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Also known as the treasure vault of the War house, this domain has the exclusivity of guarding many of the most powerful weapons of the Pantheon that aren't dangerous enough to be in the main Treasury vault, many of those with incredible destructive power. It's also very common to see Mecha Pilots and their Humongous Mechas being safeguarded here, often doing maintenance work in their free time. Mostly those from non-affiliated units though, because the well-known ones like the RX-78-2 Gundam are at the respective Alliance's hangars. The Pantheon's branch of Anaheim Electronics has a secondary facility here serving all sides of the Forever War.

As the name implies, this was originally going to be part of the House of Technology but it branched out after arguing that it could prove devastating to keep there. Nevertheless, engineers and mechanics from the entire Pantheon tend to show up here as well.

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Greater Gods

    Sixshot & Tidal Wave 
Sixshot and Tidal Wave, Co-Gods of Military Mashup Machines (Sixshot: Greatshot | Tidal Wave: Shockwave, Mirage)
(G1) Six Shot
Energon incarnationnote
Tidal Wave
As Miragenote 
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Decepticon insignia
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Sixshot became Neutral Good in one continuity)
  • Portfolio: Military Mashup Machine, One-Man Army
  • Domains: Robots, War, Sea Travel, Evil
  • Herald: Ramjet (Tidal Wave's Minicon partner)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Carrera, Wamuu (Sixshot) | Ira Gamagoori (Tidal Wave)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Starscream, the bestial Megatron | Bambi Hughes (Tidal Wave)
  • Enemies: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Hot Rod, the Dinobots, Jazz, Bulkhead, Wheelijack, Unicron, the heroic shipgirls, the Infested, the Lanius, Liberion Arcadia
  • Respects: Laphicet, Ned Stark (Sixshot)
  • Military vehicles are indeed very cool and awesome-looking, given that they are built for defense and/or transportation. Which is why mashing them all together sounds unrealistic but even cooler, and these two Decepticons exemplify that. Sixshot has six alternate forms (sometimes even seven or eight) in a tank, a robotic wolf, a spaceship, an armed off-road car, a gun and his robot mode which is befitting of his unpredictable fighting style and almost all of them are military vehicles while Tidal Wave is instead a combination of an aircraft carrier, a battleship and a troop-landing craft, which can combine to create his super warship form. Both robots have proven to be difficult opponents of the Autobots as their different fighting styles prove that Megatron's forces are not meant to be taken lightly.
  • Before this, only Tidal Wave had ascended at Megatron's request since he provided strength to his forces in one universe which piqued his interest, obsessiveness notwithstanding. When he started losing battles more often than expected, Megatron needed another capable warrior that could tip the balance to his favor and he knew the bot to send in: Sixshot. Megatron made his case to the Court of the Gods that both of his aforementioned men can hold Military Mashup Machine as they are amalgamations of military vehicles with their own twists on the combinations; they accepted as it is fine to bring in another candidate from the same world, and now Megatron's forces have become a lot harder to fight against.
  • Applies to both of them:
    • Sixshot and Tidal Wave had a reunion with Megatron, and their loyalty differs a lot; while Sixshot is normally loyal to Megatron even obeying Galvatron because of his oath, Tidal Wave is almost obsessed with the Decepticon leader. This caused the two to develop a rivalry as Sixshot thinks Tidal Wave's fanaticism might potentially hinder their objectives even if he himself just wants to kill while Tidal Wave thinks Sixshot's not as loyal as he is claiming. Despite this rivalry, they will carry out Megatron's orders to the end and Megatron is even more glad that their firepower and strengths are enough to go against Prime's forces.
    • As for other Decepticons, Soundwave and Shockwave are professional with Sixshot and Tidal Wave and expects their contributions fruitful to the Decepticon agenda, though Shockwave has a fondness for Sixshot's Energon incarnation; Sixshot has a slight disdain towards that counterpart but if Shockwave gives opportunities for him to kill, so be it and plus, he was his Herald previously so he wants to pay back that gratitude in his own way. Blitzwing felt inadequate when compared to the two when it comes to Sixshot's six forms and Tidal Wave's splitting capability, so he decided to try to prove his value by making effective strategies to compensate for their rushing tactics; Tidal Wave doesn't think much of him but Sixshot respects Blitzwing's cold efficiency and eagerness to fight in his "Icy" and "Hothead" modes and less so with the "Random" mode. Of course, Starscream's treachery proves to the two that he is not to be trusted and Tidal Wave is pissed that Starscream would betray Megatron, even as far as to declare that he will not recognize him as a suitable replacement leader; Starscream himself expects them to obey him anyway once he succeeds in obtaining the Decepticon leadership helm though he is afraid of how far they can go against him.
    • The same goes for Lockdown as he wants trophies from both Autobots and Decepticons but Sixshot managed to get in his good graces by promising him corpses and scrap parts and Lockdown accepts, seeing as they both also relate in relishing in murder against fellow Cybertronians; Tidal Wave is keeping watch of their interactions, as Lockdown's loyalty to only himself and antagonism towards Megatron is suspicious enough to warrant an action. Also, they have heard of the bestial Megatron that shared his name with their leader and seeks to not only surpass him in some way, but also turn all organic life into machinery; the second motivation notwithstanding, any obstruction to Megatron will have to go through these two first.
    • The Autobots are obviously not pleased in the new Decepticon reinforcements, as their respective abilities prove to be a great obstacle to overcome and Sixshot even proved to kill their numbers in glee which included Ultra Magnus in one continuity. The enmity does pause when they had to unite against Unicron who proved to be very destructive and vile, with Tidal Wave facing his threat directly before and is ready to sacrifice himself for and with Megatron again and Sixshot reasoned that if Unicron had his way, he won't have anyone to kill left.
    • Surprisingly, Sixshot and Tidal Wave might be the only thing the Abyssal Fleet is fine with being on water, which is quite beneficial for both of them. In fact, some gods joke that Re-Class is based on a Tidal Wave-styled warship due of her vast artillery. That said, Sixshot's bloodthirst mildly puts them off and Tidal Wave's not sure how he feels about some of the Abyssals linking up with the Homunculi before he had a chance to try to get them on-side with the DecepticonsÖ Of course, this alliance means that the heroic shipgirls of the Imperial Japanese Navy opposes them on principle and it doesn't help that Sixshot's aforementioned bloodthrist along with unpredictability will pose a very dangerous threat that they may or may not overcome alone.
    • Liberion Arcadia, an organization of robots advocating for their freedom considers them enemies for their strengths and relentlessness towards whoever that stands ni their way, and reminding them of their worst enemies they had faced before in their respective worlds. Sixshot only sees them as more potential victims and Tidal Wave considers them hindrances to Megatron's wider agenda.
    • The two are very wary of the Lanius, a race of Disaster Scavengers that consume scrap metal, as well as the Infested whose affliction warps things on the molecular level allowing them to infect both flesh and metal; the fact that the Infested can get very big as seen with J-3 Golem and Lephantis so taking over Sixshot and Tidal Wave would be a huge boon for them and they also scared the Autobots as well as their leader Megatron (and his bestial counterpart) says a lot about their threat level.
  • Exclusive to Sixshot:
    • Sixshot is a mighty soldier capable of taking on multiple opponents at once who lives to destroy and kill them with his only redeeming trait being a warped sense of honour for those he killed especially if they put up more of a fight than normal; to quote him, "Life is only worth living as long as there are enemies worth destroying". Other than that, there's not much to him which is why later stories expand on his personality with one most well-known not only gave him more crazier powers of a ninja like disguising, super speed, duplicating and voluntary appearing but also later turning good after getting betrayed by Scorponok, being stranded on a planet with Daniel Witwicky and faking his death to become the Autobot Greatshot after his scuffle with the Six Clan. Another continuity has him being specially-engineered that he's capable of ending all life on a planet which terrifies his fellow Decepticons, save for the Terrorcons who actually admired him; just seeing death and destruction desponded Sixshot into feelings of emptiness until the Reapers take him in so that he can join in their crusade against war and its instigators, until Megatron made him offline when his betrayal came and later revived to strike out on his own. Yet another has him part of the Rise, a Cybertonian terrorist cell that would form the Decepticons later on and he's in his familiar blood-thirsty craze there as well.
      • But one incarnation stands out way more. Not only he resembles G1 Shockwave here and his forms decreased to three which mismatched his name, he's now an engineer and a younger brother to Shockblast who became vengeful once he heard Shockblast died in battle. His quest for revenge and insubordination proves hindering for Galvatron, causing him to get punished often until it came to a head when Galvatron, jacked up on Super Energon finally stomps him to death after shooting at him. As for his reaction to his other incarnations, Sixshot likes his comic book selves, finds his Energon self an idiot and sees his Headmasters self as weak for turning good even though he would understand the pain of being betrayed; he still retains memories of those incarnations and can morph into them at will like other Cybertronians as per the nature of the Pantheons, with his Headmasters one has his favourite abilities as he has more methods to kill while having more powers.
    • Despite regaining his compulsion to kill Sixshot remembers his time with Daniel Witwicky, the kid who he bonded in the continuity where he turned good and despite not wanting to remember it as it hinders said compulsion to kill in his eyes, he gets weirdly defensive whenever it gets brought up as if he's still protecting Daniel. This brought him to Laphicet, who approached him when he heard that Sixshot turned good in that timeline and hope to make that change for real in the Pantheons; not wanting to change but not wanting to hurt Laphicet for no reason either, Sixshot turned him down which disappointed Laphicet but he does commend the boy for doing many a good or two. One of Laphicet's protectors, Velvet Crowe is less enthusiastic towards the murder-happy Decepticon as she is still looking out for Laphicet's safety and sees Sixshot as a great threat; Sixshot himself sees Velvet as another formidable foe and is awaiting a fight with her just to see if killing her is achievable or not.
    • His ninja-like abilities in the Headmasters continuity makes him pretty unpredictable and deadlier, hence his newfound use in the Pantheons. This turned the heads of Faust Baldhead as he himself employs confusing fighting styles, and Ryu Hayabusa & Strider Hiryu who are very notable ninja around; Dr. Baldhead is grimly reminded of himself at his most uncontrollable and tries to stay away from Sixshot to almost no avail, because the Decepticon finds his fighting style worthy of his time and may earn his respect. As for Hayabusa and Hiryu, they don't really see Sixshot in a good light, not even after he turned good into Greatshot in said continuity and Sixshot himself returns the sentiment, finding them to be victims that might stand a chance against him.
    • A good fight is as much of a thrill as a good kill, which is why Sixshot found Worthy Opponents in Wamuu and Carrera. Wamuu is intrigued by Sixshot's sense of honour even if it's a twisted one, and is looking forward to more fights with him; of course, if he survives them in one piece. Carrera's sole reason for joining up with the Sumeragi Group was to fight powerful Adepts such as himself and nothing else, not even justice or duty. His power over magnetism and ability to nullify Septimas means he easily wins his battles more often than not and thus rarely gets his thirst for battle sated; hearing this, Sixshot is intrigued and declares to him that he will do whatever it takes to kill him which is a challenge Carrera is willing to accept.
      • Sixshot has found kindred spirits in Ali al-Saachez, Gregor Clegane, Konrad von Carstein and Gauron as they share his love to kill. But who they are actually stops them from fully allying with him, as they wanted more to kill and Cybertronians are no exception, in addition to the empathy and moral compass he gained from his friendship with Daniel much to his chagrin. Ali and Gauron would find it thrilling to kill a living mecha but if they managed to strike a deal with Sixshot with promises of more victims, then even better and Gregor and Konrad will find him a challenge since they had never come across, in their words, a "giant metallic golem" in their lifetime.
    • If there's a legitimate redeeming trait underneath his desire to murdernote , it's that he does not speak ill of the dead especially if he fought a strong opponent. Ned Stark respects him on that front seeing as he himself is an honourable man and he died in his world, but that respect end there as Ned still sees him as an enemy; Sixshot returns the sentiment and is looking forward to see him in a coming strife.
    • "Five up, five down! It's like shooting cyber-ducks in a barrel!"
  • Exclusive to Tidal Wave:
    • As stated before, he is a Transformer composed of the "Dark Fleet", a group consisting of an aircraft carrier, a battleship and a troop-landing craft, which can combine to create a super warship that then transforms into Tidal Wave. He is also one of Megatron's most powerful servants, if a little bit single-minded and what makes Tidal Wave even powerful is that Megatron can use Tidal Wave as additional attachments, giving him access to a high-grade firepower. When his universe's Megatron/Galvatron died, he even jumped at the chance of reviving him once he heard that his corpse is still within Unicron. It is widely believed that Tidal Wave (as Mirage) died by joining Galvatron in destroying Unicron's spark once and for all but for convenience's sake, his fate is decided as "ambiguous".
    • While he died (maybe) as his much smaller form Mirage, he was rebuilt as Tidal Wave as Mirage is more like a heavily-armed speedboat than a proper warship. Still, if Tidal Wave's body suffers from major injuries, he can use the Mirage body as back-up. And based on whom you ask, Tidal Wave (as Mirage, at least) is either really gay for Megatron, or really supportive of him. Though most of them can agree he is willing to tank a Colony Drop for his leader regardless.
    • His overattachment to Megatron had gotten him mingled with other minions who are devoted to their leading villains such as Misa Amane, Bellatrix Lestrange, Rolo Haliburton, Mr. Smithers and Vanilla Ice. Misa, Bellatrix and Smithers found it weird that a giant robot is very devoted to someone like Megatron who usually doesn't openly show appreciation to him but they relate to him nonetheless and even provided some ear to his woes; Rolo and Vanilla Ice felt the same way, except Rolo's trying to be good nowadays which Tidal Wave hasn't actually opposed much.
      • The only outlier to them is Bambi "Buck" Hughes, who is very depraved towards his victims (as in he... rapes them) and he's only loyal to Hoyt Volker out of money; basically Sixshot but more screwed up and having a bad touch. And that's not getting into the unneeded comparison between the two being Depraved Homosexuals which Tidal Wave hated as he has standards, even with his beloved Megatron. Buck for his part hasn't cared much about Tidal Wave, but he does recognizes that he's very outmatched by him just from the size difference so he keeps his distance.
    • Speaking of size, Tidal Wave seems to have a rivalry with Ira Gamagoori due to their Undying Loyalty to their masters; that, and no one can really tell how large either of them are meant to be. They vowed to each other that should they dare to hurt each other's object of loyalty, it won't be pretty.
    • "Tidal Wave... Tidal Wave..."

Intermediate Gods

    Amuro Ray 
Amuro Ray, God of Real Robot Pilots (The White Devil, White Shooting Star, White Unicorn, Captain Amuro Ray/Amuro-daisaformerly )
Amuro in U.C. 0079
Click here to see Amuro during the Gryps Conflict 
Click here to see Amuro during Char's Counterattack 
  • Intermediate God, Demigod without a mobile suit, borderline Greater God with Psycho-Frame fully activated
  • Symbol: His personal emblems (including his current one), the Tem Ray circuit, or any one of his mobile suitsnote 
  • Theme Song: "Tobe! Gundam"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The First Hero of the Real Robot Genre, An Expert Pilot and Second Highest-Scoring Ace of the One Year War, The Dreaded, Gadgeteer Genius, Always Eager to Fistfight, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Nice Guy, Socially Inept and Introverted But Gets Better, Properly Paranoid a Lot (and usually right), Known as the "White Shooting Star", and his Gundam, the "White Devil", The Rival and Arch-Enemy of Char Aznable, Pilots Super Prototype Mecha
  • Domains: War, Space, Humanity, Death, Technology, Cynicism, Peace, Possibility, Transcendence
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Heralds:
  • High Priest: Chirico Cuvie
  • Followers: All Real Robot Genre pilots, includes Noa Izumi, Hikaru Ichijyo, Stig "Scott" Bernard, Eiji Asuka, Qwenthur Barbotage
  • Mecha piloted: RX-78-2 Gundam (OYW), TGM-79 GM Trainer (pre-Zeta), RMS-099 Rick Dias, MSK-008 Dijeh (Zeta), MSZ-006-3A Zeta Gundam 3A Type (ZZ), MSK-008R Rick Dijeh, MSK-008R Modified Rick Dijeh, RGM-88X Jeddah, YRA-90A μ Gundam (pre-CCA), RGZ-91 Re-GZ, RX-93 ν Gundam (CCA), RGM-89 Jegan Amuro Ray Custom, RGZ-91B Re-GZ Custom, RX-93-v2 Hi-ν Gundam (current)
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Shinji Ikari
  • Friendly Rival: Optimus Prime
  • Worthy Opponent and Eternal Rival: Char Aznable (Friendly Rivalry/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork at times)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka (on their end), The Dinobots, Sabo
  • Enemies:
  • Respected by: The Emperor of Mankind, Sigmar Heldenhammer (one-sided for the former, not so much for the latter)
  • Pitied by: The House of Love and Affection
  • Conflicting Opinion: Zechs Merquise, Lelouch vi Britannia, Wiz and Boomstick, Georgy Zhukov
  • August 18th, Universal Century 0079. A reconnaissance mission to a recently-constructed space colony in Side 7 would have dire consequences for its residents. For this colony held three of the most advanced mobile suits in history: the RX-75-4 Guntank, RX-77-2 Guncannon and last but not least, the RX-78-2 Gundam. These state of the art war machines were the Earth Federation's Macguffin, designed to turn the tide of the One Year War being ridden by the Principality of Zeon and their fearsome Zakus. An ill-advised attack resulted in the death of the Gundam's planned test pilot, the destruction of all but 3 suitsGANDAMU! , and the chief engineer's son literally Falling into the Cockpit of the Gundam. The defeat of the two once-invincible Zakus signalled that the year-long war for Spacenoid independence was about to enter a new chapter. A chapter written by Amuro Ray, pilot of the Gundam and many more to come.
    • Tasked with a ragtag crew of civilians aboard the mobile suit carrier White Base with transporting the Operation V units to Jaburo, the EFF headquarters in the Amazon, Amuro successfully used his technological know-how and growing pilot skills to destroy all obstacles in their path, including some of Zeon's best aces like Garma Zabi, Ramba RalGANDAMU! , the Black Tri-Stars, M'Quve and tragically, Lalah Sune (see below for details). The Gundam was dubbed the "White Devil" for how easily it dispatched Zeon's mobile suit forces and eventually netted the Earth Federation victory with Amuro becoming the second highest-scoring ace of the One Year War, but at the cost of a peaceful life.
    • Amuro would be treated lavishly by the Federation post-war for helping them, buying a luxurious mansion with his wartime pensions and becoming an instructor at the Cheyenne Base Mobile Suit Academy in Wyoming, North America. However, this was a Gilded Cage; discovery of Amuro's Newtype powers made him a constant object of surveillance by the military who wanted to control him for their own nefarious reasons. The onset of the Gryps War brought on by EFF anti-Zeon force the Titans and some prodding from his old friend Fraw persuaded him to overcome his PTSD and chronic combat fatigue to return to active combat as a pilot for Earth-based resistance group Karaba, piloting the MSK-008 Dijeh. In this position, he mentored Zeta Gundam pilot Kamille Bidan and became his equivalent on Earth while Kamille was fighting against the Titans in space.
    • After the Gryps War, Amuro joined the special operations task force Londo Bell under Bright Noa as commander of the force's mobile suit squads. It was here that he encountered his long-time nemesis Char Aznable for the last time, now a Knight Templar plotting to drop asteroids on Earth to force humanity to move to space and become Newtypes. The RX-93 ν Gundam, a unit which Amuro designed himself narrowly defeated Char's Sazabi and prevented the asteroid base Axis from colliding with Earth, pilots from both sides helping him the whole way. This fight however would prove to be Amuro's last. Pushing his psychic abilities to their limit overloaded the ν Gundam's Psycho-Frame and destroyed Amuro's and Char's bodies, ending their historic rivalry once and for all.
  • Ascended after a psychedelic journey into the very depths of time and space, surveying the endless cycle of war resulting from humanity's mistakes. He almost lost hope from seeing that his efforts to prevent the fall of humanity to violence were for naught, culminating in the ∀ Gundam cleansing nearly all traces of humanity from the Earth. Lalah Sune helped him see that the Gundam multiverse is a cycle of humanity's mistakes that will repeat over and over again, but the legend of the Gundam started by Amuro is proof that humanity isn't powerless to change its fate. Amuro regained new hope for the future, whatever or whenever it was, and it seemed that the universe itself heeded his wish. Amuro's spirit was enveloped by the white light of Eternity itself, transporting him to a near-empty landscape with Lalah gone. Great plains, houses and characters from different universes intermingling signalled to him that a new, clean slate was there for him to build upon. For this was the Pantheon, and a new chapter of his life was about to begin...
  • An introverted person by nature with a single-minded interest in machines. Not someone suited for the military, moreover as the one manning their trump card against the enemy. While Amuro was a capable pilot, inside he was a complete wreck, a teenager with no prior war experience pushed into a position where he got No Sympathy for being unprepared (including one infamous Bright Slap), near zero therapy for his trauma, losing his father to oxygen deprivation and falling down the stairs and the deaths of many people who he came to consider loved ones. This lingering trauma along with poor social skills extends to the many heralds he has, all who support him in various ways:
    • The crew of the White BaseGANDAMU!  has become a second family to him. They largely moved on to civilian lives after the war but continue to assist him in the Pantheon. Fraw Bow (his caretaker and close friend) drops in every so often to make sure he's eating well, her husband Hayato Kobayashi and Ryu Jose serve with him in the GUAG Robot War Division, Kai Shiden is a freelance journalist who digs up dirt on Amuro's possible enemies, and so on. Sayla Mass lives with Amuro in his temple, largely to mediate the tension between him and her brother CharGANDAMU! . It's telling that Amuro trusts her enough to be his second-in-command.
    • His father Tem Ray was the chief engineer for Operation V and designed the Gundam himself. An explosion in the colony during the attack sent him into space where extended oxygen deprivation left him delusional and prone to mood swings. Following rescue, Tem resided in neutral Side 6 (Riah) and after the victory at Solomon, presumably died falling down the stairwell leading to his apartment. His reunion with Amuro and his estranged wife Kamaria was a joyous occasion, and despite being far from reconciling are resolute on making up for time lost from the war with Amuro. Tem is semi-retired to treat his mental issues, but regularly checks in on projects in the GUAG Engineering Division. Don't ever mention the Tem Ray circuit in front of him; he wept in despair upon realizing he made a piece of junk.
    • Karaba operative Beltorchika Irma is another one of Amuro's trusted confidantes, having gotten past their Destructive Romance in Zeta. A fangirl of Amuro yet not altogether stupid, she does counter-intelligence work for the GUAG. A mobile suit team equipped with modified Zeta Gundams rounds out Amuro's heralds, having served with him incognito during the First Neo Zeon War. Red Snake (aka Yurii Ajissah) met Amuro at a funeral when she was just a child, and Gray Wolf (aka Shin Matsunaga, the White Wolf of Solomon) is a liaison between the GUAG Robot War Division and Char's faction of the GUAE Mecha Cohort.
    • He eventually settled on Chirico Cuvie as his high priest, sympathizing with the Super-Soldier who was accused of treason for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and their introvert, shut-in personalities. Amuro appointed Chirico his special attaché to the Division's 2nd Battlegroup, and his eyes and ears on the ground with the rank of 1st Lieutenant.
  • You don't need to be in the GUAG to know that Amuro is a straight badass. Period. His service in the Earth Federation Forces, while largely unnoticed in his own universe, was greatly rewarded in the Pantheon. Amuro has received the EFF Medal of Honor, GUAG Medal of Honor and the GUAG Sacrifice Badge 1st Class, among others. The last award came with a promotion to Captain and most senior mecha pilot in the GUAG Robot War Division, reporting directly to then Vice Admiral Bright Noa. Adding to "White Devil" and the "White Unicorn", Amuro is also nicknamed "The Transcendent" by some pilots due to his post-mortem journey into the depths of time and space that to them, makes him understand the plight of the Gundam multiverse more than anybody, even the strongest Newtypes.
    • Aboard the Ra CailumGANDAMU!  are an assortment of Federation Ace Pilots and Gundam pilots who equal Amuro in skill, since novices would never be able to go along with his demanding plans. First formed after the Ra Cailum was refitted to house more mobile weapons, RWD Squad Alpha engages in high-stakes missions for the GUAG Robot War Division, and are the first responders on scene whenever something particularly bad happens (for membership, see here). His superior, Bright Noa, in spite of a rocky start filled with angst, is one of Amuro's closest friends in the Pantheon, and could pass for a bar buddy if he weren't so straight-laced. He still keeps a framed picture of Amuro in his office.
    • What Amuro lacks in raw psychic power like Kamille and Judau, he makes up for in skill. Made in response to Char's new Nightingale, his Hi-ν Gundam utterly trounces most of the competition. It is visually identical to the official version (sans the violet colours which are back to black and white) but has various tricks from alternate-universe units. And no, it's not just for show.
      • The Minovsky particle generator gives the Hi-ν's Variable Phase Shift armor unlimited operating time, rendering it immune to all but the most devastating of physical attacks. The Mirage Colloid Dispersal system allows the Gundam to cloak not only itself but at least two partner units within a 30-35 metre radius for stealth missions, which renders them invisible and intangible to physical attack and radar. This negates the Phase Shift armor however and biological means like telepathy can still detect them.
      • Six Fin Funnels are equipped on the back (ten in the Double Fin Funnel configuration), and have bomber, beam, long-range scout and Minovsky particle dispersal variants. Invisible Fin Funnels reverse-engineered from Aila Jyrkiäinen's Qubeley Papillon are used when in crowded situations.
      • The Psycho-Frame embedded in the Hi-ν Gundam is rumoured to be more powerful than any of its predecessors, including the Strike Freedom's SEED Mode and the 00 Qan[T]'s Quantum System. Augmented by the Plavsky particle micro-emitters along certain surfaces of the Gundam, it allows for dramatically increased mobility and dexterity, at times even to unnatural levels.
    • Amuro has a distinctive reputation among heroic Gundam pilots, with even Sour Supporters like Mikazuki Augus acknowledging his worth. His closest allies in the Division are Shiro Amada, Kira Yamato and Setsuna F. Seiei, all committed to the ideal of peace despite that being all but impossible. Amuro admits to being a bit envious of Shiro. If he had a chance to fake his death and get out of the war without punishment, he might've taken it.
    • As a high-ranking pilot, Amuro is very chummy with others under his command, and most of them in turn regard him as one of the genre's greatest stalwarts. Had it not been for him, Patlabor, Macross, VOTOMS and many other franchises would not exist today. The other two of the "Mecha Big Three", Kouji Kabuto (Super Robot) and Ryoma Nagare (Combining Mecha) all respect him to the highest degree as brothers-in-arms. Ryoma's more colourful style of combat clashes with Amuro's more subdued, cautious style but the two veterans complement each other perfectly. They don't remember it too vividly, but their time fighting on a post-apocalyptic Earth composed of all mecha universes fused into one was well-spent to make them a dangerous Red Oni, Blue Oni duo.
      • Some Ship Tease is allegedly brewing between him and Misato KatsuragiGANDAMU! , not least of which because their seiyuus voiced Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon respectively. Amuro has taken Shinji under his wing, fearful for the boy's future (his mother, while redeemed is still not in the best of states). When not on duty, he is always game for a visit to WILLE headquarters aboard Misato's flagship, the AAA Wunder.
  • It didn't take long for Char and Amuro to come across each other in the Pantheon... nor did it take long for a big fight to happen. It took a while before Sayla and Nanai managed to prise the two apart. Both Amuro and Char have never gotten over their mutual angst over Lalah until her return to the Pantheon (again, see below). On a good day, they are comparable to Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr in their respect for the other and often form truces for mutual survival. On other days, expect them to be at each other's throats over differing views on humanity's future, neither giving in. Amuro still believes that humanity still has a chance to shape its own destiny without violence while the more cynical Char insists that only through cataclysm and disaster can they be forced to change. Yet they are not so different; both had screwed-up family lives, were forced into a life of war and death and losing their loved ones stopped them from settling down permanently. They do not deny the similarities, but insist the way they individually responded to their traumas was the right way. Expect lots of carnage, spectacle and verbal jousting when they encounter each other on the battlefield.
    • It took Amuro a while to get used to the idea of Char Clones, facepalming at the idea of his Archenemy having dozens of expies. There are some who are better, like Zechs Merquise, Harry Ord and Graham Aker, whose fascination with the Gundam he can relate to. Others like Rau Le Creuset he intensely dislikes for being worse reflections of Char obsessed with the idea of ending humanity. He pities Full Frontal as a person who had Char's ideals forcibly imprinted onto him. As for Gilbert Durandal, Amuro is staunchly opposed to ending all wars at the cost of choosing your own path in life, the same reason why he opposes the Grand United Alliance of Law.
    • Isn't pleased that there are worse mecha pilots in the Pantheon. Ali al-Saachez reminds Amuro of every sociopathic, sadistic and battle-hungry soldier he's ever met in battle. He would love to see Setsuna and the Meisters put that man in his place. Things got worse when he discovered that the Black Tri-Stars had ascended. Eager to avenge the death of Lt. Matilda, his team rushed to their target in the House of Technology. However, the trio saw him coming and high-tailed it out of there. On their end, the Black Tri-Stars don't fancy having to face a now all-powerful Newtype who managed to best their Jet Stream Attack until they've honed their skills enough.
    • Amuro's worst hatred is set aside for Grand United Alliance of Evil members who exploit the vulnerable (especially enhanced individuals) for the sake of war. He's seen people do that at the expense of Cyber-Newtypes, impoverished Spacenoids and Lalah and he never wants to see it again. Obvious targets are Nobuyuki Sugou, Shou Tucker and Ryoma Sengoku for their ruthless prioritization of science over their subjects' consent. He admits to being prejudiced towards GLaDOs, because his original Gundam is in The Great Treasury and thus under her care.
  • Amuro has a... bittersweet relationship with his fans in the Pantheon. Unlike Char who eschews his popularity beyond manipulating them, Amuro doesn't mind openly revelling in it sometimes. Between being made fun of for stupid decisions and people asking for autographs, he admits that it's a welcome change from being exploited and isolated by the Federation in his mortal life. It's said that he lends his voice to special events in Gunpla Battle Nexus Online and Gunpla Battle every so often and even physically visiting Gunpla Expo Japan in those worlds incognito every year. Amuro is otherwise very private outside of his few public engagements as doing more would cut into his work schedule.
    • Allies with the Gundam Build Fighters deities and was opposed to those civilians joining the GUAG as it would tarnish their views of Gunpla. Requisite fanboy Sei Iori convinced him otherwise, and Reiji was among those who helped insert a Plavsky Particle emission system into Amuro's new Gundam. The lot do creep him out sometimes with their fanboy/fangirl behaviour, but he enjoys their company.
      • Memorizing his lines like some gospel prayer is a bad habit of theirs, but he can't blame that being slapped by Bright Noa into a MAN OF DESTINY!! will always be a point of Self-Deprecation. He even humours himself with his legendary line, "Not even my father hit me!" at times.
    • Amuro even has a Gunpla collection in his temple, though it's nowhere near as impressive as his fans. His collection room is completely empty sans a box with pliers, model knife and sandpaper, the collection itself and a desk with cutting mat. Oh, and a pile of unopened boxes (High Grades, Master Grades, merchandise, an unopened God Hand Nippers box, and stands) lies neglected in the corner. His favourite is, oddly enough, the High Grade Reborns Gundam.
  • Love is an extremely touchy subject for Amuro, given his great troubles with it. The loss of Lalah Sune, one of the strongest Newtypes in existence who shared a telepathic bond and an intimate understanding of him was what made his rivalry with Char very, very personal. She was killed in the midst of a brutal battle between the two who both loved her, her Elmeth protecting Amuro from what would otherwise have been a fatal strike by Char's Gelgoog. Amuro knows not that Char bribed the old Chief Justice Johnson to bring Lalah into the Pantheon as a GUAE member, and he would likely be less than pleased if he knew. He's already had one row with his sworn rival over her (before Lalah arrived) and that was enough to level the room they were sitting in.
    • Due to his remaining trauma from Lalah's death, Amuro is seemingly incapable of having a romantic relationship without it falling apart due to his secludedness or ending in death for the lover. He visits the therapeutic services in the Houses of Despondency and Love and Affection often to clear the pain which has never subsided completely. Many deities in both pity him for his troubles, but can never seem to help without hurting him more.
  • One thing many admire Amuro for is his unceasing belief in the potential of humanity. Even after living in a world where humanity does nothing but wage war, abuse its inferiors and destroy its environment, Amuro continues to believe that his kind can do better. Extraterrestrials, ally and enemy alike question Amuro as to why he continues to fight for humanity, and his answer is always the same: that humanity is imperfect and doomed to extinction, but the same could be said for any species in the universe. He's just fighting for what he believes in, and that they can always do better even after centuries of the opposite occurring.
    • The Emperor of Humanity and his Imperium of Man seem to think highly of the soldier who fought for humanity to his death, even if it was soon to become a Dying Race within the next few decades. Even if his training and fortitude is nowhere near as rock-solid as the Primarchs (or even the average Imperial Guardsman), the nicer ones like Vulkan can respect his desire to save civilians beyond the call of duty.
    • It is for this reason that Amuro abhors the villainous members of the Grand United Alliance of Machines including the Cybermen, Brainiac and the Necrons for advocating for the supremacy of machine-kind at the expense of humanity's capacity to feel and love. He hates to say it, but sometimes death is favourable to becoming a cold, unfeeling shell.
  • Amuro may be one to stick up for humanity, but it doesn't limit him to just ordinary humans as friends. He has others to befriend that help him out aplenty, and in turn, he helps them out back.
    • Ace Pilot turned Green Lantern Hal Jordan is one of a small circle that Amuro can truly relate to. Both once held reluctance and fear of their new lot in life before rising to the occasion and becoming legends, though Amuro only became as such after his death. Hal often discusses his stint as the host of Parallax after losing Coast City to Mongul with great regret to Amuro, and Amuro is just as honest about his failure to protect those he loves.
    • Doesn't usually engage in battles with Toku kaijin (that's for the specialists) but he is a good friend of ex-GokaiGalleon captain AkaRed, in more ways than one. It's rumoured they gallivant in Amuro's free time, which he vehemently denies.
    • The Black Organization's cyber-attacks on GUAG holdings has also forced Amuro to work together with a NOC (non-official cover) agent in their ranks: the vengeful Tooru Amuro (code name Bourbon, real name Rei Furuya). Amuro has advised him not to engage fellow spy Shuichi Akai for the sake of avenging Scotch, as it may lead to worse tragedy. Whether Bourbon will listen is up for debate.
    • It wasn't surprising that Nanoha Takamachi would seek out her senior as a partner of sorts. As a fellow 'White Devil'GANDAMU! , a nickname she carries with pride, the two form a sort of 'secondary duo' (aside of her legendary one with Fate). In battle together, Nanoha deals with small-sized threats, Amuro deals with big-sized ones. Their combined skill can defeat almost any foe. They are not together: Nanoha used to make fun of it very briefly before learning how screwed up Amuro's love life is. Belying her desire to understand others, she can be his confidante when needed, though not as much as Sayla.
  • During his time in the Pantheon, Amuro found himself working alongside the Autobots of Cybertron, following a Decepticon attack on the Ra Cailum. The young pilot fought valiantly to defend the ship but his Gundam was quickly overwhelmed by Megatron and his forces, hoping to use the valuable technology aboard to create a mass-produced Decepticon army. Luckily, Optimus Prime and his troops were able to assist Amuro's squad in repelling the Decepticons and following their victory, made an alliance with them. Prime, in particular, was impressed by Amuro's skills and bravery and even made him an honorary Autobot.
    • That being said, this friendship took an interesting turn when "simulation experts" Wiz and Boomstick brought Amuro and Optimus to their facility and fight in a Death Battle. Though both put up a decent fight, Prime ended up overpowering and defeating Amuro due to his combat experience and, well, unleashing the Matrix upon the human. But both combatants weren't pleased with the results. Prime wasn't pleased with the prospect of taking a human life and Amuro felt he needed more training if he was to keep up with the Cybertronians. He's made it a priority to keep upgrading his Gundam to match more powerful threats and whenever possible, tests them out in training exercises against Prime. For his part, Optimus is pleased with the progress Amuro is making, but only hope that when the Forever War is over, the human can find some peace in the aftermath.
  • Amuro is a tough nut to crack, powerful yet flawed, pacifistic yet willing to fight, and most importantly, all-loving yet ruthless. He is living proof of how indomitable humanity is, and as he pursues peace in the escalating Forever War of the Alliances, he's going to make sure all who threaten him and his loved ones remember that. FLY! GUNDAM!
"Iím not as impatient as you are (Char), Iím willing to wait for humanity to learn and grow. Thatís our purpose, we have to show the world the light in the human heart."

