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Catherine Lucille Moore (1911 – 1987), who wrote under the name "C. L. Moore", was one of the pioneering female writers of science fiction and fantasy in the United States.

Her first professional publication, "Shambleau", appeared in Weird Tales in 1933, and was the first of many stories featuring the space adventurer Northwest Smith. "Black God's Kiss" in 1935 began a series of heroic fantasy stories featuring the heroine Jirel of Joiry.

She was married for nearly twenty years (until his death) to fellow genre writer Henry Kuttner, whom she met after he wrote her a letter (addressed to "Mr C. L. Moore", as he was unaware of her true identity) expressing his admiration for her writing. They became a Creator Couple, writing many works together that were published under their own names or under pseudonyms such as "Lewis Padgett".

Works by C. L. Moore include: