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"I think my best books are those where Im trying to do something that Im not sure can be done."

Christopher Moore (born January 1, 1957) is an American writer who writes mostly comedic writing style with fantastic premises. His novels generally take place within the same universe.

His books include:

  • Bloodsucking Fiends - A trilogy about vampires in San Francisco. Takes the format of Boy Meets Ghoul.
    • You Suck: A Love Story - The boy is a ghoul as well.
    • Bite Me: A Love Story - Now they have to prevent everyone from becoming a ghoul.
  • Coyote Blue - A man named Sam Hunter gets involved with the Native American trickster Coyote.
  • A Dirty Job - A man becomes a sort of Grim Reaper after the death of his wife, saving souls from the Underworld.
    • Secondhand Souls: A sequel to A Dirty Job
  • Fluke, or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings - A whale shows up with the words "Bite Me" on its flukes.
  • Island of the Sequined Love Nun - A blacklisted pilot discovers a couple taking advantage of a native cargo cult.
  • Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal - The New Testament from the perspective of one of Jesus' friends.
  • The Griff - A graphic novel documenting an attack on Earth by mythical griffons.
  • Sacr Bleu - Set in 1890s Paris, it's about the color blue... and the idea that Vincent van Gogh was murdered rather than commiting suicide.
  • Noir - A bartender in 1947 San Francisco gets involved with The Men in Black and a particularly charming dame.
    • Razzmatazz a sequel to Noir.
The Pine Cove Novels

Pocket the Fool

Novels featuring Moore's unique take on Shakespeare's plays

  • Fool: A darkly comic version of King Lear with the Fool as narrator and protagonist.

Tropes associated with Christopher Moore:

  • Crossover Cosmology: Jesus, Coyote, Anubis and the Morrigan have all appeared in his works which, with the possible exceptions of Sacre Bleu and the Pocket books all occur in the same 'verse
  • The 'Verse: His novels, with the possible exception of Sacre Bleu and the Pocket books, generally take place in the same universe with characters from one book often appearing in another.