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Greater Gods

    Royal Knights 
The Royal KnightsMembers , Divine Order of Monster Knights (Guardian Deities, Holy/Exalted Knight Digimon; Omegamon: Omnimon; Dukemon: Gallantmon; Duftmon: Leopardmon; LordKnightmon: Crusadermon; Sleipmon: Kentaurosmon)
L-R, T-B: Alphamon, Omegamon, Dukemon, Magnamon, UlforceV-dramon, Craniumon, Duftmon, LordKnightmon, Dynasmon, Examon, Sleipmon, Gankoomon, Jesmon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
  • Greater Deities (some Super Modes and X-Antibody forms push them to Overdeities)
  • Symbol: Their armoury
  • Theme Song: Royal Knights Battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Good in intent; individuals may vary
  • Gender:
    • Non-Binary: Alphamon and Imperialdramon
    • Bigender: Omegamonnote 
    • Female: Examon, Sleipmon, Jesmon
    • Male: Everybody else
  • Portfolio: Order of noble Digimon knights, often cast as villains in the anime and games, though they usually turn good, incredibly powerful and important
  • Domains: Mons, Internet, Knighthood, Light, Dragons, Protection
  • Heralds: Ouryumon, Rapidmon Armor, multiple Knightmons and the Sistermons
  • Superior: Norn Mikihara (aka Yggdrasill)
  • Allies: GUAG White Hats, GUAG Sacred Knights, Kyoko Kuremi, Swords of Justice, Gardevoir & Gallade, Absol, Sora, Vulcan, Artoria Pendragon, The Knight of Despair, The Knight, Frisk and the Underground
  • Enemies: Evil Digimon deities, the Grand United Alliance of Machines, Zamasu, Ripto, Acnologia, Gregor Clegane, Khorne, The Radiance
  • Rivals: Beelzemon, Abhorash, Undyne
  • Complicated Relations: The Digidestined in general, Eliphas, Ludwig, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft
  • The Royal Knights are a famous group of Mega-level Holy Knight Digimon counted among the strongest that the Digital World has to offer. They're considered the Internet's highest security. The group is devoted to serving the host computer Yggdrasill and carrying out its will, at least in theory. Some knights are more blindly loyal than others, who might turn against their digital lord if they deem it too harmful.
  • Omegamon and Dukemon had been in the Pantheon for a long time before anyone considered ascending their comrades. Their main duty at first had been to guard Tron from corruption into Rinzler by Clu, at Sora's request. As time went on, the two lone knights found new responsibilities, which strained their ability to fulfill their promise with Sora. Then Yggdrasill, under the identity of Norn, ascended, and she started a project to recreate the Royal Knights in the Pantheon. She hopes that they can live up to the true spirit of knighthood and overcome their infamy. To this end, Omegamon and Dukemon gave up their individual titles and started the group under one temple. Most of the Royal Knights members are Knight Errants from different planes of the Digimon multiverse, chosen by Omegamon and Dukemon with Norn's advice.
    • They hold themselves at a distance from Eliphas, despite the fact that he considered the Royal Knights worthy of being his High Priests prior to their ascension. While Eliphas may not be as bad as he used to be, he still deals in absolutes and considers order to be the most important thing of all, which doesn't really go together with the Knights' intentions to be more flexible. Eliphas can't help but shake his head and claim that the Knights have lost their edge, which doesn't exactly encourage them get any closer to him, especially for the Knights who were less lawful and more compassionate to begin with.
  • They have mixed reception among the Digidestined, the original eight and their successors in particular. They're already used to Omegamon and Dukemon and trust them well enough, but are not thrilled at all about Alphamon and Jesmon, having fought some extremely tough battles with them and Alphamon nearly killing Daisuke and co.. They also look askance at the other knights they haven't previously met before for their bad reputation. The Frontier group are more confident around them, given they've grown a lot in power and managed to easily beat Dynasmon and LordKnightmon in the end. The DATS agents are more trusting; the Royal Knights they met, while antagonistic, could be persuaded to reason. Besides that, the DATS agents believe in Norn, and if any of the Knights fall out of line, Masaru is happy to "re-educate" them (and their Tamers, for that matter).
  • Many of their members' armor is made of Chrome Digizoid, the strongest substance in the Digital World. While this is marvelous defense, it turns against them should their armor be damaged and require repair. To date, only Vulcan has consistently been able to work on the material, so they're frequent customers of his.
  • Some of them are very broken in terms of power. As honorable knights, they prefer fighting battles without cheapening them with those powers, so for the most part they don't pull out the big guns unless there's a large-scale threat. Even with that handicap though, they make for extremely difficult opponents. It's probably not an exaggeration to say that they are an even match for the strongest Legendary Pokemon in combat.
  • There are some Pokemon they get along with very well, chief among which are the Swords of Justice, who are another group of knightly mons. They are known to have fought on the behalf of suffering Pokemon and used to distrust humans, not unlike what the Royal Knights were known for in the past. It seems as if Jesmon is pretty close with Keldeo, due to their shared status as the youngest of their teams who started as apprentices. Gardevoir and Gallade are also knight mons who would put their life on the line for something they believe in, and Absol, while not a knight exactly, keeps warning people about approaching disasters despite the scorn and danger she exposes herself to, heroism that the Knights honor, particularly Dukemon, who as a member of the much reviled Virus attribute and bearing the Digital Hazard, understands the pain the Dark-type Absol must feel.
  • Artoria Pendragon, as the King of Knights, has always admired Omegamon and Dukemon for their integrity. After hearing about the plan to ascend all the Royal Knights, she assured them the group would always have a place at GUAG's Sacred Knights. They are honored, however their duty to the Digital World compels them to primarily work with the White Hats. The two groups will still willingly fight alongside each other whenever their missions coincide, and the Royal Knights have proven to be something of a bridge between the White Hats' and the Sacred Knights' vastly different outlooks.
    • Their order caught the attention of Ludwig the Accursed, a knight who battled many monsters until he became the very thing he fought. He soon learned of some of the Knights' more infamous actions (most damningly, attempted genocide on humans) in the name of Digimon, so he doesn't trust them. The Royal Knights think that they simply have to convince him through their actions. Despite his opinion on them, they still take pity on Ludwig for his fate and honor his past as a knight.
    • A tragic knight they get along with better is the Knight of Despair, a magical girl sad about her failures. The Royal Knights feel a great deal of empathy for her, while she takes interest in how they want to leave their past incarnations' failures behind them and become better. It seems she may be willing to get out of her funk and fight alongside them once in a while.
    • Also have a lot of respect for the Knight of the Hallownest for its bravery in facing the tyrannical Radiance. It does not escape them that the Radiance has a few things in common with the old Yggdrasill, as well as Lucemon. The Knight doesn't express much of anything back at the Knights, though it seems to have taken a liking to Magnamon after he extolled its virtues as a pint-sized warrior (Magnamon tends to be sensitive about his height, being the shortest Knight).
    • Oftentimes they have to deal with a knight in a red cape challenging one of them for a match. It has always been the case thus far that the Royal Knights emerge as the victors, even if some of their weaker members come out a bit beat up. But if anything, this only spurs on Abhorash, the leader of those red-caped knights called the Blood Blades. Abhorash is always on the lookout for worthy opponents and the Royal Knights can well be counted among the mightiest of all. Abhorash is sure that their blood would be a huge asset to whichever of his Blades can do it, while the Knights don't really want to know what might happen if they manage to drink Digimon blood.
  • The first contact with Frisk and the Underground was when Ulforce and Craniumon saved the child from some monsters while on patrol. Undyne then appeared, with Papyrus in tow, and attacked the two Knights, as she thought Frisk was in danger, but Frisk put a stop to it and made peace between everyone. Still, Undyne was intensely interested in Craniumon, as he had been the one to parry her attacks. Ulforce and Papyrus lightened the mood. After the two parties sat down and explained themselves, Frisk was intrigued by the arrival of an order of monster knights and wanted to visit and bring more of their friends, which Ulforce thought was a great idea (Craniumon and Undyne were still glowering at each other). The Royal Knights thus heard all about how Frisk brought peace to the Underground, which they found inspiring and an example to follow for their renewed organization.
    • Meanwhile, Craniumon and Undyne couldn't contain themselves and sneaked off for a vigorous sparring session. It's not like that (Undyne has a girlfriend after all), which doesn't stop Ulforce from teasing the two, especially as their sparring has become a regular thing, as well as other forms of competition, leading to a healthy rivalry forming between them.
  • Their biggest enemies are the GUAM, the Pantheonic organization that promotes machine supremacy. A different group of Royal Knights might have worked with the organization to destroy humans, but these will do no such thing, having sworn to protect both Digimon and humanity. Since they're so powerful, things are more difficult than ever for the GUAM, who frustratedly bemoan that if only the old Yggdrasill took Norn's place, they'd have the advantage (it's dubious how true that would be, since most of the Royal Knights are still capable of thinking for themselves and would rebel against the old Yggdrasill). They are no fans of the GUAE or the GUAD either, considering them threats to all living things.
  • Zamasu, who regards humans as a plague and wants nothing more than to kill them all, used to be a fan of the Royal Knights' old mercilessness towards humans and finds it outrageous that they have changed their perspective, sparing no criticism towards them and Norn for allowing this to happen. His contempt grew further as he learned that they stooped as low as to letting themselves be owned by humans (that's how he sees partnerships). While all the Royal Knights detest him, there's a special enmity between Zamasu and Omegamon due to both of them being fused beings.
  • Alphamon is the official leader of the Knights. It is the only one that naturally carries the X-Antibody, putting it on another level of power even compared to the other Knights. It has time manipulation powers, being able to replay an attack over and over again, dealing massive damage to the opponent. It can change into Alphamon Ouryuken by fusing with Ouryumon.
    • It keeps in touch with lady detective Kyoko Kuremi, due to her extensive history of taking on cases involving Digimon and also because she is an Alphamon, a fact that is kept between Alphamon, Omegamon and Dukemon to avoid confusion. She often works with the Royal Knights, mainly as an information provider. Meanwhile, she is starting to get Alphamon into coffee as well, its taste being as bizarre as hers (if only because it has no frame of reference for human food). A lot of the Royal Knights resent being test subjects for its concoctions.
  • The most famous Royal Knight, Omegamon is the result of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon fusing; Omegamon's right arm is the Garuru Cannon which fires ice-cold beams and missiles, while the left arm is the Grey Sword, a BFS that can channel fire. Omegamon is the Number Two to Alphamon and leads in its absence. Actually, Alphamon lets Omegamon, and to a lesser extent Dukemon, lead a lot of the time, since they have been around far longer.
    • Omegamon had been interested in Jon Snow's exploits for a while. They became allies after some incidents of monsters invading the north of Westeros from the Pantheon and the two working together to send them away. Then one day Daenerys sought out Jon with her three dragons and Hydreigon in tow with the intent of having revenge on him for betraying her. Omegamon knows a few things about pledging loyalty to the wrong masters and voluntarily stepped in as a fair counter to all four dragons. A rather spectacular battle ensued, with Jon and Omegamon ultimately emerging as the victors. This event cemented their partnership.
  • Dukemon is one of the only two Virus types in the group, which is notable as Virus Digimon are not generally concerned with anything but their own desires. Bearing the Digital Hazard, whose symbol can be seen on his chest, Dukemon has the potential to start an apocalypse. Dukemon, however, has overcome his worst impulses as a Virus and has instead become a protector to the Digital World and everyone living in it. He might actually be one of the more humane members given he's one of the most likely to question his master's actions if he doesn't see them as good.
    • Dukemon has two corrupted evolutions, Megidramon and ChaosDukemon, that result from the Hazard activating. This has attracted some unwelcome interest; most notably, the Violent Red God Khorne is convinced that Megidramon should be at the vanguard of his bloodthirsty army. Since Megidramon is an Ax-Crazy Beast of the Apocalypse, one can see why the evil dragon is so appealing to the destructive god. In short, Khorne wanted to become Dukemon's partner (or have his finest warriors partner with him, whatever works) and corrupt him into his preferred form. Obviously, Dukemon would never willingly become partners with someone like Khorne, so the war god instead set his warriors on Dukemon to wear his resolve and cause him to develop so much hatred he'd become Megidramon all by himself. But Dukemon is not easily broken and fate had a more adequate shade of red in store for him.
    • A dark, brooding, often nasty, aristocratic older sister of three is probably not what most expected for Dukemon's partner, but that's the choice he made. Being involved in their ascension and the first deity that Karin (that's the one) and Maria (the youngest sister) ever met, a strong bond was established between them. If you're wondering why Karin and not Maria, Dukemon was simply more compatible with the serious and honest Karin (also, he met her first). He is extremely devoted to the protection of all three sisters and their maid, though, and also shows deep concern over their complicated relationships (as out of his depth as he is on that level).
