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Their bites are much worse than their barks. Worst of all, they're only after ''your'' bones!
"Once the chickens became zombies, the war was lost."

Sometimes the Zombie Apocalypse, not unlike the bird flu, can carry to other species than just humans.

Yes, occasionally even dead animals can be revived into shambling monstrosities after human flesh. This can reach such levels of ridiculousness as (as suggested by the title) meat animating itself and moving around.

In video games, these animals are often also an example of Night of the Living Mooks, but not always.

In works where zombie humans have Zombie Gait, for some reason animals almost never move slower. If anything, they might even get a speed or strength bonus. Can in some cases be justified when zombification reduces brain function, as it takes more dexterity for a biped to run without falling over. Can also be justified in that the zombie plague causes the higher brain functions to cease, while the animal part of the brain keeps functioning. If the subject's already an animal, then there's no hindrance. Likewise, the fact that zombies don't get tired may work in a reanimated animal's favor, as many living carnivores are sprinters, unable to sustain high speeds for long.

A specific form of animal zombies are living taxidermied animals. They're a mummy variant.

See also Non-Human Undead for non-humanoid undead other than normal animals, and Dracolich for zombie dragons specifically. Sister trope to Ghostly Animals. Super trope to Undead Fossils, where the animals in question are prehistoric. For actually raising animals to turn into steaks, see Let's Meet the Meat.

Normal zombie examples:

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    Anime & Manga 
  • The Arms Peddler: Garami's cart is pulled by a zombie horse, pretty much the definition of Boring, but Practical as it it doesn't need food, rest, or need to stop, but it can't move as fast as a living horse, meaning mounted bandits are still a threat.
  • Junji Ito's manga Gyo is about Japan being invaded by undead fish on mechanical legs. This may or may not be caused by an old biological weapon created by the Japanese army during World War 2. The fish themselves are dead and the legs powered by the gas generated by a contagious bacteria that's animating the corpses. Maybe. It's a pretty bizarre story.
  • A puppy that Yuki brings home in School-Live! turns into a zombie. In the anime, due to Adaptation Expansion, the dog Taroumaru is still alive and the Team Pet instead of the One-Shot Character he was in the manga. In the tenth episode we find out he's become a zombie. It's noted that only mammals seem to turn into zombies.
  • Romero from Zombie Land Saga is a cute little dog who also happens to be a zombie and occasionally Art Shifts into a more realistically-drawn and terrifying appearance. Since the main characters are zombie Idol Singers, it's only natural that the Team Pet of their group is one as well.

    Card Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering is no stranger to undead animals, with nearly every set having at least quite a few (in fact, nearly all Black-aligned animals that aren't rats or insects are undead). Storywise, the plane of Amonkhet has every living thing in it become a zombie upon death, which includes everything from snake to cats to gigantic Sand Worms. Liliana Vess exploits this to kill Razaketh by turning the waters of the Luxa River into blood, killing everything within it, and then dominating the resulting horde of undead fishes, snakes and crocodiles.
  • Munchkin has an Undead Horse, undead ears, and Zombees, which are just what you'd think they'd be.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! has many. Examples include Corroding Shark (a zombie shark), Mammoth Graveyard (a skeleton mammoth), Des Lacooda (a camel mummy), Pyramid Turtle, Bone Mouse, Plague Wolf, Skelesaurus, Zombie Tiger and several dragon zombies, one of which is simply called Dragon Zombie. The Vendread line in particular seems to have a fondness for this (hardly a surprise, given its inspiration), with Houndhorde (a pack of zombie dogs), Striges (a murder of zombie crows), and Chimera, who appears to be an entire zoo merged into a single Body Horror monstrosity.

    Comic Books 
  • Afterlife with Archie begins when Jughead's pet dog Hot Dog is accidentally hit by Reggie's car. Jughead has Sabrina the Teenage Witch revive him but Hot Dog comes back as a zombie and bites Jughead. This causes a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Beasts of Burden: Undead animals show in a number of stories. "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" features a band of zombie dogs.
  • In Blackest Night, Black Lantern Aquaman is shown commanding skeletal fish, while riding a zombified version of his Seahorse Steed, Storm. Solivar, the late king of Gorilla City, also becomes a Black Lantern.
  • In All-New Captain America, the vampire Baron Blood takes out Redwing the falcon, only for Redwing to return as a vampire falcon, still loyal to Sam Wilson.
  • In Creature Tech, the blood of Christ in the Shroud of Turin can heal wounds and raise the dead. When the shroud accidentally comes into contact with some meat in a butcher shop, the various cuts assemble themselves into a sentient Meat Man.
  • The Final Plague is about animals zombifying and attacking humanity.
  • G.I. Zombie: The Virus that gets released in Sutterville, Tennessee, is capable of zombifying animals and humans. This becomes apparent when a dog won't stay down despite having its neck broken.
  • An early issue of The Goon featured a gigantic zombie chimpanzee.
  • In Hack/Slash, slashers often have powers of some kind, usually having something to do with their MO from when they were alive. Bobby Brunswick, who worked at an animal clinic euthanizing animals before he died, has the power to raise dead animals and command them to do his bidding.
  • One of the stories in The Halo Graphic Novel involves a Flood infestation on a Covenant supply ship. They completely wipe out and assimilate the onboard wildlife reservation.
  • Hitman (1993): Tommy and friends experience "Zombie Night At Gotham Aquarium," which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. note 
  • Previously, Marvel had a vampire animal in the form of Bessie the Hellcow. No, really. Vampirised by Dracula himself, apparently by accident when he really needed some blood, she stalked the night for 300 years and her milk bestows vampric regeneration. (She was a Howard the Duck character who later appeared in Deadpool Team-Up, so "making sense" wasn't a huge priority.)
  • One story in WildStorm's Resident Evil anthology comic has a security guard fighting his way through infected animals of a zoo, which includes tigers, snakes, gorillas and prairie dogs. When the character returns in the sequel comic Fire and Ice, he is jumped by a zombie lion ("Not this again! Why is it always animals?").
  • In the New 52's reboot of Swamp Thing, the Big Bad is Death itself (technically, the Rot) personified. As such, Alec must face such undead abominations as zombie pigs and a reanimated woolly mammoth fossil.
  • In the Tales From the Crypt story "Squash... Anyone?", there is a zombie elephant, rendered in wonderfully revolting detail by Graham Ingels.
  • Tragg and the Sky Gods: In "The Cult of the Cave Bear" in Mystery Comics Digest #9, a Necromancer uses fumes from magic herbs and a drum beat to raise zombies to steal food from other tribes. After his zombies steal a cave bear Tragg is has just killed, he is Hoist by His Own Petard when Tragg uses the herbs and drum to resurrect the cave bear, which kills him.

    Fan Works 
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: Crowned Death and his minions can make zombie animals. "Interception" has a giant zombie octopus, while "Backfire — Part 1" has undead shrimp, whales, starfish and even an entire coral reef.'
  • Ghost Roads gives Xue Yang an undead army which includes fish, crows, and snakes.
  • There's More Magic Out There: On their quest to rescue Sabrina from being traded for her human counterpart, the Mystery Gang run into reanimated deer that are haunting the Fae territory, which Alix and Kagami treat as distinct abominations. The deer were reanimated by a Necromancer, working to find a way to bring back his father and kill him in revenge.
  • This Bites!: During the chaos of the fighting on Thriller Bark, Cross stumbles upon an experiment of Hogback's in the form of a zombie cyborg T-Rex. Naturally, he proceeds to ride it into battle.
  • Velanna Lupescu from Sixes and Sevens is shown to have a pair of vampiric bears under her control.
  • Vow of Nudity: When Kay'la is shrunk down and sent into the king's body to try and cure his coma, she encounters undead white blood cells among the threats awaiting her at the source of his infection.

    Films — Animation 
  • Frankenweenie is about a boy who resurrects his dog a la Frankenstein. Near the climax, several other kids try their hands at necromancy, with such results as a mummy hamster, a kaiju turtle (no relation), a were-rat, and a vampire cat.
  • In Princess Mononoke, Moro's severed head is briefly reanimated upon contact with the Forest Spirit's black goo... whereupon it proceeds to lunge at Lady Eboshi and bite off her arm.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In 28 Days Later the zombie Rage virus was originally tested on and spread by chimpanzees.
  • Army of the Dead has a zombie tiger and at least one zombie horse.
  • Big Tits Zombie: When the dead are summoned to rise, the sushi the girls are preparing comes alive and attacks them.
  • Black Sheep (2007) involves zombie sheep who turn humans into weresheep.
  • In Daybreakers, there's mention of vampire animals. Apparently, they keep igniting in the sun, leading to forest fires. Also, the main character, a vampire scientist trying to find a viable blood substitute, has a laboratory full of vampirised test animals.
  • Played with in Day of the Dead (1985): a large alligator is seen emerging from a building alongside a horde of zombies in one of the establishing scenes. However, it's not specified whether the alligator is itself a zombie too or whether it has just opportunistically set up shop near them to feed on the vast quantities of loose and decaying flesh.
  • Dead Heat: An Asian butcher shop is subjected to reanimating energies, causing hook-suspended ducks to quack, headless chickens to blunder about blindly, and an entire dressed beef carcass to lurch out of the freezer and grapple a hero inside its body cavity.
  • Dead Sushi features, you guessed it, zombie sushi.
  • In Death Spa, Catherine locks Lt. Fletcher in the club's cold room and then reanimates the eels being stored in there for sushi. One of them rips his throat out.
  • In Exorcist: The Beginning, Pazuzu animates the butterflies in Major Granville's collection, driving him to suicide.
  • The Gamers: Dorkness Rising: After defeating Mort Kemnon and realising he was not the Big Bad, sorceress Luster hands a note to the DM: "Raise Dead on the turkey". That they were roasting over their campfire. It kills the bard before getting eaten (and still zombie'd).
  • In I Am Legend, dogs are naturally immune to airborne infection by the vampiric KV virus but not to infection by bite. Two vampire dogs appear midway during the movie as threats and they end up infecting Neville's pet dog Sam, who he fails to cure and ends up having to Mercy Kill. Neville himself keeps vampire rats for study while struggling to develop a cure.
  • The Jurassic Dead: As the title implies, this movie has a zombie dinosaur in it. However, at the beginning of the movie, Dr. Borge demonstrates his resurrection chemical by resurrecting a cat.
  • A Little Bit Zombie: Steve's zombification starts after he's bitten by an undead mosquito.
  • In The Mad, one of the characters is attacked by a zombie hamburger patty.
  • Zombie cats and dogs are integral to the plot of Night of the Creeps. A zombified cat infects the only sorority member to become a zombie, whilst a zombified dog causes the fatal bus crash that allows it to then infect Chris and J.C's fraternity members with slugs for the final assault.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales:
    • Undead sharks and seagulls can be seen in the wake of the Silent Mary.
    • Jack, the undead monkey, also returns. Probably a subversion, as breaking all the sea's curses presumably returned the animal to life at the end.
  • Poltergeist: One of the ickier feats of ghostly telekinesis is a raw steak slithering along a kitchen counter.
  • In Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, chicken zombies aren't too happy about being eaten.
  • Re-Animator: Herbert West, like many a real-world medical scientist, tests his methods on animals first. This includes a cat in the first movie and a rat the third (a rat that, apparently, learnt kung fu by becoming a zombie).
  • This happens offscreen in [REC] in the exposition dump provided by the Health Inspector. A dog whom was sent to the vet because he seemed sick ended up going violent and attacked all the other animals. Soon they began to to act violent as well before the whole situation was finally quarantined. Said dog just happened to be Jennifer's dog Max. Soon most of the other survivors looked on at the girl, realizing what that means...
  • Resident Evil: Extinction has zombie crows, and all three films have zombie dogs.
  • In The Return of the Living Dead, zombifying gas spreads throughout a medical supply warehouse, reanimating half a dog and a butterfly collection. (On the other hand, when the gas spreads over the town, the only zombies we see are human.) A giant rat gets brought back in Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis, while several lab mice (including the so-called "Mr. Stinky") become infected in Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave.
  • Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse features a zombie deer in one scene, and a lot of zombie cats in another.
  • In Slither the alien slugs reveal capable of infecting other animals beyond humans, as one of the main characters is attacked by a zombified deer. Not to mention The Stinger in which the surviving alien parasite infects a cat.
  • Train to Busan has a deer being hit and killed by a car, only for it to start moving in a jerky, unnatural way and get up on its feet again. Cue Scare Chord-shot of its white, dead eyes.
  • In Victor Frankenstein, the first creature Victor resurrects is a Mix-and-Match Critter made mostly of chimpanzee parts.
  • Zoltan, Hound of Dracula: A dog is discovered with a stake through its heart. Removing the stake leads to the vampire Rottweiler reviving with a thirst for blood. Flashbacks reveal that this was originally an Evil-Detecting Dog, turned by Dracula in vengeance after it protected a woman from him. Once revived, Zoltan starts turning other dogs.
  • Zombeavers is about zombie beavers.
  • Zombie Apocalypse has a pair of zombie tigers. Unlike human zombies, they drag prey into hiding to eat.
  • Zoombies is about a zombie outbreak that affects the animals in a wildlife park and turns them all into vicious, flesh-eating predators, including obligate herbivores like giraffes.

  • Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? has zombie lions.
  • Please Don't Feed the Vampire! has the b-path, where your vampirized poodle Fifi suddenly goes on a biting spree and starts attacking all the dogs in the neighborhood, resulting in packs and packs of vampirized canines coming after you. But if you survive long enough, your bestie Gabe will come to the rescue, having found an antidote which turns vampire canines back to regular dogs.



  • Simon R. Green:
    • Forest Kingdom: In the Hawk & Fisher spinoff series book 6 (The Bones of Haven), thousands of enraged animal ghosts are called up from a slaughterhouse, materialize as zombies, and embark on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against humanity.
    • Ghost Finders: It's not clear if they're technically undead or not, but Ghost of a Smile has a room full of animated black-market transplant organs attack the heroes and try to get inside them.
  • Brian Keene:
    • Dead Sea has examples of zombie seagulls, zombie fish and zombie rats.
    • The Rising series — The Rising, City of the Dead, and The Rising: Selected Scenes from the End of the World — has a whole selection of zombie animals spanning from birds to dogs. Zombie insects and zombified plants are also explored in The Rising: Selected Scenes from the End of the World and with zombified plants being hinted towards at the end of City of the Dead.

