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Greater Gods

    Te Fiti 
Te Fiti, Goddess of Alias Revelations (Te Kā)
Te Fiti
Te Kā
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her heart
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil as Te Kā
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Color Motifs, Genius Loci, Big Good, Mother Nature, Person of Mass Construction, Turtle Island
  • Domains: Restorations, Creation, Life, Lava
  • High Priest: Kuniteru Emoto
  • Allies: Moana, Maui, Gaea, Xerneas, The Entity, Spring Sprite, Captain Planet, Aang, Katara, The Guardian Deities, Ash Ketchum, Hestia, Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Gon Freecss
  • Odd Friendship: Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze and the Kamen Rider Club
  • Enemies: Tamatoa, Ragnaros, Master Xehanort, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Xemnas, Hexxus, The Lich, Firebird
  • Opposes: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • Conflicting Opinion: Viridi
  • Te Fiti is a kind and nurturing goddess responsible for the creation of life in her world. However, when Maui stole her heart, she became the vengeful lava monster Te Kā and swore to destroy the world that she helped created. It wasn't until Moana saved her that she came back to who she once was, thanking her for what she did and restoring the world back to life.
  • The former holder, Kuniteru Emoto, decided to "sacrifice" himself so that Te Fiti could ascend in his former position while he took a back seat as her high priest and his protege's herald. He considers it a peaceful retirement, accepting the Court's decision to place him as her guide to what to expect in the wackiness of the Pantheon. Should it prove necessary, he sometimes serves (in his Zodiarts form) as Te Fiti's eyes and ears, using his feathers to deliver messages to other nature deities in the Pantheon distant from the House of Characterization. Naturally, this makes her allies with Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club as well. The more the merrier!
  • Moana and Maui heard the news that Te Fiti has ascended, rushing to her temple to see what she's been doing. The goddess is happy to see Moana and Maui again and thanked them for restoring her to life (more so on Moana). She's proud on Moana's new position and hopes that her new position will help her to give more nourishment to newly discovered islands during her slumber.
  • Her heart became such a treasure that people like Tamatoa seek to sought for it for their own purposes. She's not proud about this out of fear of becoming Te Kā again and seeking to destroy her world as well as the Pantheon. As a result, her temple's security has been increased with Moana and a reluctant Maui visiting her once in a while to protect her.
    • As a lava monster, Ragnaros has expressed interest stealing her heart as he thinks that Te Kā is the hotter side of her. Of course, she isn't having any of that and thinks he is way more destructive than her other self. People like Master Xehanort, Ansem, and Xemnas wanted to do the same thing due to their association with evil and think she's a valuable entity in their plans.
  • As the goddess who created the world as well as Mother Nature, she met other divine deities who are essentially Mother Nature like or at least represent nature. She likes Gaea for being a nature goddess like her and forming the Planeteers to protect their planet, even if she doesn't like some parts of her. She respects Viridi's desire to protect nature, but thinks that her hatred of humanity is too much which is why half of their conversations are rather mixed. She supports Xerneas and is intrigued by their ability to give eternal life. The latter feels bad for her situation and promises to help her whatever they can. She finds The Entity to be a kind creator whose sacrifice to keep his universe from dying is something she could admire. She quickly befriended the Spring Sprite and admires her ability to restore things back to life. The Spring Sprite feels bad for her situation and considers her to be a much nore tragic version of the Firebird and promises to help her to protect her heart.
  • She admires Captain Planet for being someone who wants to protect their own planet from all the horrible man-made activities that humans are causing and that he's still willing to save them, believing that they can change their ways. The entity returns her sentiment and is horrified of her other form, which is why he swore to protect her so that Te Te Kā wouldn't destroy life.
  • Aang and his wife Katara are a couple who wanted to protect the balance of the world. They support Te Fiti for wanting to create life in the best way possible and feel bad for her situation as Te Kā could bring the unbalance that they oppose. They wanted to help her and promise that they would protect her from her enemies who want to steal her heart.
  • Thanks to her newfound Pokemon allies, she met Ash Ketchum, an aspiring Pokemon Trainer who befriended a lot of Legendary and Mystical Pokemon who tries to help them on their problems. Being the hero he is and because her problem ultimately reminds him of the problems his Pokemon friends faced, he promises to help return her heart if it is ever stolen.
  • She respects the Guardian Deities for wanting to protect their islands from harm and being a sentient island herself doesn't put harm to it. She gets along with Tapu Bulu the most due to being the most benevolent of the four and his association with trees and vegetation.
  • The Weather Trio hates her as Te Kā for different reasons: Kyogre because she reduces sea levels by her volcanic pressure and could be a target of her's. Rayquaza because she threatens the existence of humanity as a whole. Groudon will actually tolerate her because they both expand land by volcanic activity, seeing that she opposes humanity made them enemies. They're otherwise fine with her as Te Fiti seeing that she is a completely benevolent deity.
  • As a deity who created life, she hates Hexxus and The Lich, enemies of the nature of life by causing pollution on it. She ultimately fears the latter after hearing the many deeds he committed and considers him to be worse than her other form. They are certainly amused by her situation and wanted to steal her heart to see the destruction she could cause.
  • She hates the Firebird as well after hearing that he destroyed the world through his powers and being the evil personification of destruction and that he has some similarities with her other form makes it worse. Hearing about Te Kā, the Firebird finds a kindred spirit in her other form and hopes that he could steal her heart to meet her corrupted form, which Te Fiti doesn't take lightly of course.
  • Because of her situation as Te Fiti, she is afraid of a lot of fire-based monsters. Hestia and Ghost Rider tried to convince her that this is not the case. Later on, she befriended the former, finding her different from the fire-based deities she met so far, finding her to be pleasant company she could have a conversation with. And while she doesn't like some part of Ghost Rider's vengeance, he at least only does it to the wicked and is actually a good person who doesn't want her to become the monster she doesn't want to be.
  • Opposes Poison Ivy for using her plant powers to commit terrorism, even if she acknowledges that she's doing it to protect nature from abusive humans. Hearing abou Te Fiti's situation, Poison Ivy is at least willing to team up with certain people to make sure it won't happen as she hates fire-based people.
  • Gon could sympathize with her on what it's like to become a different version of themselves after losing something (or someone in Gon's case) important to them to the point they're willing to cause chaos to fulfill their vengeance and feels much more bad for her than himself since she didn't become someone else out of free will while Gon forced himself to age up by sacrificing his entire nen to avenge Kite. She understood why he may do it but she couldn't easily forgiven after hearing that he's willing to kill an innocent girl to fulfill his vengeance. Other than that, the two get along as she could see that he regretted for what he did and loves how nice and understanding he can be.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Characterization.