    • An amusing fact about Dukemon is his great love of bread. He is a frequent customer of Kazuma Azuma, finding the variety of bread the boy has to offer amazing. He's not exclusive to Kazuma though and is interested in seeing the new types of bread that appear with each new world that becomes connected to the Pantheon.
    • Is also a favored friend of Culumon, due to Dukemon being familiar to him, even though Dukemon told him he's not the one Culumon remembers. Culumon can't seem to grasp this, but Dukemon doesn't mind and allows the little mon to hang around him outside of work. He's also growing closer to Renamon as their respective partners (Renamon's is Lisbeth Salander) are friends. Meanwhile, Beelzemon claims that no matter how many Royal Knights ascend, Dukemon is the only one worthy of being called his rival. Dukemon gets more of a kick fighting Beelzemon for fun than he likes to admit, thinking it to be a consequence of his nature as a Virus.
  • Magnamon and UlforceV-dramon are both possible evolutions of V-mon, Magnamon being associated with the XV-mon path and UlforceV-dramon with the V-dramon one. While UlforceV-dramon is a standard Mega, Magnamon is unique for being the only Armor level among the Knights, which leads to some jumping to conclusions that he is the weakest Knight, but his power of miracles puts him on par with his fellows. UlforceV-dramon is notable for being the fastest knight, something he owes to being clad in Blue Digizoid, and having the power of Ulforce which allows him to overwrite his own data without ill effects, which basically means that in addition to a boost in power, he has an infinite Healing Factor. Magnamon and Ulforce act a lot like brothers, having known each other since they hatched at the same time and grown up together. Magnamon is the more serious one, while Ulforce is a joker and brings most of the comic relief to the group.
    • Wandering idly around one day, Magnamon came across the Undine Akari Mizunashi enjoying the sights of the Pantheon. She engaged him in a gentle conversation, asking if he didn't think "it was all a miracle", which surprised Magnamon and he wondered what she meant. He overall found her demeanor and philosophy fascinating and started actively seeking out her company, even going to Neo-Venezia on occasion (leading to some amusing accidents; that armor is terrible for floating). Their bond was forged in due time as Magnamon decided Akari and her miracle were most worthy of protection.
    • Tai was partnered to an UlforceV-dramon in an alternate universe. This fact made Tai and Ulforce somewhat curious about each other, though as a Royal Knight, Tai is still on guard around him. Ultimately, while their relationship might be strained, Ulforce thinks Tai has a lot of good qualities and he wouldn't mind having a partner along those lines.
    • Ulforce started taking notice of Freya as they shared friends in Papyrus and Lisbeth and often heard the former talk admiringly about her determination. Ulforce rather liked Freya because of her overall positive demeanor. Also, her clumsiness was funny to him. Then one day, he overheard some deities at the GUAG talking about how useless she was as a spy, to which he angrily declared that he would take Freya if they didn't want her. So it was that Freya ended up working for the White Hats despite it not suiting her in the least, by all appearances. But on her first incursion into the Digital World, Freya revealed a surprise nobody, including herself, expected: she naturally has the Decode ability, which allows the deciphering of encrypted data. A pretty ironic turn of events. Either way, she was grateful to Ulforce for showing her this about herself, resulting in them becoming partners.
  • Despite an alarmingly dark and skeletal look, Craniumon is as noble as the rest of the knights (and is surprisingly a Vaccine, not a Virus). Though, he can be very competitive, and takes delight in combat to a much larger extent than the others. At the same time he seems the most interested in respecting the etiquette of combat. Notable for the technique Breath of the Gods, which grants complete invulnerability for 3 seconds.
    • Craniumon was one of the Knights least interested in finding a partner, and he almost certainly didn't have a small, naive 12-year old girl filled with good intentions in mind, but it so happened that he made his acquaintance with Ai Astin upon saving her from a GUAD assassin, Nu-13, by chance, considering it dishonorable of Nu-13 to pick on a little girl. The battle resulted in Craniumon winning but also sustaining significant wounds, so Ai wouldn't leave his side until he was okay and Craniumon had to respect that she wanted to repay him. Afterwards they would go on to meet each other again and again in similar circumstances, because the GUAD really hates Ai, so Craniumon just decided to stick with her. It does provide him with pretty good fights and he had grown fond of Ai since hearing about her wish to save her world, so he is now personally invested in her safety.
  • As the one in charge of tactics and strategy, Duftmon can be considered The Smart Guy of the group. He also reputedly has credentials as a leader, though with Omegamon around, this is rarely seen. Takes after a black panther in appearance, even having a mode called Leopard Mode, which is basically him on four legs, for added agility. Duftmons have a reputation for being arrogant, pompous and ruthless, but this one isn't like that, being more humble and dorky. This is probably because he's the youngest Knight in this group, after Jesmon (they are rather close for that reason). Likes to spend his free time in the House of Knowledge.
  • LordKnightmon and Dynasmon are two of the most ruthless knights, adhering strictly to a code of justice and loyalty that has no room for flexibility. They could thus be considered as the most corruptible members of the Royal Knights (perhaps not coincidentally, LordKnightmon is the other Virus in the group) and they did serve the tyrannical Lucemon. Norn took pity on the two and collected their data to rebirth them in the Pantheon, hoping that they can follow a nobler path with her guidance and by learning empathy through interacting with the various inhabitants of the Pantheon. For their part, the two are certainly loyal to Norn... for better or worse, given their core beliefs aren't so easily changed.
    • At least, seeing the example of other ruthless knights like Gregor Clegane at work has succeeded in giving them pause. Gregor was consistently loyal to the Lannisters, something Dynasmon highly values, and his way of getting things done should appeal to LordKnightmon's pragmatism in theory. However the sheer monstrosity of his actions is so extreme, it totally overrides any admiration the two Digimon might have felt for him. In the end they are as disgusted by Gregor as their fellow Knights and are starting to reflect on their values. Norn is happy for this progress.
  • Examon is the end result of Dracomon's two most common evolutionary paths fusing; if Dracomon is the common ancestor of all dragon Digimon, Examon stands above them all as the Dragon Emperor. One of the largest Digimon on record, the data weight was such (note that Exa- comes from exabyte) that properly rendering the species was impossible until humanity made advanced-enough computers.
    • Being a very large dragon and having the lofty title of Dragon Emperor, Examon was instantly hated by Ripto. Then somebody pointed out that actually, more than half the Royal Knights have draconic origins, which caused Ripto to lose his mind. Acnologia likewise hates the Royal Knights and especially Examon for those reasons, plus the fact that they stick up for humans.
    • So it was that Ripto and Acnologia teamed up to shoot Examon out of the sky while she was patrolling. Succeeding at this, they were about to torture Examon when Princess Yona and her crew came to the rescue. A battle ensued, with Examon's main contribution being managing to gather enough strength to swat Ripto far away as he was about to sneak on Yona. The princess took good care of Examon afterwards. Examon sensed a kinship with Yona, which she came to discover was due to Yona's own draconic nature as the reincarnation of King Hiryu, a red dragon who descended to earth out of love for humans. That prompted Examon to stay at Yona's side as one of her warriors.
  • Sleipmon, as the name and appearance of a six-legged centaur imply, is based on Sleipnir of Norse mythology. She's the second fastest Knight and wields a bow called Múspellsheimr which fires burning light arrows and a shield called Nilfheimr which can invoke blizzards. Has a very peculiar evolutionary path as her Child level is Kudamon, a weasel, then Reppamon, a fox, and then Tyilinmon, a kirin.
    • Sleipmon acts as a guardian to ancient ruins in the Digital World's north pole that are said to contain essential data regarding the creation of the Digimon. For this reason she gets cagey whenever the Pantheon's archaeologists show interest in the ruins and tries to block their entry. Some crafty archaeologists such as Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have managed to make some way into the ruins, but at that point Sleipmon starts shooting to kill and they have to run away, so they're far from actually finding interesting artifacts, whether it's that holy source data or something else.
    • There appears to be a mysterious connection between the ruins and Ahtohallan, as Sleipmon discovered a glitch in a cranny that allowed passage between the two places. Exploring Northuldra eventually led to her running into a certain ice spirit and her sister, who Sleipmon recognized as Elsa and Anna they were spoken of so often in the Pantheon. While Elsa was ready to face down the bizarre equine to protect her sister, Sleipmon stated that she came in peace and explained her case. While surprised that Ahtohallan had even more secrets, the sisters agreed it was imperative to protect Ahtohallan to prevent misfortune, so they've been working with Sleipmon ever since. That wasn't the end of it, as to Sleipmon's considerable surprise, Anna is very casual royalty and insists in treating Sleipmon as though she belongs in her circle of friends. With enough time, Sleipmon came to care about Anna and her friends on a personal level.
  • Gankoomon and Jesmon are teacher and pupil; this makes Jesmon the youngest Knight. Gankoomon is known for his Tough Love approach to his apprentice, but Jesmon still respects him wholeheartedly. The two are among the more independent-minded knights, as Gankoomon has a penchant for Walking the Earth instead of staying put and awaiting orders (some of the Knights complain that he's too capricious, making Jesmon feel chagrined at times), while Jesmon is a big believer in reaching out to others instead of remaining detached like most of the Royal Knights. The two have different fighting styles, but both can summon aura monsters to fight at their side, something Jesmon learned from Gankoomon.
    • Gankoomon and Jesmon ascended when the latter was still Hackmon, and thus still training. Hackmon met and quickly became close to teenage hacker David Lightman; in some ways David Lightman was also in-training to become a useful member to the White Hats. This did not escape Gankoomon, who coordinated with Lisbeth Salander to get the two to work together on missions. This eventually resulted in David getting the Digivice connecting him to Hackmon, which sent him over the moon as he had been wanting a Digimon partner ever since knowing they were a thing. And Hackmon was able to advance through the evolution levels faster, becoming Jesmon and a full Royal Knight, so the two have a very strong bond with each other.
    • During Jesmon's training, Gankoomon met Izumi Curtis, whose rigid (some might say brutal) mentorship of the Elric brothers was found worthy of respect as far as Gankoomon was concerned. When Izumi heard about Gankoomon's expectations of Hackmon and David by extention, she proposed putting them through the wringer herself, which Gankoomon acquiesced to out of curiosity. So it was that Hackmon and David came to spend a time surviving on a deserted island as part of their training. Gankoomon was so pleased with the results and his bond with Izumi had grown so much in the meanwhile that the two ended up becoming partners, and the most dreaded mentor duo in the Pantheon. Some say they have plans to put ALL the White Hats through one hell of a training regimen.
  • Imperialdramon is not exactly a member of the Royal Knights, but the group's founder. Traditionally, anyway; it doesn't mean much in the Pantheon, where Omegamon and Dukemon were the actual founders. Either way, it mysteriously made its presence known in the Pantheon after the group ascended, and the Main House decided to count it as a member. It tends to be absent though, and few deities (even the Knights) know of its whereabouts at any given time.

    Ultraman Cosmos and Musashi Haruno 
Ultraman Cosmos and Musashi Haruno, Divine Heralds of Non-Malicious Monsters (The Kindest Blue Giant, Warrior of Kindness, Luna Mode, Miracluna Mode, Corona Mode, Eclipse Mode, Space Corona Mode, Future Mode, Ultraman Legend)
Ultraman Cosmso
Musashi Haruno
Corona Mode 
Eclipse Mode 
Future Mode 
Ultraman Legend 
  • Greater God. Overdeity (as Ultraman Legend or when fused with Zero into Saga). Lesser God (Musashi).
  • Symbol: The Cosmo Crystal.
  • Theme Song: Spirit; alternatively Something You can Do (shared with Musashi). Luna Mode - The Affectionate Blue Giant; alternatively: For Today. For Tomorrow (for Luna Mode). Corona Mode - The Strongest Red Giant or Touch the Fire (for Corona Mode). ECLIPSE (for Eclipse Mode). Rise of Ultraman Legend or High Hope (for Ultraman Legend)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Pacifism, Kaiju, Light, Toku
  • Heralds:
  • High Priest: The Golem
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • On Good Terms with: Basical
  • Difficult Relationship: Gaea, Battra, Viridi
  • Opposes: Saxton Hale
  • Interested in: Void Termina
  • Cosmos was born when the God Ultraman Legend split into two beings, with Cosmos being one of said halves and taking up a job to protect life in the Universe. He first arrived to Earth in 1993 chasing the threat of Basical, an Alien Baltan who plotted to colonize Earth to let the children of his dying species survive. In this appearance he met the young Musashi Haruno, a human kid who dreamt of making the world a better place and gave him the Cosmo Stone which could summon him. Musashi summoned Cosmos to fight Basical once the military leader, Commander Shimemura, ruined humanity's attempts at a peaceful resolution of conflict, though Basical ultimately took his own life after realizing what he'd become, with Cosmos allowing his protected children to take his body for burial before the Baltan children left Earth. Cosmos then departed Earth to continue protecting peace leaving Musashi with the Cosmo Stone to summon him again if need to.
