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Video Game / Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

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Hello Kitty Roller Rescue (known as Hello Kitty Picopico Rescue in Japan and Hello Kitty Mission Rescue in Southeast Asia) is an Action-Adventure Video Game based off of the popular Hello Kitty franchise. It was released for the Nintendo GameCube in North America, the PlayStation 2 in Japan and Europe, the Xbox in Southeast Asia, and the PC in Europe.

Following his last, disastrous attempt at conquering a planet, the evil Emperor Block-O stumbles upon Earth and decides that this time, he will succeed. To that end, he quickly launches a massive, block-shaped army to invade Earth and kidnap Kitty's friends and family. Block-O's ultimate goal is to turn everyone on the planet into a cube-shaped being like himself.

Hello Kitty is not pleased. Armed with a magic wand and roller skates, she must rescue those who were captured and turn back the alien invasion. Once she rescues enough friends, they can help too, with each partner offering different combat abilities.

The game has a fair amount of unlockables, with character profiles, mission rankings, upgrading partners, a Sound Test, and rescuing everyone who was captured.

This game contains examples of: