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Greater Gods

    Te Fiti 
Te Fiti, Goddess of Alias Revelations (Te Kā)
Te Fiti
Te Kā
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her heart
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil as Te Kā
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Color Motifs, Genius Loci, Big Good, Mother Nature, Person of Mass Construction, Turtle Island
  • Domains: Restorations, Creation, Life, Lava
  • High Priest: Kuniteru Emoto
  • Allies: Moana, Maui, Gaea, Xerneas, The Entity, Spring Sprite, Captain Planet, Aang, Katara, The Guardian Deities, Ash Ketchum, Hestia, Gon Freecss
  • Odd Friendship: Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze and the Kamen Rider Club
  • Enemies: Tamatoa, Ragnaros, Xehanort's Incarnations, Hexxus, The Lich, Firebird
  • Opposes: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • Conflicting Opinion: Viridi
  • Te Fiti is a kind and nurturing goddess responsible for the creation of life in her world. However, when Maui stole her heart, she became the vengeful lava monster Te Kā and swore to destroy the world that she helped created. It wasn't until Moana saved her that she came back to who she once was, thanking her for what she did and restoring the world back to life.
  • The former holder, Kuniteru Emoto, decided to "sacrifice" himself so that Te Fiti could ascend in his former position while he took a back seat as her high priest and his protege's herald. He considers it a peaceful retirement, accepting the Court's decision to place him as her guide to what to expect in the wackiness of the Pantheon. Should it prove necessary, he sometimes serves (in his Zodiarts form) as Te Fiti's eyes and ears, using his feathers to deliver messages to other nature deities in the Pantheon distant from the House of Characterization. Naturally, this makes her allies with Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club as well. The more the merrier!
  • Moana and Maui heard the news that Te Fiti has ascended, rushing to her temple to see what she's been doing. The goddess is happy to see Moana and Maui again and thanked them for restoring her to life (more so on Moana). She's proud on Moana's new position and hopes that her new position will help her to give more nourishment to newly discovered islands during her slumber.
  • Her heart became such a treasure that people like Tamatoa seek to sought for it for their own purposes. She's not proud about this out of fear of becoming Te Kā again and seeking to destroy her world as well as the Pantheon. As a result, her temple's security has been increased with Moana and a reluctant Maui visiting her once in a while to protect her.
    • As a lava monster, Ragnaros has expressed interest stealing her heart as he thinks that Te Kā is the hotter side of her. Of course, she isn't having any of that and thinks he is way more destructive than her other self. People like Master Xehanort, Ansem, and Xemnas wanted to do the same thing due to their association with evil and think she's a valuable entity in their plans.
  • As the goddess who created the world as well as Mother Nature, she met other divine deities who are essentially Mother Nature like or at least represent nature. She likes Gaea for being a nature goddess like her and forming the Planeteers to protect their planet, even if she doesn't like some parts of her. She respects Viridi's desire to protect nature, but thinks that her hatred of humanity is too much which is why half of their conversations are rather mixed. She supports Xerneas and is intrigued by their ability to give eternal life. The latter feels bad for her situation and promises to help her whatever they can. She finds The Entity to be a kind creator whose sacrifice to keep his universe from dying is something she could admire. She quickly befriended the Spring Sprite and admires her ability to restore things back to life. The Spring Sprite feels bad for her situation and considers her to be a much nore tragic version of the Firebird and promises to help her to protect her heart.
  • She admires Captain Planet for being someone who wants to protect their own planet from all the horrible man-made activities that humans are causing and that he's still willing to save them, believing that they can change their ways. The entity returns her sentiment and is horrified of her other form, which is why he swore to protect her so that Te Te Kā wouldn't destroy life.
  • Aang and his wife Katara are a couple who wanted to protect the balance of the world. They support Te Fiti for wanting to create life in the best way possible and feel bad for her situation as Te Kā could bring the unbalance that they oppose. They wanted to help her and promise that they would protect her from her enemies who want to steal her heart.
  • Thanks to her newfound Pokemon allies, she met Ash Ketchum, an aspiring Pokemon Trainer who befriended a lot of Legendary and Mystical Pokemon who tries to help them on their problems. Being the hero he is and because her problem ultimately reminds him of the problems his Pokemon friends faced, he promises to help return her heart if it is ever stolen.
  • She respects the Guardian Deities for wanting to protect their islands from harm and being a sentient island herself doesn't put harm to it. She gets along with Tapu Bulu the most due to being the most benevolent of the four and his association with trees and vegetation.
  • The Weather Trio hates her as Te Kā for different reasons: Kyogre because she reduces sea levels by her volcanic pressure and could be a target of her's. Rayquaza because she threatens the existence of humanity as a whole. Groudon will actually tolerate her because they both expand land by volcanic activity, seeing that she opposes humanity made them enemies. They're otherwise fine with her as Te Fiti seeing that she is a completely benevolent deity.
  • As a deity who created life, she hates Hexxus and The Lich, enemies of the nature of life by causing pollution on it. She ultimately fears the latter after hearing the many deeds he committed and considers him to be worse than her other form. They are certainly amused by her situation and wanted to steal her heart to see the destruction she could cause.
  • She hates the Firebird as well after hearing that he destroyed the world through his powers and being the evil personification of destruction and that he has some similarities with her other form makes it worse. Hearing about Te Kā, the Firebird finds a kindred spirit in her other form and hopes that he could steal her heart to meet her corrupted form, which Te Fiti doesn't take lightly of course.
  • Because of her situation as Te Fiti, she is afraid of a lot of fire-based monsters. Hestia and Ghost Rider tried to convince her that this is not the case. Later on, she befriended the former, finding her different from the fire-based deities she met so far, finding her to be pleasant company she could have a conversation with. And while she doesn't like some part of Ghost Rider's vengeance, he at least only does it to the wicked and is actually a good person who doesn't want her to become the monster she doesn't want to be.
  • Opposes Poison Ivy for using her plant powers to commit terrorism, even if she acknowledges that she's doing it to protect nature from abusive humans. Hearing abou Te Fiti's situation, Poison Ivy is at least willing to team up with certain people to make sure it won't happen as she hates fire-based people.
  • Gon could sympathize with her on what it's like to become a different version of themselves after losing something (or someone in Gon's case) important to them to the point they're willing to cause chaos to fulfill their vengeance and feels much more bad for her than himself since she didn't become someone else out of free will while Gon forced himself to age up by sacrificing his entire nen to avenge Kite. She understood why he may do it but she couldn't easily forgiven after hearing that he's willing to kill an innocent girl to fulfill his vengeance. Other than that, the two get along as she could see that he regretted for what he did and loves how nice and understanding he can be.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Characterization.

Yubaba, the Goddess of Taking Away Names
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A silhouette of her bathhouse
  • Theme Music: Yubaba
  • Alignment: A mix of Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil, with doses of Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Literally steals names to enslave others, Transforms humans and spirits into pigs as punishment, Wicked Witch, Only cares about money and her son, Mama Bear, Heavy smoker, Ugly to a jarring degree even by the standards of her world, Associates with crows and ravens, Is an identical twin with her sister who has the exact opposite personality, The Cain to Zeniba's Abel, Tries to be a Reasonable Authority Figure and honors deals
  • Domains: Magic, Names, Japanese Spirits, Witches and Wizards
  • Herald: Boh
  • High Priest: Doopliss
  • Allies: Baba Yaga, Mr. Krabs, Most spirits and fae (especially of the Japanese variety)
  • Enemies: No Face, Mario, Conal Cochran, Terrence Fletcher, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Lady Tremaine
  • Opposed by: Iroh, Madame Foster
  • Conflicting Opinion: Chihiro
  • The owner of a bathhouse in the spirit world, Yubaba is a greedy and cruel witch who runs her business with an iron fist; working her employees tirelessly and having them bend over backward to satisfy the rich customers, and conducting some dirty work on the side. When Chihiro and her parents stumbled into the spirit world by accident, Yubaba transformed the girl's mother and father into pigs for eating food meant for the spirits, and was about to do the same to Chihiro until she requested to work under the witch in her bathhouse: something Yubaba had to accept as she had sworn an oath to take in anyone who asks for a job. Though proving to be a reasonable figure, aiding Chihiro in cleaning what was thought to be a "stink spirit", Yubaba was nonetheless an antagonistic figure who kept Chihiro captive in the spirit world and had gotten Haku, who had been crucial help to the girl in surviving the spirit world, mortally wounded by sending him to steal from her identical twin sister, Zeniba.
  • Yubaba ascended into the Pantheon soon after she had caught wind of the place; after personally investigating and seeing immense wealth potential in the Pantheon inhabitants, Yubaba requested the Court of the Gods to become an official goddess. Given her penchant for stealing the names of those under her employ to keep them under her service, it was decided that Yubaba would become the goddess of Take Away Their Name.
  • Immediately upon ascending, Yubaba had a second version of her bathhouse constructed within the Pantheon, which was made to be her official temple. The witch also uses it as a secondary home for her and her beloved son, Boh, whom she selected to be her herald.
  • True to her trope, Yubaba is very much intent on taking the names of others in the Pantheon to make them subservient to her, and had actually managed to do so to some unfortunate folks who decided to find work at her bathhouse. Very quickly, a warning was issued throughout the Pantheon to never sign a contract with Yubaba, among anything else that could allow the witch to steal one's name, lest they forever be her captive. This warning offended Yubaba to a degree, but at the same time she could find pride in it, as it established her as a figure not to be trifled with.
  • Was filled with mixed feelings on seeing Chihiro again within the Pantheon. On one hand, Yubaba is still sore over the human girl leaving the witch's employ, especially after causing costly damage to her bathhouse via letting No Face into the building without permission. Chihiro was also responsible for Haku, then Yubaba's unwilling right-hand man, remembering his true name, and thus was able to quit his "apprenticeship" with the hag, which Yubaba can never forgive. But on the other hand, Chihiro had kept Boh safe while he was a mouse, and did do an exemplary job with cleaning that river spirit. And Chihiro did agree to take the final test Yubaba arranged for her, which she passed fairly. Regardless of how she feels about the girl, Yubaba trusts Chihiro enough as a friend for Boh to tag along with outside the bathhouse, but refuses to acknowledge Chihiro by her true name but specifically by the name the witch gave her: Sen.
  • While she has mixed feelings for Chihiro, she absolutely hates No Face; even if his trespassing into her bathhouse was Chihiro's fault, the spirit nonetheless distracted all her workers from their jobs by offering them fake gold in exchange for expensive food, ate her workers, and caused costly damage to her property. Not to mention the whole "vomiting moment" that the witch has yet to live down.
  • Very soon after joining the Pantheon, Yubaba came across Baba Yaga and the two Fair Folk witches quickly became the best of friends due to their many commonalities. Baba Yaga, in many ways, reminds Yubaba of her estranged twin sister, Zeniba, who also lives a solitary life in a forest, but Baba Yaga's personality is closer to her own. Even if the Witch of the Woods is on the chaotic side of things compared to Yubaba's lawful manners. Although Yubaba is wary of Baba Yaga's baby-eating ways and keeps her away from Boh, just to be safe.
  • Relates with Mr. Krabs, as he too is the proprietor of a famous establishment who loves money, mistreats his employees, and is the loving parent of an oversized child. Helps that Yubaba isn't bothered by Mr. Krabs' lapses in morality, nor is he a disrespectful and smelly human. Though she does think he could stand to spare some expenses for the sake of Pearl, just as she does for Boh. Given the nature of her native world, though, Yubaba mistakes Mr. Krabs to be a "Crab Spirit" and always calls him as such.
    • In general, Yubaba tries to maintain friendly relations with fellow businessmen, if only so they would be more inclined to spend their money at her bathhouse. However, Yubaba has limits, and Conal Cochran is chief among those she wants no business with; his attempted mass-slaughter of countless children being too much even for her.
  • Having had his name stolen before and how much grief it caused him, Mario is naturally against Yubaba's name-stealing ways and is active in preventing the witch from taking any more names. She doesn't take kindly to this in the slightest and tries to fight off Mario whenever he interferes, but he's a much trickier foe than she allows herself to admit.
  • With her practice of enslaving other spirits to work in her bathhouse under cruel and exhausting conditions, Yubaba is one of the few individuals to gain the ire of Iroh. In spite of that, though, the witch finds herself being regularly visited by the Dragon of the West with his best tea in an effort to convince her to be less harsh: Iroh sympathizing with Yubaba's love and protectiveness of her son, and from that believing there is some inner generosity within the witch that can be brought out (but being smart enough to not allow her to take his name). His attempts have yet to work, but Yubaba does think of Iroh as one of the few "good humans".
  • Also one of the few deities Madame Foster, a fellow old lady who founded and manages a large building that houses countless wondrous entities, dislikes. And unlike Iroh, Madame Foster makes no attempt to reach out to any inner goodness of Yubaba, seeing her as nothing more than a greedy and cruel hag. Yubaba isn't bothered by the madame's judgement, although she does take offense to being criticized for her cruelty of her employees by the human elder; pointing out in retaliation that Ms. Foster has no room to talk when she allowed her own granddaughter to work like a slave under Mr. Herriman.
  • Yubaba finds Terrence Fletcher's abusiveness with his students too much even for her. As cruel as she is with her own employees, the witch tries to be a Reasonable Authority Figure and does reward exceptional work from a worker.
  • Given how much she loves her son and keeps him protected at all costs, Yubaba is absolutely disgusted with Dr. Sofia Lamb for her intentions of her own daughter. The witch is nothing short of eager to take Sofia's name, if only to punish her for terrible motherhood.
  • Is among the many deities who hates Lady Tremaine for her treatment of Cinderella. While acknowledging the number of people she overworks and treats cruelly, Yubaba is quick to point out that she reserves such treatment to her employees, composed of spirits and humans that have no familial relation to her. Tremaine, on the other hand, does such things to her own daughter. Step-daughter perhaps, but a daughter all the same. Yubaba is also unimpressed with how Tremaine got her wealth and status: marrying a nobleman. For all her vices, the witch achieved her fortune and high status by providing service to her fellow spirits (even if she makes others do all the actual work).
  • "What a pretty name… And it belongs to me now!"

Intermediate Gods

    Asgore Dreemurr 
King Asgore Dreemurr, God of Lame Names (The King of the Monsters, Gorey, Lord Fluffybuns, Big Fuzzy Pushover, King Fufflyboy, Mr. Dreamy, Asgore Dreamer, Murderer, Sage or Murderer, Goatdad)
art by dogbomber
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His crown and Crimson Trident
  • Theme Song: Bergentrückung, ASGORE (Asgore's Boss fight), Determination (as the voice of the "Game Over" screen)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (pushed to Lawful Neutral for his people)
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Chubby King, Gentle Giant, Good Is Not Soft, Never Flinches, Large Fellow who is the King of his Kinds, Lightning Bruiser, Never Leaves his Palace, Playing with Fire, Stout Strength, Anti-Villain With a Tragic Past, The Chains of Commanding, Face Framed in Shadow, The voice of the Game Over screen, Destroys the "Mercy Button" before you fight him, Trying to atone for his actions after leaving the Underground
  • Domains: Monsters, Leadership, Lame Names
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Alice the 16th (on a more friendly note)
  • Enemies: Flowey, The Satans, All Evil-aligned fire users
  • Complicated Relationships: Toriel (his ex-wife, but they have been burying the hatchet as of late)
  • Odd Friendship with: Pearl
  • Opposes: All people who enjoy war.
  • Good Counterpart to: Immortan Joe
  • Commonality Connection: Godzilla (the other King of the Monsters)
  • Formerly the King of the Monsters, Asgore Dreemurr was always an important figure for monsterkind, and after declaring war on all Humans because of the death of his children, everything went downhill for him. Thankfully, after exiting his old home and turning over a new leaf, his friend Undyne suggested the King visit the Pantheon.
    • After being evaluated by the Court of Gods, he was assigned the title of Inactive Kings. However, after Papyrus made an off-hand remark about Asgore's name records, he was also given the title of Lame Names, much to his embarrassment.
  • He was happy to learn that Toriel was already here and tried to have a conversation with her to sort out things. Unfortunately, Toriel doesn't want to be associated with Asgore and she still hasn't forgiven him for what he did back in the Underground.
    • However, there are rumors that they have been slowly rebuilding their relationship from scratch (but only as friends) after seeing that they both are working together on the Toriel's school for monsters.
  • Asgore likes to pass his spare time gardening, which is one of his favorite activities and has been even before he became king. He can occasionally be seen in the House of Nature cutting some bushes and even made one in the form of Papyrus' head.
  • How bad is Asgore with names? Let's say that he founded his Homeland as... Home. And when he moved from there, he called the new one... New Home. The snowy area? Snowdin. The Lethal Lava Land? Hotland. Not even his son was safe from his father's lack of creative namesspoiler . Granted, Asriel isn't a terrible name, but it still lacks creativity.
    • When he learned about the existence of a house of Monsters, he immediately tried to give it a better name, which was New Home II. The members of said House agreed to not let him try to rename another House.
  • Asgore has been constantly compared with Immortan Joe, given that they have a lot of similarities, like their objectives being kind of similar and how their respective followers praised them. To top it all, they are both hilariously bad with names.
    • He has also been compared to Godzilla too, seeing as they are both referred to as "The King of the Monsters" and they are the strongest among their respective peers. Unlike Asgore, Godzilla only fights those who dare stand in his way instead of ruling over them.
  • He occasionally carries his magic trident with him, which caught the attention of Zeus himself since it reminded him of his brother Poseidon. Asgore actually hangs out sometimes with the God of Lightning and occasionally chat about their roles as the maximum authorities within their people.
  • As his fame as the King of Monsters precedes him, Alice the 16th has challenged Asgore to test how worthy he was to bear that title. While he was initially hesitant to fight her and opted instead to offer her some tea, ultimately he decided to take up her challenge. In the end, they found that both were evenly matched and Alice was happy that there was a monster strong enough to stand up against her. They have been on a very good note ever since, but Alice always reminds him that they are still rivals.
  • Many have noted that Asgore has a really interesting motif behind him (He is a goat monster, wields a red trident, and uses Fire magic), which he doesn't quite agree with, as his actions weren't driven by pure malice but instead for the sake of his people.
  • There was one time that Mamizou disguised as his ex-wife and tried to pull a prank on him. Unfortunately, Asgore knew that she wasn't the real Toriel (he remembers her very well), but being the Nice Guy he is, he just invited her to have some tea and they became friends ever since.
  • There's been rumors that Asgore wasn't fighting with all his strength when he was confronted by Frisk and actually had other objectives in mind besides destroying the Barrier. Many theorize that the reason he broke the "Mercy Button" was just because he either thought he didn't deserve mercy or he just wanted to die. He hasn't provided answers about this particular subject.
  • Has been often compared to King Harkinian, but he isn't sure why...
  • Many people, especially those who enjoy war, has called him a coward for declaring war and in the end not going all-out as he promised. Asgore is disgusted with all the warmongers that have said that, and he is offended by all the rude comments about that. Of course, he doesn't condone his actions back in the Underground, but he knows better than to keep the war going after meeting Frisk.
  • He is rumored to be the Underground's Santa, who delivers the presents to all the Monster Children every Christmas. He hasn't made any clarifications about the rumors, but evidence points out that this could be a collaboration between Asgore and Sans, which at the time was done to cheer up the monsters (and more importantly, Sans wanted to keep his brother's innocence intact, so he rolled with it).
  • Likes to spend time drinking tea in the House of Food and ever since he found Uncle Iroh's Tea House he has been a frequent customer. He even befriended other frequent visitors like Mami Tomoe, Kirima Sharo and even Iroh himself.
    • He has also tried to convince Toriel to bake him some Cinnamon-Butterscotch pie for his "Drinking Buddies" because he wants to remember the wonderful taste of her pies. She has slowly started to become a frequent visitor too, thanks to Asgore's insistence.
  • Like Toriel, he's kept in the dark about Flowey's true identity. Also, like Toriel, Sans will destroy anyone who tries to inform him out of a sense of malice.
  • Asgore's temple is relatively peaceful and quiet, not having many guests outside of his subjects and a few friends. This was perfect for one of Asgore's new friends to rest up here... Pearl of the Crystal Gems. She has made an Odd Friendship with Asgore due to empathizing with his suffering and the Chains Of Commanding, so much that she privately admits that he may be right over Toriel. She has been using Asgore's temple as a refuge from the increased hubbub over the reveal that Rose Quartz was, in fact, Pink Diamond, with Pearl having helped in faking Pink Diamond's death. She appreciates the quiet the flowery temple provides.

    Hiro & Zero Two 
Hiro and Zero Two, Dual Deities of Number-Based Names (Hiro: Code:016, Darling, Madman, Local Dinoboy. Zero Two: Code:002, Nine Iota, O-NI, eo to, Potato Two, Local Dinogirl)
Zero Two and Hiro
Click here  for their Klaxo form.
  • Rank: Hiro (Demigod). Zero-Two (Lesser Goddess). In Strelizia (Intermediate). Strelizia True Apus (Greater)
  • Symbol: Jian Bird. Alternatively, their picture book or the cherry blossom tree
  • Theme Song: Kiss of Death. Remix ver
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Hiro). Chaotic Neutral (Zero Two). Later on Neutral Good (both)
  • Portfolio: Being Compare to the Jian, Dance of Romance, Interspecies Romance, Beast and Beauty, Only Interested in Each Other, Official Couple, Laser-Guided Amnesia, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Can't Live Without Each Other, Being Reborn to Continue Their Love
  • Domains: Romance, Combat, Mecha, Science
  • Heralds: Plantation 13 Parasites
  • Allies: Team Dai-Gurren, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki, Izuku Midoriya, EVA Pilots, Belle and Beast, Ariel, Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiiragi, Miia, Lum Invader, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Winnie the Pooh, Katniss Everdeen, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, Morrigan, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Enemies: Anti-Spiral, Lorenzo Keels, Ragyo Kiryuin, Zero, Hojo, Mesogog
  • Opposes: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • Parasites, children made for the sole purpose of serving APE in the war against the Klaxosaurs. None of them given names, just numbers. But that changed when a boy name Hiro gave some of his fellow Parasites names based on their numbers which spread around the Plantation.
  • Seperating the two is seen as a very bad move. Not only would they end up emotionally broken, they would do very crazy things to be together. Especially for Hiro who is known for his reckless action. Something both admired and questioned by others.
  • Both Hiro and Zero Two mistook both Scanty and Kneesock as Klaxosaurs since they look like Zero Two's Klaxosaur form. While the Demon Sisters didn't flinch at the comparison, they did when Hiro thought they were Zero Two's aunts.
  • Both became friends with the Dai-Gurren Team with their dynamics being very familiar to them and their friends. Some people have often compare Hiro's determination to that of Kamina. Funny enough, it seems Hiro often quotes Kamina's "Believe" speech. The couple were also been compared to Simon and Nia when it comes to devotion and tragic romance. Though, Hiro and Zero Two were at least lucky enough to to be reincarnated to restart their romance.
  • One of Zero Two's greatest regret was her utter obsession of becoming human to the point it caused her to act like the monster she despise being called and also nearly killing her Darling. Because of that she doesn't have high opinions to those who would do dangerous things to be human.
  • Zero Two learned she isn't the only monster girl who calls her love interest Darling when she met the space oni Lum and snake girl Miia. The trio do get along pretty well with the exception being their competitiveness on who is the better "Darling".
  • The two Franxx pilots got along very well with the Jaeger pilots of Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori since their mechs followed the "two pilots, one mind" set up.
  • The two once met Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu and hit it off pretty well. The four were able to connect because of some similarity between them; Hiro and Senketsu being utterly devoted to their female partners that they will risk anything for them and Zero Two and Ryuko being troubled girls with issues being hybrids but being able to cope thanks to their partners. They also realized that they each become stronger the closer they are with their Partners.
  • Hiro has shown admiration to Katniss Everdeen when he learned about how she stood up against her society that would place children in death games. Especially when those who did it were adults. Hiro has a sour spot on adults who would use kids.
  • Both Hiro and Zero got a chance to interact with their predecessor of the "putting kids in giant robot battling monsters with physiological and sexual issues" with the EVA Children. The group are often contrast amongst themselves with Hiro being seen more proactive and who is able to express his love to his Love Interest compare to Shinji and Zero Two as the red headed love interest with emotional issues with Jerkass tendency who was able to get better when compare to Asuka and being a more emotional artificial creation to Rei. Though, neither group want to hear the compare/contrast of lover goes comatose with one boy not wanking off over her body.
    • Both pilots have also express their anger against Lorenzo Keele and Gendo Ikari. The first because his plan for Intrumentality meant putting everybody in the world in one mind which reminds them of VIRMS own plan. And for Gendo it's because as a father he was willing to manipulate his own son for his own gain.
  • The duo have gottton along very well with some of the fairy tales couples that dealt with curses like Ariel/Eric and Belle/Beast. But they have been most closest to the Liar Princess and Blind Princes since they reminded them of the picture book they both cherish.
  • Because of the cruel experiments Hiro saw Zero Two gone through, he developed a hatred towards scientists who would cruelly experiment on others like Hojo.
  • Despite her name, Zero Two has has no relations with the Kirby villain Zero. Despite that, the eye creature can sometimes be seen hovering around the female pilot.
  • Despite their appearance or their name, the two aren't related to onis or dinosaurs. Despite that, Mesogog has shown interest in the off chance their genes do contain traces of dinosaurs DNA and Yuugi Hoshiguma herself has attempted to invite them to some saki parties like real onis.
  • Zero Two has been shown hanging around Morrigan Aensland. It seems the succubus has been teaching the klaxo girl in ways to entice her darling. What ever that means.

    Irina Shidou 
Irina Shidou, The Self-Proclaimed Goddess of Malicious Misnaming (Self-Proclaiming Angel/Childhood Friend/Childhood Friend Angel/Raised In Japan, Ero-Angel Irina, Sister, + A, Heavenly Guardian, the Angel of Love and Hope)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Ace of Spades
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Church Militant, Cool Swords, Cloudcuckoolander, Spandex suits, Genki Girl, Issei's childhood friend, Dislikes being called "self-proclaimed", Would bed Issei if it didn't lead to her fall, Secretly extremely perverted, Girlish Pigtails, Valley Girl, Super Sentai Fangirl
  • Domains: Faith, Exorcism, Fighting
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Vali Lucifer (occasional Teeth-Clenched Teamwork), Bryan Fury, Demitri Maximoff, Satan, Ornstein, YHVH, [[Love and Affection, Judge Claude Frollo]], Seymour Guado, Shinnok, Gul'dan
  • Admires: Arturia Pendragon
  • Fangirl towards: Every Toku hero (especially those from Super Sentai)
  • Irina was a childhood friend of Issei. Though, he forgot about it. In fact, Issei sometimes forget that she is his childhood friend even though the two do hang out. It's because of this she label as the "Self-Proclaimed Childhood Friend". In fact, many people will call her the "Self-Proclaimed whatever". Suffice to say, she doesn't like the nickname.
  • The first thing she and Xenovia did after ascending was greet their ascended ORC pals, and suffice to say they were all happy to see the two here in the Pantheon.
  • Her and Xenovia are friends with Alexander Anderson, with which they often ally in various adventures. Though they're sometimes uneasy with him, given his unscrupulous views against those who are not Christian and the fact he's affiliated with the GUAL. Irina has made sure not to mention the fact she's actually Protestant anywhere near him.
  • Both her and Xenovia really hate Ornstein and Shinnok for messing with Issei: respectively, Ornstein is obsessed about killing him, being a half-dragon; Shinnok, instead, is planning to steal his Boosted Gear to gain its powers and become the only god of a certain position.
  • One time Seymour insulted Irina calling her "a no-good self-proclaimed exorcist", and invited her to be part of his church so "she can cleanse herself". It goes without saying that Irina is now antagonistic towards him.
  • Because of their shared wackiness, Irina and Xenovia allied themselves with the Council of Cloudcuckooland.
  • Harbors a certain dislike of YHVH. She finds him to be "too iron-fisted and too evil" to be the God she truly believed in, who is still dead. Even so, Irina doesn't like Lucifer either, calling him a "total jerk".
    • She and Xenovia express sympathy for Luka for this very reason when he told them about YHVH's Expy in Ilias and being Lucifer's own son. Still, they were quite glad when he told them to never stop believing in the their God, saying that he couldn't be any worse.
  • Compared to Xenovia, Irina can't last that long listening to Excalibur's stories before she gets annoyed of him; she can only last 15 minutes.
  • The House of Technology, to help Irina further her relationship with Issei, recreated the special dimension Archangel Michael created for her and Issei of they ever wanted to take their relationship to the next level with no fear of becoming a Fallen Angel. Bayonetta herself has also explicitly told Irina she is trying to create a potion or a charm to prevent falling just for Irina, and has also told her she has made a few upgrades to the House of Love to have similar positive effects.
  • Is very close friends with Ranko Kansaki. They are so close that Irina can understand her speak pattern which very few do. It might be because they have something in common.
  • She is a huge fan of Super Sentai as she and Issei would pretend to be them from time to time. So naturally she allied herself with some of the ascended Rangers.
    • She also allied herself with many of the ascended Angels in the Pantheon. She's very interested in Panty since she's able to have sex and not be a fallen angel, and also because her English voice is oddly similar to Rias, though she is rather annoyed with the fact that Panty often tries to have sex with Issei.
  • Turns out to have a slight advantage over some of the ascended ORC girls; she stole Issei's first kiss back when they were young.
  • "You must be at ease now that I, a reincarnated angel who received Lord Michael's blessing, am here! Amen!"