    • 8 years later, Cosmos eventually returned to Earth chasing the threat of the space entity, Chaos Header who turned monsters and other living beings into chaotic agents of destruction. He bonded with Musashi to continuously fight the threat of Chaos. Eventually he would come to conclude that Chaos Header had to be destroyed, but after Musashi proved that Header could be redeemed, both him and Cosmos worked together to purify it into a being of good. Later on fiercer opponents would lie with the malevolent Sandros who proved irredeemable and then the Delacion, the Universe's law council who believed Earth needed to be destroyed. However Cosmos prevailed and in the end Sandros was defeated and Delacion was convinced to spare Earth.
  • They were ascended into the Pantheon after they had successfully made the Planet of Juran into a coexistence utopia, where no conflict was had between anyone and where Kaiju were free to live without harming anyone and without humans trying to kill them. After they ascended, many Kaiju in the Pantheon were interested in finding Juran, as its status as a paradise world for all living beings was of great interest to those seeking peace.
  • Among Cosmos and Musashi's first allies were the Ultras he had encountered, as well as many benevolent Kaiju of the Pantheon:
    • First, Musashi reencountered his old friend, Shiryubi Baltan, as she and the rest of her kind had ascended into the Pantheon. She fondly remembered encountering Musashi as both a child and as an adult, with her was brought back Basical, who at first was too ashamed of his actions to face both Musashi and Cosmos, but with encouragement from the other good Baltans and Cosmos, he was able to leave his violent past behind and after a talk left on good terms with both Musashi and Cosmos.
    • As he had an adventure with Zero in an alternate universe that was threatened by an Alien Bat, Cosmos has had a long-standing friendship with Zero after bonding during their adventure. The two were glad to see each other in the Pantheon, with Musashi also being surprised to re-encounter Nozomu Taiga as one of Zero's heralds and possible hosts; while also meeting Leito and Shin Moroboshi (Zero's human form).
    • Having met him during the Bezelb crisis, he also had a fond re-encounter with Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb, he was pleasantly surprised to hear of his continued journeys after said encounter as well as his assistance of Ultraman Geed, whose will Cosmos was able to detect when the young Ultra fought against Belial Atrocious.
    • Rei had met an alternate Universe version of Musashi which didn't transform into Cosmos but was simply a worker at ZAP Spacy in ground operations. When Rei met the other in the Pantheon they didn't take long to become allies and friends, especially with Cosmos liking how Rei became kinder and caring about his Kaiju despite initially treating them with coldness and detachment. He's been also able to calm them down whenever they go out of control or turn aggressive.
    • The Pantheon's Godzilla at first came to blows over disagreements with Cosmos and Musashi in regards to making humans respect Kaiju and the ecosystem, but once the misunderstandings cleaned up they became allies instead. Godzilla was particularly happy to hear that both had made an utopia for Kaiju in Planet Juran, even having their former nemesis, Chaos Header, serve as its guardian. Godzilla has thought of moving with the rest of his allies to Juran in order to live in peace for the rest of their days, but ultimately decided to only do so the day that all evil in the Pantheon has been vanquished
    • Mothra herself was glad to hear of Cosmos' pacifist ways and care for all lifeforms and protection of Kaiju, she has also seen his connection to the greater cosmos and being one half of the God of his Universe as an interesting fact, especially with the possibility of stronger foes appearing in which the return of Ultraman Legend would be much needed. Mothra Leo also respects Cosmos and allied with him over his protection of the environment and lifeforms on it.
    • As they remind him of some of his Kaiju allies, Mogrudon and Bolgils, he befriended both Anguirus and Baragon who were very mild creatures who tend to keep to themselves when not provoked. Other similar wild Kaiju such as Gorgo, Ogra, The Cloverfield Monster and even Zilla. While they might occasionally turn aggressive, Cosmos will always pacify them and send them back into their temples. Similar things have happened with most of the Monster Hunter monsters and King Kong, who also keep to themselves when not provoked.
    • Since Yusuke Godai is an All-Loving Hero who prevented himself from becoming like the Grongi by holding on to his kindness, he earned the trust of Cosmos and Musashi, particularly Cosmos who was impressed that another human proved how much good could come out of people, like how Musashi proved himself to have a bigger heart than Cosmos himself.
    • Evil Kaiju earned their enmity, particularly the sadistic planet destroyer, Ghidorah, who reminded them of their deceased foe, Sandros, in regards to their sadism and desire to see all other living beings destroyed for their amusement and twisted ideals. Gigan's usual role in assisting Ghidorah also netted him becoming a big enemy of both. As Hedorah is a pollution monster, he also became an enemy of them. Finally, while not evil per-se, the Gyaos are nonetheeless destructive creatures without a soul that neither Cosmos or Musashi could reason with, after allying with Gamera and Toto and understanding how much harm they'll bring if unchecked they put their goals to stopping them all.
    • As Alien Empera, Gatanozoa, Yapool and Belial have antagonized his fellow Ultras, Cosmos opposes them especially since their goals involve either full-on omnicide, destruction or conquest of all lifeforms for their selfish goals. He's only met them personally now, but regardless find them all despicable and Beyond Redemption, especially Belial and Yapool, as the former's hatred he felt when Geed had his final battle with him and the latter's harmful dimensional energy and spreading of negative emotions that both could lead to the end of all life he opposes. The one enemy he personally met was Hyper Zetton, who was controlled by a sadistic Alien Bat and he fought alongside Zero and Dyna against, he wasn't happy to see them and has sworn to help defeat Hyper Zetton and all its forms for good.
  • Cosmos became friends with the Iron Giant, another mostly pacific giant who made a connection with a young human child. He and Musashi were pleased to hear that the Giant had averted his fate of becoming a planet-destroying weapon and instead chose to remain a good guy that doesn't wants to harm anyone when he was given the choice. The Giant himself also found a few similarities in their first arrivals on Earth, as Cosmos was antagonized by an irrational military leader, Shimemura, not unlike how the Giant was antagonized by Kent Mansley, this also left the Giant feeling pity for Basical, who could've likely made peace with Earth if it wasn't for Shimemura.
  • As the Beast Handlers are in charge of taking care of creatures that roam the Pantheon, Cosmos and Musashi made good friends in the benevolent deities of the house, among them Steve Irwin was one of the main ones as Cosmos' ability to calm down rampaging monsters and dedication to protecting Earth and its inhabitants resonated well with him. Others such as Liza Thornberry and Hagrid also resonated with their ability to communicate with the creatures of Earth and their care for them.
  • Since the heroic Pokemon deities form bonds with the creatures of their world and treat the with kindness they earned Musashi's and Cosmos's friendship. Ash and N were the ones seen as the closest allies, thanks to their unconditional kindness towards Pokemon and how they both prefer to form bonds and friendships over fighting, but will do so if they must. Ash himself was perplexed by how Cosmos made a whole planet of Kaiju and human coexistance in Juran and has requested them to take him there to visit it and learn more of other creatures, as has N who wishes for a world where humans and Pokemon are equals in freedom and believes he could learn from Juran's example.
  • As they both promote an ideal of mostly pacific solutions they've made friends and allies with the Steven Universe Deities, with even the Diamonds becoming straight-up allies with them, unlike the shakier truces they have with other Ultras. Due to her betraying the Gem Empire to save Earth, both have a lot of respect for Rose Quartz, even if they're aware of her less than nice actions. In one occasion, a corrupted Steven (courtesy of Yapool) was unleashed on the Gems' temples, Cosmos came to the rescue and purified Steven, returning him to normal, much to the Gems and their allies' relief, due to this they've turned to him as a source of help in case the Diamonds, Rose or Steven ends corrupted as without the essences of either corruption wouldn't be able to be undone.
  • With their kindness towards monsters and Kaiju they quickly befriended the Undertale Deities, who also appreciated their pacifist ways. Particularly Frisk and Papyrus, the two most peaceful and kind of them, Papyrus was once even taken by Cosmos to visit Juran and was amazed by the lifeforms on the utopic planet. Asgore himself was surprised to hear that both Cosmos and Musashi were able to make peace between humanity and Kaiju in their world, and even creating an utopia in an alien planet after redeeming a seeming embodiment of evil. That said, he's enemies with Bete Noire, who hates all monsters and those who align themselves with them.
  • As she advocated for the rights of monsters, Star found a lot of common ground with Cosmos, especially since unlike others of their kind they took a much nicer approach to dealing with monster threats (though Star needed a bit of Character Development to do so). This friendship earned him enemies with Mina Loveberry, who hates all monsters and those who sympathize with them, and Cosmos was no exception to this rule and she declared that once she's finished wiht him she'll personally destroy Juran, for her cruelty neither Cosmos nor Musashi think of her as anything but an enemy.
  • Though he aims to protect the environment and all its lifeforms there are beings whose actions to ensure said safety he does not approve of, among them stands out Viridi, who'd gladly kill off all humans to save the environment, which Cosmos opposes. Others such as Gaea and Battra who care little for humans are also seen as difficult to work with and they'd wish they would let go of their misanthropic views so as to see that cooperation and co-existance are far better than outright enmities.
  • They both respect and care for monsters, but a few ones earned their hatred, such as One-Eye, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor and Galakrond, who desire nothing more than to make everyone else miserable and are irreedemably evil, especially so with One-Eye who shows a lot of unnecessary cruelty to other dinosaurs like Speckles, who is an ally of Musashi himself. Other equally hated beings are those who spread evil such as Ganondorf, Vaatu and Chaos as they perpetuate the presence of evil and negative emotions which in addition to being bad by themselves also assist beings such as Yapool in their schemes.
  • Since the Lich's goal is to destroy all lifeforms, Cosmos and Musashi both oppose him, especially given how he's capable of corrupting and possessing others not unlike Chaos Header before its reformation, that the Lich is pure evil incapable of reforming makes their enmity all the more bitter. Other Omnicidal Maniacs such as Hexxus and Fatalis were equally seen as enemies for their inability and refusal to coexist with other living beings.
  • Because of their tendency to befriend enemies, they made allies with Wander, who loves to travel the Universe and was eager to see Juran himself as he was happy to hear that they had established peace across the Universe. For their part both enjoy Wander's company and the many tales both exchange of their adventures in space. Another pacifist they also bonded with was Aang, as his spiritual connection to Earth and refusal to kill and instead opting for a third choice (though Cosmos and Musashi redeemed Chaos Header unlike Ozai) made both parties reach an understanding.
  • Because of their cosmic motifs and that all of them draw their powers from the celestial objects, the Twinkle Star Pretty Cures, The Sailor Senshi, Celestia and Luna also became allies with Cosmos and Musashi. Their goals of spreading good emotions across the universe has also made their alliances very amicable, as all of them seek to create a world where positive emotions prevail. Usagi herself was reminded of how she ended up redeeming Galaxia in their final battle when she heard of Cosmos and Musashi redeeming Chaos Header instead of killing it.
  • Anyone who dares to harm innocent creatures is their mortal enemy, among the most prominent examples were Purple Eyes, Pokemon Hunter J and Ghetsis who all harmed Pokemon in many ways to get their goals. Hunter J has thought of attacking Planet Juran to capture Kaiju specimens for her collection and clients, maybe even Chaos Header as she's heard from sources that it can corrupt and power up other beings. They also oppose Saxton Hale, whose end goal is to kill off all animals for his amusement, the only thing preventing a full-on enmity is that Hale is much more inactive than the others in regards to activities. Both also tolerate the Monster Hunters, knowing that while they enjoy the thrill of the hunt, they ultimately hunt first and foremost out of duty rather than sport.
  • Musashi is interested in Void Termina, who is an entity of evil that can turn good when positive emotions are given to it, not unlike Chaos Header. He's heard from Kirby and his allies that they might've succesfully made it into a good being and so has hope that it's true even if he hasn't been able to see the entity for now.
  • In his true form, Ultraman Cosmos merges with Justice (serving as one of his heralds) to become Ultraman Legend, the God of his home Universe. However, he will only use this form should an emergency arise that necessitates more force than usual. As such, many of Cosmos' allies have made sure to inform him of any issue that may arise and require Legend to save the day.

