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Greater Gods

Fafnir, God of Gold Fever (Lord of Glittering Gold, Gigantis Dragon, Ooyama Takeshi)
As "Ooyama Takeshi" 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A pile of gold with green eyes in the background
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Tragic Monster, Greedy Dwarf, Breathes Poison, Getting Rid of His Father for Gold, Being Cursed, Dirty Old Man, Power at a Price
  • Domain: Greed, Dragons, Weapons, Poison
  • Allies: Larfleeze, Jack Horner, Kratos and Atreus
  • Enemies: Siegfried, Odin, Loki, Thor, Scrooge McDuck, Ornstein and Smough, Gilgamesh, Wario, Gillius Thunderhead, Muradin Bronzebeard
  • Rival: Smaug
  • Odd Friendship: Asia Argento, Quetzalcoatl
  • Enticed by the glittering cursed gold of Andvari and the ring Andvaranaut, Fafnir murdered his father, Hreidmar, to obtain it. Consumed by greed of gold and gems, Fafnir's dwarf body was warped into a sinister dragon. Now, he guards his treasure while seeking more to satisfy his hunger.
  • Despite not being part of House of Toxicity, Fafnir's temples are notorious for its deadly poison mist and corrosive acid lake. This is because he is paranoid of others trying to steal his treasure. So far, the only person not deterred by the foul temple is the equally greedy Wario, who has made multiple attempts at Fafnir's gold.
  • Not content with the gold he already owns, Fafnir has scrounged the Pantheon to increase his hoarde.
    • Found out about Scrooge McDuck's money bin and broke in and stole some of his money. Not only that, he even stole his number one dime. Not one to back down, the Scottish duck dared to traverse into Fafnir's poison sanctum along with certain dragon slayers like The Dovahkin, Ornstein and Smough, and the dragon slayer magic users of Fairy Tail and Sabertooth. And even though the team set up was very volatile, they were able to reclaim Scrooge's dime.
    • Fought against the King of Heroes Gilgamesh in attempt to steal his Gates of Babylon when he heard it contain the world's riches. Fierce as the battle was, Fafnir was only able to steal a piece of his armor, one jade-encrusted dagger, a golden axe, and his gold-plated bike.
    • Actually stole The Angry Video Game Nerd's golden case version of the Nintendo World Championships video game.
    • Unbeknownst to others, Fafnir actually found one of the Infinity Gems while roaming through the Pantheon. Luckily for everybody, Fafnir had zero desire to use its power. For now.
  • Because Fafnir is a jerk, even before he became a dragon, it's hard to find friends that he won't think will steal his treasures. Though, there are people willing to ally with him.
    • There is Jack Horner who actually gained Fafnir's curse one time. He doesn't have any need for the Dragon of Greed's treasures having created his own universe with everything he could ever want with the help of Gary.
    • There's the holder of the Orange Lantern Larfleeze who may rival him in hoarding of treasures. Though, Larfleeze definition of treasure wouldn't fit Fafnir's so there's no worry of either one stealing from the other. Though, the Orange Lantern does look enticing....
    • Probably his most strangest alliance would be the former nun-turned-demon Asia Argento. In fact, Asia can be considered Fafnir's Morality Pet as he is very protective of her. He also lent her his power to use in a form of a golden armor. Though, it did came at a steep price for Asia; her panties.
    • More surprising to many, two new people were added to this list: Kratos and his son Atreus. When he was first transformed into a dragon, Dwarves fearful of his greed and new draconic habits locked him in his dragon form and chained him up, just leaving him like that for gods know how long. The two gods found him on their quest and freed him in spite of his attacking them in a feral rage. After getting away and regaining enough (relative) sanity to turn back into a dwarf, he thanked the two of them, and after seeing that Kratos is too objective-minded and Atreus too kind to concern themselves with Fafnir's treasure he offered to give them a hand... as long as he keeps any money or gems the enemies have on them.
  • Makes surprise visits to the House of Gaming as he finds great enjoyment playing video games. He has also shown interest in anime. There are many who are confused at his new hobby.
  • For those who only knew Fafnir as the dragon that was slain by Sigurd/Seigfried were surprised to find that he was actually a dwarf. This tends to annoy Fafnir a bit, especially those who want to bathe in his blood to gain invincibility. Especially when Siegfried himself ascended and did exactly that.
  • There are times when his greed and the ring's curse twist him into a draconic form, resulting in a dangerous "mecha-dragon". Some researchers have noted that Fafnir's components in this form - plates, screws and circuits - have great potential value to produce unique defensive equipment, and his heart is an excellent pump; however, one still must deal with Fafnir himself to get ahold of said components. For one, he's irritated that even as a machine he's not safe from adventurers wanting stuff from him.
  • Both Gillius Thunderhead and Muradin Bronzebeard view Fafnir's greed to be too much for dwarves standards. However, Fafnir think dwarves of today aren't greedy enough and are too soft to be considered one.
  • So far the only being to match Fafnir's power and greed would be fellow dragon Smaug. Both dragons of greed are known to be very envious of the other's hoard of gold. Each of them have play "hot potato" of gold as they steal from one another while battling.
  • What does Fafnir enjoy more then collecting cold and jewels? Swimming in it of course.
  • Even if is mind is clouded by shiny treasures, he still arbor hatred towards Odin and Loki for their past misdeeds. He has also became enemies with Thor who he has battle in the fields of Midgard.
  • "Let's take these fools for all that they're worth!"

Lesser Gods

    Mei Hatsume 
Mei Hatsume, Goddess of Shameless Self-Promotion
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: An eye with a crosshairs pupil
  • Theme Music: Obstacle Course
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Crosshaired Pupils, Attention Whore, Teen Genius, Manipulative Bitch, Telescopic vision, No Sense of Personal Space
  • Domains: Heroes, Technology, Trade
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Kurogiri, Himiko Toga, "Hero Killer" Stain, The House of Villainy, The Corpus
  • Respects: Tony Stark
  • An U.A. Academy student from the Support Department, Mei Hatsume is a ditzy girl who likes to create devices designed to help out heroes. She is well-meaning but her short attention span and tendency to be the center of attention makes it very difficult to be around her for long. She ascended after trying to convince the Court of Gods that her "babies" would help out the heroes of GUAG and eventually they allowed her after she kept trying and trying.
  • Heard that there were plenty of deities from U.A. Academy and she was happy that her school had a strong representation in the pantheon. She is friends with Izuku Midoriya and has helped him develop gadgets that would suit his style. However, with Tenya Iida and Ochaco Uraraka they don't really like her that much, the former because she used him to showcase her inventions in the Sports Festival and he felt betrayed for that and the latter usually gets ignored when she tries to have a conversation with her and also doesn't like how close she tends to get to Izuku, often accidentally.
  • Usually seen in the House of Commerce, where she heavily advertises her creation to any deity that comes near her proximity. She had to be put in place a few times since Mei tends to go overboard with her creations and that tends to end with Explosive Results, but the authorities there have expressed that sometimes she manages to create actually useful inventions.
  • She also likes to frequent the House of Machinery and Technology and there she met Winry Rockbell. Both became friends after bonding about engineering mechanical devices and Mei is fascinated by the intricacy of the Automail limbs that Winry invents.
  • Has a great deal of respect for Tony Stark for achieving a great amount of wealth and fame as a result of his technological innovations, and her respect only grew when he managed to turn and use his inventions for heroics. Mei is interested in interning under Stark and while Tony respects her dedication and determination, he feels she is a little off the rocker to allow her to work for him but he is considering the offer.
  • Other mechanics that caught her attention were The Engineer and Torbjörn, renowned for being expert craftsmen in weapons. Hilariously enough, Torbjörn also has a tendency to call his turrets as his "babies" like Hatsume does but later both he and the Engineer found that Hatsume spent too much time in their respective workshops trying to come up with something that could upgrade their creations. At least they appreaciate her dedication.
