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The Hall of Guardians and Protectors is often visited by the weaker Demigods and Quasideities in order to hire some protection. These gods have roles as guarding others, and whether it be for personal reasons or pay they take it seriously. Those who suffered from Bodyguard Betrayal tend not to trust the sub-house, but asides from Shiro Tagachi you don't have anything to worry about.


Sometimes however they don't just protect someone's person. Rather, they protect them emotionally.

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Intermediate Gods

    Dudley (The Bishop’s Wife
Dudley, Divine Representative of Guardian Angels
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An empty stocking or himself decorating a Christmas tree
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Guardian Angel sent to answer the prayers of a bishop, has to leave once he has completed his task and erasing everyone’s memories of him in the process, Love Triangle with Julia and Bishop Henry Brougham
  • Domains: Angels, Guidance
  • High Priest: Clarence
  • Allies: George Bailey, Aziraphale, Pit, The Love The Moves the Stars, Captain Gregg and Lucy Muir, Kenny McCormick, TK and Kari
  • On good terms with: Bayonetta
  • Enemies: Frollo, YHVH
  • Respected by: The Guardians and Protectors sub-house
  • Unsure opinion on: Dark Pit, Johnny Bravo
  • Dudley is an angel who was brought to Earth in human form to assist a bishop who prayed for guidance. That bishop, Henry Brougham, had been working for months on the plans for an elaborate new cathedral which he hopes will be paid for primarily by a wealthy, stubborn widow, but was losing sight of his family and of why he became a churchman in the first place. Henry was skeptical, then annoyed when the angel ingratiated himself into the household as his assistant, and worse, won the attention of Henry's long-suffering and kindly wife, Julia, whom he found himself attracted to much to Henry’s jealousy. When Henry wanted to know why his cathedral plans were derailed, Dudley reminded him that he prayed for guidance rather than a new building. As soon as his mission was fulfilled and knowing that Julia loved her husband, Dudley left with all memories of him erased.
  • Moments after he left, he spotted an envelope that was dropped on the ground containing a letter regarding his invitation to a place called the Pantheon. When he was brought up there, it turns out that he was brought there because the subhouse of Angels was looking for a contender for the Guardian Angel trope and felt that Dudley is a perfect fit for the title, to which he ended up accepting.
  • One of the angels who helped with Dudley’s arrival in the Pantheon was an overcoat-clad angel named Arizaphale, whom Dudley would regularly hang out with whenever he isn’t tasked in helping other mortals back in his home universe. They can be seen talking about their experiences in their respective Earths, though Dudley is also a bit surprised with how Arizaphale would befriend a fallen angel named Crowley. Another notable angel that he has gotten along with is Pit, who was tasked to watch over mankind as a service to Palutena. Though he is unsure what to make of Dark Pit, who was originally Pit’s evil counterpart before having a mind of his own and instead became amicable rivals with Pit.
  • It’s no surprise that he would meet up with George Bailey, whom Dudley has some respect for given that George also has a guardian angel who helped him during the Christmas season when he was struggling with his problems regarding his family. George also appreciates the fact that Clarence was chosen as Dudley’s high priest.
  • If his interactions with Henry and Julia’s daughter suggest anything, he seems to be pretty good with children. Dudley has respect for Kenny McCormick after hearing about how the latter, at one point, served as a guardian angel and has pitied the boy’s situation in having died multiple times. TK and Kari of the DigiDestined are also fascinated with him as he reminds them of the angel Digimon who often protects them.
  • Apparently, Johnny Bravo once had a Guardian Angel who, like with George Bailey, showed him what life would be like if he wasn’t born, and it turns out that most of his peers seem to be better off without him. Even his angel confesses that his boss warned him Johnny was just a "hunk of meat with a mouth." Dudley isn’t sure what to make of Johnny based on that account, but he hopes that he becomes a better person from such an experience.
  • Another human deity that Dudley is on good terms with is Lucy Muir. Dudley is unnerved with her romance with a ghost captain, though that’s only because it reminded him of his own romance with the bishop’s wife, which he abandoned after knowing that she loved her husband.
  • Given his role as a Guardian Angel, the Guardians and Protectors sub house has nothing but respect for Dudley. He is also appreciated by the Love that Moves the Stars, particularly with how Dudley managed to help out the bishop and his family, and the angel, in turn, reciprocated said feelings back.
  • While Dudley is willing to answer the calls of people on a case-on-case basis, he is also aware of some who wanted to use him for more malevolent actions, notably Judge Frollo, a crazed religious judge who committed horrible actions under the excuse of enforcing God’s will. He also opposes YHVH and His Angels for his heavy-handed idea of guidance.
  • At first, Bayonetta is concerned about Dudley given that she has fought evil angels before, but the witch later found out that he is a rather pleasant example of their kind. In turn, Dudley was a bit afraid of meeting Bayo because of tales regarding her aforementioned fights, only for their meeting to end in a good note after she saw that he was a good guy.

    Nine (Dragon Quest
Nine, God with Much to Watch Over (Apprentice, Celestrian, Guardian of Angel Falls, Sunshine)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when clad in Alchemiracle Gear)
  • Symbol: A little pair of wings (the Celestrian Vocation symbol)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Guardian Angel, Broken Angel, Angel Unaware, Knight Errant, The Quest, The Chosen One, Mission from God, 20 Bear Asses, Humble Hero, Heroic Spirit, But Thou Must!, I See Dead People, The Fettered, An Adventurer Is You, Inn Between the Worlds, Pintsized Powerhouse, Victory over Angels, Demons, the Undead, and Pieces of God, Choice of Two Weapons, Character Customization
  • Domains: Succor, Heroes, Protection, Angels, Trains
  • Allies: Angelo, Eight, Cosmos, Archangel Michael, Manwë Sulimo, Pit, Gandalf, Edward Elric, Bahamut, Link, Excalibur, Erza Scarlet, Ryouki
  • Enemies: Soul Edge, Satan, Satan, and Satan. Almost the entire House of Betrayal,
  • Opposed by: Vegeta
  • Conflicting Opinion: Any and all grim reapers.