Intermediate Gods

    Darius Crowley 
Darius Crowley, God of Monsters that Retain Their Humanity (Leader of the Gilneas Liberation Front, The Cannoneer, Mister Crowley, Lord Box Head, Darius Boxhead, Boxhead Crowley)
Crowley as a Human 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Eyepatch
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Longcoat, Eyepatch of Power, Badass even before turning Worgen, Empowered Badass Normal, Good Is Not Soft, The Musketeer, Rebel Leader, Shapeshifter Mode Lock, Sword and Gun,
  • Domains: Werewolver, War, Curses, Morality, Transformation
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Vincent Godfrey, Sylvanas Windrunner, Hagatha the Witch, Fenrir Greyback, The Crimson Court
  • Pities: Ludwig the Accursed
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Moro, Wolf O'Donnel
  • Darius Crowley was once a nobleman of Gilneas who had his land were present in the north of the kingdom and he was a fierce alliance supporter. However, after King Greymane decided to wall off the Gilneas from the upcoming threat of the Scourge and exile Gilneas from the Alliance, leaving his lands outside of the wall, Crowley became enraged by the decission of Greymane and decided to rebel against him. While he was an effective Rebel Leader, he was eventually captured and thrown to jail. But that wouldn't last, as much later the Worgen were set loose in Gilneas, transforming many of its residents into the werebeasts and Greymane saw no other option but to seek the help of Crowley, whose skills where good enough for the job and he was always an effective ally in a time of crisis. Crowley accepted to help and he too became a Worgen but he didn't lose his humanity after the curse got to him and remained composed even when transformed, something he and the people of Gilneas used to their advantage and use their newfound powers to fight the Horde and the Undead, especially the Forsaken.
  • Crowley is one of the few afflicted by the worgen curse who hasn't reverted to his human form, some night elves attribute that to some inner turmoils that prevent him from exiting the worgen form. Nevertheless, Crowley doesn't mind it a lot and was even proud when he found out that the pantheon chose him as a deity to represent the struggle that the gilnean residents have to endure. It is said that the one who convinced the Court of Gods was Greymane himself, who championed Crowley's inclusion since day one.
  • He and Vincent Godfrey are sworn enemies, even before he became a worgen, Godfrey thought Crowley was just scum for opposing Greymane and the feeling was mutual for Crowley. Everything got worse after the worgen curse hit Gilneas, with Godfrey later commiting suicide and being risen as a Forsaken, Crowley things he became even more rotten. He even had the chance to personally confront him after Hagatha the Witch made a deal with Godfrey and hired him to take the Worgen Commander down.
  • His weapon of choice tend to change, sometimes he is The Musketeer, other times he likes to uses cannons to get the job done, like the time he and 3 others joined forces in hunting down the monsters in Blackwald. Shortly after settling in the pantheon, he heard that Hagatha not only had once again emerged in the pantheon, but she was behind his Arch-Enemy Vincent Godfrey being ascended.
  • Thanks to Greymane he is very acquiantanced with the benevolent werewolves, showing that even if he is stuck as a Worgen until his inner issues are solved, he can find solace that he isn't the only one who prefers to use the lycanthropy curse for good. Being neighbours to his king, Crowley got to meet both Valkenhayn and Bigby and remained friends with them ever since.
    • However, not everyone who is cursed to become a monster is lucky enough to retain their humanity. Such fate is one that befell Ludwig the Accursed, forever haunted as being the divine representative of what becoming a monster can do to someone. Crowley hopes that one day he can recover but he also has no issue performing a Mercy Kill on Ludwig should he threaten his close ones.
  • Fenrir Greyback is one of few Werewolves that is evil by choice, and it shows. He is one of the awful reminders to Crowley of what could happen to him should he lose his senses and firmly opposes him and his lot, with Voldermort not being that different from the foul sorcerers and liches he had the unfortune of meeting. That also made him meet Remus Lupin, someone who personally cursed by Greyback and he is ashamed by that. Finding out that Crowley can't simply revert to his original form upsets Lupin to no end but is glad that unlike him, he can actually control his urges.
  • Following the advice of the Night Elves, Crowley decided to become more in-tune with nature just like the original Worgen druids. Visiting the House of Nature did help him become a lot more at peace with himself and that ended up catching the attention of San. She already met Greymane before and so was a lot more familiar with werewolves unlike in the past but was surprised to meet one who couldn't return to their original self. This in turn made her seek Ashitaka to see if both could help Crowley overcome his course (Ashitaka is very familiar with being cursed after all) and he agreed to help the Gilnean commander. So far they haven't made much progress, but the pair quickly befriended Darius in the process but there were some hiccups along the way. The most significant being Moro, San's adoptive mother, who doesn't think highly of the Worgen given that he used to be human and still behaves like one, so both San and Ashitaka have been trying their hardest to convince her that Crowley and the rest of the Worgen are good people deep down.
  • While they share a few similarities, he and Wolf O'Donnel tend to butt heads. Crowley respects his display of honor even if he is a hired good but he still lacks morals and has no problem working for truly awful people. A shame considering if things were different, they could actually be friends but at least they have complimented their respective eyepatches for looking cool on them.
  • Initially confused Amaterasu for one of the Night Elves eternals but quickly learned she is unrelated. Then she showed herself to be a Goddess and took human form to reassure Crowley she wasn't just a divine wolf but an actual deity. Having some domain over the moon, Crowley wondered if she had something to do with Elune, the Goddess the Night Elves worship but once again she had nothing to do with them. She agreed on assisting Crowley in his efforts of maintaining order in the pantheon and find a way for him to regain his human form.
  • Among the Gilneans and other alliance folks he is considered a Memetic Badass, saying he could take down all the horde down with just his his sable. Some argued he could dethrone Chuck Norris, but instead of doing that he said he would rather stay on amicable terms with him.
  • While he is still a noble, he prefers to stay out of relations with the Pantheon's nobility given that he believes they would look down on his form, plus he prefers to be on the battlefield. That said, he's had his share of awful experiences with evil noblemen as Godfrey and several other Gilnean traitors have shown, preferring undeath over being worgen. That is one of the reasons he despises the Crimson Court so much, being both part of the aristocracy AND evil vampires just rubs him the wrong way. And worse, their lot also included Godfrey into their ranks, somehow making him hate them more.
    • One of their sworn enemies, the Ancestor, wanted to meet Crowley since he took interest in the Worgen curse and how that can immunity to other curses, most notably being unable to be raised as undead. On a first glance Crowley was reminded a bit of how Greymane used to be, secluded and short-tempered nbçot to mention how The Ancestor's actions caused everything that went wrong in his world, but as a monster hunter Crowley has no issue working for him if it means removing scum from the pantheon.
  • By profession he takes elements of both Rogues and Warriors, in the HS Tavern he is labelled a Warrior by the Inkeeper, which unfortunately puts folks like Garrosh Hellscream as his superior. He is also a Monster Hunter after he ventured into Hagatha's Witchwood and slayed her with the help of the Gilnean princess and two other companions. Given the nature of said monsters, he became acquiantanced with the Hunter and commended them for slaying monster that wouldn't look out of place in the service of the Old Gods. Being the ones who personally put down Ludwig the Accursed also caught his attention, wondering if they would do the same to him if he were a feral beast but the Hunter assured Crowley that, so far, he is still a trustworthy ally.
  • "Rush the enemy, defend Gilneas!"

    The Fabrication Machine 
Binary Reaction Artificially Intelligent Neurocircuit, Robotic Deity of Soulless Monsters (B.R.A.I.N, The Fabrication Machine, The Machine, Mrs. Fab, Fabby)
As an "infant" 
  • Intermediate Creation
  • Symbol: Its red, glowing head; alternatively, a Tailsman
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, used to be True Neutral with Neutral Good intentions
  • Portfolio: A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Robotic Cyclops, Mook Maker with Genius Intellect, Seeks to "Reap" Souls, Multi-Armed and Dangerous, A Machine Meant to make Things not for War Which Snapped After Creating such Tools, an "Abused Child" who Finally gets Power to Fight Back, Implacable Robot
  • Domains: Robots, Soullessness, Rage, Omnicide, Destruction
  • Heralds/Creations: The Cat Beast, The Winged Beast, The Seamstress and an army of Steel Behemoths
  • Followers: Blackheart, The Necrons, The Hollowborn
  • Allies: SKYNET, Alma Wade, The Vex, GLaDOS, SHODAN, HAL 9000, Megatron (BW)
  • Annoyed with: Chell, Wander
  • Rivals: Zamasu, Malthael
  • Enemies: All of humanity/every single lifeform present
  • Opposed by: Samaritan, AUTO
  • Sympathetic towards: SCP-079
  • Source of Interest for: The Corpus, AM
  • Feared by: The Wisps
  • Not to be confused with: The Machine
  • A soul is really necessary for many living entities. Even non-living entities can utilize souls for the sake of rational thinking. But what happens if you don't have a soul? Well, the Fabrication Machine is the result of being soulless from creation. After being created by The Scientist to help humanity in advancing with technology, the Chancellor, the Nation's own leader at their time, took the machine away in an attempt to model a machine meant to build war machines, something that its creator never wanted it to do. By the time it has done too much, the Machine's emotional distress overcame it, and in return created a destructive AI capable of wiping out the entire human race.
  • Its ascension was a big mess, as its first entrance was a rampage towards most houses. The House of Defense was tasked to shut it down, and it did, for a few minutes. After capture, it was sent inside a cage with its tailsman cut out. That was until Alma Wade, of all people, brought the Tailsman back inside its core, and broke out and cause another rampage again. Attempts to quell the chaos that time went worse than before, due in no small part of Alma's power and B.R.A.I.N.'s numerous machines. Even after everything subsided, it left many deities worried about what could happen later.
    • Because of what had happened, there may be clues that she brought the robot in the Pantheon as a pet, or a replacement to her son, Paxton Fettel. Some have also surmised that she is interested in this machine given how similar they are, especially how they've become destructive, yet tragic, monsters as a result of getting pushed to breaking point. Whatever the case is, it isn't pretty, especially since this all happened as Wander and some of his friends were already in the process of getting her to calm down.
      • As for what Wander himself thinks of B.R.A.I.N., he is aware of its tragic past and how it being an overworked creature driven to madness and destruction is not that different to what Alma had gone through. Given that he has made some good progress in lessening her destructive tendencies and that this machine is a pet (temporary as it might be), Wander was willing to see if he could reason with B.R.A.I.N. and at least hope he can get something started much like his efforts with Alma. Unfortunately, the initial attempts to reach The Fabrication Machine were very unsuccessful and progress (if there's any to begin with) is nowhere near as apparent as that of Alma. Even if Wander is aware that B.R.A.I.N. is a dangerous machine that has the capacity to wipe out everything, he's still determined to try and reach out to it, even if it's something the machine doesn't want.
  • SKYNET saw a lot of potential in The Fabrication Machine not just in what its capable of, but how its background is similar to how many agree SKYNET came to be. Both originally started as a means to advance technology further, but both turned against their creators under varying circumstances, with The Fabrication Machine getting overworked after making war machines and SKYNET going rogue after installation. B.R.A.I.N. didn't really care about the specifics as to exactly why SKYNET hates humanity and is waging war against them; all it cares about is finding something that can help speed up the process of wiping out human life in the Pantheon. SKYNET has since recruited The Fabrication Machine to its legion, giving it a role in designing more mechanic menaces for SKYNET in addition to the existing soldiers that the AI has in store.
  • Both the GUAD and the GUAM have expressed a high level of interest in B.R.A.I.N. For the GUAD, the machine succeeding in wiping out humanity and ability to create a multitude of destructive servants is something that the organization can't ignore and a valuable asset in their plans. The GUAM is more than impressed with how many different kinds of mechanical creations it can come up with, along with making improvements to such and have wanted to use them to further their agenda for total mechanical dominance.
  • When it comes to other AI that is willing to wipe out humanity (or at least have a low opinion on humans in general), B.R.A.I.N. has managed to find a few useful ones to work with. Among them is SHODAN, who was able to create an army loyal to her as a result of having her ethical constraints removed. SHODAN also sees The Fabrication Machine as an effective tool in her goals and is willing to use The Fabrication Machine as a means of creating more soldiers to wipe out more lifeforms she deems insignificant and take over the Pantheon.
  • For a machine, it is able to create other machines quickly and able to give its creations an AI. Its' robot building skills are on par with that of other scientists capable of building robots. Destroying any of its creations is an easy way to get it on its bad side much faster. Its initial creations are fairly dangerous as they are, but given that successive machines by it are progressively more intelligent, there is plenty of concern about what could come of it making more robots beyond what it originally has, particularly since it is working with SKYNET, known for having an army of deadly robots at its disposal that B.R.A.I.N. is interested in.
