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Jul 17th 2015 at 9:38:59 PM •••

Mosasaurus, goddess of Giant Swimmers and Larger Predators

  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Mosasaur silhouette inside a hexagon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Huge aquatic creatures, being the unexpected larger predator, having a second set of teeth, saving the day without indending to, being both fast and powerful in the water, not so much on land.
  • Domains: Sea predators, Extinct Reptiles, Non-dinosaurians
  • Enemies: Indominus Rex, Bruce
  • Opposed By: Kraken, Moby Dick
  • Was in competition with Liopleurodon for this position, and won when the fact that she ended I. Rex's mortal life tipped the balance in her favor.
  • Her appearance caused issues with Kraken and Moby Dick, neither of whom are happy to have another giant sea monster, which has led to some titanic battles.
  • She now swims the divine seas, normally minding her own business, unless she's on the hunt.
  • Typically appears larger than one of her kind would be expected to, and is rumored to be able to become larger than any creature she comes up against.
  • Since she's strictly a water creature, anyone on land out of reach of her lunging attack is safe. Notably, whenever Indominus goes on one of her rampages, she makes a point to avoid the water.
  • Isn't quite sure what to make of Ariel or Aquaman. They're not really big enough to eat, and they don't seem to be a threat to her. She's content to just ignore them for now.
  • Bruce hates her, since she has a taste for great white sharks, but seems wary of confronting her directly.

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Aug 23rd 2015 at 6:39:27 AM •••

Should also put Bruce in either Enemies or Opposed by, since the Mosasaurus has sharks as its food source

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