  • Heralds: Stella, Erinn, Sterling, Bombax
  • Backstory: The conductor of the flying, golden Starflight Express arrived at the Pantheon when he received a change of itinerary from the "top brass", goddess Celestria. Quite surprised to discover an as yet unknown location, he quickly resumed his lifelong work of helping everyone who needs it as Celestria ordained and advertising the Quester's Rest for Erinn. The first has been his official mission as a Celestrian since he was first appointed (it took only 300 years of training — he finished so quickly because he's a Child Prodigy); and at what a fortuitous time! It was his first mission that completed the ten-thousand-year quest of the Celestrians to get the World Tree to bloom and bear fruit, only for the momentous occasion to be interrupted by the forces of evil. Nine fell to earth a Broken Angel, but upon recovering embarked on a mission to return to the Observatory, only to immediately set out to recover the lost fruit of the World Tree, the wish-granting Fyggs; without his powers, it was a harsh journey, filled with sorrow and many sidequests: saving a Black Knight from his Dark Lady, healing a doctor in mourning, rescuing a living doll from a kidnapping, bringing water to the people of a desert, giving a dragon the power to fly again, tearing down an Evil Empire, and at the end of it all, helping to reunite two Star-Crossed Lovers, which was an errand so taxing he had to completely forsake his Celestrian heritage. As a result of his efforts, the entire remaining order of Celestrians Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence, and he was appointed Guardian Angel of the whole world. He doesn't complain, however — there's still work to do.
  • As part of completing every task in his homeworld, Nine ended up mastering every possible vocation, giving him an odd case of Combo Platter Powers. He spends most of his time in the vocation of the minstrel, for its familiarity on the one hand and its unassuming presence on the other, which really helps in his line of work. He has of late also had his halo and wings restored to him, endowing him with the power of flight once more. This has made Walking the Earth vastly easier.
  • Upon his crash-through to the Pantheon, Nine was more than surprised to discover somebody waiting for him — a wizzened old man wrapped in grey who seemed more amused than anything to see the overturned train lying in rubble. He introduced himself by claiming many called him Gandalf, but before Nine could ask any questions, the elder had whisked him along to a grand building.
  • It was within this grand building that he found himself being formally presented to Cosmos, who revealed she had reached out to Celestria in hopes of recruiting him; he had such a fantastic resume she didn't want to pass him up with so many people in need. While he seemed reluctant at first to abandon his post under Celestria, he was ultimately convinced when Cosmos pointed out he could also keep advertising the Quester's Rest.
  • Very quickly befriended Angelo and Eight after recognizing them from the Quester's Rest; they meet up periodically to swap stories, as is their tradition.
  • Nine gets along with Pit surprisingly well, even if he's not military like the latter. When he sensed Pit might be growing jealous about him having his wings, Nine offered to let Pit conduct the Starflight Express on one of his quests. Pit was absolutely thrilled, and especially respectful, since it's not often that you get to take control of someone else's temple.
  • He occasionally visits Edward Elric to see if he can learn new alchemical recipes. The Fullmetal Alchemist gets a little twitchy whenever the idea of "Alchemiracles" comes up, though he's incredibly interested in the alloy of some of the gear Nine's created.
  • One day he was getting the lay of the land with the Starflight Express when he encountered Bahamut flying along — the God of Good Dragons sensed traces of Styrmling the Sacred from Nine's own world and approached him, seeking answers. Unfortunately, it's difficult to stop a flying train in mid-air, but Nine managed. When asked Nine related his encounter with the dragons Greygnarl and Barbarus, but that he had never met Styrmling and was hoping to do so. Bahamut too showed an interest in the dragon of the sacred force and had his servants begin looking into it.
  • One of the unexpected benefits of being his own world's most dutiful angel was finding himself able to remain in Excalibur's presence with no trouble — he doesn't even make the face (as a matter of fact, his only impression is of a lonely old man). On one occasion, Excalibur even offered Nine the chance to wield him, and Nine turned him down; Nine can already use many of the powers Excalibur bestows, and he has a variety of weapons already. The closest thing the two ever had to a disagreement was when Excalibur's demands for attention threatened to get in the way of Nine helping other people. (This has it's costs — Pantheon residents can be especially wary whenever Nine and Excalibur are both in the same place, because that means the two might stop and have a chat, delaying Excalibur's exit).
  • His time spent studying as a Sage allowed him to learn Jack's Knack, which allows him to switch vocations at will. Because he retains the last set of gear he was wearing in that vocation upon transforming, he can swap from plainclothes to full body-armor instantaneously. Ezra Scarlet finds such technique interesting.
  • His first encounter with Ryouki went about as well as could be hoped, by which we mean a complete disaster; he first approached her when the sight of her halo piqued his curiosity, only for things to come quickly undone when somebody touched her halo and she completely lost her mind. Luckily, only the street was destroyed before Ryouki's mind was restored — though he had to explain to Cosmos why there was a giant sword planted in the middle of the street. Since then, however, he's made much better friends with Ryouki, and they compare shield techniques.
  • He is occasionally accused of Schrödinger Fu, especially whenever in a situation that provides him with a variety of weapons; because he has skills that can only be used with specific weapons, he can jump from using knives for Vampiric Draining to flinging Sword Beams with an axe. Somebody once tried to completely disarm him and succeeded, only for him to start throwing Razor Wind and giant boulders around.
  • As a Celestrian, one of his duties is to see souls off to the afterlife where they become stars, and so he takes a very dim view of any attempt to interrupt that process. This unfortunately led to a misunderstanding when he encountered Soul in the middle of devouring a Kishin Egg, which he mistook for a person bound for the heavens and interrupted suddenly. The ensuing fight was surprisingly tricky, given that scythes are one of the few weapon classes not in his repertoire. Once he learned what the Kishin Egg was, he backed off, but has had reservations ever since. He later clarified with Cosmos that the enterprise was legitimate.
  • The Soul Edge, on the other hand, Nine opposes unambiguously, and acts where he can to keep it from stealing souls. Much as he would like to see it destroyed, however, Cosmos requires him to hold back because such an aggression might be considered an excuse for war in the Pantheon.
  • Incredibly loyal and dutiful to his superiors and the mission, and as such a dim view of any kind of traitor. He met his own masters in combat when it became necessary to restore order under the Goddess Celestria. Naturally, takes a very poor view of Satan and the like.
  • "You there! ERRAND BOY!" So began his first encounter with Vegeta, Prince of All Saiyans. "SO! I hear you're the toughest around where you come from. A dimension-defending big shot, even! Honestly, it's hard to tell. You dress like a clown, you never speak up, and all you ever do is take orders from women." ("I heard that!" said his wife). "So, the questions is, are you a serving boy or a real man? 'Cause if you're a real man, howzabout you and me get a better idea whether you're tough enough to stick around up here? And if you're not... if— if you're— F*CKING ANSWER ME! ...NOOO, I MEANT WITH WORDS!!"