    Ryoma Nagare 
Ryoma Nagare, God of Super Robot Pilots
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A twenty-foot tomahawk, a torn red scarf
  • Theme Music: Getter Robo, Heats
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Super Robots, Combining Mecha, Screaming Attack Names, Hot-bloodedness, Victory Through Sheer Stubbornness, Final Attacks, Demented Attacking, The Complete Obliteration Of The Laws Of Physics
  • Domains: Courage, Martial Arts, Energy Beams, Axes, manly sideburns
  • High Priests: As the Trope Maker of the genre, Gigantor and its controller (not pilot) Shotaro Kaneda have this position.
  • Followers: A great deal many, but he only respects those who live up to his very strict standards.
  • Heralds: Hayato Jin, Musashi Tomoe, and Benkei Kuruma (his fellow pilots), Professor Saotome, Michiru Saotome (Saotome Laboratory members), and all subsequent Getter teams.
  • Interested by: Autochthon, Khorne
  • Allies: All Gods who are in any way involved with Super Robots defer to him. Also, any Gods who represent ideals of hot-blooded heroism earn his respect, Amuro Ray, Kouji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi, Heero Yuy, Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley Soryu and Asuka Shikinami Langley, Domon Kasshu, Kira Yamato, Guy Shishio, Roy Bromwell, Spike Spiegel, Green Earth, Ultraman Zero, the Magic Knights, Axel Almer and Lamia Loveless, Team Voltron, Shigeru Jo/Kamen Rider Stronger, Akira Fudou/Devilman, Primus, Optimus Prime, Team Dai-Gurren, Ran Hibiki, Shoutmon
  • Enemies: all evil dinosaur deities, Dr. Hell, Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious, D-Reaper, The Anti-Spiral, Unicron, Megatron, Starscream
  • His place was supposedly reserved for Kouji Kabuto. However, after he was once reduced into the sidekick of Duke Fleed, Ryoma takes his place. Now Kouji has claimed a place in the House of the Weapons and his spot in the Holy Trinity of Mecha pilots, Ryoma is delighted and looks forward to many joint ass-kicking.
  • Any God who wants to earn Ryoma's respect must be manly, brave and determined. Ryoma does not suffer wishy-washy gods. Any God with an Evil alignment is a target to him.
    • Isn't quite sure what to think of Shinji Ikari of the House of Emotion. On the one hand, the kid's practically King Wuss in day-to-day life. On the other hand, when push comes to shove, the little dude completely flips his lid, which earns some of Ryoma's grudging respect. The question of where exactly Eva Unit-01 falls between Super Robot and gigantic Eldritch Abomination also causes some confusion.
    • He respects Shinji's red-haired teammate, Asuka Langley Soryu and he praises her fighting prowess, hot-bloodness and fierceness, but he realizes the girl is very fragile and unstable deep-down, so he is mentoring her to help her to master her inward rage and grief and turn them into useful tools, and he is teaching her to wield a battleaxe properly.
  • Ryoma has received approval of Khorne for his fighting prowess, his hot-blooded rage and his sheer insanity. Ryoma just shrugged. He seems completely indifferent to have a Chaos God's approval.
  • While he is a devout vanquisher of evil, he has also noticed that kids tends to get scared off on him. For their sake, he would usually don upon a Lighter and Softer version of him, merely a virtuous Hot-Blooded student fighting for justice. Even that form was very formidable in vanquishing evil. But there are times that Ryoma would be forced to take off the kiddy gloves and take upon his original batshit insane form to utterly wreak havoc and destroying evil.
  • He's a notorious figure amongst dinosaur-like deities, when he's at one point, during a battle against a Dinosaur Empire mook, punched their foot bare-handed while yelling FUCK DINOSAURS!!. Ryoma has gone on the record explaining that only bad dinosaurs deserve that, unless they're causing trouble for the realms. He also had to explain that he didn't mean it that way like what Hiro & Zero-Two were doing.
  • Given the Pantheon's nature, Team Dai-Gurren would inevitably come across many figures who have piloted mechas much like them, though it was their tendency to surpass limits and provide optimism where they really distinguished themselves from the others. One notable example came from Ryoma Nagare, who also possessed a streak of impulsiveness and steadfast determination in fighting for what he believed in, though, unlike Simon and Kamina, his hot-bloodedness was more on the lines of rendering him into a raging berserker on the battlefield. He was amused to discover just how much he paralleled with Team Dai-Gurren regarding their quirks, similarities, and differences, though now that they're in a realm where greater threats mean alliances, he's had to be quick in forging a partnership with Team Dai-Gurren. He appreciates their optimistic enthusiasm, though is nature as a berserker can make some members like Leeron wince at just how much destruction he creates on the battlefield. As his partner, Hayato Jin explains...
    Hayato Jin: "Looks like the only ones who can pilot Getter Robo are either superior pilotsÖ or insane!"
  • Ultraman Zero's power and attitude earned him Ryoma's eternal respect, the two team up from time to time to take on any evil Pantheon deities that are up to cause trouble in the Pantheon. Nagare himself has some interests in Zero's many tales of his multiversal adventures and the many enemies and perils he's faced throughout his many years of fighting.
  • Upon learning of Getter Rays from Ryoma's home universe, Starscream made it his goal to absorb them together with Photonic Energy to achieve god-like powers, thus earning him Ryoma's ire as well. However, the fact that Getter is actually a manifestation of an Eldritch Abomination that would destroy everything with its power brought fear into the treacherous schemer's spark, as he'd really prefer to stay alive, though that doesn't deter him from his goal. He rationalizes that "it's okay as long as Getter Emperor hasn't manifested", plus he's confident that with the godlike power he'll get, he will destroy the Emperor with ease.
  • "If there's a hole, it's a guy's job to thrust into it! OPEN GET! CHAAAANGE (SHIN-)GETTER-1/DRAGON!! SWITCH ON!!"

