hut with chicken legs, flies around in a giant mortar and pestle, Solitary Sorceress, eating babies, Evil Old Folks, Wicked Witch
  • Domain: Housing, Building, Magic
  • Allies: The Disney Villains, especially The Evil Queen, Gabriel Belmont
  • Enemies: Every children in the Pantheon, Zobek, Bigby Wolf, both Snow White, The Mystery Gang, Dorothy Gale, any good parents in the Pantheon, Pinocchio, Eru Chitanda, Curious George, Master Roshi and every Dragon Ball deities, Cayden Calian
  • Opposes: Gul'dan
  • Not to be mistaken with: John Wick
  • A powerful, wicked but rather... eccentric witch who lived in a hut chicken legs and flies around in a giant mortar and pestle, Baba Yaga one day crash landed into the Pantheon, took the temple of Solitary Sorceress for her own and disappeared deep into a Russian forest. Because of her immense power and reputation to eat any children of anyone who opposes her, people in the Pantheon leave her alone with the temple and title.
  • Upon seeing one of their mortal enemies, Snow White and Bigby immediately put up precaution and magical barriers around their children and warn the entire Pantheon about Baba Yaga's reputation of eating any kids that came upon her territories. This caused many parents in the Pantheon to band with each other to protect their children and find a way to destroy Baba Yaga.
  • Due to their shared past violence against children and being powerful magic user, Baba Yaga reached out and became allies with the Disney Villains. Like them, she was also disgusted when learned about an alternative universe where Maleficent is not only good, but also a good mother figure for Aurora.
    • Because of her alliance with the Disney villains, general violence against children and the fact that she has history with the Fables version of Snow White, special protection was placed in the princess temple to prevent Baba Yaga from going after her.
    • She has an especially interesting relationship with the Evil Queen given that Baba Yaga's descendant teaches Evil Chemistry, a class that the Queen's descendent Raven goes to before Legacy day.
  • Despises the Mystery Gang due to the fact that they had encountered and defeated her before.
  • Was NOT pleased when discovered another person has the nickname Baba Yaga in the Pantheon. What more, this person is just a mortal man who doesn't eat children. She is brewing a plan to kill him permanently and became the sole person to be called that name.
  • True to her position, her temple is placed over her hut and constantly moving. Any poor soul wondered into this place would be killed and served for dinner. Because of her reputation, Baba Yaga rarely have visitors who isn't as or more powerful than her and she intends to keep it that way.
    • Because of this, the Pantheon made sure Eru Chitanda, Curious George and Pinocchio never wonder near the place where Baba Yaga's chicken hut may wonder to in fear of them being eaten.
  • Really dislike Dorothy Gale for killing two evil witches and one of the few person Baba Yaga cannot touch due to the fact that she is protected by the Land of Oz.
  • Really likes Gabriel Belmont for helping her finding the flower that would made her appear younger. On the other hand, she has a burning hatred for Zobek for killing that world's version of her and swore revenge.
  • Upon hearing about her ascension, Master Roshi invited Baba Yaga to his house because he mistook her for his sister Baba. Baba Yaga was confused but later went along with this because she heard rumors that his place tend to have children hanging around that she could use for a meal. Unfortunately for her, the children in question happens to be Super Saiyans and proceed to kick her ass. Baba Yaga left Roshi's house humiliated and swore revenge while Roshi was angry that she impersonated his sister. The two on really bad term ever since.
  • She was at first curious when heard about another powerful fellow evil magical user called Gul'dan in the Pantheon and decided to pay him a visit. However, she was incredibly disappointed when learned that not only Gul'dan doesn't sustain his magical power by himself but he is also a lackey to the Burning Legion, which clash with Baba Yaga's isolated philosophy.
  • Upon hearing her ascension, Cayden came and confronts Baba Yaga for messing up his world. She just laughed and stated that if his world left itself to be ravaged by her, maybe it deserves to be in that state. The two engaged in a duel that left their temple in rubble and disturbed many nearby houses.

    Grey Cloud/Nightwolf 
Grey Cloud, God of Indigenous Shamans (Nightwolf, Mahpiyagohta)
  • Lesser God (with the potential to go Intermediate)
  • Symbol: His facepaint with his two tomahawks.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Indigenous Shamans, Being the Sin Eater, Special Attacks (Composed of Attack Reflection, Energy Bow and Thunder Bolt), Heroic Sacrifice, Warrior Poets, Being the Number Two for Raiden/Haokah.
