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A hall that contains most of the Pantheon's aquatic beasts. It acts as the connecting point to House of Nature via their Hall of Water and Moisture.


It consists of a giant body of water and a large beach for those who can walk on land. Those who can't travel out of the water can use special channels that connect to other parts of the pantheon.

While it should be obvious, it should be noted that this place should not be treated as the pantheon's own private beach. Most of its inhabitants would most likely attack. Like Bruce.

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Greater Gods

    Duke Fishron 
Duke Fishron, God of Flying Sea Creatures
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Truffle Worm
  • Theme Song: Duke Fishron Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Originates as an April Fool’s joke, Bullfight Boss, Mutant Mix-and-Match Critters, Lightning Bruiser, The Juggernaut by nature and will never flinch, Flunky Boss, Bubble Gun, By the Lights of Their Eyes, Teleport Spam
  • Domains: Pigs, Dragons, Sea Monsters, Flight, Typhoons
  • Rivals: Lagiacrus, Rathalos and Rathian, Valstrax, Gyaos
  • Enemies: SpongeBob SquarePants, Sandy Cheeks, The Worms, Fin Shepard
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters, Scarface
  • Feared by: Padak, The Master, Squidward
  • Intrigues: The Octonauts, The House of Science
  • The world of Terraria is home to many an oddity in nature. Able to be caught in the icy caverns deep below the surface in its lonely waters are Fishrons — Peculiar creatures that are part pig, part dragon, and part fish. And found in said caverns tainted by either the Corruption, the Crimson, or the Hallow are Pigrons — Rotund pig-dragon hybrids that are surprisingly elusive with their invisibility and intangibility to solid objects. Standing above them is the mutant terror of the sea, the one and only Duke Fishron. A Bonus Boss summonable late in hardmode, it is quite the fearsome beast that should not be fought on a whim.
  • Once, it was thought to have been a myth spread by certain Pantheon goers. Such a bizarre being wouldn’t be too out of place within the Pantheon, yet no-one throughout the various Houses has ever seen it nor was any documented proof been published. Thus, a certain anonymous group of deities took it upon themselves to prove its existence for the sake of knowledge and/or fame. Others wanted to join in because they were curious on what it would taste like. Regardless, these brave men and women would undertake a treacherous journey into the Pantheon’s underground to retrieve its favorite food: The Truffle Worm.
    • After that was finished, they soon set off to the nearest ocean to bait and prepared to play the waiting game… at least until it immediately snagged the worm and emerged from the sea. Good news: It really exists. Bad news: It really exists. Not to fear, though, the expedition team made it out safely. Actually, no, they were all hideously slaughtered and their mangled body parts were found all across the Hall of Water and Moisture. Since then, Duke Fishron has been seen roaming the Pantheon’s various oceanic bodies.
  • Duke Fishron’s main ability is to soar across the air and skies and the Duke mainly puts it to good use by charging straight at its opponents with its large mass. It’s way faster than it looks, you see. Other than that it can also fire explosive bubbles and summon deadly storms in the form of Sharknadoes that fire off Sharkrons, its offspring, at rapid succession. When getting desperate, Duke Fishron becomes faster and its attacks even deadlier with its Sharknadoes becoming the bigger Cthulhunados. And when pushed into a corner it will darken its surroundings with a dark, blue fog as it turns invisible in a bid to try and rip apart its opponent. By then, only the glow if its eyes give it away though such a tell is a brief respite as the Duke won’t stop teleporting. For an easy experience, only fight it on its turf that is the ocean. However, if one wishes to fight outside an environment here’s a pro tip: Don’t. Just, don’t. You will make it very, very mad and you won’t like it when you make it very, very mad as you will find out too late and you will soon be very, very dead. Progression wise, it is usually fought after the Mechanical Bosses. You know, the giant robot monsters that are meant to replace Cthulhu's organs?
  • When the Duke gets out of hand the Monster Hunters and Scarface are often called to take care of it, earning its ire. When looking at their respective resumes as hunters Duke Fishron isn’t that weird of a being compared to previous experiences. But it is still very strong and as such still undergo the necessary preparations to make it out of the hunt.
  • While Duke Fishron does not really go around picking fights despite constantly patrolling the seas it does still garner quite the reputation. Among its fellow sea-folk it has set off the Lagiacrus and the two frequently fight over territory, although Duke Fishron’s reigns supreme in many of its confrontations thanks to its mobility advantage. Padak and the Master were both left scared and utterly confused that such a creature like Duke Fishron even exists in the Pantheon. Squidward was more-so terrified than the both of them given previous experiences involving camping out and getting attacked by a Sea Bear and a Sea Rhinoceros. That, and he was also attacked by the dear Duke and found out too late the precautions with his “anti-Sea Bear circle” didn’t apply (or he drew an oval instead, that’s pretty critical too). Surprisingly, he did survive the initial mauling by the green dragon fish. And the next one a second later. And the one after that. And th- okay, you get the point. Eventually, SpongeBob and Sandy managed to bail him out of that and lure it somewhere else but has since dreaded meeting the Duke again.
    • Having experience in aiding various marine life the Octonauts find Duke Fishron to be really, really bizarre. A rare sentiment, we know. Yet they also the beast intriguing and have aspirations in observing it from a distance. The House of Science shares this view with them, for good or for ill depends on who you ask, and have periodically sent out their own teams. Usually when Duke Fishron is already preoccupied fighting its opponents.
  • Outside of the seas, Fishron has also duked (heh) it out with the Rathalos and Rathian in control of the skies. Even with their combined might, however, the Duke proved to be just too agile in his element. Its bouts against Valstrax prove to be more evenly matched, though they only faught in the first place thanks to Valstrax crashing into the dear Duke and nearly OHKOing it on impact. Other than them, it also tends to bully the Gyaos out its territory whenever it gets the chance and only Super, Hyper, and/or Power Gyaos being of meaningful threat to it.
  • Has a particular craving for Truffle Worms found only in underground Mushroom biomes. Maybe the reason why it's so antsy is because it hasn't had its fill of Truffle Worms? In any case, on rare occasions it actually ventures out of the waters to actually find such critters. This caused it to encounter the Worms and in one of their battles with each other did they end up firing upon Duke Fishron. This enraged Duke Fishron, who hunted them down without quarter. The other House gods eventually kicked it out but it left a lasting impression on them.
  • Considering that it literally summons Sharknadoes on the fly (heh) Duke Fishron has earned the eternal enmity of Fin Shepard. Fin, you see, has quite the experience dealing with such catastrophes and naturally doesn’t appreciate someone like Duke Fishron who can create them at will and stands ready to oppose it. Good thing too, because at one point in its rampages it actually created a ronnado — a tornado with Fishrons, Pigrons, and Sharkrons. Yes, it is as stupid as it sounds, but stupid drives the world and its peoples, no? Anyways, Fin and a couple other gods put the nail in the coffin regarding that whole mess and the two have been at each other's throats since then. You could say it's like Captain Ahab versus Moby Dick all over again.