Intermediate Gods

    Asgore Dreemurr 
King Asgore Dreemurr, God of Inactive Figures and Lame Names (The King of the Monsters, Gorey, Lord Fluffybuns, Big Fuzzy Pushover, King Fufflyboy, Mr. Dreamy, Asgore Dreamer, Murderer, Sage or Murderer, Goatdad)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His crown and Crimson Trident
  • Theme Song: Bergentrückung, ASGORE (Asgore's Boss fight), Determination (As the voice of the "Game Over" screen)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (pushed to Lawful Neutral for his people)
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Chubby King, The Strongest Monster in the Underground, Badass Beard, Uses a Giant Trident as a Weapon, Really Deep Voice, Gentle Giant, Good Is Not Soft, Never Flinches, Large Fellow who is the King of his Kinds, Lightning Bruiser, Never Leaves his Palace, Playing with Fire, Likes to Drink Tea, Stout Strength, Anti-Villain With a Tragic Past, The Chains of Commanding, Face Framed in Shadow, The voice of the Game Over screen, Destroys the "Mercy Button" before you fight him, Trying to atone for his actions after leaving the Underground
  • Domains: Monsters, Leadership, Lame Names
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Alice the 16th (on a more friendly note)
  • Enemies: Flowey, The Satans, All Evil-aligned fire users
  • Complicated Relationships: Toriel (his ex-wife, but they have been burying the hatchet as of late)
  • Odd Friendship with: Pearl
  • Opposes: All people who enjoy war.
  • Good Counterpart to: Immortan Joe
  • Commonality Connection: Godzilla (the other King of the Monsters)
  • Formerly the King of the Monsters, Asgore Dreemurr was always an important figure for monsterkind, and after declaring war on all Humans because of the death of his children, everything went downhill for him. Thankfully, after exiting his old home and turning over a new leaf, his friend Undyne suggested the King visit the Pantheon.
    • After being evaluated by the Court of Gods, he was assigned the title of Inactive Kings. However, after Papyrus made an off-hand remark about Asgore's name records, he was also given the title of Lame Names, much to his embarrassment.
  • He was happy to learn that Toriel was already here and tried to have a conversation with her to sort out things. Unfortunately, Toriel doesn't want to be associated with Asgore and she still hasn't forgiven him for what he did back in the Underground.
    • However, there are rumors that they have been slowly rebuilding their relationship from scratch (but only as friends) after seeing that they both are working together on the Toriel's school for monsters.
  • Asgore likes to pass his spare time gardening, which is one of his favorite activities and has been even before he became king. He can occasionally be seen in the House of Nature cutting some bushes and even made one in the form of Papyrus' head.
  • How bad is Asgore with names? Let's say that he founded his Homeland as... Home. And when he moved from there, he called the new one... New Home. The snowy area? Snowdin. The Lethal Lava Land? Hotland. Not even his son was safe from his father's lack of creative namesspoiler . Granted, Asriel isn't a terrible name, but it still lacks creativity.
    • When he learned about the existence of a house of Monsters, he immediately tried to give it a better name, which was New Home II. The members of said House agreed to not let him try to rename another House.
  • Asgore has been constantly compared with Immortan Joe, given that they have a lot of similarities, like their objectives being kind of similar and how their respective followers praised them. To top it all, they are both hilariously bad with names.
    • He has also been compared to Godzilla too, seeing as they are both referred to as "The King of the Monsters" and they are the strongest among their respective peers. Unlike Asgore, Godzilla only fights those who dare stand in his way instead of ruling over them.
  • He occasionally carries his magic trident with him, which caught the attention of Zeus himself since it reminded him of his brother Poseidon. Asgore actually hangs out sometimes with the God of Lightning and occasionally chat about their roles as the maximum authorities within their people.
  • As his fame as the King of Monsters precedes him, Alice the 16th has challenged Asgore to test how worthy he was to bear that title. While he was initially hesitant to fight her and opted instead to offer her some tea, ultimately he decided to take up her challenge. In the end, they found that both were evenly matched and Alice was happy that there was a monster strong enough to stand up against her. They have been on a very good note ever since, but Alice always reminds him that they are still rivals.
  • Many have noted that Asgore has a really interesting motif behind him (He is a goat monster, wields a red trident, and uses Fire magic), which he doesn't quite agree with, as his actions weren't driven by pure malice but instead for the sake of his people.
  • There was one time that Mamizou disguised as his ex-wife and tried to pull a prank on him. Unfortunately, Asgore knew that she wasn't the real Toriel (he remembers her very well), but being the Nice Guy he is, he just invited her to have some tea and they became friends ever since.
  • There's been rumors that Asgore wasn't fighting with all his strength when he was confronted by Frisk and actually had other objectives in mind besides destroying the Barrier. Many theorize that the reason he broke the "Mercy Button" was just because he either thought he didn't deserve mercy or he just wanted to die. He hasn't provided answers about this particular subject.
  • Has been often compared to King Harkinian, but he isn't sure why...
  • Many people, especially those who enjoy war, has called him a coward for declaring war and in the end not going all-out as he promised. Asgore is disgusted with all the warmongers that have said that, and he is offended by all the rude comments about that. Of course, he doesn't condone his actions back in the Underground, but he knows better than to keep the war going after meeting Frisk.
  • He is rumored to be the Underground's Santa, who delivers the presents to all the Monster Children every Christmas. He hasn't made any clarifications about the rumors, but evidence points out that this could be a collaboration between Asgore and Sans, which at the time was done to cheer up the monsters (and more importantly, Sans wanted to keep his brother's innocence intact, so he rolled with it).
  • Likes to spend time drinking tea in the House of Food and ever since he found Uncle Iroh's Tea House he has been a frequent customer. He even befriended other frequent visitors like Mami Tomoe, Kirima Sharo and even Iroh himself.
    • He has also tried to convince Toriel to bake him some Cinnamon-Butterscotch pie for his "Drinking Buddies" because he wants to remember the wonderful taste of her pies. She has slowly started to become a frequent visitor too, thanks to Asgore's insistence.
  • Like Toriel, he's kept in the dark about Flowey's true identity. Also, like Toriel, Sans will destroy anyone who tries to inform him out of a sense of malice.
  • Asgore's temple is relatively peaceful and quiet, not having many guests outside of his subjects and a few friends. This was perfect for one of Asgore's new friends to rest up here... Pearl of the Crystal Gems. She has made an Odd Friendship with Asgore due to empathizing with his suffering and the Chains Of Commanding, so much that she privately admits that he may be right over Toriel. She has been using Asgore's temple as a refuge from the increased hubbub over the reveal that Rose Quartz was, in fact, Pink Diamond, with Pearl having helped in faking Pink Diamond's death. She appreciates the quiet the flowery temple provides.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Royalty.