SCP-2578-D, Deity of Orbital Bombardment ("This Machine Kills Fascists")

Lesser Gods

    Anavel Gato 
Anavel Gato, God of Stealing Military Prototypes and Master of the Pre-Mortem One-Liner (The Nightmare of Solomon, Commander Anavel Gato/Gato-chūsa (GUAE rank)formerly )
  • Lesser God, Demigod without a mobile suit, borderline Intermediate with the Physalis
  • Symbol: The Principality of Zeon emblem; alternatively the Gundam GP02A "Physalis"
  • Theme Song: "Gundam Battle Assault - Theme of Anavel Gato"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Stole a Nuclear-Equipped Gundam and Nuked a Federation Fleet with It, With Oratory to Match, The Nightmare of Solomon Who Pilots Blue and Green Mobile Suits, Breakout Character, The Dreaded, Fanatically Loyal to Delaz for Saving his Life, Righteous Through Serving Violent Goals, Large Ham, Supports Zeon Unconditionally, Noble Demon, Kou Uraki's Rival Because the Plot Demands It, Died Protecting his Men, Inadvertently Helped the Titans Come to Power
  • Domains: Nuclear Warfare, War, Destruction, Loyalty, Patriotism
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Heralds:
  • High Priestess: "M"
  • Followers:
  • Mecha piloted: MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type, MS-09R Rick Dom Anavel Gato Custom, MS-14A Gelgoog (OYW), YMS-09R-2 Prototype Rick-Dom Zwei, RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis", AMX-002 Neue Ziel (0083), AMS-129 Geara Zulu (Guards Type), AMS-129 Geara Zulu Anavel Gato Custom, YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu Anavel Gato Custom, RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" Enhanced Type (sometimes), ARX-014 Silver Bullet Anavel Gato Custom (current)
  • Allies: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Grand Moff Tarkin
  • Odd Friendship: Ali Al-Saachez
  • Rivals: Jerid Messa, the Black Tri-Stars, Duke Nukem, Treize Khushrenada
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Gihren Zabi (he's still sympathetic to his ideology though), Rau Le Creuset, Gauron, Ex-, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Kent Brockman, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Rogue One, particularly Cassian Andor, The Lich and by extension, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Vegeta, Captain Falcon, and Dunban
  • Interested In: Vladimir Makarov
  • Respected by: The Eliksni
  • Feared by: The ascended Fleet Girls and the Abyssal Fleet
  • Pities: Shinn Asuka
  • Complicated Relationship: Char Aznable, Haman Karn, Gilbert Durandal, Michael Bay, Director Krennic, Godzilla
  • The Laughing Stock of: Most of the House of War
  • A mobile suit pilot in Zeon's 302nd Patrol Squadron, Anavel Gato earned the nickname "Nightmare of Solomon" for his ferocious defence of the Dolos-class carrier Dolowa as it retreated towards A Baoa Qu for the final battle of the One Year War. Sustaining severe damage to his Gelgoog, he withdrew from the battle on the orders of then Captain Aiguille Delaz and retreated into hiding with Delaz's Zeon remnant in Side 5's shoal zone. Thirsting for revenge against the corrupt Earth Federation, Gato participated in Operation Stardust: stealing the nuclear warhead-equipped Gundam GP02A "Physalis", nuking a Federation naval review to kingdom come, and successfully crashing the Side 1 space colony Island Ease into North America, where most of the Federation's food was produced. Fanatically loyal to Gihren Zabi's ideals for a Spacenoid-ruled society yet a Noble Demon who respected the enemy he gained in pilot Kou Uraki, Gato ultimately perished in a kamikaze attack defending his troops escaping the Federation for Axis. His successful hijacking of a powerful Gundam and devastating blow to Federation military might (and his trademark line beforehand) was enough to motivate the Court of the Gods to ascend him under the tropes Grand Theft Prototype and after his arrival, Pre-Mortem One-Liner.
    • Immediately after being resurrected in the House of Life and Vitality and taught his way around, Gato broke into the under-construction Anaheim Electronics building in the GUAG Robot War Division headquarters and hijacked a restored Gundam Physalis that was kept under maximum security within its confines. The security personnel there are still scratching their heads as to how he managed to infiltrate and escape the base with the suit without being caught or even detected. And without outside help, as investigations would conclude. This prompted the relocation of the remaining Gundam Development Project units to The Great Treasury, where they remain to this day.
    • Gato re-emerged after a week's disappearance during a skirmish between Grand Admiral Thrawn and Lord Castellan Creed (no longer a deity but Thrawn's high priest) in the House of War. Deities present at the scene heard a loud cry of "PANTHEON! I! HAVE! RETURNED!!!" from within the halls, followed by a great explosion with the charred bodies of three whole battalions of both Thrawn's stormtroopers and the Imperial Guard (including at the very least 3 out of the 100 Baneblades that Creed loaned from General Stubbs). Suffice to say, both the God-Emperor of Mankind and Vader were not pleased upon receiving the news. To make things worse, the Physalis was without nuclear warhead at the time and still managed to deal many casualties. What Char remarked of the incident?
    Char: Well, that's the Nightmare of Solomon for you.
  • Isolated Zeon remnants have flocked to his side as heralds. His superior Delaz was to be expected, having become a commander for the GUAE Mecha Cohort with his own task force and the Gwaden-class battleship Gwaden Zwei under his command. Others include Neuen Bitter's Kimberlite Base team (responsible for evacuating Gato and the Physalis to space after stealing it), Gary Lodge's seaborne Zeon insurgents and Karius Otto, one of Gato's longtime friends and wingmen. The units under Delaz's command were mainly aimless until the formation of the GUAE Mecha Cohort under Char Aznable. The Red Comet was impressed that Gato managed to steal a Gundam not once, but twice, even though he was less than pleased with how Operation Stardust turned out (see below for details). He brought Gato and the Zeons associated with him into the fold, putting Gato to work as a frontline guard for a reconstructed Solomon, with him, Delaz and others under the overall command of Char's most trusted commander Dozle Zabi, who himself praised Gato's strong belief in the future of Spacenoids.
    • Soon after a new Garden of Thorns was completed as Delaz's new headquarters, Gihren Zabi ascended to the Pantheon. The religiously fanatical Gihren loyalists Delaz and Gato joined their beloved leader in rebellion against Char, serving his new Black Zeon faction in the Zeon civil war and adding a new Ace Pilot to Gihren's entourage alongside the then non-ascended Black Tri-Stars. Their faith in Gihren, however, would waver after an incident in the Regild Century timelinenote . To put it simply, Delaz and Gato reluctantly decided it was too much to continue serving Gihren as he had 'lost his way' with newfound access to the Gundam multiverse and that until he 'regained his senses', they would join Char. Many lives were lost in the subsequent Battle of Regild Passe, but they succeeded in regaining the Garden of Thorns from radical Gihren loyalists and rendezvousing with Char and Haman Karn at Axis.
    • As a Gihren loyalist, Gato has provoked suspicion from Char's Mecha Cohort faction, even after being told that Gihren killed Sovereign Degwin solely to continue the war. Gato was promoted to Commander for his actions at the Regild Passe (the bridge between the G-Reco timeline and the Pantheon) and given command of his own Endra-class cruiser, the Rosmersholm and charge of a reconnaisance strike force that raids and 'collects' enemy mobile suits for the GUAE's use. Gato personally dislikes Char despite knowing of his true lineage but has his own brand of respect for Char's efforts to gain rights for the space colonies. Gato still favours his old boss' ideology, if not Gihren himself and tries to influence Char into the despotic Well-Intentioned Extremist he was in Char's Counterattack. Their ideas of Zeonism and how the Gundam multiverse should be purged of Spacenoid oppression are drastically different, but they ultimately aim for the same goal.
    • As for the Physalis, it has been sealed away, this time in GUAE hands. Gato only gets his hands on it whenever High Command needs to put on a show or to stage a nuclear strike on a very important location. His new ARX-014 Silver Bullet Anavel Gato Custom (itself stolen from Anaheim Electronics) was modified with his custom blue and green colour scheme, a Varguil-style head, beam sabers with hilts capable of firing short blasts of particle beam energy, an enhanced generator, and a buster rifle with micronized nuclear warhead bullets. And don't forget the INCOM System. The result? An beast of a mobile suit with ridiculously effective power and combat speed. The quasi-psycommu system indicates that Gato has begun developing Newtype abilities, a fact which he hides well from the uninformed.
    • Gato has made an unlikely friendship with fellow GUAE pilot Ali al-Saachez, his polar opposite in every way. One wonders how, given Ali's desire for war and death in comparison to Gato's more controlled style. Whemever a joint battle takes place, Gato serves as a ranged fighter with his special armament and INCOMs while Ali backs him up in close combat. For obvious reasons, Setsuna F. Seiei has become a prime target of his, having absolutely wrecked his Physalis in battle after the Gundam 00 Qan[T] survived all the blasts he could throw at it. Zechs Merquise, Char's former high priest, helped Gato out of a tight spot with his Gundam Epyon after he failed to secure the Turn A Gundam from The Great Treasury. They have since forged a close friendship off-duty.
  • Despite the many threats from the Cohort's primary target, the GUAG Robot War Division, Gato's biggest enemy has got to be Bask Om, field commander of the Titans, now in the Grand United Alliance of Law. He is incensed and deeply embarrassed that Delaz's grand crusade to cripple the Earth Federation and rebuild Zeon only made things worse for them by creating the Titans to suppress Zeon remnants and Spacenoid insurrections. In spite of their actions inspiring Haman and Char to wage their own wars against the Federation, they both agree that Operation Stardust was ultimately a futile effort made out of rage (and on the basis of a broken treaty that was already defunct), and that Delaz was played into making things worse for the people he tried to help. Gato is secretly thankful that Kamille Bidan and the AEUG managed to put an end to their machinations, and Paptimus Scirocco for killing Jamitov Hymem. Bask just sneers at the prospect of being able to get rid of another piece of Spacenoid vermin, and 'thank him' for services rendered to the Federation.
    • One of Gato's targets is Titans member Jerid Messa, who pilots the NRX-055 Baund Doc. Gato thinks the mecha he uses is absolutely stupid-looking. Jerid, on the other hand, holds the traditional stereotype for Gato since his ascension, a trigger-happy Large Ham who only knows how to nuke people. He's obviously sour that Gato's a much better pilot with loftier ambitions than him that he is never going to achieve.
  • Unsure what to think of some of the more morally grey Gundam deities, like Gilbert Durandal. Rau Le Creuset has sent Gato to assist Durandal and his ZAFT forces on occasion and he found the man to be generally amiable and friendly. With the discovery that he is a Social Darwinist akin to Gihren, but much more benevolent has raised Gato's eyebrows. As of now, he still hasn't passed judgement on him. Has nothing nice to say about the Cohort's liaisons to the Demonic Legion, Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril, viewing them as Complete Monsters with a racism towards Coordinators far worse than any Universal Century Earthnoids could have. Their willingness to use nuclear weapons wantonly to destroy the PLANTs has provoked his fury towards them, citing that every nuclear missile he deployed was deployed with the guilty burden of killing millions of civilians, while they just used them mercilessly just because the Coordinators were 'genetically superior' to them.
    • He isn't a fan of how Durandal manipulated his star pilot Shinn Asuka into near insanity to help fulfill his goal of realizing a world where genetics determine a person's life. He looks forward to challenging the boy in his extremely powerful Destiny Gundam. Absolutely disgusted by the genocidal madman Rau Le Creuset, seeing him as unfit to be in the Mecha Cohort due to his desire to destroy all of humanity, but acknowledges that it may be his status as a clone of Al Da Flaga that may have sparked this. Meanwhile, he is willing to work with him but wants the man out of his sight as soon as possible.
  • Many in the House of War respect and despise him in equal measure. He took the Earth Federation Space Force by complete surprise with their own mobile suit and nuked 93% of their fleet with no trouble at all. At the same time, hell set the record for the highest kill rate per one-liner (his famous line at the expense of an entire Earth Federation fleet with thousands of men). Not to mentioned he actually succeeded in the mission he was tasked with, he just didn't survive it. His kill count may also be the reason why the ascended Fleet Girls (even those above his rank) are deathly afraid of him once he's piloting the Physalis. Surprisingly, he's invoking such fear factor at the Abyssal Fleet as well; so much that both factions have issued a "disable-or-flee-on-sight" order against him if he's piloting the Physalis.
    • As Gato is the first ascended deity to bear the "Nightmare of Solomon" nickname, he has earned the ire of a certain blonde fleet girl deity named Yuudachi who recently entered the House of Quirks because she had the same title. He doesn't care all that much though.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn, after their rocky first encounter, has since become one of Gato's most trusted allies outside the Mecha Cohort. Gato deeply respects the Chiss for his sheer military prowess and effectiveness in a corrupt and feuding Empire. Thrawn has since gained more positive opinion of Gato, offering him a position on the Chimaera if the civil war among the Zeons became too much for him to handle. Because of this, the Chiss has told the House of War to lay off on their many insults to Gato. He appreciates the gesture. What insults, you say? Ever since Gato's ascension became sensational news across the Pantheon (since he decimated the 501st Legion a second time) courtesy of Kent Brockman, he has been laughed at by his entire House as a Large Ham with nothing to back it up but that obnoxious quote of his. The pilot ignored the comments since there were far more important things to attend to. Nevertheless, he still remains an object of scrutiny in the House, with some just waiting for him to slip up again.
    • A lesser point of contention among them is how Gato could have slipped up in his guard duties at the Battle of A Baoa Qu and allowed Amuro and his Gundam to penetrate enemy lines. He maintains that it was the fault of a stupid Earth Federation pilot who painted his RB-79 Ball unit to resemble the Gundam's head and messed up his squad's concentration. Most aren't buying it though.
    • Even though he isn't technically from the House of War, Scrappy-Doo hates Gato's guts as the ace soldier once taunted him for his failure to steal a mobile suit from the Pantheon Vault. He is determined to try again and stick it in Gato's face. Like with Yuudachi, Gato doesn't care all that much.
  • Though he is a human, much of the Eliksni have some amount of respect for Gato and his ability to hijack and are sure to keep the war machines they built or stole closely guarded. Those affiliated with Kell's Scourge in particular want to protect INSURRECTION PRIME from his clutches. Inversely, Eliksni affiliated with the Scorn view Gato with disgust because the majority of their brethren respect him as it is representative of the old ways they so desperately want to wipe the man from the face of the Earth.
  • Michael Bay offered him a role in one of his films. He isn't interested.
  • Once caught Rogue One when they embarked on a black-ops mission to the Garden of Thorns guarded them while they were held under detention. Engaged in a fistfight with Cassian Andor when chaos ensued amid a Rebellion rescue mission. He has since connected to Director Krennic after-the-fact as an envoy to the Death Star. The fact it was codenamed 'Stardust' has nothing to do with it. He thinks Krennic's a Smug Snake who deserves to be deprived of command of the space station but keeps these feelings to himself.
  • Intrigued by Vladimir Makharov, who sees him a potential ally given their mutual liking of nuclear-based weaponry. The two have had brunch once at the Villain Pub, but that's probably it.
  • "I have taken this field! On to the next!"