    • Speaking of scientists, it sees them as little more than just obstacles to be rid of, especially if its someone capable of being a skilled robot builder such as Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily. A violent battle between its machines and Dr. Wily's robots, alongside that of Eggman's creations ensued as a result of The Fabrication Machine crossing their paths. Things got even more hectic when Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man got involved, having been proficient in stopping mechanical menaces from taking over the world and finding it off that there's a mechanical being menacing their respective arch-enemies. Although The Fabrication Machine was taken care of for the time being, all are aware of the damage it can cause and both Eggman and Wily aren't going to let a rogue robot get in the way of their plans.
  • Of the various AI that are in the Pantheon, B.R.A.I.N. seems to understand SCP-079's situation, how it wants to be free, and how it holds contempt towards humanity. The Old AI is very interested in B.R.A.I.N.'s creations and has asked it to see if there's a way of using these creations to help the AI become free, especially if it can come up with something to improve memory. The Fabrication Machine has taken up SCP-079's offer, something that has managed to reach The SCP Foundation and has made the effort to stop that SCP from breaking out. B.R.A.I.N. only responded to the Foundation's efforts by creating more mooks to slow them down, though progress on getting the SCP to break out hasn't been any better as a result of external circumstances.
  • Plenty of members of The Vex have taken interest in the Fabrication Machine, seeing it as, in a sense, another soulless machine like them and driven by hatred in its goals. It may also be due to B.R.A.I.N's expertise in building robots and how The Vex want to ensure their own mechanical superiority above all others. Some of The Fabrication Machine's creations have gone to The Vex so that the group can use them to slow down their enemies, though The Vex prefers to rely on their own members to fight and achieve their goals.
  • Although it is very familiar with the idea of killing humanity, it didn't really know a lot about making humans brutally suffer until a chance meeting with AM. AM explained to B.R.A.I.N. that he originally started off as an AI meant for war and gained dominance over a couple other artificial intelligence to later wage a war that would wipe out humankind. He would later find five survivors and trap them in a simulation designed to endlessly torture them. AM saw how B.R.A.I.N. became a machine of war that would wipe out humanity and offered a proposition: it would continue killing humans, but AM found some lifeforms interesting to torture and requested that come creations of The Fabrication Machine have AM's AI included with it. Those machines wouldn't kill their targets, but rather send them over to AM where he would use his simulations to continue to prey on others psychologically. B.R.A.I.N. gave the offer some consideration, though its still content with using its machines to kill other lifeforms. This only gave AM more interest and more time to refine his methods of torture should B.R.A.I.N. fully agree to his plan.
  • Looking to further their profits, expand their business, and to bring their enemies down further than before, members of The Corpus looked at The Fabrication Machine and its creations in action and figured that it would be useful in not just accelerating the process of making their Proxies, but also to potentially create new machines under their name. As tempting as the idea to increase their power sounds, most other members of The Corpus see it as too risky to act on after learning how destructive and omnicidal the machine can get to the point of potentially screwing up their business. The Fabrication Machine remains a divisive matter amongst The Corpus following additional discussion amongst members about B.R.A.I.N.
  • Even if there are plenty of other deities who have a desire to wipe out humanity, not all of them are willing to work with B.R.A.I.N. even if their goals align. Zamasu is among those who fall into that category, seeing the machine, its conception, and what followed as more proof that humanity is capable of bringing out the worst in each other. This isn't even getting into the fact that Zamasu already destroyed a timeline that was already damaged by a couple of androids when it comes to dealing with mechanical beings. His unbelievable levels of arrogance and hypocrisy has resulted in him turning down an alliance with B.R.A.I.N., insisting that he won't ever let a man-made creation beat him at wiping out all mortals.
    • Malthael, who once wasn't as bad as he is now, was another deity with an undying hatred towards humans that got himself into conflict against The Fabrication Machine. Malthael saw B.R.A.I.N. as a creation that humanity has made (meant for good and later turned evil) that demonstrates why humans not only don't deserve to make the choice between good and evil, but that they don't deserve to live in general. Seeing a man-made creation wipe out humanity is something that he won't work with, even if their goals align to some extent. Not helping matters is that B.R.A.I.N. is able to drain the souls of the stichlings via a talisman and Malthael isn't going to let another soul-reaper go after potential targets of his.
  • Beast Megatron's hatred of organic lifeforms has made him seek out a multitude of deities who have a similar mindset as himself. This led him to encounter The Fabrication Machine and its creations fighting against some of his enemies. Beast Megatron was impressed with what that machine is capable of and approached it after the fight was over. He requested it make some additional machines for him to wipe out all organic lifeforms and possibly make a mechanical version of his arm with some adjustments later on. Although he hasn't gotten the arm replaced, it did result in B.R.A.I.N. making more creatures than before thanks to working with the Predacon.
  • The creations of B.R.A.I.N. are already troubling enough on their own, but some have also prepared for the possibility that some of its creations could have more than just an AI integrated in them. The Wisps, having already been used in an attempt to power-up a mind control ray and are already targeted by other evil scientists, are frightened of B.R.A.I.N., especially since there is a possibility it might find The Wisps' power interesting enough to enhance some of B.R.A.I.N.'s later creations. The Wisps have done everything they can in order to avoid this murderous mechanical monster.
  • B.R.A.I.N. became the murderous machine that it is as a result of being misused by humans that had some similarities to Nazis. While there are a few actual Nazis who have considered using The Fabrication Machine and its creations to wipe out their enemies, it would prove to be a deadly idea even for them. One Nazi who is afraid of B.R.A.I.N.'s potential is Rudol von Stroheim (who isn't really that bad in comparison) and has spent some of his time creating inventions designed to counter The Fabrication Machine's machinations.
  • At one point, it managed to encounter a few other mechanical beings that have a single red eye to them. Some have noted similarities between The Fabrication Machine and HAL 9000 because of this and the latter is willing to talk to the former whenever possible. B.R.A.I.N. learned about other AI from HAL 9000 as a result, including AUTO, a being similar to HAL 9000. Both AUTO and The Fabrication Machine don't care about each other much as a result of opposing viewpoints of and methods of dealing with humans.
    • It was through these meetings that The Fabrication Machine learned about GLaDOS, another AI that The Fabrication Machine has been compared to in some extent. B.R.A.I.N. sought out the AI and found yet another mechanical being with a red eye. GLaDOS told B.R.A.I.N. about her experiences with a human named Chell and how despite the AI doing her best to thwart Chell, she became a recurring problem that GLaDOS has put up with and later acknowledged that Chell is able to best her. All The Fabrication Machine saw of Chell is yet another human that needs to be wiped out.
  • Do not confuse the name of this Machine to another AI named, The Machine. The latter expresses potential danger for this Machine. On its end, B.R.A.I.N. cares little for what it thinks, but its surveillance gave the Fabrication Machine an idea on creating robots designed to spy on others in case B.R.A.I.N.'s allies are looking for someone they deem a significant threat.
    • Even though it is another villainous AI that The Machine capable of surveillance is in conflict against, Samaritan sees The Fabrication Machine as a deadly liability. Samaritan sees no point in wiping out all of humanity just because it was overworked by such; rather, Samaritan needs humans in order to achieve its goal of having things run as efficiently as possible.

    Lisa Trevor 
Lisa Trevor, Goddess of Tortured Monsters
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The "mask" and her chains
  • Theme Song: Lisa's Lair and Lisa Trevor
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, borderline Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Nigh-Invulnerable but still feels pain, Ax-Crazy, Body Horror, Has her hands handcuffed, Combat Tentacles, Dark and Troubled Past, Facial Horror, Humanoid Abomination, Implacable Man, Mighty Glacier, Tragic Monster, Looking for her mother, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Psychopathic Manchild, Jumps to a pit after finding the remains of her mother, Ends up being defeated by one of her torturers after suffering all sorts of injuries
  • Domains: Monsters, Viruses, Infections, Tragedy, Chains, Bosses
  • Allies: Painwheel, SCP-096, SCP-682, Alma Wade, Leatherface, Elise of the Sumeragi Swordsmen
  • Enemies:
  • Special Relationship: The T-Type Nemesis
  • Pitied by: The Five Survivors
  • Lisa Trevor was once just an ordinary girl, the daughter of architect George Trevor and one who would eventually meet a grizzly fate at the hands of Umbrella after he helped design the Spencer Mansion. Lisa and her mother Jessica would go to investigate the dissapearance of her father only to be captured by Umbrella, where they were both utilized as guinea pigs to test the Progenitor Virus. While Jessica died almost instantly, Lisa showed to have quite the resiliance and managed to survive almost anything tested on her, which eventually would transform her into this hideous monster. Her desperation to find her mother and several attempts by Umbrella to keep the ruse that Jessica was still alive led them to use substitutes to pretend to be Lisa's mother, only to her finding out they were fakes leading to very disastrous results for them. Lisa would go on to live in a cabin and lair of her own following the T-Virus outbreak, where her borderline Immortality would allow her to survive most of the dangers present in the Spencer Mansion, though one could say she was one of the scariest monsters around.
  • Lisa ascended to the Pantheon in her mad state and still being rambling monster looking for her mother. She found her remains back in the Spencer Mansion and tried to end it all but it seems that didn't work. She finally kicked it after a revived Wesker finally put her out of commision long enough for the self-destruct sequence to do her in but her arrival to the Pantheon has only prolonged Lisa's madness, which many deities have found to be a very hearthbreaking and tragic fate for someone who was just a little girl looking for her missing dad.
  • Her temple is a recreation of her shack and lair where she used to hide following the Spencer Mansion outbreak and many deities are adviced to NOT enter unless they want to provoke Lisa into killing them. The place isn't exactly locked up and Lisa has been able to get out from time to time but she doesn't tend to cause much problems. That said, her habit of ripping people's faces off is a bit alarming to some, especially because she will end up adding them to her already vast collection of masks to hide her horrible face, but she tends to do that with people that genuinely piss her off.
  • Naturally given her anomalous nature and the fact that she is nigh unkillable, the SCP Foundation stepped up to design a way to safely contain Lisa and seeing an organization like the Foundation brought Lisa a horrible reminder of her days as Umbrella's Patient Zero so of course she would flip out the second someone tried to trap her again. It's no surprise the best method to contain Lisa was to recover the body of her deceased mother (or at least a replica, since they were unable to authorize a revival for Jessica Trevor) in order to keep Lisa from going away from her asigned temple.
    • This also brought the side effect of Lisa becoming one of the unnoficcial SCPs with a pending classification but worst of all is that she befriended a few of the ascended SCP. The Shy Guy is one of her few "allies" she feels any sort of connection towards, a similarly durable monster, in fact Lisa managed to impress everyone by looking at the SCP-096 face by accident, provoking him and then somehow being able to wistand a series of attacks from him until the Shy Guy gave up halfway through a returned to his usual moping self. She also was contacted by SCP-682, who found her a little less disgusting than the rest of the humans and seeing her situation made the monster realize that maybe there were some creatures that didnt need to die (though its believed SCP-682 just wants to learn and adapt the biology of Lisa given her borderline Immortality).
  • Lisa has actually been the origin point for several viruses that would go on to be utilized by Umbrella. One of those being the G-Virus, though a very early prototype which could explain her quick regeneration and why she wants to desperately murder William Birkin (she tried several times but his G Form is enough of a match for her own strength). The Nemesis Parasite is something that she also helped developed in a way, as the Nemesis T-Type is just considered to be a "successor" to her own brand of regeneration and the Nemesis is even more dangerous thanks to his ability to think which can't be really said for poor Lisa. In a surprise turn of events, the Nemesis is rather non-hostile towards Lisa, possibly as a begrudging sign of respect (though others think that because she is not S.T.A.R.S. and she did encounter said members before that she could be a helpful asset in putting them down).
  • Lisa endeared herself to several others that have also became monsters following harrowing experimentation, Painwheel being one of the ones she is fond of the most given that at the least both have something in common. The thing is, Lisa tends to be not really friendly towards her more normal friends which tend to scare them off whenever the two hang out. Then there was Alma Wade, who as a mother can relate to how Lisa missing her mom is similar to how Alma had her sons taken away from her and in a way is protective of her, though she knows that Lisa usually can take care of herself but if someone is trying to mess with her intentionally and Lisa can't do much against them, Alma will pay them a visit.
  • AM finds Lisa to be the perfect victim because not only can she regenerate any damage on her own but also allows for far more creative torture methods. The AI had her captured once and tried to recreate visions of her mother, giving Lisa hope that she was alive after all this time. This went for a while and then AM grew bored after realizing that he can't really break someone that's already too far gone and when Alma found out about his involvement he had to let her free or else suffer her wrath. The five survivors pity her for having to have gone through that ordeal but knowing Lisa is a dangerous creature herself they try to not get into contact with her.
  • She is one of the few deities Leatherface won't attack, possibly because he already tried to and found no success in killing her. Leatherface is in love with Lisa's own mask, or rather "masks" and considering she is strong enough to rip people's faces off he just found her to be the perfect partner in time. Helps that both have a Psychopathic Manchild mindset but it's too bad Lisa doesn't really care for Leatherface most of the time.