Individual works

  • A vampire version of this appears in Christopher Moore's Bloodsucking Fiends trilogy about vampires in San Francisco, Love Bites, You Suck and Bite Me. Under the series' rules of how vampirism works, anything that has a vampire's blood in its system, and then dies, comes back as a vampire. Since many animals instinctively fight by biting their attacker, animals get vampirized very easily. At one point in the story there are clouds of mist made of vampire cats flying around. Fortunately, Undeath Always Ends. The further removed vampires in that setting are from the original vampire, the quicker they die naturally or self-destruct psychologically somehow, which is seen with formerly human vampires. Protagonists manage to kill the first vampire cat, and it might never be explicitly stated but we can assume that all animals of a lower "generation" than him fall apart on their own somehow. At one point a flock of vampire parrots bursts into flame in the morning sun simply because they don't know they need to stay away from sunlight.
  • In the humorous Magitek fantasy novel The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump, a seamstress removes a fresh bloodstain from a piece of cloth by having her pet vampster lick it clean. Yes, that's a vampire hamster.
  • In the Chronicles of the Kencyrath, Ganth Gray Lord rode his warhorse Iron Jaw to death in the Haunted Lands, and like anything that dies there and isn't burnt, Iron Jaw became a haunt. Later shows up as Gerridon's mount.
  • Chloe from Darkest Powers is a necromancer who only recently discovered her powers. She accidentally revives decomposed bats while trying to summon Liz's ghost.
  • In Dead Space: Martyr, there is mention of fish becoming Necromorphs and attacking, then infecting other fish around the Black Marker.
  • The Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time: Vandalieu uses his Death-attribute magic to raise the skeletons of a bird, a monkey, a bear and a wolf to serve as fighting force. They are eventually combined into Knochen, who now can create its own skeletal minions, among them animal skeletons.
  • Discworld has several examples:
    • Scraps in Carpe Jugulum is The Igor's pet dog. He's what you might call a mixed-breed, and as happy as a dog with two tails. The We R Igors Diary 2015 includes a picture of him, and also Patches the cat.
    • In Reaper Man when Death stops working (when his performance is being evaluated) it also affects animals.
    • Death tried to make use of a skeletal mount once, but found it impractical; he had to keep wiring bits back on. He much prefers his living horse, Binky. The gardens of Death's Domain are still home to skeletal birds, and there are skeletal fish in the pond.note 
  • One of the rules of necromancy in The Dresden Files is that it's often not worth it to raise a zombie animal, as animals leave shallower "psychic footprints" than humans and thus don't have as much power when raised (consider that a human zombie, in deference to tradition, is typically as strong as the Terminator). Using necromancy on humans is also a capital crime among wizards, ruthlessly enforced by the White Council's Wardens. In Dead Beat, Harry however, latches onto two of the other rules — first, that it is technically not illegal to raise animals, and second, that the older something is, the deeper its "footprint" becomes — and applies these rules to Sue, the 65 million year old T. rex skeleton at the Natural History Museum. And then he rode it into battle. (Consider that a fossil isn't even an actual skeleton, but an imprint filled with minerals. So basically, he's reanimated a dinosaur partially made of rock.)
  • In the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel Vampire Science, the scientifically-minded leader of the vampires has performed experiments which show the "V-factor" can be added to any animal. Rather worryingly, she's not sure where the cats are, but she had a snail for a while (until one of the other vampires stood on it, and they decided the kindest thing to do would be to stake it with a toothpick) and undead ameobas that consume red blood cells.
  • Everworld: A fight begins during a diplomatic feast. Merlin reanimates the animals cooked for it (including a boar). He also reanimates people that died during the fight so that they can keep fighting.
  • In the third book of The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce, Daine raises dead dinosaurs and takes them on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge because she thinks Numair has been executed by the Emperor.
  • A pack of zombie hyenas appears in Iron Dawn, as products of the demonist's corrupted magic.
  • The virus in Janitors Of The Post Apocalypse works on great apes as well as on humans. Chimpanzees, with their higher strength and mobility, are far more dangerous and unpredictable than feral humans.
  • The Living Dead by George A. Romero and Daniel Kraus has not just dead humans but dogs, rats, chickens, and even dolphins rising as zombies.
  • David Drake's The Lord of the Isles features a lot of necromancers who, in their bid to take over the kingdom, love to raise the dead. Their armies include undead infantry, undead cavalry on undead horses, and even undead shock troops in the form of undead woolly mammoths. Undead cyclopses have also been known to appear.
  • Monster Hunter Vendetta features a necromancer who needs an army and has time to plan. So he's "been collecting corpses like some people collect stamps." His enemies, all experienced monster hunters, react with disbelief:
    • "Armored zombie bear!"
    • "A helmet! Who puts buckets on zombies' heads? That's not fair!"
    • "Where the hell do you get dead elephants anyway?"
    • "Okay, walking dead, that’s fine. Running dead, I can handle. But the flying dead? Hell with this. I quit."
  • The zombie virus in My Vampire Older Sister and Zombie Little Sister is fully capable of infecting animals other than humans. At one point, the inhabitants of a zoo fall victim to the virus, resulting in a zombie elephant, a zombie rhino, and a zombie anaconda (among others). It can even infect plants, somehow endowing them with the ability to move.
  • The Kellis-Amberlee virus of the Newsflesh Trilogy affects any mammal over forty pounds. This includes large dogs, horses, cows...and whales. This is actually weaponized in the first book, when a zombie outbreak is deliberately triggered on a horse ranch. Although in reality ranches have so many security measures and such frequent testing that there's almost no chance of surprise zombie dressage, public perception is that equestrian=dinner, so no one would have suspected anything had Georgia's crew not found that syringe.
  • In Larry Niven's short story "Night on Mispec Moor" the zombifying organism originally evolved to dwell in corpses of native dog-like animals. Then it found human corpses make a good host too.
  • The Odyssey: Tiresias and Circe tell Odysseus that his men must not eat the sun god's cattle while on his island. Naturally, they do, since the island didn't have much more than herbs. However, the meat doesn't stay dead, and starts to moo on the spit as it roasts. And once they leave the island... though the intention was not a Zombie Apocalypse, but an omen that the sun god was pissed off and about to get revenge.
  • In Garth Nix's Old Kingdom series:
    • Animals hate the evil Necromancer Hedge (particularly after he becomes undead himself), so he has to resort to killing and reanimating horses to ride. Plural because, even as Dead entities, they keep finding ways to destroy themselves rather than be near him.
    • Gore-crows are made by ritually killing a number of crows, then imbuing their bodies with a single human Dead spirit to reanimate them as a Hive Mind. The larger the number, the more deadly the swarm is, but the faster they suffer Possession Burnout and the harder it is for the Dead spirit to keep them animate.
  • Not actually seen, but in On Stranger Tides, when a sorcerer animates a sunken British ship's crew to serve him, and accidentally raises up the Spanish vessel that sank it as well, one character remarks that there are probably fishes swimming about beneath them that'd been skeletons an hour ago.
  • Overlord (2012): During the battle against the Lizardmen, the undead army includes zombie dogs, boars, and even a bear.
  • In Stephen King's Pet Sematary, there's a special burial ground and anyone buried there will come back to life. Several people have buried dead pets there, and they were brought back to life, but something always seem "off" about them. Regardless, aside from some odd behavior, reanimated animals are mostly harmless. However, burying humans there is disastrous. Any humans brought back this way are the very definition of Came Back Wrong, and its all but stated that they're really possessed by whatever supernatural force inhabits that land. Presumably, animals are too but their brains aren't advanced enough to allow for true possession.
  • In The Radiant Dawn, "cavaliers" ride on undead horses, donkeys, and other animals. They serve as psychic conduits to allow the generals and necromancers to control the "mindless" undead.
  • In The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, John Dee uses necromancy to raise an army of zombies and animated skeletons, including animal skeletons. Some are even from animals that have been extinct for thousands of years, like saber-toothed cats.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, anything killed by the Others will rise as a wight. This includes horses (often described as riding around with frosted entrails clinging to their bellies) and bears. There is also a brief reference to “dead things in the water” at Hardhome, but we have yet to find out what exactly this refers to.
  • Remember the Tauntauns, the weird horned arctic lizards from The Empire Strikes Back? The thing Han sliced open to stow a hypothermic Luke inside to keep him warm? Yeah, those show up infected by a Sith zombie plague in Star Wars: Red Harvest.
  • Mary from Trash of the Count's Family utilizes these as well as other Non-Human Undead, usually using Dem Bones to create Mix-and-Match Critters.
  • It is perfectly possible to resurrect animals as Lifeless in Warbreaker. Doing this is fairly rare, as creating a Lifeless is moderately expensive (since you can't reclaim the Breath used to animate it, plus you need special chemicals for best effect) and humans are far more useful in most circumstances.
  • In the picture books and subsequent animated series Funnybones, the two living skeletons have a living skeletal dog.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Lily from The Bite is taking care of a couple's cat when a Zombie Apocalypse breaks out. After a client of hers turns into a zombie, he attacks the cat and kills it. It later reanimates as a zombie itself.
  • In the "Dead Man's Party" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the first zombie raised by the mask that houses the demon Ovu Mobani is a cat. It was the corpse closest to the mask though, and most of the corpses it raises are human. The demon require a zombie to put on the mask so it can incarnate, and presumably the body needs to be human).
  • One episode of Forever Knight features two vampire dogs. One is a blind woman's seeing eye dog. The incident reminds Nick of the time his dog was turned into a vampire. Nick was forced to stake his dog. The seeing eye dog ends up turning its master (and curing her blindness.)
  • Game of Thrones:
    • The White Walkers use reanimated horses as mounts.
    • In season 7, Jon Snow and his team come across a zombified bear north of the Wall.
  • iZombie: While using rats to test out causes of the zombie virus, Ravi accidentally creates a zombie rat that devours the other test subjects. When discovered, Ravi is understandably terrified while Liv thinks it's adorable. It's a zombie thing.
  • Kingdom (2019): In the prequel movie Ashin of the North, a deer eats a plant infested with a zombifying parasite, dies, and reanimates in minutes. It isn't long before it encounters a tiger and, despite being undead now, is still swiftly overpowered and killed. The tiger, however, turns as well after eating the infected flesh.
  • In a parody of Pet Sematary, the Zombie Apocalypse episode of Misfits begins with an ill-advised attempt to resurrect a dead cat
  • Pushing Daisies: When you can raise the dead by touching them, be careful not to touch bearskin rugs.
  • Z Nation has animals becoming zombies, including a bear.

  • The campfire song "Johnny Verbeck's Sausage Making Machine" has this verse:
    One day a little Dutch boy came walking in the store,
    He bought a pound of sausages and laid them on the floor.
    And then he started whistling, he whistled up a tune,
    And all the little sausages went dancing 'round the room!
  • "Zombie Jamboree" makes a brief mention of a "King Kong zombie on the Empire State (Building)".

    Music Videos 
  • Metallica: The video for "All Nightmare Long" has the Russian scientists injecting zombie spores into steaks, and watching them slither around.

    Tabletop Games 
  • All Flesh Must Be Eaten provides stats for numerous breeds of undead animal, and they show up in multiple Dead Worlds.
  • Deadlands:
    • The first monster manual, "Rascals, Varmints & Critters", has the Walkin' Fossil, which is a fossil that has been animated by a possessing demon, similarly to all the other undead in the setting.
    • The second monster manual, "Rascals, Varmints & Critters 2", has stats for generic Undead Animals, which are noted to be rare because all undead in the setting are born of Demonic Possession, and most demons would rather take even the most putrid human corpse over a mere animal's.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • There are skeleton and zombie versions of just about anything (but most notably hounds). A well-played necromancer will not reanimate Demi Humans, but monsters, as they retain qualities they had in life, leading to nice goodies like zombie pyrohydras.note  Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition made this particularly easy with the "template" system, essentially a splat that could be applied overtop of a monster statblock and create an undead creature out of anything.
    • Older editions of the game include Animate Dead Animals as a low-level magic spell, usable by novice necromancers who aren't yet powerful enough to affect humanoid corpses.
    • The Sandstorm supplement has the death scarab swarm, which is a swarm of undead beetles that acts straight out like those of The Mummy (1999). They can remain inside desert tombs for centuries, but when attacking living being they can consume their preys entirely within a few rounds.
    • Ravenloft: The realm of Forlorn is known for its undead wolf packs, an undead Stock Ness Monster lurks in one of the Core's lakes, and Meredoth the necromancer has been known to raise up undead skeletons of anything from mice to bears to kangaroos.
    • Dragon Magazine 174 describes two varieties of undead wolves: dread wolves, zombies created from reanimated wolf bodies by evil spellcasters, and vampiric wolves created by evil clerics corrupting litters of wolf pups.
    • The book Libris Mortis has a template monster called the Revived Fossil, which is What It Says On The Tin.
    • Dragon Magazine 336 described how to turn a Spawn of Kyuss (essentially a zombie created by infesting someone with a parasitic worm) into a template, effectively making non-humanoid variants. The example they give is for a mastiff.
  • An article in Pyramid vol 3 #7 called "Little Bits of Magic", for Urban Fantasy GURPS, included Tina Newman, the Littlest Necromancer, a nine-year-old girl who has reanimated a couple of dozen dead pets, mostly rodents.
  • Pathfinder:
    • Create Undead responds to animals remains as well as it does to humanoid ones, and zombie and skeleton versions of mundane and magical wildlife are both common.
    • Copsewights are undead trees, animated by the same supernatural blight that killed their living selves.
  • Vampire: The Requiem: It's impossible to turn non-humans into vampires, but some vampires are able to combine their blood and the power of Animalism into a poor substitute. The Oberloch clan can reanimate "beloved pets" as Mighty Glacier zombies, whereas the Circle of the Crone can sustain "undying familiars" with daily blood infusions, albeit as grotesque Empty Shells.
  • Warhammer:
    • The Vampire Counts regularly employ undead wolves, horses and bats in their service. The Tomb Kings instead animate the bodies of carrion birds to serve as scouts and to harry enemy troops.
    • Dreadfleet features a giant deep-sea flatfish that swallowed a Skaven submarine. Both monster and crew died when the ratmen tried to eat their way free. Later, the monster's corpse was raised by a Vampire pirate, which raised the Skaven crew as well. The Skaven simply incorporated the monster into their still-swallowed vessel.
    • The Storm of Magic supplement describes undead trees — the Living Deadwood Staff, a creation of an eccentric necromancer known as the Daemon Harborist of Tilea, allows its holder to animate dead trees into horrific, shambling undeath.

  • BIONICLE: Matoro Mahri's mask, the Kanohi Tryna, allows him to reanimate dead bodies. He generally only uses it on animals, for ethical reasons and because for the entire time he had it, he was underwater and surrounded by the corpses of sea creatures.

    Video Games 
  • Belladonna: Klara has to kill a cat to proceed. She poisons it, thus leaving it fit for a Frankenstein-inspired reanimation by the end of the game.
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Animales de la Muerte, a game currently in development by High Voltage Software, developers of The Conduit, involves zombie zoo animals from a Mexican zoo hit with a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Two prominent examples from the Affectionate Parody The Bard's Tale:
    • After breaking the seal on the Nuckelavee's stone circle (by killing a mare on it) and extinguishing the flame on the Forest Tower, the Bard ends up with skeletal horses running around and killing people.
    • After extinguishing the second flame, it'll be possible to run into Zombie Chicken (Which lay eggs spawning more zombie chicken), Zombie Sheep (who can put you to sleep) and Zombie Cows (powerful and durable chargers who dies the istant they're pushed in the sides). One late level, the Farm, has you wading through hordes of revenant farm animals, culminating in a battle against the shapeless Haggis Monster, which can recover health by summoning and grinding more zombie animals into his mass.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds features a zoo level with zombified gorillas and penguins. Unfortunately, the latter don't appear outside cutscenes.
  • Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead features a number of undead animals such as Zombears, Antlered Horrors (undead moose), and various types of zombie dogs.
  • In Cold Fear, it is stated that Excell were experimented on animals, including dogs and apes. There's also a dead orca whale which hosted several Infectors, which proceed to attack you.
  • In Dawn of Heroes, the first Epic Monster you have a chance of fighting is a zombie-cow. It gets 'milked' for any number of bad puns. And then it stomps you flat. (Its basic attack does 264 damage. Twice. At the time when you can first face it, your strongest unit MAY have 150 HP.)
  • Days Gone: The zombie virus affects animals as well, which so far includes "Runners" (wolves), "Ragers" (bears) and "Criers" (crows).
  • In Dead Rising a zombie poodle is shown during one of the opening Cutscenes. You don't run in to any other zombie animals in the 360 version. The Wii version features them during the normal game.
    • It's debatable if the poodle was even a zombie in the 360 version, it could be the zombies favor human meat exclusively to animals.
    • Zombie penguins are mentioned as being an attraction in Fortune City in the tie-in C.U.R.E. website. None are seen in-game, though.
    • Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop also has zombie parrots. They have an annoying tendency to drop grenades on your head.
    • The only true animal boss of Dead Rising 2, Snowflake, averts this trope entirely. Despite being a dangerous and very hungry tiger surrounded by lots of meaty zombie humans, it isn't a zombie at all as its caretaker has specifically gone out of his way to keep it from zombie meat.
  • In Dead Space some fish have been infected by Necromorphs and attack each other.
    • The Stalkers are implied to be made of both human and animal corpses, namely household pets like dogs and cats.
    • In the third game, Lurkers are no longer made from infants as in previous games, but the mummified corpses of small dogs.
  • In Dead Trigger 2, one of the Daily Job missions features having to slay as many zombie chickens as possible. Like zombie humans, their modus operandi depends by the color of their gleaming eyes: the green-eyed ones ignore the player and will start running wild when shot, while the red-eyed ones actively seek out the player and explode in contact with them.
  • In Discworld II (partially based on Reaper Man above) when Death Takes a Holiday (literally) and then becomes a clickie (i.e. movie) star humans and animals stop dying. Except rats, because Death-of-Rats is a separate entity who formed as a result of Reaper Man events. (Yes, continuity is... problematic.) Among other things we get to see a sheep skeleton working in clickies as Death's stunt double.
  • The very first enemies you face in the Web Game Dude and Zombies are zombie rabbits. They're pretty annoying even if weak, because they're small, fast, and jump while moving. Later on, you fight zombie birds.
  • Dungeon Crawl lets you animate any corpse that wasn't a shapeshifter, including all beasts in the game. Such undead beasts can also be encountered as regular enemies.
  • Dwarf Fortress can raise any creature that's made of flesh, has not been mangled too badly, and is not a vermin. Additionally, some body parts can be reanimated too - mechanically, any body that still has limbs with the [GRASP] tag (so: arms, the occasional prehensile tail, and heads, because of the tongue). It's not out of the question for a necromancer to cut off someone's arm, reanimate that arm, use it to grapple the target long enough to decapitate, then raise both the corpse and the headless one-armed body. Three zombies for the price of one!
    • Evil biomes can sometimes be naturally reanimating. Besides the obvious issues where corpses and corpse parts will rise again, a side effect of the skeleton reanimating code causes untanned animal hides, sheered fleeces, and the shells of mussels to also naturally reanimate. Tarn Adams doesn't consider this a bug, on the grounds that a walking skin or fleece makes exactly as little sense as a walking skeleton.
    • Zombie Carp have a reputation. For a while in DF 2012, normal carp were overpowered, and notorious for dragging unlucky dwarves into the water to their doom. But they're generally easy to avoid as long as you stay away from the water. Zombie carp are a whole new magnitude of "scary," being capable of leaving the water and pursuing the hapless dwarves to their very beds. The bug making carp so overpowered has been fixed, but this won't help you when you get visited by a zombie whale...
  • EarthBound and Mother 3 both feature Zombie Dogs.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series' lore, the Sload, "slugmen" native to the archipelago of Thras to the southwest of Tamriel, have a natural affinity toward necromancy. The Sload are said to use this skill, in part, to "slaughter and revive" various forms of sea creature as pets, such as crabs and turtles.
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 4 has Undead Bears, which appear primarily in Graybone Cemetery.
  • Guild Wars has undead dogs (or wolves) and undead horses.
    • Not technically undead, but a similar idea, are the afflicted cows in the second mission of Factions.
    • The Undeath present in Guild Wars 2 is all-encompassing, if you thought zombie cows were bad, just try deal with a zombie chicken with a mean streak a mile wide. The only thing on the planet that can't become a Risen are Sylvari, who are naturally resistant to Zhaitan's influence because they're servants of one of the other dragons.
  • The popular Half-Life mod, "They Hunger", has zombie dogs, bulls, and chickens.
  • Hellforces sees you fighting zombie rats and dogs in the first few zombie-themed levels, although they stop appearing when the undead elements stopped showing up in later stages.
  • Kingdom of Loathing has a few examples:
    • The conservatory of Spookyraven Manor is infested with the skeletons of Stephen Spookyraven's many unfortunate pets.
    • Some of the rampaging giant ducks you can fight on McMillicancuddy's Farm include zombie ducks and vampire ducks.
    • During a Zombie Slayer run, you come back as a zombie and can turn other creatures into zombies to add to your horde, including beast-type monsters.
    • Giant Zombie Goldfish can be encountered in the Maze of Sewer Tunnels leading to Hobopolis.
    • During a limited-time event in September 2010, the players could collect animal fossils, assemble them into fossilized animals and battle them for components to power up one of their trinkets. Animals that could be assembled and fought included fossilized bats, fossilized serpents, fossilized baboons, fossilized wyrms, fossilized demons and fossilized Giant Spiders.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask introduced undead fish for the water levels.
