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The Hall of Necromancy and Reanimation is considered by some the most important in the House of the Undead. Part morgue, part Abandoned Hospital and part gothic building, it contains the unnatural power and rituals that help animate the dead. Various occult rituals widen the border between life and death, allowing the dead to rise. Corpses are regularly experimented on, and many consider this house to be obscene.

Gods here have the strongest overall influence to the rest of the house. It is the closest point in the pantheon to the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, with the portal to their base on Ryut located right in the heart of this sub-house. Nekron has the most leverage here, and is monitored heavily by the heroic undead deities.

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Greater Gods

Zhaitan, God of Fauna Zombification (Elder Dragon of Death and Shadows, Undead Dragon)
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: A dragon skull
  • Theme Song: Here Be Dragons
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad of the Core Story, Commanding the Risen, Desolate Wastelands for Territory, Draco Lich, Elder Dragon, Eldritch Abomination, Necromancer, Plague Master, Prefers Dormancy Over Activity, Zombifying any Fauna
  • Domains: Dragons, Death, Shadows, Corruption
  • Heralds: The Risen, also Tequatl the Sunless
  • Allies: Kel'Thuzad, Nagash the Undying, Grima (with a bit of Friendly Rivalry going on), Spinal, Arthas Menethil, Quan Chi, Gul'dan
  • Rivals: Mordremoth, Deathwing, Nefarian, Alduin, Acnologia, Edward Richtofen
  • Enemies: Grenth, Dhuum, Malygos, Isaac Clarke, Dovahkiin, Spyro, Xerneas, The Survivor Crew, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Scott Kennedy, Saeko Busujima, The Spring Spirit, Frank West, Lee Everett and Clementine, Tallahasee, Jack Sparrow
  • Commonality Connection: Cthulhu
  • Terrifies: Deities made out of or has a lot of magic within them (Such as deified Undertale monsters, Equestrian deities, Xerath, Reinforce Zwei)
  • For a while, the House of Undead has been a surprisingly quiet place, even though it brims with undeath and reanimated corpses. However, one day it was also littered by strange magical energy, colored green with a Sickly Green Glow, seeping out of the dirt. When the House of Magic identified the source of it as coming from Tyria, Grenth knew that this was something that he needed to check. Putting together a small investigation team of close allies, he went over to the House of Undead to take a look. When Grenth investigated this strange energy, he brought foreboding news to the Pantheon. "It is indeed Tyrian magic as the House of Magic claimed. However, it's corrupted to the core."
    • Weeks later, the corrupted magic had intensified in density. In particular, deities noticed that for some reason, Mordremoth was actually uninterested in it, even though he's normally driven by his hunger for magic. Theories came up now and then, but before some serious research could be done on these, something happened in the House of Undead. From the soft dirt, a rotten, decayed and seemingly eyeless dragon had dug itself out, alarming the nearby research crew to its presence. The otherwise quiet house had suddenly turned into a battlefield between the research crew and their priests and followers fighting against the dragon and its army of undead minions that was seemingly endless in numbers. The dragon was identified by a member of the House of Knowledge as Tequatl the Sunless, but the horrors didn't end just yet.
    • The fight took a while, but the enemy dragon's surprise attack had given it a significant advantage, and once the research crew was forced to withdraw, the dragon's undead mooks had started constructing a massive temple fit for someone its size. Finished at a surprising speed, the corrupted magic had vanished, seemingly absorbed back into the ground. By the time Grenth and his allies had gotten back to the House of Undead after they heard that the crew was under attack, it was already too late. Another dragon, this one large enough to make Tequatl look small by comparison, had gotten out of the ground to take its place within the temple. And thus Grenth's biggest fear came true. Zhaitan, the Elder Dragon of Death and Shadows, had ascended.
    • No living creature is safe from being reanimated by Zhaitan's corruption. Humans, frogpeople, catpeople, snakepeople, giants, sharks, bulls, gorillas, turtles, spiders, eagles, chickens. Every living being is susceptible to Zhaitan's unholy grasp, with the exception being other dragon minions. And now Zhaitan can gain access to exotic fauna throughout the multiverse thanks to the Pantheon.
  • Just like Mordremoth, Zhaitan feeds on magic, a cause of concern for beings of magic. They may however take solace in the fact that Zhaitan is unlikely to surprise attack them with vines from the underground.
  • Grima is quite fond of Zhaitan for being a fellow dragon, a feeling that is mutual from Zhaitan himself. While there is a Friendly Rivalry between them, many in the Pantheon are afraid of the day where they finally join forces.
  • Steve? felt some discomfort when he heard that Zhaitan makes use of large bloated creatures that explodes both as an attack and when they die. The reason for the discomfort is because these are named Creepers, reminding him of a similar creature from his homeworld.
  • With experience in controlling the undead, Edward Richtofen has been trying to take control of the Risen in an effort to research and experiment with them, but has yet to succeed. Zhaitan finds the human's antics amusing at the very least, but otherwise cares little for him.
  • Deities wonder why Zhaitan is quiet unlike Mordremoth, who's more talkative by comparison. It's often supposed that Mordremoth is simply more of a megalomaniac than Zhaitan, considering how Mordremoth aggressively expands his corruption given the opportunity, while Zhaitan is more content with taking a relatively slower approach.
  • Necromancers of the Pantheon is impressed with how Zhaitan's corruption is unrestricted in its range of fauna it can zombify, and wishes to utilize it for their own purposes. Zhaitan himself has plans to use the necromancers as pawns to unwittingly spread his corruption beyond his touch.
  • Naturally, he's one of the biggest enemies of zombie survivors and hunters in the pantheon. The fact that the Risen can utilize magic means that they might be even more dangerous than what they faced back in their own worlds.
  • Xerneas is appalled and baffled that a being like Zhaitan exists. The dragon being undead with poisonous attacks doesn't help at all. Zhaitan himself thinks that Xerneas could be a powerful minion, and has plans for it.
  • Not even the sea is safe from Zhaitan's attacks. Aside from the Risen having pirates among their ranks, they also have access to bone ships with the ability to swim underwater and emerge from it for surprise assaults. Spinal is quite interested in the Risen's sea warfare, but Captain Sparrow on the other hand is reminded of his undead adversaries from a long time ago.
  • On Tyria, Zhaitan used the sunken city of Arah as his home, having using his powers to pull the country of Orr itself from the depths of the ocean to have a base of operations for the Risen. Considering that he is an Eldritch Abomination who rules a sunken city, deities are wondering if there's any connections between Zhaitan and Cthulhu himself.

Intermediate Gods

    Foo Fighters 
Foo Fighters, Goddess of Possessing a Dead Body (F.F, Atroe, Etro, Prisoner Number FE39423)
  • Intermediate Goddess as a collective, Quasideities as individuals
  • Symbol: Her Stand form
  • Theme Song: Microorganism and This Is Intelligence
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Stand(s):...Herself? (she’s her own stand and her own stand user at the same time)
  • Portfolio: Uplifted Plankton, The Only Non-Human In The Group, The Worm That Walks, Weaponized Teleportation, Using A Corpse As A Puppet, Gets Dehydrated Easily, Cloudcuckoolander, Badass Adorable, Humanity Is Infectious, Chooses Not To Be Reborn In The New World, Only a Flesh Wound, Ensemble Dark Horse
  • Domains: Water, Stands, Plankton, Prison, Transportation
  • Allies: Jolyne Cujoh, Jotaro Kujo, Giorno Giovanna, Kyogre, Suu, Caeser, Lapras, We3, Arthur Curry
  • Odd Friendship with: Sheldon J Plankton
  • Enemies: Enrico Pucci, Dio Brando, Oogie Boogie, Nekron, Black Hand, Nagash the Undying, Davros
  • Opposed by: Eugene H Krabs
  • Avoids: Groudon, the Metal and Minerals House
  • Annoyed by: Glenn Quagmire
  • The collective being known as Foo Fighters was once a humble group of plankton without any mind of their own. This all changed when a bunch of Stand Discs ended up touching them, giving the collective a mind of its own. Inhabiting the corpse of an inmate, F.F was initially an enemy to Jolyne Cujoh and her friends, however they've become allies upon being given mercy and key figures in the fight against Enrico Pucci.
  • Rather unfamiliar with human customs due to her nature as plankton, coming off as rather odd. Glenn Quagmire once tried to use this to seduce her, which didn't go anywhere especially when it was pointed out she's technically a corpse. He tried to say otherwise but realized what he was implying and left in embarrassment.
