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Greater Gods

The Incubators, Divine Weasel Mascots (Kyubey, QB, Jubey)
Left: Jubey. Right: Kyubey.
  • Greater Divine Beings
  • Symbol: /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\
  • Theme Song: Sis Puella Magica!
  • Alignment: True Neutral in their own minds, roundly considered Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil by everyone else, particularly Post-Upheaval.
  • Portfolio: Devil Deals, Super Empowering, Truly Alien Morality, Manipulative Bastards, Weasel Mascots, Batman Gambit, Lack of Empathy, Cat Smiles, Hijacked by Ganon (for Kyubey), Wreaking Suffering For The Sake Of The Universe
  • Domains: Magic, Wishes, Despair, Hope, Emotion, Secrets, Reincarnation.
  • Allies: Bernkastel, Nui Harime, Satan, Nagi Homura, Monokuma, Mard Geer Tartaros, Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars, Yuu, Bill Cipher
  • Former Allies: The Anti-Spiral
  • Enemies: The House of Emotion, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Madoka Kaname, Lord Kroak, Kyoko Sakura, Mami Tomoe, Charlotte, Nagisa Nomoe, Niko Kanna, anyone that hails from Gensoukyou, Kanji Tatsumi, Rika Furude (for Kyubey), The Four Chaos Gods, especially Tzeentch, Oyashiro-Sama, Guts, Mr. Slave, Gust, Yutaka Kobayakawa, Shu Ouma, Mana Ouma, Ermac, Tracer
  • Evil Counterpart to: Haro, Morgana, Luna, Daxter
  • Special Relationship: Madoka Kaname
  • Opposed by: Shiro Kanzaki (their former High Priest)
  • So far there are two known Incubators, one known as Kyubey (who goes by many names) and one known as Jubey. There are likely more of them - though whether they differ significantly from the ones already known is up for debate, and Jubey is a special case: an incomplete Artificial Incubator created by Kazumi's friends to replace Kyubey.
  • Incubators lack an understanding of emotion, believing it a rare mental illness, and as such have made an enemy of the entire House of Emotion. Kyubey is uninterested in the rivalry, but they keep punching it in the face anyway.
  • Residents of Gensoukyou may bring a chill to Kyubey, if it could show fear. Especially Flandre Scarlet, who seems to think of Kyubey as a doll to play with. Jubey doesn't understand this fear of Kyubey's.
  • Can't be in the same room as Sayaka Miki/Oktavia von Seckendorff because of her habit of impaling them with her swords.
  • Can't be classified as Gods/Goddesses due to the fact that they are not of earth.
  • Kyubey can't understand why, after everything his kind did for them, those humans hate him so much (then again, Kyubey has trouble understanding the very concept of hatred).
  • Kyubey's emotionlessness caught the eye of Discord, who attempted to pull one of his signature discordings on him. Discord first tried to provoke Kyubey, which failed, leaving Kyubey as untroubled as ever. Then he attempted to manually reverse his emotions, which again failed because Kyubey has none. Rather than give up, Discord developed a new spell that forced Kyubey to experience every emotion that exists at once and left him like that until he was rescued by Madoka. Needless to say, this experience has not improved Kyubey's view of human emotion. It DID, however, earn Discord an earnest round of applause from Johan: THAT is how you Mind Rape someone.
    • This last spell left something of a side effect, he is forever connected to Discord first (and maybe only) friend, Fluttershy. In response of discovering this, Fluttershy has made it a mission to subject Kyubey to THE Stare... which couldn't work; the Stare can only work with someone that has some emotion. And Kyubey has none.
  • Kyubey once expressed interest in Mithra's power to manipulate Mantra, but only did so when Asura was outside of the Pantheon. Like everyone else, even he admitted that making Asura angry is a mistake no matter who you are.
  • Has since found out that Tzeentch was the one who was behind the system for contracting Magical Girls and their eventual transformation into witches. Thankfully, Madoka Kaname reworked the system and excised the corruption.
    • Kyubey would like it known that they had no idea that the previous system was powered by such a force as The Warp. Using that to keep entropy at bay would have ended up causing a worse end to the universe than simple heat death, and they are genuinely concerned with the fate of the cosmos.
    • All this considered, everyone was genuinely stunned when Kyubey tried to bring the Witch system back during the events of the "Great Upheaval". When questioned, he revealed a shocking truth: the entire above statement turned out to be patently untrue! The Witch System never ran on the Warp! The entire time, that had been a lie spread by Madoka Kaname, in order to dissuade Kyubey from trying to bring the System back. Unfortunately, the little weasel had learned the truth. Its former ally, Kroak became furious with it, and if not for Homura pulling her own retribution, he would have nuked the little weasel with a "Deliverance of Itza".
  • Their Resurrective Immortality has made them a target for many gods who've had off days and need to blow off steam. Issei Hyodo enjoys using a decidedly lethal variant of "Dress Break" to reduce them to what vaguely resembles pulled pork. After, of course, his best Kenshiro impersonation. Broly frequently enjoys blasting the little weasels to hell, since he'll never run out.
  • Beerus absolutely detests the little creatures; the reason least of which is that they insist on preserving a decaying universe by creating despair and destroying hope, but more importantly that they made his beloved friend Madoka cry. Perhaps worst of all is that no matter how many he vaporizes, there's ALWAYS more of them.
  • Has lately found good company in Satan, who enjoys his deceptive nature and common view of humans as cattle: the two are scheming a two-pronged plan that benefits them both, where Satan gains dominion over the Earth and rules it with an iron fist, while Kyubey convinces the oppressed masses to make contracts and fight back against Satan (efforts that would be doomed to failure) and thus gain tons of energy for the universe. He has since joined up with The Usurper faction.
    • It's for similar reasons that he has good company with Mard Geer, who is pleased to meet another who thinks of humanity as he does and likes the method by which Witches are made. Kyubey, in turn, is impressed with the Mard's utter dedication to his goals and allows nothing to get in the way.
  • They have shown a great fear (or as much fear as they can show) of Mr. Slave, due to an incident where he shoved both of them up his ass. They have since refused to go anywhere near him.
  • Gust is enemies with Kyubey because she hates his methods of business.
  • Their lack of emotion means Nekron can't see them, something they plan to use against him one day.
  • Kyubey used to be great allies with the Anti-Spiral, who also utilizes despair for the greater good until Kyubey decided to find Madoka following her deification. The Anti-Spiral didn't like the idea of bringing back a Hope Bringer from another plane of existence, and declared Kyubey insane for crossing the line.

    MGM Lion 
Leo the Lion, God of Studio-Identifying Symbols (The Bald Lion)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Stylized Lion, The Marquee, the red drama mask, and the phrase "Ars Gratia Artis"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Those idents at the start of movies, lion's roar, the roaring became more impressive as the years went on, The Golden Age of Hollywood, shadow of former self
  • Domains: Advertising, Cinema, Lions, Logos
  • Followers: CLG Wiki
  • Heralds: The MGM lions before him, mostly Jackie and Tanner.
  • High Priest: TriStar Pictures Pegasus
  • Allies: Cosmos, Dream of the Endless, House of Theatre and Spectacle and cinema-related deities in general, Aslan, Bugs Bunny
  • Enemies: Onaga
  • Rivals: Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Simba, Mufasa
  • Complicated Relations: Don Bluth
  • Opposed by: Eric Cartman
  • MGM. One of the oldest, most important and influential film studios in existence, although it's lost a big chunk of its immediate importance as time went on. Has a really memorable logo, or vanity plate, consisting of a lion roaring. Said lion, known simply as Leo, ascended on the strength of his "church", the Closing Logos Wiki, praying hard enough for it. And because he's one of the few vanity plates who's actually viable as a character.
  • Though it's agreed that he's supposed to be the very personification of Hollywood studio MGM, some deities and theologists go a bit further and believe him to be Irving Thalberg reborn and given immortal status after his untimely death at the age of 37. Whatever the truth, Dream of the Endless respects him as a fellow storyteller deity, and Cosmos because of so many of his films created essential heroes and have brought people joy.
  • His temple is a generic one, except for the entrance, which was sculpted to resemble the film ribbon that surrounds him in the logo. The Ars Gratia Artis motto is carved on the upper part of the ribbon, while the drama mask is painted on the floor right at the entrance. It creeps out some deities to have to walk over the mask to enter Leo's temple.
  • The House of Beast had to investigate whether the claims going around of Leo being a victim of animal abuse were true. Leo spoke for himself; no, he was never strapped to a table to do his thing in the logo. He was simply incited by his trainer and photographed as is.
  • Nostalgic for the Golden Age of Hollywood and the Hays Code, the latter to some deities' alarm. Though it's understandable to some degree because he was far more imposing in those times. His reminiscing often takes the shape of a Rambling Old Man Monologue, which other deities, including his subordinates, roll their eyes at. Despite everything, he's learned a long time ago to accept that times and people just change.
  • Has quite an amount of influence over the House of Theater and tends to be involved with any arts program that's going on in there, especially if it's film-related. He gets a significant say in the organization of film cycles, helping choose themes and selecting films to be shown. Of course a little bit of bias towards his films is inevitable, but then that's why these things are decided in a committee.
  • Has authority over any deity created under him, and to a lesser extent over deities whose tales were spread by him. Most of those deities perceive him as a Benevolent Boss who can take a joke (like how Tom the cat takes his place in the logo sometimes), even if he's a bit out of touch with modern times. Evil deities like HAL 9000 and the Wicked Witch of the West don't like having to obey him, but they don't have much say in the matter. But Leo knows better than to make any of his creations do anything that goes against their nature.
  • He had become estranged from Don Bluth back in the mortal world, on account of creating sequels of questionable quality to some of his tales made under his banner. Now that both are present in the Pantheon, Leo has been trying to apologize and rekindle ties. Bluth refuses, having developed a distaste for the big studios. Mrs. Brisby remains loyal to both of them.
  • Doesn't much care for Walt Disney since they've always had a bit of a feud over The Wizard of Oz. It's gotten especially bad since his successors have made a sequel, a prequel and are in general trying hard to make people associate Oz with the Disney name. Leo would have less of a problem with this if these efforts weren't blatantly using MGM's vision of the work. He regularly reminds Walt that even if he ends up taking possession of Oz in the end, it's still MGM's beloved classic they are building on. His relations with Mickey Mouse (who's pulled Vanity Plate duty as well, sometimes) are coolly civil at best, for related reasons.
    • Leo has also has a rivalry with Disney creations Simba and Mufasa, but it's more a good-natured rivalry; they like to compete to see who has the most impressive roar. Given how unnaturally loud they are, other deities in the vicinity clear away to avoid the risk of becoming deaf. Ironically it's been pointed out by the more animal-savvy deities that their roars all sound like an enhanced tiger's, with a dash of plane engines.
  • Very good friends with Aslan, as Leo has a similar benevolent role towards his subordinates as Aslan to Narnia, besides having similar moral views. Aslan is sort of related to Disney, but that's not a problem since he wasn't created by them.
  • Much of MGM's pre-1986 library is owned by Warner Bros., in the mortal world. In the Pantheon, Leo has full guardianship of MGM's library; this fact has served to assuage some of the bitterness he has over having to rely on others to take care of his creations in the mortal realm, so now he's on pretty good terms with Bugs Bunny, the closest thing to a top WB representative in the Pantheon, and therefore the guardian of MGM's library until Leo ascended; he didn't have a problem with passing on those duties to the lion. After patching things up, Leo has discovered that MGM and WB's close ties now manifest in the ability to summon the Warner shield to defend himself. Many deities find this fascinating and wonder if other logos can be summoned and what their effects would be.
  • Is a target of mockery for Eric Cartman because MGM was founded by Jewish people, so Leo serves as a proxy for Cartman to take out all his antisemitism and create conspiracy theories about how the Jews are taking over the Pantheon. Leo has nothing but contempt for the badly raised, foul-mouthed boy and is offended at his prejudice, not just for himself but because many other studios in his time were founded by Jewish people. The lion has decided that an insignificant kid isn't worth mauling and that it's better to pay no attention to Cartman other than yawn boredly at his rants.
  • He and Onaga are natural antitheses to each other, both being logo gods but of polar opposite alignments. Leo absolutely despises the gratuitous violence and evil that someone like Onaga promotes.

    Segata Sanshiro 
Segata Sanshiro, God of Abusive Advertising (Son of Sega, Defender of the Sega Saturn)

    The Skylanders 
”Greetings Portal Master! Welcome to a brand new adventure in the Trope Pantheons!”

The Skylanders, Holy Army of the Toys-To-Life Game
Eon’s Elite (and Stump Smash)
The Giants
The SWAP Force
The Trap Masters
The SuperChargers
The Senseis
Sir Hoodington, an Imaginator


Lesser Gods

    Ash Ketchum 
Ash Ketchum, the Merchandise-Driven God (Satoshi, Pokémon Master, Twerp, "Ashley," "Satoko", "Tom Ato", The Champion of Alola, Riolu's Trainer)
Ash in Journeys
Ash in the original series 
Ash in the Advanced Generation series 
Ash in the Diamond & Pearl series 
Ash in the Best Wishes series 
Ash in the XY series 
Ash in the Sun and Moon series 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God when using Aura)
  • Symbol: A PokéBall next to his trademark hat (it varies with each region that he goes to)
  • Theme Songs: Gotta Catch 'Em All, Mezase Pokemon Master, Type Wild (Sun and Moon Ver.), OK!, Advanced Adventure, Boku no Best Friend (shared with Pikachu), High Touch (shared with Dawn), Ikuze! and Instrumental Version (shared with Ash-Greninja). OK! (Orchestra and Guitar Arrangement), Sinnoh Ash's Theme (when in battle)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, mostly
  • Portfolio: Monster Hunting, Collection, Being A Master, Mass Media, having the ability to use Aura, always being ten years old, Befriending Beings Worthy of Divinity, Absolute Benevolence, Determination, Chastity, Winning the Alola Conference after a 22-year losing streak
  • Domains: Destiny, Glory, Spirit, Temptation, Trade, Innocence, Beasts, Traveling
  • Heralds: Ash has an entire lab full of Pokémon back in Kanto he can use in the Pantheon and Pokémon spread out all over the Pokémon world who will come when he needs them to. Human-wise, his mother Delia and all unascended companions and friends he's met.
  • Pokémon Partynote :
    • Kanto: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charizard, Kingler, Muk, 30 Tauros, Snorlax
    • Johto: Bayleef, Quilava, Totodile, Shiny Noctowl, Donphan
    • Hoenn: Swellow, Sceptile, Corphish, Torkoal, Glalie
    • Sinnoh: Staraptor, Torterra, Infernape, Buizel, Gliscor, Gible
    • Unova: Female Unfezant, Oshawott, Pignite, Snivy, Scraggy, Leavanny, Palpitoad, Boldore, Krookodile
    • Kalos: Talonflame, Hawlucha, Noivern.
    • Alola: Rowlet, Dusk Lycanroc, Incineroar, Melmetal.
    • Galar (current, as of October 29th, 2021): Mimey (his mother's Mr. Mime), Dragonite, (Gigantamax) Gengar, (Mega) Lucario, Sirfetch'd and Dracovish.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Red, Guzma, Hareta, Kazuya
  • Enemies: Giovanni (his somewhat nemesis), Ghetsis Harmonia, Cyrus, Pokemon Hunter J, Lysandre, Chairman Rose, Melkor, the Goliath, Reynard the Fox, Simon Laurent
  • Friendly Enemies: Jessie, James and Meowth