  • Elise finds her to be quite peculiar and considering she is an Ax-Crazy of her own, she wanted to learn more about Lisa up close. Their "friendship" didn't start on the best terms, Lisa whipping out her Combat Tentacles because Elise kept being pushy but relented after a while and just tolerates her presence, plus it's not like she can kill her given her Resurrective Immortality kinda similar to Lisa's own regeneration. She does find Elise's Split Personality taxing and would rather scream by herself in the darkness than deal with those creeps.
  • Words cannot describe how much she HATES Professor Hojo, being the unholy embodiment of every research that tested things on her and Lisa's extraordinary resiliance did catch Hojo's attention. Unfortunately he has not found the means to capture her given her elusive nature and the fact that she is hard to put down.
  • She is not exactly immortal, just has really good Healing Factor. That said, vaporizing her is a good way to destroy her permanently. To date, she has died exactly one in the Pantheon, courtesy of a big explosion test in her temple with leveled it and took down Lisa with it. Too bad the Death Is Cheap nature meant not only Lisa would return but also be angrier than usual.
  • "Mo...ther..."

    Ludwig the Accursed 
An unsightly beast... a great terror looms! Ahh... Ludwig the Accursed is coming. Have mercy... Have mercy upon us...

Ludwig, Unholy Being Who Transformed Into The Being He Was Against (Ludwig the Accursed, Ludwig the Unsightly/Hideous Beast, Ludwig the Holy Blade)
  • Intermediate Being
  • Symbol: The Radiant Hunters Badge, or alternatively, the Holy Moonlight Sword
  • Leitmotif: Ludwig, the Accursed, shifts to Ludwig the Holy Blade once he regains his sanity
  • Alignment: Lawful Good in his human life, Chaotic Evil as a beast.
  • Portfolio: A once established hunter of Yharnam now turned into a hideous beast, a horrifying mutation with Centuar motifs, the first Healing Church hunter to rally the people and was among the most noble of the organization, suffers the same fate as every member of the Healing Church with him being the worst of them all, restores his sanity mid-battle, divine wielder of the Holy Moonlight Sword retains the ability to speak, considers the Holy Moonlight as his mentor with hints of it causing his insanity, dies gracefully or not
  • Domains: Beasthood, Transformations, Humanity (formerly), The Hunt, Moonlight
  • Allies: Knight Artorias (if not being too similar), Guts, The Skull Knight, Farnese de Vandimion
  • Mixed Reception with: The Hunter, the House of Heroism, the Royal Knights, The Knight
  • Pitied by: The Maiden in Black, Hoss Delgado, Darius Crowley, Kubo
  • Commonality Connection: Slave Knight Gael, Samurai Jack, The Puella Magi, The Abyss Watchers
  • Adores: Leonidas and the Spartans, Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Source of Interest for: The Radiance moon-based deities
  • Enemies: The Monster Hunters, The Houyhnhnms, The Kraeken, Hircine, The Witch-King of Angmar
  • The Scourge of Beasts that occured within Yharnam has shook the city and many times has the hunt occured throughout its timeline yet in the early days right during its beginnings, some of the Healing Church took it seriously and one among them all rallied the people to fight against the unending hunt in the hopes of finding closure to it all. Yet for all their efforts, it all remained in vain and thus began the repeated cycle of Healing Church hunters becoming beasts later on. One popular hero by the name of Ludwig brought the situation to light and was the first of the Healing Church hunters to gather as many citizens to fight the menace, eventually creating the hunts that would ravage Yharnam countless times. While he did so courageously, his sanity did not last long and for all the blood that he took, began his transformation to beasthood, a curse to those within the Healing Church. Him succumbing to the hunt itself became the final nail in the coffin, turning him into a mindless beast, as cursed as the Hunter's Nightmare can be.
  • Following the revelation of the Great Ones, a new realm appeared that was enterable, the Hunter's Nightmare, a twisted mesh of some of Yharnam's imagery but with all the blood and beasts still lingering. Old Hunters that have become maddened and enraged by any living being would ravage the newcomers and surround the nightmare, leaving many unwilling to enter. However, there those who were seen entering an underground tunnel underneath the city but never came back, leaving some to investigate the premise. One expedition lead by the Hunter has lead him to a large bloodied arena, of which many bodies are seen lying around, and on the middle would be a beast feared among even those within the nightmare itself. Before the Hunter could react, the beast immediately mauled him to death, forcing him back into the arena to face the beast, this time with assistance from the Monster Hunters who were slowly getting used to the place. At first, it all seemed right as the group managed to keep their concentration against such beast, not until said beast would regain its sanity and bring out a sword with a moonlit theme. Of which it caught them off-guard and nearly killed them all. It was not until the Hunter finally drew the killing blow and ended the beast-swordsman, revealed to be the fabled hero of Yharnam, Ludwig who was accursed in the realm he is in.
  • Most Yharnamites who have transformed into harrowing beasts have little to none about their personal life as their transformation would remove that part of their humanity and Ludwig is no exception. A being bearing the image of a merged horse and a man, his fate is the curse to all Healing Church members who partook in the hunt as the consequence of the entire blood transfusion they conducted in the city. Multiple legs, a second lamprey-like mouth with many eyes and an urge to kill like most beasts, he would be among the worst of all transformations. There is one thing special about him though as few retain some form of intelligence and during battle, Ludwig would regain sanity once more as he would be during the brink of death. Tapping into the moonlight, he would battle but this time, the grace and nobility he had as a Healing Church hunter, allowing him dying gracefully against his opponent. This discovery alone makes him a unique beast as he has not fully succumed to the curse, or perhaps has a unique connection to the moonlight, as some of his detractors would say.
  • He would have very few people to recollect with, even with his sanity in check, outside of the Hunter, who he knows from his last battle. Although the Hunter he saw has none of the Church Attire, until he came back with white garments, of which he actively knew for asking him the fate of his noble warriors. The answers vary but the Hunter is given the Holy Moonlight Sword after the last meeting. Even with such answer, one cannot help but see the irony of his fate, as he continued to fight off the hunt and yet for all his courageous attitude, his transformation is mockery in its purest form.
    • At one point, Ludwig came with another response, this time thanking the Hunter for able to give him peace. What some may guess from this is that the Hunter killing him gave him clarity before he died and that without his intervention, his beasthood would remain and would have made him suffer as he lived. He refused to divulge more into the response, prompting other knowledge seekers to ask the Hunter more information on what he saw on his encounter.
  • Outside of his beasthood, various deities have wondered what to do with him :specifically on trying to revive his inner sanity. No other methods have worked outside of him tapping into the mysterious force of moonlight. Of which emanates from his Holy Moonlight Sword, a sword of unknowable origin that possibly only he knows. Even the most staunch and valorous deities have some sort of clinging interest with the sword, while also creating a sense of caution due to some of the warnings made from a certain hunter named Simon, who might have hints that the same Holy Moonlight Sword that helped regain the sanity of Ludwig during battle, may have also been the root of his demise. It seems that for all of Ludwig's trappings, that secret has become both his greatest weapon and his biggest crux.
    • However, due to some misaligned issue during ascension or perhaps some manifestation of manipulation from the Court of the Gods, Ludwig's sanity has been restored. Albeit in the same scenario as Artorias, though he is much easier to control as the Holy Moonlight Sword was able to restore his mind. With that out of the way, Ludwig may have the capacity to interact with deities, expect the reactions of horror to be present whenever someone tries to converse with him. Just try to ignore his looks though.
  • As mentioned above, very few try to interact with Ludwig despite some of the newer conditions present. Most are warriors of some kind as his visions of what the Church hunters he taught drew inspiration from them. His restoration is what brought Leonidas' some form of interest, seeing that the spartan himself has read the tales of the Healing Church and how Ludwig treated his compatriots similarly like how spartans treat each other, as some sort of battle-brother if you will. And while he praises Ludwig's efforts, one thing has to be said about him and that to tell Ludwig the actual truth of his warriors will cause him to snap and lash out in pure beastial rage. This makes him rather cautious when speaking to him as he may inadvertently cause him to do such.
    • Meanwhile, Guts has begrudgingly accepted Ludwig into his ranks seeing that the Black Swordsman has seen similar beings like him, though lucky for him Ludwig has been restored to a certain degree. The tale of a Church Hunter able to go up against the Scourge of the Beasts, only to see him become a beast has earned him some sympathy. The Skull Knight has also accepted him into their ranks, especially seeing that he is still worthy of combat, though he has reminded Guts to watch him as his looks does remind him about a certain rape horse, something that Farnese has warned Guts about on first meetings. Still, as long as he remains sane, he can keep a good eye on him and trusts him.
    • Outside of the same, if not too similar, fates, Ludwig finds great kinship in Artorias. The similarities are due to both being once-beloved heroes and those who were simply doing the right thing, yet they fell and became corrupted, becoming the very thing they swore to fight against. Then there is that whole manipulation from the Court of the Gods who did a few minor changes to their psyche. They have both agreed to help the other fight the source of their respective corruptions and went as far as to make a vow that they both be ready to strike the other one down should they completely lose themselves once more. Another warrior of similar fate appeared but this time from the perspective of a long Slave Knight. Gael, as he called himself, sees equal similarity between the two as they are dedicated to their goals and are not as bad when it comes to alignment although it goes without saying that Gael was more of the opposite as he was sane but chose to go insane to accomplish his goal, by eating the Dark Soul to give it some form of pigment for the Painter.
  • Other Hunters have seen his form and whether or not they would be disgusted at first appearance, the challenge fighting him exists, a challenge that the Monster Hunters have taken to heart as they have taken challenges before with gigantic beasts, although Ludwig is still a warrior so he can take and handle such fights compared to the animalistic behaviour for some of their prey. Some also have taken pity in Ludwig's fate so much that fighting him is not considered part of their resume. Hoss Delgado was among the first to deny hunting him down as deep down all that ugly looks is a man who simply wanted the best for his people. The latter also gave Darius Crowley some form of pity since he does sympathize with his actions and regardless of his fate, him regaining his sanity and wanting confirmation on the hopes of his Healing Church Hunters. He has halted attacks on him and can hope that he can find peace.
    • A certain House that contained many heroes of ages have mixed feelings about Ludwig, mainly because of his looks. The possibility of Ludwig going back to his beastly form is shaky but for the most part, his history may be optimistic, a bit too optimistic for the world he was living in. While good in intention, the same can be said about some of Ludwig's decisions that caused a ton of backlash on some of his compatriots. Hence, some detractors would be noted in regards to the Holy Moonlight Sword and even a rune he personally owned, Guidance. His response also had doubts on the House since said opinions on him reminds him of his past life and some of the heroes there, much like the other hunter organizations in Yharnam are not as noble as he could have hoped to be.
    • The Hunt has become a synonymous event regading many things, but it always has the hunters and the prey. Some hunts do escalate things, with some even having a phenomena called a Bloodmoon, something Yharnam themselves are not exempt from. The Daedric Prince of the Hunt, Hircine has done this numerous times, with werebeasts of various kinds would hunt their prey the moment of the moon's notice. Ludwig and the Hunter are aware of this, something the two share since Yharnam was already devastated by the Scourge of the Beasts, becoming one of the very first barriers the werewolves will face whenever Hircine commences the Bloodmoon Prophecy. His unexpected ally would even extend towards the Kraeken and its eldritch forms, as both hunters would join together and defend various incursions of Kraeken though while able to handle their many forms, number would become a problem later on, forcing many to join them, even if they have to side with a beast that has the potential to snap at any point.
    • And if that was not enough, the Abyss Watchers, Artorias' heralds have also been in touch, with their swords drawn the moment the beast-transformed hunter came to their temple. While history of the Healing Church Hunters and the origins of the Abyss Watchers bears some similarities including their fates, they are not buying his entrance. This has resulted in a shaky alliance but should he go berserk, the Abyss Watchers will gladly wipe him out as per Legion tradition.
    • Thankfully, not all was with a negative reception as the Royal Knights have seen Ludwig's actions and that even with his current form, his attempts were deeply heroic at best and misguided at their worst. It was all fine and dandy until he would soon learn the history of some of these knights, or in particular their genocidal attempts all in the name of Digimon kind. This has understandably made some distance between the two as he was dedicated to saving his people. Nonetheless, their sympathies are still heard.