    Graham Aker 
Graham Aker, God of Personalized Combat Machines (Mr. Bushido, The Union's Greatest Ace Pilot, the Flag Fighter, Captain of the ESF Solbrave Squadron, Bushido Bob, Mr. Bullshito, Flag Fucker, Trans-GrahAm, Graham Crackers)
Click here for his appearance as "Mr. Bushido" 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The emblem of the ESF Solbrave Squadron (previously, the emblem of the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations)
  • Leitmotif: "Union", as default. "Masurao", under his alternate persona.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (dips to Chaotic Good on occasion)
  • Portfolio: Ace Custom, Ace Pilot, Arrogant Samurai guy, Badass Normal, Boisterous Bruiser, oft-shipped with Gundams, Hot-Blooded Char Clone who is into Fragile Speedsters, usually equipped with Katanas, The Rival, Occidental Otaku, Samurai, Valorous, Villainous Underdog
  • Domains: War, Mentalism, Weapons, Travel
  • Allies: Char Aznable, Zechs Merquise, Steve Rogers
  • Worthy Opponent: Setsuna F. Seiei
  • Rivals: Hilda
  • Odd Relationship with: Musha Gundam, Knight Gundam, Beet J. Stag, Sheryl Nome, and Nagisa Furukawa
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Javik and most Samurai-disciplined Deities
  • Enemies: Harbinger, The Gravemind, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Bask Om, Girhen Zabi, basically any evil-aligned deity who opposes The Federation, or who's obsessively into Assimilation Plots.
  • Once served as a follower of Char and previously considered as a High Priest Candidate after Zechs' ascension. Turns out that due to his extensive combat records aboard mobile suits tailored to his combat ability, he was deemed eligible for a post in the Pantheon. Thus, with the endorsement of the Red Comet himself, he was allowed to ascend (leaving Char without a High Priest. Again.)
  • The first thing he did after ascending was to meet up with Setsuna, in order to acknowledge him as a warrior who has reached the point of enlightenment upon becoming a Half-ELS Innovator. Setsuna initially doubted this friendly gesture, as the last time they tussled in combat was when Graham was still part of A-Laws, and was totally obsessed with surpassing him and his Gundam. Remembering his blaze of glory moment during the ELS conflict made him accept him anyways.
    • For the record though, Graham did acknowledge the fact that he would never be able to surpass the Gundam Pilot, moreso in his current state as a Human-ELS Hybrid. Doesn't stop him from being a Badass Normal aboard a mobile suit though.
  • Speaking of his A-Laws days, he's surprisingly abrasive as to the "Mr. Bushido" appellation. According to him, he's rather respectful of the Japanese Code of Honor, having trained as a proper Samurai after one of his battles with the Gundams gave him a scar on the face, thus forcing him to cover his face with a samurai-inspired mask which was the basis of the nickname. Quoth Mr. Aker: "That's what they decided to call me."
    • Ditto with the "Flag Fucker" nickname, though he accepts the fact that he may have had a hand on that due to his previous obsession to surpass the Gundams, particularly Setsuna's. Some mischievous deities obviously misinterpreted this, to the point that they tease him into screaming "I WANT TO EMBRACE YOU, GUNDAM!" anyway. He just dusts it off and flies away after peppering them with beam rifle shots.
    • Nonetheless, he has formed quite a decent bond with both Knight and Musha Gundam, occasionally allowing him to refine his piloting skills; he has yet to be seen embracing them though. And for the record, Lockon Stratos has "yet" to forgive him for that time that he tackled his Dynames with the OverFlag he was using.
  • Thanks to some particular similarities, Captain America has been inviting him for a couple of drinks and some exchange of stories. Surprisingly, he has managed to attract the attention of The Galacic Fairy, making her blush on ocassion. Turns out she reminds him so much of her beloved Alto. Ditto with Nagisa as his voice reminds her of her husband Tomoya Okazaki.
  • Frequently tussles with Max and Hilda whenever in their respective mechs, with both of them unable to scratch his Brave Commander Type, moreso when it activates Trans-Am.
  • Thanks to his participation in the ELS Conflict, he has grown a slight hatred for evil deities who are into Assimilation Plots. This made him a character of interest for the Prothean in the House of Narrative, seeing as Graham's skills in dispatching aerial targets is basically up there with the best pilots of the Pantheon. Though Graham was quick to clarify to Javik that he had not known much of the ELS's intentions during that time, and was just protecting humanity from imminent danger.
  • Surprisingly, Domon Kasshu has been adamant of the time he lent his God Gundam to Graham, ever since he performed his infamous "God Graham Finger" move. Mere mention of the same would make him Face Palm.