    Hiro & Zero Two 
Hiro and Zero Two, Dual Deities of Number-based Names (Hiro: Code:016, Darling, Madman, Local Dinoboy. Zero Two: Code:002, Nine Iota, O-NI, eo to, Potato Two, Local Dinogirl)
Zero Two and Hiro
Click here  for their Klaxo form.
  • Rank: Hiro (Demigod). Zero-Two (Lesser Goddess). In Strelizia (Intermediate). Strelizia True Apus (Greater)
  • Symbol: Jian Bird. Alternatively, their picture book or the cherry blossom tree
  • Theme Song: Kiss of Death. Remix ver
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Hiro). Chaotic Neutral (Zero Two). Later on Neutral Good (both)
  • Portfolio: Being Compare to the Jian, Dance of Romance, Interspecies Romance, Beast and Beauty, Only Interested in Each Other, Official Couple, Laser-Guided Amnesia, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Can't Live Without Each Other, Being Reborn to Continue Their Love
  • Domains: Romance, Combat, Mecha, Science
  • Heralds: Plantation 13 Parasites
  • Allies: Team Dai-Gurren, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki, Izuku Midoriya, EVA Pilots, Belle and Beast, Ariel and Prince Eric, Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiiragi, Miia, Lum Invader, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Winnie the Pooh, Katniss Everdeen, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, Morrigan
  • Enemies: Anti-Spiral, Lorenzo Keels, Sora Takigawa, Ragyo Kiryuin, Zero, Hojo, Mesogog
  • Parasites, children made for the sole purpose of serving APE in the war against the Klaxosaurs. None of them given names, just numbers. But that changed when a boy name Hiro gave some of his fellow Parasites names based on their numbers which spread around the Plantation.
  • Seperating the two is seen as a very bad move. Not only would they end up emotionally broken, they would do very crazy things to be together. Especially for Hiro who is known for his reckless action. Something both admired and questioned by others.
  • Both Hiro and Zero Two mistook both Scanty and Kneesock as Klaxosaurs since they look like Zero Two's Klaxosaur form. While the Demon Sisters didn't flinch at the comparison, they did when Hiro thought they were Zero Two's aunts.
  • Both became friends with the Dai-Gurren Team with their dynamics being very familiar to them and their friends. Some people have often compare Hiro's determination to that of Kamina. Funny enough, it seems Hiro often quotes Kamina's "Believe" speech. The couple were also been compared to Simon and Nia when it comes to devotion and tragic romance. Though, Hiro and Zero Two were at least lucky enough to to be reincarnated to restart their romance.
  • One of Zero Two's greatest regret was her utter obsession of becoming human to the point it caused her to act like the monster she despise being called and also nearly killing her Darling. Because of that she doesn't have high opinions to those who would do dangerous things to be human. Like Sora aka Gremlin.
  • Zero Two learned she isn't the only monster girl who calls her love interest Darling when she met the space oni Lum and snake girl Miia. The trio do get along pretty well with the exception being their competitiveness on who is the better "Darling".
  • The two Franxx pilots got along very well with the Jaeger pilots of Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori since their mechs followed the "two pilots, one mind" set up.
  • The two once met Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu and hit it off pretty well. The four were able to connect because of some similarity between them; Hiro and Senketsu being utterly devoted to their female partners that they will risk anything for them and Zero Two and Ryuko being troubled girls with issues being hybrids but being able to cope thanks to their partners. They also realized that they each become stronger the closer they are with their Partners.
  • Hiro has shown admiration to Katniss Everdeen when he learned about how she stood up against her society that would place children in death games. Especially when those who did it were adults. Hiro has a sour spot on adults who would use kids.
  • Both Hiro and Zero got a chance to interact with their predecessor of the "putting kids in giant robot battling monsters with physiological and sexual issues" with the EVA Children. The group are often contrast amongst themselves with Hiro being seen more proactive and who is able to express his love to his Love Interest compare to Shinji and Zero Two as the red headed love interest with emotional issues with Jerkass tendency who was able to get better when compare to Asuka and being a more emotional artificial creation to Rei. Though, neither group want to hear the compare/contrast of lover goes comatose with one boy not wanking off over her body.
    • Both pilots have also express their anger against Lorenzo Keele and Gendo Ikari. The first because his plan for Intrumentality meant putting everybody in the world in one mind which reminds them of VIRMS own plan. And for Gendo it's because as a father he was willing to manipulate his own son for his own gain.
  • The duo have gottton along very well with some of the fairy tales couples that dealt with curses like Ariel/Eric and Belle/Beast. But they have been most closest to the Liar Princess and Blind Princes since they reminded them of the picture book they both cherish.
  • Because of the cruel experiments Hiro saw Zero Two gone through, he developed a hatred towards scientists who would cruelly experiment on others like Hojo.
  • Despite her name, Zero Two has has no relations with the Kirby villain Zero. Despite that, the eye creature can sometimes be seen hovering around the female pilot.
  • Despite their appearance or their name, the two aren't related to onis or dinosaurs. Despite that, Mesogog has shown interest in the off chance their genes do contain traces of dinosaurs DNA and Yuugi Hoshiguma herself has attempted to invite them to some saki parties like real onis.
  • Zero Two has been shown hanging around Morrigan Aensland. It seems the succubus has been teaching the klaxo girl in ways to entice her darling. What ever that means.

    Irina Shidou 
Irina Shidou, The Self-Proclaimed Goddess of Malicious Misnaming (Self-Proclaiming Angel/Childhood Friend/Childhood Friend Angel/Raised In Japan, Ero-Angel Irina, Sister, + A, Heavenly Guardian, the Angel of Love and Hope)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Ace of Spades
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Church Militant, Cool Swords, Cloudcuckoolander, Raised Protestant, Spandex suits, Genki Girl, Issei's childhood friend, Dislikes being called "self-proclaimed", Would bed Issei if it didn't lead to her fall, Secretly extremely perverted, Girlish Pigtails, Valley Girl, Super Sentai Fangirl
  • Domains: Faith, Exorcism, Fighting
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Vali Lucifer (occasional Teeth-Clenched Teamwork), Bryan Fury, Demitri Maximoff, Satan, Ornstein, YHVH, Raynare, Judge Claude Frollo, Seymour Guado, Shinnok, Gul'dan.
  • Admires: Arturia Pendragon
  • Fangirl towards: Every Toku hero (especially those from Super Sentai)
  • Irina was a childhood friend of Issei. Though, he forgot about it. In fact, Issei sometimes forget that she is his childhood friend even though the two do hang out. It's because of this she label as the "Self-Proclaimed Childhood Friend". In fact, many people will call her the "Self-Proclaimed whatever". Suffice to say, she doesn't like the nickname.
  • The first thing she and Xenovia did after ascending was greet their ascended ORC pals, and suffice to say they were all happy to see the two here in the Pantheon.
  • Her and Xenovia are friends with Alexander Anderson, with which they often ally in various adventures. Though they're sometimes uneasy with him, given his unscrupulous views against those who are not Christian and the fact he's affiliated with the GUAL. Irina has made sure not to mention the fact she's actually Protestant anywhere near him.
  • Both her and Xenovia really hate Ornstein and Shinnok for messing with Issei: respectively, Ornstein is obsessed about killing him, being a half-dragon; Shinnok, instead, is planning to steal his Boosted Gear to gain its powers and become the only god of a certain position.
  • One time Seymour insulted Irina calling her "a no-good self-proclaimed exorcist", and invited her to be part of his church so "she can cleanse herself". It goes without saying that Irina is now antagonistic towards him.
  • Because of their shared wackiness, Irina and Xenovia allied themselves with the Council of Cloudcuckooland.
  • Harbors a certain dislike of YHVH. She finds him to be "too iron-fisted and too evil" to be the God she truly believed in, who is still dead. Even so, Irina doesn't like Lucifer either, calling him a 'total jerk'.
    • She and Xenovia express sympathy for Luka for this very reason when he told them about YHVH's Expy in Ilias and being Lucifer's own son. Still, they were quite glad when he told them to never stop believing in the their God, saying that he couldn't be any worse.
  • Compared to Xenovia, Irina can't last that long listening to Excalibur's stories before she gets annoyed of him; she can only last 15 minutes.
  • The House of Technology, to help Irina further her relationship with Issei, recreated the special dimension Archangel Michael created for her and Issei of they ever wanted to take their relationship to the next level with no fear of becoming a Fallen Angel. Bayonetta herself has also explicitly told Irina she is trying to create a potion or a charm to prevent falling just for Irina, and has also told her she has made a few upgrades to the House of Love to have similar positive effects.
  • Is very close friends with Ranko Kansaki. They are so close that Irina can understand her speak pattern which very few do. It might be because they have something in common.
  • She is a huge fan of Super Sentai as she and Issei would pretend to be them from time to time. So naturally she allied herself with some of the ascended Rangers.
    • She also allied herself with many of the ascended Angels in the Pantheon. She's very interested in Panty since she's able to have sex and not be a fallen angel, and also because her English voice is oddly similar to Rias, though she is rather annoyed with the fact that Panty often tries to have sex with Issei.
  • Turns out to have a slight advantage over some of the ascended ORC girls; she stole Issei's first kiss back when they were young.


Lesser Gods

    Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock 
Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita & Little Rock, Divine Quartet of Hometown Nicknames (Columbus: Ohio, 408 | Tallahassee: Florida | Wichita: Krista)
From left to right: Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock

Idubbbz TV, God of Appropriated Derogative Names (Ian Carter, Gay Retard, Niggerfaggot, Green Cunt, School Shooter, Old Man, Mr. Savage Himself, Edups, The Content Cop)
  • Lesser God (Greater God when assuming his Content Cop persona)
  • Symbol: His Youtube Icon
  • Theme Song: Otis McMusic (Usually when he adopts his Content Cop persona)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Attempts to be Lawful Good as the Content Cop but that hardly works.
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Country Matters, Gasshole, Likes to use some controversial words from time to time
  • Domains: Internet, Criticism, Insults, Destruction, Justice
  • Allies: Filthy Frank, Jontron
  • Enemies: Gnome Chompski
  • Opposed by: Tingle, Squirrels, People with Actual Disabilities
  • Acquiantanced with: Deidara, The House of Justice (Kinda)
  • This is IdubbbzTV, also known as Ian, a particular fellow who is a popular online celebrity. Became famous first because of his series of Bad Unboxing, Kickstarter Crap and Content Cop as well as numerous collaborations but the reason he reached godhood was after his Leafy Content Cop cemented him as Youtube's Memetic Badass. Meanwhile, in the pantheon, they just gave him a temple just because he has no problem with using insults other have thrown as him as a name.
  • Well, what does exactly Ian do as a job? Well, most people have said he is an electrician apprentice but that's has been deconfirmed by the man himself. Is he a reviewer? Well, kinda but most people don't really understand the point of his unboxing videos as he mostly breaks and throws around anything that is sent to him. Others would say he is part of the Pantheon's law forces in the House of Justice but that's...another story entirely.
  • Good friends with Filthy Frank, particularly because his rise to fame is thanks to their collaborations with the "Shrimp Boys saga". Many clamour for him and Ian to produce another collab with the pantheon denizens and also bring along their buddy Maxmoefoe but that's another thing in progress. Many fear that their next scheme will involve eating the most disgusting cake imaginable, even grosser than their last one and that involves Mystery Food X.
  • He was glad to know that his pals Ethan and Hila were around the pantheon and paid them a visit. But as usual, since for some reason their temple had their door broken, he had to get on top of the temple, break the ceiling and enter through the attic. This is the last time he visits the Kleins and next time he would meet them somewhere else.
  • Know for eating really disgusting food and shrugging it off. But ever since he started showing stomach problems, he doesn't do it anymore.
  • Rumored to be a member of the Akatsuki according to this video. He hasn't confirmed any rumors but he seems to be on good terms with Deidara of all people.
  • Sometimes he assumes his Content Cop Persona, where he reviews other people's channel and explains why they aren't good. But in the pantheon it's a different story, Officer Idubbbz usually does anything but being an actual competent cop, usually failing to capture even the most obvious criminals or even being constantly distracted by other things. One time, he even started chasing a kid who just was staring at him dumbfounded at what he was doing.
  • Apparently, he is in hot pursuit after Gnome Chompski, believing him to be a lacky of his Arch-nemesis, Gnomestar. Officer Idubbbz has chased after the garden gnome around all the pantheon but hasn't been successful in capturing. In actuality, the Gnome didn't even move from his temple.
  • He has another persona named "Green Cunt", someone who could be described as a "Retarded Alien with the strangest accent ever heard". Properly named after the green suit he wears, which is based on Tingle's attire and he didn't take lightly that someone was using his likeness to make fun of him.
  • He has a project called the "Release the Squirrels Initiative" where he plans to capture squirrels and study their behavior, then relocate them somewhere else. He tried to do something similar in the pantheon and his schemes got him in trouble with Makoto Nanaya, Screwy Squirrel and Squirrel Girl. Details about this are unknown.
  • Apparently, has crippling depression and Osteoporosis.
  • His reaction after finding out of his ascension was a mild one, but entertaining.

