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The tip of her iceberg.

Marzia Bisognin, better known as CutiePieMarzia, is an Italian YouTuber. Her channel is mostly fashion-centric, though she also posts a large variety of non-fashion related videos, like food recipes, makeup tutorials, monthly favorites, and the occassional vlog (generally when she is travelling). Marzia also likes featuring her pugs Maya and Edgar, as seen here and here.

Her great sense in fashion and love for art has currently given her 4 million subscribers which she calls her "marzipans". Her content is very creative and a popular comment by marzipans is how tastefully edited her videos are: Marzia's channel carries a very distinct style without having to sacrifice being able to experiment.

Her boyfriend happens to be PewDiePie and they tend to appear on each other's channels quite a bit. She began as an average bro that Pewds talked to via Facebook, and as things escalated they eventually became a couple. You might think that she is basically a female version of Pewdie. You'd be dead wrong.note  She and Felix have collaborated with some other YouTubers such as Dan and Phil and Grav3yardgirl.


Her Facebook is here, her Twitter is here, her Tumblr is here, and her Instagram is here.

Marzia and her channel provide examples of:


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