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Greater Gods

    Zorc Necrophades 
Zorc Necrophades, The God With an Unfortunate Character Design (Zorc the Dark One, Great Evil God, Dark Master Zorc)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Millennium Ring
  • Theme Song: Zorc, Lord of the Shadow Realm
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The True Villain Of The Series And Man Behind Dark Bakura, The Heartless, Dark Is Evil, Phallic Dragon Heads That Spew Fire, Eldritch Abomination, Made of Evil, Sealed In The Millennium Items, Large and in Charge, Omnicidal Maniac
  • Domains: Darkness, Blood, Genocide, Evil, Lost Souls, The Shadow Realm
  • Followers: Shiro, The Dream Demons, The Vervoids, Jynx
  • Banned from: The House of Time and Space
  • Allies: Dark Bakura, Nyarlathotep''' (elder embodiment of human evil), Apophis, Melkor, Seymour Guado, Rau Le Creuset, Doctor Weil, Shinobu Sensui, Janemba, Zs'skayr, Mr Scratch
  • Rivals: Chernabog, Aku
  • Enemies: Every other Yu-Gi-Oh! character but especially both Yugis, Exodia and Seto Kaiba, Egyptian gods but especially Ra, Iroque, Merged Zamasu, Samurai Jack, Killia, Tikal, Ezalor, Atrocitus, Mara
  • Out of the darkness of people's hearts, an entity of pure evil was born. However it was not until over three thousand years ago it was summoned by Akhenaden, as a result of the blood sacrifice that formed the Millennium Items. Infecting the cursed artifacts with his essence, this being was known as Zorc Necrophades and sought the annihilation of all life. It took the Nameless Pharaoh to sacrifice himself and seal the abomination away forever. But a piece of Zorc would persist, in hopes of undoing his defeat.
  • The Spirit of the Millennium Ring is a merger of the souls of Thief King Bakura and Zorc, who worked to undo Yami Yugi's victory in the past. Unfortunately for him it allowed the Pharaoh to summon Holactie the Creator Of Light and finish him off once and for all, along with the lingering fragments. Meant to be Killed Off for Real, it was the Nyarlathotep from Persona who gave him an out and restored him to the pantheon. Zorc respects Nyarlathotep for being the elder heartless of humanity, and possibly his own progenitor.
  • Long ago he held the role of "God of Evil Darkness", however would fall out of favor and his position was taken by Chernabog. Now that Zorc has returned to the pantheon, a distinct rivalry has formed between the two demons. Usually they compete over how Obviously Evil they are and who better wields the power of darkness. He has a rivalry with Aku as well out of who is the superior God of Evil, though begrudgingly defers to Melkor on a number of evil matters.
  • Has a second dragon head, which sprouts from his crotch. It either spirals around his body in the manga or juts from his entire abdomen in the 4Kids dub. This does not stop it from looking any less phallic, especially since it breathes fire. Mara unleashed more dick jokes than Beavis and Butthead could keep up with. Zorc hates Mara for this, and will go berserk at anyone who makes dick jokes about him.
  • Keeps his profile to his face so it's harder for people to point out his phallic design. Tries his damndest to be intimidating due to his interpretation in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. There, he's an Affably Evil and absent-minded goliath who doesn't understand the gravity of his destruction and is the main star for Zorc and Pals. Later on he replaced Zack in Zack and Cody. Don't mention this to him either. All though he has been forced to admit that when trapped in the Shadow Realm, everyone is totally naked, while many have questioned the exact purpose of this, many have concluded that it's simply for added amusement.
  • Being Made of Evil, he is inclined to associate with fellow evil entities like Mr Scratch and Janemba. Because he is an embodiment of human evil Zamasu argues that he, along with Nyarlathotep, are proof of the inherently evil nature of mortals. Zorc pays little attention to the rouge Kai however due to being a massive hypocrite that's just as bad, if not worse than him.
  • Because of his Made of Evil nature, he is vulnerable to Samurai Jack's blade. Given what his second head resembles, he fears Jack will go for that. He is also vulnerable to Killia, and possible Iroque due to her Heel–Face Brainwashing effects. Seems to be concerned about Tikal as she sealed herself and Perfect Chaos away for millennia, much like Yami Yugi did to him.
  • No longer the god of evil darkness, but darkness is a running theme with him. He can cause eclipses and was ultimately taken down by a deity of light. He and Zs'skayr are allied due to wanting to spread darkness across the Earth, and he finds the Ectonurite's Corrodium mutations amusing. Meanwhile Ezalor is poison for him due to his pure light being as devastating as Holactie.
  • He is the enemy of all Egyptian gods, especially Ra due him to being a malignant entity of hate, darkness and destruction. As the Egyptian God cards have a direct link to the Egyptian gods, there's a personal element especially with Ra due to his association with the sun and light. Apophis, however, is the exact kind of God of Evil that Zorc is like and the two are allies because of this.
  • Summoned by mass slaughter and atrocity, he is somewhat of an ally to villains associated or shaped by mass death. Like Thief King Bakura Shinobu Sensui and Rau Le Creuset are consumed by misanthropy, and hope to destroy mankind with his help. Weil is deeply misanthropic and knows a thing or two about hate plagues like Zorc, given his use of Omega and becoming an Artifact of Doom in Biometal W. Atrocitus meanwhile considers him something that needs to be cleaned up, knowing the anger atrocities have brought out all too well.

Intermediate Gods

    Cosmo and Wanda 
Cosmo Julius Cosma and Wanda Venus Fairwinkle-Cosma, Co-Deities of Matching Eye and Hair Colors (Clefto, Super Not-Cosmo, Cosmoron, Tiny Cosmo, Mr. Fairyman (Cosmo), Wanda Woman, Nagules, Ace, Mrs. Fairyman (Wanda))

    Kat (Gravity Rush
Kat, Goddess of Dark-Skinned Blondes (Kitten, Gravity Queen, The Shifter, Sea Cat, Queen Alua)

