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The House of Trees and Flowers is an overgrown forest with trees of hundreds of different species. At the very center of the forest is an ancient and absolutely colossal 300 foot redwood, harboring thousands of different animals. The grass is dotted with all sorts of flowers, which makes it a great place for the House of Love to pick and sell them. Beware the thorns when picking them, however.

The winding road starts at a garden that is constantly tilled, with weather balloons and barometers to always check for bountiful rain or deadly wind.


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Intermediate Gods

Durathror, Goddess of Flower People (The Red Durathror, The Earth-Ruling Immortal)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A black rose sprouting vines covered in thorns
  • Theme Music: "Durathror"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Flower People, Green Thumb, Evil Redhead, Vine Ropes, Venomous Bees, Petal Power, Creepy Child, Sol-Elemental Immortal, Seeking For a Reason to Live
  • Domains: Flowers, Roses, Immortals, Light
  • Followers: Alraunes, Axle the Red/Spike Rosered, Optic Sunflower, Noble Mandrago, PlantMan.EXE
  • Allies: Mordremoth, Audrey II, Exdeath, Petey Piranha
    • Partner: Lilligant
  • Enemies: Django, Cecil Harvey, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Aki Izayoi
  • Weird Admiration forwards: Nozomi Yumehara
  • One day in the Pantheon, these large, spiked roots started to sprout from the ground what tried to strangle every one who got near them, and for some reason were practically invulnerable to most normal methods, even fire. When gods in House of Nature started looking, they found a small girl wearing a black cloak. As it turned out, GUAE had somehow resurrected the Red Durathror, who was tasked to plant the Roots of Darkness across the Pantheon. Where Cecil quickly used his dark powers to eliminate the plants and defeat her, she managed to escape by burrowing underground.
    • Though as it turns out, the reason why she is with GUAE in the first place is because she doesn't know what else would her newly granted existence equate to. This is why she has weird admiration forwards Nozomi: she wants to find a purpose to life, and maybe she can find a clue from her. Though she knows that she cannot approach her in her current alignment.
  • Being an Immortal, she is almost impossible to kill unless she was purified with intense sunlight. However, after using her powers to seal the Solar Tree, she herself became Sol-Elemental, meaning that only way to weaken her is with darkness, making her a tough opponent to best.
  • Named after, but not to be confused with one of the four stags what live in the branches of Yggrasil. Some gods fear what would happen if she tried to use her powers to attack Xerneas in its recovering form...
  • Viridi would have tried to have her join her army due of being a living flower what could easily terrorize men. However, after finding out that Immortals in general want to turn every living thing into Undead or be destroyed, she decided to go against that plan.
  • Said to sound like Naruto Uzumaki when using Sexy no Jutsu, which is something she has utilized couple of times to lure out unsuspecting gods.
  • Harley Quinn mistook her to Poison Ivy after meeting her. However, Durathror isn't particularly keen on making any friendships with her.
  • The implication that she gave back the Solar Tree's powers to it after being purified makes some gods raise their eyebrows. Its hard to tell if she made a slight Heel–Face Turn after being defeated or was she acting like a Graceful Loser.

Exdeath, God of Evil Trees (Exodus, X-Death, Exudesu, the Entropic Adversary)