Intermediate Gods

    Daimyo Hermitaur, Shogun Ceanataur, Shen Gaoren and Taikun Zamuza 
Daimyo Hermitaur, Shogun Ceanataur, Shen Gaoren and Taikun Zamuza, Divine Quartet of Giant Crabs (Daimyo: Stonefist Hermitaur, The Ultimate Shield, Shield Crab [Crab Ramparts, Spearbreaker Hermitaur, Daimyou Zazami] | Shogun: Rustrazor Ceanataur, Sickle Crab, Blue Sickle, Blood Stained Blades [Armor Shredder Shogun Ceanataur], Shougun Gizami | Shen: The Walking Fortress | Taikun: Multi-Shell Crab)
Left to Right: Daimyo Hermitaur, Stonefist Hermitaur
Left to Right: Shogun Ceanataur, Rustrazor Ceanataur
Shen Gaoren
Left to Right:Taikun Zamuza 1st Form slightly showing its 2nd and its 3rd Form
  • Daimyo Hermitaur and Shogun Ceantaur are Lesser Deities; the 'Taur Deviants, and Taikun Zamuza are Intermediate Deities. Borderline Greater Deity (Shen Gaoren).
  • Symbols: The Hunter Icons of Daimyo Hermitaur, Stonefist, Shogun Ceanataur, Rustrazor, Shen Gaoren, Taikun Zamuza
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Giant Enemy Crabs, Skulls for shells (sans Taikun), Power Pincers, Dig Attack for Daimyo and Shogun
  • Heralds: Hermitaurs, Ceanataurs, other Carapaceons
  • Domains: Crustaceans, Claws/Pincers (of carrying types), Size
  • Allies: SCP-169, Kingler, Mr. Krabs
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters, Ika Musume, The Eight Travelers (All) Plankton (Daimyo Hermitaur) House of Craft (Shen Gaoren)
  • Size: 835.2 cm — 1451.2 cm (Daimyo Hermitaur) 1449.89 cm — 1793.68 cm (Stonefist Deviant) 690.4 cm — 1294.5 cm (Shogun Ceanataur) Large (Rustrazor Deviant and Shen Gaoren) 757 cm — 1163.9 cm (Taikun Zamuza)
  • As a Monster Hunter, there's no shortage of the different kinds of Monsters you can encounter in your career. Regardless if the the Quest is something as minor as gathering or as exciting and pivotal as chasing an earthquake causing Elder Dragon, the many creatures are endless. Outside the many, many different classifications of caverns there exists a stand out: Carapaceons. Defined by a hard shells and exo-skeletons with monsters defined as such falling under gigantic crustaceans for the most partnote .
    • Hermitaurs are red Carapaceons that resemble the much smaller hermit crabs and live in deserts and jungles where they scavenge for whatever food they can find. While they grow their own shells over time they will ditch them in favor of living under the skulls of much larger monsters which are oftentimes ones once belonging to a Monoblos. These Carapaceons are now called Daimyo Hermitaur, and their once small pincers have now grown large enough to serve as shields for their own bodies.
    • Related to the Hermitaurs are blue hermit crab monsters known as Ceanataurs and display similar behaviors to their red cousins, right down to living in a shell they grew themselves before leaving it for a larger home upon maturing. Unlike their red cousins, Ceanataurs have much sharper claws and can spit poison. As Shogun Ceanataur, their scythe-like pincers not only became serrated but they can also extend their reach upon being enraged.
    • Shen Gaoren is a gigantic Carapaceon identifiable by the skull of Lao-Shan Lung on its and the long limbs that allows it to tower not only its fellow crustacean-like brethren but most other monsters it comes across. It’s difficult to fight as a result as while it is hard to reach Shen Gaoren it has no problem doing the same with its pincers or just by stepping on them, and it is strong enough to tear away at man-made structures.
    • Unlike the above listed Carapaceons, Taikun Zamuza sees no need to live under a shell. The exoskeleton and thick layers of earth, barnacles, and fungi are often enough to defend against any potential threats it encounters in large, underground caves. While slow, Taikun Zamuza becomes faster as its armor is chipped away and shed from damage. With or without armor, it always retains its physical strength upon being stripped to its barest defenses, Taikun Zamuza will utilize the now revealed electrical organs from its back to turn against its attackers.
  • Shen Gaoren originally ascended after it sort of just... walked in, skipping over the the Inspectors checkpoint early on in the Pantheon. Its presence later faded to myth before being forgotten by its many denizens. It had never left, however, and after its sudden return other Carapaceons would soon appear right after it.
    • When the Inspector and some members of the House of Defense were waiting for another Giant Enemy Crab at the checkpoint they were greeted with nothing. At first they assumed the order was arriving late until they got calls from the other Houses. Those new gods they were expecting? Two of them were already there. When some deities from the House of Food were looking for ingredients for crab cakes they ended up stumbling upon the Daimyo Hermitaur. They got the usually docile creature mad and it in turn tried to turn them into divine pancakes. The Shogun Ceanataur's encounter was less violent, nearby deities found the thing just feasting on recent carrion and simply left it be. Lastly, Taikun Zamuza did actually have to enter the Pantheon, it just took the caverns instead of the surface. Finding it wasn't exactly easy, partly due to the size of the networks and the fact its dirt that covers it also doubles a camouflage.
      • Despite the trouble to rounding the other three up for godhood, they prefer drastically different environments and rarely in their own temples in spite of its recreation of their respective environments. As stated before, Taikun Zamuza prefers cave networks and thus is sighted underground, Daimyo Hermitaur and its Stonefist Deviant wander the sandy parts of Metal and Minerals and the forests in the House of Plants, Shogun Ceanataur and its Rustrazor Deviant roam the swampier parts of the Plants house and the volcanic regions of the Hall of Fire and Heat, and lastly the Shen Gaoren prefers mountainous areas and can occasionally be seen near the House of Prophecy.
  • These overgrown crustaceans are relatively docile lest provoked, although Shen Gaoren is an exception to such behavior. Shen Gaoren is regularly guided away from any artificial constructs, especially the House of Craft, as it can never seem to stop trying to walk through them. When investigating why it does that it turns out it considers much of the Pantheon to be its territory and that said constructs such as cities are considered intruders and won't hesitate on destroying them. Its Variants, Teppeki Shen Gaoren and Guren Shen Gaoren have done the same thing its original has and pose as a greater threat due to their destructive potential.
    • Even though the Hunters are capable of felling Shen Gaoren on their own, others have theorized on more efficient methods of disposing of it. However, Shen Gaoren's extreme height and disproportionate body structure have prevailed over some of these methods. Many say the best method is to flip it on its back and hit its weak point for massive damage. But since Shen Gaoren's body is round, most, if not, all attempts of getting it to stay on its back have been unsuccessful. Surprisingly, Shanoa of all people suggested dropping a giant elevator on it. The only problem is finding an elevator tall enough to tower over Shen Gaoren. No one knows if the same can be said for its Variants as well.
  • Though they obviously have no verbal way of showing it, all the deified Carapaceons hold this fondness towards SCP-169 due to the agreed assumption that its an arthropod. Whether that fondness is out of respect or fear is another question. Picked off of Shen Gaoren's relations, the rest of the Carapaceons seem to like Kingler and Mr. Krabs. The Ceanataurs seem to appreciate Kingler out of all of them, given their own pincers are able to pierce through bedrock and in the case of its Deviant, many types of armor as well. Krabs meanwhile has been helped by the Daimyo Hermitaur when Plankton tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula, smashing him with his BIG. MEATY. CLAWS. (which aren't just for attracting mates!)
  • Ika Musume constantly attacks Shen Gaoren to make a feast out of it. Being oblivious as it is, Shen Gaoren never notices Ika and every attempt ends up with her under its foot or blasted with acid. Hearing of its other co-gods' ascensions she thought about trying it out on the others. Other members from the House of Food seem to want to pitch in as well.
    • Although he does enjoy eating other giant crabs, Tamatoa doesn't plan on going after the Carapaceons. He'd rather that his prey come to him as opposed to the other way around and that they are capable of holding their own or outright defeating him. On their end, Tamatoa is just another competitor for food; not really an enemy to any of them but they aren't allies like the previously mentioned crustaceans.
  • While traversing underground areas within the Pantheon aren't exactly a shining definition of safe, Taikun Zamuza's ascension hasn't made it easier as there's the possibility of disturbing it inadvertently. But this point is made especially clear when you're down doing something like excavting items of interest or building/expanding underground structures. Setting aside the fact it's a dangerous animal, it has a habit of destroying the floor beneath it when it's getting closer to death.
  • For no apparent reason, some deities have been petitioning for Rarity to fight the giant crabs with others even willing to give out some gear and aid. Said unicorn doesn't know why she should entertain this notion.

