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The Hall of Trees and Flowers is an overgrown forest with trees of hundreds of different species. At the very center of the forest is an ancient and absolutely colossal 300 foot redwood, harboring thousands of different animals. The grass is dotted with all sorts of flowers, which makes it a great place for the House of Love and Affection to pick and sell them. Beware the thorns when picking them, however.

The winding road starts at a garden that is constantly tilled, with weather balloons and barometers to always check for bountiful rain or deadly wind.

With Wirt and Greg's ascension, the House may or may not lead to what is called The Unknown.

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Intermediate Gods

    Cagney Carnation 
Cagney Carnation, God of Gigantic Flowers
His second phase 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His head with a smiley face
  • Theme Song: Floral Fury
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Evil
  • Portfolio: Foul Flower, Battle Boomerang, Bullet Seed, Green Thumb, King Mook, Slasher Smile, Stationary Boss
  • Domains: Flowers, Size, Bosses, Contracts, Plants, Seeds
  • Allies: Hilda Berg, Grim Matchstick, Flowey, Poison Ivy, Petey Piranha, Audrey II, Whispy Woods, Crazy Dave
  • Enemies: The Devil, King Dice, Dr. Zomboss, Captain Underpants, George Beard and Harold Hutchins
  • On good terms with: Cuphead and Mugman
  • Conflicting Opinions: Yuri the Fusion Duelist (Changing to a positive one overtime)
  • Interests: Stratos
  • Flowers come in different shapes and colours, and sometimes they can be massive in size. Enter Cagney Carnation, a giant flower of the Inkwell Isles and one of the several runaway debtors that owe their souls to the devil. This innocent-looking flower would reveal his true colours once confronted by Cuphead and Mugman, putting a good fight until the Cup brothers managed to subdue him and take the contract from him. Eventually, his debt was pardoned once the Devil was beaten by the cup bros and Cagney was grateful for it. His ascension happened after, even if he isn't super big, he was selected after several other flowers proved to be just background elements.
  • Like with the other debtors, Cuphead and Mugman are on good terms with Cagney and even decided to give him a tour around the most important houses. They also warned him about the Devil and King Dice being present and would probably go after him if he doesn't watch his back. The Flower doesn't really care about them anyway since he feels he could take them on a fight.
  • His dance is often mentioned as being quite funny, often imitated by others. He doesn't mind it, in fact, he is flattered that some people would imitate him even if his dance is actually based on another cartoon entirely.
  • Once having arrived in the House of Plants, he decided to make some friends. He hit it off well with Flowey, another mischievous flower with a façade for being cute and innocent. He considers him like a little brother of sorts and while Cagney isn't really that evil (Well, most of the time anyway. Cagney seems to have a knack for performing "Extreme pollination" on his opponents). Then he later found out about the true identity of Flower and that he is also posing as an evil flower to fool the more evil deities. He was told the truth since he does spend a lot of time with Flowey.
    • Speaking of which, considering he know Flowey is Asriel, the group of confidants approached the giant flower and asked him to join the group. Initially, he turned down the offer since he didn't want to be part of a secretive group but is reconsidering the offer for the future.
  • He seemingly gets along with other plant life and deities, even those that don't have the best of intentions (Like the aforementioned Flowey or Audrey II) and makes others wonder how evil he actually is. It's also rumored that he hates humans but nothing has been confirmed about said allegations.
    • While not on the house of Plants, Cagney and Whispy Woods are pretty good friends, mostly thanks to their role of Plant-themed Stationary Bosses. Some have said that Cagney is way more challenging than the tree but neither care for others opinion about their respective boss battles.
  • He later realized that he wasn't the only of the Inkwell Isle runaway debtors and was happy to learn that Hilda Berg was among the pantheon denizens. Many of their followers think they make a cute couple but the two have stated that they are just friends and dodged any other question related to the matter.
  • Apparently, a Fusion Duelist by the name of Yuri has been interested in Cagney ever since learning about his fight with the Cup bros and his moveset, wondering if he could find a way to add the Carnation flower to his deck. The flower doesn't really like him, not for being a sadist or displaying standards, he finds the whole "being used for a card game" a bit insulting and silly. He did reconsider befriending him after his Heel–Face Turn after fusing with Yuya
  • In his search for staving off the hunger that maddens him, Stratos learned of the existence of this cartoon flower. While at first his dismissed the idea as just a waste of time, he did learn that Cagney can shoot some projectiles that can cause some distortion effects, including calming (Or, well, "calming") whoever is hit with it. He seeks to get access to those seeds either by challenging the flower to a fight or negotiate with him. He still is weighing his options considering there is some outside forces that could prevent him from getting what he wants.
  • While he isn't exactly a good guy, he doesn't stand Dr. Zomboss after his minions tried to destroy his temple after confusing him for a giant Sunflower. His rage was such that he even went to visit Zomboss' archnemesis, Crazy Dave and proposed an alliance in order to get rid of the doctor.
  • Like mentioned before, he tends to be confused for a sunflower even though he made it pretty clear in his name that he is a Carnation Flower. Next time someone calls him a sunflower will get rooted and shot to death by his Bullet Seeds.
  • Likewise, he has taken offence at Captain Underpants and George and Harold stupidly calling him a dandelion, them having fought an evil giant dandelion once before. Who knows what would happen if he got doused with Super Evil Rapid Growth Juice.
  • "Extreme pollination and total domination!"