Lesser Gods

    Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock 
Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita & Little Rock, Divine Quartet of Hometown Nicknames (Columbus: Ohio, 408 | Tallahassee: Florida | Wichita: Krista)
From left to right: Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A notebook and/or brown hoodie (Columbus), #3 (Tallahassee), a diamond ring (Wichita) and a grey beanie (Little Rock)
  • Theme: Burning Love (for Tallahassee, at least)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, though Wichita and Little Rock started out as True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Action Survivors, No Name Given, Using the places they're from as aliases
  • Domains: Chaos, Badassitude, Killing, Survival, Naming
  • High Priests: Shibuya and Narita
  • Heralds: Nevada and Madison
  • Followers: Yachiru Kusajishi, Dennis "Dublin" Finnegan, Jim the Waco Kid, Mississippi and The Swede, New Jersey, Hudson Hawk, Doc Pseudopolis, Scrote Jones, Santiago, Lindsay "Montana" Monroe, The Haitian, The German, Kent Paul, Anders, Fairbanks, Texas Pete
  • Allies: Isis, Dr. Olivia Moore, Crazy Dave, Sabrina Spellman, Peter Venkman and the Ghostbusters
  • Rivals: Faye Valentine (Wichita)
  • Enemies: Nekron, Nagash the Undying and the rest of the GUAD, Negan, Sylavanas Windrunner, Zhaitan, Albert & Alex Wesker, William 'G' Birkin, the Baker family, Glenn Arias, Lex Luthor, Lu Bu, Libby Chesler, Professor Hojo, Relius Clover, Heihachi Mishima, Medea, Cruella de Vil
  • Opposed by: Recette Lemongrass, The Kecleon Brothers, The Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Family and Relatives (Tallahassee)
  • Tallahassee got home from killing zombies one day, exhausted. Then he took a good look at his title: God of Crazy Survivalists. He realized that sure, on the surface it does describe him since he survives in an awesome manner, but the actual trope actually applies to nutty doomsday preppers and as far as Tallahassee knows, he's sane enough to keep his head. Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock (who were his Heralds) agreed on this problem and together, they traveled to the Court of the Gods to rectify their title.
    • The Court then found an open trope fitting for the four: Hometown Nickname; they all have names of where they're from as aliases so that they won't be attached to each other (which of course doesn't stop them from bonding anyway). They too agree, and so their new position has been cemented.
  • Their true names has been lost to the ages. Except Wichita's. Only Isis knows about them and even then, out of respect for their privacy, she refuses to reveal them; in turn, the group is grateful to her consideration.
  • They have met their fellow zombie slayers; Lee and Clementine are glad that the four get a more valid position in the Pantheons and Tallahassee & Lee are still Bash Brothers, Rick Grimes is glad to see more friendly faces after the villainous survivors he had to face, Frank West appreciates their help in helping him cover some stories (not to mention not going after Wichita out of respect), the four are more than willing to help Ash Williams kill some Deadites and while Chris, Claire and Leon would rather have them stay out of their fights, they nonetheless like the four's company.
    • Most notably, the survivors of the Green Flu got along with them pretty easily. Columbus sees himself in Zoey, Tallahassee and Francis go drinking together, Wichita shares a sentiment with Nick being former con artists and Little Rock sees Zoey, Rochelle, Ellis and Louis as adults she could trust. Bill and Coach are glad to have more allies but they recommend the four to not meet them often since the eight themselves still have the Green Flu in their bodies; the four is checking the House of Health and Diseases to get around this.
  • The four have met Bill Murray during their mortal adventure and Tallahassee is a big fan of him. They once mistake his character, Peter Venkman for him but once the mix-up is cleared, they got along pretty well (helps that while Wichita hasn't seen Ghostbusters in full yet, the others are fans of the movie) and Venkman considers calling for their help in case they are facing not-ghostly undead.
  • Tallahassee befriended Sabrina Spellman because she reminded him of Wichita and Little Rock. Now that they and Columbus are here, the girls can see why he did so. Of course the four are aware of Sabrina accidentally starting a zombie apocalypse, but they understand that she has regretted doing so every single day. They even defended her from Libby Chesler, who refuses to let her live it down not to mention being very unpleasant.
    Wichita: Let's face it, that chick is better off as a zombie.
  • The four also have made new and unlikely allies in Dr. Olivia Moore and Crazy Dave. After nearly making the same mistake that ended up taking Bill Murray's life, Dr. Moore fully convinces them that she is on the mortals' side and has no intention of fully succumbing to her nature. The four are still wary, but nonetheless see her a worthwhile ally. Crazy Dave helps supply them whatever they need in their next kills and he find them his new favorite customers in a while.
    • On the subjects of shops, Recette Lemongrass and the Kecleons are not happy that the four destroyed a roadside shop and feared that they would do the same to theirs. The four clarified that they wanted to let off some steam and doesn't plan to ransack shops anytime soon; Recette and the Kecleons go 'oh' on their explanation though they are still keeping eyes on them.
  • The quartet has formed poor relations with Sylvanas Windrunner when Tallahassee (back when he's the only one with the title) and Lee began attacking her followers on reflex. Although she and Lee came to an understanding (the Revenants avoid him, he avoids them), Tallahassee shows no remorse and continues his zombie killing. The Banshee Queen has considered raising him as Forsaken to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, when she messes with one of them, she messes with all of them and they arm up in case they meet again due to Sylvanas' higher prowess.
    • Like their fellow zombie hunters, they too antagonize Zhaitan for bringing in undead faunae. His mooks, The Risen happened to be exceptionally strong though luckily Crazy Dave have some stuff for them to effectively kill the Risen (and Recette too, though she still reluctant to sell them stuff).
  • Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction have to be their biggest threats yet. Nekron himself sees them as nothing more than part of the world he seeks to destroy. When Nekron will finally lose, the four will be there to help ensure that.
  • There are other enemies the zombie hunters have warned the four about and they agree to look out for them. Albert & Alex Wesker are megalomaniacs that need to be stopped before they become stronger and the same goes for their associates, William Birkin and Glenn Arias. The Bakers are also a threat that is best unengaged since their house is where their true terror reigns.
    • Negan gets a special mention; to them, killing other survivors and controlling those under his wing through sheer ruthlessness is someone that deserves to die. Negan himself expressed that killing them would make his day better... if it weren't for the fact that every move he makes will be heavily retributed.
  • They often hang out at Raccoon City using the Clock Tower as their base of operations to hone their skills... and trying to get Zombie Kills of the Week. Some of their level-headed allies are concerned of their seemingly reckless habits but the four reassure them that they got this.
    • One day there, the four met Saeko and Rei when the two are also training themselves. They are supportive of Takashi's eventual ascension soon but until then, they're gonna kill more zombies together in the meantime.
  • Their vehicle of choice in the Pantheon has been a rebuilt "Beast", which Tallahasse has also used to shoot down mini-vans which some trolling deities leave in their temple.
  • Exclusive to Columbus:
    • Columbus always follow his improvised rules, since the Zombie Apocalypse is a danger that's hard to adapt. Though for the sake of doing good and Wichita, he will break the one rule of 'don't be a hero' that he used to listen to. Nevertheless, the zombie slayers actually find merit in Columbus' rules, like cardio being a must and Double Tapping. Even enjoying the little things is agreed upon, since most of the settings they come from are very bleak. Columbus wonders if he should publish his guidelines as a book, but so far he has not made any attempt yet.
    • He likes using his double-barreled shotgun since it has good stopping power that can kill any charging zombie and he's more familiar with it. Though he does try out other guns whenever he needs stronger guns; like Leon's hand cannon, though when he tried it the recoil knocked him on his ass. At least the Doom Slayer approves of Columbus's shotgun which gives Columbus more reasons to stick with using it.
    • Given that he has played World of Warcraft before the apocalypse, he naturally gets along with the good-aligned deities from the game. Some of them volunteered to defend Columbus and the others from Sylvanas, which Columbus is flattered by and accepted since Sylvanas is no ordinary humanoid.
    • Columbus also befriended fellow online gamer D.Va, though she primarily plays Starcraft which Columbus hasn't. D.Va would like to play in a Warcraft server with him, though so that's good.
    • A lot of deities thought he looked like Lex Luthor; both men are insulted by the comparison since Columbus and the rest of the four don't trust Luthor and his agenda while Luthor himself doesn't like being compared to a young adult who had once wasted his life inside his dorm room.
    • He has a massive coulrophobia even before the apocalypse, which causes him to greatly fear Pennywise (especially his latest incarnation), SCP-993 and Needles Kane. Nathan Drake and Seeley Booth ended up befriended Columbus over this and together, they defend each other from the evil clowns.
    • Ever since he revealed Fantasia and Terminator 2: Judgment Day are his two favorite movies, has received visits from both Mickey Mouse and the T-800, who wanted to thank for his appreciation.
  • Exclusive to Tallahassee:
    • His love for Twinkies is legendary, so much so that he has been in great mourning ever since Hostess, the company that makes Twinkies, went out of business. He's happy when a new company has taken on making them once more. Of course, ever since his ascension he has consumed Twinkies more than any deity ever. His response to anyone pointing this out?
      Tallahassee: What can I say? You gotta enjoy these little things.
    • Considering that he has done crazy stuff in an awesome manner, he has earned the respect of Axe Cop. The two now team up very often to do crazy stunts in zombie killing or just goofing off; of course, there are some who will be concerned about property damage, but at least almost everybody isn't complaining cause whatever they're bringing in WILL BE AWESOME.
    • The house of Beast has told Tallahassee to avoid their building, lest Caesar thinks he resembles the man who ordered the death of his wife and son and decides to declare war. On that note, Deadpool has said something along the lines of "some dumb schmuck who didn't survive the Yellowstone Caldera blowing its top," which annoyed Tallahassee to no end.
    • Was ecstatic to finally meet Elvis Presley, which made up for how he discovered Graceland had burned to the ground. The King was amused at Tallahassee's impersonation of him (and even more at his cover of "Burning Love"), and makes sure to hang out with his fan when possible.
  • Exclusive to Wichita:
    • Wichita once ran into Gwen Stacy and both thought they are seeing double. After some mix-up clarity, they ended up befriending each other especially after the fact that Gwen is trying to get over getting cloned posthumously and having an affair with Norman Osborn. Wichita is Squicked by the latter.
      • Wichita was confused when presented with pictures of her wearing glasses. And when she learned that was actually Cruella de Vil, she was enraged, as Wichita might be a con woman and a zombie killer, but animal cruelty is not up her alley, and the others agree it's a very unflattering connection.
    • Since she used to con a lot of men just to get Little Rock to Pacific Playland, she made a little rivalry with Faye Valentine though it's all in good fun. Faye is glad that at least Wichita is doing it for a good reason.
    • Of course, she and Little Rock does go the House of Crime and Transgressions to learn how to con more effectively whenever they are not zombie slaying. Reasons for cons are either money for amusement parks like before or to buy stuff for themselves and the boys. They did try to con Leon but he caught on quite quickly.
    • Lu Bu serves as a grim reminder to Wichita of her constant betrayals against Columbus and Tallahassee. When the four run into his way, they'll make sure to never ally with him because of his betrayals.
    • As she has accepted the Official Couple status of her and Columbus, Wichita has become more possessive of him. Blondes in particular make her very jealous.
  • Exclusive to Little Rock:
    • Given that Little Rock hasn't known any other media beside Hannah Montana (she doesn't even know who Mahatma Gandhiis), Peacock resolves to remedy that by showing her more media to watch while making references to them. So far, progress is slow but it's working. It helps that Peacock is wise-cracking enough for Little Rock to hang out with out of fun.
      • Her grown version has shown to be a bit more knowledgeable, even calling out that "even a 9-year old knows who Bob Dylan is!"
    • She also befriended fellow mature children Momo Isshiki and Lisa Simpson. Momo is easier to get along with since unlike Lisa, she doesn't bring up politics much. At least Lisa is willing to tutor Little Rock in catching up to her education.
    • Ever since she grew up, has visited the House of Teenagers to get more time with people her age. Little Rock's well-received for being amicable, though sometimes startles people with how she loves to fire guns.
  • "Time to nut up, or shut up."

Idubbbz TV, God of Appropriated Derogative Names (Ian Carter, Gay Retard, Niggerfaggot, Green Cunt, School Shooter, Old Man, Mr. Savage Himself, Edups, The Content Cop)
  • Lesser God (Greater God when assuming his Content Cop persona)
  • Symbol: His Youtube Icon
  • Theme Song: Otis McMusic (Usually when he adopts his Content Cop persona)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Attempts to be Lawful Good as the Content Cop but that hardly works.
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Country Matters, Gasshole, Likes to use some controversial words from time to time
  • Domains: Internet, Criticism, Insults, Destruction, Justice
  • Allies: Filthy Frank, Jontron
  • Enemies: Gnome Chompski
  • Opposed by: Tingle, Squirrels, People with Actual Disabilities
  • Acquiantanced with: Deidara, The House of Justice (Kinda)
  • This is IdubbbzTV, also known as Ian, a particular fellow who is a popular online celebrity. Became famous first because of his series of Bad Unboxing, Kickstarter Crap and Content Cop as well as numerous collaborations but the reason he reached godhood was after his Leafy Content Cop cemented him as Youtube's Memetic Badass. Meanwhile, in the pantheon, they just gave him a temple just because he has no problem with using insults other have thrown as him as a name.
  • Well, what does exactly Ian do as a job? Well, most people have said he is an electrician apprentice but that's has been deconfirmed by the man himself. Is he a reviewer? Well, kinda but most people don't really understand the point of his unboxing videos as he mostly breaks and throws around anything that is sent to him. Others would say he is part of the Pantheon's law forces in the House of Justice but that's...another story entirely.
  • Good friends with Filthy Frank, particularly because his rise to fame is thanks to their collaborations with the "Shrimp Boys saga". Many clamour for him and Ian to produce another collab with the pantheon denizens and also bring along their buddy Maxmoefoe but that's another thing in progress. Many fear that their next scheme will involve eating the most disgusting cake imaginable, even grosser than their last one and that involves Mystery Food X.
  • He was glad to know that his pals Ethan and Hila were around the pantheon and paid them a visit. But as usual, since for some reason their temple had their door broken, he had to get on top of the temple, break the ceiling and enter through the attic. This is the last time he visits the Kleins and next time he would meet them somewhere else.
  • Know for eating really disgusting food and shrugging it off. But ever since he started showing stomach problems, he doesn't do it anymore.
  • Rumored to be a member of the Akatsuki according to this video. He hasn't confirmed any rumors but he seems to be on good terms with Deidara of all people.
  • Sometimes he assumes his Content Cop Persona, where he reviews other people's channel and explains why they aren't good. But in the pantheon it's a different story, Officer Idubbbz usually does anything but being an actual competent cop, usually failing to capture even the most obvious criminals or even being constantly distracted by other things. One time, he even started chasing a kid who just was staring at him dumbfounded at what he was doing.
  • Apparently, he is in hot pursuit after Gnome Chompski, believing him to be a lacky of his Arch-nemesis, Gnomestar. Officer Idubbbz has chased after the garden gnome around all the pantheon but hasn't been successful in capturing. In actuality, the Gnome didn't even move from his temple.
  • He has another persona named "Green Cunt", someone who could be described as a "Retarded Alien with the strangest accent ever heard". Properly named after the green suit he wears, which is based on Tingle's attire and he didn't take lightly that someone was using his likeness to make fun of him.
  • He has a project called the "Release the Squirrels Initiative" where he plans to capture squirrels and study their behavior, then relocate them somewhere else. He tried to do something similar in the pantheon and his schemes got him in trouble with Makoto Nanaya, Screwy Squirrel and Squirrel Girl. Details about this are unknown.
  • Apparently, has crippling depression and Osteoporosis.
  • His reaction after finding out of his ascension was a mild one, but entertaining.