K', God of Code Names (K-Dash, Kay Dash)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Red Gloves on Fire
  • Theme Song: KD-0079
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Clones (But not in the traditional sense, mind you), Darker-Than-Predecessor Heroes, Playing with Fire, Cool Shades, Stoicness, Good Douchebags With Hearts of Gold, Blowing People Up With Thumbs Down, Disliking KOF Tournaments Yet Joining It, Characters Who Are More Popular Overseas Rather than His Home Country
  • Domains: Combat, Heroism, Fire, Clones
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Rugal Bernstein, Rau le Creuset, Brand
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Iori Yagami, Ash Crimson (the latter was a former enemy)
  • Pitied by: Alexstrasza
  • One would expect the person with such a title to be a laughing stock. And yet K' managed to turn it into a respectful position. There was a chance that taking over Kyo as the star of King of Fighters would cause a backlash, but he managed to nurture his own group of fans. He was also able to maintain his popularity while many of his own peers fell by the wayside. Kyo may have taken back his spotlight (and he does go in a pissing contest with the man at times), but K' for the most part is content with his current rank.
  • Despite his portfolio, he doesn't associate himself with Guts or think of replacing him. However, in any case a straightforward hero is out of commission, he's always ready to temporarily take the place... even if that means making the mission, adventure, or what-have-you a little darker...
  • He also wants to make it clear that he has no intention of jumping ship over to the GUAE. Brand thought he could win the white haired kid, focusing on his anger on his upbringing. All that did was to get himself hit with his Chain Drive.
  • Yes, he really never runs out of glasses. And no, he doesn't ever lend any to Guzma. He thinks the kid is a total dork.
  • When he realized that he had an Evil Counterpart of sorts in the Pantheon, namely Rau le Creuset, K's response was to confront him. When Rau talked down to him, K' put his hand forward, ignited it and smirked. The resulting inferno destroyed Rau's temple, which took weeks to rebuilt. Rau managed to get some payback, stripping K' of his rule over clones. Kyo theorized that K' just can't help buy wonder what would happen if he ended up just as Nihilistic as Rau.
    "I'm unimpressed with your bullshit... You're going down, even in your giant mech."
  • Is rather impressed to see Kula Diamond joining the ranks of the Pantheon. However, don't talk to him about the rumors of them being a couple. The last Deity who brought up the rumors around him ended up with a sizable lump on his head. With that said, there are plans to add their teammate Maxima into the fold.
  • Still holds a grudge with Ash Crimson, even when it was revealed Ash's deeds was a ruse. To him, Ash's fate was the perfect end for that character.
  • Iori doesn't pretend that he doesn't like K' In fact, he thinks of the clone as nothing more than a defect. It makes any teamup to be strained, even if they have the same goals a lot of times.
  • Has interesting conversations with Squall from time to time. The gunsword user gets frustrated whenever he is called "Cloud but with even more angst", Not only that, Cloud remains far more popular than him. K' does remind him that Squall does have his fans that have endured over the years.
  • His followers aren't well received in the superhero community. Many of them served to be a Darker and Edgier counterpart of them as to coincide with the nineties. Virtually none of them have managed to stick, and most of them failed to be that popular in the first place. K' hopes that he can train potential followers to be better.
    • One substitute did manage to ascend. Superboy managed to have an enduring enough of a fanbase to ascend into the Pantheon. He is no longer Superman's replacement, but remains the most popular Anti-Hero Substitute in the Pantheon, mostly by reforming himself.
  • Buffy also isn't much of a fan of K'. Most of her replacements ended up running amok at the expense of the Scoobies. Her anger has lessened somewhat with Faith becoming a better person.
  • Gil wasn't sure what to make of K'. His replacement didn't gel well with his work mates, but he was good at the job. He also won't have wanted the man die as he did on his world.
  • Was surprised to find a dragon right at his door step. It was Alexstrasza, the Goddess of Purifying Flame. She was surveying all of the fire deities in the Pantheon and found him to be an intriguing place. While most in the Pantheon have a hard time in the Pantheon, she recognized that he has had a rough life and wasn't used to companionship. While K' has refused the pity party, he didn't shoo the dragon away, a sign that he may have liked the company after all.