  • Domains: Magic, Combat, Weapons, Good.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Syzoth/Reptile
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: The Wendigo
  • Uneasy around: Werewolves
  • Nightwolf ascended thanks to his vast usage of shamanistic spells in Kombat. Was one of Raiden's chosen heroes in the Third Mortal Kombat Tournament, and remains a force of good throughout the realm, using his magic attunement, making him worthy of the title.
    • For better or for worse, when Raiden resetted the timeline, Nightwolf had the bad luck of getting slain while sacrificing himself to eliminate an evil version of Sindel. By default, he would end up being a revenant of Quan Chi during the 25 Years Prophecy... However, thanks to some tinkering by Raiden and the good deities of Trope Pantheons, especially fellow Shaman Thrall, they managed to give the proverbial middle finger by Quan Chi and yanking him away right before the deal of 'heroes turn to revenant' can take on full effect. Quan Chi might have gotten himself a Nightwolf revenant in the MK-verse, but in the Trope Pantheons, it was mostly known that it's the heroic Nightwolf that stands.
  • So far, he's the only Kombatant to openly dislike Sindel due to her infamous massacre in the retelling, to the point of calling her "Monster!". And he's the one who sacrificed his life to stop her once and for all. However, when it comes to the Pantheon, Nightwolf could only shed tears that he knew that the Sindel of the original time was a honorable queen and would end up that way if it wasn't for the new timeline mess. But as it turns out, that was all a ruse. Sindel was in fact as evil as Shao Kahn and Nightwolf felt disgusted that he ever felt pity for such a monster. Sindel on her part only wants to get back at the matoka
  • There was a time when Nightwolf discovered that Freddy Krueger was breaking havoc in Earthrealm and as a result, he banished him back to the Dreamrealm, basically making freddy immortal again. Krueger likes to make fun of Nightwolf for his terrible mistake, but he remains staunch that he will rectify the mistake.
  • He was glad to meet other native americans that happened to be ascended as well. She frequently likes to chat with Pocahontas, Michelle and Julia Chang.
  • Gets along with Thrall because he is a fellow shaman like him. Nightwolf is interested in getting to know the culture of the orcs and see if he can learn a few new tricks from him. Furthermore, as mentioned, Thrall was the one suggesting how to 'save' the revenants.
  • Is not happy to see Onaga in the Pantheon, due to the incident he got involved in the Previous Timeline.
  • He heard from Thrall of the fabled Wendigo, a creature that he heard and believed that was a myth. Nightwolf could be the key person that could finally purify the body of Hanah and let her rest in peace.
  • In the previous timeline, Nightwolf became a Sin Eater, people who are able to completely absorb evil energies whilst retaining his psyche and vanish evil creatures to the depths of the Netherrealm. While it's unknown if he can channel those powers again, Azmodan has been really wary about the Shaman.
  • There was a time when he used to be rather Tech-savvy and served as the Mission Control of the Earthrealm warriors. While he isn't like that anymore, he likes to visit the House of Technology from time to time.
  • Fitting to his name, he actually is very close to wolves and is able to communicate with them. This in turn made him friends with San, who is also close to wolves.
    • However, he feels uneasy around Werewolves, given that in an Alternate Universe he was once possessed by Shao Khan and it transformed him into a Lycanthrope. Although he likes to visit people like Greymane or Valkenhayn to be prepared in case said situation happens for real.
  • "Ancestors, give me strength!"