K', God of Code Names (K-Dash, Kay Dash, He Who Surpasses K)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Red Gloves on Fire
  • Theme Song: KD-0079
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Darker-Than-Predecessor Heroes, Playing with Fire, Cool Shades, Stoicness, Good Douchebags With Hearts of Gold, Blowing People Up With Thumbs Down, Disliking KOF Tournaments Yet Joining It, Characters Who Are More Popular Overseas Rather than His Home Country
  • Domains: Combat, Heroism, Fire, Clones
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Rugal Bernstein, Rau le Creuset, Brand
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Iori Yagami, Ash Crimson (the latter was a former enemy)
  • Pitied by: Alexstrasza
  • One would expect the person with such a title to be a laughing stock. And yet K' managed to turn it into a respectful position. There was a chance that taking over Kyo as the star of King of Fighters would cause a backlash, but he managed to nurture his own group of fans. He was also able to maintain his popularity while many of his own peers fell by the wayside. Kyo may have taken back his spotlight (and he does go in a pissing contest with the man at times), but K' for the most part is content with his current rank.
  • Despite his portfolio, he doesn't associate himself with Guts or think of replacing him. However, in any case a straightforward hero is out of commission, he's always ready to temporarily take the place... even if that means making the mission, adventure, or what-have-you a little darker...
  • He also wants to make it clear that he has no intention of jumping ship over to the GUAE. Brand thought he could win the white haired kid, focusing on his anger on his upbringing. All that did was to get himself hit with his Chain Drive.
  • Yes, he really never runs out of glasses. And no, he doesn't ever lend any to Guzma. He thinks the kid is a total dork.
  • When he realized that he had an Evil Counterpart of sorts in the Pantheon, namely Rau le Creuset, K's response was to confront him. When Rau talked down to him, K' put his hand forward, ignited it and smirked. The resulting inferno destroyed Rau's temple, which took weeks to rebuilt. Rau managed to get some payback, stripping K' of his rule over clones. Kyo theorized that K' just can't help buy wonder what would happen if he ended up just as Nihilistic as Rau.
    "I'm unimpressed with your bullshit... You're going down, even in your giant mech."
  • Is rather impressed to see Kula Diamond joining the ranks of the Pantheon. However, don't talk to him about the rumors of them being a couple. The last Deity who brought up the rumors around him ended up with a sizable lump on his head. With that said, there are plans to add their teammate Maxima into the fold.
  • Still holds a grudge with Ash Crimson, even when it was revealed Ash's deeds was a ruse. To him, Ash's fate was the perfect end for that character.
  • Iori doesn't pretend that he doesn't like K' In fact, he thinks of the clone as nothing more than a defect. It makes any teamup to be strained, even if they have the same goals a lot of times.
  • Has interesting conversations with Squall from time to time. The gunsword user gets frustrated whenever he is called "Cloud but with even more angst", Not only that, Cloud remains far more popular than him. K' does remind him that Squall does have his fans that have endured over the years.
  • His followers aren't well received in the superhero community. Many of them served to be a Darker and Edgier counterpart of them as to coincide with the nineties. Virtually none of them have managed to stick, and most of them failed to be that popular in the first place. K' hopes that he can train potential followers to be better.
    • One substitute did manage to ascend. Superboy managed to have an enduring enough of a fanbase to ascend into the Pantheon. He is no longer Superman's replacement, but remains the most popular Anti-Hero Substitute in the Pantheon, mostly by reforming himself.
  • Buffy also isn't much of a fan of K'. Most of her replacements ended up running amok at the expense of the Scoobies. Her anger has lessened somewhat with Faith becoming a better person.
  • Gil wasn't sure what to make of K'. His replacement didn't gel well with his work mates, but he was good at the job. He also won't have wanted the man die as he did on his world.
  • Was surprised to find a dragon right at his door step. It was Alexstrasza, the Goddess of Purifying Flame. She was surveying all of the fire deities in the Pantheon and found him to be an intriguing place. While most in the Pantheon have a hard time in the Pantheon, she recognized that he has had a rough life and wasn't used to companionship. While K' has refused the pity party, he didn't shoo the dragon away, a sign that he may have liked the company after all.

    Lena Sabrewing 
Lena Sabrewing, Goddess of Renouncing Her Former Family Name (Lena LeStrange, Britannia, Beautiful Idiot, Angel, [née] Lena De Spell)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Magica’s amulet surrounded by light blue energy
  • Theme Music: This (shared with Webby)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Dark Is Not Evil, Troubled, but Cute, White Sheep, The Power of Friendship, Took a Level in Cheerfulness, Super Sorceress Mode with Light Powers
  • Domains: Magic, Family
  • Heralds: Violet Apollonia (adoptive sister), Indigo, & Tyrian Sabrewing (adoptive fathers)
  • Allies: Huey, Dewey, & Louie Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Raven, Ryuko Matoi, Riku Asakura, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Zuko, Hordak
  • Enemies: Magica De Spell, Nui Harime, Azula, Ozai, Lord Tirek, Dark Link, Vaermina, Wizeman, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • On Understanding Terms with: Saber of Red
  • Following an unsuccessful battle against Scrooge McDuck, Magica used a spell that would result in a “familiar” emerging from her shadows as a means to get revenge on him when the time was right. This familiar would be known as Lena and in the years since, Magica used her to try and free herself from Scrooge’s Number One Dime. Despite this, when Lena had to infiltrate Clan McDuck, she found herself making friends with triplets Huey, Dewey, & Louie Duck, as well as Webby Vanderquack and Lena’s own troubled background with Magica gave her plenty of reasons to genuinely become friends with Magica’s enemies. Once Magica was freed, she disowned Lena and following the sorceress’ defeat, Lena was able to get her physical form back with the help of Webby and her supernatural-obsessed friend Violet Sabrewing, the latter of whom Lena would be part of family with after vowing to put the threat of Magica behind for good. Since then, Lena has become of help to Scrooge McDuck and his friends and has even mastered a more potent Super Sorceress form along the way.
  • Having spent plenty of time with Webby and the triplets, Lena got word of an unusual place where Scrooge and the triplets were at thanks to a conversation with Violet about supernatural events that occur in faraway places. As she learned more about this “Pantheon”, Lena found out that Magica was also involved with it, but that she had long since moved on from trying to use Lena as a tool to fulfill her desire for revenge and has opted to use different methods to accomplish such a thing. The triplets returned to Duckberg following an adventure in the Pantheon and they told Lena more about it, giving her more of an interest in that place to the point of wanting to visit it. She then tagged along with her friends and was able to experience firsthand an expansive place full of phenomena she had never heard of before. While there was still plenty of danger to be worried about, Lena decided to have more involvement in the Pantheon, partially to make sure Magica won’t cause further chaos for others.
  • Lena managed to find quite a bit in common with Ryuko Matoi, a teenage girl who had to confront a very messy history regarding her family. Both were able to open up with the help of a hyperactive buddy (Webby for Lena and Mako Mankanshoku for Ryuko, with Mako’s perkiness surpassing that of Webby’s as Lena would notice when meeting with Ryuko and Mako) and later found out that they had some inherent supernatural trait and was to be used as a weapon by their “mother” until circumstances begged to differ. Some of the pain Ryuko went through horrified Lena since the latter wasn’t familiar with some of what Ryuko was talking about and the worst Lena went through was temporarily losing her physical body and the possibility of becoming similar to Magica after regaining said body. Of Ryuko’s story, Lena found Nui Harime, a major foe of Ryuko’s to be infuriating given how Nui is willing to psychologically break others and be a willing pawn to her creator and “mother” Ragyo Kiryuin, an entity that mortified Lena (to the point that she hates Ragyo more than Magica, who at her worst was a megalomaniacal mass-murderer) for many of the same reasons most of the Pantheon despises Ragyo. Besides Ryuko’s dark personal background, she and Lena have gotten along with each other fairly well and have held some conversations with each other.
  • Raven was someone that intrigued Lena for plenty of reasons, mainly because the former had to deal with a very antagonistic parent, though her circumstances are much more extreme than what Lena had to go through. As the daughter of the very powerful demon Trigon, Raven has to contend with some dangerous powers that put her at risk of being as destructive as he is. Even with her introverted personality and the angst that comes with her background, Raven has made some effective allies through the rest of the Teen Titans, not unlike how Lena was able to get along with Webby and her friends in addition to getting a better grasp of her own powers. Seeing someone with powers inherited from a terrible entity and succumbing to said powers was Lena’s worst nightmare and while she was able to overcome it, Raven has fallen victim to it a few times. In addition to her fellow Titans, Raven has been given advice from Lena on how to make the most of her powers and not cause a rampage with them.
  • Other individuals born from malicious creators that later went against them while confronting personal demons regarding their conception included Riku Asakura and Hordak. Riku was the son and clone of Ultraman Belial while Hordak was based off of Horde Prime, with both villains being far more ruthless than Magica in terms of actions and ambitions, not to mention their willingness to destroy anyone that gets in the way of their goals. Riku ended up being far more of a human than Ultraman Belial could ever be while Hordak found himself closer to Entrapta, who played a role in him abandoning his darker traits (and of whom reminded Lena of Webby when it comes to perkiness and being a positive influence towards a troubled individual). Lena saw quite a bit of herself in the two and not only has befriended them, but has joined them on some adventures outside of the McDuck Clan.
  • Despite a good number of children who have had to contend with antagonistic parents, there were a few who had parents that were far from vile, but those children still had some form of resentment towards them. One of them was Mordred (or more accurately, Saber of Red), who was a homunculus born from Morgan Le Fay and cloned from Altria Pendragon who sought Altria’s approval, but being rejected caused plenty of resentment from Mordred to surface. Even with her aggressive attitude, she at least has some noble traits in comparison to the other Mordred (of whom Lena has trouble getting along with since that version of Mordred was trying to kill King Arthur, who by most accounts is a valiant figure). Saber of Red is far from a bad person and is devoted to fulfilling the requests of whoever her Master is and while Lena can understand Mordred’s personal issues given that she’s an artificial person much like Lena, she does hope that Mordred can further curb her nastier traits, a gradual process that seems to be working according to those who know Saber of Red very well.
  • Ozai of The Fire Nation was someone who was hellbent on gaining power and that included using his offspring Zuko and Azula as a means to further that goal. While Zuko eventually realized what was happening to him and fought back, Azula became more and more determined to get on Ozai’s graces despite him seeing Azula as nothing more than a tool and her eventually losing her composure. Lena saw Azula as a dark reflection of herself and what could happen if she tried to appease an unforgiving and uncaring figure like Magica, but since the damage Azula has caused herself and others has been done to the point of Azula not willing to listen to reason, the only thing Lena could do should the two meet is to survive a battle against her. As for Zuko (who Lena had an easier time getting along with), he did have Iroh to support him and it was through hanging out with Aang and his friends that Zuko gradually opened up and rebelled against Azula and Ozia, similarly to how Lena befriending Webby and the triplets helped her realize how heartless Magica really was.
  • At one point Lena traversed through some odd dreamscapes alongside her friends, but while they were having fun there, she was getting worried about becoming like Magica, though was able to overcome it after learning that Magica was using some outdated technology to try and terrorize her disowned creation. Within the Pantheon, there was a lot more dreamscapes to go around whenever one has dreams, but while Magica hasn’t done such a thing for a while, there were plenty of more dangerous entities who bring about nightmares in these kinds of settings and they had the potential for Lena to have worse nightmares than what she went through before. While some such as Freddy Krueger simply terrorize individuals inside their dreams and can be someone Lena has a chance of fighting back against, others such as Vaermina and Wizeman can create nightmarish worlds that will be a challenge for her to get out of should she end up there and are way too powerful for her to confront directly. Even if she has gotten over her fears, the fact that the Pantheon has individuals with the power to give her even worse versions of her past nightmares has given her plenty of reasons to stay away from them.
  • While Lena has used her powers to protect others from danger, she learned of specific individuals within the Pantheon that use magical abilities to fight off an assortment of villains, often with the help of a transformation of some sort. They are dubbed “magical girls”, though a majority of them can really only use their powers after their transformation is complete with Lena being able to use her powers normally and her Super Sorceress Mode boosting said powers. Some have jokingly compared Lena to a magical girl given said Super Mode, though she seems to have a bit more in common with magical girls who have had to overcome some sort of personal problem before fully becoming heroic even if Webby never had magical powers to make the initial contrast between them more apparent. Of them, Lena is very amicable towards Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, who was similarly created by an uncaring mother for her own ends, though Precia ended up having her own issues to the point that even Fate was saddened by Precia’s death. If Magica had gone through much of the same grief that Precia did (Lena doesn’t believe that Magica losing Poe is enough to fulfill such a thing), then Lena might have at least made an attempt to make things right for everyone, but such a thing never came to be. Regardless, Fate sees Lena as someone who is more than capable of making the most of her magic and the two have hung out with each other on occasion.
  • Her fight against The Phantom Blot was the only time that Lena had to get Magica’s help and once that was over, Lena had fully mastered her magic to the point that a re-powered Magica was nothing to her and has moved on from her former “creator”. Even with her better grasp at her magic and not relying on Magica for help, there was still plenty of other magic-draining entities for Lena to worry about and many of them were far more dangerous than The Phantom Blot. One such character known for draining magic from others was Lord Tirek, who becomes more powerful as he gains more magic, with Lena worrying that even in her Super Sorceress Form, he won’t go down easily even with the help of more heroic magic casters. There were also Pantheonic denizens who had the ability to cancel out magic, though some of them were heroic and a “live and let live” attitude could be taken between them and benevolent magic users, Lena included.
  • Lena was basically Magica’s shadow manifested as a living being and was temporarily Webby’s shadow before gaining a proper physical form. While she has moved on from the issues that come with being a literal shadow for someone else, there were other living shadows in the Pantheon that Lena found out about and then some. Dark Link, who as the name suggested, was the shadow of famed hero Link given form, but has always been antagonistic one way or another and while Lena can fend him off without too much trouble, the fact that this was an evil shadow of someone who is unambiguously noble didn’t sit well with her. There were also various denizens in the Pantheon that had the power to control shadows not unlike what Magica did back then and although there are quite a bit of villainous shadow-casters for Lena to worry about (her being a former shadow that could end up having to fight her actual literal shadow if it turns against her is something she doesn’t want at all), others at least used those powers to protect others from dangers of all kinds.

Salamandinay, Goddess of Getting Misnamed By Accident (Sala, Salako, Salasa, Descendant of Progenitor Aura, Princess of the Freyja Family, Lieutenant Guardian)
  • Lesser Goddess by default, moves over to Greater Goddess rank after stepping into her Enryugo
  • Symbol: Her crown, alternatively the dragon statue atop of her Enryugo
  • Theme Song: Towagatari ~Kaze no Uta~, Towagatari ~El Ragna~ (shared with Ange)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Our Dragons Are Different, Winged Humanoid, Ange's Anti-Thesis, Little Bit Beastly, Gadgeteer Genius, Oriental Babe, Polite, Graceful, and Knows When to Throw Down, Friendly Rivalry with Ange, Confusing Names
  • Domains: Dragons, War, Machines, Misnaming
  • Allies: Ange, Tusk, Hilda, Tomoe (another Worthy Opponent), Amaterasu, Sora, Spyro, Keiko Ayano, Millhiore Filiano Biscotti, Issei Hyoudo, Rias Gremory, Irina Shidou, Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man, Chie Satonaka, Nepgear, Bahamut, Alexstrasza.
  • Enemies: Embryo, Ornstein, Acnologia, Deathwing.
  • Opposes: The Ice King
  • When you need to fly, you need wings. When you don't have the redbull to give you wings, you can't fly. So most would find it very useful to have wings so they could get anywhere at anytime. A good example for this would be Salamandinay, who not only has these wings, but also knows how to use them. There's also the fact that her name is so confusing that almost no one outside of her subjects can get it right.
  • Despite being described as a dragon, Sala's appearance is mostly human. Of course, it doesn't really stop her from being proud of her dragonic linage. Then again, that's what she really is. A mutated human.
  • While she holds the honor of being the only one to defeat Ange in on-foot-combat, Tomoe once pointed out that the only reason she was able to do that was because of her wings and wouldn't have been able to beat Ange so easily without them. Taking it as a challenge, Salamandinay faced Tomoe in a sword duel, without her wings to support her. The spectators described the battle to be something of legend, as if they were watching Raiden and Samuel Rodriguez fighting it out again. Sala just barely won, but Tomoe expressed that her skills with the sword are the genuine article and would like to fight her again.
  • Enjoys the company of Millhiore and joins her for tea from time to time.
  • Acnologia considers her to be an insult to dragon kind, not only for being in a relationship with a human of the same gender and using human technology, but also for "daring" to not shed her "human form", and thus an worth the effort of killing. She proved to be very difficult task with her Enryugo, managing to get some easy shots on him, but eventually needed Ange's help. Acnologia was forced into a retreat, but declared that he would return. Ange and Salamandinay had no choice but to declare him their enemy.
  • In her campaign against Embryo, she had learned that Ange had become allies with Issei Hyoudo. Issei was more than happy to get more help against the man he calls "King Bastard", although she wasn't initially spared from his perverted shenanigans. Being very good at reading people, Salamandinay takes them to stride and sees him as very honorable despite being a pervert. She's even coined him as the "Anti-Embryo". You know why? While he's often brash and constantly ranting out loud about the wonders of boobs, she can tell that he has a great respect for women and is loath to see them treated badly. Embryo on the other hand comes off as polite and a gentleman but treats women as his playthings and has raped at least one of them, and nearly would have raped Ange had she and the others not been able to arrived to save her on time.
  • Despite looking like someone who wouldn't tinker with machines, she's very good with machines and often visits the House of Technology to find ideas for new tech. She's usually seen with Tony Stark when developing something new.
  • She get's along fine with Chie Satonaka as they share something in common. Ditto with Nepgear.
  • Nearly found herself kidnapped by the Ice King, who wanted to marry her. It didn't help that she liked messing with science just like a certain Princess Bubblegum. She quickly booted him out of her temple.

Talandar, God of Meaningful Renaming ("Fenix", Purifier Executor)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Purifier symbol
  • Theme Song: The Firstborn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Prototype Purifier unit, Uploaded memories of Praetor Fenix, Proud and Fierce like his original, Found out he's not the original "Fenix", Renamed himself to Talandar
  • Domains: Renaming, Machine
  • Allies: Artanis, Tassadar, Fenix (his template), Jim Raynor, Orisa, Astro Boy, John McClane
  • Rivals: Scarface
  • Enemies: Amon, Ultron, SKYNET, SHODAN
  • Opposed: Dr. Maxis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Alarak
  • Talandar was the Purifier unit with the memories of Praetor Fenix, a brave and proud Protoss warrior. However, he found out that he himself is not the true "Fenix" and only a robotic copy of him, a duplicate of another Protoss, but he got eventually got over it. He decided to give himself a new name so that he doesn't associate with Fenix, as the name belongs to another, and gave himself the name, Talandar, meaning "one who bears a strong heart".
  • He is very proud to see his "old" friend Artanis, again. Though he is not the true Fenix, he feels very proud of him as a warrior and leader. He respects Tassadar who he meet for the first time as he was just a prototype and Tassadar was dead while he was still in stasis, but he believed that Fenix would remain loyal at his side for what Tassadar's belief in protecting the Protoss.
  • He noticed that machine known as Orisa bear some resemblance to him like the hindlegs. Regardless, Talandar respects the Omnic because of her bravery and protectiveness.
  • As a warrior, Talandar eagerly enter the fight to face some worthy foes. He has three different Armor Shells for combat: his Praetor armor which has a defensive shield and a powerful spin attack, the Solarite Dragoon, loaded with a powerful solar cannon and an overcharge, and the Cybros Arbiter, which has the attributes of the old Khalai Arbiter: a cloaking field, recall, and stasis.
  • As he bear the memories of Fenix long before he ever encountered the Terrans, he doesn't remember anything about Jim Raynor and how he helped the Protoss. However, despite that, he respects Raynor as a warrior and if he was a great companion to Fenix, then he'll be a greater companion to him as well.
  • Talandar found pity for Astro Boy as he was created as a replacement for Dr. Tenma's deceased son but he was abandoned by him because he couldn't completely replace him. However, he found admiration for the little robot boy for his courage and determination in fighting for justice.
  • He remembered many of Fenix's tales and sometimes recall them to several deities. Some of those stories resemble some exploits by several deities like John McClane's life in two different occasions. He loved to hear some of their tales as he considered it very valiant and bold.
    • Another of Fenix's tale was encountering an unknown alien that hunted him down. Talandar found Scarface to be the same alien based on the description from Fenix's tale. He hoped to challenge the creature that Fenix face to the death so that he could make the Predator into the prey.
  • Talandar warned Dr. Maxis that he would destroy his mechanical brain (wherever it is) if he dared try to take control of his robotic armors.
  • Talandar's stance on being a replica of another person or being is that everyone (regardless of origin) should have their own path that they should take, considering that he himself had to deal with being a copy of Fenix. With those that have the mind turned into machine or AI, he still holds to that belief although he comes to understand that not everyone has the same dilemma as he have. Although, he does come to value those that are their own selves in spite of being copies as they have found their own paths while fighting in pride against their foes.
  • He is not very pleased with Ultron trying to convince him with joining in his side to destroying humanity. While he care less about Terrans for all the time he knew so little of them, he saw some valiant individuals among them and he knew it would betray Artanis's will to harm them. Talandar made it clear that if he and Ultron were to see each again, it would be in the battlefield.


    Epic Voice Guy 
The following is an Honest Profile

Epic Voice Guy, Herald of Brutal Honesty and Divine Nicknamer of the Pantheon
Jon Bailey, a prominent Epic Voice Guy
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: The Screen Junkies logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Nicknamer, Brutal Honesty, Everyone Has Standards, Not So Stoic at times, Making Fun of Movies and Video Games
  • Domains: Voiceovers, Comedy, Criticism
  • Deities Nicknamed by him: Too many to list
  • Filmmakers Whose Works were Made Fun of: M. Night Shyamalan, George Lucas, Walt Disney, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Joss Whedon
  • Odd Relations: Deadpool, XCOM
  • You have seen ordinary trailers, teaser trailers that tell you so little about something so far from release, trailers that reveal so much that you may as well not bother checking out the release proper, trailers that don't even try to be correct about crucial points, and literal trailers. Now, get ready for the only kind of trailer so truthful that it will almost hurt your enjoyment of something next time you check it out. Honest Trailers. Listen along to a guy with an awesome voice as he goes around talking about what to expect in a movie or video game, followed by giving your favorite and not-so-favorite characters random nicknames.
  • Enter the TV Tropes Pantheon; a place where almost every fictional character that you can think of, plus some real-life figures, is here. It's a place where everyone's expectations of heaven and hell collide so hard it becomes the only place out there where war never ends, yet people just go around minding their own ordinary day-to-day issues. If you're asking about me, I'm more or less just a voice in the middle of nowhere. Should you manage to meet up with me physically and recognize my voice, that's cool.
  • Don't expect much shock when it comes to encountering many notable filmmakers such as Spielberg, Kubrick, and Disney, sometimes together in the same room. Because seriously, in a place like the Pantheons, why wouldn't you expect notable people to be here? If anything, I'm surprised that M. Night Shyamalan even got a spot here despite a handful of his films being crap.
  • Witness among other places in the Pantheon the House of Musicality; a place where anything resembling coherent noise is made to be listened to by others, sometimes with the bonus of words. If it gets stuck on you for a really long time, then it's your problem. It's actually a popular place for others such as "Weird Al" Yankovic to go to perform their stuff. For all those parody songs that Honest Trailers has done, it's sort of surprising he hasn't contributed anything to them yet.
  • As one of the more notable voices when it comes to explaining movies in an entertaining manner, expectations are set in expecting others like that in the Pantheon. There's actually only a few in that field present, most notably The Nostalgic Critic. Dude, you still owe me for all that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise crap that you subjected me to. That stage show was already ridiculous on its own.
  • Think that the Pantheon is always about war and senseless violence? Well, if you saw a villain hang out in a shopping mall casually, then congratulations, you've proven yourself wrong. The Pantheon is a place where anyone can relax if they aren't going to die. If I'm just narrating day-to-day activities of some random people, then you know the Pantheon isn't active.
  • Always evolving as the result of random internet people having too much time in their hands, the TV Tropes Pantheon never rests with...
    Deadpool: This place just can't catch a break, huh?
    E.V.G.: Deadpool?! How in the world did you even get to this profile?!
    Deadpool: Just felt like it. Besides, you know how I've managed to get involved with your Honest Trailers for my films.
    E.V.G.: Yes, I do; especially with your second movie. But now isn't the time for you to just butt in all of a sudden.
    Deadpool: Come on, I've always wanted to make fun of the whole Pantheon like what you're doing. Especially when there's other fourth-wall breakers beyond me out there.
    E.V.G.: Well go do it somewhere else.
    Deadpool: This, among other things, is why we aren't fully friends even I would like it. Until then...leaves
    E.V.G.: (Beat) If what he said about more fourth-wall breakers is true, then my job just got harder.
  • Grab your smartphone or computer, get a snack, and be prepared to spend a disproportionately large amount of time on an expansive crossover forum game...which is ultimately just a smaller subsection of a wiki website with so many articles that you may as well be looking at them even as you're reading this profile. Hell, you might even be reading other profiles from here for that matter and probably getting spoiled on things you plan to follow later on.
  • Starring... Imagination, outdated memes, unironic anachronisms, more Pokémon nicknames, gratuituous anime moments, Five Nights too Tired, high-ranking laziness, characters that know each other because of similar voices or something, Mainstream Obscurity, and "Armageddon is the New Normal". The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History.
  • If this place really was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, then trying to extend it outside of an online game will be an issue. Then again, it's just a fan-game on a corner of the Internet and I can't predict what all those companies are going to think of it.

TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life
Gotta go fast!
John Johannson joins journeys just to joke.
This will be an internet meme whether you want it or not.
Because I'm Batnam!

