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Out of all the Houses in the Pantheon, the House of Commerce is the one that would fit best in a modern Earth city. It would still get a few odd looks, though. From the outside, it looks something like a boxy castle with several towers, all metal with glass windows that reflect the light. Each tower houses its own CEO and their staff. The lowest floor of the main building is permanently flooded with four feet of water, the better for a tiny pirate ship to navigate. Other floors have their walls splashed with brightly-colored advertisements for pretty much everything - the only square inches not given over to an ad are in the CEO towers.


The place is infested with weird little robots that can be destroyed for cash. It's also populated with Gray Mann's robots who fulfill the same function, but aren't quite as easy to destroy. Primus is not amused, and his children have not-so-secretly infiltrated the pantheon to make sure it doesn't get out of hand.

There's been a mini contest to get Commander Shepard to say "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite House in the Pantheon." in each House. So far, there hasn't been any success.

They would have even more riches if Jay Gatsby, who is in the Sadness sub-house in the House of Emotion, shared his fortune with them.

They have also kept a leery eye on Petyr Baelish, despite his experience as Seven Kingdoms' Master of Coin.

Trolls are not allowed, due to the fear that they will cause the Stock Market to crash, and the fact that they may inflate prices up the market. Bernkastel has been trying to find a way to remove this, much to the entire House of Commerce's chagrin.


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The Three Managers of Commerce

    Mr. Burns 
Charles Montgomery Burns, God of Unrealistic Wealth (Mr. Burns, Monty Burns)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Blinky, the Three-Eyed Fish.
  • Theme Song: "Look At All Those Idiots"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Billionaires, Anti Villains, A Really Bad Boss, A Complete Jerkass, Ignoring the rules through his wealth, Corrupt Corporate Executives, Cartoonish Villainy.
  • Domains: Evil, Hell.
  • Followers: Rupert Murdoch, according to some reports (or maybe it's the other way around?)
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, Looten Plunder, Carol/Mom (girlfriend)
  • Enemies: Being as evil as he is, Burns has too many enemies to even list. The House of Nature is a special case, as well as any other business-related deity in the Pantheon.
  • Has been hoarding money underneath the golden escalator to the Pantheon he constructed for himself.
  • Frequently visits Satan down in Hell to play poker, to whom he owes his long life.
  • Remember that time when he tried to block out the sun?
  • Once attempted to make a deal with Scrooge Mcduck into investing in his businesses with the secret objective of embezzling the duck's wealth. However, not only was he seen through by Scrooge, who refused the deal, but also scared away the hounds sent after him with just one glance.
  • Never seen on a Friday night for some reason. During these disappearances, some Gods have reported seeing an alien that wants to bring "peace and love" in the forest nearby. The "alien" and Mr. Burns are one and the same.
  • Burns has sworn on his life to destroy the House of Nature and build a pollution faculty on its remains. In retaliation, the deities in that house have banned him for life, especially after learning of his oil business that cost an underfunded school millions in dollars, and how he used a recycling plant to kill sea life and turn them into slurry for dynamiters.

    Scrooge McDuck 
Scrooge McDuck, CEO of Finance and Champion of Those who Swim Through Gold (Uncle Scrooge, Mr. Mcduck, The Wealthiest Waterfowl to Ever Live)

    Seto Kaiba 
Seto Kaiba, CEO of Wealth-Induced Disregard For Rules (Kaiba Boy, Richboy, Mr. Kaiba, The Prince of Games, The Chess Prince)
  • Lesser God (borderline Intermediate God if he has Obelisk the Tormentor or the more powerful variants of Blue-Eyes White Dragon by his side)
  • Symbol: The KaibaCorp Logo
  • Theme Music: Duel Madness Instrumental, Seto Kaiba Duel
  • Image Song: "You're Not Me"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti Heroes, Badass Longcoats, Screwing of Rules, and Possession of Mountains of Money, Virtual Ghosts, Leet Haxor Skillz, Card Games as Serious Business, Disbelievers, Ensemble Darkhorses, Determinators.
  • Domains: Avarice, Coldness, Destiny, Family, Pride, Retribution, Wealth.
  • Followers: Montana Max, Mimi, Kaneo Takarada
  • Allies: Mokuba Kaiba (his brother), Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Kaito Tenjo, Pacifica Northwest
  • Rivals: Yugi Muto (a friendly one), Katsuya Jonouchi, Robin Hood, Karin Kanzuki, Wilson Fisk, Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm
  • Enemies: Gozaburo Kaiba (his adoptive father), Eliza and Neil Reagan, Redyue, Dovahkiin, Spyro, Ethan Roark Junior, Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley
  • Opposes: Exodia, Twisted Fate
  • Opposed by: Noah Kaiba (his step-brother)
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Seth Rollins
  • Orphaned at a young age, Seto and his little brother, Mokuba, were adopted by the rich businessman, Gozaburo Kaiba, after Seto beat Gozaburo at a game of Chess. What appeared to be a victory soon turned into a bitter curse as Gozaburo began acting abusive towards Seto to shape him into the cold, ruthless person that he believed was worthy to take over his company. Seto took to these lessons far better than even his adoptive father could have expected, and, after ousting Gozaburo from his position as CEO of Kaiba Corp, turned the company into the world's largest multi-national gaming corporation. An expert gamer, especially of Duel Monsters, Kaiba believes that losing at anything, even games, is equivalent to dying, and is single-minded in his goal of becoming the best duelist in the world.
  • Kaiba chafes at the restrictions of the Pantheon and has in the past attempted to buy the positions of other Gods to expand His portfolio. He also has a fierce but ultimately friendly rivalry with Yugi Muto, God of Card Duelists.
  • Noah Kaiba of the House of Technology often uploads himself into Seto Kaiba's mainframe, being jealous of his position. For his part, Seto constantly designs and redesigns firewalls and other security systems to keep the brat out. His tower is adorned with variations on the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and there are hologram stations in every cubicle.
  • He reacted to the news of his ascension with an angry "That's ridiculous! People don't become Gods!" He changed his mind in a hurry when Karin Kanzuki bought a mansion next door to his palace that was almost twice as big as his own. They both have connections.
  • His Morality Pet is his younger brother, Mokuba Kaiba. He's the only other person who can get him to lighten up a bit. Mokuba serves as his brother's Herald in the Pantheon and helps his brother run the day-to-day activities of Kaiba Corp.
  • He has grown quite an affection for Paarthurnax as well as the large stone where he learns people about the Thu'um. Where else is he going to find a giant rock along with a giant dragon? Sadly, the many visits of Dovahkiin bothers him greatly.
  • Despite his cold attitude, he does have a soft spot in his heart: orphans. This is due to his backstory and he plans to open an amusement park for orphans and homeless children can roam about for free. This touched the hearts of many gods, some shedding a Single Tear at the story.
    • There is also one thing that he really despises: Abusive Parents which stem from his childhood with the man who adopted him and Mokuba, Gozaburo. He met up with Uncle Howee who made a deal with him: he brings up the Ayasaki parents, and in exchange he simply asked that for all of the House of Commerce to get their well-earned revenge on the two of them, all Howee asked was for the Gods to come to his special show that night. Kaiba agreed, and thus rallied the House of Commerce to attack the two bastards. Uncle Howee returned the favor by having the Ayasaki parents (transformed into marionettes) perform on his show. Uncle Howee walked away that night a millionaire. Seto himself has some odd feelings with the man. On the one hand, Howee reminds him of Pegasus, but on the other, he is easier to get along with and since the thing with Ayasaki, admitted to having enjoyed seeing the man at work.
  • Would like it for other gods to STOP making comparisons to James of Team Rocket and Brock. He's getting sick and tired of that. And for Kirby and King Dedede, no he is not some masked freak who goes by the name "Meta Knight"...and his anger toward Meta Knight grew when he tried to challenge the former to a duel. Meta Knight agreed to tossing a sword to Kaiba's face.
  • Sometimes plays chess with Lelouch and Light Yagami. Unfortunately, despite his skills, he's nowhere near their level of gambits and strategy. He doesn't take these losses seriously (in contrast with his duels with Yugi Muto) and for Lelouch and Light's part, they've decided not to Geass/Death Note him as he's a Worthy Opponent in the game.
  • When told of Spyro's surprising power for his size and age, Kaiba laughed asked if he was really expected to believe that a purple pipsqueak could stand up to the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Spyro has said he's eager to prove it to Kaiba when he gets the chance.
  • Didn't want to do anything with either "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and the Friendship Asylum, even though his step-brother Noah is trying to prevent it from spreading. Then he learned how Alternate!Gentaro had brainwashed Yugi Muto and made him snatch the Egyptian God Cards. Kaiba was beyond pissed. He's now going into the asylum, not to destroy it... but because NO ONE is allowed to go after Yugi except for him.
  • Himura Kenshin is the only person he'd ever avoid, as he's unaffected with his rules-screwing and bribery would just net him a hard crash with his Sakabato while being scolded to ask his money to save him from that crash.
  • Is amused that one of his many "followers" has ascended. Though he tried to hide it by saying "Well, it was about time one of them did".
  • Hates it whenever Twisted Fate borrows some of his cards to get thrown away, slashing other people and blowing things up, apparently the rarer the card, the bigger the damage. Kaiba has no problems in reacquiring them because he's stinkin' rich, but it gets annoying if he has to repeat that ad nauseum.
  • And another thing? He'd REALLY not like to be reminded of his actions during the events of The Friendship Asylum. Being brainwashed through your own rival and used as a puppet that triggered the Pantheon's destruction via a Zombie Apocalypse is not something he'd like to hear.
    • At around the same time as the Pantheon was recovering from the asylum, he has shown to be having tea with Princess Peach and her parasol friend, Perry. While he will never admit it, he is shown to be close to Perry because of how the parasol reminds him of his brother, Mokuba. He's now devoted to figure out how to transform Perry back into a human.
  • After a long period of constant demanding and challenging (during which a series of events took place that he's only just returned from), Kaiba finally got his wish for a duel with the Pharaoh. Using both old and new cards and strategies, both duelists were pushed to their limits, but ultimately the Pharaoh managed to pull out another win against all odds. Kaiba has backed off for now, but history serves to prove that he'll be back before long.
  • Speaking of Mokuba, his stepbrother Noah and the wrestler Dean Ambrose worked together to bring the kid into the Pantheon with a seat dedicated to how much he looks up to big brother Kaiba, and Dean later became something of a mentor to Mokuba. Despite this, Ambrose has had a hostile opinion of Kaiba for awhile based on events from his home world. His response for a long time was to thank the lunatic for his help while paying no mind to the man's opinions about him. Then he flipped out, attacked his Shield partner who everyone thought he forgave for a previous betrayal on the same night their other Shield partner went down because of an illness, made the wrestling company that brought him to the Pantheon look bad, and exposed The Shield's use of code names while abandoning his own. At that point Kaiba considered him a liability, and was relieved when Mokuba sided with the other man, Seth Rollins.

Ambiguous Ranks

    Buy n Large 
Buy n Large, Celestial Mega Corporation (BnL, Buy n' Large, Buy N' Large, Buy 'n Large, Buy 'N Large, Buy 'n' Large, Buy 'N' Large, Buy'N'Large, Buy'n'Large, Buy-N-Large, Buy-n-Large, BuyNLarge, Buy&Large, Buy and Large)

Alternative Title(s): Commerce Overdeities And Greater Gods, Commerce Intermediate Gods, Commerce Lesser Gods, Commerce Demigods And Quasideities


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