    Jaina Proudmoore 
Jaina Proudmoore, Goddess of Black Magic-Casting Ladies (Proudmoore)

    John Constantine 
John Constantine, God of Blue Collar Warlocks (Hellblazer)
  • Lesser God, though his rank has varied over time
  • Symbol: A cigarette
  • Theme Song: Constantine Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral with good tendencies and bad impulses
  • Domains: Magic, Smoking, Trickery, Synchronicity
  • Portfolio: Occult Detective, Magician Detective, Anti-Hero, The Chessmaster, Consummate Liar, Cunning Like a Fox, Did You Just Scam Cthulhu?, The Dreaded, First-Person Smartass, I Did What I Had to Do, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Nominal Hero, Really Gets Around, Smoking Is Cool
  • Followers: Koyomi Morishita, Timothy Hunter, Magnus Bane, Dante Vale, Daniel Navarro, Robin Thorne, Damien Darkblood
  • Herald: Frank William "Chas" Chandler (his driver and arguably his Only Friend)
  • Allies: Swamp Thing, Neo, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Dante Sparda, Ted (one-sided), Nabu/Doctor Fate, The Guru, Castiel, Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha, Merlin, The Phantom Stranger, Gene Hunt, Agent Washington, Edward Kenway, Leon Belmont, Father Karras and Father Merrin, Carol Anne Freeling
  • Rivals: Tezcatlipoca
  • Commonality Connection with: John Wick
  • Enemies: Bambi Hughes, Regime Superman, Trigon the Terrible, Lilith, Kayako Saeki, Jack the Ripper, Diablo, The Butcher
  • Opposes: Melkor, Lucifer, YHVH
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Madame Xanadu, Batman, Captain Holt,
  • Conflicting Opinion: Zatanna Zatara
  • On Good Terms with: Satan (South Park)
  • Odd Friendship: The Doctor
  • Respects: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Respected by: The Janitor, The Presence
  • The day that all magical gods feared has come. Reports from the House of Magic indicated that a blonde male wearing a trenchcoat and smoking a cigarette had just made a temple there. He had been bolstered by followers of his adventures as well as his short-lived tv series. Many evil aligned gods collectively locked their doors and prepared wards for the worst. But it's likely that no one will try to kick him out; the amount of favors this man has will likely cause the perpetrator to burn at the spot.
    • He thought he could also get the title of Occult Detective, but was told that he had to choose between that and Magician Detective. Constantine ultimately decided to take neither of them.
  • Constantine was quick not to side with any of the grand alliances, but was also quick to oppose all except the GUAG. Even then, he believes siding with Cosmos would only hinder his process of handling exorcists. Neither Melkor, Lucifer nor YHWH have made any comments on the opposition, with rumors persisting that the three are plotting for his demise. The fact that they were forced to work together despite hating the others' guts is a sign that they are wary of what Constantine is capable of.
  • Their caution is not a fluke. Constantine has gone through multiple attempts of life by beings far more powerful than him and yet come out on top. He is perceived to be able to talk out of almost any situation. Even the Janitor was impressed with his guile skills.
  • Word has it that Constantine didn't choose the Phantom Stranger as his high priest; he merely took over the role on his own as the best candidate. With no other alternatives, John let it past. That decision only made even more unlikely that Madame Xanadu would approve his ascension. Nowadays, she would only work with him under the most extreme of circumstances and even then she outright refuses to work with his high priest.
  • If there was anyone in the Pantheon that had the most complicated relationship with him, it's Zatanna. The two only work with each other briefly when there's a situation that requires them to work together. When asked about any romantic encounters, Zatanna admits to dating the man in her mortal life, even becoming a couple. That's not likely to happen now that Constantine has ascended. The two hope to keep it professional.
  • Whatever you do, do not regard to him as a magic Time Lord. That is a guaranteed one-way ticket to being cursed for life. Despite this, he enjoys a healthy relationship with the Doctor. Their personalities mesh better than the Time Lord's earlier incarnations.
  • Tezcatlipoca attempted to get John drunk, only to be Out-Gambitted and be humiliated himself. In spite of the humiliation he has a soft spot for the man due to how skilled a trickster and manipulator he is.
  • Besides Matt Ryan, he had another avatar that looked a lot like Neo and John Wick. While he has had no interactions with the Retired Hitman, he did promise to have Neo's back in dealing with agents.
    • He also shares a remarkable resemblance to Theodore Logan... those he is much less proud of that achievement. Ted for his part has tried to make himself cooler to win his blessing... with poor results.
  • He helped the Green Arrow to find the soul of one of his allies. The two didn't exactly have a smooth relationship when they first met, but got along fairly well.
  • The two don't meet up that often, but Constantine appreciates another person that can screw over with beings far more powerful than him. Expect their enemies to go into a panic attack if the two decide to work together as a team.
  • Even Regime Superman was wary of the occultist's ascension. Constantine was close to containing the tyrannical superhuman if not for the intervention of his allies. This corrupted version of Kal-El is sure to put out a plan to dispose of the man.
  • He has a rough relationship with the Caped Crusader. Batman was never a fan of Constantine's methods, seeing him as a dangerous man. He often spies on the man to see what he's up to. Constantine was well aware of the fact and has set up safeguards to prevent him from doing so.
  • Not many know it, but Constantine is actually bisexual. He has already made an impressive list of ex-lovers in the Pantheon. Unfortunately, this was brought to the attention of Bambi Hughes. The god of Depraved Homosexuals hopes to take Constantine into his temple for some "fun time."
  • He often turns to Dante for help whenever there are demons that need a bit more heavy-lifting to defeat. The Son of Sparda is actually one of the few allies he frequently relies on, odd as Dante's outspoken personality contrasts with Constantine's more deadpan nature. It's their hatred of demons that unites the two.
  • Ended up making friends with Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha, of all people. Both Constantine and Zatanna were chasing after a demonic soul that possessed a nun. Boruto and the Jōgan quickly identified the possessed woman, allowing the duo to purge the demon from the nun. Every once in a while, Boruto, joined by his partner Sarada, would team up with Constatine and Zatanna on several of their cases. "Had you been legal, I'd buy you a pint," Constatine remarked.
  • The DC Universe considers Lilith the Mother of Monsters, a wandering desert woman who was turned by Cain and became the second vampire along with his bride. The Arrowverse adaptation (specifically, Constantine), Lilith was created alongside her sisters, Durgia, Naamah, Lamashtu and Eve, to populate the Garden of Eden alongside Adam. Except for Eve, they rejected Adam's proposal, instead choosing to rule for eternity as Demon goddesses of Hell over a lifetime of obedience on Earth. John Constantine once dealt with Lamashtu and banished her to Hell. Lilith isn't pleased at this or John Constantine for doing this.
  • Edward Kenway managed to strike up a friendship with Constantine after the two had noticed that they shared the same voice. As they had both lost friends and gone through incredible hardships, they quickly bonded and can occasionally be seen hanging out together.
  • Captain Holt really finds it hard to tolerate John due to his smartass attitude, though he does admit his abilities are very useful for stopping fantastical criminals.
  • "My name is John Constantine. I'm the one who steps from the shadows, all trench coat and arrogance. I'll drive your demons away, kick 'em in the bollocks and spit on them when they're down, leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack. I walk my path alone because, let's be honest... Who'd be crazy enough to walk it with me?"

Kamek, God of Court Mages (Magikoopa)

    Magic Knights 
Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuzaki, and Fuu Hououji, Triumvirate Goddesses of Magically-Adept Knights

    Marisa Kirisame 
Marisa Kirisame, Goddess of Black Magician Girls (The Ordinary Magician)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Mini-Hakkero
  • Theme Music: Love-Colored Master Spark; when being "serious", Magus Night
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with shades of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Cute Witches, Kleptomaniac Heroes, Power Copying, Black Magician Girls, Mad Hatters, Kamehame Hadoken, Badass Normals (look at her title), ze
  • Domain: Magic (Especially of those of Light and Heat element), Spell, Mysticism, Trickery
  • Followers: Shantotto, Dark Willow
  • Allies: Alice Margatroid (love/hate relationship), Reimu Hakurei, Sumireko Usami, Chimata Tenkyuu, Keiki Haniyasushin, Lillet, Lulu, Luxanna 'Lux' Crownguard, Rinnosuke Morichika, Jaina Proudmoore, Rubick, Sae, most of the other Touhou deities to various extents
  • Opposed by: Lina, Harry Potter, Negi Springfield, Patchouli Knowledge
  • Ascended to her spot by stealing various "precious things" from Harry Potter, Lina Inverse, and Negi Springfield. Her most prized possession is Lillet's heart. Why why why don't I miss you a lot forever, ze?
  • Is banned from most sections of the Library for incurring a fine so large that not even Seto Kaiba could pay it off. It does not stop her from occasionally attempting to sneak in, anyway.
    • Ever the ambitious borrower-without-returning, Marisa has begun casing the Treasures Vault, much to Hong Meiling's ire despite her demotion to being the Scarlet sisters' herald.
  • Keeps her house from far away from others due of her experiments in magic, which can and have caused harm to her surroundings. One time, her Mini-Hakkero was possessed, causing her to temporally acquire a deep fondness for setting things and people on fire, whereupon she proceeded to do so. The incident has fortunately been solved and both she and her Hakkero are back to normal.
  • Claims to be Gensokyo's second-best danmaku specialist, with only her long-time friend and occasional rival Reimu being better. Considering her main attacks involve lasers, and her track record is almost as good as Reimu's is, no one bothers to argue.