  • Ash Ketchum is a boy from Pallet Town, a Pokémon Trainer who wishes to be the best like no one ever was. With his Pokémon partner Pikachu, he travels across the Pokémon world to fight off trainers to become a Pokémon Master.
  • Was challenged by Yugi Muto to a card game for his powers; the duel is still going on. The rest of the Pantheon breathes a sigh of relief at keeping these two busy.
  • Is rather annoyed when Gods prefer the girth of his first rival, Gary Oak, and not his.
    • It was yet another day when Terumi was rambling about his magnificence to the pantheon yet again. Ash, along with Brock and Misty, secretly went to his temple without getting caught to write in posters of what Gary would say to Ash when he was a Jerkass. The Next thing he knew, there posters on Terumi's temple saying "Gary was here; Terumi is a loser." Many deities find this very funny.
  • Seems to have a kindred spirit with Cosmos. It's probably because they have similar voices.
    • Also has cheered up one Carly Nagisa since they too share voices (more specifically, Ash is startled to find her sound similar to both his friend, May and his mom).
    • Ash even made a comment on Aqua and Pyrrha sounding like Dawn, and Riku sounding like Cilan. Not only that, Oda Nobunaga has sounded like either Dawn, Cilan, or Clemont in a few incarnations.
    • This caused some confusion when he met the Alternate Counterparts. Yuya and his counterparts sound like Clemont and Yuzu and her counterparts sound like Dawn (both only in English) and that they also look similar with one another. Yuri couldn't help but troll the boy for quite some time over the confusion. He likes the idea of Action Dueling as it reminds him of many of his female companions and them being Performers/Coordinators (and he's even dabbled in that back at the Sinnoh Region).
      • Ash was interested to see if he could try being an Action Duelist, especially since they remind him of his Serena and her being a performer. He heard that (his) Serena read of a world where the two of them were Action Duelists...except that the world they came from had no qualms in killing and resurrecting people ("repurposed" the terminology was) and that he himself was one of these repurposed souls, not to mention that he was also a proficient master of Aura. But what horrified him the most was learning that Serena (or Yvonne in that world) murdered Yusho Sakaki in front of a live audience before breaking down in tears. He was consoling his friend for days after.
  • Is happy to find his friends Misty and Brock also in the Pantheon, but is also weary on Team Rocket as opposing gods. He is willing to put that aside though when it comes to Ghetsis, since the Team Plasma member tested his mind control technology on Pikachu as part of another plot to gain control of the Legendary Pokémon in the Pantheon.
  • Became quick friends with Chase, sharing their deep passion for their respected Mons. Chase had once attempted to try his hand on landing a position in the House of Commerce with his Foodons to share Ash's position, however, they didn't make nearly as big an impact as Pokémon had. Despite this, Chase holds no grudge and still enjoys his company.
  • Has the ability to use Aura. While many Gods have suggested that he train with that ability, he's declined. But with Lucario's ascension, Ash has decided to give it a try once more.
    • A discovery has noted that whenever he battles alongside Greninja, Greninja somehow obtains a form dubbed "Ash-Greninja", and their minds become one, to the point that whatever pain Greninja obtains, Ash also feels. There's now a big case of study between the two gods. Unfortunately, this lead to Lysandre kidnapping Ash and Greninja in order to claim them both as "guides" for his new world. One thing is for certain, Mega Evolution energy can't control both of them. Has become good friends with Lan and Megaman.exe, who helped him control the Ash-Greninja form although that wasn't enough for him to win the Kalos League, though he did finish in second.
  • Do not confuse him with the trainer Red and any of his different versions. It will most likely not end well. Naturally, Ash is oblivious to the whole conflict. Some gods do wonder what would happen if The Mob decided to possess him though.
  • Was pleasantly surprised to find Latios and Latias in the Pantheon, particularly after Latios' Heroic Sacrifice. It doesn't seem he's noticed the blushing, affectionate way Latias acts around him.
  • Once, Curious George went to the House of Commerce and stole his hat. He gave it back after a while and quickly became friends with him. The Man with the Yellow Hat has Ash on speed dial after that incident in case he needs help taking care of George in parts of the pantheon he cannot reach as a non-combatant non-deity. He is actually grateful to find someone who can understand George as well as he can.
  • Along with Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Team Rocket, Ash is expressly forbidden from entering Cyberspace after a certain incident.
  • One of the nicest gods in the Pantheon, Ash has earned the friendship of many gods of different genres:
    • He quickly befriended Samus Aran after hearing she saved Pikachu in the Subspace Emissary. "Any friend of Pikachu is a friend of mine." he said.
    • Both the Master Chief and Jim Raynor speak fondly of Ash; John because he finds a kindred spirit in Ash for his heroism and determination; Raynor because Ash reminds him of his second-in-command Matt Horner.
    • Arceus, God of all Pokémon, enjoys Ash's company, because Ash returned the Jewel of Life and proved humanity's inherent goodness. For that reason, both Arceus and Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice, have made a covenant to protect the boy from demonic threats.
    • Other Nintendo gods, such as Mario, Link, are friends with Ash and wish him well on his travels.
    • Ash was happy to see Diancie and Xerneas again after their last adventure together. He felt a bit nervous around Yveltal but Xerneas was able to smooth things over. Ash and Xerneas are yet comment whether or not Xerneas is behind Ash's ability to remain a ten-year-old.
    • Is best friends with Twilight Sparkle since they both believe in The Power of Friendship. Ash agrees with Twilight that friendship is the greatest power of all. This has also made him really good friends with Gentaro Kisaragi, the god empowered by friendship. When they first met, they exchanged handshakes.
    • Also BFFs with Steven Universe, thanks to sharing the same all-loving nature as him.
  • Because of his wholly heroic nature, Ash has a bad habit of making enemies with evil gods in the Pantheon:
    • Ash harbors a deep hatred of Melkor, because for every virtue Ash represents, Melkor represents the complete opposite. However, Melkor being the original evil and well above even the most dangerous Teams in his world in depravity (Pokémon is a franchise for the younger demographic after all) prevents him from taking action. He is perfectly aware that Melkor, or any big villain in the Pantheon would aim to kill his Pokémon, not just knock them out like in his world, and eliminate him too for good measure. May want to join the proposed GUAG Animal Advocates as a show of support against Melkor.
    • Yuuki Terumi is another notable example. His love for wanton cruelty and destruction always causes Ash to try and stop him whenever he shows up. Ash also REALLY hates it when Terumi takes advantage of his Chronic Hero Syndrome.
    • Frieza has earned Ash's ire as well, mainly because of the fact that he treats his minions like utter garbage and wipes entire planets of their life and sells them to other powerful villains, including many evil deities in the Pantheon.
    • Don't even get started on Albert Wesker. Just thinking about his very actions sends Ash into a fit of rage.
    • Apophis is someone that Ash refuses to believe could exist. Considering how in the Pokemon world, there is no such thing as an inherently evil Pokemon.
    • Ash hates Simon Laurent due to how Simon has slaughtered many denizens for the sake of "power", refuses to change his ways and even went as far as to attempting to murder his best friend. Furthermore Simon's continued attitude towards Nulls that has extended to Pokemon has left little of a good taste in his mouth towards the guy. Ash has even suspected that Simon could go as far as harming his friends if he caught wind of them given his manipulations of a group of children that were part of the Apex.
  • Ash might not be the brightest kid of his age, but he's kind, benevolent and courageous, qualities that have earned him many allies and friends. Harming Ash for a petty reason is considered one of the cruelest and most terrible crimes in the Pantheon and will cause almost every single Pokémon in the Pantheon to gun after the perpetrator's head. The Goliath attempted to kill Ash simply because the latter thought he was a Pokémon, and since then, the evil beast has been wary around any Pokémon he comes across. Reynard the Fox thinks twice about attempting to do anything to Ash, especially after Uxie punished him.
  • He occasionally visits the House of Food, whenever he feels hungry. Which is a lot. Quite a few gods are amazed at how a kid can eat so much.
  • A common subject of debate among the Pantheon is how Ash attracts the attention of several females in his home universe and yet is too oblivious to notice.note  The Nurturers of the House of Love and Affection have joked that perhaps they should help Serena ascend to the Pantheon, if only to make things more interesting for Ash. After all, she was the subject of his first kiss (not counting Latias).
  • Met Atalanta after the latter had heard his reputation of befriending beings worthy of divinity. After hearing Atalanta's story, Ash couldn't help but feel sorry for her, as she had come from a world harsher and crueller than his own. Even so, he said that her desire to protect children was truly admirable and promised to do whatever he could to support her. He is also fond of patting her in the head the same way he does to Pikachu, and amazingly, Atalanta doesn't complain.
  • Ash dislikes Kazuya for several reasons. To start with, the battles he participates in are far more brutal (summoners are expected to attack and be attacked with live weapons), often end with the losing party forced to give up their valuables at swordpoint (if they survive at all), and summoners have the nasty habit of fusing off their old demons once their usefulness has passed. Kazuya retorts his world is nowhere as well-off as Ash's, so everyone has adopted a dog-eat-dog mentality, and since his demons don't grow or evolve like Pokémon and he only has a limited amount of storage, as much as he might want to keep his old demons, he needs stronger ones to survive.
  • Many deities believed that Ash was being controlled by the Status Quo, and that the Status Quo would never allow him to win any League in any region. The Status Quo’s control, however, was broken when Ash won the Alola League by defeating all opponents, up to and including the Guardian Pokemon of Alola, Tapu Koko who challenged Ash's Pikachu in Ash's final match against the region's technical Champion and Ash's father figure, Prof. Kukui. As such many deities have been very happy to hear of this. Furthermore, since Ash is planning on taking on the best Pokemon trainer of his world, Leon, many look forward to see him succeed and truly crown himself the best like no one ever was.
    • It only got better once Ash officially reached the Masters Eight and is preparing himself to take on the World's best trainers whose ranks include the likes of Lance, Steven, Diantha, Cynthia and Leon making even more deities gain massive respect for the once-underestimated trainer of Pallet Town.

C.C., Goddess of Product Placement (The Witch of Britannia, the Mistress of Zero, Pizza Butt)

    Energizer Bunny 
The Energizer Bunny, God of Animal Drummers and Commercial Switcheroos
  • Lesser God. Has the energy output of a Greater God.
  • Symbol: The Energizer Logo.
  • Theme Song: His drums' beat.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with some Chaotic leanings.
  • Portfolio: A drumming bunny with an attitude to match, Commercial Switcheroo, Cool Shades, His commercials keep going and going, Has had various Unusual Crossovers, Parody Commercial, Was Once a Man, Real Men Wear Pink, No Name Given, The Voiceless, Victory by Endurance, Is more well-known in the USA than the concept it was parodying
  • Domains: Rabbits, Drummers, Batteries, Electricity, Energy
  • Herald: The Duracell Bunny
  • Follower: Terry Crews
  • Allies: The Ascended Looney Tunes Deities (Especially Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Roadrunner), All Good-Aligned Star Wars deities, Po, The Furious Five, Shrek, The Muppets (Especially Animal), Santa Claus, Epic Sax Guy, Houkago Tea Time, Segata Sanshiro, MGM Lion, Hello Kitty, Old Spice Man, GEICO Gecko and Trix Rabbit
  • Friendly Rival: Animal, Ritsu
  • Enemies: Wile E. Coyote, Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett, Dracula, The Wicked Witch of the West, Lord Farquad, Mom, The Incubators
  • Source Of Interest for: Various deities in the House of Commerce (Mainly Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Burns and Buy n Large)
  • On Bad Terms with: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, King Kong
  • Despite his simple design, this Bunny has a long story behind him, he's traveled through various Universes, meeting all kinds of characters. With nothing but promoting his companies' batteries as his goal, all while avoiding the evil schemes of Supervolt, Energizer's rival.
    • His origins may have been detailed in a commercial where a man seeking eternal life by freeing a genie, was transformed into the Bunny by his wish. Despite how horrible it sounds, the Bunny seems unfazed by his past and mostly remains committed to his duty of promoting Energizer's batteries.
  • He's made himself many foes in his adventures:
    • One notable was Darth Vader. On Palpatine's orders, he attempted to capture the Bunny to obtain it's battery for his master, he managed to track it down to Bespin, the same day where he captured Han Solo, but things went downhill for Vader when his lightsaber failed to work properly due to him employing Supervolt batteries for it, leaving him humiliated and throwing a tantrum with the Bunny escaping unscathed. Though he pulled a Heel–Face Turn long ago, Anakin still doesn't feels like talking to the Bunny and avoids his presence, mainly because of how embarrassing that was, and also because all of the other Star Wars Deities, evil and good alike, won't ever stop bringing that up.
    • King Kong was tricked by Supervolt into capturing/killing the Bunny, the giant ape attempted to do so by climbing a building to get it, but wound up failing due to a woman closing a window on his feet and causing Kong to plummet into the street below. Like Anakin/Vader, Kong does not like to remember or talk about this.
    • The Wicked Witch of the West tried to obtain his battery as well, chasing him through the Emerald City in the Land of Oz, she came close to capturing him via threatening him with a burning broom, but wound up activating a fire alarm and caused a downpour of water to melt her into a puddle. To this day, she still plots to obtain the battery successfully.
    • Dracula had the misfortune of having the Bunny invade his castle, much to his frustration and set out to kill it, only to end up accidentally following it out of his castle and getting killed by the sunlight. Dracula has sworn that he'll catch and kill the bunny when he can, ever since.
    • Wile E. Coyote was hired to catch the Bunny by Supervolt, who also provided him with batteries for his ACME gadgets, unfortunately for Wile E., the incompetence of all antagonistic parties led to miserable failure and the Bunny escaped once more unscathed.
  • On the other hand, he's had a friendly encounter with Po when the latter was starting his training, with Po trying to prevent the Bunny from being hurt by the Jade Palace's obstacle course, but the Bunny was fine afterwards, with Po getting himself injured in the process. That said, the two became friends afterwards and Po even got the Furious Five to befriend him as well.
  • His power output isn't all talk, after more than 30 years on the market, the bunny hasn't stopped even once. In fact, his battery once was able to power up a stranded and inactive alien saucer back to full power with the Bunny completely fine afterwards.
    • In another occasion, he skillfully dodged a drone attack of Supervolt's, outlasting his enemies' batteries once again. Also proving in the process that could be even faster than he usually is.
  • He's become a target of various corporations and CEOs in the Pantheon, who seek out his battery as a power source for their plans and businesses.
    • Among them is Buy n Large, which has not come close to catching the Bunny despite their best efforts at it.
    • Another one is Mr. Burns who tried to have the Bunny captured and used as a power source to improve his company's performance. Like everyone before him, he failed and was left in the dust by the Bunny.
    • Scrooge McDuck is a more benevolent party than the others, and is mostly seeking out the way the Bunny keeps it's battery going and going after years of service. As such, the Bunny has been willing to cooperate with McDuck industries in their operations.
  • While on the Sub-House of Singers and Performers he met up with the various good aligned Deities of the House and was part of a very large concert held in the House of Music. When it was over, he befriended various of the performers and singers:
    • Due to their memetic status, Epic Sax Guy and the Bunny became great friends, sometimes they even perform as a duo in random places in the Pantheon. Not that anyone's complaining as their music meshes well together.
    • He also befriended fellow drummer, Ritsu, her energetic brash personality bounced off the Bunny's equally energetic but more reserved one. Likewise she finds him cute and petted him for a while after meeting him. He's also not made fun of her forehead, much to her delight. The two have also developed a rather friendly rivalry.
  • He's not quite happy with the Incubators' amoral methods of obtaining energy for the survival of the Universe, and tried often to suggest using Energizer batteries as a replacement to them. They didn't listen, of course, and ever since they've been on real bad terms with each other.
  • His antics have earned him a great friendship with the Looney Tunes deities, who consider him a Looney Tune in spirit, most especially the Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny and Daffy, who've all had to deal with similar situations to the ones that the Bunny finds himself in. Helps that the Bunny also had to deal with Wile E. Coyote chasing after him.