Maui, God of Tattoos With a Story (Demigod of the Wind and Sea, Hero of Man, Hero of Men and Women, Hero to All)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His magic fish hook and tattoos
  • Theme Song: You're Welcome
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Trickster Demigod, Wielder of a magical fish hook with the power of shapeshifting, Perform feats for humans like lassoing the sun to keep it still or pulling the islands, Tattoo-Covered body detailing his feats with a Mini-Maui, Expert Navigator, Strong and Large
  • Domains: Tattoos, Demigods, Hooks, Heroes
  • Allies: Moana, Lilo Pelekai and Stitch, Vulcan
  • Friendly Rivalry: Hercules, King Hippo
  • Enemies: Tamatoa, Shen Gaoren, Roadhog, Loki, SCP-1548, Ragnaros
  • Opposes: Discord
  • Opposed by: Gaea, Zeus
  • Avatar: The Rock
  • Maui was a prominent hero in Polynesian mythology, told throughout many people from the Maori to the native Hawaiians. His body is decorated with tattoos which tell of his many feats, including one with helping a young girl named Moana in returning the Heart of Te Fiti to its rightful place.
    • In addition to having tattoos drawn all over his body, they are capable of animating to show his feats and includes a mural of himself, known as Mini-Maui. He often acts as the conscience to the demigod, but most of the time, he doesn't listen to him.
    • Naturally, Moana was the first to greet him upon his arrival, and he in turn was amused to find out that she was now a demigod(dess) here.
  • He meets the Rock when he wanted to show his strength to others. Finding one that sound almost like him and showed some of his similar quirks like the People's Eyebrow, he got along with him.
    • He also challenged another demigod, Hercules, in some friendly competition as they respect with each equivalent strengths. Both found each other to be too far of the competition because of their demigod statuses.
    • He met another wrestler of Polynesian background, King Hippo. They are in good terms after a good brawl with each other.
  • With his magic fish hook, he has the power to transform into any creature as he wishes. His preferred form is that of a large bird, giving him an ability of flight over a large ocean.
  • He noticed a mortal man known as Roadhog who sometimes dresses to look like a Mauri warrior and even holding a hook much like his own. However, when he found out that he nearly harmed Moana when they first meet, Maui showed to be very hostile toward him.
  • Gaea isn't impressed with him because of his one act of stealing the Heart of Te Fiti so he could give it to the humans for the power of creating life. This act caused the fire demon Te Kā to emerge and cursed the island with darkness and decay for his insolence. Even after helping Moana return the heart back to her and making an apology to the goddess, Gaea isn't pleased with the demigod.
  • He doesn't like the large crab Shen Gaoren due to reminding him of Tamatoa who kept his hook as a trophy.
  • Though he has many tattoos which shows many of his accomplishments, one of his tattoos is a mural of his mortal parents throwing him in the ocean and the gods took him as a demigod. Because he was unloved by his mortal parents, he used his godlike powers to gift the humans so that he could feel wanted and loved that his parents didn't give.
  • While he is known as a trickster god, he outwit the gods and monsters which gifts the human, in addition, he tried to steal the Heart of Te Fiti and give it to the human. As the result, he doesn't like the tricksters that maliciously harm humans for the sake of self-amusement. Though Discord once point out that he (Maui) messed with Moana when they first met, especially the time he tricked her into a cave so that he could steal her boat. Maui tell him to shut it much to Discord's amusement.
  • Because of his deed of lassoing the sun to keep it still in order to extend the day, he was called upon when the SCP-1548 gets out of hand and tried to destroy the Earth. Because of his strength and his magic hook, he is capable of snaring the keter and beat it into submission when it resisted. The Hateful Star will not forget about its clash with Maui and will stay away from the Earth for the time being.
  • He found Ragnaros to be his challenge as the element is a creature of magma and fire like Te Kā.
  • He sympathizes with Vulcan when his parent, Juno, doesn't want him because he was grotesque appearance and threw him from a mountain, only to be raised by nymphs. He lets the blacksmith god repair his hook should it be damaged.
  • Zeus does not like Maui because of his deed of stealing fire from the bottom of the earth and the heart for humanity, similar to how Prometheus stole fire from him and gave it to the humans.

"I shivered at the sight of her - her beauty far beyond that of mortal man. But her soul glowed with an inner darkness that chilled my very core."

Morathi, Goddess of Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunettes (The Hag Sorceress of Ghrond, First of the Hag Queens, Drusala)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Heartrender
  • Theme Song: Hag Queen
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Top Matriarch of the Dark Elves, The Mother of Malekith, Ax-Crazy, Dark Haired and Pale Skinned, Not Above Torturing and Mocking her Victims, One of the Strongest Mages in her World, Keeping herself Immortal through Devious Means, Manipulative Bitch who was Responsible for Corrupting her Son, Is Affectionate towards Malekith, The Hedonist, Lady of Black Magic, Is Extremely Beautiful, Incredibly Vain, Supposedly Incestuous Relationship with Malekith
  • Domains: Dark Elves, Manipulation, Mothers, Dark Magic, Hedonism
  • Allies: Lolth, Esdeath, Sofia Lamb, Maleficent, Griffith, Ganondorf, Sauron, Malty S Melromarc, Handsome Jack, Mard Geer Tartaros, Queen Potema Septim, Queen Beryl, Nightmare Moon, Eredin Bréacc Glas
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Malus Darkblade, The Child Abuse Supporters, Lord Recluse, Darkseid, Melkor
  • Enemies: Tyrion, Teclis, Nagash, Karl Franz, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Aragorn, Arthur Pendragon, Legolas, Gimli, Princess Sofia, Arturia Pendragon, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, Kyoko Sakura, Twilight Sparkle and the Mane Six, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Discord, Thor Odinson, Zatanna, Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate, Atsuko "Akko" Kagari, Diana Cavendish, Harry Potter, Drizzt Do'Urden, Eldrad Ulthran, Leah, Guts, Mordred (Saber of Red), Uriel Septim VII and Martin Septim
  • Opposes: Archaon, Lord Tirek
  • Opposed By: The Heroic Protectors of Family, Asdrubael Vect, Glenn Quagmire, Francine Smith, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Teachers and Students from Hogwarts, House of Love
  • Complicated Relationship: Malekith (her son)
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Slaanesh
  • An Elven seer and exceptionally powerful magician from Ulthuan, Morathi was the second wife of the Phoenix King, Aenarion, who had saved her during an attack from the Forces of Chaos. Together, they had a son, Malekith, who was intended to be a replacement for Aenarion's other two children, who were believed to have died alongside his wife Astarielle. Morathi was an encouraging and supportive mother, which would have been fine, had it not been for the fact that much of her words were sharp and devious manipulations meant to rile Malekith up, especially his desire to live up to Aenarion's legacy after his death. Determined to see her son succeed, Morathi backed Malekith's side, especially after his rejection in becoming the next Phoenix King and her advice and words were becoming increasingly demented and manipulative, causing Malekith to steadily denounce his reputation and allegiance, resulting in a bloody civil war, where Malekith was horribly burned by the Flame of Asuryan in a failed attempt to prove his worth, his christening as the Witch-King and The Sundering. The final results were those in Malekith and Morathi's side losing, though they manage to strike back as hard as they could before taking whatever of their army, fortresses and territories were left and sailed westwards, reaching Naggaroth and establishing the cruel and vicious empire of the Dark Elves.
    • The next thousands of years saw Malekith and Morathi assert as much control as they could on their people, though the two began to clash against one another regarding their thoughts and feelings. Still, Morathi was determined to see Malekith succeed, ever if her son had severe disagreements and discomfort to the point of thinking about killing her. The Dark Elves and the High Elves would battle against one another for millennia, with the former also going along to attack other races either for taking over their lands or their own amusement, acts which Morathi was content with. As the ultimate second-in-command of Dark Elven society and governing the city of Ghrond, Morathi established herself as one of the most fearsome and wicked practitioners of magic in her world.
    • However, during the second Elven Civil War that took place around the same time as the End Times, Morathi became smitten by Tyrion, who was accumulating too much grief from the betrayal of his brother, Teclis, and the death of his daughter, Aliathra. Seeing that Malekith sacrificed Naggaroth to take over Ulthuan and outlawed many of the rules they had established for the Dark Elves, Morathi lost all of her goodwill and seduced Tyrion to her side and getting wed, not caring if she got to murder her son, so long as she got what she wanted, alongside manipulating Tyrion to draw out the Widowmaker. Deciding to mask her identity by taking on the identity of Drusala, she was responsible for the deaths of Malus Darkblade and many others, regardless of their allegiance. In a fit of rage after Tyrion's death, Morathi entered the vortex opened by Teclis, where she confronted Caledor Dragontamer. Unfortunately, her presence alerted Slaanesh, who proceeded to capture the two elves, Morathi attempted to flee, only for her and Caledor to be ensnared and dragged into the Chaos God's warp...
  • Despite her sudden disappearance, Morathi manage to find a way out, though the events did make her drowsy and confused for a moment. As she regained composure, she realized that she was not in familiar lands, but rather something different. Not that Morathi was bothered all too much, for she ventured in the Pantheon for a long time until stumbling across a recreated Naggaroth. Instead of going back, she chose to exile herself, claiming that her son would not be happy to see him, given what had happened between them during the End Times.
    • The Pantheon was a rather interesting experience for Morathi. For one thing, she was intrigued by the state of the Forever War, but was less than pleased to see that Naggaroth chose not to side with any particular side, even if they were suitable for the Grand United Alliance of Evil and the Harbingers of Repression (then again, Malekith has been very open about his contempt towards Melkor and Darkseid). For the moment, Morathi's role in the Pantheon is to be a Wild Card; she will do anything to win over the favour of her son and allow the Dark Elves ultimate victory, but as a polarizing figure, even among her race, she's keeping herself reserved for the time being.
  • The Pantheon was, surprisingly to her, not a grim place where strife, division and internal conflict was not as apparent and inevitable. Despite all of this, Morathi is quick to claim that the Dark Elves should, above all else, prioritize themselves and their goals, but the Pantheon, having different standards, meant that she would need to adapt. It took a while before Morathi decided to pursue allies and working relationships with others outside of her race. If her son is doing it, then she may follow it.
  • One of Morathi's defining characterizations is her high stimulation for pleasure, usually the cruel and perversive kind. Sometimes disguising herself, Morathi will seduce anyone who catches her interest and bind them into working for her. She will have sex with them if it means gaining something (particularly loyalty) out of it and will gladly backstab and kill them if no longer needed. The House of Love found this incredibly abhorrent and promptly banned her from entering, an act that Morathi found amusing.
    • Speaking of, her relationship with Malekith is one of the most questionable and difficult to understand. Despite her affection and wanting to help her son in taking back Ulthuan, Malekith is less than kind about his mother, let alone the fact that she ascended into the Pantheon. He doesn't mind offing her, if mainly because most of the architecture surrounding Malekith's bitterness and anger is Morathi's doing. And then at other times, the two of them are excellent collaborators in combat and manipulation, given their experience in battle and black magic. Still, there are records that Malekith is close to his mother, or rather, too close. To many, even their own enemies included, it's a common joke to highlight this at the end of a checklist highlighting Malekith's feats. On the other hand, Malekith despises these claims and will subject anyone to a horrendous and frightening torture and punishment. Conversely, Morathi finds this rather amusing.
  • The Child Abuse Supporters were a rather interesting topic for Morathi and figured that an alliance would work in both of their favours. That said, she does have a genuine affection for Malekith, unlike them who at best, were neglectful of their kids and at worst, tried to kill them either out of hatred or to remove competition. Catching onto Morathi's reputation, the Child Abuse Supporters were wary but decided to enlist her aid and support for the time being.
