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Mo' Creatures is a Game Mod for Minecraft created by Dr. Zhark. It was incredibly popular in the Beta days, but has lost a lot of its popularity to other mods nowadays.

The premise is simple — Minecraft. With more creatures.

Among the creatures added are tameable horses and cats, building-destroying Ogres that drop Obsidian, and several random animals. The horses were eventually imported to Minecraft proper, with Dr. Zhark even helping with the design.

Tropes in Mo' Creatures:

  • Animal Jingoism: Big cats and tamed manticores will attack each other out of hand.
  • Another Dimension: The Wyvern Lair, accessible by making a special rod out of a blaze rod, an eye of ender and an unicorn horn. It consists of a single large, floating island in an endless void, covered in purple grass and trees with white trunks and blue-green leaves. All natural wyvern variants will spawn here, and this is the only place where the mother wyverns will spawn.
  • Dragon Rider: Tame wyverns can be saddled and ridden.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Goats eat any dropped item they can find, of any kind.
  • Ghostly Animals: If a tamed horse or big cat dies, there's a small chance it will respawn as a ghost version of itself.
  • Hellish Horse: Nightmares with red-and-black coat colors and fiery mouths can be obtained by using an essence of fire on a zorse. An essence of darkness used on the same base animal will result in a bat-winged bat horse.
  • Horse of a Different Color:
    • Besides fantastic variants on normal horses, including unicorns, regular and dark pegasi, fairy horses, nightmares, bat horses and skeletal and zombie horses, a number of tamable creatures can be ridden if given saddles. These include all big cats, manticores, wyverns, ostriches, bears, scorpions and komodo dragons.
    • Wild Wolves can spawn with a zombie, skeleton or silver skeleton riding them.
  • More Deadly Than the Male: The human form of the fire werewolf is the only one of the human forms that is female, making its ability to set players on fire an example of this compared to the other werewolves.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: There are wraiths that spawn in Normal or higher difficulty and drop gunpowder, and flame wraiths that spawn in Hard difficulty, set you on fire for a brief time, and drop redstone.
  • Our Manticores Are Spinier: They're lions with bat wings and scorpion tails, coming in green and dark varieties by default and in snow and fire varieties in cold biomes and the Nether respectively. They're inherently hostile, but if killed will drop an egg that hatches into a tame manticore you can ride as a very fast mode of transportation. Tame manticores and big cats will attack each other out of hand.
  • Our Ogres Are Different: They're a hostile mob, can destroy blocks, have either one or two heads, and come in regular, fire and cave varieties.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: By day, they resemble humans in ragged clothes, and are passive mobs whose only response to attack is to beg you to stop hurting them. At night, they turn into bipedal, wolf-like monsters, and are hostile and very dangerous. One variant, the fire werewolf, will set you on fire if it hits you.
  • Our Wyverns Are Different: Two-legged dragons with birdlike bipedal stances. They live in a separate dimension, the Wyvern Lair, accessed through use of a special staff. When killed, they can drop an egg that can be hatched into a tame wyvern. They come in different Palette Swaps depending on what biome they spawn in, in addition to extra-large mother wyverns, which can be turned into light, dark and undead wyverns with the right essence.
  • Pegasus: A kind of horse obtained by giving an essence of light to a bat horse (itself a bat-winged example of this trope) above cloud level. Giving a pegasus an essence of darkness above cloud level will turn it into a fireproof dark pegasus. You can also make a zombie pegasus with the right essence, which will rot into a skeletal pegasus. It will still fly.
  • Raising the Steaks:
    • An essence of undead will turn horses, ostriches, scorpions and mother wyverns into undead versions of themselves. Undead horses will eventually rot into skeleton horses unless an essence of light is used to restore their flesh.
    • If a tamed horse or big cat dies, there is also a small chance for it to respawn as a ghost.
  • Rodents of Unusual Size: Rats are an enemy that can attack the player, and these are several times larger than real rats, but large enough to hurt the player.
  • Savage Wolves: Wild Wolves, feral-looking wolf-like mobs that cannot be tamed, and sometimes spawn with a zombie, skeleton, or silver skeleton riding them. They're neutral during the day, but turn hostile at night and will try to kill you as soon as they see you. They're not very dangerous — their attacks donít do much damage and they have less health than other hostile mobs — but they can be more dangerous if they spawn with a rider.
  • Scary Scorpions: Scorpions appear as a tamable neutral mob. They're huge, about the size of the player, and come in four variants, with different effects from their stings: common dirt scorpions which poison you, cave scorpions which give you nausea, ice scorpions in ice biomes which slow you down, and Nether scorpions which set you on fire. You can also turn them into undead scorpions with an essence of undead.
  • Shout-Out: The Wraith's hurt and death sounds were sampled from Regan/Pazuzu's snarling from The Exorcist.
  • Treants: The ents, generally peaceful mobs that resemble humanoid versions of oak and birch trees and do not take damage from any weapon but axes. They can also create clusters of grass, ferns, saplings, mushrooms or flowers. Oak ents have hollows in their trunks/limbs with the eyes of small creatures peering out.
  • Unicorn: A breed of horse obtainable by using an essence of light on a Nightmare. They float when falling to avoid fall damage and can charge at mobs for extra damage. You can also make a zombie unicorn with the right essence, which will rot into a skeletal unicorn over time.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential:
    • You can murder bunnies and get an achievement for it.
    • The werewolves at day. They actively tell you to stop hitting them, but it's fun to kill them anyway. (And also safer than waiting until night.)
  • Winged Unicorn: Fairy horses with horns and butterfly wings can be obtained by breeding a unicorn and a pegasus.