  • One of her notable followers was Luxanne "Lux" Crownguard which happened after a long argument whenever or not she'd stolen a spell Marisa herself stole note . Nonetheless, she was glad that Lux eventually ascended, though hearing that it involved being kidnapped by Lady Tremaire kind of soured the mood. Because of that, let just say that she now has two thieves to worry about.
  • Was happy to hear that Kourin (Rinnosuke) ascended into Pantheon, because of the two being long-time friends.
  • Once she'd heard of the event, marisa has become very interested in the rise of her 'more mature counterpart', Jaina Proudmoore. Marisa's stance on this is that she can't wait to study the ins and out of Azerothian magic and translating them to a more Danmaku-friendly arena.
  • If you ever asked anyone about the recent ascensions of some new deities from Gensokyo, you would be quickly directed to Marisa Kirisame as the instigator behind quite a bit of it. One day, she asked Reimu to accompany her to the Main House for a very specific thing. That thing was Chimata's ascension, which was followed by Brand X's attempt at taking over Gensokyo's Spell Card & Ability Card business. While most of the ascended Touhou Project deities dealt with the high tables of the company, Marisa was rallying support across the land of fantasy, an act that would lead to Keiki's own takeover of much of the conglomerate's manufacturing division, which would lead to a second successive ascension. She also helped Reimu get Sumireko out of the House of Military and Warfare when the psychic suddenly dreamed into that place, 2 years after dreaming out of the Pantheon entirely, and that led to a re-ascension, meaning Marisa was, for the most part, the driving factor behind many of the new (and old) Gensokyoan deities being ascended. Sheesh.

    Patchouli Knowledge 
Patchouli Knowledge, Patron Saint of Magician Librarians (The Girl of Knowledge and Shade, The Unmoving/Unmovable Great Library, Enigmatic Source of Magic, Witch of the Spring Haze One-Week Wizard, Patchy)
  • Lesser Goddess (jumps to Intermediate when healthier)
  • Symbol: A book surrounded by five different coloured crystals
  • Theme Song: Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Not Coming Out Of Her Room For A Century, Poor Constitution Because Of It, Black Magic, being The Unmoving Great Library, Elemental Powers (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, Sun, Moon), Cynical And Sarcastic, Mage Species, Smart To A Fault, Fast Chanter, Purple Is Powerful, Ridiculous Procrastinator
  • Domains: Mentalism, Knowledge, Magic, Books
  • High Priest: Yoriko Readman (shared with Kubo)
  • Allies:
  • Complicated Relationship: Marisa Kirisame, Alice Margatroid, Yuuka Kazami
  • Odd Friendship with: Dr. Wily, Magneto
  • Respects: The Mob
  • Avoids: Junko, Sakazuki, Gohma Vlitra, Exdeath, Mordremoth
  • Fears: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • An enigma in her own right, Patchouli Knowledge serves as the librarian for the library within the Scarlet Devil Mansion, which may or may not be called Voile. Regardless, she spends her days within that mansion, doing research, performing experiments, reading books, and maybe playing video games. However, don't let that fool you- she is quite the talker and fighter if you coax her into it, as her mastery of the elements is why Remilia handpicked her personally.
  • For a long time, her location even after her ascension was unknown. She wasn't in the Scarlet Devil Mansion at the time the GUAE raided and took over it, and for quite a long time, she remained hidden until the conditions were more favorable to fight back and reclaim her friend and mistress, her house, and her library. The only god who knew her location at the time was Marisa, who still kept on stealing her books somehow, teasing others by saying it is one of biggest libraries on magic she'd ever seen. also knew where it was, as both play videogames through an online connection, but she refused to say anything. After Remilia was deified (initially, holding the trope Immortal Immaturity, which would later be taken by Mavis down the line), she was quick to shut herself in the SDM's library to work away at repairing it, along with her servant Koakuma. Few have seen her since.
  • Formerly the Goddess of Hikikomori, for being Shut In her library for so long (see: a fucking century) that she actually got sick as a result, but like with (her eventual herald) Meiling and her previous position, Remilia felt like Patchouli's position was disgraceful (while asking "What is a hikikomori?"), and was eventually able to get her a much fitting position, worthy of her talent. Patchy didn't really care, but appreciated her efforts anyway; fellow hikikomori Madotsuki does pass by the library to say hi occassionally, usually accompanied by Sumireko Usami.