    Hello Kitty 
Hello Kitty, Omnipresent Goddess of Mascots (Kitty White, Kitty-chan)
  • Lesser Goddess, can become stronger in certain situations
  • Symbol: A pink flower bow
  • Theme Song: Hello Kitty and Friends
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Color Pink, Merchandise Everywhere, Funny Animals, Civilized Animals, Appealing to Girls, Boys, Children and Adults, Japanese Cuteness, Action Girl
  • Heralds: Mary White (mother), George White (father), Mimmy White (sister), Dear Daniel (boyfriend)
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Amuro Ray, Kouji Kabuto
  • Every product that wishes to make it big in the eyes of the public requires a Mascot for easier identification. Whether it's "cute", "hot", or otherwise, this mascot has to represent it as a whole, be easily identifiable, and be distinguishable from other mascots. As a long-running Cash Cow Franchise mascot in Japan for Sanrio, Hello Kitty was nominated to represent this trope.
    • Actually, she used to hold Series Mascot, but didn't exactly qualify since her series came after her conception, so Mario decided to surrender one of his titles to her and keep Rule of Fun.
  • Kitty has no actual powers, but she was elevated from Quasideity to Demigoddess once the gods learned of her true secret ability: being in many places at once.
    • And then when her Roller Rescue adventure was made known, as well as what she's got there, not to mention her crossover with Gundam, her rank was corrected again into Lesser Goddess.
  • Despite her Japanese origins, she's apparently British because she was originally a British fashion label. She's also only as tall as stack of 5 apples, and weighs about three of them.
  • Has befriended a few of her heavily-merchandised western counterparts, such as Garfield, SpongeBob SquarePants, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Mickey Mouse. None of them realized that she could talk, because they rarely ever saw her mouth (though she does have one). Likewise, she was confused by Garfield, another Talking Animal who (rarely) opened his mouth when he spoke.
  • Her cuteness pretty much caused a three way struggle between Chiyo, Yotsuba and Rena Ryuguu who immediately went into I'm Taking Her Home with Me! mode when they met for the first time. This then caused other gods to pretty much die of cuteness overload from the four until Hello Kitty handed the three stuffed toys of her liking, that way they had their own Hello Kitty of their own. Then other younger goddesses came and begged for their own Hello Kitty toys from her. Let's just say that Hello Kitty's been going into the House of Craft often because of that.
  • Once got into a Street Fighter mood and soon had dolls of her dressed up as Ryu, Chun-Li and M. Bison (OF COURSE!). Ryu's reaction was confused, Chun-Li cooed over hers, and M. Bison just took a doll of his own and stormed off.
  • Denies being a cat, despite her appearance. She was placed here instead of the house of Felines at her own request. What she is is a gijinka cat; just like Mickey Mouse, she's not human, but not quite the animal she looks like either.
  • If fighting becomes necessary for her, she has a magic wand (or "toy hammer" or "Mambo" maraca) and roller skates at her disposal for whacking foes with (as well as an area-of-effect Love Radiation) and smooth maneuvers. It's also where she first tangled with a Humongous Mecha driven by the main boss, even if all she could do was stall it long enough for Keroppi's Photon Cannon to charge and finish it off.
    • And in the face of Kaiju-size threats, if the usual heroes aren't available, she has a CHOGOKIN mecha in her likeness as a reward for answering an Honest Axe situation correctly when she dropped her Mazinger Z action figure in a lake. It has three modes of travel besides walking; Drive Mode for vehicle-like cruising, Dive Mode for underwater travel, and Flight Mode for traversing the skies. As for weapon systems however, it only has a Rocket Punch that isn't even that powerful but seems to be able to sap an opponent's will to fight. She can likely attack physically with her mecha, too.
  • Street Fighter isn't even the strangest crossover she's been a part of; She once received a distress signal from Haro through a TV to save Amuro Ray. It was a…confusing affair, to say the least. While he doesn't remember that incident, he appreciates her desire for peace.
    • It wouldn't be her first crossover with mechas, either. During a stroll on her Chogokin Hello Kitty, she saw a certain Jet Scrander flying overhead. Seconds later, as she heard someone call for her to get out of the way, Mazinger Z crashed into her mecha, and for some inexplicable reason, their color themes were swapped (with Kitty's mech getting the black scheme and red heat chest plates, and Kouji's mech getting Kitty's ribbon in place of his usual Breast Fire panels). Still, when the opposition came, they managed to send those goons packing.
    • As a result of this, she has an honorary spot in the GUAG Robot War Division and is undergoing training in order to provide support.
  • Was represented in a Splatfest hosted by Off The Hook that included her and other Sanrio characters. With Pearl of that duo representing her both times she won against Cinnomoroll, but lost against My Melody. The Inklings and Octolings were joyed to meet her and even invited her to a few of their Turf War games.
  • You can never have too many friends!

    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, God of Abandoned Mascots
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head over a sky blue circle
  • Theme Song: Oswald's Story
  • Alignment: True Neutral leaning to Good
  • Portfolio: Proliferative gene-seed, bad luck, Anti-Villain, Badass Adorable, The Everyman
  • Domains: Bunnies, Family, Toons
  • Heralds: Ortensia and their 420 children
  • High Priest: Bosko, the Talk-Ink Kid
  • Followers: Alex Kidd
  • Superior: Walt Disney
  • Allies: All Ascended Disney Heroes (especially Mickey Mouse, Roger Rabbit, and Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde), Reisen Udongein Inaba, Bugs Bunny, the Rabbit of Caerbannog, Mr. Freeze, Zuko, Tewi Inaba, Cream the Rabbit, Peppy Hare, Hibari, Usalia, The Gochi Usa girls
  • Enemies: All Ascended Disney Villains, Freddy Krueger, Springtrap, The Joker, Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman, The Professor
  • Oswald has a rather unusual history for a cartoon character. He originally came to be before Mickey Mouse arrived and Oswald was, more or less, forgotten after Mickey became famous. Enough time passed and the Lucky Rabbit was originally jealous of Mickey's fame. In one of Mickey's adventures, the Rabbit met the Mouse and eventually worked with him in the Wasteland, a place where forgotten Disney characters reside. Oswald was able to get enough mortal supporters for him at this point. Also, he has 420 children with his wife Ortensia, but don't ask for specifics on how they got so many kids (especially considering that Ortensia is a cat).
    • Following his initial endeavor with Mickey, Oswald got a little more than annoyed that there were some who thought he would just outright antagonize Mickey after the rabbit looked through some old records. Oswald is only slightly less annoyed when others assume that this adventure was his debut (as mentioned, it only made him more relevant).
  • A little after his arrival in the Pantheon, Oswald noticed that there were deities hailing both from popular and obscure works. Since Oswald was originally not that well-known before gaining his fame, he has spent some time talking to lesser-known deities to give them support and hope that they don't languish in obscurity.
  • Being a very early creation of Walt Disney, Oswald once asked Walt himself if he prefers the Lucky Rabbit or Mickey Mouse. Walt didn't really answer the question, but was quite pleased when he learned that both Oswald and Mickey are working together after the two cartoon stars overcame their differences.
  • Finds it somewhat weird that he sounds similar to Fred Jones. Though he does get a little more annoyed if the vocal similarity extends to Megatron and would often say that Megatron sounds different and inconsistent.
  • Ortensia actually wasn't Oswald's first girlfriend back in the Lucky Rabbit's early days. Oswald had a Love Interest named Francine Cottontail and they, weirdly enough, had several kids at first. Then he had a few other love interests prior to Ortensia, but once he met her, the Lucky Rabbit has stuck with Ortensia.
  • Despite his moniker, Oswald's luck usually isn't the best. It has become a source of mockery by a number of jerkish deities. The rabbit has some sort of resentment towards Gladstone Gander for being ridiculously lucky by default, though the duck doesn't acknowledge the resentment most of the time.
    • Speaking of luck, much of the rabbit's luck comes from his detachable foot. It's become a source of interest for many deities, particularly those who are normally unlucky. Sometimes, others would just take the foot away from him just to mess with him.
      • And on top of all these luck-related shenanigans, he has been made an unofficial mascot of the House of Luck and Fortune, likely due to his varying luck. Oswald isn't sure what to make of it, but he keeps a rather professional relation with Bugs Bunny at that house.
  • He sometimes carries a remote control with him in case he is confronted with weaker enemies. It more or less functions the same as Mickey's paintbrush, only the remote doesn't spew paint out.
  • Probably the only rabbit in the Pantheon which The Rabbit of Caerbannog doesn't really care about. Oswald himself doesn't have much to say about that rabbit's superior, Tewi Inaba, though they do keep in touch every now and then.
  • Oswald likes to hang around with the other benevolent rabbits, as well as those associated with them, and those who just simply like rabbits in general. In particular, he has a strong friendship with Usalia given their experience in ruling over a peaceful realm.
    • Like all the other rabbits, Oswald is highly wary of Springtrap. Given the animatronic's background, the Lucky Rabbit is making more of an effort to make sure his children doesn't get harmed or near the killer.
  • Oswald doesn't like mad scientists such as Dr. Wily and Eggman since their penchant for evil machinery remind him of The Mad Doctor. He's even more annoyed at the fact that the two even had different plans at different points in time that involved feigning redemption, akin to the Mad Doctor's second attempt at conquest (neither plan from Wily nor Eggman had any songs in them, though).
  • It's worth noting that Oswald at least thought that the Mad Doctor genuinely reformed at the start of Mickey and Oswald's second adventure together (and they may or may not have redeemed the Doctor at the end of it). Regardless, if there is a villain who has done multiple attempts to enact an evil plan by claiming that they reformed themselves, chances are Oswald would ask for Mickey's help to investigate it.
    • In regards to that, Oswald doesn't like The Joker given that the clown had pulled off similar stunts before. His craziness and penchant for chaos on a level Oswald hadn't heard of before earned further scorn from the rabbit.
  • Strangely enough, Oswald was once considered to be a participant in Vanellope Von Schweetz's Sugar Rush races, but plans fell through. The two like to talk to each other on occasion, though it's not clear if these conversations involve the rabbit being a proper contestant in the races. At the very least, Oswald would sometimes watch these particular races in his spare time.
  • Doesn't everybody deserve a second chance?