Durathror, Goddess of Flower People (The Red Durathror, The Earth-Ruling Immortal)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A black rose sprouting vines covered in thorns.
  • Theme Music: "Durathror"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Flower People, Green Thumb, Evil Redhead, Vine Ropes, Venomous Bees, Petal Power, Creepy Child, Sol-Elemental Immortal, Seeking For a Reason to Live
  • Domains: Flowers, Roses, Immortals, Light
  • Followers: Alraunes, Axle the Red/Spike Rosered, Optic Sunflower, Noble Mandrago, PlantMan.EXE
  • Interests: the Sea Angels
  • Allies: Audrey II, Petey Piranha, Exdeath, Mordremoth, Alraune, Yuri of the Dimensional Counterparts
    • Partner: Lilligant
  • Rivals: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • Enemies: Cecil Harvey, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Aki Izayoi
  • Opposed by: Swamp Thing
  • Weird Admiration towards: Nozomi Yumehara, The Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • One day in the Pantheon, these large, spiked roots started to sprout from the ground that tried to strangle everyone who got near them, and for some reason were practically invulnerable to most normal methods, even fire. When gods in House of Nature started looking, they found a small girl wearing a black cloak. As it turned out, GUAE had somehow resurrected the Red Durathror, who was tasked to plant the Roots of Darkness across the Pantheon. Where Cecil quickly used his dark powers to eliminate the plants and defeat her, she managed to escape by burrowing underground.
    • Though as it turns out, the reason why she is with GUAE in the first place is because she doesn't know what else her newly granted existence would equate to. This is why she has weird admiration towards Nozomi: she wants to find a purpose to life, and maybe she can find a clue from her. Though she knows that she cannot approach her in her current alignment. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are another group of deities she's interested in — since their purpose is helping others find their purpose, but the Equestrian Deities make sure that Duranthor can't get anywhere near them.
  • Being an Immortal, she is almost impossible to kill unless she was purified with intense sunlight. However, after using her powers to seal the Solar Tree, she herself became Sol-Elemental, meaning that only way to weaken her is with darkness, making her a tough opponent to best.
  • Named after, but not to be confused with one of the four stags that live on the branches of Yggrasil. Some gods fear what would happen if she tried to use her powers to attack Xerneas in its recovering form...
  • Viridi would have tried to have her join her army due of being a living flower that could easily terrorize men. However, after finding out that Immortals, in general, want to turn every living thing into Undead or be destroyed, she decided to go against that plan.
  • Said to sound like Naruto Uzumaki when using Sexy no Jutsu, which is something she has utilized couple of times to lure out unsuspecting gods.
  • Harley Quinn mistook her to Poison Ivy after meeting her. However, Durathror isn't particularly keen on making any friendships with her.
  • The implication that she gave back the Solar Tree's powers to it after being purified makes some gods raise their eyebrows. It's hard to tell if she made a slight Heel–Face Turn after being defeated or was she acting like a Graceful Loser.

Exdeath, God of Evil Trees (Exodus, X-Death, Exudesu, The Entropic Adversary)


Flowey the Flower, God of Evil Flowers (The Talking Flower, The Prince of This World's Future, The Vessel, The God of This World, Photoshop Flowey, Omega Flowey, Asriel Dreemurr, Serial Murderer, The Prince of All Monsters, The Absolute God of Hyperdeath, The Angel of Death, Goatbro)
Flowey and his former self (art of all pictures for this profile by dogbomber)
Photoshop Flowey 
The God of Hyperdeath 
His Final form 
  • With the rise of a new trope — Foul Flower —the Court of the Gods thought it best to shift him over as God of that trope, much to his consternation, as he liked his position as God of Save Scumming.
  • Flowey and Mr. Resetti are bitter enemies, due to Flowey's nonstop Save Scumming, which he mocks the mole for due to Resetti being powerless to stop him from doing so, only able to chastise him about it. Nefarian sometimes joins in on the mockery as well.
  • Flowey is not welcome in the House of Family due to killing off his own father at the end of the neutral route and taking delight in seeing both his parents die on certain routes. He doesn't plan on going there anyway, now ashamed of his deeds when he was still Asriel before reverting to Flowey.
  • Flowey is also barred from the Houses of Friendship, Emotion, and Love due to continuously calling everyone in all those houses idiots for being so nice and not trying to kill each other.
  • Flowey has a strong admiration for Charles zi Britannia and his iron-fisted reign. He was disappointed to learn that the Britannian wasn't actually as much of a Social Darwinist as his public appearances made him out to be, but he still enjoys watching recordings of his speeches.
  • Bill Cipher is quite fond of the flower's Chaotic Evil tendencies and would probably like Flowey more if Flowey's desire to destroy everything over and over again didn't conflict with his plans to bring about Weirdmageddon.
  • Flowey was once visited by Yuuka Kazami. Long story short, Yuuka reacted to Flowey's "friendliness pellets" by showing him her Love Laser.
  • For similar reasons as stated above, Flowey enjoys visiting the Houses of Hatred, Mentalism, and Slaughter since he enjoys seeing entire houses that align with his "kill or be killed" philosophy.
  • Kefka is delighted to have found such a ruthless and murderous creature as Flowey and has invited him to join him the next time the clown decides to destroy something.
  • He is delighted to have found Nefarian, another god who is aware of the people who are editing these pages. Flowey hopes to be able to do more than just acknowledge the tropers someday.
  • Flowey was more than delighted to accept an invitation to the GUAD as one of the Ring Overlords. Despite this, Flowey plans to find a way to obtain enough souls to once again become "God". Actually, it's just so he can become Asriel again, but he doesn't plan on doing so yet, not while he can spy on them.
  • Flowey adores Vaas Montenegro, as the pirate's "Definition of Insanity" speech really struck a chord with the flower, who had reset the world hundreds of times to see the same outcomes to the point where everything was predictable and caused him to become omnicidally bored. He enjoys following him around when he does business because he likes unpredictable people; the fact Vaas is an utter sociopath is just icing on the cake.
  • Undyne and Sans are not happy about Flowey's ascension and are doing all they can to warn people about the malevolent flower. Nonetheless, there will always be innocent naïve gods in the Pantheon, and Flowey is more than willing to take advantage of this to achieve his own ends.
    • Papyrus is a special case; his All-Loving Hero attitude just makes him more determined to help Flowey out. While Flowey once thought he had exhausted all possible ideas he could do with him, the Pantheon has brought a whole new platter of ideas that he wants to see how Papyrus reacts to, and thus plays along with him, including dangerous situations. Sans isn't too far behind to ensure that Flowey doesn't try to kill him, and intervenes when things go too far. This is actually a part of keeping up his credibility as an actual villain, as he knows Sans can save his brother, and if the worst happens, some benevolent doctors can save Papyrus.
  • For all of his evil, he frowns upon those who would turn back time in order to remove one's happy ending.
  • He was rather upset about The Child's entry into the Pantheon as it meant that his own power was that much more limited. That said, however, he became initially scarce after The Child's ascension, and has been actively avoiding them all the while. That is, in the presence of others. In private, after hearing Frisk helping their friends in the Grand United Alliance of Good, he decided to share what he knows of the GUAD's plans to them, and only them (and sometimes (Insert Name Here)), and insisted that the whole thing must be kept a secret, even from their friends.
  • He once met Saitama while doing his thing. It went about as well as you'd expect.
  • Some gods suspect that he is affiliated with Ronald McDonald due to a certain video.
  • On occasion, the Team Fortress 2 deities have nothing better to do and desire to battle Photoshop Flowey. He decided to oblige their sick fantasies.
  • Flowey has began observing Wizard and Boomstick whenether they force two gods to fight. He belives this to be the perfect example of his ideals, mentioning that "Someone's going to get killed and someone's going to have to kill him!"
  • Despite his current reputation, he does have a couple of allies that he does legitimately like, namely Vector and Monaca Towa. They are two of his back-ups alongside the whole Itazura Griefers should he ever be found out as a spy for the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and targeted for treason, and are the only other ones who know about Flowey's plan.
    • Vector found the similarities between him and Flowey to be amusing, even down to the part where they perform a Heel–Face Turn of some degree. Also helps that they love to have a trollish-rivalry going on. Vector even dressed as a flower once, furthering the similarities between the two. They currently are trying to figure out a plan on how to get some rocky relationships within the alliance Flowey is masquerading in to break.
    • He outright pities Monaca Towa, due to their similar style of Allergic to Routine and feeling empty inside (albeit for different reasons, with Flowey being due to being an experiment that has Gone Horribly Wrong, and Monaca being bored with despair and feeling like hope will always win.) She chortled a bit upon hearing of Flowey's plan and gave him her approval to join the Itazura Griefers once his cover is blown. Anything that she finds interesting alongside taking revenge against Junko (Enoshima) for lying about how grand despair is gets her support.
  • Finds the Pony Island machine's "Louey" who is NOT related to the devil at all, Actually Pretty Funny, due to the similarities between the two.
  • He has yet to let Alphys in on the loop for what he's doing. This is partly due to him still feeling a bit angry at her due to her unintentionally turning him into who he is today, but also to keep his credit of actually being evil up. Should she actually need to be told that he forgives her from Flowey himself, he'll inquire for Frisk's help on how to help him forgive her.
  • Has his own self-demonstrating page that may need some more love...