  • Koakuma, Patchouli's main assistant in the SDM, is a devil with a rather mischievous streak to her. For that, Patchouli wishes that no one would think that she is a succubus due of Morrigan and Lilith Aensland being around. However, when it comes to comparisons like these, some deities would then say that elements of both Patchouli and Marisa are seen in Yui Ayase. Yui, for reference, is also a short, long-purple-haired magician with a reserved personality, but wears a traditional witch outfit and uses a broom like Marisa.
  • Used to believe that magic & outside world science are one the same. However, this notion was challenged after her ascension, especially through one of her eventual allies, Kokonoe Mercury, who is adept at integrating both well. Since then, the duo have frequently collaborated, usually through the Internet, on research into both the arcane and scientific fields.
  • Was interested in learning about Kiritsugu Emiya’s “Origin Bullet”, thinking that she could formulate a plan and spell to stop it from reaching her. Ignoring the rumors and warnings from both the rest of the SDM & the House of Magic, she proceeded to invite him to see the real deal. 48 hours later, Patchouli woke up in a cot in the House of Health and Diseases, feeling much more sore than usual, now realizing that she had screwed up. Since then, she has become wary of the man for his deadly potential especially towards people like her.
  • When Patchouli does exit the library, it's for 1 of 4 reasons, usually. They are: To explore the rest of the House of Magic, to visit the House of Knowledge, to receive treatment in the House of Health and Diseases, or to say hi to Kosuzu & her friends in the House of Narrative.
    • Within the House of Magic, Patchouli learned of Marisa's legendary bout with one of the Pantheon's newest (at time of writing) arrivals, Elaina, and was disappointed that she had missed the occasion. Nonetheless, she went out of her way to congratulate the Ashen Witch for her prowess, and offered to help her be more prepared should the Ordinary Magician strike again. Another interesting person that caught the librarian's attention was Rinoa Heartlily, as both of them are classified as a Mage Species in their respective worlds. Both Elaina & Rinoa are now welcome guests in the SDM's library, which they find cozy and quiet.
    • Within the SDM's library, if you follow a very specific path of aisles, you'll find yourself in the House of Knowledge. This isn't an accident- after Patchouli had finally finished the repairs to the library, she petitioned for it to act as a secondary entrance into that House to serve as not just a repository for more of Gensokyo's books, but to also learn more about the Pantheon and its denziens. Histoire was especially pleased with this, as the SDM's mansion is one of the quietest places in the Pantheon, allowing her valuable reading time; and as stated earlier, Patchy had begun taking interest in video games, so Histoire allowed her a meeting with the CPUs, who all liked the librarian.
    • Of course, for all that time she's in the library, Patchouli is sick and weary, so she looks into ways of maintaining health...without actually getting fit. This has kind of forced Remilia's hand, sending her to the Hall of Medical Conditions in order to receive aid for her ailments, such as asthma & anemia. Unfortunately, she ends up refusing some of these treatments, and instead usually gravitates towards crafting Philosopher’s Stones, but has to do so in secret as to not aggravate Edward Elric & his friends specifically.
    • Ever since their first meeting, Twilight Sparkle & Patchouli had been good allies, due to sharing similar motifs, with a domninat purple color palette, a love for books, and mastery over magic. Though this has strained over the years due to Patchouli being Patchouli, this kinship has been renewed thanks to Chimata Tenkyuu’s ascension, or rather, who ascended as a result. Kosuzu Motoori, the young bibliophile who ran the human village bookstore Suzunaan, ascended for her efforts in the attack against Brand X, and reignited Patchy’s friendship with Twilight due to how much they share. Nowadays, Patchouli tries to make time to meet up with the duo at Suzunaan, especially after an incident that left it in ruins and the death of a certain amanaojaku (said amanojaku is fine, by the way).
  • There's also a fifth reason why Patchouli would leave the Library: That is, to go practice her magic in unique ways due to how she uses them in combat, from using them on her own, to even combining them to create new spells. Patchouli's skillset is ordered by what day of the week they correspond with, leaning towards the general elements during the week, and more cosmic energies on the weekends. She would often be in the following Halls, depending on the day:
    • Monday: Hall of Fire and Heat; among those who collaborate with her in this Hall is the mighty Alexstraza. Patchouli always wonders how Alex's flames could be able to heal instead of harm, and is at work trying to replicate this with her own spells.