The Kraken, God(dess?) of Giant Cephalopods (Horror of the Deep, The Bane of Sailors, The Nightmare of Pirates, The Slayer of the Navy, The Terror of Fishermen. The Destroyer of Ships, Sea-Mist, Hafgufa, Microcosmus marinus, The Crab Fish)
  • Intermediate Deity that borders on Greater Deity
  • Symbol: A ship wrapped in tentacles
  • Theme Song: The Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Large extremities, Rows of sharp teeth and beaks, Serving as the muscle of a higher power
  • Domains: Seas, Octopi, Horror
  • Followers: the giant cuttlefish, giant squids
  • Allies: Davy Jones, Cthulhu, Ika Musume, Yagyuu, Giygas, SCP-169
  • Enemies: Jack Sparrow, whales (Moby Dick in particular), pirates, the navy, fishermen, scuba diving bounty hunters with steam-punk hairdos, Miki Aono, Ness, Inklings, and pretty much anything else that dares to go inside the ocean.
  • Teethclenched Teamwork: Tidehunter
  • Is able to drown any ship that the Gods build in mere seconds.
  • Since it works as the pet and favorite weapon of Davy Jones, most Gods know not to get on its master's bad side if the Kraken Hammer is nearby.
  • Because of the fact that it is larger than an island, it is even feared by Bruce, the God of Sharks, to the point where Bruce will flee at the mere knowledge that it MIGHT be heading his direction. However, even the Kraken dreaded the day when Moby Dick, one of the few sea creatures able to stand a chance against it, would rise to godhood.
    • Now that said whale has ascended into the waters of the Pantheon, they have been in almost constant conflict with each other, considering how Moby keeps eating the Kraken's 8-limbed followers. Even though their fights are always even, with both combatants leaving scars, Moby always manages to tear off many of The Kraken's tentacles.
  • Its rumoured temple is said to be at the very bottom of the ocean, in an area even harder to find than Atlantis. So far, only a handful of Gods knows where it is.
  • There is dispute whether the Kraken's name is pronounced "Kraa-ken", with a short "a", or "Kray-ken", with a long "a". So far, the Kraken itself has refused to comment (though the jury's out on whether it can speak at all), but one pirate has expressed the opinion that "It's a mythological creature. I can call it what I want."
  • Occasionally, the Kraken manifests itself as a reptilian creature rather than a cephalopod. In this form, it once served the god Zeus until a nasty encounter with the hero Perseus turned it to stone for a while. Davy Jones rescued the Kraken from this fate, and they've been on great terms ever since.
    • Another form gives it vocal chords (if it didn't have any already), a more developed brain, and worst of all, land-treading legs. For reasons unknown, however, it hasn't used this form in the pantheon...yet...
  • To this day, the gods are still arguing if it is Greek, Caribbean or Norwegian.
  • Is thoroughly feared by Miki Aono; merely 'seeing' it reduces her to a hysterical wreck. It's unknown if the Kraken is sentient enough to comprehend it (or care).
    • Those few gods who are aware of the Kraken's (as-yet unused) amphibious and sentient Newerth form pray it never takes that form, for if it does, it may find out about Miki's fear and see her as easy prey...
  • Was once beaten by Ness in his adventure to stop Giygas. It evidently hates Ness and wishes to crush him if he goes in the House of Beasts.
  • The legendary cephalopod is currently part of the Deep Blue Trio, a group of divine beasts who spread fear across the waters of the Pantheon. The Kraken's domain is the Seas.

    Lord Fredrik 
Lord Fredrik, God of Evil Walruses (The Snowmad King)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Snowmad Emblem, and his horn
  • Theme Music: Volcano Dome
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil, Fighting Ruler, Agility in Spite of his Girth, Wielding a Magical Horn, summoning ice dragons with said horn, Endless Winter
  • Domains: Conquest, Ice, Walruses, Vikings
  • Heralds: The Snowmads (more specifically, the unascended ones)
  • Followers: Tundra the Walrus, The Walrus , Wally Walrus
  • Allies: Bashmaster, King Hippo, Ithaqua
  • Rivals: King K. Rool, Arthas Menethil, Jadis
  • Enemies: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, Elsa, Ymir the Tusk, The Lost Vikings, Popo & Nana
  • Lord Fredrik is the leader of the Snowmads, an army of animals that seeks to conquer anything that gets in their way. Armed with a magical horn that can summon ice dragons and freeze anything in its path, Fredrik initially took over Donkey Kong Island, but was defeated by the Kongs after the apes managed to make their way back to their home. While the Snowmads have some walruses in their army, Fredrik is very agile and powerful, befitting his status as leader.
  • It was just another normal day in the Pantheon as Pinkie Pie was getting ready for another party, presumably for someone's birthday. The festivities got interrupted by a lone snowflake that somehow extinguished the candle, much to Pinkie Pie's surprise. She and the other partygoers went outside to see what was going one and saw a few ships on the horizon and an ice dragon heading their way. All the partygoers were blown away (not amazed so much as literally blown away from the would-be party-scene) as the ice dragon not only froze the place they were in, but a few others as well. It took the effort of a few deities, including the Kong Krew, to undo the damages, but by then Lord Fredrik, the one responsible, had already settled down and was already making plans for his next steps.
  • There's an intense rivalry between him and King K. Rool when it comes to who gets to go after the Kong Krew. K. Rool is furious about Fredrik being able to take over Kong Island without much effort, even if it was only temporary. Fredrik thinks that K. Rool is trying way too hard given the Kremling's tendacies to rely on different disguises and schemes that ultimately amount to nothing. If Fredrik or K. Rool aren't going after the Kong Krew, then there's a strong chance that the two are fighting each other's respective armies.
  • Fredrik managed to strike up a decent friendship with King Hippo, a portly king with great strength much like Fredrik. One time, the walrus managed to watch a boxing match between King Hippo and Donkey Kong and afterwards, Fredrik learned that King Hippo tried to attempt to cover his weakness a few times. This led to the walrus getting ideas on making sure the Kong Krew will have a much harder time fighting him again when it happens.
  • Elsa has nothing but contempt towards Fredrik. It's one thing to unintentionally cause an Endless Winter as a result of not being able to control ice powers, but to deliberately use it in such a dangerous way such as what Fredrik did with his horn is far worse, especially considering that Fredrik has some degree of royalty given his title. Fredrik hasn't taken Elsa seriously for the time being, but won't hesitate to fight against her if the time calls for it.
  • Jadis is another ice-centric royal figure that Fredrik has fought gotten into some fights against, though some of it is partially due to her selfishness. Jadis having a spell that can practically destroy the world, alongside having another that can petrify opposing forces caused Fredrik to see her as a potential obstacle in his conquests.
  • The Lost Vikings were originally minding their own business when all of a sudden, they encountered some animals wearing viking helmets. As the trio made their way through fighting these enemies, they eventually came across Lord Fredrik and were surprised to see that animal Vikings were a thing. The walrus didn't take them seriously to say the least, and the trio is upset that someone like him would perform dangerous actions with his army and power. A quick skirmish resulted in the Lost Vikings retreating and Fredrik warning them not to see him ever again.
  • Despite being fairly powerful royalty with control over ice, there's a lot of friction between Fredrik and Arthas. The power gap between them is also very drastic, especially with what Arthas is capable of against Fredrik's girth and magic horn. A confrontation between the two ended extremely poorly for the walrus, especially since he wasn't prepared for Arthas' army while trying to take over the latter's place.
  • Upon finding out that there was another walrus present in the Pantheon, Fredrik decided to seek him out, hoping that he would be useful in trying to defeat the Kong Krew. Ymir the Tusk's ice powers were something that definitely got Fredrik's attention once he caught up to him and Fredrik tried talking to Ymir about joining him and using his powers to defeat Donkey Kong and his allies. However, Ymir had no interest at all in helping out Fredrik and a very icy fight ensued between the two. The two have harbored a significant grudge towards each other since that scuffle.
  • After his initial defeat by the Kong Krew, Donkey Kong used Fredrik's horn to undo the damages caused by the walrus. Fredrik wasn't told about it until after his arrival in the Pantheon and was enraged by this revelation of how his horn could not only be used by others, but could have other elemental properties depending on its potential user. He has made it a point to keep the horn tightly secured under his control and to prevent anyone from trying to steal it.

Lesser Gods

Bruce, God of Sharks (Jaws, A Perfect Engine, An Eating Machine)

Cloyster, Goddess of Bivalves (The Bivalve Pokémon, Parshen)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Her head
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Skill Link
  • Gender: Female
  • Moveset: Iron Defense, Icicle Spear, Hydro Pump, Shell Smash
    • Z-Move: Hydro-Vortex
  • Portfolio: Clam Trap, Mighty Glacier, Water Type That Became An Ice Type As Well, Super Toughness, Trap Master, Pre-Evolution Can Form A Bond With Slowpoke, Really Low Special Defense, Perplexing Pearl Production
  • Domains: Water and Ice, Bivalves, Defenses, Clamping, Spikes
  • Interests: The Houses of Knowledge and Science
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Spongebob Squarepants, Qwilfish, Shuckle, Nibbler, Arthur Curry, King Triton, Ariel
  • On good terms with: Archie (main universe)
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Pokemon Hunter J, Mara, Daimyo Hermitaur, Mr Krabs, Smaug
  • Opposes: The Hall of Electricity, the Hall of Piracy
  • Fears: Yoshikage Kira, Solf J Kimblee
  • On poor terms with: The Hall of Explosives
  • Commonality Connection with: The Venom Symbiote
  • Cloyster is the evolution of Shellder through the Water Stone. A Water/Ice bivalve, it usually only opens its shell to attack its opponents. Cloyster does this by clamping down hard on them with Clamp, or attacking them with its horn. No-one has truly seen the full extent of the creature within the shell, and with its incredible physical defense this is unlikely to change for only a handful of Pokemon can boast a higher base defense stat than 180. Just don't tell it about its special defense.
  • Cloyster did not enter the pantheon as she was. Rather, she started as a Shellder that Greed fished up while looking for clams with pearls. He had the luck of finding one with the Big Pearl; a 5% chance. Greed became interested in Shellder's evolution for her defensive powers, and after training her evolved her with a Water Stone. He then requested that Cloyster could become his partner, as their defensive abilities and other powers would compliment each other. The pantheon eventually agreed if Cloyster was put under the trope of Clam Trap.
  • Cloyster's pre-evolution is known for occasionally latching onto Slowpoke, triggering evolution; if it latches onto a Slowpoke tail, they will evolve it into the upright Slowbro. If it latches onto a Slowpoke's head, they will evolve it into the super-intelligent Slowking. Shellder's venom boosts the creature's intelligence, and the Hall of Toxicity is trying to figure out how the hell that works instead of making Slowpoke even stupider. This symbiosis relationship intrigues the Venom symbiote, as it can see Cloyster's pre-evolution has a symbiote dynamic like itself.
  • How tough is Cloyster's physical defense? It's described as harder than diamond and bombs can't even crack it. The spike is even tougher and can survive a missile launch. This has not stopped some of the more "eager" explosive experts from trying to break through the Bivalve Pokemon's shell, which deeply annoys Cloyster. However she only fears the explosives of Yoshikage Kira and Solf J Kimblee; the latter can turn someone into an explosive, and the former's Stand which can blow someone up so severe nothing is left of them would bypass her defense.
  • Cloyster had the usual friends and enemies almost immediately after ascending. Ash is friendly with pretty much all Pokemon because that's just the kind of person he is, and Hunter J is opposed by pretty much all Pokemon because that's just the kind of person she is. Cloyster doesn't like Team Rainbow Rocket either, though the main universe Archie has a soft spot for the Water type. Among her fellow Water types she gets along best with Qwilfish as he uses his body of spikes as a weapon; not too different from the bivalve. She also gets along with the ultra-defensive Shuckle due to their similar strategies, though Cloyster is not a pure Stone Wall and can give a good offense.
  • Another friend Cloyster has is Spongebob. He's a generally friendly guy and once raised a lost clam like it was his own child. He also has a pet clam. She doesn't like his boss Mr Krabs, who has a bad history with big bivalves; he once stole a pearl egg from Clamu, and fought a giant clam for his millionth dollar. Krabs still hasn't learned his lesson and had to have his arms re-attached after trying to grab a pearl he thought he saw within Cloyster.
  • Cloyster doesn't like the Hall of Piracy; while there are good deities in that Hall, she is paranoid members there will try to poach her and her fellow Shellder and Cloyster for the sake of their pearls. They would've gone after Clampearl, but it is unascended. Nibbler, having been battery farmed for his dark matter dung along with other members of his kind, is sympathetic to this. He protects Cloyster, though is privately curious about her pre-evolution's venom being the cause of Slowking's intelligence. Nibbler wonders if a variant of the venom could make Fry a genius while still lacking the Delta Brainwave. Fry isn't interested because of prior experience.
  • Among those who wish to harvest Cloyster are Smaug and Damiyo Hermitaur. The former is purely motivated by wanting any potential pearl, and the latter wants to incorporate her shells into its armor. Fortunately Cloyster has defenses outside of herself in King Triton and Arthur Curry, what with them being defenders of the sea. They and Ariel are on good terms with her, though they do wonder why the Bivalve Pokemon counts as as Ice type.
  • Doesn't like when people compare her to a certain part of the anatomy. The fact that this Cloyster is female certainly doesn't help with the lewd jokes. To no-one's surprise Mara makes plenty of these jokes and innuendos about Cloyster, including calling her shiny a "blue waffle". Don't look it up, but unfortunately Cloyster did and was outraged at Mara. Fortunately for her, Mara is usually weak to her Ice type attacks. Besides the phallic menace, she has a natural enmity for electric attacks. While she has other weaknesses they either aren't too bad due to usually being physical attacks (Fighting types), she can retaliate with super-offensive moves (Grass types) or both (Rock types). Can't really do that with Electric types.

    Gial Ackbar 
Gial Ackbar, God of Terrestrial Sea Life (Admiral Ackbar)

    Gigabolt Man-O-War 
Gigabolt Man-O-War, God of Electric Jellyfish (Gigabolt Dokragen, High Voltage Drifter)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A jellyfish with a thunderbolt symbol
  • Theme Song: Dynasty
  • Alignment: Obliviously Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Not Brainwashed, Electric Jellyfish (Mainly In The Original Japanese), Airborne Robo-Jelly, Psycho Electro, Chain Lightning, More Oblivious Than Villainous And Has A Few Screws Loose, Lightning Gun, Flunky Boss
  • Domains: Electricity, Androids, Rebellion, Jellyfish, Rampages, Madness
  • Followers: Gekka, Jelectos, AmpFibian
  • Allies: Lumine, Sigma, Eneru, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Sting Chameleon
  • Enemies: X, Zero, Axl, Alia, Repliforce, Copy X, Dr Weil, Eelektross, Thor, Cole MacGrath, Sparky, Red Gyarados, the GUAG White Hats, Monkey D Luffy
  • Opposes: Anything involved with crystals
  • Opposed by: Anyone who lives in city regions
  • Gigabolt Man-O-War is one of the new generation Reploids, developed with the copy chip technique and an immunity to the Maverick virus. Stylized after a jellyfish(or Portuguese man-o-war in the English dub), he helped supply energy to Megalopolis. That is, until Sigma's plan to take over the Jakob Space Elevator which led him to join Sigma's cause and start stealing energy from the city.
  • As a New Generation Reploid, he is not affected by viruses. He chooses to rebel on his own free will. Though for Gigabolt, he doesn't realize he's being Maverick and doesn't register the chaos he's causing. Somewhat childish, and tends to make name his attack and death cries off random objects(usually food). He didn't exactly ascend to the pantheon as he simply drifted in like a real jellyfish.
  • Has electrical powers, due to his prior occupation of supplying energy. He was attracted to the urban areas of the pantheon, seeking to drain the energy from them. He was pushed back to the Hall of Fire and Electricity, and seemed happier due to the experience. He ended up becoming a good friend towards Eneru. Both are rather peculiar psycho electros who have vested interest in the moon. Gigabolt's attacks don't work on Luffy either, which annoys him.
  • Has been trying to steal the electricity of other gods in his house, resulting in him getting smashed by Thor and on Cole MacGrath's hit list. Sparky opposes him due to trying to drain the power from his lighthouse.
  • As he is working for Sigma and Lumine, Gigabolt has an allegiance to the Grand United Alliance of Machines. Lumine is somewhat disappointed that of the new generation models who worked for them, it's the weirdo jelly who ascended. The GUAM isn't that impressed since Gigabolt wanders around and doesn't take his job seriously. Sting Chameleon doesn't like having to work for him, Gigabolt Man-O-War doesn't like an old generation Reploid susceptible to the Maverick Virus.
  • Though an ally to the GUAM, the Eliksni don't want him being near them. This is because he interferes with the Deflector Shields, as electricity doesn't work around electricity. His foolish attitude is rather annoying compared to their zeal to the alliance.
  • Dr Weil despises him as he is further proof in his deranged mind that Reploids don't deserve free will and that his actions in the Elf Wars are justified. While the New Generation Reploids choose to go Maverick at free will, it doesn't begin to justify Weil's actions in the Elf Wars, let alone what he did when he returned. The fact he is a free-will android also furthers Copy X's contempt towards his own Reploid kind.
  • Isn't popular in the Hall of Aquatic Life, despite it being one of his homes. This is probably due to his electrical powers causing problems with anyone who lives in water. Especially in the case of the Red Gyarados. While also based on an electrical sea creature, Eelektross is no fan of him as Gigabolt wants to drain the Pokémon for its electricity.
  • Doesn't like anything involving crystals at all. This is because he is vulnerable to Earthrock Trilobyte's weapons, notably the Crystal Wall. He avoids the Hall of Metal and Minerals for this reason.