    Kimihito Kurusu 
Kimihito Kurusu, God of Affectionate Nicknames (Darling, Master, Husband, Sir, Honey, Sweetie, Babe, Dear, Boyfriend)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of human Legs (it's kind of complicated)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Made of Iron, Determinator, Crazy-Prepared, Blank White Eyes, Badass Normal, Got Volunteered, Nice Guy, Only Known by Their Nickname, Near-Death Experience, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass
  • Domains: Interspecies Romance, Exchange Programs
  • Followers: Beauty, Furuichi
  • Allies: Miia, Papi, Centorea, Suu, Meron, Rachnera, Lala (his fiancés), Tenchi, Mahiro Yasaka, Issei Hyodo, Mordecai and Rigby, Luka (who he has sympathy for), Spike, Squigly, Bulma, Dante, Alice, The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Uneasy around: Bayonetta
  • Enemies: Anyone that rapes people (Like Griffith)
  • When he ascended he was immediately tackled by Miia who coiled around his body, nearly choking him to death.
  • Another thing that was interesting is that when he ascended he he was expecting something like this to happen to him eventually.
  • The Pantheon notices most of the time his eyes are completely white and very rarely shows how his eyes really looks.
  • He is a frequent visitor of the house of death due to his lovers'...antics.
    • Though Lala says it is only matter of time before he dies. When that happens she will be with him.
  • He avoids the Lust section of the House of Love because of Bayonetta because well Kimihito is a leg man.
    • In fact one time he was visiting his wives only to be come face to face with the Umbran Witch. His response?...Jumps into a cold lake and says "I am going to cool off my head in here for a while"
  • He’s on good terms with Issei seeing that he has a harem and Issei frequently goes to him for advice on how he maintains his harem.
    • He’s also on good terms with Spike due to the both of them being generally nice guys and have a love interest that is a different species than themselves
    • Luka on the other he has some sympathy for considering that he attracts nearly every monster goddess in pantheon because of this Kimihito helped arrange for his wife Alice to ascension to help ease some of the problems; it will also help his harem a great deal due to Luka's "Good Smell". Of course, it's been a double-edged sword, as Alice has been teaching them...the finer tips of inter-species-romance in the bedroom.
    • As a fellow owner of a harem Tenchi has been giving some pointers to keep his lovers from causing too much damage.
  • Mordecai and Rigby are on good terms with Kimihito seeing they have seemed to be a magnet for the weird and Kimihito isn't fazed by anything that is happening around him.
    • Although they are quite astonished about how nonchalant he is about having monster girls as his brides to be.
  • Despite his real name being Kimihito Kurusu most of The Pantheon calls him Darling seeing that's one thing he is frequently known by. Even his friend Issei doesn't use his name, calling him 'Dude' instead.
  • Originally was wary around Squigly, who he thought was yet another monster girl attracted to him. After she made it clear she wasn't, he started to enjoy spending time with her, comparing her somewhat to a much more lady-like Zombina.
  • He is disgusted with Griffith because of his heinous acts.
  • Despite his personality and kindness, he is very protective of his wives and has a powerful right. Some people from his world from found out about this the hard way.
  • Dante has been hired to help Kimihito Kurusu and protect the Monster Girls from potential troubles. While at first he was hesitant and wanted everyone to believe it was only for the payment, Dante eventually warmed up to them and made friends with both Kimihito himself and with all of the girls. Likewise, at first the Monster Girls were scared and untrustful towards the demon slayer, but soon enough befriended him and came to accept his demonic heritage after seeing his good side as he helped them several times (being the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda probably helped). These days he hangs around them, shares a place over dinner and helps out whenever needed, though he refuses to partake in any of the more humiliating tasks.
    • Feels mutually uneasy around Rachnera, Suu and Lala due to them reminding him of some of his past enemies, though eventually they learned to respect each other and are on good terms. Meroune Lorelei and Centorea Shianus feel sympathy towards Dante due to having a tragic past and for Centorea due to being a fellow Half-Human Hybrid. The latter also challenged Dante to a duel, but was quickly defeated effortlesly without being harmed at all. Dante told Cerea his demon blood gives him an unfair advantage, but assures he will never hurt her due to being a friend and making a promise he will protect them. While a bit ashamed and envious, Centorea values Dante as an ally, a fellow non-human and a superior swordsman even to this day.
    • Out of all the girls Miia seems to be treating him the best (possibly due to being a red-skinned, yellow-eyed reptillian humanoid in his Devil Trigger form), something which has earned her the half-devil's friendship. However she also acts slightly weird and shy, making everyone think she has feelings of attraction towards Dante. Miia obviously denies this and says she will never cheat on her Darling. Despite this, all the Gods and Goddesses have seen that she is happier when Dante is around her and sadder when he is away on his demon-hunting duties.
  • Had the misfortune to run across Nyarlathotep at one point. He managed to escape (relatively) unscathed, but the encounter still haunts him. For some reason, the Eldritch Abomination seemed oddly familiar, as if they had met before...

Lake, Goddess of Abhorring Their Nicknames (neé MT/Mirror Tulip, Sliver, Chrome Girl, Null, Dracula 2, Gambit)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her reflection from her own hand.
  • Theme: "Cracked Reflection"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with shades of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mirror Self of Tulip Olsen, Close-Call Haircut that doubles as Important Haircut, wishes to be her own person, her original name is a play on "empty", Hates Being Nicknamed, frustrated that she isn't considered a person, changes her name to distance herself from being a reflection of Tulip, Chrome Champion, Hair-Trigger Temper, her chrome body makes her super durable, flicks someone's forehead in annoyance, The Conscience for Jesse, Children Forced to Kill to defend herself, successfully makes it out of the Train to live in the real world and gains a new name, names herself "Lake" upon freely seeing her reflection in a lake after leaving the Train
  • Domains: Identity, Rage, Naming, Metal, Mirrors
  • Heralds: Jesse Cosay (her closest friend) and Alan Dracula (a deer with superpowers)
  • Allies: Xerneas, Rick Deckard, many of the allies of Tulip Olsen (like Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin), Megamind, Wyldstyle, WarioWare Inc. (particularly Young Cricket), Cybersix, Gentaro Kisaragi, Ryusei Sakuta, Kamen Rider Club, Tetsu Hoshino and Maetel, Luz Noceda and Amity Blight, Roxas, Xion, Lena Sabrewing
  • Enemies: Simon Laurent, Dark Meta Knight, Illuso, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Philip Whittlebane
  • Other Relationships: Tulip Olsen
  • Odd Friendship: Dot Warner, Dark Pit, Rex Dangervest, Heather Mason
  • Avoids: Deities who use electricity and magnetism, Claire Stanfield
  • Pities: Noah Kaiba
  • Some people like it when they have nicknames, some people...don't. Lake (formerly MT) is the latter, as (most of) the nicknames reflected her status as a denizen who could never leave the Train since she has no number, and was someone who deserved to be destroyed either by a giant sander or the wheels of the Infinity Train she was stuck on. As she tried to figure what she could do to survive the Mirror Cops at her heels, she encountered the denizen and passenger who changed her life forever: Alan Dracula the deer, and Jesse Cosay the passenger. In an attempt to find a way home, MT decided to help Jesse get his (small) number down so that when his door opens, she'll join him...only to learn the hard way that denizens can't get their exits at all. After going through several trials and calling out the Conductor to demand a number, she was given a miracle when Jesse came back for her (his desires to bring MT out of the Train created a Logic Bomb that couldn't be solved) and it was then that MT was able to reflect Jesse's number onto herself tricking the system. One-One agreed to let Lake go on a technicality and she and Jesse returned to Arizona, free to live their own lives. And after all that, she finally decided to choose her name.
    • Was awoken one day to find herself staring at Tulip Olsen, questioning what was going on. The answer came when the Court of the Gods announced the two would be deities...and Lake's just so happened to be in the Nicknames and Renames sub-house. While Lake was initially annoyed with it, she stated that it was better than just being in the House of Hatred; it's too toxic even for her liking.
    • She was amazed to learn that her temple had a beautiful view of the forest and a lake for her to stare at her reflection without fear of being hunted. She can usually be found there, staring at the beauty that is her reflection and being free to live her own life. It was during one of these reflections of herself that she saw someone approaching behind her and immediately pinned them to the ground...only to find that it was none other than Jesse Cosay, her friend. Jesse explained that he was given an invitation to go see Lake and be her herald. Lake's response was to flick her finger on his forehead before hugging him, glad to see him again. She also asked if there was a way for Alan Dracula to be in the Pantheon, but realized that if it took a Loophole Abuse to get her out of he Train, then what would it take to get him out? Her question was answered when Alan Dracula suddenly popped into her temple, chewing grass. Lake shrugged her shoulders and accepted it as a passible outcome.
  • Isn't really into Dracula or anyone who bears that name. It's not that she hates the vampire, but rather she just doesn't understand the appeal of her friend Jesse trying to name everyone he comes across as Dracula — even her. She also has to be wary because she's unable to see their reflections on her arms or hands, but is glad that no one is going to try snacking on her because of her metallic skin.
  • Her metallic body means that she does not do well with those with electric abilities, so she tends to avoid the House of Electricity when she can. She also makes sure to flee anyone who can use magnetism, since again, she's made of metal. That said, Magneto has known to sympathize with her for her past of being seen as "lesser" and vowed to protect her. Lake awkwardly thanked him for the help.
  • After trying, and failing, to find gods who also hated nicknames, she ended up bonding with Dot Warner as she dislikes being called Dottie ("Call me that and you die."). While she's not used to the zaniness of the Warner siblings, she's quite amused in their antics. Another god she's become friends with is Dark Pit, as he was born when Pit crashed through the Mirror of Truth, and both he and Lake are the darker, broodier, black-wearing mirror counterparts to Pit and Tulip who hate their nicknames. Dark Pit couldn't help but smile when he learned how Lake got her happy ending and that her killing the Mirror Cops was "badass". If anyone asks if the two are an item, Lake is quick to flick their forehead.
  • While some gods pitied her situation in wanting to be her own person, others pointed out that she was being quite selfish about it, like how she ripped open a pod that had an old man inside it, abandoning him on the top of a random car without any hopes of figuring out what to do, and she tried to steal the number from a girl who mourned her dead pet lizard. Lake put up a defense that she wasn't thinking properly since these two actions came about after she was running for her life when Grace sicced the Mirror Cops on her and she was forced to kill one through grinding of the wheels, but admits that yeah, she was being selfish.
  • In contrast to Tulip, Lake will do anything she can to escape her fate, even if it meant killing someone. Claire Stanfield was quite amused to find that he wasn't the only god who used the "grind someone into a gooey paste through the train wheels" trick (and to later have Alan Dracula cause another one to explode with laser vision). Lake is unsure as to whether or not to take that as a compliment or not and admits that she still felt horrible of what she did even if Mace was an asshole. That said, Claire also swears to protect her from Simon like he would with Tulip, as he finds him an annoying insect.
  • Lake was surprised to find Xerneas, a giant deer who was the symbol of life as they reminded her of Alan Dracula, a seemingly normal deer who had a plethora of super powers. Xerneas senses a kind soul within Lake and allows her to watch them bring about life throughout the Pantheon after large fires knocked them down.
  • Does not want to be reminded of that time that she had to wear a pair of butterfly wings and a teal wig with pigtails in order to pass through a challenge. In fact, she's really not into being a fashion model and can barely bring the effort to wiggle her arms when asked to. Gods like Rarity have suggested that she can try a new wardrobe instead of her black hoodie and combat boots, but Lake states that she's fine as she is and doesn't need to change. Plus, she honestly doesn't know what she'd look like if she became completely naked.
  • Was not happy to learn that Simon Laurent ascended into the Pantheon. When she asked whatever happened to his girlfriend, Grace Monroe, Simon went on a rant over how Grace "betrayed" him, how that "Void" became a total "Null-lover", and that he was better off without her. The truth was that Grace had a Heel–Face Turn and tried to save Simon (before he kicked her into the wheels). Lake still hates Simon, but even she thinks that dying to a Ghom was overkill.
  • She has a soft spot for Rick Deckard, even though his job of retiring Replicants was similar to how Mirror Cops tried to kill her. She was glad that he was able to escape that life and reunite with his daughter, although she's also confused as to what's going on with that unicorn dream and whether he's human or a Replicant. Rick himself was never the type to address Replicants with the slur of "skinjobs" and was relieved that Lake could find her own path without any cops chasing her.
  • As she's also been questioned about what she would do once she made it out of the Train, Megamind has become her personal advisor on figuring out what to do with what she has been given. He's tried giving her many devices, like a watch that allows her to look like a human via holograms. Lake has politely declined the watch as she's learn to accept herself in her own skin, although she thanks for the effort. The Cutie Mark Crusaders have also worked to help her find a new purpose outside of helping passengers who need a bit of a wake-up call when they're dithering.
  • Since she named herself after staring at herself in a lake, Lake herself loves exploring the Water and Moisture sub-house, as she can finally stare at her reflection without fear of the Mirror Cops teleporting without destroying her. She's also learned about how there are gods who can actually travel through mirrors/reflective surfaces, specifically the Kamen Rider Ryuki deities. Shinji Kido once asked if it was possible for him to travel through her body. Her response? To flick him across the forehead and tell him he was an idiot to even suggest that. That said, she admits that it's better Shinji than the likes of Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja doing that; Lake hates to admit that Ouja makes Simon look like a schoolyard bully. Speaking of villainous mirror travelers, she despises Illuso since his Stand allows him to not only travel through mirrors but also makes him invisible, although she thinks his death to Purple Haze was gruesome.
    • She has disgust for Dark Meta Knight since he was trapped in a mirror and his bitterness was the cause of Queen Sectonia's fall into darkness. The fact that he chooses to serve a greater evil yet also willingly allied with his arch-hemesis baffles her (until she was clarified that it was more of an Enemy Mine siuation and Dark Meta Knight was working solely to get more power). She does make sure to keep quiet on how he's a Terrible Artist though.
  • Lake is weirded out by frog deities, because it reminded her of the Toad Car, in which the only way out was to kick Terrence the Toad. While she would never kick any of them (mainly because some of these frog deities can and will kick her ass if she tries), she tends to stay away from them if need be. The god that weirded her out the most is Frog, who is a human cursed to take on a froggy appearance. Talking toads/frogs are one thing. Humanoid frogs are another.
  • She's considered the Distaff Counterpart to Rex Dangervest, both of them rejected and decided to alter their names and appearances to seem "edgy", but Lake only did so to find her own person and to leave the Train, while Rex was willing to destroy his old world due to feeling abandoned in an event called "Armamagedden". Yes, Lake has done some cruel things but not to Rex's extent. She couldn't help but laugh when she learned how Rex used a sharpie to give him stubble, but then again Rex quickly pointed out that she used black spray paint for her outfit (although she justifies it because she had to hide her identity from the Mirror Cops at the time plus painting something black makes it harder for the Mirror Cops to jump out), As for Emmet, she can't help but like his cheery attitude and love of songs, since it's a reminder of Jesse and how his kindness and determination to come back for her is what made her get a happy ending.
    • She gets along with Wyldstyle fairly well as both of them wear black to stand out from their old identities and also went through different names before settling for one that fit them well (with Wyldstyle going back to her old name as "Lucy" and Lake settling on Lake). Funnily enough, Lake finds it amusing that Wyldstyle is embarrassed about her being one of the original singers of "Everything is Awesome" as it reminds her of how Tulip is embarrassed over singing "Word Up". She was also shocked to learn that Wyldstyle was indirectly responsible for Rex's plan by wishing Emmet was tougher to their new apocalyptic world, in contrast to her only chewing out Jesse for how he deliberately let his little brother get injured but learned to like his positive and dorky personality.
  • Heather Mason was one goddess who ended up terrified of Lake, due to Heather's spectrophobia. Her reflection was sentient and knows everything she did whenever she looked in a mirror or reflective surface? Lake explained that reflections only become sentient if you entered a specific car on the Infinity Train, so Heather calmed down from that. They became friends due to them learning to separate themselves from their pasts, Lake from being seen as a reflection of Tulip and Heather being the reincarnation of Alessa Gilespie, and also find it amusing that they went the opposite direction in fashion (Lake shaved her hair and wears black, Heather dyes her hair and wears white). Lake shuddered when she learned about Silent Hill, supposedly a city where you are to confront your inner darkness before you're given a chance to leave, especially that of Pyramid Head since she did do some horrible things (killing Mace being her biggest one and feeling guilty for doing so). Despite having a metal body, Pyramid Head won't stop until his target dies or she moves on from her actions.
  • As someone who tried to switch places with another in order to escape, Lake hates those who do the same thing and get away with it. One god who had a change of heart was Noah Kaiba, who was stuck in a virtual world after being rendered comatose and was willing to not only brainwash Mokuba into being a shield against Seto, but would eventually try to swap places with the boy to escape. That said, she can't help but pity Noah due to him living under the thumb of an asshole of a father or how he was stuck living with characters who could only repeat the same lines over and over again since even she would've lost it.
  • Tulip has tried to bring Lake along to meet up with the deities she's befriended. Aside from Pit, Lake has found a kinship with Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin, who don't find it weird that she's a reflection given how Gwen is actually an alien and Kevin can absorb matter to become stone, metal, even rubber. Lake also learned of the threat that is Michale Morningstar and was relieved that her metallic nature means he can't drain her life force. She's also met up with Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems, with Steven's positive attitude reminding her so much of Jesse Cosay. Out of the Crystal Gems, she gets along the best with Amethyst the most, since both of them have a similar fashion sense and also felt like that they were defects from those around them. She's also gained another Odd Friendship with Peridot; despite Peridot being capable of magnetism, MT also sees how Peridot has suffered from the suppression of the Great Diamond Authority. She does have massive respect for Peridot telling Yellow Diamond off for being a Know-Nothing Know-It-All.
    • Lake dislikes how Tulip loves coding games, but she begrudgingly joined Tulip to a coding session with the WarioWare employees. She has to admit that the kids who work there — Ashley, Kat and Ana, Lulu, 9-Volt and 18-Volt — are definitely better than The Apex (Who destroy and crush anyone who stands in their way). She also does not want to admit that she likes being around Young Cricket. When asked why she finds him interesting, she flicked the questioner on the head and said something of the lines of him having a familiar voice. She's joined on some of Cricket and Master Mantis' training as her chrome body makes her withstand any hits they can throw at her.
    • Another set of gods whom Lake bonded with were Luz and Amity. The two of them understood Lake's stance of not being her own person, as they have two different friends/family members who are neither Human, or Witch : there was Vee, one of several basilisks who were brought back from extinction and experimented on for Philip Whittlebane/Emperor Belos' Draining Spell, and Hunter, who was actually a Grimwalker clone of Philip's brother, Caleb. Luz and Amity told Lake that she deserves to be seen as a Human, causing Lake to shed a single tear in being accepted. She also finds Belos to be an absolute douchebag to the third degree and couldn't help but smirk when Philip ended up melting from the Boiling Isles' acid rain before being stomped to death.
  • Found herself seeing Cybersix as a big sister figure since Cybersix also has had philosophical debates on whether or not she's human, wears black while on the job, goes under a different name, and the Ship Tease between Cybersix and Luis is similar to that of Lake and Jesse. Lake has decided to work with Cybersix to fight off the Fixed Ideas, since her metallic skin makes her withstand hits than a normal human can't. She's also become fond of Data-7 since the panther reminds her of Alan Dracula coming to the rescue when she needed it the most.
  • Lake was invited to have a trip on the moon by Gentaro Kisaragi, to which she didn't have to wear a suit since she was metal, and ended up hanging out with his friends. Gentaro's friendly attitude and optimism was infectious, but she was shocked to learn that he died by the hands of Ryusei Sakuta if it'll bring his best friend back (it did, but Jiro went back to a coma when he learned how far Ryusei would go). Gentaro told her that Ryusei has atoned and it's all water under the bridge. Lake also found herself becoming pals with Shun Daimonji, a quarterback who was pressured by his father to be on top by any means necessary. Shun states that he's not proud of that side of him and wishes to be better.
  • Isn't really interested in the other trains in the Pantheon, but she found herself becoming friends with Tetsuo Hoshino and Maetel, particularly since Maetel was trying to fight against the system of her home where people can swap their bodies for cybernetics. Lake shuddered at the idea of people wanting to become some sort of mechanized machine and finds it to be overkill.
  • When asked to look up some friends in her House, someone suggestined to meet up with some nobodies eating sea salt ice cream. So she followed the instructions to find three people sharing sea salt ice cream, but didn't understand the meaning of "nobodies" until the female of the trio, Xion, explained that a Nobody is the body and soul of someone who lost their heart. In the case of Xion and Roxas, they were the Nobodies of Sora (albeit Xion's identity was based off of Kairi). Both Roxas and Kairi were seen as puppets for Master Xehanhort, but slowly obtained their own hearts and identites with Xion having to be completely forgotten by everyone until sometime later. Lake has comforted Xion by stating that she is her own person now and nothing can take that away. She then asked if Xion is going to change her name, but Xion refused given that she was the Goddess with the title of Meaningful Name for a reason.
  • "I'm Lake."