    • Tuesday: Hall of Water and Moisture; Poseidon & Percy Jackson find her to be great company, even though her attitude would normally say otherwise. After training sometimes, Percy would ask Patchouli for studying material- he's still learning much about other worlds and their kind, after all, and is interested in knowing more about Wakasagihime.
    • Wednesday: She doesn't go into a specific hall, but instead, heads to the House of Plants, or to either of Yuuka's temples. However, she normally doesn't enter the same Halls as Exdeath & Mordremoth, as if they ever got interested in her abilities, things could get ugly. She's also tense around her fellow Gensokyoan in Yuuka, given the flower youkai's insane strength and peculiarity towards tending to her flower field- one time, she accidentally caused a fire outside of it that ended up burning a few sunflowers. You can guess which House did Patchouli end up in afterward.
    • Thursday: Hall of Metal and Minerals. Surprisingly, the only deity in there who is remotely close to manipulating metal is Magneto, so she ended up having to learn a few tips from him. He actually liked the idea of having to impart a bit of his knowledge to those that seek it, so they did form a slight friendship.
    • Friday: Hall of Earth and Rock. While she avoids Sakazuki & Gohma Vlitra, she got along with just about everyone else in that hall. Most notable of these is Toph, who often served as the magician's Thursday class when Magneto's busy. Patchouli would be seen, though rarely, in Toph's metalbending school as either a student or an aide.
    • Saturday: She doesn't go into a Hall. Instead, she trains her sun powers with one of the House of Nature's main leaders, Amaterasu. It's also the time of the week where she'd be the most active and healthy, as that is the primary function of sun magic for Patchy.
    • Sunday: Hall of Planetary Bodies and Satellites. However, this is the day that Patchy is least anticipating, as those she trains with on these days are, well, enemies of a certain brand of purity. She tries to keep herself on the down-low, especially if she decides not to go into this house and instead heads up to meet with Chang'e for other applications of lunacy.
    • Patchouli's powers grow when she combines the elements she uses to create stronger spells, mixing and matching at least two in order to get better results regardless of compatibility. The Wizard job in Bravely Default II does something albeit different but still similar enough for her to recognize it. Now alongside spell combinations, she tends to also practice chaining multiple spells in a row (and hopefully without her anemia & asthma getting in the way) much like how the Luxendarc heroes do it, which, yes, they did teach her one day.
  • Patchouli's biggest gripes, besides her medical conditions, is the fact that she has to put up with Marisa Kirisame on the daily. This didn't get any better when Patchy's temple, which acts as a secondary entrance to the SDM library, is oddly & inconveniently placed right next to Marisa's. To that end, she has began looking into ways to keeping the black-white magician out as much as possible.
    • It is unknown if Alice (Margatroid) had any involvement in it, but one such mechanism that Patchouli ended up trying was to create doll-like puppet versions of the more famed & infamed members of Gensoky to act as a defense mechanism. While it did work, Marisa & Patchy would come to blows once again when the former managed to get ahold of the blueprints the latter had for these puppets, and began producing her own. This led to both of their respective armies getting wiped out by Patchouli, along with any remaining manuals- and since, the puppets began mysteriously reproducing.
      • The Mob decided that a goddamn joyride was to be had, and taking possession of Maribel Hearn, they went on their merry romp with the now-populous puppets. They eventually took it up to the top and claimed victory with a team of Sanae (the puppet version), Chauzu (a Satori puppet that was confused to be a Kogasa puppet at first), A (a Tokiko puppet), AUUUUABBBB (a Momiji puppet), BB (a Cirno puppet), and Mima (the puppet version). Sanae & Cirno respectively didn't have much to say about the whole adventure the Mob took, but they along with Patchouli were impressed that they pulled it off.
    • What Alice was involved in, however, was a book-taking raid with Marisa that led Patchouli to meeting with Dr. Wily of all people for defense advice. The result, to put it lightly, is a pretty intense renovation of her library, and that's putting it lightly. However, their respective allegiances and alignments prevent them from being true allies, but at least see each other as friends.
    • Some other fellow library connoisseurs that Patchouli commonly would be seen with are Lex the Bookworm, Wan Shi Tong, and Angela & Roland. They visit each other’s libraries, perusing them for certain facets of knowledge or to entertain themselves with an amusing story or two, and in the case of the Library of Ruina in particular, perhaps even a spar. All five are also in agreement on one thing: At all costs, do not let Marisa Kirisame get away with stealing their books. They have hour-long strategy meetings on Sundays to formulate new plans and draft out defenses to keep the Ordinary Magician away from their shelves, and even though they’re foiled sometimes, they’re quick to rebound and get them back. Angela in particular joked during one meeting, “What if we all made a formal Pantheon group together that only has keeping Marisa away from our libraries as a commonality?” Since then, they’ve definitely kept that idea on the backburner.
    • However, when not at odds when it comes to book thievery, Patchouli & Marisa are actually fairly nice with each other. Sometimes, they trade advice over the usage of magic, and other times, they collaborate on magic projects. These moments of calm between the two are rather uncommon, however.

    Teana Lanster 
Teana Lanster, Goddess of Magical Gunmen (Tea/Tia, Tiana Lanstar)

    Vivi Ornitier 
Vivi Ornitier, God of Black Mages (Vivi)
  • Lesser God, borderline Intermediate God during Trance
  • Symbol: Vivi's hat
  • Theme Songs: Vivi's Theme, Hunter's Chance
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Beware the Nice Ones, Black Mage, Child Mage, Dark Is Not Evil, The Faceless, Innocent Prodigy, The Klutz, Phlebotinum Rebel, Shrinking Violet, Squishy Wizard, Super Prototype, Wise Beyond Their Years
  • Domains: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Magic
  • Followers: Many Black Mages
  • Allies: Zidane Tribal, Cosmos, Terra Branford, Cloud Strife, Lulu, Rydia, Rosa Farrell, most of his Good-aligned neighbors such as Aerith Gainsborough, Palom and Porom, Wendy Marvell, Wizardmon, Amethyst, Steven Universe, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Cream the Rabbit, Yugi Muto, Arche Klein, Ram, Jade Curtiss, Gust, Negi Springfield
  • Enemies: Kuja (until Zidane redeemed him), Kefka Palazzo, Black Mage, Anti-Mage, Amon, Veigar
  • For a long time, many within the Pantheon had simply assumed that the temple of Black Mages has been vacant for a long time simply because nobody had seen the actual god. So when Vivi finally decided to open the doors and step out of it after a long period of inactivity, many gods was understandably surprised. He has always been there, it's just that he was too shy to show up.
    • Word has it that it took fellow black mages Arche Klein, Ram, Jade Curtiss and Gust to convince Vivi to finally step out of his temple.
    • Once he did, he was approached by one of the House Guardians, Sakura Kinomoto, who had tasked herself into getting this shy mage out of his shell and introduced him to his neighbors. Her overall friendliness helped him enjoy the tour.
  • Vivi wasn't pleased to see Kuja in the Pantheon. The scars of his deeds, especially to the Black Mage people, run very deep. Even after Zidane managed to get him to turn his life around and abandon the Warriors of Chaos, he'd rather not be around him any longer than he should, unless Zidane stays by his side.
  • He's not fond of Black Mage, simply because he gives black mages like Vivi and many of his followers a bad reputation. Not to mention that he brings back bad memories of the Black Waltz...
    • That said, this reputation has already been turned around for the better thanks to the actions of Wizardmon, who started out looking like a villain, but was working on behalf of the heroes the entire time.
  • Vivi was an artificial being created to be used for war (he was also the very first of the black mages made), so he sympathizes with Amethyst and Illyasviel. His status as an artificial person also means that even though he looks 8 years old physically, he's actually 6 months old.
  • Since Vivi is practically a Black Magician, he and Yugi Muto has formed a friendship. Having previous experience with another card game, Tetra Master, Vivi is considering to learn to play Duel Monsters. Thankfully, he's still able to play the former thanks to Zidane introducing Tetra Master to the House of Gaming.
  • Despises Anti-Mage and Amon because of their objectives. However, as he specializes in offensive magic, there's not much he can do against the former.
  • Other changes in the House of Magic came, and while he was sad to see Rydia and Rosa depart, other arrivals soon came, such as Aerith (moving from the House of Narrative), as well as Pantheon newcomers Palom and Porom. The former likes him for his personality while the latter is impressed with his potential despite his lifespan, and how he got his own free will.

    Wendy Marvell 
Wendy Marvell, Goddess of Young Mages (Sky Sorceress, Goddess)


    Argus Filch 
Argus Filch, God of Squibs