Pepsiman, God of Products Transformed Into Superheroes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Pepsi Logo
  • Theme Song: PEPSIMAN!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil in the The Angry Video Game Nerd's universe
  • Portfolio: Amusing Injuries, Mundane Made Awesome, The Blank, Butt-Monkey, Long Song, Short Scene
  • Domains: Drinks, Superheroes, Advertising, Injuries, Products
  • Allies: Segata Sanshiro, Protonjon, Vinny, The House of Heroism
  • Enemies: Morris, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Anyone who makes fun of Pepsi
  • Opposes: Jontron, Soldier: 76
  • Pepsiman is the living embodiment of Pepsi, bringing all the thirsty people the refreshing and tasty drink that is Pepsi. He arrived one day where the House of Food was a having a shortage of drinks, quickly arriving and using his signature powers to fill the house with Pepsi. Before he got the chance to leave, he tripped over and ended up accidentally destroying half of the House he was in. The court of Gods later allowed him to have his own temple to keep doing his job in the pantheon.
  • By default he is considered a superhero, even if he doesn't do much crimefighting. He is more or less a delivery boy (Or Super Delivery Boy if you will) of Pepsi, but even then, he seems to be on good terms with the House of Heroism and he did help the authorities of his world a few times (At least for Pepsi related things that is).
  • Pepsiman's claim to fame comes from his videogame, which is a source of his constant Amusing Injuries and bizarre hijinks he gets involved with. The other most notable from said game is the live action segments featuring an unknown man with a Pepsi addiction, said footage make some people believe it comes from a Snuff Film.
  • It's obvious that Pepsiman is not fond of his parent company's biggest competitor, Coca-Cola. In fact, whenever someone brings up the Pepsi Invaders/Coke Wins game, he gets very mad.
  • He doesn't pay too much attention to other competitors outside of Coca-Cola, but one in particular has been bothered by his ascension and that's none other than the CEO of Joja Corporation, Morris. He is pissed that with Pepsiman's sudden arrival, his products have been getting less and less attention (besides obviously many people knowing they are terrible) and instead prefer to seek Pepsiman for a more refreshing drink.
  • A former follower of Segata Sanshiro given their shared over the top advertisements and (surprisingly for Pepsiman) being from Japanese origins. Segata himself welcomed Pepsiman to his temple, but he was initially upset that his main game was on the Playstation. Before Segata tried to beat him up, as he usually does, he did mention the time he appeared as a Guest Fighter in Fighting Vipers, a Sega Saturn game, which was a Sega Saturn game and so Segata spared him.
  • There have been a few deities that are familiar with the Pepsiman videogame, like Protonjon for example. However, one particular deity that stood out for Pepsiman was Jontron, who mistakenly assumed his game didn't have any music, ignoring the trademark theme song that is characteristhic of Pepsiman or that he believes that because his world is very centered in Pepsi that maybe there is a hidden conspiracy pulling the strings from the shadows.
    • There was also Vinny from Vinesauce, who did manage to beat his game but also tried to corrupt it, but arguably had a hard time doing so. Initially he had a conflicting opinion on him but because he let it slide after he heard he finished the game for real.
  • Some people are a bit unneverd about Pepsiman's lack of features besides his mouth that he tends to open when using his powers, which doesn't help much.
  • Can also be found at Heroic Archetypes.
  • As of 2019, there's an evil alternate version of him that's pretty much the opposite of what the ascended version stands for, who forced the Angry Video Game Nerd to review the video game adaptation of his exploits and plotted to transform the entire world into Pepsi. This one was defeated by the Nerd with the help of the "TV-Game Guy" from the game's Engrish-laden FMV cutscenes. Thanks to this traumatic experience, the Nerd refuses to drink Pepsi, much less allow Pepsiman anywhere near him.

How’s it going TV Tropes? My name is PewDiePie!

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, God of Web Channel Subscribing (PewDiePie, Pewdie, Pewds, Poods, Poodiepie, Family Friendly Felix, Nice Guy PewDiePie, JackSepticEye2, pewpewpewPEWDIE, Anders Cooper, Brooke Baldwin, Don Lemon, Gloria Borger, Guillermo Arduino, Poppy Harlow, Poppy Gloria, Gloria Poppy, Wolf Blitzner, Kate Riley, Michelle Obama, Oopsie Doopsie, Alleged Nazi, Mary Katherine Ham, Ham-Bad, Mary Ham, Ham Borger, Pewdelia, tittymcswag, Beast Master 64 Pokemon Hunter, pewdsiepie, sub2pewdiepie12)

WHAT?! You’ve never played Tuber Simulator?

    SpongeBob SquarePants 
SpongeBob SquarePants, God of Cash Cow Franchises (The Invincibubble, Dirty Dan/Pinhead Larry, SpongeBoob, Cheesehead, The Quickster, Spingebill, Destroyer of Evil)
  • Lesser God (can reach Intermediate God status as The Invincibubble, and was once turned into a Greater God by King Neptune, and when he wielded the Magic Pencil)
  • Symbol: His pineapple house; alternatively, his face on a background resembling his yellow-green body
  • Theme Songs: His show's very own theme song; alternatively, Goofy Goober Rock from the first movie, Squeeze Me as the Invincibubble
  • Alignment: Varies between Neutral Good and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Franchises That Still Make Money, Alliterative Names, Character Titles, Life Partners With Patrick Star, Workaholics, Burger Fools, Signature Laughs That Are Also Annoying, Married to the Job, Keet, Idiot Heroes, Nice Guys, Genius Ditzies, Neat Freaks, Weirdness, Childishness, Femininity, All Loving Heroes, Healing Factor, Multiplying Oneself, Being Innocent But Also Insensitive, Crazy Driving, Inconsistent Physical Strength, Inconsistent Characterization
  • Domains: Popularity, Cartoons, Regeneration, Food, Cleaning, Laughter, Imagination, Bubbles, Water
  • Heralds: Gary (his pet snail), Patchy the Pirate (his biggest fan).
  • Followers: Pretty much every non-ascended, non-SpongeBob-series Nicktoon
  • Allies: Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward Tentacles (mostly one-sided on SpongeBob's part), Mr. Krabs, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, fellow good-natured Nickelodeon deities (Aang, Korra, Toph Bei Fong, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, Ned Bigby, the cast of iCarly, Big Time Rush, CatDog, Dora The Explorer), Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Ariel, Rikuo, The Inklings, Ika Musume, Octodad, Misty, Omastar, Kingdra, Ecco The Dolphin, Spyro The Dragon, The Ice King, Steven Quartz Universe, Makoto Nanaya, Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl, Dell Conagher/The Engineer, Mordecai and Rigby, Bob Belcher
  • Rivals: Mickey Mouse, Mario, Pikachu, Ben Tennyson, Bugs Bunny, The Minions, Homer Simpson and several other iconic franchise mascots. Also, Tidus
  • Friendly Enemy: Plankton
  • Friendly Rival: Undyne
  • Opposed by: Cthulhu, The Kraken, Blooper, Davy Jones, Ursula, Pearl, Light Yagami
  • Afraid of: Mello, Uncle Howee
  • Mixed Opinion by: Benson
  • SpongeBob ascended after his second movie was released for a generally positive reception from critics and fans alike as well as outgrossing the first movie, showing that his franchise was still going strong. His best pal, Patrick Star, ascended alongside him for being, well, his Fat Best Friend.
    • In fact, SpongeBob had the chance to ascend even earlier as the God of Hamburgers after beating King Neptune in a cooking duel, but refused once he was told that he couldn't bring his best friend Patrick with him at the time.
  • SpongeBob is well-acquainted with all the deities originated from the Nickelodeon universe. In fact, he is even seen as a sort of leader by them, despite the presence of powerhouses like avatars Aang and Korra. This might because of all the attention he receives in their own universe.
  • Dog from CatDog is particularly loyal to him, probably because they sound similar.
    • SpongeBob's own voice has also allowed him to form Odd Friendships with Spyro the Dragon and The Ice King. It's not every day that people see a talking, cheerful sponge befriend a little, cocky dragon and an insane, old wizard.
    • However, SpongeBob appears to be scared of Uncle Howee, who he finds too creepy even for him. Even stranger is that SpongeBob thinks Howee looks a lot like his #1 fan Patchy The Pirate, which makes things even creepier for him.
  • SpongeBob has tried to befriend every cephalopod deity in the Pantheon with mixed results. Octodad reminds him of his old "pal" Squidward and they seem to get along nicely, The Inklings think he is fresh enough thanks to being "pals" with this Squidward figure that keeps popping up on street art in their world, Ika Musume likes him on virtue of him being a sea creature in the first place. SpongeBob also received a magic conch shell fossil as a gift from Omastar, using it frequently to tell him what he can do or not and occasionally worshipping it as a greater deity called "Lord Helix".
    • The more malevolent cephalopods are not very fond of SpongeBob though. Blooper dislikes sponges as one was once used to defeat its superior, Gooper Blooper. Cthulhu doesn't appear to scary him at all, and his presence annoys the ancient God. The Kraken once tried to eat SpongeBob, but spat him out for being talkatively obnoxious while inside its stomach. Ursula was busy preparing a new magic potion, but SpongeBob's well-intentioned ditziness made Ursula screw up the recipe and have it all backfire on her, causing her to send her eel henchmen, Flotsam & Jetsam, after SpongeBob.
    • The worst would be his relationship with Davy Jones. It all started when SpongeBob came to the legendary pirate in order to return all the dirty gym socks that were left inside Jones' locker, which ended up with Patrick accidentally showering the pirate with them. Davy Jones swore revenge at both SpongeBob and Patrick for that.
  • He is a big fan of Aquaman (Arthur Curry), although the Atlantian is a bit confused on why SpongeBob keeps referring to him as "Mermaid Man".
    • He and Patrick once tried to befriend Kingdra, Aquaman's partner, in order to ride her around. After several attempts and Dragon Pulses to the face, they eventually succeeded.
  • Sometimes, SpongeBob joins Ariel in spontaneous musical numbers at the House of Music. The numbers are usually a hit or a miss as SpongeBob tends to vary between being an amazing singer or an atrocious one.
  • Oddly enough, despite being a confirmed asexual (never mind about him having an actual gender in the first place. The House of Knowledge is still conducting studies about this), SpongeBob has a curious attraction for the fishman known as Rikuo, as such, he sometimes tries to act as a sort of manservant, competing with Patrick.
  • While strolling around the Pantheon one day, he eventually had a Random Encounter against Undyne, who challenged him to a duel. Unfortunately for SpongeBob, it was one of those days where he could barely lift a teacup, so he stood no chance against her. He did, however, challenge her to a rematch, which she accepted. As such, SpongeBob is now training every day by practicing his karate at the House of Combat and working his muscle mass by lifting plushies.
  • He and Patrick tend to get along with Steven really well, usually dragging him along on for some fun, reckless antics, much to Pearl's chagrin.
    • Things didn't get better when SpongeBob casually mentioned that Pearl reminded him of his whale friend who also shares the name "Pearl".
  • SpongeBob, being a lover of karate, has found a sparring partner in Makoto Nanaya at the House of Combat. He thinks Makoto resembles a lot his squirrel friend Sandy Cheeks, except for the lack of an astronaut suit.
    • Through Makoto, SpongeBob has also met Doreen Green, a.k.a Squirrel Girl, who claims that she does know his friend Sandy, having summoned her and several members of her family once in order to defeat Doctor Doom (again).
    • The Engineer also claims to have met a super smart, karate squirrel back in Texas, although he admits it could have been a hallucination caused by him accidentally ingesting a piece of peyote cactus.
  • SpongeBob is works at the House of Food under Bob Belcher, who thinks the sponge is a talented fry cook, albeit a bit too eccentric.
    • He also has a side job selling chocolate bars to deities around the Pantheon alongside his best friend Patrick. Needless to say, they had some trouble [[ when they tried to sell some to the more...unstable members of the Pantheon. Mainly those with an unhealthy desire for chocolate.
    • Being the workaholic he is, he also has another side job restoring certain parts of the Pantheon, working alongside Mordecai and Rigby and under Benson. The gumball machine admires the sponge's dedication to his job (unlike a certain blue jay and raccoon), although he often gets annoyed by SpongeBob's more childish traits and occasional clumsiness. SpongeBob himself loves working with Mordecai and Rigby, even though the latter two barely do any work at all.
  • SpongeBob once made a hilarious Light Yagami impression during a skit at the House of Theater, which everybody loved, except Light himself of course, who was not amused at being mocked by a talking sponge.
  • SpongeBob sometimes gets into debates with other mascots about who has the most popular and profitable franchise, although those tend to get nowhere.


    Konata Izumi 
Konata Izumi, Goddess of Viral Marketing and Geek Pride (Lucky Star, Legendary Girl A, Shorty McBlue Hair)

    Old Spice Man 
The Old Spice Man, God of Nonsensically Awesome Commercials (Isaiah Mustafa, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Old Spice Body Wash
  • Alignment: Uncertain, depending on what he can do at the time.
  • Portfolio: Memetic Badass, Mr. Fanservice, Memetic Mutation, Nonsensical Advertisements, Deadpan Snarkers, Large Ham, Awesome McCoolname
  • Domain: Commercial, Bathing
  • Followers: Ladies, Men, Camels who love wednesdays
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Terry Crews
  • Enemies: Those who use lady-scented body wash, Albert Wesker.
  • He's on a horse (backwards).
  • Surprise, he's actually on a mountaintop playing those sweet "sha-la-las" you love to hear.
  • Can turn tickets into diamonds.
  • Asks any ladies to 'look at her man, then back to him, now back to her man, now back to him'… before starting an awesome conversion.
  • While he was flattered that Wesker would parody him, being a good man he is, he is not amused with Wesker's evil acts and, in a deadpan tone, wishes that Old Uroboros wouldn't sell.
  • One of his followers revealed a parody of his commercial starring Madoka. She chuckled after watching it. Her friends had different reactions, though. Kyoko laughed raucously at the ridiculousness. Mami smiled at its silliness. Sayaka and Homura agreed that it was insulting to Madoka as it also promoted Kyubey. The Incubator was amused and hoped to use this to lure girls into making Contracts but was…forcibly prevented. Charlotte…turned away in shame, as cake was why she ended up a Witch in the first place.
  • It's rumored by some that he is actually an Overdeity hiding his true power. The Old Spice Man has laughed at the idea and denied it — it's just that his manly scent is so overpowering to even the greatest gods of the Pantheon that it distorts their view of his other abilities.
  • There's actually another Old Spice Man in existence, a constantly-shouting bald muscleman who loves showing off his muscles and yelling mostly about "POWEEEEERRRR!!!!" (unrelated to one of Emperor Palpatine's more infamous moments). Both the ascended Old Spice Man and this man have been seen in the same space, often engaged in contests of one-upmanship, and might be debating who should get to sit on the throne...or whether they should share.
    • At least, until that man decided to occupy another spot with a suitable trope so they can continue their rivalry in the Pantheon proper.
    Isaiah: It's YOU.
    Terry: IT'S ME! OHHHH- *Terry morphs into a shark with Terry's head and charges at Isaiah only to get blocked by a glass wall*
    Isaiah: Not today, mister.