  • Metal Slug X introduces mummy dogs, whose breath like regular mummies can turn the player into one him/herself. They return in 3 and 4.
  • Minecraft:
    • One of the in-game horse variants is the skeleton horse, which cannot be bred or made by breeding — each must be individually tamed. They only spawn when lightning strikes a normal horse, which will transform into a skeletal horse ridden by a skeleton with an enchanted helmet and bow. A couple of clones of these will spawn nearby. In the morning, the skeletons will burn but the skeleton horses won't, at which point you can tame them. The game also has a zombie version of horses, but they do not spawn naturally and can only spawn by the usage of commands or Spawn Eggs. Lightning will also turn pigs into zombie piglings.
    • In the third-party mod Mo' Creatures, an Essence of Undead will turn horses, ostriches, scorpions and mother wyverns into undead versions of themselves. Undead horses will eventually rot into skeleton horses unless an essence of light is used to restore their flesh.
  • Moccuses from Monster Sanctuary are mummified boars who were sacrificed by people to appease their deity during a famine, but he was so angered by this that he brought them back to life.
  • In the Director's Cut of Organ Trail, the player character will occasionally have a "boss encounter" with undead animals. They may encounter a zombie bear (which can't be killed) or zombie dogs (which are much faster than normal zombies) while scavenging, and they may have to dodge zombie deer while out on the road.
  • In Parasite Eve, Aya's adventure in the American Natural History Museum sees her getting attacked by several insect specimens that were brought back to life, as well as reanimated and mutated velociraptors, a triceratops and even a T-rex.
  • Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous contains "plagued smilodons" in several areas, literally zombified sabertoothed tigers—one of the top predators of Sarkoria's taiga and cold plains before the Worldwound opened. The beasts can be Demonic Spiders for at lower levels.
  • The Necroa Virus in Plague Inc. can be mutated so it can be carried by bats, birds or rats, which makes the sickness more contagious. Evolving it further, causes these animals to become hostile and start attacking humans, which increases infection even further and, in the case of bats, being possibly lethal.
  • Plants vs. Zombies has zombie dolphins attack the household. The sequel introduces zombie chickens, seagulls, parrots, weasels and dragonflies.
  • Prayer of the Faithless: The Northern Woodland Hills have Zombie Worms as enemies.
  • The Meat Circus in Psychonauts features zombie rabbits that attack Lil' Oly during the Escort Mission.
  • Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare: The undead plague has spread to the animals, resulting in undead horses, undead wolves, undead cougars, and undead bears.
  • Practically omnipresent throughout the Resident Evil games. Zombie dogs have appeared in most every game to date, and you have also encountered infected crows (very annoying and dangerous), an alligator (in a sewer!), a giant zombie snake, a giant Zombie Man-Eating Plant, and even zombie sharks. Mentioned in the backstory, with Wesker suspicious of why Spencer had a mansion in the middle of a forest, despite knowing that the virus could infect anything and from such a location, could end up infecting everything.
    • Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 had the protagonists forced to go through the Raccoon City zoo: You get attacked by zombie hyenas, zombie alligators, zombie elephants, and zombie lions. The elephant in particular is a major opponent through the zoo, wandering the zoo and actively attacking if it catches you, requiring a lot of firepower to put down or for you to just run. If you reach the final area without killing it, it acts as the boss of the stage - if you do manage it, it's replaced with a zombie lion.
    • This got to the point that when normal, if aggressive, crocodiles were featured in Resident Evil 5, many were speculating on whether or not they were actually infected with anything.
  • RuneScape:
    • Draynor Manor has undead trees, which are indestructible to everything except an ax with a blessed silver edge, but are not very dangerous because they do little damage and are not able to follow you.
    • Maggie the witch owns a pair of skeletal oxen, Babe and Norman.
    • The player can get an ex-ex-parrot, which is a parrot that has un-ceased to be, as a pet.
    • There is a ghost farmer who keeps zombie cows and zombie chickens near Port Phasmatys.
    • During one quest there is a Stealth-Based Mission where the player has to avoid being seen by undead broavs, a pig like animal.
    • The necromancer Melzar the Mad has zombie rats in his house.
    • The Ape Atoll dungeon contains monkey zombies and ape skeletons.
    • Corpse spiders actually are not undead spiders, they are spider shaped monsters made from corpses.
  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police had the title pair, a dog and a rabbit, become zombies in "Night of the Raving Dead". This is somewhat downplayed by their anthropomorphic nature.
  • In Shadows Of The Servants, the evil stems from a cursed monkey's restless spirit. An undead monkey pops up in a brief Cat Scare scene.
  • The Silent Hill games frequently employ decaying dogs (it's ambiguous if they are zombies to begin with, but the imagery is clear) as a type of enemy.
  • The TAGAP games have drug-addled zombie penguins as a recurring foe, being the end result of a Mad Scientist trying to make a Super-Soldier army out of penguins.
  • Thunder Force V has the boss "Iron Maiden", a reanimated... animal thingy.
    "It was dead, but alive at the same time."
  • In the haunted house level of TimeSplitters Future Perfect, racks of zombified beef attack you in a kitchen. In another room, a huge mass of flesh bursts out of a wall attached to a stuffed moose head. And we won't even BEGIN to discuss "Princess"...
  • The Vampire Coast trailer for Total War: Warhammer has this invoked by the eponymous vampires, who plan to kill an enormous sea monster and then reanimate it to do their bidding.
  • Twin Caliber have zombie bears as a recurring enemy in outdoor areas.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide: One of the specialist enemies is the Pox Hound, a dog that has been infested and reanimated by the Walking-Pox disease. They attack by pouncing on players to immobilize them while causing constant Corruption damage to them until another player hits them off.
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood has a zombie outbreak partway through the second half, caused by exposure of corpses to an alchemical gas emitted from a recently-opened underground area. Early into the outbreak, this includes at least two Kampfhunde (armored guard dogs) that were killed in the initial earthquake that released the gas.
  • World of Warcraft: the undead player's racial mounts are undead, skeletal horses. There are also models for deer, bears, and wolves that look undead and are confirmed to be infected or diseased with something, but not actually undead. Although in Razorfen Downs, the undead Quilboar are happy to send a pack of undead boars to attack you. There are also undead crabs and Murlocs in the Ghostlands, but this is informed, since they look and act exactly like normal crabs and murlocs.
    • In most bodies of water there are swimming schools of fish that serve as decoration. In undead territories, they're fish skeletons.
    • With the introduction of battle pets, there are now plenty of undead creatures that can be added to your collection, including birds, cats, deer, squirrels, or goats. They vary from being decomposing to ghostly or even looking completely alive.
  • X Com Enemy Unknown: An unusual take. Chryssalids can implant their eggs in species besides humans, which would presumably create a zombie as well. The ones we see it demonstrated on are carcasses of sharks and large fishes, which new Chryssalids emerge from when you venture near, and they can use a whole whale as a breeding nest, which hatches a new bug each turn. This also explains the dead cows around Abductor ships.
  • Zombie Infection has a stage set in a zoo, so naturally you get to battle a zombified lion.

    Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner:
    • In the Strong Bad Email "death metal", Strong Bad watches a music video for Taranchula's "The Decoupage", featuring a stop-motion animated steak crawling through a pile of rusty metal.
      Strong Bad: Creeping... rusty... meat. Truly the heart and soul of all death metal.
    • The 2008 Halloween cartoon "Most in the Graveyard" features a Carnivorous Undead Sheep attacking Homestar and Pom Pom.

  • Dead of Summer has zombie animals in Book 2, the scariest being a giant grizzly bear.
  • Dinosaur Comics has a variant: the creepy yet touching tale of Dogcula, a vampire dog. Our Vampires Are Different (and furry).
  • In a more logical instance of this trope, Erfworld combines the powers of different mages to revive a dead volcano.
  • The Character Blog of Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer! from Girl Genius once had our lovable Large Ham trying to fight past a horde of undead stoats.
  • In Here There Be Monsters Bert explains that he became a Hunter of Monsters after his dog returned as a zombie and trashed his living room while he hid terrified in the bathroom.
  • In Homestuck, Casey/Bubbles von Salamancer uses necromancy to resurrect the deceased denizens of the Alpha session, resulting in a "skeleton army" of zombie turtles, iguanas, salamanders, and crocodiles.
  • Moby Dick: Back From The Deep: Moby-Dick is revealed in this comic to be a giant UNDEAD white whale that's been terrorizing the oceans of the world for centuries, and has now set its sights on the seafront town of White Beach.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • In the backstory graphic novel Start of Darkness, Xykon first discovered his powers as a sorcerer when he reanimated his dead dog.
    • The Dragon strips have the over-templated monstrosity that is the vampiric half-dragon half-troll lycanthropic fiendish snail. Tremble at its illogical glory!
  • Skin Horse has Bitey, the zombie foxfur hat. Also, Emperor Norton's dogs, Lazarus and Bummer, were apparently zombified along with him.
  • The Rash virus from Stand Still, Stay Silent infects both humans and mammals, but strangely spares cats. Ninety years after the initial outbreak, the infected animals are called "beasts", while "trolls" is used for former humans.
  • Averted and Discussed in The Zombie Hunters. Animals are explicitly The Immune, which piques the interest of scientists trying to Find the Cure!, and prompts jokes amongst the Zombie Hunters: "I have always considered it a blessing that animals don't turn. Can you imagine? Hunter Zombie Squirrels?"
  • Zombie horses, mules, and even prairie dogs have been shown as part of the world of Zombie Ranch. Although carnivorous, their behavior seems mostly unchanged compared to human zombies, and their bite isn't infectious to people. Zombie horses are even considered a preferred mode of transportation, but zombie cattle were put down as useless. Regardless of your former species, zombification apparently makes you taste terrible.

    Web Original 
  • Dead Ends, most notably the farm chapter.
  • SCP Foundation: SCP-2694 is the reanimated skeleton of a dog swathed in a mass of old toys, which it uses to form a body.
  • Xombie gives us zombified versions of a dog, a dinosaur, a tiger, and even some glimpses of zombie sharks and octopus.
  • The basic premise of the series, Zombie Roadkill.

    Western Animation 
  • In one episode of The Fairly OddParents!, Timmy's long-dead pet gerbil comes back as a zombie, with squick-y results. At the end of the episode, it is implied that all of his other dead pets have also become zombies.
  • In Frankenstein's Cat, Nine is a Frankenstein's Monster; a cat is created by the Dr. Frankenstein out of nine different cats. Fifi is a slightly later experiment; a dog created out of pieces of different dogs.
  • The 2007 George of the Jungle reboot had an episode where a reanimated rhinoceros skeleton (that George mistook for a rhino he had befriended) ran rampant and turned the jungle's residents into zombies, including the wild animals, Shep the elephant, Ape the ape, and eventually every main character.
  • On The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, a two-part zombie episode includes reanimated dogs, frog's legs, a chicken and serpentine sausage links.
  • One episode of Moville Mysteries talks about a boy who was really neglectful of his pets, to the point that his backyard looked like a miniature graveyard. A mysterious shop owner offers him three exotic animals who seem to remain healthy and loyal despite being just as neglectful to them. They end up causing him a nightmare where all his pets raise as zombies and chase him. He attempts to return the pets only to find out the shop owner is really the pet frog he let die years ago, who proceeds to turn him into a rat.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode Night of the Living Pharmacist, Doofenshmitz's -inator turns people into mindless clones of himself, who can turn other people into more Doof clones just by touching them. At some point in the episode, Perry is told that OWCA has fallen, and then Phineas, Ferb, Buford, and Baljeet run into the Doofenized agents, who have become grotesque hybrids of Doof and whatever animal they were in the first place.
  • Primal (2019): In the episode "Plague of Madness", Spear and Fang are pursued by a giant sauropod which has succumbed to a disease that has turned it into zombie-like creature, with rotting flesh, a greenish pallor, and giving the normally peaceful herbivore an insatiable urge to kill any living thing it sets its eyes upon with extreme prejudice. Since it's so big, the chance of it being able to spread its sickness is low, since it pulverizes everything it touches, but at the same time it means Spear and Fang must Run or Die to escape, since it's far too huge and powerful for them to fight head-on.
  • Doug's dog Dig in Scream Street. Dig is a half-dead dog. His front half is a dog, his back half a skeleton. In cross section he’s like a swiss roll, with a central hole where his guts end, a ring of flesh, then a ring of fur.
  • Stōked: When the Kahuna's fish buddy Fluffy gets cooked by Kelly, he uses a book called "The Peabrain's Guide to Bringing Your Dead Fish Back to Life" as part of a fish funeral. Kahuna then has to stop a zombified fishstick from killing the kitchen staff and escaping to the ocean.
  • The Tiny Toon Adventures segment "Night of the Living Pets" from "Toons from the Crypt" has Elmyra's pets that were killed due to her own stupidity rise from their graves to seek revenge. Of course, it was All Just a Dream.
  • One episode of Uncle Grandpa had the gang get attacked by zombified pets, including a living pet rock.
  • Vincent, who fantasized he was Vincent Price:
    He likes to experiment on his dog Abercrombie - in the hopes of creating a horrible zombie.
    So he and his horrible zombie dog can go searching for victims in the London fog.

Taxidermied zombie examples:

    Anime and Manga 
  • Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories: In "Museum of Taxidermy", there's a Museum of Taxidermy where the specimens are alive. They've already killed and taxidermied the museum employees and posed them around the museum to keep up appearances, and now they continue to do the same to any visitors they can get their hands on. If they're in a particular gruesome mood, they make one new human display from multiple sources.