MarvelousAQL, The Goddess who's Only Known by Their Nickname (Marvy)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Logo of Marvelous Inc. (Which is also her Idiot Hair)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Only Known By Their Code Name, Them Big Tittays, Red-Headed Hero, Stripperiffic, Music Note Pupils, Shinobi Ninja, Dark and Troubled Past, Taking The Names And Weapons of Her Two Dead Teammates, Told To Never Stop Smiling
  • Domains: Ninjas, Creators, Names
  • Allies: The CPUs, Histoire, IF, Compa, Yellow Heart, Nepgear, Rom and Ram, every god from Senran Kagura, The Farmer, The Time Goddess, Mamori Tokonome, Mirei Shikishima, Rain Hasumi, Lady J, Kasumi, Kasuga, Kaede Nagase, Sheena Fujibayashi
  • Enemies: Arfoire
  • Her part in regards to Only Known by Their Nickname is double-fold: Not only does everyone call her "Marvy" due of her name being too long, but her "actual name" is actually a Code Name. A code name she made for herself by combining the names of her two dead comrades. No one is sure what her real name is. And she ain't telling.
  • Noted being pretty much the Hanzou Academy Girls mashed together to create a brand new character. Of course, due to her being based on the company who created the series, it is no surprise. She gets along with everyone, though she has awkward time talking with Asuka due of how both of them sound.
    • Though there is one thing what is quite different from them: she (or anyone else) never calls her a shinobi. Sure, she and everyone refers to her with any possible term for ninja as possible, but never shinobi.
    • Most of the Senran Kagura deities also wonder why she is only a Demigoddess, even though she is probably on par with a regular shinobi student. She doesn't bother to argue with how things are.
    • Aside of Senran Kagura characters, she is allies with The Farmer, The Time Goddess and the Valkyrie Drive deities, other Marvelous characters.
  • She has plenty of "life" but no one is sure how her "hometown" is doing.
  • She spends quite a lot of time in House of Music, as she is actually a musician, and has had parts in musicals. Apparently this was because she was once a bodyguard to an actress.
  • As you might guess, she enjoys the company of other female ninjas like Kasumi, Kasuga and Kaede.
  • Ever since the time when Mirai found out that Marvy has a copy of Mirai's Shinobi Transformation costume in her closet, Mirai appeared noticeably surprised the first time Marvy wore it in public.
  • She really like Futomaki rolls, as she claims that she has eaten them every day as far as she can remember. Any connections to her chest size is unknown.
  • She is capable of teaching other people ninja arts and what not, though she asks not to ask how to do wind-based moves, at least at first. The time she tried teaching Neptune some ended in disaster.
  • She is considered one of most cheerful deities in the Pantheon, as she seems to never loose her smile for a long time. That is because she promised her two comrades that she should never stop smiling.


    The Cabot Crew 
Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Blue, Holy Group of Themed Aliases (Mr. White: Lawrence "Larry" Dimmick | Mr. Blonde: Victor "Vic" Vega | Mr. Orange: Freddy Newandyke)
Left to right: Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown, Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink and Mr. Blue
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Five men with suits in monochrome
  • Theme Songs: Stuck in the Middle With You and Little Green Bag
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: A group of criminals that went on a heist gone wrong, named after different colors, slowly dying due to too many mistakes, wears full suits even after the heist, an all men cast, lack actual names (except Mr. White, Mr. Blonde and Mr. Orange), the "heroes" of the story, forced to find the mole who tipped off the police
  • Domains: Heists (Gone Wrong), Betrayal, Color Themes, Caper Crews, Reverse-Order Plots
  • Heralds: Joe Cabot (mastermind), "Nice Guy" Eddie Cabot
  • Allies: Neil McCauley, the PAYDAY Gang (especially Wolf and Mr. Blonde), Raymond Reddington, Vito and Michael Corleone, the DiMeo and Soprano family
  • Rivals: Tony, Jo, Mario and César, The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, Niko Bellic, Carl Johnson, Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton, Leverage Consulting and Associates, Leonard Snart, Vaas Montenegro (for Mr. Blonde)
  • Enemies: All cops especially Vincent Hanna, Dimitri Rascalov, the Joker, Jules Winnfield (for Mr. Blonde)
  • Special Relationships: Vincent Vega (Vic Vega's brother)
  • It all started with a plan, five (actually six) men would commit the perfect crime and escape. None of them knew their real names but all they have are their colors. It all fell apart and the crew were thrusted into chaos as two of their men died and the police right on their tail. Trust between the remaining members are tested as one suggests that someone ratted them out to the police. The stories of the last living members show the development between the events that unfolded and their relationships towards the men they were told to trust, culminating to their current situation. Despite their efforts, the crew and the crime never came to be and only one person managed to escape and get caught. Such was the tale of this crew, who suffered and died knowing too late who ratted them all.
  • As the police were cleaning up the scene and were prepped up for investigation, the six dead bodies that were ready to be investigated on suddenly disappeared from the crime scenes. In another location, these men were revived and were awaiting... something. Everyone was anxious and dazed and as soon as they finally regained consciousness, a loud noise was echoed in the hall, proclaiming the word "God" and various titles. In a flash, they were suddenly back to where they started, at a diner with all their comrades right beside, eating lunch. What has not been forgotten is their aliases and their mission at the request of the Cabot brothers.
  • Six men were recruited by Joe and Eddie Cabot, using unexpected color aliases, to perform a robbery at a local diamond store but it all went to hell as the cops were already waiting for them to seize their moment. Blue, the oldest, died first and Brown, the driver, bled to death from his wounds after being shot in the head. With four of the remaining members left, Pink thought that someone must have ratted them before the heist even started. The sequence of events showcases what occured before the plan, from White's respect towards his crewmates, Blonde's insane thinking and the newbie Orange, detailed the fate of the men and in the very last moments, the truth was unfolded, with Orange being the mole all along and the police right on their tail. Ultimately, Pink survived but was arrested shortly afterwards.
  • Their predicament is a complicated one as the group are fine unless you count Mr. Orange being a traitor. They are rocky in terms of relationships, Pink is a spineless coward who is a professional first and foremost, Blonde is insane and has qualms killing anyone he dislikes including bystanders, Orange is the new guy and resented by most and Blue and Brown are not much known, even White is not exempt from this as he shares his fair dislike for the police while being helpful to his crew. If anything, they are together for the sake of the job the Cabot brothers hired them for. Since the group's title means that they would have to stick together regardless of circumstance, a special condition was made under Mr. White's behalf. For being the veteran of the group, he is in charge of the crew's safety but is also responsible for keeping knowledge about Mr. Orange's status as the mole, to make sure none of the events are to be repeated. For their monikers and the circumstances, they were allowed to stay in the newfound Pantheons, giving them a title about their themed aliases. One of the members, Pink, was found mumbling about the fact that he will stay in the Pantheon with a feminine color of all things, or in his terms, a faggot color. Blame Joe Cabot for giving him the moniker.
    Joe: Here are your names. Mr. Brown, Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Pink.
    Pink: Why am I Mr. Pink?
    Joe: Because, you're a faggot, alright?!
  • First impressions for the crew were not much as none of the faces they have seen are people they have seen before or even recognize. Mr. Blonde however did notice someone he knew, and traveled to the House of Weapons to discover his brother, Vincent Vega also within Pantheon premises. He was shocked that his brother knew of this place before he even did though he would eventually get over it and remarked how his brother is still a dumb motherfucker, courtesy of Jules Winnfield, though he has a beef with him following his brother's fate. As for the rest, they went back to their hideout still confused, with Mr. Blonde the only one who knew a familiar face.
  • As a crew, they are known but their individual names, past White, Blonde and Orange, including their personalities are not much known. For instance, Pink is the closest to a crew member without a full name known but has the distinction of being a professional, only in it for the job and not much else. Brown and Blue are the crew's expendable men as Brown serves as the driver and Blue as an additional member, both of which died with little known parts about them other than Brown's love for sex (and possibly why he's too busy staring at the House of Love and Affection house) and Blue's constant use of cigars. White, Blonde and Orange have their full names known as Lawrence Dimmick, Victor Vega and Freddy Newandyke respectively, as well as their known characters. White is respectful to his men, Vic is a psychopath and Freddy is an undercover cop.
  • In the criminal world, heists are the crimes that aim for big scores. Money and fame are big but at the same time, risks are even bigger and may result in either death or prosecution to everyone involved. To keep an idea afloat in a place like the Pantheon, there needs to be a leader to prepare for the plan ahead. One man by the name of Neil McCauley decided to be the frontrunner of such endeavour and has been recruiting various criminals of such scale to accomplish capers of many kinds. In the case of the Cabot crew, they serve as additional manpower should the heist go awry and may be recruited if a member is rendered absent, in other words a substitute.
    • Mr. White was chosen as the manager of the crew and is held accountable for any of the members' injuries, costs and other preplanning procedures. The rest are under his orders and are kept watch for any suspicious activity, Brown will handle the driver seat, Blonde, Blue, Orange and Pink are to assist. Neil has told White to watch over Blonde due to his lack of empathy after he had to watch his torture over a cop and found it very disturbing even for his standards, which is coming from someone who met a similar unsympathetic man by the name of Waingro. The other thing he wants to warn him is the possibility of a mole, of which White knows to be Orange.
    • When Neil hired other heisters to his group, the Cabot crew, we will call them that in here for clarity's sake, were at odds against the four heisters Tony, Jo, Mario and César. They may be heisters but the four clearly have the advantage of staying out of trouble even before the heist began whereas the entirety of the Cabot crew already had trouble brewing from the get-go. Their styles also contrast as they did their crime the old-fashion way, including their punishments, while the four would prefer silence. As mentioned by Neil, they have certain members on the watch, both César and Mr. Blonde, and especially Orange for being endangerments during a heist.
    • Out of the groups hired, the PAYDAY Gang seems to be the most amicable out of the bunch aside from Neil. That is because the gang were hired to help the crew out at some point. Pink and Blonde very much remembered and thanked their assistance, with the two groups comparing Wolf and Blonde to be oddly similar in many ways. It does not help that Wolf has taken a liking to a Hollywood-esque attitude when it comes to capers. However, Hoxton has made some bad blood with the crew after knocking Orange out on multiple occassions. The fights were broken up and the members were confused as to why Hoxton has a beef against him, White knows he is the rat but rather not divulge the information to preserve the group.
  • The crew have been well respected for the most part as many other heisters recognized them for their story, which may include a few revelations unbeknowist to them. The Los Santos trio have kept an eye for them since they can hire them for some dirty work and a few contracts to spare, though they will have to control Trevor in the case he goes gung-ho on them, especially if he is with Mr. Blonde, being insane and all. Niko and Carl have taken interest but are okay with what they have, Niko has a preference of keeping a minimal presence, since the last time he had a heist, he lost someone from the McReary brothers. The Saints do like them and the Boss also has his fair share of loud capers, something he wants to consider for future plans.
    • Other heister groups past the mentioned ones do have beef with the group if not for how unorganized they really are past their individual personalities. Leonard Snart sees the inclusion of Blonde and Pink to be an insult to the Rogues in due part to Blonde's love for killing and Pink's professionalism making him into an uncaring criminal, attracting unwanted attention should it occur. The Leverage Consulting crew are also making counter heists to anticipate their attempts, most especially those that require minimal casualties since most of the group would draw their guns at a moment's notice. Due to their notoriety, White has to be on constant alert to maintain the group seeing how shaky the group already is.
  • Compared to most heisters, they absolutely despise cops. They share the same disdain for them equal with the PAYDAY Gang, so far that some of the members do not consider them as actual people as mentioned in a conversation with Pink and White. Blonde gets the most spotlight as he mercilessly tortured a police officer to reveal the mole, showing how ruthless they are to police activity. The House of Law and Justice has placed them under watch mainly because of the potential carnage one of them can create as well as other charges. Pink still has to deal with the fact that he escaped and was ultimately in custody. Them added to the watchlist was petitioned by one Vincent Hanna, who done a great deal tracking down caper crews, especially since he is on a hunt for Neil.
  • Mr. Blonde seems to be the most active out of the entire group, past Mr. Orange and Pink, likely because there were rumors that Blonde was a part of the Pantheon beforehand, though he denies it. The rumor came first by one Vaas Montenegro who seems to envy the man. While the two's psychopathic attitudes would make them easy allies, this would not be the case, Blonde thinks less of Vaas especially as he thinks that he ripped him off on numerous occasions, Vaas also finds him hard to cooperate with despite liking bits of his personality. There is also rumors of him at one point working with Hoyt Volker but both parties deny such claim, calling it to be old news of the past.
  • Thanks to Neil's ordeal, many heisters can take contracts from various associations regarding thievery and the like, likely due to a deal between him and Raymond Reddington who helped forge connections for funds to continue his heists. The Cabot crew are no exception and have taken a liking to the new system, giving them free space to do whatever they want aside from just staying in their quarters. While the Cabot brothers are the ones who made the crew, the Pantheon has given White the responsibility of the entire group meaning he has the control over them. That also means that he has to watch over Blonde's habit of killing, Pink's resentment towards others, and Orange's affiliation with the police.
    • Orange is a special case, as he was with the police all this time and is under tutelage to Mr. White, making his job all the more difficult. Watching a friend of his get tortured by Mr. Blonde made it far more difficult for him to stay with his partner and his fights with Hoxton may jeopardize his identity. As mentioned, White has the reason to keep his place but it might take time till someone from them sniffs the mole out. This may explain why he was found at one point, hanging around with Wei Shen as he has done some infiltrations with a Triad gang and has been taking his advice to maintain his position. Ultimately, he thanked him for some of his advices before leaving but not before directing his attention to Thomas Angelo, who would give him more advice and motivation to continue living through his ascension.
    • The new system has its highs and lows in terms of the payout and risks. Depending on who's the contractor, they can get big paychecks if done right but may take the fall if they screw up big time. The Pantheon is no different and a few contractors have been noted as risky, if not entirely dangerous to side with them. Both Dimitri Rascalov and the Joker have been warned by the criminal underworld not to mess with them under fear that they would get themselves killed if either they join their sides or piss them off. Rascalov finds them too problematic, especially Blonde and Orange, to fit his plans and the Joker needs no introduction. The other mobsters such as Vito and Michael Corleone and the DiMeo and Soprano family have taken interest hiring the guys and are willing to pay should they get their jobs right [unless Orange interferes.