    The GEICO Gecko 

15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance

The GEICO Gecko, Patron God of Advertising Campaigns
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The GEICO logo
  • Theme Song: Doesn't really have one, but reluctantly chose "Somebody's Watching Me"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Herald: Other famous characters from the company, including but not limited to Maxwell the Pig, the GEICO Cavemen, Kash and Hump Day Camel among many others
  • High Priestess: Flo from Progressive, even though they're from competing companies
  • Domain: Advertising, Reptiles, Insurance
  • Portfolio: Advertising Campaigns, Mascot of the company, Deadpan Snarker, Hollywood Chameleon,
  • Allies: The House of Anthropomorphic Animals, the House of Travel, Fred Flintstone, Babe, any homeowners in the Pantheon, Aurora, any superheroes in the Pantheon, the Blorg
  • Enemies: The House of Ruins and Destruction, the House of Crime, Sideshow Bob
  • Opposes: Bigby Wolf, most of the House of Reptiles, except for the TMNT, Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner
  • Rival: Segata Sanshiro
  • The small and charming gecko one day appeares and challenges Segata Sanshiro for his position. The Pantheon as a whole favors the gecko with the reasoning that Sanshiro only appeared for one year while the gecko has appeared for much, much, much longer and more numerous commercials than him and thus give the former the position while Sanshiro was given a new position of Abusive Advertising.
    • Sanshiro was NOT happy with losing his position. He tried to get back at the gecko by trying to step on it when the latter was still mortal, which the gecko retaliates by trying to bite any body parts of Sanshiro he is able to reach. Fortunately, the Pantheon was able to intervene before any serious damage was done. The two have been rivals ever since.
  • A representative of the GEICO auto-mobile and homeowners insurance, the gecko has extensive relationship with many homeowners and the House of Travel in the Pantheon.
    • However, his position as representative of an insurance company has earned him the ire of the House of Ruins and Destruction as well as the House of Crime since, according to them, he and his company "took out the joy of destroying properties".
  • Dissociates himself with the House of Reptiles since he thinks many of them are too destructive and is bad for his reputation. The only one he is willing to talk to is the TMNT, even though he is sometimes confused by their lifestyle.
  • He is one surprisingly good terms with most superheroes since the superheroes job creating a lot of need for Hero Insurance paid for by their world's government, something which he is happy to provide. The fact that he sounds like one is just a bonus.
  • Because the gecko represent the GEICO company as a whole, the gecko has many different heralds from his company in order to run the temple for him when he is busy making a new commercial. These heralds has made him many allies in the Pantheon. Most notably Babe, a friend of Maxwell the Pig and Fred Flintstone, whose followers is the GEICO cavemen.
  • He has an extensive network of connection with many fairy tales characters since his company put out quite a few ads that parody classical fairy tales. Of notes is his friendship with Princess Aurora since he pities her being cursed and unable to wake up unlike the Sleeping Beauty of his world while being wary of Bigby Wolf since the guy blew down an entire house in his warpath.
  • Has nothing but disgust for Sideshow Bob because of Bob's destructive behavior, threatening children and voice that sounds similar to him.
  • Form a solid relationship with the Blorg race after the aliens mistook him for another ally aliens. The gecko is interested in their culture and selling spaceship insurance for them while the Blorg have an interesting specimen to study.
  • Grows to dislike Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner because of their destructive tendency after an encounter with the two of them.
  • Most people who visit his temples are unnerved when encounter Kash standing in a corner and just staring at them while wearing a paper note that said "This is the money you could have saved with GEICO". It happens often enough that the gecko made a designated area for Kash in order to not freak out visitors.

    The Trix Rabbit 
The Trix Rabbit, God Of Sadistic Cereal Commercials (Silly Rabbit, Tricks)
  • Quasidiety
  • Symbol: A bowl of Trix and a cup of Trix Yogurt
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Harmless Villain, Butt-Monkey, Wears Easy To See Through Disguises, Always Fails
  • Domains: Cereal, Yogurt, Breakfast, Rabbits, Sadism
  • High Priests: Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, Chip the Wolf, The Crazy Good Kids, Toucan Sam, The Craver, Lucky The Leprechaun
  • Allies: Anyone who lets him have a bowl of Trix, Bugs Bunny, Wile. E Coyote, Miltank, Nostalgia Critic
  • Enemies: Anyone who does not let him have a bowl of Trix and taunts him while doing so, Calvin, The Trix, all members of the GUAE Trollkaiger
  • The gods noticed one day that there was no one occupying the Cereal Vice Reward trope. They also noticed a surprising lack of Trix cereal and yogurt at the House of Food. When they investigated the cause, they found that this rabbit had stolen it all. He was eventually forced to give it all back, but some gods took pity on him after learning that he was constantly bullied by children from his world who never let him have Trix, even after he bought some with his own money, and so they gave him his own temple.
  • The Rabbit can often be found trying to steal Trix from people. Sometimes the gods are nice and let him do so, but sometimes they aren't and stop his attempt and taunt him by saying, "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for gods!"
  • Every year there is an election in the US, the gods allow the Rabbit to eat a bowl of Trix unimpeded. They have scrapped having votes because it's clear that the Rabbit would always get an overwhelmingly high Yes vote.
    • On some days, though, the GUAE has the members of the Trollkaiger steal it anyway and make him look even more pathetic. When this happens, he usually spends the rest of the day sulking in his temple, refusing to speak to anyone. Some gods asked him if he would like to punish the Trollkaiger for messing with him, but he replied that he was not a violent rabbit.
  • Some gods have suggested letting the Rabbit buy his own Trix from the House of Food. The Rabbit replied that he didn't think that was any fun or sneaky, and he likes being both. However, it should be worth noting that at one point he did by his own Trix, but the kids stole it anyway.
  • In another sick event while he was mortal, the Rabbit did actually buy some Trix on his own.... But his milk carton was empty. He has since made certain to buy milk to go along with any Trix he gets. He gets it from Miltank, who doesn't mind helping after hearing how badly he was treated while he was mortal.
    • When the Nostalgia Critic was looking through commercials to review one day, he saw that paticular incident. Viewing the people who made it as bad as the kids who constantly tormented the Rabbit while he was mortal, he decided to help the Rabbit get Trix whenever he could.
  • It was discovered that once the Rabbit got Bugs' help to try to steal some Trix, but even this was not enough to actually get a bowl. Still, he remains on good terms with Bugs.
  • Once, when Calvin was eating some Trix, the Rabbit tried to steal it from him. He wasn't successful, and was humiliated thoroughly after being forced to play Calvinball and finding it extremely confusing. The Rabbit still isn't over that.
  • After hearing that there were a god known as the Trix, the Rabbit tried to go over and see if they were the cereal. However, Icy, Stormy, and Darcy were none too pleased with the Rabbit, viewing him as an oddball. The Rabbit ended up being blasted by magic and forced to retreat, later making sure to stay well away from their temple.
  • The Rabbit has often tried to get Wile E. Coyote to help him with his schemes to steal Trix, but, unfortunately, Wile. E's reputation for failure proceeds him and things just get worse whenever he does. Notably, the Rabbit insists that he cannot eat Trix if it is blown up, but Wile. E still insists on using explosives.