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Celebrate good times, come on (let's celebrate)!

A house that centers on celebrating all kinds of holidays in the world from Christmas and Halloween to Leif Erikson Day. They even celebrate holidays from other universes, planets and realities. Not only that, it also host birthdays of any members of the pantheon and any parties that people would want to do. Except for those types of parties.

The structure of this House is a bit different compare to others. While they still have personal temples for its members, it also has a gigantic mess hall that is use for any festivities the Pantheon would host. And because of its large size, it's been outfitted with automatic robots to help out for cleaning or decorating.

This Temple has close ties to the House of Food as it provides all its meals and refreshments. The same goes for Costumes which provides many outfits for certain parties.

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Guardians of the Holidays

E. Aster Bunnymund, Rabbit-God of Easter (Easter Bunny, Kangaroo)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His two boomerangs crossed with each other
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Easter Bunny, Awesome Aussie, Battle Boomerang, Color Motif Is Green, Deadpan Snarker, Edible Ammunition, Green Thumb, Killer Rabbit, Rabbit Magician, Tunnel King
  • Domains: Easter Bunny, Boomerangs, Hope
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Pitch Black, the Hall of Cruelty and Sadism (particularly Junko and Monokuma), Elmer Fudd, Pokemon Hunter J, Killer Rabbit, Springtrap
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Elmer Fudd
  • Conflicting Opinion: Daffy Duck
  • While finding a way to recruit the last two Guardians into the Pantheon, they found a perfect way to ascend Bunnymund. As such, he was chosen with this trope and has now ascended. His temple is in underground, resembling his home scattered with Warrior Eggs around, which makes him proud a little bit.
    • As he has ascended, a lot of child deities came to him upon hearing that he is the actual Easter Bunny. As such, he tries to best to make them happy and whenever Easter comes, he usually is the one who hides eggs whenever the kids do the usual Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Isn't glad to see Pitch Black finding his way into the Pantheon. As such, he is ready for battle whenever the former takes drastic measures.
  • Is extremely happy to see that there are deities that inspire people to have hope. As such, since he is the Guardian of Hope, he became allies with them.
    • As such, he doesn't love the Hall of Cruelty and Sadism as they inspire fear and despair to their victims.
  • Isn't sure what to think of Bugs Bunny at first. There was one time where Bugs became an "Easter Bunny", although he didn't do a good job with it. Although he ended up being on good terms with him as he realized he's not such a bad fellow and only does his karmic tricks to his enemies. It was also through him that he became friends with his girlfriend, Lola Bunny.
    • As such, he heard about Elmer Fudd from him and let's just say it's not pretty. This is mostly contributed to Elmer's "wabbit season" hunting, which made him hate the rabbit hunter more often, although he only focuses on hunting Bugs Bunny and is more or less a friendly fellow outside of hunting, which it lessens from enemies to opposition.
      • He also feels conflicted about Daffy. In the early days, he helps Elmer on hunting Bugs Bunny. Although, over the years, he eventually became friends with the latter and is even roommates with him. For now, Bunnymund decided to hold back his opinion on the duck.
    • Speaking of hunters, due to being the Easter Bunny as well as having powers of his own, he was on Pokemon Hunter J's bounty list, which he doesn't take lightly.
  • Gets along with the Angry Birds as one time, he protect their eggs from their enemies. The Flock sometimes let their eggs stay in his temple whenever they don't find a safe place for their eggs to stay.
  • Due to being an anthropomorphic rabbit, he is approached by Fluttershy. He seems to be fond of her because of how kind she is and due to her love of animals and eventually, the environments they live in.
    • He ended up meeting Fluttershy's pet bunny, Angel Bunny, which suprised him because of how normal he is at first glance. Although he thinks that the bunny is a bit of a jerk, he ends up getting along with him. Though, it suprised him to see Angel is actually physically strong.
  • In the case of other rabbits, he ended meeting Killer Rabbit, Miyamoto Usagi, Cream the Rabbit and Rabbit. He doesn't like the former because although they look like normal animals, they are evilly deadly and became friends with the latter two with Usagi's case being that he has humbleness and honor and with Cream, being a sweet, innocent child makes him cautious of her safety. Although he thinks Rabbit is a bit too grumpy.
    • He ended up meeting Usami, a rabbit that is actually a magical girl robot. He feels bad for what happened to her because of the events of the island that is actually a virtual simulation and what actually happened to her world. It was thanks to his interactions with her that he became true hostile enemies to Junko and Monokuma.
    • He also ended up meeting Usalia, a demon lord who has rabbit motifs. Although the whole demon thing puts him off a little, considering that demons are usually associate with evil, he started seeing her as an ally after he started getting to know her and finds her abilities in reducing damage to be useful.
    • Hates Springtrap thanks to being an animatronic serial killer who inside it, is a human who kill these children because of very ambiguous reasons, though no matter how sympathetic the reasons may be, he'll still hate him for the crimes he committed. The fact that he is an animatronic rabbit worsens that.

    Jack Skellington 

Jack Skellington, The Personification of Halloween (The Pumpkin King, Jack Skeleton, Mr. Unlucky, Bone Daddy, Bone Man, Captain Jack, Inventor of Holiday Spirit)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Black Bowtie
  • Theme Songs: This is Halloween or Jack's Lament
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Spooky, But Not Remotely Evil, Friendly Skeleton, The Performer King, Loves All Things Scary, Incredibly Nice, Can Kick Ass When Necessary, The Good King, Occasionally Tires Of His Fame, Mood-Swinger
  • Domains: Holidays, Skeletons, Scaring, Stop Motion
  • Allies: Santa Claus, Sora, Nicholas Saint North, Buddy Hobbs, Sans and Papyrus, Sir Daniel Fortesque, The Dancing Skeletons, Peppermint Butler, Koume Shirasaka, Skid and Pump, Dipper And Mabel, The Grinch, Sully And Mike
  • Enemies: Oogie Boogie, Freddy Krueger, SCP-4666, Scarecrow, Pitch Black, Fiddlestick, Spinal, Winterbolt, Mad King Thorn, The Headless Horseman, Jack O' Lantern
  • On Good Terms With: Luigi
  • The ever-cheerful Jack Skellington is the "King" of Halloween Town, and by extension the representative for Halloween itself. As its most skilled monster, Jack essentially runs the town, and therefore is responsible for organizing Halloween every year, preparing various tricks and spooks for the holiday. While incredibly friendly and caring towards the residents, he often feels bored by the repetition of doing basically the same thing every year, and yearns for something different to spice things up. One Halloween, he seemingly gets his wish when he stumbles upon Christmas Town and discovers Christmas, promptly launching a scheme to replace Santa Clause for the year so that he can finally do something different. While initially successful at taking over, his attempt at Christmas ends in disaster, and he realizes how badly he screwed up and rushes to fix his mistake, managing to save Santa Clause from being killed by the sadistic Oogie Boogie. Having gained new ideas for the next Halloween, Jack resumes his original job with a now-returned passion, albeit never quite losing his desire to make every Halloween more interesting than the last.
  • Jack has actually been in the Pantheon for quite some time now, and it's all thanks to Santa Claus. Having understood his new friend's desire for inspiration, he figured that the Pantheon would be perfect for some ideas considering the abundance of spooky but benevolent deities, as well as it being good at keeping him in check in case of Jack pulling another stunt like last time. Jack, when Santa discussed the plan with him, was ecstatic at the idea and rushed to the Pantheon, where he was chosen to represent Halloween itself considering he ran the thing to begin with. Jack spends most of his time exploring the Pantheon in search of more inspiration for next Halloween, though he has found the time to relax and enjoy the more pleasant bits of the realm. Unfortunately, it wasn't long until his most hated enemy, Oogie Boogie, ascended as well, with Jack being perfectly willing to delay his plans just to foil the burlap sack whenever he causes trouble.
  • While their first meeting wasn't ideal to say the least, what with Jack kidnapping him and nearly ruining Christmas, ultimately Santa Claus forgave him and Halloween Town for their hair-brained scheme and undid all their damage in the span of a night. Jack later helping save Christmas and all other holidays from a revived and power-hungry Oogie Boogie essentially made the two legitimate friends, with Jack frequently visiting him for ideas on how to make Halloween more scary. One time he visited Christmas Town only to find out that another version of Santa has taken over for the holiday, that being the Badass Santa Nicholas Saint North. While initially suspicious of Jack thanks to his hijacking of Christmas, a bit of talking with him showed that Jack legitimately thought hat he was doing Santa a favor, as well as clearly regretting the incident, and was eventually warmed up to the skeleton.
    • Another visit had him run into Buddy Hobbs, a human that was raised as an elf, and as a result had the maturity and hyperactivity of a child. This caused some trouble when he mistook Jack for a monster invading the North Pole, scaring him into trying to warn Santa Claus about him coming. After Santa explained that, no, it wasn't a hostile creature coming to kill everyone, it was his old friend Jack, Buddy maned upland decided to meet him face to face. It didn't take long for the two to become fast friends, with the two bonding over saving Christmas once, even if Jack was responsible for his incident. Helps that Jack was able to keep up with Buddy's hyperactivity to see he's a legitimately kindhearted man.
  • Since Halloween is an incredibly popular holiday with kids, it's no surprise that Halloween Town is beloved by fans of Halloween, with children all over the Pantheon often visiting Jack's domain to enjoy some frights guaranteed to be harmless fun, as well as score some candy. Jack himself gets along extremely well with them, with most kids finding him an incredibly cool, not to mention surprisingly nice, mascot for the holiday. Notably frequent guests include Koume Shirasaka, a girl with a love of everything ghoulish and spooky, and Skid and Pump, two extremely hyperactive children who celebrate "Spooky Month" every chance they get. Jack has happily invited anyone to visit and experience its horrifying joys.
    • One summer night, as Jack was brainstorming ideas for Halloween as usual, he unexpectedly got a pair of visitors in the form of twins Dipper and Mable Pines, complete with costumes and candy bags. Dipper found the place fascinating and was constantly asking about the place and it's history, while Mable was just having fun and hanging around with the residents. While Jack didn't mind them at all, he was curious why they were there in the middle of summer, so he went and asked them what brung them here. Dipper casually explained that, back in Gravity Falls, the town loved Halloween so much that they created a whole second version called "Summerween" just to celebrate it further, even gaining a urban legend called the Summerween Trickster. Jack found the idea both fascinating and hilarious, and after letting the two enjoy their time in Halloween Town made plans to visit the town next summer just to investigate their holiday.
  • As one of the Pantheon's most well-known Friendly Skeletons, Jack's kindness has earned him a plethora of bare-boned buddies, often hanging out with them on the rare occasion that he isn't looking for ideas for Halloween. Papyrus is shown to think that Jack is "extremely cool", with him often showing Jack his puzzles in an attempt to impress him. His brother Sans also finds him good company, with the two trading skeleton puns whenever they meet up, to Papyrus's dismay. The infamous Dancing Skeletons highly amuse Jack, and he's often invited them to Halloween Town to entertain the civilians, even at times joining in himself for fun. Sir Daniel Fortesque is admired by Jack for saving his kingdom from an evil sorcerer, especially since he had to work for his initially unearned reputation as a hero, and has usually lent a hand in defending Halloween Town from any attacks. Not all skeletons that he met were friendly, however: one skeleton he approached, the giggle-happy undead pirate Spinal, attempted to kill him so he can add him to his crew of the damned. Luckily, Jack had packed his Soul Robber with him that day and proved to be a match against the pirate with his agility and weapon, eventually driving him off after a tough battle.
  • Some of Jack's misadventures often involve a certain Sora visiting Halloween Town, usually to stop any Darkness that was invading the town, as well as Oogie Boogie being up to his usual shenanigans, including being part of an alliance of Disney villains led by Maleficent. Jack often assisted Sora in fighting the Heartless, revealing that he was quite adept with black magic of all things. His most notable feat, however? He was actually able to tame the usually hostile Heartless into dancing with him, and it ended up working for the most part, at least until Jack tried giving them an actual heart. Either way, Jack has always welcomed Sora to his town with open arms, occasionally letting him get a sneak peak at whatever plans for Halloween he's got cooked up.
  • Now, Of there's one thing that can legitimately piss of Jack, it's using scares to actually harm people, as it goes against everything he and his people's philosophy regarding scares. It's the primary reason why Oogie Boogie's one of the very few people he actively despises. Now when he learned that Freddy Krueger as a sadistic sociopath that not only terrorized and killed people in their dreams, but also preferred to haunt children, Jack was livid. There's been more than one occasion where he was directly responsible for thwarting on of his killing sprees early, this earring his personal ire as well. Jack has a similar bone to pick with other fear inducers as well: Scary Scarecrows Johnathan Crane and Fiddlesticks are two scarecrow themed fiends who use fear to commit acts of evil, with the former using a special fear toxin to induce fear for his crimes and the latter being a sadistic demon who taunts others with the last words of his victims, as well as Pitch Black, an incarnation of the Boogeyman himself that plans to bury the world in fear, and uses phobias to do so. Jack's often been quick to stand against these horrifying fiends, often dishing out his own brand of horror against them.
  • Second to that is people that attempt to ruin Christmas, as it reminds him of how not only he nearly ruined the holiday, something he heavily regrets, but also how Oogie nearly took over all holidays out of revenge against Santa Claus. Granted, Jack did so out of complete obliviousness, while those he opposes generally did it intentionally. He considers the worst of the lot to be Winterbolt, the former ruler of the North Pole that sought to reclaim his throne by overthrowing Santa, and was one of the more despicable of his universe's villains. Notably, Winterbolt had initially sought out Jack for an alliance, mistaking his takeover of Christmas as more malicious than it was, only for Jack to instantly reject his offer, calling him a bully that picks on others smaller than him. The two had been at each other's throats ever since.
  • If Jack has any reason to leave Halloween Town, it's to find ways to make the next Halloween even more terrifying than the last. Motivated by sheer boredom at doing the same thing every year, Jack has dedicated himself to finding new ideas to keep his passion for the holiday alive, and the Pantheon has done a wonderful job of giving him new ideas for the holiday. James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are two monsters that Jack frequently employs to help teach new terrifying tricks to the denizens of Halloween Town, and while the two are more in the business of making children laugh nowadays, they recognize that Jack seeks to bring joy to everyone and are generally cool with teaching a few tricks. He's also recently made a friend in Peppermint Butler, the needlessly creepy butler to Princess Bubblegum, who Jack finds to be a goldmine of wonderfully spooky ideas. PB is generally happy to share some ideas with the Pumpkin King, although even Jack has found his taste in spookiness to be a bit much for his intended audience sometimes.
    • Initially, Jack didn't really have much reason to talk with The Grinch, usually just acknowledging him as a good example of someone fixing their mistakes, even if the Grinch was still known to be a bit of a grouch. That was, until he learned about what used to be "Grinch Night", where every now and again The Grinch would visit Whoville with his Paraphernalia Wagon, a mechanism capable of creating all types of terrors, and use it to terrorize the village. While Jack frowned upon his initial use of it, especially for a reason as petty as "the wind annoying him", he was entranced by the sheer potential of such a machine, and sought after the Grinch, confident he was redeemed enough to use it to entertain. While the Grinch was initially just annoyed at the skeleton's offers and just wanted to be left alone, he eventually caved in and took up Jack's offer, having missed terrorizing others with his machine. Since then, the Grinch has visited the town on his Wagon to expose the residents to his machine, which the civilians usually end up loving for its sheer spookiness.
  • Go ahead and mention SCP-4666, or The Yule Man, around Jack and see what happens. Ever since he first heard of him and what the bastard does to children, Jack has dropped all evidence of his cheery self and has dedicated himself to seeing him dead, considering the Yule Man to be even worse than Oogie even if he's a more personal rival. The first Christmas the Yule Man was active was the most notable: what 4666 at first considered an easy season for victims turned into a night-long fight with the Pumpkin King, who was dedicated to making sure he didn't get a single soul that year. While the Yule Man had initially wrote off Jack as a goof, he was promptly fought off-guard when the skeleton was able to evade everything he threw at him, tracking him down everywhere he went and putting up more than enough of a fight when attacked. Eventually 4666 was forced to flee after the night ended, having realized that Jack wasn't gonna give up anytime soon. Ever since then, both parties have been quick to take any opportunity to take each other out.
  • One day, Halloween Town was caught off guard by an attack by the cruel King Boo, who had seen the town and thought it would be an awesome new base for his operations. Deciding to perform a sneak attack on the town, having heard of Jack's combat prowess, he had at that point captured nearly all of the residents and was currently threatening Jack into giving him the town, otherwise he'd have the residents killed. That was, until he himself was caught off guard by a certain someone: his nemesis Luigi, who had caught wind of his plan and decided to come and stop him. With the help from Jack, the duo were able to turn the tables on the psychotic specter and his minions, managing to capture them and rescue the residents. Jack especially was impressed by Luigi, if mostly how he risked his life to stopping King Boo despite very clearly being terrified out of his wits by both him and the town itself. Luigi was initially nervous to meet up with the Pumpkin King at first, but it didn't take long for him to see him as a kindhearted man, and the two left on very good terms. Jack has since invited Luigi to enjoy Halloween Town, and while Luigi's too nervous to accept the invite, he appreciates the offer every time.
  • Back when he first arrived, it didn't take long for Jack to figure out that there were other Halloween-themed spirits roaming about, and initially he thought that he could befriend these spirits so as to spice up Halloween. Unfortunately, the first god he encountered happened to be Mad King Thorn, a psychotic undead king who tormented everyone on the holiday, and was a complete douche to boot. Jack was naturally distraught that his competition was someone like him, and since then the two had a rivalry over their ideas of the holiday. The later spirits that ascended afterwards unfortunately weren't much better: the Headless Horseman was a damned spirit who could change all of his surrounding to Halloween, while Jack O' Lantern was an undead trickster who could only rise on Halloween night and wanted to make it last forever. While Jack did feel bad about their less than ideal backstories, as well as finding their dedication to the holiday morbidly impressive, he ultimately can't support their actions and usually finds himself opposing all three spirits.

    Santa Claus 
Santa Claus, God of Christmas (Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Thorvar Crittersmash)
One of Santa's many incarnations
''Twas the Night Before Christmas, when all through the pantheon, not a being was stirring, no, not anyone. Even those that don't sleep were caught unaware, as a reedier sleigh flew through the air. Presents appeared in the most secure places, leaving surprise on every deities faces. Only the wicked had cause to complain, as they got but coal for causing others pain. Afterwards Santa Clause stepped forward to say, now that' he's here, he intended to stay. With such great renown and complete adorations, he was quickly ascended to prominent stations. The spiteful and wicked continued to sneer, but this was drowned out by holiday cheer.