    • She doesn't seem to care all too much about Heihachi and Scar. She does occasionally butt heads against Lady Tremaine as she feels that the Wicked Stepmother doesn't have much going for other than to spite Cinderella. Morathi, however, does know of the Heartless all too well and should Tremaine lose any meaningful purpose or gets boring, Morathi will seek to turn her into Mean Maiden. As for Ozai, Morathi has, more than once, tried to seduce him into sleeping with her to satiate her hedonistic desires. She enjoys Ozai's bloodthirsty and vicious nature and the Fire Lord plans on working with Morathi and learning enough of the Dark Elves's magic to overwhelm his enemies. Unfortunately for her, Malekith hates Ozai (and by extension, every member of the Child Abuse Supporters) and has made it clear he will kill the Fire Lord if he dares to make an alliance with the Dark Elves, hence Morathi attempts to be covert about her partnership with Ozai.
    • The Heroic Protectors of Family don't like Morathi at all. It's less that she's an Abusive Parent and more she manipulated her son into becoming a large-scale threat that emotionally damaged him and thus, playing a part in causing the horrendous strife between the High Elves and the Dwarfs. There's also the fact that she ordered Malekith's wife, Allisara, to be killed so that she doesn't become a distraction to the Witch-King. Morathi, in turn, scoffs at them, thinking the Heroic Protectors to be emotionally weak and fragile and is not hesitant in warring against them.
  • She's not all too liked by Asdrubael Vect either, even though he's far worse than her. It stems from the fact that Morathi reminds the Dark Eldar of Lady Malys, one of Asdrubael's former consorts, though unlike Malys, Morathi was far too impatient in seeing her goals succeed and creating a bigger mess than anyone anticipated. Additionally, the actions are what the Dark Eldar would like to not remember fondly either in what happened to Commoragh.
    • Because of her ties to Slaanesh, she is often ridiculed by Eldrad Ulthran, who managed to prove his might by challenging against Asdrubael and Slaanesh several times, even if at a disadvantage. What is especially notable is how Eldrad underscores how Morathi was so pitiable in her final moments that the Chaos God of Suffering decided to drag Morathi into its domain, a fact that the Hag Sorceress does not find entertaining in the slightest.
  • Her usual mount is the Dark Pegasi, Sulephet, which she rides in combat and for transportation. The dark pegasus is one of the few creatures that Dark Elves will not belittle or beat into submission as they are considered a religious icon to them. This does not excuse or vindicate Morathi in any way, as The Mane Six and their friends have demonstrated. Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia hate the Hag Sorceress for her evil actions and callous nature, whereas Fluttershy condemns her race (and by extension, Morathi herself) for beating animals into their command. Princess Luna fears what Morathi is capable of, seeing as she is willing to manipulate just about anyone to get what she wants and is not above corrupting them to her services. The Cutie Mark Crusaders, being young and inexperienced are told to never, ever confront Morathi on their own, which isn't helped by the fact that most deities, let alone the Equestrians, are in utter disgust at the Dark Elves' cruelty and sadism.
  • Morathi found intrigue under Queen Potema Septim for some of the similarities they had, namely that they were malicious matriarchs who manipulated their sons into committing horrific actions and turn against the people that they loved, which escalated into a full-blown battle and crisis (The Sundering for Morathi and the War of the Red Diamond) that caused an untold amount of damage. While Potema's indulgence in necromancy was initially a difficult consideration as it reminded Morathi of Nagash, Potema came to like Morathi for what she was and decided to strike an alliance. The two matriarchs often conspire with each other in what to manipulate and deceive for their own benefits. Of course, this didn't stop Uriel Septim VII and his son Martin from immediately opposing the Hag Sorceress, seeing her as just as twisted and diabolical as Potema and the fact that Morathi's hedonism freaks them out.
  • Her willingness to see her goals had Morathi approach numerous evil beings in an effort to secure power and resources. Darkseid and Melkor, two malicious leaders who actually opposed one another, were among those two, with Morathi making a deal to build up some sort of goodwill and offering them any Dark Elves and other beings that she seduced to her side. The fact that his mother is supplying potential infantry to the God of Evil and the Lord of Tyranny frustrates Malekith as he makes it clear he wants nothing to do with them, not to mention he sees the Chaos Gods (who are high lieutenants for Melkor) and their forces with seething hatred and disgust.
  • Predictably, any elf that isn't a Dark Elf or is a Dwarf despise Morathi because of her scheming and shrewd demeanour. Chief among them is Thorgrim Grudgebearer, which is justified as Morathi did mentor Malekith into becoming just as manipulative as her, not to mention the War of the Beard was instigated by the Dark Elves. Legolas and Gimli, having heard the tales of the Dark Elves are increasingly wary of what Morathi is capable of and have alerted Aragorn to prepare for such an occasion when she initiates an attack.
    • Through those two, Morathi was able to find an additional set of individuals to work with. Sauron finds her to be an impressive manipulator, though this doesn't change the fact that the Dark Lord still has an intense rivalry towards her son. She also liked Griffith due to his charisma and eloquence, both of which hid a truly vile monster from within and the White Hawk is willing to work with her if there's a common goal in mind.
    • She also found some sort of common ground with the Drow Goddess, Lolth as both of them were sadistic and vicious tricksters who are more than willing to ruin lives. Because of this, they've formed an alliance of convenience, much to the terror of those who knows them well enough and encourages backstabbing among their followers. That said, Morathi finds Lolth's misandry to be annoying as it doesn't give her enough for her hedonism (though she can and will sleep with other women as well]] and does seem to be genuinely affectionate for Malekith, despite their vitriolic relationship, unlike Lolth who will gladly kill her children just because.
  • Being more maniacal and sadistic than Malekith, Morathi has set her eyes out on the Puella Magi after learning of the Soul Gem and entropy and despair playing a part in transforming Magical Girls into Witches. That said, Morathi was baffled to learn how Madoka Kaname is on civil terms with her son (and even then, Malekith is being cautious and careful about Kriemhild Gretchen and how it has the potential to destroy entire worlds if left unchecked) when Morathi herself would just rather subject her to agony just for the sake of it. As for the other magical girls, Morathi may as well fight against them and torture them until they become witches. Conversely, while Madoka pities Malekith, she is totally afraid of Morathi and does the most she could to keep her distance, especially after the Pantheonic Rebellion, while the others, particularly Homura and Sayaka tend to clash every now and then.
  • As one of the strongest sorceresses of her race, Morathi does oversee the Seven Convents of Sorceresses where female Dark Elves are taken in to be taught magic. Due to the backstabbing and treacherous nature of the Dark Elves, many students are killed off with making it to graduation, a fact that Morathi is content with as this enforces the Dark Elves' Darwinistic beliefs.
    • Obviously, this education system was met with scorn and disgust by any wizarding teacher and student. The students and teachers of Hogwarts were absolutely horrified to learn how can such an institution even exist, to begin with and would have made a stance to demolish it, had it not been for other threats looming on every now-and-then. Akko Kagari was similarly terrified, yet furious at Morathi for allowing murder and backstabbing to happen at an academic place. Similarly, Diana Cavendish condemns it under the notion that it promotes fearmongering and further distrust, a factor that would seep into families and tarnish values beyond recognition. Morathi, maintaining her smug demeanour, thinks Akko and Diana are foolish brats who are no match for her and also sees Hogwarts as weak and insipid in their magical talents. She's come to clash against Akko and Diana numerous times, though Morathi is wary of the power of the Shiny Rod, under Akko's possession.