NO, NOT THAT KIND OF LO- *Heart shatters thanks to "friendliness pellets"*

...Don't you have anything better to do, tropers? You REALLY are a bunch of idiots.

Shaymin, Goddess of Petal Combat (Gratitude Pokémon)
Land Forme (left), Sky Forme (right)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess in Sky Forme)
  • Symbol: A Gracidea flower
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless (identifies as female)
  • Ability: Natural Cure (Land Forme); Serene Grace (Sky Forme)
  • Moves: Seed Flare, Energy Ball, Aromatherapy, Substitute (switches Energy Ball to Air Slash in Sky Forme)
    • Z-Move: Bloom Doom
  • Portfolio: Green Thumb (part Flying when in Sky Forme), Mythology Pokémon, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, takes on another form in the day, Badass Adorable, Secret Character, having different personalities depending on forme
  • Domains: Gratitude, Hedgehogs, Flying, Flowers
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Ika Musume, Yuuka Kazami, Diancie, Giratina, Treebeard, Trevenant, Venusaur, Mary Lennox, Captain Planet, Alec Holland/Swamp Thing, San, Smokey Bear, The Lorax
  • On good terms with: Pamela Isley, most of her own house
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Pokemon Hunter J, Mordremoth, Hexxus, Hedorah, Mr Burns, Petey Piranha, Audrey II
  • Avoids: The House of Ice and Cold (except Queen Elsa) and Darkness and Shadow, Battra
  • Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokemon, is one of the Mythical Pokemon introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Given via event or caught in Flower Paradise through Oak's Letter, it is a living bouquet who can create lush blooms of flowers and dissolve toxins in the air. It can transform into a speedier Sky Form through the Gracidea flower.
    • Doesn't have a gender, at least one known. Shaymin acts female in its normal Land Forme, and masculine in its Sky Forme. For convenience's sake, the Shaymin in the pantheon identifies as female.
  • In her first anime appearance, Shaymin was rather haughty and kind of a Jerkass, despite her classification. She grew out of it. After hearing about how one was separated from her friends because of Giratina trying to capture Dialga, some gods around the pantheon have begun to grow Gracidea flowers in the case that Shaymin ever found herself away from the House of Nature.
  • Chose to partner up with Viridi, what with her being a nature spirit. Shaymin considered Swamp Thing, but while the two got along he was considered too broad and spooky for her tastes. Yuuka Kazami was considered due to her flower garden and fondness for plants, but she already had Venusaur as a partner. Shaymin still visits her from time to time.
  • Shaymin's temple is said to be hidden within a garden of flowers, including the Gracidea flowers that allow her to take on her Sky Forme during the day. Once a season, Shaymin will perform a "Sky Bouquet", where all the petals will dance in the wind as she moves to another spot in the House of Nature to settle for the next three months.
  • Shaymin's signature move, Seed Flare, absorbs pollutants in the air and purifies them in one big blast. Because of this power and the fact that Shaymin spreads vegetation in once barren environments, she considers embodiments of pollution to be anathema to her. Because of his track record with nature, she doesn't like Mr Burns.
  • Can instantly transform ruined land into a lush field of flowers, and is widely believed to have done so with Floaroma Town. As such, her presence in the House of Plants is as beneficial as it is appropriate, and she is well liked by the house even if she can act kind of bratty sometimes. Mary Lennox in particular was fond of Shaymin.
  • Popular among those associated with plants, however Shaymin isn't too fond of evil plants like Petey Pirahna and Audrey II. Or Mordremoth, for that matter. While the latter is too territorial to ever accept Shaymin, Petey and Audrey will at least entertain hanging out and being affable with Shaymin.
  • In Land Forme, Shaymin is shy and timid, while in Sky Forme, she is instead courageous and playful. Because of this, deities are more likely to see Shaymin in her Sky Forme unless she's out of her temple after dark. Shaymin tries to stay away from any gods whose element is ice whenever in Sky Forme. This is due to the fact that if Shaymin touches any ice, she reverts back to Land Forme.
  • Well liked by those in the Nature Preservers, due to how useful her ability is in undoing damage to nature and creating lush environments. The Lorax has encouraged her to try and expand to other plants. However Shaymin is wary of Battra, for being rather extreme in protecting nature. She finds Poison Ivy's extremism towards plants worrying, but Poison Ivy will always protect Shaymin and is a lot more reasonable during her stints as an anti-hero.

Lesser Gods

    Aki Izayoi 
Aki Izayoi, Goddess of Symbolic Roses (Akiza Izinski, The Black Rose Witch, Doctor Aki)

Hinawa, Patron Saint of Sunflowers (Amber)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A single sunflower. Alternatively, a picture of her with her sons and husband.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Good Parents, Killed Off for Real, Missing Mom to Lucas, those too Pure for the World, associated with sunflowers, later comes back to save Claus from the Pigmasks' control
  • Domains: Flowers, Mothers, Death
  • Herald: Flint (her husband, shared with Lucas).
  • Allies: Lucas (her son), The Masked Man (her other, long-lost son), Toriel, Frisk, Seita and Setsuko, Flowey and his Confidants, Harry and his Dinosaurs, Bix, Neweyes' Dinosaurs, The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. Plants
  • Opposes: Galeem, Dharkon, Ragyo Kiryuin, Monika Drevis
  • Odd Friendship with: Mufasa, Simba, The Gang of Seven, the Brontosaurus
  • Pities: Flowey, Asgore, those with deceased mothers, Speckles
  • Conflicting Opinion: Porky Minch
  • Wary of: Aya Drevis
  • Avoids: Indominus rex and Indoraptor, One Eye
  • A kind soul, Hinawa was once a human woman who lived with her family in the Nowhere Island. She however, perished after facing a mechanical Tyrannosaurus rex known as a "Mecha Drago", with one of its fangs having pierced her heart. Even so, she appears as a spirit, once to help Lucas escape and once to save Claus from Porky's control.
    • One day, Lucas is exploring the house of Trees and Flowers when he ends up in a vast field of sunflowers. He wanders through the place until eventually, he sees a ghostly woman; Hinawa, his mother. He then approaches her, crying. After Lucas told them about his mother and her story, the Main Gods decides to make her a Goddess of Sunflowers.
  • Her temple takes the appearance of a vast field of sunflowers. Lucas would often visit it to mingle with his mom and collect flowers, and even allow some friendly deities to enter sometimes.
  • Shortly after her ascension, she finds out about Toriel, who is known for raising a few children, including Frisk. Hearing about her endeavor, she praises them and gets along with the two swimmingly, even comparing the two with herself and Lucas. After this encounter, she found out about Asgore. She pities him, due to his association with golden flowers, like she does, and his actions causing his wife to turn her back on him. She often mingles with him, mainly to comfort him.
  • She usually appears in the Pantheon as a spirit, mainly towards Lucas and most non-hostile child deities. Due to this, she develops a friendship with Mufasa, who also appears in ghost form, despite one being a lion and the other being a human. Incidentally, this also earns her a friendship with Simba. More recently, she could also appear in the Pantheon as a human thanks to some requests from Lucas, allowing him to interact with her better.
  • Surprisingly, she gets along with Flowey, despite his apparent hostility towards her and to the chagrin and bafflement of most. In truth, Flowey is actually not only friendly towards her, he behaves and reminds her very much of Lucas, her own son during his days as a monster. Hinawa sympathizes with him mainly because of his predicament. She was also made aware of his Confidants, and that Frisk leads them.
  • Once, Galeem captured her spirit and forces her into his army of Puppet Fighters. When Hinawa discovered Galeem and Dharkon is in the Pantheon, she doesn't really take it well. Galeem and Dharkon (mainly the former) have become some of the few deities she truly dislikes.
  • Even she felt sorry for Porky Minch to an extent, mainly because of his childhood and backstory, being seemingly on bad terms with his parents and may or may not have been corrupted by Giygas. Still, she doesn't really like him due to him being responsible for her demise.
  • She obviously displays sympathy for those with deceased mothers (or just parents in general). When she heard about the tale of Seita and Setsuko, who have lost their parents and ultimately perished in a war, she appeared before them and told them that she pities and cares about them. They are grateful, and Hinawa will often mingle with them, them treating her as a parent.
  • There are various dinosaurs in the Pantheon similar to the Dragos Hinawa and her children used to play with. Her opinions about them vary:
    • She generally doesn't wander too close to Indominus rex and Indoraptor, since the genetically engineered dinosaurs reminds him of the Mecha-Drago, a cyborg dinosaur that did her in. Others, such as Rexie, can be tolerated by her, though she is wary about them antagonizing Lucas.
    • A dinosaur she does get along with is Littlefoot and the gang. She sympathizes with Littlefoot due to his mother being killed by Sharptooth, similar to her death in the hands of the Mecha-Drago. She's also friends with Harry and his dinosaurs, Bix, and Neweyes' dinosaurs due to them being as friendly as the Dragos back on her island.
    • Another dinosaur she opposes is One Eye, a Tyrannosaurus rex that has killed the mother of Speckles, a Tarbosaurus. She took pity of Speckles for the same reasons as Littlefoot. Especially considering how truly sadistic the dinosaur is in dealing with its prey, she considers him a threat and is worried that he might try to go after Lucas.
    • She heard the story of the Brontosaurus of the Lost World, who was taken away against its will by humans who want to make it an attraction. She felt pity of it, especially considering her homeland dealt with the Pigmasks who does detestable things, such as experimentation, to wildlife, somewhat paralleling what the dinosaur had dealt with. She even sometimes mingles with it.
  • There are a few mothers in the Pantheon she's not fond of. This includes Ragyo Kiryuin and Monika Drevis, the former for doing horrid things to her daughters, such as attacking one of them and throwing the other into the garbage, and betraying humanity to the Life Fibers, the latter for essentially trying to manipulate her daughter and wanting to make her a serial killer. As for Aya herself, Hinawa is a bit wary about her, given her dangerous, even sadistic tendencies such as killing animals, and the possibility that she might attempt to hurt Lucas.
  • Hinawa later found out about some sunflower-related deities here. One such candidate are the Bloom and Doom plants, which she enjoys having company. The Sunflower in particular caught her interest, and she considers them a means of defense against any threats towards Lucas and his allies.
  • It didn't take long for Hinawa to find out that the Masked Man is in the Pantheon, which is a big deal since he is her other son who was controlled and mechanized by the Pigmasks. When she eventually found him, the Masked Man just sits there, speechless, before he went to hug her with tears on his eyes. Hinawa promises to keep his ascension a secret to fellow Earthbound deities.