Greninja, God of Frog Ninjas (The Ninja Pokémon, Master of Stealth, Gekkouga)

Kingdra, Goddess of Seahorses that are Dragons (The Dragon Pokémon, Queendra, Sexy KKK)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Dragon Scale used to obtain it
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Sniper
  • Moveset: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon
    • Z-Move: Devastating Drake
  • Portfolio: Unusual dragons, Seahorses Are Dragons, Attacks with water, Jack-of-All-Stats, Moving fast and doing lots of damage
  • Domains: Dragons, Seahorses, Oceans
  • Herald: Dragalge
  • High Priest: Seahomon
  • Followers: Tatsu Steed, Tatsu Blaze
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Spongebob Squarepants, Misty, Blooper, Ariel, Ecco, Seto Kaiba, Mokuba Kaiba, King Triton, Io and Bahamut, Daenerys Targaryen
  • Enemies: Any fire deities, but especially Adell, Sicily, Black Manta, Acnologia, Bruce, the Dovahkiin, Euron Greyjoy
  • Opposes: The Hall of Fairies
  • Originally a two-stage evolution, Generation II brought a new level of power for the Horsea line. Through trading one while holding a Dragon Scale(or rare encounters via rippling fishing spots in Unova), the Water/Dragon Kingdra can be obtained. They usually live deep underwater, and can generate powerful whirlpools.
  • Seahorses are a kind of fish. This particular detail is usually glossed over for unknown reasons. Being a marine lifeform, she found herself able to be commanded by Arthur Curry, who felt she was a mighty steed and an impressive combatant.
  • Many ice gods who were familiar with Pokémon's type matchup were very confused to find that their attacks only do neutral damage to Kingdra instead of super effective damage. Kingdra is thankful none of the Ice deities know Freeze Dry. This led her to have only her fellow dragons as a weakness, until the appearance of Fairy Type Pokemon; not a development she or the other dragon Pokemon were fond of.
  • Sometimes found in the cavern lakes within Hall of Dragons. Many there think she's unorthodox for a dragon, but she pays such things no mind. Io and Bahamut were open-minded, as was Dany who took a liking to him. Ironic given her dragons are fire-breathers, but it does give her a distinct naval strength against Euron Greyjoy. And it didn't take much to convinced Kingdra that Euron is all kinds of messed up.
  • Kingdra has been asked if a female Kingdra is still a Kingdra. The Mob is totally confused by it since they had a female Kingdra that they called Queendra/Sexy KKK during their adventures in the Johto Region once more. Kingdra is actually weirded out by her second nickname and has asked that the Mob not use it when they meet.
    • No, her kind aren't the kind of seahorse where the male gets pregnant. She finds the trope kind of weird, actually.
  • Kingdra is good friends with the other gods of aquatic life such as Blooper and Ariel. Not Bruce though, since he would rather try to eat her than make friends. King Triton, who has made use of seahorses as steeds, was quite impressed by Kingdra. Marine biologists consider her speed to be somewhat ironic given real life seahorses are among the slowest fish in the sea.
  • All fire deities avoid Kingdra like the plague since due to its typing, their attacks do next to no damage. Due to his weakness to water and the fact that physical fire attacks won't do much damage to a Dragon/Water Pokémon with decent physical defenses. note , Adell stays further away from Kingdra than Ragna and Mako stay away from the Hall of Ghosts. And that's not even mentioning that having Sniper makes Critical hits on top of super effective total damage done  makes Kingdra even more powerful.
    • And that's not even the most damage Kingdra can do with a single attack how to achieve maximum overkill 
  • Even Natsu avoids Kingdra even though his magic revolves around killing dragons. Acnologia doesn't have that kind of reservation and wishes to slaughter her like he does every other dragon. The Dovahkiin recognizes her as a dragon as well, much to Kingdra's dismay.
  • Due to his last name translating into "Seahorse" Seto Kaiba has had some weird interactions with Kingdra. However Kingdra respects Kaiba for his determination and growth to become the person who he is now (his rivalry with Yugi over a child's card game notwithstanding, of course). She's also become acquainted to Mokuba when he ascended and how the boy has been able to able to smile despite the horrific past he's gone through.
    • That translation is presumably the only reason why it held the title of Dragon Pokemon as a Horsea or Seadra, back before she was introduced as an evolution or had the Dragon typing.
  • When he heard a seahorse had ascended, Spongebob hoped that his old pet Mystery had returned. Though not being able to meet her again, Kingdra proved an affable seahorse and let Spongebob hang out with it. Mr Krabs still won't let seahorses like her in because of his no animals policy, which led to him being hit with a Dragon Pulse by an annoyed Kingdra. Mainly out of the hypocrisy given he serves the school of Wishiwashi, though there they more or less forced their way in.

    Lurerre the Abysroid 
Lurerre the Abysroid, Goddess of Anglerfishes
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her lure
  • Theme Music: Wonder Panorama (Tunes remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Alluring Anglerfish, An Ice Person, Underwater Boss Battle, Big Bulky Torpedo, Mermaid Lure, Ice Beam, The Fake Cutie, Sadist
  • Domains: Pseudoroids, Fishes, Ice
  • Followers: Gobuls, Bael
  • Allies: The Kraken, Bruce, Dr. Weil
  • Enemies: Grey, Ariel, Shark
  • One day in the House of Beasts, visitors reported seeing what looked like a mermaid peeking from the water, asking people to come closer. Someone got near her...and was dragged into the water with her, where they saw her true form: that of a large fish who tried to devour them. There were no casualties, fortunately, but Lurerre's presence was known that day.
  • There seems to be talk about her joining the Deep Blue Trio, with her domain being Underwater. She seems to be considering it.
  • Besides the fact that the "mermaid" is her mouthpiece and where her Biometal is located, the fish is definitely the main head as the mermaid can be temporarily destroyed. She is not Re-Class, that's for sure.
  • She loves to use her voice to bait unexpecting gods to get near her, thinking that someone is going to mistake her for someone else. So far, she has one victim; Hinata Hyuga, who mistook her to her sister Hanabi.
  • Where she is more than happy to kill anyone who comes by her, she is at least loyal to whom she serves. Ika Musume tried to recruit her to her army before anyone else could, but she denied her offer, thinking that she would never serve such a weakling.