Owain, God of Naming Weapons (Eudes, Wood, Self-Proclaimed Chosen One, Odin Dark)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sword, Missletain
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfoilo: Giving names to any weapon, Large Ham, Magic Knight, Warrior Poet, Birthmark of Destiny, Hot-Blooded
  • Domains: Weapon, Magic
  • Allies: Chrom, Lissa, Lucina, Robin, Corrin, Leo and the other Nohrian Siblings, Kenshiro, Vulcan
  • Enemies: The House of Villains, Grima
  • Owain gives names to weapons as he believes bestowing a name gives the weapon a divine spirit and transforms it into a partner instead of just a tool.
  • Is skilled in weapon maintenance, likely due to his philosophy, and gets along with Vulcan for this reason.
  • Owain's exact lineage outside of his mother, Lissa, is not known. Common theories of his father include Vaike, Lon'qu, and a male Robin. Regardless of his father's identity, Owain equally values both parents.
    • In some cases with a female Robin, however, he is her husband and father of Morgan.
  • Receives a few snickers around the Pantheon whenever he mentions his sword hand twitching or his hand hungers.
  • There is only one name for a weapon which he has ever disapproved of: Pointy Demonspanker. Owain's reason for disapproval was because it was what Lucina renamed the legendary Falchion.
  • Owain's hammy behavior is actually an act to improve the moral of his friends. After Grima's defeat in a future of despair, Owain stopped his theatrics because people started responding favorably to them.
  • Parasoul once mistook Owain for one of her Egrets due to similar voices and hamminess.
    • Rin Tohsaka has mistaken Owain for Archer due to similar reasons.
  • Owain has mistaken the voice of Nagisa, Yuno, and Saber for those of his mother.
  • Owain once got in a scuffle with Gilgamesh when the former went on a quest for the legendary sword Excalibur. Gilgamesh claimed to have it, and offered to let Owain borrow it for a week if he could give him the Mystletainn in exchange. Both parties were later disappointed when they discovered they had swapped Excalipoor and Missletainn by accident, with Owain getting the raw end of the deal since Missletainn isn't that useless. They fought, and Owain managed to get back his original sword, but the experience has left him a little bitter towards the red-robed swordsman and eager for a rematch.
  • Eventually, Owain finally met the real Excalibur. While both had similar personalities, it ended with Owain making the (ﺧ益ﺨ) face saying that he would need more training before he could wield such a sword.
  • Owain's meeting with Sigurd and Seliph resulted in the latter two mistaking Owain's personal sword for the legendary Mystletainn. To their relief, the Missletain turned out to be an ordinary sword.
  • Holds a book containing tales of his adventures in another realm. Owain states that he will not reveal its contents until the proper time as the information within would add to the trauma his uncle Chrom suffered upon learning about possibly becoming a great grandfather.
    • Speculation about the contents of Owain's book intensified when he met Corrin, as Corrin seemed to already know Owain, but referred to him as "Odin" (or "Odin Dark") and asked why he wasn't practicing magic anymore. Owain first insisted that Corrin simply mistook him for someone else, and later stated that he switches classes to pick up additional skills, but many believe otherwise...
    • The time to reveal eventually arrive when he met his liege there, Prince Leo of Nohr, who blew his secrets. Owain ended up revealing everything, but as Leo assured, nothing bad went on. Some of them were even impressed. Even they're also surprised on how Owain, as Odin, will father a very adorable daughter named Ophelia. But they'll still hide that fact from his mother Lissa, because they think her getting revealed as a grandma at such a young age would be too much for her... until the cover was blown thanks to Soleil. When Lissa asked about it, before she could say she's not even mad, this escaped Owain's lips while he's holding his head and looking to the sky: "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Salamandinay, Goddess of Getting Misnamed By Accident (Sala, Salako, Salasa, Descendant of Progenitor Aura, Princess of the Freyja Family, Lieutenant Guardian)
  • Lesser Goddess by default, moves over to Greater Goddess rank after stepping into her Enryugo
  • Theme Song: Towagatari ~Kaze no Uta~, Towagatari ~El Ragna~ (shared with Ange)
  • Symbol: Her crown, alternatively the dragon statue atop of her Enryugo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Our Dragons Are Different, Winged Humanoid, Ange's Anti-Thesis, Little Bit Beastly, Gadgeteer Genius, Oriental Babe, Polite, Graceful, and Knows When to Throw Down, Friendly Rivalry with Ange, Confusing Names
  • Domains: Dragons, War, Machines, Misnaming
  • Allies: Ange, Tusk, Hilda, Tomoe (another Worthy Opponent), Amaterasu, Sora, Spyro, Caro Ru Lushe, Keiko Ayano, Millhiore Filiano Biscotti, Issei Hyoudo, Rias Gremory, Irina Shidou, Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man, Chie Satonaka, Nepgear, Bahamut, Alexstrasza.
  • Enemies: Embryo, Ornstein, Acnologia, Deathwing.
  • Opposes: The Ice King
  • When you need to fly, you need wings. When you don't have the redbull to give you wings, you can't fly. So most would find it very useful to have wings so they could get anywhere at anytime. A good example for this would be Salamandinay, who not only has these wings, but also knows how to use them. There's also the fact that her name is so confusing that almost no one outside of her subjects can get it right.
  • Despite being described as a dragon, Sala's appearance is mostly human. Of course, it doesn't really stop her from being proud of her dragonic linage. Then again, that's what she really is. A mutated human.
  • While she holds the honor of being the only one to defeat Ange in on-foot-combat, Tomoe once pointed out that the only reason she was able to do that was because of her wings and wouldn't have been able to beat Ange so easily without them. Taking it as a challenge, Salamandinay faced Tomoe in a sword duel, without her wings to support her. The spectators described the battle to be something of legend, as if they were watching Raiden and Samuel Rodriguez fighting it out again. Sala just barely won, but Tomoe expressed that her skills with the sword are the genuine article and would like to fight her again.
  • Enjoys the company of Millhiore and joins her for tea from time to time.
  • Acnologia considers her to be an insult to dragon kind, not only for being in a relationship with a human of the same gender and using human technology, but also for "daring" to not shed her "human form", and thus an worth the effort of killing. She proved to be very difficult task with her Enryugo, managing to get some easy shots on him, but eventually needed Ange's help. Acnologia was forced into a retreat, but declared that he would return. Ange and Salamandinay had no choice but to declare him their enemy.
  • In her campaign against Embryo, she had learned that Ange had become allies with Issei Hyoudo. Issei was more than happy to get more help against the man he calls "King Bastard", although she wasn't initially spared from his perverted shenanigans. Being very good at reading people, Salamandinay takes them to stride and sees him as very honorable despite being a pervert. She's even coined him as the "Anti-Embryo". You know why? While he's often brash and constantly ranting out loud about the wonders of boobs, she can tell that he has a great respect for women and is loath to see them treated badly. Embryo on the other hand comes off as polite and a gentleman but treats women as his playthings and has raped at least one of them, and nearly would have raped Ange had she and the others not been able to arrived to save her on time.
  • Despite looking like someone who wouldn't tinker with machines, she's very good with machines and often visits the House of Technology to find ideas for new tech. She's usually seen with Tony Stark when developing something new.
  • She get's along fine with Chie Satonaka as they share something in common. Ditto with Nepgear.
  • Nearly found herself kidnapped by the Ice King, who wanted to marry her. It didn't help that she liked messing with science just like a certain Princess Bubblegum. She quickly booted him out of her temple.

Talandar, God of Meaningful Renaming ("Fenix", Purifier Executor)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Purifier symbol
  • Theme Song: The Firstborn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Prototype Purifier unit, Uploaded memories of Praetor Fenix, Proud and Fierce like his original, Found out he's not the original "Fenix", Renamed himself to Talandar
  • Domains: Renaming, Machine
  • Allies: Artanis, Tassadar, Jim Raynor, Orisa, Astro Boy, John McClane
  • Rivals: Scarface
  • Enemies: Amon, Ultron, SKYNET, SHODAN
  • Opposed: Dr. Maxis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Alarak
  • Talandar was the Purifier unit with the memories of Praetor Fenix, a brave and proud Protoss warrior. However, he found out that he himself is not the true "Fenix" and only a robotic copy of him, a duplicate of another Protoss, but he got eventually got over it. He decided to give himself a new name so that he doesn't associate with Fenix, as the name belongs to another, and gave himself the name, Talandar, meaning "one who bears a strong heart".
  • He is very proud to see his "old" friend Artanis, again. Though he is not the true Fenix, he feels very proud of him as a warrior and leader. He respects Tassadar who he meet for the first time as he was just a prototype and Tassadar was dead while he was still in stasis, but he believed that Fenix would remain loyal at his side for what Tassadar's belief in protecting the Protoss.
  • He noticed that machine known as Orisa bear some resemblance to him like the hindlegs. Regardless, Talandar respects the Omnic because of her bravery and protectiveness.
  • As a warrior, Talandar eagerly enter the fight to face some worthy foes. He has three different Armor Shells for combat: his Praetor armor which has a defensive shield and a powerful spin attack, the Solarite Dragoon, loaded with a powerful solar cannon and an overcharge, and the Cybros Arbiter, which has the attributes of the old Khalai Arbiter: a cloaking field, recall, and stasis.
  • As he bear the memories of Fenix long before he ever encountered the Terrans, he doesn't remember anything about Jim Raynor and how he helped the Protoss. However, despite that, he respects Raynor as a warrior and if he was a great companion to Fenix, then he'll be a greater companion to him as well.
  • Talandar found pity for Astro Boy as he was created as a replacement for Dr. Tenma's deceased son but he was abandoned by him because he couldn't completely replace him. However, he found admiration for the little robot boy for his courage and determination in fighting for justice.
  • He remembered many of Fenix's tales and sometimes recall them to several deities. Some of those stories resemble some exploits by several deities like John McClane's life in two different occasions. He loved to hear some of their tales as he considered it very valiant and bold.
    • Another of Fenix's tale was encountering an unknown alien that hunted him down. Talandar found Scarface to be the same alien based on the description from Fenix's tale. He hoped to challenge the creature that Fenix face to the death so that he could make the Predator into the prey.
  • Talandar warned Dr. Maxis that he would destroy his mechanical brain (wherever it is) if he dared try to take control of his robotic armors.
  • Talandar's stance on being a replica of another person or being is that everyone (regardless of origin) should have their own path that they should take, considering that he himself had to deal with being a copy of Fenix. With those that have the mind turned into machine or AI, he still holds to that belief although he comes to understand that not everyone has the same dilemma as he have. Although, he does come to value those that are their own selves in spite of being copies as they have found their own paths while fighting in pride against their foes.
  • He is not very pleased with Ultron trying to convince him with joining in his side to destroying humanity. While he care less about Terrans for all the time he knew so little of them, he saw some valiant individuals among them and he knew it would betray Artanis's will to harm them. Talandar made it clear that if he and Ultron were to see each again, it would be in the battlefield.