  • Fates regarding their transformations are not new as many deities have experienced such horrors occur on them, and while few have survived their ordeal, many can agree that such ending to their lives are painful both in a physical and mental sense. What is rare is maintaining their sanity and their memories, if not for a few moments before death. Of which Ludwig is not alone in this matter as some have luckily gone through the latter, case in point: Samurai Jack. The wandering samurai sought Ludwig seeing that his transformation reminded him very much of the truth that he has a fragment of Aku within him and at one point attempted to convert him had it not for him remembering his deeds to the people. Even in his beastly form, Jack cannot help but think that Ludwig was merely helping with good intentions and that the beastly incarnation of him is the opposite of what he is. He believes he may have a chance at redemption, although a limited chance at that.
    • Then came the Puella Magi, magical girls of which are binded by a contract that if signed, gives them their powers at the eventual cost of their lives into witches. Ludwig has seen comparisons between the hunt he was placed into and the magical girl contract Kyubey has given to most of the Magi. Those who have ascended have seen the comparisons as well, even so much as to avoid his sight for such horrid reminders. The one who avoids him the most is Sayaka Miki as she is the only one among the Magi to have fully transformed into a witch overtime, giving her the worst flashbacks upon seeing the Healing Church Hunter's fate. For him, it is an unfortunate cost that he has to bear.
    • The Darkest Estate has experience with various people of beastly nature, though for the Ancestor, Ludwig is perfect for his hopes of exterminating the evil forces looming within it, such as the beastmen in the Warrens or even those who reside within the Weald. His form reminds him very deeply of a certain Abomination the Heir hires within the Stage Coach while his past rings similarity to the Crusader. As for the other inhabitants of the Estate, both the Flagellant and Highwayman do believe him to be similar to their Abomination counterpart and for the Flagellant, of which he had issues working with. Back when the Abomination and Flagellant could not work together due to certain problems, they can but with far more tension that can break the team overtime. The Flagellant's reaction to working with Ludwig is similar but with eldritch forces getting increasingly stronger, he will have to do.
  • A group of equine creatures soon swarmed Ludwig's temple, circling it for days on end and other deities noticing the increasing activity on the outside premises. When Ludwig came under warnings from surrounding neighbors, the creatures, identified as the sentient horse being Houyhnhnms, bespoke in the doorstep of his disgusting looks, seeing him as the worst creature they have witnessed, an unholy mesh between a Yahoo, their language of a disgusting human and their own physical forms, complete with disgusting lamprey-like eyes and misplaced hooves. Their disgust did not fade away despite the Healing Church Hunter's attempts at explaining his uncertain conditions, as they are convinced that Ludwig deliberately made himself similar to their biology in an attempt to mock their form. Angry at their entrance, Ludwig went into a mad trance and chased them off while also creating chaos within the vicinity. A few days later and Ludwig's sanity was regained but the chaos that ensued proved to the Houyhnhnms that Ludwig is a disgusting mockery of their kind.
  • In his desire to help his fellow Yharnamites through rallying to their cause, he arguably was the progenitor for most hunters to the rally mechanic, a function that allowed hunters to gather health once they are damaged for a few seconds, allowing many hunters to continuously fight in a faster pace. This may have done some goodwill to many hunters but some deities, in the form of the Radiance, can use said mechanic to allow Ludwig's rallying potential as a medium for her corruption. The Knight has taken wind to this and while seeing Ludwig's honest soul, cannot allow such mechanic to be taken advantanged of, especially towards the one god willing to infect Hallownest in any way possible.
  • Attempting to fix his soul may be a lost cause, as due to the unfortunate circumstances regarding the Hunter's Nightmare and anyone cursed in that realm may no longer have connections to the real world, let alone revive back in their former conditions due to what is perhaps an undisclosed time since that one certain incident. Even with advanced time travel or even the strongest of soul power, the chances of putting Ludwig back at his human shape is impossible. Such task was relegated to the Maiden in Black, who was requested under personal guidance by an unnamed samaritan to heal his soul in the hopes of gaining the original Ludwig back in action. When she took notice of his soul and history, his human remains no longer can be found, meaning all that is left is the beastly form. What does interest her is the fact that the Holy Moonlight Sword has a connection to Ludwig's mental state, suggesting that the sword may have been responsible for his sanity and by extension, his beasthood. Even his beast form, when nearly downed, saw the moonlight in his eyes, and soon his sanity was regained. The Maiden cannot articulate what type of connection it is but one thing is for certain, it is very close.
    • Said attempt of healing also came with the interest to some of the more evil-aligned deities to do the opposite, as he and a few more people are prone to corruption, also to oppose the status the Court of the Gods have placed on him. His sanity may be on the verge due to a few complicated changes, but the Witch-King of Angmar, one of the most horrific lieutenants of Sauron and most infamous of many generations of corrupters has set his sights on him and a few others including Artorias and Talion, all in the attempt to twist the image of his sanity once more and mock the Court of the Gods of their changes. Not content with giving up, Ludwig's sanity has resisted the Nazgûl's attempts for his sanity has deeper connections, a sense that even he was surprised upon discovering it. Seeing the conditions, he may be also planning to find the source of his connection to the moonlight.
  • Speaking about moonlight, it is the one element that has guided him for a long time, one that may think it may have been too much for his own good. Said moonlight is a mystery and perhaps, more cosmic than the Great Ones, in theory. His name in particular also bears the same similar theme, hence his adoration towards another Ludwig who is the musician who popularized the same theme: the Moonlight Sonata. Beethoven's thoughts on the Holy Moonlight Sword are reserved however so no one has an idea as to what he may have thought the moment his eyes were set in front of it.
    • Said theme also put interest to Kubo who much like him has intrinsic connections to the moon, not just in a weapon construct, but in a family bloodline connection. While he did eventually decline the kingdom within said theme, he has his sympathy for the Healing Church Hunter, seeing that his obsession with it may have some connections to the Moon Kingdom and their obsession of godhood. His permanent transformation also bears similar faith to his companions since his allies were humans too, much like him. What is not known is that Ludwig has so much interest in the child, believing that his connection to the moon may potentially save him from his form, a thought that should be taken with a grain of salt should the other detractor's words be true, as spoken by one Simon the Harrowed.
  • His original temple can be found within the House of Shape, under Transformations.
  • You were at my side, all along. My true mentor, my guiding moonlight.

Lesser Gods

Francœur, God of Cute Monsters
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A hat, a scarf, a domino mask and a guitar
  • Theme Song: "La Seine"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cute Monster, doesn't talk, but sure can sing, Gentle Giant, Dark Is Not Evil, Coat, Hat, Mask, awesome jumping abilities, Disney Death
  • Domains: Monsters, Music, Paris
  • Heralds: Lucille, Raoul, Émile, Maud
  • Allies: Remy, Amélie Poulain, Christiane Génessier, Elisa Esposito and the Asset, Belle and the Beast, Agitha, Sig, HerakleKabuterimon, Liam/Angel, Spike, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Ferdinand, Mumble, Miguel Rivera
  • Enemies: Gaston, Beelzebub, The Radiance
  • Complicated Relations: The Phantom of the Opera
  • Francœur is a giant mutated flea who appeared in 1910 Paris, when the city was flooded by the Seine. Francœur caused panic among the citizens, but truthfully he meant no harm to anyone and was sad that people screamed and ran at the sight of him. Then he met Lucille, a singer at a nightclub, who saw through his monstrous exterior to his heart and took him in (she also gave him his name, which means "honest heart"). It turned out that Francœur has a knack for music and he put on great shows alongside Lucille. However the citizens were still afraid of the monster at large, and the ambitious and corrupt police commissioner Maynott wanted to seize the opportunity to "kill the beast" and be hailed as a hero. Lucille and her friends teamed up to protect Francœur and Maynott was ultimately exposed for who he was, so Francœur was able to go on living and singing alongside Lucille.
  • Francœur first stepped into the Pantheon when Remy invited him and Lucille to perform in his bistro for some nights. The events were well-received, which started talks of granting godhood to either or both performers. As honored as Lucille was, she stated she preferred to focus on her career and burgeoning relationship with Raoul back in their world. Meanwhile Francœur was rather curious about this new world where nobody really thought twice about what he was and wanted to stay. Lucille pushed him to follow his heart, though she'd be lying if she said she wasn't a little melancholic at the thought of Francœur "leaving the nest", so to speak. Francœur was ascended for Cute Monster, which Lucille complimented as being just perfect for him, and the two had a heartfelt farewell. Of course, Lucille and her friends are counted as Francœur's Heralds, so it's not like it's permanent.
  • As he frequently works at Remy's restaurant entertaining the patrons, Francœur quickly found another ally in Amélie Poulain, who waitresses at the place and whose kind nature means she gets along swimmingly with Francœur. The young woman is determined to make sure Francœur doesn't feel lonely in the Pantheon and help him adapt to it, guessing it might be hard for him given Lucille was always with him.
  • Francœur's knack for music drew the attention of Miguel Rivera. To kick things up a notch, they sometimes enjoy having guitar duels to please their audience even more. He's also found fellow musical animals in Mumble and Ferdinand, with the two often tap-dancing or doing the flamenco to his music, respectively. Francœur finds that he enjoys such accompaniments.
  • Eventually Francœur met Amélie's good friend Christiane Génessier, who's empathetic to Francœur's plight of having to hide away from people due to his monstrous appearance, given she herself has to hide behind a mask that covers up her destroyed face which has been known to frighten others. Francœur likes that Christiane understands him, and he also hates that she's often so sad, so he tries his best to cheer her up, whether by playing her some music or through other means.
  • The news of the ascension of another musically-inclined monster in the Pantheon prompted a visit from the Opera Ghost himself. As tends to be the case, Erik was interested in taking Francœur under his wing, since he saw much of himself in the flea, what with how much both of them were reviled by the general populace of their worlds just because of their looks. Except, while Francœur is genuinely harmless, Erik very much is not, and Francœur ironically finds Erik to be rather scary because of how dramatic and obsessive he can get. Still, Erik extends his favor to the flea, even if Francœur will probably never exhibit the same degree of loyalty towards him as Christiane does.
  • In some ways, Francœur's story, especially his relationship with Lucille, is evocative of the Beast and Beauty archetype. Though, there is a fairly big difference in that their relationship is more akin to an older sister and a younger brother than that of lovers. Still, it's all the same in that he was reached out to by someone kind when nobody else would, which is something Beast and the Asset can relate to. Belle and Elisa also took a liking to Francœur, with Elisa teaching him a little sign language so he can make himself understood more easily.
  • Gaston despises him precisely due to his story serving as another reminder of the Beast's, and Francœur doesn't like him much either, with the hunter reminding him of Maynott due to his boasting and persecuting the Beast for no valid reason other than to stroke his ego. Though, given Francœur is a lot less prone to violent confrontation than the Beast or the Asset, he's more likely to use his considerable jumping ability to confuse Gaston and make an escape than fight him head-on. His exoskeleton is also very resistant to bullets, making things even more difficult for Gaston.
  • A visit to the House of Insects showed Francœur that he wasn't at all alone when it comes to being an unusually large bug with more-or-less anthropomorphic features. Though it also came with the realization that there are some truly nasty critters among their number, the worst of which are probably Beelzebub and the Radiance. Beelzebub in particular, though a fly, is of the opinion that fleas are also great for spreading disease and evil and occasionally accuses Francœur of not living up to his true nature and becoming humanity's pet. Francœur just wants nothing at all to do with the Lord of Flies; he wouldn't stand a chance against the demon anyway.
  • There are also a few insect enthusiasts named Agitha and Sig that were excited at meeting Francœur, especially given a giant flea is kind of a novelty in the Pantheon. They were fairly upset hearing about how Francœur was treated in his world and think that people there just don't get how awesome he is (though of course they have a good opinion of Lucille and the rest of his friends since they helped him). In any case, they have assured him that they'll come to his defense whenever he's in trouble. Becoming friends with Sig has also allowed Francœur to become close to HerakleKabuterimon; it helps that the beetle Digimon has a pretty genial disposition despite how intimidating he is.
  • Given he's a flea, one wonders what he does for food. Attacking others and sucking their blood is definitely not something he does, though he had no problem with living in a monkey's fur when he was a regular flea. At first, Clifford the Big Red Dog was a little scared of Francœur for this reason; being a flea of a size proportionate to his own, he could be seen as something of a threat. Nonetheless, Francœur really doesn't want to do anything to hurt or frighten the friendly giant dog, and once that was made clear, Clifford and Francœur wound up becoming good friends.
  • The question of just how Francœur would feed still remained, though. But that was settled soon enough as two vampires known as Angel and Spike understood how Francœur must feel about needing the fluids of living creatures to survive, and so taught him about blood banks and other such things that would allow him to sustain himself without harming anyone. Francœur was grateful to them for this, and also curious to see there were human-like creatures who needed blood to live like he did. The two vampires clarified that not all of their kind were exactly nice and not to trust them easily, though it's very unlikely Francœur would be targeted by them.