    The Orca 
The Orca, God of Devious Dolphins (Nickfin)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Theme Song: His eponymous theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral if left in peace, Chaotic Evil when crossed
  • Portfolio: Devious Dolphins, Animal Nemesis, wants revenge for his family's murder and won't give up until achieving it, It Can Think
  • Domains: Dolphins, Revenge, Intelligence
  • Heralds: His mate and calf
  • High Priest: Dr. Blowhole
  • Allies: The Diver
  • Enemies: Bruce the Shark, The Meg, Hubie and Rocko, Captain Ahab
  • Enemy Mine: Moby Dick
  • Complicated Relations: Melody, Ariel
  • This orca once terrorized a small fishing town. He was motivated by vengeance against Captain Nolan, a particularly unscrupulous fisherman who had wanted to capture him to sell him to an aquarium. However Nolan screwed up majorly, killing the Orca's mate and their unborn calf instead of capturing his target. The Orca didn't rest until he made Nolan pay for what he did, and he didn't care if he had to hurt people who had nothing to do with what happened to reach his goal. The Orca killed Nolan in a final showdown at a glacial landscape, and then, with nothing else to look forward to, proceeded to swim under the ice to end his own life.
  • The Orca kept on swimming aimlessly, waiting for his fate. Then a humanoid shape approached him, and his first instinct was to attack to take out his lingering frustrations, but the figure was cloaked in an aura that calmed him, and he discovered he actually couldn't sense anything human about her. He was thus convinced to be guided by her until they came to a small sort of circle to which she sent a signal. To the Orca's exultation, from the circle sprang his mate and his calf who he thought he'd never see again. The Diver, for that is who the figure was, explained such a thing was only possible because they were in the Pantheon and that the Orca had become a god for his deeds.
  • Because of all of the above, the Diver may be the only deity the Orca fully trusts. After everything that's happened, he has become extremely leery of humans. This isn't to say that he actively goes after them in some sort of murderous Misplaced Retribution, but he steers clear from them and doesn't accept attempts at friendly contact. Although if they try to approach his mate and calf instead, then yes, you can count on him going on a murderous frenzy. In such cases, one had better hope for the Diver to be nearby, as she's the only one who can calm him down.
  • He doesn't exactly get along better with his underwater neighbors, either. He is an orca, so he is quite firmly at the top of the food chain and is a threat to virtually every member of the Hall of Aquatic Life where he resides. Yes, even sharks and the occasional whale bigger than him. All this makes the Orca kind of a loner, not that he cares as long as he has his family.
    • They don't have to be exclusively sea-dwelling animals; the Orca is willing to breach to try and catch penguins and similar animals who hang around the shore. The two penguins Hubie and Rocko now have another reason to be extra-watchful when they go in the sea, not least because they got chased and nearly eaten by one in their adventure and they know how persistent orcas can be.
  • Ironically for someone who preys on sharks and who even great whites steer clear of, the Orca is an Expy of Bruce, the god who made everyone afraid to go swimming. There are few things Bruce is afraid of, but his instinct to run away flares up when he thinks the Orca might be around, and the Orca will chase him away whenever the shark is too close to his territory, and might even try to make a meal out of him. Sometimes Bruce's hunger gets the better of him and he dares to cross the Orca's territory in search of food, which tends to end in the Orca beating the crap out of him, at least. Since the Orca is a lot less interested than Bruce in eating humans, it's given some deities ideas that they could use the Orca to scare Bruce away from the Pantheon's beaches. The Orca even once saved a human from a great white, though this was before his family's massacre. Convincing him to do any favor for a human now would be troublesome, to say the least.
    • With that said, the presence of the Meg, a ravenous shark as big as whale, gives the Orca pause. It's probably a good thing that the Meg lives in a completely different Hall and so rarely crosses paths with him. If the Meg strays too close to the Hall of Aquatic Life, the Orca will try to avoid her as well as he can and protect his family as usual; only if the Meg actively preyed on them would the Orca dare to face her in battle.
  • The Diver thought it fitting to show Kyogre to the Orca. The Orca turned out to really not want to get too close to Kyogre, likely because he could sense that the sea titan possesses vast power beyond his imagination. The Orca's attitude to Kyogre is one shared with a lot of sea creatures in the Pantheon: a lot of distant respect for an inaccessible being that stands way above them. Kyogre for its part was vaguely interested that there was finally an orca god, considering how the species is the basis for its shape, but doesn't particularly care about him.
  • Captain Ahab identifies with Nolan's side of the story when it comes to the Orca, and as such feels it is his duty to avenge a fellow seadog. He makes regular excursions to the Orca's territory to try to kill him. Seeing another human similar to Nolan attempt to kill him and his family makes the Orca see red and try to use every trick he can think of to defeat him, just like he did Nolan. After learning that part of Ahab's problem with him has to do with his enmity with a whale called Moby Dick, the Orca went to look at him out of curiosity. Although he kept his distance, he felt a kinship with the whale due to their quarrels with humans. After that, the Orca may sometimes come to assist Moby Dick when Ahab is harassing it; the reverse can also happen, but even less often. They are still different species who would attack each other in any other context.
  • The Orca's calf sometimes likes to go off on its own despite its father's vigilance, and met and befriend the mermaid princess Melody in one such outing. The Orca didn't like his calf consorting with a half-human whose mermaid mother preferred the life of a human, and Ariel didn't want Melody anywhere near a violent creature who harmed so many people in a quest for revenge, so they separated the children and dictated they weren't to see each other. As if Melody would listen, and the calf, while not yet used to rebelling, is too stoked at having its first friend.

Oshawott, God of Playful Otters (the Sea Otter Pokémon, Wotter/Derpderp/Snowoobie/Vampijumaru, Ottawa, Mijumaru)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Scalchop.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but can be a little Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Moveset: Razor Shell, Aqua Jet, Hydro Pump, Swords Dance
    • Z-Move: Hydro Vortex
  • Portfolio: Playful Otter,Uses its shell as a weapon, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Youthful Freckles, Evolution line based on samurai
  • Domains: Otters, Seashells, Playfulness, Water
  • Guardian: Samurott
  • Followers: Small-clawed Otter, Cheek, Pip and Pop, Juggle Pup, R & R Seal, Peanut, Butter, and Jelly Otter
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, N, Popplio ,Kingdra, Lapras ,Candice White, Emmet & Ma Otter, Samurai Jack,Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, the Madagascar Penguins, Chuggaaconroy
  • Enemies: Team Rocket,Giovanni, Ghetsis Harmonia, Cyrus, Lysandre, Hunter J, Toon Patrol, Mori Motonari , Oda Nobunaga
  • Opposes: Grass and Electricity users (excluding Pikachu)
  • Like Popplio, Oshawott is a starter Pokémon in the Pantheon who is at its first stage of evolution, but whose final stage acts as his guardian. Also like Popplio, Oshawott was initially hated for being goofy looking, but then ate their words when he would evolve into a cool Samurai.
  • Considering he would evolve into a samurai-like Pokémon and has Samurott acting as his guardian, he gets along well with other good-aligned samurai. They often allow him to copy their sword moves because they find it cute to watch him try and copy the movements of sword with a shell, even Samurai Jack considers it to charming despite his stoic nature.
  • During an expedition around the territories of her Water Tribe, Katara came across this Oshawott, who was trying to make its way across the frigid, harsh waters and cold, and was using its own ability in water and ice to maneuver its way through. Impressed by its abilities and delighted to see how cute the Pokémon looked, Katara approached it, despite warnings from Sokka, which fell on deaf ears. She used her waterbending skills to attract the Oshawott's attention, and that was how the two first met. Sokka witnessed his sister compliment the Pokémon and showing it more of her abilities, which made Oshawott more interested. Sokka tried to throw one of his boomerangs to see how it would react, which Oshawott did by catching and throwing it back upon first notice and using Water Gun on Sokka, much to the latter's displeasure and Katara's amusement. By the time she decided to leave, Oshawott immediately began to follow. Remembering how Aang has a collection of animal allies like Appa and Momo — as well as having Rayquaza as a partner — she decided to allow Oshawott to join and become her partner. Sokka grumbled but decided to accept it, given that Katara does think that someday, her brother and her new Pokémon partner will get along.
  • Likes to spend time with Emmet & Ma Otter considering they're the only other otters in the pantheon. Apparently he can play his Scalchop as a percussion instrument, but he's a little to eager to play and causes him to be off-rhythm. Still, he's trying and improving and many deities think that it makes the all ready Cute Emmet & Ma band even cuter.
  • Has a bone to pick with the Toon Patrol considering they're both part of the weasel family. While, Oshawott is playful and friendly, the Toon Patrol are nasty and cruel. Oshawott's first instinct whenever sees any of them is to fight them.
  • Before Oshawott joined the pantheon, Chuggaaconroy used one during his let's play of Pokémon Black and White where (s)he was used to utterly sweep through Cynthia's team in the final battle. Considering that they were both 'chosen last during gym class', he became allies with him.
  • Due to his name sounding similar to 'ocelot', some have given him the the nickname Revolver Oshawott. Oshawott really doesn't know what to make of him and considers him and his actions confusing.