    Number 96: Black Mist 
Number 96: Black Mist, God of Palette Swaps (No.96, Dark Mist, Black Astral, Chaos Number 96: Black Storm/Dark Storm)
Black Mist's Chaos Form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Number card alter ego and its Chaos form or the number 96 written in Tron Lines.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Similar individuals with different colours, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Obviously Evil Counterpart, Dark Is Evil, Acceptable losses, Demonic Possession, Eyes Do Not Belong There, Use of tentacles, Completely insane, Kitchen utensil-wielding monster deck, "Rank Up Magic: Barian Force!", Winged Humanoid (in chaos form), Omnicidal Maniac Eldritch Abomination, Declaring himself to be a god
  • Domains: Evil, Numbers, Colours, Darkness, Chaos, Eyes, Kitchen Utensils
  • Allies: Vanitas, Bernkastel, Master Xehanort, Airy, Albedo, Yuuki Terumi, Kogane, Tzeentch (of sorts), Slaanesh, Zs'Skayr
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Dark Magician Girl, Yubel, Korra
  • Opposes: Any Dark Is Not Evil person or mon.
  • One of the 100 Numbers accidentally released by Astral, Black Mist always had his own agenda to follow. He once allowed Astral to absorb him so he could possess him. This failed but he kept the appearance of Astral with some differences: He is colored Red And Black instead of Astral's blues and teals.
  • One day, Astral was showing the Numbers to his friends from Kingdom Hearts. Sora was unfortunate to pick up Number 96, forgetting that was Black Mist (Ventus did try to warn him), resulting in the keybearer being possessed by the card. He was eventually drived away by Aqua but Black Mist escaped before he could be sealed. The GUAE members who saw this arranged his ascension.
  • As you can guess, Sora and company aren't fond of him. He especially creeps out Sora because their voices are similar and Ventus because 96 is just too similar to Vanitas.
  • Speaking of which, he and Vanitas became allies so easily it's scary. Vanitas did comment on 96 not being Astral's literal dark half, Black Mist explained that his origin, Don Thousand, is the expelled chaos of the Astral World, including Astral so he is still that.
    • Vanitas also presented him to Bernkastel. The latter was amused to meet another corrupted piece of memory like herself. Of course, this also meant that Rika started to oppose him when she found out.
  • Despite his alliance with Vanitas, 96's MO couldn't be more different. He finds truly pure-hearted people to be a waste of time and only attempts to possess those who still have darkness. He tends to ignore Ventus while focusing more on Sora and Aqua as a result. His more common prey is still Astral since he wants to get control of the rest of the Numbers.
    • Eventually found a more like-minded individual for these schemes in the form of Kogane. 96 was very interested on how he managed to brainwash Kouta Kazuraba for a while.
  • While his on-going war is against everyone from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, everyone else in the franchise hate him for being one of the few truly evil duelists. Even Dartz and Sartorius (when not brainwashed) hate this guy. You know you are bad news when Vector starts getting scared of you.
    • 96 is also the one time Dark Magician Girl and Yubel will have an Enemy Mine to try and destroy him due to being the worst of Duel Monster Spirits.
  • Can't decide if to join the GUAE or the GUAD. Yes, he wants to destroy the world, but he also wants to bring forth Don Thousand ever since he became aware of his true nature. One thing is true: He can't stand the GUAC. They are a bunch of softies in his opinion, especially Lucifer. Though there are hints he plans to take Don Thousands power for himself and get back at him and Vector for turning him into a puppet after his last loss to Astral and Yuma.
    • Korra has started to oppose him after hearing about his intentions since she thinks that he will start to aim to release Vaatu if he can't get Don Thousand to ascend.
    • Provisionally, 96 has started to work for Tzeentch. He knows that the Liar God can't be trusted but Black Mist is sure that this will only be temporary.
  • As if the fact that he often possesses the poor saps who find his card (and sometimes not even that) wasn't bad enough, Black Mist tends to extend his body to create tentacles to keep his victims in place. This peeked the attention of Slaanesh. Black Mist occasionally moonlights under hir since he likes to corrupt people.
    • He tried to possess Medivh once after he mistakenly thought that he was a Legendary card for mage, but because the mage had a really strong will, he was able to expulse Black Mist out of his body. Ever since that incident, they hadn't been on the best terms either, with Medivh being reminded of the time he was possessed by a greater force.
  • Go ahead, try to mock him for being a Rank 2 and having 100 Attack Points. Let's see how far it gets you when he uses Shadow Gain and you find half of your strength stolen. And worst, he can do this up to three times. His Chaos form is worst, essentially having a noted-down version of Yubel's special effect (that's without mentioning his being able to Chaos Xyz Change other Xyz).
    • With that said, he can't abuse this ability as much as he would like against demon users and dark Pokémon, as they have immunity and resistance over his dark powers.
  • Has allied with Terumi and Airy since he finds their plans for the Pantheon a good alternative if he can't accomplish his goal.
    • And maybe, he does miss that brief time when he teamed up with Vector. Even if this was true, 96 is disappointed by how that guy was convinced to turn good for something as useless as friendship.
  • The less one mentions the time he lost against Tetsuo or the other time he literally became Vector's puppet, the better. He is not fond of that. Of course, Bernkastel and Terumi often tease him about this.
  • The heroes Deku and All Might are standing by to try to prevent any plans he has, fearing him having teleportation powers like the similar named villain Kurogiri.