Jerome McElroy, God of Being Called By His Profession (Chef, Abdul Mohammed Jabar Rauf Kareem Ali, Darth Chef)

    Myra Breckinridge 
Myra Breckinridge, Goddess of the Sobriquet Sex Switch (Myron)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A giant, turning statue of a chorus girl posing in a striped bikini and cowboy hat (as seen here)
  • Theme Song: "You Gotta S-M-I-L-E to Be H-A-P-P-Y"
  • Alignment: Hard to peg but it's somewhere between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil (while believing herself to be Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, Sophisticated as Hell, The Movie Buff, Wicked Cultured, Take Over the World, Utopia Justifies the Means, That Man Is Dead regarding Myron, most famous for using a strap-on to rape a guy
  • Domains: Gender, Sexuality, Cinema
  • Allies: Z-Man, Frank N. Furter, Norma Desmond, Double Trouble
  • Enemies: Jack from Jupiter, Alex Delarge
  • Conflicting Opinion: Keyblade wielders, with emphasis on Kairi
  • Myra Breckinridge is a trans woman with a very special goal: to change sexual mores all around the world so that the genders achieve equality and homosexuality becomes the norm, therefore reducing overpopulation, preventing humanity's extinction and ushering in a new era of happiness and prosperity. In the meantime, Myra got a teaching job at her Uncle Buck Loner's Academy of Drama and Modeling, where prospective actors learned their craft before being launched into Hollywood (though it was more common for them to sputter and crash). Myra bided her time until she could get her hands on the inheritance Buck was withholding from her and turned her attention to a young, heteronormative couple that she thought she could use as stepping stones for the beginnings of her ideal world. She endeavored to seduce the girl, Mary Ann, and emasculate the guy, Rusty. She succeeded with the latter (using a rather vile method), but not the former, as Mary Ann is stringently heterosexual. After Myra got what she was owed from Uncle Buck, she got into a car accident and had to detransition for medical reasons. She, or rather... Myron dismissed Myra as a strange phase in his life and went on to live a heteronormative life with Mary Ann.
  • While Myron was seemingly happy with the conventional life, Myra still lived within Myron with all her ambitions intact, and struggled with him for dominance. In the middle of this, strange shadows and a soaring death toll were being reported in Los Angeles. Myron himself fell to these monsters, which somehow allowed Myra to emerge again, and the shadows seemed to ignore her. Realizing they might cause humanity's extinction altogether, Myra investigated where they were coming from, eventually running into, much to her shock, Pete, the villain of the classic Walt Disney shorts. His goal was to cover Myra's world in darkness on Maleficent's behalf, reasoning that Horrible Hollywood world like this was ripe for getting consumed by the Heartless. Pete would have been confused by Myra's immunity to the Heartless, but was simply too distracted by how hot she was and happily explained his plans to her at her request. Then she further intimated that he might tell her more in a more comfortable place, and the idiot fat cat was only too happy to go along with it.
    • Meanwhile, Kairi and Riku were the two Keyblade wielders dispatched to deal with the Heartless invasion in this heretofore uncontacted world. They had some... colorful encounters (Riku never wants to talk about the attention lavished on him by one sleazy talent agent called Letitia Van Allen; there was also a battle against Buck Loner's fake horse, animated by a Heartless) even before they inevitably met Myra and Pete. It's more correct to say Pete came to them though, looking incredibly panicked and traumatized and saying this world's darkness ran more deeply than anyone could imagine. When Myra came strolling after him, Pete screamed and retreated back to the Pantheon for good. Though confused and a little disturbed, Kairi and Riku thanked Myra for sparing them from having to deal with Pete and explained they had the weapons to deal with the Heartless, which Myra was glad about. She stuck with them, watching as they defeated the mook shadows, until they got to the big boss fight: Myron's Heartless, as Myra was instinctually able to identify it. After Myron's Heartless was defeated and Myra explained exactly what the situation with her and Myron was, Riku told her she was, at least at that moment, his Nobody, and that she needed to unite with him to become a whole being again. Naturally, Myra did not want that. Before Riku could raise his Keyblade at her, Kairi cut in saying Riku was being silly and forgetting about Roxas. Before Riku could raise other objections, Kairi decided Myra was coming to the Pantheon with them. To cut an even longer story short, Myra could indeed exist separately from Myron thanks to the Pantheon's magic, but she'd have to leave her world forever to avoid "continuity issues". As far as Myra was concerned, anything was worth becoming her own person. And she has no reason to complain if part of the price is becoming a literal goddess.
  • Myra's ascension means all her dirty deeds came to light for the entire Pantheon population, so you can imagine Kairi and Riku were appalled at her and moreso the fact that they personally helped her ascend. Very awkward to have their hearts be one with someone like Myra. However, what's done is done and their bond is undeniable, to the point where Kairi later would say that she definitely doesn't regret it, since it's better to have Myra get up to her antics in the Pantheon, where she is relatively easily controlled and punished for it, than in her own world. Besides, she can't forget that Myra really wanted to save her world and the people in it from the Heartless, or how grateful and happy Myra looked at being allowed to be her own person; maybe it's her inner Princess of Heart talking, but Kairi feels there is true good in Myra, even if she is severely misguided. Myra seems touched by Kairi's faith in her, but in any case, there's now a distance between her and the Keyblade wielders, though Myra will support them (especially Kairi, whom she's rooting for to surpass her male friends) where she can.
  • Although the House of School has banned her from ever getting a teaching job again after the horrifying way she used her authority to take advantage of her students, Myra is more welcome at the House of Theatre and Spectacle and is given a certain amount of free reign to give lectures on acting, movies and sometimes her ideals in regards to gender and sexuality. Regardless of whether one agrees with her views, her great charisma and vocabulary makes her excellent at conveying them, making her lectures very popular among many different types of deities. Her lectures aren't officially considered such, nor is she called a lecturer to appease the House of School, whose membership isn't fooled, but they can't do much to stop the House of Theatre from giving her the floor.
  • She is The Movie Buff and incredibly passionate about The Golden Age of Hollywood (which is why she recognized Pete when he invaded her world with the Heartless). Her posture, manner of dress and speech patterns are modeled after the great stars of that era. Not a lot of the relevant deities would willingly become friends with Myra though; even ignoring her past actions, her entire being and philosophy are simply too scandalous and "out-there" for people of that era. Myra did manage to find one who didn't seem to mind her at all though; that being Norma Desmond, which might not be surprising since she is certifiably insane. Myra likewise doesn't mind that Norma isn't all there, finding being in the good graces of any silver screen legend to be an honor. That kind of praise and reminder of how great she was is just the sort of thing Norma loves to hear, so one could say they're quite made for each other.
  • Myra was not above occasionally attending the wild parties her hippie students threw, which were laden with sex, drugs and alcohol. Perhaps missing the zeitgeist of her era, she decided to attend one of the eccentric Z-Man's parties, and she and the host were immediately taken with each other for their similar personalities and level of sophistication. Learning that they are both transgender solidified their friendship. Things got dicey when Myra proclaimed that the movies of Hollywood's Golden Era were humanity's greastest artistic achievement, greater than Shakespeare even. This was tantamount to blasphemy for Z-Man, who went mad with rage and tried cutting her down with a sword. Myra responded in kind (there are MANY blades at Z-Man's pad), Flynning her way through the duel while the two argued about Shakespeare movie adaptations, the actors who played them and other things. After some time of this (one of the greatest moments in any of Z-Man's parties for sure), the two agreed to disagree, put down their swords and changed the subject like they hadn't been trying to kill each other. Have we mentioned they're both crazy? Because that's probably also a big part of why they bond so well.
  • And much like Z-Man, Myra is one of the few people the legendarily deranged Dr. Frank N. Furter recognizes as a kindred soul. He is especially interested in seeing her utopia become reality and helping her along in that goal, since it would mean (at least he assumes so) earthlings would lose all of their troublesome inhibitions and scruples regarding who has sex with whom, therefore becoming more open to sleeping with his very own person. Myra also sees him as possibly her most important ally in this regard, given he's an alien scientist with some considerable resources and knowledge, and counts her lucky stars that there are such advanced beings that easily understand her ideals. At this point, they are still on the planning stages (with even Z-Man throwing in his own ideas on occasion), but in the meanwhile Myra is very welcome to stay in Frank's castle whether he's holding a "Time Warp" party or not.
  • The non-binary, troublemaking shapeshifter Double Trouble decided Myra was the kind of cool and fun company they like to keep outside of work hours and the two can be seen out and about together on occasion. Double Trouble also warned there was a possibility she could be approached by this one douchebag called Jack from Jupiter, who's a notorious transphobe and paradoxically has a fetish for pre-op transgender women. Myra thought this seemed exactly like the type of person she liked to dispense "justice" upon, but DT told her not to mess with him since he's a superhero who could pay her back tenfold, and also that what she did to Rusty would never work on Jack because that was precisely the kind of thing he was into. Though Myra takes this to heart, she has not given up on brainstorming ideas to take beings like Jack from Jupiter down a peg or two.
  • Much more manageable than Jack from Jupiter is the hoodlum Alex Delarge, who has a history of being extremely violent towards anyone who so much happens to be in his line of sight and a habit of raping women. Despite Myra's infamous treatment of men, she is much softer and more protective towards women, so the misogynistic Alex was sure to rouse her ire. So it was that she contrived for the two of them to meet at some bar, where he chatted her up and tried to impress her with his level of culture. She went along with this up to a certain point, whereupon she made to part with him. As he of course would not let her and intended to force himself on her, she gave him the most painful kick in the groin he ever felt and proceeded to wail on him some, then she took him home here she did unspeakable things to him, which Alex would describe as being almost on par with the Ludovico technique. And yes, he is terrified of her after all that.