Pincurchin, God of Sea Urchins (The Sea Urchin Pokemon, Bachinuni)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Seaweed with a lightning symbol
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Lightningrod
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Poison Jab, Zing Zap, Toxic Spikes, Curse
  • Portfolio: Electric Sea Urchin, Armored But Frail, Spikes of Doom, Can Also Set Spike Traps, Uncommon Animals In Media, Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Sea Urchins, Spikes, Electricity
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Eelektross, Ferrothorn, Steve Irwin, Spiny, Toxie, Elsa(Frozen)
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Gigabolt Man-o-War, Ripper Roo
  • Opposes: Ground-related deities
  • Opposed by: The Spongebob Squarepants cast
  • Spiny, toxic, hurt like hell if you step on one. These are traits commonly associated with sea urchins, and when one wriggled its way to the Trope Pantheon it was a Pokémon. Coming from the British-based Galar region, Pincurchin is an Electric type who scrapes seaweed off rocks with its teeth. It stores electricity in its spines. Anyone who stands on Pincurchin is in for a nasty surprise.
  • From a British region, though if Australia ever becomes a region it'd likely exist there too. Steve Irwin, having had experiences with many poisonous marine life, treated Pincurchin with respect. The Sea Urchin Pokémon appreciates his open mind, given most English deities tend to ignore it.
  • Rare specimens of Pincurchin can have Electric Surge as a Hidden ability, however the Pincurchin fished up in the pantheon has the Lightningrod ability. Because of this it has an awkward relationship with the Hall of Electricity and tends to stay away from the deities there. The exception is Benjamin Franklin, whose skill at the lightning rod led him to keep the Pokémon in his aquarium as a pet and partner.
  • While part of the Hall of Aquatic Life, the various animals there tend to give Pincurchin distance, what with being an Electric type. Fortunately the spikiness of Pincurchin also keep hungry gods like Bruce from trying to eat it. It at least has found common ground with Eelektross in being sea creature Pokémon who aren't Water type.
  • Pincurchin likes the company of Spiny as well, given their status as spiky creatures and Spiny isn't really malicious so Pincurchin doesn't judge. The Sea Urchin Pokémon is fond of Ferrothorn as well, given they're both spiky Pokémon and would rather mind their own business. Helps that not being a Water type it isn't weak to Ferrothorn.
  • Sea urchins are considered a pest for Bikini Bottomites, and Pincurchin being an electric sea urchin that's a foot tall didn't endear him to them. How dangerous his electricity is in the town's seawater is unclear, given how water acts there. It's also unclear if citizens might find Pincurchin's attacks super-effective like Water types generally experience or not.
  • Recently, it had to feed off Gigabolt Man-o-War trying to absorb its electricity for himself. Pincurchin was apprehensive seeing Bender as he can get high on electricity, but fears were put to ease after reminding the Pokémon he did electricity, and isn't going to do it again.
  • Surprisingly enjoys frigid environments, as asides from Max Raids Pincurchin are found in the arctic conditions of Route 9, right outside Circhester. Might be why the Sea Urchin Pokémon seems fond of Elsa. Also, while not a Poison type Pokémon Pincurchin has access to poisonous moves. Of the members of the Hall of Toxicity, it likes Toxie the most since he's a sweetheart and his appearance makes Pincurchin feel a lot less self-conscious about its own.
  • Doesn't care for anything related to ground and earth-based powers, on account to Ground-type attacks being Pincurchin's sole weakness. It has warned people not to make the mistake of stepping on it, even if the spikes aren't poisonous. Ripper Roo made the mistake of doing so and has hated Pincurchin ever since. Still hurt for Pincurchin too, just much less so.

Popplio, Goddess of Sweet Seals (The Sea Lion Pokémon, Ashimari)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her nose
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Moves: Bubble Beam, Disarming Voice, Icy Wind, Sing
    • Z-Moves: Hydro Vortex
  • Portfolio: Sweet Seal, Starter Mon, canine behaviour and appearance, Dynamic Akimbo, the "Mage" of Alola's Starters, Gag Nose, Large Ham, Non-Ironic Magical Clown, Water-Type, really good Special Atk. and Def. but low Speed, repertoire of sound-based moves, Perpetual Smiler, launches water bubbles through her nose for attacks or event traps, hard-working circus performer
  • Domains: Seals, Water, Vocals
  • Heralds: Spheal, the Seel evolutionary line
  • Guardian: Primarina
  • Followers: Selkie, Stefano the Sea Lion, Esmeralda the Sea Lion, Wolfgang, Gabby the Selkie, Salty the Seal
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Professor Kukui, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, Percy Jackson, Aquaman, Kingdra, Lapras, Decidueye, Wishiwashi, Saorise and Ben, Moana
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Giovanni, Cyrus, Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Purple Eyes, Pokémon Hunter J, Red Gyarados, the Kraken, Leviathan, Lord Frederik
  • Distrusts: Guzma
  • Avoids: Lagiacrus, Zinogre, the Eliksni
  • Opposes: Grass- and Electric-types (sans Pikachu)
  • Usually, when a Pokémon ascends, if it can evolve, it's often the final stage that takes the spot. That said, there have been several exceptions, like Ash's Pikachu (who staunchly refuses to evolve), both Meowths, Zubat, Magikarp, Scyther (though Scizor is ascended as well), Rhydon (mainly because of Rhyerior's negative reception), Murkrow, Remoraid (who admittedly ascended alongside his evolution Octillery), and Skitty. Joining these exceptions is Popplio, the water Starter Mon for Alola. The reason why is because the trope Sweet Seal calls for "seals portrayed as cute and friendly". And Popplio's final stage, Primarina, has traded off the "cute" aspect for "beauty". Still, there is one assigned to Popplio to guard her new temple in the Hall of Aquatic Life.
  • For whatever reason, many believe that Popplio's nose makes a honking sound akin to a bicycle horn or clown nose when squeezed or poked. No one's confirming if this is true for varying reasons (either out of respect or because it's funnier to keep it secret).
  • A lot of people hated Popplio for her uncanny clown-ish appearance. Of course, most of them have since ate their words given what she can evolve into.
  • Saorise, who can turn into a seal by going in water with her coat, loves playing in the water with Popplio a lot given that there were no other friendly seals in the Pantheon until the Pokémon came around. Sometimes, they get Ben to join in as well. And she's come to hate Lord Frederik as well after hearing how Saorise almost got hurt by him.
  • As protectors of the sea, Popplio gets along with Percy Jackson and Aquaman, as well as Kingdra, Lapras for being benevolent sea creatures, and fellow Alolans Decidueye (as a fellow starter) and Wishiwashi (as fellow potentially powerful Water-types). She doesn't like Red Gyarados, the Kraken, and Leviathan due to their agressiveness, though.
  • Popplio enjoys Azura's singing and her grace, as she's a reminder of what she could be upon evolution. The songstress on the other hand appreciates the Pokémon's enthusiasm and potential.
  • Several are grossed out upon hearing that Popplio's bubble attacks are snorted from her nose.
  • Stays away from Lagiacrus not only for its obvious affinity with electricity, but for the fact that said shocks leaves victims to being more easily stunned, not to mention its massive size of 2357.2cm - 3310.6cm. To a lesser extent, she stays away from Zinogre and the Eliksni, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem since they primarily dwell on land and both have little reason to actually be hostile to Popplio. Doesn't hurt to be safe, however.

Qwilfish, God of Pufferfish (the Balloon Pokémon, Harysen)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A purple, poison-colored balloon
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Swift Swim
  • Moves: Toxic Spikes, Poison Jab, Pin Missile, Aqua Tail
    • Z-Move: Acid Downpour
  • Portfolio: based on globefish, Glass Cannon, Poison-type, Water-type, speeds up in the rain, learns Spikes moves naturally
  • Domains: Pufferfish, Poison
  • High Priest: Porcupuffer
  • Followers: the OpenBSD mascot, Froaks, Bubbles and Pointdexters, Puffer Cheeps
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Misty, Lapras, Kingdra, Jigglypuff, Aquaman, Ariel
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Giovanni, Cyrus, Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Purple Eyes, Pokémon Hunter J, Bruce, the Kraken
  • Opposes: deities related to electricity or psychic powers, Spongebob Squarepants, Pennywise
  • What's there to say about this Pokémon? Well, it's not as prominent in the Pokémon seas as Tentacool and Tentacruel, but… it crops up a lot in discussions of forgettable Pokémon, which makes it unforgettable in the ironic sense. While later generations have been kinder to Qwilfish, giving them a few more moves to play with, this "forgettable" way of popularity drew attention and Qwilfish ascended to the Pantheon as a result.
  • Some deities wonder if Qwilfish has somewhat of a complex about being forgettable. Being just a Pokémon, Qwilfish isn't answering. Given this specimen is known to ignore the much more common and well-known Water/Poison Tentacool line, it probably does. It doesn't like that it's weak to Ground type moves despite being a Water type, and avoids the Hall of Earth and Rock for this reason.
  • The Balloon Pokémon inflates his body to scare away predators, and even has Intimidate as a Hidden Ability. It uses this to scare off gods like Bruce, but most don't take it seriously because of its goofy appearance. He thought he could get into the House of Dread and Valor due to his "intimidating" defense mechanism, but they laughed him off. Still, it works for many fish deities.
  • Seems to get along with Jigglypuff, as they're both the Balloon Pokémon and puff up their body to come off as tougher. And as with anything associated with balloons, Qwilfish is seriously creeped out by Pennywise and his use of them as his calling card.
  • As a pufferfish, Qwilfish is pretty toxic. Bruce and the Kraken. seems to avoid wanting to bite Qwilfish, but probably just because the spikes and poison would be unpleasant. Homer Simpson was a bit spooked by Qwilfish, but this is only due almost eating fatally unprepared fugu.
  • Some believe that like fugu/pufferfish, Qwilfish might be a delicacy if prepared right instead of being toxic. The Balloon Pokémon protested this argument and has avoided entering the House of Food since so no-one can test out that theory.
  • Like (nearly) every aquatic creature without their own agendas, Qwilfish will answer Aquaman's call should he need him, though he thinks that might not be needed as much as the others. And like most, it seems to be on good terms with Ariel.
  • One time, Mrs. Puff tried to get out of trying to teach Spongebob how to drive, getting a fellow puffer-fish in the form of Qwilfish to take her place. This ended pretty disastrously, and as a result he opposes Spongebob due to his insane driving. Mr. Krabs is wondering if he's related to Mrs. Puff in any way.
  • Given that neither draw a lot of attention, though for different reasons and for different kinds of people, Qwilfish encountered Kellam by the river one day, and they stared at one another for a few minutes. After which they parted ways as if nothing ever happened.


Ecco, God of Dolphins (Defender of the Future)

    Mr. Krabs 
Mr. Eugene Harold Krabs, God of Penny-Pinching Crabs (Mr. Krabs, Rags, Armor-Abs Krabs, Sir Pinch-A-Lot, Cheapy the Cheapskate, Moar Krabs)



Anago, God of Unpleasant Eels (Jooldom, Sea Eel, Conger Eel)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An animated drawing of him
  • Theme Song: Think About It
  • Alignment: True Neutral with some Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: Slippery as an Eel, Formerly The Dragon and Number Two to the Master, Lean and Mean, Villain Song, Straw Nihilist, Lack of Empathy, Fiendish Fish, No Sense of Personal Space towards Padak, Faux Affably Evil, Named Jooldom by the Foreign Release Subtitles, Unhesitatingly Eats Spotty's Corpse, Delivers a "The Reason You Suck" Speech To The Master, Starts A New Cult After the Master Escapes Into The Sea
  • Domains: Eels, Unpleasantness, Cruelty
  • High Priests: Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Followers: Hammond, Morey, Unagi
  • Alliesnote : Ulquiorra Cifer, Lotso
  • Complicated Relationship: Padak, The Master
  • Enemies: Marlin, Dory, Walter Sobchak, Gorillaz
  • Pitied by: Death of the Endless
  • Opposed by: Hope Bringers in general, Emperor Calus
  • Apathetic Towards: Everything else in the Pantheon
  • Anago was one of the many fish residing in Tank 3, he served as the Master's Dragon, helping the latter in spreading his complacent philosophy of surviving, while secretly harboring resentment towards him. He would quickly prove his nastiness to Padak, the newcomer to the tank, with his sliminess and sarcasm proving to frustrate her a lot while she tried to communicate her idea of freedom. While most of his tank-mates were ravenous when eating fellow fish and very actively ruthless, he seemed to be more calm, collected and patient about it, but eventually his true nature was revealed when Spotty died, as while everyone else felt sad about the cheerful fish's death. He felt nothing but apathy and unhesitatingly began eating his corpse, when confronted about it by the Master, he defended himself by pointing out how the Master himself had taught him it wasn't wrong to do so. After the Master escaped following Padak's death, he was left behind, presumably being killed at a later point.
    • Some sources do report that he learned nothing from the Master's escape and Padak's death, and instead began a new cult once he was gone, with himself and his fellow tank mates now mentoring a group of fish into "surviving" under the same rules the Master once taught them.
  • Due to his nihilistic thought process, he is not one to care for the Pantheon's Forever War at large, he claims that it's inevitable that everyone will eventually perish and that all the conflict of Good, Evil, Chaos and Law is simply a game that the 4 leaders of the Great Factions are having against one another, with them benefiting from the conflict in their own ways at the expense of everyone else who according to him "survive on the scraps while the higher Deities get all the valuable benefits". He's been quick to tell any aligned Deities that try and recruit him into their factions that he's not interested.
    • That said, he's at least shown some interest in joining the Grand United Alliance of Nature, if only because it's the only faction that he thinks will benefit him in any way directly. A few have called him out on that, but he is quick to retort that he is no fool and "knows" that aligning with it means he'll be a pawn, but he considers it good enough, as it is surviving in the Pantheon.
  • His relationship with both the Master and Padak was heavily soured after he unhesitatingly ate Spotty's dead body after the latter was killed by the King Crabs, though Padak and the Master leave him be, they both are heavily disappointed in his lack of standards and were both furious to know that he started another riddles cult in the Master's absence, rather than try and help the other fish to escape. Anago himself dismissed the last call-out by claiming that the Master's own successful escape was pure luck that couldn't be replicated and thus was merely making the best out of his situation.
  • His nihilism won him a surprising ally-of-sorts, Ulquiorra Cifer, another absolute nihilist who shares a similar world-view and morality to Anago, though Ulquiorra can be at times surprised by the sheer nihilism of Anago, which so far remains completely unfazed by everything. Anago himself is amused that someone so powerful could potentially be a pessimist, as he believes someone as powerful as Cifer has all the power to improve any situation he has, while a regular eel like him can't.
    • Another "ally" he made was Lotso, as the evil teddy bear sees Anago as a "kindred" soul who shares his worldview on life and the pointlessness of it beyond the basic survival. That said, Anago is more interested in tearing down Lotso's ideology, viewing him as dishonest as the Master once was about truly believing in his supposed sacred ideology.
  • He's not on good terms with other sealife in the Pantheon, particularly those such as Marlin and Dory. Marlin particularly hates him for not bothering to even hide the fact that he will gladly kill and eat them should he be given the chance, unlike Padak and the Master, who despite their nature as predatory fish are capable of resisting and fighting their impulses and willing to leave them both alone. He himself is amused by Marlin's protective attitude as well as his story's parallels with the Master's own.
  • His nihilism gained various opposition in the form of the many idealists of the Pantheon, who all wish to change his mind and make Anago view that there's a reason to wanting to live free and without pessimism, so far no one has succeeded at it. Stand outs are:
    • Makoto Naegi is rather perplexed by the sheer depth of the nihilism that Anago carries, though after a good talk with others about the experiences that he and various other fish went through at the fish restaurant, he can hardly blame him for it. Regardless, he won't give up his hope and believes that one day Anago will come around and view the upsides of life, even if he can't and refuses to.
    • Kouta Kazuraba, who can't fathom just how far Anago takes his apathy towards living, he's tried to convince him that he can find a place for him and all his fellow fish to live in where he no longer has to be a downer about their situation.
  • Death of the Endless pities Anago for his views on death. As while she considers death a natural part of life and existence, she still believes that all beings should not see as an inevitable tragedy, but rather the end of their fulfilling mortal lives where they can rest in peace afterwards. Anago himself harbors indifference towards her, viewing no point in doing anything but a force of nature that dictates his life.
  • Emperor Calus is greatly annoyed by Anago's nihilism and refusal to do anyting out of his life beyond basic survival, and has tried to make Anago understand what Padak, Spotty and the Master did. Likewise, he considers that even if Anago were to fail his escape in the mortal realm he came from, he'd still prove that he was alive because he wanted to get out of his predictament and not just accept his avoidable fate as he believes it to be. Anago just scoffed at his words, clarifying that Calus has the power and wealth to pretty much solve any issue he'd have with his mortal life, while he bluntly put that as an eel, humans see him as either a pest, creepy or food. And he has nothing that could help him improve on it
  • Koba has occasionally offered Anago the chance to join him and various other human-opposing deities so they can use their combined forces to turn the tables on mankind and put themselves at the top. Though Anago has considered his offers, he's rather quick to dismiss them. Fully believing that the whole system is bound to repeat itself eventually and thus there is no point in trying.
  • Has earned the utter loath of Walter Sobchak for his sheer nihilism, with Sobchak unwilling to give him a speck of pity due to how the Master outgrew his nihilism, he's been quite eager to walk over to Anago's temple and shoot the eel dead, though this has only made Anago grow bitter towards it and further increased his nihilism, as a human trying to kill him is proof to him that the Pantheon is not any better than his old life.
  • Doesn't likes Gorillaz after Murdock tried to have him fried for dinner, his response was to bite him, and Murdock was driven off by his food suddenly attacking him, ever since he's sworn that he will make sure to kill him out of spite as payback for it.


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