    Sakura Haruno 
Sakura Haruno, Goddess of Cherry Blossom Girls (Sakura Uchiha, Broad Forehead, Mamakura, Failkura, Nisshoku no Sakura)
Click here to see her pre-Timeskip appearance 
Click here to see her in The Last 
Click here to see her in the Epilogue and in Boruto 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hair
  • Theme Song: Her theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chick, Combat Medic, Rose-Haired Girl, switches between Action Girl and Faux Action Girl with Super Strength, Anger Born of Worry to Naruto, Badass Bookworm, Boisterous Bruiser, Often has to slap sense into Naruto, Flower Motif, Hair-Trigger Temper, Mama Bear, Muscles Are Meaningless, Romantic False Lead, Took a Level in Badass
  • Domains: Good, Strength, Plant, Healing, Trickery
  • Allies: Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Sarada Uchiha, Hinata Hyuuga (despite what her followers say), Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee, Might Guy, Gaara, Kasumi, Sakura Kinomoto, Tony Tony Chopper, Amy Rose, Angela Ziegler/Mercy, Orihime Inoue, Artoria Pendragon, Miles "Tails" Prower, Sophitia Alexandra, Sven, Lily.
  • Enemies: Orochimaru, Deidara, GUAC Yandere Squad
  • Rivals: The Medic, Nami
  • Complicated Relationship: Sasuke Uchiha (Her husband)
  • One third of the famous Team 7 group, one would have thought that Sakura would be a shoo-in for ascension. But fate had other plans. While she and Hinata have always been friends, their followers were part of one of the most vicious shipping wars ever seen in the Pantheon. When Hinata first ascended, her followers created every roadblock possible to prevent Sakura's own ascension. This was helped by the fact that some deities dismissed her as someone who wasn't nearly as good a fighter as she claimed to be. The two managed to settle things, with Naruto going for Hinata in the end. Thus, the anger lessened enough for Sakura to finally join her friends in the Pantheon.
    • Much of this blowback to her ascension has been fanned by the Yandere Squad in an attempt to deny the formation of Team 7. It also helped recruit former Hinata supporters disillusioned with her support of their nemesis. Both ninjas have turned to the Chick Magnet Quintet to help restore her reputation.
    • Naruto admits that she was his first crush back when he was a child. It didn't seem that Sakura shared those feelings, but she eventually confessed her feelings to Naruto even if it was a ruse to get him to get over Sasuke. She refuses to commit if she thinks Sasuke is Naruto's true love.
    • Speaking of Sasuke, the two teammates had a tumultuous relationship. While she had a crush on him, it took the longest time for him to share those feelings. Eventually it was enough for them to conceive a child, though she is the one who takes care of her.
    • Kakashi congratulated his student on making the leap into the Pantheon. She was disappointed that he still hasn't revealed what's under that mask of his.
  • She is far from the first person with pink hair to ascend, but those who met her were all eager to have someone who would represent them:
  • Kasumi fits the trope to the point that Cherry Blossoms form whenever she teleports. With that said, she was content with her current domain, congratulating Sakura on her ascension. The ninja promised to help her clear Kasumi's name.
    • Sonic and Naruto had always wondered whether Amy's antics arose from Sakura or vice versa. That awarded the two of them lumps on their heads. Regardless, the two are good friends. Amy was grateful that Sakura found some sort of peace with her romantic life while Sakura plans to play matchmaker between Amy and Sonic.
    • When the two Sakuras join forces, somebody usually gets it. While she doesn't have pink hair, Card Captor Sakura shares many traits with her namesake. That and the two form a formidable team.
  • Has a 'LOT of Berserk Buttons, each one of those capable of setting her off. Don't call her ugly or try to guess about her relationship with Sasuke. Don't ever talk trash to Naruto or Sasuke (her entry significantly reduced the number of people who complained about Sasuke's entry. Hell, merely hurting any of her friends will incur her wrath.
  • As such, she has mastered the Dope Slap, capable of delivering a slap to anyone who makes a dumb comment. Gibbs would be proud.
  • While she is well-known for her Super Strength, she is also a skilled medic, spending time in the House of Health & Diseases to help heal her allies. She has already applied to join the Medical Division in the GUAG, It's there that she trains with Tony Tony Chopper.
  • She's less than enthusiastic with teaming up with the Medic. He just seemed far too crazy to qualify as a doctor.
  • Mercy's resurrections reminds her of the time when she teamed up with Lady Shiyo. While the later had a similar technique, she had to sacrifice her life to revive someone. She hopes to learn how to do the same without sacrificing her life.
  • While Naruto and Ichigo see themselves as rivals for the face of the shonen genre, Sakura and Orihime formed a more friendly relationship. The Barrier Maiden was just far too nice for Sakura to stay hostile to her.
    • With that said, she would gladly brush elbows with Nami, Luffy's pirate teammate. Sometimes, the hostility between pirates and ninjas is just too great to overcome.
  • Likes to hang about with the likes of Saber, Tails and Sophitia. It can't be helped, they either share her English or Japanese voice.
  • Sven has long been a supporter of her feats. This is probably due her friendship with Naruto. As an ally of loners, seeing others help them out brings a smile to his face, even if no one can see it.