    Pearl (Steven Universe
Pearl, Goddess of Protectors of Those More Powerful Than Themselves (Rose's Terrifying Renegade Pearl, Earl, Repressed Nerd, Pink Diamond's Second Pearl, Bird Mom, Pointy Mom, Bad Pearl)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Deity as Alexandrite or Obsidian)
  • Symbol: The pearl on her forehead
  • Theme Song: Pearl's Theme, Dance of Swords, It's Over, Isn't It?
  • Weapon of Choice: Her Spear (later upgraded to a Trident); she also has a preference for Swords.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: From a Caste of Gem Made Only to Serve, Became Independent Thanks to her "Mistress" Rose Quartz, Can Create Holograms and Projections of Her Thoughts, Wields a Naginata-esque Weapon With Energy Blast Capabilities, Master Swordsman, Can Hold Items Inside Her Gem, Proper Lady of War, Expert Mechanic, Speaks Very Highly of War, Zealous Devotion to Rose Quartz and Ultimately Doesn't Understand Much of Her Beliefs, Condescending Compassion, Control Freak, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Continues to Mourn for Rose Quartz, Overly Doting to Steven, Doesn't Handle Pressure Well
  • Domains: Gems, Elegance, Servitude (abandoned), Engineering, Swordplay, Rebels
  • Followers: Fu, Lan Fan, Harold Joseph "Happy" Hogan, The Maidens of the Spear, John Diggle/Spartan, The Iron Bull,
  • Allies: Steven Universe, Garnet, Amethyst, Greg Universe, Peridot, Connie Maheswaran, Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond, The Great Diamond Authority (tentatively), Twilight Sparkle, Blossom (the Powerpuff Girl), Ahiru, Hime Shirayuki/Cure Princess, Haruka Haruno/Cure Flora, Utau Hoshina, Frisk, Toriel, Undyne
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Amethyst's rowdier allies
  • Odd Friendship: Asgore
  • Enemies: The House of Villainy, the GUAE Trollkaiger, insufferable pranksters, enslavers.
  • Opposes: Raven Branwen
  • She, along with Garnet and Amethyst, mistook Steven's ascension to be a kidnapping. They made their way into the Pantheon to rescue him, and after causing quite the disturbance, Steven got them to calm down through an explanation of why he's there. Her finesse and grace in battle caught the eye of the gods, which allowed her to ascend as well.
    • Originally ascended for Tutu Fancy, the fact that Pearl quickly discarded her original ballerina-like outfit sparked debates as to whether she should keep it, but no one had stepped up to challenge her.
    • Eventually, folks found a better trope that represents her: Bodyguarding a Badass. The reason why is because she's dedicated herself to protecting Rose Quartz, leader of the Crystal Gems, despite Rose having pretty advanced defensive powers and actually being stronger than her, to the point where Pearl had been poofed several times protecting her. And this is taken to a greater degree once it became known that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond, one of the four most powerful gems in the universe, in disguise, and that Pearl's protection of her was justified by way of maintaining the masquerade.
  • One unique ability the Crystal Gems have is the ability to "bubble". It's reserved for Gems of corrupted Gem Monsters, but they can use it on other small objects, and even Steven Universe himself in one occasion, though it's not yet been tested if it works on other living beings. These bubbles can then be transported away to wherever the Gem considers their "home". In regards to the Pantheon, their bubbles warp over to their respective Houses. Gem Bubbles from long before that, mostly those of the late Rose Quartz (before she herself ascended much later), are inaccessible to the Pantheon as they aren't brought along to any of the temples (though now appear there since).
  • She hates having to frequently go to the House of Food to retrieve Amethyst for training, since she does not like the concept of eating (finding the biological processes just too gross.) There was a rumor floating around that she liked pie, but it turned out that she only likes baking pies, not eating them.
  • Pearl herself likes to spend time in either the House of Knowledge to catch up on some reading with Twilight or Blossom, or the House of Combat.
  • She has been thinking for a while about attempting the near-impossible task of fixing the atrocious state of the Pantheonic Library in the house of Knowledge.
  • She enjoys practicing ballet with Ahiru, though the girl has just a bit too much energy for her sometimes.
  • The other gods find Pearl's over-protectiveness of Steven to be strange. Sure, they're on the same team, but the others think that this is kind of ridiculous. Pearl has insisted several times that she is not Steven's mother, and she seems to get rather sad at the thought of his actual mother.
  • There are some rumors floating around the Pantheon that when Pearl's stressed and no one is looking, she switches out her attire for the street-punk look, lights up some cigarettes, and acts generally much more Jerkassish. Most call this her "Bad Pearl" state, though she insists she does nothing of the sort.
  • She's willing to take up students in the art of swordplay, though she's been cautioned to make sure they don't get taught to throw their lives away for the sake of those they wish to protect; while Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, such thinking, in general, is unhealthy, and Pearl doesn't need the House of Life and Death to come back to life (unless her gem is hit).
  • While playing with Steven, Frisk overheard that while Pearl likes making pies, she detests eating food in general because she finds turning things into wet mush then shoving it down her throat to be disgusting. They then had an idea and brought the Gem over to Toriel's place and asked her to make one of her signature butterscotch-cinnamon pies. The Boss Monster assured Pearl that unlike human food, monster food is made of magic and immediately converts perfectly into energy upon consumption. The two became fast friends after that, and from then on, Toriel's food has become the only thing she looks forward to eating when she ever gets the urge to.
    • There is only one thing that can cause conflict between Toriel and Pearl... the subject of Toriel's ex-husband Asgore. When Toriel explained everything that happened, Pearl surprisingly remained quiet before going to Asgore to hear his events. After some thought, she actually disagreed with Toriel but has not actually voiced further with Toriel. When asked why, Pearl reminded everyone that she fought in a war and knows about the pragmatic decisions and tough choices that needed to be made, even if she doesn't delve on it. As such, she couldn't help but empathize with Asgore. She wouldn't know what to do if she lost Steven and she confesses she probably wouldn't have forgiven the offending party like Asgore did, especially how he lost two children. Furthermore, she notes that Asgore, in having to make unlikeable decisions out of the fact that little else could be done, was reminiscent on some of the choices that were made. The fact that Toriel ran and abandoned her duties rather than propose her own solutions bothered Pearl. While Toriel and Pearl remain friends, Pearl knows not to mention him, even if things are mending. She also does accompany Steven when he follows Frisk to visit him. Pearl tends to assist in gardening while discussing various horticultural-based topics or occasionally bring him a slice of pie. She even enjoys some tea since Asgore is capable of giving magical properties like Toriel's pie. Asgore appreciates Pearl doing this, even if he does worry if this could damage Pearl's friendship with Toriel.
      • Pearl's sympathies and empathy regarding Asgore has taken on a deeper meaning when it was revealed that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond. From what some have speculated, Pearl may see Asgore as having done a similar choice to Pink, though for differing reasons and perhaps with more wisdom and foresight.
    • Another of Frisk's friends she's gotten acquainted with is Undyne during a soccer match between them and Steven. A few choice words regarding training resulted in an argument and like anything with Undyne, a good old-fashioned fight. Frisk and Steven managed to stop the fight a minute before either could hey beaten up too badly, and for the kids' sakes, they called off the fight and became friends.
  • Having come from a Servant Race, she has conflicting opinions on the Prinnies. On one hand, they were made to serve regardless of their desires, which she broke out of thanks to Rose Quartz. On the other hand, most Prinnies are in fact the souls of murderers, thieves and other various criminals/sinners, removing much sympathy.
    • She also has very dim opinions on tyrants, enslavers, and those that employ and abuse servant races, having been from such a race in her Homeworld.
  • Pearl is normally decked in feminine clothing her form generates in, but put her in a tuxedo, a waiter's shirt, or any other masculine clothing, and she's surprisingly Bifauxnen.
  • Gets along with Death the Kid a bit when it comes to visual perfection, though he's annoyed with the Giant Waist Ribbon on her outfit (before her current outfit), and how it's not perfectly symmetrically positioned. Sometimes, she rebuffs him with the stripes on his head, in which he undergoes a breakdown. She has stopped when she learned that his obsession with symmetry is an inherent part of his being due to being a fragment of Shinigami and thus prone to the Madness of Order. Pearl realized that both had powerful compulsions inherent in their being that they both needed to work at, something he returned as he stopped with his comments on the bow. She also congratulated him on uniting his Sanzu Lines upon becoming the new Death.
  • Having begun to move on from the loss of Rose Quartz, Pearl has been casting long glances at tall female deities with pink hair, just like that one Mystery Girl. Some have noted that she may not be as ready as she thinks she may be.
  • Pearl has been taken more leave of absences from her temple since the reveal that Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond were one and the same. Presumably due to the massive uprise in questions and the resulting stress. She has taken to hiding over in Asgore's temple more than a few times for some peace and quiet, given how very few would think to look for her there.
    • However, she has also been seen with other deities willing to show her how to better use her new phone and she has gotten excited at the prospect of using said phone as a way to better organize things.
  • Was openly overjoyed when she learned that Rose Quartz had ascended to the Pantheon, due to her death in the mortal realm. And since Pearl's own occupation is Bodyguarding a Badass, she has to spend at least part of her time "protecting" Rose. But considering Rose was from Pearl's point of view dead for seventeen years and Pearl's Undying Loyalty to her, she doesn't mind spending more time with her.

    Shiro Tagachi 
Shiro Tagachi, God of Treacherous Bodyguards (The Betrayer, Legendary Assassin)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Harbinger of the Deceiver
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Assassin by Profession, Big Bad of Factions, Dual Wielding Cool Swords, Dying Curse, Fallen Hero, Marked With Scars, Master Swordsman, Melee Fighter With Magical Abilities, Meditation Powerup, One-Man Army, Usage of the Hate Plague and Animated Armors
  • Domains: Assassins, Death, Revenge, Combat
  • Followers: Raven, Vossler
  • Allies: Alex Mercer, Albert Wesker, Gul'dan
  • Rivals: Ezio Auditore, Katarina du Couteau, Valeera Sanguinar, Lanaya the Templar Assassin
  • Enemies: Brock Samson, Kallen Kozuki, Peko Pekoyama, Ichigo Kurosaki, Undyne, Artoria Pendragon, Rider, Hercules, Corvo Attano
  • Chaotic Counterpart to: Shay Patrick Cormac
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Mana Ouma
  • Opposed by: The House of Royalty especially Jaime Lannister
  • Nobody but Shiro Tagachi himself knew why the Emperor's most trusted bodyguard slew him. Did he want the throne? Did he seek revenge? No matter the motive, Shiro's act of betrayal became legendary in Tyria as one of the most significant events in Canthan history. Though Shiro died, he returned to Cantha after two hundred years as an Envoy. When he was meant to use his powers to guide the dead to the mists, he instead exploited it to create a powerful disease known as the Affliction and to enslave souls to seal inside armors known as the Shiro'ken with which he built an army to use for his plans to return to life. Though he succeeded with resurrection, he faced his second death by the hands of eight Tyrian heroes. As a punishment for his actions, he was sent to the worst prison in the afterlife, the Realm of Torment.
    • With his ascension, however, Shiro was freed from the prison, much to his relief. Now he looks for opportunities within the Pantheon for ways to be resurrected.
    • The story of Shiro Tagachi has become legendary to the point that Revenants are capable of channeling his power in the form of the Legendary Assassin Stance, granting them great strength and mobility like Shiro himself.
  • May have respect for other assassins; in timelines where the Tyrian heroes defeating him were all assassins, he bowed to them. Ezio Auditore in particular has earned respect from the Betrayer for earning the throne of Assassins, though Shiro wouldn't mind trying to take the throne himself if he desires.
  • His betrayal and murder of the Emperor made the House of Royalty ban him from the house in a public declaration of opposition. Shiro cares little for that however, viewing the House of Royalty as "not worth his time" for the moment.
  • For his act of treason toward the Emperor, Shiro Tagachi has earned the ire of many good-aligned bodyguards throughout the Pantheon, especially by Auron.
    • While not a bodyguard per se, Undyne is still the head of a royal guard, and as such, has a low opinion of Shiro Tagachi. In fact, she considers him to be one of the worst humans for breaking the Emperor's trust in him.
  • Alex Mercer is quite interested in the Affliction disease, because of the similarities between that and the virus from his homeworld.
    • Albert Wesker has also expressed an interest in the disease, especially when he heard that it's incurable. The afflicted may not be zombies, but it's close enough in his eyes. While Shiro is unlikely to simply regain the powers of an Envoy and recreate the Affliction, Wesker believes that he is more than capable of helping the Legendary Assassin with that, and possibly become capable of creating a similar disease himself.