  • Her true form is a mass of different plankton that inhabits the corpse of Atroe, one of the inmates at Green Dolphin Street Jail. Her Stand and namesake allows her to even exist in a humanoid form, in or out of her human host. In this sense F.F is undead, however isn't a fond of that house. Being a walking corpse she's worried what might happen if a Black Lantern ring latches onto her, with Nekron and Black Hand fascinated to find out.
  • Initially the rule of The Worm That Walks was held by Oogie Boogie, but he felt self-conscious about this and requested another trope instead. While thankful this happened, she's not a fan of his evil ways and thinks he gives the trope a bad reputation. She was not happy about Davros either who is fascinated by the idea of Stand Discs and her current existence, and wants to experiment on her as part of his Dalek plans.
  • Thanks to her Stand she's able to shoot some of her plankton like a gun or manipulate them in distant areas, traverse bodies of water at super-speed out of her body and controlling water by putting plankton in it. So long as she has enough, she can heal some of the most fatal wounds in a matter of seconds. She can also teleport in and out of reflections in the water, which she has tested out further in the House of Travel.
  • Though powerful, being plankton inhabiting a corpse means she requires to be hydrated constantly. For this reason she's usually getting water or soft drinks by the gallon from the House of Food. She stays as far away from Groudon as possible, who's ability would take her out in seconds. Kyogre, however, has proven to be a major help thanks to its raining ability.
  • Glad to see that her friend Jolyne was part of the pantheon. She was a bit worried about Giorno sharing her exact same house, since she thought he might be like his half-brothers. Giorno and Jolyne have told her he's not like them, and that they're friends.
  • One of two sentient plankton in the pantheon, the other being Sheldon J Plankton. Learning of her powers and nature as a collective, Plankton tried to get her on his side to finally steal the Krabby Patty formula. She ended up deciding to help her fellow plankton and almost stole the formula, but Spongebob convinced her to give it up in exchange for a Krabby Patty "on the house" and plenty of water. Despite this, they're friends because plankton stays together. Mr Krabs is pretty irate about the whole thing though.
  • Also is friends with Caeser, having come to terms with them being uplifted animals. She also gets along with Suu due to the whole interest in water, friendliness and being pretty adorable for slimes and plankton monsters. Seems to pity Bandit, Tinker and Pirate for how they were weaponized as it strikes close to home.
  • Spends most of her time in the House of Water and Moisture due to feeling more comfortable there and her ability to manipulate water. She can count on the guidance of Arthur Curry there, though has ended up battling Davy Jones
  • Said to sound like Jimmy Neutron and Schrodinger. Not that comfortable with the latter, due to being an evil teleporter allied with insane vampire Nazis.
  • Has refused to be reborn with Jolyne Cujoh and friends in the new universe, since she doesn't consider the inevitable replica as the same person. Glad she gets to live in genuine in the Trope Pantheon. It's an existential trauma that she can relate to with Morty Smith, though Philip J Fry has told her not to lose sleep over it.

"This next profile will not be so easy. I hear this god is ALL POWERFUL... and very handsome."

Kel'Thuzad, God of Necromancy and Practitioners Thereof (The Archlich, Archlich of Naxxramas, Lichlord of the Plaguelands, Commander of the Dread Necropolis, Master and Founder of the Cult of the Damned, formerly of the Council of Six, Creator of the Abomination, Summoner of Archimonde the Defiler, the Betrayer of Humanity, Hearthstone Enthusiast, Majordomo to the Lich King himself, KT, Kel, Kel'thu-freaking-zad)
    Potema Septim 
Queen Potema Septim, Goddess of Undead Reinforcements (Wolf Queen Potema, Queen of Solitude)
Illustrated depiction of Potema when she was alive by ShivaWalker
Potema's Spirit 
Potema's Remains 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her skull
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: God Save Us from the Queen!, Corrupt Politician, Royally Screwed Up from beginning to end, Waging the War of the Red Diamond in a bid for the Ruby Throne, The Vamp, Necromancer, 0% Approval Rating, Animal Motifs: Savage Wolves, Arranged Marriage with King Mantiarco of Solitude, Outliving One's Offspring
  • Domains: Queens, Kingdoms, Necromancy, Wolves, Madness
  • Allies: Zarok, The Horned King, Quan Chi, The Scourge, The Child Abuse Supporters (mainly Scar and Lady Tremaine), Zira, Fenrir Greyback, The Crimson Court, Marlowe Roderick, Strahd von Zarovich
  • Enemies: The Dovahkiin, Uriel Septim VII and Martin Septim, The Imperial Watch, Meridia, Bolvar Fordragon, Simba, Mufasa, Cinderella, The Ancestor, The Flagellant, The Puella Magi, Kazuma’s Party (mainly Aqua)
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The House of Religion and Faith
  • Banned from: The House of Royalty
  • Interested by: Vaal Hazak
  • Every family has their dark histories in some way, shape, or form. It is unavoidable, and the Septim Dynasty is no different. Personal opinions on Tiber Septim himself aside, few in the bloodline could hold a candle to Potema Septim, the Wolf Queen of Solitude. She made one of the bloodiest marks in the history of the Cyrodiilic Empire through instigating the War of the Red Diamond and even after her demise all maddened, old, and alone her actions continued to in some way influence the future. Whether in the affairs of politics and courts or out in the fields of war she was as ruthless as they came, not unlike a wild animal made dire. By the Fourth Era various necromancers in the providence of Skyrim set out to resurrect the Wolf Queen but during their attempt to bind the former ruler of Solitude, the Dovahkiin came along and intercepted the ritual allowing her spirit to escape. With her death doing nothing to alleviate her hate, Potema used this opportunity to build up an army and try and wreak havoc in an already war-torn period but thankfully the Dovahkiin wasted no time in defeating her and banishing her spirit for good.
  • You know what's the best thing about an overarching war in the Pantheon as a necromancer? There is so many dead to bolster your own armies. Transported to a place most unknown Potema wasted no time in lurking within the shadows of the Pantheon's Forever War, transporting off all corpses to grow her armies. At some point did Uriel Septim dreamt of an old evil from his family’s past and, after being notified of anomalous activities around the House of Royalty by a Blade spy, discreetly gathered a team of heroes to also investigate it.
    • The party arrived at an abandoned old chapel up over a hill and before they could even enter, they were assaulted by undead commanded by Zarok. While they were busy golden knights – Meridia’s Aurorans – took the opportunity to storm into the church and put an end to the profane practices. It was too late, however, as the ruined building soon burst from violet energies from within. Stepping outside the wreckage unharmed were the Horned King, Quan Chi, and a woman who bore an intense look upon her face surrounded by the same violet energies: The resurrected Queen Potema Septim of Solitude. The resurrection was not perfect due to her spirit’s banishment and she teetered between human and undead, but she was back and was still able to sic a horde of draugr upon the party, forcing them to retreat. With that, Potema stepped in to claim a title for herself – a mere stepping stone in her plan to not only get revenge on the Dovahkiin but also usurp the Ruby Throne once more, this time from her distant descendants Uriel and Martin Septim. Seeing as they brought her back because she shared a common enemy in the form of the Septim Empire, Potema saw an alliance between herself, The Horned King, Zarok, and Quan Chi as a mutually beneficial one.
  • A talented conjurer and necromancer, both skills she put to good use during the later years of the civil war she waged when her son died and her brother, Cephorus, ascended as Emperor as she sent wave upon wave of undead and Daedra out of pure rage. It is also what allowed her to hold-out for so long even as allies left and right deserted her, leaving only a kingdom of the dead at her beck and call. Already, Potema had reassembled a court full of skeletons, zombies, Draugr, and vampires, but she knew her work had only just begun. To the far north, into the House of Unliving Beings, stands a formidable undead army: The Scourge, the endless soldiers of the Lich King. Some were able to be roped into her service, but most prefer to follow Arthas and other such powerful liches and sorcerers. Not that she minds. What she does mind are the Scourge that follow Bolvar Fordragon, the other Lich King who used his status to throw the armies into a civil war. She sees him as a massive threat to her goals but has abstained from making any confrontation for now.
  • As a mother and aunt, she's quite awful. She ruthlessly manipulated the older King Mantiarco's love for her to further her own goals and the process continued with her son, Uriel III where he would later rule as King when his father passed away. In trying to install her son into power onto the Ruby Throne the only person who stood in her way was Kintyra II, her fifteen-year old niece. She tried to accuse her of being a bastard, but the Elder Council ignored her words spurring her to take direct action instead. To say nothing of the legends in which she supposedly cursed her nephew, through her madness infecting the palace halls or through a cursed necklace, into madness before passing. Said deeds naturally did little to endear her to the House of Family and Relatives save for the Child Abuse Supporters whom she naturally sided as a reactionary action. With all that said it's not clear if she did actually love Uriel III though it is historic fact that when he perished during the war he took with him his mother's remaining sanity.
    • In any case, her choice of allies has led her into conflict with the likes of Simba, Mufasa, and Cinderella, who have given their support in opposing the Septim Queen. Both Simba and Mufasa are worried that she will reduce the entirety of the Pride Lands into a vast graveyard. To halt her advance, Cinderella’s request to ban Potema from the House of Royalty went through without much trouble though she knows it will take a lot more than a simple ban to stoke her fury. With what little she knows of the War of the Red Diamond she has a feeling Potema will raise up an army of those who have similar grievances towards the House of Royalty as well. At the very least all three of them can rest easier in the House of Religion and Faith, knowing she won’t try and set foot there.
  • Ironically, if she was allowed a continued existence after coming back from the dead she would actually have legitimate claim for the Emperor's seat over the Medes, the dynasty that currently ruled the empire during her return, due to being a part of the Septim bloodline. Of course, that would be disregarding the fact that she went off the deep end and is seen by many historians as "unambiguously evil" never mind the fact they also would have to glance over the now undead Queen.
  • Potema was known to be strongly associated with the animal of the wolf as indicated by her Red Baron title. Not only did her grandfather, the notably tender Uriel II, was said to liken the infant Potema as "a she-wolf about ready to pounce" but according to some stories her parents were said to have slain a demonic werewolf where its soul was trapped in a soul gem and fashioned into a wedding ring. Said werewolf would then pass on to their daughter leading to Potema's present condition. In any case, this trait of hers was how she met the werewolf Fenrir Greyback, a bounty hunter who Potema was more than pleased to have at her employ. Fenrir himself was quite ecstatic to take on the Wolf Queen's dirtier work in secret. The gold in her dowry is nice, but he really relishes in the horrible tasks he sends him. Such deeds are compensation in of itself.
  • Potema finds herself welcome by The Crimson Court when attended a party of theirs one day and recounted her days among the living, mostly the ones involving the darker excerpts from the book about her life story. Whether there's truth to those tales or not, they tend to love them regardless and quickly forged an alliance with her. It probably helped that vampires in general tend to work with her. Elsewhere in the Darkest Estate it is said she has cut deals with the local Necromancers lurking within the cold familial crypts. Neither of these pieces of news has pleased the Ancestor and the mercenaries under his employ have found themselves battling it out with her undead and the Daedra whom she formed pacts with.
    • Speaking of vampires, it was through the Crimson Court that she also got in touch with other such allies in the form of Marlowe Roderick and Strahd von Zarovich and hit it off with the two as well. While the former is content with going after those who so much as slightly displease Potema with his coven, Strahd von Zarovich finds the Septim ruler quite interesting. After all, she did almost singlehandedly rip apart an entire empire, the scale of which is only truly rivaled by consecutive disasters later in the Third Era such as the Oblivion Crisis, the Great War with the Third Aldmeri Dominon, and years of degradation.
  • Being well versed in the school of Conjuration she naturally has experience with the Soul Cairn, or at least sending people to it by way of soul trapping them for Soul Gems. If the ramblings of wandering souls within said plane of Oblivion are of any indication Potema will send those there even for the pettiest of reasons, such as being called ugly while wearing a certain dress. Hearing of this, many of the ascended Puella Magi came to view Potema as their enemy. The Wolf Queen despises them as they’re able to tangle with her armies of undead and Daedra on their lonesome though she does take pride in knowing that they’re in the sights in some of the Daedric Princes, in particular the dreaded Molag Bal. Not a good place to be in.
  • As a necromancer and partially undead being she is of the rare group of people that takes the threat of Kazuma’s Party very seriously. Or rather, she takes the threat of Aqua very seriously. For as much as she is another flavor of incompetent like the rest of her comrades, she is still a genuine goddess, one who can destroy her army of the dead and gravely wound her if given the chance. When Aqua heard of this she gloated over Potema which then prompted the Wolf Queen to send Dremora and other lesser Daedra after her. She scoffed, thinking she would easily dispose of such things until reality burst down her door in the form of her attacks doing hardly anything. Because Daedra are not necessarily demons. A well-timed Explosion spell from Megumin allowed her and the rest of the party to book it but some Dremora and other Daedra proved persistent. Overall, not their best day. They only escaped thanks to (accidentally) taking advantage of a Dremora's apparent poor sense of direction.