Van, The God With Multiple Names and Patron Protector of Weddings (Van the Devil Swallowtail Suit, Van of the Dawn (his favorite), Van That Weird Guy Who Helped Out, Van Za Naisu Gai, Pretty Van From The Garbage Dump... gah, too many to list)


    Epic Voice Guy 
The following is an Honest Profile

Epic Voice Guy, Herald of Brutal Honesty and Divine Nicknamer of the Pantheon
Jon Bailey, a prominent Epic Voice Guy
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: The Screen Junkies logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Nicknamer, Brutal Honesty, Everyone Has Standards, Not So Stoic at times, Making Fun of Movies and Video Games
  • Domains: Voiceovers, Comedy, Criticism
  • Deities Nicknamed by him: Too many to list
  • Filmmakers Whose Works were Made Fun of: M. Night Shyamalan, George Lucas, Walt Disney, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Joss Whedon
  • Odd Relations: Deadpool, XCOM
  • You have seen ordinary trailers, teaser trailers that tell you so little about something so far from release, trailers that reveal so much that you may as well not bother checking out the release proper, trailers that don't even try to be correct about crucial points, and literal trailers. Now, get ready for the only kind of trailer so truthful that it will almost hurt your enjoyment of something next time you check it out. Honest Trailers. Listen along to a guy with an awesome voice as he goes around talking about what to expect in a movie or video game, followed by giving your favorite and not-so-favorite characters random nicknames.
  • Enter the TV Tropes Pantheon; a place where almost every fictional character that you can think of, plus some real-life figures, is here. It's a place where everyone's expectations of heaven and hell collide so hard it becomes the only place out there where war never ends, yet people just go around minding their own ordinary day-to-day issues. If you're asking about me, I'm more or less just a voice in the middle of nowhere. Should you manage to meet up with me physically and recognize my voice, that's cool.
  • Don't expect much shock when it comes to encountering many notable filmmakers such as Spielberg, Kubrick, and Disney, sometimes together in the same room. Because seriously, in a place like the Pantheons, why wouldn't you expect notable people to be here? If anything, I'm surprised that M. Night Shyamalan even got a spot here despite a handful of his films being crap.
  • Witness among other places in the Pantheon the House of Music; a place where anything resembling coherent noise is made to be listened to by others, sometimes with the bonus of words. If it gets stuck on you for a really long time, then it's your problem. It's actually a popular place for others such as "Weird Al" Yankovic to go to perform their stuff. For all those parody songs that Honest Trailers has done, it's sort of surprising he hasn't contributed anything to them yet.
  • As one of the more notable voices when it comes to explaining movies in an entertaining manner, expectations are set in expecting others like that in the Pantheon. There's actually only a few in that field present, most notably The Nostalgic Critic. Dude, you still owe me for all that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise crap that you subjected me to. That stage show was already ridiculous on its own.
  • Think that the Pantheon is always about war and senseless violence? Well, if you saw a villain hang out in a shopping mall casually, then congratulations, you've proven yourself wrong. The Pantheon is a place where anyone can relax if they aren't going to die. If I'm just narrating day-to-day activities of some random people, then you know the Pantheon isn't active.
  • Always evolving as the result of random internet people having too much time in their hands, the TV Tropes Pantheon never rests with...
    Deadpool: This place just can't catch a break, huh?
    E.V.G.: Deadpool?! How in the world did you even get to this profile?!
    Deadpool: Just felt like it. Besides, you know how I've managed to get involved with your Honest Trailers for my films.
    E.V.G.: Yes, I do; especially with your second movie. But now isn't the time for you to just butt in all of a sudden.
    Deadpool: Come on, I've always wanted to make fun of the whole Pantheon like what you're doing. Especially when there's other fourth-wall breakers beyond me out there.
    E.V.G.: Well go do it somewhere else.
    Deadpool: This, among other things, is why we aren't fully friends even I would like it. Until then...leaves
    E.V.G.: (beat) If what he said about more fourth-wall breakers is true, then my job just got harder.
  • Grab your smartphone or computer, get a snack, and be prepared to spend a disproportionately large amount of time on an expansive crossover forum game...which is ultimately just a smaller subsection of a wiki website with so many articles that you may as well be looking at them even as you're reading this profile. Hell, you might even be reading other profiles from here for that matter and probably getting spoiled on things you plan to follow later on.
  • Starring...Loads and Loads of Characters, Imagination, outdated memes, unironic anachronisms, more Pokémon nicknames, gratuituous anime moments, Five Nights too Tired, high-ranking laziness, characters that know each other because of similar voices or something, Mainstream Obscurity, and "Armageddon is the New Normal". The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History.
  • If this place really was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, then trying to extend it outside of an online game will be an issue. Then again, it's just a fan-game on a corner of the Internet and I can't predict what all those companies are going to think of it.

TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life
Gotta go fast!
John Johannson joins journeys just to joke.
This will be an internet meme whether you want it or not.
Because I'm Batnam!

    Kimihito Kurusu 
Kimihito Kurusu, God of Affectionate Nicknames (Darling, Master, Husband, Sir, Honey, Sweetie, Babe, Dear, Boyfriend)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of human Legs (it's kind of complicated)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Made of Iron, Determinator, Crazy-Prepared, Blank White Eyes, Badass Normal, Got Volunteered, Nice Guy, Only Known by Their Nickname, Near-Death Experience, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass
  • Domains: Interspecies Romance, Exchange Programs
  • Followers: Beauty, Furuichi
  • Allies: Miia, Papi, Centorea, Suu, Meron, Rachnera, Lala (his Fiancés), Tenchi, Mahiro Yasaka, Issei Hyodo, Mordecai and Rigby, Luka (who he has sympathy for), Spike, Squigly, Bulma, Dante, Alice
  • Uneasy around: Bayonetta
  • Enemies: Anyone that rapes people (Like Griffith)
  • When he ascended he was immediately tackled by Miia who coiled around his body, nearly choking him to death.
  • Another thing that was interesting is that when he ascended he he was expecting something like this to happen to him eventually.
  • The Pantheon notices most of the time his eyes are completely white and very rarely shows how his eyes really looks.
  • He is a frequent visitor of the house of death due to his lovers'...antics.
  • He avoids the Lust section of the House of Love because of Bayonetta because well She's Got Legs and Kimihito is a leg man.
    • In fact one time he was visiting his wives only to be come face to face with the Umbran Witch. His response?...Jumps into a cold lake and says "I am going to cool off my head in here for a while"
  • He’s on good terms with Issei]] seeing that he has a harem and Issei frequently goes to him for advice on how he maintains his harem.
    • He’s also on good terms with Spike due to the both of them being generally nice guys and have a love interest that is a different species than themselves .
    • Luka on the other he has some sympathy for considering that he attracts nearly every monster goddess in pantheon because of this Kimihito helped arrange for his wife Alice to ascension to help ease some of the problems; it will also help his harem a great deal due to Luka's "Good Smell". Of course, it's been a double-edged sword, as Alice has been teaching them...the finer tips of inter-species-romance in the bedroom.
    • As a fellow owner of a harem Tenchi has been giving some pointers to keep his lovers from causing too much damage.
  • Mordecai and Rigby are on good terms with Kimihito seeing they have seemed to be a magnet for the weird and Kimihito isn't fazed by anything that is happening around him.
    • Although they are quite astonished about how nonchalant he is about having monster girls as his brides to be.
  • Despite his real name being Kimihito Kurusu most of The Pantheon calls him Darling seeing that's one thing he is frequently known by. Even his friend Issei doesn't use his name, calling him 'Dude' instead.
  • Originally was wary around Squigly, who he thought was yet another monster girl attracted to him. After she made it clear she wasn't, he started to enjoy spending time with her, comparing her somewhat to a much more lady-like Zombina.
  • He is disgusted with Griffith because of his heinous acts.
  • Despite his personality and kindness he is very protective of his wives and has a powerful right. Some people from his world from found out about this the hard way.
  • Dante has been hired to help Kimihito Kurusu and protect the Monster Girls from potential troubles. While at first he was hesitant and wanted everyone to believe it was only for the payment, Dante eventually warmed up to them and made friends with both Kimihito himself and with all of the girls. Likewise, at first the Monster Girls were scared and untrustful towards the demon slayer, but soon enough befriended him and came to accept his demonic heritage after seeing his good side as he helped them several times (being the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda probably helped). These days he hangs around them, shares a place over dinner and helps out whenever needed, though he refuses to partake in any of the more humiliating tasks.
    • Feels mutually uneasy around Rachnera, Suu and Lala due to them reminding him of some of his past enemies, though eventually they learned to respect each other and are on good terms. Meroune Lorelei and Centorea Shianus feel sympathy towards Dante due to having a tragic past and for Centorea due to being a fellow Half-Human Hybrid. The latter also challenged Dante to a duel, but was quickly defeated effortlesly without being harmed at all. Dante told Cerea his demon blood gives him an unfair advantage, but assures he will never hurt her due to being a friend and making a promise he will protect them. While a bit ashamed and envious, Centorea values Dante as an ally, a fellow non-human and a superior swordsman even to this day.
    • Out of all the girls Miia seems to be treating him the best (possibly due to being a red-skinned, yellow-eyed reptillian humanoid in his Devil Trigger form), something which has earned her the half-devil's friendship. However she also acts slightly weird and shy, making everyone think she has feelings of attraction towards Dante. Miia obviously denies this and says she will never cheat on her Darling. Despite this, all the Gods and Goddesses have seen that she is happier when Dante is around her and sadder when he is away on his demon-hunting duties.
  • Had the misfortune to run across Nyarlathotep at one point. He managed to escape (relatively) unscathed, but the encounter still haunts him. For some reason, the Eldritch Abomination seemed oddly familiar, as if they had met before...

MarvelousAQL, The Goddess who's Only Known by Their Nickname (Marvy)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Logo of Marvelous Inc. (Which is also her Idiot Hair)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Only Known By Their Code Name, Them Big Tittays, Red-Headed Hero, Absolute Cleavage, Stripperiffic, Music Note Pupils, Shinobi Ninja, Dark and Troubled Past, Taking The Names And Weapons of Her Two Dead Teammates, Told To Never Stop Smiling
  • Domains: Ninjas, Creators, Names
  • Allies: The CPUs, Histoire, IF, Compa, Yellow Heart, Nepgear, Rom and Ram, every god from Senran Kagura, The Farmer, The Time Goddess, Mamori Tokonome, Mirei Shikishima, Rain Hasumi, Lady J, Kasumi, Kasuga, Kaede Nagase, Sheena Fujibayashi
  • Enemies: Arfoire
  • Her part in regards to Only Known by Their Nickname is double-fold: Not only does everyone call her "Marvy" due of her name being too long, but her "actual name" is actually a Code Name. A code name she made for herself by combining the names of her two dead comrades. No one is sure what her real name is. And she ain't telling.
  • Noted being pretty much the Hanzou Academy Girls mashed together to create a brand new character. Of course, due to her being based on the company who created the series, it is no surprise. She gets along with everyone, though she has awkward time talking with Asuka due of how both of them sound.
    • Though there is one thing what is quite different from them: she (or anyone else) never calls her a shinobi. Sure, she and everyone refers to her with any possible term for ninja as possible, but never shinobi.
    • Most of the Senran Kagura deities also wonder why she is only a Demigoddess, even though she is probably on par with a regular shinobi student. She doesn't bother to argue with how things are.
    • Aside of Senran Kagura characters, she is allies with The Farmer, The Time Goddess and the Valkyrie Drive deities, other Marvelous characters.
  • She has plenty of "life" but no one is sure how her "hometown" is doing.
  • She spends quite a lot of time in House of Music, as she is actually a musician, and has had parts in musicals. Apparently this was because she was once a bodyguard to an actress.
  • As you might guess, she enjoys the company of other female ninjas like Kasumi, Kasuga and Kaede.
  • Ever since the time when Mirai found out that Marvy has a copy of Mirai's Shinobi Transformation costume in her closet, Mirai appeared noticeably surprised the first time Marvy wore it in public.
  • She really like Futomaki rolls, as she claims that she has eaten them every day as far as she can remember. Any connections to her chest size is unknown.
  • She is capable of teaching other people ninja arts and what not, though she asks not to ask how to do wind-based moves, at least at first. The time she tried teaching Neptune some ended in disaster.
  • She is considered one of most cheerful deities in the Pantheon, as she seems to never loose her smile for a long time. That is because she promised her two comrades that she should never stop smiling.


Jerome McElroy, God of Being Called By His Profession (Chef, Abdul Mohammed Jabar Rauf Kareem Ali, Darth Chef)


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