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OreSpawn is a massive Minecraft mod known for the amount of content it adds into the game and the difficulty of many of its mobs. The game adds a huge number of new bosses, all of which are normally needed to be killed first before one can even hope to fight the Final Boss. It also adds a multitude of other items, objects, and dimensions, allowing for crazy creations such as entire zoos full of monsters and bosses. OreSpawn adds something for everyone.


Following the lack of public updates since Minecraft 1.7.10 and the cancellation of the 1.12.2 update, the staff of the DangerZone Modding Discord went on to create a Spiritual Successor mod. That being Chaos Awakens.

The OreSpawn Mod contains examples of:

  • Badass Boast: If enabled in the config, the Prince can grow up into the King, revealing he is the King and he was just using you (how canon this is is debatable, given you need to turn it on in the config for it to even happen) and gives one of these.
    The King: It has all been a game. You never killed me. You can't. I am the one. The only. The Many. I exist within both space and time. Everywhere and always. I used you to learn your ways, and I have reached my conclusion on your species. You have 10 seconds to run.
  • Battle Couple: Part of the point of the Girlfriend and Boyfriend/Bro mobs. Tame them and you can have this dynamic.
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  • Behemoth Battle: As all hostile mobs try to kill each other other than the King and Queen, this can easily happen, especially if the player manages to get them close. The apex of this has to be the endgame mobs, as it's entirely possible to set up Mobzilla vs a 1000 hit-point Nightmare, or Mobzilla vs the King. The latter is likely to more or less destroy the entire area they're fighting in.
  • BFS: The Big Bertha (and its alternate model the Slice), being several times the length of the player. This also translates into having a hit range of almost ten blocks. The Royal Guardian Sword is just as long.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: It can be enabled in the config for the Prince to grow up into the King, but it's then revealed the Prince is the King's reincarnation and was just using you to learn about humanity, and then destroys everything with no way of killing him. However, since this can't happen in normal survival, it's possible this isn't the case.
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  • Blood Knight: The Girlfriend mobs have shades of this from her dialog. Your own girlfriend will also instantly attack any untamed girlfriends around you.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: The items obtained from beating the Final Boss are normally this until a new boss comes out.
    • The Tree of Goodness can be seen as this, considering that if you're strong enough to kill the King guarding it, you probably are far beyond needing the resources it contains. Goes doubly for the Queen, who's far stronger than her mate.
  • Chainsaw Good: A weapon eventually introduced. Large enough to qualify as a BFS, it can not only cut down trees in one slice, but does a massive amount of damage and hits multiple mobs at once, making it ideal for clearing dungeons.
  • Collector of the Strange: You're capable of becoming this thanks to the zookeeper items, which let you keep most of the mobs in a personal zoo.
  • Cool Pet: Tons. The ultimate pet is the Prince, a mini version of the King that can curbstomp most bosses. Recently added is the Princess, a younger version of the Queen and is even more powerful than the Prince, though only the infant version. When the Prince grows up to his currently highest stage, he can curbstomp anything short of Mobzilla without much effort.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Due to the power scaling and the fact most of the hostile mobs will try to kill each other on sight, you may see these frequently.
  • Degraded Boss: The weaker bosses spawn a lot, but become vary easy to defeat once one gets a high enough tier of armor. So much so that some dungeons have boss spawners.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: The Krakken, Mobzilla, and the King, in that order, were originally the strongest bosses in the mod until an update introduced a new one.
  • Disc-One Nuke: The Tree of Goodness in the Utopia dimension was once this, due to being full of resources, including what's needed to make the Ultimate Armor. However, later updates added the King, an immensely powerful three headed dragon guarding it, making it much harder to exploit.
  • Eldritch Location: The Crystal Dimension. The entire world is composed of crystals, allowing you to see all the way to bedrock, and beneath the first layer is a massive maze inhabited by creepy monsters. It's also inhabited by some of the most bizarre mobs in the game.
    • The Danger Dimension is a lesser example, being composed of floating islands and home to numerous deadly mobs. At night, hordes of gigantic flying monsters called Nightmares spawn.