    • However, Shiro is not exactly fond of Mana Ouma. Her incestuous feelings for her brother creeps him out.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki is appalled that Shiro Tagachi abused his powers as an Envoy (a Psychopomp like the Soul Reapers) for his desire for revival and revenge. The assassin himself hates Ichigo for being a reminder that the other Envoys banished him to the Realm of Torment after his second death.
    • Ryuk, on the other hand, found Shiro Tagachi to be very interesting for basically ignoring his duty as Tyria's equivalent to Shinigami and getting away with it until his second death. For now, Ryuk is making sure to observe the assassin whenever possible for his own amusement.
  • Gets along with Gul'dan, someone who is also famed for betrayal. The Warlock is especially impressed by how Shiro executed his plan to return to life and the fact that he possess powerful magical abilities even as an assassin.

    Valkenhayn R. Hellsing 
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, God of Submissive Badasses (Silver Wolf, Butter Man, Dog person)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God at his Prime)
  • Symbol: Valkenhayn's Emblem
  • Theme Music: Howling Moon I and II, SIX-HEROES (shares the latter theme with the rest of the Six Heroes)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Werewolf Beastkin, Legendary Hero, Awesome McCoolname, Only Hero to fight without Nox, Badass in a Nice Suit, Cool Old Guy, Battle Butler, Former Immortal Hunter, "I live to serve"
  • Domains: Werewolves, Butlers, Loyalty, Heroism, Time
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Enemies: Anyone who would harm Rachel Alucard, Yuuki Terumi, Relius Clover, Hazama, Fenrir Greyback, Lord Voldemort, The Death Eaters, Hoss Delgado, Millennium, Alexander Anderson, B.B. Hood
  • Opposes: Buffy Summers
  • Valkenhayn R. Hellsing is the loyal servant of the Alucard family. A former member of the Immortal Breakers and one of the Six Heroes who helped lead humanity into defeating the Black Beast. Valkenhayn was a Former Teen Rebel (a lot like Ragna actually) until he and Relius Clover were contracted to kill Clavis Alucard, they failed. After multiple confrontations and assassination attempts, Valkenhayn would swear Undying Loyalty to his new master. Said loyalty would last even after Clavis's death and continue towards his daughter, Rachel Alucard. His greatest wish, is that Clavis returns from death, so he can continue to serve both members of the Alucard family.
  • Valkenhayn was once a follower of Hayate Ayasaki, God of Battle Butlers, and made a few appearances here and there at the behest of Rachel Alucard, for he shall always be available to tend to her ladyship. After amassing even more power after her deification, Rachel was finally able to fully manifest Valkenhayn within the Pantheon as the God of Cool Werewolves.
    • He would eventually give up his titles to Genn Greymane and Larry Talbot, believing them to be more worthy of it. Instead he chose a title that best represented his loyalty and servitude to his master, Rachel Alucard. Hence he is now the God of Submissive Badasses.
  • When Valkenhayn had ascended, the first thing he did was to greet his master, as well as prepare her some tea. Rachel was very pleased to see her faithful servant in pantheon, she even invited (read forcibly teleported) many gods from their home world to celebrate. Valkenhayn was happy to see both his old comrades Hakumen and Nine, alive and well.
    • He wasn't however happy to see Ragna, nor was Ragna very happy to see him. But he was even less happy to hear that both Relius and Terumi were here in pantheon. Knowing that they were still around has encouraged Valkenhayn to search and make new allies, along with the others that Rachel had made, to finally put an end to the two hated gods.
  • While not many werewolves in Pantheon are the same, Valkenhayn's kind tends to stand out. The reason is that his race was created with the use of sorcery. Therefore he, and by extension other lycanthropes, exist outside of "logic" or "reason". Not only do the natural laws mean nothing to him, but it allows Valkenhayn to do what would otherwise be considered impossible. One of them being how he has a natural high immunity to both temporal and dimensional manipulations. Only high level Intermediate Gods and above can get past this. Another is that he can tear apart a Pure Magic Being, immortals and Eldritch Abomination with his bare hands.
    • It should be said, the near hundred years since the Dark War have both greatly aged and weakened Valkenhayn. He isn't as strong as he used to be... but that doesn't mean he's weak. Even at his old age, he can still wipe the floor with One Man Armies and Persons Of Mass Destruction.
  • Being the loyal butler he is, Valkenhayn found new allies with others with a similar profession. He even became part of a team known as The Seven Servants.
  • Valkenhayn is a bit popular with his fellow werewolves. One was with a werewolf by the name of Fenrich. The two see a lot in one another, both are deeply loyal to their vampiric masters, both are former mercenaries, and both wouldn't hesitate to kill one another if their respected masters were to order it. The two actually formed a pact with one another, said pact being that they would aid one another in returning their masters to their former glory. Valvatorez would retain his Tyrant status and Rachel would retain her powers as an Onlooker.
    • Of course Fenrich wasn't the only werewolf that Valkenhayn met. He also came in contact with Bigby Wolf, Darius Crowley, Jon Talbain, and Akira Kaburagi. Valkenhayn feels most comfortable and similar to Bigby, Darius and the previously mentioned Greymane, as werewolves that are capable of maintaining both their sanity and identity in their transformed state. He looks fondly over Jon Talbain and Akira Kaburagi, offering them training should they wish for it, as well as blessings and support over their respective relationships. Jon, while grateful for the training, is embarrassed about his "relationship" with Felicia. Akira, while grateful for his support with his relationship with Mina, has yet commented about the training proposal.
    • While there are a number of werewolves that Valkenhayn finds to be good company, the same can not be said with Fenrir Greyback. He views him with nothing but utter disgust, and has taken every opportunity to give him an absolute brutal beating. Letting Fenrir know that despite being The Dreaded in the wizard world, he's nothing when compared to someone who's power is recognized by even the Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto.
  • When Valkenhayn heard of a particular vampire who was known as Alucard, he initially didn't think much of it. Seeing as there were two others were also referred by the same name. At least until he heard more about him. How he had long black hair, crimson colored eyes, how he was the oldest of his kind, as well as one of their most powerful. How he believed that Humans Are Special, and finally how he's known far and wide as the "No Life King". With everything present, he believed that the Vampire may have been his former master, Clavis Alucard. Unfortunately, it was just as he previously thought, it was a completely different vampire. Interestingly enough, Alucard himself searched for Valkenhayn. Hearing a retired warrior by the name of Hellsing. A warrior famous for killing the unkillable, and for being well known about his ties to a Vampire Lord. The two surprisingly went on to became good friends, sharing many similarities, being incredibly loyal to their masters and having a strong hatred for traitors. Valkenhayn would eventually even show him to his master Rachel Alucard. Alucard (Hellsing) would actually be in proper behavior, and show genuine respect to the other vampire. Aclucar even introduced them to his young fledgling, Seras Victoria. Seras was the first one to point out the irony of how her master (Alucard) was a servant to the Hellsing Family, while Valkenhayn R. Hellsing was a servant to the Alucard Clan. Everyone actually laughed at said irony.