Lilligant, Goddess of Hair Decs (Flowering Pokémon, Dredear)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The big flower on her head
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Own Tempo
  • Moves: Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain
    • Z-Move: Bloom Doom
  • Portfolio: Having a Giant Flower On Her Head, Plant Person, Grass-Related Powers And That's Basically It And That's All She Needs, Dance Battler, Glass Cannon, Always Female, Southern Belle
  • Domains: Flowers, Accessories, Plants, Grass
  • Allies: Yuuka Kazami, Kurama, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Aki Izayoi, Suiseiseki, Yumi, Yurika Kirishima, Hata no Kokoro, Shantae, Cosmo the Seedrian, Haruka Haruno
    • Partner: Durathror
  • Lilligant is a humanoid-looking Pokémon with an appearance of that of a ballroom dancer. Oh yeah, and a gigantic flower growing in her head what looks like a really impressive hat. Still, not many people can claim to have an actual flower growing in their "hair".
  • The flower on Lilligant's head emits a really soothing aroma. However, it is a really hard flower to properly maintain, and even some of the more knowledgeable deities in the Pantheon have a hard time making it bloom. Yuuka is one of the few people who hasn't had a hard time with it.
  • No one is sure why Lilligant chose Durathror, of all people, as her partner. Not even Durathror knows it. The best what people can guess is that she can sense the good side of her. It does make them a nice Light Feminine and Dark Feminine duo, though.
    • Additionally, they are surprised that she didn't pick someone like Haruka, a "princess" with a fascination with flowers, to be her partner. It's not like they aren't friends because of that, but still.
  • Lilligant are known for being able to know plentiful of different dancing moves. Unfortunately, the type variety with them is rather shallow . However, when played right, Lilligant can be a force to be reckoned with thanks to being able to learn Quiver Dance and use Petal Dance without negative effects.
  • She seems to get along with Suiseiseki, surprisingly enough, due of their general appearance and due of both of them having plant powers. Though Suiseiseki does feel like Lilligant is pampering her or something like that.
  • She gets along with other graceful Dance Battlers like Yumi, Kokoro and Yurika. And yes, the irony of a Grass-type Pokémon getting along with an ice user has not escaped them.
  • They say that if a Lilligant finds a mate, her flower in her head will darken, droop and wither away. Uhh, yeah.

Treebeard, God of Tree People (Oldest of the Ents, Shepherd of the Trees, Fangorn)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An ancient tree
  • Theme Song: The Last March of the Ents
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (initially True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Treants, Initially Neutral Until Saruman's Devastation, Time Abyss, Only Known By His Nickname Because His Real Name Is His Life Story, Outside Context Hero, Gentle Giant, Beware the Nice Ones, Avenging The Damage On The Environment, When Trees Attack
  • Domains: Trees (specifically Ents), Nature, Neutrality (Initially), Wrath
  • Allies: Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, Legolas and Gimil, Gandalf, Aragon, Trevenant, Shaymin, Venusaur, Captain Planet, Rick Blaine, John Connor, Swamp Thing, Link, Celebi, Zygarde, Pocahontas, Orion, Wirt and Greg
  • On speaking terms with: Gaea
  • Enemies: Sauron and his forces, Melkor, Cyth V'sug, Exdeath, Mr Burns, Looten Plunder, Hexxus, SKYNET, Brand, Mordremoth, the Enclave
  • Wary of: Professor Farnsworth
  • Annoyed by: Thief
  • Treebeard, also known as Fangorn, is the oldest of the Ents. Created by Yavanna around the same time as the elves, ents are mobile, semi-humanoid and intelligent trees. They herd trees and are guardians of nature, rarely getting involved in the affairs of Men. Though neutral, Treebeard eventually got himself involved against Sauron's forces for Saruman's plundering of the forests.
  • "Treebeard" is a nickname for other people's convenience. An Ent's real name is their entire life's story, and being the oldest of the ents he has the biggest name in the pantheon. Well, second biggest, if Nibbler's real name really would take longer than the universe to speak. Even Treebeard doubts this.
  • Sees a lot of Yavanna in Gaea, though she stated that Valar is one of her followers. She seems somewhat fond of the Ents and wishes she thought about making her own version, if only because fewer people would ask her to protect the forests. She has directed him to Zygarde, who as a guardian of the environment agrees with a lot of his actions. He respects Swamp Thing a lot for being the guardian of the Green and plants life like himself.
  • Was old enough to see the elves teach the trees how to speak. He was happy to see Legolas and other elves, however, was quickly irritated by Thief due to possessing insane levels of elven arrogance, and immediately scamming him for forest territory. He also remembers his wife Fimbrethil and the Entwives, leading him to the House of Love and Affection in hopes of finally figuring out where the female Ents went.
  • Uses his newfound godhood to better shepherd the trees, becoming one of the guardians of the House of Plants. He is close to Shaymin and Venusaur due to being living plants. However, he hates Exdeath despite being a fellow tree due to his omnicidal mania, and Mordremoth due to his brutal treatment towards those in his jungle.
  • One of the most well known tree people, however, there are others outside of his universe. Trevenant looks up to him as a cool older mentor and personally welcomed the Shepherd of the Trees in. Treebeard was impressed by how the Pokémon has managed to protect the forest, giving him an honorary position in the Ents. He was happy to learn about Celebi as well, as a fellow protector of the forest.
  • He opposes all those who seek to damage the environment, like Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder wishing to flatten forests for casinos and other businesses. Or Brand and Hexxus due to their desire to burn and pollute everything. He was initially neutral on SKYNET since it wishes to exterminate humanity, but the environmental catastrophe it brought could not be forgiven. To protect the environment, he has sided with John Connor against SKYNET and Captain Planet.
  • Seems to get along with Rick Blaine as they were both forced out of neutrality. Doesn't get along with Professor Farnsworth, since the time he ended up as Gandalf in a Lord of the Rings parody he used an Ent as firewood.
  • Was interested to hear someone that sounds like Frodo Baggins entering the House. This was Wirt who was ascending with Greg as the deities of Don't Go in the Woods. Wirt nearly had a heart attack upon seeing Treebeard — as he thought he was malevolent like The Beast — but after a few seconds of calming down, Wirt could see that Treebeard was friendly. Wirt sometimes visits him so Treebeard can listen to his poetry or clarinet playing and has become ally to them after learning that The Beast ascended..


    Wirt and Greg 
Wirt and Greg, Deities of The Perils of Entering the Woods (Wirt: Pilgrim, The Young Lover, Wonderful Mistake of Nature, Greg: Gregory)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A mixtape labeled "For Sarah" (Wirt) and a frog with a glowing stomach (Greg)
  • Song: "Into the Unknown" or "Adelaide Parade" (both of them), "Potatoes and Molasses" (Greg only)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Both of them although Wirt was formally True Neutral)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Siblings, Fairy-tales, Dreams, Death (possibly), the Unknown, Woods
  • Heralds: Beatrice (a girl cursed into the form of a bluebird, the Unknown) and Sara (Wirt's crush, the real world)
  • Allies
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Seto Kaiba, (Wirt only)
  • Odd Friendship: Peter "Star-Lord" Quill (Wirt Only)
  • Not to be confused with: Greg Universe (Greg only)
  • Wirt and Greg are two brothers who somehow ended up in a dark forest that lead to the place called The Unknown. There, they befriended a bluebird named Beatrice who could help guide them home. Their journey was filled with all types of peril and strange and unusual creatures while in the real world they had drowned in a lake and were in the midsts of dying. Thankfully the two made it out in the end, much wiser than when they left with Greg showing off more maturity and Wirt finally learning to confront his fears instead of running away from them.
  • The two of them were walking in the woods with Greg singing "Potatoes and Molasses" before Wirt wondered where they were and if they were in the Unknown again. The voices and the lights calling out to them didn't help and Wirt quickly grabbed Greg and rushed off into the nearest house they could find...which happened to be the cottage that belonged to Fluttershy. Massive screams could be heard between Fluttershy and Wirt before there was banging at the front door. Despite being told not to by Wirt, Greg went ahead and opened it...and it was revealed that the gods chasing after them were Pinkie Pie, Gentaro and Elena, the founding members of the Avatars of Friendship. It turns out Wirt and Greg somehow stumbled into the House of Nature when they were supposed to be at the House of Plants for their ascension ceremony. Wirt just took a good look at all of them...and fainted on the spot.
    • After Wirt woke up, he and Greg made it to the Halls of the Pantheon where they were granted a temple on the Don't Go Into the Woods because their adventure had them falling into the Unknown — characterized by its trees and spooky nature — and were settled into their temple. It looks like one of the cottages found in the Unknown around lush forests in an eternal autumn. Wirt questions why it's not based on his and Greg's house but decided to not argue with it.
  • The Unknown made Wirt and Greg encounter various creatures, many of them being a reference point to the stuff that the Pantheon contains.
    • Wirt is wary of all skeletal gods due to his encounter with the "residents" of Pottsfield being skeletons in pumpkin outfits. Papyrus is one of the first ones that Wirt became friends with, as it helps that Papyrus and Sans' relationship is similar to Wirt and Greg's.
      • Jack Skellington is another skeleton that Wirt has become friendly with, but was quite confused with Skellington's moniker "The Pumpkin King" since he doesn't wear pumpkin outfits like those in Pottsfield. Jack, in the meantime, is now preparing to dress up as Enoch (mayor of Pottsfield) and having a Halloween theme party based on the tales of the Unknown.
      • Speaking of pumpkins, Wirt and Greg once encountered Gourgeist while it was singing...and then she tried to put a curse on them. It was only through Jack's intervention that they survived.
    • Fred the talking horse made it easier for Wirt and Greg to become accustomed to the Equestrian gods. Pinkie Pie's energy goes along well with Greg while Wirt likes to study alongside Twilight Sparkle.
    • The Wicked Witch of the West reminded Wirt too much of Adelaide, "The Good Woman of the Woods" seeing as Adelaide was actually working for The Beast. He does find it strange that a witch like her was weak to water, but then again Adelaide didn't like cold night air, so who's he to complain?
    • Greg found himself friends with Cuphead and Mugman, as they reminded him of characters he met in Cloud City. Greg sometimes likes to imitate their Finger Gun whenever he visits them.
  • Various gods are wondering just what the Unknown is, with the closest thing that it can be is Purgatory. Others wonder how Wirt and Greg even entered the Unknown or whether or not it was a Dying Dream due to them close to drowning. The only evidence that suggests that what Wirt and Greg went through was real is that Greg's frog sometimes glows (For swallowing the bell Auntie Whispers used to control the demon possessing Lorna) and that both Wirt and Greg were immediately able to state the correct name for said frog (Jason Funderberger, who is one of Wirt's classmates). Wirt himself doesn't know and doesn't care at the moment; right now, he's just trying his best to confront his awkwardness.
    • Various gods have learned that someone has written comics about the adventures Wirt and Greg had in the Unknown and are scrambling to buy copies to see what else The Unknown has to offer. Wirt is embarrassed at the attention and Greg is happy to have new friends. They comics confirm that apparently Wirt and Greg are called into the Unknown to stop various villains (for reasons...unknown), and Wirt even had his crush Sara join in for one. Whether this means Dream Walker gods are capable of following them or even affecting the Unknown is still...well, unknown.
    • That said, because The Unknown was filled with quirky characters and talking animals, Wirt and Greg became close to Alice Liddell, avatar of Wonderland. The two have tea with her in her temple every now and then. Other goddesses who fell down the rabbit hole include Coraline Jones and Chihiro Ogino. Wirt shuddered in fear at Coraline's encounter with Other Mother since, according from what he learned from Beatrice, the fate that Other Mother was going to give was very similar to what Adelaide wanted to do with him and Greg
      • On the other side of the Pacific there was Chihiro's story. Chihiro found herself curious about Wirt meeting up with Auntie Whispers and her niece Lorna because when Wirt described Auntie Whispers, Chihiro could only be reminded of Yubaba and Zeniba.
      • Hilda is absolutely enamored with the Unknown as its location reminds her of her life before moving to Trollsburg. She hopes to one day join Wirt and Greg on an adventure.
    • The idea of the Unknown presumably being like Purgatory makes Wirt wary of Dante Alighieri because of how, apparently, Wirt and Greg's journey was based off of Datne's trek through Hell, especially the part of Greg nearly becoming an Edelwood Tree being similar to the Woods of Suicide.