Lesser Gods

    Miles "Tails" Prower 
Miles Prower, God of Heli-Critters (Tails, Fox Boy, Shorty, Shrimp, Super Tails/Turbo Tails, Titan Tails, Arms)
Classic design 
Sonic Boom design 

Britani Paige Knight, Goddess of People of White Skin with Black Hair (Saraya-Jade Bevis, The Enchanting/Mysterious Raven-Haired Lady, Miss Hell in Boots, The Diva of Tommorow, The Anti-Diva, Glampire)

    Suiseiseki and Souseiseki 
Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, Twin Goddesses of Shared Unusual Traits (Suiseiseki: 3rd Rozen Maiden, Jade Star, Emerald Green Sister, Rotten Doll, Desu, Headlights-chan) (Souseiseki: 4th Rozen Maiden, Lapis Lazuli Star, Blue Sister, Boku)
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: The Watering Can of The Gardener and The Shears of The Gardener
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Suiseiseki), Lawful Neutral (Souseiseki)
  • Domains: Arborea, Mysticism, Nature, Dolls
  • Allies: Ryoubi, Ryouna, Lieselotte Achenbach, Kurama, Mirai, The cast of Toy Story, NiGHTS, Ysera, Carl and Ada Clover, Suigintou
  • Mediums: Angelia and Mildred Avallone
  • Enemies: Relius Clover, The Other Mother
  • Originally the twin dolls were known as the Meme Theory. However, there was a problem: while Suiseiseki had her famous "desu" Verbal Tic to go with, Souseiseki had nothing really memetic about her and was in danger of being dropped. Souseiseki didn't seem to object... but Suiseiseki did hard, as she did not want to get separated from her sister and was willing to drop her own title for something else and such loose a lot of influence if it meant that she wouldn't be separated from her sister. The judges eventually had to agree on that,
    • Monsoon was happy to finally be the only god of Memetic Mutation, as he was annoyed by the two dolls. The two also dropped other deities off their back like CATS and the cast of Touhou.
  • While neither of them are that powerful, both of them have the ability to affect people's soul and memories, Suiseiseki by watering it and Souseiseki by maintaining the braches (person's soul is like a tree to them). Of course their powers can be used to damage the soul, by cutting the branches of the tree and then letting unwanted growth grow on it to ruin the soul, eventually killing the person.
    • Due the fact that this can extend to their dreams and such, with Suiseiseki specializing as Dream Weaver, they are in good relations with NiGHTS
  • Since Rozen Maidens need to get have a Medium to use the full extend of their powers, they decided to choose the Avallone sisters. They seem to get along quite nicely, albeit Suiseiseki and Angelia do seem to butt heads time to time.
  • Yes, we are absolutely certain that Souseiseki is a girl. Though the confusion can be justified. Heck, in one of the continuities, her first master of the modern time treated her as a Replacement Goldfish for his dead son.
    • In another continuity, her first modern master actually wished to use her alongside Suiseiseki to get revenge on someone. While Suiseiseki did not wish to fulfil that wish and escaped, Suiseiseki wanted to fulfil her master's wish. Sayo Samonji is sort of impressed by that.
  • Both of them hate Relius and the Other Mother. Especially the former due the fact that his plans to create the "Perfect Doll" bring memories of the Alice Game, and they do not want to go through that ordeal again.
  • As some may point out, Suiseiseki adding "desu" at the end of her sentences isn't and is a Verbal Tic. It is a proper Japanese cupola what makes the sentence sound more polite. However, the fact that she says it the way it is written does make it a Verbal Tic.

    Yusei Fudo 
Yusei Fudo, God of Barcode Tattoos (Satellite's Shooting Star, The Hero of Legend, Professor Yusei, Crabhead, Yousay, Whodo Yousay, Hobosei, Jesus Fudo)


    Alan Grant 
Dr. Alan Grant, The Seriously Scruffy God
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Fossilized Velociraptor Claw or his Straw Hat
  • Theme Song: Welcome to Jurassic Park
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Rugged Appearance accompanied by Serious Demeanor, Being Knowledgeable about Dinosaurs, Blue Is Heroic, Often Geeks out about Dinosaurs, Usually Wears a Straw Hat, Was the Only Individual Aware about the Dangers of Isla Sorna, given his Experience, Sees the Cloned Dinosaurs as "circus freaks", Shell-Shocked Veteran, Has Respect for Raptors, Cynical towards Children before being Promoted to Papa Wolf
  • Domains: Paleontology, Dinosaurs, Survival, Appearance, Experience, Growth
  • Heralds: Dr. Ellie Sattler, Billy Brennan, Eric Kirby
  • Superior: Steven Spielberg
  • Allies: Regina, The Gang of Seven, Dino, Hoppy, Yoshi, Mario, Peppa Pig, The Monster Hunters, Owen Grady note 
  • Enemies: Indominus Rex, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Gwangi, Sharptooth, Hunter J
  • Wary Of: Rexie, The Carnotaurs, Glavenus, Deviljho
  • Interested In: Omastar, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Relicanth, Rampardos, Tyrantrum
  • Respected By: The Children Sub-House
  • A world-renowned paleontologist specializing on hadrosaurs and mainraptorians, Dr. Alan Grant was one of the few alongside fellow paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler to be invited by InGen CEO John Hammond to visit Isla Nublar for a special attraction. That attraction? A theme pack known as Jurassic Park, housing living, breathing dinosaurs successfully cloned through DNA extracted from amber. Initially caught with wander and joy, the experience quickly becomes one of danger and survival after an attack from the part's residential Tyrannosaurus rex, which was caused by a deliberate power malfunction from one of the . Alan was forced to wander the island and avoiding danger, especially the Velociraptors with Hammond's grandchildren, Lex and Tim Murphy alongside overcoming his pessimism towards children. Eventually, he was successful, though the rampage cost numerous lives and Hammond's dreams becoming shattered.
    • Grant's survival in Isla Nublar and the tyrannosaur rampage in San Diego four years later didn't bode well for him, as interest in paleontology began to dwindle and hence, Grant became more cynical and jaded overtime. It didn't help when he was duped into going to Isla Sorna with the Kirby's alongside associate Billy Brennan, who wanted to find their missing son Eric. There, they were attacked by a Spinosaurus who demolished the plane, stranding them. Dealing with a new superpredator and another pack of Velociraptors, Grant was initially seperated from the main party until he was found by Eric, who told Alan about his experience with the island. Soon after reuniting with the party, Grant would face off against a Pteranodon horde, the Spinosaurus and the raptors after Billy stole some of their eggs before finally being rescued by the U.S. Navy.
  • Grant's entrance in the Pantheon was actually pretty mundane, or at least for him. He was offered an excavation site from a trusted fund organizer which he decided to take upon as a good opportunity to keep up the work of paleontology, especially since Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna caused a negative effect in the loss of interest regarding digging up fossils. Upon arriving on said dig site, Grant realized that the working place had a rather natural feel to it. He and his team arrived in a barren outskirt in the House of Beast. Luckily enough, they didn't encounter any animal to give them trouble and Grant himself continued on his work.
    • His ascension came about when he was approached by Owen Grady a day later. Grant was surprised to see that there was someone who trained raptors and the two talked to one another for quite some time. Owen also told Grant about the Pantheon and the House of Beast, telling him that he would need to be careful about the surroundings of this new world. Taking his words into account, Grant was able to secure a position in the Pantheon.
  • Grant is arguably the most well-known paleontologist in the Pantheon. However, with the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House not being just bountiful, but also pretty popular, he feels that his work may not light up a decent level of interest. However, he got lucky in the that House of Beast and Nature does have a lot of millennia-old remains to excavate and study, with the House of Science being willing to allow Grant to conduct research there if need be.
  • The Dr. Grant in the Pantheon is generally accepted to be his film counterpart. That said, he is well aware of his original novel source material and finds many parallels between them rather amusing. Not surprisingly, he was appalled by the novel iteration of John Hammond being callous and uncaring about the lives of his workers and visitors, especially his grandchildren and prioritizing the reputation of his park instead.
  • Initially, Grant was not fond of children and even scared one by telling him about how raptors hunted. However, his experiences in Isla Nublar was mostly spent with Hammond's grandchildren Lex and Tim and he mellowed out his feelings to the point of being defensive about their safety. His later travel to Isla Sorna saw him working effectively with Eric Kirby in escaping the island and respected the boy for being resourceful and smart in the face of danger. As a result, he's given approval by the Children Sub-House and will try to attend the place in his spare time.
  • Outside of his work, Grant will act as a curator, setting up public events to talk about dinosaurs, his experiences in Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna and what are the costs and dangers of genetic engineering. Normally, it's tough as he finds it difficult to come to terms with his travel. He is however, respected by opening up to it though.
  • While he was genuinely happy about the existence of the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House, he is also incredibly cautious about the place. He likes the fact that most of the dinosaurs residing there are genuine animals with no traces of genetic engineering to open. He's made quick friends with the Gang of Seven due to Grant's Character Development allowing him to be more open towards kids and similarly gets along with Dino, Hoppy and Rampardos.
  • All things considered, Grant is not fully accepting of the dinosaurs that were cloned for Jurassic Park. Later down his life, he states that they were "circus freaks" and science abridged their physiology to an extent that Grant doesn't consider them true dinosaurs. That's not to say he hates them, but one can't disagree with him given how some of the dinosaurs turned out, especially the Velociraptors.
    • He does however, genuinely respect raptors, given that they were apex predators who could rival the Tyrannosaurus rex in competition. In similar regard, he respects Owen for being able to tame a quartet of raptors into seeing him as a father figure. That said, he is actually hesitant to approach the Raptor Pack, given what he had to deal with beforehand with other Raptors. Owen is however, trying to make some effort in getting Grant to at least approach the Raptors without harm.
      • Likewise, Grant detests Riptor for being more monster than animal and for the fact that she was specifically designed to be a weapon by Ultratech. He condemns the company for thinking they could create a weaponized raptor for their own purposes and it doesn't help that Riptor's personality isn't too different from the Raptors of Isla Nublar, particularly The Big One.
  • Was surprised about prehistoric Pokémon, if mainly because of their ability to be tamed by trainers and be used for battle. Grant was initially skeptical about this until he realized how Pokémon were able to bond with their trainers and have a relation ship that borders of comrades/friends. He finds this rather respectable and has expressed desire to study the prehistoric Pokémon in his spare time. He seems most interested in Tyrantrum for obvious reasons.
  • While he is very wary about Rexie, he doesn't have any sort of contempt against her and acknowledges that she is simply an animal trying to live out her life, though he does express surprise that she lived beyond her natural lifespan, even if it has something to do with genetic engineering. The Spinosaurus, on the other hand, is a different matter. An animal that is unnaturally territorial and aggressive, Grant believes that the animal is more a monster, in a similar vein to the Sharptooth and Gwangi.
  • He expressed some surprise in the success of Jurassic World, but was appalled and disappointed when InGen decided to create the Indominus Rex, thinking that the company didn't really learn from their mistakes. He maintained his frustration when he also learned about the Indoraptor. But now that the cloned dinosaurs are free to roam America, he can't help but side with Dr. Malcolm about why the dinosaurs needed to go extinct. Pretty hard, coming from a paleontologist who really loves dinosaurs.
  • To maintain dinosaurs from causing too much havoc in the Pantheon, Grant has formed a friendship of sorts with Regina. He's allowed her to use his money for operations that would benefit in both of their favors, with Grant teaching Regina about how to handle certain dinosaurs. That said, he has told her to be careful in not killing them, given that not every dinosaur acts the same as they did in Ibis Island and Edward City. Regina has complied since.
  • Gets along well with the Monster Hunters. Given that the hunting organization often search for researchers to study and provide information for the several creatures that they hunt, they've approached Grant if he can provide them with scientific information about some of the monsters, especially Brute Wyverns. It's from here that Grant has learned about the likes of Glavenus and Deviljho. While he is interested to look at them and even find bones for research, hearing stories about them has made Grant pretty uneasy about the kind of animals they really are. Still, he'll remain committed to the Monster Hunters if need be.
"Reverse Darwinism: Survival Of The Most Idiotic."