  • Everything Is Trying to Kill You: The world is a very dangerous place with this mod installed. Though that also makes it quite satisfying when you become strong enough to curbstomp the monster that was killing you several dozen times when you first started. They're also all trying to kill each other, making it an effective strategy to find a lot of spawn eggs and siccing the bosses on each other.
  • Faceless Eye: Vortex, the boss in the Crystal Dimension, is a pair of flying eyes.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Orespawn has everything from dragons and dinosaurs to robots. Also, apple cows. Yes, apple cows.
  • Final Boss: Changes from time to time with updates. First it was the Krakken, then it was Mobzilla, then The King, and then currently the Queen.
  • Friend to All Living Things: The Queen. That is, except to anything that tries to attack her...
  • Game Face: When enraged, the Queen turns into a demonic black and red form instead of her default blue. Her daughter the Princess does the same thing.
  • Gang Up on the Human: Subverted. Different types of hostile mobs will fight one another and continue to do so until one dies or they're attacked. This makes an effective strategy simply spawning another mob and letting the two kill each other or wear each other down.
  • Giant Flyer: 1,000 hit point Nightmares, the King, and the Queen.
  • High-Altitude Battle: The most effective way to fight the Krakken is riding a Cephadrome, which will likely result in fighting it several hundred blocks in the air.
    • If fought at the Tree of Goodness, where he naturally spawns, the King boss fight is likely to end up being one of these, due to him spawning at the top of a gigantic tree.
  • Humongous Mecha: Version 20 adds in the robot spider, a gigantic spider robot as big as some of the Kaiju sized bosses the player can ride and control. It's more this than a pet, as when not being controlled it can't move or fight, making it more a piloted mecha than a tamed beast. Even in an update were it can fight without the player, it requires a pilot (another spider).
  • Infinity -1 Sword: Big Bertha (and its Pallete Swap the Slice). The first half of the mod consists of becoming powerful enough to defeat the bosses whose drops are needed to craft it and it does 500 damage per hit, being the best weapon for defeating Mobzilla. The armor counterpart is the Royal Guardian Armor.
    • Infinity +1 Sword: The Royal Guardian Sword, obtained by killing the King or defeating a Level 6 Challenge dungeon, which is even stronger than Big Bertha. The armor version of this trope is the Queen's Armor.
  • Kaiju: Several of the bosses. While Mothra and the Emperor scorpion are a tad small, the Caterkiller and Kraken are absolutely massive. 1,000 hit point Nightmares also qualify, being one of the few mobs able to put up a decent fight with Mobzilla. All the endgame bosses count big time. On top of being gigantic, boss battles with any of them are likely to leave most of the environment they're fought in unrecognizable due to the amount of destruction they can cause.
    • You can now have one as a pet when the Prince grows up, becoming strong enough to at least fight Mobzilla.
  • Mini-Mecha: The Red Ant Robot, a much smaller version of the Spider Robot.
  • More Deadly Than the Male: The Queen is far stronger than her mate the King. Played with when it comes to the Princess, who is smaller than the infant Prince, but his older stages are stronger than her.
  • Papa Wolf: The Kraken can act as this for for the smaller and much punier Attack Squids. Unless you have some Kraken Repellant to place around you, don't bother trying to kill an Attack Squid just because it shot blinding ink at you.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: The toddler Prince and Princess, who are tiny, but capable of tearing some bosses to shreds.
  • Schmuck Bait: The Irukandji only has a half of a heart of health. So you think just punching it will kill it? Well, if you try that, you will die.
  • Serial Escalation: Practically the entire point. Fighting what amounts to Godzilla is only the Disc-One Final Boss.
  • Shout-Out: Many of the bosses are tributes to various series.
    • There's also a passive mob in the "Danger Dimension" called a cliff racer.
  • So Last Season: Vanilla items more or less become this with this mod installed. While still useful early in the game, and far more abundant, the new mobs and items added make even Diamond largely obsolete.
  • Thanatos Gambit: If enabled in the config, the Prince can grow up into the King, revealing he is the King and he was just using you (how canon this is is debatable, given you need to turn it on in the config for it to even happen) and reveals that he never truly died, he was just using you to learn about humanity, and now you can't stop his eventual reign of terror now that's he's back to adulthood.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Downplayed in that the Cephadrome isn't useless anywhere else, but the Kraken takes twice the damage from the Cephadrome. The Wiki even suggests bringing one along to take the Kraken out.