    • Torbjörn also introduced her to his daughter Brigitte, who she thought would be a better teacher considering both were closer in age. Brigitte took a liking to Mei and likes to collaborate with her since she likes to build and repair things too. Hatsume often tries to suggests including a few bizarre additions to Brigitte's armor but more often than not they haven't worked out as much as she hoped they would.
  • Her quirk "Zoom" allows her to have telescopic vision, which is helpful when it comes to building a repairing stuff. She often is in awe of the mechas that the pantheon is home and has offered to repair and mantain them. Of course, as always, she likes to include her own additions in order to gain more recognition but she hasn't been super succesful in actually adding them.
  • Befriended Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu after they saw her in one of her usual attempts to get someone to notice her invetions and decided to introduce her to their friend Chizuru Urashima, head of the Shinra Organization's Equipment Division since Chizuru also is quite a bit eccentric herself. That, and they wanted Shinra to stop being understaffed.
    • That said, Hatsume's knack for messing things up unknowingly made it so Chizuru keeps her as far away from the Dragonturtle Mk.1 as possible.
  • At first she thought that being approached by a big conglomerate as the Corpus would only mean success for her, but she was later warned that the group itself is nothing but bad news. Mei declined the offer to join them and that almost caused the Corpus to try and steal some of her best inventions but thankfully her collegues from U.A. Academy had her back and she got her babies back.
  • As a GUAG member and a hero in training, she of courses opposes any villain that resides in the pantheon. Not only that but she also heard that plenty of other villains from her universe also were present and for that she's been busy thinking of way for building creations to stop them.


    Crazy Dave 
Crazetopher David Blazing III, God of Insane Vendors (Crazy Dave, David, The Fog Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The saucepan he wears on his head; alternatively, a taco
  • Theme Songs: Wabby Wabbo, Zombies on Your Lawn — sung by one of his Sunflowers — Uraniwa ni Zombies ga (Japanese version of Zombies on Your Lawn)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, or probably Chaotic Stupid, nobody is sure...
  • Portfolio: Very Loony and Crazy, Crazy Survivalist, Very intelligent while being kinda goofy, Large Ham, Speaks mostly in gibberish, has a Saucepan as a hat, Loves Bacon and Tacos
  • Domains: Plants, Neighbours, Survivalism, Insanity
  • Herald: Penny, his Time Machine (Who is also his car)
  • High Priest: Crazy Earl
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Dr. Zomboss, Most gods in the House of Undead and Phasmata, Flowey, Mordremoth, Petey Piranha, Audrey II
  • Odd Friendship: Link, Homer Simpson, Rod
  • Opposed by: Many deities who protect the natural balance of time, particularly Nozdormu
  • Who is Crazy Dave? He is just a guy who showed up looking for his taco (according to him at least). After finding the house of Food, he decided that he wanted to stay here since he consider this place very exciting. The court of gods allowed him to stay, with the condition that he doesn't do anything dangerous.
  • Crazy Dave is noted to be a pretty Crazy vendor, selling all kinds of things at CRAZYYYYYYY low prices. The Court of Gods decided to give him a position as the Divine Insane Proprietor.
  • His particular way of speaking has been the center of attention of many people, as they don't understand why he talks like that. Good thing the Court of Gods were kind enough to add speech bubbles whenever he talks.
    • One of the few deities that strangely manages to understand him is Link. It might help that Link himself is not a very talkative person (at least, not in any way others can hear/remember) and only grunts.
  • Many gods, particularly those who have been involved in a Zombie Apocalypse, can't believe how Dave (and by extension, his neighbor) has fended off the invasion of zombies in his universe. He (or to be exact, his neighbor) uses plants to combat the undead, which left many people perplexed on how that even works.
  • He was glad to find his neighbor ascended in the Pantheon, but he wasn't sure why they were on the Ambiguity House. People keep telling him that's actually InsertNameHere, but he is too crazy to even realize it.
  • He also keeps his temple guarded by Lawnmowers (and Pool Cleaners, and Roof Cleaners), which he claims help defend his home from the zombies. They are actually quite dangerous, as they can take out almost anything ranging from a small group of zombies to even giants like the Gargantuar.
    • There has been occasions where one of his mowers went missing. He later discovered that Rotom stole one to activate his Mow Form. Dave doesn't mind that much and he actually uses the Pokémon sometimes to fight off the hordes of undead in his home.
  • Does not like Mordremoth, simply because of his influence on plants. Fortunately, the dragon usually doesn't care about Dave and usually lets him be. However, he has shown interest on how the seeds of Dave's world actually work and is planning to steal a few for his personal army.
  • He enjoys the company of people who actually think like him, like Mako, Osaka, or Flonne. He also finds funny how Mako is able to make an explanation of how things work in his world and actually making sense.
  • Has been confused for Homer Simpson at times, given that they wear similar clothes. They actually do get along quite nicely.
  • Has the strange Hobbie of scaring people when fog is around. According to him, he was called "The Fog Man" given his tendency to do this at night.
  • One of the few Zombie Apocalypse survivors that don't seem to mind Rod's presence and considers him a fellow comrade. Dave also expressed that he also had his fair share of issues with birds too, like Chickens, Parrots and Dodos, which left Rod confused.
  • Had the misfortune of running into Flowey once. Dave, being crazy as always, mistakenly thought that he was a Marigold and brought him to his world. Needless to say, he now stays far away from Flowey, since he really left a mess in his home. However, he states that his "friendliness pellets" are very useful against the undead.
    • He also confused Audrey II for the Chomper, given that they are surprisingly similar, which almost ended badly for poor Dave. He also had the same issue with Petey Piranha, but this time he was prepared.
  • The house of Machinery and Technology is surprised that he was able to create a Time Machine out of his van, and even more when they discovered that said machine, named Penny, is actually sentient and even more intelligent than his creator.
    • However, he had trouble when dealing with numerous Time Protectors, given how he decided to go back in time to eat his taco again, making a mess in various time periods. Nozdormu was almost going to fry him until Clockwork was able to calm the dragon down. As a result, the House of Time and Temporality has been keeping an eye on Dave in case he was to do it again.
  • After settling down, he decided to open "Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies" (which is actually his car trunk) in the House of Commerce. He sells a wide arrange of items, like rakes, Seeds or Plant food. His most common customers being Asgore Dreemurr and Yuuka Kazami.
    • On the rare situations he is not available, he makes Gnome Chompski take over in his absence.
  • Has been surprised by the ascension of his Arch-Enemy Zomboss. Nevertheless, Dave is prepared in case he tries to invade his temple.
  • "Why am I a god? BECAUSE I'M CRAAAAAAAZY!"

    Haley Starshine 
Haley Starshine, Divine Miser Advisor of the Pantheon
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Bag of Holding
  • Alignment: Chaotic Greedy (traditionally Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Cloudcuckoolander's Minder, Combat Pragmatist, The Lancer, Loveable Rogue, Number Two, The Sneaky Guy
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Dexterity, Charm, Trickery, Arrows
  • Followers: Lemina
  • Allies: The rest of their guild, Anna, Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Edward Chris von Muir, Anise Tatlin, Felix the Cat, Mana Tatsumiya,
  • Rivals: Mr. Krabs, Eda
  • Annoyed at: Ezio Auditore
  • Opposed by: Nico Minoru, Miko Miyazaki
  • Enemies: Xykon, Tarquin, Redcloack, Hel
  • Complicated Relationship: Carmen Sandiego
  • Odd Friendship: Scrooge McDuck
  • When she and most of the Order ascended, Roy initially protested her position. This was quickly denied by Haley, though, who admitted (somewhat begrudgingly) that it was fitting. The rest of the group didn't try to defend her either. Roy pretended he never said anything afterwards.
    • However, some Character Development grew her out of the role. She offered it up to her followers, eventually ascending Mr. Krabs into the Pantheon. There was no doubt he deserved it; his money fetish even makes her shiver.
    • Thankfully, she found a new title for her role of handling the Order's financials. She may not be as protective of her money, but she still maintains the important job of making sure they don't end up broke. Her group was there to welcome her back into the fold, especially Elan.
  • As per the agreement made with Roy, she and the Order of the Stick continue to travel in the hopes of defeating the lich Xykon and his henchgoblin Redcloak (the former didn't even know they were in the Pantheon before the later informed him). The stakes have increased substantially, but she remains determined.
  • Tarquin has already grown to dislike the group, but his hatred of Haley is second only to Roy in the group. He blames her for holding his son back from his true potential, not to mention diminishing his once-great power. Some believe she helped Abed win the title Genre Savvy away from the dictator.
  • Every once in a while, she has to defend herself from Miko. Haley fought against her ascension more than any other deity in the Pantheon, but the former paladin proved to be too popular to deny. She was the group's biggest critic of Miko from the start, while Miko believed her to be unworthy of godhood herself. The House of Justice has helped alleviate the nuisance somewhat, giving her false information on her whereabouts to reduce the chance of fights.
  • Anna, upon meeting her after she visited one of the Pantheon's shops, quickly grew a liking for Haley. She says that she reminded her of one of her sisters. She was given a Member Card and granted a discount... But she still had to pay. Haley groaned a little, but seemed to be happy.
  • Nico Minoru can often be found stalking Haley for some reason. Overall, Haley doesn't seem to notice, and nobody really brings it up. It's theorized that this may be because of Haley's goth phase and how she feels about goth in general. Either way, she doesn't seem to like Haley.
  • Her skills with the bow and arrow has improved considerably through the years, making her one of the best archers in the Pantheon. She gets along the best with the Gods of Archers as well as Robin Hood. Hawkeye in particular is glad at the progress she's made in becoming a better person. The two both started off as former criminals who turned a new leaf.
  • As stated, Haley started off in a Thief's Guild, worshiping Carmen Sandiego in the process. While she loathes her connections with that life, she has maintained a genuine friendship with the thief. In return, Carmen gave Haley her blessing when the later finally handled her loose ends.
  • The same cannot be said with Ezio. Haley holds a beef with the assassin for her most hated enemy: the assassin Crystal. Her death did alleviate some tension to an extent.
  • One of her most trusted advisers in her expenditures is the God of Finance, oddly enough. While she doesn't like to stick around with him due to his lecturing, she does admit he knows his stuff when if comes to keeping money. At the very least he proved to be a better father than her biological one.
  • Her opinion of Hel is the same as the rest of her friends; she utterly hates her. The entire incident with the loss of Durkon and Hel turning him into her High Priest in the name of a plan to kill off millions, enslave the entire dwarven race and become the Top God has forced them to try and stop her from ending their world, even if it meant slaying the monster holding Durkon captive (which would kill Durkon as well.)
  • Has the God of Quirky Bards to thank for keeping Elan in the Pantheon while he was searching for a new title.
  • The only thing she and Eda respect about each other is their ability to keep a decent profit for their group. Otherwise expect numerous battles between the two.
  • She saw a prospective student in Anise, a girl who wants to make money but seems to fall for scams herself. Haley offered to teach her the ways of budgeting... for a fee of course. Anise accepted, agreeing to stay at Haley's temple to learn. The reception of her teammates were rather mixed.
  • Has a wide assortment of bags of holding to carry as many items as possible. Her collection is second only to Felix the Cat. The Nice Guy that he is, Felix allows her to take as many bags as she wants free of charge. Haley made sure to exploit this deal to the fullest.

    Jerrica Benton 
Jerrica Benton, Goddess of Generosity (Jem)
Click here to see Jem, her alter ego