    • Of course when being allies with the Hellsings, Valkenhayn was made aware of Millennium. Just like many others, Valkenhayn is in complete disgust with them, he's frequently clashed with The Captain, who (seemly) views Valkenhayn as a worthy opponent. Valkenhayn on his part, only hates him a little less than the others.
  • While Valkenhayn considers Rachel's enemies as his enemies (and her allies as his allies), there are some that he's taken personal animosity towards. Like B.B. Hood, Hoss Delgado, the previously mentioned Fenrir Greyback, Lord Voldemort as well as his Death Eaters, and surprisingly enough, Buffy Summers. It's due to her status as the Goddess of Vampire Hunters, and how she against even the good and/or neutral ones.
  • Can also be found in Combat: Other.
"Behold the power...of the full moon! Night has now fallen, the moon shines bright. The play is now through!"

Lesser Gods

    Azai Nagamasa 
Azai Nagamasa, God of Emotional Support (The Never-Faltering Justice)
  • Lesser God (can reach Intermediate-tier fighting power if near Oichi)
  • Symbol: The Azai Clan Crest emblazoned on a fold-out buckler, with a gleaming longsword and a white lily in the foreground.
  • Theme Song: Sword of Light, Justice
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (with a shade that is halfway between Lawful Stupid and Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Being a Living Emotional Crutch For His Wife, Having Fighting Moves Based On Toku Shows, Never Faltering from Delivering His Brand Of JUSTICE, The Power Of Light, Being Repeartedly Killed In Front Of His Wife, Berating Oichi In One Scene Then Giving Her Flowers In The Next
  • Domains: War, Love, Tragedy
  • Allies: Oichi (his wife), Date Masamune, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Sanada Yukimura, Uesugi Kenshin, Arceus
  • Enemies: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, every single monster and demonic fiend who threatens justice.
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Every single Toku hero (or heroine, for that matters) .
  • Was briefly spotted rather a long time ago in the Pantheon, but remained missing for quite some time, leading to a wide range of wild guesses erupting within the Pantheon.
  • Members of the House of Gaming realized that the game he starred in received a FOURTH installment, with Nagamasa back as a playable. Then they realized that it is no other than his repeated and gruesome death that made Oichi the gloomy Goddess she is today. Upon the pleas of several of Oichi's closest friends, a search party was soon founded by the bravest of members of the said House (with the help from several other Houses, too), and the search commenced.
    • They eventually found him held captive in a dudgeon of the GUAE in order to keep Oichi depressed, thus maintaining a presence of darkness and despair among the non-Evil aligned members of the Pantheon, and allowing it to expand. After a fierce battle with the prison guards, he was successfully rescued.
  • After a surprisingly short discussion session within the Main House, Nagamasa was allowed to ascend as the patron deity of critical emotional supports, much to the pleasure of his saviors. Nagamasa was grateful, but was still kind of down as he wasn't assigned as a representative of "justice"...
  • The first things that welcomed him on his official ascension into his temple were, to his shock, a giant pair of shadowy hands trying to "crush" him. To his relief, however, they belonged to no other than his lonely and lovelorn wife Oichi, with tears running down her pale cheeks, her raven locks flowing, as she rushed all the way to the entrance as fast as her shapely legs can carry her. The result was the warmest hug the deities had ever seen since the foundation of the Pantheon, and let's just say...a LOT of tears were shed.
    • Under the suggestions (and offers to help) of many deities from the House of Craft, Love and Theatre, the couple warmly agreed to re-enact their eventful wedding that originated from their home game as a grand celebration of this reunion. Simply put, the ceremony, hosted by Ieyasu (the god who gave probably the most mental support to Oichi during Nagamasa's absense) was a HUGE hit, and MORE THAN ENOUGH security measures were deployed to ensure that it would not be crashed by a certain clown by the name of Imagawa Yoshimoto, or a certain Demon King Of The Sixth Heaven.
      • Romeo and Juliet were the first to give the reunited couple their greetings, declaring that their Sengoku-era tragic love story surpasses even their own.
  • Takes his job very seriously, as he lectures whoever willing to listen on the topic of never losing hope in the ones they emotionally and psychologically support, since this kind of deeds are all part of the "ultimate justice", according to him.
  • Frequently spars with those non-Evil-aligned, combat/weapon based deities to hone his combat skills, so that whenever his dastardly brother-in-law Nobunaga decides to threaten those he watches over and protect, he shall be the one leading the charge.
  • Was once a young, nameless warlord (or possibly war-lady) who was able to conquer entire region from other warlords, bringing peace to the war-ridden region. And become pals with Arceus himself while doing so.
    • Predating that in the same Koei-name-brand, his other-self calls him out on his jerkass front towards someone like Oichi. Funny enough, it would seem that the Koei-version of Oichi is having none of the Capcom-Nagamasa's insults, which leaves him a bit speechless. He is at least thankful that Nobunaga is not as villainous there, and even Hideyoshi as well.
      • He's also a bit amused and embarrassed towards Toudou Takatora's loyalty to him, and like a few others is worried about his Rōnin nature.
  • Is not amused when people point out he has the same voice as Miroku of all people, though his Koei-self has the voice of someone like Trafalgar Law of all people.

Orisa, Goddess of Protection Oaths (OR15, Protector of Numbani)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Supercharger
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Arm Cannon, Badass Adorable, Exotic Eye Designs, Gravity Master, Immune to Flinching, Literal-Minded, Created to defeat Doomfist, Robotic Centaur, Stone Wall
  • Domains: Protection, Shields, Omnics, Gravity, Heroism
  • Herald: Efi Oladele (Her creator)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Doomfist, Null Sector, Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, Junkrat and Roadhog, Ultron, Sigma, Triborg, Omega
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Torbjörn Lindholm, Zarya (One sided on their part)
  • Created with the purpose of being the Protector of Numbani, Orisa seeks to keep everyone she cares about protected and was designed in mind as a counter to Doomfist who, before she was created, destroyed the OR15 defense robots and reclaimed his gauntlet. While still young, Orisa is determined to keep Numbani safe from any harm.
  • Initially she was confused about the pantheon, but eventually got used to it. Orisa considers joining the House of Defense because of her job as a robotic guardian and also to get some training to the eventual day that she has to face Doomfist.
  • Sometimes allow her creator Efi Oladele to tag along with her in the pantheon, since she thinks this place would be to her liking. Efi sometimes has her workshop available on Orisa's temple and sometimes likes to repair badly damaged robots or gadget for whoever needs it.
  • Is actually 1 month old but doesn't look the part. Mentally, although very smart, she is still a bit childish and naive. And since her creator is a Child Prodigy, she is basically a big child with a gun, unless she is in combat.
  • Sometimes compared to Baymax given their similar personalities, although their roles are very different. Seems like the two get along well with each other since Baymax complements her very well since she often gets badly damaged during combat.
  • Being a Multil-purpose machine, Orisa seems to get along well with Megaman and Jenny because of their shared similarities. Jenny sort of acts as Orisa's Cool Big Sis since she is still a newbie, although she doesn't look the part.
  • Nobody is sure what type of creature Orisa is supposed to represent, but the closest thing related to her is a Centaur. She seems to get along with some of the ascended ones, one special mention is Centorea, who is also very heroic and protective of her master.
  • Like with Zenyatta before, Ultron has tried to convince her that Humanity does not deserve her as a protector and that Numbani is just a aberration of nature. Orisa simply decided to ignore, with warning him that if he threatened to destroy her city, he would have to personally deal with her.
  • Will sometimes ask anyone who feels gloomy if they need a hug. It's likely that Orisa was programmed that way in case someone felt sad.
  • Her relationship with Torbjörn and Zarya is a little complicated. She herself has no issue with them, but the former seems to be indirectly involved in her creation while the latter has been a source of inspiration for Orisa in how to use her gravity charge by watching her, a thing that Zarya personally doesn't care.
  • Orisa is strong enough to withstand most attacks directed at her, even becoming borderline invulnerable while using her Fortify ability. However, when it comes to cars, she sometimes succeeds in stopping them, other times not so much.
  • "Your safety is my primary concern"

    Verod Rath 
Verod Rath, Divine Representative of Elite Guards
(Keeper of the Blade, Laser Katana Samurai Vampire)
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though shifted to Chaotic Good after joining the Battleborn
  • Symbol: The Jennerit Imperium Symbol, or his weapons, Axiom and Order.
  • Portfolio: Space Ronin, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, BFS, Revels in battle, Looks like a Sith Lord, Fast and poweful at melee, but extremely fragile, Last of the Keepers of the Blade, Described as a "laser katana samurai vampire", Actually 1,400 years old, His name reflects his goal for revenge, Ultimate Blacksmith, Intends to kill Rendain and all those who side with him
  • Domains: Honor, Battles, Revenge, Life Drain
  • Followers: The Knights of the Round, MagnaDroid Units, Kor'kron Elite
  • Allies: Most good-aligned members of The House of Royalty, Lancelot, Mordred, Gordon Freeman, Jim Raynor, Lelouch Lamperouge, Suzaku Kururugi
  • Worthy Opponents: Ryu, Vegeta, Alarak
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Montana
  • Commonality Connection with: Corvo Attano
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, The Defenders of the Ancients, the ascended members of Overwatch, Krul
  • Odd Connection with: Artanis
  • Enemies: Emperor Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, Dr. Wallace Breen, Caligula, Shiro Tagachi, The Tyranids
  • Unknown Connection with: The House of Vampires
  • A guard of the past, Verod Rath was once a part of the Keepers of the Blade, the Jennerit's elite guard of Empress Lenore. He and his band of elites have served her for decades and proabably even centuries. Then Lothar Rendain came, and ruined all their efforts, allying with the Varelsi, and darkening their homeworld. If that wasn't enough, his band of elites disbanded their code of honor, and decided to side with Rendain instead, leaving Rath as the only elite with his honor intact. As such, he fled and decided to join with the Battleborn, even when they still hate each other, as a way to combat the desecrated Imperium.
    • Ironically, his entrance to the Pantheon was actually by his mistake as he was just using teleportation technology he was just testing. But the gods have already planned his entry, and has given him a position to fill up. That, or he wanted to take a break from defending Solus.
  • Despite being one of the only Battleborn present inside Pantheon proper, it makes sense why he has less allies or even enemies for that matter. But it didn't last, because oddly enough, he noticed Montana out of all the other Battleborn he could have wished. The former was about to give him a hug, until of course, he gave him the silent treatment, via Sword over Head.
    Rath: I asked for a Jennerit, not you.
    • Though Rath has given him more chances to spare, in preparation for more of their comrades to arrive and inevitably the last battle for Solus.
  • Even if he has left his group of Praetorian Guards, he has rather no empathy on their side, seeing their "loyalty" to Rendain to be disgusting. This lead to him having an honourable side, where he still has honor to the true leader, Empress Lenore, who he still mourns even after long years of tragedy that fell into his homeworld. To make up, he sometimes roams around the House of Royalty, where he either guards those leaders with good reputations, or reads fragmented histories of the Jennerit Empire he used to serve.
    • However, this has given him a bad rep for Caligula, who has a beef for guards like him. Doesn't help that the guards that killed him were not only the same ranks like Rath, but were issued by himself. Oh, and Caligula seems to have a fear for his name.
  • With his Blood Knight tendencies, he often challenges those he considers a Worthy Opponent. This is why he goes around the House of Combat, to satisfy his thirst for fighting. Not that it'll stop him from going to other house to find more opponents.
    • With that said, he finds Ryu a great fighter, and most certainly someone who can keep him entertained. He also expresses his eagerness to fight Genji Shimada, seeing his style of fighting to be similar, except without the dual wielding and vampiric-like abilities.
    • On the other hand, Krul find his Life Drain abilities worth taking, hence he's the god of it. As for the Jennerit Guard's response, he's (maybe) willing to take him to battle, except that sword on his chest even freaks him out.
  • Has been rather compared to many assassins, in which he says he isn't one of them. That said however, he still has disdain towards some who would betray they're leader. Case in point: Shiro Tagachi. Not only does he hates his actions of betraying the emperor he served (which already gave him headaches about Rendain's atrocities), but the fact that his Affliction Virus is similar to the Varelsi.
    • However, he is often compared (and even partnered up with) Corvo Attano for their objectives, black color motives and their hatred on the traitors that sold them out. However, the Keeper still has pondered how such an un-sustained mortal would ever gain such powers.