    Lucy Liberty 
Lucy Liberty, Goddess of Dark Skinned Redheads

Yona, Goddess of Reincarnation Marks
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A red dragon
  • Theme Song: Akatsuki no Yona and Akatsuki no Hana
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Notably red-haired due to being King Hiryuu reincarnated, Determination, getting stronger, losing her kingdom, always willing to help others in need, Important Haircut, not super-powered like the Four Dragon Warriors but still pretty tough
  • Domains: Royalty, Kindness, Hair, Reincarnation, Dragons
  • Heralds: Hak, Yun, Gija, Sinha, Jaeha, Zeno, Ao
  • Allies: Issei Hyodo, Bahamut, Natsu Dragneel, Sarasa, Ange, Anastasia, Merida, Huang Zhong
  • Enemies: Any evil god in the House of Royalty and Leadership, Joffrey Baratheon, Acnologia, Ornstein, Walter White, Tony Montana, the Slavers
  • Yona lived a privileged and sheltered life as the heir apparent to the throne of Kouka. Her father the king's uncompromising pacifism caused discontent among the people, as he freely gave up territory to prevent war, and abject misery and crime festered. Yona was blissfully oblivious to any of this until she got a rude awakening on her sixteenth birthday, when her beloved cousin Su-Won murdered her father and took the throne. A catatonic Yona and her bodyguard Son Hak ran away from the city, with Su-Won taking the opportunity to fake the princess' death and framing Hak for the murders. As the two travelled and Yona gained resolve, they heard of a prophecy about four people with the power of the four dragon gods sent to serve King Hiryuu, the country's founder. Yona gathered them and asked their help in getting her throne back. Unbeknownst to Yona at the time, or her entourage, she is King Hiryuu reincarnated, so the Four Dragon Warriors followed her on instinct. Together they travelled through all of Kouka solving the people's problems.
  • The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch (that is the tongue-in-cheek name Yona and her merry crew came up with for themselves) were traveling through the land when they happened upon some ruins. Feeling the power of a dragon, the gang entered to see if it had anything to do with the Four Dragon Warriors. Instead they found a huge black and blue dragon called Acnologia who roared at them about his hatred for dragons and attacked them. Rather than being intimidated, the whole gang responded in kind with their combat abilities, which did a pretty good number on Acnologia. This just made him angrier and his thrashing caused the way they came from to be blocked, so the gang fled deeper into the ruins. When they found an exit, they discovered a place unlike any they've ever seen, but they couldn't admire it for long as Acnologia was right on their tail. Just as they were about to launch their next attacks, another group appeared and a boy clad in red dragon armor dealt the finishing blow to Acnologia. He introduced himself as Issei Hyodo; unusually, the perverted god wasn't very flirty with Yona, presumably because the gaggle of rather impressive boys with her intimidated him (most of them are way taller than him). Anyway, Issei and his crew were very friendly and hospitable to Yona's while the Main House figured out what to do with them. In the meantime, Yona and Issei became very interested in each other's connection to a legendary red dragon and bonded over it, causing Hak and the rest to worry that Issei might be trying to draw their princess into his harem. Whether or not that's the case, their glares cause Issei to act extra-chivalrous around Yona.
  • Ultimately Yona was recommended for godhood by Bahamut of the Triumvirate of Dragons, due to being the reincarnation of the great Dragon King Hiryuu, something that is evinced by her beautiful, unique red hair, as King Hiryuu was the red dragon descended to earth to watch over humanity. The rest of the Hungry Bunch made it clear that wherever their princess goes, they go, and they'd ravage the Main House if they were forced apart from her. The Main House responded basically "no need for all that violence" and made them her Heralds. Of course Yona was challenged by/made enemies out of various gods because of her potential dragon origins, besides Acnologia, which also earned her support from his archnemesis Natsu Dragneel, who relates to her in much the same way as Issei (minus any sign of perversion). She was later attacked by Ornstein, who wanted to make trophies of her and her companions' dragon parts; however they managed to push him back.
  • It didn't take long for a rebel leader called Sarasa to take Yona under her wing (or should we say paw, given the whole tiger motif), after hearing about her actions to do good across the land regardless of the authorities. Given Sarasa was about the same age as Yona when she set out on her journey and grieved for a family member for a good part of it, yet at the same time they proved to be good and charismatic leaders, Sarasa can easily identify with Yona and her situation and wishes to guide her so her path will be less painful than her own. Sarasa's also oddly understanding of Yona's mixed feelings on Su-Won - Sarasa had very similar feelings when she discovered her soulmate Shuri was the Red King who killed her brother.
    • Given Yona and Sarasa's association with dragons and tigers respectively, a lot of deities have construed a Tiger Versus Dragon duality between them. Provided Yona doesn't end up screwing up majorly, it's highly unlikely that there'll ever be any animosity between them that such a duality implies, so the two are just amused by it all.
  • She's another in the long list of princesses who've lost their kingdoms. She gets along with Ange as they both lost their kingdoms and watched as one of their parents died in front of them via betrayal of a close family member and had their lives turned upside down. To rub salt on the wound, this all took place on their sixteenth birthday. While Yona isn't really comfortable with just how cynical Ange can be, she accepts advice and self-defense classes from her, given how experienced and competent she is.
  • Anastasia is another fallen princess that Yona is particularly close to; in this case it's because of how uninterested Anastasia is in seeking revenge and reclaiming the throne, and her preference for living a normal, anonymous life, even though learning about the circumstances of her family's murders has led to her occasionally feeling angry. Anastasia's outlook gives Yona some food for thought, as she has some very complicated feelings for Su-Won which can't be summed up as hate even though he murdered her father, and she's not entirely sure anymore whether she should take the throne. Also, Yona is now prone to fantasizing about eloping with Hak just like Anastasia and Dimitri did.
  • As a princess who was formerly sheltered and spoiled but has awoken to reality and is actively engaging with her people and their problems, it's a matter of principle that she can't stand any leader-type deities who use their status to throw their weight around or to bring suffering to their people instead of supporting them. Such deities are far too many to enumerate, but one Yona finds particularly distasteful is Joffrey Baratheon, for being a complete psychopath. Joffrey's disgusting advances on Sansa also remind Yona of the time when a nobleman called Tae-Jun had a similar fixation on her, though at least Tae-Jun redeemed himself and became a better person, which is definitely not the case with Joffrey. Joffrey himself holds contempt for Yona for two reasons: her red hair reminds him of Sansa, and her association with dragons and ability to command them (in a sense) is a bit too similar to Daenerys, who joffrey greatly fears.
  • In Yona's world there's a drug known as Nadai that's highly addictive and basically drives a person berserk from excessive consumption. In Kouka, the Water Tribe had particularly bad problems with Nadai getting smuggled in from across the border, and it's also been given to slaves in place of water to keep them working. Yona and her crew were responsible for dismantling a Nadai-distributing network, and since seeing the effects Nadai can have on people, Yona really has a problem with those who produce and sell illicit and dangerous substances to people. It's because of this that she opposes Walter White and Tony Montana, as they're in the drug business and care only for the profits and nothing for the lives of the people they ruin.
  • She also loathes those who deal in selling humans after taking down a scummy aristocrat called Yang Kum-Ji, who terrorized his people and profitted from selling slaves to the rival Kai Empire. For this reason she's a declared enemy of the Slavers and she will do whatever it takes to dismantle them, even using herself as bait (which wouldn't be the first time).
  • Her skill with a bow impressed Huang Zhong and he offered to help her improve her archery. Huang Zhong reminds Yona of Hak's jovial grandfather Mundok, who's also an Old Soldier perfectly capable of kicking ass, so Yona feels pretty nostalgic when she's around Huang Zhong. She also became friends with Merida as another princess who favors the bow and arrow. Yona was impressed that Merida has even wilder red hair than hers when it was long, and seeing Merida pay it no mind makes Yona ashamed of worrying way too much about her hair when she was a sheltered princess.


Cesare, God of Those Who Have Pale Skin, Messy Dark Hair and Hollow Eyes
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His coffin
  • Theme Song: "Freeway Quintet" or "Introducing Cesare" (shared with his master / psychiatric Dr. Caligari
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil according to Francis, he's actually True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Has a very distinctive look with pale skin, messy dark hair and hollow eyes, a somnambulist, Brainwashed and Crazy by Caligari, killed the women he prophecized to die, is apart of Francis's hallucination, Twist Ending (Trope Maker)
  • Domains: Skin, Hair, Eyes, Mentalism
  • Allies: Dr. Caligari (his master according to Francis, is really his psychiatrist), L, Ryuk, Edward Scissorhands
  • Enemies: Light Yagami
  • Pitied by: Harley Quinn, Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Odd Friendship with: All of the Endless except Desire
  • Following his ascension, Caligari has been working hard to get Cesare ascended in order to get his most faithful minion into the Pantheon while the "real" Caligari wants to continue to treat his patient.
  • Many people wonder how Cesare manage to get money in order to run his temple. It was revealed that Caligari helped Cesare trademarked his look to pay for his treatment.
  • One of the most iconic character that has the "arm in the front" pose when he sleepwalking, some of the more mean-spirited deities sometime kidnap the "real" Cesare in order to exhibit him. Caligari is livid when he discover this and chase down anyone participated.
  • Harley Quinn feel pity for Cesare's condition and sometimes visits his temple to try out a new treatment for him.
  • Rick Blaine freaked out when visiting his temple because Caligari and Cesare are fictional characters in his universe. Blaine has been trying to avoid the both of them ever since.
  • Has been wondering into the House of Undead for being one of the Trope Codifier of the "hanging arm while walking" pose used by many of them. Of course, Caligari worked hard to prevent him from doing so ever since.
  • Because of the fact that L and Ryuk shares similar looks to him, Cesare has... interesting interaction with the cast of Death Note. While Ryuk and L are more amused by him than anything (after Ryuk got over the initial disappointment that he is too mentally ill to use the Death Note), Light Yagami has been observing Cesare just in case L decided to use the "evil" Cesare as a body double against his plan.
    • The same thing can be said for Dream of the Endless Morpheus because his most frequently chose human incarnation has the same appearance as Cesare. The rest of the Endless also have mostly positive reaction except for Desire of the Endless.
    • While people usually don't realize this (due to the fact that both of them aren't men of many words), Cesare and Edward Scissorhands had met due to their similar look and part way as friends due to their dark past.
  • Spider-Man also has great sympathy for Cesare because of his mental illness, but tried to avoid his temple as much as possible because he reminds Peter too much of Morbius.


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