    SCP- 516 
SCP-516, Deity of Sapient Tanks (Intelligent Tank)
SCP-516 on testing range
  • Rank: Safe by SCP Standards, Lesser Deity by Pantheon standards
  • Symbol: A photo of it taken by SCP-978note 
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Gentle Giant, I Am Not a Gun, Hates Traitors To Their Country Who Are Shown No Mercy, Never Hurt an Innocent, Three Laws-Compliant
  • Domains: Tanks, Sapience, Patriotism
  • Followers: Bogey, Sir Cyrano De Bergerac, Sheila, Rynn's Might, Tiny Tank
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: John Connor, Zero, T-800(Uncle Bob), the Iron Giant, Optimus Prime, Dizzy, Dr Light, Herbie, Vash the Stampede
  • On good terms: A.I who are Three Laws-Compliant, the Grand United Alliance of Good, Baymax, the deities from Girls und Panzer
  • Enemies: Traitors to their own country, regardless of alignment, Khorne, anyone who tries to weaponize it, Grand Moff Tarkin, Omega (Mega Man), XANA, SKYNET, Gregor Clegane, Anavel Gato
  • Conflicting opinion on: AUTO
  • SCP-516, known as the Intelligent Tank, is a standard model T-55 main battle tank. Originating from Ukraine, SCP-516 appears to be sentient and possesses a moral code. It can control and stop its main armament and turret assembly (known as SCP-516-1), only allowing itself to fire on combatants. It will Never Hurt an Innocent, and jam if someone tries to fire on a non-combatant. Of the many anomalous subjects and items in the SCP Foundation, this is one of the most benevolent.
  • Usually a Gentle Giant, and is adamant about not being seen as a gun. It shares this belief with the Iron Giant, who has become a good friend. When it comes to traitors to their country, however? It will show no restraint, no mercy. Even those more justified like Jake Sully aren't exempt from this. Naturally, it isn't welcome in Betrayal.
  • Despite its attitude to betrayal, 516's views on AUTO are more complex. Due to its peaceful heart, it can understand where AUTO is coming from in wanting to keep humanity away from Earth to protect it, but dislikes how it goes against orders. It has yet to make a stance on it.
  • A favorite with the Grand United Alliance of Good. Because of SCP-516's ethics, it is guaranteed to follow the principles of the Geneva Convention, and is almost impossible to use for evil purposes. The Grand United Alliance of Evil is frustrated by this, and wish to weaponize it. Khorne certainly wants to, and SKYNET wants to hijack its A.I, however it resists their efforts.
  • Isn't a Transformer in disguise or mode-lock, though it does admire Optimus Prime due to his Martial Pacifist personality. In general, it gets along with good-hearted weapons like itself such as Dizzy, and benevolent artificial intelligence. Despite being a weapon of war it seems to like Baymax, due to the importance physicians and doctors play in war, along with being a benevolent AI.
  • As a result of having strong ethics when it comes to conflict, it hates whenever soldiers and war commanders attack the weak. Such as its disgust towards Gregor Clegane. It hates the fact that Clegane not only rapes and/or kills non-combatants but prefers defenseless opponents. While not a traitor to his country, the Mountain That Rides is one of few exceptions to its restraint. It told Gregor "you're everything a soldier and knight should strive NOT to be!", though being Gregor simply responded "tell me something I care about".
  • Revolted by the Mountain, but just as if not even more revolted by Grand Moff Tarkin. This is due to using the Death Star on Alderaan, a pacifist planet which had no way of defending itself. Or most planets from such a weapon. It is disdainful towards Anavel Gato either due to wanting to hijack it.
  • Likes Zero and Uncle Bob. Like it, they were weapons that gained a conscience. Both of them started out as robotic psychopaths but through amnesia and reprogramming became heroes in their own right, learning the value of life. Why SCP-516 has a conscience is unknown and its admiration for them might hint it was not always the Gentle Giant of today, or it may just be general appreciation.
  • Impressed by Vash the Stampede's skill at using firearms non-lethally, and wants lessons in case its necessary for him to use firearms on a non-combatant without killing them. Friendly with Herbie as they're both sentient vehicles, and those from Girls und Panzer given their relationship with tanks.
  • While Dr Light would rather robots not be used for war, he was pleasantly surprised at SCP-516 due to its moral center. 516 admires Dr Light because of his desire for a world of peace, and for robots to be fundamentally good. As he does John Connor for his desire to see an end to the Robot War.
  • Would rather not be involved in war. SCP-978 revealed its ideal dream is living peacefully in a meadow, overgrown with plants. Still, it will do its duty in the House of War, preferably with other Ukrainian deities but is fine working with good-aligned members of its house.
  • Bill once got drunk, stowed away into the Pantheon and somehow piloted SCP-516 like the last time he stole a tank. And like last time, Hank Hill was able to talk Bill into stopping. 516 thanked him, though it wouldn't have done that much damage.


    The Crew of Fury 
"In WW2 American tanks were outgunned and out armored by the more advanced German tanks. US tank crewmen suffered staggering losses against the superior enemy vehicles."

"It is April 1945. The Allies fight deep in the heart of Nazi Germany, encountering the most fanatical resistance yet. In desperation, Hitler declares total war, mobilizing every man, woman, and child..."

The Crew of "Fury" Members , The Divine Crew of Standard-issue Vehicles
From left: Coon-Ass, Wardaddy, Machine, Gordo, and Bible; In the background: the M4A3E8 Fury
  • Crew of Demigods
  • Symbol: Their 2nd Armored Division emblems sown onto their tankers' jackets, as well as their tanker helmets
  • Alignment: True Neutral to Neutral Good as a whole, with Norman starting out as Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Tanks, Soldiers, War
  • Allies:
  • Heralds: The crews of "Lucy Sue", "Murder, Inc.", and "Old Phyllis"
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicting Opinions: The Oarai Girls Academy Anglerfish Team, Maho Nishizumi, Darjeeling, Katyusha
  • A veteran American tank crew from the US 2nd Armored Division, the M4A3E8 Fury and its crew have seen action since the North African Campaign in 1943, implied to have gone through several tanks beforehand until they received their "Easy Eight" version of the venerable workhorse. By 1945, with the Western Allies pushing into Germany, veteran tank commander SSgt. Don "Wardaddy" Collier and his three surviving crew members, Boyd "Bible" Swan, Trini "Gordo" Garcia, and Grady "Coon-Ass" Travis, had survived numerous battles throughout Europe and North Africa, with their latest engagement having them knock out and survive against a German tank attack composed of at least one Panther Medium tank and Panzer IV Medium tank. Immediately following this battle, Wardaddy manages to kill a patrolling German officer who was on horseback, taking his Luger P08 service pistol in the process.
  • With their bow gunner having been killed-in-action in the prior battle, the crew of Fury return to base to rearm, refuel, repair, and receive a replacement bow gunner in the form of Pvt. Norman Ellison. With Norman in tow, Fury and the other elements of their tank platoon, made of the Sherman tanks called Murder, Inc., Lucy Sue, Old Phyllis, and Matador. During an encounter with Panzerfaust-armed Child Soldiers, Matador would be destroyed immediately, with Fury and Wardaddy taking command of the tank platoon. Under Collier's command, the platoon of Shermans laid waste to a German anti-tank gun position and took an important German town, with Wardaddy having to teach Norman on Gaining the Will to Kill in the process. Norman and Collier also gradually began warming up to one another as well, albeit with having to experience the pain of losing someone close, in this case with a German girl named Emma that Norman had only met that same day.
  • Fury's most famous engagements would happen not long afterward. The first of these would be an engagement with a German Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E, which also destroys the rest of Fury's platoon in the process. Fury would ultimately destroy this German behemoth by firing two rounds into its more thinly-armored engine compartment, and subsequently killing the surviving German tank crew in the process. The second engagement would take place at the crossroads their platoon was ordered to secure and hold, with Fury being disabled by an Anti-Vehicle mine in the process. While they had initially managed to capture the crossroads with no opposition, this would soon change when a battalion of Waffen-SS soldiers were sent to reinforce the area and launch a counterattack on the town that the 2nd Armored had captured prior. Despite being outnumbered some 300 to 5, and most of the crew initially wanting to retreat back to the town, SSgt. Collier decided to he wanted to stay and defend what he considered his home. Unable to convince him otherwise, the rest of the crew, including Norman, decided to stay and fight, and prepared defenses around the crossroads accordingly. During this battle, Norman would finally fully earn the respect of the rest of the crew, receiving the nickname "Machine" in the process.
  • Ultimately, the crew of Fury were successful in repelling the German counterattack, inflicting some hundreds of casualties and destroying the Germans' remaining armored vehicles and transports. This however came at the price of all but one of Fury's crew, with Travis, Garcia, Swan, and Collier all being killed in action during the battle, with Norman being the Sole Survivor. Fury itself was damaged, but still largely intact, not unlike how the tank was at the start of the story. Norman would last be seen finally relieved by American reinforcements, and would be last seen being taken away by an ambulance to treat his wounds.
  • Some time following this engagement, the M4A3E8 "Fury" had somehow ended up in the Pantheon, where it was found by some interested deities, who then repaired, restored, and placed the tank on display in The Great Treasury, ironically enough alongside the very same Tiger I Heavy tank it had fought back then. As for the crew, they were unaccounted for, at least for the moment. Fortunately for them, their chance to be in the Pantheon would soon arrive. With the increase of Nazi German and Fascist Italian forces in the Pantheon, plus their ascending of more competent officers and increase in their production of more advanced war materiel, the demand for more Allied units to combat these new threats increased. With the Germans now producing and deploying tanks such as the Tiger I Heavy tank into the Pantheon, with more types on the way eventually, the demand for Allied armored units arose.
  • At an unknown point in time following his last mission, Pvt. Norman "Machine" Ellison, having recovered from his injuries, received a letter regarding a reassignment to a new post. The letter itself stated that he was specifically sought after because of his experience in crewing an M4 Sherman tank. After reading this letter, Norman found himself in a completely new and unknown indoor location, with the tank he once crewed, the M4A3E8 Fury, right in front of him. Right next to his own tank was the very same Tiger I tank he and the rest of his original crew faced and destroyed, now restored to pristine condition. Just as he was about to take a closer look at both of these tanks, a familiar voice calls out to him, telling him that the displays aren't supposed to be touched. When Norman turns around, he finds a very much alive SSgt. "Wardaddy" Collier facing him, flanked by "Bible" Swan, "Gordo" Garcia, and "Coon-Ass" Travis. At first thinking that he was having a Dead Person Conversation with their ghosts, Norman touches each of them, realizing that they're indeed real and not some phantom or hallucination. When the Private was just about to ask how or why, Wardaddy briefs his bow gunner on what exactly had happened to both himself, Norman, and the rest of the crew, with Gordo, Bible, and Coon-Ass filling in as well. As Norman soon finds out, he and the rest of Fury's crew are now in what is known as the Trope Pantheons, with the rest of the crew having been brought Back from the Dead thanks to the special properties of the place, and that it was Wardaddy himself who helped arrange for Machine to join them.
    • Wardaddy and the other crew members then brief Norman on their current situation: the Nazis, long thought to have been defeated, are also in the Pantheon like them, and are continuing their war alongside both Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy in attempting to partially or fully take over the Pantheon under the Axis banner. To this end, the Germans have deployed large numbers of infantry, armor, ships, and aircraft into the Pantheon, all hailing from various universes. For Fury's first combat outing in the Pantheon, Wardaddy and the rest of the crew have been given orders to link up with a recon squad from the 101st Airborne Division, then accompany them and link up with a unit from the 2nd Ranger Battalion, who in turn were to link up with a company paratroopers, also from the 101st Airborne. Readying their old tank for combat once more with the help of one Yukari Akiyama (who had in fact been taking care of numerous tank displays in the armory), the crew of Fury load up on ammunition, fill the fuel tanks with gasoline, and restore previously broken equipment and wiring. Upon being restored to its wartime condition, the crew get onboard, bid Yukari a farewell and thank you, and successfully start the engines once more. In its place, a perfect, nonfunctioning replica of the original M4A3E8 Fury is put on display where the original tank once stood, which Yukari had a help in creating after taking the time to study the tank prior to the ascension of Wardaddy and company.
  • As soon as they make it out of The Great Treasury, Fury is joined up by three familiar-looking Sherman tanks. These are Lucy Sue, Murder Inc., and Old Phyllis. While the rest of the crew were wondering why the heck the rest of their platoon was also in the Pantheon, Wardaddy replied that he had made arrangements for the other tanks and crews to be here as well, as their Heralds. While they aren't deities per se, they're still allowed to be in the Pantheon so as to back them up in times of emergency, such as in their current mission. A few hours into their advance, the tank column is hampered by a new obstacle, a large number of dug-in German Army infantry, complete with anti-tank guns, flak guns, and armored half-tracks. Fortunately for Fury, they're soon reinforced by the aforementioned 101st Airborne recon squads they were supposed to link up with. With the help of Staff Sergeants Matthew Baker and Joe Hartsock, alongside Sgt. Franklin Paddock, Cpl. Gary Jasper, Pvt. Timothy Connor, and the rest of 1st and 2nd Recon Squads, the combined American force successfully destroys all the German artillery guns and half-tracks, breaking through the German defense line. With Baker riding Fury, directing the Shermans and his squad, all the while manning the tank's M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun, the combined US force manages to reinforce Charlie Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion's position at their temple of Ramelle. Under attack once more from Waffen-SS troops, Baker's and Hartsock's squads plus the newly-arrived tank platoon make short work of the elite German infantry, with Fury's crew getting their well-deserved revenge against them for killing/traumatizing them in their previous lives. Ultimately, the effort to link up the Rangers with Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR, is a resounding success, with the German forces forces to fall back further into the Pantheon, and preventing them from pushing the Americans back to Omaha Beach.
  • With their first mission a success, Fury's crew are later tasked with carrying out other missions in and around the Pantheon, meeting other Allied soldiers in the Pantheon in the process. These range from somewhat normal deities like Lt. Randall, Sgt. Bill Taylor, and Lt. Mike Powell, also from 2nd Ranger Battalion, to people hailing from more extreme Alternate Timelines such as William J. Blazkowicz.
    • Receiving a radio transmission from another squad of US Army Rangers in another part of the Pantheon, Fury decides save the Pinned Down Rangers alone, leaving the other members of its platoon to assist Baker, Charlie Company, and Easy Company in holding the line. During this encounter, they soon find out that their intel on the Germans fielding tanks in the Pantheon is indeed accurate, with Fury encountering a Tiger I Heavy tank similar to the one that was on display in The Great Treasury. Fortunately for the experienced tank crew, they're the ones who manage to catch it off guard this time around. Ambushing the Tiger and firing into its weaker side armor, they manage to destroy the tank in one hit. A grateful Lt. Randall and Sgt. Taylor then appear, thankful for yet another friendly Sherman tank relieving their position. They then inform the crew on where to find other Allied units in need of reinforcement, which the tank crew decide to follow up on.
    • During another mission to capture and hold a German-held crossroads near Hell's Highway, the US tank crew and the are forced to Hold the Line against a massive German counterattack, led by the elite Schutzvollstrecker and Valkyrie Jager. During the battle, Fury's tracks are once again taken out by an anti-tank weapon, this time from either one of the Schutzvollstrecker's Teufelsfeuer or the Valkyries' Neunfaust launchers. Just before the tank and its crew get overwhelmed and killed once more, however, the tank is saved by the timely arrival of air support in the form of the Battlehawks and Eylstadt's Propaganda Hero Izetta, the latter of which stuns the American tank crew when she tosses around German trucks, armored cars, and tanks around like ragdolls without so much as touching them. Bible at one point even mistakes the White Witch for a bona fide guardian angel. In a later engagement which took Fury's crew and the rest of their platoon to the Principality of Eylstadt, Fury managed to return the favor, by distracting the evil White Witch long enough to Izetta to save the tank crew from certain doom.
    • Probably the most interesting interaction between Fury's crew with other deities currently in the Pantheon happened between them and the OSS unit known simply as The Basterds. Upon encountering the latter during another mission in France, both the rest of the tank's crew and the other Basterds were surprised at the uncanny resemblance between SSgt. "Wardaddy" Collier and Lt. Aldo "The Apache" Raine, down to their accents, mannerisms, and facial appearances. Even Wardaddy and Raine themselves note this resemblance, with both of them getting along thanks to their massive dislike for SS troops and their willingness to kill Prisoners of War when needed. It's also thanks to Lt. Raine that the tank crew eventually meet famed Nazi Hunter William J. Blazkowicz, who is happy to finally see a friendly tank after so long, the latter last having seen only wrecked husks of Sherman tanks during the Nazis' occupation of the mainland US.
    • At one point, Wardaddy was almost killed by a German Valkyrie Sniper, not unlike how Bible himself was previously killed by a Waffen-SS Sniper. Fortunately for the crew, they're saved by the timely actions of Lt. Karl Fairburne, an officer and experienced sniper specializing in operating behind German lines. He informs the tank crew that he'll help them clear out any enemy positions he can scout for them, something that the crew are grateful for. In return, Fury manages to save the OSS agent's life by destroying a Tiger tank that was close to obliterating the position that the Sniper had been using, in this case a nearby Church belltower.
  • Outside of performing missions against Axis Forces in the Pantheon, Fury's crew have also decided to help the deities from the Girls und Panzer universe in their tank matches. During these sorts of tanking matches, which Fury's crew use as training missions of sorts, the crew have made sure to make the proper adjustments to their tank so as to avoid accidentally hurting or killing their opponents (in this case loading practice rounds into their primary and secondary armaments), a rather common and recurring mistake that Yukari Akiyama had made sure to point out to Wardaddy. Among other things, Fury's crew began taking notes on the Anglerfish Team's rather unorthodox tactics, hoping to apply them in their future missions, particularly against what is expected to be more advanced German tank designs.
  • Having witnessed numerous atrocities committed by Axis soldiers throughout Europe, Collier was unsurprised when he was informed by Lt. Karl Fairburne and his associate William J. Blazkowicz that there were similarly vile individuals currently residing in the Pantheon, ranging from ruthless Nazis like Johann Schmidt, Heinz Bohm, and Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, to equally vile allies of theirs like the Four Fascist Libertines. Sharing Fairburne's and Blazkowicz's attitudes towards the Nazis, Wardaddy has promised to both of his new allies that he and his crew would ensure that these Nazis and their Italian allies would eventually pay for their actions, hopefully from the business end of their tank's gun.
    • It's also because of witnessing these same atrocities that they've become rather sympathetic to Pvt. Robert Zussman and Zophia Zawistowski, two survivors of the Nazi Death Camps. Having witnessed firsthand what the prisoners of such camps looked like, it wasn't hard for them to imagine what they had looked like during their ordeals.
Wardaddy: "Ideals are peaceful. History is violent."

    Honor Harrington 
Lady Dame Honor Stephanie Alexander-Harrington, Patron Saint of the Space Navy (Parliamentary Medal of Valor, Star of Grayson, Order of King Roger, Manticore Cross, Order of Gallantry, Distinguished Service Order, Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, Steadholder Harrington, Duchess Harrington, Countess White Haven, Fleet Admiral Harringtonformerly )
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her treecat Nimitz
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Beware the Nice Ones, Badass Bookworm, Cultured Warrior, Four-Star Badass, Mama Bear, The Ace, Hollywood Cyborg
  • Domains: War, Military, Martial Arts, Leadership
  • Heralds: Stephanie Harrington, her ancestor, her crew on the HMS Unconquered
  • Allies: Samantha Carter, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Commander Shepard, Chie Satonaka, Captain Kirk, Picard, John-117/Master Chief, Commander Adama
  • Rivals: Malcolm Reynolds, Godot
  • Enemies: Admiral Thrawn, Sheev Palpatine, Daleks, The Combine, The Flood, The Cybermen, The Master
  • Opposes: Sundowner
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Doctor
  • Honor Harrington has been in the Pantheon for as long as man has built legions of spaceships in the name of war. After a while, she decided to take a break from the Pantheon to take care of some personal business. When she returned, Honor was shocked to see the area in shambles, with no one to take up her role. She immediately reinstated herself into the Pantheon. With her empowered fleet, order was swiftly restored. She promised never to abandon her position, striving to make space safe for all to travel on.
  • Some have speculated that Thrawn had suggested for Honor Harrington to go on her vacation. With her gone, he can sabotage her temple to prevent her from re-entering the Pantheon. It may hold water as relations between the two have deteriorated ever since her return.
  • Is on good terms with Samantha, being seen as her superior. Samantha is grateful that Honor is one of the few officers that doesn't see her as an almighty space ace.
    • As a result, she has banned any of her followers from supporting the Empire as well as the First Order. Palpatine responded by sending his troopers against her navy fleet. The two have engaged in conflict ever since.
  • As much as she is proud of her heritage, she does not think of war as a means of profit. As such, she has cut all contracts with Sundowner and encourages others in the House of War to do the same. The fact that he encouraged child soldiers made the decision even easier.
  • Her followers see Malcolm Reynolds as a thorn to their fleets, disrupting their operations with raids. Honor has agreed to uphold the law and capture the crew. Still, she feels that the man has been rightfully wronged when he served in his world. When Mal revealed what his world government did to River, she swiftly kicked them out of her temple.
  • Goes about telling Minna-Dietlinde about her experiences when she was a Commander in her fleet. Nowadays, her official rank won't even fit in a business card let alone her speeches.. Admiral is good enough for her.
  • Few people would guess that she's a cyborg. It's just that her enhancements are easy to hide from plain view. Some theorize that she got help from the God of Cyborgs himself.
  • Her armies have been instrumental in keeping the Chaos Gods contained. Thus, she works closely with the God-Emperor in their journeys. She isn't comfortable in all of their activities, but understood what he had to do in the face of his terrifying opponents.
  • While her fleets are formidable, sometimes a smaller force is necessary to surprise a superior foe. She is responsible for assigning missions Shepard and his crew to protect space. Shepard finds her much easier to cooperate with in comparison to the Illusive Man.
  • It is advised never to get in the way of Honor and Godot whenever they start one of the most legendary arguments in the Pantheon: coffee or cocoa. Their debates can go on for days. And woe be the person that tries to chime in, lest that person get eviscerated by one side, likely ending with that person running away crying.
  • Can also be seen enjoying steak with Chie. If you're lucky, you could see them in a steak eating contest. Both have rather big appetites, making it an even affair. Still, Honor would rather have it be a kept secret, especially to her peers in the House of War.
  • Although the Federation no longer acts as a military, they still appreciate the support Honor gives them when going through dangerous swaths of space.
  • The recent Doctors have an aversion to working with military figures. This has put a strain in their team ups as of late. Honor admits he does a great job in crises, but wishes he stop being so stiff about using military force.
    • There is one enemy that she consults the Doctor with at all costs: The Master. The mad Time Lord has successfully outfoxed her and her fleets at every turn. Whenever the Master strikes, Honor admits she can't usually beat him/her alone.
  • Humanity in general has thanked her for being in the front lines against alien invaders. The Daleks and Combine forces constantly clash with her own throughout the Pantheon. Though of lower rank than either, she manages to bounce back due to her strategic prowess and help from some individual heroes.
  • The Cybermen and the Borg seek to assimilate her followers. They believe that their knowledge can help them develop better strategies to help their conquests. Honor has been aware of this and has fortified her forces to make them less vulnerable to ambushes.
  • While the Flood is already hated by virtually every other deity in the Pantheon, Honor personally lists wiping them off the face of the multiverse as one of her main goals. She works together with Master Chief to make this a reality.
  • Originally remained neutral in the Pantheon's Forever War but eventually conceded to joining the GUAG after being forced to intervene in a battle kept off the books today. James T. Kirk has since retired his position as Commander of the GUAG's fleet operations in favour of her since she clearly has the experience and he's only The Captain.