Dremora Kynreeve: I smell weakness… [The dust of the explosion clears up.] Join my trophies, nithings!
Dremora Kynval: No one escapes! No birthskin will ever escape!
Dremora Markynaz: Break and fall… I will FEAST on your HEART!
[An incoherent mess of fearful screaming and battle-cries ensues.]
  • Ever a cunning opportunist, Potema finds the existence of the Elder Dragon Vaal Hazak most intriguing. While not a true necromancer, its control over the Effluvium has potential to be a most useful Dead Thrall, perhaps even greater than the Dovahkiin. Hearing of this made the Elder Dragon and its fellow housemates go on high alert knowing the devastating effects that will have should this little project of hers ever come to pass.
  • "Come, little thing. Serve me in death."

Lesser Gods

Xul, God of Undead Minions (Necromancer, Priest of Rathma, Cryptic Necromancer)
  • Symbol: The Rathma Sect symbol
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Killing Prime Evils Without Nephalem Powers, Creating An Army Of Revived Killed Mooks, Animate Dead, Creepy Good Necromancy, Cool Old Guy, Protectors Of Balance, Bone Magic And Equipment, Poison Magic, Curse
  • Domain: Death, Combat, Magic
  • Allies: Tyrael, the Nephalems, Auriel, Tharja, Jade Curtiss
  • Enemies: Diablo, Mephisto, Baal, Azmodan, Malthael, Arthas Menethil
  • Xul was always an oddity amongst necromancers, when necros like that are usually evil just like their powers, he's instead just concerning himself with balance. When some necromancers tried to make him follow the line, the answer came in form of how he killed every minions tasked to attack him and then revived them as his own army, with a good warning that he's being generous, the attacker should just leave if he values his life. This act was pretty much what also allowed him to ascend, he's just as capable of swarming an entire area with revived mooks, if there are enough corpses...
    • ... Or he could just blow them up with some Corpse Explosion.
  • As one of the people that helped Tyrael kill the Prime Evils before the Nephalem business, Xul has a good reputation amongst the force of good. He kept insisting that he might turn bad if good overwhelms evil, but that never happens. Likewise, Diablo is furious that after he had to deal with the Nephalems, now he had to deal with one of his original killers. Xul is also pretty fine with other Angels that are at least reasonable like Auriel, but as of Malthael... well Xul just shrugged, he just knew that balance can be tipped the wrong way by any side, to him, Malthael is just another balance-wrecker that needs to be destroyed.
    • Amongst the Nephalems, he seemed to be quite proud as his successors of Diablo's ass-kickers, telling Sonya that the Barbarian that fought with him would be proud, though Sonya didn't recall conversing with that Barbarian within the Well of Souls. Though while he was really proud how Li-Ming came off good thanks to the teachings of his old friend Isendra, he did have to warn about her tendencies to go over the top. Though he didn't confirm if the Assassin that fought with him was the one who killed Isendra. He also commends Nazeebo for taking the mantle of 'dead raiser', though he had to tell him that the dead are meant to serve, not to be served.
  • Rumors say that when he's terrorizing a bastard that deserves it, his revived mooks chant this to scare them off: "XUL, MOTHERFUCKER, XUUUULLL!!!"
  • When Xul heard that there was a deity for Curses, he went searching for them. Upon meeting Tharja, he decided that she's a much better representative for them, as he doesn't have curses for mundane stuff, such as a "nose gets runny for 3 days" curse, whereas Xul only has curses that are deadly.
  • As a keen protector of balance, he's on good relations with the Kinkou Order, but he won't join them to not ruin their balance. Of course, he did contact Shen when he was preparing to enter the Nexus. As a result, he gains good knowledge about MAP AWARENESS.
    • Also he didn't bring his mooks to the Nexus because of Shen's advices. It boils down to "Too OP".
  • People of the Body Parts house are rather wary of him. Rumors has it that if Xul kind of felt like it, he could just just rip off someone's ears and then does a sing-song phrase about having their ears.
  • He has heard rumors of a Necromancer in the 'modern day'. When he found out it was just an epithet for Jade Curtiss, 'Jade the Necromancer', Xul was slightly disappointed, but he did find himself amused with Jade's witty comments, so they kept in touch. For the record, Xul is older so he gets more privilege to 'get a bit more rest' compared to Jade.
  • Back in his days, the Trope Pantheons were so dirty as he recalled. Now? It's shinier than he remembered...