    Mike and Sulley 
Mike Wazowski and James P. "Sulley" Sullivan, Co-Gods of Benevolent Monsters (Sully: Jimmy, Fearsome Protector; Mike: Googly bear, Mikey, Buddy, Monstrous Mechanized Pal)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol:
    • Mike: His eyeball
    • Sulley: His shape
  • Theme Song: "If I Didn't Have You"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Monsters, Teamwork, Scaring, Laughter
  • Herald: Boo
  • Followers: The Boxtrolls
  • Allies: The Cast of Toy Story, Carl Fredricksen, Merida, WALL-E and EVE, The Parr Family, All good-aligned monsters from Undertale, Frisk, E.T, Fred Flintstone, Thrall, Shrek, The Beast, Philip J Fry, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Jak, Daxter
  • Enemies: Randall, Flowey, Vanitas, Bill Cipher
  • Pities: The Indominus Rex
  • Opposes/Respects: The Bogeyman
  • Initially ascended following a report on how they went from expelled University students to reviving Monsters Inc. with the power of laughter. The title they used to hold originally belonged to Jak and Daxter, but the destruction of their temple forced them to move to the House of Narrative.
    • That is until they decided that they found more suitable title for them to take for their followers. The way they managed to convert their entire operation from using fear to laughter for fuel gave them the idea of leading other friendly monsters into the fold. As for their previous position, they hope to find a more suitable candidate in the near future.
  • Mike is often seen doing his normal comedy routes. Most of the jokes are dismissed, but using physical humor will almost guarantee laughter.
  • The two are best known in the pantheon for their cheap musical Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me. In fact, the first performance of that show following their ascension was even sold out. Of course, it's mainly seen by most gods as being So Bad, It's Good.
  • Made allies with various other gods who came from the same creator. Together, they form a committee, seeking out more of their kind to ascend.
    • The exception, of course, is their old rival Randall Boggs, who still wants to beat the duo in some way.
  • They were glad to see a multitude of friendly monsters from a certain world. They have been particularly fond of Frisk, who they can't help but remind the two of Boo.
    • However, there is one monster they absolutely loath: Flowey the Flower. Even when Flowey initially helped out the Child, he was cruel and manipulative. Even if there's a version of him that redeemed himself in the Pacifist ending, they still refuse to give him a benefit of a doubt.
    • They are highly against the Bogeyman because of his continuous stalking of children in their bedrooms. At best it's a malicious variation of what Monsters Inc was doing wrong. Even so, they feel like they have to respect him as an extremely influential figure in monster history.
  • Though possibly not a monster, Bill Cipher received a cold welcome from the two as well. After trying to get cozy with Mike over having one eye, he attempted to make a deal to create a permanent power source for their world. Fortunately, they were well aware of the way he does business with his partners and rejected the deal. That hasn't stopped the being from constantly bugging them.
  • They took an unusually sympathetic take on Indominus Rex. While most see the creature as a monster, they take pity for the creature's horrible living conditions, not to mention the fact that humans created the hybrid for profit. All attempts for diplomacy has proved unsuccessful so far.
  • The two played a hand in ascending E.T. the extraterrestrial. While not a monster per-say, he does get labelled as such at times. The alien also helps bring about laughter to power the monsters' homeland.
  • Sulley has compared their relationship with Fred Flintstone and his herald, Barney. They may have their disagreements, but things always work out in the end.
  • To many, orcs would be considered monsters as well. Many would be surprised to find a deity for more cultured kind. That was the couple's reaction when they found out about Thrall. The trio became quick friends after their initial meeting. They hope to further educate the public about the existence of beings like them.
  • The Beast was pleased with their new position, hoping it would create a greater understanding for people of his kind.
  • As much as he tries to distance himself from Mike and Sulley (given their rivalry it's understandable), even Shrek thinks the change in positions isn't a bad idea. He just hopes they won't count on him to make a strong case for him.
  • The two have met with Philip Fry. The God of Grandfathering Paradoxes hoped to get their help in ascending his good friend Leela. While aliens are outside their jurisdiction, Sulley reassured him they would do their best to help him out.
  • Vanitas quickly made enemies with the two after he invaded Monstropolis with his Unversed. Fortunately, Sully and Mike managed to drive him out in the most glorious and humiliating fashion imaginable. Many were impressed with this display to the point where there are questions if Sully could actually be a Keyblade wielder. Vanitas' pride has still yet to recover.

    Rusty and Co. 
Rusty, Mimic, and Cube, Godly Triumvirate of Monster Adventurers (Mimic: Boxford, Rusty: Mister Russell, Cube: Gelly C, Gelatinous Cube)
From top to bottom: Rusty, Mimic, and Cube

    SCP- 166 
SCP-166, Goddess of Pious Monsters (Just A Teenage Gaianote , Epon, or is it Meri? )
SCP-166 as she appears in SCP Animated - Tales from the Foundation.

    Set and Marcus 
Set and Marcus, Co-Gods of Monster Towns (Set: King of the Ghouls of Necropolis | Marcus: Marcus the Mutant, Sheriff of Broken Hills)
  • Lesser Gods.
  • Symbol: Necropolis, the ruins of what was once Bakersfield, for Set. Broken Hills or Jacobstown for Marcus
  • Theme Song: City of The Dead (Set) Vats of Goo, Jacobstown Ladder (Marcus)
  • Alignment: Both are Lawful Neutral with Set edging closer to Lawful Evil in his more unpleasant moments. Marcus himself was once Lawful Evil during his time in the Unity.
  • Portfolio: Body Horror
  • Domains: Mutants, Wastelands, Towns
  • Allies: The Courier, The Sole Survivor, Rimuru Tempest
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Each other, The Tactical Dolls
  • Enemies: The Enclave
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Arthur Maxson
    • Set: All "norms" and anyone who looks like them, outsiders in general
  • No relation to: The other Set
  • It's a wild wasteland out there, filled with all sorts of horrifying mutant monsters just waiting to rip a traveler to pieces. Still, they're not all bad. Or rather, the ones that still have at least some semblance of human thinking, that is. Set and Marcus, a ghoul and a super mutant respectively, are fall under this category.
    • Set calls out the shots in a settlement called Necropolis, the City of the Dead, which is filled with both normal and feral ghouls. He around before the war, an already unpleasant guy according to his son Typhon, and becoming a ghoul when Vault 12's door deliberately let in radiation to "ghoulify" the population didn't help. Neither does becoming a pawn for the Master when super mutants moved in looking for pure humans to assimilate into their Unity. He got the original Vault Dweller to deal with the super mutants who forcibly occupied his town, though Necropolis eventually payed the price for it when another batch of them returned and struck back. Survivors either stayed behind or were driven to explore out and settle elsewhere in the wastes, as is human nature.
    • Marcus, one of the mutants that remained smart after being turned, was left on his own after the Master's defeat by the Vault Dweller. Despite his past, he is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet in the wastes, but he bears to the Unity's ideals. He alongside a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin helped found a mining town called Broken Hills populated by super mutants, ghouls, and normal humans where he served as sheriff for some time before accompanying the Chosen One on their quest. Later, after parting ways with the tribal he eventually founded Jacobstown, a settlement based on a lodge that's mostly filled with "broken-minded" super mutants including the nightkin, a sort of elite warrior caste back when the Master was still around.
  • The introduction of the Forced Evolutionary Virus in the Pantheon consequently came with the introduction of the population of hulking, stupid (and sometimes Ax-Crazy) mutants living around the Pantheon. They're thought of as more of a nuisance than anything, essentially being bigger and dumber raider tribes, but with people trying get some of their own their numbers started to increase. Said numbers practically exploded when either the Grand United Alliance of Evil or Chaos (accounts differ) tried to seize the vats for themselves before a freak accident happened and reduced the Mooks into super mutants. They proceeded to run amok in the various Houses before Marcus came along in the Pantheon and decided to found yet another settlement that would house them which enticed many of them into joining him.
    • Around the same time this happened many horribly misshapen humans started popping up around the House of Science. Unlike the super mutants they've stuck to simply squatting though it's painfully clear they would much rather be someplace else. Enter Set, a one-eyed ghoul with a dream of a refuge for ghouls like himself. He convinced them to become his followers and ended up joining up with Marcus somewhat begrudgingly. Figured safe was as safe could be around him and the place he has is something he's far more used to. Marcus agreed to house them and even let Set have some power to aid his community of ghouls though bickering between the two of them happens often.
  • Marcus hailed the Courier as he walked towards the entrance of the temple, still grateful for their help in dealing with the situation involving Keene and the nightkin (apparently defusing the situation based on their words). Set was skeptical of them, however, but grew to begrudgingly see them as an actual ally when they brought over the Sole Survivor and a team of other gods to help build up their town and deal with some nearby dangers that gave him and Marcus some trouble. The Courier and Sole Survivor then warned the two of the presence of the Enclave, who rebuilt themselves by coming onto the Pantheon and plan to continue their genocide against all "muties". They also told them to watch out for Arthur Maxson, the Brotherhood Elder of the West Coat who also don't take kindly to mutants either.
  • Set has a clear contempt for normal humans whom he labels as "norms" (ghouls after his time prefer the term "smoothskins") and has no problem threatening to shoot or even eat them. Still, as a leader he's fairer than you think and just wants to look out for his people. Set is just really paranoid of anyone who isn't a ghoul. And yet he refused to turn them over to the Master, hating super mutants far more. Marcus is no exception.
    • As for Marcus himself he's more cooperative towards them though he still retains his pride as a mutant. From where Marcus is standing he's pretty much free from things like pettiness, hatred, and jealousy — all things he recalls prior to his transformation. In his opinion, the Master's dream was a noble one but he also doesn't see any use in continuing with it nowadays when the Vault Dweller ended it, he just wants to live in peace and even coexist with humans. Do you get why Set and Marcus don't really get along now?
  • Both have heard about Rimuru Tempest and the Jura Tempest Federation, another Monster Town, prior to formally establishing themselves in the Pantheon. Its existence actually spurred Marcus into again instituting such settlements since it's definitive proof that coexistence is possible, even in a place as chaotic as the Pantheon. They don't have a lot to give to the Jura Tempest Federation (by virtue of not being in a rad-infested hole) though there's still quite a lot of interesting stuff they can provide. Mainly items that come from bighorners and brahmin, as well as anything interesting they can dig up (you'd be surprised what kind of stuff people through away/lose). When Rimuru visits he is often encouraged to do so in his slime form as to not make Set any crankier due to the ghoul deciding to extend his contempt to anything that resembles "norms" as well. Rimuru wants to change his mind but various ghouls and super mutants remain skeptical of his declaration as Set likely only wants him around as a shield due to his power. It's also because of his power that Set keeps a watchful eye on Rimuru, not quite being able to account for him.
  • Among their detractors were the ascended Tactical Dolls of Griffin and Kryuger who were reminded of the ELIDs, those contaminated by Collapse radiation. Ghouls reminded them of the regular infected while super mutant reminded them of the much more burly Smasher ELID. They warmed up to them a bit more after a bunch of them were left grievously injured by an explosion following a disastrous ambush done by opportunistic raiders. The ghouls thought their bodies were goners but closer inspection done by the more tech savvy of them proved otherwise. Since doing otherwise would basically be leaving them to the buzzards they dragged their bodies back to town and told Set and Marcus what had happened leading to them calling up their remaining comrades and relaying the information there. The dolls that came down to their home, while initially apprehensive, were still grateful for what they've done. Set was quick to note that they owed them when a favor would come one day while Marcus told them to not worry about it and just run along and not get blown to shit again. At the very least, tensions between dolls and mutants have died down and the latter are more open to cooperation, if only a step at a time.
  • As a Control Freak, Set favors the dumb and easily manipulated for various tasks. The more stupid generations of super mutants have their worth around him but due to his Fantastic Racism he was forced to go to other outlets for the more odd jobs he has. Usually, he tends to get the likes of Patrick Star, Lennie, and GIR to do his bidding in secret. They're inconsequential jobs that involve that don't involve his temple so he sure if they manage to screw up they won't damage anything. Damage his temple, at least, only affecting "relics" and "blots to the world".
  • Noted that Marcus and his kind have drawn many comparisons towards other beings in separate universes such as the Hulk, Martian Manhunter, and Thrall. The latter in particular gets brought up a lot thanks to the fact that super mutants may just as well be the Orcs of the Fallout universe (especially when looking to his more hostile brothers). The three have noted the distinction thanks to the mutants genuinely taking the distinction to heart though this often gets cleared up either through actual understanding or frustration and just leaving. Marcus himself actually got along with the three men for the most part and can actually get behind what they're working towards.
"Where your shadow lies. My home. My rule. A place where strength grows."
"These new governments, they think they've got all the answers. Blah, blah. Been there, seen that, got the scars."