    • They also met up with Dorothy Gale and her companions through the Land of Oz as they were trying their hardest to return home. Wirt nearly had a heart attack upon seeing the Cowardly Lion, but calmed down when he learned that the Lion was just afraid of Wirt.
  • The two have been warned to avoid Helheim Forest because it is much more terrifying than the Unknown could ever be. Wirt thought it couldn't be that bad. One talk with Kota Katzuraba later, Wirt was in a fetal position and shivering with fear.
    • Thankfully there are friendly places like the Hundred Acre Wood that Wirt and Greg can relax in (it helps that one of the places Wirt and Greg entered in the Unknown was a schoolhouse for animals to learn their reading, writing and arithmetic). Greg likes hanging out with Roo, Tigger and Pooh while Wirt gained kinship with Christopher Robin, Rabbit, Piglet, and Eeyore. One day, Wirt joined Eeyore in one of his cloud-painting observations. Wirt was absolutely inspired to make up a poem on the spot to which Eeyore appreciated.
    • Wirt and Greg became fast friends with the Pine twins since they share many similarities — siblings heading off on an adventure and meet up with very quirky supernatural characters. Wirt is amazed at Dipper's ingenuity — but is somewhat unnerved by the monsters he and Mabel interact with — while Mabel and Greg happily sing and dance together like they were two souls in one body. It's through this friendship that Wirt learned of Bill Cipher — who made Mabel go through a Deal with the Devil and causing Weirdmaggedon — and has immediately been making sure not to cross paths with him or let Greg be anywhere near this one-eyed freak.
      • Wirt also learned to befriend Pacifica Northwest, especially since she had gone through much worse than he had. He honestly praised her for standing up against her horrible parents to free everyone from the curse of the Lumberjack Ghost while Pacifica stated that Wirt wasn't half-bad for using simple logic to stop The Beast.
    • The discussion of the two's herald came to a debate. On one hand there was Beatrice, a girl who cursed herself and her family into becoming bluebirds after she threw a rock at one from the Unknown. The other one was a girl named Sara who was the impetus for Wirt and Greg's journey into the Unknown. The Court of Gods have decided that the two will be the Heralds with Beatrice (representing the Unknown) mostly being able to meet Wirt and Greg in her bluebird form and it helps that Sara (representing the real world) also has had adventures in the Unknown alongside Wirt and Greg.
    • Neither of them were happy to find The Beast somehow in the Pantheon. The Beast is hellbent on getting revenge on the both of them (especially Wirt) for bringing his downfall in The Unknown.
  • Wirt only:
    • Wirt is the older of the two, and he's known to be quite insecure about himself. In fact it's these insecurities that caused him and Greg to enter into the Unknown in the first place, as his mixtape for a girl he likes was accidentally given to her and he decided to run away from the potential embarrassment instead of actually going to her (and it was later revealed that his fears were for nothing; she didn't had the means of playing it in the first place!) Wirt has been learning to become more and more comfortable with confronting the unknown, but he's not wrong to think that the Pantheon is 100% completely safe.
    • Due to how his negligence for Greg's safety nearly lead to Greg turning into an Edelwood Tree, Wirt does not have good relations to all evil brothers and Aloof Big Brothers. The closest brother he can get along with in terms to 'normalcy' is Seto Kaiba...but even then Wirt had a lot to tell Kaiba about that "decision" to enter the underworld for a single duel and leaving his little brother alone to run a company until his return (if he ever did return...). Kaiba has nothing to say to Wirt in regards to it except at the very least Kaiba really cares for his little brother whereas Wirt was already irritated at Greg to begin with and didn't care for the boy's safety when they traversed the Unknown, not to mention that Wirt blamed every single problem with his life (especially the reason why the entered the Unknown in the first place when it was really Wirt's inability to confront his crush about his mixtape) on Greg, who was nothing but loving and supportive (although somewhat ditzy). Wirt had to admit that Kaiba is 100% accurate at all points.
      • His relationship with Mokuba was a little bit better after Wirt learned more about the Kaiba brothers' situation...and then looked in horror when he found out their adoptive father was also in the Pantheon. Wirt has decided that he's going to be support for Mokuba because hey, Wirt may not like how his mom married Greg's father, but Greg's father is at least supportive of his step-son.
      • Wirt also got along better with Katsuya Jounochi since Jounochi is a supportive older brother for his sister. Wirt was amazed at Jounochi's determination: from fighting off mind control to even waking up after sent into a coma, Wirt hopes that he'll find that type of resilience one day. Jounochi states that it'll come, and at the very least Wirt is now learning to be a better older brother.
      • Another Aloof Big Brother that Wirt avoids is Matt Hardy, especially after he heard how BROKEN Matt Hardy corrupted his brother to become Brother Nero. Wirt may be annoyed with Greg but he's not that much of a bully. Doesn't help that Matt can flip-flop between normal and BROKEN at the drop of a hat.
    • Wirt may not like to admit it, but he's really good at playing clarinet and even the bassoon. He's been coerced by various gods to practice in the House of Music, but he's declined for now. This shyness made him friends with Fluttershy as she's known to have a beautiful singing voice, but she's working slowly to performing for large crowds. The two are working on performing with one another in the future.
      • He's quite knowledgeable about architecture, interior design and fashions from the 18th to 20th century so he's glad to find historical figures from those time periods. He sometimes goes to the House of Costumes to help with historical accuracy on outfits and aids the Master Builders whenever they have to repairs for temples based on those styles.
    • Wirt dislikes gods who Deal with the Devil since The Beast nearly tricked him to be the lantern bearer in exchange for Greg's safety and all gods who practice Despair Event Horizon because that's how The Beast preys on his victims. Upon learning about the Dementors, Wirt immediately put them on the top of his "Must avoid" list. He's pitied many of the Puella Magi who made contracts only to find out what happens to them when they fall into despair.
