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Celebrate good times, come on (let's celebrate)!

A house that centers on celebrating all kinds of holidays in the world from Christmas and Halloween to Leif Erikson Day. They even celebrate holidays from other universes, planets and realities. Not only that, it also host birthdays of any members of the pantheon and any parties that people would want to do. Except for those types of parties.

The structure of this House is a bit different compare to others. While they still have personal temples for its members, it also has a gigantic mess hall that is use for any festivities the Pantheon would host. And because of its large size, it's been outfitted with automatic robots to help out for cleaning or decorating.

This Temple has close ties to the House of Food as it provides all its meals and refreshments. The same goes for Costumes which provides many outfits for certain parties.


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Guardians of the Holidays

E. Aster Bunnymund, Rabbit-God of Easter (Easter Bunny, Kangaroo)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His two boomerangs crossed with each other
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Easter Bunny, Awesome Aussie, Battle Boomerang, Color Motif Is Green, Deadpan Snarker, Edible Ammunition, Green Thumb, Killer Rabbit, Rabbit Magician, Tunnel King
  • Domains: Easter Bunny, Boomerangs, Hope
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Pitch Black, the Hall of Cruelty and Sadism (particularly Junko and Monokuma), Elmer Fudd, Pokemon Hunter J, Killer Rabbit, Springtrap
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Elmer Fudd
  • Conflicting Opinion: Daffy Duck
  • While finding a way to recruit the last two Guardians into the Pantheon, they found a perfect way to ascend Bunnymund. As such, he was chosen with this trope and has now ascended. His temple is in underground, resembling his home scattered with Warrior Eggs around, which makes him proud a little bit.
    • As he has ascended, a lot of child deities came to him upon hearing that he is the actual Easter Bunny. As such, he tries to best to make them happy and whenever Easter comes, he usually is the one who hides eggs whenever the kids do the usual Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Isn't glad to see Pitch Black finding his way into the Pantheon. As such, he is ready for battle whenever the former takes drastic measures.
  • Is extremely happy to see that there are deities that inspire people to have hope. As such, since he is the Guardian of Hope, he became allies with them.
    • As such, he doesn't love the Hall of Cruelty and Sadism as they inspire fear and despair to their victims.
  • Isn't sure what to think of Bugs Bunny at first. There was one time where Bugs became an "Easter Bunny", although he didn't do a good job with it. Although he ended up being on good terms with him as he realized he's not such a bad fellow and only does his karmic tricks to his enemies. It was also through him that he became friends with his girlfriend, Lola Bunny.
    • As such, he heard about Elmer Fudd from him and let's just say it's not pretty. This is mostly contributed to Elmer's "wabbit season" hunting, which made him hate the rabbit hunter more often, although he only focuses on hunting Bugs Bunny and is more or less a friendly fellow outside of hunting, which it lessens from enemies to opposition.
      • He also feels conflicted about Daffy. In the early days, he helps Elmer on hunting Bugs Bunny. Although, over the years, he eventually became friends with the latter and is even roommates with him. For now, Bunnymund decided to hold back his opinion on the duck.
    • Speaking of hunters, due to being the Easter Bunny as well as having powers of his own, he was on Pokemon Hunter J's bounty list, which he doesn't take lightly.
  • Gets along with the Angry Birds as one time, he protect their eggs from their enemies. The Flock sometimes let their eggs stay in his temple whenever they don't find a safe place for their eggs to stay.
  • Due to being an anthropomorphic rabbit, he is approached by Fluttershy. He seems to be fond of her because of how kind she is and due to her love of animals and eventually, the environments they live in.
    • He ended up meeting Fluttershy's pet bunny, Angel Bunny, which suprised him because of how normal he is at first glance. Although he thinks that the bunny is a bit of a jerk, he ends up getting along with him. Though, it suprised him to see Angel is actually physically strong.
  • In the case of other rabbits, he ended meeting Killer Rabbit, Miyamoto Usagi, Cream the Rabbit and Rabbit. He doesn't like the former because although they look like normal animals, they are evilly deadly and became friends with the latter two with Usagi's case being that he has humbleness and honor and with Cream, being a sweet, innocent child makes him cautious of her safety. Although he thinks Rabbit is a bit too grumpy.
    • He ended up meeting Usami, a rabbit that is actually a magical girl robot. He feels bad for what happened to her because of the events of the island that is actually a virtual simulation and what actually happened to her world. It was thanks to his interactions with her that he became true hostile enemies to Junko and Monokuma.
    • He also ended up meeting Usalia, a demon lord who has rabbit motifs. Although the whole demon thing puts him off a little, considering that demons are usually associate with evil, he started seeing her as an ally after he started getting to know her and finds her abilities in reducing damage to be useful.
    • Hates Springtrap thanks to being an animatronic serial killer who inside it, is a human who kill these children because of very ambiguous reasons, though no matter how sympathetic the reasons may be, he'll still hate him for the crimes he committed. The fact that he is an animatronic rabbit worsens that.

    Jack Skellington 
Jack Skellington, The Personification of Halloween (The Pumpkin King, Jack Skeleton, Mr. Unlucky, Bone Daddy, Bone Man, Captain Jack)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Black Bowtie
  • Theme Songs: This is Halloween or Jack's Lament
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Good-Aligned Dark and Creepy Characters, Energetic Goths, Loves Hearing Screams Because It's His Job, Skeletal People, Kicking Butts In A Tuxedo, Horrible At Playing "Sandy Claws", Able To Use Elemental Magic, Big Smiles On His Face, Loving Creepy And Horrifying Things.
  • Domains: Curiosity, Holidays, Halloween
  • Herald: Zero, his ghost dog
  • Allies: Santa Claus, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Edward Scissorhands, Nicholas St. North, Princess Luna, Nathan Drake, James Henry Trotter, Coraline Jones, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Erma, Linus Van Pelt
  • Enemies: Oogie Boogie, Pitch Black, Freddy Krueger, The Trollkaigers, Neyla, SCP-106
  • On Halloween, he performed a spectacular macabre performance that made the audience gasp in awe and in horror which also involved the use of Heartless who were going along just for the heck of it. Having this type of skill made the gods give Jack his own long as he didn't try to take over any other holiday (ESPECIALLY Christmas).
    • Stays in his Temple working to make each Halloween better than the last, going to the House of Knowledge and Technology for research. He's also seen in the House of Craft, creating his own macabre creations.
  • Has an uneasy relationship with Santa Clause and Nicholas St. North, especially when North found about the time Jack tried to take over Christmas. However, North respects Jack's determination and skills with the arcane and his use of magic spells.
  • Hates Pitch with the utmost passion because he wants to terrify people with nightmares because he can, while Jack only does it for the spirit of Halloween and isn't so mean-spirited about it. Freddy Krueger is likely the only being in existence Jack despises more than Oogie: scaring is okay, mean-spirited scaring is cruel, murder through the use of fear is UNFORGIVABLE.
    • Hates the Trollkaiger just as he does Freddy Krueger, due to the fact that they love to laugh at the despair they make which goes against his stance on scaring people for the love of Halloween. The last time the Trollkaigers tried to troll him, he created a truly scary Halloween prank back at them, showing why NO ONE messes with the Pumpkin King.
  • Tomoko Nozama squealed in absolute joy when she came and visited him and has decided to be his assistant regarding Halloween. He has also asked Oscar Diggs to supply him with fireworks and to teach him more about his stage magic tricks and also visits RL Stine, the Crypt Keeper and Rod Sterling for horrifying stories.
  • Princess Luna has decided to invite Jack to help out with her own festivities of Nightmare Night, because it's "fun being scared". Pinkie Pie agrees with that statement.
  • He once met Alice after a performance, and was interested to see her potential for necromancy. He tried to convince her demonic guardians, Belial and Nebiros to allow her free rein of her magic so she could help with his show, but was quickly convinced to drop the idea after being shown the devastation her shadow powers and her Night of the Living, Made of Explodium Mooks wrought the last time she was allowed to do so. She's still allowed to go watch his shows and cheer him on, as long as he's careful not to let her get too much into the act.
  • Has been seen in the House of Magic more than once, learning new ways to twist mundane spells into fantastical and confusing abilities so he can use them to show off as well as fight.
  • Took him a while to realize that Oogie was in the pantheon. Jack Skellington was livid. Fortunately, Oogie can't form any more memories due to a mishap of Maleficent's magic, which Jack finds as a fitting punishment.
    • When Jack learned that Neyla has taken advantage of Oogie's disability and manipulated him into her own bidding, he began a plan to stop her before more damage could be done.
  • Like with many others who've served as party members, if Jack is paired with Sora, the two can perform the Dance Call Limit Break. However, it's shown that Jack can perform Dance Call with others, though so far, he's only done this with Alice.
  • Back in 1996, Jack tried to recruit some undead pirates for his Halloween festivities, but they were mistaken as villains and defeated by a Centipede, a spider, and a crocodile tongue-transformed boy. He says he only attacked because they tried to steal a compass, and if they had just asked, he would be more than glad to give it to them. Jack is no longer in contact with the crew, out of disgust for what almost happened to Mr. Centipede.
    • Following James's ascension into the pantheon, Jack apologized for attacking Mr. Centipede and explained his side of the story. Jack and James are on good terms now.
  • Has a cordial relationship with Coraline Jones, with both having their movies made by Henry Selick.
  • Every Halloween, Jack has been seen interacting with a peculiar trick-or-treater wearing a burlap sack. When asked who it is, Jack simply smiles and refers to the child as "an old friend".
  • One of his more interesting encounters came from Linus, who thought that Jack Skellington was the Great Pumpkin. It didn't help that he was in a pumpkin patch at the time looking for pumpkins for Halloween, and that, like the Great Pumpkin, he DID deliver presents to good boys and girls, just of dubious quality.

    Santa Claus 
Santa Claus, God of Christmas (Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Thorvar Crittersmash)
One of Santa's many incarnations
''Twas the Night Before Christmas, when all through the pantheon, not a being was stirring, no, not anyone. Even those that don't sleep were caught unaware, as a reedier sleigh flew through the air. Presents appeared in the most secure places, leaving surprise on every deities faces. Only the wicked had cause to complain, as they got but coal for causing others pain. Afterwards Santa Clause stepped forward to say, now that' he's here, he intended to stay. With such great renown and complete adorations, he was quickly ascended to prominent stations. The spiteful and wicked continued to sneer, but this was drowned out by holiday cheer.