    Audio Plays 
  • The non-Big Finish Doctor Who audio series Hornet's Nest opens with "The Stuff of Nightmares", in which the Doctor battles taxidermy animals that come to life at night, possessed by the Big Bad of the series.

    Card Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering: The Stuffed Bear of the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt series is a bear who was killed, taxidermied, and still is going strong. It is categorized as an artifact creature and the flavor text notes that it takes a taxidermist of unusual skill to leave the bear's "primal, predatory drive" intact.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Alice (1988):
    • The White Rabbit is a stuffed rabbit labeled "Lupus Cuniculus No.23". It comes to life while Alice is playing over in another, ripping its paws free from the display and biting through the nails. The White Rabbit has fake, bulging eyes and being a bit aged, the seam on his front no longer is closed. On the upside, it means he can store items inside himself. On the downside, he constantly leaks sawdust. He dons a Beefeater-like garb and tests the sharpness of a pair of scissors he carries before he runs off to fulfill his duties as an executioner.
    • The Dormouse is represented by a fox's pelt, which slithers across the table to lap up the remains of the tea party held by the Hatter and the March Hare.
  • Evil Dead 2: The Knowby Cabin contains a mounted deer head. In a state of stress, Ash hallucinates that it's laughing at him along with other pieces of furniture.
  • Ghostbusters II: All the minks whose fur went into the creation of a luxurious coat come to life when the coat's wearer steps into psychomagnotheric slime. The creatures remain bound together and attack the woman until she gets the coat off. They then run away.
  • Hook: Captain James Hook meets his end when the crocodile he had stuffed and turned into a village clock comes back to life, swallows him alive, and ends his meal with a satisfied burp. It is not explained how the crocodile came back to life, but the reality-affecting power of imagination might be involved.

  • "The Enchanted Types" by L. Frank Baum: A knook by the name of Popopo comes across a hat with stuffed birds on it in a window display. He feels sorry for the creatures and revives them. They fly away and the next day Popopo learns that his act of kindness puts the milliner on the verge of bankruptcy. He asks the birds if they'd be willing to return, which they don't, so plan B is to spread the message that stuffed birds on hats are no longer fashionable.
  • The Living Manikins: The huntress mannequin is part of a display with a taxidermied fox, two dogs, and a horse. They come alive along her due to something weird going on with the lights.
  • That is All: One of many, many apocalyptic scenarios to come up is the dead returning to life, but curiously, it only seems to effect taxidermied animals, most of whom are unable to escape from their stands and their eyes are glass.
    One bearskin rug manages to escape Tom's Stuff 'Em Shop and attempts to smother a passerby. It only succeeds in making him cozy.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Addams Family: The Addams Family has a polar bear rug as both furniture and a pet. Its name is Bruno and it growls when its stepped on.
  • Pushing Daisies: Ned is afraid of taxidermy animals, as related in the episode "Frescorts", but that's more because he can bring them back to life with a misplaced touch than anything to do with taxidermy being inherently terrifying. He mentions an incident of a polar bear rug coming to life and totally killing the mood.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Malifaux: Stuffed piglets and flying piglets, which are stuffed piglets with wings sewn on, are the work of taxidermists, which is a job exclusively held by gremlins. Stuffed piglets are classified as undead and are generally filled up with explosives to send out to enemies as "live" bombs.

    Video Games 
  • Brain Dead 13: The trophy room is filled with living stuffed animals, each of them ready to kill Lance. There's a stuffed bat that chomps down on his head, a mounted dragon's head that spills deadly bile, a stuffed yeti that pulls him in two, and a bear rug that eats him.
  • Cocoron: An enemy class within the walls of Trump Castle are living mounted deer heads. They throw their antlers like a boomerang.
  • Dracula's Secret: The Trophy Room in Dracula's Castle contains seven living taxidermized animals: a gorilla, a fish, a pig, a lion, an elephant, a deer, and a bird. They're all on display as heads, by the fish, the bird, and the gorilla still have their whole bodies. When the visitor arrives, someone's messed with the heads by swapping all the noses and the visitor has to put everything back the way it was.
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies: The Trophy Room is a hallway filled with ten variants of stuffed animal and monster heads. They like to suddenly scream at Cooper, giving him an awful fright, but because they're only mounted heads, they can't actually harm him.
  • Haunt (Xbox 360, 2012): There's a living mounted rhinoceros head above the fireplace in the Listening Room. It guards the key to the Repository in its mouth and only releases it when the orange record, which contains jungle sounds, is played on the phonograph.
  • Sam & Max Hit the Road: The hunter Conroy Bumpus has a huge collection of taxidermied heads and one full-body stuffed raccoon littering the walls of his mansion. Most of them are regular animals, but there's also a jackalope. Several serve as the backup choir whenever Conroy fancies singing, which he just so happens to when Sam and Max arrive. While Conroy sings about being a great hunter, the taxidermied heads bemoan that "None of us can leave, though we all wanna..." Despite that all of this is heard by both Sam and Max, Max later has a conversation about John Muir with another group of taxidermied animals that Sam does not hear and denies being possible.
  • Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers: The Ghoul King, despite being another guy in a costume in the end, has a castle full of horrors that are very elaborate for fakes. One such horror is a hallway filled with growling and moving mounted animal heads that likely are just animatronics.

    Western Animation 
  • Family Guy: There are two examples, though one might be imagined.
    • In "And Then There Were Fewer", Carl either talks with or imagines to talk with the stuffed bear from The Great Outdoors when he's all by himself. They discuss pandas.
    • At Sunrise Woods Bible Camp in "Cat Fight" of Family Guy, Lois challenges everyone to keep their eyes closed in prayer lest they be gay. One boy does so anyway and makes eye contact with a living mounted deer head. They start a romance.
  • Gravity Falls: "Northwest Mansion Mystery" sees a vengeful poltergeist animating the Northwest family's extensive taxidermy collection. The poltergeist himself is introduced with an entire wall of mounted heads chanting ominously while bleeding from their mouths and eyes.
  • Legend of the Three Caballeros: The Humphrey expy is a bear rug reanimated into a living bear by the Spark of Life in "Mount Rushmore or Less". Donald hides the life-granting object inside the bear rug and voila. The bear flees the cabana and is pursued by the Caballeros and Von Sheldgoose for the Spark. The bear ends up saving the Caballeros' lives and chases off their enemies, so they let him keep the Spark and live with them out of gratitude.
  • Sabrina and The Groovie Goolies: Among the residents of Horrible Hall are two living taxidermied animal heads. One looks like a bat-lion-rhinoceros hybrid, the other like a giraffe-moose hybrid.


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Baelz Defeats Mickey

Guns, Gore, and Cannoli features giant rats as enemies in the sewer area, the boss of which is implied to be the first rat that got exposed to the zombie-making poison that kicked off the game's plot. This giant rat, "Mickey", is a tough, agile, and deadly opponent for even a hardened gangster like Vinnie Cannoli. Here, Hakos Baelz of Hololive English, ironically a rat-girl herself, emerges triumphant after a long, grueling fight with the game's toughest boss yet.

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