  • Outside of Solus, he has also complete hatred towards Emperor Palpetine, not because of his similarities with Rendain, but the fact that he tried to recruit him. Rath's response?
    Rath: I've served an empire that has fallen to people like you. And you want me to join you and your Sith Empire? (cue Mic Drop) Take this as never.
    • Though that's because he initially thought of him as a Sith Lord of unknown origin. Still, Rath hates him, and he'll gladly put his hatred in Rendain to Palpatine instead.
  • Rather finds Vegeta amusing. To put it simply, he is a Blood Knight, he has a huge ego and oddly enough, they have the same voice. All these rather makes them true rivals against each other.
  • Even if they are from different universes, Artanis however has a bad vibe with him. His color-coded characteristics has reminded him alot about the Tal'darim. More specifically, Highlord Alarak. Hearing this, he wishes to combat this so-called Dark Templar and see who truly is a warrior.
    • In which the latter has ascended, and finally has been preparing to face his true opponent. This has made his day much better.
    Rath: Let's make our dance quick and easy.
    • But outside the Protoss, he has a beef with Arcturus Megnsk for being too hostile towards other aliens, with him being no exception. Luckily, Jim Raynor feels his pain and has wished to fight alongside him if it means overthrowing Mengsk out of the House. As for the Emperor himself, he almost mistook him as another Protoss.
  • Has been in current watch of the Tyranids, seeing them as no worse than the Varelsi. Oddly enough, he finds them too similar to them, which creeps him out.
  • With many rebels all around, he's planning to stick with them till his other Jennerit partners ascend. He did once help Gordon Freeman against a Combine Strike Unit and has been seen collaborating with Lelouch about an upcoming rebellion on his part. He's also seen with Suzaku, seeing both of them as former members of their own guard who left their posts, though on the difference, Suzaku did such just to follow his "leader", whereas, he did it just because Rendain has possession on almost every force, including his guards.
  • Speaking about his health, he is actually immortal, given to him by the Sustainment Engine that almost every higher-caste Jennerit member has. Thanks to this, he can't die, but even then he still has the burden of low health. Luckily his Life Drain keeps him up to live and fight another day.
  • Aside from just plain fighting, Rath also does have some other professions he dresses up as. One of them is a costume resembling full desserts. And yes, the swords are sharp and tasty.
  • "I was a Keeper. Now, I am the last. The others failed their vow"


    Peko Pekoyama 
Peko Pekoyama, Goddess of Bodyguard Crushes (Super High-School Level Kendoka, Ultimate Swordswoman, Sparkling Justice, Kirakira-chan, Super Duper High-School Tragic Past)
  • Theme Song: "Justice for Our Prime Suspect!" (as Sparkling Justice)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A katana running through a Sparkling Justice mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Chaotic Evil when in SHSL Despair
  • Portfolio: Stoic Woobie, Stoic Spectacles, Violently Protective Girlfriend, Single-Target Sexuality, Declaration of Protection, Bodyguard Crush, Master Swordsman, I am Only a Tool to You, Sympathetic Murderer, Thanatos Gambit, recipient of an Anguished Declaration of Love
  • Domains: Protection, Love, Swordsmanship, the Mafia
  • Allies: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Monomi/Usami, Makoto Naegi, Chiaki Nanami, Sonia Nevermind, Mikan Tsumiki, Kyouko Kirigiri, Byakuya Togami, Sakura Oogami, Aigis, Labrys, Hungary, Tsukune Aono, Moka Akashiya, Gintoki Sataka, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Sapphire Rhondanite
  • Odd Friendship with: Hibiki Hojo, Kanade Minamino, Usagi Tsukino
  • Conflicting opinion: Everyone associated with the mafia, Prometheus and Pandora
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his mastermind, Nagito Komaeda, Shiro Tagachi, all serial killers, and anyone who harms Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
  • The fourth rehabilitated member of SHSL Despair to ascend to the Pantheon. Like Sonia, both Naegi and Nanami noted that she will most likely not relapse. Unfortunately, neither Naegi nor Nanami were able to help her get over her 'tool complex'.
  • Some gods believe that the only reason she joined SHSL Despair was because of Kuzuryuu. She's refused to comment on this topic.
  • Took over this position from Aigis, who has permanently moved into the House of Weapons. They get along fairly well.
    • Aigis, with the help of her sister, Hungary, Usagi Tsukino, Hibiki Hojo, and Kanade Minamino, have been trying to help Peko with her tool complex and reassure her that despite her subservient position and failed Thanatos Gambit, she's still a person and should treat herself like one. Results were mixed.
      • Usagi, Hibiki, and Kanade are slighted shocked that Peko sounds so much like Usagi and Hummy, while Hungary joined in with the operation for she finds Peko's situation a little similar to hers in the past.
  • Occasionally heads to the House of Weapons to improve her swordsmanship, with a little assistance by Gintoki Sataka.
  • Finds Togami similar to Kuzuryuu. Togami is a mixture of shocked and disturbed by her due to her similarities and differences with Fukawa.
  • Is not sure what to think of Prometheus and Pandora. While she does appreciate their devotion to each other, their actions remind her a bit too much of her and Kuzuryuu in SHSL Despair. The fact that Prometheus sounds exactly like Kuzuryuu doesn't help.
    • She gets along well with Tsukune Aoko for that reason.
  • Upon hearing of Kuzuryuu's ascension into the pantheon, she was a mixture of incredibly happy to see him again, and incredibly guilty for failing to get him off of the island. She did not expect him to burst into her house and apologize for how he treated her in the past. He's also joined the group of people trying to convince her out of her tool complex.
  • She is a member of the Special Lovers Squad, along with Hungary, Setsuna Sakurazaki, and Sapphire Rhondanite. She was asked to join due to her devotion to protecting Kuzuryuu, and accepted.
    • Like the rest of the SLS's second division, she was heavily affected by the events of Vienna Burning. The SLS's plan to rescue Kuzuryuu and Konaka failed after everyone got Hinamizawa Syndrome. However, she and Sapphire were both cured by Shion, and were able to proceed with the plan. She was able to disable Nu-13 by forcing her to impale herself with her own swords, but was injured due to Nu having previously impaled her. While Konaka was able to help her recover during the battle, she's in the hospital due to the sheer amount of swords Nu impaled her with.
      • Usami actually visited her in the hospital once she ascended to check up on her. Peko tried to apologize to her for how she was treated during the island simulator, while the former was just happy to see that the swordsman is okay. She also promised to help her with her love for her Kuzuryuu once she gets out.