Flowey, God of Evil Flowers (Flowey the Flower, the talking flower, the Prince of this world's future, the vessel, the God of this world, Photoshop Flowey, Asriel Dreemur, the Prince of All Monsters, The Absolute GOD of Hyperdeath, The Angel of Death)
Flowey and His former self
Click here to see Photoshop Flowey 
Click here to see the God of Hyperdeath 
Click here to see His final form 
  • With the rise of a new trope — Foul Flower —the Court of the Gods thought it best to shift him over as God of that trope, much to his consternation, as he liked his position as God of Abusing Save Files.
  • Flowey and Mr. Resetti are bitter enemies, due to Flowey's nonstop Save Scumming, which he mocks the mole for due to Resetti being powerless to stop him from doing so, only able to chastise him about it. Nefarian sometimes joins in on the mockery as well.
  • Flowey is not welcome in the House of Family due to killing off his own father at the end of the neutral route and taking delight in seeing both his parents die on certain routes. He doesn't plan on going there anyway, now ashamed of his deeds when he was still Asriel before reverting to Flowey.
  • Flowey is also barred from the Houses of Friendship, Emotion, and Love due to continuously calling everyone in all those houses idiots for being so nice and not trying to kill each other.
  • Flowey has a strong admiration for Charles zi Britannia and his iron-fisted reign. He was disappointed to learn that the Britannian wasn't actually as much of a Social Darwinist as his public appearances made him out to be, but he still enjoys watching recordings of his speeches.
  • Bill Cipher is quite fond of the flower's Chaotic Evil tendencies and would probably like Flowey more if Flowey's desire to destroy everything over and over again didn't conflict with his plans to bring about Weirdmageddon.
  • Flowey was once visited by Yuuka Kazami. Long story short, Yuuka reacted to Flowey's "friendliness pellets" by showing him her Love Laser.
  • For similar reasons as stated above, Flowey enjoys visiting the Houses of Hatred, Mentalism, and Slaughter since he enjoys seeing entire houses that align with his "kill or be killed" philosophy.
  • Kefka is delighted to have found such a ruthless and murderous creature as Flowey and has invited him to join him the next time the clown decides to destroy something.
  • He is delighted to have found Nefarian, another god who is aware of the people who are editing these pages. Flowey hopes to be able to do more than just acknowledge the tropers someday.
  • Flowey was more than delighted to accept an invitation to the GUAD as one of the Ring Overlords. Despite this, Flowey plans to find a way to obtain enough souls to once again become "God". Actually, it's just so he can become Asriel again, but he doesn't plan on doing so yet, not while he can spy on them.
  • Flowey adores Vaas Montenegro, as the pirate's "Definition of Insanity" speech really struck a chord with the flower, who had reset the world hundreds of times to see the same outcomes to the point where everything was predictable and caused him to become omnicidally bored. He enjoys following him around when he does business because he likes unpredictable people; the fact Vaas is an utter sociopath is just icing on the cake.
  • Undyne and Sans are not happy about Flowey's ascension and are doing all they can to warn people about the malevolent flower. Nonetheless, there will always be innocent naïve gods in the Pantheon, and Flowey is more than willing to take advantage of this to achieve his own ends.
    • Papyrus is a special case; his All-Loving Hero attitude just makes him more determined to help Flowey out. While Flowey once thought he had exhausted all possible ideas he could do with him, the Pantheon has brought a whole new platter of ideas that he wants to see how Papyrus reacts to, and thus plays along with him, including dangerous situations. Sans isn't too far behind to ensure that Flowey doesn't try to kill him, and intervenes when things go too far. This is actually a part of keeping up his credibility as an actual villain, as he knows Sans can save his brother, and if the worst happens, some benevolent doctors can save Papyrus.
  • For all of his evil, he frowns upon those who would turn back time in order to remove one's happy ending.
  • He was rather upset about The Child's entry into the Pantheon as it meant that his own power was that much more limited. That said, however, he became initially scarce after The Child's ascension, and has been actively avoiding them all the while. That is, in the presence of others. In private, after hearing Frisk helping their friends in the Grand United Alliance of Good, he decided to share what he knows of the GUAD's plans to them, and only them (and sometimes (Insert Name Here)), and insisted that the whole thing must be kept a secret, even from their friends.
  • He once met Saitama while doing his thing. It went about as well as you'd expect.
  • Some gods suspect that he is affiliated with Ronald McDonald due to a certain video.
  • On occasion, the Team Fortress 2 deities have nothing better to do and desire to battle Photoshop Flowey. He decided to oblige their sick fantasies.
  • Flowey has began observing Wizard and Boomstick whenether they force two gods to fight. He belives this to be the perfect example of his ideals, mentioning that "Someone's going to get killed and someone's going to have to kill him!"
  • Despite his current reputation, he does have a couple of allies that he does legitimately like, namely Vector and Monaca Towa. They are two of his back-ups alongside the whole Itazura Griefers should he ever be found out as a spy for the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and targeted for treason, and are the only other ones who know about Flowey's plan.
    • Vector found the similarities between him and Flowey to be amusing, even down to the part where they perform a Heel–Face Turn of some degree. Also helps that they love to have a trollish-rivalry going on. Vector even dressed as a flower once, furthering the similarities between the two. They currently are trying to figure out a plan on how to get some rocky relationships within the alliance Flowey is masquerading in to break.
    • He outright pities Monaca Towa, due to their similar style of Allergic to Routine and feeling empty inside (albeit for different reasons, with Flowey being due to being an experiment that has Gone Horribly Wrong, and Monaca being bored with despair and feeling like hope will always win.) She chortled a bit upon hearing of Flowey's plan and gave him her approval to join the Itazura Griefers once his cover is blown. Anything that she finds interesting alongside taking revenge against Junko for lying about how grand despair is gets her support.
  • Finds the Pony Island machine's "Louey" who is NOT related to the devil at all, Actually Pretty Funny, due to the similarities between the two.
  • He has yet to let Alphys in on the loop for what he's doing. This is partly due to him still feeling a bit angry at her due to her unintentionally turning him into who he is today, but also to keep his credit of actually being evil up. Should she actually need to be told that he forgives her from Flowey himself, he'll inquire for Frisk's help on how to help him forgive her.
  • Having heard that the Human Child and Alphys acquired their Personas, Flowey decided to give it a try as well, making sure the Investigation Team doesn't know because they don't know his true alignment. He went in with just Frisk, (Insert Name Here), and Sans, who — save the last — are all Persona-users themselves, to face the sociopathic asshole he was (and pretends to be). Thanks to INH's adaptability and Frisk's determination (as well as Sans' own powers), their mission was a success, though he's made sure to use it as little as possible.
  • Has his own self-demonstrating page that may need some more love...

NO, NOT THAT KIND OF LO- *Heart shatters thanks to "friendliness pellets"*

...Don't you have anything better to do, tropers? You REALLY are a bunch of idiots.


Shaymin, Goddess of Petal Combat (Gratitude Pokémon)
Land Forme (Left), Sky Forme (Right)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess in Sky Forme)
  • Symbol: A Gracidea flower
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless (identifies as female)
  • Ability: Natural Cure (Land Forme); Serene Grace (Sky Forme)
  • Moves: Seed Flare, Energy Ball, Aromatherapy, Substitute
    • Z-Move: Bloom Doom
  • Portfolio: Grass-type (part Flying when in Sky Forme), Mythology Pokémon, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, takes on another form in the day, being quite graceful, having different personalities depending on forme
  • Domains: Gratitude, Hedgehogs, Flying, Flowers
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Ika Musume, Yuuka Kazami, Diancie, Giratina, Treebeard, Trevenant, Venusaur
  • Enemies: Mordremoth, Hexxus, Petey Piranha, Audrey II
  • Opposes: Most ice-elemental gods in the pantheon (except Queen Elsa).
  • Ascended just after the events of "The Friendship Asylum", when she was found cuddled up on a bed inside a seemingly-abandoned temple. After a quick search of what this hedgehog is, and any tropes relating to her are available, Shaymin was allowed to stay.
  • Shaymin's temple is said to be hidden within a garden of flowers, including the Gracidea flowers that allow her to take on her Sky Forme during the day. Once a season, Shaymin will perform a "Sky Bouquet", where all the petals will dance in the wind as she moves to another spot in the House of Nature to settle for the next three months.
  • In Land Forme, Shaymin is shy and timid, while in Sky Forme, she is instead courageous and playful. Because of this, deities are more likely to see Shaymin in her Sky Forme unless she's out of her temple after dark.
  • After hearing about how one was separated from her friends because of Giratina trying to capture Dialga, some gods around the pantheon have begun to grow Gracidea flowers in the case that Shaymin ever found herself away from the House of Nature.
  • Shaymin tries to stay away from any gods whose element is ice whenever in Sky Forme. This is due to the fact that if Shaymin touches any ice, she reverts back to Land Forme.

Lesser Gods

    Aki Izayoi
Aki Izayoi, Goddess of Symbolic Roses (Akiza Izinski, The Black Rose Witch, Doctor Aki)

Lilligant, Goddess of Floral Hair Decs (Flowering Pokémon)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The big flower on her head
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Own Tempo
  • Moves: Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain
    • Z-Move: Bloom Doom
  • Portfolio: Having a Giant Flower On Her Head, Plant Person, Grass-Related Powers And That's Basically It And That's All She Needs, Dance Battler, Glass Cannon, Always Female, Southern Belle
  • Domains: Flowers, Accessories, Plants, Grass
  • Allies: Yuuka Kazami, Kurama, Aki Izayoi, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Suiseiseki, Yumi, Yurika Kirishima, Hata no Kokoro, Shantae, Cosmo the Seedrian, Haruka Haruno
    • Partner: Durathror
  • Lilligant is a humanoid-looking Pokémon with an appearance of that of a ballroom dancer. Oh yeah, and a gigantic flower growing in her head what looks like a really impressive hat. Still, not many people can claim to have an actual flower growing in their "hair".
  • The flower on Lilligant's head emits a really soothing aroma. However, it is a really hard flower to properly maintain, and even some of the more knowledgeable deities in the Pantheon have a hard time making it bloom. Yuuka is one of the few people who hasn't had a hard time with it.
  • No one is sure why Lilligant chose Durathror, of all people, as her partner. Not even Durathror knows it. The best what people can guess is that she can sense the good side of her. It does make them a nice Light Feminine and Dark Feminine duo, though.
    • Additionally, they are surprised that she didn't pick someone like Haruka, a "princess" with a fascination with flowers, to be her partner. It's not like they aren't friends because of that, but still.
  • Lilligants are known for being able to know plentiful of different dancing moves. Unfortunately, the type variety with them is rather shallow . However, when played right, Lilligant can be a force to be reckoned with thanks to being able to learn Quiver Dance and use Petal Dance without negative effects.
  • She seems to get along with Suiseiseki, surprisingly enough, due of their general appearance and due of both of them having plant powers. Though Suiseiseki does feel like Lilligant is pampering her or something like that.
  • She gets along with other graceful Dance Battlers like Yumi, Kokoro and Yurika. And yes, the irony of a Grass-type Pokémon getting along with an ice user has not escaped them.
  • They say that if a Lilligant finds a mate, her flower in her head will darken, droop and wither away. Uhh, yeah.