      • And then he learned of Exdeath, the God of Evil Trees as Wirt was reminded of The Beast's true form of some unholy spawn made out of Edelwood Trees aka humans who have fallen into despair and Wirt is doing his best to not cross Exdeath's path at all. This also includes Specimen 8, a deer-like entity that resemble said Beast.
      • As Wirt was getting used to his surroundings, he met up with Treebeard and nearly had a heart attack. Treebeard looked in confusion because he mistook Wirt for Frodo Baggins. He was interested to know the story of how he and Greg entered the Unknown and praised Wirt for using his wits to outwit the Beast and end his reign of terror once and for all. Another tree-deity that Wirt has become accustomed to is Trevenant after Wirt learned to look past Trevenant's appearance. Greg likes hanging out with Trevenant and it helps that Trevenants are really friendly when you get to know them. Whenever Wirt and Greg decide to explore the House of Plants, a few Trevenants will join as bodyguards. Trevenant will also help them should Gourgeist ever try to trick them again.
      • A third tree deity was that of Groot, after Greg spotted Rocket Raccoon and wanted to hug him (as Greg thought he was a living version of his stuffed animal Robber Raccoon). Wirt's conversation with Groot was awkward (it took a while for Wirt to learn that the only thing he can hear Groot say is "I am Groot") but the gentle tree-alien has given Wirt and Greg multiple gifts like flowers and glowing spores for their temple at night. Wirt also gained kinship with Peter Quill as both of them were kids from the 1980s so Wirt has seen Quill like an older brother since they have a mixtape that is associated with a female in their lives. Wirt has done his best to help Quill move on from the death of Gamorra and then having to deal with a time-displaced version of her who never gained the Character Development and Relationship Upgrade the original had.
    • Wirt was suffering through nightmares about all the perils in the Pantheon and in his dreams, he was being chased by a dark malevolent figure in a black cloak. After some time, the cloak figure revealed herself as Princess Luna. She entered his dream to assure him that while, yes, there's plenty of dark things in the Pantheon, not all of them are bad. Wirt was grateful to find someone as her who could help him conquer his fears and went to her temple the next day with an elegant poem written about her left on her door.
    • Wirt was glad that he wasn't the only cowardly god in the Pantheon. Aside from Piglet, he's amazed to see both Shaggy and Scooby-Doo constantly fighting off against monsters on a regular basis. The four have decided to band together to confront the nastier parts of the Pantheon (and it helps that Shaggy and Scooby helped destroy the Nibiru Entity so props for that). He also obtained friendship with James Trotter and Kirin Toudou for how they were able to confront the monsters that were haunting them.
    • One day while practicing clarinet, Wirt heard someone playing a guitar. That turned out to be Miguel Rivera. The two hit it off pretty well since they've both had adventures going through an unknown world that may or may not be the afterlife/purgatory. Wirt freaked out about how everyone in the afterlife were skeletons (Due to his experience in Pottsfield) but he got to meet up with Hector and became adjusted to it. Miguel is amazed at Wirt's skill with the clarinet and the two are hoping to play music together in the future.
    • Most of Wirt's hate of Greg isn't over the boy. Apparently it has something to do with Wirt's mom marrying Greg's dad and then giving birth to Greg, implying that his biological father is either dead or just downright abandoned them. Many good brothers in the Pantheon state that it's no excuse for how he mistreated/neglected Greg throughout the Unknown but Wirt has stated that he's becoming a better person now.
    • Glad to find Hansel and Gretel who also had their own trials of entering the Woods and nearly being victims to an evil witch. The fairy tale ones have warned Wirt and Greg to be very very careful of the Creepy Twins also named Hansel and Gretel because they will kill the two on sight. When Wirt asked what happened to them, well...he instantly regretted it.
  • Greg only:
    • Greg is the cheerful younger (step) brother of Wirt known for being upbeat, his love of animals and being oblivious to the horrors that he can get himself into. Many gods both like him and hate him for this, but it doesn't stop Greg from smiling.
    • Due to many factors, particularly that Wirt and Greg are from 1980 and they have similar names, the Cartoon Network gods are wondering if Greg is a younger Greg Universe. However, it was later revealed that Greg (Universe) was an only child, so that theory went kaput. In the meantime, Greg and Steven Universe get along well,
    • Greg has a love of frogs, so he's hoping to find fellow frog deities. He once ran into the Chrono Trigger god named Frog who, while somewhat confused at Greg, found the boy to be quite endearing and takes him on adventures through the House of Nature.
    • Greg's well-known song is "Potatoes and Molasses"", and he's even taught this song to a couple of gods in the House of Music to the point of him making beneficiary concerts for the Elysium Academy.
      • A god that has become close to Greg is Voltaire who has played this song so that Wirt and Greg will be able to conquer their fears.
    • Was glad to find elephants in the Pantheon, particular Ganesha. He decided to greet the elephant god by dressing up as an elephant (read: find the nearest metal teapot and place it on top of his head to emulate an elephant trunk)
    • One day, Greg found the cutest little animal: a white weasel with pink eyes. Every single god within the vicinity pulled Greg away from Kyubey before the boy was asked to make a contract. Wirt was horrified to learn what Kyubey has done for thousands upon thousands of girls and will join in on killing Kyubey on sight if he ever tries to make a "contract" with Greg.
      • On the flip side, many gods were amazed to learn of Greg's Selfless Wish for him to bargain with The Beast so Wirt can go home safely and completing the Beast's "tasks" while not giving up and even when he was starting to become an Edelwood Tree all he asked Wirt was to return a pet rock he "stole" from his next-door neighbor. This gave Greg the utmost respect from Madoka Kaname and even Homura Akemi couldn't help but smile a little.
    • One of Greg's defining traits is that he sees all types of adventures with a cheery attitude that he's shown not to be afraid of anything. For this reason, Greg is to be nowhere near the House of Fear due to the evil gods who have no qualms on hurting a kid.