Treebeard, God of Tree People (Oldest of the Ents, Shepherd of the Trees, Fangorn)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An ancient tree
  • Theme Song: The Last March of the Ents
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (initially True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Treants, Badass Grandpa, Initially Neutral Until Saruman's Devastation, Time Abyss, Only Known By His Nickname Because His Real Name Is His Life Story, Outside Context Hero, Gentle Giant, Beware the Nice Ones, Avenging The Damage On The Environment, When Trees Attack
  • Domains: Trees (specifically Ents), Nature, Neutrality (Initially), Wrath
  • Allies: Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, Legolas and Gimil, Gandalf, Aragon, Trevenant, Shaymin, Venusaur, Captain Planet, Rick Blaine, John Connor, Swamp Thing, Link, Celebi, Zygarde, Pocahontas
  • On speaking terms with: Gaea
  • Enemies: Sauron and his forces, Melkor, Cyth V'sug, Exdeath, Mr Burns, Looten Plunder, Hexxus, SKYNET, Brand, Mordremoth, the Enclave
  • Wary of: Professor Farnsworth
  • Annoyed by: Thief
  • Treebeard, also known as Fangorn, is the oldest of the Ents. Created by Yavanna around the same time as the elves, ents are mobile, semi-humanoid and intelligent trees. They herd trees and are guardians of nature, rarely getting involved in the affairs of Men. Though neutral, Treebeard eventually got himself involved against Sauron's forces for Saruman's plundering of the forests.
  • "Treebeard" is a nickname for other people's convenience. An Ent's real name is their entire life's story, and being the oldest of the ents he has the biggest name in the pantheon. Well, second biggest, if Nibbler's real name really would take longer than the universe to speak. Even Treebeard doubts this.
  • Sees a lot of Yavanna in Gaea, though she stated that Valar is one of her followers. She seems somewhat fond of the Ents and wishes she thought about making her own version, if only because fewer people would ask her to protect the forests. She has directed him to Zygarde, who as a guardian of the environment agrees with a lot of his actions. He respects Swamp Thing a lot for being the guardian of the Green and plants life like himself.
  • Was old enough to see the elves teach the trees how to speak. He was happy to see Legolas and other elves, however, was quickly irritated by Thief due to possessing insane levels of elven arrogance, and immediately scamming him for forest territory. He also remembers his wife Fimbrethil and the Entwives, leading him to the House of Love in hopes of finally figuring out where the female Ents went.
  • Uses his newfound godhood to better shepherd the trees, becoming one of the guardians of the House of Plants. He is close to Shaymin and Venusaur due to being living plants. However, he hates Exdeath despite being a fellow tree due to his omnicidal mania, and Mordremoth due to his brutal treatment towards those in his jungle.
  • One of the most well known tree people, however, there are others outside of his universe. Trevenant looks up to him as a cool older mentor and personally welcomed the Shepherd of the Trees in. Treebeard was impressed by how the Pokemon has managed to protect the forest, giving him an honorary position in the Ents. He was happy to learn about Celebi as well, as a fellow protector of the forest.
  • He opposes all those who seek to damage the environment, like Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder wishing to flatten forests for casinos and other businesses. Or Brand and Hexxus due to their desire to burn and pollute everything. He was initially neutral on SKYNET since it wishes to exterminate humanity, but the environmental catastrophe it brought could not be forgiven. To protect the environment, he has sided with John Connor against SKYNET and Captain Planet.
  • Seems to get along with Rick Blaine as they were both forced out of neutrality. Doesn't get along with Professor Farnsworth, since the time he ended up as Gandalf in a Lord of the Rings parody he used an Ent as firewood.

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